Equipoise: sharing4 – ▶ Subungual Hematoma – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – ▶ Greatest Abs Workout Ever Seen! –

Origen: Equipoise: sharing4 – ▶ Subungual Hematoma – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – ▶ Greatest Abs Workout Ever Seen! –

Friday, August 4, 2017

sharing4 – ▶ Subungual Hematoma – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – ▶ Greatest Abs Workout Ever Seen! –

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Carl Jung:

 “Don’t hold on to someone who’s leaving, otherwise you won’t meet the one who’s coming.”

Carl C Jung

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September Timeline Waves And Channeled Message From the Advanced Interplanetary Council of Light | Diane Canfield

August 29, 2016
by Diane Canfield

By Diane Canfield
2016 has been a banner year for Ascension Energy Waves. We have already had more than 10 energy waves coming in that I have written articles about and that is only going back 6 months in time.
I reported back on August 1st that the energy waves were now booming into one continuous stream of LIGHT. You can find that article here.
Since August 1st we have now reached a NEW frequency of alignment. The energy upgrades have been closely following each other in a way that makes them pretty continuous and this is ongoing.
I spent 2 weeks in August very ill from a flu then a respiratory infection, yet I was able to FEEL the waves and upgrades coming in every day. There was a MAJOR clearing going on with me that could not be stopped, even by extreme illness. This shows the ongoing strength of the waves now hitting us and the planet for Ascension.
Energy Waves
So what is an ENERGY WAVE? A Wave is a stream of conscious energy designed to uplift every conscious being in the Universe. It generates from the photon belt, the Central Sun, the Creator, and our Cosmic Friends.
How is an Energy Wave felt? I am gifted to not only feel them energetically but to also feel them physically. By physically I am describing an ENERGY PULSE that moves through my body. This initial pulse is usually short lived entering my body and then passing through within a matter of minutes. The after effects can then be a few hours to days depending on the energy involved. Once the pulse comes through I am usually quick to get the information out to the public that the wave has arrived.
Since these waves started happening to me spontaneously in 2010 I have been tracking. When something so beautiful starts to happen to you, you have no choice but to intermingle with the Universe and its creation and gifts.
So what about September ?
September has the ability to bring us more energy upgrades and waves with these cosmic EVENTS taking place: Remember not to get hung up on dates but to be aware these can bring in heightened energies. Stay in the NOW.
September 1: Annular solar eclipse
September 16: Penumbral lunar eclipse
Thursday, September 22: Fall Equinox
Our last eclipses have been powerful cosmic events with the energy influx has lasted for days afterwards. The Solstice and Equinox have been known to bring in upgrades and downloads.
Pay attention to these dates but also be aware WAVES of energy can come in at any time and are not dependent on dates and times. The Universe works on its own time and since I am a WAVE expert this is how it has always worked.
September Waves are going to start to bring in spontaneous healing which will not end. This has already taken place for me. All one needs to do is ask and keep asking to be healed and the energy now exists for the healing to take place. Since we moved into a higher frequency in August, this energy is now available to be downloaded into our Light Bodies.
You may feel a heightened connection to all people and conscious beings. I have talked before about animal communications becoming heightened. You will now be able to fully put yourself in another shoes and it will happen spontaneously. You will feel what they feel and be able to see clearly why they are acting the way they are. If your psychic abilities are upgraded you will be able to go into their past and know why they are acting the way they are. This will give you higher compassionate states of awareness which then connects you with the Creator for even more advancement.
As we move into even higher frequencies of light, we can then see how the ones who prey on others came to be the way they are. We can then see how the ones pulled into darkness become the way they did. We become more like the Creator in that we are able to forgive them and know it is only through lack of love for themselves that this has been allowed to happen.
Self love increases in the higher frequencies, so no longer will we want to abuse ourselves in any way nor we will want outside forces to abuse us. Watch for instances when we are not self loving and stop these before they start.
We will want our freedom back to be able to be fully who we as the advanced beings of light came here to be. We will see that we can help so many others in our communities and we will reach out to help whenever the opportunity arises. Communities of light workers are to become the norm as we move into Creator mode.
Increased Creativity will now flourish and this too will be ongoing. Children thinking of solutions to issues that have faced man/womankind for centuries. The crystal children coming online. We have waited for this time.
Personality changes as we morph back into who we are. Powerful Creators without limitations and restrictions. Loving beings of light and love ready to show and usher others into the higher dimensions of awareness. A child like attitude now when we go back to believing anything is possible – because it now is.
August Energies and Experiences
This entire last month has been full of upgrades and downloads.
One day I lost 20 minutes as a timeline slip too place. I was on my computer and looked at both my computer clock and clock on the wall to check the time. I walked into the kitchen to take care of some things, I was gone about 20 minutes. I came back to my computer and it was the exact time it was before I left. This has happened to me many times in the last 5 to 6 years and always tells me we are in the middle of a frequency shift.
One night without any geo storms or flares I experienced intense tingles around the crown chakra, this is an upgrade that can occur at any time. Many of us have experiences these during flares but when they come on their own they are rare.
Many nights I experienced blissful states of energy pouring in, too many to mention. It is heaven on earth to experience this bliss. These blissful states of awareness are another indicator of heightened frequencies.
During the two week period I was sick I was uploaded with energy surges everyday of upgrades catapulting me into new awareness and new insights. To even be able to be in tune with ENERGY while ill is a new aspect of the shift taking place. It is awesome to experience enlightenment even while being stuck in the bedroom too sick to do anything else.
Message from the Advanced Interplanetary Council of Light : (Group of off world beings that come to me in person)
Stay in the moment of NOW for your evolution. The way to evolve is through this moment. In the upper levels of creation there is no time, so to stay in the moment of NOW you are forcing yourself up through the higher realms of consciousness. Once you have practiced staying in the NOW, many more upgrades of enlightenment portals are opened to be able to assist you. We exist in this moment also, not dealing with space or time. We also will be able to assist in your development when you walk an equal path to us by meeting us where we exist. We look forward to interacting with you!. The moment of NOW will be your exit point for Ascension and to exist with us in the higher realms.

I love you all ! In service and Love
Diane Canfield
Ascension Teacher-Psychic Medium-Star Races Contactee-Wave Expert
Copyright © 2016 by Diane Canfield. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material as long the full article itself is included www.dianecanfield.com
Follow me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/diane.canfield1
Posted 9 hours ago by Juan Pablo Rodriguez
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Carl Jung:

 “Don’t hold on to someone who’s leaving, otherwise you won’t meet the one who’s coming.”

Carl C Jung

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By Vera | August 31, 2016 | 5

Furious, flaming, explosive, wild… just a couple of words to describe the energies at play. Can it get any more intense than that? Yes it can… So buckle up for the ride in September. We have entered another round of intense energies. Mercury went retrograde yesterday and tomorrow we are starting into September with a Solar eclipse on this new moon. Since a couple of weeks, we are constantly receiving very high light frequencies that come onto the planet unfiltered and push us into growth like never before. The energies feel different to what we experienced in the first 7 months of the year. These were very emotional, watery, heavy. August, with the Lion’s Gate was a transitional month from water into fire. And that is what we feel now. The fire energies are really working on burning away everything that needs to go now, that is still in the way to be fully anchored in 5D.
ALMOST THERE! That is what I get as a repeated message since a couple of days. It might feel very differently right now. But rest assured, it goes much faster than we expect. The masculine and feminine energies are pushed into balancing now on a collective level. The world and its reality is changing quickly and we are on an accelerated timeline. That makes it hard for our head and physical body to still keep up. So much is happening at once, that it can become the complete overwhelm. Mentally, emotionally and physically. We are really taken to the limits. Even those that are living their life on New Earth already and have completely logged out of the 3D matrix can feel these intense energies brewing and they trigger the last bits of sh*t to the surface to be completely open to receive the unconditional love of God/All that is.

“That is our entrance key to the New: Being completely vulnerable and feeling ONEness that connects us all.”
That is our entrance key to the New: Being completely vulnerable and feeling the ONEness that connects us all. We realize that everything we are doing to someone else, we do to ourselves. Everything we do for ourselves, we do for the collective. We realize that separation always was an illusion. The third big awakening wave is on its way already. Many people are waking up fast. Faster than ever before. And they need our support to make sense of it all and navigate this intense journey. We are here to guide and show the way. Time to get into action and into mission – full speed ahead

Having said this, let’s take a look into the energies for the coming weeks.
Mercury Retrogrades bring us closer to God
Mercury in retrograde is a time that most people panic about. But really, there is nothing to fear. Mercury in retrograde is the perfect time to go within. We spend way too much time with communicating externally, trying to clarify stuff, fix stuff with others, talk through problems etc. In the end, that is not necessary at all. When we learn how the universal energies work, we realize that we can change our reality only by changing ourselves. We can talk with others about an issue or their behaviour until the cows come home, only to realize that we slip into the same patterns again after a while. If we learn to look into the energetic mirror and find out what the situation is teaching us about us and our wounds, we can transmute it through gratitude, humour or forgiveness, instead of blaming, judging or staying in the victim role. This way, we change our reality quickly. (For more on that check out the latest articles: “Why feeling like Crap is an essential Part of Lightwork” and “15 tips how to beome a Master Alchemist and transmute Energies“). Mercury retrograde helps us to focus within. It attempts to disturb the external communication, to guide us back to ourselves and find the answers within. That is one thing we learn during our journey. We will never find the answers outside.

“The more we travel inwards, the closer we come to God. Because that is who we are. We are part of the whole and carry God within.”
The more we travel inwards, the closer we come to God. Because that is who we are. We are part of the whole and we carry God within. All the wisdom is there, as we are connected to everyone and everything that is, in one energy grid. So use this period to set your intentions for your mission and purpose. Find out who you truly are and what you truly came here for. For those already living their mission, this is a time to consider the next steps and readjust, if necessary.
The Solar Eclipse sets everything on Fire
Tomorrow, we will experience a solar eclipse. This will set everything on fire as it serves like an amplifier for the energies coming in. And that is just the grand opening for a month of fire works. September will change a lot. And quickly – if we are brave enough to go with that explosive flow and accept and embrace everything we experience. Solar eclipses are always helping to complete a cycle and start anew. Mercury retrograde will help us in dealing with these energies if we follow our intuition and take time for ourselves. And that can mean to just go and act out the emotions that are surfacing and follow your cravings and energies. What does your body want to do with these energies? Do you feel like screaming? Go for it! Do you feel like running? Do so! We are learning to follow the energies instead of rigid rules and “You should behave like that” patterns. All of these things are coming to an end now. We will learn, that our well-being does not depend on having a regular income, but on our own attitude, self-love, the community we are part of and the people we are connected to. We will learn that schedules, structures and routines are no longer necessary as we all learn to follow the energies again. People that need each other will find each other at the right time. We will find the right information at the right time, the right things we need at the right time etc. That is the law of attraction at play. We will learn, that nothing is an effort anymore, but comes to us naturally, if we are living from our heart.

“New Earth is approaching quickly now. It might seem scary to let go of everything we got so used to. But really, there is no need for these things in 5D, as it is a place without fears or darkness.”
New Earth is approaching quickly now. It might seem scary to let go of everything we got so used to. But really, there is no need for these things in 5D, as it is a place without fear or darkness. Be brave. And that means to let the fire energies burn away everything that does not serve you anymore. It means learning to trust, that everything that belongs to you will stay and cannot be taken away from you. Mastering that opens the door to paradise on earth. Just know that you carry the key within you.

The texts I share are always based on channelings I receive and/or on experiences of clients and my own. I do not claim what I share to be the ultimate truth. I encourage everyone to only take what resonates to find your own truth and wisdom. As this is universal wisdom, I do not claim any copyright. Please feel free to share this content as long as you keep its message complete so that the meaning does not get twisted. Thank you. With lots of light and love, Vera Ingeborg

Posted 12 hours ago by Juan Pablo Rodriguez

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sharing.:::.▶ Sexy Lean and Firm Butt and Abs Workout! – Opening the Portal–Part 3_FINDING LOVE | Equipoise

Origen: sharing.:::.▶ Sexy Lean and Firm Butt and Abs Workout! – Opening the Portal–Part 3_FINDING LOVE | Equipoise



sharing.:::.▶ Sexy Lean and Firm Butt and Abs Workout! – Opening the Portal–Part 3_FINDING LOVE

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▶ Sexy Lean and Firm Butt and Abs Workout! – YouTube


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▶ Billy Meier – Concentration Exercises – YouTube

▶ El Ser Uno – los 3 días de Oscuridad y el 21-12-2012. – YouTube
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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Opening the Portal–Part 3 FINDING LOVE


Part I

Part 2



The beautiful woman’s eyes were sweet and clear, and she looked directly into my heart. I could not resist her gaze and opened the stand again. She bought what she had come for and turned to leave. 

“Wait,” I called to her. “Please don’t leave yet. Let me close up, and I will walk you home.  It is almost dark, and it is unsafe for a woman as beautiful as you.”


“How do I know that it will be safe to be with you?” she asked, with a glint in her deep brown eyes.

“Why, I am of the Royal Family. Of course you are safe with me.” 

I was shocked and embarrassed at what I had said, but a long forgotten memory began to form in my mind. It was another child’s face. Yes, it was my sister’s face, the one whom we had released. I looked at the woman before me.

Would my sister have looked like her if she could have survived her explorations of the third dimensionals? And then, as if a lightening bolt had hit my mind, I remembered. I did not remember all, but the fog began to clear, and I could see visions of purity waiting at the edges of my mind.

I looked up at the woman. How long had I stared off into my reverie of remembering?  Her face showed a slight concern, but she did not ridicule my statements. 

“Then come, my Lord, and see me home.” She smiled warmly, almost as if she believed me.

As we walked to her home at the edge of the city, she talked lightly about her life. Her family had just arrived in this city. They were very poor and had come to find a better life.  Her mother and father and little brothers and sisters greeted me like a long-lost friend.

It was then that we realized that we had not exchanged names. We had felt so comfortable from the moment that we began to walk, that introductions seemed unnecessary. Her name was Lenexa, and I think that I started loving her from that very first day. 

Lenexa began bringing me my noon meal and stayed to share our meal. She would save her shopping for the end of the day, and I would walk her home. If there were anything left over in my booth, I would bring it to her family. I would, of course, save some for my dear adopted mother. When my mother, first met Lenexa, she embraced her warmly.  She knew that this woman was my savior.

As my memory began to return, I told Lenexa a continuous story about a mythical character who was really myself. She loved the story and every day asked for more. I told her everything, except of course, for the secret doctrines of the Maya. It was not too long before we made love. 

It was very different than making love to Hopenakaniah. With Lenexa, it was sweet and loving and grounding. Every time we had an orgasm, we would go deep into the earth together. We were like two trees with our roots running deep in the earth. I tried to find the herb so that she would not have a child, but she said that she wanted to have my baby.

“But I cannot take you as my wife. I have to leave soon.”

“We will meet again,” she always replied.

“My time in the city was coming to an end, and to my surprise, I found that I did not want to leave. I had grown to love Lenexa in a calm and simple way. I loved Hopenakaniah like a part of myself, but I loved Lenexa like a tree would love its roots or a plant would love its flower. How could I leave her? 

She had saved my life! Could I just abandon her? But could I abandon my purpose? I didn’t know what my purpose was. Lenexa had taught me how to love life in the third dimension and now I would have to leave it, probably forever. I would have to leave her! 

I became more and more distracted. Our lovemaking became desperate and deeply passionate until one time, we did not go deep into the earth, but instead, rose into the higher planes like I had done with Hopenakaniah. I saw her as a winged angel, and she saw me as a God from another world. When at last we returned to Earth, she looked into my eyes with her deep wisdom.

“It is time for you to leave now. We will meet again. Go now, Beloved, while I still have the strength to send you away.” 

“I tried to stay, but she would not let me. She literally pushed me away from her. I realized that I was crying, as was she.

“Go Home!” she cried. “Don’t make me say it again.”

Then my beloved Lenexa turned and ran away from me. Every muscle in my body wanted to follow her. But, as always, she was right. The six months were over by more than a week. I slowly walked home and kissed my dear adopted mother goodbye. I had some tokens of value that I had saved. 

“Give half to Lenexa and save the other half for your self. Please watch over her like you have watched over me.  I must leave.”


As usual, my mother did not question me. She understood. I turned and left her in the small shack which I had grown to love.

“I waited for three long days and nights and still my brother and sisters had not joined me.  Perhaps they had forgotten like I had. They may not have been as fortunate as me in finding someone to take care for them or to make them remember. Maybe they were even dead. 

I searched for them in my mind like we did as children. As children we would play a game like your hide and seek, but we would search with our minds. The rules were that we could only look for each other inside ourselves. We had one chance to go to a hiding place, and we became very good. 

We could find and contact each other every time, no matter how far apart we were. We had started this game after our sister was released. What a brave soul she had been. It was the vision of her that had made me remember. I had often wondered if Lenexa was her reincarnation. If that were true, perhaps she could also find the others and help them as well. 

Another day passed and still no sign of them. Maybe they had already been there and left. I had been late, myself. But if I went to the temple without them, then they might wait here for me. I was frozen with indecision. I decided to call my Arcturian father to ask for his counsel. 

For all of my life, he had been there, either in person or in thought, with the simplest call of my mind. However, this time it was different. I called and called to him with no response.  What had happened? Had I lowered my vibration so much that I could no longer communicate with my family? Had I forgotten how to call them? 

Perhaps that was why I could not find my brother and sisters. Desperation and fear were starting to arise in me. I knew that if I allowed my emotions to get the better of me that I would never be able to reach my father. I tried and tried, but there was no reply. Finally, I decided that I would have to travel to Arcturus and find him. 

I knew that I would have to meditate for a long time in order to raise my vibration into the seventh octave so that I could journey Home in my mind. I had never gone to Arcturus alone. I had always gone with my father, or with Hopenakaniah during our sexual mating.  Would I be able to raise my vibration that high without the assistance of others?

I determined not to ponder that question, since it would only create doubt and fear. I found a favorite meditation spot in the crook of a large tree that I had often used when we lived in the jungle. I expected peace and calm to overtake me in this spot as it had always done before, but it did not happen. My mind was closed. My heart was empty. I had not meditated in many months and now I had forgotten how. 

Negativity, anger and fear closed me off from that higher portion of myself. I tried and tried to raise my vibration, but nothing worked. My eyes flew open and the world around me that had been safe and protective became a dense and threatening jungle.

In a rage, I grabbed a large stone and began to beat the earth in front of me. A hole began to form. I pounded more and more, harder and harder. The hole became larger and larger until finally, in exhaustion, I lay back against the tree and closed my eyes.

I then saw that same hole; only it was in my mind. It was calling me to enter it. It was dark and foreboding, but it would not leave my consciousness. I needed to journey down to the depths of myself. I had to enter that hole and follow its winding route deep into the core of my anguished mind. 

Many pictures and feelings of my life with the third dimensionals swirled before and within me, interrupting my journey. I remembered that if I put my attention on any of these distractions that I would become trapped in their mire. The hole wound deeper and deeper into my psyche, and in fact, into my physical form. 

I began to realize that I was journeying into the cellular structure of my physical form. The deeper I traveled, the smaller everything became. I was no longer three-dimensional. I was two-dimensional, and then I was a speck of one dimensionality. 

      “And then everything stopped. I was at a wall within myself. I needed to break through that wall. I couldn’t let it stop me. I was more. I knew that I was more. With the force of my convictions, I pushed through the wall and found that I was in deep outer space. I saw the stars about me. 

“I AM LIGHT!” I cried with exaltation. “I AM LIGHT, AND I AM OF THE ONE!”

I went back into the long hole again, spreading the message to every cell and atom of myself.



I allowed that message into every portion of being. There is no separation.  We are all “of the One.” None are too grand or too small. Darkness is an illusion. Pain is an illusion.  Loneliness is an illusion. SEPARATION IS AN ILLUSION!

 I concentrated on my breath, and my heart felt complete, unconditional love and unity with all life. Slowly I raised this expanded awareness to my head and sent a beam of light down my spine to anchor myself in the Earth. I felt the tree around me reverberate to the increased energy flowing from my presence. I thanked the tree for its ancient protection.  Little did I know how much I would need it?


At first, this meditation was much like the many I had experienced throughout my life. The external world faded away and all the illusions of life, even my journey into the city, began to fade from me. But then suddenly, I found myself in the most awful place of darkness that I had ever experienced. 

The only thing that I could recognize about it was the murder that I had witnessed on my first day in the marketplace. Angry and needy ghosts and discarnates pulled at me and beckoned me into their lair. My solar plexus was burning and I reached out to grasp the tree to protect me further, but the enemy was not in the physical. My enemy was in the Lower Astral Plane, the psychic waste-can of life on the third dimension. 

I had never before experienced it, as I had always been protected from any negativity of the physical world. Therefore, I had passed through this area of the inner worlds protected by my lack of experience. I had not had the experiences in my life that could have even made me recognize the possibility of such a world. 

Now I had had those experiences, and they all flashed before my mind at once, accompanied by all the negative thinking and unpleasant emotions that I had experienced and observed. I began to feel ill and wanted to come out of this awful place. However, I knew that I must not allow my fear of becoming trapped to close me off from the higher dimensions forever. 

This experience must have been the reason why they had wanted us to live in the city. We had to experience the darkest portions of ourselves in order to complete our mission. But I did not even know what my mission was. However, thoughts of my mission brought me courage, and I began to battle the darkness.

But as I battled the darkness, I found that it was infinite, and for every portion of it I conquered, there was more to take its place. I was losing the battle. I could feel myself becoming drained of my essence. The darkness was stealing my light. 

But wait! I had to remind myself why I had not experienced this darkness before. Yes, it was because I had not known darkness in my life. This darkness could attack me only through my own inner darkness.

I had to remind myself why 

I had not experienced this darkness before. 

Yes, it was because I had not known darkness in my life. 

This darkness could attack me only through my own inner darkness. 


How is YOUR initiation going. Mine is amazingly wonderful, then suddenly just the opposite, gets resolved more quickly. BUT I still fall into fatigue and the ensuing drama.

Please Share 🙂

Posted by Sue at 5:57 PM

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Sharing.:::.▶ Girls Sexy Lean Abs Workout! – ▶ Rosicrucian Public Lecture.:::.A Hathor Planetary Message | Equipoise

Origen: Sharing.:::.▶ Girls Sexy Lean Abs Workout! – ▶ Rosicrucian Public Lecture.:::.A Hathor Planetary Message | Equipoise


Sharing.:::.▶ Girls Sexy Lean Abs Workout! – ▶ Rosicrucian Public Lecture.:::.A Hathor Planetary Message

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A Hathor Planetary Message – Cognitive And Emotional Challenges During Chaotic Nodes –

Tom Kenyon – 12 November 2013
*Note: This message deals with specific challenges that are taking place in relationship to Chaotic Nodes. According to the Hathors, a Chaotic Node occurs when chaotic events in multiple and seemingly unrelated areas of the cosmos (including Earth) interact with each other, which in turn generates more chaotic events. As a Chaotic Node increases in strength, many areas of our Earthly existence are affected.By their very nature all Chaotic Nodes are challenging to biological systems. This particular Chaotic Node is especially challenging due to numerous factors we have mentioned in previous Planetary Messages. While the challenges to your eco-system, financial systems and cultural institutions are increasing, in this message we will focus on one specific area—memory and cognitive function.

The accelerated escalation of this current Chaotic Node is being driven by a shift in your Sun’s magnetic field—a reversal of its magnetic poles to be precise. This is a cyclic occurrence and takes place approximately every 11 years. The next shifting of your Sun’s magnetic fields is close at hand, and this will set off a series of significant energetics.
Due to an intimate relationship between your Earth’s and the Sun’s magnetic fields, you are caught in a type of cosmic vice. This is due to the fact that memory is a function of magnetic fields—both internal magnetic fields as generated by your nervous system and external magnetic fields such as that of Earth. Furthermore human memory is greatly affected by the Sun’s magnetic field.
Due to the fact that the magnetic fields of both the Earth and the Sun are fluctuating, you may be experiencing cognitive challenges. These challenges may show up as temporary glitches in short term memory, an inability to sequence tasks in the ways you are used to, and a tendency to emotional volatility or instability, especially during periods of high fluctuations in the Earth’s and/or the Sun’s magnetic fields.
The energetic relationship between the Sun’s magnetic field and that of your Earth is a truly complex and fascinating area of inquiry. But for the purpose of this message, which is practical in nature, we will not go into the details of this relationship. But let us summarize this complex relationship between the Sun and the Earth this way—your Sun is affected by the Central Sun of your galaxy, which is, in truth, a black hole. This black hole ejects various forms of energy into your galaxy, which then passes through your solar system and directly affects your Sun. There is then a cascade of energy from your Sun to your Earth, and so from our perspective, the fluctuations of your Sun’s and Earth’s magnetic fields are catalyzed by the Central Sun of your galaxy. As human beings, as biological organisms, you are very much affected by this cosmic process.
As your current Chaotic Node further escalates, many of you will experience more cognitive disturbances and emotional volatility or confusion. These states of dis-equilibrium can last for a few moments, a few hours, or in the case of major fluctuations, it can last for days. These are indeed trying times for embodied beings upon your Earth.
What we wish to share with you in this message is a simple, practical and highly effective technique for re-establishing balance and equilibrium within the neural pathways of your brain. Think of it as a counter-force to chaos. This method only requires three minutes of your time. If you engage this technique a few times a day, you will find that it imparts a kind of balance. You can repeat this technique throughout the day whenever you wish, especially when you feel imbalanced or cognitively challenged. We do not suggest that you engage this method before going to sleep as it tends to enliven your mental processes, and this could make sleep problematic.
The Method
This method engages your pranic tube, which extends from the crown of your head down through the center of your body to your perineum, which is located midway between your anus and your genitals. This channel (i.e., the pranic tube) follows the central axis of your body’s magnetic field.
If you put your thumb and first or second finger together and form a circle, this is approximately the size of your pranic tube. This energy channel is a conduit for connecting celestial and terrestrial energies.
Another part of the method engages a platonic solid called the octahedron. An octahedron is an eight-sided solid that is essentially two square-based pyramids that are joined at their bases. Octahedrons naturally occur in many crystalline and molecular structures. We have referred to octahedrons in previous messages especially when we discussed the Holon of Balance. At a subtle energy level octahedrons impart balance.
In this method you imagine an octahedron in the center of your head. It is about one inch (or two centimeters) in height. This imagined octahedron is in the center of your head, and interestingly this is also the location of your pineal gland. The octahedron and your pineal gland also sit within your pranic tube.
The method involves drawing subtle energies from Earth’s magnetic field into the pranic tube via your perineum, and then drawing this subtle energy upward into the octahedron that is sitting in the center of your head. At the same time, subtle energies from the Sun’s magnetic field enter through the crown of your head and descend into the octahedron that is sitting in the center of your head. When these two subtle energies meet within the octahedron, they create an alchemical reaction. Through the structure of the octahedron, the energy released is balancing in nature, and this balancing effect extends throughout your entire nervous system. It is a very simple yet highly effective and elegant method.
At first it may seem cumbersome but once you get the feel of it the method will be as natural as breathing. There are five steps to the method.
Step One: Get a sense of your pranic tube that runs from the crown at the top of your head through the center of your body down to your perineum. Then extend the tube into the Earth. Some of you may find it entering into the Earth just a few inches while some of you may find it descending to the very center of the Earth. It does not matter how far into the Earth your pranic tube descends so long as it makes contact with the Earth.
Step Two: You then extend the upper portion of your pranic tube past your crown to your BA point (a cosmic portal or stargate), which is located above your head in the region where your fingers would touch were you to raise your arms directly above your head. (Note: Raising your hands above your head is for reference purposes only. You do not keep your hands raised when engaging the method.)
Step Three: You imagine an octahedron, which is about one inch (or two centimeters) tall, in the center of your head. This will be the primary focus of your attention during the method.
Step Four: This action is done solely through intention. It may help to silently say this phrase, “Through my own volition I set my worlds in motion.” You then inhale naturally, allowing subtle energy from the Earth to move up your pranic tube into the octahedron while simultaneously allowing subtle energy to descend from the top of your pranic tube via the BA point into the octahedron. Understand that you are drawing in subtle energies related to Earth’s magnetic field and the Sun’s magnetic field.
Step Five: As these two energies meet in the octahedron, which is located in the center of your head, let yourself feel the pulse or the merging of these two subtle energies. When you exhale allow this combined energy to flow outward into your brain and into your nervous system according to its own nature. By this we mean it has an innate intelligence and will flow where it needs to go if you allow it.
Depending upon your level of sensitivity you might feel a sensation of energy in the center of your head. You might experience this as a palpable energy moving through your brain. You might very well sense pulses of light emitted from the octahedron. And, in some cases, the octahedron might begin to spin or rotate. These are all positive signs. If your octahedron begins to move, spin or rotate, keep it localized in the center of your head. While it is possible to travel into other dimensions using the octahedron, in this method you keep the octahedron localized in the center of your head. This is so that the energies built within the octahedron will flow into your brain and nervous system. This will impart balancing energies and enliven the neural networks of your brain, helping to strengthen your cognitive processes, memory and emotional stability.
This simple method can be a great ally to you as you pass through the next phase of this Chaotic Node. From our perspective this Chaotic Node is increasing in a geometric progression, meaning that it is getting ever more intense. The levels of chaos upon your Earth (i.e., social unrest, political conflict, ecological stress, monetary insecurity, scarcity of resources, etc.,) are all escalating at an ever-faster rate. This will put undue stress upon your biological systems.
We strongly suggest you make this simple method part of your day-to-day life. It is better to pass through the portals of chaos with your mental and emotional abilities intact.

The Hathors
October 14, 2013
Tom’s Thoughts and Observations
According to the Hathors, we can expect to see increased challenges to our cognitive and memory functions in the future as we adjust—or fail to adjust—to new levels of planetary and cosmic energetics.
The topic of cognitive functioning and memory is a very complex one, and I think it wise to mention that the Hathors are solely addressing those challenges to cognitive function and memory that are related to changes in the Earth’s and the Sun’s magnetic fields.
If you are experiencing dramatic deficits in your cognitive abilities and memory that negatively affect your ability to function normally in your day-to-day life—beyond the temporary challenges that the Hathors are talking about—I would think it wise to consult with a medical professional. This is because some of the challenges in mental sequencing and memory that the Hathors discuss can also be the signs of an underlying neurological problem.
The catalyst for this particular message was actually a question I posed to them (the Hathors) about a month ago. I was personally experiencing a temporary and strange downgrading of my usual level of cognitive functioning—so much so that I asked them what was going on. Their response was the essence of this message.
Since receiving the technique, I have tried it in multiple situations and contexts. I imagine that each of us will find our own right timing with this method—meaning how long to wait before drawing the next in-flow of subtle energies into the pranic tube. I have personally found it best to not rush things and to allow a few moments for sensing the energetics that have been released by the octahedron. On some occasions I have noticed multiple octahedrons, all of them spinning in different directions. When I asked the Hathors about this, they said that the arising of multiple octahedrons was an expression of interdimensionality and could occur for some people. The important thing, according to them, is to allow the octahedrons to spin in whatever ways they wish, but be sure to keep them always localized in the center of the head.
I find that it is better to do the technique in short sessions throughout the day than in longer sessions, which I have tested on a few occasions. In retrospect, I think three minutes is an ideal time to engage this method. When I experimented with much longer sessions, I sometimes got too “amped up,” meaning that there was too much energy flowing into my nervous system for my comfort zone. The goal of this method is to insert short bursts of coherent energies into the nervous system periodically throughout the day for the purpose of balance. One thing I like about this method is that it is highly practical. It can be done pretty much anywhere and anytime when you are not engaged in something requiring your attention.
The Hathors view the current Chaotic Node referred to in this message as a growing tsunami-like energetic of immense proportions that is, and will continue to, affect many levels of our day-to-day life. In other words, as my seventh grade Algebra teacher used to say—“It’s going to get worse before it gets better.”
The Hathors have always held the position that the journey of an Initiate(meaning those of us striving to move up in consciousness regardless of the “spiritual” traditions we might follow) is more about what happens within us than it is about what happens around us. This does not mean that we cannot or should not affect the world around us, but it does mean that the treasure of life (i.e., the spiritual gold of self-illumination) is found within.
As we enter more deeply into this current Chaotic Node, which is truly a “whopper” as well as the ones to follow, I think we will all have to find our personal path to inner balance in a world that seems to be going ever more crazy by the day.
For me, inner balance is not the goal, but it is definitely a key ally. Without a sense of inner balance it is difficult to find the treasure within us—the spiritual gold I mentioned earlier.
It is my hope that you will find this simple technique for regaining a sense of cognitive balance to be of benefit in these trying times. Whether you use this technique or not, however, is immaterial. But finding a way to attain a sense of balance in the midst of growing chaos is, in my opinion, a vitally important skillset for all of us.
Although they did not mention two methods for attaining a sense of emotional balance that they gave in previous messages, I would also refer you to the Holon of Balance as well as the Aethos (a profound sound meditation that the Hathors gave to enter non-dual states of consciousness). Both of these can be found, free of charge, in the Hathor section of the website.
©2013 Tom Kenyon All Rights Reserved http://www.tomkenyon.com
You may make copies of this message and distribute it in any media you desire so long as you do not charge for it, alter it in any way, credit the author and include this entire copyright notice.
Information not directly related to this message:
We are pleased to announce that we now have mp3 download versions of the Hathor workshop (The Sphere of All Possibilities), that took place in Seattle, Washington in 2012, available on our website. For a description of the workshop set, click here.
Our new book, The Arcturian Anthology by Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion, with an Introduction by the Hathors, was just released, but it essentially sold out in a matter of days. The second printing is at the printers and should be available soon on our website. The book comes with a Companion CD of Arcturian Sound Meditations. Check the Store on our website (www.tomkenyon.com) to find out when the book is ready for shipping.
© 2013 Tom Kenyon All Rights Reserved http://www.tomkenyon.comYou may not use my music with any video, graphics, meditation or copy placed over it. You may not post my music on You Tube or any such media. The message itself may be copied and shared, but not my music. I hold copyright on all my music, and it may not be used, distributed, or copied in any way in any medium.

www.tomkenyon.com / link to original article
Posted 13th November 2013 by Juan Pablo
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Sharing.:::._▶ Girls Sexy Lean Abs Workout! – The Game of Life — Beta Through Delta Brainwaves | Equipoise

Origen: Sharing.:::._▶ Girls Sexy Lean Abs Workout! – The Game of Life — Beta Through Delta Brainwaves | Equipoise



Sharing.:::._▶ Girls Sexy Lean Abs Workout! – The Game of Life — Beta Through Delta Brainwaves

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sunday, January 25, 2015
The Game of Life — Beta Through Delta Brainwaves


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The Game of Life 


Your earth vessel is an energy field that resonates to the frequency of your environment. YOU are the consciousness that resonates to and enlivens the earth vessel that YOU are wearing. Your earth vessel allows you to login to the video game of “3D Earth.”

Your avatar self plays this 3D video game, but YOU are the consciousness that has decided to attach to an earth vessel so that you can play the “3D Earth Game.” However, you have heard that this 3D Earth Game is being upgraded to a new level called “Multidimensional Earth Game.”

In this video game you need to successfully complete one level of the game before you can proceed into a higher level. You have heard that the Multidimensional Earth Game is much more enjoyable.

Hence, you are very excited to finish up the final levels of the 3D Earth Game and move on the next level of the game of life.

You read the add for the next level which says, “The Multidimensional Earth Game is a game of perception and consciousness in which your consciousness directs your perceptions. Then, your perceptions set that state of consciousness to hold you within that level of the game.

“What is occurring in your life greatly affects what happens in the game. For example, if you are among loving friends and family, see loving faces, hear enjoyable conversations, and feel love and unity, your consciousness expands into alpha wave consciousness.

“With alpha wave consciousness you can log into the fun, creative level of the game.

“Progressively, if you are with a group of like-minded, spiritual friends with whom you have a deep, unified meditation or other creative activity, your consciousness can expand into theta wave consciousness.

“Theta consciousness places you in the advanced portion of the game in which you get to experience traveling into higher dimensional worlds and realties. This part of the game is very special.

“Warning, if you are at a job, or other place that you do not enjoy, and see angry, stressed people, hear complaints and orders and feel anxious and unsupported, your consciousness drops back to the beta wave consciousness of your old “3D Game.”

After having the fun and creative adventures of the alpha level and the inter-dimensional travels of the theta level, the old-fashioned beta version is NO fun at all. In fact, it feels quite depressing.

Now you are angry about being limited to the beta level. You had a long, hard day and want to have some fun in the alpha level or take an inter-dimensional journey in the theta level. In fact, you get so angry about the whole thing that you through the “Game” across the room.

As it crashes onto the wall, a small piece of paper falls out of the box. You have never seen this piece of paper so you walk over to pick it up to see what it says. What you read is:

“When your attention is focused on something that you love and share it with another, you can move beyond the 3D Earth game and into the level of the Multidimensional Earth Game.”

“Well,” you say in an angry voice, “That is fine for you to write, but maybe you did not have such a bad day as I did!”

However, you really want to play this game, so you call your best friend and talk about your day, the new game you are playing and the weird instructions you found when you threw the game’s plastic box against the wall.

After a fun conversation with lots of laugher and camaraderie, you feel pretty good and decide to log into the game – just for a second. To your surprise you see a message that says,

“Because of your higher state of consciousness you can log into the first level of the Multidimensional Earth Game.”

“Oh what the heck,” you think as you login into the next level, trying to ignore the question of why the game knows more about your consciousness than you do.

You are very happy to play this part of the game as it is much more fun that the previous ones. Moreover, you easily move into the next level.

Once again, a sign comes up on the Game saying,

“To enter the next level you must focus on this meditation for at least 15 minutes.”

You are so enthralled by the fact that somehow this game knows more about you than you do you actually focus on the soft loving words, the lovely pictures of nature and a tone of sound that is completely unfamiliar, but seems to go straight into your heart.

It all feels so good that it is almost as if you leave time. Then, suddenly you awake to find that an hour has passed in what appeared to be a few minutes. You see that the screen now displays the next, and final step of what is obviously the Multidimensional Earth Game.

You happily focus on this portion of the Game, but are surprised to find that you suddenly wake up. It is the next morning and you are late to work. For some reason, the thought of going to that job that you hate is overwhelming.

You still have some “sick days” left, so you decide to call in sick. After making that call, you return to your computer to see the next message,

“Congratulations, you have successfully completed this portion of the Game. Now you can use your day off to get a new job.”

“OK,” you say to your self. “Now this is getting just too weird for me,” as you try to click off the computer. But you try and try again to turn off the computer to no avail.

“This is far too crazy. I must be dreaming,” you say as you pinch your arm to wake up. Suddenly you hear what sounds like a loud yawn behind you. You turn to see yourself stretching your arms wide as you stand up, look at the clock and say,

“Oh NO, I have to hurry. I start my new job today!”
Posted by Sue at 4:25 PM

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sharing.:::.8 Min Abs Workout_ Sexy BUTT! and Legs Home Workout! _ The Sixth Dimensional Matrix | Equipoise

sharing.:::.8 Min Abs Workout_ Sexy BUTT! and Legs Home Workout! _ The Sixth Dimensional Matrix | Equipoise.

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sharing.:::.8 Min Abs Workout_ Sexy BUTT! and Legs Home Workout! _ The Sixth Dimensional Matrix

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The Sixth Dimensional Matrix 


YOU are the Matrix, and YOU are the creative energy that fills that Matrix. Therefore please remember to:

Allow yourself to LONG for Freedom!

Allow yourself to LONG for Peace!

Allow yourself to LONG for Ascension!

YOU are the creator of your reality. YOU are the sixth dimensional womb of creation. Through your longing, you prepare the 6D Matrix for the insertion of YOUR new reality.

Prepare for the birth of your creation by thinking of it as your wish fulfilled.


Discipline yourself to perceive peace where there is conflict.

Discipline yourself to feel love where there is fear.

Discipline yourself to find unity where there is separation.

In this manner, you create your ascension. Refuse to linger on or give attention to any of the components of reality that are ending. Focus only on the reality that is being born. Then, gradually, your consciousness will begin to disarticulate from the extinct Matrix and set off in search of a 6D Matrix to which you can attach the energy field of the Creation of your New LIFE.

(see 6D Mothership post before)

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 26th September 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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sharing.:::snt_▶ Insane Abs Workout – Round 2 -▶ 4 Exercises for Great Bikini Thighs! – JOURNEY INTO GAIA – PART 2 | Equipoise

sharing.:::snt_▶ Insane Abs Workout – Round 2 -▶ 4 Exercises for Great Bikini Thighs! – JOURNEY INTO GAIA – PART 2 | Equipoise.

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sharing.:::snt_▶ Insane Abs Workout – Round 2 -▶ 4 Exercises for Great Bikini Thighs! – JOURNEY INTO GAIA – PART 2

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Sananda: Final Alignment of Planetary Ascension

Posted on Sep 11, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Jahn J Kassl, Jesus/Jeshua/Sananda
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Channeled by Jahn J Kassl
Translated by Franz

August 27, 2014

Beloved Ones,


I am omnipresent in this world. 


Nothing escapes my eye, nothing can withdraw from my attention and My Love is the birthright of every human Being.

Hopeless humanity loses itself in one of the most wonderful places in Creation and it is me, who delivers hope, brings Light and gives Love; Everywhere, where hope, Light and Love may be accepted, everywhere, where the desire for it cries to Heaven.

The last days of humanity happen very quickly. The world changes, the day, when the world changes its countenance from the bottom up, is only an instance away in time.

Many ways, also detours, many ascension scenarios, also displacements and many unforeseen events, also unpleasant ones, border God’s pathways in this world. Years passed and humanity received all instruments for the ascension. And those years are now gone. The time of an encompassing and extensive preparation of mankind for ascension is over.

Vibration Measurement before Ascension

In these significant days of mankind the vibration measurement of the planet and of human Beings take place. Because the renewed determination of the human and planetary vibration is the yardstick wherefrom the further ascension process fulfills itself, until it is finally finished.

Today, as an infinite swarm of light warriors fell for darkness and today, because these human Beings turn away from the Light, today a few single light warriors rise up ? and their Light reaches into Heaven ? in order to give blessings to this world, until all upheavals are ended with a single surprise action from God. The Universal Council of Light had to consider many scenarios for this ascension and all these scenarios were looked at, evaluated and examined on a cosmic screen.

This means that the heavenly Light forces are and were principally adjusted to every ascension scenario. Yet what happened, was, what is the least expected result, namely: That so many human Beings in view of the nearing farewell from this world decided otherwise; and those few, the ascending ones, are of such a quality, which surpasses everything and all.

Never before were so many “enlightened ones” on this planet.

The renewed vibration measurement of this world is required, because the final determination and the final adjustment of the planetary ascension take place. Based on these measurements, the final docking station far from space-time is determined for this planet. This is the point where this world holistically is on a higher vibration level, in a new galaxy and in a new universe. This moment is connected with the total separation of this world from the sluggishly vibrating earth holograms; and thereby the level of space-time will be broken through and stripped off.

What does this mean for the remaining time?

The Matrix has been left

To overcome the concept of impermanence. Understand that you have left this matrix mentally and emotionally, and not that you will still leave it. It is valid to accept further upheavals until day X with serenity and in the certainty of a Creator God. The ascension remains until last a dynamic and extremely stretchable process that releases new potentials over and over again, and brings them into reality, even those, which were predicted, but were not necessarily counted on.

In the course of the creation of the Super 3D-Planet, whereupon all inconvincible and unwavering dark ones will find themselves, a new awareness manifests for the ascending ones on this level. A lighter, more peaceful and joyful perception of this end time gains the upper hand.

The heaviness recedes gradually from your reality, while darkness seems to continue to get stuck on the ground.

The ascending ones truly operate in a “tension field”, between a lighter and easier awareness of the divine vibration and the dark and sluggish base vibration, which emanates from many human Beings and from the discharges of time. Simultaneously the dark ones shift their reality to the newly created planet. Nobody can oppose this mandate from God; “resistance is pointless” describes this quite well.

The Dark Plan fails

This also means that the dark forces now put their card on the “burnt earth”, because they want to let this earth ignite into a fire storm or let it suffocate in the morass of their own creations, before they leave it; and I say to you:

This fails, as everything fails, what has been figured out by the lightless Beings for this world.

Yet it seems that success is certain for the dark ones, many may object. I say to you: This false assumption is based on the fact that the game of the dark ones has functioned nearly trouble-free for thousands of years. Thereby for you the impression has been created that you may never be able to escape this one.

And this impression has also been consolidated in the dark ones, so that they cannot become aware of their own downfall. Their misjudgment regarding the actual situation on earth, their false assumption regarding the power of the awakening of human Beings, is the springboard for their descent.

Because somebody who was able to play a “program without competition” for thousands of years, can neither interpret nor recognize the moment, when the curtain falls.

These “thinking patterns of superiority” were passed on from generation to generation and thereby it is impossible for the actually ruling dark elites to see, how God’s sword and the sword of the light warriors do their job, whereby all life cords of the dark ones are cut off.

They exist, the great wars, the great upheavals exist; yet before the world sinks in the blood frenzy, which the dark ones have visualized, the dark ones will:

a.) fall themselves victim to this.
b.) will find themselves in another world.
c.) will be removed from this world.

Yet you are uplifted and enter into the Light. Godlessness no longer reaches you, because Heaven has spread out its power and God has spread out his hand in protection of mankind.


The believers, the knowers, the lovers, the peacemakers, the truth seekers, the light-filled, all those are turned over into God’s care.

Whoever throws a rock unto these Beings, will go down in a rock slide, because any energy that is directed toward a light warrior will immediately come back to the sender.

Today the law of cause and effect begins to rule in almost real-time, and the energetic balance occurs instantly in a case of attack of an ascending one.

Therefore each dark one, who gets involved with an ascending one, wants to do damage to him, immediately receives the pay-off and will himself be confronted with his action.

The game is truly over.

Those, who have decided to step out of this illusion, will remain untouched by the principle of karma, because he no longer creates karma and has redeemed everything himself that has accumulated over time.

On the day of truth many will call on God and God knows all of them by name. And God will call up his missed sons and daughters and will ask: Where were you, my child, where do you go, my child, who are you, my child?

In the answer to this lies the happiness of human Beings. Because those, who love God will see him ? from countenance to countenance.

In Eternity,


The light world publishing and the author do not lead any
correspondence whatsoever on the texts / messages
published on this website.

Additional messages and articles regarding current events in:
Hyperlink inactive because the light world publishing refrains
from any direct links. Please copy and activate the link in
order to access this page.

New 4D-Worlds – SANAT KUMARA:

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Jul 18



Reflections on the NOW 

Something very interesting, and a bit disturbing, is happening to me. We left home just four days ago, but I had to just ask when we left and where we stayed the first night. In fact, it took some effort to remember where we were the last two nights. I have been sensing this memory loss on and off since we left town. I have a job in which I have to carry a great deal of information within my memory and work on an hourly basis. Therefore, my memory is quite acute.

However, since I have begun this “quest” I seem to have been loosing what just happened, as well as what we had planned would happen in the future. I know that I decided that I was going to let go during this trip. What that meant to me was that I would allow whatever happened to happen, and I would not try to control the situation.

Of course, I still have my own stubborn opinions, but since I have let go of control, there is a lot more that is being released, or is it just forgotten. I am beginning to deeply understanding now how difficult it is to release time, as it so attached to memory. In fact, time seems to be primarily experienced as memories. We don’t know what will happen in the future, and we are so busy experiencing the NOW that usually we are not thinking about it.

Actually, when we are thinking about the present, we are not living it, we are thinking about living it. To release our addiction to third dimensional time, do we need to stop thinking? There could be some truth that that theory. Since we left the house, I have not thought at all about what I should do, where to go or when I should go there.

I have to admit, that I have looked at the time, wondered when will we be in a certain place, but I have not had to do anything. Therefore, time and doing are not connected. Because of this fact, time seems different, and I have not been thinking about doing anything. Fortunately, I am not driving, which gives me the freedom to let go while we are transitioning from place to place.

It is very clear to me that we will need to release our attachment to what we need to do at any given time to release our addiction to the third dimension. The rules of this reality are very familiar. Therefore, even though they appear to be limiting and sometimes fearful, they are known. On the other hand, the rules for our fifth dimensional reality are largely unknown.

Furthermore, in our daily life, we are accustomed to thinking whatever we want. As long as we don’t think out loud, it is all right. Correct? But do we really want ALL our thoughts to become manifest, as they will in the fifth dimension. Can we reign in our energy to fully fill our present NOW and choose our words, thoughts and emotions in every moment?

I have talked about manifesting with our thoughts and choosing our reality for decades. However, it is one thing to talk about this type of Mastery and quite another thing to actually attain it. When I try to truly live in the NOW, I get concerned I have Alzheimer because I loose all connection to the past. Then, when I try to really BE, not just talk about, but BE the Master of my every thought and emotion, I last about 3 minutes.

I can see that this ascension thing will not be easy. We are used to being anxious, afraid, angry and tired. We are used to enduring, suffering, putting up with and working hard. In fact, these states of mind have been something of which we are proud. We are good people if we try really hard and suffer through life. But, being a good person carries little weight in a world without polarities.

In fact, how do we know we are being “good” if cannot bounce that concept off of its polarity of “bad?” We could say that good is the same as being a light being. However, light is very relative. We have spend so many lifetimes being “in the dark” about the truth of what was happening in our reality. Therefore, if we just know a small amount, we can feel like we are totally awake.

However, how can we gauge how much we know when we have no idea how many secrets have been kept from us for myriad lifetimes? In other words, if are not fully connected to our higher expression of SELF and in constant connection with that higher frequencies of reality, we will be just like we have always been—living in illusion.

Is it possible to be in constant connection with our SELF, and how will even know if we are or not. Constant means all the time. However, if time is ending, and it definitely appears to be doing so, how can we do anything “all the time?” I know that what I am saying may appear to be quite confusing. However, from the perspective of the Ascended Being that we are endeavoring to become, isn’t it necessary that we stretch our thinking beyond our former limitations?

As I was falling off to sleep on one of the nights this week, can’t remember which one it was, I heard a voice saying, “How does your physical reality appear from the perspective of your Ascended SELF and how does your Ascended SELF appear through the eyes of your physical self?

I fell asleep before I could answer that question, but even though I keep forgetting it, I also keep remembering it. How does our physical reality appear to our fifth dimensional SELF, and how does our fifth dimensional SELF appear to our physical self? Also, if we are simultaneously both of these representations of our SELF, can we even see each other?

I think we have to be willing to think outside of the (3D) box. A while back, who knows what time, I wrote a few pages in multidimensional language. There was no time, separation, gender, limitation, fear or hierarchy. It was very difficult to do and sounded quite silly. We are going to make a lot of mistakes As we release the boundaries that have held us tightly reigned into the 3D Box we are going to make a lot of mistakes.

It will take some courage to laugh with others as we attempt to return to our true SELF. For example, we all know that we have had myriad incarnation, and with each new incarnation we have to remember how to control our new earth vessel by learning to walk, toilet training, talking, reading, writing, etc., etc.

Just as we made a lot of mistakes when we were remembering—again—how to walk, talk, read etc, we will make a lot of mistakes as we remember to live in the NOW, be Master of our Thoughts, only allow love-based emotions to take residence in our consciousness, perceive with our Third Eye and activate our higher perceptions of clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience and telepathy.

All of these attributes are common and normal to our fifth dimensional SELF. However, the transition from being physical to being multidimensional, without dying first, is a brand new skill. How much time will it take for us to remember how to BE our SELF? In fact, how much longer will we even have time?

Will a flash of light instantly transmute us on 12-21-12, or will we have to let go of who we were so we can embrace the SELF we are becoming? In other words, do we have to DO something or should we just TRUST and Let Go? I don’t have the answers. In fact, I don’t think I even have all the questions.

By Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 18th July 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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Equipoise: ▶ Bikini Model ABS Workout!!! From Home! – :::MYTRIA/MYTRE- MIND OVER MATTER ::: sharing.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

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Jun 26




When I had to choose between my family and my duty, the answer was simple. I chose my family. However, Mytria urged me to go, to do my duty, to help make our world safe for our daughter. In the moment that I paused in making my decision, I was swept away and so was my family. I was desolate. How could I have let that happen? Why had I made her come back to the Village? Why didn’t I pull away from my Commander and run towards my family?

These questions haunted me and destroyed my ability to concentrate. I sat in important missions and could not focus. I had nothing to give to the Protectors, to my family or to my self. Yes, my self, I had to find my self. However, there was no time to do that. We were under attack. Our long-range communications were down, many of our Ships had been destroyed before they even left the atmosphere and the Force Field around the village was weakening more each day.

We needed reinforcements. We needed the Arcturians to come to our assistance. We still had our fastest Scout Ship, and I was one of our best pilots. Before I had a chance to think, I stood up and volunteered. It was as if someone else made that decision, but once said, I had to follow through. A moment ago I was concerned about my loved ones, and now I was likely going to my death. What was I thinking? Actually,who was thinking? It was not my conflicted ego. Therefore, I hoped it was the ME that I had met on my Vision Quest.

I suppose that is was that version of me that activated my decision, because as soon as it was made, everything changed. Before I knew it, myself, and three others, were flying our Ship through the small area of unguarded space we had found. We made it through only to be greeted by a War Ship. Some how we evaded them long enough for one of our Ships to take down the War Ship. However, we were dead in space. All our controls were out, and life-support was minimal.

Our battle had diminished our crew from four the three. We were safe for a while, but would likely by found by an enemy Ship at any moment. What could I do? It was then that I became the ME I had seen on my Vision Quest. If I could talk to rocks, dirt, sky and the Mother, why couldn’t I also talk to the Ship? Our Ships all had implanted biological elements. Maybe I could connect with whatever life force remained in those jell packs?

I felt the adrenaline coursing through my body and knew that I had to find my Core. I though of my first meeting with Mytria in the Core of Alycone and used that memory to find my own Core. In fact, I finally remembered the message I was given by the Arcturian. It had said, as it looked into my Soul, “YOU can do it!” I still had no idea what that meant.

However, suddenly, I was floating with Mytria and our newborn daughter through a potential reality of complete safety, total love and absolute unity. I felt my essence intermingle with every person, plant, animal and thing within this world. I heard a part of me saying, “Stop day dreaming and get back to business,” but another part of me—the floating part of me—was saying, “Pay attention to this message.”

Yes, this vision, or reality, was a message. I was being shown how to merge with all life, just as I had done when I found my way off the cliff. Therefore, instead of judging my vision/experience, I totally surrendered to it. I merged with each person I met in this reality. I merged with every plant, every animal, and finally, with every “thing.” It was when I totally merged with what appeared to me a rock, that I heard the Ship’s engines come online.

Outside my inner image I heard my crewmates yelling at me to open my eyes and help them. However, I chose to attend to the loving support of my family who was assisting me to merge with every component of this potential reality. I let go of every external perception and directed all my attention into the movement of this “rock.” Slowly, the rock lifted up off the ground and began to move through the air. Simultaneously, our Ship slowly began to move.

I stayed within my inner reality, as I knew that the others could steer the Ship. It was up to me make it move. The rock in my image hovered before me, as if awaiting instructions. I focused all my attention on the closest Arcturians Starship and directed those coordinates into the rock in my image. Slowly the rock turned and began to move. My eyes were closed, and I dared not open them. Therefore, I had to trust that the Ship was moving in the correct direction.

I then saw many other rocks moving towards my rock, and I assumed that our enemy had found us. I could not be distracted by a battle, so I made my rock invisible to the other rocks and directed it to move beyond the speed of light. Instantly, my rock was free of the other rocks. The rock was moving faster than I could track. If I lost sight of it in my image, how could I control it?

“Let go!” I heard an inner voice say. I didn’t know what I was supposed to let go of, so I let go of everything and passed out. I woke up as the two crewmembers lifted me up and put me into the Captains Chair.

“You did it,” they said in one voice.

“What did I do,” I said, still wondering if my entire experience had been my imagination.

“You piloted the Ship with your mind!”

All I could say was, “Can you take over from here? I think I am going to pass out again.”

In the distance, I heard, “Yes Sir,” as I returned to my vision. This time my focus was on my family and on the Elohim Alcyone who was with them. It was She who spoke to me.

“Our dear Mytre, we are most pleased with your ability to remember your innate ability. Do you remember how you first learned that facility in the sixth dimension of Arcturus?”

“Yes, I think so,” I replied. “But I though I was a Pleiadian?”

“Our dear Ascending ONE, you are many beings within ONE. You have chosen to take a form among these brave people. They were tired of fighting and sought the peace and love in which they could return to their higher frequencies of SELF.

“The only way to assure that these Ones can remain safe is if they ascend their bodies, and their entire reality, into the fifth dimension. In this way, they will live beyond the perception of their enemies. You, Mytria and your daughter Alycia have dedicated yourselves to this transition. In fact, everyone who you met within the Core of the Mother has dedicated themselves to this process of ascension.”

As the great Elohim spoke, myriad memories, images, thoughts and emotions filled my consciousness, and surprisingly, I was able to simultaneously understand them all.

“Did I really move the Ship?” I had to ask.

“We, that is the energy of the ONE, moved the Ship.”

I understood that. When I was in this reality of the ONE, I could be the catalyst for anything. It was the great love of my family that brought me to this reality, and it was my great love for them that gave me the courage to release any glimpse of fear from my consciousness.

“You are correct,” the Elohim said in response to my thoughts. “Yes, we heard your thoughts even before they were expressed as words. Your thoughts, as you have found, have great power. That is why you had to pass your Initiation. Only unconditional love could hold you within that frequency of reality. Furthermore, those with mal-intent cannot even perceive, much less enter or harm, that world.”

With the assurance of those final words, I returned to the reality of my Ship. I was instantly greeted by the joyous vision of the Arcturian Starship. I was to study onboard that Starship for many years to learn how to adapt all our Starships to travel by the power of thought.

The most difficult part of that assignment was that no one could know of my secret mission. Fortunately, I could meet with Mytria and Alycia in our fifth dimensional reality, but that was the only contact we could have. The Arcturians sent reinforcements to assist our Village and the surrounding areas. Nevertheless, we all knew that expanding the resonance of our society into the fifth dimension was our only hope for long-term peace.

Posted 26th June 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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* * *


Our dearest Ascending Ones,

We are over-lighting you now. In fact, we are just above and in front of you sending three beams of Light into your form.

The first beam enters into your Crown is the Beam of Wisdom.

The second beam enters into your Third Eye is the Beam of Power.

The third beam enters into your High Heart is the Beam of Love.

Feel how your body is merging with these Beams of light.

We are here today to take you on a journey to New Earth. Yes, New Earth is already formed for it is beyond time. However, to you who are still bound by time, it is in the process of being formed. It is important that you remain in the NOW, as that state of mind calibrates your consciousness to the log in frequency for New Earth.

You, our Ascending Ones who came to assist Gaia during the fall of Atlantis, have had many incarnations on Her form and wish to experience the crowning competition of Planetary Ascension. However, the transition of your body of third dimensional resonance can be quite uncomfortable. Therefore, we take you beyond time and into the NOW of your visit to New Earth. With your three beams of Wisdom, Power and Love, you can calibrate your consciousness to the frequency of that reality.

Allow your sensation of form to melt away from you, as you also maintain connection with your eyes to read this document. It is only the escalation of your consciousness that takes “time,” as your journey will be outside of time. Focus on the three Light Portals for your Crown, Third Eye and your High Heart.

Instantly, you appear at an invisible threshold. This threshold is invisible because it is not on New Earth, but in your mind. Your mind must totally relax to embrace the impossible. Of course, what was impossible on third dimensional Earth is normal on fifth dimensional Earth. Calibrate your thinking to receive novel experiences, and open your consciousness to multidimensional thinking. Remember that you have done this type of travel many times in your higher expressions of SELF.

Do you feel how you are allowing us to fill your mind? Now, with your Third Eye calibrated to perceive the fifth dimension, observe how this reality has a higher resonance of color. Likewise, all edges are blurred by their expanding and contracting aura. It is via these fluctuations of your aura that you choose your reality. When you expand your aura you say, “Yes, I want to experience this.” On the other hand, when you contract your aura you say, “No think you. I do not desire this experience.”

Now, please focus on the Violet Temple that appears to be floating just above a nearby hill. This Temple welcomes all new visitors because inside is the Rejuvenation Room. In the Rejuvenation Room your will receive assistance in fine-tuning your resonance to these higher frequencies of reality. This room is similar to our Rejuvenation room on our Starship.

Both of these rooms are filled with Violet Light, which transmutes your energies back to that of your formless, Multidimensional SELF. Just as the caterpillar enters the cocoon to transmute the molecules of its being into a butterfly, you will transmute your molecules back into that of your innate Lightbody.

On the fifth dimension there is no need to perceive every step of your journey, as there is no space to travel. Instead, you merely will yourself to be in the Rejuvenation Room, lying on the violet couch and feeling the energies move over, under around and through you. Feel those energies now…

As these energies move through you, you feel yourself easily releasing all that has restricted your consciousness to a clay form. As you do so, you feel your form of light begin to grow from within and expand to encompass the entire room. You then take the matrix for your 3D form and place it in your High Heart for safekeeping. You are ready now to experience New Earth. Again, there is no need for movement from one place to another. All you need do is to think yourself to any given location.

We see that you are thinking that you wish an over-view of this world. Therefore, your light form is instantly flying above the Temple and over the surrounding areas. It is important to note, that areas are not static as they are on the physical plane. Members of this reality have the power of manifestation with their thoughts and emotions. Hence, when you have a thought, your resulting manifestation interfaces with the collective matrix.

This matrix is much like a house with many doors, and each door leads to another version of reality. The thoughts are similar to “files” in your computer. Once you chose to attend to a thought, a portal of manifestation opens into that experience. Therefore, think of your journey as choosing the file to open in your mind?
Which experience do you choose to preview?
We hear that you wish to preview the ascending ones who are first crossing into this world?
Instantly, you are experiencing that reality.

Many of you have wondered how you could actually make the transition into the fifth dimension. Thus, you are interested in observing those just arriving on New Earth. They too are crossing an invisible threshold. However, your threshold was in your mind, whereas they created a threshold that they believed they had to cross.

They believe they were physical. Therefore, their bodies first appear to be third dimensional. Crossing that threshold creates a transition point in which the Elementals can assist each ascending one to release their belief in physicality. The Air Elementals are transmuting their breathing mechanisms so that they can release the habit of breathing through their lungs and nose. Instead, they will “breathe” via a minimal expansion and contraction of their entire form.

At first, many of the New Ones do not realize that their forms are no longer solid. Nonetheless, the Earth Elementals are busily transmuting that which was carbon into its crystalline form. The Water Elementals are transforming the new ones’ bodily fluids into a higher frequency molecules, which resemble stream,,. Finally, the Fire Elementals are assisting each One to accept, integrate and express the higher frequencies of multidimensional light.

All of these transitions happen beyond time. It is only the observation of this experience being translated into third dimensional language that creates the illusion of time. Once across the threshold, some choose to go directly to the Violet Temple, as you did, to calibrate their consciousness and to escalate their light quotient. Others are going to one of the Greeters who embrace them with unconditional love. They then take the New One aside to explain to them where they were and how they got there.

Some of the new ones are here to stay, but others are “rehearsing”
their ascension in their night bodies. The Greeters can easily discern between these two groups and, eventually, lead them back to their sleeping bodies or off to the Violet Temple. From your position of observation, you can perceive not perceive what event sent them here, but they all seem to be calm and peaceful.

We observe that you desire to know how many of my friends and loved ones are already here, and which ones are on their way to this “side” of reality. Which means that you are returning to your third dimensional thinking. Therefore, relax into your Lightbody so that you can understand this experience without falling into time-based 3D habits.

We suggest that you choose to wander through the vast areas of this reality, which are Gaia’s higher expression of Nature. As you float through this pristine beauty, you can easily surrender to the NOW. While you were experiencing the transitional energy area, your aura fell slightly out of its fifth dimensional calibration. Hence, questions came into your mind, and doubts began to leak into your consciousness. Fortunately, floating through Gaia’s fifth dimensional Nature instantly recalibrates your consciousness.

Through Suzanne Lie,PhD
Posted 29th June 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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Equipoise: UNITY ::: 8 Min Abs Workout, how to have six pack (HD Version) -Return to SELF -RECOGNITION :::sharing

Equipoise: UNITY ::: 8 Min Abs Workout, how to have six pack (HD Version) -Return to SELF -RECOGNITION :::sharing.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

UNITY ::: 8 Min Abs Workout, how to have six pack (HD Version) -Return to SELF -RECOGNITION :::sharing

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* * *






We slept together in the small alcove with her worn bedding. However, she had put something underneath it, and it was incredible warm and soft. She slept as sounding and sweetly as a baby. I, of course, slept very little at all. First, my mind would not stop. Everything that I had ever believed in, all the structure, lessons, discipline and obedience that I had grown up with had been revealed as the old paradigm for my past life.

As l lay there with her warm body next to mine, in fact, VERY close to mine, I knew that I was changed forever. I had no idea what I had changed into, but I was positive that the “me” I used to be had died a sudden death. As I lay in the warm, darkness with the sent of her body filling my heart, I reviewed my life. I was born to a military family. There was no choice as to what I would do. Of course, I would be a military person. It was our family’s legacy to protect our world, our way of life.

However, since we came to this planet, our reality had vastly changed. For the first time in my life, which was about 90 of your years, making me a young adult, I did not KNOW what my life would be. Before our people were able to “let our guard down” and feel safe in our new home, I had an important contribution. However, as I saw others settling down and totally changing their perspective on life, I held strongly to the indoctrination that I had had since birth.

Maybe I was a unique person, and maybe I could find a unique experience of life that was different from all the generations of our proud and brave heritage? That kind of thinking had been hidden in my brain since I was a small child. Since then, I had never allowed those thoughts to come to the surface. Then, I literally ran into a woman, experienced her entirely unique experience of life. It was than that those hidden, childhood thoughts began prying their way to the surface.

How could I possibly push aside all that I had stood for, all that I thought defined me a powerful man, and all that I thought I had loved? Now, in one very long night, I had become a totally different person. However, I did not know this new person, so I had no idea of who I was or what I would do. I only knew that I could not go back to our village in this state of confusion.

As if she had heard my thoughts, Mytria rolled over to face me with opened eyes and smiled. Now there was no question. Not only could I not return to a life that had become barren of meaning, I could not leave that smile.

Mytria quietly got up and started her small fire. I watched as she put water in her small pan to make OUR tea, then went outside, likely to wash. Without her next to me, I felt lonely. How could that be? I had just met her, but felt like we had always been together.

While she was gone, I went to my pack and got my communication device. However, it did not work here. Perhaps it is the cave, I thought as I rose to go outside to use it. Before she even turned around, she said, “Your device won’t work here. There is an etheric shield around this area, and no technology works here. Believe me, I tried.” When she turned toward me to continue speaking I experienced that same feeling of recognition and any doubts I had about staying vanished.

“You have decided to stay?”

“Do you always read my thought,” I said with a smile in my voice.

“Only when you are thinking about me,” she smiled in return. “Are you avoiding my question?”

“Yes,” I said. “I was thinking that I should ask you first.”


“Yes, I should ask you or yes I should stay?”

“Yes, I would love to get to know you and show you my world.”

“I will have to tell them that you are safe and I am not returning—yet.”

“Then you will destroy that device?”

I had not thought of making my decision so permanent, so unalterable, but I realized that the kind of change I was facing would take my total commitment.


“Would you like to help me find some eggs? I will ask the birds if they can surrender one for us.”

After we had eaten the surrendered eggs and more delicious plants, which she had seasoned with her unknown herbs, she showed me the portal out of the energy field and turned to go back to her home.

“Aren’t you going with me to make sure that I destroy the device?” I teasingly said.

“I trust you.” She said as she turned away.


Her trust was the most amazing part of my experience. Not only did she totally trust me, which she said was because she knew me, she also totally trusted Nature. She lived her every moment in unity with the planet and the flora and fauna which whom she shared her life. There was no differentiation between what was alive and what was thing. Everything, even a rock, was alive in her world.

I wanted to share her world, but my scientific mind rebelled at such novel thinking. I had never realized how indoctrinated I was until I tried to change my mind. On the other hand, my body showed no resistance to change. I quickly forgot about my uniform and only wore what I normally slept in. The weather was usually very warm in the day and cold at night, but our bed was always warm.

When it was not too cold, we would sleep outside and she would show me all the Star System she had found. I was able to fill in many of the official names, but I usually preferred her names for them. In the day, we took long walks so that she could show me all the territory she had mapped. I assisted her with that. There was a plant that grew by a nearby river, which she had learned to “beat” into a kind of paper and she would write on it with “ink” that was sap from a certain tree.

Other plants could be dried and woven into a cloth, of which she made me an amazingly comfortable garment. She also showed me where all the eatable plants where, as well as the source of her honey. She showed me how to be so still that a bird would land on my shoulder and so quiet that I could hear the beating of my heart.

Fortunately, I was not useless. I had the strength that she lacked and a few tools, which allowed us to make our home even more comfortable. Yes, it was OUR home. We lived in it as one person, sharing all chores without any conflict or duty. If something needed to be done, we did it. However, we had our specialties. If we needed something built or moved, I was called in. On the other hand, if we needed to consult the Mother, she was called in.

Then one day she told me that it was time for me become ONE with the Mother Planet. I told her that I had no idea how to do that, and quite frankly, I did not think the Mother wanted to become ONE with me.

“How can you say that?” she said in a shocked voice.

“I am not pure, like you. I have killed many beings and destroyed much land. I have been a warrior where the love that you speak of is a weakness and the trust that you hold is mere foolishness.”

“Do YOU feel that way?”

I had to think before I answered her. She deserved a true response, and I did not know my truth yet. Hence, all I could say was, “I did feel that way once, but that me is no-more. I don’t know this new me enough to answer your question. I do believe you, and I see the great strength that you have gained not by domination, but through surrender. However, I don’t think it is possible for me to connect with something as vague as the Great Mother.”

“You do not need to surrender to Her, for I am Her representative. Therefore, you can surrender to me. It is often that way with men. Their minds are filled with protection and duty. Only deep love with a woman can allow them to release their protections and totally surrender.”

“How did you know that I deeply love you? I don’t even think I knew it myself until you said the words.”

Without a word spoken, she took me into our cave to give me the “proof” I needed.

As we merged through our love making, our consciousness intermingled so deeply that I could feel how she communed with all life. With this feeling shared between us, she showed me how to touch the land to find water, to smell a plant and put it to my heart to determine if it was safe to eat, how to ask a bird to surrender an egg, how to read the weather long before it changed and how to look into my SELF.

“Your relationship with the Mother depends on your relationship with your SELF.” She told me again and again. At first, the relationship with my SELF could only come as a by-product of my relationship with her. I had never been taught to have a relationship with my SELF. I was taught to follow orders, fulfill my duty and obey my commanding officers. I had spent my life being the “effect” of an external “cause.” If I was successful in my endeavor, I was happy and proud of myself. If I failed in my duty, I was ashamed and angry with my self.

I had not heard of the “greater” or “higher” version of my SELF that Mytria spoke of. The only greater part of me would be my fellow warriors, and my higher self was my commanding officers. I lived on the outside of me. Inside of me were bones and blood and organs that somehow survived their myriad wounds. I had no concept of a spirit me, or the etheric me that Mytria said she merged within the Core. In fact, I had no concept of that experience other than it being a “sexy” dream.

However, I had finally trusted some one. I trusted Mytria absolutely and completely. I trusted that she could make my energies rise up from my spine into my heart, or even into my mind. However, I had no concept that I could accomplish this without her help. It was this concept that disturbed me greatly. Was I becoming hypnotized by someone who was showing me a vision of reality that could never be mine?

Again, she read my thoughts. “I think you have had enough for now. It is time for you to go on a vision quest.”

“A vision quest? What is that,” I said in an angry fashion. She has tired of being my teacher, as I had become weak in her eyes, I thought. This entire experience was a fantasy, an excuse to ignore my duties. What had I been thinking? How could I dare to be different than all the men in as many generations as I could count? A vision quest, HA, get out of my home is more like it.”

Mytria did not engage in my inner battle. She merely turned and went into the cave.

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 28th May 2012 by Juan Pablo
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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Friday, August 1, 2014

Return to SELF – Part One


Return to SELF

Part One

Return to SELF #1

Dr. Suzanne Lie and Mary Perricone
July 30, 2014

Hello everyone and welcome back. I’m Mary Perricone and I’m here with Dr. Suzanne Lie to continue our ongoing conversations that we began several months ago under the topic – The Arcturian/Pleiadian Alliance. And those conversations expanded into a series – Creating Your Reality. Today we’re going expand further and begin a conversation with the Arcturian’s on Return to Self. Sue had a wonderful article on her blog on Sunday, July 27th called Returning to Your Multi-dimensional Self. If you haven’t had a change to read that article you might want to because today’s conversation is going to be based on that article. And we are also going to have a Q&A with the Arcturians.

Hi Sue how you today.

SL: I’m good today.

MP: Good – would you like to comment about the blog article? It really was very comprehensive and spoke at a new level about levels of multi-dimensional reality.

SL: Yes, I would like to talk about it because that was one of those experiences where I was getting the message in my sleep. I was in this twilight place where I wasn’t asleep and I wasn’t awake and I was trying to really pay attention so that I could bring it forward and bring at least the first part forward so that when I began writing I could get the rest of the message. So it’s one of those things that when it came in I had to rush to the computer and put my fingers on the keyboard and ask: okay what did you just say?
So then I just went to the closest room and sat there trying to get everything down that I had gotten in that other frequency of my consciousness. I love when that happens. And I wanted to mention that I am going to be running some Ascension classes in the fall and so therefore I am waiting for whenever there is more Arcturian guidance. Whenever it comes in like it did that morning I know that my ego is well out of the picture. So it hasn’t come back again but usually there is a digestion period in between.

MP: So when you’re ready it will come through.
SL: Yes.

MP: Thank you for jumping out of bed because this really is a wonderful article on the blog. You and I had a couple of conversations about it and so much of it really resonates with me. And I couldn’t help thinking that the Arcturians were really commenting on the previous conversations that we have had and really pulling those conversations forward, or deeper or back into the center of the spiral at a whole new level.

One of the things that the Arcturians said in the article that really touched my heart was that they were thanking the Light worker community. They said: “we wish to thank you All for your great courage and endurance, we are coming to you today to tell you that it is the Now for those of you who have united with your multi-dimensional self to unite with each other, to unite with one another in one consciousness.”

Isn’t that beautiful?

SL: Yes and they also said to unite with all human and non-human beings who are ready to release all the illusions of separation and limitation from their vessel.

MP: Yes, the third-dimensional vessel.

SL: Yes, and that is similar to being in a hot air balloon and you want to go higher and you have a bunch of stuff in the hot air balloon – you just have to surrender it because the basket’s too heavy. The balloon is like us and the basket is our 3D self. And if we want to go higher and higher with the balloon self – our multi-dimensional self – we have to start clearing out a lot of old waste material from the basket.

MP: Yes exactly. I heard an example/analogy of that many years ago and that is: as we release we clear out and create a void and that void is filled light and an expanded perception. I have personally found that when I look back I realize that I really didn’t give anything up. I’m still the same person, I live in the same place, I still have the same friends and family, but my perception has changed.

That seems to be a key with fear. If I let go of this belief will I lose my life? I think the answer is yes you will lose your life but it may not be quite in the way you think.

SL: Yes we will definitely lose those higher perceptions of our life and then we will be trapped again. I don’t know about those who will be listening to this conversation but I was very trapped. I was one of those people who was never totally asleep. I was always awake and I always saw beings around and I always had messages coming in. Likely I was crazy. So I had to get a PhD in Clinical Psychology to prove to myself that I wasn’t crazy.

I remember that in one of my classes a Psychiatrist came in and named all the symptoms of schizophrenia — and I had every symptom. So okay, all right – I even believed I was God. And I have had schizophrenic clients and I have been able to see that some of those “delusions” – it’s not so much that the delusions are wrong – it’s how they get to those delusions – how they get to that place within themselves. These are usually people who have had intense trauma in their lives.

What is important for me and for others that have come through this long dark night is that I came in in 1946 after WWII and there was an immense amount of darkness in our world. I could always tell when the news was a made-up story and the news was covering something and they tried to put a happy face on it. I always knew. So, I had to fight not being bitter and not being judgmental. I would wonder how people could believe the story.

Back then there were not that many of us. We were few and far in between. Now there are so many people who have awakened and some are people like us who were awakened when we were very young and had to go through that dark, dark night knowing that we had better protect our Light. But we have that protection innately now. Now we are able to connect and that true protection really comes through having that connection with your multi-dimensional self.

When you are connected to this higher component of yourself it is almost like it can pull you up when you are in need. They are not going to pull up your physical self but it will pull up your consciousness. When your consciousness goes into a higher frequency your perceptions go into a higher frequency and then you find solutions and reasons that are not fear based and are part of the bigger picture about how certain things had to occur in certain ways for certain reasons. That really is of great assistance to keep us out of judgment and fear and releasing fear and releasing that doubt that – maybe I’m crazy, maybe I made it all up.

I know a lot of people still suffer with this because we are the new beings. We’re the first ones through.

MP: Yes, and doesn’t the doubt come from the programming and the patterning. So within this change, yes there is the doubt but does it become less, does it become diluted? But it is like walking through mud to open that portal to transmute the doubt and go deeper, deeper, in to a state of knowing as we’ve known in many lives, as that portal opens.

So how about if we ask the Arcturians about this? Obviously we started talking about this and I feel like they will have something to say to expand our understanding of this topic of perception and reality.

SL: So let me call them into a more conscious connection. I know now that the connection is always present because that is a component of my higher self. And let me repeat what I’ve said many times in case someone has not heard it before – when people channel through beings, they’re channeling through a higher expression of their multi-dimensional self.

Even if it is a being like Archangel Michael or St. Germain or the Arcturians – that shows how vast our multi-dimensional self is. Beings of a very high resonance have sent out and down in frequency many, many expressions of themselves especially within this Now of planetary and personal Ascension.

So we can remember that we are connected with this being and as the Antarians have said there is a vibratory thread that goes from that higher expression of our self all the way down to our grounding point. Our physical bodies are that which connects us to Gaia so we can help with the Planetary Ascension.

So, I’m going to bring in the Arcturians now.


Blessings to all of you, we are so joyous that you are able to join us in this conversation. Mary, did you wish to ask us some questions about our last message to Suzelle?

MP: Yes and thank you. I read this message several times and the key part of it has to do with perception and reality and as we release, our perception expands. Suzelle just mentioned that when we channel and we receive messages we are receiving them from within ourselves. I wonder if the word aspect would be the correct word to use? Or perhaps the term: we are over lighted by the multi-dimensionality of ourselves. Can you comment on that?


All of you are indeed over lighted which means that wherever you are we, your higher expressions, or higher aspects are always with you. For example: if you are taking a walk you bring your arms. Now you only need your legs and feet to walk but you still bring your arms because you’re connected to your arms. Now maybe you don’t need to have a connection with us, your higher expressions in certain situations, however we are attached. So therefore we are always with you.

MP: How do we function on a multi-dimensional level? If I am a multi-dimensional being are there other aspects of myself in other dimensions, in other realities right now – functioning and living a life? How does that work? Can that be explained?


Yes there are other aspects of your higher dimensional self as you said. We are saying, yes of course with everyone these higher expressions are outside of the third-dimensional time space. Therefore they are not subject to any rules of separation or illusion or time. Therefore they can be simultaneously attached to four hundred different expressions of themselves in four hundred totally different frequencies and dimensions of reality without any concern whatsoever. Just as your body can walk and talk and scratch your head and take a drink and look out at the world and hear other noises coming into your head – all these different components of your physical nature that simultaneously go on. You’re digesting, you’re breathing, your blood is circulating, and you’re adjusting to the heat.

Now if you had to consciously make all of these decisions of all the things that you have to do to operate your body it would be unthinkable and impossible. Now it’s very much the same way for all of your higher frequencies of self. They attend to everyone and everything in the same manner as your physical body does. Because if it is a higher expression of what you have in the physical form would it not be similar to the physical form? It would be much more advanced and much more complicated.

We remember when Suzelle first began to get messages from the higher realms she was so confused. Whenever or wherever she would ask that being for information and advice it was always there. She wondered if people were standing in line and if they had to take a ticket. What does this mean? This was very confusing for her for quite a while. Eventually she began to understand that limitation is only in the third-dimension. Even in your fourth-dimensional dream world there is not that limitation. You can be in one area as one person and then instantly you’re in another area as a different person.

Now in reality all of those different people and realities are happening simultaneously but when it comes through your consciousness and into your third-dimensional waking self to remember the dream it is too difficult to have these overlays. So therefore you choose whichever one was predominant within your awareness in that time.

So, just as you take a walk through the woods, there are myriad stimuli that you can attune to. But the third-dimensional brain is quite limited. So you may decide to look at the trees right now or look at the trail right now or see if there are any birds right now. But the third dimensional self has to make a choice – an either/or choice. However once you move into the higher fourth and fifth dimension and beyond, those either/or choices become all that is. And your filter of perception is limitless.

MP: And, when you were speaking the words came to me: “you are all that is” and of course you just finished your last sentence by saying that you experience “all that is” because you are in fact “all that is”.

So I don’t know how much of a leap I’m taking with this next question, but what also comes to me is the concept and understanding of non-duality. We’ve heard many times that in the fifth-dimension there is no language, we communicate telepathically, there is no judgment, there’s a unity consciousness. Would that be akin to what we have read and studied called non-duality?


Non-duality is a third-dimensional concept because it has the word “non” in it. Within our higher frequencies we do not conceive of “non”. So we would not conceive of non-duality – however we would resonate to the “oneness of all”. So in response to your statement, this oneness of all, oneness with all, oneness for all – this beingness that there is awareness that I am encapsulating a small component of my beingness within the one of the now – to have a focal point through which I can connect with other beings who will only be able to attend to what I am sharing if I take on an appearance that is familiar and comfortable to them.

Now if we were to come to someone that said they really wanted to talk to their higher self and if we were to suddenly come to them in a blaze of light, which is what we are – they would likely fall to the ground and feel like they needed to worship us. Therefore we do not do that. We do not want anyone worshipping us because that is us. We are them and we would not want to have that component of themselves/of ourselves be lost in themselves and think that they have to worship this being within myself. That would put them back deeply, deeply into third-dimensional thinking.

For worshipping is a third-dimensional concept as well. There is something bigger than, more sacred than, outside of me, high above me – and in every religion that person had to go through horrible initiations and terrible lifetimes and martyr themselves. This is not what we wish to share, for this is not what is necessary. Now that the Kali Yuga is complete, that type of evolutionary cycle is also complete.

MP: Thank you for that wonderful explanation. The new paradigm then would include the awareness of the self, the return to the self through the expansion of perception that I am all that is. And, if I am all that is then you are also all that is. So there is a connection in the heart of the one of every entity, every being, every human being both plant and animal and human and mineral and elemental within this planet.


Yes and we would like to remind Suzelle who may have spoken initially about returning to the multi-dimensional self that this is very much a third-dimensional concept. For us to perceive of a returning there would have to be a leaving and we have never perceived any form of leaving. All of our brave ones have chosen to bilocate our energy fields into an Earth vessel so that they can better assist the Earth vessel, the planetary vessel, within Gaia’s Ascension process of making that constant connection.

For if there is a constant connection that can never, will never, has never been severed from that lowest frequency of third-dimensional physicality and even what you have called second or first-dimensional physicality – for we also see no difference between the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom or the human kingdom.

All of you are us, are us in higher frequencies who have chosen to express different dimensional expressions of Gaia so that the entire planet – every rock, every grain of sand, every mountain, every tree, the atmosphere, every being – earth, air, fire, water, all elementals – every component of beautiful sister Gaia will be filled in a constant unwavering, unbroken flow with the higher expressions of her planetary self and all that inhabit her planetary self.

MP: Thank you, thank you for that beautiful explanation.

Well it’s amazing that the time has gone by so quickly in the “no-time” and I’d like to thank all of you for listening. And let’s ask Sue to come back with us for any closing comments.

SL: Well, I have one closing comment – Thank you Arcturians that was great information. Blessings be to everyone and we’ll see you next time.

* * * 

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May 27





“Where have your been?” I spoke gruffly, perhaps to cover up the intensity of emotion that I felt at her very touch. “Your friends are concerned for you and sent me to find you.” I said in a softer voice.
“How do you know that I am the one you seek?” she replied with a resonance in her voice that instantly calmed my demeanor.
“I am sorry I was so gruff with you. It is just that I have been searching for you such a very long time. How did you get lost way out here?”

“I am not lost. I live close by.”

“Live?” I said trying to control my intense emotions. “There is no where to live out here.”
“Follow me,” she said. “I will show you my home.”
She walked away, and I followed her without question. We walked through almost total darkness, but never hesitated. As I followed her strangely familiar form, I became more and more enchanted by her. Who was she? Why did I feel like I knew her? I had never had these feeling for anyone in my life, and I had barely seen her face.
We walked for quite a while in total silence, while I tried to contain my emotions and see in the darkness. The moons had not come up yet and the sky was hazy, yet her every step was sure as if she had made this journey many times. Meanwhile, I was trying to maintain my dignity and not trip or fall. I, who took such pride in being a leader, followed her every footstep.
As if timed by some unseen source, the moons came up just as we came around a huge rock and entered a small area filled with flowers, plants, a small pond and even flat rocks that were arranged like chairs. How did she move those rocks? However, I said nothing. I did not want to embarrass myself again by speaking rashly. However, obviously, she was NOT lost, and I had greatly misjudged her.
“It is getting cold now. Would you like to come inside?” she said as if she totally trusted me.
“Ahh, yes,” I stammered in a very undignified manner.
“Let me start a fire, so you can see inside,” she said as she moved to a collection of rocks that created a small fire pit just outside the cave in a small, sheltered area. She collected some kindling and what looked like moss, struck two stones together, and instantly a small flame ignited the kindling. She had obviously lit this fire many times. Then she took, what looked like a grid and placed it onto the rocks.
“I will make some tea to warm us.” She easily said.
“You have tea?” I said in a rudely, surprised manner.
“Oh yes,” she said as she guided me into the cave where I saw many herbs hanging upside down to dry.
“Where did you find these?” I asked, again in a voice that was too surprised.
She ignored my rude behavior and turned towards me to reply. However, when our eyes met in the flickering light, neither one of us could speak for what seemed to be forever. It was she who spoke first.
“I know you,” she said without any shyness.
“Yes.” was all I could say. I did know her, but I also knew I had never met her.
She turned again and chose some herbs, broke them up, put them into a small metal pan. She filled the pan with water from the clear creak the trickled through the cave and placed the pan on the grid.
“Would you like honey?” she said.
“You have honey?”
She smiled in response to my question.
“Ahh, sure.” I stammered again.
Rather than embarrass myself further, I looked around the small cave to get my bearings and to calm down. I could not believe my eyes. She had, indeed, created a home here, and she appeared to be alone.

“Do you live alone here?”

“Oh no! I am not alone. I live with Nature.”
I glanced around her home again. Off to the right I saw what was likely her begging. It looked old and well used.
“Yes, I see that you do. I am sorry for my rudeness. I have greatly underestimated you. I expected to find you, wounded, or worse, and in great danger. Instead, I see that you have created a lovely home. How did you do all this?”
“I asked the Great Mother for help.” She said, as if I would know what that meant.

“The Great Mother?”

“Yes, you know the Elohim Alcyone whom we met in the Core.”
“But, that was just a dream. How could you know about my dream?”
In fact, I was quite surprised that the “dream” instantly returned to my memory.
She chose to completely ignore my question and turned to create a small meal comprised of food that I had never seen. She took two half-gourds, which she used for plates and guided me to a small ledge. In front of the ledge with a small table made of intertwined twigs that served as a table.
In complete amazement, I sat where she indicated and silently watched while she put the plates on the “table” and went to gather the tea.
“I am afraid I only have one cup. Do you mind if we share?”
I silently nodded my head in amazement, as she handed me the tea.
“Oh,” she said as she walked over to another ledge where she had a small metal container. She brought it back and offered it to me saying,

“Would you like some of this honey?”

Again I silently nodded, as she poured a small amount of the sweet liquid into the steaming tea.

“Please eat,” she said and offered me my plate.

“I don’t want to be rude,” I said—to late—as I had already been incredibly rude, “but how did you know that these plants are not poisonous?”

“They told me.” She simply replied.

“Uh, how did they tell you?” I questioned.

“I merely smelled them and placed them on my heart. If they were poisonous, I felt fear, and if they were nutritious, I felt love.”

“But wasn’t that dangerous? What if you were wrong?”

“I trusted my self, and I trusted Nature.”

I said nothing more. I shared the delicious tea and ate the tasty plants. I guess if she could trust me enough to bring me into her home, I could trust her enough to eat her food. Trust? I pondered that concept, as I tried to think of the last time that I had trusted anyone.

Mytria’s awakening happened before we met, whereas my awakening started that evening. Everything that had been important in my life seemed unimportant compared to the simple peace that she shared with me that first night. I had been driven by ambition and trusted no one in my struggle to become a leader and Protector in our new world.

Interestingly, so many people trusted me, but I trusted no one. However, I did trust her. I ate her possibly poisonous food and drank her tea of an unknown “herb” without hesitation. In fact, as I sat on that small ledge, I knew that my life had changed forever. I would never be the same person again, which was a good thing. I had not been too fond of myself lately.
As if reading my mind, she looked into my eyes and said, “I was nearly dead when I came here. The Mother has healed me and has given me a wonderful life.”
She then took the plates and our one-cup and went outside to wash them. I said nothing, and didn’t even offer to help her. I had come here to save her, but it was apparent that it was she who would save me.

I, Mytre, will return to continue my story…

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 27th May 2012 by Shanti
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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

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Transmissions from Home

Fifth Message

I AM your Past/Future Ascended SELF,
and I AM HERE within you NOW!

I come to you upon your awakening to this day to remind you that your “work” is already done.
I come to you upon the awakening of your new life to remind you that all that you seek is within you right NOW.
I come to you in this hour of your greatest need to remind you that YOU are everything that you need.

You journey Home has begun, while it is also completed. You are Home for your have never left. You have moved beyond the illusion of the third dimension because you were never there. Always and forever you/I sparkle within the Heart of the ONE. We are standing before the great holographic projector that streams its molecules of possibility into the illusions of that which you once believed was real.

Now, as you remember that YOU were never the Play, as you were only IN the Play, you can turn around inside your earthen vessel and see the steady stream of light that is being projected down from the holographic projector and into the matrix for your 3D Game of physical, polarized reality.

As you know, that Game is closing. Now, it is time to go inside to see the molecules of unconditional love, which have congealed into the sacred geometry that created Gaia’s ornate creation for existence. The ONE is quite pleased with the outcome of this Game, as it appears to have returned to its highest expression of completion. In other words, the Game is completing it cycle not in destruction but in ascension and construction of a higher frequency version of itself.

Just as you once pulled into the lower frequency version of this Game, you can turn inside to Know that the higher reality that you have dreamed of, yearned for, desired with the core of your heart is pulling you into its matrix. I, your Past SELF, will now remind you of how you first joined this Game.
Of course, it is difficult to use your 3D language to tell you a story that is beyond time and separation. Therefore we will use the metaphors of Light Language. Within the ever-present ONE, your consciousness streamed into and out of myriad experiences of realities. As experienced through Light Language, reality is a collection of possibilities that have inter-twined and congealed into a pattern of energetic flow of multidimensional light and unconditional love.
The multidimensional light is projected from the Omni-direction of the ONE to create a hub from which the “spinning” of the net of possibilities can begin. The creative force of unconditional love, which can express itself as Sacred Geometry, accomplishes this spinning of possibilities into a finite pattern. The pattern, or matrix, is a cohesive force, which beckons consciousness to connect to it.
Once a stream of consciousness has attached its attention and intends to join that pattern, it is pulled into the matrix to merge with the creation and manifestation of that reality. Outside of the reality matrix there is no time or sense of separation. Inside the reality matrix is the collection of possible realities that are converging to create a reality based on the patterns of possibility that have entered it.

The lower frequency patterns create realities based on time and space, whereas the fifth dimensional and beyond realities are based on Now and Here. As your Past Self, I decided to joined my heart force with the reality matrix of physical Earth to experience time and space. I joined this reality many times in differing time periods to experience the myriad patterns of Gaia’s reality.

Gaia has held a reality matrix for many millions of your years. I chose to enter Her matrix during many time segments ann as many different species. My ongoing, and closing, experience of Gaia’s Matrix is of a human “earthling.” In my/your current version, we are still earthlings. We have not yet “taken to the skies” to create a new life, such as we did in our Draconian, Arcturian, Pleiadian, Sirian and other inhabitants of the diverse and ever-expanding story of Gaia’s reality matrix.

Once Gaia’s matrix was joined, there were vast storylines and time zones to be visited. It is much like going on your Internet or watching your YouTube. I began in one “time zone,” which was linked to Her many other time zones. Through my many visits to Gaia’s vast reality pattern I have become very attached to this vast Being call Earth. Yes, what began as a pattern of possibilities congealed into a magnificent, Multidimensional Being.

I bring you now into what you would perceive as our Future SELF. In my introduction I said “Past/Future Ascended SELF” as you/I/we resonate to frequencies far beyond those of the time-bound patterns of the physical reality matrixes. Therefore, as your “Future SELF, I will remind you how we have already chosen to look within to follow the stream of light back into our true origins in ONE.

We have had several solo ascensions within our myriad visits to Gaia’s reality, but now we do not return alone. Now, we enter to this stream with Gaia’s Earth body in tow. Within the same moment of the NOW, Earth is pulling you, and all Her inhabitants, as She makes Her return trip into Her higher frequency realities. This return has been in process for many of your years, but it is now reaching its critical mass.

In order to initiate a frequency shift of an entire planetary matrix, there must be immense dedication and unity of those currently logged in to that matrix. Fortunately, that dedication and unity has been achieved. Now, it is vital that all participants in this process of shifting the matrix into a higher frequency turn inward to consciously perceive the unconditional love-light and multidimensional light streaming into Gaia’s reality matrix. Your conscious perception of the light and love that once created your reality is the KEY to returning your reality to it expressions in the fifth dimension and beyond.

When you look inside to see the flow of multidimensional light and unconditional love, you will also see the patterns of the matrix and the sacred geometry that created that matrix. Trust your imagination, for we KNOW that you have perceived these patterns, as we are YOU. Sometimes the patterns come in multidimensional light, other times there are unique tones that resonate to your every thought, other times your High Heart and/or physical form perceive a feeling with is something like a “fulfillment of longing.”

It is especially important to go inside to follow the FEEL of the fulfillment of your longing. Partially, it is important because your choice to attend to your heart and body in this fashion validates the unconditional love that you have been able to integrate into your consciousness. It is also important to follow of the feeling of fulfillment, as it will carry you to – yes – FULFILLMENT. Do no worry about the work that you do in the matrix, for as you live inside your SELF, your everyday DOING will become the expression of your Multidimensional BEING.

Therefore, practice perceiving your inner world as you walk through the physical matrix of ascending Gaia. Imprint your inner light and love on every person, place, situation or thing that you encounter. We know that this act seems far too simple to be important, but isn’t the TRUTH always simple? As you remember to remember to live your life in this fashion, you will serve as an Opened Portal of Ascension. It is through this Portal the higher-frequency possible realities can enter Gaia’s ever-changing matrix. Through the Opened Portal of your ascending earth body, you will send streams of higher frequency possibilities, which can intermingle with your area of influence.

Your area of influence is any dimensional reality in which your body and/or your consciousness have influenced your reality. Therefore, your area of influence is any place that your body travels, your words are read or heard, your creations are seen, as well as any persons, places, situations or things to which you send your love and light. Thus, those who enter your area of influence are presented with the opportunity to perceive a higher frequency expression of reality. Do you see the Power that you carry as you simply walk through your mundane life?

What Flows through you touches the land with your every step, every person, animal, plant, insect is influenced by your Flow as you move past them. As you breathe, your Flow of influence travels into the atmosphere, and as you dream and/or meditate your Flow influences the fourth dimension and beyond. Ascending Earth is not an action; it is a state of consciousness that you contribute to your reality with your every word, thought, emotion and breath.

In other words, ascension is not an action. Ascension is a RESPONSIBILITY!

I, your Past/Future SELF,
know that you have accepted this responsibility
because I AM your Present SELF
in the process of ascension.

By Suzanne Lie, PhD
Posted 28th April 2012 by Shanti
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What is Multidimensional Consciousness?

C5“Dimensions” are a means of organizing different planes of existence according to their vibratory rate. Each dimension has certain sets of laws and principles that are specific to the frequency of that dimension.
“Consciousness” represents awareness. The inhabitants of each dimension function clearly, easily, and with a minimum of resistance within that plane because their consciousness vibrates in resonance with the frequency of that dimension.
“Multidimensional Consciousness” is the ability to be “conscious” of more than one dimension. To be multidimensional in our consciousness we must remember that we have within us the potential to expand our perceptual awareness to the dimensions above and below our physical plane.
“Unconscious” means unaware of and unable to attend to internal and/or external stimuli within the inhabitants’ own dimension or within another dimension. Third dimensional humans are largely unaware of their first dimensional, second dimensional, and fourth dimensional selves. The human unconscious is best accessed through physical body messages, introspection, dreams, and meditation.
“Conscious” means aware of and able to attend to stimuli within the inhabitants’ own dimension. The third dimensional self is conscious of what can be perceived by the five physical senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.
“Superconscious” is a higher order of consciousness of the fifth dimension and above in which the inhabitants are able to be aware of and attend stimuli of their own dimension as well as all the lower dimensions. The superconscious is innately multidimensional. The third dimensional self can become “conscious” of the superconscious through meditation, prayer, and by surrendering to the enfoldment of the higher order consciousness.

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

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Welcome back to your journey through the Arcturian Corridor. It is within this Corridor that you are able to trust your fifth dimensional imagination regarding your inner-realities. Do you remember when you first started your Path? You were so worried about revealing your true nature. Now you have come so far that you are usually your SELF in daily life.

Having the courage to be your true, Multidimensional SELF while living on a third dimensional planet can create a constant sense of fatigue because your consciousness is vibrating at a higher frequency than your earth vessel.

Furthermore, when your consciousness is resonating to the fifth dimension and beyond it is difficult to remain focused on the mundane chores of your physical life. Hence, you must constantly adjust and re-adjust your consciousness to remain in the third dimensional world of your current service.

We understand this dynamic, for our consciousness usually resonates between the eighth and tenth dimensions. Because of this, we are very uncomfortable if we try to even maintain even a fifth dimension form. Therefore, we speak to the grounded earthlings through our beloved family members who volunteered to carry lower dimensional earth vessels. Our brave ones who maintain our fifth dimensional Star Ships have chosen to restrain from too many visits into their innate eighth–tenth dimensional frequency, as it makes it too difficult for them to return to their Mission of Service to Gaia.

They do, however, make frequent visits to our various Arcturian planets, such as Zantarius. All of the planets in our Arcturian Star System have gone through the planetary ascension for which Gaia is preparing. Ascended planets only hold form for beings who resonate to the fifth through seventh dimensions. Beyond the seventh dimension, form is experienced as an encumbrance to one’s consciousness.

Many of our grounded ones on Earth visit fifth dimensional Earth, which is called Terra. However, they often forget their many adventures there, as those memories make it too difficult to return to the End Game of third dimensional Earth. We to remind you dear ones, you are with us many nights in your sleep.

In fact, it is then that you are truly awakened. It is when you disconnect from your real life in the higher dimensions that you are truly “asleep.” On the other hand, because of these visits, bit-by-bit the fifth dimension is becoming your Home,while the third dimension is becoming your “Service to Gaia.”

We are joyous to see that many of you are finding new clues regarding your daily Mission. The veil between your two worlds is becoming thinner and thinner, and Gaia has more and more patches of Her planet and atmosphere that resonate to the fifth dimension.

At the same time, other patches of Her planet are falling into destruction. With every moment, people and planet are receiving that which is of the NOW while simultaneously releasing that which has become complete. In this manner, Gaia and Her inhabitants are no longer choosing to attach their attention to that which may interfere with the process of personal and planetary ascension.
On the other hand, they are choosing to focus on that which assists the ascension process.
In your lower fourth dimensional dreams, you may be having visions of destruction, which is the reality being created by those of Gaia’s inhabitants who believe they cannot release their attachment to their physical reality and are fearful that they are loosing their power over those who are ascending.

These ones who once had great power-over others would prefer to destroy Earth rather than allow Her to return to Her fifth dimensional expression. However, Gaia is like a bird that will surrender her tail feathers in order to fly free from a predator. The bird knows that new tail feathers will quickly grow, and those who posses that which she has released will find little joy in that which they have stolen.

Therefore, we remind you to focus on the multidimensional light and unconditional love, dear ones. Imagine the light growing brighter and brighter as it encompasses more and more of Gaia’s body.

Allow this light to guide you to the many Portals that are revealing themselves to your higher perceptions. Use the power of your unconditional love to guide you through these Portals. To better maintain the purity of your course, we ask that you release all fearful thoughts and emotions that might taint your great force of unconditional love.

From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor iii
Posted 30th December 2011 by Juan Pablo

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Dec 27


Shalom. Shalom. Shalom.

Greetings, this is Sananda. So, let us review the mission and let us remember that my mission was introduced by an event with the stars, by an event in the sky, by an alignment of celestial bodies. This alignment has a great significance because it is introducing to the world, the consciousness of the Star Masters. It is a sign that it is introducing the world to the consciousness of the galaxies, to the consciousness of the universe. It was a sign that man needs to understand his relationship, her relationship, to the stars and that also the alignments of stars do reflect the universal energy. Every era has a particular vibration, an energy vibration, that is resonant with the Creator Light and which is resonant with certain messages, certain information, certain power that can be distributed and that can be dispersed throughout the nations.

The message of my coming in the era 2000 years ago, was a message that had not been totally received: you may say that the world was not ready to manifest the teachings, to live the teachings. You may say that the world was not ready to understand what message, what mission that we were trying to fulfil at that time. At the same time, we could say that the information and the energy that was brought was to be percolated, was to be processed over many millennium, over many years, so that the truth and the understanding of the mission would be more evident 2000 years later. And that our mission at this time, our coming at this time, was setting the foundation for the future.

This is one way to look at the Second coming. But I want you to understand that I have been with you for all of these 2000 years, I have been with humanity. And also I want you to understand that I have been in other planets. I think that you have heard already that I have been to the Pleiades, I have been to Arcturus, I have been to Antares, I have been to many celestial galactic planets.

This particular mission to the Earth was a complex mission. One of the reasons why it was complex was because it required an incarnation. This is something that you have read about: when a fifth or higher dimensional being comes into a planet on the third dimension, then that being is subject to the laws of karma, to the laws of vibrational energies, to the laws of cause and effect on the third dimension. This is one of the main reasons why many of the fifth dimensional masters do not incarnate into the third dimension — because it requires a very advanced soul energy to manifest into the third dimension and then leave the planet in a way that you do not have to reincarnate.

So my work and my incarnation were accomplishing all of those goals. That is to say that I was able to complete the mission, complete the incarnation and yet not have any karma. There are many stories about my death, there are many stories about the crucifixion. There are many stories about what is the truth that happened at that death. But every group has a karmic interpretation, every soul group has a particular need to interpret and understand my death in their way.

So what I’m saying to you is that, when you hear the different interpretations know that each interpretation of what happened to me at my death is geared towards the needs of that soul group at the time. Actually, each group is actually right, because some people would say that I died at the cross, and then other people say that I didn’t, and then some people say I was resurrected. Well, all of these things are true! There was a death at the cross, I was resurrected, but what the people don’t understand is that the resurrection also means that you can continue on the third dimension. People think that the resurrection means that you leave the Earth.

But, let’s talk a little bit about the fifth dimension. So my physical body could die but I could bilocate — and I bilocated many times when I was on the Earth, I bilocated to North America, I bilocated to South America, I bilocated to China, I bilocated to India, I bilocated to Egypt. The type of bilocation that I was doing was a lot more complicated than what you may now think of. Because in your idea of bilocation you maintain your presence in the first body and then you, in a way, shimmer or appear in a second body, but then you come back. This is also like it is a fleeting bilocation. But I’m explaining to you that my bilocation is true bilocation in that I could leave my primary body, and go into a secondary body and have equal presence, equal consciousness and equal abilities in both bodies, so much, that if one body is injured or killed it would not affect the second body.

So you can say that I was murdered on the cross. That body that was depicted in all of the pictures was ended. But when you say resurrected, and when many people saw me after my death… I was still there in the second body, but also because of my abilities to bilocate, I could also terminate the first body. That first body was gone. That is, that I could make the first body disappear, so that they could not find my dead body that was bilocated. So, there was no reason to stay in the first body.

You will find that even now, many of you have the power to bilocate… and say, for example, you have to have a surgery, or something is happening to you that it is unpleasant in the physical, then you are able to bilocate into another body and into another place. The problem is that you may not know what place you should bilocate to. You may not know where to be when you bilocate.

The key to the bilocation process is to have practice in going to other places. So I had already been bilocating for many, many years, because I knew that it was going to come to this level, which is the crucifixion. And I knew that I had to go and bilocate when the crucifixion occurred.

So what I’m saying to you is that I lived after the crucifixion! I lived in my secondary bilocated body. However, it is more complicated because you might say: “Well, what is the primary body? Was the primary body the body that was on the cross, or was the primary body in another location?” I’m suggesting, and telling you actually, that the body that was crucified and the body that was judged and went through all those events was the secondary body. I had transferred more of my energy into the primary body. But then, upon the death at the crucifixion, I was able to still communicate with the primary body through my secondary body and then I was able to remove my secondary body. Then I was able to appear again and I was also able to continue to bilocate. So I could bring my body to appear. This means that there are various levels of bilocation and there are various degrees of bilocation.

So, I will try to explain it as simply as I can. One level of bilocation is that you would appear as a spirit, as a vibrational spirit, maybe you would call it a ghost, I don’t like that term but we will come up with a better one as we look at the channel’s vocabulary.

So, the second level of bilocation is that you actually are both an etheric being where people see you, but also that you are able to physically become engaged with objects. So, in level one you appear but it is like you cannot touch anything, or you cannot pick anything up. In level two you are able to actually pick things up, you are actually able to interact. In level three of bilocation, you can make your primary existence in either body with equal energy. In level four, which is the level that I used (there are even more levels that these) I can abandon one body and even though that body could die, it would not affect me, I could still maintain a relationship with that bilocated body and, for example, make that body disappear.

But… my primary energy was not in the body that was crucified. I was still able to project my energy into the body was crucified. I was still able to project energy to it but that body on the cross was not holding my primary energies.

So, when you hear the stories that I was on the cross and I said: “Oh, God, why hast thou forsaken me?”, that was actually said. But you have to understand that it was not my primary essence who said that. It was not my primary energy, because I had already transferred a lot of my energy away from there. So that was a shadow of my true essence left on the cross. Still you could say that it was a great essence, because still it was a part of me. So I continued living afterwards, after the crucifixion. I understand the stories and the ideas of the resurrection. The resurrection is interpreted as rising from the death. However, the people at that time had no idea of bilocation. So, in fact, the raising from the dead is a good description and it serves the purpose. Because the purpose is for people to understand that there is life after death. The purpose of the mission is for people to understand that there is a greater spiritual world and that everyone must relate to it. Also the purpose of the mission was to lay a foundation for future work on this planet, and I had laid these foundations on other planets.

So there are different interpretations of my mission. For example, one interpretation is that I died on the cross for man’s sins. Actually, that is a misinterpretation because the correct interpretation is that, through my work and through my mission, I was offering an avenue for Grace. Grace means that men can be relieved of their sins. I was offering a teaching that said: “There is Grace”. And Grace includes the ability to become free of your karma. So if you want to interpret that as “I died for your sins”, that is a little bit different, because the true interpretation is that I offered an avenue and I still do, in which you can be free of your karma. Many of your karmas are tied to sins but I look at sins as errors. I look at sins as being overly involved in the lower self and becoming involved in lower ego activities. So there is a way, through spiritual union, with the higher light, to become free of the karma.

So, I did not have karma from my Earth existence because I was bilocating, I didn’t have all my primary sense, my primary being in one body. But also I was bilocating in three or four bodies, even five bodies sometimes. I was also bilocating in different dimensions. So, I was able to also transfer the energy of that body that was crucified to a fifth dimensional body. It is hard for you to imagine how it is that an energy or a master can bilocate in physical bodies and also bilocate in spiritual bodies, all simultaneously. But there was a special star alignment when I came in, and that means that that energy, that teaching, was ready to be received on Earth.

Now, I can also say to you that the teaching was misinterpreted and there were some other variations that led to distortions. But I don’t want to focus on the distortions because the basic story of my life, and the mission of my life on the Earth, is still strong. And there is a time of renewal where there will be great doorways coming in 2012, especially in which my teachings will be reintroduced. You have heard different stories already about the lost years of Jesus and about the different ideas of what happened. I know that the real energies, the real teachings, the real descriptions of my life will become more known, because they are more fantastic that what you are even describing. It is not even in contradiction to any of the original teachings or interpretations, but this story just says that the spiritual powers and psychic powers that I exhibited 2000 years ago are much more advanced than anyone even imagined. But also you have to understand that people did not have the vocabulary, did not have the spiritual knowledge, to even attempt to describe what I did and how I lived.

So, after the crucifixion, I continued to live on this planet. There is not a need at this point to go into what I did but I want you to become aware of what powers and what energy I exhibited and still do. Now, in this time that you are in a new star alignment that is coming, a new energy is coming, and there are great powers that many of you are exhibiting. My mission still is to help activate your true nature, your true relationships with spirit so that you all will do what I did and become Ascended Masters for this planet. You will exhibit and manifest great powers of healing for the planet and for yourself.

I wish you a great joyful celebration at this time. Look at this time as a time of celebrating your true spiritual nature. Looking at my life, you can see the many spiritual abilities that I exhibited and know that you, too, have the power to experience all of those gifts yourself, including the bilocation.

I am Sananda. Good day.

Through David Miller

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Posted 27th December 2011 by Juan Pablo
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