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Sunday, September 27, 2020

Space-Time Concept in Classical Physics » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

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Space-Time Concept in Classical Physics

Georgi Stankov, May 24, 2017
Like mathematics, physics has failed to define the primary concept of space-time in terms of knowledge. This principal flaw has been carried on in all subsequent ideas which this discipline has developed so far. The method of definition of space-time in physics is geometry. It begins with Euclidean space of classical mechanics.
The substitution of real space-time with this abstract geometric space necessitated the introduction of two a priori assumptions on space and time by Newton that have not been seriously challenged since. Otherwise, we would not witness the parallel existence of classical mechanics and the theory of relativity. If Einstein’s theory of relativity were a full revision of Newtonian mechanics, the latter would no longer exist.
In the new Axiomatics, we integrate all particular disciplines of physics into one consistent axiomatic system of physics and mathematics and thus eliminate them as separate areas of scientific knowledge.
There is no doubt that we cannot develop any scientific concept about the physical world without establishing a primary idea of space and time. Newton’s primary notion of space and time is documented in his Principles of Mathematics:

“Absolute Space, in its own nature, without regard to anything external, remains always similar and immovable. Relative Space is some movable dimension or measure of the absolute spaces; which our senses determine, by its position to bodies; and which is vulgarly taken for immovable space… And so instead of absolute places and motions, we use relative ones; and that without any inconvenience in common affairs; but in Philosophical disquisitions, we ought to abstract from our senses, and consider things themselves, distinct from what are only sensible measures of them. For it may be that there is nobody really at rest, to which the places and motions of others may be referred.”
“Absolute, True, and Mathematical Time, of itself, and from its own nature flows equably without regard to anything external, and by another name is called Duration: Relative, Apparent, and Common Time is some sensible and external (whether accurate or unequable) measure of Duration by the means of motion, which is commonly used instead of True time; such as an Hour, a Day, a Month, a Year… All motions may be accelerated and retarded, but the True, or equably progress, of Absolute time is liable to no change.”
From: I. Newton, Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica; translated from Latin by A. Motte, London, 1729.

Thus Euclidean space is the abstract reference surrogate of „absolute space“ to which all other physical motions are compared by the method of geometry according to the principle of circular argument. It is the primary inertial reference frame of all reference frames, in which Newton’s law of inertia (1st law) holds true. This law is an abstract tautological statement within geometry and cannot be applied to any real reference system – for instance, to a gravitational system which is always in rotation (Kepler’s laws) and exhibits a centripetal acceleration.
The reason for this is that Euclidean space has nothing to do with real space-time. Classical mechanics, which is based on this artificial space, contains no knowledge of the properties of space-time, as they are defined at the beginning of the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law.
According to Newton, space-time is “absolute, empty, inertial”, that is, free of forces, and can be expressed in terms of straight lines. These properties are summarized in his law of inertia postulating immobility (rest) or a straightforward motion (translation) with uniform velocity (a = 0) for all objects, on which no force is exerted. In this geometric space “absolute time is liable to no change”: f = 1/t = const. = 1.
In the Axiomatics I have proved that geometric space can only be built after we have arrested time within mathematics in an a priori manner. The law of inertia stays, however, in an apparent contradiction to Newton’s second and third law, and the law of gravity describing gravitational force as the origin of acceleration. While the first law is a mathematical fiction, the other laws of classical mechanics assess reality: there is no place in real space-time (universe), where no gravitational or other forces are exerted – for instance, we always observe rotations of celestial bodies (Kepler’s laws). As any rotation has an acceleration of a > 0, the law of inertia is not valid for rotations which are the only motions in space-time.
This paradox of classical mechanics justifies Max Borns estimation of Newton’s cardinal failure:

“Here we have clearly a case in which the ideas of unanalysed consciousness are applied without reflection to the objective world.”(1)

Since then, this remark can claim ubiquitous validity for the mindset of all physicists.
The question is why physics sticks to the law of inertia if it is an apparently wrong and abstract idea (idio) without any physical correlate, for instance, why it has not been abolished by Einstein in his theory of relativity? The explanation of this default is given by Max Born again:

“In Newton‟s view the occurrence of inertial forces in accelerated systems proves the existence of absolute space or, rather, the favoured position of inertial systems. Inertial forces may be seen particularly clearly in rotating systems of reference in the form of centrifugal forces. It was from them that Newton drew the main support for his doctrine of absolute space.” (2)

The basic paradigm behind the law of inertia is rather trivial: if a rotating body would move free of force in empty space, it would conserve its uniform tangential velocity expressed as straight line (vector) for ever. This property of the objects, called “inertia“, is regarded an a priori faculty that is inherent to matter.
This idea immediately evokes another principal objection:

“The law of inertia (or persistence) is by no means as obvious as its simple expression might lead us to surmise. In our experience we do not know of bodies that are really withdrawn from all external influences: and, if we use our imaginations to picture how they travel in their solitary rectilinear paths with constant velocity through astronomic space, we are at once confronted with the problem of the absolutely straight path in space absolutely at rest…” (3)

Let us recall that the existence of straight parallel lines has not been proven in geometry (check Euclid’s parallel postulate). As space-time is closed, all subsets of it manifest this property and perform rotations, which can be described by closed geometric figures, such as a circumference (closed [1d-space]) or a spherical surface (closed [2d-space]). This is a basic tenet of the new Axiomatics with which, in particular, quantum mechanics can be integrated for the first time with classical mechanics.
In addition, any rotation is a system of space-time that can be assessed in terms of force, acceleration (electric field), or any other abstract quantity of space-time = energy. This is another basic statement of the new Axiomatics which I have proved for all levels of space-time that have been described by physics so far.
This fact is reflected in Lobachevsky’s geometry (also known as hyperbolic or non-Euclidean geometry), which reduces Euclidean space to a partial geometric solution.
From this analysis of the space-time concept of classical mechanics, we can conclude:
1. The introduction of Euclidean space for real space-time by Newton is the primary epistemological flaw of classical mechanics. The properties of this geometric space are:
a) emptiness (no forces, no acceleration);
b) homogeneity;
c) the existence of straight paths (lines)
d) absoluteness of space and time – no change of space and time magnitudes (immobility or translation).
2. These properties of Euclidean space are embodied in the law of inertia, which is an erroneous abstract idea without any real physical correlate. This law builds a basic antinomy with the other laws of mechanics, which assess real forces, accelerations and rotations.
3. While the absoluteness of space and time in classical mechanics is rejected by the theory of relativity (see the following publications), the homogeneity of space-time, which is tacitly accepted by the same theory, is refuted by quantum mechanics.
4. However, these disciplines make no effort to define the properties of the primary term of space-time in terms of knowledge. For this reason, classical mechanics still exists as a separate discipline, although the basic antinomy of physics appears in a disguised form in the initial-value problem (deterministic approach of classical mechanics) versus Heisenberg uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics (intuitive notion of the transcendence of space-time; see Volume II, chapter 7.3, p. 315).
This line of argumentation will be followed in the next publications discussing further blunders and contradictions in the concept of space-time of conventional physics.
1. M. Born, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, Dover Publ., New York, 1965, p. 57-58.
2. M. Born, p. 78
3.  M. Born, p. 29-30

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TiAmAt: share, Allowing the Release From the Old Matrix ~ Embracing the New Biome

Origen: TiAmAt: share, Allowing the Release From the Old Matrix ~ Embracing the New Biome

Thursday, September 17, 2020

ashare, Allowing the Release From the Old Matrix ~ Embracing the New Biome

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Allowing the Release From the Old Matrix ~ Embracing the New Biome

Dreams and Messages From the Arcturians and Elohim
June 27, 2020

The Arcturians brought images to me this morning (June 26th) as I was awakening in bed and in that theta-wave state. I was aware the visions were directed by them as this is how they connect with me, through the visual fields. My “lucid dream” held impressions about two important issues that I feel must be brought forward.
In the first scene, I found myself on the main floor of my home where I was able to fly while holding my body in a vertical position in the air, three feet above the floor. I was alone and there was very little furniture so it was easy in that there were no obstacles present. This dream seemed to last a long time and as time went by I had the feeling that I got more and more proficient at “flying”.
A second scene unfolded immediately where I am in a car with a lot of other people. A man appears at the side of the car and asks for medical supplies for an intravenous. I have the medical supplies needed for an Intravenous, including an IV solution, and I pull it from my jacket pocket that is hanging on the garment hook by my shoulder, and I pass it out of the window. The man turns to a woman in a wheelchair and begins to prepare the intravenous for her.
Then I step outside of the car and my vision is drawn upwards to the top of the road that is somewhat steep and I see the road consists of rubble, medium-sized man-made bricks that are on the road as well as piled alongside the road all the way to the top of the hill. The road we have come down is about 100 metres long, covered in these broken brick pieces.  What strikes me is that only the road is crumbling, the car is intact, and the trees and shrubs are all so green and alive with life. Light is shining from every leaf! I gaze in wonder and amazement and the seeming “rejoicing” of Nature amongst the failing man-made structure of the road.
I am made aware that I am being shown the next phase in the unfolding events here on Earth.
When the dream is over I get up and am drawn to take a message from the Arcturians who are present. Here is their message:

“Your vision of an Earth with crumbling man-made structures around you holds many clues to the reality of events. What is currently happening is humanity is releasing attachments to what has been. While the attachments are lifting, the world and the reality that it represents is in a state you consider as “crumbling” so that all man-made structures, infrastructures, constructs, and conscience – are being shown to you as ALL crumbling.  As you move through this phase of de-construction and disconnection, you will see the social structures that have been a part of your world also crumble and no longer function to serve you.
As you are releasing your attachments, your own inherent abilities as ascended beings shall come forth. This means what you understand to be “bilocation” or movement without concern for gravity or the pull of earthly physical forces is one of these abilities.
There are also magnetic changes to the Earth’s physical plane and these changes also support the expansion of these innate skills in every one of you. We support your decision to fully release any adherence to the world societal structures and your decision to accept yourselves as sacred beings of Creation.
We are always by your side. “
While receiving this message from the Arcturians, the Elohim moved very close and have this to add in support of the above message:
“We are the Elohim and we share here: An illumination is occurring now and with an illumination there is new understanding of what you once thought served you / humanity, and you see it as no longer seeming to be right. You are beginning to realize the attachments to the world and its current social structures are in many respects no longer supportive of the sanctity of life. As the attachments are released, the reality shall crumble, and new ways, new expressions that are founded in the truth of what has been intended for humanity and your world by the Source~Creator, shall also now return to your world.
There exists now, in your world, all-natural health and wellness systems for your absolute well-being, as was intended by the Creator. Indeed, you have all you need from Nature and it abounds. You have dedicated specialists the world over who are very skilled in applying natural science – scientific truths – in full support of the human physical and emotional body. There is no need for any man-made solutions to ill-health but there is a clear need for holistic medicine with the role of prevention of imbalance / ill-health.
All life was created equally as each is a sacred expression of the Creation. All Kingdoms as plant, animal, and all others do exist in harmony with your Earth and humanity. You are all equal and you are a unified whole WITH the planet as Mother Earth and all her Kingdoms. You, together, through your fields of inter-connected energetic standing waves – as expressed by and shared with every single living being on the Earth to create with the Whole.
You are ONE Being – One Biome.
Remember! You are at a time, now, where you must honour the Whole. And remember, the world is a safe place! Everything was created in perfection and was intended to be a beautiful self-sustaining world where nothing needs to be added, nothing of Nature needs to be taken away, nothing needs to be manipulated for the benefit of humanity because everything in its natural state supports the Life of the Whole.
Remember, beyond these words, you are Creators, and You now have the sacred opportunity to create the world you desire. Allow the structures to fall away.  Embrace that gift!  Imagine and BE in a space of loving kindness, sharing with all others from a place of sincerity, living your life in authenticity without shame or fear, following the truth of your Soul. It is time now to express your divinity and create the world of your dreams! 
We are the Elohim ~ we so love you all!”
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ArcAbighael: share, Saint Germain ~ Hombres del Minuto.

Origen: ArcAbighael: share, Saint Germain ~ Hombres del Minuto.

Sunday, September 13, 2020

share, Saint Germain ~ Hombres del Minuto.

*  *  *
Saint Germain
~ Hombres del Minuto.Amados Hermanos de la Luz, dado que voy a llamar a todos aquellos de ustedes que se han intitulado a sí mismos como Hombres del Minuto, hoy día he de suponer que aceptan lo que esas palabras significan —usaré una de sus expresiones: “

sobre la planta de sus pies,”1 alertas en todo momento, observando, cuidando, viendo que más pueden hacer para glorificarse plenamente a sí mismos y su mundo; desplegando así dentro de la actividad alrede­dor suyo la Gloria de esta “Presencia,” la cual espera, es­pera y espera por la oportunidad de liberar para ustedes Sus Poderes en acción.

Porque recuerden, la única manera por la cual los Poderes de la “Presencia” pueden encontrar Actividad es a través de sus mentes, cuerpos, y su mundo de senti­mientos, y acuérdense que su mundo emocional es el más importante de todos, porque es su casa de poder, y sus emo­ciones sí actúan en su mundo.

¡El sentimiento es el asun­to más digno de consideración en toda la experiencia hu­mana!
 Su atención es poderosa;
pero su sentimiento lo es todavía más, y hoy día es el recurso más poderoso para su uso —una vez que entiendan que ustedes son responsables de él, y que deben dirigirlo conscientemente.


¿puedo Yo ofrecerles una sugerencia?
No sólo exterioricen la Perfecta Actividad de sus mundos, sino que ocupen su atención en una actividad definida, car­gando los poderes de sus negocios en acción para su logro.
Sus negocios son importantes; su actividad externa es im­portante como un vehículo, un canal mediante el cual us­tedes pueden verter los Poderes de su “Presencia” dentro de la actividad humana.

Ahora bien, no he hablado mucho acerca de la

acti­vidad de los Hombre del Minuto porque justamente esta­ba esperando ver qué iban a hacer o estaban determina­dos a realizar por su propia voluntad; no obstante, como esto está abarcando a toda América, siento que hoy defi­nitivamente debería decir algo para su estímulo y fortale­cimiento.

Si los hombres de negocios

—recuerden, no debe­ríamos usar la palabra “si” cuando los hombres de negocios vengan a concientizar en los Grupos, incluso como el número que tienen hoy aquí, lo que ustedes puedan hacer por sí mismos y por cada uno de ellos po­niendo de manifiesto los Poderes de la “Presencia” para cargar Su Actividad y Éxito dentro de su actividad co­mercial
—les digo Querida Gente—,
¡pueden hacer ma­ravillas por sí mismos exteriorizando esta “Presencia”! ¡Cárguenla dentro de sus negocios!
 Y piensen, si tienen cien hombres, si tienen quinientos, cada uno tiene en­tonces quinientas veces su propio esfuerzo cargado den­tro de sus negocios para su éxito.
¿No ven que no pue­den fallar en su logro o cualquier cosa sobre la que diri­jan su atención en la actividad comercial externa, si un grupo de hombres de negocios se mantuviese energizando los Poderes de la “Presencia” en acción para el éxito?
Por supuesto, sus motivos deben preservarse todos en el bien, ya que si existe un motivo erróneo, si un sentimiento equivocado está actuando, él cubrirá la energía que se manifieste.

Recuerden, todo lo que pueden usar de la

Inteli­gencia que alguna vez se manifestó al cualquier ser hu­mano sobre la Tierra, viene de esa “Presencia.”
Algunas veces se inclinan a pensar que ustedes recogen ideas del exterior, y lo hacen; pero Caballeros, piensen en lo que están haciendo: están recogiendo ideas de otros hombres a través de otros individuos.
Algunas son buenas, otras no.
Ahora bien, ¿por qué no en su actual comprensión de esta “Gran Presencia” tornan su atención hacia Ella y cada uno, cada noche antes de dormir vuelven su aten­ción “Allí” y le piden que les dé las Ideas Perfectas con­cernientes a la conducción de ustedes mismos y sus ne­gocios?
 ¿No ven, dentro de ello, que manifestarían los Infinitos Poderes de la Luz, la Fuerza, la Valentía y la Inteligencia para que gobiernen la actividad de su mun­do, y ustedes podrían convertir esto en cualquier éxito que escogieran?
 No habría nada que se interpusiese ante ustedes en tal actividad.

Así, mientras tengan sus negocios estabilizados,

ac­tuando exitosamente, pueden invocar a la “Presencia” para que les provea alguien que se haga cargo de sus ne­gocios.
Se encontrarán capacitados para tener los recur­sos y tiempo para hacer que la Inteligencia Directriz sal­ga y se divulgue bastante entre otros, quienes en su cora­zón quieren conocer de esta Gran Luz.

Algunas veces hay aquellos que, a través de ideas Preconcebidas o por escuchar chismes tontos o algo así, Piensan que esto es algo, diríamos, “traído por los cabellos;” Mas sepan, Caballeros, que no lo es. Ustedes saben que la “Presencia” es la fuente de la Vida, Inteligencia y Actividad.

Sin ella ningún ser humano tendría libertad ni Inteligencia con la cual actuar. Ninguno tendría el poder de lograr nada.

Fíjense que en sus invocaciones a la “Presencia” —ya sea para sus negocios, en la Expansión de su propia Luz, o reuniendo los Poderes del Logro— ustedes invo­can a su “Presencia” a la acción y el Amor, la Sabiduría y el Poder están actuando de forma balanceada. Ningún punto de este triángulo puede actuar separadamente.

Si el Poder del Amor Divino está actuando sin Sabi­duría y Poder, está apto para ser extremista. Si la Sabidu­ría está actuando sola, se vuelve fría e insensible por cuenta de las calificaciones humanas. Si es el Poder el que está actuando, hará que los demás les teman.

Nosotros observamos a un individuo en Washington D.C. intentarlo, hace muchos años. El concibió esta idea de poner de manifiesto una de estas actividades del Cono­cimiento, y resultó que se centró en el Poder. En poco tiem­po cada uno de sus amigos y asociados desapareció gra­dualmente, porque comenzaron a temerle, ya que ellos podían sentir este Poder surgiendo todo el tiempo mien­tras lo acrecentaba.

Ustedes pueden acopiar a su alrededor cualquier fuerza que quieran y ésta actuará; pero si se trata de Poder, éste fácilmente puede volverse destructivo. Si es el Poder del Amor, como Amor Divino, puede

con­vertirse en actividad sexual desenfrenada si no está gobernado por la Sabiduría. Si la Sabiduría está ac­tuando sola, fácilmente puede volverse fría e inconmovible.

El único Poder que es el Logro del Éxito en todo el mundo de la actividad humana es el Amor, la Sabiduría y el Poder en equilibrio; y ningún ser humano puede auto-sustentarse en equilibrio por sí mismo sin el Poder de su “Presencia”, la cual es su Invocación a la “Presencia” para que libere Sus Poderes de Acción en y a través de ustedes, y hacia fuera dentro de su mundo.

A lo máximo, su “Presencia” está actuando, quien es Poder, Sabiduría y Amor en equilibrio. Ella es lo más grande que hay sobre la superficie de la Tierra para la humanidad, ya sea que deseen usarla para sus negocios, bien sea en la expansión de la Luz en el Centro Corazón —el anclaje desde su “Presencia”— o en lo que se desee obrar.

Permítanme sugerirles lo siguiente: si se encuentran en agitación y han establecido una oficina de actividades, lleguen a su despacho en la mañana antes que los demás y cárguenla con Paz y Actividad Divina, cárguenla con el Poder del Amor, Sabiduría y Poder para que se unja sobre todos sus empleados, produzca Su Armoniosa Actividad y mantenga Su Dominio allí. Luego pongan de manifiesto el Poder de la Justicia Divina en, y a través de sí mismos y su gente, así tendrán una Actividad tan Magnífica como la que el mundo siempre ha solicitado, pero que nunca ha conocido, excepto en ciertas instancias.

Caballeros, es por esta razón que en su actividad como Hombres del Minuto ustedes pueden utilizar este Gran Poder; y por ello se les llama la atención ante la Presencia” no sólo como una actividad espiritual —por­que La “Presencia” es más educacional que espiritual. La Vida es educacional y todo lo ajustado por su “Presencia” es la Actividad de la Vida. No es nada inusual, no obstante es la práctica Comprensión y Aplicación de las Leyes de su Vida.

Ahora bien, estas Corrientes de Energía están flu­yendo dentro y a través de ustedes en todo momento; quizás tan sólo de forma fragmentaria para lo que pue­den poner de manifiesto con su atención y Aplicación; pero tomándolo como lo hace el individuo promedio hoy día, el Poder está fluyendo. No comprendiendo esto, los seres humanos lo modifican constantemente recalificándolo con discordia, y dicho Poder la lleva dentro de sus mundos. Entonces repentinamente hace su aparición ante ellos; y luego se extrañan de por qué sus logros no son lo que ellos deseaban que fuesen.

Esto es solamente porque la humanidad no ha comprendido la verdadera Vida que está fluyendo en, a través y alrededor de sí, y dentro de su mundo; por medio de la cual se alcanza el Éxito, el Logro, o lo que se desee.

Ustedes piensan que hacen esfuerzos físicos y por supuesto que los hacen. Pero ¿qué está contenido en todo esfuerzo físico? Esa energía que viene de su “Presencia” se está esparciendo a través de ustedes y saliendo a su mundo. ¿No ven que éste es el único Poder del Logro que hay?

Si esta energía no se discrimina de sí misma —si ustedes entienden los Poderes de su “Presencia” pudiendo manifestar Su Gran Sabiduría para que dirija esa energía— entonces no habrá por más tiempo nin­guna pregunta en su Vida sobre el completo y pleno poder del Éxito y del Logro doquiera que esa energía sea dirigida.

La diferencia está entre traer esta energía hacia un punto focal —lo cual es a través del poder de su aten­ción— o como ustedes barrerían de esta manera (hacien­do un movimiento con la mano); en tal caso no habría un logro definido. Mientras despliegan algo emitido en esa forma, es energía dispersa. Pero cuando comprenden los Poderes de su “Presencia” y la focalización de su aten­ción sobre un objetivo dado, ustedes centran todos los Poderes de su “Presencia” directamente dentro de él y los mantienen allí con precisión y acción definidas, has­ta que el inmenso poder de esa energía compele dicho propósito al Logro.

Es realmente algo indispensable en el mundo que está ante la humanidad si lo observan como la Aplicación práctica de su Vida y no como algo inusual. No se permi­tan pensar acerca de su propia “Poderosa Presen­cia YO SOY” como algo místico o fantástico por­que NO LO ES. Es la cosa más práctica del mundo y es lo único que permite algo permanente.

Dentro de las fallas y pérdidas que han acosado a la humanidad, algo como ello hubiese sido imposible si su atención se hubiese sostenido firmemente sobre la “Pre­sencia.” Caballeros, Yo les digo a ustedes quienes son Es­tudiantes del “YO SOY,” acuérdense que ustedes deben mantener definitivamente alrededor suyo y de sus nego­cios la Invencible Protección de su “Presencia” todos los días. No la pierdan.

Si ha habido algo —lo diremos cuidando la expre­sión— “destructivo” en sus Corrientes de Vida en alguna encarnación anterior, y ello ahora trata de hacerse pre­sente, si ustedes no están utilizando esa Invencible Pro­tección y la Llama Violeta Consumidora, ¿no ven cómo la Ley de su propio Ser le permitiría salir y encontrar expre­sión hoy día en su actividad? Esto es lo natural. Lo destructivo está obligado a expresarse a menos que uste­des pidan suficiente Protección desde la “Presencia” y usen la Llama Violeta Consumidora para di­solver todo aquello que aparece; porque recuerden, en su actividad de atención a la “Presencia” ustedes están involuntaria o conscientemente, clamando para que o este cúmulo de apariencias sea disuelto y consumido; porque ustedes son sus creadores. Tienen que desha­cerse de ello, y ya sean que quieran o no hacerlo, la mismísima Ley de su ser, la “Presencia,” lo está manifes­tando. Por lo tanto, a menos que utilicen la Llama Violeta Consumidora, algunas de estas cosas encontrarán su ex­presión en su vida externa, y eso no es necesario.

Nosotros hemos visto condiciones en las cuales de­seo tanto que los individuos comprendieran y usaran la Llama Violeta Consumidora y evitaran que estas cosas destructivas —quiero decir situaciones discordantes o destructivas— se manifestaran; dado que esas son cosas, si no comprenden, que serán desalentadoras, y no hay necesidad de ello. Ustedes han tocado la Victoria de la Vida, la Victoria de todo Logro. No están a mer­ced de nada, ni siquiera a merced de la creación humana. ¡Ustedes son la Victoria de la Vida, y recuérdenlo!

No hay nada en el mundo que pueda acobardarles o causarles ni un minuto de fracaso en el futuro. Ustedes serán amos de su mundo si manifiestan el Poder de su “Presencia” en acción y se mantienen a sí mismos armo­nizados. Caballeros, acuérdense que no tendrán ninguna oportunidad a menos que preserven sus sentimientos en armonía, y no existe provocación en el mundo externo que asegure la perturbación de su ser. Cuando ustedes conoz­can los Poderes de esta “Presencia,” serán capaces de con­trolarse y mantenerse a sí mismos en armonía. Por lo tan­to, sigan poniéndola de manifiesto y dirigiéndola definiti­vamente dentro de sus negocios, sus hogares y sus activi­dades. Ella es la Presencia Comandante. Nada puede in­terponerse ante Ella porque donde la Luz se expresa, la oscuridad desaparece.

Ustedes ya no están sujetos a las limitaciones. Si ustedes necesitan dinero y su motivo es correcto, Ama­dos, digan: «”¡Poderosa Presencia YO SOY!” Des­carga para mí ahora, a través del Poder del Amor Divino, este dinero que requiero para Mi uso.» Lue­go, si se utilizan canales, la Sabiduría de la “Presencia” seleccionará y dirigirá dichos canales que cooperarán a través del Poder del Amor y Orden Divino para brindar­les la asistencia que desean. Pero Caballeros, no alber­guen algún motivo secreto en su Corazón o en su mundo de sentimientos en cuanto a querer pasar por encima de alguien o embaucarle. Si lo hacen, ustedes serán los úni­cos que resulten embaucados. La Gran Ley de Vida no permitirá más esto entre los humanos; por lo tanto, ma­nifiéstense con el Poder del Universo, y nada podrá de­tener su logro.

Invoquen Bendiciones sobre sus empleados, e invo­quen bendiciones sobre todos aquellos que deseen lo que ustedes tienen. Si están produciendo algún artículo de consumo, invoquen Bendiciones sobre dicho artículo y de esta manera bendecirá a todos aquellos que lo toquen. ¡Oh Caballeros, el Poder de la Bendición no es algo sentimen­tal. Alguna vez se pensó que correspondía sólo a la activi­dad femenina; pero Señores, hoy en día la humanidad está comenzando a entender que el Poder de la Bendición e» una Actividad Divina de la Vida, y que es el mayor poder Protector en toda experiencia humana —el Poder de la Bendición puesto de manifiesto— y ¿por qué es así?

Caballeros, ¡siempre intento ser así de práctico! Yo no les digo lo que algo puede ser, sino que les digo por qué ES así, ya que ese Poder de la Bendición está lanzando a la carga Sustancia Auto-luminosa e Inteli­gente que envuelve a tal persona, lugar o condición; y es la Luz de su “Presencia” que no conoce de resisten­cia ni de interferencia. Luego, ¿por qué no puede ser práctico? ¿Por qué no puede ser un Poder para el Bien?

¿Por qué no puede ser un Poder para el Logro de uste­des?

Recuerden qué, en la medida que manifiesten este grande y mayor entusiasmo de los Poderes de su “Pre­sencia, ” naturalmente se volverán ustedes más armonio­sos. Tendrán mayor Fuerza y Poder para convencerse de su propio Poder del Logro, el cual saben que emana de su “Presencia.” Así, toda esa incertidumbre y vacilación acerca de ustedes mismos en el mundo consciente dejará de ser, dado que el Poder de su “Presencia,” la cual es toda la Confianza y todo el Poder del Logro, está fluyen­do en avance. Por lo tanto, todas las condiciones que existían en su mundo emocional tienen que cesar, porque este Poder que fluye sencillamente las expulsa, y no hay nada que pueda subsistir ante dicha Luz.

¿Ven cómo todo es práctico en este Entendimiento de la Vida? Caballeros, les digo que ustedes aquí en Filadelfia hoy día podrían tomar un grupo de cien hom­bres —o de mujeres, en instancia— y con esa firme e indoblegable determinación, sin vacilaciones en su mun­do de sentimientos en cuanto a los Poderes de la “Presen­cia, ” podrían transformar cualquier ciudad de los Esta­dos Unidos en el lapso de un año. Estamos llegando al punto donde, antes de mucho tiempo, les mostraremos prueba de estas palabras.

La humanidad ya no está más sujeta a los errores que ha creado. Todos los seres humanos han cometido gran cantidad de equivocaciones, por esto no hay razón para que necesiten continuar en ellas. Desearía que us­tedes, si lo desean, comprobaran esto. Únanse todos unos a otros y, si alguno de su Grupo necesita un poco de asistencia adicional, decreten e invoquen a los Pode­res de la “Presencia” para que asuma el comando de él, su mente, su cuerpo y mundo, y produzca allí su Per­fección.

Si ustedes hacen eso, podrán dar la asistencia más maravillosa que sea posible concebir. Luego, si alguno no está completamente seguro de su propia Aplicación, le darán valentía adicional, y con poder dinámico produ­cirán ustedes resultados. Después de ver algunos, su con­fianza se incrementará con tal poder que no habrá cuestionamiento alguno por más tiempo. Tan sólo vean al Mensajero hoy. Oh, hace algunos años Él era un tími­do mozo cuya simpatía era muy grande, hoy día es un Poder porque el elemento humano ha sido disuelto en gran medida y ha desaparecido, y ese es el porqué.

Los Poderes de la “Presencia,” cuando son invoca­dos a la acción, segura e invariablemente tomarán Su Dominio en sus mentes y cuerpos; y ustedes de inmediato se encontrarán a sí mismos capaces de realizar aquello que no podían concebir apenas unas semanas atrás.

Recuerden, el Poder de su “Presencia,” les digo, es sustancia Auto-luminosa e Inteligente, y mientras la ponen de manifiesto y Ésta fluye dentro, a través y alrededor de sus cuerpos, sencillamente Ella asume el comando de uso de la estructura atómica y de las células de su cuerpo. Por ende, a medida que Ella se incrementa, no existe timidez. Solamente queda la Conciencia de Sabiduría, Amor y Poder Divinos actuando, lo cual no conoce resis­tencia a ninguna de las cualidades humanas. Por consi­guiente, cuando ustedes salgan al encuentro de su próji­mo en los requerimientos de sus actividades de negocios, no sentirán que alguien -a causa de haber exteriorizado un poder dominante— pueda arrebatarles esa cualidad humana dominante que esté allí.

Caballeros, les pido que lean dónde se manifestó el Poder del Mensajero para aquel hombre en la mina y disolvió sus dominantes cualidades humanas. Recuer­den, ustedes encuentran eso doquiera que vayan a causa de los Grandes y Po­derosos Decretos que se han enviado, pero todavía en­contrarán bastante de ello. A donde sea que ustedes se dirijan, invoquen los Poderes de su “Presencia” a la ac­ción antes de entrar en contacto con otros: «”¡Podero­sa Presencia YO SOY”! ¡Tú estás al mando aquí! ¡No hay ser humano que pueda dominarme o influenciarme! Por lo tanto, ¡Tú asumes el coman­do de esta mente y este cuerpo! ¡Tú actúas allí o hablas aquí!» Encontrarán que no habrá deseo alguno por parte de nadie de tratar de intimidarlos o dominar­los; pero cuando comiencen a ver estas manifestaciones, asegúrense y cuiden que ningún sentimiento de dominar a otros surja dentro de ustedes. Si lo hacen, desharán su labor.

Les digo, esto es tan definitivo y práctico como las matemáticas. Si ustedes continúan invocándola a la ma­nifestación, con tal seguridad y firmeza los Poderes y Per­fección de la “Presencia” tomarán comando de sus cuerpos y no sólo producirán fortaleza y salud en dichos cuer­pos, sino que se derramarán dentro de sus mundos, y se­gura e invariablemente tomarán Su Dominio en todos sus esfuerzos, harán de ustedes un éxito y alguien a ser hon­rado entre los hombres. ¿Se dan cuenta, Caballeros, lo que significaría para ustedes al desenvolverse dentro de su propio círculo personas, uno a ser honrado y ad­mirado como alguien que es un ministro de la Justicia Divina?

Lo que sea que pidan para sí mismos, pídanlo para toda la humanidad. De esta manera estarán cumpliendo con la Ley; pero cuidado, monten guardia sobre ustedes mismos tal que, al ver comenzar sus logros, ninguna cua­lidad humana comience a encontrar expresión. Cada vez que su parte humana [v.g. la personalidad] comience a defenderse a sí misma, háganla callar y asentarse: «”¡Po­derosa Presencia YO SOY!” ¡Tú eres la Única Pre­sencia en Acción aquí! ¡No le permitas a Mi parte humana actuar o perturbar todo esto!» Luego, al mantenerse a sí mismos armoniosos en todas las condi­ciones, encontrarán que los Poderes de su “Presencia” flui­rán hacia delante y afuera a su mundo y lo armonizará; luego, todo será una actividad gloriosa doquiera que diri­jan su atención, porque es un Magno Poder. La atención, causa que la energía proveniente de la manifestación de la “Presencia” fluya hacia un objetivo dado sobre el cual ella es enfocada, y no hay nada que pueda impedir su éxi­to o acción, excepto ustedes mismos.

¡Ustedes SON LA AUTORIDAD EN SU MUNDO, Y LOS “decretadores” DE CÓMO ESTA ENERGÍA VA A ACTUAR PARA ustedes! ¡No lo olviden! En la medida que entiendan y sientan este Gran Poder, en la misma medida se irán calmando y serenando los sentimientos en su interior. Esa gran tensión y contracción de los músculos y nervios del cuerpo cuando los acosa la ansiedad, simple­mente se aflojará y se apaciguará. Entonces ustedes sentirán alivio, y en esa paz y reposo está la puerta abier­ta para que los Poderes de la “Presencia” fluyan ade­lante.

Caballeros, recuerden: al principio, con ciertos individuos o ciertas naturalezas, se requiere la Apli­cación Dinámica para descargar un suficiente Poder adicional de la “Presencia” para darles la seguridad de Su Operación. Pero después de haber continuado por algún tiempo, más y más fácil y tanto más natural se vuelve, hasta que finalmente lo encuentran casi involuntario con su gran volumen de acción. Comprué­benlo y verán que cada Palabra que Nosotros y los Men­sajeros les decimos, es la Ley de la Vida que pueden poner en acción si lo desean. Pero no deben ser impa­cientes. No deben ser sujeto de las sugestiones de aque­llos a su alrededor.

Si un hombre que no entiende nada acerca de esta Labor se les acerca y dice: «Estoy abismado de que tú estés involucrado en una cuestión de este tipo». Caballeros, se encontrarán con esto doquiera que vayan, más o menos, tarde o temprano. Ustedes ahora tienen que ser lo sufi­cientemente fuertes como para mirar a esa persona direc­tamente a los ojos y decirle: «¿Por qué criticas algo de lo cual no conoces nada? ¡No vengas a vomitar tu veneno en Mi mundo!» Y cuando vean que ustedes son positivos, los dejarán en paz.

Señores, la sugestión del mundo externo es la cau­sa de todo el fracaso de la humanidad; no sólo la in­fluencia directa a través de la palabra hablada, sino tam­bién a través del sentimiento. En estos días la gente ha aprendido que puede sentarse y proyectarles pensa­miento y sentimiento, y ustedes responder a ello. Pues bien, la necesidad actual de los seres humanos es pro­tegerse a sí mismos e invocar a la “Presencia” para que los cubra con el Tubo de Luz. De esa forma, esa cues­tión no puede penetrar y actuar a través del mundo emocional. Ustedes no saben lo mucho que están ac­tuando, de acuerdo al toque de algo externo dentro de su mundo emocional.

Recuerden, Caballeros que en el mundo emocional del ser humano existe todavía un poder altamente destructivo. Los Grandes Seres Cósmicos están limpian­do y purificando con gran velocidad; pero si ustedes co­nocieran la acumulación que había en la atmósfera de la Tierra, causada por creaciones y generación discordante de la humanidad, entonces sabrían que no puede reali­zarse en un pestañear de ojos. Una gran, gran hazaña se están llevando a cabo en la remoción de estos elementos discordante y en la disolución de la propia actividad de la humanidad. Por lo tanto sean pacientes, sean fir­mes, sean determinantes en su Aplicación, y no habrá nada que los amedrente en su Poder del Éxito y del Logro.

Creo que diré esto porque hay aquí gente de Nue­va York. En ninguna ciudad hay alguna condición como de verdad existió en Nueva York antes de las dos últimas Clases allá. Pero gracias a Nuestra visión y conocimiento de ello, la tremenda actividad que ha tocado al ser huma­no ha sido controlada en muy alto grado. Los colapsos fi­nancieros a través del pánico en Nueva York —claro que alcanzaron otras ciudades, pero aquélla era el centro-corazón de la actividad— cargó la atmósfera de Nueva York. ¡Ustedes no tienen ni idea! Dicha sugestión, a través del miedo frenético generado por miles de individuos que lo perdieron todo, según pensaban, conformó allí una condi­ción que fue la más destructiva —salvo las condiciones de guerra del momento. Por tanto, Caballeros, doquiera que haya una actividad de la bolsa de valores, hay un foco de magno poder destructivo.

Ahora bien, si ustedes han estado participando de esas actividades, no se asusten de repente. Sigan ade­lante, invoquen a la “Presencia” a la acción para colo­carlos en su perfecta actividad de servicio; luego, uste­des tan sólo se fundirán —como quien dice— en dicha actividad. No hagan nada drástico. No hagan cambios tajantes, sino que invoquen a la acción a su “Presencia” y ustedes harán lo perfecto que debería realizarse en ese momento.

Hoy día en la maravillosa oportunidad que es suya —y permítanme recordarles que en estas condiciones que se dieron por conducto de las grandes pérdidas de tan­tos— si ellos hubiesen comprendido, ellos hubiesen sa­bido que aquello no era más que una situación temporal. Su mismo poder, su misma habilidad, con la cual ellos alcanzaron el Éxito, estaba allí, y si le hubiesen dicho a esa apariencia: «¡Ahora, Tú no puedes atemorizarme! ¡Tú no puedes amedrentarme! Yo tengo los mismos poderes que antes, por lo que puedo comenzar de nuevo,» hubie­sen avanzado hacia el mismo logro o aún mayor; pero ellos le dieron paso a ese sentimiento destructivo de la fuerza siniestra de la humanidad, el cual quería que ellos sucumbiesen.

Actualmente, ustedes como Estudiantes de esta Comprensión de la Gran Ley de Vida, cuando la gente les hable —si acaso muestran algún inte­rés— en primer lugar, Querida Gente, díganles que ésta es la Ley de Vida, y que las Palabras “YO SOY” constituyen la atracción de un Poder Magnánimo o Foco en el punto suyo del Universo con el uso de dichas Palabras.

No hay nada inusual en ello. Hagan que las perso­nas sientan la practicidad y naturalidad de esta cuestión antes de que comiencen a cuestionarse que se trata de algo místico o inusual. Vean ustedes que todo entendi­miento de las Leyes de la Vida ha sido revestido con mis­ticismo, con algo misterioso. En esta Obra no hay nada de misterioso. Cuando se comprende todo en su totalidad, Ella es práctica. Por lo tanto, manifiéstenlo con ese senti­miento a toda la humanidad doquiera que vayan, y encon­trarán que muy pocas personas se opondrán a Ella. Pero Señores, si hay individuos que se sienten inclinados a dis­cutir, cambien de tema y desaparezcan, porque nada se gana en ningún tipo de discusión. Es la opinión de un ser humano contra la del otro, y permanece así cuando han finalizado.

En la actitud del Mensajero hacia la Vida desde tem­prana edad, El puso de manifiesto dicho entendimiento. El siempre ha dicho: «Si se interesan en escuchar Mis ideas, eso está muy bien, si no, también.» El jamás ha permitido que la gente discuta con El; por lo que las personas se dan cuenta de ello. Si la gente está inclinada a escuchar, está en una condición donde ustedes pueden brindarle ayuda; pero si las mentes están justamente así —listas para lan­zarse a la carga con sus ideas— ustedes no pueden llevar a cabo absolutamente nada. Es una pérdida de tiempo y energía, así que manténganse siempre en guardia sobre esas condiciones.

Apreciados, Benditos, recuerden que Yo los llevo to­mados de la mano hacia su Victoria. Todo lo que quiero, Benditos, es ver que su motivo sea correcto, que ustedes sean fervorosos y sinceros con la Ley, y Yo les sostendré de la mano hasta su Victoria. Lo digo de verdad. Hemos entrado en esta Actividad de Luz por la Victoria de la Vida para todo ser humano que lo desee. ¡Los Maestros Ascendidos —y hay miles de Ellos— están pres­tos a dar Asistencia al Llamado de cada cual, ¡ya que ésta es la Victoria de la Luz!

Recuerden, cuando la Luz se hace presente, la oscu­ridad desaparece, y todo tipo de limitaciones son “tinie­blas.” La humanidad se ha arrastrado a sí misma a ello por la carencia de comprensión de la “Presencia,” la cual han olvidado por completo. Ahora se le ha recordado. ¡La oportunidad está ante ella! La humanidad puede tener todo lo que su Corazón desee.

¿Qué desean ustedes en su interior? ¿Cuál es ese de­seo? ¡Tener la Libertad y toda cosa buena que requieran usar! La Ley de la Vida, la Luz que hace latir sus Corazo­nes les produce ese anhelo. Recuerden que todo lo que ustedes utilizan está en esa Corriente de Vida; luego, toda Cualidad que está allí debe provenir de la “Presencia.” Si ustedes la han cubierto mediante su calificación, no es culpa de la “Presencia” por el hecho de que Ella les brin­de dicha energía. Así, ¿qué van a hacer con ella? ¿La van a usar constructivamente, o van a cubrirla de discordia y utilizarla destructivamente?

La escogencia es completamente suya, y no hay na­die que les pueda decir «no lo hagan.» ¡Yo no puedo! ¡Yo no puedo decirles: «Harán esto o lo otro!» Pero en tanto su motivo sea el correcto y utilicen sus deseos y sen­timientos constructivos, Yo iré hasta el límite para ayu­darlos a tener Éxito, Libertad, Felicidad y todo lo que su Corazón desee para su propia Bendición y Liberación.

Les doy las gracias

Extracto de
Discursos del “YO SOY” para los Hombres del Minuto

ANTERIOR Saint Germain – Dios no es un asunto de religión.

SIGUIENTE Saint Germain – Otro cambio importante en la conciencia colectiva.

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Equipoise: share5_Arcturian Group Message,Barbell Exercises!, ▶ True Cause, ▶ Superficial Peroneal Nerve,

Origen: Equipoise: share5_Arcturian Group Message ,Barbell Exercises!, ▶ True Cause, ▶ Superficial Peroneal Nerve,

Sunday, September 13, 2020

share5_Arcturian Group Message ,Barbell Exercises!, ▶ True Cause, ▶ Superficial Peroneal Nerve,

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 BikiniModelFitness just uploaded a video –

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Arcturian Group Message 
Onenessofall.com <Marilyn@onenessofall.com>
Sun 9/6/2020 8:43 AM
tumblr m3vw637pgq1r1ap3co1 500
Dear readers, welcome to our message.
All is proceeding according to plan although it may not seem that way when observed with three dimensional eyes and through concepts about how a spiritually evolving universe should look.
Over eons of time, dark energies became deeply embedded allowing them to penetrate every aspect of life on earth. Generation after generation has been and still is being taught that duality and separation are the reality. These energies are gradually surfacing in order to be recognized for what they represent and eventually clear as people cease energetically feeding, maintaining, and sustaining them for this is all that holds them in place.
Most people are experiencing high levels of anxiety at this time. Do not resist these feelings in the false belief that as an awakened person you shouldn’t have these types of emotions. Simply acknowledge them, remember that they are always impersonal, and then move on. Worry and anxiety are not qualities of Source and therefore have no law to support them.
As you evolve, your energy changes and begins to vibrate at a higher frequency causing you to automatically be more sensitive to the energy of people, places, and things. This can result in experiencing emotions like fear, anger, anxiety, etc. that are not yours. Be alert not claim them as yours, but simply allow them to pass through and out with out giving them power.
We are aware of what most of you are feeling during these times and we say to you that all is proceeding according to plan. Do not get involved in the energy of outer appearances but rather stand back as an observer, not denying or trying to change, heal, and correct appearances but rather as a watcher watching from a place of detached awareness, conscious of the reality underlying all things.
Earth is a spiritual universe peopled with children of God and governed by Love. However, the majority are still hypnotized by appearances to the contrary. Try to remember always that everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell are concepts of a spiritual reality that is being translated by the hypnotized collective mind as being good or bad according to current duality and separation belief.
When you find yourself reacting to some thing or some person in a negative way use the occasion to honestly examine your beliefs. Accumulated obsolete three dimensional beliefs often remain unknown and deeply hidden in consciousness until something occurs to activate and bring awareness to them. It is at this point that you simply and with no guilt or resistance, ask yourself; “What am I believing that is making me feel this way?”
There are no pairs of opposites in Reality, good appearances are just as illusory as the bad ones. Reality is spiritual but most have not yet attained a level of energetic resonance capable of aligning with higher resonating frequencies and so believes they do not exist. This is why a great deal of trust is necessary during these present times. Not a continuing trust in government, organized religion, friends, family, or the so called experts, but a trust in truth, that the reality is and always has been One omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent Divine Consciousness manifesting ITself as all that is.
Since God/Divine Consciousness is all that is, IT is and always has been the only cause and therefore the only effect. Ponder this.
Awakening to truth does not mean you suddenly stop living your life. You are on earth at this time to evolve into enlightenment while in physical form, not to deny, hate, or try and avoid humanhood as some religions teach. The days of convents and monasteries with rigid rules and regulations regarding spirituality are long past. Mankind is ready to learn how to be in the world, but not of it.
Enlightenment simply means living each day from your highest attained level of awareness which then allows more truth to unfold. Do what needs to be done–go to work, cook dinner, wash dishes, mow the lawn, perform surgery, teach, repair cars or do absolutely nothing…but do it conscious of the fact that all activity is spiritual, with none being more spiritual than another. Yes, we realize that many activities have become perverted by human minds, but the reality is that activity is how individuals express the innate qualities of Source that lie within them.
There will always be some people you dislike which frequently comes as the result of some past life interaction having nothing to do with the present. Other times it is because certain individuals seem totally out of sync with your belief system. Do not judge yourself or them as bad or un-spiritual but rather bring to mind that no one is good or evil in and of themselves since God is the reality of every individual. Know that they are hypnotized and acting out from impersonal false beliefs based in duality and separation regarding themselves and others.
This does not mean you try to be best friends, or ignore what may be troublesome or hurtful actions on their part but rather means that after you remember the truth about them, you then take whatever human footsteps may be required. Being a loving and spiritually empowered person never means being another’s doormat, nor does it mean “walking on eggs” in order to keep a false sense of peace. Silently greet every person you meet as the Christ, and send Light to those far or near in the realization that they “know not what they do”.
The need for laws and jails will exist for awhile yet, but the collective is becoming increasingly aware that actions and solutions based in unconditional love serve to rehabilitate and heal better than force and aggression.
It is a powerful time to be on earth because the ascension process now taking place is allowing souls to heal and complete issues that they may have been carrying though lifetimes. Many wanted to come but were not permitted for some reason or another. Much is yet to come that will awaken increasingly more individuals and give credence to what we are saying.
Many are and more will yet suffer and even die during this process, but know that most are volunteers who lovingly chose to assist in awakening the people of earth. For some, their experiences were karmic completions chosen to be done publicly for others to see and learn from. For others it is a personal choice as to how they can best serve the ascension process, but all are helping in their way to bring universal consciousness out of the dark ages and into the Light.
Those in the higher dimensions are observing and sending high fives to all even as appearances on earth would testify to total failure. Know that things are not as they appear to be. All is proceeding according to plan. Rejoice even in the midst of dark events for these things reflect earth’s journey out of density and the processes bringing change.
Many continue to awaken out of the hypnotized sleep of erroneous belief in spite of continuing attempts by some to keep mankind locked in old energy. Remain alert and aligned with your intuition when you read channels, watch the news, or observe the actions of others for much of it is not what it seems to be.
Opening to higher levels of awareness is inevitable and cannot be avoided. Put off yes, but never avoided for every person is a Divine Being, an expression of God whether they like it or not. This is a fact that can never change regardless of how many lifetimes a person spends in denial.
Be at peace dear ones, rest in your heart, and meditate often. Meditation need not be the rigid structured process that most of you were taught when learning to meditate. These methods were and are necessary for those unable to relax or allow themselves to be silent without the help of structure. The purpose of meditation is nothing more than to reach a place of silent and secret alignment with the “still small voice” within. The process of getting there is what all the structured guidelines have been about.
Resting in “I and the father are one” can be done anyplace and at any time with eyes open or shut–a pause at your desk, a trip to the bathroom, stopping for a red light, sitting under a tree, walking down a busy street, or being at the bedside of someone who is ill. Every activity of daily living offers an opportunity to center, align with, and silently realize; “I am Divine Consciousness”. Eventually and without conscious effort, you begin to live meditation 24/7 and it becomes no longer something you do, but something you are.
Be not afraid dear ones, for you are exactly where you planned to be before incarnating. The planet is becoming increasingly filled with awakened souls who have chosen to assist in earth’s transition to a higher frequency. What you are witnessing is a world that is experiencing the strong and painful labor pains necessary for birthing a new world consciousness based in love and truth.
Allow the process dear ones. Allow the process and hold your Light in spite of any and all personal or global appearances for Light is the only reality.
We are the Arcturian Group
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TiAmAt: share, Agartha is calling – Urgent Message for Guardians of the Earth

Origen: TiAmAt: share, Agartha is calling – Urgent Message for Guardians of the Earth

Friday, September 11, 2020

share, Agartha is calling – Urgent Message for Guardians of the Earth

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Agartha is calling – Urgent Message for Guardians of the Earth

Greetings My Beloved Masters of The Universe! 
Today I come to you with a very important message for those of you who are The Guardians of the Earth and/or feel the pull to connect with the Agarthians. This is a VERY IMPORTANT
moment for you now!

We greet you now in the new unfolding reality upon your shores, we greet you now with a message disguised, as the harboring of truth lights the way for you to maneuver through the sea of the cumbersome and troublesome reality that is presently unfolding before you, and yet the disguised message within the ever conflicting realities is such as to bring harmony and peace into your hearts and alert you to the happenings upon your own planet.
The reality structure unfolding before you is misguided and misrepresented by those who wish to remain diligent to their task of keeping the veil for forgetfulness intact, but alas no more can such a state of being remain upon your shores and so we bring you the truth, the guidance and the glimpse into the past of your chosen momentum.
Let us then go back into the past and revisit the lost records of the “gods”, which states that at a certain moment in time, a certain species shall emerge from within the depth of time and space, calling themselves gods and introduce humanity to a new structural reality which goes against the grand plan of the cosmic gateways, and when such moment occurs many on the human earth will be in disagreement with such abysmal invocations and will retreat into the inner structures found upon your planet.
And said moment occurred eons into the past, forcing many to retreat beneath the earthly crusts, for as wild as it may be for you to imagine, and to believe in such statements indeed such magnificent event has come to pass many eons into the past, and hence and thus, those that you call the Agarthians indeed exist within the core of your planet.
Having built cities and having kept the essence of free will alive within their communities they communicate with many on the surface of the earth daily, keeping tabs, if you will on all the happenings of the world above ground.
And so, the time has come for them to emerge from their cities and come out to introduce themselves to your populace. Said humanoid beings shall make new conversation contacts with many more who are ready to experience being in their presence, for these beings are not human and have different vibrational structures which vibrate on frequencies that are very high in octaves forcing the human body to respond in a fearful way as it usually does to that which is unknown, and yet, many of you are ready for said contact and shall experience such visits first hand.
Please understand, to those who are ready for said contact, these beings will seem very human, and yet there shall be something different about them. Agarthians physically look like your Nordic populace, and you may simply think that you are meeting a strange vibrating human, but alas, these beings are anything but human as they have evolved and have passed the Ring Pass Not, their bodies have adjusted to incorporate a specific strand of DNA which allowed them to become completely multidimensional, and allowed them to travel through time and space continuum, ascending and descending at will.
This, as strange as it may be for most of you to believe, is that which shall eventually happen to all humans living on GAIA, as they too shall acquire a new gene pool, a new DNA strand, and from there tremendous improvements to the whole physical reality shall come about.
But, all of this is far into the future, and in the meantime the beings that come from within your earth are asking you for assistance, as they are ready to assist you in assisting humanity to return to the golden age of GAIA.
And so, the records and agreements of the “gods” hidden beneath the sphinx which have been put into place eons into the past are coming to pass, and are materializing in your realities and are the main cause of that which you are experiencing at this very moment in time.

This disc was channeled through from Adama in the Agartha and has been created specifically to assist those who are to work with Agarthians in helping with the ascension. The disc is made to Adama’s specification and includes 24K GOLD, The Agartha FREE WILL symbol and 4 genuine gemstones. This disc is meant for those who wish to have a better connection with the Agartha and are here to work along side Agarthians in bringing the FREE WILL back to all of humanity. Right now is a pivotal time in the history of earth and Agarthians are asking all who feel the pull to connect with them to do so without delay, as your assistance is greatly needed. https://natalyaankh.myshopify.com/products/agartha-inner-earth-key-helps-to-connect-you-to-agartha

You who are reading said message are here for a reason, you are here to assure that the agreements with the “gods” does not come to pass, as that which has been agreed to has been agreed to without the full understanding and comprehension of humans.
And so and thus, those who have upheld FREE WILL for eternity are coming back to the surface of the earth, are rising to assist you in recollecting the memory of humans that indeed they are FREE and have FREE WILL and are ready to, able and fully capable of exercising their birth given right to thrive upon the planet you all call earth, the planet that has been granted for ALL to experience BEing in the physical form, behind the veil of forgetfulness and finding their way back home, home to oneness, home to eternal peace, harmony and LOVE.
And as such, those of you who are pulled towards Agartha, towards inner earth, shall follow your inner guidance, and await further instructions from your guides on the very important steps that you are to take in order to continue your missions on this planet.
That is all that we have for you now. We are with you. We love you. Goodbye for now.

~Anna Merkaba – is a Channeler, Lightworker, Healer and Messenger of the KEYS to help YOU on your journey of awakening to your true self! For more channeled messages to help you on your journey of self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL–https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

FREEDOM JOURNEY KARMIC RELEASE COURSE – The reason that I have put this course together for you is to give you the tools not only to understand what karma is, not only to get yourself off the Karmic Wheel of Life, but to find the FREEDOM of thought. This is a life changing course, a course that should help you move away from the outdated belief systems of your parents, grandparents, society, etc., and help you to find your own inner voice, the voice of truth. This course will help you shed the layers that you have allowed yourself to be encapsulated into by your upbringing. It will help you to dive deep within and release all the triggers that are holding you back from aligning yourself with the life that you are meant to live! This course will help you unlock the mystery of your heart. Get to the bottom of your issues, and let it all go. https://annamerkaba.mykajabi.com/
P.S. To help you on your journey I have written a book. It is now available for all of you in digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – pdfdownloadableversioncoverA Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please click here: https://sacredascensionmerkaba.com/books/
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TiAmAt: The Reason for this Embodiment

Origen: TiAmAt: The Reason for this Embodiment

Friday, September 11, 2020

The Reason for this Embodiment

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Saturday, July 25, 2020

The Reason for this Embodiment

July 25, 2020

The Reason for this Embodiment

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturian,
Do you have a message to share with us today?
Yes, we the Arcturians, as well as all of your Galactic Family, always have something to share with our brave Family who has chosen to wear an Earth Vessel within this NOW. 
In fact, we the Arcturians, as well as the Pleiadians, Antarians, Lemurians and Venusians, are all working together as ONE Being in order to assist our beloved planet Gaia, also known as Earth, to move into the higher and higher frequencies of reality.
Of course, most of you have heard of the saying, 
“The Darkest night is just before dawn!” 
This saying has never been more true than within your NOW on Gaia’s Earth. Fortunately, more and more “humans” are beginning to have dreams about Starship, visions of Star Beings, and some humans are even beginning to remember BEING on a Starship.
Of course, as soon as our “Grounded Ones,” which is the term we give to our courageous Galactic Family Members who have, and/or soon will, volunteer to take a human earth vessel during this NOW of great planetary transmutation.
We say “planetary transmutation” rather than “planetary change,” because the terms “change” and “transmutation” mean very different things. “Change” means that somethings and/or many things will change in an unknown fashion. 
On the other hand, “Transmutation” means that this change will allow Gaia, and all Her inhabitants, to have the choice to remember how to “transmute” them selves into a higher frequency of form, matter, brain power, acceptance, knowing and being. 
In fact, when the third dimensional beings on Gaia, now known as humans, begin their process of transmuting their third and fourth dimensional forms into their fifth dimensional forms, everything will change.
For one thing, eventually, humanities innate, but not yet experienced, fifth dimensional form, will return. It is within that NOW that humanity will begin to remember, and then, return back to, their Galactic, Multidimensional SELF.
It is then that EVERYTHING will be different. 
For one thing, third dimensional “time” will not be the same in the higher frequencies of reality. We, the Galactics, know that many of our “earthly grounded ones” are becoming more and more aware of how  their perception of reality changes with their state of consciousness.  For example, when they are in a “good mood” and are doing something that they enjoy, time seems to “fly” by.
On the other hand, when humans are doing something that they do NOT enjoy, “time seems to go slower and slower.” In fact, they may even “lose track of time,” because they are NOT enjoying what they redoing and want to stop doing it.
On the other hand, when humans are deeply enjoying what they are doing, where they are, and/or who they are with, time “quickly flies by.” In fact one may be surprised to see how much “time” has passed. However, it is not the time that has made their perceptual shift. In was what they were doing with that time that made their  perception of reality, change. 
Another thing that influences your perception of time is your “state of consciousness.”  For those of you who meditate, read, paint, and have remembered that your own Higher SELF is calling you, time seems to expand, as well as your awareness of what is going on beyond the limitations of the third dimension., 
For one thing, you may feel very different from others who are NOT having those experiences. In fact, many humans are still deeply grounded in the third dimensional “HERE and NOW.” However, you can step out of one version of reality and into a different version of reality by changing your state of consciousness. 
Then your thoughts and emotions will resonate to that”state of consciousness.” For example, you may be having a wonderful time, and having a very high state of consciousness. Then suddenly, something happens which frightens you, angers you or lowers your state of consciousness.
It is then that you may begin to plummet  deeper and deeper the uncomfortable emotions of fear, anger, impatience and sorrow. Can you stop this sense of “feeling out of control? ” Yes, you can, especially if you have developed a conscious relationship with your own Higher Dimensional SELF. 
This Higher Self is actually, not just your self, but the frequency of consciousness that you have allowed to dwell in your thoughts, emotions, activities and even dreams. Yes, you can remember, your dreams best if you write them down. If you write down, or type, or even tell someone about  your dreams, they will no longer be a secret, but instead they become an important manner in which you can speak to your own SELF. 
When you write down your dreams, you can better keep your “state of consciousness” within your awareness.  Also, when, and if you make  a conscious choice to be the Master of our Mind, then you can go inside your “mind” to bring forth the information that you need to have in order to successfully meet each challenge.
When you feel that you have “met a challenge” an empowered and a self loving sensation sweeps into your heart and mind.  This is when your heart and mind can best communicate with each other and with the YOU who is (hopefully) the Masters of your Life.
As your sense of “SELF Mastery” becomes more and more present within your “Sense of SELF” Happiness and SELF MASTERY can meet with PURPOSE AND JOY! 
When you feel joyful, it is easier for your to remember your “reason for incarnation,” and to even “believe that you can and will fulfill the promise that you made with your Higher SELF before you took this embodiment!
Blessings to you all
Most of all, we ask  you to remember that:
Who has Chosen to take a earth vessel during this NOW 
to assist dear Gaia with Her PLANETARY ASCENSION!
Please check out
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TiAmAt: share, archive, The Revolution of Truth | Astraea et Amora

Origen: TiAmAt: share, archive, The Revolution of Truth | Astraea et Amora

Thursday, September 3, 2020

share, archive, The Revolution of Truth | Astraea et Amora

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Astraea et Amora

Into the Light – Messages From the Source

The Revolution of Truth

A Message from the Crystalline Beings of Light for All Lightbearers

Channeled by Carla Thompson
There have been many messages over the past months and a good portion of them focus on the power of the unseen Light to transform our Body-Mind-Spirit (BMS) system. This message in particular focuses on how the waves of incoming Light are here to transform our thoughtforms.  This topic is pertinent to the times and energetic events that we are observing around us and shows that we must be even more discerning of what we see and how we choose to evaluate it.  Indeed, the power of the Light at this time is intense and it goes deep into the BMS system, purging old thoughtforms which have collected in the electromagnetic system we know as the mind.  The Light is here to create clarity in understanding the events we are experiencing in our lives.  It is important to understand it this way.
The Light, whether it is seen with our physical eyes, or not, acts to purge our BMS system on so many levels, and does so in every moment.  By the time the Light flows into our cells as photons, it has already flowed through all of our energetic centres that surround our physical bodies, and that make up our beautiful energetic systems that keep us alive at the unseen level of the infinite. We are not just the physical body.  We are made of energy, and this energy is actually “Light”.  The power of this Light is leading to the awakening of humankind to a new level of consciousness. This Light is conscious awareness at its finest.
For those of you not yet “noticing the light energies”, you will soon join those lightbearers who have been physically “feeling” the waves for many years. Perhaps you believe that the waves have not affected you at all, however it is important to consider that some physical symptoms you consider to be caused by illness or disease, may indeed be as a result of your body experiencing these waves of Light.  It may also be that some of you will soon be able to “see” this Light with the help of your inner vision.  It has never been more clear to me than now, that there are several “waves of awakening ones”, each wave just as important as the next.  Always be fully open to the possibility that you are a part of this time of awakening within the human collective.
Based on my own personal experience, the nature of the Light has changed profoundly over the past many years; it is much more penetrating now, and it includes broader frequencies that even five years ago.  This may be the result of my own expanded awareness of the Light, and an improved discernment.  In any case, one must consider how powerful the Light is now.  Once seen in this way, the Light will also be understood as a natural tool supporting the alchemy of the ascension.  The Light  is able to illuminate, transmute and heal.  Allowing the idea that Light can do these things, and greater, means that our belief structures have the power to accommodate the unseen.  This is the first step in our awakening.
The Crystalline Beings make reference to “purging” energy in this message below and this reference is meant to describe the Light that is flowing into the deepest recesses of the energetic systems in all matter in form, that of animal, crystal, plant and human.  Specific purging action from Light has always been with us especially since the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, and it continues with even more power than ever before.
The specific action of “the Purging Light” has been to recalibrate our minds and re-align them with the Divine Mind.  This light revealed itself to me, during the time of the message, to be an interwoven gold and pink light. I sensed the energy signature to be that of what I consider “Buddha” energy – a stoic, calm, centred and powerful energy that enables clear thinking and objective consideration, replacing old addictive, repetitive, non-yielding, one-way and closed thought patterns into a more open, expanded, balanced consideration and where the moment of opening is coupled with a “reflection pause”, the moment of enjoining the divine mind, and along which new ideas burst forth as one reaps the gifts of cosmic memory, instant knowing and understanding — the embracing of a reality where “humanity” as it was once known, is left behind and becomes a new species of enlightened being that the Crystalline Beings call  Luminos Christos.
There is one fundamental truth that was extolled by Aristotle: the mark of the educated individual is in the ability to entertain all new thoughts and ideas, even if they are not initially accepted.  Now is the time to expand our collective consciousness – to open to every new idea that is presented to us. The Crystalline Beings announce this moment as a new beginning not just to entertain us but to ask us to consider the revolution in truth that is upon us now.
This is not just about noticing the outer revolution of truth as it rises up before us. The Crystalline Beings also wish for us to attune to our own inner process and to develop an inner awareness of who and what we are – to know ourselves to the core.  As a time of profound inner enlightenment these assessments must be made, and they surely must be made now.
“We are the Crystalline Beings of Light and we come to you now to discuss a recent light purge you may be attuning to….it is the energy of a new beginning…. The arrival of the most beautiful cosmic light is flushing out negativity on many levels and the Forces of Light are gaining strength in full view of those who are awakening to the deception all around them.  
This is the necessary step, the phase of enlightenment as it becomes a simultaneous two-fold process: first the shock of the depth of deception as recognized by the ego-mind on the one hand, and secondly, the relief and comfort received as the heart and soul of each individual discovers an inner knowing that recognizes that the difficulties in life have not come from a place of bad luck or failure, but rather that each of you are truly whole within and therefore  “okay”.  
As each one of you awakens to the acceptance of your own Self as an individual, and the realization that you are a part of the Whole, you shall experience a certain relief in discovering this inner truth. Each of you will move through this phase at your own pace using skills you have acquired along your journey, helping you to reconcile the reality and your life before you.
The great influx of light spreads the world over and releases nodules of deception and fear to the point where deception can no longer be hidden and can no longer be used as a control mechanism.
The truth shall then fully prevail in light of this development and the truth shall be revealed in every single instance.  Be prepared for a revolution of truth.
Along with each of these revelations…offered through The Reflection Pause….there will come a natural heart opening or alignment as it is at once recognized that the truth had been present all along and now it is clear for all to see.  This will feel good in your heart as you release the constriction that comes with a subconscious and unconscious knowing that one is being deceived.  The release facilitates a heart opening….an inner enlightenment…and the birth of a new species of enlightened being…the Luminos Christos…where you shall all enjoy an activated crystalline light body, cosmic memory and instant knowing…
Watch, Listen and Evaluate closely the three areas where the truth shall be revealed in the coming times… These three areas are the greatest bastions of deception within your reality and include Science, Health and Religion.
We honour you for your unwavering courage…We love you All”
* * *

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TiAmAt: share, archive, Into Ascension

Origen: TiAmAt: share, archive, Into Ascension

Thursday, September 3, 2020

share, archive, Into Ascension

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Into Ascension

The Elohim Tell Us to Go to Rome to Disseminate the Crystalline Light From the Source
Georgi Stankov, February 25, 2018
Things are moving ahead with breathtaking dynamics. It is impossible to grasp all the energetic plots that run on infinite dimensions and parallel timelines. In a recent message (Feb 22, see below) the Elohim urged us one more time to leave Canada and go to Italy, first to Rome to disseminate the 12 crystalline rays from the Source which we received during our temporary ascension to the 12th dimension in early February, and since then integrating all of them into our fields while eliminating resilient pockets of stagnant low vibrating energies. This is what the Elohim told us in their message from February 6th about our current light work:
“We are the Elohim​ and we bring you this message:
As an Elohim of the Primary Cause your primary role is to distribute the light of Creation, of Creation Itself, as Light is Creator; and in so doing you have an expanded role, in the sense that not only are you intermingling with Light in Form, You are also bringing in the New Crystalline Rays to this world of form.   
The Crystalline rays are new to this expression, and your role is to ground them upon the Earth Form AND to sweep them over the third dimensional frequency in its entirety.
 Your deep seated fatigue comes from bringing these crystalline frequencies into the depths of physical form following which you then jump or expand up into the ninth dimension. Well, these dimensional labels really do little accuracy to your positioning within the Creation, as you are a “frequency glider”.  You are able to hold both the lowest of the third dimension simultaneously with the very highest frequencies of crystalline light.
As you introduce/ expose the third dimensional reality to this crystalline light reality, great chunks of space-time is replaced with pure energy.  It is as if there are pockets of “dead-space” in the third dimension where no light may enter – we have spoken to you of this in the past, where the bonds are “loose” or “less dense”.  The space in between the atoms holds very low vibrational/ energetical elements – this is the reality that crystalline light reclaims.
There has been great work done by you in this regard – particularly in the last several days (since January 31st) when it began. There has been a deepening of this healing during the past three days.
This influx of crystalline light is a gradual one and an action of great love from the Creation itself.”
This energetic peak was preceded by a constant build-up of massive energetic waves and transformation phases that were potentiated by the stargate 11.11. 10 (2017= 10, ten symbolizes completion) which the PAT first opened seven years ago. Throughout  December we completed the structure of our crystalline light bodies which we first built in 2013, and since December 21, 2017 the entire PAT (first wavers) have firmly ascended into the 5th dimension. This earth has practically ascended too, and the old 3D matrix is in a state of rapid collapse as every enlightened person can witness for himself.
At the end of last year Carla was urged by the Elohim to travel to Ecuador over Christmas and New Years to anchor the pillars of light for the third city of light Terra Nueva in the Andes. I did the back-up from Canada. Without this light work Gaia would not have ascended to its current wholeness, as the axis of light was tilted towards the other two cities, one here in Vancouver and the other one over the Alps, which are ready for their manifestation. Carla did a formidable job with the help of a group of enlightened light warriors from all over the world as well as the natives, including their elders from the higher realms, in sacred light ceremonies up on the mountains. This fact gives you an inkling as to how intense our preparation for the ascension was in the last several months.
In January and February, we personally ascended first from the 7th to the 9th dimension and then, after receiving at the end of January the 12 crystalline flames from the Source, we moved briefly to the 12th dimension (see above). Both events were rather dramatic as were the last two months and very heavy for the entire PAT from what I have heard. Each phase was explained and commented on by the Elohim and the Blue Crystalline Beings in personal messages to us. I refrained from publishing them as first, they were personal and secondly, they implied that we were not ready yet for the final ascension and transfiguration, so that I did not want to burden you with further confirmation as to how heavy your energy work has been in these last several months in order to reach this ultimate point in space-time.
Now I am announcing to you the good news. Below is the latest message which Carla received from the Elohim on February 22nd. It is insofar remarkable as for the first time the Elohim announce future events regarding our ascension. Until now they have only commented on energetic events which we had first experienced and then discussed with each other before they were confirmed by the Elohim. This can be read on this website. This time, however, we have definitely reached the most critical phase and there is no reason for the Elohim to be cryptic about our future as it is already a reality. Even other sources now openly confirm that ascension is a done deal.
We have already ascended and the time has arrived to show this to the rest of the world. Nonetheless, ascension is a process and, while we move firmly into our role as sovereign creator beings, it may still take some more time before we fully transfigure our carbon-based bodies with slow functioning brain into crystalline light bodies and a new brain based on superconductivity that enjoys an expanded multidimensional awareness. I repeat the importance of this phase transition over and over again, as very few light workers seem to grasp this physical concept. If you closely read the Elohim message below, they for the first time confirm the coming of this crucial event, even though they do not use this term explicitly.
It has to begin from Italy which is the heir of the Roman Empire, and the latter is the foundation of the Western civilisation, including organized Christianity. It makes a lot of sense from a historical point of view to begin with ascension from Italy and Rome, all the more as the city of light Raetia is also in Northern Italy and in Central Europe, which was part of Rome. Europe north of the Alps was influenced entirely by Italy in the Renaissance and even much earlier and is an offshoot of Italian-Roman culture, such as architecture, arts, politics, etc. As the message below reveals I have had numerous incarnations in this cultural area and this explains why I know Italian almost without any learning.
The Most Beautiful Message from The Elohim on Our Impending Ascension
February 22, 2018
“Your world experience is now about to open up in its full Glory…  The time has come to move on into a new phase of expression [The Elohim always use the term “expression” for distinct sentient entities and ways of life. In this case a new phase of expression for us as human beings would mean our transfiguration into higher dimensional crystalline light beings. Note, George), where new patterns shall reveal themselves and you shall enjoy them more fully as you become accustomed to them…  [Here I see numerous visions of Italy and some of South/Central Europe and South America. Note, Carla]
As your third dimensional duties come to an end [closing up the household in Canada…], there will be a great release felt, as though the tight, taut rubber band is let go… where you are then able to move freely into a new way of being, and a new way of doing, if you so choose… 
Your awareness spans multiple dimensions although you are not fully cognizant of that aspect. Not only do you have your human mind engaged, you also have an aspect of the Universal Mind held and operating within your fields – an activity of which you may not be aware, nor have a clear understanding of its implications.
The Universal mind is the aspect of creation that you must embrace if you are to fully comprehend your creationary abilities to the very end of their application…
….For with it (the Universal Mind), all aspects of creation can be freely and openly seen and understood…. and understood at a level never before imparted upon you as human beings. 
You may notice different kinds of awareness expanding, and you will learn to play with this new expansion; it shall become a natural part of your new life.
Yes, you are seeing visions of the country called Italy…. this country holds ancient roots of a bygone era … within which you have each spent some time [Georgi, they are showing me that you have been in that area in many, many lifetimes; I am shown ‘3’ for me; I am shown 5/6 for our friend Julia. Note, Carla]
The purpose of returning at this moment in time is to retrieve and more fully integrate the newly healed aspects of many previously detached Soul fragments. [I am shown that the unhealed soul fragments are being released as the lower collapsing timelines are eliminated from the ascending Gaia, and as they are released we integrate them into our oversoul structure, feeling all the emotions and healing these traumas as we ascend. Note, Carla] 
This is the final opportunity to integrate these ancient soul fragments caught in the area known as “Southern and Central Europe” and this activity is not exclusive to the country of Italy either. [I am seeing France, Germany and Switzerland as well. Note, Carla]
Once integration is completed, there shall be a pause for further reflection and healing.
A beautiful and precious journey from now on!“
Dear friends and PAT members, 
This transition to Italy is a jump in the cold water and it puts a great strain on our finances. Hence, we appeal to your proven generosity and ask you to support us one last time with your donations, so that we can accomplish our mission and herald in the new ascended Gaia.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts !
Carla and George


* * *

TiAmAt: share, The Cosmological Outlook, of Traditional Physics, in the Light of the Universal Law, » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

Origen: TiAmAt: share, The Cosmological Outlook, of Traditional Physics, in the Light of the Universal Law, » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

Thursday, August 27, 2020

share, The Cosmological Outlook, of Traditional Physics, in the Light of the Universal Law, » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

*     *   *
* * *

The Cosmological Outlook of Traditional Physics in the Light of the Universal Law

Georgi Stankov, May 18, 2017
The hot expanding hypothesis of the standard model in cosmology 
assumes that the universe, as observed today, has evolved from a state of homogeneous energy with a negligible space and incredible density which exploded in a small fraction of a second. This initial state of the universe is described as the “big bang“. Since then, the visible universe – recall that cosmologists can only perceive the visible universe – is believed to have been expanding incessantly. For further information on the “big bang” hypothesis and how this bogus idea was introduced historically in science read also this article:
The “Big Bang” Is Yet to Come in the Empty Brain Cavities of the Cosmologists – Two PAT Opinions
In the context of this cosmological outlook, Hubble’s law is interpreted as a “law of expansion“. As this law is an application of the universal equation, we must reject this cosmological interpretation on axiomatic grounds. I have shown that Hubble’s law assesses the constant space-time of the visible universe (see my previous article). The two natural constants that are derived from this law, the radius of the visible universe RU and Hubble time assessing the age of the expanding universe 1/ H= AU =  1/fvis, give the constant space and time of the visible universe and confirm this conclusion. In this way I eliminate the first basic pillar of the standard model – the interpretation of Hubble’s law as a law of universal expansion.
We shall now present additional proofs for this irrefutable conclusion. The idea of the expanding universe is a consequence of the faulty idea of homogeneous space-time in the theory of relativity. I have shown in the new physical and mathematical theory of the Universal Law (volume I and volume II) that Einstein had not completely corrected the empty Euclidean space of classical mechanics, but had only introduced the reciprocity of space and time for the systems of matter.
Einstein regarded the gravitational objects as embedded in empty and “massless” photon space-time defined as vacuum, which is an absolutely wrong idea (I have proved that photons have mass and thus eliminated another epic blunder of present-day cosmology – the existence of “dark matter“- that alone makes it to fake science). With respect to the reciprocity of space and time, he assumed in the general theory of relativity that vacuum could be curved or bent by local gravitation. The current interpretation is that the path of light is attracted by local gravitational potentials and for this reason cannot be a straight line in space.
When this space-time concept is applied to cosmology, it inevitably leads to the neglect of the finite lifetimes of stars, as they have been described by Chandrasekhar and have been only later verified in modern astrophysics. The finite lifetime of any gravitational system is a consequence of the energy exchange between matter and photon space-time.
The new Axiomatics clearly states that all systems, being superimposed rotations, have a finite lifetime which is only determined by the conditions of constructive and destructive interference. During this vertical energy exchange, the space-time of the material levels, such as atomic level, electron level, thermodynamic level etc., is transformed into the space-time of the photon level and vice versa.
Photons have a much greater space than that of the particles of material levels, as can be demonstrated by the [1d-space]-quantities of their elementary action potentials: the Compton wavelengths of the electron, λc,e=2.4×10-12 m, the proton, λc,pr=1.32×10-15  m, and the neutron, λc,n=1.32 ×10-15 m are much smaller than the wavelength of the elementary action potential h of the photon level, λ= 3×10m, or more precisely, in the order of their intrinsic time – the specific Compton frequencies (see Table 1).
The [1d-space]-quantity of the elementary action potential is a specific constant of the corresponding level. It assesses the specific space of the level. During vertical energy exchange between two levels, the expansion of space-time changes discretely in specific constant quantitative leaps. These leaps can be assessed by building space and time relationships between the levels (the universal equation as a rule of three). Such constants are dimensionless numbers. In the new Axiomatics, I call them “absolute constants of vertical energy exchange“ (see Volume II, chapter 9.9).
When we observe vertical energy exchange only in one direction, for instance, from matter to photon space-time, this process is perceived as an explosive expansion of space-time. This is precisely the current cosmological view.
The thermonuclear explosion is a typical, albeit more trivial, example of an energy exchange from the nuclear level towards the photon level also defined as radiation. This process is associated with an extreme space expansion described as a “nuclear wave“. The reason for this is the extremely small space of the hadrons compared to the expansion of the emitted photons during nuclear explosion, as has been demonstrated by the corresponding time magnitudes of these systems of space-time – the Compton frequencies or alternative by their intrinsic space constants – the Compton wavelengths (see above).
When this vertical energy exchange is observed in the direction from photon space-time to matter, it manifests itself as a contraction of space. Black holes are a typical example of extreme space contraction and for that reason they are circumscribed as “space singularities“. Initially, black holes were believed to only “devour“ space and matter. However, this would be a violation of the law of energy conservation (1st law of thermodynamics).
Later on, it has been proven (within mathematics, because black holes cannot be directly observed) that black holes emit gamma radiation at their event horizon and thus obey the axiom of conservation of action potentials (see Axiomatics), just like all other systems of space-time. This has eliminated the spectacular character of these celestial bodies. For this reason the Russian term for black holes “frozen stars” is more appropriate.
The mean frequency of gamma radiation of black holes fH can be presented as a function of the intrinsic time f of the elementary particles of matter:

mp  fH = m( fc,e + fpr,e + fn,e ) /3

The high temperature of black holes is another quantity of material time – of the time of the thermodynamic level of matter. In Volume II, chapter 5.5, I have derived the new fundamental CBR-constant  KCBR  and have shown that the frequency of the maximal emitted radiation depends only on the temperature of the material body:

 fmax = KCBR × T ( see Vol II, equation (82)).

In the next publication I shall use this constant to reject the second pillar of the standard model – the traditional interpretation of the 3K-cosmic background radiation (CBR) (actually 2.73 K radiation as discussed in my previous article).
The 3K-CBR is believed to be a remnant of the hot radiation of the big bang, which has resulted from the subsequent adiabatic expansion of the universe. This view is presented in the standard model of cosmology and is closely associated with the erroneous interpretation of redshifts by Hubble’s law which will be discussed in a further publication.
From this elaboration, we conclude:

When the vertical energy exchange is observed only one way, that is, from matter to photon space-time, it gives the impression of space expansion. When the energy exchange is considered unilaterally from photon space-time to matter, it gives the impression of space contraction. When both directions are taken into consideration, the total change of space-time measured as ΔV (Vstands for the volume of the universe) is zero:
ΔVU  = 0, or VU = constant.
Space-time remains constant.

This is an axiomatic statement of the new theory. It could have been easily deduced from the conventional law of conservation of energy and humanity would have been spared this intellectual insanity that fraudulent, stupid or unethical scientists have offered to humanity as fake cosmology.
Read also: Modern Cosmology Revised in the Light of the Universal Law – a Critical Survey
In present-day cosmology, photon space-time is regarded as a homogeneous empty void. For that reason this discipline considers the vertical energy exchange between matter and photon space-time only one way: from matter, which can be observed, to empty space, which allegedly has no structure because it cannot be directly perceived by human senses, although it is obvious in physics today that all elementary particles are spontaneously created from the “energy-rich” vacuum (void), which is a classical oxymoron and the greatest idio(cy) of all. This one-sided anthropocentric view – human beings are part of matter – which is a product of their limited senses and linearly thinking carbon-based brain, automatically evokes the misleading impression that the universe expands in the void.
As the finite lifetimes of stars are not considered in this outlook, modern cosmology has no adequate idea of the discrete, ubiquitous energy exchange between matter and photon space-time, unlike in the new Axiomatics. In Volume II, chapter 3.7, I have proved that when the axiom of reciprocal LRC is applied to the visible universe, this system of space-time can be described as a function of the LRC of the photon level and the gravitational level.
The space of the visible universe given as SU , which is the circumference [1d-space] of the event horizon KS as the spherical surface [2d-space]of the visible universe (see equation (241) in Volume II) is proportional to the LRC (universal photon gradient) of the photon level LRCp = UU = c2, which stands for space expansion, and is inversely proportional to the LRC of gravitation as expressed by the gravitational constant G (which is field or acceleration per definition) that stands for the contraction of space as gravitation is a force of attraction (see equation (37a), Volume II):

SU = c2 /G

This beautiful, simple equation is an application of the Universal Equation as a rule of three. It embodies the entire space-time behaviour of the visible universe according to the axiom of reducibility and exposes current cosmology as absolutely “fake science”. It proves that its circumference SU which describes the event horizon of the visible universe is a constant [1d-space]-quantity because it is a quotient of two natural constants, c and G, assessing the two levels of vertical energy exchange – photon space-time and gravitation for matter.
It is indeed amazing how it is possible that so much information which encompasses the entire theory of modern cosmology can be condensed in such a simple equation, which is a rule of three and thus the simplest equation in human mathematics. This is the virtue of the new theory of the Universal Law. It shows us that:

  • Simplicity is beautiful.
  • Simplicity is pure knowledge.
  • Simplicity is the utmost form of aesthetics.

For obvious reasons, cosmology can only assess the space-time of the visible universe and is not in a position to obtain any experimental evidence beyond its event horizon. This is the privilege of the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law – it assesses the primary term of All-That-Is epistemologically and not empirically (priority of axiomatization over empiricism).
As we see, the new Axiomatics affects an incredible simplification in our cosmological outlook and rejects the idea of an expanding universe as a false unilateral perception of the energy exchange between matter and photon space-time. This idea has given birth to many paradoxes, which are closely associated with the interpretation of the Doppler effect in the context of Hubble’s law. This will be the topic of two more publications on the new cosmology of the Universal Law.
Read also: Doppler Effect Is the Universal Proof for the Reciprocity of Space and Time

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TiAmAt: share, Arcturian Group Message 7/26/2020

Origen: TiAmAt: share, Arcturian Group Message 7/26/2020

Thursday, August 27, 2020

share, Arcturian Group Message 7/26/2020

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Arcturian Group Message 


Onenessofall.com <Marilyn@onenessofall.com>
Sun 7/26/2020 7:56 AM

JULY 26, 2020

Dear readers, during these times of so much turmoil and confusion our hope is that these messages will bring information and encouragement. Do not become discouraged for present times are the very reason you chose to be on earth at this time.

The shift that so many have hoped and prayed for has begun but does not look like so many expected it to look. This is because they were imagining it with three dimensional concepts of what a perfect new world would look like. All the bad guys would be removed and all the good guys would live happily ever after with no problems. Release any remaining concepts you may still hold regarding the earth’s ascension and allow the process to unfold as it must.

Many old and well established three dimensional creations must first surface in order to be seen and recognized for what they really represent before the majority can be aware of, reject, and stop energetically feeding them. This is a process, but as maps point out; “You are here.”

This will continue for a while and there is more to come. Stand centered in your highest spiritual realization as an observer, but one who is open to helping as needed. Some are being guided to take an active role, while others are to simply hold the Light. Neither is more important than the other but both must be done without ego involvement. Follow your intuition, listen, trust, and know that you are always being guided.

We see many changes coming soon and more to be revealed that is not yet energetically ready for manifestation. Do not be shocked and upset when people and issues begin to be exposed for who and what they represent. You are prepared and have had fair warning but some information will be shocking to those still living in old energy. You may be called upon to reassure and assist those unprepared for information and change.

It can be a time of celebration if you allow it to be and if you are able to let go of concepts about how everything should or shouldn’t look. The journey toward a higher resonating planet earth has begun and no amount of interference from those seeking to uproot the process can stop it.

Much of today’s chaos is the activity of those who do not want the world to awaken into a new level of awareness for that would mean they could no longer manipulate and control. However, they are running out of options for the Light has spiritual law to uphold, maintain, and sustain it, whereas false beliefs and concepts do not.

As one’s personal consciousness becomes more enlightened, they begin to access and resonate with previously unavailable higher dimensional frequencies because they are now in alignment with them. This in turn results in ms-alignment with some other things like certain foods.

Avoid processed, junk, and false foods no matter how delicious and healthy the packaging tells you they are. This also goes for fruits and vegetables poisoned with pesticides, picked long before ready, sometimes even colored, and then displayed beautifully for purchase. Choose foods that more closely align with your energy and trust your intuition as you shop. The sky is not going to fall down if you eat something of a lower resonance, but you will feel better and your energy will be supported when you choose higher resonating foods.

New energy levels will also cause some entertainments, TV shows, books, and activities to no longer resonate with you as they once did. Family and friends who remain in alignment with these things will not understand why you are choosing to no longer fully participate and may interpret your lack of interest as personal rejection frequently bringing about discord and misunderstanding.

It can be a loving gesture to continue participating when something no longer important to you is very important to another but never surrender your integrity or personal power in order to please others or “fit in”. Do not allow pressure from others or a desire to keep the peace cause you to slip back into places you have outgrown or cause you to believe that there is something wrong with you. It is never a question of wrong or right, it is simply a matter of energetic misalignment.

Never surrender your innate power as a Divine Being, but at the same time be alert to avoid resistance on your part that can easily slip into being an ego game that becomes about the three dimensional sense of power. Walking on eggshells in order to please another must cease if a person is ever to experience their own innate power.

There are situations and more coming in your life when you will simply and without regret or guilt, step away. Always stand in your spiritual integrity (power) lovingly but firmly without making mountains out of molehills in the false belief that you must stand your ground regardless. That simply gives power to some person or activity that in and of itself, has no power.

Power is never personal, bestowed only on a select few. God alone is power and that power flows in, as, and through you from Source within–it is your birthright. Ego, or the sense of a selfhood apart from God never has or ever can have real power although many continue to claim it for themselves and appearances may look that way.

Because a physical body is necessary for three dimensional living you are limited in some ways and often under the influence of collective thought. As truth increasingly becomes your attained level of consciousness, many three dimensional concepts will fade away allowing you to actually experience increasingly more qualities of Divine Consciousness that were previously just intellectual knowledge. Once a truth becomes your realized state of consciousness, you are no longer in alignment with commonly accepted but false beliefs about it.

You will begin to notice that you often know or act without conscious thought and it turns out to be the perfect action for the situation. You begin to automatically know what foods your body needs and what activities are right for you. Synchronicity happen and things begin to fall into place easily and without effort. The right people come into your life at the right time. The harmony, completeness, wholeness, and intelligence of your own realized Consciousness, is expressing through you without personal effort. You are allowing rather than trying to make it happen. Be-ing rather than do-ing.

Lecturing, preaching, or punishing the un-awakened never brings about lasting change for every person is only capable of living their attained level of consciousness until they can open to their next level which usually comes about through experiences. Jail or prison, counseling, and intense experiences all have potential to awaken someone if they are receptive, but higher awareness can never be forced on another.

Never fear or resist allowing certain people to fade out of your life if they are choosing to remain in old energy and you find yourself no longer in alignment with them. It is not your job to save anyone, that is the person’s own job for every person has a Higher Self and Guides

Your work is to have your hand out and available at all times should another choose to grab it, but it is never to reach down into someone’s personal gutter and pull them out without their consent or desire. Their situation could very well be a planned part of their evolutionary journey. Always allow intuition to guide you in these situations for a person may actually be seeking help but not seem that way while another may simply want you to further enable them.

Awakening happens when the Higher Self determines that a person is ready and high frequency energy and current events are serving to shift many into readiness. A new wave of energy is coming very soon, one that will expose and change many things. Your awakened consciousness will draw to you those ready to hear what you can tell them about what is happening personally and globally.

Love is the core and essence of all things because it is the energetic connection of the many within ONE. This interconnecting energy exists between all living things but has been falsely interpreted by the three dimensional mind. The result has been a multitude of commonly accepted beliefs about love–attraction, emotion, sex, possession, as well as some very negative ones.

Current conditions are forcing many for the first time to begin experiencing a sense of oneness. You are witnessing the birth of a higher sense of love in collective thought as the virus and isolation puts everyone in the “same boat” so to speak.

Because there is only ONE, Love embraces all life regardless of skin color, sexual orientation, age, race, wealth, looks, or anything else that has throughout history served to separate people. Love is the innate knowing (consciousness) that all things are connected. Relationships of all kinds start with some sort of sense of oneness (goals, likes or dislikes, interests, attraction etc.) but are experienced according to the state of consciousness of those involved.

Frequently a sense of oneness comes from having been connected in some way to another person in previous lives which then manifests in this life either as attraction or repulsion depending upon previous relationships. Most heterosexual as well as homosexual partnerships take place between two who have become very close through previous shared lifetime experiences.

As the reality of pure Love integrates and becomes a person’s attained state of consciousness, they automatically and without thought or ego driven goal begin to respond to all life situations from a place of love because they have become Love. Always remember, you are Consciousness.

All is proceeding according to plan. Trust. Allow. Love.

The train has left the station.

We are the Arcturian Group 7/26/20

Donations are welcomed

Readers, the next Arcturian Message will be August 23 rather than in two weeks.

©2020 onenessofall.com | Marilyn@onenessofall.com

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