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Saturday, April 20, 2019

share, Humans Are Changing Rapidly to a New Energetic Species in Front of Our Eyes and Nobody Notices It

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Humans Are Changing Rapidly to a New Energetic Species in Front of Our Eyes and Nobody Notices It » Stankov’s Universal Law Press
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Humans Are Changing Rapidly to a New Energetic Species in Front of Our Eyes and Nobody Notices It

by Georgi Stankov Posted on March 6, 2019
My Musings

Georgi Stankov, March 6, 2019

Since the anchoring of the new spiritual paradigm in Rome on November 12, 2018, and even more so since we brought the new 5 crystalline flames of ascended creation of the wheel of light and life on February 16th, 2019 in Diano Marina, we witness a rapid transformation of humanity to a new energetic sentient being. As all change must reveal first what has always been there but has been hidden from plain sight, what we now observe is the culmination of expression of all the dark human features which have always driven the ruling cabal, and many humans, but could be well camouflaged behind false, lofty statements that were accepted by the mired masses. Now, with the introduction of the new energetic conditions of the 5D earth, this is no longer possible, as these energies are based in Truth.

All human reality is created by perception and reflection and in this process of cognition the reflection pause (page 120) is more important than direct perception through human senses, which is also the primary cause of all human illusion. Meditation is a useful means to introduce the reflection pause in people with agnostic view, but it should be ideally a natural, spontaneous reaction of every sentient individual to what he perceives with his limited senses. This ability is now being introduced in most humans under the massive influence of the new source energies about which we talk daily and actually transmit to humanity as ascended masters. This is the mechanism of human awakening which is the recognition of the existence of the soul and our true nature as immortal multidimensional beings.

However, I have not read anything so far that discusses how these radical energetic changes of the human species appear as individual and collective behaviour and how the manifestation of these behavioristic aberrations contribute to the collapse of the old matrix. After all, it is a truism that all change comes from within before it can manifest as outer reality. Subjective creation merges into seemingly objective reality and triggers more individual subjectivity.

Let me explain. If you witness currently the behaviour of all politicians and other stooges of the ruling cabal, including the MSM journalists, there emerges a recurrent pattern that is very poorly understood even by the most clever alternative thinkers and experts because of their agnostic, and hence, blind world view. This is a major topic in all our discussions. Such critical observers remain stuck in the obvious facts which make no sense anymore and then they end up in hilarious proclamations about the stupidity of the western ruling cabal (e.g. see Peter Lavelle, Crosstalk in RT or the video discussions in the Duran). This naturally flatters their ego as hapless observers, as they believe to be, although this is another basic illusion – they change the reality with their analyses more effectively than all the dark, insidious, evil doers in political power positions.

As many of these experts reject rightfully the current political bullying of the Empire of Evil, they naturally tend to support the Russian effort to comply with international law, which itself is full of ethical and moral holes as Swiss cheese, and to establish a new more just multipolar world. After all, all current ideas of how any just international legal order should be, are based on the unquestionable inviolability of the national state and the latter is the source of most evil on this planet as I have extensively discussed on this website. Man substitutes one set of wrong ideas with another one and believes to have found a panacea for all ills. Nothing is further from the truth.

Here we observe the same situation as in science where one wrong hypothesis or theoretical model that cannot explain conclusively Nature = All-That-Is is replaced by another equally faulty model whose only virtue is that it resembles the illusion of progress, whereas both science and social, political life actually move in a vicious circle which is, in fact, a downward spiral. One has to reach the bottom before one recognizes the dead end.

Science, for instance, rejects that photons have a mass because they are energetic particles and mass per definition is an energy relationship. Due to this false dogma scientists have been unable to develop new power engines using free photon energy. In the meantime, we know that this dogma has been introduced by design by the Powers That Were (PTW) as I discuss extensively in a special article.

But the ample fact remains that humanity still uses predominantly fossil energy as it is entirely dependent on combustion engines, which were developed in the 19th century, in order to survive in the 21st and 22nd… century as most people believe nowadays. For more than one and a half century modern science has not been able to develop any new sources of cheap and easily available energy, although free photon energy is everywhere around us and there is nothing else but energy.

We, who are the human conduits of this source energy, know about it in a deep existential manner, but the rest of humanity has not even developed an idea of what energy truly is. This is not at all surprising as physicists, whose only occupation is to assess energetic interactions, frankly admit that they do not know what energy is (e.g. Richard Feynman in his famous lectures). This is a rare moment of true honesty which one can otherwise not find among scientists and most human beings. But it does not alter the current deplorable situation that we live on a planet and in a society entirely dependent on fossil energy that is considered to be scarce and not easily available compared to free photon energy. Even the false idea of climate warming and its futile control by taxing the people for their consumption of energy is another scam of the PTW based on the extensive use of fossil energy. One lie never comes alone.

This artificially created condition alone is the source of all wars and conflicts we observe on this planet and makes human life hell.

As the current financial system is based on petrodollar as the main world currency (About 70% of the world money in circulation are dollars, which are petrodollars, as they are pegged to oil trade after the gold standard was abolished; otherwise the dollar has absolute no value as it is being printed out of thin air.), the inherent deficiencies of the Orion monetary system that are the major cause for exploitation and impoverishment of the human population in order to install the NWO, are a further propagation of the vicious idea of the PTW that the energy resources on this planet are limited. And so is money for the broad population, for which the people have to work very hard to earn.

Take Venezuela, for instance. The conflict exacerbated when this country decided a few months ago to ditch the petrodollar and trade its oil in yuan. Then all of a sudden the USA began with their overt and shameless aggression against this peaceful country in order to overthrow the elected government of Maduro. We witness the same pattern in all recent major conflicts that the Empire of Evil instigated.

Iraq and Saddam wanted to introduce the dinar as exchange currency for oil instead of dollar and were mercilessly destroyed by the USA and its stooges under false accusations. Gaddafi wanted to introduce a new gold-based currency for his country, which was a major oil producer at that time, and also for its trade with Africa and was bombed and killed by NATO in the most brutal way. Now this once very prosperous country has returned even to human slavery and much of the immigration problem in Europe goes back to this despicable aggression of the Empire of Evil and her stooges that are still proud of it – “we came, we saw, he (Gaddafi) died” (Hillary Clinton).

Then finally came Syria, which is a natural crossroad for many gas pipelines from the Middle East to Europe. Because it carried out an independent policy that the Empire of Evil and its Arab clique of head choppers did not like, it was engaged in a terrorist sponsored conflict under the disguise of civil war, bombed ruthlessly and fully destroyed. It only survived with the immense help of the Russians and the Iranians and first and foremost through the will of the Syrians to save their country from these western sponsored barbaric terrorists.

The war in Afghanistan began initially because of another gas pipeline through this country coming from the former Soviet republics in central Asia – a project that is dead a long time ago and nobody remembers it anymore in the current chaos in this country. Even the Nazi coup d’etat in Ukraine sponsored by the Empire of Evil and its European vassals was in the first place done to derail the energy supply of gas from Russia to Europe as all pipelines at that time were running through Ukraine. Now the USA vehemently opposes Nord Stream 2 and cancelled the South Stream through Bulgaria with mafia-like coercion and the help of the corrupt EU bureaucrats that run this country and its spineless government. And so on…

The exacerbation of the Syrian crisis with millions of refuges flooding Europe caused the biggest political crisis of the EU and ultimately led to the demise of the neoliberal globalist cabal in all Westerneuropean countries and the surge of the national sovereign movements.

As you can see, all these seemingly unrelated political and economic events have one clear common source – the lack of true technological progress in developing new effective power engines based on free photon energy which is representative of the Energy of All-That-Is. Deliberately created scarcity of energy resources is used as a means of enslaving humanity and keeping it in a state of permanent war. This is how lies about the true Nature of All-That-Is create this hell of reality on the earth.

All the vicious attacks and criminal sanctions of the Empire of Evil against Russia are done precisely because it is the “gas station of the world” (John McCain). Of course, it is much more than that and has now all the hypersonic missiles to destroy the USA and the West within minutes who are defenseless against them and reject to assimilate this stark fact.

The Russiagate hysteria in the USA that has paralyzed this country and its political system also goes back to this scarcity of fossil resources. The same holds true for the warmongering of the US fleet in the South China Sea which is the main route of China trade (5 trillion USD) and oil supply from the Middle East as to harass and harm this most powerful economic rival.

Everything in life is perception and all human perception is distorted and a mere illusion. But it determines effectively the incarnation life on this planet as long as the majority of the people believes in it.

And exactly here we witness currently the biggest and most rapid change. People begin to awaken under the barrage of the powerful Source energies of Truth and see the scam that holds the pieces of the old Orion world order together that has now fully failed to install the NWO and is collapsing rapidly as a holographic matrix. The last resort of the ruling cabal is to utter empty menaces to the disobedient masses and countries as the US criminals in Washington currently do with escalating sick intensity and desperation, only to become an easy prey to Russian pranksters (listen also here). Or write pathetic letters as the hapless Macron did in all major MSM newspapers in 28 European countries to save the “endangered” undemocratic EU of the cabal and decry with crocodile tears its downfall. At the same time he is not even capable of coping with the French insurgency of the yellow vests in his own country that continues since more than 3 months (it started 3 days after we anchored the new spiritual paradigm on November 12, 2018 in Rome), and this is just beginning. The storming of the Élysée Palace is to be expected very soon as this French revolution will go nowhere and will soon eat the cabal and their Morons like fresh baguette for breakfast.

The more the ruling cabal lose control over the minds of the awakening people, the more they double-down. They know no other tactic as they are utterly derailed. They are like a demon that possesses a human being and then destroys his host of energy with madness. They behave like the demon in the famous novel of the French writer Guy de Maupassant The Horla which is the most stirring description of how a demon can destroy a human personality:

All the mad dogs in Washington, be they Mattis, Matteo or Bolton, now do only one thing – double-down on their menaces and evil doing in the hope that this empty coercion would impress the rest of the world, while they in fact achieve exactly the opposite effect and only reveal their impotence. This is the perfect recipe for the collapse of the Empire of Evil and the dark cabal are the best architects of this uncontrolled demolition.

Superficially, their desperate efforts to contain the masses and preserve their power appears as an increase of oppression, which is indeed their primary objective. Misuse of the legal system to imprison and prosecute under false pretexts foreign and homegrown opponents, establish censorship in the social media, and ban opposition thinkers from the Internet and MSM are merely the most obvious heinous deeds of the currently amok running cabal. The effect is that the people retract with repugnance from these cabal monsters and ask themselves for the first time why they have elected these primitive dark ones to be their leaders – why have they given away their power to the worst representatives of humankind? How stupid can they be to allow this to happen? From this insight to the true revolution of light will be a very short gangway as the coming events will show. Resolution through escalation of confrontation, but first and foremost through expansion of human awareness is how this will happen very easily.

Yet again, all these actual and future events in the current End Time go back to the primary source – the subjective rejection of most humans that there is free photon energy everywhere and humanity does not need all the conflicts and wars based on the wrong notion of the scarcity of energy resources on this planet and that only the nation that controls them will survive on the long run. Social Darwinism as the only means of survival is the greatest lie of all. We are immortal, multidimensional creator beings and this should become common knowledge very soon. Why is it so difficult that no expert and thinker from the alt-scene can see it so clearly as I do here and then make the proper conclusions?

Only on the background of this easy intellectual achievement, one can truly appreciate the role of the cities of light that will manifest very soon and will be the hub for new advanced technologies based on the easy and ubiquitous use of free photon energy and even much more – the place where the direct creationary energies of our souls as the most powerful and only creators in the multiverse will be fully employed for the benefit of the entire humanity. But this is our beloved topic which we discuss all the time.

Total human illusion on this planet was achieved when the dark ones, the PTW, managed to sever the incarnated personalities from their souls and the Source and made them believe that they are separate, weak biological organisms, engaged in a deadly fight for survival in an extremely hostile and random world. This false and most insidious idea of inherent energetic deficiency of the human species is in the core of all illusion on this planet and the source of all deplorable social phenomena we observe nowadays. It was the tool with which the PTW enslaved humanity since the fall of Lemuria and Atlantis.

Extrapolate this at the social and economic level as the false notion of dwindling energy resources of the earth that jeopardizes the existence of the human race in the long run in order to justify all fratricidal wars, and you have the key to explaining the abysmal life on this toxic planet.

Have I forgotten something? – Ah, yes. The same false thought pattern is also applied to healthcare and medicine – to the healing of the human body. Current medicine is based on the entirely false notion that the human organism is essentially a deficient and flawed energetic system and thus susceptible to numerous diseases, which are manifestations of energetic failures in the biological regulation. They, the doctors and bio-scientists, do not say it as explicitly as I do here as they lack any ability of logical thinking, but at the end this is what they mean. They have no clue that the human organism is the most complex energetic system in the entire multiverse and is regulated in a perfect manner by the soul who is also the creator of this perfect system. It can’t be otherwise. Therefore, if the human organism suffers from diseases, these are desired experiences of the soul in a physical vessel which she has created. Therefore she can heal the body anytime if the ego-mind of the incarnated personality allows that as the ego-mind was also given the free will as the major rule in this incarnation game.

In plain speak, humanity does not need any doctors and in the long run also any healers as each individual can heal himself as he/she is immortal and perfect. It is as simple as that. In the transition time, however, all humans will need intense healing with source energy in the numerous healing centres we shall create the world over after our ascension and the shift.

And who really considers this fact in his social and political behaviour and current decisions. Apply this to a whole nation and the world and you can resolve all insoluble problems of the Obama or any other health care system – the problems of human health. Wrong ideas are the source of all evil and all problems on this planet, including all human diseases. Diseases are not intrinsic part of the human body and surely not of the new crystalline light body which humans are destined to acquire in this incarnation after our transfiguration and ascension.

All-That-Is has no problems and needs no solutions – least of all from stupid, dumbed down humans – as it is perfect.

Even the introduction of numerous artificial problems as is the case on this toxic planet in a state of seeming separation of humans from the Source and the Whole is a perfect orchestration as it creates the most convincing and overwhelming illusion for the human senses; it makes life appear so serious, dangerous and dreadful on the earth, while we are immortal beings all the time. Ponder about that for a moment…

That is why the introduction of the new Scientific Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law is indispensable for the resolution of all the aforementioned problems and conflicts as it teaches the people in the first place about the true nature of Energy = All-That-Is. Namely, that it is the Primary Term of our consciousness, which is energy perceived as space-time and thus equivalent to All-That-Is (primary axiom). As soon as all humans organize their thoughts in a logical, axiomatic manner and begin to derive all their concepts stringently from the Primary Term of their consciousness, all problems will disappear as if touched with a magic wand. So easy it is, and so easy it will be very soon.

From a higher vantage point of view, the knowledge of the UL exists in every incarnated soul fragment and only needs to come to the fore. In this sense one does not even need to teach this theory, but only to urge the people to awaken to their souls and begin to re-member who they truly are.

I felt that it was important to make this panoramic overview one more time as to demonstrate how easy and elegant the evolution of humankind can be if they honestly decide to discard all their old flawed and false ideas that make their life hell and substitute them with the new Axiomatic Thinking of the Universal Law. Then all the energies of All-That-Is will be immediately available to them – to use free photon energy if they continue living on an upper 4D earth, bilocate, overcome gravitation, if they live on a lower 5D timeline, or begin creating actively and immediately their reality from the fulcrum of their soul essence – the I AM Presence – and visit infinite timelines and realities in the simultaneous multidimensionality of All-That-Is.

All-That-Is is the set of all U-sets and they contain each other as an element – and the element is Energy and there is nothing else. To believe that energy can be scarce is to negate the Existence of What Is. When this confusion happens it is very easy to become a mad dog on a dog’s planet and behave like an American or Westeuropean politician in the current End Time. But even this is part of the divine plot in order to effectively destroy the old matrix.


Read also the Arcturian message today which I read after I wrote this article. It is again another brilliant confirmation of our close communication at the soul level:

No shortage. No limitation – Leaving the Old Paradigm Beh

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Saturday, April 20, 2019


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“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

You are making history there on Earth with the shifting of your consciousness to a fifth dimensional frequency state. 
You are taking yourselves from the most polarization that there has ever been in this universe to a more enlightened state of being, and therefore, this is something that is taking quite a bit of your linear time. One of the many reasons why you haven’t shifted already is because of that deep polarization that has existed on Earth for so long.

You are there cleaning up a lot of messes, and you are also resolving a lot of conflicts that have existed throughout the galaxy for millions and millions of years. 
That is why your planet is diverse. 
The animal kingdom is very diverse. 
The beings who live in the ocean are so diverse that you haven’t even discovered all of the sea creatures that you have there on Earth yet, and the human race has many shapes and sizes in terms of your physical expression, but also in terms of how you live your lives, what you believe in, what you consider to be important, and so on.

Therefore, the coming together of all of these energies to create a more harmonious planet is something that is taking quite a bit of your time. 
There is, however, always something that you can cling to for a feeling of hope and optimism. 
You can always bring yourselves into a higher frequency state, no matter what is going on in the seemingly chaotic world around you. 
If you look outside of yourselves, you will see evidence that there is quite a bit of polarization out there.

If you look within you, you will find that you are far less chaotic and polarized. You will find more peace, harmony, and love within yourselves at this time than at any other point in human history, including the advanced civilizations of Atlantis and Lemuria.

That is why we, and others like us, will always point you in the direction of going within, and it is also why those who want you to be at each other’s throats will continue to entice you to pay attention to what’s going on in the world. 
Even most of your reality television programs are created based on the idea that you like to see people fighting and in conflict with each other. 
But you who are awakened know what is best for you. 
You know that if you harmonize with the Earth’s vibration, you will feel better. 
You know that if you harmonize with your pet’s vibration, you will feel better.

And if you go within and feel for your own vibration and what you can do to raise that vibration, you will be happier, healthier, and you will thrive. 
And others will ask what your secret 
is, and then you can tell them. 
And then you can help accelerate this process of ascension. 
The process of ascension will not be accelerated by defeating anyone outside of you. 
You will accelerate it by going within and then sharing with the human collective the peace, harmony, and love that you have established within you.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”

Channeler : Daniel Scantron

Purchase The Arcturian Council’s book, Ascension: The Shift to the Fifth Dimension, on amazon here: https://tinyurl.com/ydg392gx

Photo by: Karin Miller

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TiAmAt, share, A+, What is Planetary Ascension?, The Arcturians, through Suzanne Lie,

Origen: TiAmAt: share, A+, What is Planetary Ascension? The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Saturday, April 20, 2019

share, A+, What is Planetary Ascension? The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

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Thursday, April 18, 2019

What is Planetary Ascension? The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


What is Planetary Ascension?

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Ones,

We, the Arcturians, would like to pass on a message to the ones who are still wearing a human disguise. 
We remind you to remember that you are higher dimensional beings who have volunteered to take a third-dimensional earth vessel so that you can better assist Gaia as She moves into, and through, Her process of “Planetary Ascension.”

We are aware that within your NOW few humans are aware that they are, indeed, a Galactic Being who volunteered to take a third-dimensional earth vessel to better assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension. “What is Planetary Ascension?” you may ask.

Planetary ascension is much like a human ascension, it is on a much larger scale. A planetary ascension can only “begin to occur” when over 51% of the humans begin their “return to SELF.

We Arcturians wish to ask a few questions that we often receive from our “earth ones.” These questions are:

Question #1: What is “Planetary Ascension?”

Questions #2: What is “Personal Ascension?”

Question #3: How can one experience “Ascension?”

We will begin by answering question #1

Answer to Question #1 What is Planetary Ascension?

Planetary Ascension is much like human ascension, but it is on a much larger scale. A Planetary Ascension can only begin to occur when over 51% of the humans begin their personal ascension of return to their fifth-dimensional SELF.

Answer to Question #2 Why does 51% of the humans “begin their personal ascension?”

The answer to this question is that the humans are primarily the beings they create the fear, anger, selfishness, and destruction of Gaia’s body, which makes it increasingly difficult to Gaia to even begin her ascension, much less, move through her process of ascension.

There are many, many humans who love Gaia, care for Gaia, and are excellent keepers of their planet Earth. 

However, there are not, yet, 51 percent of the humans who are excellent keepers.

 Also, 49% of humans who do NOT assist Gaia are creating GREAT damage to Gaia’s planetary self.

We hear you saying, “Oh that cannot be true. 

We know many people who love Gaia and care for Her all the time.” We totally agree with that statement. However, the dark ones who not only do NOT care for Gaia and in fact cause Her great damage on a daily basis, but are also unknown and do their harm in secret.

We will speak now more about Ascension. Ascension is the process in which a person, place, situation and/or planet takes a Cosmic Leap into the Operating System of the fifth dimension.

Please remember that between the third dimensional Earth and the fifth dimensional Earth (are those wearing a third-dimensional vessel can only “remember from their Galactic memories of before they took a third-dimensional vessel,” or often from their deepest meditation or nightly “dreams” of being fifth dimensional.”

Human does have Multidimensional Consciousness in which they could remember their higher dimensional realities on other planets and/or Starships, as well as fifth dimensional Gaia, but it is often put into the category of “just your imagination!”

Therefore, we will insert here that your “imagination” is that which connects you with your higher dimensional thinking, feeling, and memories. These memories of your life on your fifth-dimensional Homeworld or your fifth dimensional Star Ship are of too high of a frequency for you to maintain in your consciousness awareness for more than a few short moments.

However, if you “use your imagination” to “pretend” that you remember your fifth-dimensional SELF, and can allow yourself to believe that what you are pretending is actually real, you will be able to allow these “dreams and imaginations” to expand into your physical reality.

However, you can only “imagine” that which your brain can maintain long enough for you to remember that what YOU are imagining is actually that which you are REMEMBERING!

But the next issue is, who could you share this information with? Of course, most people would think you are crazy! However, most “most of the human who was able to perceive the higher frequencies learned quickly to “not tell anyone” because it was unsafe!

Gratefully, humans are no longer “burned at the stake” for remembering the truth. However, those that can remember the truth of the higher worlds can also remember the truth of their past lives when they were burned at the stake, tortured to death, and/or had to run for their lives and hide out in places far away from those who feared the truth so much that they would kill to stop it from being known.

Unfortunately, there are still humans, that are dark ones wearing a human body, that still wish to have power OVER others. The reason for this need for power over others is because they have not yet discovered the power WITHIN themselves.

Why have they not discovered that? Because another, or several other humans have used their “power over others” against them so much that they “broke that person’s spirit.”

Question #3: How can one experience “Ascension?”

Ascension is the process in which a person, place, situation, and/or planet takes a “Cosmic Leap” into the Operating System of the next frequency of reality. Initially, the group of persons, places, animals, water, earth, air, fire, decide that they are ready to transmute into the next frequency of reality.

But can one tell what the next frequency is, and how to take that cosmic leap?

And/or, how can one tell that they are in the next frequency of reality?

The answer is that you first FEEL the shift in your heart and mind. You will also be able to tell by the animals, plants, fish, insect, etc. that all have what we would perceive as a “heart filled with love” and a mind which is a higher dimensional operating system.

All beings, even the smallest life forms have some form of connection to the ONE of the WHOLE, which is Gaia’s “Planetary Operating System.” This operating system influences every person, place, situation and/or thing.

The Planetary Operating System is designed to keep the elements and Elementals in alignment with the Divine Plan for Earth. However, a human can, and have, ignored and/or worked against that Operating System. However, humans are the only beings on Earth that have done so.

Only the humans have separated themselves so far from their planet that they do not realize, or care, that the damage that is done to the planet is done to ALL the beings on the planet.

The Planetary Operating System resonates to the higher dimensions of Earth, much like an “overseer” or “guardian.” Only humans can operate outside of that that Planetary Operating System—and they HAVE done so more time than one could count.

The Planetary Operating System is designed to keep the Gaia in alignment with each being “reason for embodiment.” This Operating System is what allows all life on Earth to grow, expand, and eventually, transmute into the higher frequencies of reality.

This Operating System is designed to keep the beings of each planet, in this case, the planet Earth, to align with the same “reason for embodiment.” This reason for embodiment is what allows and activates all live on Gaia, and including Gaia, to feel the “urge” to grow, expand, and even transmute into a higher expression of being.

In this manner, that which has been born, or taken an earthly form can align itself, whether that self is a small bird or a huge eagle, with the “sense of unity” that Gaia has been sharing with all Her Beings.

In this manner, bees, birds, ants, fish, clouds, mountains, forests and all the life forms on Earth have their personal brand of “Unity Consciousness.” The only beings that do NOT have that Unity Consciousness are some of the humans.

Many humans are able to participate in the wonder and joy of Gaia’s Unity Consciousness. However, the humans who do have that sense of Unity Consciousness are often those that make have less ambition to own that which is around them and those that follow the ancient ways of tribal unity and deep caring for Gaia’s Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, including the Fire Spirit deep in the Core of Earth.

Interestingly, those who appear to have the most stuff often have the least awakened consciousness. This is because one’s consciousness does not arise from what one has, but from what one had given to others and to Gaia.

Love is the key to higher consciousness because love is about sharing, listening, as well and speaking from the heart. In fact, love is much like a marriage in that love takes the vow of “I will always love you?” Of course, many humans cannot keep that vow, but the mountains always the sky and the rivers love the rain. In other words, Love, True Love, only know the trust.

But, “What is love?” the humans ask. But they do not have that answer until their love can “sway” like a tree in the wind, “expand like a lake s it absorbs the falling rain and stays together like the birds in a flock. The animal kingdom loves Gaia exactly as She IS.

They do not need the water to create a fake waterfall, or the pool to have chemicals, or people to wear fence clothes, or drive fast, fancy cars to show off that they have money. Most of all, animals do not have to need to own change or improve parts of Gaia better.

Gaia does not think in terms of better or worse. Gaia IS and she allows all life to be what it IS! And, that is not just what it IS now or what it WAS in the past. In fact, Nature does not know the terms past or future before or later Gaia know NOW

Have you ever asked yourself:

Who am I now?

What am I doing now?

Where am I gong now?

When will get there?

Our Galactic and planetary answer is that you have always been someone, some time, some place, and somewhere some how. In fact, within the ONE of the time, the place, the when, and the how. You will begin to merge into the now of all the other times and places that embrace the NOW, When ever you need it.

It is in this manner that you can BE HERE IN THE NOW OF THE ONE!

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 1:06 PM

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psycho, sharing, CARTA ABIERTA A EL SER UNO… Hola Ser Uno,despertado a la luz,

Origen: psycho: sharing, CARTA ABIERTA A EL SER UNO… Hola Ser Uno,despertado a la luz

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

sharing, CARTA ABIERTA A EL SER UNO… Hola Ser Uno,despertado a la luz

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Cólera :  Las palabras insolentes, provocan al
necio, pero, el sabio,
se ríe de ellas..!
En Vos Confío

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September 4, 2017 ·

September 4, 2017 ·

CARTA ABIERTA A EL SER UNO… Hola Ser Uno, una pregunta, siento que he despertado a la luz de la sabiduría, unidad y amor, pero luego de un periodo volví a la densidad del mundo ilusorio ¿Por qué pasa esto? ¿Hay un retroceso? ¿Qué significado tiene? ¿Todos pasan por esto?… Eduardo.

RESPUESTA: Estimado Eduardo….Despertaste a la luz de la sabiduría, unida al amor… Es maravilloso, pero no puedes quedarte suspendido en esa realidad contemplativa, hermosa y elevada, ya que tu alma se encuentra encarnada en esta realidad densa e ilusoria. Lo ideal es que transformes con la sabiduría de tu LUZ y AMOR la densidad del mundo ilusorio, trabajando en tratar de convertir este mundo de ilusión, en una realidad verdadera de UNIDAD, ARMONÍA, PAZ Y AMOR. Este es el trabajo de todos nosotros, hacer que esta realidad subconsciente, oscura, sin luz y amor, se convierta en una realidad consciente de elevado Conocimiento, Entendimiento y Amor.

Al creer estar elevado y lleno de LUZ y AMOR te sentiste protegido y construiste una auto-defensa, colocándote dentro de una burbuja que te aisló de un mundo cruel, violento, oscuro, sin luz y sobre todo sin amor. Dentro de esa burbuja pudiste contemplar el mundo como un espectador y mientras que estuviste allí, nada ni nadie podía hacerte daño. Estabas inmerso en sentimientos de Paz, Armonía y belleza. Llegó un día que la vida material te volvió a llamar… compromisos, pagos, proyectos, trabajo, estudios, familia etc. debiste salir de tu burbuja y regresar a una realidad densa, la cual siempre has rechazado desde el fondo de tu corazón. NO podemos huir, ni mantenernos eternamente suspendidos en una nube de algodón.

El dolor y sufrimiento es parte de la materia y como tal, nuestra alma debe aprender a lidiar con todo lo que pertenece a su realidad-emocional, para poder transformarla en sentimiento de LUZ y AMOR. Generalmente todos nosotros por enseñanzas recibidas y equivocadas, hemos creído que somos: “Humanos viviendo una experiencia Espiritual” y no es así, es lo contrario, somos: “Espíritus viviendo una experiencia Humana”… al cambiar este concepto, entenderemos lo que realmente hemos venido hacer en este planeta. Hacer nuestro trabajo no solo es realizarlo en nosotros mismos o mejorar, elevar, trascender y más…

Es también, todo lo que nos rodea y también el planeta, el cual es nuestro único hogar. Al ser Espíritus viviendo una experiencia humana, es nuestro deber y obligación en cada encarnación, ir mejorando día a día el lugar que el creador nos otorgó y el habitad donde nos desarrollamos. Esta es la forma y la estela de LUZ y AMOR que dejaremos en cada vida que nos tocó vivir, y sobre todo, dar nuestro granito de arena e ir transformando y sanando positivamente a nosotros mismos, nuestra familia y al planeta que tanto lo necesita… ¡¡EL UNIVERSO NECESITA TRABAJADORES Y GUERREROS DE LA LUZ!!… Camino del Ser. 

El Ser UNO, 97/98, St, ¿Cómo pudieron, hacer este molde,-hombre,-orgánico?, El Ser Uno V, La Ciudad de Cristal, Libro 5, El SER UNO,

Origen: El Ser UNO – A: 97/98, St, ¿Cómo pudieron hacer este molde-hombre-orgánico?, El Ser Uno V, La Ciudad de Cristal, Libro 5, El SER UNO,

miércoles, 20 de mayo de 2015

97/98, St, ¿Cómo pudieron hacer este molde-hombre-orgánico?, El Ser Uno V, La Ciudad de Cristal, Libro 5, El SER UNO,

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Lo que destruye
al ser
es su incapacidad para
Amar y respetar
a toda vida,
que a su alrededor ,
palpita… E.L.


…Cuanto mejor
comprenda el hombre a su semejante, tanto más fácil le será perdonarlo, e incluso, amarlo….

* *
El Ser Uno V
La Ciudad de Cristal
Libro 5


* * *
Sin Conocimiento, no vivo
Sin entendimiento, no existo
sin amor incondicional, no Soy

* *


* * *
Without knowledge, I do not live
Without understanding, I do not exist
without unconditional love, I am not.

* *
2. DATOS INTERNACIONALES DE CATALOGACIÓN EN LA PUBLICACIÓN SÃO PAULO-BRASIL. COPYRIGHT Nº. DE REGISTRO: 314.912 | LIVRO: 575 | FOLHA: 72 Franca Rosa Canonico de Schramm. Libro publicado originalmente por la autora y Canal: Franca Rosa Canonico de Schramm. Todos los derechos del texto, inclusive los dibujos externos e internos, están reservados para uso exclusivo de la autora. Ninguna parte de este libro puede ser REPRODUCIDO, ALTERADO, EDITADO O USADO por cualquier forma o medio, electrónico o mecánico, inclusive fotocopias, grabaciones, Internet, televisión, cinema o sistema de almacenamiento en banco de datos, sin permiso por escrito de la autora, excepto en los casos de trechos cortos citados en reseñas críticas o artículos de revistas, periódicos o cualquier medio de comunicación. La reproducción, cambio, alteración o uso indebido del contenido y dibujos de este libro, estará sujeto a un proceso judicial, amparado por la ley al derecho del autor. EL SER UNO I – Los Arcanos de Thoth. EL SER UNO II – Planeta 333 – Los Guardianes de Tera. Informamos a todos los seres de buena voluntad que EL SER UNO no está vinculado con personas que puedan usar el nombre de la autora y del mismo, realizando conferencias, grupos, venta de copias impresas, videos, publicidad y más, cobrando por sus servicios o pidiendo donaciones en nombre de este conocimiento. El canal hace saber también, que no tiene ninguna responsabilidad con aquellos que transmiten e interpretan el conocimiento EL SER UNO a su manera, sin regirse o basarse en los escritos originales que se encuentran en su texto. EL SER UNO es un conocimiento GRATUITO, no está coligado a ningún evento ni a ganancia de dinero de ninguna otra índole por terceras personas, que lo podrían utilizar a propio beneficio. 2

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…El pensamiento se direccionaba y se ordenaba. Cuando vimos que las expresiones se canalizaban a una frecuencia mayor, creamos una expresión mucho más alta donde los Nimeos-energía ya no se
97. 97 disgregarían nunca más. Pudimos entonces formar la expresión universal, eterna e infinita. 

Nosotros lo llamamos: Ser Energético, ustedes: Espíritu. 
94- ¿Cómo pudieron hacer este molde-hombre-orgánico? 
…La fórmula no es nuestra, nosotros no la hicimos – Dijo el hermano Seramita – fue creada en la Dimensión Regular en conjunto con la Dimensión Perfecta, repitiéndose infinitas veces, conforme el hombre iba bajando de plano en plano. 
Cuando vimos que ustedes se distorsionaban, pedimos a la Confederación Cósmica Interestelar que nos permitiesen replicarla, solo tuvimos que amoldarla al plano dimensional del exterior de la célula -Tera y así pudimos adecuarla a la densidad del planeta. 
La fórmula se encuentra grabada en los Nimeos-energía y son estos que al juntarse expresan la forma, la cual se grabo eternamente en la imaginación del Principio Único. 
Para nosotros – continuó el hermano Elohim – la palabra “Orgánico” no existe… es energía de todas las formas y densidades. 
Cuando nosotros, deseamos crear una forma, simplemente la imaginamos, y ella se plasma, y ejecuta, a nuestros deseos, siempre y cuando, la Causa y el Efecto, se adapten a las directrices universales. 
Nosotros no podemos crear, fuera del contexto universal, eso sería imposible, pero si podemos adaptar las formas ya existentes, adecuándolas a diferentes usos, en la creatividad. 
95-¿Si el espíritu son Nimeos – energía, este fue creado también por ustedes? 
En realidad, el espíritu, no fue creado por nosotros, porque él, ya existe en el universo, fue creado por nuestro creador: El Principio Único. 

Nosotros pudimos restablecerlo, y darle su verdadera expresión, y forma, lo logramos, apoyados por la federación Cósmica Interestelar. 

En realidad, el Espíritu, no es otra cosa, que una frecuencia, y vibración, mayor, que emiten los Nimeos – energía (alma). 

Básicamente, lo que nosotros hicimos, fue agregarle más protones en los Nimeos – energía, (alma), y, al mezclarse con los electrones, creamos los Neutrones, y, al unirlos con los Quarks, produjimos la frecuencia requerida, para que la energía – humana, pudiese ingresar a ser parte de la energía universal, y, no ser rechazada como un virus, en el contexto cósmico – energético. 

Es increíble – exclamé – Todo lo que nos han enseñado, se va, agua abajo – lo dije con tal convicción, que ellos sonrieron… 

96-Entonces, por esta razón, nosotros encarnamos y desencarnamos – ¿Qué se produce en los Nimeos – energía de cada vida? 

Ustedes, en todo el universo, son los únicos que encarnan, y desencarnan – dijo el hermano Interano – En el principio de la distorsión, cuando vimos que los 98. Nimeos-energía del exterior se estaban distorsionando, los colocamos en estado Crio-génico, en nuestros laboratorios, de esta manera, los resguardamos, y protegimos, no los podíamos mandar al exterior, se hubieran exterminado completamente. 

Durante mucho tiempo, los conservamos así, y, en el transcurso de ese tiempo, comenzamos a experimentar con los moldes – hombres. 

Los moldes – hombres, fueron creados primero en nuestra imaginación, basados en la formula universal, a través de ella, creábamos los Nimeos – energía, grabados con las características que debía tener, pero cuando estos llegaban a la superficie, tomaban formas, que no eran las adecuadas, ni las imaginadas, ellas se distorsionaban. 

Así, se fue creando muchas especies, que hoy en día forman el reino animal. 

Ideamos muchas formas, solo a través de las investigaciones, y con mucho estudio, pudimos al final, idealizar la forma imaginada, y esta la fuimos adaptando poco a poco, al exterior. 

La forma que pretendíamos, debía tener una frecuencia determinada, para que los Nimeos – energía de ustedes, se pudiesen albergar, y, continuar su camino de evolución, y elevación. 

Ayudados por nuestros Hermanos Voluntarios de las naves, y los Hermanos Seramitas, pudimos conducir a los Nimeos – energía, hacia donde nosotros queríamos: Hacer un molde – hombre, a imagen, y semejanza, de las cuatro razas, que poblaron la Tierra. 

Cada raza le dio sus características, las cuales unidas, formarían al Ayapliano – Humano, heredero, e hijo del Principio Único. 

97-Entiendo que todo gira y se basa en los Nimeos – energía ¿La espiritualidad no es otra cosa que elevar la frecuencia de ellos?
Así es. 
Ustedes han formado alrededor de sus vidas, una gran mística, leyendas, historias religiosas, cuentos y mucho más, para definir algo tan sencillo, que si lo hubieran entendido en el principio del tiempo, no hubieran complicado tanto la evolución y elevación de sus Nimeos – energía – respondió la hermana Interana – La distorsión consistió en bajar la frecuencia, esta tiene una relación inversa con el concepto de longitud de onda, a mayor frecuencia, menor longitud de onda, y viceversa. 

La frecuencia, es igual a la velocidad de la onda, dividido por la longitud de onda. 

Cuando las ondas viajan de un medio a otro, como por ejemplo de aire al agua, la frecuencia de la onda, se mantiene constante, cambiando sólo su longitud de onda, y la velocidad. 

La frecuencia, es una magnitud invariable en el universo. 

Es decir, no se puede modificar por ningún proceso físico excepto por su velocidad de propagación o longitud de onda. 

Por esta explicación vemos que la frecuencia, son ondas, que se duplican, y triplican, dependiendo de su velocidad. 

Al distorsionarse, ustedes dejaron de moverse, pensar y actuar en velocidades de alta frecuencia, por lo tanto se hicieron lentos, y, al serlo, sus Nimeos – energías, comenzaron a moverse lentamente, tan lento, que se creó la densidad. 

La recuperación energética de sus Nimeos – energía consiste, en hacer que el pensamiento, se mueva a
99. 99 velocidades de alta frecuencia, eso significa, que estarán a la altura de la velocidad cósmica, y del pensamiento universal. 

Esto es lo que significa tener: Espíritu – continuó el hermano Elohim – El Espíritu es un cuerpo que está compuesto de Nimeos – energía, que se mueven a una velocidad increíble, y eso hace que sus ondas tripliquen la longitud de la onda cósmica, de esta manera, podrán entrar a pertenecer a realidades, que no se asemejan a la que ustedes viven ahora.

* * *

El Ser UNO, 146, 147+, V, ¿Cuándo el alma, desencarna, recuerda todo lo negativo, – enfermo, que hizo en vida?, EL SER UNO VI, Los Siren- Lemurianos, Ciudad de LUZ, y AMOR, CIUDAD INTERNA, ATLANTIS 2018,

Origen: El Ser UNO – A: 146, 147+, V, ¿Cuándo el alma, desencarna, recuerda todo lo negativo, – enfermo, que hizo en vida?, EL SER UNO VI, Los Siren- Lemurianos, Ciudad de LUZ, y AMOR, CIUDAD INTERNA, ATLANTIS 2018,

martes, 16 de abril de 2019

146, 147+, V, ¿Cuándo el alma, desencarna, recuerda todo lo negativo, – enfermo, que hizo en vida?, EL SER UNO VI, Los Siren- Lemurianos, Ciudad de LUZ, y AMOR, CIUDAD INTERNA, ATLANTIS 2018,

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EL SER UNO VI, Los Siren- Lemurianos, Ciudad de LUZ, y AMOR, CIUDAD INTERNA, ATLANTIS
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92-¿Cuándo el alma desencarna recuerda todo lo negativo – enfermo que hizo en vida? 

¿Cómo trabaja estas emociones?
El alma encarnada cumple en cada vida un ciclo. 
En ese ciclo, debe tratar de entender, y trabajar, las energías-negativas – enfermas, conforme las va transmutando en positivas – sanas, las va colocando en el lado derecho del cerebro, convirtiéndolas en sentimientos. 
Estos sentimientos, van a nutrir al bebé – espíritu, el cual se alimenta de lo mejor, de lo mejor, que esa alma le pueda dar. 
Cuando el alma desencarna –respondió el hermano Interano – lleva consigo lo negativo – enfermo y lo positivo – sano. 
Al encontrarse en una realidad Antimateria, los recuerdos de sus emociones – negativas – enfermas ya no se dirigirán a otras personas, donde él hizo daño o cometió actos, acciones y pensamientos degradantes. 
Tomemos el ejemplo de una persona que hizo daño a otra en su vida terrena; al desencarnar y llegar al Mundo Antimateria, la persona a la cual él hizo daño ya no está en su memoria, pero lo que si queda, y muy latente es:
la emoción – negativa – enferma del daño estará latente, y grabado, en su alma. 
Es en esta realidad Antimateria, que esta alma deberá trabajar el “Daño” para no repetirlo en su próxima vida.
Cuando un ser encarnado es “Egoísta” deberá trabajar su egoísmo dentro de su núcleo familiar, o fuera de él. 
Cuando desencarne su alma tendrá que entender la emoción negativa – enferma del “EGOISMO” .
Ya no se convierte en algo “Personal”, con personas, o hechos que sucedieron en la vida terrenal, se transforma en un entendimiento “Colectivo”, y de aprendizaje existencial.
Las almas desencarnadas, llevan consigo la esencia de su transitar por la vida terrenal – continuó la hermana Interana…Pero en su vida terrena se encuentran con su familia material, amigos, conocidos, y en el ámbito que le toco vivir, se le presentarán muchas opciones positivas o negativas, es ahí que ella demostrará si lo aprendido en la realidad Antimateria dio resultados buenos o no. 
Es aquí, que ella se preguntará: ¿Aprendí a no hacer daño a los demás? 
¿Aprendí a no ser egoísta?… 
Lo que el alma aprende en la realidad Antimateria no es a quién, sino el por qué, dónde y cuándo de sus acciones, obras y pensamientos. 
93-Ustedes siempre nos dijeron que el alma es mediadora entre la materia, y el espíritu. 
¿Nos podrían explicar con ejemplos, cómo funciona este proceso?
Lo explicaremos lo mejor posible – dijo el hermano Interano – porque así lo van a entender mejor. 
Se levantó, y, en medio de la sala, apareció una pantalla grande, donde se mostró un diseño del tema que se estaba conversando. 
Mirando la pantalla – continuó el hermano – vemos que el cerebro se divide en dos partes: lado izquierdo y lado derecho. 
El alma la colocaremos en medio de los dos, ya que sabemos que es el cuerpo mediador entre la Materia y el Espíritu. 
Hacia el lado izquierdo tenemos los grados del electromagnetismo, cuyas energías – pensamientos pertenecen a los 5 primeros grados. 
En el lado derecho están los cuatro grados restantes que pertenecen al Magnetismo. 
Están divididos en: Lado izquierdo del cerebro Primer Grado: Materialismo. 
Segundo Grado y Parte del Tercero: Materialidad. 
Parte del Tercer Grado: Material Lado derecho del cerebro. 
Quinto Grado: Espiritual 
Cuarto Grado: Espiritualidad 
Parte del Tercer Grado: Espiritualismo. 
Como ven, los nueve grados se han juntado en el centro, o sea en la Glándula Pineal, y es ahí, donde se produce la alquimia – continuó la hermana Interana – y esto se realiza cuando los grados se encuentran entre lo: MATERIAL y ESPIRITUAL. 
Es el momento en que las energías – pensamientos se equilibran y encuentran el soporte para fusionarse, cuando lo llegan a concretar es cuando se concibe el Bebé – Espíritu. 
Significa que el alma se ha desprendido de su materialidad y materialismo, para dejar solamente su parte material ya que esta es indispensable y se ha desprendido también del espiritualismo y espiritualidad para dejar solamente su esencia espiritual. 
94-¿Cómo el alma se alimenta de sus experiencias y vivencias o sea, del conocimiento?

* * *

* * *

* * *

92-When does the disembodied soul remember all the negative – sick that it did in life?

How does she work these emotions?

The embodied soul fulfills a cycle in each life.

In that cycle, you must try to understand, and work, the negative-diseased energies, as they transmute into positive – healthy, placing them on the right side of the brain, converting them into feelings.

These feelings, will nourish the baby – spirit, which feeds on the best, that the soul can give.

When the soul disincarnates – replied Brother Interano – he brings with him the negative – sick and positive – healthy.

When being in a reality Antimatter, the memories of his emotions – negative – ill will no longer be directed to other people, where he hurt or committed demeaning acts, actions and thoughts.

Take the example of one person who harmed another in his earthly life; when disembodied and reach the Antimatter World, the person to whom he harmed is no longer in his memory, but what remains and is very latent is:
the emotion – negative – sick of the damage will be latent, and recorded, in your soul.

It is in this reality Antimatter, that this soul must work the “Damage”, not to repeat it, in his next life.

When an embodied being is “Selfish” he must work his selfishness within his family nucleus, or outside it.

When you disembody your soul you will have to understand the negative emotion – sick of “SELFISHNESS”.

It no longer becomes something “Personal”, with people, or events that happened in the earthly life, it is transformed into a “Collective” understanding, and of existential learning.

The disembodied souls carry with them the essence of their journey through earthly life – Sister Interana continued … But in their earthly life they meet with their material family, friends, acquaintances, and in the field, which they have to live, they will present you, many positive or negative options, it is there, that she will show if what she learned in reality Antimatter gave good results or not.

It is here, that she will ask herself: Did I learn not to hurt others?
Did I learn not to be selfish? …
What the soul learns in reality Antimatter is not to whom, but why, where and when of its actions, works and thoughts.
93. You always told us that the soul mediates between matter, and spirit.
Could you explain with examples, how does this process work?

We will explain it as best as possible – said Brother Interano – because that is what you will understand better.

He got up, and, in the middle of the room, a large screen appeared, where a design of the subject that was being discussed was shown.

Looking at the screen – continued the brother – we see that the brain is divided into two parts: left side and right side.

We will place the soul in the middle of the two, since we know that it is the mediating body between the Matter and the Spirit.

Towards the left side we have the degrees of electromagnetism, whose thought energies belong to the first 5 degrees.

On the right side are the four remaining degrees that belong to Magnetism.

They are divided into: Left side of the brain First Degree: Materialism.

Second Degree and Part of the Third: Materiality.

Part of the Third Degree: Material Right side of the brain.

Fifth Grade: Spiritual
Fourth Grade: Spirituality
Part of the Third Degree: Spiritualism.

As you can see, the nine grades have been joined in the center, that is, in the Pineal Gland, and that is where the alchemy takes place – Sister Interana continued – and this is done when the grades are between the: MATERIAL and SPIRITUAL .

It is the moment when the energies – thoughts are balanced and find the support to merge, when they come to realize it is when the Baby – Spirit is conceived.

It means that the soul has detached itself from its materiality and materialism, to leave only its material part as this is indispensable and has also detached itself from spiritualism and spirituality to leave only its spiritual essence.

94-How does the soul feed on its experiences and experiences, that is, knowledge?

* * * 

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3. El Ser Uno es un libro de autoconocimiento. Deberá ser leído en orden: sería inútil que lo leyeran desordenadamente, pues no daría el resultado esperado. Su lectura irá abriendo y conectando los circuitos cerebrales del conocimiento, entendimiento y amor.

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Repasenlo… estudienlo…  meditenlo…
dejen ir las viejas…ideas, y enseñanzas…
estudien las nuevas. 

El Ser Uno

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¿Qué es el amor incondicional y por qué es tan elusivo para muchos? Es un amor que no juzga, defiende o distingue entre ningún ser viviente que entre a su vecindad. Es un amor que abarca toda la creación pues emana del corazón del Dios Padre Madre, de la Fuente de la Creación, de aquello que ha creado la materia y la ha colocado en la materia oscura del Universo expandiente. * * *
El amor incondicional está más allá de la comprensión de la pequeña mente que empaqueta y divide, califica y categoriza. El amor incondicional es el amor que supera cualquier entendimiento y sencillamente es, en sí mismo, puro, íntegro y impecable. Es la esencia de su Yo Superior. Es la verdadera esencia de sí mismos, despojada de todo lo que no es el Yo.

Muchos están comenzando a despertar y a darse cuenta de que necesitan amarse a sí mismos. Esto es muy difícil para muchos pues han permanecido en las sombras de la duda y el odio de sí mismos durante mucho tiempo, a menudo sin entender los asuntos centrales o razones de dichos sentimientos.
El llegar al amor y el respeto por uno mismo es meramente un paso en la senda a la automaestría. Si ustedes sienten que no se pueden amar a sí mismos todavía, aprendan a aceptarse a sí mismos como son, y liberarán a su yo futuro para amar. El amor fluye desde el corazón de la Creación, pero uno no puede sentir esta conexión o este flujo con la Fuente hasta que se haya conectado con la fuente del amor interior, su propio centro del corazón.
* * *
El Ser Uno

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2 DATOS INTERNACIONALES DE CATALOGACIÓN EN LA PUBLICACIÓN SÃO PAULO-BRASIL. COPYRIGHT Nº. DE REGISTRO: 434.039 | LIVRO: 813 | FOLHA: 199 Franca Rosa Canonico de Schramm Libro publicado originalmente por la autora y Canal: Franca Rosa Canonico de Schramm Todos los derechos del texto, inclusive los dibujos externos e internos, están reservados para uso exclusivo de la autora. Ninguna parte de este libro puede ser REPRODUCIDO, ALTERADO, EDITADO O USADO por cualquier forma o medio, electrónico o mecánico, inclusive fotocopias, grabaciones, Internet, televisión, cinema o sistema de almacenamiento en banco de datos, sin permiso por escrito de la autora, excepto en los casos de trechos cortos citados en reseñas críticas o artículos de revistas, periódicos o cualquier medio de comunicación. La reproducción, cambio, alteración o uso indebido del contenido y dibujos de este libro, estará sujeto a un proceso judicial, amparado por la ley al derecho del autor. EL SER UNO I – Los Arcanos de Thoth. EL SER UNO II – Planeta 333 – Los Guardianes de Tera. Informamos a todos los seres de buena voluntad que EL SER UNO no está vinculado con personas que puedan usar el nombre de la autora y del mismo, realizando conferencias, grupos, venta de copias impresas, videos, publicidad y más, cobrando por sus servicios o pidiendo donaciones en nombre de este conocimiento. El canal hace saber también, que no tiene ninguna responsabilidad con aquellos que transmiten e interpretan el conocimiento EL SER UNO a su manera, sin regirse o basarse en los escritos originales que se encuentran en su texto. EL SER UNO es un conocimiento GRATUITO, no está coligado a ningún evento ni a ganancia de dinero de ninguna otra índole por terceras personas, que lo podrían utilizar a propio beneficio.

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El Ser Uno
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La enfermedad no es otra cosa que la manifestación de un proceso psíquico que se encuentra aún en estado de energía-pensamiento. Cuando esta energía- pensamiento comienza a enfermarse, produce una sobre carga eléctrica, desestabilizando la fluidez, la frecuencia y el ritmo, de esta manera la vibración decae y al hacerlo permite la entrada de energías-cinabrias-enfermas que viven y se alimentan de este tipo de ondulación vibratoria. 282- ¿Cómo podemos evitar las enfermedades, si estas aparecen cuando menos lo pensamos? 1- Si ustedes quieren ver su futuro, entonces estudien sus energías-pensamientos y sabrán las enfermedades que tendrán.
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NATURALEZA DIVINA… “Ha llegado para ustedes el despertar a los recuerdos del ayer. Ha llegado el momento de la Acción. Es el tiempo para que los recuerdos lleguen a ustedes y sepan que todo lo que sueñan, ven, idean, piensan y creen, no viene de otros mundos, vive y reina en los recuerdos ancestrales del corazón y alma humana. Todos ustedes tienen un solo origen: Lemuria. Es el principio que tuvieron como Seres-Humanos. Las huellas del pasado los persiguen. El Reino Celestial no está lejos, ustedes lo alejan del reino interior, para dar entrada al exterior, a lo vano y profano de la naturaleza material. El Reino Celestial está aquí, en sus manos y es ahora que se está manifestando como un vendaval de recuerdos y despertares. El tiempo del despertar lo han esperado durante siglos y siglos, lo han esperado con ansiedad. Esta época es para regocijarse, están en proceso de rectificación, depuración y purificación de los cristales del alma. El alma activará en el Ser-Humano su Divinidad Universal, él recobrará el Conocimiento, Entendimiento y Amor, los cuales se encuentran grabados en lo más profundo de la Energía-Cósmica de EL SER UNO”… EL SER UNO VI – Los Siren Lemurianos – Ciudad de LUZ y AMOR

*      *      *
El Ser Uno

Lo que destruye 

al ser 
es su incapacidad para
Amar y respetar
a toda vida,
que a su alrededor ,

palpita… E.L.
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“Te amo, incondicionalmente, y enciendo el Fuego Violeta en la emanación que estás enviando a mí. Bendigo que tú también, encuentres la paz que estoy ganando dentro de la nueva y expandida versión de mi Ser”.

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EL SER UNO – COSMOALMA – Capitulo IV – Sanacion Interana – YouTube
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El ser humano, aun mirando LA VERDAD, frontalmente, y sin ocultarla,
el, NO reconoce esa verdad, por que el aun esta DORMIDO mentalmente…! el solo reconoce la codicia, y la ambición material..!

* * *