sharing.:::.2_1_ UFOs-OVNIs_more…▶NIBIRU ▶ 129 – ▶ 130 – ALIEN ANDROMEDA – YouTube | Superesse

Origen: sharing.:::.2_1_ UFOs-OVNIs_more…▶NIBIRU ▶ 129 – ▶ 130 – ALIEN ANDROMEDA – YouTube | Superesse


sharing.:::.2_1_ UFOs-OVNIs_more…▶NIBIRU ▶ 129 – ▶ 130 – ALIEN ANDROMEDA – YouTube

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sharing.:::. ▶ 128 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – Basic guidelines of the network of Communities Galactica affiliates..-YouTube | samkaska

sharing.:::. ▶ 128 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – Basic guidelines of the network of Communities Galactica affiliates..-YouTube | samkaska.

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sharing.:::. ▶ 128 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – Basic guidelines of the network of Communities Galactica affiliates..-YouTube

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Video 128

Answers of an alien from Andromeda

 – video hundred and twenty eight – January 09, 2015.

 Many times I talk about Mars with Mythi, and he said this time as an update: 

– “Your NASA presents these false images by not be able to send any real image of Mars to Earth .

 The reptilians are the” official representatives and owners of the colony “that humans use there, and humans are forbidden to report any relevant details of the planet Mars for the Terrans.

 Photos and footage you have so far taken by probes orbiting the planet are all manipulated to erase any trace of civilization or natural resources flora or fauna.

 The reptilians “put up with” human there in exchange for raw materials and labor force, and because the CG has already shown that this solar system will be humanoid colonies, so the reptilians need their human partners there because for CG the reptilians are the “guests” when in fact it is the opposite.

 CG knows that from the beginning but has no legal basis to prevent this colonization since it does not pose any threat to the colonial system as a whole.

 In fact, your elites also lost this attempt, now they are mere “puppets” in the hands of the reptilians and their associated on Mars.

 Mythi, many are asking questions about why our planet, even having gone to the new frequency on the level 1, has not yet been officially contacted by CG.

 Could you explain better the reason for this delay? 

– You see, all who have read our previous conversations know why.

 As I said, I follow the planet for some time and only now saw the opportunity to exchange some ideas with you.

 Things are changing exponentially fast, socially speaking.

 Many of you have agreed on religious and political deception to which you were tied until a few decades ago.

 I’m not able to set deadlines for not for me to decide, but I believe that much will happen this year 2015, and this could lead to an opening for contacts from CG. 

– We hope that your societies will join in some way against the oppressors who try to keep the planet in agony as it is easier to manage the chaos to justify total incompetence in governing for the welfare of all.

 For this, the resources would have to be redistributed in the form of investments of the people for the people, but rather the resources are diverted to elitist groups for the maintenance of the total social control.

 Faster is the recognition of past mistakes more the race on the planet as a whole will brakeup the shackles that kept subdued to the present day.

– But, as a gesture of good will of this friend who would like to be able to anticipate things, I will to advance a little the subject of inclusion of new planets, since the CG has provided some openings.

 I will forward to you a list of basic guidelines on the relationship of CG with its members.

Basic guidelines of the network of Communities Galactica affiliates.

 – Each Community Galactica (CG) regional that has been granted by council composed by at least 80 percent of all other surrounding CGs already constituted will be sovereign in its regional decisions by being in tune with the problems and solutions of these areas under its coverage.

 – Every colony zero level count as mentor’s races that originally seeded these colonies and may have the direct help of other races who are in the service of regional CG, which is overseeing the new colony. On the threshold of the passage of any zero level society for level 1 this supervision will be guided by its CG to the contact of inclusion of the new society as an effective member and sovereign race.

 – The race level 1 or above, relevant to a particular planet, even though direct descendant of known breeds already credited as members of some other Community Galactica (CG), has to be independently affiliated in the CG responsible for the region, on behalf of the planet in question. – Every planet categorized to be an affiliate of a CG regional will be considered as a sovereign race and therefore manage their society in a cultural way that meets its citizens and its resources.

 – In the event of discrepancies between races of different planets affiliate to the same CG they will be resolved regionally, regardless solutions once granted to their descendants in other regions relevant to any other CG.

 – In case of a discrepancy of deliberations, any planet affiliated with any regional CG can ask an instance to a board of at least 3 CGs adjacent for the matter to be discussed at an inter-regional level that can take the matter to a good solution.

 – All affiliates planets will have guaranteed access to transportation portals system at regional, Galactic and intergalactic levels supported by the union of CGs.

 – All affiliates planets will have guaranteed access to the portal systems of disposal of materials and scraps made available by its regional CG.

 – Planets associated in development or restoration processes of natural problems will have access to the necessary raw materials without the need for reciprocity to achieve the balance that can generate future reciprocity, graciously receiving all the support necessary to achieve the infrastructure for society to give due continuity from its regional CG.

 – The transfer of technology will be met according to the social capacity of the planet in question to absorb and make appropriate use of this technology.

 This condition will be deemed approved or not by the regional CG.

 – Cosmopolitan societies may be formed on any planet in which the sovereign race decides to share its development with other similar breeds, provided that they are the level 1 races up. The mix of technologies between the participating races in cosmopolitan societies will be supervised by the corresponding regional CG.

 – Sovereign races will have the guaranteed right to holdings of other inhabited planets and all heavenly bodies that represent opportunities for its development, always in agreement with other societies who may be exploring these same sources.

– Sovereign races will have the guaranteed right to try to establish colonies off your planet by way of formation of a new colony, since the CG regional is properly communicated for the approval of the proposed venture.

– Sovereign races will have the guaranteed right to access the related databases of all CGs of his or any other galaxy for which they will have access terminals in their planets to use publicly and for studies of the scientific community as a whole.

 – Sovereign races, have the primary duty of homogenization of their society, without which there are disadvantaged members or dissident ethnic groups, this will have the weight for the transfer of technologies that is, the more harmonious is a society more development opportunities it will be entitled. Groups that do not line up ideologically in a level 1 planet and above, have the right to be exchanged for planets which accept them as social members, if the examination is approved by the board of the CGs of the regions involved.

 – The trading system between planets will obey the law of supply and demand, in which there are no values but the needs for social adequacy of the planets involved. The planets of sovereign races may have their fundraising fleets targeting self-sufficiency, deploying their settlements on planets that complement their needs from these locations that are not being used by any other society for the same purpose. In such cases bi-lateral agreements may be conducted if the first colonizing race agrees.

 – Sovereign races of all affiliated planets to all CGs network agree that all spacecraft in circulation, be they commercial or scientific always will be ready to join with task force that may be needed to attend emergencies on planets with problems considered threat to society that lives there, be it a colony of any level and any race, humanoid or not, upon request of any regional CG asking for help.

 – All intelligent races categorized as level 1 or above will be entitled to membership of CGs independently of biological origin of these races, and can be humanoid or not, and will have all the same rights and obligations in compliance with these lines of conduct instituted.

 – These basic guidelines are valid and mandatory for the entire network included 1,327,522 regional CGs and their 1,593,026,400 associated planets.

 – Friends, you will notice gradually that the “counterweight” held in southern quadrant of your planet is gradually being removed from the planet center line; this leaves the planet walk to your ideal tilt adjustment for the new configuration that your continents should take.

 But rest assured that this whole operation is being very well supervised by CG.

 Notice the change and everything will be alright in this New Year for all of you.

 Captain Bill 

– January, 2015

 – Atlanticobr Channel

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Sharing.:::. Ovnis – UFOs- Science – ▶ 126 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA | Superesse

Sharing.:::. Ovnis – UFOs- Science – ▶ 126 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA | Superesse.

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Sharing.:::. Ovnis – UFOs- Science – ▶ 126 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA

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samkaska: ▶ 126 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube

samkaska: ▶ 126 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube.

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Monday, December 1, 2014


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Video 126

Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and twenty six – November 30, 2014.
Good news friends, our brother is back to his post here in his fleet on the planet.
The sister, who he called “Ticy” is fine, had the leg regenerated with a type of technology that plays all original functions from stem cells and of the gene containing all the information from the original body formation. Not scars will stay. In another four weeks she will be back to their duties as well as before. She had never hurt this traumatic way, and the pain she felt will take a while to be partially forgotten with time. She said that on the one hand was good for her to have a better idea of the intensity of pain when performing their service work in large scale accidents. It was a lucky rescue has arrived before she lost more than 50% of vital fluids but she was lucky.
Friends, on Nov-17-2014 I CB publicize this notice on Mythi Site Chat Page:
“Friends, yesterday after reading the considerations that began swirling on the internet about Rosetta mission, I managed to communicate with Mythi and asked if he could do me a favor and check out what really happened, and he successfully contacted the mining unit on the asteroid 67P (which is an asteroid and not a comet, as has been erroneously called). The answer was as follows:
– “We note the passing of an artificial object, to an average of 15,000km abeam of our unit, but it did not make any maneuver to orbit this asteroid, nor released any object on the surface, just passed and disappeared into space.”
That was the answer, so any mention, picture or information otherwise is outright lie. The mission of 10 years and a billion dollars failed miserably. This spacecraft is dead right now. They could not fire the jets to redirect her after 10 years inactive. She traveled there by inertia without using engine because vacuum have no friction, only with an EPIRB on, sending signals from time to time .. The equipment aged with the bombardment of cosmic radiation and the mission failed invariably. Nothing to report… They are doing this theater because if you say you failed is simply admitting incompetence, you say it got there but an unforeseen happened is something else … only theater to justify a “partial success “never happened …”
BUT… happened another intriguing fact; today after his return I showed a picture of the asteroid 67P to him and he said that is not the object in question, I asked what was wrong he said “everything”, the asteroid that travels on the route described for the object does not have this format and not this appearance, only the ratio can be approximated. According to him the shape resembles a large pear. We can thus come to the conclusion that everything was a great deceit. About the object passed to 15,000Km away cited by miners working in the asteroid seemed an old beacon that emitted a signal route as used on the routes of old generations of transport spacecraft, prior to CG portals in this region, and did not seem to have come from the planet earth, by the angle of passage, it was of a different origin. Mythi is saddened by the sequence of disappointments we have been through, but facts are facts, no matter who it hurts.
Now questions from various emails with same subject asked many times:
Mythi, is it really possible to enter a black hole without dying? And if so, what would we see?
– This possibility exists, but it is an experience unlikely to be effective. There are “black holes” as you guys call that suck and others who pump energy, depending on the pressure of quantum expansion in specific regions of each of the related universes. Black holes are as exhaust valves between two or more three-dimensional universes, no power communications between third and fourth dimension because the materials and energies involved are not the same. The activity of black holes generate the aggregation or disaggregation of celestial bodies are responsible for the formation of galaxies, expansion or retraction, depending on the direction of energy flow involved generating more or less force of regional gravity. The trip through a black hole involves immeasurable gravitational forces. The speed of quantum particles mixed with gases and other physical materials generate an extraordinary energetic field beyond the compression of friction, this makes it virtually impossible to create an insulating force field to protect a spacecraft. But assuming you pass successfully through a black hole sucking, would be a trip of no return, you would have to find a black hole in the opposite direction to be able to return one
day … and what you would see would be an old galaxy, or a new one in formation, to which that black hole belongs, about the same as you see here, galaxies and more galaxies.
Mythi, you know what the tree of life mean? Very one gave me different answers I want to know what you think it is…
– The Tree of Life is a symbolic and conceptual idea of the existing connection to everything that was created in this third dimension. The meaning is simple, everything is interconnected … from mineral to light, the grain of sand of the atom that surrounds and sustains the root to the leaves that turn all chemically by the force of light. This perfect connection shows the interdependence of all with each and all with all that exists and survives in our universe. Life to reach the light needs all that sustains it until they grow leaves that absorb light energy and thus can multiply the process throughout the universe.
This perfect connection shows the interdependence of all with each and all with all that exists and survives in our universe. Life to reach the light needs all that sustains it until they grow leaves that absorb light energy and thus can multiply the process throughout the universe.
Mythi if there is a third world war, which likely scenario will be for us?
– You see, first you guys have to take into account that the Pleiadeans under the command of CG will try all possible solutions so that there is not a conflict of large proportions, but in my opinion as a scientist in this area, any conflicts that there will be a result of political manipulation. The opposite group (and excluded) to currently elites in monetary control is with the best cards in the game of power, if something happens at a global level, you guys will be under “new direction” and the current elites shall be significantly removed from the board. If this happens, dissident groups of these elites will seek keep the regions in total chaos for the “new direction” only to find problems, and wear to find solutions to regional levels. When this “power cord” starts the world economy will stop and you guys need to be prepared to survive independent of the state and regionally isolated during the period it lasts.
Mythi, do you as a physical beings need sleep and if yes, how long do you need to sleep? Why do we need to sleep after all?
– Yes, we slept too but are actually “pillows” for neurons to recover and reintroduce in the system as much phosphorus as other elements required for the next journey of activity. We need an hour’s rest every 12 hours of you, this is ideal for our metabolism. You will also need less sleep when you are living more balanced. Anyway, the babies sleep more than adults…
Mythi, and on changes in and off-planet? What can we expect later this year?
– Well, by the movement that is happening, the Krulians exercising enormous force fields to neutralize not only radiation but also to create low-gravity points in the system, it may be that the CG has decided for the new and final orbits of Taus. The photo that the CB showed me a large object behind Saturn was just a reflection of one of these Krulians force fields projected that way, to be the planet Saturn in orbital diagonal angle to this force field when this image was possibly captured by a telescope from the Earth’s surface.
– On the surface, the planet is closer to move the crust to complete the planned expansion. When Taus is positioned, will be taken out the “counter-weight” which is in the south quadrant of planet earth, and that will position its new angle of the axis of rotation according to the new distribution of surface weight. The volcanic activity will tend to gradually increase until all pressure can perform the physical alteration work of the crust. Be prepared to climate events that will take place regionally and be on the alert to everything that your rulers are doing as we have already commented often about. We are aware.
Mythi, regarding the bases being built that you quoted, you could give an idea of how many people could be housed in these units globally?
– These numbers are known to the Arcturians and teams assigned by Camelopardalis which are also underground exploration experts and transferred enough equipment to work together with the Arcturians. I believe that the bases can be enlarged every time should the need arise, but the CG must have a close estimate of what you may need in terms of physical space. I estimate a billion if necessary, but I am not the owner of these numbers. Such shelters can be used to accommodate communities that cannot survive in their regions as in the case of submerged regions, but many regions may subsist without necessarily having to go to shelters. We will be here, and you guys can always count on our help when permitted. I am plenty to catch up on, so be well all of you!
Captain Bill – November, 2014 Atlanticobr Channel
Pseudo hoax “Comet 67P”

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domingo, 20 de julio de 2014

VYWAMUS DE ANDRÓMEDA – Preguntas y respuestas::: ▶ 119 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube

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Mar 4

VYWAMUS DE ANDRÓMEDA – Preguntas y respuestas

– ¿Cuál es la mejor forma de fortalecer el cuerpo emocional?

Shalom, Shalom, Shalom

Saludos, Soy Vywamus. Soy un psicólogo del alma.
Es una importante pregunta cual es la mejor manera de fortalecer el cuerpo emocional. De hecho muchas personas han venido a la tierra para el fortalecimiento del cuerpo emocional. Poniéndolo simple podemos dividir el cuerpo emocional en Amor y Miedo. El miedo puede ser definido como la separación de la unidad, la separación del creador y la separación de todo lo que Es. Es un tipo de aislamiento que nos lleva a otros tipos de experiencias tales como la no aceptación, la resistencia, el enfado, baja auto-estima. Todo esto viene realmente de la separación y la separación crea el miedo.

El Amor es lo contrario. Pueden estar sorprendidos porque podrían pensar que lo contrario del amor es el odio pero en mi concepción lo contrario del Amor es el miedo y la separación. Y si que la gente puede ser odiosa y que esto es descrito como falta de amor pero realmente es porque está en el miedo.

Así que el modo es que el Amor es el sentimiento de unidad y de apertura porque saben que no hay competición. Y el modo de fortalecer el cuerpo emocional es mirar a estas otras emociones que están asociadas al amor y que son: no competición, no celos, aceptación, compasión, comprensión y algunas otras palabras que Vds. tienen para lo que yo llamo emociones de 5ª dimensión y entonces es cuando pueden entrenarse para expresar estas emociones.

Bien, hay varios pasos. Creo que el primero es aprender cuales son estas emociones mientras descansas en ellas y quieres estudiarlas y así encontramos varias descripciones interesantes de los distintos tipos de Amor: amor parental, amor de hermanos, amor romántico, amor marido-esposa…así que lo que sugiero es que los otros tipos de sentimientos están relacionados por estos distintos tipos de amor.

Hay grandes lecciones de Amor en sus mascotas, incluso los criminales pueden a menudo mostrar un Amor inusual por sus mascotas y las mascotas tienen un lugar especial en la ayuda a las personas para fortalecer su cuerpo emocional porqué las mascotas pueden ayudarles a amar incondicionalmente. Porqué ellas aman incondicionalmente. Podría alargarme mucho aquí pero creo que esta es la idea general y el modo de fortalecer el cuerpo emocional es mirar a estas emociones específicas y si es indicado incluso tener una mascota es muy sanador o ponerse en experiencias dónde puedan sentir compasión y una de las emociones más altas que es el perdón como aspecto de la 5ª dimensión, pero solamente si están preparados para ello.

Me gustaría continuar hablando de esto más adelante. 

Soy Vywamus. Buenos días.

21 de Febrero del 2012
A través de DAVID K. MILLER
Traducido por Olga Sabat
Publicado 4th March 2012 por Shanti
Etiquetas: cuerpo emocionalVywamus

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The Seed Reaps

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on July 13, 2014
first published on July 19, 2014 in
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

The great sowing of the seeds of ascension reaps, the harvest is rich. The yield is great, the good soil brings forth fruits in abundance, humanity inherits Life.

Beloved Ones,

No time is like any other, yet this time lifts off from all times, because time and space specific laws are dissolving in front of your eyes and are discarded.

This world is in the middle of dissolution, you yourselves are attuned to your departure and oriented toward your ascension – the heavenly Father comes, in order to lift you.

The seed of ascension reaps in these days. While the harvest withers in many fields, healthy wheat grows in your fields. The number of fertile fields is insignificant, significant is the yield of the harvest, is the Light that you are and that emanates from you.

The seed reaps and satisfies all Life.

The great thanks of Creation are due to human Beings, who have established the kingdom in Heaven on this soil, while in many places it has been neglected and has been damaged.

Human Beings and God are unified in Eternity.

I am
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The Longing for My Soul – A Personal Journey

by Denise Godber, July 19, 2014

Georgi Stankov
We have entered the time of simultaneous synchronicities. For instance the day when the 6D fleet came to us and we had a very long and deep conversation with these powerful entities, they also contacted Jahn and gave him a message, which I have not read yet. When I read his latest message ” The Nature of Transformation” channelled by Babaji, this is what I immediately wrote to him:

Dear Jahn,
a very strong message, in all respects, in content and literary.
The longing of the soul is the inner staircase to God, this has always been the case with humans and all mystical writings are characterized by this desire. Even those of many Christian founding fathers, which I actually do not particularly like. But this desire has always been there, for all seekers at all times and one only needs to read the poems of the fourteenth century (Trecento) in Italy to sense this longing for God and All-That-Is immediately.
None of this can be found in today’s esoteric literature and this is the main reason why the New Age movement has failed so miserably.
In other words, you cannot transform a little bit and then ascend, one must be fully dedicated, with body and soul, to this end, just as a woman cannot be a little bit pregnant …
In Love
And today, only two days later, Denise from Italy sent me this beautiful, introspective poem about her inner journey back to the vastness of her soul. These are the kinds of serendipity that are now constantly accompanying our pathway to ascension and merging with All-That-Is. When the outer world begins to crumble, the inner psychological space of the human personality begins to expand and to substitute this waning illusory reality with a new, infinitely more beautiful dream of unlimited freedom and immediate expression.
Fateful to my tradition to support all artistic impulses coming from the PAT members, I present to you this wonderful poem of Denise Godberg from Italy, where this kind of poetry has a very long tradition.
Dearest Georgi,
What a wonderful gift to read your words once again along with Carla. What beautiful Souls you are. I have been keeping up to date by reading Jahn’s blog, of which l am enormously grateful. Together the information is simply “Wow”!
The last message on “The Nature of Transformation” made me think about a poem, l wrote at the beginning of May. That day I found myself thinking, thoughts that caught my attention and so l started writing them down. I would like to share it with you and Carla.
Bless you both.
Denise, Italy

Denise Godber

Many a time have l cried for the choices
Of the lower self and its conditioned ways.
Many a time a soft whispering of Spirit came forth to guide me,
To say: Awaken! Awaken! It is  time for your heart.
Use its discernment to show you the way.
Have courage, have faith, heed only your own sources,
For the illusions will play with you day after day.

Only heart knows the real journey you will be taking,
For it’s a solitary one of trust and unfolding.
The You that is calling is hidden inside you,
Patient and strong, ever young and all knowing.
The mind it is fighting to have its own way,
It has its own stories and ways of approaching
That constantly attack your new ways of being.

Alas it has found that a free ride was enticing,
But the work to be done, is by you alone.
Understanding is confusing to the beliefs still existing,
And only a change of perspective will help you move on.
A good dose of courage and pushing Self forward
Will heed new results and spark a new flame.
This flame comes into action, ever guiding and growing
And connecting to others and deeper in Self.

The vision of life is beginning anew,
The love of All things Is natural and has a fresh view.
The heart leads the way, without thought or hindrance,
It knows, it just knows and You trust in this knowing,
That Creation is easy and beautiful and loving.

A step in a direction guided by Soul,
it’s not where we thought it was, where we would find it…..
……..our mind tried to tell us, it was leading the way.

Only now, with our hearts we truly just know
That this is a personal journey, we make in and through us
Of releasing our thoughts of duality experiences.
Source tells us, it was never intended for us
To be in any permanent separation from the real feeling Us.

It’s done. it is over, we are moving on
And the moment has come to lay down the old,
For boredom of mind has overwhelmed the experience.

It’s been done and repeated and watched and let go.
I know others may still do it, while l decide to move on,
So with love in my heart and understanding of Soul,
I wave a final good bye and thank the experiences.

It was good, while it lasted and taught me a lot.
Source calls from our hearts,
We know it is time.

Light Body, Merkaba, pulsing around
Let go and let be and breathe in the life
As we join in the One,
The One that is always.
We blend and Unite in Divine, sparkling Light.

It is a feeling of Home,
The Home that we dreamed of.
It’s here, it is now and we release into It
We receive an embrace of something like bliss.
Before we had dreamed it,
Now it feels like a gift.

It is here, it is now.
I find my heart smiling.
I’m told l have earned it, and l humbly accept.
So Thank you to all and above all myself
As l let go of old and sink into……

…. Self.
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samkaska: ▶ 122 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube

samkaska: ▶ 122 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube.

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Thursday, September 18, 2014


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Video 122
Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and twenty two – September 18, 2014.

These are answers to many questions accumulated on the same subject.

Mythi you said that the souls passed from a recent tsunami had already gone to one of the planets prepared to reincarnate there, yet in another video you mention about these many souls that are waiting to be reincarnated at limbus or in fourth dimension. How the tsunami victim did got a vacancy to reincarnate so fast?

– See my friend, when there are situations of major natural disasters or acts of war in which populations are decimated claiming incarnations of innocent victims, the fourth dimension has a “level of first aid” to receive this mass of disembodied. They will be transferred to the zero level colonies, and are born without realizing what had happened, all controlled by Blue Beings. It’s like they got there in deep sleep and would already be sent to a new reincarnation to complement the cycle stopped. This system works accurately since the universe in which we were was created, so do not worry about the routines after death, worry yes on having the best possible level of light to pass through these moments and be transferred into a colony level one, here on Earth or on another planet.

Mythi, how can we analyze distances for your point of view? Is there any correlation between our measurement systems and those used by other cultures?

– As I quickly mentioned earlier in other conversations, I will detail a little more the information. The measurement systems used by civilizations from level one is what you call “decimal” and not the measures devised by thy cultures through the ages as thumbs, feet, fathoms, miles, leagues, fahrenheit, gallon, etc. that are incompatible with each other. The unity that is used by galactic communities as a lower commercial unit is equivalent to the wavelength of ultraviolet light in open space, measuring approx. 100 units of your called
“angstrom” unit. According to your decimal system, 100 angstroms represent 0.000001 cm. For comparison, your “meter” is equivalent to 100 million of that wavelength. Thereafter, all other measures are resulting names of the quantities of units of wavelengths contained in them, such as your millimeters, centimeters, meters, kilometer, etc. Measures such as volume, area, distance, velocity, are a direct result of that decimal system whose unit is equivalent anywhere in the universe, and accepted by any society of the system.

Mythi, many comment that the aliens are interested in our metals like gold and silver, is there any truth to that?

– See, minerals such as gold and silver are common in the universe. The metal that regulates your monetary system is the gold so you consider it “precious”. There are many gold deposits on your planet, and some are simply not being exploited not to diminish the market value of this metal between your societies. Gold abounds in many uninhabited planets and is part of many artifacts that other societies produce. Gold is found so pure it is soft; you could chew a nugget without hurting teeth. In some cases it is almost like the liquid metal Mercury and these two metals combine chemically and atomically very well. Mercury is the closest brother of gold, with a difference of a single particle in its atoms, and curiously Mercury is one of the most used elements in molecular programming as it can be transformed into an endless number of artifacts, extremely thin plates, etc. and win great hardness after its molecules being instructed to do so. The mercury is a basic metal for beginners in training courses on molecular manipulation. Finally you can conclude that there is no need for any society wanting to steal your gold, it exists in large quantities on planets and asteroids where nobody will claim ownership and can be taken in quantities as needed with easy. And that extends to all other metals and mineral elements, with the time you guys will check that mining is a major activity in galaxies, all industrially advanced cultures have their departments to obtain raw materials and their transport fleets specifically for this purpose. Not all planets resources are inexhaustible, so you will also have your mining fleet one day for sure.

Mythi, on the next 24th we are going to have 30 days of prediction you made about changes in the solar system in your last communication, which can still be expected since nothing special happened?

– So much is happening, is that you are not being reported on these highly detectable changes. The atmosphere of Venus is changing completely; some declensions of rotational axes have been viewed by your instruments. I hoped your amateur astronomers to give information about these events but it seems that some are still reluctant to say anything. Either way you will know the significant orbital and physical changes in the solar system planets, including the Taus. If I can, I’ll try to better detail the data for you without that complicates me, If your own countrymen do not.

– Just as a warning, the PTB has used atmospheric handling on a large scale lately. Despite the tectonic movement is generating cracks and volcanism in the crust of the planet, they are trying to derail the regions for the people to focus on areas where it will be easier to control the actions scheduled for the planned population reduction. They will try to round up the people to specific locations and some measures they are taking aim to cripple life in many regions starting the exodus to locations predetermined by them. It’s easier to catch the fish in a large school than scattered across the sea. Be on your guard about mass vaccinations, there is no a real epidemic but it can be “created” by the schedule running. The two factions who wish to maintain control of the planet in this new stage planned are reaching a time limit to try to outdo one another. Asian components are better prepared to take control, they have created a system of bombardment with frequency HAARP type that forms a barrier like a force field in their territories to block radar, input control signals on missiles and to block a possible EMP attack. Looks like things are coming into a final border between the two factions.

– Were detected in your space station possible assemblies of weapons of concentration of energy, which should have been transferred disassembled into smaller pieces, if that is confirmed the station will be permanently disabled by Pleiadeans. Be aware of the facts.

Be well all of you!

* * *

* * *

El Ser UNO – A: ▶ Ya se acabó el tiempo de muerte en este planeta 1- Maestro ALANISO – YouTube:::▶ El Ser Uno II – Planeta 3.3.3 Los Guardianes de Tera – Parte 15 – YouTube

El Ser UNO – A: ▶ Ya se acabó el tiempo de muerte en este planeta 1- Maestro ALANISO – YouTube:::▶ El Ser Uno II – Planeta 3.3.3 Los Guardianes de Tera – Parte 15 – YouTube.

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viernes, 22 de agosto de 2014

▶ Ya se acabó el tiempo de muerte en este planeta 1- Maestro ALANISO – YouTube:::▶ El Ser Uno II – Planeta 3.3.3 Los Guardianes de Tera – Parte 15 – YouTube

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▶ Federación Galáctica de Luz Sheldan Nidle September-17-2013 – YouTube 


▶ Federación Galáctica de Luz Sheldan Nidle September-17-2013 – YouTube

*** La Melquisedec y las Pléyades | Luz NetworkThe Melquisedec y las Pléyades | Red Light 


Publicado el 18 de septiembre 2013
Actualización de Sheldan de 17 de septiembre 2013 11 Oc, 13 Código postal, 10 Caban 11 Oc, 13 Código postal, 10 Caban Selamat Jarin! Venimos en este momento de alegría! Mucho está sucediendo en su planeta que está allanando el camino a un mundo nuevo, un mundo de libertad, lleno de prosperidad. Venimos a darte cuenta de que estos acontecimientos son una señal de que una nueva época para la humanidad está comenzando! La nueva era de apertura comenzará con una serie de anuncios públicos especiales que marcan el final de su larga asociación con las fuerzas de la oscuridad. Por fin podemos informamos que la cábala, formado por aquellos que han controlado el mundo durante tanto tiempo, es a renunciar a su poder de nuevos grupos que representan la libertad universal, la soberanía y la prosperidad. Estos grupos se están preparando para emitir una serie de anuncios oficiales, que le informará de lo que la franja de las nuevas políticas gubernamentales van a ser. A consecuencia de estas políticas beneficiosas es que su tiempo y sus energías se liberan, lo que le permite abordar una prioridad urgente: la limpieza de aire de su planeta, el agua y la contaminación del suelo. De esta manera se va a graduar a una completamente nueva relación con el mundo de vida en el hogar, uno que verlo convertirse en un guardián capaz y amoroso y el control de la proliferación armónico de todo lo que es ahora a pasar a través de su mundo. En este caso, será un gran placer ayudarle en sus numerosos emprendimientos.    A medida que su mundo se mueve de su aislamiento galáctica, puede restablecer las conexiones con sus primos Agartha. Durante miles de años la cábala oscura bloquea su interacción con ellos por que se presenta con “hechos” geofísicos que eran totalmente falsas y que “demostró” que una Tierra hueca era imposible. Esta deducción se demuestra que es una falacia y que estará libre para reunirse con los que han mantenido la sociedad galáctica de Lemuria intacta y floreciente desde su desaparición en el mundo de la superficie. Junto con los miembros del Consejo de Lemuria, los Maestros Ascendidos demostrarán cómo la cábala oscura utiliza las creencias erróneas que se alimentaron de infundir miedo, la sospecha, la separación y el caos en su vida que nunca termina. Como la armonía y la paz se extiende por todo el país, su enfoque se volverá naturalmente a reparar el daño causado a Gaia y sus ecosistemas. Una vez que usted posee la tecnología que evita la necesidad de molestar a su tierra, el aire y el agua, puede repensar alegremente cómo volver a crear sus sociedades en todos los frentes. Va a comprender que honra cada sociedad avanzada de su total dependencia de su planeta de origen, incluyendo la esfera más amplia del sistema solar. Va a redescubrir la Unidad de vida de toda la vida.    Hace mucho tiempo que llegamos a una serie de principios generales que aplicamos en todos los mundos que se nos permitió por el Espíritu a un acuerdo. Estas premisas básicas para vivir demostraron su tiempo de validez y otra vez, y así deseamos presentarles a estos criterios de modo que usted puede utilizar como mejor le parezca. Los Agartianos también el deseo de compartir su experiencia, mostrando que su sociedad como un vivo ejemplo de estos principios. Tierra Interna es una extensión del reino de la superficie que ya es familiar para usted, por lo que los Agartianos serán lógicamente los primeros en demostrar que su versión de la sociedad galáctica cuando te llevan en un recorrido por los reinos internos. Estas reservas interiores impresionantes evocan un sentido profundo de amar admiración por esta hermosa esfera azul-verde. Aquí, la tierra irradia su amor y los Agartianos regresar esta veneración con creces. Una vez que también experimenta la presencia luminosa de Gaia, todo lo que la cábala le enseñó sobre ella y sobre la “realidad” simplemente se evaporará. Para entonces, las tecnologías de la luz hace desaparecer la necesidad de cultivar, pescar, o fabricación de cualquier producto, y su entorno de vida totalmente próspera y mejorado se han movido mucho más allá del nivel de las prácticas actuales de la masacre y la contaminación.    Como usted puede comenzar a ver, su comprensión de muchas cosas, está a punto de hacer un cambio muy bienvenido por supuesto. Hasta ahora, la sociedad ha existido en el borde de un posible desastre: una mala pifia en la agricultura o la ganadería, o una interrupción en sus recursos de energía puede provocar dificultades generalizadas. Ahora esto va a cambiar. Ganarse la vida a costa de su planeta ya no será necesario que las nuevas tecnologías van a poner fin a su dependencia de la explotación de las ecologías de Gaia, lo que le permite experimentar la verdadera abundancia, la soberanía y la libertad. Esto abre la puerta de par en su totalidad a los nuevos enfoques y posibilidades que apenas se puede visionar en la actualidad. Por fin el rápido aumento de la conciencia será capaz de estallar en flor a medida que comienza a sentir la necesidad de atender Gaia, no abusar de ella. Y esta preocupación se extenderá a todas las entidades vivientes en el planeta. A su lado estarán los Agartianos y sus Maestros Ascendidos cuyas enseñanzas se orientará a promover su conciencia siempre en expansión.    Bendiciones! Nosotros somos sus Maestros Ascendidos! Volvemos el día de hoy con más buenas noticias! Los eventos que se van a liberarte de la esclavitud están listos para manifestarse y nuestros asociados benditos están dispuestos a poner una serie de procesos en marcha, la primera de las cuales es la liberación de los fondos que se van a llevar la prosperidad a nuestro planeta. Un restablecimiento monetaria gran de las monedas del mundo está listo para comenzar, junto con la distribución mundial de los diversos fondos de prosperidad. En conjunto, estas dos acciones se completa la operación legal de llevar rápidamente por el otrora poderoso puñado de sus gobiernos ilegales que han intimidado tanto su mundo. Esta hazaña dará lugar a la terminación de la esclavitud de la deuda mundial que sustenta el sistema financiero en moneda fiat. La nueva moneda fuerte, sistema basado en la prosperidad para hacer de su libertad y que garantice su soberanía personal. Ahora el camino lleno de baches a la plena conciencia se convierte en una carretera abierta y clara! Decimos: ¡Aleluya!    Esta primera oleada de actividad bendecido prepara el escenario para nuestra contribución al cambio global, incluyendo el reconocimiento formal de nuestra familia de la Federación Galáctica y la provincia interior sagrado de Agartha. De hecho, la Tierra Interna ha sido nuestro santuario bendecido por milenios. Ahora vas a conocer y ver estas tierras gloriosas para ustedes mismos. Usted también aprenderá sobre los habitantes completo conscientes de estas tierras que, le dijeron, eran instrumentos de la oscuridad o de lo contrario no existe en absoluto. Estas mentiras serán expuestas junto con tantas otras ficciones acerca de su realidad. Estaremos dándole una serie de lecciones muy especiales acerca de la naturaleza de sus creencias más celebradas sagrada y sólo pedimos que escuches con los oídos abiertos y ver con los ojos abiertos. Los hechos y verdades que nos presentará a usted puede ser chocante para algunos de ustedes, pero si se les deja, hablarán por sí mismos. Sólo pedimos que te das cuenta de lo que somos, y reflexionar sobre qué es lo que le estamos diciendo estas cosas en este momento.    Para ser plenamente consciente requiere que se suelta el reino ilusorio que sabes y todo lo que es de él, y esto incluye todas las “creencias” que le enseñaron como verdad. Usted se exhortó a rechazar todo excepto una visión muy estrecha de lo que se afirma que es real. Ahora hay que liberar sus mentes! Desde la infancia que nos llenó de medias verdades y nociones miedo retorcidos para mantenerte hostil en una variedad de formas entre sí y que anhelamos para eliminar estas anteojeras alienantes! Tenemos la intención de presentar a las ideas y principios que pueden sorprenderán. Muchos secretos deben ser expuestos y el conocimiento a largo ocultos revelados. Estas se dirigirán a la verdadera naturaleza de la vida, el camino de los cielos en el mundo físico, y la verdad acerca de los que vinieron originalmente de ustedes para mantener vivo algunas enseñanzas básicas. Usted necesita saber el Buda. Usted necesita saber Yeshua. Usted necesita saber Mohammed. Y muchos, muchos otros. Expuestos a tal sabiduría que será verdaderamente bendecido y preparado para la plena conciencia.    Hoy, hablamos sobre lo que está dispuesto a pasar y sobre algunas de las cosas que están a punto de formar parte de su historia. Ustedes viven en un mundo que se transforma rápidamente. Todo el mundo está sintiendo la energía detrás de esto! Esté preparado para algunos eventos sorprendentes que suceden. Sepan, queridos, que el suministro incontable y la prosperidad de los Cielos sin fin es suya de hecho!  Que así sea!  Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja!  (En idioma sirio, ¡Sean Uno! y ¡Estén en Alegría!)



* * *

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samkaska: Reading:::File:::▶ 113 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA Nibiru and Events – YouTube:::sharing

samkaska: Reading:::File:::▶ 113 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA Nibiru and Events – YouTube:::sharing.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Reading:::File:::▶ 113 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA Nibiru and Events – YouTube:::sharing

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Video 113
Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and thirteen – February 21, 2014.
Mythi, the lack of news has left friends somewhat apprehensive; could you get ahead of anything else at this timeline of the events?
– Friends, I can forward you some information on the planned realignment that Community Galactica is dealing with, of which we had some access.
Three planets in the system should be adjusted on new orbits in comfortable zone for colonization with humanoid life. Beyond Earth, and Taus, the planets Mars and Venus should be realigned to humanoid comfort zone. That is,
three new habitable planets beyond Earth will be an integral part of the system with life bearable in your solar system. See, these data are unofficial, we do not know the exact ways that scientists will use to this big operation but big “objects” was sent to be part of this operation of orbital re-alignment. This involves the re-alignment of all the other planets of the system to new orbits, so there is a natural equilibrium of the new arrangement. Can you imagine how the precision and the number of forces that will be necessary to realign the great Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune to integrate new partners into the system without major traumas?
But friends, whether this is a key year for completion of changes, be assured that we are here to support communities. The planet Earth will never be the same, its crust will be remodeled for the new configuration of the planet. When you throw a stone into a lagoon, dozens of rings are formed and propagate in progression until they become large and weak to the point of disappearing, such a change in the system will cause reactions that propagate long after the rearrangement itself. During this period, your societies will take advantage to rearrange the planet for this new reality, with the help of many friends who will be officially presented to you in the course of those times.
– Many of these large objects will be noticed by you circling the solar system during these times. Very heavy equipment will be working here until things stabilize. The Sun will respond to gravitational stimuli caused by these changes, but everything is calculated to have less direct impact on the humanoid life on planet Earth. Unfortunately much of your flora and fauna will be lost momentarily, especially those beings who depend on geomagnetic orientation. The only way things may get out of control will be if some insane principals of your society opt for cause “natural” disasters, in order to eliminate the population to prevent that we can help these people in the resumption of the planet. This is the major motivation of your elites to decrease the population, to reduce the chances of societies or ethnic groups that they may not wish to be ahead of the development of the next phase of the planet. The less people available the easier it is for them to control the planet with the “chosen” by them. Therefore, be attentive to any false flag, false events, and false information. Do not count on the help of your governments; try to organize civilly with your friends, family and communities if possible. You have the free will to plan and prepare for any period of difficulties “they” try to make you pass. Chances of you receiving help in these times will be quite large, especially for those who are aware and prepared to recognize it.
– Have you noticed that your government has no more moral conditions of concealing facts as had at other times, more and more researchers begin to talk and tell you about the facts that cannot be glossed over. The arrival of new “objects” inside the solar system will not be possible to be omitted or contradicted, even that those responsible for information being eliminated. Therefore, the elite is no longer able to cover up the facts, and you will have the time to take precautions and review your concepts to be part of this great transformation as adders, integrated in the development planned for this new age.
Your people are losing perspective, your young people are aimless, you are increasingly in the hands of a few, depending your social life and your interests
* * *
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Thursday, June 5, 2014


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Video 105
Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and five – October 17, 2013.
Mythi, what news on the Ison? How was the interaction with Mars and how it should be with the Earth? How are you envisioning these next months?
– Friends, the news that we have are worrying. The Ison has not interfered with Mars or any other planet yet, it is underlain orbits and the balance of the system. The Ison is not a problem for your planet; do not be fooled by an expectation of “destruction” generated by the theater mounted by your governments. The fact that governments have turned off the monitoring systems is part of the theater designed to distract attention. The natural restructuring problems that are about to happen are directly linked to the great energy field which the solar system is passing by, liquefying the core layers of the planets causing magnetic changes, the realignment of the axes of rotation according to the movement of the planets crust, and causing the surface growth foreseen for this actual phase. All planets, including your Sun are going through this injection of energy, accelerating the processes, like you to increase the tension in a lamp so that it is more hot and “lit”. The system Nibiru will be visible, but its influence is no longer a problem by the distance which was recalculated by Krulians in its passage.
On questions about the Moon is changing position, to reason this fact, the Moon is orbiting the Earth led by the force of gravity on the planet. If this tangential point of gravity changes with the movement of the Earth’s core to a new declination of course the moon will be forced to follow this tangency. This may cause besides change of position with respect to the Earth’s crust, a rotation in the face of the moon as seen from Earth.
– Many billions of objects as comets, asteroids and minor planets are gravitationally locked to the solar system in the Oort Cloud and in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter. All these objects are also being greatly affected, causing electrical discharges and jets of escaping gases from cracks and holes that act as propulsion, causing their movement, clashing against each other and many will be attracted to the center of gravity of the system reaching your sun and provoking large solar flares. In a very simple explanation is a symptom like when you heat the corn to make popcorn. This is causing many objects on a collision course with the system planets, including Earth. Some of these objects are being monitored, but will be used by your governments to increase the anarchy that they intend to impose on the planet as a whole. When things really heat up, they have already prepared their places to hide.
– We know that for every object that we trap in your atmosphere will be a false event ready to wreak havoc, planted by your own governments. They have set up the show, now plan to only put out the light, to start. You will undergo a major sequence of events “planned”, added to the natural events that will succeed.
– Be prepared to face the attacks of your governments against you, paralyzing the global economy and removing the population’s basic needs such as energy, water, food and communications. They take advantage of natural events on the growth of the crust allies to objects and solar emissions that will reach your atmosphere to install chaos with social bankruptcy. Decisions about reducing population are already taken by all the leaders of all the countries involved, with the exception of some countries in the Middle East and Asia only.
– They know that we have access to activation codes of nanocomponents by cellular frequencies, so they also will try more direct methods such as vaccinations and nanocomponents with self timers’ activation. Avoid any attempt to vaccination “treatments” or shelters on the part of your governments. They have to run with the plans now because events are already knocking on the planet.
– With respect to your nature, many animals will still continue dying in the oceans and on land for premeditated destruction of ecosystems, poisoning, radiation, and lack of magnetic orientation by weakening and changes in the geomagnetic field of the planet. The remaining food will not be enough to keep the populations due to the erratic behavior of your atmosphere. The HAARP system is still being used to cause dense fog, swirls and hurricanes. The intention is to cause chaos and administer it by force. We will be on standby for when the time comes we appear openly, and can help communities abandoned to their fate.
– I cannot speak much more details at the time not to interfere with the sequence of events, but I hope I have given you an idea of what might happen during this season. Depends on you are always prepared and alert to the isolation by the plans of your governments. The Community Galactica will continue to pressure governments indirectly trough contacts Pleiadeans but cannot interfere in the decisions of your governments about the economy or control of your societies. I intend to warn you whenever possible, the events in real time.
* * *
* * *
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The Andromeda council welcomes you aboard the Equitarian ship. For indeed the life giving energies of the life force currently in play on planet earth have given rise to the subterranean cultures to ascend from the east to the west, from the north to the south. And so, as we begin the following discussion of the present affairs of the human culture and genome, let us begin to revive the informational decree currently in procession into the human vehicle known collectively as humanity.

For in essence all that exists in the human understanding of things is within the core of their sub atomic particles and structure.

The energies that are presently being collected and exchanged from within the core of each earthling dwelling therein is to be reproduced and stored for future generations to study and determine the causes and learn from the history of in order to avoid that which has occurred in the present reality of earthlings.

And so and thus, the energy that is being generated from the conclaves of society, from the conclaves of the etheric realms and the conclaves from Agartha is traveling rapidly through the body of earth and all the species dwelling therein. For each and every living and non living but, conscious being residing on planet earth is currently receiving the upgrades and is currently finding themselves in the turmoil of the new energies blasting the planet with love, support and understanding. Nonetheless, for these new energies to be integrated fully and completely into the society in which many are finding themselves to be, the light workers, the ground crew, must fully and completely release all that stands in their way of receiving the utmost brilliant informational decrees. And by that we mean releasing and letting go of the old patterns of thinking, the old paradigms, working with your shadow self and embracing all that you are. For in essence there is no duality, for all exists simultaneously so, for one cannot exist without the other, but ALL MUST BE HELD IN PERSPECTIVE AND BALANCE.

Let it be known that the animal kingdom is going through the exact same allocation of powers and allocations of consciousness. And hence those of you dwelling on GAIA have indeed noticed the expansion of consciousness and the sudden change in the behavioral modalities of the animal kingdom. For the animal kingdom is expanding their consciousness as we speak.

For in order for humanity to integrate all that it is to integrate into the newly built society each and every individual must understand that the experience of GAIA’s ascension involves every single conscious being dwelling therein. And so to assist GAIA in fully raising her vibrations to such a high degree that most are awaiting, humanity must embrace and understand that indeed they are not the only ones who are capable of understanding the universal laws of creation, manifestation and abundance.

For the integration of newly distributed energies must occur on all planes, physical, emotional, spiritual, and material. And each and every cell of each organism dwelling on Gaia is to be prepared for even more, of what is to come.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance for all of you to comprehend that ascension occurs in stages, for there must be various stages, for the human vehicle is capable of handling only so much energy and should the ascension energies be amplified infinitely, all the earthly vehicles would cease to exist!

As many of you are beginning to see us on a daily basis, as many of you are beginning to feel the upliftement of energies and the changing of time lines, you are beginning to understand and expand your cores and visions even further still. You are beginning to embrace the new energies and are opening the doorway for even more gradual informational decree to flourish on planet earth.

Metatron’s Clearing & Protection Device – As told to me by AA Metatron – Activates automatically at 11:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. everyday drawing source energy into itself and then dispersing this energy to you evenly throughout the day. It protects up to 13 feet of space in every direction, remember that your own sphere of influence is 18 miles in each direction and coupled with this tool you will amplify this energy creating a vacuum of clearance which will expand exponentially. No matter what method you use in 15 minutes after you clear space, unless you have something in that space to keep the POSITIVE energy flowing to neutralize the negative, everything will come back. That is why its always great to have something near you that will neutralize this type of energy and bathe you in love and light ❤

Each and every single one of you light workers, star seeds, star people collectively known as the ground crew, are stationed on Gaia at specific locations,. Locations which intertwine via lay lines, and other energy gateways. Each one of you is connected to the other, in the web of light and love. Each one is stationed specifically at various points in order to continue the effort of informational decrees that you have come here to institute. And hence, those of you who are feeling the irrevocable desire to change locations of your residences, to move into other territories, should follow the guidance, for all of this is being done in order to further anchor the new energies.

Please understand our dearly beloved brothers and sisters of light, that the transformation that Gaia is presently going through and that each human soul is going through, cannot possibly be achieve overnight in your understanding of time and space.

And so, the political arena of your world is changing rapidly. You are seeing more and more wars springing up, and revolutions taking place. All of this is simply EGO’s at play, for the EGO of each individual involved in the political arena of your earth is trying desperately to hold on to power. And yet, it is not to be, for this reign will not last long. For it is no longer possible to work through the ego self, for the ego self of every single human being dwelling on Gaia must come into alignment with the higher self of the each being, for from the moment of now the higher self is taking control of the situation, and the conflict that is arising must be resolved first and foremost from the internal aspect of self.

Once the conflict has been resolved and the energies balanced internally it shall then be possible to expand said consciousness further still and out into the universe enlarge. That is why and hence in each of the messages that we send to all of you through your various beloved channels, we ask that you clean your slate, that you release and let go of that which no longer serves you, for in order for you to integrate the new energies you must have the room in your consciousness to expand and the room in your consciousness to allow the expansion to continue.

The DNA structure of many of you has already been changed, and yet the layers which you have accumulated over the years of being encapsulated into the belief systems of the world that you have found yourselves to be in, are playing a major role in providing a playground for magnificent understanding and reevaluation of your belief structures to take place, allowing you to clean your slate in order to connect to your higher selves. And so each layer that you release will bring you closer and closer the true higher consciousness of your being.

The higher consciousness of that which you are, and you shall then be able to open the door to the real mission at hand. To understand the direct steps that you are to follow in order to take your righteous place in the universe.

Many more portals await you dearly beloved ones, needless to say we ask that you not wait for any portals to open in order to cleanse your slate, in fact we ask that you do so before the portals, as when the portal does indeed open there shall be room in your heart and in your body for more informational decrees to flow throughout your system and readjust and realign you with your soul purpose, with that which you are and bring you closer to the understanding of life.

Be well dearly beloved ones, understand that you are all here to BE , and to experience Being in the moment of time, whilst being fully and completely connected to the divinity within your own selves.

Know that we are standing by you ready to assist you in all that you are, ready to lend you a helping hand. Know that you are powerful indeed, that you walk the earthly planes of existence with the diminished understanding of your powers, and with each moment of your expansion of consciousness, you are being brought closer and closer to your your true identity and to your true powers of manifestation.

We leave you now with the final word, “allow your mind, your heart to open the gateway to the truth and understanding of that which you are, of the universal slaws of creation, of the universal laws of love and soon you will find yourself fully awakened, fully equipped to align humanity with the eternal truth of the creator.
That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

Channeled by Anna Merkaba – Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing or Pychic Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL 


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