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Saturday, May 16, 2020

share – Higher Dimensional Approach to the Coronavirus Scam

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Higher Dimensional Approach to the Coronavirus Scam

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, April 20, 2020
In my recent articles on the current lockdown of humanity due to the coronavirus scam, I have presented as the first expert all the major scientific and other arguments why we are dealing with a fake epidemic, the real purpose of which is to prevent the current ascension of Gaia and humanity by the dark ones with all nefarious means and install the New World Order as global slavery.
All my scientific medical arguments have been in the meantime fully adopted by all honest colleagues and critical alternative experts. 
This is due to the fact that we are now doing daily very powerful invocations with the source to eliminate the global lockdown as soon as possible through the rapid awakening of humanity, and in particular of all the medical experts, to the lies and deceptions of the ruling cabal. 
It works fabulously and that is why I am deliberately not focusing on the low vibrating, fear-laden timelines which the cabal wants to impose on humanity, thus forcing the people to begin awakening and perceiving the truth by discerning the numerous lies of the nefarious elite that now personally affect their lives. 
However, this is still done by most people on a very rudimentary spiritual level and under the total barrage of their unprocessed, chaotic fears that are now looming high. 
In this, we follow the advice of the Arcturians
of dreadful reality timelines which the dark ones want to impose on humanity and divert them from the ascension pathway.
For that reason, I will discuss in this essay only aspects of the current fake coronavirus epidemic that are related to the ascension process and reveal how correctly we have assessed the situation on this planet many years ago.
First, let me make one simple observation that no critical expert has made so far to my knowledge. 
As a clinical researcher, I am stunned that all the governments imposed the most rigid lockdown on their countries and populations that has paralysed the world economy, has already triggered the final stage of the  
that causes losses in trillions of dollars and euros, ruins hundreds of millions of people and probably kills more people due to malnutrition and rapid impoverishment than this or any other fake epidemic would ever do. 
But these dark imbeciles were not capable of creating a simple international database center, where all the alleged death cases could be collected and processed according to established scientific standards with their entire medical history and the true proven cause of death so that all the people can learn from this event and develop a better strategy for the future.
This is the easiest thing to do and this has been my specialty for many years. I could have easily established such an information center where all the data from all the patients who died in association with this fake virus could have been easily collected and processed to established standards of clinical research that exclude in the first place fraud, which is very common in clinical or any other research nowadays. 
That is why one needs comprehensive SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures). 
I am the author of some of the most sophisticated SOPs in clinical research, which have been subsequently used by major pharmaceutical companies and of course in my private DIAS institute for clinical research in Munich (Institute for Drug Investigation, Auditing and Statistics, DIAS).
I would have needed only a handful of co-workers to enter the clinical data and, of course, there has to be an established digital network for the hospitals to send the documentation and copies of the original medical files as to have an independent double-check and avoid any deliberate manipulation as is the case now (see the video with Dr. Rachid Buttar below). This should have been essentially the duty of the WHO, which has announced almost every year a fake viral epidemic or even pandemic since 2000 but has done nothing to establish an effective system of processing the epidemiological data. That is why all their statistic models, which are as fake as the current epidemic, terribly failed and had to be abandoned now and in the past, and why it is correct that Trump stopped the funding of this corrupt institution.
Currently, the WHO is conspicuously silent and is not publishing any official numbers and statistics on COVID-19 and leaves it to the fake MSM, such as AFP and Reuters, to disseminate fraudulent statistics of allegedly rapidly growing death numbers from this harmless coronavirus, in order to scare the people and prolong the lockdown. None of these agencies has any medical expertise and does not even say where they get their information from. This is the classical situation of a well-planned scam in advance.  These are the obvious facts in plain sight and one does not need to engage in deep conspiracy theories to uncover this blatant fraud.
Currently, there is no credible evidence of a single patient who has died directly from COVID-19 (the code name for Certificate Of Vaccination IDentification Chip-19 when the vaccinations will arrive soon) that is available to the public as many medical experts begin to admonish. Besides, there is abundant information that coronaviruses are endemic in the human population as I wrote already in February so that the actual carriers of such viruses exceeds hundreds of times the officially announced epidemiological statistics without having any symptoms, as Hannity reported the other day. This would say that the virulence of the coronaviruses is even lower than that of pathogenic flu strands, something that we know from virology for more than 80 years and that is why there has never been any medical problem with this virus family all these years.
This exposes the current lockdown and the social isolation of the people, which has, by the way, never made any sense from a medical, physiological point of view, as a blatant attempt to enslave humanity into the NWO by exploiting their existential fears and their agnosticism that forges the wrong belief that humans are mortal and have only one life. That is why this fake epidemic is used by the higher realms to cleanse and heal the 1st root chakra from existential fears in the broad population and why the current lockdown has a very positive effect on the global ascension process.
Even the MSM can no longer hide the current coronavirus fraud, although they have to go a long way to discern the whole truth as presented in this article. The tide has, however, turned thanks to our invocations with the Source which are extremely powerful and transform this world beyond recognition. Very soon, most probably in May, we must reckon with some dramatic events that will bring about a veritable pandemic of truth that will encompass humanity and heave it to a new level of illumination. There is no way that the current coronavirus scam will be forgotten without any major ramifications for humanity and the ruling elite. There will be no going back to normalcy and even less so to the broad use of vaccinations under the hanging Damocles sword of further medical lockdowns until the NWO is finally installed. Very soon, the current dark agenda of the ruling cabal will be abolished forever when the new agenda of the Universal Law on the new earth becomes reality.
We are now entering a period of maximal expression of all the dense 3D emotional and mental features of the human ego – the positive and the negative ones – so that they can be fully seen, reconciled and forever put aside before the ascension shift can come. We will witness great moments of human heroism and utmost sincerity as this US doctor displays in this remarkable video
and parallel to that the most heinous deeds of the dark cabal and their minions as admonished by this colleague in this video. This final phase of the ascension process is a resolution of the eons-old conflicts and dark heritage of humanity through the escalation of confrontation, which will be very painful, or even shocking, to the newly awakened humans and also quite unpleasant for us to observe, even as enlightened detached witnesses.
However, as I mentioned above, it is not my intention in this article to dive into the abysses of human darkness which now flows like a huge dark stream of sewage upon the world stage but to discuss the most relevant fact that is currently not understood by the entire slumbering humanity and unfortunately also not by most new agers. This epidemic is the last desperate attempt of the losing dark cabal to stop the tide of planetary and human ascension; these obnoxious ones have become so obvious and unhinged in their crimes and lies that they actually prepare perfectly their imminent demise as the people can finally see their true ugly nature.
This is the goal towards which we are now being working with full force with our light invocations on a daily basis. The cosmic dialectics provides that all heinous deeds in the current end phase of ascension are sanctioned by immediate karma and achieve the opposite effect of what they intend. I have defined this higher dimensional phenomenon as an “energetic oxymoron” almost two decades ago.
This concept completely describes the Astral Dynamics of the Global Economic Crisis on the Eve of the Parousia, which humanity has entered with the establishment of the current global lockdown. The current events were predicted by myself more than 2 decades ago and are following the impeccable logic of the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law when applied to human history.
Among these remarkably precise and extensive predictions – after all, we are the creators of this reality – one particular achievement ranks high. I was the first medical expert to have described very accurately all the major symptoms and “dis-eases” during the LBP, again more than two decades ago when even the concept of the Light Body Process was virtually unknown to the new agers and non-existent to the rest of humanity.
I had entered the last most intense phase of the LBP in 1999 and ascended for the first time in July 2000. Since then I have had a series of ascensions to higher dimensions, the last one in January 2019 to the 9th dimension – the first such direct transfiguration of a human still dwelling in a 3D physical body to a pure light being. I have reported on these events on this website on various occasions.
And here is the highlight of my medical presentation of the most severe symptoms of the LBP, which I personally experienced dozens of times in the last 20 years and which is at the core of the current global lockdown. This is an absolute novelty in the explanation of this fake pandemic.
Currently, a large portion of humanity has entered the LBP as first described by myself in 1999. This is entirely the achievement of the PAT – with your light work you have been able to open the heart chakras of so many human beings after I first opened your heart chakras on November 22, 2011. Then we collectively opened the heart chakras of the second and third wave of ascension candidates in 2014, respectively in 2015-2017 as reported by myself in the past. Now a large portion of the world population is opening to the ascension energies which we disseminate on this planet as conduits of the Source and the results are stunning.
The most grievous clinical symptoms associated with the opening of the 4th heart chakra during the LBP are those of the respiratory system. I have described these symptoms as early as 1999 in the following way:
“The opening of the 4th chakra is associated with the conscious experience of various angst (fear) patterns that shape the psycho-mental structure of the incarnated entity. These fears are coded in the cells, in the DNA, by the soul and affect human behaviour in a profound and invisible manner as long as the 4th chakra is closed. Below, I will discuss the clinical and somatic symptoms, associated with this massive angst experience.
Here, I will give you some technical information on the opening of the 4th chakra, which you may not find in any other book or channeled message on this issue. As you may know, this chakra is associated with the thymus. This organ is in front of the lungs and is rudimentary in most human beings – it is not evolved at all. When the 4th chakra begins to open, the thymus starts to grow. At a later stage, this can be even determined by CT (computer tomography). The growth of the thymus is associated with chest pains, asphyxia, acute episodes of  severe bronchitis and pneumonitis, which are erroneously diagnosed as flu or pneumonia by most doctors, who have no idea of LBP and Ascension….”
Then I proceed with a more detailed description of the typical respiratory symptoms of the LBP. For this purpose, I also coined a new medical term that until then did not exist in the scientific literature – “severe broncho-pneumonitis“. This new LBP-induced dis-ease is actually an acute alveolitis due to the massive release of density in the body and is always associated with temporary oxygen insufficiency. The last time I experienced such a severe and prolonged episode of respiratory distress was in September and October 2019 when I expanded the city of light in Italy to Southern France and cleansed this whole area. Sophia witnessed my dramatic LBP “illness” during that time and was very much worried about my health:
“The symptoms associated with the heart chakra were already discussed above because of their more severe and imminent character. In addition to them, the opening of the 4th chakra is also associated with a profound transformation of the lungs. There are specific energy waves that enter the left brain portal and affect in the first place the respiratory system. When you have entered this phase of the LBP, you will begin to discern the various wave qualities and you will know in advance, which organs will be affected and what kind of symptoms you should expect several days later.
It is important to stress at this place that when a high frequency wave, coming from the causal centre of your soul, enters your physical vessel through the left brain portal, it takes some time before this wave fully reaches the lower body organs and induces the corresponding symptoms and complaints.
In the case of the respiratory astral wave, it affects in the first place the upper airways, such as nose, pharynx and larynx, before it descends within 24 hours to the trachea and the bronchi, until it finally reaches the alveoli of the lungs. The result is a dry, acute, severe broncho-pneumonitis, bronchitis and pneumonitis) which can be rather dramatic and can manifest itself clinically as acute pneumonia.
In the beginning, this broncho-pneumonitis is always associated with high fever, however, at a later stage, you will no longer be able to develop a fever in your body, as this symptom is associated only with the metabolism of the carbon-based organism and is no longer existent in the new crystalline light body, which you are about to build. This is a very exciting field of clinical LBP research, about which I could tell you much more, but I will refrain from this for the moment, as not to make matters much more complicated.
The acute broncho-pneumonitis lasts for 2 weeks and represents the most intensive and extensive transformation episode during the LBP. Fortunately, it occurs only once or twice per year and leads to a massive release of density in the physical body. This event involves in the first place the 5th (throat) and 4th heart chakra but has also a lasting impact on the lower three chakras.
As soon as the respiratory astral wave that triggers the acute broncho-pneumonitis enters the body through the 6th and 7th chakra, the brain is also fully involved in this human suffering. From the very beginning, this wave leads to extreme tension headache and rigidity of the neck muscles that is almost unbearable. This tension headache lasts at the beginning for at least 24 hours. Its duration may diminish to 12-15 hours later on when you enter the final stages of the LBP.”
Now we have the same clinical reports about LBP-induced severe broncho-pneumonitis or acute alveolitis, which medical doctors who are treating allegedly COVID-19 ill patients, in fact, healthy ascension candidates with LBP-induced respiratory symptoms, describe. They question the usual medical definition of flu-like pneumonia caused by this obsolete virus vehemently as this New York doctor objectively explains, even though his correct clinical assessment is lacking the theoretical foundation presented in this article.
Doctors are treating the LBP-induced, virus-free broncho-pneumonitis of the people who have now entered the ascension process as if they are suffering from an ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome). This medical condition demands the use of mechanical ventilators (assisted ventilation) that introduce oxygen in the lungs as positive or negative pressure ventilation. Very often a tracheostomy is necessary that is associated with a lot of complications and many patients die every year from such complications. This is the danger which this experienced ICU doctor addresses in this very serious discourse that should be sufficient to make the responsible cabal and their medical stooges rethink the whole treatment of this fake epidemic, where the remedy is worse than the actual disease.
In fact, the cabal is using the current fake and criminal medical system as a fig leave to kill all the potential ascension candidates in the current end phase who are now displaying acute respiratory symptoms in the process of rapidly opening their 4th heart chakra of emotions and their 5th throat chakra of truth. At the same time, they have locked down the entire humanity to prevent the planetary ascension and install the NWO. It can’t get more insidious than that and this is the clearest sign that we are reaching our final goal – the ascension.
Only today, the first COVID-19 autopsy report was published that brilliantly confirms that such LBP patients and ascension candidates are being deliberately killed by wrong treatment with assisted ventilation. Most of them had in addition flu or other severe underlying diseases so that even the autopsy is not conclusive:
This is the usual genocide of the dark ones on humanity under the disguise of the false health care system which I have been admonishing now for a quarter of a century. Modern medicine, in cahoots with the pharmaceutical industry, is responsible for the greatest and still ongoing genocide on humanity since WW2, when modern pharmacy began, as I have proved beyond any doubt in my pivotal standard textbook:
I have estimated that more than half a billion humans have been prematurely exterminated since the end of WW2 by the massive use of cell-inhibiting drugs that significantly increase the morbidity and mortality in all patients when compared to placebo in big randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials done by various researchers in numerous indications and published in peer medical journals. I have only furnished the immaculate theoretical proof and explanation for the validity of these clinical studies, whose results have been deliberately neglected or suppressed until now.
The current treatment of the masses of ascension candidates as allegedly COVID-19 ill patients is, however, a new atrocious high as it is the worst crime against humanity and All-That-Is, perpetrated in the history of this humanity. The people that die in this epidemic, do not die from coronavirus which has always been a harmless virus and is known as such for more than 80 years but by inappropriate treatment of respiratory symptoms caused by the LBP in the broad population – a fact which I predicted also more than 20 years ago and strongly warned to avoid:
“Why You Should Not Trust Your Doctor When You Are in the LBP and Experience Various Clinical Symptoms
Currently established medicine has no idea of the LBP and the underlying biochemical and energetic processes, which involve the transmutation of your DNA and your cell metabolism, and the total restructuring of your chakras, thus changing dramatically the energetic tissue of your bodies.
In the first place, medicine and bio-science have virtually no idea as to how the metabolism of human cells and the body operates and how it is regulated. All doctors exert their profession in a total ignorance with respect to the Nature of biological matter.
When you go to the doctor, you do so because you consider yourself to be incompetent to deal with the alleged disease or symptoms you suffer and thus you delegate your personal power over your body to the “expert”, who is supposed to know more about your organism than you as a patient. At least, you must believe that your doctor is a better expert than you are, otherwise, you will not attend his practice.
This is probably the greatest and most grievous blunder of humanity in these times. You must finally realize that your doctors know less than you do about your body in particular, and about any biological body in general. In your fear that something must be wrong with your body, you simply forget for a moment that you are immortal, highly creative multidimensional beings and thus sovereign masters of your physical vessel, which you have created to experience your illusory separation from the Source in the 3d-density of the earth…
Most of the doctors, you visit when you feel ill, are young souls and completely ignorant of the LBP and its implications for you as incarnated entities, as well as for all mankind. Most of my colleagues are so dumbed down by the current flawed medical education and health care system that they are completely blind to the plethora of spiritual information that floods the Internet these days about LBP and Ascension of humanity to the 5th dimension.
In the first place, the kind of medicine they represent is completely flawed. Although my colleagues, the doctors, have described and introduced thousands of new diseases and syndromes in the last 70 years, since the end of WW2, which they have designated with their personal names in an act of absent scientific modesty, they always forget to tell their patients that they actually do not know the true cause of any disease, they are treating with fervor and very often with a touch of arrogant aggressiveness and deliberate professional malignancy. To this, I shall say much more below.
In order to substantiate my statement, I would recommend my readers to check the latest edition of the voluminous standard textbook for physicians “Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine“. You will not find there a single disease or a syndrome, the etiology of which has been definitely determined. You will only find hypotheses and inconsistent facts about the origin of diseases. You can then go to another standard textbook on therapy  “Goodman and Gilman`s  The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics” and you will again discover that all the doctors and pharmacologists, who treat you with numerous drugs, do not have the faintest idea, how they function in the body and what, if any, positive effects they exert upon your disease.
If you need more proof on why all doctors and bio-scientists are completely ignorant of the true Nature of biological matter, I would recommend you to read my scientific book on medicine and bio-science “The General Theory of Biological Regulation”.
With this expose on the latest developments in the current fake coronavirus epidemic, I have outlined the two major perspectives, which this auspicious event will bring to humanity in the course of this year:
1. It will expose all lies and deceptions of the dark ruling cabal, the powers that were, and will cause their demise forever in the course of this year on this new earth, which we built at the end of March. I have not reported about this pivotal event yet as the situation was very critical and we were exposed to many dark attacks. Please, observe that the dark ones read very carefully my website in their secret agencies as they know that this is the only reliable source of transcendental information about the ascension process after their remote viewers failed when we ascended Gaia at the stargate 11.11.11 and then one more time at the stargate 12.12.12 – 12.21.12.
Following the same logic, it is intelligent to assume that the ruling cabal knew exactly what will happen this year and wanted to prevent the ascension process by declaring this lockdown under false pretext. Nothing happens by coincidence in the entire multiverse and surely not on this small planet. Only the stupid “goyims”, as the zionist cabal dub the normal humans in a derogatory manner, have no clue what is happening in this hot spring of 2020 and still believe the fairy tales in the MSM. Unfortunately, also the alternative media have fallen into this “destiny trap” of the dark cabal for humanity as they have never had a reliable spiritual compass and parrot, wittingly or unwittingly, the same old conspiracy narratives and agendas of the dark elite.
2. With this lockdown and this blatant abuse of health issues to enslave humanity, the ruling cabal and their medical stooges have fully and irreversibly compromised the current medical health care system and themselves so that after our ascension the people will begin to flock to our new healing 5D -7D center here in Diano Marina, Italy first and then on many places around the globe. This epidemic is the beginning of the end of the old nefarious medical system that has not saved a single life alone but only with the clandestine help of the higher realms, while it has killed millions of humans as it is agnostic science and neglects the primary source of all life and creation – our souls.
Brethren, it is time to end this despicable charade and finally lead humanity to the new earth of infinite freedom, prosperity, bliss, and creative exuberance. We are the new architects of the new humanity  – the only legitimate social innovators on this planet.
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TiAmAt, LEMON, 1

Origen: TiAmAt: LEMON, 1

Friday, October 18, 2019


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It is said that the lemon cure over 150 diseases … in other words, it would mean that the person who consumes daily at least 1 lemon, do not get sick very often… I could easily come the day that the final hour arrives, as it comes to us all, to die of a “natural death”, peacefully, without suffering from fatal diseases like cancer, for example…

It is worth making the effort, taking the time, and consumes at least one lemon every day … you know the saying: what they say?: an apple a day keeps the Dr. away from mine? Well, sort of … huahuajua …


Now, then, to that apple we should add a lemon…

As we shall see below, the lemon is one of the richest sources of vitamin C, which helps to fight scurvy and pneumonia … the 150 or 180 illnesses that helps to cure, it is not possible to list here now… let’s see it more like a “it cures everything”… and we do it better… how should I take it? … The treatment is “up first”, and then “down”…

We should do this for a certain period of time, depending on the disease … if it is mild, we do so for a little time … if it is chronic, longer … then we must take a “time” average or 7-day….

We start with 1 lemon the first day… 2 lemons the second day, until the seventh day, with 7 lemons … then we started down … 6 lemons the next day … 5 the day after … well, until day 14, when back again to 1 lemon… If we are not curing the disease, we rest 3 days, and start the round again…

Do not forget… go with your doctor first…

Until Lemon 2!


Esta información no está
destinada a sustituir una relación uno-a-uno con un profesional calificado  de la salud…
y no pretende ser consejo médico… Está concebido como un intercambio de conocimientos e
información de la investigación de este blog.

Se le recomienda que
tome sus propias decisiones en atención de su salud, con base en su propia investigación y en colaboración
con un profesional médico calificado.


This information is not
intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health-care professional
and is not intended as medical advice.  It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and
information from the research of the publisher.  You are encouraged to
make your own health care decisions based upon your own research and in partnership
with a qualified health care professional.



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Lemon 2

Warning: never forgotten or be neglected, that we should always go with our Primary Dr. with any health problems you could have … these home treatments are or additional physician’s approval, or emergency when we have not a  doctor nearby, and we have no choice but to deal with that lemon …
At the Dr., right away!

The lemon is a microbicide fruit par excellence, and we should take lemonade whenever we have an infection of the digestive system, for example … while you are making lemons treatment, we should not eat fat, no fried foods like eggs, pork chops, rice with pork, etc. … uufff … dammit! … With what I like it…

What we should eat then, in addition to lemon? Vegetables … you do not like it? Uh uh … make the effort …it is just 14 days … 7 on and 7 “back” …
Let us Put other things for which the lemon is good: measles … Diphtheria Erysipelas … very very tonsils … cough … bronchitis … pimples on your face and body … … obesity … rickets tonsillitis … stains on the face … liver … baldness dandruff …? … Leucorrhea … gonorrhea … dysentery, etc… And so on. And so on.

Well, if it does not cure all diseases, as some might say, at least we know that there is a cure for something: Thirst: … when we are thirsty, there’s nothing better than a beer! No, no, sorry! Huahauahua…There is nothing better than lemonade with ice! Ahhh, that rich … but a beer with a few drops of lemon is not bad!
They say they like something fizzy? Put it to a pinch of bicarbonate in the lemonade and wuala: a refreshing drink that quenches our thirst and it is effervescent! What? With a bit of vodka? Mmm … mmm… maybe … maybe!
Do not forget: the Dr. is first!



This information is not
intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health-care professional
and is not intended as medical advice.  It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and
information from the research of the publisher.  You are encouraged to
make your own health care decisions based upon your own research and in partnership
with a qualified health care professional.


continue from Lemon 2:

the lemon tree is a small perennial fruit tree that can reach over 4 meters high … the fruit is the lemon, an edible fruit, and fragrant, acidic, used in food … The tree has a smooth bark and wood yellowish hardwood prized for cabinet work … botanically, is a hybrid between C. medica (citron or lemon French) and C. aurantium (bitter orange) …

although others believe it is the result of several crossings between Citrus medica and Citrus aurantifolia …
It forms an open cup with a profusion of branches, the leaves are elliptical, leathery glossy green matte (5 to 10 cm), with pointed and finely toothed or wavy edges …

Its flowers have white petals stained thick pink or purple on the outside, with numerous stamens (20-40) … isolated or forming pairs arise from buds reddish …
The lemon is native to Asia and was unknown to Greeks and Romans, being first mentioned in the book on agriculture Nabathae to the third or fourth century … its cultivation was not developed in the West until after the Arab conquest of Spain,

then spreading throughout the Mediterranean coast where it is grown extensively due to the mild climate for domestic and export …

lemon 4
Its fruit is high in vitamin C (501.6 mg / L) and citric acid (49.88 g / L) … used to make desserts (such as rice pudding, in this case the skin is used for flavoring) or natural drinks like lemonade and whipped milk, to which is added a cinnamon. The slices are used as a garnish for drinks … By the acidity of its juice, can be used to make drinkable water, adding 4 or 5 drops per glass of water and letting it act a few minutes
Fight the flu, headache, scurvy …
Strengthens gums
Cure gingivitis, swollen gums
Calm neuralgia and nerve twinges
Helps delay premature aging
It purifies the blood
Combating sexual weakness
Avoid spillage of bile
It helps to disinfect wounds
It helps in digestion
It favors the elimination
Of intestinal parasites
Normalizes heart palpitations
Cure chronic insomnia …
For digestive disorders, it is highly advisable to have a cup of lemon leaves after lunch and dinner …


Lemon 5

If your tonsils are swollen, red, and high fever, you can apply the lemon from the start of the crisis through gargling … shall be used two or three lemons which are squeezed and the juice are extracted with which is gargled several times a day…

You may also, as a preventive measure once a day, especially during seasonal changes, apply compresses with a cotton cloth, dipped in hot lemon juice … then apply it in the neck and covered with a woolen cloth, to keep you warm … renew if it starts to cool…

In cases of nosebleeds, should aspire lemon juice well diluted in distilled water, through the nose to stop it … in the same way, clears the head when suffering a cold…

If you have flu, it is recommended to boil 20 grams of lemon skin on 1/2 liter of water … take a cup at bedtime …
If you have ulcers, rashes, sores, etc… You can apply lemon juice on the affected parts …
The grated rind with a little sugar; it becomes a sure remedy for worms…

Like toothpaste, lemon juice in a glass of hot water removes the plaque from teeth and kills bad breath, but must be ensure to rinse your mouth with clean water to remove the citric acid lemon leaves, as this damages the tooth enamel ..
For arthritis pain, rheumatism and in case of shock, you can massage with lemon cut in half the areas where you feel pain…

In order to oxidize and remove the fat that hinder the work of the heart, take lemon juice in warm water half hour before meals …
To calm nerves and fall asleep, take in the night, a tea from the flowers of the lemon by boiling one tablespoon of flowers in a cup of water for two minutes …


It is not advisable to consume  to much lemons, during the first three months of pregnancy and during lactation …
It is not appropriate, the use of lemon, for people presenting acidified joint pain characteristic of arthritis, decalcification or osteoporosis with advanced processes …


This information is not
intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health-care professional
and is not intended as medical advice.  It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and
information from the research of the publisher.  You are encouraged to
make your own health care decisions based upon your own research and in partnership
with a qualified health care professional.


* * *



Friday, October 18, 2019


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(By Gabriel Garcia Marquez)

If you have not passed the knife on your skin,

if you have no silicone implants in some part of your body,

If the little rolls do not create you trauma,

If you have never suffered from anorexia,

If thy stature does not affect your personal development

If when going to the beach you prefer having fun in the sea,

And do not lie on a towel for hours

If you believe that fidelity is possible and you practiced it,

If you know how to prepare a dish of rice,

If you can prepare a full meal,

If your priority is not being blonde at all costs,

If you do not get up at 4:00 am to get the first to the gym,

If you go out with gym clothes, quiet, to the street on a Sunday without a drop of makeup on your face …

YOU ARE threatened with extinction …

An exquisite woman is not the one that have most men at their feet,

But that which has only one makes it really happy.

A beautiful woman is not the younger, or thinner,

neither that one that has the smoothest skin and the hair more striking.

It is one, that, with just a frank, opens smile and good advice,

you can rejoice in life.

A valuable woman is not the one that has more titles, or more academic positions.

It is the one who sacrifices his sleep to temporarily make others happy.

An exquisite woman is not the most ardent

(Although if you ask me, all women are very hot … Those who are out of focus are the men),

But that which vibrates to make love only with the man she loves.

An interesting woman is not one who is flattered to be admired for their beauty and elegance.

Is one strong woman of character who can say NO.?

And a MAN … an EXQUISITE MAN is one who appreciates a woman like that …

That is proud to have her as a companion….

Who knows how to play it as a virtuous musician plays his beloved instrument?

That fights at his side sharing all their roles.

From washing dishes and serve Tripon,

Even return massages and care, she lavished him before …

The truth, fellow men,

is that women at being ‘very macho’ they carry a large way…

How silly we have been and are-

When we value the gift only by the sight of the box…!

Fool and a thousand times fool the man who eats shit on the street,

having an exquisitísimo dish at home.






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Equipoise, share3,Workout, Dandruff, A Blessing, from the Arcturians, through Suzanne Lie

Origen: Equipoise: share3,Workout, Dandruff, A Blessing, from the Arcturians, through Suzanne Lie

Sunday, October 6, 2019

share3,Workout, Dandruff, A Blessing, from the Arcturians, through Suzanne Lie

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▶ How to Cure Dandruff Permanently – YouTube

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▶ Girls Butt Workout with different Squats – YouTube

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

A Blessing from the Arcturians–through Suzanne Lie


A Blessing from the Arcturians

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

We the Arcturians, appreciate and bless the many humans, animals and plants in the lower United States and Mexico who have greatly suffered. We are sorry that dear Gaia needs to “shake her self out” a bit before she can begin her transmutation from the third/fourth dimension into the fifth dimension.

However, humanity has banded together, assisted each other, and greatly expanded their compassion and their consciousness due to their “Service to Others.” Service to Others is what will allow the landings to occur. In other words, the Galactics can not land to assist Gaia and humanity before the humans show that they can work as ONE to assist each other and to assist their planet. 

Gaia is a “Free Will Planet.” What that means is that the humans, who were meant to be the most evolved beings on the planet, must expand into the frequency of consciousness to the frequency in which they innately “bond together and offer service to others” during a crises, as well as during their everyday life.

When humanity has come to the point of evolution that they realize that “helping each other” expands beyond just humans and encompasses the entire planet, as well as ALL of Gaia’s creatures, elements and elementals, we, your Galactic Family, will gain the “go-ahead” from the higher dimensions that “IT IS THE NOW to directly interface with humanity in preparation for First Contact.

We, your Galactic Family is very pleased to see have humanity has expanded their consciousness and given help and great compassion for those who are suffering—which includes the earth, the waters, the air and the earth.

NO! the Galactics did NOT create any of these events, but the dark ones have been planning these situations for much of your time. We will not get into how the dark ones have learned how to “assist disaster,” as humanity must discover that for themselves.

In order to assist with planetary ascension, which is the reason why our “volunteers  to take  an earth vessel on Gaia,” to assist humanity to expand their consciousness into the next octave of reality, which is the fifth dimension.

Some humans have learned/remembered a sense of mastery over their third dimensional reality. This mastery has been revealed by the great “service to others” that have been revealed from the recent disasters.

Those who have gained this mastery of “Service to Others—including Service to Gaia” will become the “teacher of ascension,” for which they will be trained when they journey to their specific Starship and/or Home World in their third, fourth or even fifth dimensional bodies. 

We, your Galactic Family, regret the great challenges of “ascension from a third dimensional human and return to your innate fifth dimensional SELF!” However, because the “forces of darkness—the Illuminati” want to take over Gaia to be one of their planets, humanity must face all their own inner darkness.

They must face the fact of their own inner darkness, for if they cannot perceive the darkness within them self, they will not be able to perceive the darkness of the “Illuminati.” Because, Gaia is NOW ready to begin the acceleration of Her “Planetary frequency” from the third dimension—through the fourth dimension—and into the fifth dimension, we your Galactic Family, are standing by to assist all OUR brave ascending ones.

We say, “Our ascending ones,” because WE are YOU in a higher frequency of reality. You immensely brave members of our multidimensional reality, who have volunteered to take an earth vessel to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension. Therefore, you were called on to reduce your innate resonance from the fifth dimension so that you could resonate to the third dimension.

Going from the fifth dimension into the third dimension is much like a deep sea diver going to the bottom of the ocean. In fact, our volunteers to earth must take “time” in special chambers on our ship to re-adjust to the higher frequencies of our multidimensional Star Ships. 

As we have said, the United States was meant to be the Flashpoint of planetary ascension. However, Mexico is considered to a component of that area because they are attached. In fact, Mexico is the land bridge which connects North America with South America. 

Therefore, just as the United States was the victim of this “weather warfare,” so was Mexico, because they are attached. Also, because Mexico is a major part of the “land bridge” to the South American continent, it is very vital for the ascension of both North and South America.

We are aware that since most of humanity sees the Earth as a THING, they do not consider the many “human qualities” that each landmass has. Humans have always thought that the humans created the culture, which affected the land.

However, it was just the opposite. It was the land that influenced the humans. Once humanity is able to expand their consciousness enough to perceive Gaia as a living, breathing being, they will be unable to realize that it is NOT the people that influence the Earth. It is the Earth—MOTHER EARTH—who influences the people. 

Do you remember long ago when the United States had their “Civil War” between the North and South? Well, NOW, North and South is no longer limited to the United States, but has expanded to the North and South Continents of the “AMERICAS.” 

HOWEVER, THIS “WAR” is totally different, as not too many humans realize that the enemy is the unknown members of the Illuminati. These Illuminati members know that Gaia has an opportunity for ascension. And, what creates ascension?  MASS Unconditional LOVE. 

Therefore, the dark ones thought that if they created MASS fear, they would thwart the ascension process of Gaia. To their surprise, inside the many victims of these great disasters encouraging mass fear, they revealed MASS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE!

Therefore, the great damage to Gaia revealed that MANY humans were, and still are, operating via UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.  Those who were not victims to the disasters, and even those who were victims of “all” the recent disasters, have shown immense courage, total service to others, and deep, abiding Unconditional LOVE for Gaia, Gaia’s land, and Gaia’s human population. 

The Illuminati were quite happy because they thought these many disasters would create a broken, fearful population that could easily be manipulated and controlled. However, INSTEAD, the many disasters served to create a population of humans who demonstrated their deep love for all man (no matter what race, color or creed), immense courage and self sacrifice for humanity, as well as animals and other living beings.

Humanity also revealed an immense strength of endurance and inner power, which made us, the Galactics, realize that maybe these brave ones will be able to assist Gaia with HER ascension, in the same manner in which they have joined Her in order to assist Her.

We, your Galactic Family, are so VERY proud of those who have taken an earth vessel within this NOW! It may look to many that there has ONLY been great destruction and suffering.

However, from the perspective of the fifth dimension and beyond, we see more and more of our brave humans visiting our Starships at night and bringing their lessons home to share with their fellow humans.

From our Ships we can see Gaia beaming with a New, Higher Light and Unconditional Love. In closing, we wish to tell all of you who lost loved ones that they are HERE WITH US in the higher dimensions.

Blessings to you ALL!

The Arcturians and your Galactic Family

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 7:07 PM

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Equipoise, share3, Intense Workout, ▶ Anatomy, Of The Sartorius, Muscle, Conversation, With the Arcturians,

Origen: Equipoise: share3, Intense Workout, ▶ Anatomy, Of The Sartorius, Muscle, Conversation, With the Arcturians,

Sunday, September 29, 2019

share3, Intense Workout, ▶ Anatomy, Of The Sartorius, Muscle, Conversation, With the Arcturians,

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie* * *
Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Conversation With the Arcturians–Shawnna and Arcturians through Sue Lie


Conversation With the Arcturians

Arcturians through Sue Lie and Shawnna Donop

August 30, 2017

Arcturians: Blessings, we are the Arcturians. We are here within this meeting and are ready to answer any of your questions.

Shawnna: Thank you. We appreciate your attention and guidance and we’re excited to start our next phase of activity. We have several ideas in mind and are seeking guidance on what you felt was important or a priority within the next few months.

Arcturians: We suggest that the first thing should be the Preparing For First Contact book, because the book is completed now and ready to go out. The book has a very positive focus, which is important in the midst of the challenges within your NOW.

The positive focus of the book, Preparing for First Contact, will assure people that they are not alone, and have never been alone. The landings are not “extraterrestrials,” but humanity’s own fifth-dimensional self. Hence, instead of the landing being any kind of “new people” coming to Earth, or any form of invasion, there will be a grand reunion with everyone’s fifth dimensional expression of SELF.

Therefore, please put the on the advertisements, “The Grand Reunion with our Fifth-Dimensional expressions of self.”

Shawnna: Perfect.

Arcturians: Did you have another question?

Shawnna: Yes. I think that’s perfect guidance. I think that it is this important message that we should focus on, as it will be a very impactful means to share, as well as a perfect form of promotion and description. We will also accompany the release of the book with a webinar series.

Arcturians: Yes, this information is much needed, especially in the United States because it is something that people can do and something that is hopeful and will bring in a sense of greater unity, not just of their own Higher SELF, but also with their family of Higher Selves, as well as how that higher family assists us in our third-dimensional lives.

We can focus on the expansion of our reality, which will allow people to remember that what is occurring is occurring primarily on the 3-D matrix, and is not the heart and soul of the planet. It’s just the 3d matrix which was created to distract humanity from any thoughts of returning home or ascending back to their Higher Selves.

Shawnna: Yes, and that’s very helpful too, because we were curious how the unity concept could be tied in. I think that this a perfect way to integrate the concept.

Arcturians: Yes, this ascension is to be based on the unity of planetary consciousness, and not on the ascension of individual people. Yes, the people on the planet would ascend, but the people on the planet would ascend WITH the planet. That focus takes that importance away from any human beings being more important than others.

Instead, the focus will be on the fact that Gaia is a living being who has evolved to the state of being a planet. AND, Gaia is a living being that has evolved to a much higher state of consciousness then the beings of darkness that live on Her.

However, the other beings, human and non-human, are ascending with the planet, such as the animal kingdom, the plant kingdom, the mineral kingdom. And the kingdom that is having the most difficulty with the process of ascension would be the human kingdom.

So we would suggest that the connection of the human kingdom to all of the other kingdoms would be an important issue. We Arcturians have told Suzille from the beginning that it was important to focus on the planet because the mental abilities of a human being are not enough to guide them into the process of ascension.

Humanity will need to connect with the mental abilities of the Earth. Therefore, we would suggest that you remind humanity on Earth to be representative of the living, loving being known as Gaia. In that manner, humanity can remember how to communicate with, and receive communication from, Gaia.

When this occurs, that will change their behavior because, what people do to the planet they wouldn’t do to their worst friend. However, because they think of Gaia as a “thing” they do many unkind, and definitely unloving things to the planet that is their home.

Shawnna: Yes, I just got an infusion of some creative ideas and how we can do that, such as via direct communication with the planet, and by fostering that relationship by thinking about and assisting Gaia as a part of their daily routine with their Higher Self connection. That’s an aspect that we can include as well.

Arcturians: Yes, if you would go ahead and say them now so they are on the recording. Then you won’t forget your ideas either. Please, go ahead and state your ideas, and we will interact with you.

Shawnna: Well, I think we could intertwine with the preparing for first contact or the unity consciousness together with the planet on a daily basis. That can be an affirmation, and/or a meditation. I’m thinking something simple that everyone can grasp and add to their daily routine. That way it’s ingrained in their consciousness and can become a habit.

Arcturians: When people commune with the planet they realize that there is more than their own personal life. Also, when they commune with the planet they don’t always look down, as Gaia includes all Her atmosphere. As they commune with Gaia, they go into the state of consciousness that Gaia is holding so that humans and planet can work as a team to calibrate their consciousness to the highest possible frequency of reality.

The reason why these challenges have come up is because the forces of darkness are aware that the “boat is leaving soon” and they’re not going to be able to get on it. So they don’t want the boat (planet) to leave. They want to distract people and get them worked up about what is wrong, and who said what, instead of realizing that what is happening with the chatter on the news is, and has been, a distraction to forget that it’s not about politics.

It’s not even about an eclipse. The real issue is about if people are interacting in higher dimensional ways and how people are treating the planet. Also, are people ready to accept first contact? Are people ready to expand their consciousness to a higher frequency?

Shawnna: Well that’s very helpful. I think we can take in all of these important concepts because it feels like we are able to focus on that connection, and refocusing people on what’s important. You’re correct that the distractions are at a pretty high level at this time. We see it everywhere.

Arcturians: You spoke of Unity Consciousness, and the easiest way to have Global Unity Consciousness is to merge with the planet. Then, once you merge with the planet, you merge with the elements, the elementals and all of the people.

We do wish to remind you that there are those that are in leadership that don’t actually really live on the planet. They are living on the matrix. And, as they live on the matrix they go to their place that is distant and apart from what is actually occurring and go into their selfishness about how they can get what they want. These selfish tendencies show up in people’s behavior, and words and ideas and choices.

On the other hand, there is a recognition amongst those who are united with the planet, and are able to function from light and love. The people are able to recognize each other by their expanded auras and open heart.

Shawnna: Yes there is a shift from selfish to selfless and being of service. Some people will be in tune with that and some people will not.

Arcturians: That is true, and the people who are in tune with “service to others” and “service to the planet” are expanding their consciousness into the fifth dimensional state of Unity Consciousness with ALL life. These people will begin to go through the transitions of expanding their consciousness into the fifth dimension, which will move them increasingly out of the illusion of time and more into the reality of the HERE and the NOW.

What is accomplished within the HERE and the NOW of the 5th dimension will automatically rain down into the lower frequencies of reality. Then the higher frequencies of reality, which naturally resonate to Light and Love, will serve as the antidote to fear and anger being sent out from the “lost ones.”

When these lost ones are not able to hide in their fear and anger, because fear and anger is not available to them, they have to go inside themselves and see why they are so frightened and angry. Why are they particularly fearful? Then, once they do so, then they can begin to heal their own fear and anger, and will no longer need to send it out to others. However, if they look outside of themselves, they cannot heal their fear and anger because the core of this dissonance is inside of themselves.

Once there is a purging of this fear and anger from the Third Dimensional Matrix, humans will be able to allow themselves to consciously perceive and actively participate in the fifth dimensional frequency of reality. Of course, the fifth dimension is already, and always has, been RIGHT HERE! The fifth dimension is not something that “will be created.”

The fifth dimension is something that has always existed, but you forgot about it when you took your third dimensional earth vessel! Some members of humanity think that they are creating it, but the fifth dimension was created long before the third. Creation of light begins in the higher dimensional realities and works its way into the lower dimensions.

Therefore, the fifth dimension was created long before humanity. The fifth dimension is a frequency of reality that has always existed. Suzille is writing a book right now, in which a woman inherits her grandmother’s house in which she grew up. Then, she finds a key that leads to the attic. When she goes up into the attic, she finds a portal to the fifth dimension.

This type of thing will occur more and more, as people, eventually, and within their own “timeline,” begin to find their portal to the fifth dimension. But, we are not speaking of a physical portal. The portal that we speak of is a Consciousness Portal.

Shawnna: It’s always helpful to have descriptions and experiences, such as the things that come through in the books to guide us and enable us to understand what it is like, what it looks like, how we can experience the higher dimensions. We look forward to seeing how that story unfolds.

Arcturians: Yes, as we have told Suzille long ago, “The truth is best told in a good story.” Then different people can accept the truth in the manner, in the fashion, and in the way that blends best with them. If the truth is shouted at them, or dictated to them, they move away from it because Gaia is a planet which people chose to incarnate on to “find their SELF.”

When they chose to take an incarnation on the planet of Gaia, they did so because it was the now for them to go on an “away mission,” forget who they really are, and go through the process of remembering who they really are. From that process of forgetting and remembering, they can understand the process of forgetting. So that, once they remember, they can help others who have also “forgotten how to remember.”

Shawnna: It feels like we’re coming full circle, back to the book, Preparing for First Contact, where there’s a recognition and an awareness that that book will bring about that – hey, it’s really us, our Higher Dimensional SELF. Like you said, it is to be a reunion.

When that hope is provided, more and more people will be excited about the future and will start investigating the truth of why they’re here, why they’re having these experiences and seeing themselves from a higher perspective. It is so empowering when you recognize what this is about. We are remembering, healing, transmuting and expanding consciousness.

Arcturians: Yes, the book “Preparing for First Contact” is complete, ready to be dispersed, and we will soon have a Webinar about it. Hope you can all join us then.

Blessings from, We the Arcturians

Shawnna: And blessings from Sue Lie and Shawnna Donop

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 5:24 PM

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Vel sanus, share4, ▶▶ Yang, Tai Chi, Tui Shou, You, Are Not, Alone,

Origen: Vel sanus: share4, ▶▶ Yang Tai Chi, Tui Shou, You, Are Not, Alone

Thursday, May 7, 2015

share4, ▶▶ Yang Tai Chi, Tui Shou, You, Are Not, Alone

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie
* * *
Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Suzanne Lie, Ph.D., has been a seeker since she was a child where her active “imagination” took her deep into her inner life. She continues to regularly share her experiences and Arcturian teachings on her blog, Awakening with Suzanne Lie, and she wishes to help awakening ones come out of hiding and allow the glory of their highest expression of SELF into their everyday life.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

You Are Not Alone ~ Arcturian Update


(The Arcturians said some amazing things here, so please check it out.)

10-5-2017 Arcturian Update – Part 2


Shawnna, Sue and the Arcturians through Sue Lie

ARCTURIANS: When humanity is able to accept that they are NOT the most evolved species, their arrogance, which is usually a disguise for fear, will diminish enough that we will be able to show them that they are ready to move into that next stage of evolution.
Humanity will also reveal their readiness by showing and sharing their open hearts and clear minds, which enable them to perceive and communicate with a higher frequency of reality. Humanity will then be able to “believe in,” as well as “be in connection with” their own higher expressions who resonate to the higher dimensions.

In other words, once humans realize that they are NOT the most evolved beings, they will be able to open their consciousness to Higher Beings, who are often their own Higher SELF. It is an innate ability of humanity to be able to identify, as well as resonate to, a higher dimension. When humans have remembered that innate ability, they will be able to resonate to, and consciously experience, two realities at once.

Once humans remember that they are able to resonate to many different realities within the same NOW, they will be more able to accept the fact that there are Higher Beings that are often higher expressions of their own human self. These Higher Beings resonate to fifth dimensional and beyond worlds such as Venus, Arcturus, The Pleiades, and Andromeda.

There are also other Higher Dimensional Beings, such as Angels, Archangels, Elohim and Ascended Masters who are ready to assist any and all humans who are ready to experience and process their return to their own Higher SELF.

As you, humanity, call to these Higher Beings and to the Higher Frequencies of reality, you actually create an open portal through which these Higher Beings, Higher Frequencies, and Higher Concepts can travel through the portal into each person’s consciousness.

Because each human is made of the same Earth, Air, Fire and Water as the planet, each and every human serves as a portal into the body of Gaia. By opening the portal of their Crown Chakra and allowing the higher frequencies of reality to travel through their Kundalini, into their Base Chakra, down your legs, into your feet and into the core of Gaia.

We want you all to know that each and every human is able to serve as an open portal through which you can also send your consciousness UP into your Fifth Dimensional Self and beyond.

Feel your fifth dimensional SELF and beyond as YOU…

Feel your Fifth Dimensional Self on the Star Ship…

Feel your Fifth Dimensional Self on your Homeworld…

Feel your personal self who is currently walking the Earth…

Feel how ALL of these versions of YOU are expressions of your Fifth Dimensional SELF…

We now ask you to be aware that there are more and more Fifth Dimensional Beings that are walking the Earth within your NOW. The reason why they are walking the Earth is because, when the grounded humans fully remember how to open up to, and activate, their Fifth Dimensional perspectives, they will see that there are Lightbody Galactics walking right next to them, standing right next to them, and sitting right next to them.

Then they will realize that they will not be able to have any doubt that they are NOT alone.

Gaia and Gaia’s sisters in the Pleiades are not going to allow the destruction of planet Gaia. The destruction of planet Earth will not be allowed. And, all the other planets, who are also living beings, as well as the beings that inhabit those planets, will send their unconditional love and assistance to their dear sister Gaia.

There are also many beings, Earthlings, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedens, Tau Cretans, Venusians and many more, who are all represented on the inter-dimensional Starships.

Now most of these Starships still resonate to the Fifth Dimension. Therefore, it is only when your consciousness resonates to the Fifth Dimension that you, the grounded humans, will be able to perceive the fifth dimensional phenomena of the Fifth Dimensional Ships and the Fifth Dimensional Beings that are walking amongst you right NOW.

SHAWNNA: What a wonderful recognition that we are not alone, that there is a grand reunion ahead, and it’s happening NOW! As you’ve mentioned, if we take notice of those around us, we can sense this presence in our daily, physical life. We will be able to look around and think “Oh, that’s a Galactic person hiding, not hiding, but impersonating a human.” I can tell, we can tell. We can sense it.

What a beautiful gift to have this Higher Guidance around us, and isn’t this the perfect time to present this important truth to Humanity, so we can give them hope? Look at what’s happening in the world. If every person knew what the truth was, what is really there, and who our Galactic family really is, the reunion would instantly change our reality.

ARCTURIANS: Yes, it would, and will, change reality in an instant. And you, dear humans, are closer than you realize, because you are all within the darkest night. The United States, which was always meant to be the flashpoint for the landings, is in the darkest night before dawn.

Even the protectorates of the United States are in the darkest nights before the dawn. So many of the citizens, the animals, the plants, earth, air, water and light have suffered within this darkest night.

We wish you all to know that you are all coming to the Starships at night,

and you are all able to come into in the special rooms of Healing.

Have you ever had a very challenging day and finally you fall asleep, even though you feel awful. Then, when you wake up, you feel great? Well congratulations, you took a trip up to the Ships and got to go into one of those wonderful bed-type structures where you lay down on this wonderful bed, and a dome comes down over you, then you fall of into a deep, deep sleep.

Then, your consciousness travels up into the reunion with your Higher Dimensional Selves, for some all the way up to your Twelfth Dimensional Self. How far you go depends on how far you are able to expand your consciousness, and then you come back. As your journey ends, the dome over the “bed” opens, and you are fine. You are healed!

Now, there are many, many inventions that are on your planet, Right NOW, that can make a huge difference in your ability to bring Gaia back to her beautiful, calm self. But these inventions are all being held back by selfish leaders who want a broken country that is easier to control.

Therefore, it is up to the daily people, of your daily life, to band together and say,

“No, we want those inventions. We want those wonderful things that have already been invented!” However, the Illuminati has hidden them and have not allowed you to benefit from wonderful inventions, such as some of the things that Tesla created.

We speak of these truths to all of you because we want you to know that the third dimensional world of getting up, going to work, picking up the kids, coming back, making dinner, having dinner, is fine, and even wonderful, but that’s not all that is. There is something much more. Something much, much, more!

SHAWNNA: What if each of us aligned with our mission and discovered for ourselves what ‘more’ means to us, because it is unique for each person? Consider this your active call to explore this. Because we are all being called now to step into action and contribute to bringing all that we’ve spoken of into the enlightenment of all humanity.

This truth, this equality, and this technology is OURS, and we have a right to adopt and utilize it in order to transform humanity because we deserve it, and it is time!

We are no longer going to allow this subjugation because it is our time to thrive!

ARCTURIANS: Yes, it is humanity’s time to thrive. BUT, humanity has to stand up for itself. When you come to that crossroad where you DO band together and STAND UP FOR YOUR SELVES, you will be able to activate all of your chakras and move into your fourth Dimensional Self!

Then, you will be able to allow your body

to birth forth into your Fifth Dimensional Lightbody.

At first, your human perspective may not perceive that shift. Your human perspective may just see your human self because each frequency of consciousness maintains a frequency of perception. Therefore, until your frequency of consciousness resonates to the fifth Dimension, you may not be able to perceive the Fifth Dimension. But you CAN imagine it…

And “imagination is Fifth Dimensional thought!”

You may not be able to perceive your own Lightbody, which many of you have already awakened and already live within, and, in fact, use in a daily manner. But think of the courage, the courage that even without the knowledge that you are protected and guided by your own fifth Dimensional Multidimensional Lightbody, you still forge ahead.

You still think of Gaia, you still think of humans, you still think of plants, you still think of animals. This is why Gaia is ascending, because the humans of Gaia are so courageous.

Even though so many of you are completely unaware of your own Higher Frequencies, you somehow find the courage to act as if you knew about these Higher Frequencies. And it is that ‘acting as if’ that is the key.

It’s much like learning a dance. If your brain is engaged instead of just your feet, you may say ‘Oh, I should do it this way. Oh, I did it that way. No, I did it wrong. Oh, what did she say?’

Well, you’re never going to learn this way because you will have doubt. But if you just relax and trust your feet, you’ll find that you are actually doing that dance. It is the same with all of reality.

If you can just allow yourself to be your Higher Frequency of Self, you may be very surprised at what you experience, as well as how these experiences deeply change you. However, remember that you are not going to be your Higher Frequency of Self all the time.

To bring your fifth dimensional consciousness into your daily life, you’re going to have to meditate, and you’re going to have to do something that you love, or draw, or run, or walk, or dance, or listen to music, to be able to move into a deep state of meditation and higher states of consciousness.

But, if you can remember that you have that “YOU” within you when you are standing in line at the grocery store, sitting in the dentist’s chair, helping your kids with their homework, driving in traffic, etc. etc. then you will begin to LIVE fifth dimensionally.

All of those third dimensional tasks, are just part of the Great Illusion that you MUST live for this now! However, as you begin to realize and identify an illusion as an illusion, you will gradually, bit by bit, step out of that illusion and step into that Higher Frequency of reality.

SHAWNNA: The power of having that daily connection, and that recognition that you are not alone, that you’re always guided by your Higher Self WILL change your relationship with reality.

If you set an empowered intention, and start your day walking with your Higher Self, walking with Gaia, asking her to walk with you, you become connected to your SELF and to Gaia. Then, you know that you will make decisions each and every day, moment by moment, managing your emotions and setting the highest intentions for the day. Then, one day, that will become your new life, if it isn’t that way already.

What a beautiful way to contribute, to call upon that connection and that experience of your Soul! We’ve been here before, we’ve done this before. We are not new to this, we are explorers, we are blazing a pathway. Like you said, it’s just another dance that we are learning.

Therefore, just go with the flow. follow that guidance, surrender into what your Soul is guiding you to do. Then we will all gather and celebrate the great victory that is ahead.

ARCTURIANS: Yes, it is the second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day calibration and recalibration back into your Multidimensional Consciousness. Your Multidimensional Consciousness is YOU, you never lost it, but you did forget it.

Coming into that Third Dimension and going through the challenges and the hardships of a Third Dimensional reality has made many of our Beloved candidates to take an Earth vessel forget their true Self and to fall into the illusion of being “just a Third Dimensional human.”

Now you are a Third Dimensional human, but that is NOT “just a human.” You are a Multidimensional Human, and we invite you all right now to take a moment to:

Close your physical eyes…

Feel your aura around your body…

Feel that as soon as you do so, you automatically straighten your spine you can feel that the Kundalini is moving up and down your spinal column.

Hence, you automatically put your feet on the floor because you know that with this degree of inner power, you want to make sure that you are grounded, and that you share this power with Gaia!

Perhaps, you feel a buzzing in your head, or you feel a tickling above you Crown Chakra, or you may feel an interesting sensation in your Third Eye.

Very often, you might see Violet Light, which is the Highest Frequency of Light. It is this Violet Light that takes you into that next octave of Light.

We remind all of you that everything is Light. It is just when that Light holds a Third Dimensional density, it is easy to forget that it is Light.

Then, it appears to become dense earth, liquid water, a cloudy sky and/or a firing of the synaptic junctions within your body. But just as this is occurring on a Third Dimensional level, it’s also occurring all the way up into your fifth dimensional SELF.

In closing, we would invite you all to perceive your portal, the portal that you have been creating. The portal through which you are able to expand your consciousness to fully remember that you are a Multidimensional Being and to intimately experience your Fifth Dimensional body of Light.

Now, it may take a lot of practice, because you’ve had a lot of incarnations that have told you, ‘Oh, you are just a human being.’

And so we say to all of you, be patient with yourself. For many, many, many incarnations, you’ve only been able to perceive, conceive and live as a third dimensional being.

You are NOW expanding your consciousness to accept the truth, that YOU are a Multidimensional Being in the process of expanding beyond the:

Fourth Dimensional Frequency of creativity, dreams, flowing, singing, dancing, enjoying…

Into your Fifth Dimensional experience of being HERE NOW.

And allowing yourself to just ponder that HERE and NOW.

For many humans, their consciousness is one place, and their body is in another.

Therefore, we remind you to pull your consciousness into your body

Begin living in the HERE and NOW while in your Third Dimensional Self…

Then expand that HERE and NOW into the creative acts of your Fourth Dimensional Self…

THEN, as you slip into your meditations, dreams, imaginations and Higher Creativity,

feel that your Self, your LIGHTBODY SELF, is HERE in the NOW.

Blessings to you all!

Shawnna would you like to say anything in closing?

SHAWNNA: Yes, I just wish to say thank you so very much for your guidance today.

We appreciate all of the efforts of each and every one of you. What you have done, what you will do, and what your Higher Selves are doing to assist all life on Gaia.

All your contributions are being recognized. We are grateful for every ounce of effort you put into your expansion into a Higher state of awareness. Every one of you who contributes to this process is helping exponentially.

It is an amazing expansion of the Light and of the humanity that awaits each and every one of us. So stay strong, connected, keep your head up, and let’s do this together because

you are not alone.

We ALL have important work to do.

Again thank you each of you for your listening and for contributing in the way that you have, and that you will.

ARCTURIANS: Thank you. We are so happy that you join us. Blessings to you all.

SHAWNNA: Thank you.

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Posted by Suzanne Lie at 9:49 AM
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Saturday, August 24, 2019

share4, ▶ Anatomy Of The Psoas, Working out!, ▶ ¿Manchas en la piel?, Arcturian Group Message

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 ▶ Sexy Big Butt and Thick Thighs Model Working out! – YouTube

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Arcturian Group Message 

OCTOBER 8, 2017
There is taking place a tremendous shifting of energies on earth at this time and most of you are well aware of it. Still, there are some even among serious truthseekers that are allowing fear to keep them locked in what is known and familiar. Many of these dear ones are now getting “wake up calls” and being forced through various circumstances to open their eyes, acknowledge the truth they know, and begin to make choices that reflect their level of awareness, not someone else’s.

You chose to be on earth to experience and assist during these powerful times as old, false, and finished creations dissolve from a depletion of the energy needed to feed and sustain them. This is creating fear in those who do not understand that the only thing that can ever dissolve is the false sense of something.

The spiritual reality hidden within everything never dissolves because it is forever held in place by Divine Law. It is only the false concept of some spiritual reality or Divine Idea that dissolves because the false concept has only the energy of belief to hold it in place.

For instance mankind’s’ desire for perfect health is in reality a seeking for the wholeness and completeness that is everyone’s birthright as an expression of God. It was not so long ago that only physical treatments were used for disease. As mankind evolved, “snake oil” solutions were recognized as being useless and are no longer used. (by most) New and higher ways of understanding health as encompassing more than just the physical body began to be recognized allowing healing modalities of much higher levels to manifest.

Spiritual evolution manifests as ever higher and better forms of everything that appears to the human mind as material and this will continue as individuals realize that they are consciousness with a physical body and not a body with a consciousness.

There could be no material form if there was not a spiritual reality behind it to be interpreted by mind. You cannot make something out of nothing. Everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell in the material universe is actually spiritual in its purest essence, held infinitely in place by the energy of Love. How those spiritual ideas (completeness, wholeness, abundance, intelligence,etc.) are interpreted by the human mind directly relates to the attained state of consciousness of the interpreter.

New waves of higher consciousness sweeping the earth are serving to awaken many into the realization that Gaia as a living planet meant to be protected and honored by those on her. Many are now finding ways to do this through means as simple as recycling and yet there remain those who lash out in fear and ignorance, seeking to dominate and control all aspects of your living planet.

Do not despair for Gaia, because she is going to do whatever she needs to do with or without humanities’ help. She is a living soul with higher dimensional aspects the same as humans, but it will be much easier to consciously join her in her ascension journey rather than attempting to harness and dominate.

Those living fully in three dimensional consciousness get all their pain and pleasure in the physical. They fear losing what they have accumulated in the material world because they identify themselves as being their wealth, appearance, accomplishments, education, and actions. These dear ones hold great resistance to any change especially if the exploitation of Gaia’s has played a part in their financial gains.

You who are awakened automatically assist the evolution of planetary consciousness simply because there is only one Consciousness. As your personal state of consciousness becomes imbued with truth, it flows automatically to all who are receptive. You need not speak or lecture, your energy does the work, reaching even to someone on the other side of the world who may be seeking exactly what you have in your consciousness–the many within the ONE.

Because of oneness, thoughts reflecting your state of consciousness are being broadcast into world consciousness and can be felt and received by those in alignment with them. Those of a totally different state of awareness than yours will not even notice. The statement; “Birds of a feather flock together.” is a perfect explanation of how energetic alignment works.

For example, a person who carries cellular memory of many lifetimes involving physical suffering and disease, will automatically draw to themselves (alignment of energy) impersonal thought forms regarding disease. However, thoughts and beliefs are impersonal and never become yours until you allow them into your consciousness as truth. Every thought and belief no matter how ridiculous is simply floating about in the universal world consciousness until accepted as one’s reality.

When a “war” on some disease or issue is launched in the effort to defeat it, it simply intensifies it because this “war” is promoting and broadcasting the “power” of the particular issue to the world, firmly planting fear in the consciousness of all who are receptive. You are creators and must become ever more aware of what you are creating.

This can be difficult for an awakened person who finds themselves struggling with some disease or human situation while at the same time trying to reconcile the spiritual truth they know with the experience. Desiring wholeness drives most people to seek vast amounts of information about the situation but this can cause feelings of confusion and guilt for the spiritual student because they now understand “problems” to reflect the third dimensional belief system.

Never doubt that help is provided on all levels of consciousness. It may very well be that the most perfect solution at the time will seem to be material. Never, ever, feel that you have failed in your spiritual journey if you go see a doctor, or need to use some three dimensional tools. To pretend a state of consciousness that has not yet been attained is fruitless because truth must move from intellectual knowledge to being an attained state of consciousness before it can express outwardly.

Follow whatever protocols resonate with you all the while listening to and trusting the guidance of your intuition and not what others may be telling you. Do what you are guided to do but do it with an awareness of yourself as being pure spirit with a Light body that never dies, but who is having a human experience. Living on a third dimensional planet is a matter of being “in the world, but not of it”. Resist nothing for resistance only gives power to something that has no power other than what you give it.

You the awakened ones, are no longer being allowed to stand on the sidelines and watch. It is your work to hold truth in consciousness at all times while weaning yourselves away from the 24/7 news, gossip, and the promotions of duality and separation that bombard you from every direction. Remember, what you feed your consciousness with, will be reflected in your experiences and add to world consciousness.

Truth either is or is not, and only you can choose which to believe. The days of going to church on Sunday and then fully resuming a three dimensional life Monday through Saturday, are behind you. Although many try, the old ways will simply no longer work for those who have or are now ready for the deeper truths.

Your energy is no longer aligning with many long held illusory beliefs as well as with certain foods, friends, entertainments, etc. You are now aware that you and everyone else are not just human beings living only one life ( an excuse commonly used to justify doing whatever one pleases regardless of its affect on others.)

You have awakened or you would not be reading these messages, but it is your choice as to what you do with information now coming from many reliable and high resonating sources. Free will is a powerful gift that allows every soul to choose. However, choosing to remain in some outgrown situation simply because it is familiar never changes the truth of who and what you are, and will serve only to delay one’s spiritual evolution.

Everyone regardless of appearances, is a Divine being–an expression of Creator Source and all that is embodied within IT. This is absolute truth in its simplest form and will never change regardless of how inconvenient it may be to three dimensional concepts and standards for living a “perfect” human life.

All power lies in realizing that God alone is Power and that that Power is you regardless of outer appearances or the beliefs of family. friends, governments, religious leaders or “experts”. It is time to reclaim the innate power that through ignorance you allowed others to take. It is time to balance your feminine and masculine aspects, and it is time to stand in the highest levels of truth you know even if that stand is simply holding silent awareness in the face of some difficult circumstance.

You are ready to claim your Divinity dear ones, you have done the hard work necessary to emerge out from under the world’s umbrella of duality and separation expressing as– rich/poor, sad/happy, in relationship/alone, peace/war, sick/well, employed/unemployed, gay/straight etc.

It is time to accept that you already are and always have been everything you have sought lifetime after lifetime.


We are the Arcturian Group 10/8/17

Donations are welcomed

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share, A+, releer, El Amor, en la Naturaleza.,

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El Amor en la Naturaleza.

Para estudiar el misterio de la Generación Universal tendremos que remontarnos no solo a los orígenes de la humanidad, sino que visto el fenómeno más ampliamente, debiéramos penetrar hasta aquellos instantes de la formación de Soles, Universos y Sistemas Solares, porque la Vida, este gran arcano de la Naturaleza que no ha sido creada, es, ha sido y será siempre, y como tal no es otra cosa que la manifestación de Dios en la Naturaleza, en la materia o en la substancia.

Bien lo dice el Evangelio de Juan en sus primeros versículos, que debemos leer siempre en eterno presente, porque en todo momento la Energía se transforma en substancia, o lo que es lo mismo el Espíritu, en materia, para dar posibilidad a la existencia de los Seres: 
“EL Principio es el Verbo, el Verbo es Dios, y por Él son todas las cosas”;
 sin el poder de la Energía-Espíritu no podría manifestarse nunca la materia, pues ya el científico lo ha demostrado plenamente: 
“Materia, es Energía condensada y hecha visible, y Energía, es la misma materia enrarecida, sutilizada hasta la invisibilidad, que se agita en forma serpentina y que se mueve a la velocidad de la luz al cuadrado”.

Es así como debemos admitir que Dios, el Espíritu Universal, se expresa en la Naturaleza como una fuerza de Expansión: Electricidad Cósmica o Voluntad Divina; una Fuerza de Cohesión: Magnetismo Cósmico ó Sabiduría Divina, y una resultante: el Electromagnetismo Cósmico, Actividad Divina o Movimiento Eterno de la Vida, que es la razón de ser de la existencia de todos los Seres y de todas las cosas. Por esto decimos que: Dios el Espíritu o Energía Universal, duerme aparentemente en el mineral, despierta y es crecimiento, aromas, flores y colores en el vegetal; es astucia e instintos en el animal; es Consciencia en el hombre y Amor en el Adepto.

El Magnetismo Universal, la Sabiduría Divina, hizo que aquella Energía o Espíritu se fuera condensando o cristalizando desde el oscuro amanecer de las edades hasta constituir la Substancia Raíz Cósmica de la cual están hechas todas las cosas.

El hidrógeno por ejemplo, primer elemento entre los cuerpos simples, debe su existencia a la armonía de un electrón de carga negativa que gira a gran velocidad alrededor de un protón o núcleo de carga positiva; la molécula de agua (H2O) no es otra cosa que el maridaje entre dos átomos de hidrógeno y uno de oxígeno; la sal común o cloruro de sodio, que todos los días ingerimos no es sino la armonía entre un átomo de cloro y uno de sodio. Un elemento masculino se une a otro femenino y tenemos un hijo, que lleva en sí la posibilidad de convertirse en un futuro padre o madre. He ahí, la dualidad eterna de la Naturaleza, una fuerza que expande y otra que coagula; electricidad y magnetismo que originan el movimiento o electromagnetismo que sostiene a los átomos en los cuerpos minerales, o a los planetas y sistemas solares girando en los espacios infinitos.

Nada en la Naturaleza puede venir a la existencia sin el poder de la dualidad, sin el poder de la cruz. Todo lo que vemos en el reino mineral vino a ser por el poder del magnetismo, por el poder del cruzamiento o armonía de los contrarios “(complementarios)”. Así se formaron los cuatro elementos, hidrógeno, oxígeno, carbógeno y nitrógeno, que son la base y fundamento, el anillo que sostiene la vida de la substancia orgánica en donde los químicos pretenden descubrir la Vida.

Así los átomos de los cuerpos simples se unieron a otros para formar moléculas, y las moléculas se unieron a otras para formar la célula que es el basamento de la vida vegetal, animal y humana. Pero no solamente este magnetismo o Amor Universal opera en el reino mineral como ley de atracción; veamos ahora las mil maravillas y los preciosos encantos de que se vale el vegetal para conservar la Vida.

¿Quién de vosotros no ha tomado una rosa entre las manos, para deleitarse con sus colores y su forma o también con sus aromas? Sabemos por la botánica que existen flores hermafroditas; es decir, flores en las cuales los dos elementos, masculino y femenino, estambres y pistilos, se hallan dentro de la misma flor; en ellas, por fuerza de gravedad, por la lluvia o por el viento se verifica la autofecundación, o sea el proceso, por medio del cual, el elemento masculino (el polen), se deposita sobre el pistilo (elemento femenino) que tiene los óvulos en su interior para fecundarlos y así producir el fruto y la Semilla.

Pero también sabemos que existen plantas en las cuales los Sexos ya han sido separados, y es aquí, donde la misma Naturaleza ha operado milagros para lograr la fecundación de las flores hembras, mediante el polen de las flores masculinas que se hallan a veces muy distantes. “Sería superfluo -dice Mauricio Maeterlinck en su libro “LA INTELIGENCIA DE LAS FLORES” -trazar el cuadro de las grandes sistemas de la fecundación floral; el juego de los estambres y el pistilo, la seducción de los perfumes, la atracción de los colores armoniosos y brillantes, la elaboración del néctar, absolutamente inútiles para la flor, y que ésta no fabrica sino para atraer y retener el libertador extraño, el alado mensajero del Amor, abejorro, abeja, mosca, mariposa o colibrí, que debe traerle el beso del amante lejano, invisible e inmóvil.”

Este delicado mundo vegetal que vemos tan tranquilo en apariencia, resignado y silencioso, obediente y recogido, es por el contrario un mundo en el cual la rebelión se manifiesta en todo instante.

Mientras que el árbol tiene su órgano nutricio en las raíces, que lo sujetan y lo esclavizan en el suelo; por arriba, a través de sus ramas y sus hojas busca su libertad y se expande en flores de colores y aromas deliciosos, que se escapan al soplo tibio de las brisas como queriendo conquistar el infinito.

La planta, condenada a la inmovilidad desde que nace hasta que muere, es para nosotros un ejemplo de valor, de perseverancia y de ingeniosidad; la planta, mejor que nosotros, que desperdiciamos la Energía y los esfuerzos, ella sabe contra qué rebelarse ante todo; y la Energía de su idea fija, que sube de las tinieblas de sus raíces para organizarse y manifestarse en la luz de su flor, es como el símbolo de una oración o de un éxtasis incomparables.

De ahí los maravillosos sistemas de diseminación y propulsión que la planta ha inventado, de aviación, como en el cardo santo en donde cada Semillita está provista de un paracaídas que la llevará a lugares remotos; de los resortes explosivos del euforbio, del dulzor de algunas Semillas que las aves ingieren para luego depositarlas en lugares lejanos: así vemos que no hay Semilla que no naya inventado algún procedimiento particular para evadirse de la sombra materna.

Cuando se sabe mirar a la Naturaleza y a la Vida en general con los ojos del Alma, tendremos que deducir, que toda nuestra arquitectura y todos nuestros motivos musicales, todas nuestras armonías de color y de luz, etc., son directamente tomados del reino vegetal.

Cuántas cosas grandes, nobles y bellas nos enseñan este reino, donde la fecundación se cumple dentro de la más preciosa Sensibilidad y estetismo. Si contemplamos esta misma función del Amor Universal dentro del reino animal, qué maravillas podemos encontrar. Esta función de la reproducción tampoco debe constituir para nosotros aquel tabú con que han querido verlo la estulticia y la malicia absurdas de ciertos Seres, para quienes el Sexo es, o causa una pudibundez absurda; para muchos de estos pobres Seres ignorantes, que bien desean que el Divino Arquitecto no hubiera puesto el Sexo, les tenemos lástima; ignoran que ellos mismos son hijos del Amor y productos del Sexo.

Esta estrechez de criterio naturalmente no puede ser más que producto de su propia estulticia y de la manera absurda e inhumana con que suelen mirar a la Naturaleza. Por eso se ha dicho con sobrada razón: “Para aquél que es puro de corazón todas las cosas son puras”, pero para aquél otro que no ha desarrollado Alma y lleva siempre la maldad a flor de labios, para éste, todas las cosas son impuras.

Cuánta ternura debiera producirnos la forma en que se realiza el milagro de la fecundación en algunas especies de peces, por ejemplo; al pez macho, le toca a veces recorrer largas distancias, vencer miles de dificultades, hasta arriesgar su vida, para depositar el Semen sobre los huevecillos que la hembra ha depositado en medio de pedruscos, venciendo también grandes peligros.

Con qué solícito cuidado las avecillas construyen su nido después de recorrer largas distancias (en algunas especies migradoras), ponen sus huevos, y aún dejan de comer para empollarlos calentándolos al calor de su propia sangre.

Cuánto milagro el que la Vida realiza cuando vemos al fin surgir una avecilla indefensa, cuyos padres deben proteger hasta que aprenda a valerse por sí misma. El animal obedece a un instinto, a un llamado de su raza.

Y si fuésemos a observar las distintas especies de animales, cuántas cosas maravillosas no encontraríamos, y cuántos ejemplos nos podrían dar ellas, ¿Por qué ha de ser impuro el Sexo? ¿No nos parece un milagro el que la Vida realiza cuando meditamos la cuestión en el reino humano? ¿No nos parece maravilloso que de la unión de un zoospermo y de un óvulo -visibles solamente al microscopio – pueda surgir un hombre con una Inteligencia sutil y maravillosa? Sin embargo la estulticia de las gentes y la mente pervertida con pensamientos bajos y sensaciones impuras, ha trastornado de tal forma la manera de pensar, que no solo no encuentran en el Sexo la parte espiritual que él encierra (como quiera que es allí en la esfera psicogenésica, donde Dios ha colocado nada menos que el Fuego Creativo del Espíritu Santo), sino que se ha llegado hasta el extremo insólito de hacer chistes de pésimo gusto y vulgaridad contra ese Fuego Sagrado, que es el Altar mismo donde se genera la raza y donde se regenera la especie humana.

Cuánto nos compadecemos, repetimos, de aquellos Seres que bajan los ojos cuando del Sexo se habla; ellos dejan entrever su ignorancia sobre la función procreadora, la más sublime función del Amor Universal, que hace posible el renacer de nuevos Seres que necesitan evolucionar para alcanzar algún día la humana perfección. ¿Por qué ha de ser impuro el Sexo?, ¿Por qué no se avergüenzan estos hombres cuando se habla, por ejemplo, de la función respiratoria, con la cual atraemos el Aliento Universal, o de la función digestiva para la conservación de nuestros cuerpos -que son los altares donde se manifiesta la Vida -? Es que sencillamente estas funciones biológicas jamás han sido miradas con esos ojos de malicia ni de estulta pudibundez con que son miradas por aquellos que se dicen guardadores de la moral.

Que ignorancia y cuanto desconocimiento de las leyes divinas! Pero todo esto se debe a la manera infantil, absurda y ridícula como se ha interpretado la separación de los Sexos, de que nos habla el Génesis en su primer Capítulo, versículo 27, que dice: “Y creó Dios al Hombre a su Imagen, a imagen de Dios lo creó, varón y hembra lo creó”. Los que no saben interpretar este versículo ignoran que la humanidad en un principio fue andrógina, es decir que el Ser Humano primitivo tenía en sí las dos polaridades, masculina y femenina, como las tienen aún hoy algunas plantas y animales, o sea que, se reproducen por sí mismos, sin la intervención de otro ser.

Y en el capítulo II, versículo 18, dice: “Y dijo Jehová Dios: no es bueno que el hombre esté solo; le haré ayuda idónea para él”. En el capítulo II, versículo 22, agrega: “Y de la costilla Jehová Dios, tomó al hombre, hizo una mujer y trájola al hombre”; en el versículo 23 dice: “Y dijo Adán: Esto es ahora hueso de mis huesos y carne de mi carne; esta será llamada Varona porque del Varón fue tomada”, Desafortunadamente por una mala interpretación del Hebreo se tradujo “Costado” por costilla.

Nada en la Naturaleza da saltos; todo lleva en sí un lento desarrollo y evolución progresiva, porque ya lo sabemos: “En la Naturaleza nada se crea, todo se transforma, todo cambia, nada permanece”. El ADÁN de la leyenda es la humanidad entera que al principio, repetimos, fue Andrógina, palabra que quiere decir -ANDROS Hombre, y GINE Mujer es decir, tenía en si las dos polaridades, pero era inconsciente; el Espíritu se iba acortezando en la materia poco a poco y él hombre era dirigido por Seres superiores, por eso la humanidad obraba en forma subjetiva. Solo cuando al hombre se le dio este último vehículo de expresión que es la mente, fue cuando se separaron los Sexos para que el hombre conociera el mundo diferenciado: es decir, con la separación de los Sexos, la otra mitad de la Energía Generadora fue poco a poco ascendiendo para formar la laringe y el cerebro que son órganos de expresión del pensamiento.

En el Ser Humano en embrión, se recapitulan todos los estados por los cuales ha pasado la humanidad y de esto nos habla ya la ciencia cuando dice: “Durante la vida intrauterina, en el principio, el ser es bisexual hasta cierto punto de su desarrollo, pero después empieza a predominar uno de los Sexos, mientras que el otro subsiste rudimentario”. También la ciencia nos habla de los casos de pseudo-hermafroditismo en los cuales esta diferenciación de Sexos no se ha verificado totalmente, aunque siempre ha de haber preponderancia por alguno.

Al nacer, es ésta la razón para que todos tengamos los órganos opuestos en forma germinal o embrionaria. Cada uno lo puede constatar; los ovarios, que en la mujer generan los óvulos, tienen en el hombre su representante en los testes que generan la Semilla masculina; el útero que en la mujer sirve para la nidación y desarrollo del feto, tiene su representante en el hombre en la próstata; la uretra masculina tiene en la mujer su representante en el clítoris, y, de los senos femeninos a los hombres nos restan las tetillas.

Otra de las causas que han servido para crear un tabú sobre el Sexo se debe a la ignorancia de los padres. Cuando el niño inquiere y pregunta sobre el Sexo o el nacimiento de los niños, los padres comenzamos mintiendo y engañando, con el consabido cuento de la cigüeña; y en vez de ilustrarlos como debiéramos hacerlo sobre este magno misterio de la Vida, tal como sucede en la Naturaleza (flores y anímales), contestamos con evasivas o mentiras y hasta se llega a castigar a los pequeños que tienen todo el derecho de saber, indagar y conocer.

¿Qué confianza puede inspirar a un niño su padre que le engaña o le prohíbe que investigue, que pregunte o que razone?, ¿Por qué mentir a los niños cuya Inteligencia es suspicaz y observadora y se dan cuenta de todo lo que sucede en la Naturaleza? Esto sí que es un crimen, como Marden lo ha denominado en su obra “EL CRIMEN DEL SILENCIO”. Cuántos males se podrían evitar, y sobre todo, cuánto bien se haría a la humanidad y a la raza, sí se enseñara la verdad pura y sencilla, sobre esta trascendental verdad de la Energía Psicogenésica.

Para despertar esta Energía y sublimarla, es necesario abrirse al Divino Fuego del Amor; pero no el amor mundano que está envuelto en las pasiones sino el Amor Divino que es el único que diviniza al hombre y humaniza a Dios.

Extracto de: La energía Sexual

Fraternidad Rosacruz Antigua

ANTERIOR Varios/Otros – Tiempo-espacio en espiral.

SIGUIENTE Varios/Otros – Cómo se debe utilizar la Energía Generadora?

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Equipoise, share4,, ▶ Lower Limb Vein,s Overview, Camel Pose, Hummingbird, Return, to 7 Days, with my SELF,

Origen: Equipoise: share4,, ▶ Lower Limb Vein,s Overview, Camel Pose, Hummingbird, Return, to 7 Days, with my SELF,

Sunday, August 4, 2019

share4,, ▶ Lower Limb Vein,s Overview, Camel Pose, Hummingbird, Return, to 7 Days, with my SELF,

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 Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Return to Day 4 of 7 Days with My SELF


Return to 7 Days with my SELF

Day 4 of 7 Days With My SELF

Finding and Living your Inner Power


Suzanne Lie and Your SELF

Greetings every ONE,

I took a little break from the 7 day process of: “Finding and Living your Inner Power.” I needed to absorb that process a bit, and I hope you all had a chance to absorb it as well. If that process is new to you, then you will find the beginning of it at:


It is on my blog, just as this article is. If you are new to this process, or wish to refresh your memory, please see the above link.

Day ONE was, “Unconditionally Loving My SELF”

Day TWO was, “Embracing the Light”

Day THREE was, “Forgiveness.”

Today, we move onto the FOURTH day of this process which is,

DAY 4 of 7 Days With My SELF

Finding and Living your Inner Power

However, I would like to invite you all to take a moment of your NOW to review your process so far and to ask yourself:

“How often did I remember to: UNCONDITIONALLY LOVE MY SELF?”

“How often did I remember to: EMBRACE THE LIGHT?”

“How often did I remember to: FORGIVE MYSELF AND FORGIVE OTHERS?”

Be easy on yourself when you make that assessment.

After all, remember that the day ONE was, “I unconditionally LOVE my self.”

We will NOW return to Day 4 With My SELF

Finding and Living MY Inner Power

“Today, I WILL remember to listen to my self-talk. I know that words have power, and the words that I silently say to my self have an even greater power. The power of these “silent statements” is so strong because WHAT I SAY IS WHAT I LIVE!

In other words, if I say to my self, “Good job. You did a REALLY good job! I find that I have more energy, more courage and, definitely, more happiness. I realize that it is easy to “blame myself” as that gives me some sense of “inner power,” but the power is weak, and the “blame” lasts longer than the words.

Therefore, on this fourth day with my self, I decree:

I listen to what I say to my self. Then, I will take a few minutes to determine how I feel.

I will check my heart and say:

Dear Heart, How much do l love my self after I made that statement to myself?

Dear Mind, what are you thinking, after I made that statement to myself?

Dear Stomach (which is were our emotions often linger), how does my body feel,

after I made that statement?

Please feel free to share your answers in the comments section on this blog. You do not need to give your name when you share, as your energy field and your honesty is the gift that you give to your self, as well as to others.

To download the recording for Day 4, please click…


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Equipoise, share2, Arcturian Group, ▶ Anatomy, Of The Gluteus, Maximus, ▶ Yoga, Dancing, and Singing,

Origen: Equipoise: share2, Arcturian Group, ▶ Anatomy, Of The Gluteus, Maximus, ▶ Yoga, Dancing, and Singing,

Saturday, June 29, 2019

share2, Arcturian Group, ▶ Anatomy, Of The Gluteus, Maximus, ▶ Yoga, Dancing, and Singing,

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SEPTEMBER 10, 2017


 Dear ones, we come today to speak of love and the ramifications of its denial and suppression. Love is the cohesive energy of all things and is omnipresent, but until realized and acknowledged as such, can appear to be nonexistent. Never forget that you are creators.

The world holds a multitude of concepts regarding love, all reflective of varying belief systems. However, even the most dense and unawake state of consciousness cannot change the fact that love is and can only be all there is. Love is the energetic glue that binds all living things together within ONE whole.

This is the reason love is sought on all levels by all souls even in its most distorted forms and often through any means. Even the terrorist believes he is making the world a better place for those who agree with him. Everyone seeks the acceptance and love of oneness that lies innate within, but is only able to interpret this inner yearning according to their attained level of awareness.

Gaia is ascending along with all who are prepared for the shift into higher dimensional energy that has begun. Gaia is a living soul, consciousness, who has lovingly served all upon her with gifts of beauty, abundance, and love. Because much of mankind continues to consider Gaia to be simply dirt, with resources to be misused and abused for personal gain, she has chosen and is ready to make her own ascension.

Fires and floods are some of the ways Gaia has of clearing many layers of old dense energy reflective of spiritual ignorance. She has carried them for eons and is choosing to release them. She, as well as all upon her, cannot carry old and dense energy into that which is higher and lighter, thus the need for the releasing and clearing of cellular memory so many are experiencing at this time.

All mankind must realize that the planet was never created for people to selfishly use and abuse. The idea of “dominion over” was the result of many mistranslations of the word “shepherding” long ago. It is time for all to understand that everyone, all life forms as well as Gaia herself, are in and of the One Divine Consciousness while never excluding self from this totality through some false sense of unworthiness.

It is a time of change for everyone, for the awakened as well as the un-awakened. Long established manifestations of duality and separation are being exposed and dissolved by the ever increasing presence of high dimensional frequencies. Light will always serve to expose the shadow much as the shining of a flashlight into dark corners illuminates what was previously unseen.

Personal tragedy is often the only way some people will wake up and shift out of a comfortable but un-aware state of consciousness. You are witnessing this with the the fires and floods. Weather events need not always be so destructive, but because humans are ignorant of their creative abilities, they elaborate, discuss, and fill the atmosphere with fear and dire predictions whenever these occasions arise. Remember always–you are creators.

There will be no destructive weather conditions once universal consciousness is enlightened with the truth of oneness between each other and God for the energetic source and substance of these things (the belief in separation from peace, harmony, completeness etc. ) will no longer exist. The idea of destructive weather does not exist in Divine Consciousness.

All spiritually ready must let go of their outmoded but comfortable false belief system. Wake up calls can be very painful, but are often necessary in order to rouse a reluctant soul into the next phase of his spiritual journey. All on earth came to learn, spiritually grow, and assist in the world’s ascension not to simply rest back in the illusions of personal sense.

Some (not everyone) presently suffering from great loss lived from a sense of separation believing themselves to be better than, less than, more evolved, more worthy, etc. than everyone around them. To suddenly find themselves in the same situation as those they felt superior or inferior to, is providing profound attitude adjustments and spiritual growth for those who would not of otherwise been receptive to ideas of connection and oneness.

You are witnessing the dissolution of many forms of old energy and are beginning to understand and accept that only by allowing change can the world ascend into its higher reality. We speak of these things in order that you can more fully understand that everything taking place on earth right now is a part of this process.

Hold your Light and flow this Light to Gaia and all who live upon her, for Light is the frequency that dissolves the shadow. Be the Light.

What is this Light we speak of and how do we send it? Light is the manifestation of high frequency energy. Divine Consciousness, Source, is pure diamond Light unable to be viewed with human eyes. The closer a soul gets to vibrating as its Divine Self, the faster and higher (lighter) the vibration. As you become ever more enlightened, your whole energy field begins to vibrate with lighter and brighter colors.

As your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies begin to vibrate with increasingly higher frequencies, the slower, heavier, vibrations become easily recognizable in comparison which is why certain places, people, books, films, foods, etc. that you may have always enjoyed, suddenly no longer resonate in the same way.

To send Light means acknowledging the true nature of another no matter how deeply it may be hidden. To hold the Light means resting in the Light of your true self. When you do this or send Light to a person or place, visualize golden/white Light. Have no specific purpose other than to send and enfold another with high resonating Light because Light is conscious and knows what is needed far better than some human concept. Light is not sent to fix something but rather to illuminate and release the hidden perfection already present.

Be open and receptive. You may become aware of colors or a crystalline effect. Different energies appear with different colors. If more love is needed you may become aware of rose, pink colors. If healing of some sort is needed, you may become aware of aquamarine/greens. Allow the visualization to unfold without trying to “make something happen” and always with the intention to serve in the highest and best way for all involved.

Send Light to the so called “leaders” and authority figures of the world. Send it to all those who are suffering whether it be of their own making or from circumstances seemingly beyond their control. Visualize and send Light to Gaia and all her kingdoms, recognizing and acknowledging their Divinity.

Be the Light in every conversation and activity regardless of how seemingly mundane through the realization that all activity is spiritual activity, none more spiritual than another. Live, move, and have your being in and as who and what you really are. This is healing work and is how you bring more Light to a world hungry for it. .

Light work does not require you to engage in rigorous activities and thought taking other than pure intention and an active resting in a consciousness of truth. Rites and rituals were necessary at one time and still are for those new to energy and awakening, but you who are drawn to these messages have arrived. Rites and rituals only serve to keep one in a sense of separation.

There is no harm with the small rituals you love, like lighting candles, holding favorite crystals etc. but a false sense of separation is kept alive when individuals believe they need these things in order to be spiritual or to do their inner work and that it cannot be accomplished without them.

The head of an arrow often generates heat and burns. Regardless of appearances in your lives hold fast to that which you are, will be, and always have been– Divine Beings having human experiences. This is why you are on earth at this sacred and powerful time.

This is the work and you are ready for it whether you feel you are or not. You are the hope, the first wave of ascension preparing the way for those following.

With much love, respect, and appreciation for your willingness to experience and grow in order to assist others–

We are the Arcturian Group. 9/10/17

Donations are welcomed

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