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Archangel Michael on the process of Ascension and on the ‘split’ in Dimensional frequencies ~ By Méline Lafont

Méline :

Dearest Michael, can you elaborate more on the ways in which this current process of Ascension will be actualized in our reality, in this Now moment on this current frequency?
(note: all differs from soul to soul and depending on the soulcontracts)

Archangel Michael :

Presently Gaia is subdivided in various frequencies comprised of different vibrations representing the Dimensions. 

On the one hand there is the old matrix, representing the 3rd Dimension but on the other hand there are a number of higher frequencies vibrating at the 4th, the 5th and even the 6th Dimension, They all are present on Gaia in the Now. 

That’s the reason so many of you feel themselves increasingly living on different Dimensions in a conscious way. 
In fact, all of you are multidimensional beings and you are experiencing and undergoing this feature progressively.

The Earth has an exact duplicate of Herself in a holographic substance, I am not referring to another world far away, rather I refer to a reflection of this Gaia, capable of maintaining the frequency of a 3D matrix. 

As Gaia Herself is residing more and more in Her higher frequency, all the ones of you capable of maintaining and embodying this higher light frequency will be torn away out of this old 3D matrix and will evolve alongside Gaia in Her process of Ascension, all being One. This will result in the fact that the 3D matrix will no longer be nurtured and will wither away and dissolve in this reality of Gaia.

You are now fully busy with this process. 
We cannot simply let this 3D reality suddenly collapse in a day as it were. 

How would this serve the whole of humanity if the wish has been expressed to get preferably, if not EVERYONE than at least as much souls as possible, aboard the Ascencion process?
! That’s why we will proceed step by step and believe you me when I, Michael, say that we are really close to a complete dissolution of this old 3D duality experience on Gaia. 

Give it the time it needs for the highest good of the Collective.

The old 3D matrix will continue to exist and evolve on the holographic Earth which is an exact duplicate, a twin of Gaia. It is there that those of you that are still stuck in duality will receive their opportunities to continue on evolving on their own pace without hindering or delaying the vibrations and the process of Ascension on this reality of Gaia where the higher frequencies are already existing and have taken over on an etheric level.

The difference is that those of you who already completed levlels in their Ascension process or are working on this now, will be confronted in lesser and lesser ways with the old dualistic frequencies of the 3rd Dimension because those frequencies can no longer be maintained in the higher vibrations and so will inevitably wither away out of their reality. Gaia Herself will go through the Ascension process in its entirety and will thusly actualize a solar Ascension.

The exact duplicate of Gaia, which I will call ‘Earth’, is a holographic reflection and a copy of Gaia, where duality can still exist. 

With this distinction that life can be continued in all mixed energies of the 4th Dimension as well as in the higher and lower frequencies. 

Those of you existing in a higher frequency, embodying more Light, will dwell on Gaia and will also be able to exist on this holographic copie, so also on ‘Earth’ in the reality of the souls dwelling there because those souls still create that themselves. 

That’s the way they have always known it and they continue to create this up to the point that they themselves reach the higher frequency levels.

In a nutshell : there will be 2 exactly the same copies of the souls who will exist as well on the frequency of Gaia and also on the 3rd dimensional ‘Earth’. 
The difference is that the consciousness of those involved in their process of Ascension, will reside solely in the embodiment of the 5th, the 6th or even on higher frequencies, depending on their current degree of consicousness, but that their exact holographic copy on ‘Earth’ will still exist there in a holographic substance to play its part. 

It is just that the consciousness and the Spirit will no longer linger in that holographic embodiment aspect and they will embody the higher aspects and the lightbody experiencing the 5th dimension and the higher frequencies.

So you can see yourself existing in the lower holographic ‘Earth’ all the while you yourself are not directly conscious of this. 

It is exactly the same as with this Earthly incarnation in which you find yourself now. You have multidimensional and galactic aspects who exist simultaneously but of which you have no awareness or perhaps you are aware of them but you can not experience them yet in a conscious way. 

Why not? 
Because you do not yet embody them completely and therefore your full consciousness doesn’t dwell there yet.

The moment that you form the complete embodiment of your higher consciousness, you will become them as well and than all your lower aspects will lose their embodiment in consciousness.
That’s the moment when you no longer will experience them consciously.

So basically there will be no split but rather a change in consciousness and this refers to Gaia and to every soul. 

It can be interpreted as when the full consciousness is going to take on another form which can embody a higher frequency of light from which the old ‘covering’ is split in holographic aspects but where everything transforms simultaneously into a lighter form (including the human bodies). 

Gaia transcends Her old embodiment and leaves the holographic exact copy behind, which is in fact the pure old 3D vibration, in its entirety of existence.

One can always choose to again manifest their consciousness in this lower copy, this lower frequency of yourself and thus travel to and fro in time and dimension. 

I leave this choice open to all of you.

Most cordially,

Archangel Michael

Méline Lafont 2012 – 2014, permission is given to share freely in its entirety and unaltered http://lafontmeline.com and http://pleiadedolphininfos.blogspot.com

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Equipoise: sharing4 – ▶ Beginners Yoga Meltdown for Detox – ▶ Easy Legs Behind – AA MICHAEL – SEEDS OF CREATION – Mosaic Amplification – Benevolent Co-creation of the New Earth Matrix

Origen: Equipoise: sharing4 – ▶ Beginners Yoga Meltdown for Detox – ▶ Easy Legs Behind – AA MICHAEL – SEEDS OF CREATION – Mosaic Amplification – Benevolent Co-creation of the New Earth Matrix

Friday, September 22, 2017

sharing4 – ▶ Beginners Yoga Meltdown for Detox – ▶ Easy Legs Behind – AA MICHAEL – SEEDS OF CREATION – Mosaic Amplification – Benevolent Co-creation of the New Earth Matrix

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by Archangel Michael 

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 4th November 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

I, Archangel Michael, come forth to speak with you about the Seeds of Creation with the purpose of awakening your inner remembrance. Every soul upon the Earth now is connected to or extends from those who anchored the Seeds of Creation into the Earth to bring forth life, experiences and journeys of evolution. When the Earth was created, there were Seeds of Creation anchored which formed the Earth and set intentions for those who would exist upon her. The Seeds of Creation composed of light and holding the energy of the Universe of the Creator acted as a source of navigation for the Earth and her humanity with a focus upon fulfilment and connection with the Creator. When a new civilisation is born upon the Earth, of which there have been many, new Seeds of Creation are anchored to support their existence and their purpose. Not only are they anchored into the Earth, the same Seeds of Creation are anchored into humanity as templates of light to encourage all to create from the intentions set within these light seeds. Each time a major shift of spiritual awakening and ascension is instigated and occurs upon the Earth there are Seeds of Creation anchored by light beings to support and manifest the shifts taking place with ease and perfection. This means that when we examine all the Seeds of Creation anchored into and currently held within the Earth we can view the entire history for the Earth, all the intention of different civilisations, each and every ascension shift that has occurred for Mother Earth and her humanity. We are able to understand the purpose of everything which has occurred and what the build-up of energy and consciousness is creating. The Seeds of Creation act as valuable markers to understand the Earth and the current ascension levels of humanity. They allow us to glimpse the wisdom and truth of those who are anchoring the Seeds of Creation as well as evaluating the evolution of humanity.

The Seeds of Creation held within Mother Earth have been embedded and hidden, along with this humanity has been blind to these magical light expressions from beyond the Earth which hold great wisdom. This has meant that it is impossible to even contemplate the existence of the Seeds of Creation. As more love anchors into the Earth from the Venus Beings and inner plane beings, humanity’s ability to recognise the light, power and truth of the Creator awakens and reactivates. More and more souls are discovering they have the ability to connect with the light and love of the Creator receiving its wisdom, understanding it and being able to grasp how it aligns with their own physical reality. To humanity and those aware of the presence of the Creator’s light it may appear that the Seeds of Creation are now awakening, coming to the surface to be received when it is actually that humanity is awakening, becoming aware of the Seeds of Creation and moving towards them to receive them.

Each Seed of Creation holds tremendous volumes of light and wisdom; some hold within their energy the knowledge and purpose of an entire civilisation. The Seeds of Creation offer to you an insight into your original essence, your original purpose and your original existence. They can take you back to the origins of your energy and existence both on the Earth and the inner planes. Some allow you to understand civilisations beyond the Earth as well recognising the presence of the Creator in everything and everyone. There are Seeds of Creation which demonstrate the greatest potential for humanity upon the Earth as spiritual being existing in physical bodies. Some Seeds of Creation offer guidance as to how to bring humanity and the Earth into greater alignment and attunement with the Creator. The Seeds of Creation, of which there are many, are so valuable because once humanity connects with them, they begin to understand the purpose of everything occurring within and around their beings. They see the patterning that is continuing to manifest, the karmic healing taking place and begin to understand their role in the evolution of the Earth. Each person holds a role upon the Earth which can be discovered within the Seeds of Creation. The value of the Seeds of Creation is immense; they cannot be destroyed because they are created from such profoundly pure light from the Universe of the Creator. Attached to each Seed of Creation is the original energy which created the seed, often created by loving Extra-terrestrial Beings, it is as if from the seed we can travel along the energy pathway of its creation returning to its original source. Its original source is first the Creator and then the being or beings who manifested or birthed it into existence, anchoring it into the Earth. Through the Seeds of Creation, we can understand so much more about those who support the Earth and of course the beloved Creator.

With a simple intention and a pure loving heart, you can allow yourself to connect with and be guided to the most appropriate Seeds of Creation which will offer to you new insights, energy vibrations and remembrance. I, Archangel Michael, cannot state what your experience with a Seed of Creation will be like as it is different for each soul. I do know you will be filled with supreme and powerful light in abundance. It does not matter if you do not understand the wisdom and knowledge the light holds as it will create the necessary activations within your being. When you allow yourself to connect with a Seed of Creation you allow yourself to be realigned to the truth within you. Thus you take a step in returning if only a little to your original essence. It is important to remember that all the Seeds of Creation even those that are connected to civilisations which you did not partake in or ascension experiences you were not present for, are held within your soul for you to access and explore because of your unique connection with all beings. Each allows you to reform and revitalise your energies and alignment to the Creator to experience a greater unity with the Creator and all upon the inner planes. You awaken yourself into the Universe of the Creator which is held within your being.

Throughout different periods of your ascension different Seeds of Creation will be more valuable for you to connect with. They will catch your attention because they know that if they are awoken and brought into your being and reality to merge they will create a necessary healing, shift and empower the ascension process taking place within all. The Seeds of Creation for Atlantis has already been revealed and is being brought to fruition now. Sometimes when a Seed of Creation is brought into the consciousness of humanity, the karmic energies connected to the energies it holds (the energies and experiences created which do not align with the Seed of Creation) come to the surface to be recognised and healed. Humanity is still working through the karmic energies of Atlantis. We will know when the primary Seed of Creation (there were many additional seeds created) is fully present within e ach person and the karmic energies of what occurred in Atlantis is healed because many will experience harmony between technology and spirituality.

Another Seed of Creation coming to the awareness of humanity now is the primary Seeds of Creation from Lemuria. These are the first Seeds of Creation created for Lemuria which are extremely pure holding deep knowingness and remembrance of the Creator. They hold the codes of the pure consciousness of the Lemurians which were without ego and fear completely focused upon love. Their main focus was to bring and reform the Creator upon the Earth. Due to humanity’s ascension, many are ready to recognise, receive from within and embody once more this consciousness as it is needed to support the manifestation and greater experience of the Era of Love upon the Earth. There are other Seeds of Creation born from Lemuria; some have the attached karmic energy of the devastation caused at the end of Lemuria, which impacted upon and created the fall of Atlantis.

A Seed of Creation never creates a negative impact or experience; its energies are of only pure intentions however when humanity loses connection with the Seeds of Creation within them, especially those for their current embodiment then devastation and chaos can be created. The Seed of Creation does not take on the devastation or chaos created, however, they become linked or connected because healing and resolving the negative energies is required. When you connect with a Seed of Creation, you will not always experience the chaos and devastation attached to the Seed of Creation. It may be that you only connect with and experience the pure light of the Seed of Creation, or you may realise an aspect of yourself that requires to be forgiven, healed or set free. This will then amplify your experience of the Seed of Creation and your current ascension because you will be clearing your bein g to experience a deeper connection with the Creator. Please do not fear the Seeds of Creation, it is often that you connect with them in your reality without realising. At this time, you are ready for conscious awareness of and experience of the Seeds of Creation to create beautiful transitions and transformations within your being.

You may call upon my energies, Archangel Michael to support your work with and exploration of the Seeds of Creation:

‘Archangel Michael, I call upon your continuous support, protection and guidance. It is my wish to connect with the most appropriate Seed or Seeds of Creation within my being now to support the acceleration of my spiritual evolution (or you may place here anything you wish to explore within you or manifest in your reality.) Let me experience, connect with and acknowledge the Seed or Seeds of Creation, experiencing their light and wisdom unfolding gently, perfectly and easily into my entire being. If there is healing within my being which is required to take place, Archangel Michael please guide and assist me to create and experience it with ease and perfection in your presence. I surrender to your divine guidance and protection now. Thank you.’

To access the primary Lemurian Seeds of Creation:

‘Archangel Michael, please assist and support me in connect with and receiving the primary Lemurian Seeds of Creation which are appropriate for me to receive now. I open my heart to remember the pure and sacred consciousness of my original essence bringing this into realisation and manifestation in my reality now. Thank you.’

With eternal angelic blessings,

Archangel Michael
Posted 4 hours ago by Juan Pablo Rodriguez

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Mosaic Amplification – Benevolent Co-creation of the New Earth Matrix – Realization of Self – Transformation of collective Consciousness – Key to Enlightenment – Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – Secrets of the Universe

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Mosaic Amplification – Benevolent Co-creation of the New Earth Matrix – Realization of Self – Transformation of collective Consciousness – Key to Enlightenment

By annamerkaba on October 19, 2016 • ( 19 )

Greetings Everyone! I hope you are all doing phenomenally well and are embracing and enjoying the new energies. The channeling that you are about to read talks about how our reality is changing daily and that we are able to literally “see” magic unfold before us. Many of you are sharing amazing stories with me of seeing your guides, communicating with other realms, and most importantly seeing things more clearly.

You are becoming much more in tune with all that is. One of the examples of being in tune would be, you walking down the street thinking about something when all of a sudden one after another confirmation begin to appear, sometimes in the ways of words, where someone is talking about what you were just thinking about! Sometimes in images, such as your eyes suddenly fixating on a bumper sticker on a car that seemingly has the answer you were looking for! Or music coming from someone’s car, an animal, insect, etc., suddenly appearing in your path that you have never noticed before, etc., All of these are messages from your guides, all of these are ways of you receiving confirmation about whatever issue that you may be having at that moment.

It truly is an amazing time that we live in, things most definitely are changing and our physical reality is morphing before our very eyes! I myself personally have experienced some fascinating things lately, seeing at the corner of my eye how the reality is actually morphing. Seeing various shapes and colors suddenly appear and disappear from view, lights flickering, various fragrances filling the room, etc., etc., so if you are experiencing seeing all of these things, hearing voices, sensations, presence, please keep calm and understand that you are absolutely sane, only much more tuned into a new reality and are seeing things that you simply weren’t equipped to see prior.

I would also like to take this opportunity to introduce to you a new tool by Natalya Ankh, which I resonate with deeply as I work with this arch angel daily. The arch angel in question is Gabriel – Love, Light, Abundance, Peace, Harmony and Bliss– these are the words to describe this magnificent angel. But Arch Angel Gabriel stands for so much more. Gabriel stands for a direct link to your own higher self, direct link to bring forth your subconscious connection to your divine plan, your earthly mission.

The messenger of Spirit, Archangel Gabriel brings us good news in abundance! The energy of Archangel Gabriel is used to draw many messages of good news that uplift our spirits and help us to feel more fully connected with the Universal mind and flow. Gabriel alerts us to be awake and aware, to pay attention to what messages we in turn are giving out to the world and Universe each day so that only the best may be sent out to return to us as even more beneficial energies.

Archangel Gabriel is the most prominent representative from the Angelic kingdom for the white flame, and her task is to channel and distribute the energy of the white Ray.

Archangel Gabriel is an Angel of annunciation and edification. She sustains the perfection of the untainted Divine plan for every individual, for every incarnated Angel, and for the whole planet Earth. Archangel Gabriel is the messenger of God, Angel of the fourth Ray of purity, artistic creation, resurrection and ascension. To learn more about this tool please visit www.NatalyaAnkh.com

Now having said this, here is the channeling that I have received from our benevolent counterparts from the Realm of Manifestation.

Glorious accompaniments of the heavenly abodes welcome you into the newly established echelons of your creator selves. The glorious accompaniments of the heavenly abodes, welcome each one of you into the director’s chair allowing you to orchestrate a magnificent experience of your choosing… starting NOW.

For the time to orchestrate your next “adventure” if you will, and maneuver through the newly implanted heavenly energies from the heavenly abodes has come. For the time to wield your mighty powerful swords of ascension has arrived. And so, many of you feel the pull to connect to the divine within, many of you feel the pull to connect to all that is, to each other and to the universal platform, the “motherboard” if you will, in order to propel yourselves further still.

And what do we mean by the heavenly swords of your beholder selves? To what do we refer when we used such strong words? We refer to the swords of truth, the pillars of light that each of you carry within, the swords of truth which shall be represented on your earthly plains of existence as words, powerful words which shall change the landscape of that, which you now understand to be, your reality.

For through the spoken word, through the written word through the word of your thoughts, comes the reality of your being. For the holographic model of the new exploration of self has indeed been superimposed onto your earthly plains of existence, which has allowed many of you to connect to the new “motherboards” of your creator selves. Has allowed many of you to tune into your true inner selves, and BEing. Has allowed you to dare to dream, dare to explore that, which lays therein.

And as such, many have begun to perceive the world as more than mere physical existence, but have begun to interact with their very own guides though various means; For the visionaries, we appear in your cognitive reality, as imageries which are delicately placed within your consciousness and sub-consciousness. For those of you who perceive this reality through the input of energy of various vibrations and sensations, we create various atmospheres for you to experience our presence, through various scents, and various sounds, and denseness of energy that seemingly swirl around you as you walk, sit, stand, and listen. For those of you who perceive the world through the auditory centers we place various musical tones of ascension within your spheres, the list goes on and on, the variety of sensations that you all experience differ from one another, but the message that we are trying to deliver is clear – WE ARE HERE. Walking with you, hand in hand, foot in foot, mind in mind, body in body.

And so, as we look upon you as masters of the universe and we listen intently to your thought processes, we follow suit. And hence it is with utmost care that we ask you to choose your thought patterns, that we ask you to choose your words, that we ask you to choose the type of energy that you manifest within yourself and send out into the world, for you are the masters of this universe, and as such, we must follow suite, we must follow suite and create for you the experiences that you wish to be manifested on your earthly plain of existence, and so we ask, that you monitor youth thoughts diligently, that you heed our guidance, that you allow us to show you the best timeline and the best course of action for any and all endeavors that you are presently undertaking.

But let us go back to the swords again for a moment and intricately explain that each of you holds the key to enlightenment, each of you holds the key and a pillar of light within, and each of you who is presently reading these words, are here to ignite said pillars of light that are glowing and intensifying from within, and allow said light to shine into the without, for all of you are here to assist the changes which are readily coming your way. For all of you have been prepared well for the NOW moment of time. For the “coming of times” is finally here! The “coming of times” has indeed arrived on your shores, and the energy of manifestation, clear connectedness to self, and the heavenly abodes has indeed been instituted, implanted, superimposed, and completely connected to all, that presently constitutes your reality. And as such, many of you are indeed experiencing magic, are beginning to be called to awaken, and to take your righteous place in the divinity circle of your choosing.

Much is to come your way, much is to become clear, and much shall be unearthed in the days, weeks and months to come. For the truth of benevolence of your very own selves, the truth of that which you are, must and shall be exposed for all to see, understand, heed and embrace. For all of you, who have been diligently serving your life purpose have done a marvelous job in opening up the gateways, in connecting said energies onto Gaia, and the time has come to reap your rewards, to finally take a bold step forward and take action in regards to your life’s missions. That which you have been holding dear to your hearts, that which you have been holding off, that which you have been drawn to but felt uneasy doing, all of it shall come ramping back into your consciousness, allowing you to clearly see the steps necessary to take in order to manifest all that you wish into your reality structure of BEing. You shall be propelled on your life missions, you shall be assisted, coached and harmonized to embrace that which you have come here to bring forth.

And so, and thus, the time to maneuver through the glorious energies of the NOW moment, has arrived, and it is time to remember how to utilize the building blocks of reality which have been transcended into your world via your thoughts, dreams, desires, and actions.

Generating massive cohesive energies, to increase the understanding of self and the importance of that which self brings to the table. The cohesive energies presented therein are for amplification purposes only, but the true essence shall still be found within the observer of said reality structure.

What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds is that each of you are acting as sheer pieces of the colorful mosaic which you call earth experience, the energies which have been delivered to your shores following your latest portal of abundance, power and might have increased and upped your abilities trifold, yes we say trifold, and are using said word deliberately as we of course are referring to the triangular degree of consciousness, the triad, the unification through the benevolent understanding of self, and so and thus, the energies are there to amplify that which is already within, and hence we ask that you continue to maneuver through the landscapes of your subconscious, and your subatomic principles of being with due care and diligence, adhering to the universal laws of truth, abundance, benevolence and unconditional understanding and love for all.

For it is through the thorough examination of self, and through the thorough understanding of all that is, that you will finally be able to merge together into one whole and co-create the most benevolent, pure and magnificent mosaic of human experience yet. All of this is to come your way through your diligent adherence to the universal principles of BEing in due time. It is with respect, awe and eternal gratitude that we welcome you to the director’s chair, inviting you to take your righteous place in the universe.

We bow to you in gratitude for all that you are, we bow to you in gratitude and appreciation for all that you have achieved thus far, and we welcome you yet again into the new world of benevolence, unconditional understanding and love for all.

That is all that we have for you now. WE love you. WE are with you. Goodbye for now.

If you need any personal assistance via a healing session, you can reach out to me at www.SacredAscensionMerkaba.com to set up a distant healing session with me. I also invite you to visit my blog for more information to help you on your journey.

COMPREHENSIVE ENERGY HEALING SESSION & ANALYSIS WITH ANNA MERKABA :This is a DISTANT Healing Session. Each session takes 60 – 90 minutes to complete, furthermore much more time is spent on putting together a report which is guided to me by the angels, there are a lot of details involved, this is an elaborate healing session. This is not just an energy attunement you will be bathed in loving light from the angelic realm using reiki like universal energy throughout the session, and a few days following the session, many issues will be corrected, and you will also receive much needed guidance after the session of what you are to do on your own. The energy will continue to be released for the following 2 – 3 months.

Here is what you will be scanned for and if any of these are found or need to be removed/unblocked/
Removal of Achorns/Grays/Dark Entities (If there are any)
Removal of Implants
Cleansing the Aura
Removing blocks from the chakras
Activating Chakras
Activating the Pineal Gland
Activating the energy flow throughout the body with Kundalini Energy
Sealing the rips in the energy body
Connecting the heart chakra to the third eye
Scanning of the body to determine if there are any major issues to be aware of
Cleansing the blocks within the organs should there be any, and if it is possible to do so, or if there is more that needs to be done.
DNA Upgrade
Rainbow Healing Light Invocation
Past Life Contracts Clearing/Cords cutting (if I am allowed to proceed by your higher self) This is NOT karma removal. NO ONE can remove your karma, except for you, that is if you have karma. Not everyone does, as people misunderstand what Karma is.
Past LIfe Visions – ( If necessary to understand why you are going through what you are going through, I will be shown your past lives, this will help you determine the reason as to why you are experiencing that which you are)
Scanning of your chakras, correction of energy flow and further recommendations directly from your guides as to what you need to do further
You will also receive further recommendations on what you are to do on your own to SEAL in the new energies flowing your way and to assist your own self further without the constant need to come back for more and more healing sessions. However, should you feel that you do need a healing attunement, or there are some issue that need more work you are welcome to come back for another session.

To learn more about this session and hear what others have to say about it please visit:https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/merkaba-distant-energy-healing-session/

P.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit : https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/books/

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing Session with Anna
and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEILhttps://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

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Origen: Vel sanus: sharing2- ▶ Taekwondo Reverse Hook Kick Tutorial (taekwonwoo) – AA MICHAEL & THE GALACTIC FEDERATION- TAKING RESPONSABILITY FOR THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF HUMANITY

Saturday, February 4, 2017


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Carl Jung:
 ” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”
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Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 19th February 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

We bring forth the vibration of peace to ignite within your being and burn up all forms of unrest and unbalance within your being. You are transforming dramatically at this time as is Mother Earth. Cocooned in love by the Beings of Venus, it is our combined energy of the Galactic Federation and Archangel Michael which is overseeing a movement of peace within all. Being erased from humanity are the feelings of unrest, resistance and disharmony especially connected to the Creator and the journey of ascension. Our focus is to replace the struggle and striving of a soul who has moved through numerous lifetimes so that peace can be ignited and experienced within. This is not a stillness nor an energy of being motionless, in fact it is an active energy of contentment and happiness within.

Our purpose as love is anchoring so profoundly upon the Earth is to erase the perspective and focused concentration that many hold upon negativity, separation and suffering. The greatest result of our healing work with humanity would be a shift in a great percentage of humanity concentrating upon positivity, truth and joy.

Each person upon the Earth has an aspect and energy of suffering, fear and disharmony within them, this is projecting into the consciousness of humanity continuously. Those of humanity who strongly resonate with negativity, suffering and pain then experience the projections placed into the consciousness of humanity as fuel to create and energise plans, corruption and devastation upon the Earth.

Imagine that your belief in suffering and devastation was so strong that you attracted like a magnet all the energy of suffering and devastation that every person on the Earth holds within them. You would be empowered beyond your understanding of power. Imagine also that with this power you were given ideas of creating more destruction upon the Earth.

These ideas would then support you in attracting more people of similar vibrations and beliefs into your reality. This may feel impossible and yet it is occurring on the Earth now causing chaos, pain and suffering within the realities of those instigating and the recipients.
Many are also being fuelled by the consciousness of humanity in an entirely different way. There are those who are focusing with such intent upon love that they are drawing the love which is held within every person upon the Earth and is automatically projected into the consciousness of humanity into their beings. The love projected by many into the consciousness of humanity is acting as their fuel to encourage and empower them to create beauty, enlightenment and healing in the world touching the hearts of many.

We can see that the consciousness of humanity is creating a powerful energy like a charge of electricity which can influence the Earth and humanity tremendously. The consciousness of humanity acts like fuel which can be used for positive or negative experiences, it is predominantly a powerful weapon born from humanity to be used by humanity. There are those who have yet to discover the focus of their being, therefore they project both negative and positive energies and imprints into the consciousness of humanity. They are sometimes focused on love and other times fear, this fuels both negative and positive experiences upon the Earth and within their own reality. Such people are also being influenced by the power of the consciousness of humanity, being swayed, tossed and rocked each and every way. Therefore, experiences of insecurity, anxiety and resistance to the Creator arise from wi thin them.

The valuable insight to grasp is that every feeling and idea that every person experiences within them, whether it is fleeting or persistent is projected into the consciousness of humanity, which is akin to a network or body of energy. Every person on the Earth is connected to the network or body of the consciousness of humanity. Each person also receives energy and information from the consciousness of humanity as well as being influenced unconsciously or consciously. There are many levels of energy within the consciousness of humanity from the thoughts and energy of jealousy, fear and agony to the quicker vibration of pure enlightened, love and unity with the Creator, as well as everything else in between. Your daily focus, beliefs and emotions determine the level of the consciousness of humanity you connect into and draw upon to support your reality upon the Earth. This signi fies that your negative thoughts can support a situation of pain and suffering on the other side of the world. For example, those who are responsible for acts of terrorism or violence towards others are drawing from the consciousness of humanity the pain and suffering that every person has experienced, including your own inner pain and suffering, which has yet to be realised and healed. So we could say the energy within you and others is creating the chaos upon the Earth, in the same way it is creating love and kindness upon the Earth.

Everyone is connected and everyone is co-creating the experiences of the Earth together.
We bring this to your realisation not to create fear or shame within you, it is to support you in realising that you are powerful. As you take responsibility for the energies within your being, so you change the consciousness of humanity and the experiences of everyone on the Earth. Imagine if a vast majority cleansed their thoughts and emotions creating and projecting loving qualities. The consciousness of humanity would transform into a source of loving qualities. This would mean that those wishing to create harm and destruction would only receive loving qualities from the consciousness of humanity, this would no longer fuel their intentions creating a healing within them, realisation of their past actions and a positive change in their perspective. Thus chaotic and devastating experiences, incidents and situations upon the Earth would be fewer.

It is time to take responsibility and realise that the healing work you achieve within you creates peace upon the Earth. When you see or hear about a situation upon the Earth, whether you perceive it as negative or positive, if it is your neighbour, in your country or another country we wish for you to contemplate the situation. What are the energies created by this situation? Then recognise that the same energies may be within your being and that energetically you played a part in the manifestation of the situation as did everyone else on the Earth. The energies you discover connected to the situation may have been held within your being in the past and projected into the consciousness of humanity, however they have since been healed within you. Perhaps you recognise the energies remain within you. If they are positive loving qualities rejoice in their manifestation upon the Earth, t heir presence within your being and the consciousness of humanity. Ask for your angels and guides to amplify the same energies within your being and the consciousness of humanity, asking that they manifest upon the Earth continuously for all to experience.

If the energies are of a negative vibration or quality, then it is first important to recognise honestly that these energies exist within you or have done in the past. If previously healed, then share your compassion with yourself and express it into the consciousness of humanity as a healing and purification. With recognition of the energies within the situation and the same within your being currently, a powerful healing process can begin. Your purpose is to heal and release the energies as well as erasing them from the consciousness of humanity.
‘With the support of my soul, Archangel Michael, the Galactic Federation and the Creator, I recognise the energies within me which I am imprinting into the consciousness of humanity.

The energies within me I recognise are………………

I also allow myself to be illuminated concerning how these energies hinder and impact my own reality and connection with the Creator.’
Take time to allow any realisations which are required to be recognised to emerge from within your being.

‘I invite the healing of my soul, Archangel Michael, the Galactic Federation and the Creator to purify and erase these energies from my being and from the consciousness of humanity. The energy I chose to fill my being and the consciousness of humanity with is……………………… I experience this wholly now. Thank you.’

Such a focus as we have provided to you above supports realisations and healing of the energies within you. Sometimes the realisation is all that is required, other times persistent focus, inviting healing and inner awareness is required.

Your inner healing process is healing the world, creating peace for all to experience. We, Archangel Michael and the Galactic Federation are supporting the creation of peace as the Beings from Venus continue their download of love into the Earth and all of humanity.
Eternal peace is within,

Archangel Michael and the Galactic Federation
Posted 4 weeks ago by ATMAN

*      *      *

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sharing.:::.▶ Urantia Book Intro 1 of 3: Universe Frames – AA Michael ~ The Tsunami of Luminous Light and the Return of the Divine Masculine Frequency | URANTHEA2094

Origen: sharing.:::.▶ Urantia Book Intro 1 of 3: Universe Frames – AA Michael ~ The Tsunami of Luminous Light and the Return of the Divine Masculine Frequency | URANTHEA2094



sharing.:::.▶ Urantia Book Intro 1 of 3: Universe Frames – AA Michael ~ The Tsunami of Luminous Light and the Return of the Divine Masculine Frequency

*      *      *

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Image by DebAura Araznu at http://www.Andromedanlightwork.com


Beloved Family of Light, so you have entered now into the month of September, and you are riding the wave of Luminious Light that was received by your earth at the 8/8/8, or the Lion’s Gate. You have felt the intensity of this new wave of Light Codes as they have assisted you to shift your own personal frequency and to adjust to the Higher Frequencies represented by these Luminous Colors and Tones. In September, you will be given further opportunities to embody and embrace these new frequencies and allow your Soul to dance to these new tones and sounds.

The purpose of this Tsunami of Luminous Light is to support you as you finally arrive at your destination of full Multi-Dimensional or Nine Dimensional embodiment on Planet Earth. The Earth has fully shifted into her 9th Dimensional Matrix, and so those who are ready are riding with the Tsunami of Light into 9th Dimensional Consciousness.

Indeed, Beloved Ones, this is why there is so much chaos and confusion on your Earth right now. This Tsunami of Light is functioning as a Tsunami always does, washing away all that is not stable and secure and creating space for new creation.

So, at this time, the Earth is anchored in the Fifth Dimension, but many are still working with a Third-Dimensional Consciousness. Then, there are many who have begun to raise consciousness and have lifted into sixth, fourth and even seventh levels and higher. And so, each person is receiving the Light Codes and frequencies according to where they have arrived in their personal journey of evolution. If they are still in lower consciousness, then this time will seem chaotic and fearful.

Beloved Ones, know that the Third Dimensional Consciousness is rooted in duality and fear, and so sees every event as something to fear and as evidence of the “end” and “collapse”. The Apocalyptic Atlantean consciousness is strongest in the Collective at this level, and so there is much fear that is being put out and experienced by those who are still in this frequency of fear.

However, as Family of Light, you will know that you have reached the Fifth Dimension on Inter-connection and you will know too that the Earth passed through the “End Time” Stargate in 2012 and is now firmly on a Timeline and Journey into a New and Miraculous future.

Those of you who have embraced and emobodied the Sixth and Seventh Dimensions of Consciousness will be feeling intense surges of Creativity and the desire to express yourself and your Soul in every way possible. You will feel a very joyous coming together of the Body and Soul in the sacred marriage of Spirit and Matter within yourself as your “Twin Flame Union” is anchored within your Heart and Soul and Spirit. It is a time of great Celebration in the Angelic realms and we are here beside you to share in your Joy and Celebrations.

So, in this month of September, your first intense date will be the 9th of September, when you will cross through the 9/9/8 Stargate. At this point, the Energy Wave of the 8/8/8 will be intensified and lifted to a Higher Frequency or Tone to match the incoming energies. This is a time when those of you who have embraced your Master Light and Codes will feel a very strong impulse in your body and soul. You may experience this as electrical pulsations of energy in your body, and you may feel very tired as your physical vehicle acclimates to this new frequency. We would suggest that at the 9/9 you allow yourself a very gentle and very “inward” meditation so that you can connect with your own inner power and your inner mastery of the Light Codes.

Then, a few days later, you will experience the New Moon in Virgo and also a partial Solar Eclipse., and so this will be an opportunity for you to connect with the Earth, with the New Earth in her new frequencies of Light and to decide what you would like to manifest in this new cycle of time that is unfolding on the Earth. It is a time to look to what physical changes you might wish to make in your life, and also to look to what changes you might make in your life to better nurture yourself and take better care of your health and wellness on the Earth. As the frequencies rise in your Light Body and your Physical Body, you may find that you will need to live in a “lighter” way, and that includes your lifestyle and your diet. Let your Heart and Soul be your Guide at this time. The Solar Eclipse will also anchor in the New Solar Frequencies of the Divine Feminine and the presence of the Goddess and the Magdalene will be felt very strongly at this time. Allow her to be a part of your Being and embrace the Inner Goddess that you are!

On the 23rd of September you will enter into the Equinox energies, and here you will have an opportunity to balance out these powerful energies that have been coming in since July and August. The Equinox represents that time when the day and night are of equal length, and when the Earth prepares to changes seasons on its Journey around the Sun. In the North the movement is into Fall and Winter, and in the South it is into Spring and Summer. These powerful Earth energies of change are also powerful forces in the Earth’s geomagnetic field, as well as in your own Light Bodies. This is a good time for Ceremony and Meditation, and to remember that you come here also to honor the Earth and to be the “voice” of the Collective Energy of the Earth as you celebrate the passage of the Equinox.

Then, on the 28th, the energies will reach a Climax as you celebrate the Full Moon in Aries/Libra and the Total Lunar Eclipse which will also be a Blood Moon and the last of a series of four intense Blood Moons that have been the bearers of the waves of intense change. A Fire Moon is always a powerful Full Moon, and so Moon in Aries as a Blood Moon is the Full Moon of the Phoenix! It is the moment when the New is born from the ashes of the Old, and the power of the new arises in your Hearts, Soul and Spirits. At this time, you can expect to feel a powerful surge of “new” energies and a connection with new opportunities and new directions in your life, and in the life of the collective. What was perhaps hidden will now be revealed and made clear!

It will be an opportunity for Humanity, as individuals and as a Collective, to stand up and move forward as Beings of Light and Love and Compassion. There will be opportunities to choose between Love or Fear, and to decide what kind of Frequency and reality you will choose to create on your timelines for 2015 and 2016.

Beloved Ones, this is a time of Celebration and Joy! Do not allow the waves of the Tsunami to sweep you away into confusion and chaos, but remain firmly grounded within your own Heart and Soul, connecting to Heaven and Earth and being a Conduit or Transmitter for the Divine Light and the new frequencies of Luminosity that are ligting the way into a New Reality!

The Return of the Divine Masculine Frequencies of Luminosity

As the Diamond light codes have integrated with the Earth in 2015, and now as these new frequencies of Luminous Light are being grounded into the Earth matrix, there is another exciting energy and event that is occurring. You have all welcomed the Divine Feminine and the return of the Goddess frequencies, and now it is time to welcome back the Luminous Frequencies of the Divine Masculine.

Your friends and colleagues from Sirius are standing by to assist you as you once again embody and integrate the Higher Frequencies of the Divine Masculine. In the Sirian stories, the Divine Masculine energy was incarnated in Shu, who was depicted as a Feather on the Wind, or as a Bird Man. Many of the powerful Sirian teachers in making themselves known to you took on the form of the “Bird Man”, such as Thoth, Horus the Elder and Ra.

The Bird represented the ability of this energy to flow with the winds of Divine Creative Intelligence and to flow energy into manifestation. It also represents the ability to travel on many dimensions and to fly through the Cosmos on the wings of light. As you become multi-dimensional you will need to embrace this energy so that you can feel confident in your ability to travel the Cosmos on your wings of light as Human Angels.

The Divine Masculine energy was also embodies by Yeshua, by Buddha, by Shiva and by others who took on the power of the Visionary Dreamer and were able to see the Bigger Picture in the life and journey of Humanity. They used their “wings of light” to transcend the lower dimensions and the hold of death, and were able to ascend into Light on their Angelic Wings of Diamond Light.

As you reconnect with the Divine Masculine at these higher levels, you will feel the balance returning between the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. This will intensify in October at the 10/10/8 on the 10th of October, and then will culminate at the 11/11/8 on the 11th of November. At this time there will be a “Sacred Marriage” as these two energies combine to lift the Consciousness of Humanity and the Planet to new level of awareness and love. Thsi will be a powerful moment for the Planet and will prepare you for the final stages of the “Wave” of 2015, the 12/12/8 on the 12th of December and the Solstice on the 21st when the Earth aligns with the Galactic Center or Great Central Sun and celebrates the powerful floods of light that are received from the Great Cosmic Heart and transmitted via the Great Central Sun to the Earth and into your Hearts.

Beloved Ones, at this time we ask that you work with your Light Body and Energy Field, and that you make a daily practice of working with the Sacred Diamond Heart Activation that we have given to you. As you combine the Diamond Lights of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, you will feel that Inner Balance of Divine Light in your own Heart, Soul and Being.

Mastering the 4th Dimension and initiating Time Spirals

Beloved Family of Light, we have spoken to you before about the importance of allowing yourself to master the Fourth Dimensions of Time. Many of you have noticed how time seems to keep accelerating and going ever faster. That is because you are connected into the Collective Consciousness which is mostly still operating on 3rd Dimensional Time Calendars. As the Flow of Divine Light accelerates, it seems as though everything is moving faster, which of course it is.

The only way to work with this perceived acceleration is to life your consciousness and create the time that you need. Time is an illusion, a manufactured entity that has little reality. In the Third Dimension it was manufactured according to economic need and your lives were dominated by a working schedule. Now, in the higher dimensions, you are free to create according to your own time frames and needs and desires. This is the time to intiate your own timelines or timespirals, and to flow creative energy into the Dreams and Desires that you wish to unfold and manifest in the world.

You are the Master of Light, and you are now coming into final true alignment with your Soul and Higher Self. Allow yourself to Feel the dreams and visisons that are arising in your Soul from the HIgher Levels and express these in the world as your own Dreams, Visions and Creations.

In this way, Beloved Ones, you will determine the way in which the Diamond Light and the Frequencies of Luminosity are grounded into manifestation in your life and your creation of Reality!

Now is the time for you to decide what adventures of the Soul you wish to create, and not to allow the fears and anxieties of the lower levels of the Collective Consciousness to hinder you. Why give your creative energy and power to the creation of an apocalyptic nightmare, when there is so much more to be experienced on the path of growth and self determination. Why not rather create a pathway filled with Light, Joy, Love and Adventure, because this is what you can do as you unfold your timelines like a Celestial Flower unfolding its petals to the Cosmic Sun!

We wish you much Joy and Light in your adventure of Consciousness as you continue to ride the Waves of Luminosity into a New Reality in this month of September.
Posted 7th September by Juan Pablo *      *      *

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Compartir.:::. ▶ Jesus luz del universo – Michael y los Consejos de sus Seres Superiores | El Ser UNO – A

Compartir.:::. ▶ Jesus luz del universo – Michael y los Consejos de sus Seres Superiores | El Ser UNO – A.

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Compartir.:::. ▶ Jesus luz del universo – Michael y los Consejos de sus Seres Superiores

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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する 

Michael y los Consejos de sus Seres Superiores

Hoy estamos aquí para traerte otra mirada en el tema que nos criamos en un mensaje anterior. Ese tema es la composición de lo que eres, de lo que somos.

Esto parece ser un tema muy complejo y difícil desde su punto de vista, pero te aseguro que no lo es. La dificultad radica sólo en la novedad del pensamiento para ti. Y luego, por supuesto, están aquellos que no pueden o no quieren entretener tales pensamientos por sus propias razones personales.

La mayoría de ustedes que están leyendo esto son aquellos para los que esto no se aplica. Ha llegado el momento para que usted comience a entender que usted es mucho más de lo que está rodeado de sus cuerpos físicos. Además, tenga en cuenta que esto se aplica a cualquier otra persona y cada otra entidad que le rodean. 

 A pesar de que tus sentidos te dicen que tienes límites, que usted está separado de todo, no es, de hecho, cierto. 

 Pero eso nos llevará fuera en otra tangente.

Lo que deseamos disipar ahora es su percepción de que la vida te pasa. Y mientras estamos en ello, también vamos a deshacernos de la idea de que las cosas se determinan antes de llegar “aquí” y no hay nada que puedas hacer al respecto. No hay conflicto entre las ideas de los consejos rectores de su vida y el hecho de que usted es un ser de libre albedrío.

Ahora, ¿por qué es eso? 

Queridos amigos, esto es porque más allá del velo de su olvido no es una continuación de que se sienta con nosotros y recibe esta orientación y de acuerdo con ella, de hecho, ayuda a que la formule. Usted, en gran parte, se está guiando. Y sin embargo, incluso cuando usted entretiene esta idea, usted dice:

 “Yo nunca volvería a elegir esto!”

Usted dice que en sus momentos de dolor, y le decimos que usted y usted lo hizo. El truco, si es que lo es todo, es mirar más allá de lo doloroso y preguntar:

 “¿En qué sentido esto me sirve?”

 Esa es una gran pregunta, difícil de comprender en muchas situaciones. Nosotros entendemos eso. Pero es cierto, sin embargo.

No hay ningún ser en el universo entero, o de hecho cualquier otro, que decide hacerte sufrir por nada. Pues bien, con la excepción de tí mismo, por supuesto. Les pedimos que miren esta posibilidad. Cuando y si la vida no es como usted cree que tendría que ser, dónde y por qué estás juzgando a ti mismo como menos, como algo malo, como culpables, como la necesidad de compensar. 

 Y si usted no puede imaginar lo que podría ser, eso está bien. Perdónese de todos modos. Por que puede ser que usted no pueda perdonar a sí mismo cuando su Creador ya te ha perdonado? ¿Eres realmente tan duro con usted mismo? Bueno, sí, lo eres, queridos amigos. En muchos, muchos casos, usted es de hecho.

Y usted está separado de nosotros y del  Creador?  

No es posible que usted sea separado del Creador. Usted vive en esa ilusión. Usted nunca se mantendrán separados de nosotros, o de sus guías, o sus familias aquí tampoco. Hay, aquí, una porción mucho más grande de ti de lo que puedes imaginar que nunca se aparte de nosotros. Y así, con el fin de hacer frente a su vida, que ha creado una ilusión.

Y luego está la verdad de que, fueron capaces de percibir la verdad de todo lo que acabamos de explicar, no lo desea permanecer donde estás. ¿Y dónde se encuentra ahora mismo es en gran medida a donde querías estar en este momento.

¡Ánimo, queridos míos. Sabemos que es un lugar difícil donde os encontráis, Pero usted está allí en este momento con el fin de cambiar esta situación y también para presenciar y experiencia que cambia. El trabajo pesado es casi todo completamente hecho ahora. Ahora se encuentra en la posición de aprender cómo llevar a cabo lo que desean con mucha menos oposición que hasta ahora. El mayor problema para usted ahora será que el cambio es a menudo complicado. Pero, ya que también se desenvuelve y no repentina, también habrá mucho que celebrar y deleitarse.

Pero volviendo al tema inicial de este mensaje, que muy pronto comenzará, de hecho, muchos de ustedes ya han comenzado, muy pronto comenzará a sentir la comprensión de lo supremo de si mismos y de su relación con el todo. Esto será algo que va a crecer en ti durante toda su existencia, que comienza. Gracias por su atención a lo largo de este bastante largo mensaje.  

Cariños a todos los queridos amigos. 

 Buen día.


Copyright © Ronald Head. Todos los derechos reservados. Usted puede copiar y redistribuir este material, siempre y cuando no altere en forma alguna, el contenido sigue siendo completo, y que incluya este aviso de derechos de autor de enlace: http://oraclesandhealers.wordpress.com/


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sharing.:::SALUSA_ Greetings From AA Michael’s Sanctuary in the Rocky Mountains | samkaska

sharing.:::SALUSA_ Greetings From AA Michael’s Sanctuary in the Rocky Mountains | samkaska.

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sharing.:::SALUSA_ Greetings From AA Michael’s Sanctuary in the Rocky Mountains

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Greetings From AA Michael’s Sanctuary in the Rocky Mountains 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 8, 2014

by Georgi Stankov, November 7, 2014


Yesterday we arrived at the heart of AA Michael’s ethereal place of retreat on this planet – in Banff and the near-by Lake Louise in the Rocky Mountains. We were asked by him to make this tedious journey during the yesterday’s storm (November 6, 2014) and drive more than 840 km in rain, dense fog and poor visibility. I do not know how we made it, but we arrived on angels’ wings in time for another massive ascension peak after we cleansed this part of Canada during our trip. Each time we are on the road, we operate as huge trailblazers cleansing vast swathes of land and their population.

This time the source waves that hit us, the light warriors of the first and the last hours, cleansed the deepest cellular memories in our and all human earthly vessels meant for ascension. For me it felt like a complete mental and emotional depression coupled with physical exhaustion, where all meaning of my human life on this earth was wiped out and left me with nothing else in my hands, but pure desperation. Carla felt the same way, in addition to our severe headache due to a massive cc-wave yesterday and today.

It was obvious that this feeling came from the collective subconscious, as there were no objective reasons to feel like this, quite on the contrary. It has always been our intimate desire to visit together this famous winter resort and feel AA Michael’s energies in his retreat on this planet. Carla has visited many times Banff and the surrounding Rocky mountains since her childhood, but this was my first visit and I was eager to compare the energies of Banff with that of my sanctuary and current 5D world center of healing in Lofer, Austria.

Indeed there are many parallels, but also some outstanding differences that can only be explained if one knows both mountain resorts. Both sites emanate such huge and pure crystalline energies that it is as if one wants to climb Mount Everest without oxygen tanks. One gets really dizzy by only breathing these energies. Otherwise the historic background can’t be more different between Banff and Lofer, although both places have began their history as famous winter resorts around the same time at the beginning of the 20. century.

While I am writing this report, AA Michael has already established contact with Carla and is giving her some intuititive visions related to our visit in his sanctuary in the Rocky mountains. As soon as I know more, I will let you know. In the meantime I would like to express my profound gratitude for your overwhelming response to visit interesting Google advertisements by clicking on them and thus contributing decisively to the financial support of our website, which obviously should remain an ongoing tradition among all PAT members in order to yield the desired results. Thankyou very much for your apprehension and help in this respect. This is one effective way how the Orion economic system could be harnessed in service of higher spiritual goals. In this manner you are actively contributing to the alchemical transformation of the current pecuniary system into a new, just numerical form of payments and abundance that will dominate life on the upper 4D worlds, we have already created.

Before Carla comes up with her message, let me give you my actual assessment. We are since October 12th in a huge upward spiral of ascension that has not stopped since then. The opening of the second wave of ascension candidates for the LBP and the cleansing of the collective dross of the New Age last week set free some very chaotic energies, which you all had to process and this cleansing is still ongoing.

It makes a lot of sense that the current high frequency energies from the Source will affect in the first place the old souls – the star seeds and crystalline children – who account for roughly 5% of the human population. Until now most of them were staying idle on the sideline of the ascension process and had barely commenced with the cleansing of their personal issues and the collective human dross. Now they have been opened for the LBP, which means in the first place beginning with the massive cleansing on behalf of Gaia and humanity and this is an enormous support for the PAT. As soon as this second wave of ascension candidates fully resumes its light work duties, we shall be free to leave this uppermost mother planet.

The opening and the beginning of revelations can only start with that population of incarnated old souls, who are energetically ready for these events at the level of their HS, even though their ego-minds still betray them. But these effects will trickle down to many, less perceptive human entities and these energies are now profoundly felt by the dark cabal and their stooges such as the internet trolls. The latter have already started to respond to these massive waves of revelation and truth by resorting to some desperate and stupid actions in their last ditch effort to preserve their dwindling power. The ruling cabal will however miserably fail and only reveal their heinous nature that will lead to their demise.

This is already happening on a global scale. In his despair Obama has sent a secret letter to the Iranian supreme leader, his worst enemy together with Putin, begging for help in his hopeless war against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. He knows very well that he will never win this perfidious war, just as he lost his proxy war against Russia in Southeast Ukraine by using shamelessly the odious Nazis in Kiev.

And the USA government has already shot twice in his leg. With the help of the Saudis, with which they are now in big quarrel, they tried to crash the oil price as to harm the Russians (In fact, the oil price dropped essentially because of the world recession and diminishing demand.). What the Americans actually achieved, is to crash their own shale fracking industry, which can only operate within a very narrow profit margin when the oil price is above 100 $ a barrel. This was the only economic asset of this dying former economic giant. Now the last illusion of energy supply independence of the USA has been shattered in these days.

This is how the dialectics of the new Source energies operate in the End Time. Or as Mephisto says in Goethe’s “Faustus”: ” Ich bin die boese Kraft, die stets was Gutes schafft” (I am the evil force that always creates something good.). While the Russians can live very well with any oil price above 50 $ a barrel due to their cheap production sites and infinite natural resources, the USA has depleted all its major oil fields and expensive shale fracking was their last hope. Now they have sawn the only branch, on which they sit. These latest examples only illustrate how the ruling cabal will oust themselves from power very soon. This is the divine plan for the End Time and now the drama has visibly entered its final act.

Watch carefully for other similar processes and events at the political and economic stage that will show you how far advanced the ascension process is on this uppermost mother planet and how quickly the dark ruling cabal will lose their power by triggering the final events on the ground that will be the igniting sparks for the MPR and our ascension.

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– October 17, 2014 Posted on Oct 17, 2014
by cosmicgaia
in Mike Quinsey, SaLuSa
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Unity Consciousness

Channeled by Mike Quinsey

If ever you needed proof of the weather changes that are taking place, you only have to look back at the difference now to what it was just some 50 years ago. The changes are dramatic and do not appear to follow any particular pattern and at times seem chaotic. Yet the changes are not random happenings, but leading to a more acceptable pattern and one that ensures that the extremes you usually experience no longer occur. Around you the chaos is another sign of what is happening, although much of it is karmic as old problems between people and even nations are sorted out. Yes, it is an unsettling time but it is necessary as you might say, to clear out the rubbish that will have no place in the higher vibrations. Your individual role is to clear out your own “rubbish” to enable you to your place in the New Age, and enjoy all of the changes that will lift mankind to a higher level. If it is your desire to be part of the changes, your intent will carry you along and attract Guides who will assist you.

We have often told you that nothing happens by chance, and it is worth bearing in mind as you might otherwise feel that you are at the mercy of random events. Where your own life is concerned there is always a plan that will enable you to evolve, so no opportunity should be wasted. You proceed at a rate that is agreed with your Guides who will help you to achieve success, however you are always have freewill and the final decision is yours. Clearly if you desire to evolve you will do what is necessary to be successful, and that often means following your intuition without necessarily knowing the purpose. Of course some experiences take place to clear any karmic debts that you may have, so with this in mind it would serve you well to accept such situations with good heart. Nothing happens without good reason so make the best of such opportunities. This is a time for forgiveness for all perceived wrongs against you, and bear in mind that all experiences are of value.

Good news rarely features in your media’s reports, and we can assure you that there is a trend for more people to help others who are in need. The feeling of Oneness is spreading with the realisation that you “are your brother’s keeper” although some beliefs are so powerful that the differences are totally maintained. In such circumstances souls with such pronounced beliefs are born into countries where they can best learn their lessons and that “All Are One”. This is why wars still continue and would only normally cease when peace is seen as the only way forward. As one who is more aware, your presence can be very helpful when by example you live life as it should be, in peace and harmony with all living Beings. Indeed, by living your beliefs your are helping others simply by being amongst them. Your Light will most likely attract others to you who desire to know how you can live at peace, when often chaos is all around you.

As you have become to realise, we are keeping a close eye on those who could destroy the Earth if their activities were left unchecked. The Illuminati and their minions are carefully monitored and they cannot do anything without our knowledge. You can therefore be assured that there will be no major incidents of destruction, and certainly no wars other than small disputes. Our role is to lead you safely to a peaceful conclusion, and then circumstances will allow us to openly come to Earth. It will be a great time of rejoicing and revelations that will clear up the mysteries of your past history. You have been deliberately kept in the dark, and held back from advancements that would have immensely improved your quality of life. It is as if you have been locked in a time capsule where time has stood still. This will all change in the near future and you will be amazed at how quickly you will make up for lost time.

Think big where your future is concerned, as you will find your consciousness expanding more quickly as you enter the higher vibratory rate. You will be astonished at the extent of changes that will see you enter a New Age of peace and prosperity. The fruits of the Earth will be more than ample for your needs, and sharing will become normal and there will be sufficient for everyone’s needs. New inventions that are being held back will be released, and the drudgery and hard work to survive will become a thing of the past. The world will open up to you and travel will become quite normal, where distant places can be easily reached in next to no time. It will of course mean that new forms of travel will have been introduced, and much of your present means will have become obsolete. It is going to be an exciting time for everyone and the changes will happen quite quickly with our help.

At a time when it is difficult to comprehend where events are leading to, we hope we have lifted you up by giving you an insight into the future. Nothing can stop the plan for your future and we are as you might say, raring to go and looking forward to bringing you into the New Age. Previous cycles have ended in major changes that have put Humanity back to commence another new one. This time you have completed a Solar Cycle successfully, and those of you who have lifted up your vibrations will continue to evolve as you enter the New Age. Every soul will find itself exactly where it is best placed to continue its experiences. We know that such statements cause some concern within family groups that wish to stay together. We would like to assure you that there are usually strong ties within them, and it would be unusual if they did not progress as one unit. However, you will find that as you evolve you will be drawn to groups of a like vibration, where you will continue to evolve until you find the need for a different experience.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and I enjoy my time with you and look forwards to meeting many of you in the near future. Time itself will not have the same effect on you as now, and in a manner of speaking will no longer rule your life. There are so many welcome changes that await you, and once we are able to introduce ourselves we shall all go speeding along into the New Age that holds so much for you. Keep looking ahead and know that your life is one story that has a happy ending.
Thank you SaLuSa.

Mike Quinsey


* * *

Putin’s Epic Battle Against the Dark Western Cabal to Save “Russia’s Soul”
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 8, 2014
by Georgi Stankov and Bill Mee, November 8, 2014www.stankovuniversallaw.com

Bill sent me today the following article below, which excellently summarizes what we have discussed in the last months with regard to Russia and the role of Putin in this final epic battle between the forces of light and darkness before our ascension and the MPR can come. Putin and Russia stand for the forces of light, while the AAA (Anglo-American-Axis) and its European minions, Germany and France, stand for the dark forces that want to drag humanity and this planet into total destruction, by unleashing a new world war. Only today Kaherine Milstead sent me a link how this war can possibly commence.


My response to this article was: “Tomorrow we shall know more about this probable attack. If it may not happen, and my HS tells me that it will not happen, there is still no doubt that such dark ops are constantly prepared by the dark ruling cabal to save their skin in the very last minute and trigger a new WW3.”

And here is what Bill Mee wrote to me and my response to him concerning this excellent overview article on Putin, Russia and the Western cabal of the AAA:

“Hi Georgi,

In light of what Sananda had to say about Russia in “Mandate for This World“, this is a very revealing article about Russia and how Putin is contributing to the defeat of what remains of the Illuminati or dark cabal that currently controls the U.S. and Western Europe (UK, Germany, Italy, and France) and Australia and why we are seeing so much demonization of Vladimir Putin by corporate controlled Western mainstream media. It is a rather long article but worth the read to get an accurate understanding of history. IMO, the term Anglo-American Axis (AAA) used in the article is just another term for the remaining minions of the Illuminati or dark cabal. In other words, AAA = dark cabal. It is a great article and the subtitle is best title.

Secret History Revealed: Putin Played Critical Role In The Pre-Planned Collapse Of The USSR
Vladimir Putin’s Russia: Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis And Their New World ‘Order’
http://stateofthenation2012.com/?p=8159” …



Dear Bill,

This overview article on Russia and Putin is excellent and written with a lot of understanding of the historical processes, which I observed and experienced first hand as co-founder of the Bulgarian opposition party at that time (since 1989), where the same events which happened in Russia also took place in Bulgaria on a smaller scale, but equally devastating. I will re-publish this article today as it sums up many topics which I have discussed in previous articles…

Thank you very much for this information.

With love and light



Vladimir Putin’s Russia: Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis And Their New World ‘Order’

State of the Nation

Why is the Anglo-American Axis so afraid of Putin and determined to bring him down?

No world leader has been so demonized by the West over the past decade as President Vladimir Putin of Russia has.

No other president or prime minister has been subjected to so many outrageous personal attacks and unrelenting false accusations.

Clearly, Vladimir Putin represents a genuine threat to the World Shadow Government(WSG) in a way that profoundly unnerves those who reside at the peak of the global power pyramid.

Why are they so afraid of him?

Before that question can be answered, the hidden history of the preplanned collapse of the USSR must first be understood and properly considered. Only by understanding the true historical context in which Vladimir Putin operated at that time will his actions and pronouncements of today take on great meaning. This unknown history is also quite important if one is to comprehend the reactions of his countless detractors throughout the leadership of the Anglo-American Axis (AAA). As follows:
Ultra-Secret Deal Made Prior To The Engineered Collapse Of The USSR Following The Fall Of The Berlin Wall

One of the best kept secrets which predicated the inevitable collapse of Soviet communism and the subsequent breakup of the USSR is that it actually occurred in a manner not too unlike a carefully controlled demolition. Only in this case they were bankers and politicians, investment brokers and power-brokers who actually pressed the buttons. All of the plans toward that end were fastidiously laid by these stakeholders, all of whom had the greatest interest in exploiting the vast wealth of the Russian motherland.

The fall of the Berlin Wall and collapse of the USSR was not the spontaneous series of major events that the Mainstream Media (MSM) would have us believe. Neither was it the result of President Ronald Reagan’s request: “Mr. Gorbachev, Tear Down This Wall”; although his Hollywood background made for some great (and convincing) political theatre. “Perestroika” and “glasnost” were simply buzzwords bandied about to present the appearance of a fundamentally changed USSR. Yes, Russia did become liberalized especially in contrast to Soviet Communism, but only so it could be neo-liberalized by the banksters.

In fact, the entire dissolution of the USSR was the product of numerous top secret meetings which took place with very high level (as in highest level) representatives from the USSR, USA, UK and other major AAA nations and WSG controllers. By and large the most important of these meetings concerned the meticulously engineered business and commercial, banking and investment aspects necessary for an orderly breakup of the USSR republics and its eastern European satellites.

By 1989 the pendulum of power had swung from those who wished to see the USSR and her satellites controlled by communism to those who wanted to directly control her prodigious natural wealth, industrial base and other national assets by way of naked predatory capitalism. Toward that end the many notorious Russian oligarchs were each selected and appointed by the Western coalition of bankers to oversee the outright theft of all major assets and natural resources from the Russian people. This unique form of corrupt predatory capitalism was at first hidden from public view as it was implemented to strip everything of value from both the state and the citizenry.

This jointly blessed transitional process was the only way in which the Soviet Union was ‘permitted’ to be liberated from those who secretly controlled her destiny throughout nearly 75 years of nominal Soviet Communism. Leaders such as Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin were chosen to rubber stamp the entire state-coordinated theft by the oligarchs. As political leaders are usually kept in the dark, neither of them, nor their inner circles, were privy to the details of this scheme to steal Russian wealth. They were merely frontmen whose primary task was to usher the process along with the veneer of legitimacy. However, because of their positions of political power and unique vantage points, both were grimly aware that “a deal had been made with the devil” behind their backs.

Boris Yeltsin bore the greatest burden because of the timing of his term as President as he watched the oligarchs steal everything in sight. His well known drinking problem and heart condition were surely the result of having to go along with the whole charade. Nevertheless, he knew that in the future stewardship of Vladimir Putin, Russia would be “protected”. For just as the vulture capitalists from both Russia and the West executed their plans (and contracts) to strip Russia bare, so, too, had an ultra-secret group of Russian patriots and nationalists, loyal politicians and government officials made an even stronger compact to take it all back … when the right time presented itself.

The CIA, also known as The Company, was directly involved in this CON of the century.

The following headline portrays exactly what did not occur just prior to the fall of the Berlin Wall and subsequent collapse of the Soviet Union.

Director Admits C.I.A. Fell Short In Predicting the Soviet Collapse – New York Times

Can anyone believe that the CIA tried to present itself as having failed to predict this monumental and unparalleled collapse, particularly when it was The Company that was actually pulling the levers and pushing the buttons of what was essentially a controlled demolition?

The CIA even went so far as to take a lot of bad press to convince the American public (and the world-at-large) that they had ‘truly’ failed miserably in this regard. Such was their intent to hide the actual scheme perpetrated against the Russian people, as well as against all the former republics that made up the Soviet bloc, that the CIA was made the subject of various political dramas acted out all over the ‘Washington, DC theatre district’ in an effort to cover up any US involvement.

The Company does after all bear the direct responsibility of seeing to it that all Anglo-American Axis international agreements are strictly adhered to. In reality, contract enforcement of this nature has always been the CIA’s primary duty. In the instant case of Russia, however, their long range assessments and strategic analyses fell WAY short of the mark. So mistaken were they that it can now be safely stated that it was really the CIA that ultimately got conned. Perhaps there were also those well-positioned CIA ‘whistleblowers’ who played the game so as to alert their Russian counterparts of the various schemes and scams being run from Saint Petersburg to Vladivostok by the Western banksters.
It should now be clear why all the Russian oligarchs ran to London, Tel Aviv and New York City.

What better way for the oligarchs to shield themselves from Russian indictments than to seek the full protection of the CIA, MI6 and MOSSAD crime syndicate deep within theAnglo-American Axis (AAA). Even the recently freed ex-president, Mikhail Kodorkovsky[1], of the now defunct Yukos Oil has been spending more time in the good ole USA stumping for a new Russian revolution. The CIA’s other Russian political plant, former world chess champion Gary Kasparov, has also been working overtime to supplant Putin as “Protector of the Realm” as he preaches incessantly to the American political establishment about the ‘grave danger’ of Putin’s truly enlightened leadership.

It seems that neither of these Western dupes understands that this is not 1917. And that Vladimir Putin is not Czar Nicholas of Romanov fame. They also fail to realize that many of their fellow oligarchs abroad, as well as political pawns at home, have met with disastrous fates; such are the forces from on high which have aligned with Putin’s master plan for a strong and sovereign Russia. Each one of the many oligarchs, acting out of extreme self interest as they have, cannot even hope to touch Putin now that state power has been irreversibly consolidated to administer the Kremlin’s will.

The Ukraine: Another CIA-Coordinated Coup d’etat … For The USA And Israel

What is particularly surprising, in view of the very dynamic moves being played on the current global geopolitical chessboard, is that the West is so transparent in regard to both their method and motive toward undermining Russia. The recent Kiev coup and ongoing Ukraine revolution provide a perfect example of yet another nation collapse executed within the historical orbit of Russia. Here, again, Zionist oligarchs with ties to the US, UK and Israel have been appointed to all the key national leadership positions, as well as to the governorships of all the regions known as oblasts. Once again, the AAA game plan has been executed according to the same playbook as that utilized during the USSR collapse, with the billionaire oligarchs taking total control of the wealth of the Ukraine.

Most do not know, but there is a plan afoot by the Modern State of Israel to set up a return to its original homeland in the Ukraine. The Eastern Ukraine was once a part of the kingdom of Khazaria during a time when Judaism was chosen by the king to become the official state religion. Those Khazarian adherents to Judaism would go on to constitute what is now known as Ashkenazi Jewry. Over centuries of migrations throughout Russia, as well as emigrations to all parts of eastern, central and western Europe, the Ashkenazim have evolved into the richest and most politically powerful religious group in Eurasia.

In fact the Modern State of Israel (MSI) was formed by the Zionist movement which derived its power and wealth from Ashkenazi Jewry the world over. However, the MSI experiment is not going so well. Most of those Jews who emigrated from Russia and the Ukraine, as well as many who fled Europe during pre World War II persecution, post WWII chaos and right up to the present day instability now understand that they jumped right from the frying pan into the fire.

Furthermore, many Jews have now come to realize that the cultural PTSD[2] generated by both WWI and WWII was purposefully inflicted so that they would be more amenable to taking up residence in a foreign patch of desert land surrounded by Muslim and Arab nations which were forced to watch the outright theft of Palestine in broad daylight from their brethren. Not a good way at all to move into the neighborhood, especially when the neighbors can very easily lob mortars and missiles into your midst.

This is where the plot to repopulate the Ukraine comes in. Most Israelis of European descent are naturally more comfortable on “the Continent” completely out of range of such mortar and missile attacks. Hence, the Ukraine was chosen by the Zionist leadership as a new fallback position. Not only is the brazenly apartheid regime of the Modern State of Israel untenable in any civilized world, it has shown itself as the thoroughly rogue nation and criminal state that it is today. In fact, the Modern State of Israel has ignominiously distinguished itself as an unprecedented and peerless international pariah.

Particularly in light of their recent destruction of Gaza, Israel has essentially sealed its fate. Consequently, the Middle East has morphed into a HUGE powder keg ready to blow whenever Israel decides to cross one too many red lines for the umpteenth time. Any normal person living in such a volatile environment would only want to far remove themselves from such a precarious state of affairs, which is why there is now a very quiet movement of Ashkenazi Jews back to the Ukraine, their ancestral homeland.
The US-UK-EU-Ukraine coalition has telegraphed its misguided intentions from the start.

From the very beginning of the manufactured civil war in the Ukraine, the Western powers have revealed their intentions of creating a new “European Israel”. Removing the Russian language and substituting Hebrew as the second official language of the Ukraine is just one quite obvious move toward the establishment of a new Israeli enclave. All the while the Anglo-American Axis accuses Russia of having designs to create a new region –Novorossiya — known literally as New Russia. Such a red herring has accomplished the goal of not arousing suspicion as to the real plot to take over the Ukraine, just as Palestine was in the late 1940s. Furthermore, witness Israel’s extraordinary silence regarding the whole AAA misadventure in the Ukraine before and during the ongoing, fabricated civil war.

Not only would such a “European Israel” provide a highly strategic geopolitical location from which to continue their efforts to destabilize Russia, the AAA would also use the Ukraine to run interference throughout the European Union. Just as Israel has been used to disrupt the entire Middle East for decades, the new Ukraine state being constituted for Israeli resettlement will serve a similar function throughout a Eurozone that is slowly becoming hostile to Jewish populations and their interests.

When the neofascist leadership in Kiev turned the military loose on the urban and rural areas of the Eastern Ukraine, it became apparent that a much greater agenda of ethnic cleansing was at work. Many authoritative reports have indicated the wholesale slaughter of innocent civilians, as well as the wanton destruction of infrastructure/places of worship/homes/businesses of the Russian-speaking populace. Some have even insinuated that a slow motion plan of systematic genocide is at work.
Old Empires Must Die To Make Room For The REAL Global Transformation That Putin Promotes

If the Anglo-American Axis is distinguished by one pursuit above all, it is its unquenchable thirst for oil and natural gas. So addicted is the AAA to hydrocarbon fuel that the Petrodollar quickly became the world reserve currency. The strength of so much sustained worldwide demand for oil as an energy source has now reached a critical point however. Both the AAA war machine and economic juggernaut require LOTS of oil and gas to run its tyranny across the planet. Not only is the Anglo-American Axis terribly wasteful and inefficient in the utilization of these energy resources, which Russia possesses in great abundance, it expends considerable amounts of time and energy, money and capital in the process of further acquisition of the hydrocarbon fuel needed to maintain sole superpower status.

Herein lie the seeds of its own destruction, for the Anglo-American Axis can no longer bear the costs necessary to maintain its empire. The extent to which war and other forms of conflict have been relied upon to secure additional sources of oil and gas no longer makes sense. All the nations which have walked down this path of perpetual war have been exposed. Some, like Israel, are now considered anathema to an overwhelming majority of nations worldwide. Likewise, the USA is vilified all over the world as a bully bent on self-destruction, just as the UK is universally known by its City of London bankster MO.

In light of these commonly held perceptions, the fortune/fate ratios of both the BRICS Alliance and Anglo-American Axis, are soaring and plummeting respectively. While the European-American-Japanese economic model continues to go bust in real time, the BRICS Alliance is at the very least setting itself up for a future boom. Clearly the trajectories of the BRICS nations are poised to shoot toward the stars, as the Western powers are precariously plunging toward an unprecedented “crash and burn”. Ironically, it is only through the cooperation and collaboration with the BRICS allied nations, and especially Russia, that the Eurozone and American sphere of influence can be saved from almost certain economic collapse and financial breakdown.

When the smoke and mirrors that define so much of the Western economic mirage begin to fade, Eurozone countries will profoundly regret imposing such counterproductive sanctions on Russia. It is they who now suffer tremendous economic consequences, right in the middle of a resurgent recession, from Russia’s much more debilitating economic sanctions. Even the vaunted economic engine of Europe — Germany — has lost its capacity to jumpstart the rest of the EU, all because they chose to side with the real perpetrators of the Kiev coup d’état.

The battle for the Ukraine is not so much about the AAA geopolitical gambit gone wrong, as much as it is a litmus test for those who will be allowed to join an authentic global movement defined by economic justice, social equality and political stability. Furthermore, it is respect for national sovereignty — above all else — that Putin’s Russia, Jinping’s China, and Modi’s India expect from the world, as the rest of the world ought to receive from all the BRICS nations.

Enter Vladimir Putin, The Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis

First, it is critical to understand that it is not just Putin the man who they’re afraid of. It is not even Russia as a nation that scares the living daylights out of the AAA. It is theFORCE behind Putin which they have not seen occupy a major political office since John F. Kennedy. Surely, the AAA must wonder how they all got so tricked into believing that Putin was one of them in the first place. He was, after all, a KGB functionary with all the right credentials to be trusted to play their game, only their way, all the time.

However, just like JFK back in the early ’60s, once Putin saw exactly how the AAA game was being played on the people — EVERYWHERE — he flipped on them and has never looked back. Because his predecessor Boris Yeltsin, who assisted the Russian oligarchs in the plundering, pillaging and raping of the Russian motherland, gave his firm blessing to Putin as political heir, no one ever thought Putin would perform such a ‘radical’ 180° turnaround. In both the formulation of state policy and administration of the federal government he set about the process of taking back Russia from those who misappropriated her wealth. So dramatic was his conversion against the rapacious oligarchy that he is now spoken of as a veritable reincarnation of Peter the Great who also saved Russia from enemies both within and without.

President Putin’s close alignment with the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church — His Holiness Patriarch Kirill – has become the cause for the deeply religious and traditional people of Russia to become enamored with him. His socially conservative agenda is much more in sync with Russian sensibilities as it is protective of a refined culture that is at odds with the permissiveness of an ever-coarsening Western society. In this particular area of divergence, Putin’s Russia has served as a countervailing force to the AAA modus operandi of sewing seeds of social chaos and political disorder wherever they set their sights.

It is significant to point out that the Russia that Yeltsin inherited was one that the thoroughly corrupt oligarchs were promised. In other words, the emancipation from Communism only came with the understanding that the Russian oligarchs would be permitted to steal the nation’s assets — natural resources, industrial plants and whatever else they could get their hands on. This little known fact is why Boris Yeltsin freely admitted at the end of his career to some historic mistakes, especially those related to the systematic transfer of Russian wealth to those now infamous oligarchs.

He knew that it was the key to Russia’s eventual freedom from those Western powers which were integral to orchestrating the fall of the Berlin Wall in a relatively orderly manner.

History has now shown us that Boris Yeltsin had great foresight in his choice of Vladimir Putin as Prime Minister. His final words to Putin in his capacity as President were: “Take care of Russia.” They have likewise been translated as “Protect Russia.” In Putin was the perfect vessel found to ensure that Boris Yeltsin’s last wish would be honored. Putin himself uttered the following words a couple of days prior to Boris Yeltsin’s funeral.

“We will do everything we can to ensure that the memory of Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, his noble thoughts and his words ‘take care of Russia’ serve as a moral and political benchmark for us,”[3]
Of course doing so meant that the oligarchs either went to jail or into exile.

Which is exactly what Putin set about to do, regardless of Western reaction and/or threats from all the usual suspects. Putin would not, under any circumstances, allow predatory capitalists to destroy Russia. He quite deliberately — under cover of “national security” — initiated all of the necessary legal process and governmental procedure to reclaim that which had been stolen from the Russian people. This particular tact was especially effective, and foolproof, since the AAA has used the same pretext to take over nations large and small for centuries.

Nevertheless, the West could only recoil in utter shock that a President would actually protect his nation in this fashion. That Putin put the interests of Russia and its citizenry before the bankers … and the industrialists … and the powerful oligarchs was seen as the ultimate betrayal. After all, his actions ran counter to the back room deal that was cut by the real power-brokers who negotiated the “fall of the Wall”. Communism was to be eradicated ONLY if the oligarchs were granted unfettered access to Russia’s wealth. And so they were … … … for the time being.

Little did anyone know that Boris Yeltsin — and especially Vladimir Putin later on — tricked them all. Unfortunately, such a benevolent deception ultimately took a great toll on Yeltsin’s health in the form of death by heart disease. As an extremely patriotic and self-sacrificing Russian leader, Boris Yeltsin knew that he had to play nice with the Western leaders (and their oligarch agents) if the nation was to be liberated from their predatory claws. In the end he did a superlative job, particularly in ensuring a smooth transition to Putin upon whom fell the weight of the benign double-cross.

The main reason Vladimir Putin is so despised by the Western Powers is because he totally tricked them for the benefit of the Russia people.

No one understands Russian history of the 20th century better than the justifiably resentful citizens of the USSR. These folks suffered great trials and tribulations at the hands of Communist thugs who were put into power by Western bankers and the Anglo-American political class. They know exactly what happened to their motherland in the wake of the totally fraudulent Bolshevik Revolution. They also know precisely who was responsible for such a catastrophic social, economic and political cataclysm.

“It has been said that the Russian steppes has born many a philosopher. That great expanse of land runs on seemingly forever with wide open sky and unbroken winds that stir the soul … to know the truth … and nothing but the Truth.”[4]

Only by understanding the temperament of those Russian peoples who lived through the disaster of Communism, which was foisted on them by foreign agents with a surreptitious agenda, will the forces that stand behind Putin be correctly understood. In this regard, it is not Putin, the President, that the Western Powers are dealing with. It is a proud and patriotic Russian movement that sprang up with the awareness that the Anglo-American Axis was responsible for their lost century. This truth cannot be erased from history by airbrushing a few internet sites which are controlled by the CIA. Nor can the many odious and therefore inconvenient historical facts be eradicated from the Russian psyche when so much pain and suffering was caused to so many.

Truly, the forces which support Putin in his quest for genuine national sovereignty are much greater than any US President or UK Prime Minister, NATO Supreme Allied Commander or European Union Leader. In fact the power behind Vladimir Putin is Russia herself, a force quite determined not to be held prisoner by the Anglo-American Axis ever again. And no amount of saber-rattling by Washington, or economic terrorism by the European Union, or financial sabotage from the City of London will alter that determination.
Nuclear Weapons Have a Way Of Serving As The Great Equalizer

Unlike every other country that has recently fallen to naked Anglo-American aggression, Russia had substantially developed much nuclear weapon technology during the Cold War. Little did the West ever imagine that Russia would then use the prospect of not only nuclear weapon technology, but also far more advanced and destructive weaponry which has never been utilized before on Planet Earth, as as a powerful deterrent to unprovokedAnglo-American Axis acts of war.

Nor did the same Western predatory capitalists ever dream that the richest man in Russia — Mikhail Khodorkovsky[3] — would be imprisoned for 10 years. Being their point man for the further looting of Russia’s oil and gas reserves and related assets, the whole misguided AAA scheme went completely bust. However, once the oligarchs were stripped of their power, money and influence, all the West could rely upon was brute force, as they continue to exercise with extraordinary savagery in places like the Ukraine. To intimidate and threaten, coerce and extort is all the Anglo-American Axis knows how to do these days, so successful have these tactics been in subjugating completely powerless and/or defenseless nations around the world for many decades.

Nevertheless, now that the Russian Federation has reassessed their nuclear weapons capability and redeployed critical assets on their western border, their tactical response and strategic preparedness have never been better. While this particular state of affairs poses a great obstacle to the AAA’s long range plan toward a New World ‘Order’, Russia and the ever-growing BRICS Alliance present an even greater challenge to their fatally flawed implementation plan.

Russia’s Demand For Respect Of National Sovereignty Is Representative Of A Much Larger Worldwide Movement

Russia is not only joined by the BRICS Alliance in its efforts to level the global playing field, it is also supported by many other nations near and far, Hungary being one that has broken ranks with the European Union. Certainly the broke and bankrupted Anglo-American Axis has its job cut out when going up against a growing number of countries that will no longer be treated like stepchildren. When nations like China and Russia, India and Brazil, South Africa and Venezuela, Bolivia and Ecuador, publicly express their misgivings with American hegemony, the whole world pays close attention. Therein lies the real power behind Vladimir Putin.

History books will one day show that the world community of nations rallied around the moral high ground taken by Vladimir Putin in the second decade of the new millennium. Not only do the Russian people fully support their president, but the vast populations of China, India, and many other nations stand solidly behind their leaders against the incessant meddling by the Anglo-American Axis. The pervasiveness of the internet has simply made it too easy to share what is REALLY going on around the world, especially when the AAA is working so vigorously against the interests of common people everywhere.

Vladimir Putin, no matter what intrigues and machinations are set in motion to disrupt his best intentions, has been found out by his own people. They know that he has done his level best to protect Russia. They also know that, in his resolve to take care of the Russian people, he also considers the best interests of citizens of every nation, including those which relentlessly antagonize Russia and persecute him at every opportunity. This extraordinary posture is not only quite rare among world leaders today, it is an admirable quality in any age … which is just another reason why they so detest Vladimir Putin’s wise and enlightened leadership.
“Take care of Russia” literally became Putin’s “moral and political benchmark“

Only by divine ordination does a KGB lieutenant colonel wind up fulfilling the last wishes of his predecessor serving alternately as both President and Prime Minister of Russia. Because Vladimir Putin took that presidential directive so seriously, however, he now sits in the crosshairs of the most formidable military machine and economic juggernaut on Earth. However, in stark contrast to JFK’s short tenure which took place in the very belly of the beast, Putin has an unparalleled firewall of protection erected around him. He knew that if Boris Yeltsin’s final wish was to be carried out, he and his collaborators would have to be protected from harm. The AAA team, after all, never plays nice and always breaks the rules.

In light of Putin’s perceived reneging on a contract that was essentially agreed to by Yeltsin, there existed no moral imperative for him to abide by such an illegal and unethical agreement. On the very face of it, he could have been rightfully accused of treason of the highest order had he complied with the demands of the AAA. Only a traitor would perform on such an outrageous contract, so Putin knew that both the law and the people would be on his side once he flipped on the oligarchs and their Western sponsors. Nevertheless, doing so has brought the wrath of the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Trilateral Commission and the Bilderberg Group upon himself and Russia.

Being the wise, old soul that Putin is, he knew that his terms in office would be the most consequential of the modern era … for both Russia and the world-at-large. He has not shrunk from the demands of such a difficult undertaking; in fact, he seems to be emboldened by the formidable challenge that it is. But then he has the people of Russia firmly on his side, as well as an overwhelming majority of nations on Earth. When the people power around the planet starts to coalesce around the true intentions that Vladimir Putin represents and has frequently uttered, the change many wait for will come fast and furiously. Truly, global transformation lies right around the corner; a genuine new world order marked by implicit respect for both national and personal sovereignty.
The Future Of the World Lies With Russia

“Through Russia comes the hope of the world. Not in respect to what is sometimes termed Communism or Bolshevism — no! But freedom — freedom! That each man will live for his fellow man. The principle has been born there. It will take years for it to be crystallized; yet out of Russia comes again the hope of the world.”
~ Edgar Cayce

Clearly this prophetic utterance by Edgar Cayce was both prescient and perceptive. For not only have the steppes of Central Asia forged the hearts and minds of the Russian people over centuries, the tyranny of Soviet communism proved to be a crucible like no other. Russia has always been a nation of philosophers with writers like Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky molding the national consciousness since the 19th century. Given their relatively recent release from the imposed atheism of godless Marxism, Russians young and old have re-embraced the mystical traditions of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Given this very profound and ongoing cultural transformation, a new national mindset is emerging. Undoubtedly it is one that is bending inexorably toward a more conservative and traditional society, especially one that is moving in the opposite direction of Western societies. Putin is well aware of the sensibilities which predominate throughout the Motherland. He seeks to offend no one, but at the same time will not let the crazies run the asylum as they do throughout the Anglo-American Axis. Nor will he permit the values and principles, customs and traditions of any minorities dominate Russian culture.

In light of what is at stake for both Putin’s Russia and Obama’s USA, it is now apparent that an epic battle has been raging across the land. The most recent battle in the Ukraine is only one more among those being waged throughout the entire Middle East and beyond. Both Russia and China have seen their geopolitical positions assaulted and undermined wherever they attempt to establish new markets or engage trading partners. Particularly wherever energy resources are at stake, the wars have become more apocalyptic. So much so that many wonder if an epoch-ending World War III is around the corner. However, such an engineered Armageddon can only be foisted on the community of nations with the participation of both East and West.

Fortunately, Putin’s Russia will not be goaded into a World War 3 scenario. Neither will Jinping’s China nor Modi’s India. Because of Putin’s unshakeable resolve and strong leadership within the BRICS Alliance, none of the nations being routinely assailed by the AAA will be triggered into full scale war. The whole world has Vladimir Putin to thank for his sane and sober response to so many conflicts and skirmishes, false flag attacks and proxy invasions being staged across the planet on a weekly basis by the Anglo-American Axis.

The Russian people have come to respect Putin as a leader who is fiercely protective of the Motherland. Comparisons to Peter the Great, who has been praised “as an industrializer and cultural visionary who turned his country into a European power” are quite understandable. Under the stewardship of Tsar Peter I ”Russia became feared but also respected by its neighbors, and he is the official czar-hero of Russian history.”[6] Perhaps the following picture disseminated by the AAA Mainstream Media as a putdown does reflect Putin in his current role as “Protector of Russia” and moral leader of the free world.

State of the Nation
November 5, 2014

Author’s Note

There is a massive amount of false information being spread across cyber-space regarding Vladimir Putin. One of the primary disinfo campaigns is to link him to the very oligarchs who still remain in positions of power in Russia. Putin inherited an unprecedented economic mess and financial disaster from decades of communist mismanagement. He was also forced to deal with pervasive political problems and endemic government corruption from the same era. All the while he had to steer the country through major social, philosophical and religious transformation. In view of this context, is it not clear that he had to — initially — make as many friends as possible before all the purges began?

Given these realities, Putin did what any righteous and pragmatic leader would do — usher the process along in as smooth and painless a way as possible. The vast majority of Russians had already suffered terribly … for many decades. Therefore, he has always tried to work with those who have been cooperative. Some of the oligarchs saw the writing on the wall and made the overtures necessary to convince Putin of their loyalty to rebuilding Russia first. Those that left the Motherland would not renounce their thieving ways. Those who have stayed are much more aligned with Putin’s program than their previous affiliations and behavior might indicate. When faced with either being exiled or joining the cause, it became a fairly easy decision for those oligarchs who valued their Russian roots.

Then there is the matter which concerns those who assert that Putin must be in bed with the Rothschilds, the Western elite, the NWO, the Illuminati, the World Shadow Government, the FED (banksters), etc. As the president and prime minister of a once superpower nation, how could he possibly terminate all the normal international relationships in the midst of rebuilding the nation? It was only through the vital trade and commerce with Europe, as well as satisfying the energy demands of those and other countries, that Russia had the cash flow to survive the whole ordeal. So much of the Russian economy was (and is) driven by oil and gas revenue; a reality that Russia would have to face sooner or later. For the sake of survival, deals were made whenever, wherever and with whomever necessary.

Lastly, there are those who declare that Putin is unwittingly being used as controlled opposition. Do they really think that Putin is not aware of the many games being played by the AAA’s vast network of intelligence services? He was KGB, doing a heckuva lot more than the MSM would ever acknowledge. His involvement at the highest levels of playing the now ubiquitous Great Game gave him an education that only the Committee for State Security could provide. In fact, only the invaluable experience accrued within Russia’s primary security agencies (he was also appointed head of the FSB) could adequately prepare him for his future challenges. Therefore, when many ask how an ex-KGB officer can possibly do good, we wonder how Putin could have performed the herculean task of a successful national rehabilitation since 1999 … without being purged or assassinated!
Moral of the story: Only an extremely well connected ex-KGB operative and well informed ex-FSB Director could possibly have received the necessary support and vigilant protection to have kept him out of harm’s way for the past 15 years as Russia’s premier leader and statesman.

Editor’s Note

This article is the first in a series about Vladimir Putin’s Russia. Part II is entitled:
PUTIN: The President And The Power(s) Behind Him
Just Like JFK, Putin Goes His Own Way

There should be no doubt whatsoever that Vladimir Putin is the John F. Kennedy of the New Millennium.


[1] The Real Crime of M. Khodorkovsky by F. William Engdahl

[2] The Chosen People: Israel, ‘Christian’ Zionism and the Middle East Crisis by Revisionist Historians for World Peace

[3] BBC NEWS | Europe | Russian ex-president Yeltsin dies

[4] Anonymous Russophile

[5] Khodorkovsky passed Yukos shares to Rothschild Bank

[6] Peter the Great – Wikipedia

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Special Note

For the many intuitive souls out there who can look at a photo and apprehend the spirit of the person being photographed, here’s a great teaching moment about the real Vladimir Putin.

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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する
***   * * *
The Great Wave

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 10, 2014

Asana Mahatari

channelled by Jahn J Kassl


published on November 10, 2014 in


translated by Franz


by Georgi Stankov

This message refers to the “Great Wave” which we all now experience. It affects and resolves all human topics within the old 3D matrix and in particular money-related issues. Carla and I have been resolving these monetary issues for the last several months by employing the alchemical reaction of transformation.

For those who are interested in the equity markets, you should know that I made a very powerful decree last week that these markets will collapse very soon and will never recover. It is time for them to crash after they experienced a new all-time high a couple of days ago. This was the third peak in a row since this summer in a long, artificially created bull market by the few big banks and funds that has already turned into bear market in October, but was pushed one more time high by fraudulent financial interventions in the second half of October. Now the door for the long-awaited crash is wide open and nothing can save the current Orion monetary system based on printing money and assets out of thin air from its ultimate collapse.

At the same time it is not a secret that all light warriors have to suffer under financial scarcity and cannot fulfill their light worker’s obligations as they would like to. This is the tenor of the following message from Asana Mahatari with respect to the financial situation of the Lichtwelt-Publishing House of Jahn. It is very similar to my situation and that of this website. Obviously we all must experience the limitations of the Orion monetary system in their utmost form to the very last moment, before we move to higher dimensions and all our problems will be resolved with a magic wand.



Dream 11/03/2014: I am with my wife and my son Noah at the ocean beach. Noah plays in a water puddle and wants to drink the stale water. I explain to him that this is not good to do. I then look over the sea and I see that a great wave is building up, yet before neither my wife nor I can react to it, a wave captures Noah and takes him with it. It is indescribable what takes place inside of me. Shortly thereafter I see how the wave releases Noah. (End of dream)

Report: After that I lie in bed awake and confused. I grab the “Autobiography of a Yogi” and “by chance” I open the following page: „A historical healing incident concerns King Baber (1483-1530), founder of the Mogul empire in India. His son, Prince Humayun, was mortally ill. The father prayed with anguished determination that he receive the illness, and that his son be spared. After all the physicians had given up hope, Humayun recovered. Baber immediately fell sick and died of the same disease which had stricken his son. Humayun succeeded Baber as Emperor of Hindustan. Many people imagine that every spiritual master has, or should have, the health and the strength of a Sandow (a German athlete, born 1925, known as the “strongest man in the world”). The assumption is unfounded. A sickly body does not indicate that a guru is not in touch with divine powers, any more than life-long health necessarily indicates an inner illumination. The condition of the physical body, in other words, cannot rightfully be made a test of the master. His distinguishing qualifications must be sought in his own domain, the spiritual.” (from the „Autobiography of a Yogi, p.200-201)

After I read this I fell asleep again and dreamed one nightmare after another. Many of my closest companions were harmed, yet they always got up again and again and continued to walk, and finally there was still the last scene. I saw a woman known to me, whose sad and miserable sight could rarely be surpassed. “I am pregnant with my sixth child” she says to me, in order to squat down shortly thereafter and give birth. Yet instead of a child a small dead bird was born. (End of report)

Beloved Ones,

This is an extremely significant, as well as complex dream picture.


The first scene of the dream with Noah in the water shows that an unpredictable “sudden wave”, an event, will bury everything under it. Nothing and nobody can stop it and also a reaction is impossible, because things are taking their course. Yet Noah is released from the water, which means that even a great Master, as there are several among children in this time, can be captured by the suction of events, yet will not go down in the suction of the events. This is an important message, because to be untouched by the events, means to come out of them undamaged at the end of all days, yet does not necessarily mean to stay entirely away from them.

Thereby the assignments of a human being play a decisive role. Some Masters remain on-site; others on the other hand change, before the “wave” comes close, to a higher vibrational level. The citation of our eternal brother Paramhansa Yogananda shows clearly that the essence of a Master is only unveiled to the one, who understands the complexity of Life. Who knows how a Master soul is defined? There are only a few and in this example there is another key in order to remain free of false assumptions.

Superficial observation of such human beings always comes up short. In summary this means now: Many light warriors of the first and last hours, some Masters of this time, will be captured by the events, yet will not be devoured.

Here it is important to consider individual assignments. Because to remain until the end also means for some to vibrate with the waves of the final events – yet without being damaged.

Journey through the Underworld

The additional nightmares show how the different lower vibrating levels still affect this world. This journey through sluggish vibration fields shows, with what kind of discharges human Beings and this world are confronted. The birth of the dead bird from a woman shows that these messengers from Heaven can no longer live on certain 4D levels.

They no longer can anchor themselves there and remain far from these levels. The woman being experienced as miserable shows on which level Jahn was present. Why this? Because these vibration fields are now being redeemed and are being uncoupled from the earth, which uplifts. It is significant for Jahn’s work to know the intensity of the horror in order to remain vigilant and to thwart early on eventual attacks or encroachments.

What pertains to your “companions”, who are affected, this points directly to the situation in the Lichtweltverlag. Protect yourself! Actually the “crystal cube of ascension” is being prepared. The dark energies wanted and want to hinder this significant manifestation. Rocks are thrown into your path by all means, at the end without success, yet it is very demanding for your work. This means, protect yourself from the forces, which may hinder you, during any work on the “ascension cube” by the use of powerful mandates. Make it your “habit” before you work on it, to speak a mandate, because the arrows fly low, as they can. This is important to consider, then everything will be done.

The vehemence of the actual attacks is also related to the activated “Put down the Weapons!” Mandate for this World.


The light-filled and powerful energy has been set free and it reaches “the system” and the “camp of the dark ones”. Resistance, an outcry is logical and has already occurred.

Also in this case it is important to stand up by means of mandates and the transferred Light sword, and then you will be untouched. This fact that the dark forces have now been startled is yet noticeable and therefore all of you are very challenged.

Redemption of the Money Issue

Furthermore the talk between Karl (Jahn’s brother) and you, which you had yesterday, needs to be considered, because it points to very many, still unredeemed energies, which are coupled with the issue of money. Also here very many levels are actually redeemed, also in a global context.

Discussion protocol: Karl and I talked about how we can finance the publishing house on its base. The free of charge availability of messages costs money and the basic financing of 10,000 Euros per month cannot be covered by our sales. And even though the donations flow in and some human Beings give much from the little they have, every few months we face the question: „How do we go on?“ This fact makes our work more difficult and therefore we deliberate how do we get readers, for whom this is possible, to give a fixed monthly contribution by means of a bank transfer. Meaning that we, until the bank system collapses, can count on a fixed amount each month and with this can also work. If for example from the actual 1500 daily readers only 200 donate a monthly amount of 50 Euros, we would be financed and we could spend the profit from sales for new projects.

As is said, this was the issue yesterday and our deliberations regarding this. Naturally we have a deep inner trust that everything is “cared for”, yet in such a nerve-racking manner? (End of report)

Indeed “it is cared for” – you hear this repeatedly from us in the Light realms. And indeed it is cared for, and the “how” and “whereby” is the issue. Actually it deals with the fact that those human beings, who are connected with your work or are personally close or very close, provide their financial portion, as they are able to do so. The development process of the Lichtwelt publishing house still aims at providing the possibility of redemption for those human Beings, who still have not redeemed certain issues.

If today the publishing house would already dispose of unlimited financial means, many companions from the first, second and third row would not be able to redeem their money issues. Here it is still about to finance the project on this level.

As soon as all human beings, who are open for this insight, have completed this process, we go on to the next level and abundance in every respect is given. Like so often, and this is also frequently part of the discussion between Jahn and Karl, the Lichtweltverlag is a reservoir of those human Beings, who, based on the work and affect of you, can gain their own insights and thereby grow beyond themselves.

Meaning: Human beings are given the opportunity due to this message and the events of these days, to provide for an adequate energy exchange. Some human beings are still not fully aware of this, as they are barely familiar with the intensity of your work, because everything seems infinitely easy and complete. Which indeed is like that, yet what is behind it? Only a few have sufficient knowledge
about it.

This means, before Heaven empties its Cornucopia over you, it is necessary to foster the potentials on this level.

In this phase of the awareness process of mankind, for the ascension candidates, it is about to become aware of their Light and their shadows on all levels! Everything is energy and money is still a taboo issue for many, who have plenty of it.

Question: Doesn’t a dependency develop then, an inappropriate energetic binding, as human beings do their monthly fixed contributions?

ASANA MAHATARI: No, because who gives freely does not create a dependency. And who pretends the free giving can attain new insights, because Karl and you are masters in rejecting any creeping assimilation. It is about to bring into harmony the Life of human beings and money should flow to where the soul feels nurtured and where the hearts will be exalted. And this is without a doubt the case with the messages from the Light, which reach the world through the Lichtwelt project. This is also the case with other light-filled projects.

Here it is about to awaken a new sensitivity in these human Beings regarding this issue. Be again reassured: It is cared for, even if for you the ways of abundance are not always opened up.

Purification continues! In totality the following is to be recorded regarding these dream pictures: The great purification in all worlds continues. Based on your assignments you are quite often in the middle of the events, also when, as you believe, you have been liberated from it a long time ago. The day of the final and complete
liberation has not come yet; but it is ahead.

All issues of all times are redeemed from the collective energy field of the ascending world. Actually in addition the global money issues are also transformed, because the era of money politics ends. This is an immense process. Thereby actual different vibration fields overlap and it is necessary to remain in oneself and be anchored in self. Do not let yourself be discouraged by any experience, let yourself not be strayed from your path by any momentary picture, because at the end of time the wave releases you and you experience the new Life – no matter by which events you were confronted with. At the end of time the victory is yours. At the end of time we enter into Heaven.

We are an invincible unity in God! Do not let much different energy ever discourage us, which affect this our life until the day that is the fulfillment!

We are God’s invincible unity, which trace their light tracks into the earth in this world for new generations of human beings.

I am with you.
I am amongst you.

I am


Epilogue: Two hours after I wrote down this message, Noah has very severe earache – after three hours of uninterrupted crying he falls asleep exhausted at 8:30 pm and awakens repeatedly crying in pain. For me this is a definite sign how intensive these attacks are now and how the mandate and the situation described here also affect my family, which for example is severely affected before and at every Light Reading. Why at the time of the Light Readings? Because in those days, much energy is always discharged, in order to be transformed. My family is involved in these energetic processes due to our binding to the Light and the work of the Lichtweltverlag, and
therefore also the children get a great share of certain processes
and their energies. This is a factor, which I mention at this point
so that the bandwidth of this energetic work becomes visible,
because everything affects everything, which should encourage
each one of us to be fully conscious of one’s self and one’s thoughts, words and actions. Nothing exists by itself – all is one.

…11/04/2014, 7am

Noah wakes up in full health and all indications of a looming middle ear infection are gone.

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Vel sanus: Tai Chi Chuan 24 Steps Beginners Lesson 1 – AA MICHAEL ON THE PROCESS OF ASCENSION AND ON THE “SPLIT” IN DIMENSIONAL FREQUENCIES:::▶ Galactic Federation Update – February 18, 2014 – sharing

Vel sanus: Tai Chi Chuan 24 Steps Beginners Lesson 1 – AA MICHAEL ON THE PROCESS OF ASCENSION AND ON THE “SPLIT” IN DIMENSIONAL FREQUENCIES:::▶ Galactic Federation Update – February 18, 2014 – sharing.

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

El Ser UNO – A: ▶ El Ser Uno II – Planeta 3.3.3 Los Guardianes de Tera – Parte 13 – ▶ Archangel Michael, Yeshua, October 13,16-2013 – YouTube:::sharing

El Ser UNO – A: ▶ El Ser Uno II – Planeta 3.3.3 Los Guardianes de Tera – Parte 13 – ▶ Archangel Michael, Yeshua, October 13,16-2013 – YouTube:::sharing.

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lunes, 11 de agosto de 2014

▶ El Ser Uno II – Planeta 3.3.3 Los Guardianes de Tera – Parte 13 – ▶ Archangel Michael, Yeshua, October 13,16-2013 – YouTube:::sharing

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▶ Archangel Michael, Yeshua, October 13,16-2013 – YouTube


Es la función y la alegría de tus ángeles ayudarte. – Canalizado por Ron Head
13 de octubre 2013 en Michael, mensajes canalizados de Ron | Etiquetas: aceptación, Canalización, energía, alegría, Michael

October 13, 2013 in Michael, Ron’s Channeled Messages | Tags: Acceptance, Channeling, Energy, Joy, Michael


Venimos hoy para informarle de la corriente extremadamente potentes de energías en el que os encontráis en este momento. Así lo prevé y explicado por otras fuentes. Es enviado por Dios aunque se ha notado que su estrella y los demás cuerpos celestes están jugando sus piezas.

Eso muestra el componente físico, ya ves. Pero entiendo que la mayor parte de lo que estamos hablando de que no está a su alrededor en una forma que usted será capaz de medir, al menos no todavía. Pero es algo que muchos de ustedes pueden sentir e incluso sentir.
Le aseguramos que no hay duda en la mente de cualquiera de los que son tan talentosos. Sienten, además, muchos cambios en su ser y ver muchos cambios en sus vidas. ¿Son tan diferentes?

Ellos son diferentes en el sentido de que han buscado y aceptado lo que se ha dado. Todos ustedes son iguales en muchos aspectos, querida familia. Pero ni todo acto es de la misma manera. Esto no es para culpar en manera alguna. Es sólo para pedirle que, si no lo ha hecho, a abrirse plenamente a estas posibilidades y aceptarlas con plena sabiendo que ustedes son merecedores y amado.

Es cierto que usted va a comenzar a partir de los lugares que usted está de pie. No puede ser de otra manera. Sin embargo, su aumento será sólo el más dramático y alegre si ese lugar que está de pie es quizás no tan maravilloso, ¿no?

Y no seas demasiado orgulloso, ni humilde ni demasiado en el miedo o la culpa para pedir ayuda. Por favor, es la función y la alegría de tus ángeles que te ayuden. Es la alegría de todos los que están de este lado a hacer lo que podamos para estar de servicio. Y hay a tu alrededor y dentro de ti, en todo momento, el amor incondicional, la energía, de tu Creador. Está a disposición de ustedes en cada momento. Hacemos un llamamiento a ella.

Súplica no es lo que estamos hablando, queridos. Uso se merece las cosas de las cuales se hacen, aquello de lo que consistirán, es lo que queremos decir. Es lo que queremos decir cuando decimos: “Descubre quién eres.” Es la constatación de lo que eres capaz de hacer eso será el mejor maestro de eso. Ese es el camino sobre el cual usted, como una familia, ha colocado a sus pies. Caminar con alegría como familia.

Estamos con usted cada momento hasta que hablemos de nuevo. Buenos días, queridos.

Copyright © Ronald Head. Todos los derechos reservados. Usted puede copiar y redistribuir este material, siempre y cuando no altere en forma alguna, el contenido sigue siendo completo, y que incluya este aviso de derechos de autor de enlace: http://oraclesandhealers.wordpress.com/


Copyright © Ronald Head. All Rights Reserved. You may copy and redistribute this material so long as you do not alter it in any way, the content remains complete, and you include this copyright notice link: http://oraclesandhealers.wordpress.com/


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Transmitted Through Ronna Herman, LM-06-2014

Beloved Masters, in your mind’s eye, however you perceive, envision that you are viewing the Earth from a great Light ship, and together we, the angelic Forces and the multitude of universal Light Beings who represent our Father/Mother God, are bringing forth the energetic vibrational patterns of the wondrous Divine schematic in preparation for humanity’s inhabitation of the Earth. During the intricate, complex stages of preparation, great sentient crystals were implanted deep within the Earth in strategic places around the planet. A portion of each huge crystal rose from the Earth’s surface as a sentinel which radiated energy and information out into the cosmos, as well as functioning as a receiver of Divine Light, Wisdom and Power from our Father/Mother God. Over the many aeons of time, as Earth changes took place whereby mountain ranges rose into the skies, land masses sank beneath the waters, and continents shifted and changed shape, most of those great crystals were shattered and buried deep within the Earth and the waters. However, many remained intact deep within the waters, in great caverns, and many more lie close to the surface of the land hidden only by a thin covering of earth or vegetation, waiting for you to discover them and bring forth their powerful gifts and ancient memories. They are the Earth’s Seed Atom Record-Keepers, and you hold the key which will give you access to the wisdom and the power of manifestation that lie dormant within them.

Each one of you bears within the Essence of your Soul, your DNA and your personal God-self such wondrous gifts, such magical energy and a vast memory bank of universal information and history. All of these stories that are now being told and the ancient memories that are being accessed, don’t you realize that you were there? Perhaps it was not always specifically you in physical form, but at times it was a close member of your soul family. You do not have to personally experience everything that has happened during this great journey throughout the universe and on Earth to be a part of it or to have it in your memory bank, for you have a lifeline, a soul memory connection with your immediate soul family, which creates a link whereby they will gain the data and wisdom from your experiences, and their experiences are seeded into your memory storehouse as well.
Many of you are in a phase of transition whereby you are feeling disconnected and alone as you strive to adjust to the next level of cosmic vibrational patterns. Humanity is gradually emerging from the restrictive illusion of the lower astral planes as the expansive, accelerated frequencies of the higher fourth dimension permeate the Earth and all its inhabitants at one level or another. Know that your column of God-Light is widening and becoming stronger, so that more and more Divine Elixir of life can pour down into and through you, as it saturates your body and radiates down into the Soul Essence of the Earth. This rarified energy is critical for your host planet, as this Great Being struggles to return to balance and harmony within, as well as to lessen the intensity of the cataclysms on its surface. The higher frequency vibrational patterns are especially important in the process of purifying and returning the auric field, which surrounds your planet, to its original blueprint of perfection. As you purify your four lower bodily systems so that you may consistently increase the amount of Adamantine Particles of Light that you can magnetize to you and radiate from you, it is a duty and a Divine gift to be able to assist your beloved planet to evolve as well.
As the Supreme Creator increases the flow of the Elixir of Life throughout the Omniverse, it is affecting all Creation. You cannot hide from it. You cannot deny it. Your lifeline to your Source is growing stronger and more compelling all the time. The magnetization factor is growing stronger, and you are magnetizing to you in stronger and stronger measures that which you have claimed as your reality. If you believe that you must live in poverty and chaos, those thought forms will be reinforced and magnified in your life. If you have accepted the truth that you are entitled to a life of beauty, joy and prosperity that reality will unfold before you (if you follow through, and take the proper steps as outlined in our past messages).
The return to harmony and balance begins within each of you. Unity consciousness can begin with you, here and now, in this moment. First, it is vitally important that you acknowledge and bring forth into your consciousness all of those unbalanced fragments that you have created during your many lifetime experiences–those things that control you, those things that have created an emotional and mental prison around you in your auric field. Then, you must become aware of these fragments and how they affect your reality, and through your conscious intent you must create a desire to change and to fill those fragments with transformative Love/Light energy. We are always ready and willing to assist you in your positive endeavors, but you must ask and give us permission so that we can reinforce your resolve, so that we may give you the necessary knowledge along with swiftest and best way to accomplish your transformation with ease and grace.
In the past, you have tried many times to stifle or gain power over your addictions, your negative habits and thought patterns. You have resisted them, hated them and constantly thought about them, thereby reinforcing their control over your emotions, your mind and your quality of life. Remember, we have said many times, for it is a universal truth, wherever and whatever you focus your attention on, you give energy to and reinforce, whether positive or negative. You must free the fragments you have created by loving them and acknowledging that they have served you well, and by sending forth an impassioned thought that now it is time for them to be reunited and to once more be a part of you within your solar power center of the heart, to be filled with Light and to become an empowered facet of your God-consciousness.
Know that everything, at some level, is seeking the Light–seeking balance and harmony– seeking to return to that which it was in the beginning. Each phase of new awareness or expanded consciousness has its special miracles and benefits which are to be savored and enjoyed. Each time you release some old self-limiting, painful thought form, habit or discordant energies within, you are transformed, and you remove a small (or large) part of your disguise, which allows you to integrate another facet of your wondrous God Self. In doing so, you are gradually creating a new empowered you. A new reality opens to you whereby you have access to many new concepts, as well as new talents, and your sensitivity to the exquisite nuances of Spirit miraculously unfolds around you.
If you could truly see the grid system, the web of life or the connection of all things, you would have a better understanding of the concept of Oneness. It is not just the Earth that has an intricate grid system. You have streams of Light that radiate forth from you and to you, one to another, back and forth amongst every person on Earth. Some are stronger, some are weaker, but you are still intrinsically connected with everyone and everything on your planet and even within this Sub-universal expression. This may be mind-boggling and hard for you to imagine, but it is true. When we say you are all one, what does this really mean and how does this happen? It is because there are those streams of Light that penetrate and filter through everyone, around and through all of the Earth. Yes, most of these streams of Light are very weak, but more and more of these streams of Light are growing stronger and are setting up a vibration of recognition. There is an echo from within that says, “Yes, I remember you. Yes, I know who you are, and I know we have been together before. I don’t know where, but I feel and recognize your vibrations and your energy signature. You touch my soul and make my heart strings sing. Your loving Essence assures me that I am no longer alone. Welcome into my heart. I ask you to share my journey and to allow me to be a part of your journey as well.”
You are learning so much, so quickly. It is often so mind-expanding that you do not know what to believe, and you think you cannot take in or integrate any more new information, but we tell you this is only the beginning. You are becoming spiritual/human adults, whereas in the past you have been functioning as human children in a restrictive third- / fourth-dimensional reality, feeling as though you were disconnected from God and controlled by the whims of fate and nature. As Self-masters and spiritual adults, you are learning that you are citizens of the universe, you are Starseeds, Light Warriors and the vanguard of the New Age. You have soared throughout this universe and other universes as well.
You have heard that for a very long time there was a quarantine around the Earth, this solar system and even your galaxy, which has now been dissolved so that you may receive galactic, universal and Omniversal information. We now tell you that there was also a filter placed around this universe. This universe, in which we all are playing an integral part, is one of the most recent universes to be created from the Essence of the Supreme Creator, and therefore it is a universe that is situated at the farthest edge of Creation. We too have been limited in our knowledge of the workings of the Omniverse, as well as the amount of higher frequency vibrational energy that we have had access to. You see, the first universes that were created were the most powerful and the closest to perfection, for they surrounded the Great Central Sun of the Supreme Creator and contained the pure Essence of Creation. As more and more universes, galaxies, star systems were created, ever-expanding and pushing Creation further and further out into the Great Void (and further away from the Supreme Creator), each refraction into density meant each new creation had less of the perfection of the All That Is. You must realize that we are ALL much stepped down energetic fragments, but still an integral facet of the magnificence of the Supreme Creator. And if we were sent forth with the command to create in the Creator’s name, for it was the Creator’s desire to experience more of Itself, why would the Creator tell us what we were to create? We were given a blessed Divine gift as cocreators, and so were each of you. You are a co-creator god in your own right, and that is not sacrilegious; it is a universal truth. You must understand that is why you are here on Earth; that is who you are. Don’t let anyone tell you any different. Remember, you are also responsible for your own creations through the laws of cause and effect.
Please understand that this universe was created with dramatically stepped-down and diluted primal Life Force Substance. Some are calling this universe a fallen universe, but we do not choose to call it that. This is a universe which was created specifically so that we could experience duality and polarity. The spectrum of Light and shadow was designed with the Still Point of Creator Light at its center, and the pendulum of duality was to swing only so far into the positive/negative, masculine/feminine, the Light/shadow, the yin/yang energy. You must understand that some of the co-creator gods created less than perfection as they too learned to use their Creator-given rights. Over the aeons of time the pendulum has swung further and further into the shadow land of duality, but it has always been balanced with the same amount of Divine Light substance. The duality/polarity of the Earth is now in the process of returning to Center, into its proper, designed spectrum of Light/shadow.
There have always been magnificent emissaries from the higher realms scattered throughout this universe, and particularly in this Sub-universe, your galaxy and on the Earth, for this is where the culmination of this Divine experiment in Creation is being played out in its final stages. As we have told you before, the Supreme Creator is now taking an active role in the creative process of all the Omniverse, and the pure, rarified energy from ITS heart core is now streaming forth and affecting every facet of Itself from the greatest to the most minuscule. Creation does not contract; it is ever-expanding, and you have an integral part to play in that expansion.
You are at a grand crossroads, beloved ones. As you move through the process of clearing and cleansing the multiple facets of yourself, you are leaving behind the energies that created all the pain, suffering and distress. Step back for a moment, and view these past months as an observer—are you beginning to get the picture of what the grand plan and ascension are all about? Being aware and in control are important facets of mastery. If you have diligently worked with the lessons we have given you, you should be well on your way to reclaiming the many gifts you brought to Earth so many aeons ago.
Each of you is the center of your own universe. You, as a cocreator, send out energy and intent which create thought patterns of a certain frequency. These higher frequency vibrations go forth from you as Rays of energy in an infinity sign, creating wave forms, which are a reflection of your conscious thoughts, intention and actions. As you learn to stay heart-centered and soul-focused, thereby always radiating unconditional love and balanced/harmonious vibrational patterns, your world and reality are gradually changing for the better, for you are functioning as an empowered master of cocreation–a true Divine emissary of our Father/Mother God and the Supreme Creator. During these times of uncertainty and great change, remember, my beloved warriors of Light, there is nothing to fear and so very much to be gained. Feel the warmth of our sacred breath as it brushes your cheek, sense the aura of love in which we surround you. We are near: reach out and touch us. We will respond. You are loved most profoundly.


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May  3

Mastering Fluctuating Emotions

– 5 Tips for Success –

by Selacia

Are you curious about how to master fluctuating emotions that seem to come out of nowhere and leave you feeling disheartened?

Especially now, given the latest cycle of more supportive energies, you may be wondering when things will calm down and what you can do to restart a more sustainable forward momentum.

In this article, I will help you understand why you feel like you do, the big picture of what’s really going on, and how to ride our current energy wave more skillfully.

First, here’s some background on the ups-and-downs you are encountering, and feeling.

We had a very intense April, with two eclipses and a rare planetary grand cross – stirring up revolutionary and radical changes across the planet and within everyone including you. If you didn’t feel the effects of that cycle, it doesn’t mean you are not impacted. It simply means that it’s under your conscious radar – unfolding out of view. That, in fact, is how a lot of our personal spiritual transformation germinates, coming to the surface in pieces over time.

Keep in mind that you are alive now to be intimately involved with the deeper levels of change occurring on Earth. As a divine changemaker, you are hard wired to be a leader of changes – and oftentimes this means you must first make the changes within.

Second, the very nature of cycles is that they are not static but constantly moving – shifting from one type of energy into something else.

You have your own personal cycles within the larger planetary cycles all of humanity experiences. Some moments, your own cycles will look dramatically different from what others are experiencing. At other times, you will be moving through a cycle with similar impacts as everyone else – experiencing a multiplication effect simply because you are in the dance with so many others. Check in with yourself regularly and ask: “How much of what I am feeling is part of the larger planetary energy cycle?”

It’s human nature to want to insulate when you feel on overwhelm. It’s also normal to want to block the avalanche of what’s coming in – all the choices and things to consider – because you doubt your ability to contain that much input or to do as much as is offered. Keep in mind, though, that the part of you doubting is not your multidimensional quantum self – it’s your conditioned self that sees itself as small, not enough, and not up to the task.

Third, a big part of your role now is mastering the quantum way of being and living it moment to moment in a real way.

Black-and-white thinking will stop you at every turn, because it is linear and limited. Example: when you are unknowingly connecting with a linear view, you will tend to label things and put them into categories. Much of the time you do this, it’s not conscious. When you do it, however, you can say “no” to things that are in your highest good to say “yes” to – simply because your linear mind thinks in terms of “this or that” rather than “this and that.” This linear approach limits you – in a very big way!

Example: perhaps on the weekend you turn off your phone and all contact with others, purposefully becoming still or perhaps simply finding escape activities like nonstop movies or getting involved without healthy boundaries in someone else’s drama.

Down time and helping others is a good thing, of course, but when approached in a black-and-white way and without common sense, you can miss out on the good stuff that indeed could propel you forward. Not checking your phone could mean, for example, that you miss a call from a dear college friend finding himself in your hometown for the first time in 10 years, and wanting to connect. Perhaps seeing that friend could have catalyzed your next project or manifestation of a long-cherished dream.

Remember: something like this catalyzed one day can take a bit to unfold into something you recognize as beneficial. Your quantum self knows how to find balance and connect in a present way with such opportunities as they arise. In the process, you develop patience to be with what is and to recognize that demanding instant results leads to suffering and even blocks your good.

Fourth, is understanding and managing the emotional roller coaster of feeling trust one minute, then distrust the next.

You live in a world where many things are not as they appear – half-truths, lies, and omissions abound. How are you to know who and what to trust? How can you avoid getting jaded and pessimistic? The answer is simple, yet it does involve ongoing effort on your part: you must learn how to master discernment and that includes a brand-new way of questioning and being in the world … something your parents did not and could not teach you.

At a DNA level, you are already wired to operate in these new ways … and in fact it is this natural energy within you that propels you forward to discover new tools and spiritual practices for the mastery you need now!

Fifth, allow for fluctuations.

This is vital right now, for you sit in planetary energies that are turning life upside down. This is not personal to you, but it does impact you. Energies – just like the people that come in and out of your life – are in a constant dance. This means that within an overall cycle characterized by a more benevolent tone, you will be impacted by sudden ups and downs that can cause your good mood to go sour. Then, if you are not awake to the shift and put it on context, you could apply the lower-frequency emotions to your next thoughts and actions.

Another factor to consider is this. Sometimes the fluctuations you experience involve parts of you that simply are not in agreement – setting up an inner conflict.

Ever feel like your head and your heart are in conflict, your feelings telling you “no” even when your common sense says “yes?” Factor in the following to make peace with yourself: (1) planetary energies like we have today can stimulate an overload of emotions, seeming to come from out of the blue like a lightning bolt and (2) remember that energies impacting everyone can change throughout a single day; nothing is static, so you must learn to go with the flow and (3) many times feelings are based on your conditioned self .. that part of you that in these times of change is surfacing for healing and an overhaul. Be kind to yourself during these struggles, using them to your advantage by addressing your old DNA-level patterns head on, healing what needs to go, so you can be free!

If you read something or think about something when you are feeling energetically depleted or in a sour mood, consider revisiting the topic when you have shifted into a more positive energetic state. Doing even this one thing can dramatically change your life.

Copyright 2014 by Selacia – author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * www.Selacia.com * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.

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Posted Yesterday by Juan Pablo

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