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Thursday, August 29, 2019

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New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind

by Georgi Stankov Posted on July 20, 2019

The Species “Man” as an Energetic System – Chapter II

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July 20, 2019


Translated from the German book “Neue Gnosis: Evolutionssprung der Menschheit“, 2001 into English by the author

II. The Species “Man” as an Energetic System

1. Basic Biophysical Knowledge

That man is an open energetic system which interacts with the environment should be cogent to all and sundry: without food man cannot exist. 
The energetic conversion of the cellular body is referred to as Metabolism. 
Currently, it is only considered under a (bio)chemical point of view (biochemistry, genetics, pharmacology, pharmaceutics, etc.). 
Applied chemistry is, however, quantum mechanics, so that the correct approach must depart from physics. However, there is still no viable biophysics.

First the new theory of the Universal Law allows for the development of a proper biophysics. In Volume III on biological regulation I prove that:

The metabolic turnover of the body follows the Universal Law;
The cells and the cell bodies are electromagnetic systems, which build action potentials EA and transform them with a specific time (frequency) f according to the Universal Law as metabolism: E = EA f;
The chemical structures of the cells, such as the genetic code result from this energy transformation;
The primary energetic phenomena of the physical-material bio-regulation are standing quantum waves (solitons). From this it follows that the biological organism is an energetic wave system. Currently, we cannot penetrate deeper into the body.

2. The Central Dogma of Science

Man is not only a functioning cell body, but also a thinking species. At present it is assumed that human consciousness has originated in a secondary manner from the human cell body by self-organization. This assumption underpins the doctrine of evolution (hypothesis), according to which man evolved from unicellular organisms and with its consciousness represents the crowning of biological evolution.

The doctrine of evolution – I speak explicitly not of a theory because it is not a proven theory but an unfounded hypothesis – is a product of materialism and empiricism as the currently prevailing, erroneous Weltanschauung. In summary it says: the body, considered as matter, creates mind (consciousness) and the mind recognizes matter as a subject, i.e. the external objects and himself as a thinking entity (phenomenology of Being). In science, this perception takes the form of discoveries (empiricism as research).

Due to the prevailing role of science, the modern capitalist world (approx. 150 years) which we are currently experiencing in its last phase is materialistically and empirically tainted. The materialistic dogma, which is presented in its narrow version as Darwinian dogma of evolution, has pushed to the edge the idealistic notion that mind creates matter (materialism versus idealism).

For this reason, all religions and esoteric schools have abandoned science and feel themselves like an outsider, who must constantly justify and excuse himself for his views, or needs to keep his ideas secret. Here we encounter a phenomenon of collective fear structure, of which I shall often speak in this book.

The idea that the mind creates matter, is very old and underpins all religions and para-religious categorical systems such as all esoteric teachings. In philosophy, it was the prevailing view of the world until Kant. Idealism lost the battle against scientific materialism for one single reason: It was not able to give a clear definition of the mind (Spirit). Spirit was conceived as opposite to matter, although Spinoza and Leibniz challenged this view.

The preliminary “final” defeat of idealism occurred in modern times when it could not provide the empirical evidence for the primary existence of Spirit. In fact, it was precisely the development of empirical sciences, especially physics, which revealed that it is not possible to provide a proof for the primary existence of Spirit with conventional means. A dogma was only cemented, and all dissenters were socially marginalized and oppressed in their spiritual evolution. The psychological background of this phenomenon will be discussed in detail in this book.

We will now define for the first time in the history of science and Human Gnosis clearly and unambiguously what is mind (Spirit) and explain why mind cannot be assessed with the empirical means of scientific materialism.

In the broadest sense, mind/Spirit is organized energy – it is All-That-Is. In this sense mind is a subset of the cosmic Spirit (divine mind). Matter, perceived as 3D-space-time, is also a U-subset of Spirit and a relatively insignificant one. Since matter is created by Spirit, it contains it as an element. This applies to all material systems, including humans (pantheism). For the purpose of our discussion, we will summarize under the term “Spirit” all energetic levels that exist beyond the electromagnetic spectrum and cannot be detected with conventional physical devices.

In esotericism, one also speaks of the “light beyond the (electromagnetic) light”. I speak of the 7F-creationary levels because these levels are the causal realms in terms of 3D space-time, i.e. the 3D space-time is created in a secondary manner from Spirit of the 7F-creationary realms according to rigorous mathematical rules (see above). “F” stands for frequency = time. Each creationary level is characterized by a specific frequency range, similar to the electromagnetic spectrum. Obviously, there are seven such energetic ranges/bandwidths, which are also referred to in channeled messages as “rays” or “flames”.

Before I begin to present evidence that Spirit, as defined above, is the causal entity, I must explain why present-day science is not able to assess spirit as an energetic phenomenon with external physical instruments. It can only be perceived through human consciousness, which is a U-subset of Spirit. This finding does not exclude the possibility of developing new technologies, based on spiritual principles, with the help of which we will be able to make use of this causal mental energy (taken literally) in the 3D space-time.

3. Planck’s Constant

The whole matter (particles, materials) arises from the electromagnetic waves, which I describe as photon space-time, and vice versa. The 3D space-time can be seen as an energy exchange between matter and photon space-time. The entire structure of matter and photon space-time (considered as an electromagnetic spectrum) is determined by an elementary action potential EA – the Planck’s constant h. It is the smallest amount of energy (energy package, quant), which we are currently able to assess and discriminate with physical devices. It represents the fundamental limit of the physical sensitivity (differentiation, discrimination, detectability) with such devices.

This fact is known in physics – as Heisenberg uncertainty principle or Copenhagen interpretation of the refraction of the wave function – but has been grossly misinterpreted so far. For the first time in the history of science, I could prove that all the particles and thus all matter consists of h – they are multiples f of this elementary action potential h (see Volume I and Volume II and the Table below). Matter is thus temporarily bound light, or energy, according to the Universal Law:

Matter = temporarily bound Energy =

E = EA f = h f

For this reason I speak of h-space-time. It is important to emphasize at this place that matter, referred to as “substance”, is only temporarily bound electromagnetic light, it is bound photon space-time. Matter is constantly changing into light and vice versa, light – to matter, as the known laws of radiation, which are applications of the Universal Law, confirm: It is known that atoms emit and absorb photons from the electromagnetic spectrum. In this sense, the term “h-space-time” encompasses matter and photons space-time (the light).

In fact, the h-space-time is only one energetic level of All-This-Is, of Spirit. There are much more levels, each one with its own elementary action potential and specific frequency spectrum, which we currently cannot measure and therefore we cannot make any statements about their true magnitude. These levels do exist within the three-dimensional h-space-time (please recall the idea of U-sets), because, as previously said, space is a human hallucination, so that these higher frequency levels are energetically – we can also say “relativistically” – separated through their specific elementary action potentials. The separation is thus determined by a frequency leap, it is therefore a time difference. The existence of these energetic levels is currently being denied vehemently by the earthly, matter-oriented science. The reasons for this rejection are only psychological in nature and will be discussed in detail below.

It is important to note at this place that these energetic fields do not only have their own elementary action potential, but also have their own frequency ranges that have inconceivably higher frequencies and larger bandwidths than the maximum frequency of the electromagnetic waves (1022-24 in the Hawking radiation of black holes). These levels of Spirit are defined by their frequency ranges and their specific elementary action potential. For this reason, I speak of causal or leading 7F-creationary levels. The number “7” is irrelevant for our understanding: There is evidence, however, for the existence of seven primary levels with a specific action potential EA. In the new age literature one speaks of seven basic energies (rays or flames).

Frequency is time, and time is reciprocal to space. Figuratively speaking: higher frequencies can transverse space instantly. This explains why Spirit is simultaneous, i.e. why human ideas, which are energetic phenomena of the divine mind/Spirit can transverse space instantly. Since we live in 3D space-time, we perceive the energetic phenomena sequentially in a selective (limited) way, i.e. one after the other. That is why the idea of the simultaneity of the mind/Spirit is inconceivable to the human brain, which operates sequentially. This simultaneity is a precondition for the creation and coordination of the 3D space-time, including human activity on earth (see karma below).

4. Energetic Structure of Man

Based on this approach, we can now analyse the species “man” as an energetic system and consider its structure in detail. First of all, I should point out that each division of the system “man” that I will make in the following, will obey to the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law, that is to say, I will only build conceptual U-subsets that contain themselves as element – and the element is Spirit.

I will, for the first time in the history of human Gnosis and science, avoid the mistake of building closed, mutually exclusive conceptual subsets (N-sets). It is precisely this error that has prevented an understanding of what Spirit (and thus humans) really is. This type of consideration requires a very high degree of discipline in thinking.

I will therefore discuss a scientific-gnostic categorical system of the species “man”, in full awareness that it will not be the system itself, but only the method used that can claim a universal validity. The categorical system, which I have given the preference is historical in nature and rather familiar, and is thus adequate for our consideration. This system does not preclude the building of other systems according to the principles of the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law. It only serves as a model and an incentive for the reader to consider developing his own categorical systems that will better meet his individual needs.

Body Spirit/Mind Psyche Soul

Multi-cellular mind, intellect, feelings, emotions, (?)

system from an ratio, mental body emotional body

omnipotent cell; (ego as a negative (fear, love)

somatic perception expression)

(pain, well-being)


Awareness, human = Spirit/mind + psyche + body perception

Awareness, cosmic = Spirit/mind + psyche + body + shares of the soul perception

Spirit = All-that-is

Spirit = human mind as a U-subset of spirit

Ego = Mind without a soul, dominated mainly by negative emotions, negative connotation

Ego = I-AM-Presence, neutral connotation

The above list shows how difficult it is to capture the clear meaning (connotation) of every word in a clear-cut manner as their meanings overlap. For didactic purposes I am going to use for instance the term “Spirit” for All-That-Is, especially for the worlds of the soul, as well as for the human mind, when it considers the soul dimensions. The reason for this is that I want to clearly point out that the mind is not sitting in the brain, but is a non-physical organ that is composed of energies of the 7F-creationary levels, while the brain is simply a bio-electromagnetic transducer which converts the astral energetic pulses of Spirit, mind and soul in the human body and the other way around: Every energy exchange goes in both directions.

In our graphics I have provided the soul with a question mark because I want to point out that neither religion nor philosophy have so far managed to give a binding and valid definition of the soul. I will now propose for the first time a valid definition of the soul:

5. What is soul?

The soul is an energetic system of the 7F-creationary levels.

It contains portions of all levels. In this sense, the soul is a fragmentation (individuation, function) of All-That-Is, of Spirit. She is therefore an integral part of All-That-Is (U-subset). Within its function, the soul can be more or less separated from All-That-Is, whereby the separation should be always understood energetically and not spatially.

An almost complete separation of the soul is reached in the state of incarnation, where various graduations are possible (see below). The maximal separation, which a soul can experience, is during an incarnation on earth and, in particular, at the present time (the year of 2000).

It is important to point out that this separation is only an illusory separation, similar to a blocked program on the PC, which is still part of the entire software program. Each separation requires an enormous amount of energy. The natural state of all systems is their openness – open exchange of energy – as part of the Whole. This knowledge must be internalized properly by all my readers, otherwise they will not understand the present Gnosis and the dynamics of the End Time.

From this perspective, the currently ongoing Evolutionary Leap of mankind can be defined as a reversal of the separation, of the human blocking program.

The soul obviously contains a blueprint for the formation and regulation of the cellular body. This blueprint can be thought of as a kind of software program. The astral (ethereal) body would then be a part of this program.

It is quite possible that the blueprints for the human body and other species on this planet are stored separately as automated programs – many of the channeled messages point to this possibility – and can be accessed by the soul at any time, if needed. Such programs for new species are created continuously by the souls in the astral worlds and stored there as blueprints.

For example, when a biological species disappears from the earth, because it has completed its cycle, its original blueprint will continue to exist in the astral worlds and can always be re-materialized. In addition, there are the genetic characteristics of each individual (any incarnation), which the soul can gestalt on its own. In this way, the diversity of nature, e.g. the diversity of human individuality, is created simultaneously. The soul is a creative force to the highest possible degree.

This finding debunks the Darwinian doctrine of evolution as a blatantly wrong approach, and therefore all natural sciences based on it. The lowest protozoa or virus and the human body are created by the 7F-creationary levels simultaneously and are continuously kept alive. Therefore, evolution solely within organic matter cannot exist. This erroneous idea is merely a consequence of the prevailing materialistic view in science at present. The wrong idea of ​​evolution has produced a plethora of additional erroneous ideas in natural sciences, which significantly shape the collective human behavior.

In epidemiology, for example, the assumption is that the organisms harbor viruses and can transfer them to other organisms. This could lead to pandemics, causing the death of many people. To prevent the spread of infections, the current belief is that infected people should be isolated and infected animals slaughtered.

Hereby, the bio-sciences have failed to clearly show to date how such a pathogenic virus can occur in an organism in the first place, or to explain how such viruses appear simultaneously in many organisms in different parts of the world, without the occurrence of a direct transfer. Medicine can not explain why certain individuals become ill in an epidemic area and die, while others neither become ill nor die, after they have been infected. The grounds that such individuals have a more robust immune system can be applied equally well to the regulation program of the soul, with which she creates the cellular organism and keeps it alive.

In reality, such epidemics are a reflection of the spiritual condition of humanity. Just as the control program of the soul renews billions of cells in the human organism daily, it can also easily create new viruses in the human or animal body, which then, depending on the psychological needs, can lead to diseases. It is well known that all multi-cellular organisms, whether animal or human, host thousands of viruses and bacteria, without being ill.

Rather, the bio-sciences have produced abundant evidence that such “primitive organisms” are indispensable for the regulation of any multi-cellular organism and only under certain conditions, namely, when this is provided in the soul plan, act against this regulation by creating the energetic conditions of destructive interference in the body cells and thus cause a disease.

Deep-seated, collective fears in the human population, which otherwise have no way of being expressed, can be now discharged in the face of a real or perceived epidemic in a mass panic or hysteria and lead to countless meaningless and destructive activities. For this reason, it is conceivable that with the progress of the Evolutionary Leap of mankind, the number of such hysteria-laden epidemics will increase dramatically in the coming years (which actually happened as the dark ruling cabal wanted to create massive collective fears and prevent the ascension).

The AIDS epidemic of the 80s, which expands unabated and threatens to depopulate large tracts of land in Africa, meets such a task. On the one hand, it emphasizes the botched sexual and religious views of many people, who are imbued by the rigid notion of crime and atonement; on the other hand, the AIDS pandemic in Africa illustrates the disastrous living conditions of the people there, who are still under the effects of colonialism and suffer under the unfair distribution of the world resources.

6. Astral-energetic regulation of the biological body

And now back to the astral-energetic regulation of the biological body. The blueprint of the cellular body includes automated programs for the growth and aging of the body, such as puberty and menopause, its renewal in about every seven years (some cell aggregates are renewed much faster) and so on. If necessary, the soul can insert dysfunctions in the regulation of the blueprint which manifest as karmic experiences or ongoing disharmony between psyche, mind and soul and can appear as diseases in the body.

The blueprint consists of ultra-high frequency components of the 7F-creationary levels that manifest as sub-atomic electromagnetic units (SE-units). The SE-units exist outside the h-limit of 3D space-time, which they actually create as matter and therefore cannot be detected by physical devices. While these units significantly reduce their frequencies (one can also speak metaphorically of “speed”), they increase their amplitude (wave length) due to the reciprocity of space and time. In this way, the SE-units build the particles of matter and then the organic matter of the cellular body.

The following information is aimed primarily at experts in physics: The formation of elementary particles from the initial energy of the 7F-creationary levels basically occurs as follows. The speed of this energy that is unimaginably higher than the speed of light (vx>>c) is slowed down as SE-units deliberately to the point when they begin to form tiny eddies. While in the interior of such an eddy, the speed is still as high as initially, it decreases rapidly in the periphery, which now builds the outer boundary of the particle.

In this manner, the SE-units build camouflage structures that are currently perceived as the outer boundary of the known elementary particles and measured as physical quantities, as constants, e.g., as the famous Compton wavelength of the particles (see Table above). This 1d-space quantity corresponds approximately to the diameter of the particle. The larger the diameter of the particle, the smaller the peripheral velocity of the rotating energy of the particle. In this way, the illusion of space is created. This is the principal mechanism how the higher realms create 3D space-time as an illusory holographic picture.

Note that there are only two dimensions, space and time, so that in physics one can measure only time (frequency) and space, respectively the energy (space-time) of a particle. The elementary particles are fully characterized by these three parameters. This is the only job of theoretical quantum physics.

In quantum physics, the electrons are presented for example as an electron cloud, strictly speaking, as circular waves of the Planck’s constant h, which is the elementary wave of photon space-time (see atomic model of Bohr in Volume I and volume II). The outer boundary of such circular wave, which rotates inside with an incredible speed (vx>>> c), gives the particles the appearance of a solid structure, which humans perceive through their five senses as solid matter. In this way the idea of the three-dimensionality of matter comes into being.

As an example we can take a ventilator that rotates very fast: we can perceive it as a rotating disc, while we cannot perceive its internal structure, for example, we can no longer identify the individual propellers. The reason for this is the selective, deficient perception of human senses.

For example, the eye perceives only photons that are emitted from the outer boundary (surface) of such camouflage structures and not from the inside of the particle, since these photons have a much higher rotational frequency that lies beyond the narrow spectrum of visible light. In reality, we experience the objects as spatial structures because the retinal cones and rods of the human eye receive only photons from the electron shells of the surface atoms and transmit them further to the brain. If the human eye were able to receive X-rays, which are high-frequency photons, we could have also perceived the interior structure of the objects, as this is currently achieved with special X-ray devices such as CT (computer tomography) in medicine.

One can now imagine a consciousness that perceives all energetic phenomena simultaneously, that is to say, it is not restricted by a limiting frequency as is the case with human consciousness which depends to a large extent on the outer sensations. We will then be able to perceive different realities that exist seemingly invisible to current limited human consciousness.

Conversely, one can imagine that human consciousness evolves and begins to receive higher frequencies. The person will then be able to take advantage of new realities, which he has so far not known and has subsequently denied their existence. It is exactly this phenomenon that takes place during the Light Body Process.

As is evident from this, the creation and maintenance of space-time matter from the energy of the 7F-creationary realms proves to be a constant exchange of energy, which only follows the Universal Law. This also applies to the regulation of all biological organisms.

This process is so complex that human mind cannot perceive it. Our mind is still barely able to grasp the regulation of a single cell. This fact alone should be enough to discard the idea of the radiant consciousness of man, who has crawled out of a paramecium, the regulation of which he still does not understand, as ridiculous and preposterous.

Although I have penetrated, guided by my soul, deeper into the regulation mechanisms of the cell than any mortal before me, as presented in Volume III of the General Theory of biological regulation, I had to capitulate in front of this frustrating complexity. The current presumption of human genetics should be interpreted in this sense.

I will only point out to the results of the human genome project, which were published in the spring of 2001. It was found that the number of human genes is not much larger than the number of genes in a primitive plant.

If one departs from today’s materialistic view of genetics, one should expect that the genes of the DNA-code store all the information on the construction and regulation of the human body. In this case it is however hard to explain how the few additional genes in humans have brought forth the evolution of its “superior” consciousness that has not succeeded to date even to identify a single gene which is responsible for the emergence of human consciousness.

This obvious fact alone should be sufficient to discard the doctrine of evolution with the help of genetics, without considering further Gnostic insights. It is significant how quickly the results of the human genome project were shelved without the slightest discussion after billions of tax dollars were spent and the public was fed for some time with auspicious promises of this breakthrough instead of thinking further and postulating new scientific explanations.

In fact, I was able to demonstrate concretely that the DNA-code is only the hardware of biological regulation. The actual regulation, which is much more complex than we currently suspect, runs at the quantum level in the form of standing waves (solitons in the DNA-strands and in the protein structures), which in turn are produced from the blueprint of the 7F-creationary levels and regulated by the software program of the soul for the cell. This analysis of the biological regulation of the human body is sufficient to reject the materialistic doctrine of evolution and to initiate a paradigm shift.

The standing quantum waves, called solitons, are formed by repetitive DNA and amino acid sequences, which I discovered for the first time in the history of science and described in a precise and unambiguous manner. Their validity has been proven by the latest experimental data in bio-science as confirmed by myself without any exception, based on the results of 10,000 scientific peer articles, published since 1975 in international journals. These quantum solitons form a super level to the already known biochemical DNA-code of the double helix and allow an unimaginable number of high-energy combinations that go far beyond the known number of human genes.

At this level the actual regulation of the biological organism takes place, which is controlled by the astral program of the soul. One can say with complete justification, that this level represents the electromagnetic software program of the cell and the organism, whereas the known DNA-code provides the hardware of the rigid cell.

Nevertheless, the biochemical building blocks of these solitons are very limited: there are only a few of them, which I have described in detail. They allow an unimaginably precise prognostic information about upcoming diseases (quantum pathology). This quantum level has not been so far appreciated by the biological sciences, although some statements and results are already available in this regard, because scientists have not managed to integrate the operation of this quantum supra-molecular level into the existing biochemical and genetic knowledge.

This feat was accomplished for the first time by myself in Volume III on the biological regulation. I supplied the “missing link” between the DNA-code, that is to say, between the genes and their products – the proteins – that build the cell structure. This new knowledge allows for the first time to explain the regulation of the cell and the organism in a dynamic and energetic way (kinematics) and makes it possible for all hitherto known biochemical facts to be included without contradiction in the new theory.

This performance goes beyond the wildest expectations of present-day bio-sciences. In fact, such expectations are not even entertained as scientists have currently given up hope of developing a coherent theory of biological regulation in the foreseeable future.

The idea that the structure and regulation of biological organisms is an incredibly complex technology of the astral realms and not a random product of evolution is not even considered. Hence the impending shock of the scientists I expect, when they will be compelled to witness concretely the first ascension of a human being. I am particularly fond of the idea about this upcoming psychological event.

From this point of consideration, I have dispelled a very old, fundamentally wrong esoteric, philosophical and religious view. The soul is not part of the body that comes and goes, as was previously believed, but it creates the body and contains it as an element:

The body is a U-subset of the soul.

It is merely an instrument of the soul to gain valuable experience in a state of separation. She can discard this physical vessel at any time and the body obviously decays. This is currently the standard procedure to terminate an incarnation. Man may call it “death”; many, especially young souls believe that after death there is nothing left.

Others, mostly adult and old souls believe in turn in the immortality of the soul but not in its energetic potential. For just as the soul can form and discard the body, she can also take it with her in the higher realms. In fact, the soul takes the blueprint of the astral body, also called light body or astral body, after death in the 7F-creationary realms and may reproduce it at any time at her discretion.

In this sense, the body is only an energetic symbol of the soul – a symbol of her incarnation experience. The soul, however, requires no body in order to exist: she is pure highly organized energy.

7. Energetic basis of the Light Body Process

Based on this knowledge, it seems logical and almost self-evident to assume that the soul has the “technological means” to transform the material body into the energies of the 7F-creationary levels. In this case a phase transition takes place as we know it from physics. This process is known in esotericism as “Light Body Process” (LBP).

During this process there is a gradual increase in the lower frequencies of organic matter of the human body to the frequencies of the 7F-creationary levels, so that such a phase transition is made ​​possible, just as the water needs to be heated before it is converted into steam. Throughout the LBP the body remains unchanged externally but exudes a much more intensive energy (light, aura, emanation, vibrations).

Although we still know very little at present about the energetic details of this process, we are nonetheless in a position to deliver a well-founded quantum physical description of the Light Body Process based on the Universal Law.

As mentioned before, the body is a quantum-mechanical wave system. Compared to the psyche and Spirit (mind), the body has the lowest frequencies (see below). The light body process represents an increase in body frequencies to the lowest level of the 7F-creationary levels. Ultimately, the body frequencies are raised to the frequencies of the crystalline light body that exists in the 5th dimension.

In a phase transition, the material body is now converted into a body of light, that is to say, into the astral body that every human already possesses. In this process, the body frequencies are increased by many power digits in the exponent (How much exactly, we do not know yet.). This process proceeds in waves and is controlled by the soul. Depending on the age and the individual soul, it can take several years or several incarnations.

At the quantum level, the light body process is accomplished basically as follows: The angular frequencies of the elementary particles, i.e., the aforementioned Compton frequencies are gradually raised to the frequencies of the astral body, without changing the spatial configuration of the particles, their camouflage structure.

For this reason, the Light Body Process occurs without any external change of the body, until the phase transition to the higher astral planes, the visible ascension of the incarnated personality, occurs in a flash.

How this frequency increase is technologically accomplished, remains a mystery currently, considering the fact that time (frequency) and space behave reciprocally. At least this is true for the 3D space-time we know as the Universal Law demonstrates. One would expect that space would shrink with the increase of the angular frequencies of the elementary particles in the biological body. Such a decrease in space would inevitably be noticed at the macroscopic level. Since this is not the case, one must assume that the material, visible space remains constant despite the increase in frequency of the particles.

Since the mass of the body during the Light Body Process also does not change, one must assume that the fourth known fundamental force, gravitation, remains unaffected by this change during the process. At the phase transition, gravitation is completely abolished and the light body can now move freely through space and time.

The increase in frequency on the quantum level is however not an isolated process. Rather, it is accompanied by a complete conversion of the cellular metabolism. Some aspects of this transformation are dealt in the book “What is Lightbody” by Tashira Tachi-ren. This presentation is in agreement with the new theory of the Universal Law. This metabolic transformation during the LBP cannot be discussed here.

Another change that takes place in the electromagnetic field is the following: Any person who is in the Light Body Process emits high frequency electromagnetic waves. At the beginning, these waves interact with the heat radiation emitted by the light bulbs and burn them much faster. In this phase, one has to change the bulbs frequently.

For example, I had to replace in a period of about six months more light bulbs than in the past ten years previously. In ignorance of this fact, I even filed a complaint for lack of quality to the manufacturer. Such interference can also occur with any other electrical devices – short-circuits are then the agenda of the day. In the later stages of the process, the frequency of the emitted photons increases considerably, so that no further interference with electric appliances and light bulbs is observed.

In addition, the body radiates very intensive astral light, which is perceived by other people mentally and emotionally as a subliminal feeling, but can not be consciously interpreted by them. This astral aura is beyond the h-limit of detectability and can not be measured with conventional instruments. Its intensity increases exponentially in the last stages of the Light Body Process.

In particular, incarnated young souls who have lower frequencies and have built up many fear-based patterns and blockages in the emotional and mental body, perceive the aura of people, who are in the advanced stage of the LBP, as extremely unpleasant and irritating because their inner disharmony and phobias in the presence of such people are reinforced and break out.

These phenomena cannot be directly measured by scientists and are therefore denied. Indirect evidence, e.g.. of high cure rates by bio-therapy (laying on of hands) can be very well rendered, given the good will. However, most scientists are still afraid to enter such areas of research.

The light body process is very complex, insofar as it incorporates the intricate interplay between mind, psyche and soul. In order to properly understand this process, we have to deal with these aspects of the energetic system “human being” specifically. This is the topic of the next chapt

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TiAmAt, V 140, 2015, ANSWERS, OF AN ALIEN , Respuestas, Andrómeda,

Origen: TiAmAt: V 140, 2015, ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN , Respuestas, Andrómeda,

Friday, July 12, 2019

V 140, 2015, ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN , Respuestas, Andrómeda,

* * *
Vídeo 140

Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda – vídeo 140, 13 de marzo del 2015.

En esta reunión Mythi contestará las preguntas de los miembros de nuestra charla.

Mythi, ¿cual es el porcentaje del universo que está afiliado con todas las comunidades galácticas?

-Muy bien, os daré una información aproximada de lo que se conoce. Ya había dado cierta información antes pero a veces hablo muy directamente y me olvido de explicar con más detalle algo que había mencionado con anterioridad. 

Vosotros llamáis a esta región, que se conoce parcialmente, “Súper Grupo Laniakea.” 
Este Súper Grupo incluye 112.849 galaxias, las nuestras también por supuesto; os podéis imaginarlo? Solo el 8% de estas galaxias pertenecen a la red de la Comunidad Galáctica que hoy en día tiene 1.593.026 planetas afiliados. 
Cuando dije que el 80% de nuestro “universo conocido” todavía no se ha explorado, eso era exactamente a lo que me refería, “conocemos” el 20% del Súper Grupo Laniakea, el resto permanece sin explorar. 
Daros cuenta que solo esta región incluye un área que mide 542 miles de millones de vuestros “años luz”, un área increíblemente grande para los estándares actuales. 
Estimamos que en los próximos 20.000 años podremos catalogar y explorar el 40% de la región. Como podéis ver, incluso el colectivo de todas las 1.327.528 Comunidades Galácticas, es una cantidad muy pequeña, e insignificante, comparada con todo el universo. Espero haber aclarado este asunto al mostraros que todos nosotros, somos todavía muy pequeños.

Todor pregunta, Mythi, ¿te has estado comunicando con CB (el capitán Bill) durante más de cinco años. Has contestado cientos de preguntas, pero, hay alguna pregunta que siempre habías esperado que se te preguntara, pero, nunca se preguntó? 
Y si es así, ¿cual es la pregunta?

-Todor, si yo dijera lo que se tenía que preguntar, yo os estaría persuadiendo… una persona hace una pregunta, cuando esta lista para oír la respuesta. 
Hay muchas preguntas, que se harán, pero, tienen que ser vuestras, sino, no serían tan validas, como yo esperaría que fueran. Seguiré esperando pacientemente, a que me preguntéis más, y más, preguntas pertinentes. Espero haber contestado tu interesante pregunta.

Degas pregunta, Mythi, ¿cual es el estado actual de los contra pesos en nuestro sistema solar, y, específicamente, en la Tierra? 
¿Nos darás, si lo supieras y te lo permitieran, un cálculo aproximado de cuanto tiempo tardarán los polos en cambiar completamente?

-Mira Degas, los cálculos orbitales de los contra pesos los llevan a cabo de manera interna, los Krulians, y los científicos de la Comunidad Galáctica, están llevándose poco a poco el contra peso que mantiene el eje de la Tierra, y, es posible, que notéis los cambios climáticos, y del comportamiento en varias regiones en las que se están produciendo consecuencias indeseables, para las poblaciones. 
Pienso que se están haciendo las cosas despacio, para que haya suficiente tiempo para recuperarse, o abandonar, estas regiones, lo cual mejorará la supervivencia de los grupos más afectados. 
Si los acontecimientos ocurrieran deprisa, mucha gente en esas regiones no se podría salvar porque en unas horas se volverán inhabitables. 
Al mover el contra peso hacia el sur, el equilibrio axial del planeta se incrementará proporcionalmente y el planeta cambiará a la posición nueva, lo cual probablemente ocurrirá este año.

Kelly pregunta, ¿que es la “arquitectura” mencionada por CB que todavía causa “efectos” después de que se haya sacado un “demonio” (un espíritu que tiene una vibración baja) de la persona? 
¿Cuanto tiempo continuará y hay alguna manera en la que se puede parar a la arquitectura? ¿Además, como se puede poner un campo de “chi” alrededor de la persona afectada?
-Kelly, los demonios no existen, hay rosas negras que han renunciado a perfeccionarse, porque saben que tardarían mucho tiempo, por lo que prefieren acostumbrarse a la oscuridad en vez de buscar la luz. 
Si eres débil, y un aura oscura te influencia, una persona que tenga más luz puede prestarte energía para que tu aura sea más brillante, con lo que desalentará al aura negra, que buscará a otra persona, que pueda ser la víctima de su vampirismo. 
No existen las “arquitecturas”, hay zonas, más o menos sensibles, como las cicatrices previas, pero, desaparecen rápidamente, cuando la luz se deshace del aura negra. 
Cuando mencionas el “campo chi”, tienes que darte cuenta que, lo que una persona más iluminada hace, es simplemente “encender” tu vela… tu crearás tu campo protector, o “chi”,con la luz que empezará en tu vela encendida. 
La mejor manera de mantenerse aislado de las fuentes de energía perniciosa, sin tener que depender de nadie, es incrementando tu propia luz.

Tania pregunta, leyendo tus mensajes, me imagino lo inimaginable. 
¿Cuantos recursos naturales, y astronaves, y, cuantas razas están ayudando a esta colonia? 
¿Te das cuenta de que la mayoría de los terrícolas no saben ni que vosotros existís, ni que nos estáis ayudando? 
Lo único que la gente acepta aquí son las “fuerzas de la naturaleza.” 
¿Me pregunto, si tu, u otros en tu tripulación, os habéis desesperado, o tenido dudas de nosotros? 
¿Piensas alguna vez que somos desagradecidos, y que no merecemos vuestros esfuerzos?

-Tania, cuando antes de ir a trabajar, llevas a tu pequeño e indefenso hijo a la guardería, sabes que le cuidarán gente con experiencia. Cuando crezca, harás lo que se necesario para que reciba la atención necesaria, para que se desarrolle de manera satisfactoria. 
Muchos niños, no entienden que los padres, sólo quieren lo mejor para ellos, y se rebelan, no dándose cuenta, de cuanto tiempo les costó a sus padres cuidarlos. 
La diferencia, es que nosotros, no queremos que nos reconozcan; hacemos lo que nos proponemos, para que todos crezcan, y, nos rodee vida inteligente. 
Todas las razas afiliadas, de todas las comunidades galácticas, incrementan los equipos supervisores de las colonias nuevas, como una gran “Cruz Roja” que trabaja en niveles variados, del nivel 1, hasta los grupos de nivel alto como los Krulians. 
Muchas veces alternan al mismo tiempo, misiones en dos o tres colonias, dependiendo de cual sean los acontecimientos planeados, para cada una, en ciertas ocasiones los grupos se concentran más en una que en las otras. Actualmente hay una media de 320 astronaves, todos los días en vuestro sistema solar, sin incluir las astronaves comerciales y las sondas.

Pryce pregunta, Mythi, nos has hablado de delfines sensibles, reptiles, e insectoides. ¿Existen razas de gatos, cerdos, pájaros, u otro tipo de raza avanzada que no sean humanos como nosotros definimos a esta palabra?

-Pryce, ya contesté esta pregunta antes, pero por si no está claro, se que se hicieron muchos experimentos en los tiempos muy antiguos. Siempre se han usado reptiles, insectos y mamíferos de distintas especies, concentrándose en sus cualidades físicas, y las posibilidades de manipular la mente, con la ciencia y la tecnología. 
Muchos salieron bien, mientras que otros no fueron adecuados, porque no se desarrollaron, o lo hicieron lentamente. 
En el caso de los mamíferos, incluyendo monos, gatos, cerdos, y mamíferos marítimos, hemos catalogado más de 250 tipos en desarrollo. 
En el caso de los reptiles, hay 20 tipos importantes, que incluyen especies terrestres y anfibias. 
En el caso de los insectoides, muchas especies se crearon para trabajar, pero, después de que la tecnología reemplazara a los insectoides, estas razas han evolucionado despacio, hasta hoy en día, y, no se relacionan bien con otras razas. A los pájaros no se les ha usado, porque sus cerebros son inadecuados, y, tienen limitaciones físicas.

Julian pregunta, me gustaría preguntarle a Mythi acerca de la Escala Musical, alguna gente, dice que han alterado la escala de hercios que se usa actualmente, para que cree discordia en los que la escuchen. ¿Podría CB preguntarlo? Si fuera así, ¿cual es la Escala Musical correcta?

-Julian, la escala musical, es como un alfabeto; las notas que usáis son incrementos lineales, en todas las escalas. 
En el caso del sonido, vuestros instrumentos también han empezado a electrónicamente generar escalas logarítmicas, no lineales, que son similares a los sonidos que muchas razas usaban para tocar música de varios matices y usos. 
Las frecuencias que se usan en estas escalas, varían, dependiendo de la raza, de la propagación en el ambiente, la capacidad auditiva, etc…. Puedo decir, por mi experiencia personal, que si oyerais una canción de los Arcturians, no os gustaría el sonido chirriado/piado que a ellos les gusta mucho. Cuando se trata de música, no existe lo “perfecto”, todo depende de como se hayan adaptado.

Miles pregunta, ¿me gustaría preguntarle a Mythi si hay algún lugar en la Tierra, en el que él haya aterrizado, que le recuerde a su planeta y que es lo que le gustó más de ese lugar?

-Miles, aquí existen muchos lugares preciosos, muchos descampados entre los ríos y lagos y vuestros bosques, sin que vuestra civilización los haya cambiado en lo más mínimo, que me recuerdan a lugares en mi planeta. 
Las islas en vuestros océanos y las costas continentales inhabitadas también son exuberantes y preciosas. 
Es muy difícil elegir un sitio solo con tantos lugares bonitos que existen en este planeta. 
Los desiertos, los bosques, y las áreas oceánicas todas tienen características bonitas dependiendo de como las miréis.

Kelly y Ro preguntan, Mythi, ¿tiene CB ADN de una raza extraterrestre especifica? ¿Tenéis vosotros alguna consanguinidad? 
“Sitka”, un planeta en vuestro sistema solar también es el nombre de una ciudad en Alaska. 
¿Es una coincidencia? 
¿A que personas o región en la Tierra los considerarías tus descendientes o que se relacionen con tu lugar de origen?

-Kelly y Ro, acerca de CB puedo decir que su ADN proviene de una raza muy fea de las Pléyades. Nuestras razas no tienen ninguna relación directa. Hace más de 200 años nuestros grupos contactaron grupos de rusos en una región aislada por el frió; es posible que mencionaran nombres y por eso hayan usado ese nombre para un pueblo nuevo. Acerca de los descendientes, no tenemos ningún descendiente en este sistema, pero en el futuro será una posibilidad.

Degas pregunta, Mythi, ¿tiene la Comunidad Galáctica la responsabilidad de conocer las circunstancias de la muerte de todas las personas en esta sociedad? Si la respuesta es afirmativa, ¿se podrá tener acceso a esta información en los archivos una vez que a nuestra sociedad se le de acceso?

-Degas, no, nosotros no tenemos esa información. Los únicos que observan los ciclos de la vida en todos los planetas son los Seres Azules que son los responsables del planeta. 
Pero hay muchos datos de acontecimientos regionales que afectaron a personas o a grupos que estarán incluidos en los archivos o registros de la Comunidad Galáctica regional; es posible que se pueda indagar la mucha información que contengan.

Urosh pregunta, en la misión Apollo 20 un supuesto participante fue el cosmonauta ruso Alexei Leonov, quien todavía esta vivo y muy sano. En el testimonio que dieron de un vuelo ellos mencionaron un tipo de saco
protector de dormir que usaron para atravesar el cinturón de Van Allen, una medida que adoptaron porque en las misiones previas la radiación fue devastante. 
¿Podrías decirnos, querido amigo, si Leonov y los otros astronautas de verdad volaron o, como ha pasado antes, fueron sólo los actores visibles de la misión (la cual la NASA todavía no ha admitido)? ¿O es posible que los reptiles les proporcionaran una mejor protección para este vuelo?

-Urosh, la tripulación de la misión que vosotros mis amigos llamáis “Apollo 20” fue la ultima, fue en la que tomaron posesión de material biológico y aparatos tecnológicos en la Luna. 
Esta fue la tripulación que fue y regresó a la Tierra. Al cabo de cierto tiempo, la mujer se deterioró. Usaron receptáculos laminados con dos metales, la capa interior de plomo, y la exterior, de oro. 
Un cable conectaba a tierra (al fuselaje exterior de la astronave) la hoja o capa de oro para que la radiación se propagara en la parte exterior del receptáculo que les protegía al ellos estar en su interior. 
De todas maneras, ellos tomaron bicarbonato sódico durante el resto de sus vidas, para reducir los efectos de la radiación, y, para prevenir el cáncer. 
Cuando yo recomendé que vuestros amigos tomaran bicarbonato sódico, no era sólo para que os protegierais contra el cáncer, una vez que hayáis leído los comentarios que CB ha escrito a continuación, entenderéis mejor los beneficios de mi consejo. 
CB finalizará esta respuesta con algunos beneficios del bicarbonato sódico, que, creo que ya conocéis, el cual lo usaron los astronautas hace mucho tiempo, y, todavía lo usan los militares.

…Bien, yo soy CB, con mis observaciones: el bicarbonato sódico es tan poderoso eliminando la contaminación radioactiva, que, en el Los Alamos National Laboratory, en New Mexico, el investigador Don York ha usado bicarbonato sódico, para limpiar la tierra que estaba contaminada con uranio. 
El bicarbonato sódico se combina con el uranio, extrayéndole de la tierra; hasta ahora York ha extraído hasta el 92% del uranio de las muestras de tierra contaminada. 
¿Todavía no estás convencido?
¿Te ayudaría si supieras que el ejército de los Estados Unidos recomienda que se use bicarbonato sódico para proteger a los riñones del daño producido por la radiación? 
Si tuvieras un cáncer de boca o garganta, y, te trataran con radioterapia, haciendo gargajos con bicarbonato sódico, mezclado con agua, ayudará a eliminar la radiación. 
Si nubes radioactivas te hubieran contaminado, mezcla en un cubo con agua media taza de sal del mar, con media taza de bicarbonato sódico, y lávate con esa mezcla. 
Esto extraerá de la piel los materiales radioactivos. 
Además, el bicarbonato sódico alcaliniza el pH sanguíneo, lo cual previene que los microorganismos, y las nanoparticulas proliferen porque necesitan acidez para multiplicarse, o para funcionar eléctricamente. 
Basta tomar una cucharadita disuelta en un vaso de agua al día. 

-Amigos, ahora más que nunca deberíais prestar atención a lo que hacen vuestros gobiernos para paralizar la economía con la intención de crear caos social y deberíais prestar atención a los cambios climáticos de vuestro planeta. 
Mucho se está haciendo para contrarrestar las medidas que tomen vuestras élites, grupos competentes de pleyadanos han infiltrado varias áreas para tratar de minimizar sus acciones e influenciar a la gente. Mucho se está haciendo entre bastidores sin que vosotros lo sepáis. Permaneced bien y con la luz todos vosotros.

Vídeo 141

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* * *

Video 140 Answers of an Alien from Andromeda – video hundred forty – March 13, 2016. At this meeting will be answered by Mythi the questions chosen by the members of our chat. Mythi, what really is the percentage of the universe covered currently by the galactic communities together? – OK, I’ll give you friends a very rough idea of the extent of what is known. I had already given some data previously but sometimes I speak very directly and forget to explain in more detail some previous statements. You call this partially known region named “Laniakea Supercluster.” This Supercluster includes 112,849 galaxies, including our two naturally; can you imagine that? Of all these galaxies only 8 percent are part of the network covered by the Community Galactica with 1,593,026,498 planets affiliate today. When I said that four-fifths of our “known universe” is still unexplored, I meant exactly that, “we know” a fifth of this Laniakea Supercluster, the rest is still unexplored. Understand that only this region covers an area of 542 billion of your measured in “light years”, an incredibly large area up to today’s standards. We estimate be able to catalog and explore the brand two-fifths of the region in the next 20,000 years. As you can see, even the union of all 1,327,528 Galactic Communities represents something very small and insignificant compared to the universe as a whole. I hope to have better clarified this point for you showing how all of us are still very small. Todor asks, Mythi, you have been communicating with CB for over 5 years now. You answered us hundreds of questions, but is there a question, that you have always hoped we would asked you and we have never asked you? If there is such, what is it? – Todor, if I said what should have been asked I would be inducing … one person asks when is ready to hear the answers. Many questions will come, but it has to come from you if not would not have the validity that I hope they have. I will continue patiently waiting for more and more pertinent questions. I hope I answered your interesting question. Degas asks, Mythi, how are the counterweights progressing in our solar system and specifically with Earth / Tiamat? Will you, if you know and are allowed, give us a rough estimation on how long it will take for the pole shift to fully occur? – See Degas, orbital calculations of counterweights is an internal matter of Krulians and scientists from the CG. The counterweight that keeps your axis is systematically being removed and you may notice the climate and behavioral changes in various regions causing undesirable consequences for the population. I believe the slowness of the process is to give the necessary recovery time or abandonment of these areas, giving greater chance of survival for those groups most affected. If the facts happen quickly there would be no salvation for many people in the regions that would become uninhabitable from one hour to another. With the removal of the counterweight to the south, the axial balance of the planet will increase in due proportion to the point that the planet definitely straying to the new position which may occur during this year probably.

Kelly asks. What is the ‘Architecture’ that CB mentioned that still causing ‘effects’ after a ‘demon’ (low vibrational soul) was removed from a person. How long will it carry on & is there anything to stop the Architecture’? Also how did you place a ‘chi’ field around person involved? – Kelly, there are no demons, there are black roses, people like you, only that they have given up the possibility of rising knowing that the path would be too long, so prefer to get used to the shadows rather than seeking the light. If you are weak and being influenced by any aura of shadows, a person with more light can simply lend energy to your aura making it brighter, and this will discourage the black aura that will look for another person in a position to be the victim of his vampirism. There are no “architectures”, there are more or less sensitive spots like scars caused, but they disappear quickly so the black aura is removed by light. When you mention “Shi field” understand that what a more enlightened person does is simply “light” your candle … you even create your protective field or “Shi” with the light that will be starting from the candle be lit. The best way to remain isolated from bad energy sources without relying on others is increasing your own light. Tania asks, Dear Mythi, reading your messages, I’m trying to imagine the unimaginable. How much resources are spent, how many ships engaged and how many races involved in helping our colony? Do you realize that not many Earthlings are even aware of your existence or that you are helping? All is taken for granted here by our people “forces of nature”. I wonder if you or some people from other crews ever have despair, doubts about us? Do you ever think that we are ungrateful and not worthy of your efforts? – Tania, when you take your small and helpless child to a nursery school to go to work, you know that there will be experienced people to monitor his activity. As they grow older you will do whatever it takes so that they have the necessary attention to develop satisfactorily. Many children do not understand that all parents want is their good and become rebellious and most do not realize how much time was devoted to them by their parents. The difference is that we do not expect recognition; we do what we propose to do for the growth of all and the consequent rise of intelligent life around us. All affiliates races of all galactic communities thicken the new colonies supervision teams, like a big “Red Cross” that has several levels of action from team’s level 1 to the high-level teams like the Krulians. Many times, around 140 them, turns his missions between two or three colonies at the same time, bearing depending on the events planned for each, the teams focus more on one or the other at certain times. Currently 320 ships are on average every day in your solar system excluding commercial ships and probes. Pryce asks, Mythi, you have told us about sentient dolphins, Reptilians, and Insectoids. Are there races of cats, pigs, birds, or other advanced races that are not human as we think of the term? – Pryce, I have already answered this question before, but in case it was not clear, yes, there are many experiences in ancient times, reptiles, insects and mammals of different species have always been used focusing on their physical qualities and mental manipulation possibilities of science and technology. Many worked and others have proved inadequate generating breeds with slow or no development. We have cataloged over 250 developing sources in case of mammals including apes, cats, swine, marine mammals. In the case of reptiles there are 20 major sources including terrestrial and amphibian species. In the case of insectoid, many species have been developed to work and after replacing the work insectoid by technology these races continue their slow development to date, and are difficult relationship with the other races. Birds were not used by the brain inadequacy and their physical limitations. Julian asks, I would like to ask Mythi about the Music Scale, some People said the current scale hertz was tampered to create disharmony to the listener. Can CB ask about this? Also if it is, which is the correct Musical Scale?

– Julian musical scale is like an alphabet; in the case of notes used by you are linear increases in any scale. In the case of sound, your devices also started to generate electronically non-linear, logarithmic scales, which can be assimilated with the sound that many breeds used to produce music of various kinds of nuances and uses. The frequencies used in these scales vary from race to race, depends on the propagation environment, hearing ability, etc… I can tell you from experience that if you hear a song of Arcturians would not like the chirping sound which for them is very beautiful. In terms of music there is no “perfect”, it is always a matter of adaptation. Miled asks, I would like to ask Mythi if there is any place on earth that he has landed that reminded him of home and what was it about the place that he liked the most? – Miled, there are many beautiful places here, many clearings between rivers and lakes in your forests, mostly untouched by your civilization that remind me of places in my planets. Islands of your oceans and uninhabited continental coasts also keep lush and beautiful nature. Very difficult to pinpoint only one site among many beautiful places that exist on this planet. From deserts to forests and oceanic areas, all of them have beautiful aspects depending on how you look at them. Kelly and Ro ask, Mythi, does CB have DNA from a specific alien race? Are you related in any way? “Sitka,” a planet in your solar system, is also the name of a town in Alaska. Is this coincidence? What people or region on Earth today would you considers descendants, or related, to your place of origin? – Kelly and Ro on CB what I can say he has a DNA derived from a very ugly race of the Pleiades. We have no relation between our races. There are over two hundred years our teams have been in contact with Russian groups in the region that were isolated by cold, names may be have been mentioned and this may have suggestible someone to give that name to a new village. About descendants, no, we do not have descendants in this system, but in the future there may be possibilities. Degas asks, Mythi, does the elements of the Galactic Community responsible for monitoring this society record specific circumstance regarding the death of each and every person? If the answer is yes, will this information be available in archives when our society is allowed access? – Degas, no, we do not monitor that level. The only ones who monitor the life cycle of each of the planets are the Blue Beings responsible for that planet. But there are many facts about regional events involving persons or groups of persons who may be in the regional CG proceedings; it may be that a lot can be searched there. Urosh ask – In a mission Apollo 20, the supposed participant was a Russian cosmonaut Alexei Leonov, which is still alive and quite well. In a testimony of the flight they mentioned a kind of protective sleeping bag which they used to pass Van Allen belt, as a consequence of devastating radiations received during previous missions. Can you tell us, dear friend, was he and other too participants really present in this flight, or were they, as before, just a visible part of that mission (even the mission is still today not recognized by NASA). Or were they maybe in cooperation with reptilians getting some better protection in this flight? – Urosh, the crew of the mission called by you friends “Apollo 20” was the last, it was when they took possession of biological material and technological equipment on the moon. This crew was the one who went and returned to Earth. After a while only the woman did not resist. They used experimentally receptacles laminated bi-metallic, the inner side lead foil and the external gold leaf. The gold leaf was grounded outside the ship’s fuselage by a connection cable to allow the radiation only circulate the outside of the receptacle holding them protected inside. Nevertheless, they took baking soda for the remainder of life to reduce radiation effects and prevent cancer. When I recommended that you friends take baking soda was not only the case of cancer, reading CB’s note below you friends will understand the extent of my advice. CB will finalize this answer with some characteristics that I believe you already know about baking soda, used by astronauts long ago and the military until nowadays.

OK, here is CB with my observation: – Baking soda is so powerful in curing radiation contamination that at Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico, researcher Don York has used baking soda to clean soil contaminated with uranium. Sodium bicarbonate binds with uranium, separating it from the dirt; so far, York has removed as much as 92 percent of the uranium from contaminated soil samples. Still not convinced? Would it help to know that the United States Army recommends the use of baking soda to protect the kidneys from radiation damage. If you were diagnosed with mouth or throat cancer and you were subjected to deadly radiation treatments gargling with baking soda mixed in water will help neutralize the radiation. If you suffer exposures to radioactive clouds put half cup of marine salt plus half cup baking soda in a bucket of water and wash the body with the mixture. This will extract radioactive elements of the skin. In addition, baking soda makes the blood alkaline PH, preventing the proliferation of microorganisms and nanocomposites which require acidity to breed or to operate electrically. One teaspoon dissolved in a glass of water a day is enough. Cheers! – Friends, now more than ever to keep your close attention on acts of your governments to stagnate the economy for the creation of social chaos and attention to the climate change on your planet. A lot is being done to counteract measures of your elites, competent Pleiadeans teams are infiltrated in various areas to try to minimize acts and influence people. Much is being done behind the scenes without you friends are aware of it. Be well and with the light all of you. Video 141

* * *

TiAmAt, Vídeo 138, 2015, Respuestas, Andrómeda, voluntarios, Answers,

Origen: TiAmAt: Vídeo 138, 2015, Respuestas, Andrómeda, voluntarios, Answers,

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Vídeo 138, 2015, Respuestas, Andrómeda, voluntarios, Answers,

* * *

Vídeo 138
Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda – Vídeo 138, 17 de diciembre del 2015.

Hola amigos, me alegro de estar de vuelta con parte de nuestra flotilla antes de vuestro fin de año. 
Las noticias buenas son, que antes de que se acabe esta década, 18 colonias en planetas cercanos, se convertirán al nivel 1; vosotros tendréis vecinos, aquí en vuestra galaxia, con los que pronto podréis intercambiar ideas. 
He observado a vuestro grupo, y, he visto que la mayoría de vosotros, habéis mejorado mucho vuestro desarrollo personal. 
La ansiedad ha promovido obtener mas conocimientos, y, esto permite, que podáis entender mejor. 
Lo que nosotros valoramos, en un grupo de pensadores, es la calidad, no la cantidad. 
Una vez que vuestra sociedad consiga la suficiente calidad y cantidad, vosotros podréis ascender al nivel 2. 
Ciertos voluntarios tendrán que ayudarnos, pero, tenemos que esperar, hasta que lo autorice la CG (comunidad galáctica). Un 60% de los voluntarios inscritos, tienen una capacidad psicologíca que les permitirá ayudar en el trabajo de la reorganización del mundo. 
Da igual, cual sea la condición física, o, la edad de los voluntarios, puesto que estas características, se pueden tratar, o curar, si fuera necesario.
Los élites, (los que controlan todo el mundo), se están preparando, para demostrar las naves espaciales extraterrestres; quieren que el mundo, se unifique, y, se oponga a que los extraterrestres, interfieran en este planeta. 
Esta va a ser la ultima mentira, para distraer a la gente, y, deshacerse, o eliminar, a los que les molesten; vais a tener que ayudar, a la mayor cantidad posible de gente, que podáis.
Los mapas de la CG, no tienen los nombres que vosotros usáis, como la vía láctea, el sistema solar, el Sol, la luna, Tiamat, etc. 
El sistema de coordinadas de la CG, clasifica las estrellas y sus planetas en la galaxia, basándose en los cuadrantes de un globo grande; sin tener en cuenta el tipo o tamaño de la galaxia, su centro esta alineado con el centro del globo, y, el plano mas grande, esta alineado con el axis cero del globo. 
Todas las estrellas de esta galaxia se denominan, basándose en su posición en este globo imaginario. 
Siempre, habrá cuatro cuadrantes superiores, y, otros cuatro cuadrantes inferiores; a las estrellas, se les nombra con un código que incluye el cuadrante del universo conocido, el cuadrante de la nebulosa que se usa de referencia, la referencia espacial de la galaxia en la nebulosa, y, finalmente, la referencia espacial de la estrella, y su planetas en la galaxia. 
Cuando se mira una estrella especifica, se pueden ver los nombres que usan las civilizaciones en ese sistema solar. 
Esta información solo es útil, cuando se establece un contacto con esa civilización.
Como CB (el capitán Bill) ya os dijo, vuestros gobiernos están devolviendo las antiguas armas defensivas extraterrestres. 
Vuestros gobiernos, estaban tratando de copiar la tecnología en varios laboratorios terrestres secretos. 
Vuestros gobiernos, están llevando las armas a la Antártida, para que sean destruidas, y, para que no pongan en peligro, a la población civil del planeta. 
Vuestros gobiernos, habían recibido un ultimátum hacia meses, pero, como no hicieron caso; los Arcturians extrajeron un objeto escondido en la CERN (organización europea para investigación nuclear) en Suiza, con un rayo; varios niveles o pisos de la CERN, fueron destruidos, durante la extracción. 
Después de este incidente, vuestros gobiernos prestaron atención, y, empezaron a mandar las armas extraterrestres, a la Antártida.
La mayoría de vosotros, os dais cuenta de que vuestro planeta, esta a punto de sufrir desastres socio-económicos y geológicos. 
Las diferencias están disminuyendo; la gente se esta empezando a dar cuenta de quienes son los responsables de los desastres y abusos que padecéis en vuestras sociedades. 
Dentro de poco tiempo, esa gente dejara de ayudar a las élites denigradas. Este año, va a acabar con muchas tensiones; ha habido muchos conflictos, pero no han conseguido nada! 
El Karma de los individuos y de la población ha mejorado, lo cual significa que no vais a posponer la solución a vuestros problemas! 
En una crisis se necesitan adoptar actitudes nuevas, y, tener mayor madurez, se dejan de cometer errores. 
Todas las personas vivas en este planeta, están en estos momentos sometidas a un examen o prueba; no existe ninguna disculpa para no eliminar el dolor existencial que las personas no fueron capaces de curar en varias re-encarnaciones previas. 
Sin miedo de equivocarme, yo os digo a todos, que es mucho mas fácil rescataros cuando estáis encarnados (en un cuerpo físico), que, cuando estáis en la cuarta dimensión (en forma de espíritu). 
Aquí es cuando vosotros todavía tenéis la oportunidad de cambiar, y mejorar, de forma que podréis participar en la sociedad nueva. 
Básicamente, nuestro equipo se encarga de reconstruir trayectorias, y, cambiar vuestras vidas, para que seáis capaces de cumplir cual fuera vuestra misión, o propósito, en este planeta. 
Muchos me han preguntado, como pueden saber si están cumpliendo su misión en esta encarnación. 
La respuesta, es sencilla, la estáis cumpliendo, si estáis en paz con vosotros mismos, pero no, si lleváis mucho tiempo trastornados. 
Yo os pido que recuperéis la esperanza, y alegría, de vivir, de manera que otros puedan aprender de vosotros. 
El mundo va a sufrir cambios trágicos, Europa y los Estados Unidos de Norteamérica, se van a colapsar, mientras que la China, y Rusia, se van a convertir en los nuevos poderes, o autoridades, mundiales. 
Nosotros continuaremos nuestro trabajo, y, esperamos que muy pronto, podremos trabajar juntos, para reorganizar el planeta, de manera que tenga mas armonía y progreso. 
Yo, espero que muy pronto, podremos contactaros directamente.
Aunque cuidéis y ayudéis al hijo de vuestro vecino, dándole zapatos, comida, y esperanza como se la dais a vuestro hijo, las diferencias en las creencias y doctrinas, van a disminuir, y, no tendrán ninguna importancia en la vida diaria de vuestro planeta. 
La creencia mas importante en un planeta que se esta integrado socialmente, se llamará “solidaridad”, y, esto se entenderá en todos los idiomas y dialectos.
Prestar mucha atención, puesto que es posible que en cualquier momento, os proveamos con mensajes nuevos, dependiendo de que acontecimientos ocurran.
Vídeo 139* * *

* * *
 * * *
Video 138 Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and thirty eight – December 17, 2015. Hi my friends, I am happy to return with part of our fleet before the end of another year counted for your planet. The good news is that even within this decade of you 18 nearby settlements will also be joining in level 1 and you friends will have neighbors right here in your galaxy to exchange development ideas soon. I have observed this group that we have we hold on and found a great development to the personal level on most of you. Anxiety is giving reason to knowledge and this leads to understanding. For us what matters in a group of thinkers are the quality and not the quantity. When your society is achieving quality and quantity, certainly you friends will be going to level 2. Among the volunteers, we have people who should be active in helping us, but we have to wait for the time defined by the CG. You see, in the volunteer group registered until this month, about 60 percent gathers real psychological conditions to be part of a global reorganization. Physical condition or age really does not matter because everything can be remedied according to the needs of each. The elites are preparing to openly show the presence of alien ships as well as draw attention to a world unity against extra terrestrial interference on the planet. This will be the last fib to distract the public’s attention so that they can reap everything and everyone which they say do not fit in the plans. Stay prepared to guide the greatest amount of people in your circles about it.
For us, Milky Way, solar system, Sol, Tiamat, moon, etc … are names used by you, not on star maps in the CG. The CG coordinate system ranks the stars and their planets in a galaxy by quadrants of a large globe, where regardless of the galaxy format has the center aligned with the center of this globe and the larger plan aligned with the zero axis of this globe. All the stars that are part of this galaxy will be named by its spatial position in this imaginary
globe. There will always be top four quadrants and four lower quadrants and the stars are called by a code which includes the quadrant of the known universe, the quadrant of Nebula reference, the spatial reference of the galaxy in this nebula, and finally the spatial reference of the star and its planets in the galaxy in question. When you access a specific star, you can see the local names given by civilizations that composes one star system, which are not always the same names for each of them, so these are data that will only have any relevance when some contact is made. As CB already said to you friends, governments are returning former defense articles, of alien origin that were being considered for re-engineering purposes in various secret laboratories on the planet, and are discharging these in Antarctic where they will be neutralized once and for all not to offer dangers to the civilian population of the planet. This ultimatum was given a few months and as had no effect at the time an object was removed from one of CERN levels by tractors rays Arcturians, having destroyed several levels of floors along the way. It was finally understood and your governments initiated removals and delivery trips to Antarctic. As most of you are feeling in the air, your planet is on the cusp of a storm, social, economic and natural. The differences are decreasing, people are understanding and seeing the real culprits for all the worst that happens in your societies and will soon be leaving to serve the interests of your denigrated elites. This year, no doubt, is coming to an end with enough tension in every area; there were many quarrels and conflicts with few accomplishments! The individual and collective Karma has accelerated enough, which means that you will not run away no more postpone the solution of your problems! Times of crisis require new attitudes and maturity, where we no longer need palliative or mistakes. Each embodied human being, currently is being tested, there is no subterfuge so that we cannot solve our existential pain so neglected for several incarnations! I say to all, without fear of error, which is much easier to be rescued while you are incarnated than when they are for the 4D plane. Here is where you friends still have a chance to change and grow large enough to be part of this new society. Basically, our team aims to reconstruct trajectories and reframe lives to be successful in the mission where each came to fulfill! Many may ask: How do I know if I am following my reincarnation planning? The answer is simple, for those who feel at peace may have a certainty that you are on the right track as opposed to who is broken for a long time. I ask, first regain hope and the joy of living so that your mentors and friends can follow you friends closely. The world will undergo tragic transformations, Europe and the United States collapsed and China and Russia will show their claws to the current elites as new world powers. We will continue working, and hope that we may very soon be working together to reorganize the planet to this new stage of participation and harmony with development. I hope very soon we can start the direct contact between our cultures finally. While you may really demonstrates caring and willingness to help the son of thy neighbor, giving him shoes, food and hope just like you would for one of your own, the differences between beliefs and doctrines are going to decrease until no longer important part in everyday life of every being on the planet. The greater belief in a planet that is integrating socially will be called “solidarity,” and this will also be understood in all languages and dialects. Be with close attention, our messages may happen any time from now on depending on the progress of situations.
Video 139
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TiAmAt, video 137, Respuestas, Andrómeda, 2015, Answers

Origen: TiAmAt: video 137, Respuestas, Andrómeda, 2015, Answers

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

video 137, Respuestas, Andrómeda, 2015, Answers

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Vídeo 137
Respuestas de un extraterrestre de Andrómeda Vídeo ciento treinta y siete 09 de octubre del 2015.
Perdón por la ausencia, pero mucho se está haciendo en otros lugares, y, hay un número limitado de tripulaciones para desplegar. 
A veces, me pongo en contacto con CB, pero, sólo por asuntos breves. 
Hoy, voy a tratar de reducir la lista de preguntas que pesan en sus manos, que abarca muchas preguntas, en pocas explicaciones.
Mythi, en nuestra sociedad, hoy hemos alcanzado un buen nivel de tecnología, crees que estamos listos para ser parte de un contexto interplanetario? 
Según la NASA, nuestras super computadoras avanzan lo suficiente para controlar una nave espacial.
Disculpe, pero su nivel tecnológico, todavía está, por debajo del nivel arcaico para nosotros, su tecnología, depende de los satélites de comunicación, y, alimentación eléctrica. 
Y, con el tiempo, ustedes se darán cuenta, de que la teoría de la relatividad de Einstein, es, conceptualmente, errónea, porque no se aplica a la física cuántica. 
Déjeme darle un ejemplo de la tecnología. 
Un simple guijarro, como el que le di a CB, se podría programar, a nivel molecular, para almacenar miles de terabytes, de información, realizar funciones, controladas por la onda cerebral, comunicarse con cualquier pantalla de un dispositivo, red, impresora, audio, todo lo que ustedes
llaman “mecha”, sin necesidad de cables ni electricidad, para siempre. 
Otra pequeña piedra, podría hacer el simple papel, de un elemento de calentamiento, con una intensa vibración molecular, de generación de calor por fricción, sin estar conectado a ninguna fuente de energía, calentando el agua para sus hogares, para siempre. 
Otro guijarro, podría actuar como un generador de atracción de electrones libres de su ionización natural atmosférica, y, proporcionar una corriente eléctrica positiva de los electrones, para que fluyan, entre éste, y un punto conectado a la tierra de su propio suelo en el planeta, para siempre. 
Como cualquier persona puede sentir, mucho se puede hacer fácilmente, con la programación cuántica, de la materia, y cualquier necesidad básica de una sociedad se puede satisfacer con facilidad. 
En vuestra sociedad actual, el control del sistema de energía, pertenece a los gobiernos. 
Es una forma de mantener, y, someter, a la sociedad. 
La energía eléctrica, generada así, significa, que ustedes dependen de una red amplia, y costosa, de distribución, que muy a menudo no es justa. 
Lo peor, además de la quema de combustibles y minerales, la producción de vapor utilizando materiales de fusión atómica es la forma más perniciosa y perjudicial, porque, ya que no dominan la programación cuántica, decidieron que la controlada fusión atómica, sería una forma barata, y duradera, para producir energía para vender. 
El problema, es, que este proceso, no siempre es “controlable” en un planeta que pasa por la desestabilización del desarrollo de su corteza, y, genera residuos que siguen contaminando el medio ambiente, con materiales transformados en bombas de radiación inestables, con emisiones nocivas para los seres vivos. 
Todo esto, tendrá un final pronto. 
La diferencia del nivel tecnológico entre ustedes, y otras culturas interestelares, sigue siendo brutal. 
El desarrollo se acelerará, cuando ustedes puedan participar en un desarrollo integrado bajo la supervisión de la CG de esta región.
Mythi, ¿hay alguna posibilidad tecnológica de encarcelar a un espíritu o un alma en un estado cuántico?
Teóricamente, existe. 
Pero, es prácticamente imposible. 
La única posibilidad que se me ocurre, sería usar el mismo tipo de envase, que mantiene la antimateria almacenada, pero, esto no está disponible, ya que este tipo de programación, sólo es desarrollado por científicos del nivel ocho, hacia arriba. 
Es imposible, abrir una de estas unidades, para poner lo que hay adentro, porque el cierre sería imposible de abrir, fuera de la fábrica oficial.
Mythi, relojes de nuestro satélite van fuera de sincronía con los relojes de la superficie de la Tierra debido a los efectos relativos. 
Hemos descubierto, que el tiempo está vinculado a un pozo de gravedad. 
Eso es todo lo que sabemos hasta ahora, sobre los efectos medibles en el tiempo. 
Todavía, me gustaría que expliques, cómo fluye el tiempo, de manera diferente en tu mundo, en comparación con nuestro mundo.
Mira, lo que usan ustedes como calendario, son referencias relativas a su propio sistema solar. 
Cada segundo que ustedes vienen aquí, tiene la misma longitud en este segundo, en cualquier parte del universo, de la tercera dimensión, en relación con su sistema solar. 
Incluso su unidad decimal, es en la medida arbitraria de que alguien la transformó antes, en la que ustedes dividen por cien. 
Su milímetro, no se corresponde con la misma longitud de unidades decimales en ningún otro planeta. 
Pero, el sistema decimal, como unidad de medida, es correcto. 
Sus relojes, están fabricados con una relación de engranajes, que dividen el tiempo de la revolución de un planeta, y, muestran el resultado en una pantalla. 
Incluso, en sus relojes electrónicos, utilizan la frecuencia de latido del cristal de cuarzo, y, lo dividen, para que corresponda con la hora de su sistema de medición del tiempo propio de su planeta.
 Este tiempo es la cantidad de tiempo invertido en relación con cualquier punto de la superficie del planeta, porque, cuando la distancia del planeta permanece con el ángulo de 90 grados, sin cambios, su medida de tiempo relativo, seguirá siendo la misma desde la superficie, pero, si hay angulaciones, y la velocidad como variables, el tiempo relativo también variará, no el tiempo real, pero, la duración de la relación de sus días y noches. 
Si ustedes, pasan un año en otro planeta, con días cortos o largos, y, miden el tiempo que tienen ahí con uno de sus relojes, cuando regresen a su planeta, habrá pasado esta misma hora exacta de un año fuera. 
Tenga en cuenta, que el tiempo en el universo, es una constante en cualquier medida regional inventada para medirlo. 
Mencioné hace mucho tiempo, que la medida adoptada por otros sistemas, es la velocidad de propagación de la luz infrarroja, en el vacío, que iguala el sistema de medidas, de cualquier tipo, tomando esta relación como base. 
Es fácil de convertirlas, cuando los sistemas se pueden relacionar con una medición de base común, como la de cualquier planeta, que sabes que corresponden a sus medidas.
Mythi, estos objetos “fuera de lugar”, tienen alguna función especial, o, son sólo arte?
Estos artefactos de piedra, son aparatos de comunicación. 
Deben de haber sido un regalo, a alguna de sus
culturas antiguas. 
Las composiciones de estas piedras negras, son excelentes para este tipo de programación
Mythi, se dijo en los Vídeos anteriores, que en la tercera dimensión, existen 10 niveles de frecuencia, podrías
decirnos qué razas de alienígenas están en estos elevados niveles humanoides? 
También en
estos niveles más altos, cuál es su principal diferencia de nosotros?
Razas que han alcanzado el nivel 10 se encuentran en un nivel muy alto de energía personal, ellos pueden
manipular la materia, y la energía cuántica, en todos los sentidos, y direcciones. 
Las razas humanoides, llegan allí en mucho mayor proporción que las razas de otros lugares, como insectoides, que tardan aprox. 20 veces más, y reptiles aprox.5 veces. 
El cerebro humanoide tiene areas naturalmente desarrolladas que tardan mucho mas tiempo en desarrollarse en otros tipos de cerebros, aunque hay súper cerebros en varias otras áreas. 
Puede ser difícil para ustedes, entender eso, pero, cuando se llega a los niveles 8-10, las diferencias entre orígenes, humanoides, reptiles o insectoides virtualmente dejarán de existir, casi por completo, y, cuando los niveles 10 pasen a la cuarta dimensión, serán igual, en energía, y forma. 
Así que, cuando le mencioné que las formas humanoides son los mejor adaptados en la tercera dimensión, me referí directamente, al tiempo de desarrollo, y no, a cualquier tipo de superioridad.
Mythi, ¿qué más puedes enseñarnos sobre los seres Nishpaa, los que tienen como forma de su nave el número ocho?
Son el nivel 1, pero, se unieron a la CG apenas hace aproximadamente 200 años…
¿Son como nosotros y nuestra historia?
Bueno, ellos entraron a la Comunidad Galáctica, hace 275 de sus años, y, han pasado por momentos muy similares, como ustedes, durante el desarrollo. 
La diferencia, es que fue una colonización menos heterogénea, y, no creó gran parte de la presión social, que ustedes están enfrentando aquí. 
Las élites que predominaban en su planeta, hace mucho tiempo, han sido absorbidas por la sociedad en su conjunto, ya hace casi 300 años, los contactos con civilizaciones vinculados a la CG comenzaron para la remodelación física del planeta, mediante la creación de algunos nuevos océanos, y la re-ordenación de la población, con respecto a nuevos recursos naturales. 
Se rigen, por un consejo en el que todas las decisiones se guían por la voluntad, y las necesidades, de la sociedad en su conjunto, no hay jefes, o miembros, de toda la vida, los miembros de la junta, se turnan entre los ciudadanos más especializados en las directrices que se decidirán por la aplicación en el tiempo, entonces las secciones de mesa, siempre tienen los mejores para los asuntos a ser decididos para el mantenimiento social, y, en el contexto del desarrollo del planeta. 
Ellos descienden de algunas civilizaciones de Aldebaran, y, dos asentamientos negros derivados de Sirius, así que lucen como ustedes, tienen mulatos blancos, y morenos, ya que hay más de 1000 años que los dos grupos étnicos se han fusionado por completo. 
Nunca tuvieron grandes guerras, como ustedes tenían aquí, y, pequeñas diferencias regionales, se disiparon hace 300 años. 
Es un pueblo pacífico, por lo que fue difícil para sus aventureros, conseguir el permiso de participar en una misión de la CG en su sistema solar. 
El planeta, en un sistema regido por un sol de quinta grado, tiene tres lunas, dos pequeños y uno que tiene una quinta parte de la masa del planeta. 
El diámetro del planeta, es de aprox. 20000 kilómetros, la temperatura promedia de 24 grados centígrados, sus polos están ampliamente cubiertos de hielo, que ocupan aproximadamente el 20 por ciento del planeta. Hoy el planeta tiene el clima totalmente controlado y están en paz.
Ustedes ven, mis amigos; su planeta está permitiendo a su sociedad, jugar la última carta de triunfo, antes de la remodelación física y social. 
Sus élites, optaron por eliminar el problema de demasiadas personas que estaban fuera del mercado de consumo, por problemas regionales, y ahora se consideran un problema de contaminación social. 
Para ellos, es mucho más rápido y fácil eliminar el problema, que hacer frente a la integración de estas poblaciones que requerirían muchas décadas de apoyo, y, muchos recursos. 
Como ya he mencionado varias veces, no se dejen llevar por las teorías apocalípticas de los últimos tiempos, como asteroides en un curso de colisión, entre otros.
Los únicos hechos que pueden considerarse reales, son las actitudes mecanizadas de sus élites, y, la re ordenación real de las placas tectónicas del planeta. 
En la sociedad de consumo, en que ustedes se vieron obligados a vivir es más fácil ser un oportunista para ganancias inmediatas, que ser una persona consciente, y, preocupada por los demás. 
Este comportamiento, crea un círculo vicioso que provoca la falta de paz interior, la frustración, la ira en lugar de aumentar la comprensión, y la posibilidad de una sociedad más feliz para vivir. 
Esto causa el deterioro moral, y los ciudadanos cada vez más sensibles y conscientes, se sienten más desplazados por tener que compartir el planeta con este estado de cosas. 
Muchas sociedades, miles de millones de planetas, miles de millones de galaxias, han pasado por muchas guerras, y batallas, que se libraron entre las sociedades y los planetas, mucha infelicidad estaba, y todavía está sucediendo, en estos mundos sin número, pero, cada planeta que alcanza el equilibrio, y, se agrega como un grano de arena, a una Comunidad Galáctica regional, es otra esclarecedora luciérnaga en el gran bosque, y nos
aseguramos, de que algún día, todo el mundo vea nuestros fuertes rayos de luz, y, que cada vez, vengan más, y, se unan a nosotros.\Vídeo 138

* * *

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Video 137

Answers of an alien from Andromeda

– video hundred and thirty seven –

October 09, 2015.

– Sorry for the absence, but lot is being done elsewhere and a limited number of crews to unfold. Sometimes contact CB but only for brief affairs. Today I will try to narrow the list of questions that weigh in his hands, encompassing many questions in few explanations. Mythi, in our society today we have reached a good level of technology, you believe that we are next to be part of an interplanetary context? According to NASA, our supercomputers are advanced enough to control a spaceship. – Excuse me, but the technological level of you is still below the level archaic to us, your technology is dependent on electric power and communication satellites. And over time, you friends will realize that Einstein’s Relativity Theory is conceptually wrong because it does not apply to quantum physics. Let me give an example of technology. A simple pebble like that I gave to CB, could be programmed at the molecular level to store thousands of terabytes of information, perform functions controlled by your brain wave, communicate with any display device, network, printer, audio, everything as you friends called “Blue Tooth” without the need for wires or electricity, forever. Another small pebble could do the simple role of a heating element with an intense molecular vibration generating heat by friction without being connected to any power source, heating the water to one of your homes forever. Another pebble could act as a generator attracting free electrons of your atmospheric natural ionization and provide a positive electrical current of electrons to flow of between it and a grounded point to your own soil on the planet, forever. As anybody can feel, a lot can be done easily with the quantum programming of matter, and any basic necessity of a society can be met with ease. In your current society the control of the energy system belongs to governments. It’s a way to maintain and subjugate society. The electric power generated by any means that you friends use depend on a broad and expensive network of distribution, which most often is not fair. The worst, in addition to the burning of mineral fuels, steam production using atomic fusion materials is the most pernicious and harmful way, because as they do not dominate quantum programming decided that the controlled atomic fusion would be a cheap and lasting way to make energy to sell. The problem is that this process is not always “controllable” on a planet passing through destabilization of crust development, and generate waste that continue polluting the environment with materials transformed into unstable radiation emission pumps harmful to living beings. All this will have an end soon. Unlike the technological level among you and other interstellar cultures is still brutal. The development will only accelerate when you friends can participate in an integrated development under the supervision of CG in this region. Mythi, is there any technological possibility of imprisoning a spirit or a soul in quantum state? – Theoretically it exists. But it’s practically impossible. The only possibility I can think of would be to use the same type of container that keeps stored antimatter, but this is not available, for this type of programming is only developed by scientists at level eight upwards. It is impossible to open one of these units to put whatever is inside it because the closure would be impossible outside the official factory. Mythi, our satellite’s clocks go out of sync with the clocks on the Earth’s surface due to relative effects. We discovered that time is linked to a gravity well. That is all we know so far about measurable effects on time. I would still like you to explain how time flows differently on your world compared to our world.
– See, what do you friends use as timing, are references relating to your own solar system. Every second you friends come here has the same length on this second anywhere in the third dimension universe in relation to your solar system. Even your decimal unit is on the arbitrary measure someone took before, that you friends divided by one hundred. Your millimeter does not correspond to the same length of decimal units in any other planet. But the decimal system as unit of measurement is correct. Your watches are manufactured with gears
relationship that divide the time of one planet’s revolution and shows the result on a display. Even in your electronic watches, you use the beat frequency of the quartz crystal and divided to correspond to the time of your peculiar time measurement system to your own planet. This time is the amount of time spent relative to any point on the surface of the planet, because when you distance of the planet remains with the angle of 90 degrees unchanged your relative time measurement will remain the same from the surface, but if there angulations and speed as variables, the relative time will also vary, not the actual time but duration of the relationship of your days and nights. If you spend a year in another planet with short or long days, and measure the time you got there with one of your watches, when you return to your planet will have passed this same exact time one year out. Bear in mind that time in the universe is a constant in any measure regionally invented to measure it. I mentioned long ago that the measure adopted by other systems is the speed of propagation of infrared light in vacuum, it equalizes the system of measures of any kind taking this relationship as a base. It is easy to convert when the systems can be related to a common baseline measurement as on any planet you know as they correspond to your meter. Mythi these “out of place” objects have some special function or are they just art? – These stone artifacts are apparatuses of communication. They must have been given as a gift to any of your ancient cultures. The compositions of these black stones are excellent for this type of molecular programming.
Mythi, you said in earlier videos that on the third dimension exist 10 levels of frequency so could you tell us what breeds of Aliens are on this higher levels humanoids? Greys? Insects? Also on this higher levels what is their main difference over us? – Races who have achieved level 10 are at a very high level of personal energy, can now manipulate matter and quantum energy in all ways and directions. The humanoid races get there in far greater proportion than races from other sources as insectoid lead approx. 20 times longer and reptilian about 5 times. The humanoid brain has naturally developed areas that take a long time to develop in other types of brains, even if super brains in several other areas. It may be hard for you friends to understand, but when they reaches levels 8-10 differences between origins, humanoid, reptilian or insectoid virtually cease to exist almost completely, and when those level 10 pass into the fourth dimension will be equal in energy and form. So when I mentioned that the humanoid forms are those best adapted in the third dimension relates directly to the development time and not to any kind of superiority. Mythi, what else can you teach us about the Nishpaa beings those who have the number eight format spaceship? They are level 1, but only joined CG roughly 200 years ago… are they like us and our history?
– Well, they entered to Community Galactica 275 of your years ago and have gone through very similar moments with you during the development. The difference is that it was a less heterogenic colonization and it did not create much of the social pressure that you friends are facing here. The elites that predominated in their planet has long since been absorbed by society as a whole and for nearly 300 years the contacts with civilizations linked to CG started for the physical remodeling of the planet by creating some new oceans and rearranging the population with respect to new natural resources. They are governed by a board in which all decisions are guided in the will and needs of society as a whole, there are no bosses or lifelong members, the board members take turns by more specialized citizens in the guidelines that will be decided for implementation at the time, then the board sections always have the best in the matters to be decided for social maintenance and in the context of development of
the planet. They descended from some civilizations of Aldebaran and two black settlements arising from Sirius so they look like you, has white and bright mulatto, as there are over 1000 years these two ethnic groups have merged completely. They never had major wars like you friends were here, and little regional differences dissipated for at least 300 years. It’s a peaceful people, so it was difficult for her adventurous get permission to participate in a CG mission in your solar system. The planet stand at a system governed by a sun fifth greatness, it has three moons, two small and one that has a fifth of the mass of the planet. The diameter of the planet is approx. 20,000 kilometers, average temperature of 24 of your centigrade degrees and poles widely covered in ice occupying approximate 20 percent of the planet. Today the planet is fully climate controlled and peace reigns. – You see my friends; your planet is allowing your society to the ultimate trump card before the physical and social remodeling. Your elites opted for eliminating the problem of too many people who were out of the consumer market for regional problems and are now considered a problem of social pollution. For them it is much faster and easily eliminates the problem than to face the integration of these populations which would require many decades and many resources. As I have mentioned several times, do not be carried away by apocalyptic theories of the end times, asteroids on a collision course, among others. The only facts that can be considered real are the attitudes machined by your elites and the actual rearrangement of tectonic plates on the planet. In the consumer society where you friends were forced to live is easier to be an opportunist for immediate gains than being a person conscious and concerned about others. This behavior creates a vicious cycle that causes the lack of inner peace, frustration, anger instead of increasing the understanding and the possibility of a happier society to live. This causes the moral deterioration and increasingly sensible and aware citizens feel more displaced by having to share the planet with this state of affairs. Many societies, billions of planets, billions of galaxies have been through so many wars and battles were fought between society and planets, much unhappiness was and is still happening in these worlds without number, but each planet that reaches balance and is added as a grain of sandy to a regional Community Galactica is another firefly illuminating the great forest, and we make sure that one day everyone will regard our strong beams of light and increasingly come join us.

Video 138

* * *

TiAmAt, Video 136, ANSWERS, ANDROMEDA, El sistema solar, se va a enfriar, un poco, en su conjunto,

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Friday, June 14, 2019

Video 136, ANSWERS, ANDROMEDA, El sistema solar, se va a enfriar un poco, en su conjunto,

* * *
Vídeo 136
de un extraterrestre de Andrómeda 
vídeo ciento treinta y seis 
27 de agosto del 
Mythi, muchos preguntaron acerca de tu opinión sobre este viaje, estaban ustedes en un lugar especial como en alguna nave Kruliana, en alguna reunión?
No es así, en esta ocasión, estábamos visitando dieciséis colonias, que están en camino de pasar al nivel 1, en pocas décadas. 
Estas colonias, se encuentran en otro cuadrante de la galaxia. 
Las unidades de nuestra flota central, de Mantuk, ya se están preparando para unirse al grupo de trabajo que ayudará a estas colonias, en su creciente proceso. 
Las treinta unidades, que actualmente están asignadas aquí, permanecerán aquí, hasta que la situación se estabilice en esta colonia. 
Volábamos, en una nave Kruliana, hace 10 años y medio. 
Aterrizamos en varios puntos, para visitar pueblos locales, y, diversas instalaciones científicas. 
Nos hubiéramos quedado allí, años, sin saber, todo lo que tienen. 
Si ustedes toman todos sus océanos, no darían entre todos ni para llenar uno de los muchos océanos, y lagos, allí. 
Es un lugar muy bonito, y agradable para estar. 
Son realmente amigos especiales. 
Contento, de estar aquí, hablando con ustedes otra vez.
Realmente, tenía un período tenso de trabajo, además de toda la investigación, y, los estudios realizados en las colonias exteriores, nuestra flota local, fue llamada a una reunión general de todos los equipos de todas las razas que participan directa, e indirectamente, en la continuidad de esta colonia. 
Un gran movimiento, durante este mes, con 380 naves espaciales en la base. 
Puedo anticipar, que esta asamblea general, no tiene nada alarmante. 
Se discutieron las líneas generales de procedimiento, establecieron nuevas bases de operaciones con desactivación permanente de otras bases viejas existentes, planificación táctica de primeros contactos, siempre y cuando lo autoricen, las tecnologías que se ponen a disposición para los eventos de emergencia, y procedimientos de la posible participación de los terrícolas en el proceso. 
También se discutió la presentación de cualquier experimento en el área genética que todavía están en curso en este momento.
Todos los elementos, que componen, la flora y fauna del planeta, originales, han sido catalogados, y, debidamente conservado en otros lugares adecuados. 
Las medidas profilácticos ambientales en el planeta, también han sido, y, están siendo, discutidas por otros equipos científicos que todavía están reunidos en la base por lo menos durante un mes más.
Vean, se trata de medidas habituales, cuando muchos equipos diferentes, están trabajando en diferentes áreas. 
El mallado de la obra, evita pérdida de tiempo, y recursos, cuando un equipo sabe lo que el otro está haciendo, y, el progreso de la obra se maximiza. 
Hemos tenido otras reuniones generales como esta, pero tengo que admitir que esta, era, realmente “general”.
22 razas de humanoides diferentes, recibieron sus nuevas directrices, e, intercambiaron mucha información. 
Lo que puedo decir, a todos los que preguntaron, es que septiembre, no será un mes apocalíptico, como muchos esperan. 
Lo peor, que ustedes deben temer, son las medidas de “desarrollo de caos social” que su gobierno puede imponer para tomar ventaja de todos los rumores, que, incluso se propagan como una distracción creada para los menos informados. 
La actual desestabilización de la corteza del planeta, es un proceso natural, que debe llevarse a cabo, de tal forma, que se ajuste a la nueva frecuencia de batido. 
Es como una gran campana, para cambiar de tono, tendrá que ser un poco más grande. 
Esto puede afectar a algunas zonas costeras, así como hacer reaparecer, zonas, largamente hundidas. 
No olvidemos, que estamos presentes, desde hace mucho tiempo aquí, y, vamos a seguir para ayudar a mantener esta colonia viva. 
El problema, es mantener, la ya acostumbrada atención, a los movimientos de sus élites, que se encuentran moralmente en la bancarrota; pueden causar mucho más sufrimiento de lo necesario en nombre de una doctrina de despoblación enfermiza del planeta, filtrando las etnias. 
La guerra con nanocompuestos, puede ser muy fácilmente neutralizada por nosotros, el mayor problema, es la guerra biológica, donde los microorganismos, genéticamente modificados, se vuelven difíciles de detectar, en medio de millones de otros similares, que circulan actualmente de cuerpo en cuerpo, entre ustedes. 
Eviten las vacunas, a cualquier costo. 
Tuvimos acceso a los análisis de los alimentos genéticamente modificados por los cuales muchos preguntan, y, de hecho, las semillas modificadas genéticamente, para atacar las plagas, con el ADN de la propia plaga, no representan ningún peligro real para la salud de ustedes, en el contexto actual, pero, pierden gran parte de las propiedades nutricionales, en comparación con las semillas, en su estado natural. 
El sistema solar, se va a enfriar un poco en su conjunto, debido a la disminución de la actividad solar, porque el sistema está pasando por una densa nube de energía cósmica, de ahí el sol reacciona mediante el aumento de su campo magnético gravitatorio y la disminución de la actividad superficial, debido a la presión ejercida por la nube de energía pesada.
Las temperaturas en todas partes del mundo están disminuyendo unos pocos grados, durante este período, con la excepción de las regiones donde se crean deliberadamente agujeros en el campo geomagnético, por parte de sus militares.
Con una alta posibilidad de una cascada de eventos artificialmente naturales estos últimos meses del año pueden ser “mentiras apocalípticas” más o menos dependiendo de las acciones que sus élites están engendrando. 
Los Pleyadianos, están visiblemente patrullando, y, más de trescientas naves espaciales están en estado de alerta en el planeta, fuera de las naves nodrizas, que están distribuidas actualmente en todo el sistema solar. 
Así, todo saldrá bien al final, eso esta asegurado. 
La economía del planeta, está en bancarrota, muchos antiguos aliados de la situación se van a la oposición, y las tecnologías serán usados en su contra en represalia, por lo que su sociedad puede transitar a través de tiempos de escasez de recursos. 
Estén alerta a los signos, estén alerta a sus corazonadas, ustedes han llegado a ser mucho más observadores de lo que eran antes de empezar a tener estas conversaciones. 
Cuando ustedes sienten que los acontecimientos comienzan a incrementarse, realicen inmediatamente las disposiciones de los artículos de su supervivencia para unos meses y busquen lugares con menos movimiento, lejos de los puntos considerados estratégicos y alguna importancia táctica.
Mythi, las explosiones que hubo en China y en otros lugares mientras estabas lejos, acompañado de otras unidades de tu flota, puedes decir algo al respecto? 
¿Por que mostraron una explosión que se produjo el 16 de julio como la explosión que se produjo el 22/08?
-Bueno, Sus élites no dejan de ser creativos. Como cualquier elemento que es considerado un arma está prohibido de ser llevado a su órbita, instalaron unidades, que pierden pequeños meteoritos artificiales, con aleaciones de sodio metálico encapsulados en titanio, para causar la destrucción quirúrgica de objetivos. 
Este tipo de aparato, no se ajusta a la norma de destrucción masiva de armas relacionadas, así que nada eficaz se puede hacer al respecto. 
Este tipo de aparato, puede ser posiblemente usado para causar falsos “eventos naturales”, como hacer estallar grandes cantidades de explosivos colocados en lugares estratégicos, provocando maremotos en zonas aisladas, entre otras posibilidades. 
Ni los gobiernos regionales quieren mostrar lo que realmente sucedió allí… el golpe real, podría ser algo que se ve como que viene de lo alto como un “meteoro”. 
Todo es parte del mismo juego. 
Ellos saben que el tiempo es corto, pronto tendrán que ir a sus refugios construidos para su supervivencia cómoda, ya que aún mantienen la esperanza de un resultado final, donde ellos serán “todo lo que queda”, y que por lo tanto, serán aceptados como la continuación de esta colonia. 
Pero, tengan la seguridad de que eso no va a suceder, su lugar, sin duda, ya no será más en esta colonia de nivel 1.
Mythi, porqué muchos han nacido con suerte y tienen una buena vida cuando otros no tienen suerte y luchan por sobrevivir?
 La distribución de la suerte tiene algo que ver con el mérito? 
-Como he dicho antes, la suerte es una palabra sin sentido para nosotros. 
Lo que ustedes llaman suerte, es, de hecho, la ley de las probabilidades, combinadas con el aura, de cada individuo. 
En el nivel cero, en el cual su sociedad se encuentra, el brillo del aura se sustituye por el favoritismo, corrupción, malversación de fondos, entre otras travesuras. 
Eso no va a ocurrir más, en un nivel de la sociedad nivel 1, para arriba, en donde cada uno recibirá los beneficios de su propia iluminación. 
Una persona más inteligente, cuando se acerca a otra que todavía está en la sombra, ayuda a que esa persona pueda comenzar a ver con más claridad todo, y, finalmente, sea capaz de empezar a encender su propia luz, para continuar viendo lo que no vio antes, pero ahora se asegurara de que esté ahí. 
Intente duro, desarrollar su propia luz, y cuando alguien aparece con un enfoque más brillante, tómese el tiempo para tratar de ver más lejos, más allá de lo que podían ver con su propia luz. 
Las cosas que ustedes serán capaces de ver con la luz de otros les dará el estímulo para aumentar su luz para que puedan empezar a ver las cosas nuevas por sí mismo. 
Con el tiempo, y el desarrollo de su conciencia universalizada, se darán cuenta de lo satisfactorio que es iluminar a otros, y, hacer que los más desfavorecidos de la luz, puedan ver por sí mismo, las cosas nuevas por primera vez. 
Todos nosotros, somos maestros en algo, pero primero, debemos ser estudiantes, e, incluso los profesores, en un momento dado, serán estudiantes, en algunos momentos, por lo que traten de ser los maestros en lo que ya saben, pero siguen siendo estudiantes siempre con una mente abierta a nuevos conocimientos que los nuevos maestros pueden prever a ustedes.
– No tengo mucho tiempo, porque tengo un montón de datos para completar sobre las últimas actividades en nuestra base de datos, pero no podía dejar de pasar esta información a ustedes.
Todo el mundo manténganse bien, y con confianza, en el futuro.
Vídeo 137

* * *
* * *Video 136 
of an alien from 
– video hundred and thirty six – August 27, 2015. 

Mythi, many asked about your take on this trip, you friends were in a special place as any ship Krulians to any meeting?
– Not so this time, we were visiting sixteen colonies that are on track to pass to the level 1 in a few decades. These Colonies are located in another quadrant of your galaxy. Units of our central fleet of Mantuk are already preparing to join the task force that will help these Colonies in rising process. The thirty units that are currently allocated here remain here until the situation stabilizes in this colony.
We were flying in a spaceship Krulians to 10 and half years ago. We landed at various points to meet the local towns and various scientific facilities. We could have stayed there years without knowing all they keep there. If you took all your oceans would not give to fill one of the many oceans and lakes they got there. There is a very beautiful and pleasant place to be. They are really special. – Friends, glad to be here talking with you again. Really had a pulled period of work, in addition to all the research and studies done on the outer colonies, our local fleet was called for a general meeting of all the teams of all races who are participating directly and indirectly in the continuity of this colony. A great movement during this month, with 380 spacecraft lodgings at the base. I can anticipate that this general meeting has nothing alarming. General lines of procedure were discussed, set new operating bases with permanent deactivation of other existing old bases, tactical planning first contacts if and when authorized, technologies to be made available for emergency events, and procedures in the possible involvement of earthlings in the process. They were also discussed the submission of any experiments in genetic area that are still in progress at the time. All the elements that make up the original flora and fauna of the planet have been cataloged and properly preserved in other appropriate environments. The environmental prophylactics measures in the planet have also been and are still being discussed by other scientific teams are still gathered at the base for at least another month. See, these are usual measures when many different teams are working in different areas. The meshing of the work prevents waste of time and resources when a team knows what the other is doing and the progress of the work is maximized. We’ve had other general meetings like this but I have to admit that this was really “general”. 22 different humanoid races received their new guidelines and exchanged a lot of information. What I can say to all who asked, is that September will not be an apocalyptic month as many expect. The worst thing that you friends should fear are the measures of “social chaos development” that your government may impose you taking advantage of all the rumors that they even spread as a distraction to the less informed. The current destabilization of the planet’s crust is a natural process that must be carried out so that it fits the new beat frequency. It’s like a large bell, to change the tone he will have to become a little bigger. This may affect some coastal areas as well as make it reappear again long sunken areas. Do not forget that we are present for a long time here, and we will continue to help keep this colony alive. The problem is keeping renowned attention to the movements of your morally bankrupt elites; they can cause much more suffering than necessary on behalf of a sick depopulation doctrine of the planet by filtering ethnicities. The war with nanocomposites is very easy to be neutralized by us, the biggest problem is biological warfare where genetically modified microorganisms become difficult to detect amidst millions of other similar currently circulating from body to body between you. Avoid vaccinations at any cost. We had access to analyzes of genetically modified foods of which many ask, and in fact the seeds genetically modified to attack pests with DNA from the own plague, pose no real danger to the health of you in this current context, but lose much of the nutritional properties compared with the seeds in their natural state.
The solar system will cool slightly as a whole, due to decreased solar activity because the system is going through a dense cloud of cosmic energy, hence the sun reacts by increasing its gravitational magnetic field and decreasing the surface activity due to pressure exerted by the cloud of heavy energy. The temperatures in all parts of the world are decreasing a few degrees during this period, with the exception of regions where deliberate holes are created in the geomagnetic field by your military apparatus. With a high possibility of a cascade of natural events “manmade” these final months of the year may be “lying apocalyptic” more or less depending on the actions that your elites are engendering. The Pleiadeans are in ostensible policing and more than three hundred spacecraft are
on alert on the planet, outside the motherships that are currently spread throughout the solar system. So everything will work out in the end, that’s for sure. The economy of the planet is bankrupt, many former allies of the situation are going to the opposition, and technologies will be used against them also in retaliation, so your society may go through times of scarcity of resources. Be alert to the signs, be alert to your hunches, you friends have become much more observant than they were before we started having these conversations. When you friends feel that events began to swell, do the provisions of items of your immediate survival for a few months and look for places with less movement, far from points considered strategic and some tactical importance. Mythi, the explosions that there were in China and elsewhere while you were away must have been accompanied by other units of your fleet, can you say something about it? Why they showed an explosion occurred in July 16 as the explosion occurred in 22/08? – Well, your elites do not stop being creative. Like any element considered weapons are automatically barred from being brought to your orbit, they installed units that literally loose small artificial meteors with sodium metal alloys encapsulated in titanium to cause the surgical destruction of targets. This type of apparatus does not fit the weapons-related mass destruction, so nothing effective can be done about it. This type of apparatus and can be possibly used to cause false “natural events”, such as blow up large amounts of explosives placed in strategic locations, causing tidal waves, isolated areas, among other possibilities. Neither the regional governments don’t want to show what really happened there… the real strike may show something coming from above like a “meteor”. It’s all part of the same game. They know that time is short for soon having to take the underground shelters built for comfortable survival because it still maintains the hope of being “all that’s left” and thus be accepted as the continuation of this colony. But be assured that it will not happen, their place certainly will not be further on this colony of level 1. Mythi, why many are born lucky and have a good life when others are not lucky and struggle to survive? The distribution of luck has something to do with merit? – As I said before, luck is a word without meaning to us. What you call luck is in fact the law of probabilities combined with the aura of each individual. In the zero level that your society is, the brightness of the aura is replaced by favoritism, corruption, embezzlement, among other shenanigans. That will not happen more from a society level 1 up, where each will receive the benefits of their own enlightenment. A more enlightened person when approaching another that is still in the shadow helps make that person can begin to see more clearly all about and finally be able to start lighting their own light to continue seeing what did not see before but now is sure that are there. Try hard to develop your own light, and when someone brighter approach, take the time to try to see further, beyond what you were getting see with your own light. The things you will be able to see with other’s light will give you the stimulus to increase your light so you can start seeing new things by yourself. With time and the development of your consciousness universalized, you will realize how satisfying is you can illuminate and make the underprivileged of light to see by themselves new things for the first time. All of us to be masters in something, we must first be students, and even as teachers at a given time, we will be students on next moments, so try to be the masters in what you already know, but continue to be students always with an open mind at new knowledge that new masters can provide for you. – I do not have much time, because I have a lot of data to complete on the latest activities to our database, but I could not fail to pass this information to you. Everyone stay well and with confidence in the future.
Video 137

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TiAmAt, share, False Views, on Health, and Disease, » Stankov’s Universal Law Press,

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Friday, June 14, 2019

share, False Views on Health and Disease » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

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False Views on Health and Disease » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

* *
False Views on Health and Disease

by Georgi Stankov Posted on May 14, 2019

Georgi Stankov, May 14, 2019


From the book “Gedanken (Thoughts)“, 387 pages , 2008

translated from German into English by the author

We owe St. Germain also the translation of this book into English – he urged me through Carla to revisit the central theme of human existence on health, healing, medicine, biological regulation, and immortality, now that we are busy building up and manifest the new 5D healing centre. The book discusses these topics in a novel, previously unknown manner from the higher vantage point of view of my I AM Presence. -George

Nowhere else do people’s misconceptions appear so massively as when it comes to “health and disease”. People do not know the mode of action of their own body – the astral-energetic foundation of it’s biological regulation – and underpin this ignorance with unbelievably simple commonplaces, which decisively shape their way of life. This statement applies equally to doctors and patients.

Since most people identify themselves exclusively with their bodies, they regard it as a “black box” in which they can directly deposit their garbage of thoughts on this most popular topic of all times and epochs – a way of life that inevitably has considerable consequences for their health, as the present disquisition will show.

First of all, I should state that the situation at this moment is such that I have little hope that humanity will be able to free itself from this self-inflicted confusion by its own efforts in the foreseeable future. For this purpose, it requires a completely new Theory of Biological Regulation, as I have developed it in Volume 3. This theory has not yet been understood by any scientist, because it requires not only sound biological and medical knowledge, but also an absolute understanding of the new Physical and Mathematical Theory of Universal Law, as well as a fundamentally new gnostic view of human existence.

This profound realization will not only sweep away all world religions, but will also unmask all known scientific and philosophical systems as false (see my gnostic-philosophical treatises). In order to develop a correct idea of the functioning of the human body, one needs an impeccable axiomatic thinking, as well as an extensive knowledge in all important areas of science – an intellectual achievement, which at this very moment unfortunately only one person on this earth is capable of: my humble self.

Let’s start with the biological regulation of the human body in order to considerably modify the reader’s basic knowledge of this subject and to extend it gnostically. As I prove in volume 3, the entire chemical energy of the food, which is degraded within the framework of cell metabolism, is converted into electromagnetic energy of the action potentials of the cells, when the radiated heat to the environment is deducted; it is then transformed again into biochemical energy of the cell metabolism, while maintaining energy conservation, when the action potential is activated.

This energy conversion of biochemical structural energy of the cell building blocks into stored electromagnetic energy of cell membrane potentials and vice versa, which manifests itself in the form of the known action potentials of body cells, is the energetic, kinematic basis of the entire metabolism of organic matter and the biological regulation of all organisms. It is still a mystery for researchers today, although this energy exchange is the life-spending power of every biological organism – its “vis vitalis“.

The electromagnetic action potentials of the body cells, especially the nerve cells, overlap according to the principle of constructive interference and form complex electromagnetic patterns, which are only partially investigated as EEG and ECG; their energetic-dynamic function within the framework of biological regulation has not been understood until today.

At the same time, the structural biochemical transformation in the cell takes place at the quantum level in the form of standing quantum waves, called solitons, which can be considered supramolecular wave patterns; these have both an electromagnetic part, which is responsible for the formation of the structural building blocks of the cell, such as proteins, DNA and RNA, and an energetic part of the 7F-creationary realms, from which organic matter arises secondarily.

In this sense it is justified to regard this part, which is also called “astral body” in esotericism, as a kind of software program. The latter ensures the evolution of the organism from a single embryonic cell during the embryogenesis in pregnancy, as well as its continuous regulation throughout life.

This astral program is responsible for the health and development of diseases, most of which are planned experiences of the soul before her incarnation; the remaining diseases are the product of destructive interferences in the biological body caused by strong fear patterns of the psyche (emotional body) and distorted beliefs of the mind (mental body). Such interactions between the vibrations of the three bodies – biological, emotional and mental – lead to energetic blockages, so that the life-spending astral energies can only be converted into organic matter with hindrance. The cell metabolism of the body suffers most from that.

As a result of these blockades, the topological and tissue-specific frequencies of the cell building organic molecules, cells, organs and finally of the entire organism are reduced in a topological and tissue-specific manner, because all these bio-structures are superimposed wave systems of space-time which must be in harmonious resonances with each other in order for their regulation to function smoothly and for the state of health to be guaranteed at the body level.

Psychological fear patterns and false beliefs, which go hand in hand and are mutually dependent, lead to local, destructive, low-frequency interference patterns in the body, which then manifest themselves externally, after a certain latency period, as diseases. Only these macroscopic, pathological forms can at present be morphologically assessed by medicine and catalogued into diseases, symptoms and syndromes, whereas it is customary for doctors to name these deviations from the norm vainly after themselves in order to gain fake immortality in medical history.

We also find the same phenomenon of scientific vanity in physics, where almost all SI units and many other physical quantities, constants and laws bear the names of the physicists who allegedly discovered them. In the new theory of the Universal Law, I have proved that all these quantities were first mathematically invented by the researchers in their heads and then projected onto the external physical world. As can be seen, we are again dealing with false projections, to which scientists assign a hallucinatory spatio-temporal reality, for example by renaming the geometric area of one square meter with the SI unit of one Coulomb for charge = area and seriously believing that this SI unit measures real existing charges in physical conductors (see The Greatest Blunder of Science. Charge is a Synonym for Area).

The supramolecular solitons of the cell structures control both the replication and transcription of the DNA code as well as the spatial construction and reconstruction of the proteins – the structural building blocks of the cells. The exact mechanisms, as far as they are researched, can be clarified with the help of the Universal Law without any contradiction down to the last detail, as I prove in volume 3 on the basis of the latest research results. At this level, the destructive interferences between the astral body and the biological body take place first. In this phase, they cannot yet be discovered by bio-science.

In a second phase, structural changes occur, which, for example, can recently be detected as point mutations in the DNA strands using the latest genetic engineering methods. Such point mutations are always the result of destructive interference, as can be observed during radioactive radiation. This can lead to the development of manifest diseases.

The energetic mechanism that leads to such diseases was discovered by myself in 1995, after I had previously been able to clarify the energetic principles for building the tertiary structure of proteins. Essentially, this is possible through the consistent application of the dipole model in the interpretation of the amino acid sequences of the individual proteins, which in turn perform different functions within the cell, for example as receptors, ion pumps, enzymes, etc..

Tertiary structure of protein

I do not want to delve into the subject here, as this treatise is aimed at non-specialists, and refer to Volume 3, in which I analyse the above-mentioned structures in detail and explain their mode of action for the first time in the history of bio-science in dynamic-kinematic terms. At this point I will confine myself to the following simple explanation.

Each amino acid has its own dipole moment, which determines its function and place within the protein sequence. When one amino acid is replaced by another, both the tertiary structure of the protein and its mode of action change. A single exchange may result in total loss of protein function. This can lead to various disease states.

Now the amino acid sequences of the cell proteins are an image of the DNA sequences – the genes – from which they are formed by transcription. The actual mechanism is very complex and takes place both in the cell nucleus and in the ribosomes; it includes such complex processes as splicing and targeting of proteins, which are currently only very incompletely researched by bio-scientists and cannot be interpreted at all from a kinematic point of view, as are all the other processes in the cell. This is the main weakness of today’s bio-science (watch the video below for a general impression).

In this area I have significantly advanced biological knowledge. If a point mutation occurs in the DNA strand due to external energetic influences such as environmental toxins, radioactive radiation or therapy with cell inhibiting drugs (most drugs on the market), this inevitably leads to the incorporation of a wrong amino acid into the sequence of the corresponding protein and to impairment of its mode of action. From this finding I have worked out the bio-energetic basic principles of a new quantum pathology that will dominate medicine in the future (Volume 3).

However, one should not overestimate these structural changes, because the actual cause of the illness lies in the destructive interference patterns in the emotional and mental body, which present themselves to the outside as distinct fear patterns and false beliefs. A large part of these thought patterns revolve around questions of health and illness, e.g. as well-meaning recommendations of all the things one should do to protect oneself from unpleasant diseases and to strengthen the defense mechanisms of one’s body. Numerous books and guides on topics, such as nutrition, physical exercise, sex, purity, body care, etc. are published all the time and are full of misconceptions and fear-based ideas. In order to cleanse these Augean stables once and for all, it requires the power of a demigod like Heracles or the knowledge of an ascended master like myself.

I will not go into all the misconceptions of mankind about human body and its health or illness, because they could fill out entire encyclopedias, but will merely point to the simple fact that medicine still does not know what health is. Any search for a binding definition of health in the textbooks will be in vain, although there are a number of disciplines that deal with the opposite, such as pathology and pathophysiology, which have found their justification of existence in pathogenesis, i.e., the transformation of a healthy state into a pathological one.

But how can we talk about diseases when we don’t even know what health is? Where is the dividing line, if there is one, and how do we recognize it? Here we again encounter the same weakness of science that I repeatedly criticise in the exact disciplines, such as physics and mathematics: scientists have failed to clarify the basic concepts of science.

In physics, until the discovery of the Universal Law, it was not known what energy was, although physicists do nothing else, but study and describe energetic interactions.

Mathematics is based on the fundamental hermeneutic terms, number, continuum, zero set, probability set, without taking the trouble to provide their “proof of existence“, i.e. to establish the epistemological content of these basic terms in the real physical world, although this basic discipline has been known and proven to be in a seemingly insoluble Foundation crisis for almost 80 years (Gödel).

Economics still does not know what money means, as the famous money paradox (Paul Samuelson) makes clear; it is precisely this ignorance that has triggered today’s financial crisis, from which the greatest and last crisis of capitalism will soon emerge, and so on, and so forth (see Economic Energology and below).

But how can one speak of diseases in medicine if one does not consider it necessary to present a binding definition of health, only from which deviant states can be defined as “pathogenic”? You can scroll through thousands of thick medical books, you won’t find the slightest hint on the subject.

Doctors and bio-scientists do not worry about that because they do not recognise this fundamental epistemological problem, although they justify their own professional existence with the existence of diseases. Both physicians and bio-scientists have never heard of the necessity for basic research, with which they have to first justify the raison d’être of their sciences. So far, so good! The chain of human aberrations and paradoxes on this earth is as endless as space-time itself and at the same time a circulus vitiosus. It’s a leitmotif in all my books.

I will now present a popular-scientific definition of health and disease that will help humanity gradually erase all existing misconceptions and beliefs on the subject. This should essentially be the future task of the scientists, because I am not intending to relieve them from this laborious and thankless work with the same meticulousness and completeness as I have done in the field of physics, all the more so as I have already laid the theoretical foundations for this purifying mental activity in Volume 3.

As a future Ascended Master, I have already raised myself above the subject by simply eliminating it for my body. The transformation of my earthly body into an immortal crystalline light body during the light body process (LBP) creates a new existential level in which such mental categories as “health” and “illness” no longer make sense. They are superfluous, artificial distinctions within the limited human perception. At the same time, I have provided the key to the only correct definition of health and disease:

There is no difference between health and illness.

In other words, in order to maintain the condition of constructive interference on all energetic levels of the body, which is a wave system, certain fluctuations (deviations) are necessary, which at present are popularly and erroneously called “diseases“.

Like all space-time systems, the body is a standing wave and a pulsation at the same time. Both the maintenance of health and the development of diseases are ensured by constructive and destructive interferences and resonances of a complex nature on innumerable energetic levels of the body. A number of deviating states are necessary so that the body remains functional and efficient in the time axis of a human life, in a word – HEALTHY!

I will illustrate this circumstance with the following example: It is known that the female body changes considerably during pregnancy. The changes include hormone and blood values (e.g. blood sugar), heart rate and blood pressure, the composition of different tissues, especially the elasticity of tendons and muscle fibers, and so on. If these changes were not related to pregnancy and if they were not interpreted as necessary physiological adaptations to the symbiosis of two distinct organisms in one body, in which the fetus is completely dependent on the mother’s metabolism, and thus related to the forthcoming birth, which presupposes a hormonal softening of the mesenchymal tissue, so that the birth canal can be formed and widened for the child to emerge safely from the womb, doctors would have to define pregnancy as a disease according to the current definition.

The only reason why they do not interpret pregnancy as a disease, although this is still a very common view of many people in different cultures, is that they recognize the functional, teleological ultimate goal of physiological changes during pregnancy in the humoral, neuronal and hormonal systems and the musculoskeletal system. Their knowledge of the requirements of pregnancy and childbirth thus prevents them from considering these deviations from the norm value as “pathological”, but as necessary physiological adaptations to pregnancy.

If comparable changes take place in the body of another human being, then the doctors will immediately define them as “pathological” without much ado for one single reason: they do not know the necessary regulatory mechanisms of the organism, as explained in this treatise. Above all, they know nothing of the existence of the causal astral energies of the soul that create and sustain the human body.

Based on this limited mental attitude, they do not consider their mode of action and adaptation mechanisms at all when interpreting the medical findings. By paying homage to the materialistic doctrine, doctors uncritically and thoughtlessly interpret all the optical, morphological changes (1) which they detect with their diagnostic methods as evidence of disease.

Which label they then give to this body condition and present as a diagnosis is of secondary importance, unless this disease label leads to a therapy with cell-inhibiting drugs, which significantly increase the morbidity and mortality of the patient (see Volume 3 and below). This brings us back to my original postulate:

Spiritual ignorance is the source of all evil in this world.

In the tetralogy, and especially in volume 3, I have proved in a comprehensive and undeniable manner that science, but above all bio-science and medicine, are in a state of total agnosticism with regard to their object of study – organic matter. Particularly in medicine, which is applied heterogeneous science, this ignorance is actively exercised on patients and has led to the greatest collective genocide in the history of mankind, which, incidentally, continues unabated. I dealt with the problem in detail in volume 3, so I won’t deal with it here (see below).

In addition to the scientific agnosticism of physicians, for the sake of completeness I must also mention some false psychological views, which are unreservedly shared not only by physicians, but also by all patients, and which keep the current wrong health care system psycho-energetically alive.

Both doctors and patients regard disease and death, to which it ultimately leads, as a failure. The doctors, who are trained to cure the patients at any price, must inevitably feel as losers when they cannot cure their patients or if they, despite their therapy, even die. This indoctrination of doctors as must-healers has passed into their blood and exerts on them an unnatural and very strong compulsion to always claim success.

This role has been imposed on them by the current health system and by the society, so that they must resort to all conceivable contortions of their conscience and to blatant lies in order to conceal their powerlessness in the face of biological nature and thus to present their helplessness, disguised in a labcoat, as professional competence to the frightened patients.

This is a fundamental professional angst pattern, the source of which lies in the doctors’ fear of death, with which they are constantly confronted; but above all in their fear of their own death, the thoughts of which they can superficially suppress, but by no means eliminate, for they know in an unmistakable way that they are powerless against death and most diseases.

Hence they cannot conceal this revealing truth of their souls from themselves, but they can hide it from their patients, before whom they always appear convincingly as professionally competent, as if they were angelic saviors hovering over life and death, only to do justice to the claim of being a “healer”. This is essentially the basic attitude of today’s physician in pure form, which of course can have many different facets and existential white lies. However, the success of healing is a very rare experience that doctors are allowed to have in their profession. First, doctors cannot cure most chronic diseases at all, even if they outwardly pretend they can. In addition, they do not know the pathogenesis of all chronic diseases, and these make up about 90% of the total disease material. It is sufficient to take a look at the standard textbook of internal medicine “Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine” to convince oneself of the fact that it only contains assumptions about the cause of the disease.

In this voluminous textbook all therapy suggestions are also provided with a big question mark, because one does not know the mode of action of all drugs, as I prove in Volume 3 in detail. Another look at the standard textbook on pharmacology and therapy “Goodman & Gilman’s The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics” is enough to support my statement. The reader will not find a single drug whose mechanism of action has been precisely clarified.

I mention these facts only cursorily at this point, in order to spare myself a detailed argumentation on behalf of my devastating judgement about the “state of the art” of modern medicine and pharmacology. I enjoy the advantage of knowing more about medicine and pharmacology than any other specialist on this earth. I have proved this knowledge in an extensive and clear manner in my books.

Hence in this essay I can take the liberty of introducing relevant conclusions ad hoc, without making unnecessary effort to prove them again. I will simply mention here that I have discussed the issues dealt with here time and again with different colleagues in order to test their reactions. It was easy every time to get them into a need of proof and to convince them, despite their initial objections, of my devastating judgement about the current medicine, so that my arguments and conclusions stand up to every professional examination without restriction.

The mental and cognitive distress of the doctors is further aggravated by the attitude of their patients. A sinister symbiosis develops between them, which in psychiatry is aptly described as “folie à deux” (madness in twos). Like doctors, all patients are terrified of death and all diseases that sooner or later lead to death. Both groups are overwhelmingly composed of immature, agnostic souls who see death as the ultimate end of their existence:

The fear of biological death is the lived principle of separation in its very own form.

If people would first recognize and deeply internalize that they are immortal personalities who not only dwell after death, but also every night, during the sleep phase, in the 7F-creationary realms, from where they expertly plan and coordinate their life in the 3D space-time of the earth, then their fear of death would be eradicated once and for all, and they would be allowed to cry out “Death, where is your sting?” true to the Bible. At the same time, the present health system, as practised in the Western world, will disappear once and for all, because it is based exclusively on the agnostic fear of all those involved of the finality of death.

This is a major reason why I will ascend first as a medical doctor. This process will convince the people first of all of the immortality of the soul and the incarnated personality and will take away their fear of death. Only then will the entire healthcare system and the pharmaceutical industry collapse and disappear from the scene in their present form. I have already described this future scenario in my popular book on Universal Law, published in 1998 in Bulgarian.

Patients’ fear of biological death has various manifestations and evokes a plethora of attitudes and behavioural patterns that intensify in their dealings with doctors. In many cases, this fear is so well camouflaged that it cannot be seen at first glance. Since most doctors are currently the opposite of good psychologists, they see no need to deal with the fears of their patients, although they are, as stated above, the cause of all diseases.

The doctors’ poor psychological knowledge is an expression of their scientific agnosticism, which is also a product of their fear structure. As I said, not only most patients, but also most doctors are immature souls, equipped with a pronounced structure of fear, for which the present health system has been specifically created in order to project their fears onto it and live them out in various karmic connections. At the same time I have explained the mutual, disastrous dependence in which doctors and patients find themselves today.

Why does a person get sick at all? More precisely: “When does a person decide that he is ill and becomes a patient by going to the doctor? In my opinion, this question has not yet been dealt with properly by anyone, although there are a number of books on the subject. At this point I have to go back a little to make the reader understand the mental background of becoming sick.

Most of the time within an earthly life the human body is in an optimal state of constructive interference. During this time, biological regulation runs smoothly and, if physiological needs are disregarded, goes largely unnoticed by daily consciousness. This condition is popularly referred to as “health”. The body is, so to speak, in a “state of grace” and knows about its impeccability. Most children live in this state of grace in their bodies in a spontaneous, natural way until they grow up and begin to grieve and worry about their health.

Since All-That-Is is organized energy – Spirit – this also applies to all its subsets. Each space-time system has its own knowledge of its energetic state (see also Leibniz’ Monadology). This is especially true for the biological organism created by the astral software program of the soul from the energies of the 7F-creationary realms and continuously kept alive: At every moment there is an energy exchange from high-frequency astral energy into the organic matter of the body and vice versa according to the conservation of energy and the unity of space-time.

The soul’s astral software program for the regulation of the body is an extremely complex, intelligent system: it must simultaneously process, adjust and correct countless input and output data so that the body remains in its state of grace, i.e. healthy. The efficiency of this software program of the single soul goes beyond all human conceptions and exceeds by far the capacity of all interconnected computers on the Internet. The very limited daily consciousness of the incarnated personality cannot perceive this performance of the soul at all and regards the state of grace of the body as a kind of “free lunch”. Only when the body leaves this state, does the mind for the first time consciously perceive that “something is wrong with the body”.

At this point the human mind appears for the first time on the decision-making stage and immediately and emphatically claims its own competence – to exercise decision-making sovereignty over the state of the body – which, as explained above, the mind is actually not capable of. I have just described the birth of the idea of disease and medicine.

Each organism has its own development program, which is expressed spontaneously, in an indescribably harmonious and natural way. The human body of the newborn baby is still in great need of protection, yet it enjoys spontaneity and certainty about its future development, which can only be described as a state of grace. Later on, the motor skills are developed, then the body begins to grow until it experiences a significant growth spurt during puberty.

This time is simultaneously filled with the unfolding of the psyche and the mind as various fear patterns and unreflected beliefs are absorbed from the environment with the help of the soul and become an integral part of the personality. It is an important adaptation mechanism to the needs of social life under the known limitations of the 3D-dimensionality. The psycho-energetic encapsulation of the personality with layers of fear is largely completed by the soul shortly after puberty. Equipped with this armor of fear, she can now fully focus her attention on life in this world.

In the first years of life the contact to the soul is still largely open and the children experience their physical integrity and soul protection in a natural and spontaneous way. After puberty, until the 5th decade, the anxiety-driven amnesia of the incarnated personality is kept on a high plateau.

The “menopause” is then not only a significant physiological rebuilding of the body, but above all a gradual reduction of amnesia. During this time, many grafted beliefs, convictions, patterns of behaviour and fears, which the personality has collected throughout her life, are gradually reduced in order to increase the vibration rate of the biological body as well as that of the emotional and mental body.

This frequency increase is brought about by strong polarisations, which manifest themselves as conflicting feelings and contradictory thoughts on the operative level of the psyche and the mind. For this reason, the menopause is extremely strenuous from a psycho-mental point of view and often leads to life crises and depressions, which are merely a manifestation of the inner-soul transformation of the emotional and mental body.

During this reconstruction, the biological body also has to change secondarily, because all three bodies are superimposed wave systems that contain each other as an element (U-sets) and are in constructive interference with each other. Conventional medicine and popular opinion see only the physiological changes of the body and interpret all psycho-mental side effects as a consequence of the “physical degradation in old age”. This turns the actual causal connexion upside down. All scientific and ordinary beliefs on health and disease are woven from this fabric.

Similar processes, but much more intensive, also take place during the light body process. I have discussed these processes in the Gnosis and in my other philosophical writings.

For this reason, the menopause is a very stressful time, especially for women, because the physiological and psycho-mental changes are usually more severe for them than for men. This circumstance explains a demographic fact that has received little attention and is still not understood today. In the last 2000 years, most women have not grown very old. They died of postpartum infection or another disease even before they reached the menopause, because the inner-psychological transformation during that time is extremely exhausting and strenuous for the incarnated personality and very few souls have the courage to undergo these strains. The same applies even more so to the light body process.

Only in the last century did a rapid increase in life expectancy take place, so that we observe several generations of women, the majority of whom reach the menopause age and after its successful overcoming remain on earth for several decades to anchor these spiritual changes in their lives and in society. This tendency results from the rapid increase in the proportion of mature and old souls in the population in the last decades just before the evolutionary leap. Only such souls are able to endure and cope with the mental and psycho-mental transformation in the menopause.

Younger souls are usually spared this type of transformation, which represents an accelerated energetic evolution of the incarnated personality, since they are not yet ready to undergo such a massive transformation at this stage of soul unfolding. For this reason, life expectancy in the Third World is very low, usually below the menopause age, because most souls who incarnate there are baby and child souls and have the assurance of leaving life early.

It is worth mentioning here that some of these necessary transformations which advance the evolution of the incarnated soul during her incarnation cycle can be performed in both the incarnated and disembodied states in the 7F-realms of creation. The second method is the gentler one, so that many souls prefer this variant. In this there is a wide space of creative freedom, which the soul can claim as its own responsibility and in consensus with the other souls involved.

These astral-energetic reasons for the demographic development of mankind are completely unknown to epidemiology and sociology, so that they have no epistemological value as empirical sciences.

These considerations are very important because they illuminate the continuous astral-energetic transformation of the human body for the duration of a lifetime and throughout the entire incarnation cycle. These necessary changes often fulfill the common medical definition of a disease at the body level. Precisely for this until now unrecognized reason, many natural body states are defined as “diseases” in today’s pseudo-rational, extremely manipulative and suggestive society.

In earlier times, prehistoric man had an unmistakable, intuitive knowledge of the ebb and flow of the life-spending force of his soul with which she controlled and changed his body. He saw the same changes in the outer nature with which he identified, and perceived this state as an all-encompassing pantheistic sense of spiritual protection. With this psychological attitude the prehistoric man was far healthier than modern, “civilized” man of our time.

With the development of the ego, the feeling for the state of grace had to go underground, and the mind began to behave as an arbitrary judge of health and disease. The extent of this presumption ran parallel to the willingness of the ego, which embodies the part of the mind that emerges into the outside world and feels responsible for its manipulative transformation, to deny ever more stubbornly the eternal existence of the soul. The knowledge about the existence of one’s own soul had to be ignored by the ego, so that it could regard itself as an independent creator in a very productive, albeit extremely subjective way. Without this psycho-mental precondition, the still very weakly developed mind would once again have fallen back into the care of the soul and, in view of the many misjudgments and the resulting unpleasant situations that awaited it on the path to perfection (the current financial crisis is a prime example of that), would not have seen any incentive to become independent of the soul.

This also explains the largely total amnesia of most people incarnating on Earth at this time. This amnesia manifests itself mainly on the level of the mind, that is, where the existence of the soul is most eagerly denied, as an agnostic materialistic worldview to which we owe today’s medicine.

From this introduction it follows that man makes his judgment about health and illness in total ignorance of the astral-energetic foundations of the biological body and is also not prepared to learn more about them. Like a “laterna magica“, the individual human mind projects its grafted beliefs, prejudices and fears onto one’s own body and is constantly tempted to regard these projections as real conditions – as “diseases”.

From this a priori decision to visit the doctor, the path is usually very short, especially if one is insured. Most people who go to the doctor already have a preconceived, firm opinion that they are ill, and expect the doctor to legitimize this inner subjective conviction for them socially through a scientifically sound diagnosis. This is where the mutual dependence between doctor and patient comes into its own. The raison d’être of the medical profession results from the objective existence of sick people. There must be enough sick people in society for doctors to make a living. The calculation is relatively simple: In Germany, a general practitioner needs an average of 1000 patients in order for his practice to be financially viable. This knowledge flows involuntarily into the medical decision every time a supposedly sick person visits a doctor’s office.

The current compulsory health insurance system offers no incentive not to classify a practice visitor as ill, regardless of whether he or she is actually ill or just imagining it. The doctor feels that more likely “a spike will be broken off from his crown” (a German saying that the reputation will be damaged) if he declares his visitor healthy and sends him home than if he invents an illness for him.

Because the doctor knows from his own experience that this person will be in front of another colleague the next day at the latest. This colleague will have little qualms about declaring him ill and making some gloating remarks in front of his patient about the incompetence of his colleague who overlooked the supposed illness. The expectations of the practice visitor are now fully satisfied and the doctor has won him as a patient.

The doctor has thus secured one thousandth of his income in no time at all, without having to account to any competent authority (2).

This is the pecuniary aspect of the current medical business, which I have exaggerated a little here, without having changed anything on the actual situation in our healthcare system. On the one hand, the individual’s visit to the doctor exerts a strong psychological pressure on the doctor to prove himself as an active diagnostician and to establish a convincing, serious diagnosis. On the other hand, the general understanding of the medical profession in society, which every physician has deeply internalized, places him under an enormous mental pressure to show healing successes.

However, one can only achieve healing successes if an illness is present. So the doctor has to invent a disease that he can then treat in the hope that the patient’s condition will improve a little bit and he can book this change as a success. Since most patients, as explained above, are Imaginary Invalids (Molière already knew this), the medical confirmation of an alleged illness fulfills the function of a social authorization of their suffering, and this desired condition causes a clear psychological relief for the patient. He now enjoys his secondary disease gain to the full, even though he will never officially admit it, and automatically feels better, that is, healthier. This brings us to the crucial question of medicine:

“Why do people want to be sick at all?”

All the problems with which modern man is plagued are exclusively of a spiritual, psycho-mental nature and not of a physical nature, e.g. in the form of an illness. Physical suffering is of a secondary nature, which only becomes meaningful through the psycho-mental processing of the incarnated personality. For this reason, the same disease may be perceived as severe or mild by the person concerned, depending on which attitude he or she chooses towards the disease. If the illness is perceived as an unjust punishment, then it usually proceeds as a severe suffering. If, on the other hand, one regards the illness as a necessary adaptation within the harmonious regulation of the body by the soul, as I have been practising it for ten years within the framework of the light body process, then any physical illness, however severe it may be, loses its threatening nature, and the psychological strain is kept within limits. This does not mean, for example, that a person would not have any pain during such a transformation, but that the pain would become much more bearable through a positive, optimistic and relaxed attitude.

For example, in the course of the light body process that has been going on with me for ten years, I have not experienced a single day on which at least one part of the body or organ would not have hurt; as a rule, two or three body parts were painful at the same time. Often I dragged myself through the day like my own shadow and would have rather died ten deaths than endure this ordeal any longer.

I had no control over my body at that time. In my total chronic exhaustion I left the coordination of my daily routine completely to my soul, which she perfectly mastered. I became a minimalist of physical effort – in contrast to my original being to exude my excessive energy in all directions, I learned during the light body process to cope with the manifold demands of everyday life with minimal effort and still provide for my family around the clock. I have truly become the “Lamb of God” in the last ten years. The only area in which I still enjoy freedom of choice are my abstract thoughts, which essentially deal with the analysis of world events and distract me from my everyday physical torments.

The somatic transformations are sometimes so massive that if I had visited a colleague and described my complaints truthfully to him, he would certainly have declared me seriously ill and sent me into early retirement. However, during this time I did not think I was ill for a single moment, because I know exactly what is happening to me, and I am able to comprehend the massive interventions, which my soul, in close cooperation with the causal worlds, carries out in my body, as a knowledgeable, calm observer with scientific precision and spiritual inspiration, and to bear them with serenity.

In this situation I cannot rely on any traditional experience, because such a process has not taken place on earth in the last 2000 years, and if there had been such transformations of the biological body in prehistoric times, which I assume, mankind today knows nothing about it.

In the second half of the light body process (around 2004 – 2010) I started to keep a diary, so that I would not forget the physical strains I had to endure. To this end, I have introduced a new abbreviated terminology of different symptoms, energy waves and complaints, in order to standardize my daily reports on my physical condition.

This daily bulletin of my physical condition proved to be very beneficial from a practical point of view. For example, my wife, who doesn’t believe in my light body process (What wife would like to accept the idea that her husband, to whom she has been married for 30 years and knows all his weaknesses, is about to become a second Christ?), started reading it regularly and to consider it in everyday life. In this way I was able to condition her a little in my direction, even if she still does not believe in the main thing. As a result, my daily routine became much more bearable.

Only recently, my wife stated with consternation: “If you do ascend one day, I would have to sit down and read all your health reports from the last 3-4 years, so that I can explain to the people how a light body process works in practice.” “But that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do,” I replied: “For in doing so you’ll only promote hypochondria among your listeners. Rather you should intensively deal with my scientific and gnostic books, which you reject at the moment, because only a clear, logical and angst-free thinking, as well as an all-encompassing gnostic knowledge can initiate and promote the light body process. The physical tortures, however unbearable they may be, are then only welcome hurdles on the way to the ultimate goal.”

Humanity today has no experience with the infinite potential of higher dimensional energies that can be realized by the individual soul in each incarnated personality because it is the product of an extremely narrow astral spectrum.

If the human body is currently becoming ill and perishing from various chronic diseases, this is solely due to the fact that it is being cut off from the higher frequency energies of the 7F-realms of creation. As I explain in detail in the Gnosis, the current average incarnated personality is a failed construction in the energetic sense. Many important energetic pathways are currently closed or blocked in the astral body, and this circumstance leads to aging of the biological body and to death. The exact processes and interrelationships are very complex and cannot be discussed here; a halfway complete description would fill several books. During the light body process, these blockages are eliminated step by step, so that the higher frequency astral energies flow into the four functional bodies – the biological, emotional, mental and astral bodies – and fundamentally restructure them.

I have explained in the Gnosis, for example, that during the light body process the current seven chakras, which are energetically separated from each other and allow only a very limited function, as can be seen currently from the instinctive behaviour of most people on earth, merge into a unified chakra. This chakra is able to allow much more astral energy with higher frequency into the body.

This flow of energy is not an end in itself, but is accompanied by significant changes in cell metabolism. Energy-rich molecules such as ATP and GTP, which are regarded in bio-science as universal energy carriers in the cell, now change their energy spectrum. These substances are usually synthesized during the metabolic degradation of the three nutrient classes, proteins, carbohydrates and fats, in order to subsequently participate in many catabolic and anabolic reactions within the framework of cell metabolism. In the end, the biological body can “feed” on astral energy alone and dispense with the actual intake of food. In this way, the biological body is completely renewed; it can no longer age and becomes practically immortal.

Furthermore, there is a number of far-reaching functions that are “installed” by the 7F-creationary realms into the four energy bodies of the incarnated personality before it “ascends into light”. However, this discussion should not become a technical book on the light body process, but should merely expose the people’s limited understanding of health and disease. As soon as humans forever reject the harebrained Darwinian evolutionary doctrine, they will also free themselves from the present materialistic view of their bodies: they will become true Gnostics. Above all, they must understand that health is not an exclusive affair of the biological body, but depends upon the regulation of the invisible astral energies that create the body.

All diseases and physical ailments are therefore not the product of some genes or biological disorders, as the medical professionals claim in their ignorance, but secondary results of destructive interference at the astral level. From this I come to four other important conclusions in the field of medicine and bio-science, which forever reject and replace the current erroneous basic ideas of science:

1. There is no biological evolution within organic matter. All species are conceived in the 7F-creationary realms and kept alive by their astral energies in 3D space-time.

2. The human body is potentially immortal and can exist without disease. Diseases are deliberate experiences of the souls in their present stage of evolution on earth.

3. The term “nature” is a popular paraphrase for the totality of all organic and inorganic forms which the 7F-creationary realms manifest as 3D space-time and are accessible to the human senses.

4. Death doesn’t really exist. Both the soul and the incarnated personality are immortal. Also the biological body is in principle immortal (point 2.). The identity of the incarnated personality does not depend on the nature of the body. If there had been no death of the biological body, there would have been no life on earth either, because then no renewal would be possible too. Life and death are specific energetic transformations in 3D space-time. The energy = space-time is energy conversion = principle of last equivalence.

To point 1: Biological matter cannot evolve out of itself because it is a secondary product, a U-subset of the astral energies of the 7F-creationary realms. Any biological form or existence is first conceived and realized in the 7F-realms of creation and then materialized at any given linear time on Earth or another planet.

The dinosaurs, for example, were not exterminated by a natural disaster, but were conscious, animate species that ended their incarnation cycle after millions of years at the end of the Cretaceous period. The destruction of the last incarnated population of the dinosaurs was a decision of their disembodied souls, just as many people today leave the earth surprisingly in a natural disaster, for example in a tsunami, because their souls have previously decided to end their current incarnation with a sudden, collective death.

The astral matrices for the creation of the dinosaurs are stored in the 7F-realms of creation and can in principle be materialized again on earth or another planet at any time. The souls of the dinosaurs evolve in the causal worlds and exert a certain influence on humanity.

The dinosaur boom that has been triggered in film and television in recent decades is, for example, due to the inspirational impulses of these souls, with which they want to draw the attention of mankind today to earlier incarnation experiments on Earth. In the dinosaur species, the 7F-realms of creation realized above all the astral energy 3 of the warrior, which is responsible for the manipulation of matter in 3D space-time (3).

In today’s species “homo sapiens“, on the other hand, all seven astral energies are used, with each individual soul and incarnated personality representing an essential energy, an essential soul role. The other higher dimensional energies are conceived as psycho-mental qualities by the soul before her incarnation and incorporated into the archetypal soul structure of the personality, so that every human being is born with largely fixed qualities which he then adapts, modulates and refines over the course of his life according to the social conditioning.

Nevertheless, every historical epoch is characterized by the predominance of a certain type of astral energy. The Christian age of Pisces, for example, was dominated by the energy 1 of the healer; Jesus Christ was a healer. The coming Age of Aquarius, which has already begun and will fully unfold with my parousia, will be dominated by the energy 4 of the scholar; this energy assimilates all previous spiritual and intellectual achievements of mankind and merges them into a new, congruent scientific teaching which will shape the collective worldview in the coming centuries (see also this video).

To point 2: Contrary to popular belief, primitive humans have hardly ever been ill, although they had to live under adverse circumstances, just as most animals remain largely healthy during their lives, even if, like humans, they repeatedly undergo periods of energetic changes that are accompanied by discomfort and reduced performance. These physiological changes do not differ in principle from those observed in animals in hibernation.

On point 3: Since the concept of “nature” is an integral part of philosophy and science, this new definition alone will trigger a revolution in scientific thinking. All living forms of nature like humans, animals, plants, insects, micro-organisms etc., but also all inorganic forms like mountains, rivers, seas and other landscapes, not to forget the climate, are creative products of an all-encompassing consciousness, which one can optionally call: Spirit = organized energy = 7F-creationary realms = primary term = All-That-Is = God = Nature.

In religion one speaks of the “Holy Spirit” without realizing that the word “holy” is not a “supreme category” in the sense of Aristotle, although the Church has borrowed all its transcendental terminology from Greek philosophy (see “Neoplatonism and Christianity“). “Holy” is a primitive anthropocentric evaluation and has no gnostic value. Nothing is sacred – unless man decides to call everything sacred. In this case, every creation is sacred. Why then the endless wars on this earth, not a few of which are attributable to the Church? No wonder Christianity has failed from the beginning as a gnostic doctrine of true knowledge.

To point 4: In this sense, the incarnated personality is first and foremost spirit, equipped with a psyche and an organic body. In Church Slavonic/Old Bulgarian language, for example, spirit (Duch, male) and soul (Duscha, female) are one and the same word. The soul, which is an individuation of the world spirit, incarnates on earth to gain experience with the three-dimensionality of space-time matter. This includes first and foremost life in an organic body.

Prior to each incarnation, the soul makes a careful decision about the exact time of conception and death. Both birth and death are not accidental events but precise plans of the soul in the 7F-realms of creation. Under this premise, the soul develops and controls the growth and regulation of the body with its astral software program until it has fulfilled its tasks of collecting experiences through the incarnated personality and is abandoned by the soul.

This procedure of the soul is usually called “death”. The other, more elegant method would be to transform the body and take it as a light body into the 7F-creationary realms (see Gnosis and below). After that the incarnated personality continues her experience and unfolding in the disembodied state in the 7F-realms of creation under far more favorable conditions.

Hence the incarnated soul leaves the body and the 3D space-time of matter only after it has solved her tasks satisfactorily and can no longer evolve under these conditions. Death is only a transition from one energetic state into another – the personality herself is immortal.

The historical personality, who has finished her incarnation, gets through the soul, which is a function of All-That-Is, connection to previous (historical) incarnations, which stay in the 7F-creationary realms as disembodied beings and develop further in the simultaneity of the Now. She now recognizes her “multidimensional nature” (see Gnosis).

If the incarnation ends with a transformation of the organic body into crystalline light body, then the “ascended” personality can from now on dwell in the 7F-creationary realms as well as on earth and manifest the immeasurable knowledge, to which she has access as a transliminal soul, directly in the 3D space-time of the earth. In order not to overwhelm the people, however, this knowledge can only be passed on selectively and very cautiously.

As can be inferred from this discussion, true Gnosis can begin with any earthly subject and conclude the eternal cycle of unfolding consciousness in the universe easily in a logical way; this also applies to our current discussion on health and disease.

Since sickness is an essential experience of the incarnated soul, all people experience one or more diseases at a given time. The duration and severity of the disease can vary depending on the challenges and goals which the soul has set herself for this incarnation. In order to preserve the appearance of separation, the body can perish from such a disease. But this happens only when the soul decides that the right time has come to leave the earth. If the soul has not yet completed all her tasks on earth, the body will still be kept alive under whatever circumstances.

It is well known that many patients live in a coma for years before the soul makes the decision to leave the comatose body. Until that time, she will continue to maintain its vegetative functions. In such a case, the soul of the comatose patient can take on an overriding pedagogical role in favour of other souls, for example by triggering a public discussion on the definition of life and death.

Unfortunately, such a discussion on earth is not conducted with gnostic philosophical arguments, because the vast majority of the current population of young souls is not receptive to such arguments, but as a rule it is carried out in court with legal subtleties. I am thinking here of the Schiavo case, which recently triggered an extremely controversial and irrational political discussion in the USA and revealed the gnostic deficits of both Christian neo-conservatism and “enlightened” state liberalism. Since time immemorial, people have tried to remedy their gnostic ignorance and uncertainty of decision with legal means, thus piling up one unjust, cruel and irrational act after another.

It follows from this that the mind, and even more so the medical doctor, has no power over life and death of the human body. The whole medical activity is a vain activity and an occupational therapy for the participants. Medicine, or rather the health system, is a stage on which the soul is able to create manifold karmic experiences for her incarnated personality, the least of which are currently joyful. This includes: fake diagnoses, false damaging therapies and other procedures, degrading manipulations, various frightening situations, states of impotence, which, even if they present themselves superficially as unpleasant experiences, in reality fulfill an important function.

Such experiences enable the accelerated reduction of layers of fears in the personality structure and broaden her spiritual horizon, for example, by shaking the patient’s faith in modern medicine and encouraging him to reflect in the direction given by this treatise. The more shattering the experience, the greater the individual’s willingness to deal with the false beliefs that have led to it.

For precisely these reasons, many people believe that they are ill, so that they can gain the appropriate experience. In such case they are quietly pushed in the direction given to them by their soul without even noticing it. In most cases, people have various problems with their psycho-mental angst patterns, which they cannot solve within their mental structure and have to project them outwards.

In the case of a disease, this projection must first be embodied (somatized, soma = body) before it becomes a social reality as a medical diagnosis. Long before people consciously think that they are ill, their psyche and mind send signals to the body that it is ill. However, the body feels extremely healthy in this phase and cannot correctly interpret these psycho-mental signals and projections at the body level; it is confused. If the condition lasts long enough, then this fearful psycho-mental showering of the body leads, within the framework of destructive interference, to a reduction of its health vibrations. Since most fear patterns are superimposed wave systems and U-sets of the emotional body, they have a specific somatic localization; for this reason, those organs and body parts that are in the immediate vicinity of the stored fear pattern are preferably affected.

This does not apply to planned diseases, which are apriori decision of the soul before incarnation and are specifically triggered by her, for example, the sudden occurrence of a brain embolism with subsequent paralysis in a healthy young man. I am talking here about a specific clinical case that I have treated as a doctor and healer. This young man knew intuitively about the impending accident long before this karmic challenge occurred, and had captured this premonition as a painter in pictures. But also such “disease accidents” are related to psychological fears and thought patterns from previous incarnations, which the soul has planned to master in her present incarnation. This leads us to another binding definition of disease:

Every disease of the biological body is a physiological adaptation to astral-energetic blockages caused by strong psycho-mental fear patterns and false beliefs. Every disease has its primary cause in the astral energetic realms.

If the psycho-mental angst patterns and the wrong views of the incarnated personality change for the better, then the disease can either be completely cured or its symptoms reach a residual state, in which the personality can lead a full life into old age without great impairment. For this reason every true healer is above all a healer of the spirit.

However, most people and patients refuse to deal openly and relentlessly with their inner-soul problems and repress them. By “problems” I mean various fear patterns and contradictory beliefs that are not consciously recognized by the people. In this respect, modern language, under the fatal influence of psychoanalysis, is extremely imprecise and misleading.

I refer in this context to the fact that until the end of the 19th century, the psychological concept of “repression” was completely unknown to humans, which by no means prevented them from presenting masterly literary representations of the psychic dynamics of their heroes, such as in the books of Dostoevsky or J. Conrad, from whom one can learn much more about the human psyche and its inner “demonic” nature than from the confused writings of a joyless Freud (play upon words – Freud(e) means joy in German), although he himself was more of a literary man than a doctor and a healer. As a medium, language conditions human perception far more than we currently suspect (4).

The “repression of problems” thus means nothing else but a momentous psycho-mental process, in which a concrete fear pattern, which the incarnated personality has to deal with according to her soul’s specifications, is not consciously perceived by her, because this is associated with unpleasant feelings and unpleasant insights. By bringing up a lot of psychic energy to avoid this fear pattern, the human being feeds it with additional energy.

Note: Energy cannot be lost, it is only transferred from one form into another. The fear pattern, which by its nature is a low-frequency energetic blockade at the psychic level and leads to multiple distortions in the mental perception of the environment, is literally condensed and stored in the deep energetic structures of biological matter.

Various fear patterns exhibit preferred somatic localizations that can be relatively easily determined by a transcendental, intuitive healer. For example, anger and powerlessness are preferentially stored in the stomach, liver and pancreas, sadness – in the chest, aggression and hatred – superficially on the whole skin and especially in the hands, etc. However, this treatise is not intended to be a compendium of fear patterns, but to shed light on the subject of “health and disease” from an enlightened, gnostic point of view.

Energy is constantly in motion: it must flow. All somatically stored angst patterns must discharge at a certain point in time and break out to the outside because they hinder the harmonious regulation of the body by the astral software program of the soul. In this case there are eruptions of accumulated psychic energy, which can manifest on the individual level as crisis, depression or running amok.

At the collective level, such mental discharges lead to revolutions, civil wars, genocides, rarely to collective enlightenment and conversion, and change the history of humanity lastingly. The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind will be such an eruptive event – a psycho-mental mass orgasm – that will change the history of this planet forever.

In many people, however, the stored fear patterns cannot be discharged to the outside in such a cataclysmic way. They turn, so to speak, inwards, towards the body and cause destructive interferences there, which then manifest as diseases. So much about the psycho-energetic etiology of diseases.

The real problem of the current health care system is that it is a fear-generating system and significantly exacerbates, rather than solves, the psychic problems that lead to a disease. This conclusion follows from what has already been said. It is supported by the following observations. The health care system is strictly regulated and hierarchically structured. The young doctors are afraid of making mistakes and embarrassing themselves in front of their boss; above all, they are afraid of failing. They project this fear onto their patients by intimidating them and degrading them to compliant puppets. But also their bosses function according to the same pattern, because they were once young doctors.

A frequent method of medical intimidation is to scare the patient of the consequences of his illness if he does not strictly follow the therapeutic recommendation, although most therapies are pointless and in many cases demonstrably harmful. In this way, the doctors make their patients docile and can then manipulate them at will. From this position of power, they can easily conceal their failure to heal most diseases. Especially in hospitals this medical, often sadistic drill of the patients is very popular and transforms these institutions into breeding grounds for somatic fears and new illnesses.

The whole current health concept is on the wrong track and could only flourish because most patients and their doctors are young immature souls who live out their fears in an unconscious way like inborn automatic reactions and in this way decisively shape the medical business and keep it alive:

Today’s patients deserve their doctors and the present healthcare system.

For this reason, I no longer treat patients, although I could, unlike my colleagues, really heal them with my superior energy, which I can mediate through my hands and with the effective therapies, which I developed based on the new theory of biological regulation. First, however, I would have to convince them not to trust the current health system any more and not to be misled by other doctors: In other words, they must be prepared to overcome the psycho-mental fear patterns that make them ill in the first place before they can be cured.

However, since all patients are a social product of our time, they cannot overcome their fears and turn their backs on today’s medicine, although in many cases they complain about the doctors and are not at all convinced by the results of current medicine. In such a case, the patient is not ready for my high-frequency, fear-free therapy, and it makes no sense to treat such people.

The true healer and master – for a true healer is first and foremost a master, and since no true master has yet appeared, there is currently no true healer on earth – must first of all recognize whether a patient wants to be healed or not, that is, he must first determine whether or not his soul has given her consent to the healing of her incarnated personality. Only an enlightened healer can correctly determine this consent. Only then can one begin and successfully complete the healing process. It is superfluous to mention that every patient whose soul has made the decision to be healed can enjoy spontaneous healing without medical intervention.

The soul, even in its incarnated form, is absolutely self-sufficient and needs no help from other incarnated souls. However, it may decide at any time to avail herself of such assistance if this relationship is beneficial to the development of the persons involved. This is how I pull the carpet away from under the feet of many esotericists who, in spiritual presumption, are currently active as self-proclaimed healers.


Under the given sociocultural conditions it is not possible nowadays to carry out a reasonable therapy under consideration of the astral-energetic bases of biological regulation. For this reason, the current health care system must disappear forever.

In addition to the deficits of conventional medicine discussed above, there is the entire pecuniary system of health insurance funds, which is a monster and transforms state welfare into a caricature. I could write volumes about it, but that is not my objective in this essay. I just wanted to point out the most important wrong thoughts and behavioral patterns of those involved who completely devalue medical care.


1. There are no others! Not only are all pathological findings, X-rays and CT images, but also all serum values optical, sensory data from a gnostic point of view; they have nothing to do with the actual bio-energetic processes in the body, but are only empirical epi-phenomena (see also the discussion on this topic in my other writings).

2. The health insurance companies complain at most about the amount of the doctor’s fee, but never about the justification of a false diagnosis, which they can neither verify nor understand. For the same reason, I do not know of any case in which a doctor was convicted of an incorrect diagnosis in Germany. In the USA, it happens occasionally.

3. For further details see the channeled books of V. Hasselmann and F. Schmolke, as well as the new Gnosis.

4. See my book “Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy“.

* * *

TiAmAt, video 135, base en Plutón, Respuestas, de un extraterrestre, de Andrómeda,

Origen: TiAmAt: video 135, base en Plutón, Respuestas, de un extraterrestre, de Andrómeda,

Thursday, June 6, 2019

video 135, base en Plutón, Respuestas, de un extraterrestre, de Andrómeda,

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Vídeo 135

Respuestas de un extraterrestre de Andrómeda vídeo ciento treinta y cinco 16 de julio del 2015.

Mythi, estábamos esperando la luz de su base en Plutón, ¿qué pasó?

Las luces de nuestra base están encendidas, usamos la luz en el rango de frecuencia equivalente a su longitud de onda (nm) rango de 6000K a 7500K y parece que su NASA está filtrando esta frecuencia en las fotos presentadas a ustedes. 
Este color rojizo de las fotos muestra el resultado de este filtrado, porque ese planeta no tiene este color; se parece a la superficie de la luna, pero con el suelo mucho más aspero.

Queridos amigos, ¿cuántos de ustedes tienen preguntas y dudas sobre la forma de absorber la energía cósmica, la concentración y la meditación. Como CB me pregunto, voy a dar una breve explicación al respecto, lo que podría servir como una guia corta.
Aqui vienen algunos consejos y prácticas útiles para lograr una concentración cuántica de la energía cósmica para aumentar su capacidad de trascender a niveles que podrían con el tiempo proporcionar mayor facilidad de comunicación a través de las hondas del cerebro.

Primero, vamos a examinar cómo funciona el campo magnético del planeta. 
El flujo magnético también interactúa en ambas direcciones; no hay un “sentido de flujo” para las líneas magnéticas entre los polos. 
A través de estas líneas de campo magnético se alinea la incidencia de la energía cósmica que se canaliza desde un polo hasta el otro, entrando por uno, y, saliendo por el otro, para continuar su viaje a través del espacio. 
Estos consejos en esta breve guía mostraran, cómo ustedes pueden tomar ventaja de este flujo, para aumentar la carga de alimentación de corriente por el cerebro, para activar ciertos sectores latentes, que requieren un mayor nivel de energía cuántica para funcionar. 
La energía cuántica es como la vitamina “D”, que necesita la piel absorbiendo energía solar para metabolizar; así, son las necesidades de energía cuántica de la energía cósmica que metabolizan en el cerebro.

Cómo concentrarse.

Muy pocos tienen una pirámide para entrar en ella, por lo tanto, se puede utilizar un imán, de neodimio, para simular fácilmente la alineación. 
El imán de neodimio, cuando se coloca en posición vertical sobre una superficie plana, se alinea con la dirección resultante de las líneas magnéticas locales, y esto le dará al norte alineado / sur para ser utilizado por ustedes. 
El lado del imán que enfrenta el sur, es el polo norte del mismo, y ese el lado que se enfrenta a ustedes. 
Con esta alineación, la parte frontal de su cerebro está alineado con el eje norte / sur del campo geomagnético en la dirección en la que va en el flujo de energía cósmica. 
Como ustedes pueden ver, el campo geomagnético de su planeta no se comporta de la misma manera en todos los lugares; sus compases son compensados regionalmente para hacer estas correcciones. 
Pero no es el eje “norte / sur” geográfico que importa, sino la dirección de las líneas magnéticas en su región, y el neodimio se alineará con estas líneas. 
Después de encontrar la posición de ese eje en su habitación, utilice siempre este sentido para sentarse a meditar. 
Coloque el imán de neodimio en una gama de tela y colóquelo en la frente con el polo marcando “norte” en su piel, esto no es necesario, pero el imán le ayudará a centrarse un poco más en la energía, como un lente lo hace con la luz del sol. 
Las cargas eléctricas de las neuronas van a alinearse con este flujo mientras se relaja, desocupa el cerebro para liberar las cargas de trabajo de estas neuronas y dejándolos en estado receptivo. 
Con la práctica, ustedes serán capaces de llegar a un estado en el que dejan de sentir su cuerpo, ni sienten los pies, las manos, el calor o el frío, y, estarán en un estado de ánimo contemplativo en su plano físico para comulgar con su plano astral. 
En esta etapa, su cerebro tendrá la oportunidad de liberar sectores que no podían liberarse en condiciones normales con esa energía excedente. 
Más sectores se liberan mayor será su capacidad de concentración y comprensión, ya que podrán ver las cosas desde un ángulo externo que permite una visión mucho más amplia de todo lo que le afecta o está experimentando en este momento de su existencia. 
A partir de ese momento, las posibilidades de recepción telepática serán mucho más fáciles de lograr, lo que puede facilitar la comunicación con los hermanos mayores en una futura relación interplanetaria.

(* Una explicación del neodimio; Conecte el imán suspendido por un hilo delgado y él va a encontrar el eje norte / sur de su ubicación, seleccione el polo norte del imán que apunta hacia el sur magnético del planeta.Este es el lado del imán que te puedes colocar en la frente mientras estás meditando enfrentando al norte del planeta.)

Mythi, se encontraron dibujos y esculturas egipcias que muestran humanoides con caras de gatos, aves y reptiles. Estas representan seres que en realidad estaban presentes aquí en ese momento?

Muchos miles de millones de años atrás, muchos experimentos de desarrollo se realizaron en el universo que involucraba principalmente mamíferos y reptiles. 
Con respecto a los descendientes de insectos, pocas razas se han convertido en civilizaciones, la mayoría de ellos se extinguieron.

Mamíferos y reptiles eran más hibridado con respecto al genoma y el ADN, y esto llevó a una considerable gama de especies que han logrado desarrollar sociedades a través de miles de millones de años de desarrollo. 
Sí, mamíferos no humanoides hibridaron con el ADN de gatos y perros y diversos tipos de herbívoros, entre los mejor adaptados, que se hibridaron con primates. 
La mayor parte de humanoides se hibridó a partir de primates, de los cuales compartimos 92% de ADN, el otro 8% son el resultado de la manipulación del genoma, que define las diferencias entre las especies humanoides, así como las diferentes especies de los primates mismos. 
Atounianos, Arcturianos, Pleyadianos, y la mayoría de las demás flotas, entre ellos la mía, mantuvieron las tripulaciones mixtas con diversos elementos de diversas razas que trabajan como un equipo cada uno en su función específica, por lo tanto, usted encontrará dibujos y esculturas alabando a los diferentes tipos de “dioses” que vinieron del cielo para enseñar el conocimiento de las estrellas. 
En el caso de los reptiles, hay algunas razas anfibias que trabajan con las tripulaciones de los Arcturianos desde milenios, muy competentes y fiables, por cierto, por lo que nunca juzguen a los extraterrestres por su apariencia, comprueben primero lo que realmente son. 
Los reptiles eran aves híbridos que en realidad nunca fueron bien desarrollados. 
Los aves son reptiles con diferente estructura y el hecho de que en realidad no tienen manos funcionales hizo que no tenían un gran desarrollo futuro como otras especies. 
Frescos y estatuas de estos híbridos con aves son únicamente una manifestación artística; no representan ningún híbrido real.

Mythi, hay una teoría de que el tiempo es una ilusión: pasado, presente y futuro existen juntos. 
¿Qué nos puede decir acerca de este asunto?

Una teoría bien absurda… el tiempo no se acumula en capas para que pueda relacionarse o ser consultado en un contexto universal. 
Los eventos pasados desaparecen después de pasar… no son como fotogramas de un vídeo. Esto también es compartido por todos los que viven en la tercera dimensión, y el pasado, es pasado, para todos por igual. 
Es como una escalera en una dirección, cuando ustedes se mueven hacia el siguiente peldaño, el anterior no volverá con ustedes, pero otros escalaran ese peldaño por donde ustedes pasaron, y lo que les pasó a ustedes, será un regalo para ellos. 
Así que, en un concepto genérico, el nivel que ustedes vivieron, en un tiempo anterior, todavía estará allí, para otros, que irán a través de él, en una forma conceptual, pero para ustedes, como individuos, habrá dejado de existir, y sera sólo un recuerdo grabado en sus registros mentales.

Como nota al margen, no todos caminan por las escaleras de la hora universal y el espacio a la misma velocidad, muchos pueden haber empezado juntos, pero los más conscientes naturalmente suben más rápido, alcanzando niveles futuros, mientras que otros permanecen en su presente de ellos siendo su pasado de ustedes. Espero que puedan entender el contexto de estas aclaraciones.

Mythi, qué tipo de validez tienen los mensajes y prácticas de las tabletas esmeralda de Thoth de la Atlántida, sirven para nuestro estado actual de la conciencia?

Estos eran viejos regalos de los mentores, algunos fueron hechos con materiales de fuera del planeta, de cristales más avanzados y metales, y esto ha causado que muchos duraron hasta el día de hoy, pero los mensajes tenían su vida útil, tenían un significado en un momento dado y no pueden tomarse como una guía absoluta en otra época. 
La concientización no necesita libros o guías, nativos de sus bosques pueden ser más conscientes que la mayoría de su gente “civilizada”. 
Aquellos que buscan la conciencia tendrán que encontrarla desde adentro, a pesar de saber leer tabletas antiguas o libros viejos.

Los que rezan con el sacerdote durante una misa en las iglesias sólo repiten las palabras en el sentido literario, si las verían concientizadas internamente, verían esos dichos muy diferentes a la forma literaria, y sepan que al estar ahi no es más que si estuvieran en su habitación propia o en medio de un bosque. 
No traten de confiar en el conocimiento antiguo, ustedes viven en una época que ofrece infinitas veces más información para ustedes para formar su propia base de conocimiento. 
Vean y analicen la información antigua como reliquias de antaño, a través de la cual su civilización logró llegar acá. 
Pediré que traten de escuchar lo que se dice aquí, estar siempre preparado para cualquier nuevo momento en la vida del planeta,

hay muchos hermanos que los ven, con la esperanza de ayudar, a poner todo en ruta, tan pronto como sea posible.

Mucho movimiento de naves será detectado por ustedes en estos próximos meses, muchos se pueden ver sin su campo de invisibilidad ya que la CG no parece estar demasiado preocupado por eso últimamente.

Manténgase todos bien y saludables.

Capitán Bill julio de 2015 Atlanticobr Channel

Una explicación acerca del uso de los neodimio:

Conecte el imán suspendido por una línea delgada y el encontrará los ejes norte/sur de tu ubicación, seleccione el Polo Norte del imán que es el que esta señalando al sur magnético del planeta.
Este lado del imán es el que te puedes colocar en la frente mientras que estés meditando mirando hacia el norte del planeta.

Vídeo 136

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Video 135 Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and thirty five – July 16, 2015. 
Mythi, we were waiting for the light of your base on Pluto, what happened? – The lights of our base are lit, we use light in the frequency range equivalent to your wavelength (nm) range of 6000K to 7500K and it seems that your NASA are filtering this frequency in the photos brought to you. This reddish color of the photos shows the result of this filtering because that planet does not have this color; it looks like the surface of your moon, but with the ground much more rugged.

– Dear friends, how many of you have questions and doubts about how to absorb cosmic energy, concentration and meditation. As CB asks me, I will give a short explanation about it, which could serve as a short guide. Here are some helpful tips and practices to achieve a quantum concentration of cosmic energy to increase your ability to transcend to levels that could over time provide greater ease of communication via brain waves. First, let’s examine how the magnetic field of your planet works. The magnetic flux also interacts in both directions; there is no “flow direction” for the magnetic lines between the poles. Through these lines the magnetic field aligns the incidence of cosmic energy that is channeled from one pole to the other, entering by one and leaving the other to continue their journey through space. These tips in this short guide is to show how you can take advantage of this flow to increase the current power load by your brain to activate certain dormant sectors that require a higher level of quantum energy to function. The quantum energy is like your vitamin “D” who needs the solar energy absorbed by the skin to metabolize; well, the quantum energy needs of cosmic energy to metabolize in the brain.

How to make your concentration. As very few have a pyramid to get into it, therefore you can use a neodymium magnet to easily simulate the alignment. The neodymium magnet when placed upright on a flat surface aligns with the resulting direction of local magnetic lines, and this will give you aligned north / south to be used by you. The side of the magnet that faces the south is the north pole of it, and it is the side that will be facing you. With this alignment, the front part of your brain is aligned with the north / south axis of the geomagnetic field in the direction where you are going on the cosmic energy flow. As you friends can see, the geomagnetic field of your planet does not behave the same way in all locations; your compasses are compensated regionally to make these corrections. But it is not the axis “north / south” geographical that matters but rather the direction of the magnetic lines in your region, and neodymium will align with these lines. After finding the position of that axis in your room, always use this sense to sit for meditation. Place your neodymium magnet in a range of fabric and place it on your forehead with the pole marked “north” in your skin, this is not necessary but the magnet will help to focus a little more energy, like a lens does with the sunlight. Electric charges of your neurons will to align with this flow as you relax, vacating the brain to release the workloads of these neurons and leaving them in receptive state. With practice, you will be able to reach a state in which cease to feel your body, do not feel your feet, hands, heat or cold, and will be in a contemplative mood where your physical plane to commune with your astral plane. At this stage, your brain will take the opportunity of “excess energy” to free sectors that were prevented from being released under normal conditions. The more sectors are released the greater your ability to concentrate and understanding, since it will see things on an external angle that will allow a much broader view of everything that affects you or you’re about at the moment of your existence. From that point on, the telepathic reception possibilities will be much easier to achieve, which may facilitate communication with earlier brothers in a future interplanetary relationship. Mythi, they are found drawings and Egyptian sculptures showing humanoid-faced cats, birds, and reptiles. This represent beings who actually were present here at that time? – There are many billions of years ago, many development experiments were done in the universe involving mostly mammals and reptiles. With respect to insect descendants, few races have become civilizations as most of them became extinct. Mammals and reptiles were more hybridized with respect to the genome and DNA, and this led to a considerable range of species that have managed to make societies through billions of years of development. Yes there humanoid mammals hybridized with DNA from cats and dogs and various types of herbivores, beyond that better adapted, which were hybridized with primates. Most of the humanoid was hybridized from primates, of which we share 92% of DNA, the other 8% are the result of manipulation of the genome, which defines the differences between the humanoid species as well as the different species of primates themselves. The Atouns, Arcturians, Pleiadeans, like most fleets including mine, remained mixed crews with various elements of various races working as a team each in its specific function, therefore you will find drawings and sculptures praising the different types of “gods “who came from heaven to teach knowledge of the stars. In the case of reptiles, there are some amphibious races working in crews of Arcturians for millennia, very competent and reliable by the way, so never judge aliens by appearance, first check who they really are. The reptiles birds hybrids were never really developed. The birds are reptiles with different structure and the fact that they have not really functional hands would not have a great future development as other species. Frescoes and statues of such hybrids with birds are only artistic manifestation; do not represent any real hybrid.

Mythi, there is a theory that the time is an illusion: past, present and future all exist together. What can you tell us about this matter? – A well preposterous theory … time does not accumulate in layers that it could be related or consulted in a universe context. Past events vanish after passing … it’s not like frames of a video. This is also shared by all who live in the third dimension, and the past is passed to all equally. It’s like a ladder in one direction, when you move up to the next rung the previous not coming back to you, but others will be climbing that step where you have been and what was passed to you will be the present for them. So in a generic concept, the level that you lived in an earlier time will still be there for others who will go through it in a conceptual form, but for you as an individual it will have ceased to exist and may be only a recorded memory in your mental records. – As a side note, not all walk up the steps to universal time and space at the same speed, many may have started together but the most aware rise naturally faster, reaching future levels while others remain in their present in your past. I hope you can understand the context of these clarifications. Mythi, what type of validity do the messages and practices on the Emerald tablets of Thoth of Atlantis serve our current state of consciousness? – These old mentors gifts, some were made with materials from outside the planet, more advanced crystals and metals, and this has caused much lasted until the present day but the messages, messages has its shelf life, which had a meaning in a given time cannot be taken as an absolute guide in another epoch. The conscientization not need books or guides, a native of your forests can be more aware than most of your “civilized” people. Those looking for awareness will have to find it from within, regardless of knowing how to read old tablets or old books. Those who pray with the priest during a Mass in the churches is only repeating words in the literary sense, as if conscientized internally would see those sayings of very different from literary way, and know that being there is not more than if you were in your own room or in the middle of a forest. Do not seek to rely on old knowledge, you friends live in an epoch that provides infinite times more information for you friends form your own base of awareness. View and analyze the old information as relics of yesteryear, trough from which your civilization managed to get here. – I ask you who seek to hear what is said here, be always prepared for any new moment in the life of the planet, and many brothers who watch you friends, hope to help put everything on track as soon as this is possible. – Quite spacecraft movement will be detected by you in these next few months, many of which can be viewed without invisibility field since the CG does not seem to be too worried about it lately. Stay all well and health. *An explanation of the neodymium: Attach the magnet suspended by a thin line and he will find the north / south axis of your location, select the north pole of the magnet that is pointing to the magnetic south of the planet. That side of the magnet is that can be placed on your forehead while you’re meditating facing north on the planet.

Video 136

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TiAmAt, share, A+, Our Galactic Sun Aligns, with the Great Central Sun, and Plasma Reigns, | Astraea et Amora,

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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

share, A+, Our Galactic Sun Aligns, with the Great Central Sun, and Plasma Reigns, | Astraea et Amora,

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Our Galactic Sun Aligns with the Great Central Sun and Plasma Reigns | Astraea et Amora

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Our Galactic Sun Aligns with the Great Central Sun and Plasma Reigns

Posted on April 26, 2019 by Astraea et Amora Carla Thompson, April 26, 2019


Plasma is the essence of the Unity Field ~ Magnetic, Superconductive and Superconscious

We are at a very expansive time in the Ascension where the presence of photonic light has been replaced with a new kind of light – Plasma Light. 
This unique and very delicate plasma light has been with us in minute quantities for a few years, but now new galactic alignments have recently caused a plasma burst to flood the Earth and each living being on the planet.

Over the years these messages have centred around a discussion of the supporting energetic qualities of an ascended reality including Magnetism, Superconductivity and Non-Polarity [Message 5, Message 6, Message 7]. 
 An overview of the sequence of the messages clearly shows the beautiful unfolding of the ascension in very fine increments, step by step, reflecting how cosmic energies are naturally and gently melding into our reality, taking us higher and higher into ever-refining frequencies that hold unified awareness, also known as the field of Unity Consciousness.

It has been an exciting revelation for me to learn about the new plasmic light and to hear about our alignment with other galactic bodies. 
Of course, the natural energetic condition of the Universe is magnetism
This alignment: Central Sun to our Magnetic Sun to our planet Earth, has created a superhighway of conductivity, through the activity of magnetism. 
This superhighway is now fully available to the influx of plasmic light, the principles of which are superconsciousness, the instant access to higher awareness and the Infinite Consciousness where all energetic exchange is instantaneous and reciprocal. 
The Earth herself has even risen to the occasion as shared by the Elohim here: [Gaia’s Magnificent Magnetic Shift on October 29th, 2018]. This activity fully replaces polarity founded in electromagnetism, once and for all.

Surely, if one had any doubts, this event demonstrates the power of Creation to change underlying energetics of any reality to align with the intention of Source. This means the electromagnetic grids set up to disconnect us from our spiritual selves and our inherent right to know that our true heritage is spiritual and that we are a direct expression of creation itself, will now be successfully overridden in favour of our spiritual growth and will also result in supporting new technologies founded in magnetism.

It is also important to know that the plasma light has almost completely replaced photonic light. Photonic light was predominant in this reality until now and carried properties of refraction and reflection. This light was only visible on a very narrow frequency bandwidth as an individuated light substance. The power of plasmic light is that it is not corruptible, it remains whole when it arrives on a magnetic superconductive wave, and it is superconscious. The wholeness of the Source is carried within, is not corruptible, and therefore fully penetrates every body of form to unite it with the Source of All-That-Is. This is perfection.

At the human level this alignment has brought with it qualitative shifts in our personal experiences in terms of challenges that address one’s level of consciousness. We are noticing how our reality has become extremely dynamic, where our relationships and life experiences have taken on a whole new level of meaning. It seems the plasma light is intensifying these experiences and therefore one must always hold firmly onto the principles of “highest good of all” with the kindness and compassion of the Master, so as not to fall into third density separation and exclusion.

The symptoms of the Light Body Process (LBP) have also intensified in many light bearers prior to and through the recent Full Moon Portal of April 19th. I am certain almost every light bearer has noticed either an increase in these symptoms and/or noticed a resurfacing of old inner emotional debris that must be cleansed in order to move to the next level of evolution.

This new plasma light is a brilliant tool that has the ability of bring absolutely everything to the fore, either to be healed and released OR to be re-experienced and re-analyzed, this time with the supporting principles of sincerity and honesty. This is simply another opportunity to accept our own responsibility for our part in a misunderstanding. Indeed, there is no escaping responsibility: It seems the plasmic light is here to heal everything, and everyone, once and for all, one way or the other! What an opportunity to clear one’s slate and move into a higher frequency, in order to ascend this limited reality of existential challenge and suffering, tied up with other soul’s paths to which our entanglement does not serve us. It is a time requiring careful dedication to balanced reflection of one’s own life.

Finally, after the slate has been cleared with the help of the plasmic light bringing directly to us the unified field of consciousness and imparting the energy of higher levels of understanding for all challenges, our ascension into higher expressions is assured. The Elohim share their view on the golden plasma light that many of us noticed last December and they emphasize the importance of embracing the Golden Plasma, as Christ Consciousness, as it paves the way to unifying with our I AM Presence, the final step before ascension. The unification with our I AM Presence can be an arduous journey, but now we have the full energetic support of the Unity Field of Creation around us.

I hope you enjoy this beautiful message from the Elohim, Astraea and Amora, and that it brings clarity to your journey.

With love, Carla

“This is a beautiful moment in the outer expansion as separations of lower frequency realities intensifies as waves of plasmic light now enter your world. The power of your Magnetic Sun is enhanced following alignment with the Central Sun, and an inflow of magnetic energy also floods the Earth to the core. The flooding of magnetic energy has opened the gateways for plasmic light to effectively neutralize all electromagnetic waves and the ElectroMagnetic (EM) fields that are so harmful to your beautiful planet and all inhabitants. The EM fields are known to be harmful to your healthy human Chakra system, which is solely and naturally, magnetic in nature.

Your planet is now flooded with beautiful activated waves of plasmic light energy. What is plasma light? Plasma light is best described as a substance that has been created from an electron shift at the quantum level of creation.

This is an exciting time because it means a full re-alignment to what the Source intended, and it replaces photonic light coming to you from the Photon Belt in which you have been immersed during this cycle and from which you are now emerging.

Photonic light was refracted light, refracted into individuated rays of light frequency upon the narrow electromagnetic spectrum [see here]. The “Whole” of photonic light was always refracted into individual ray colours according to their frequency.

Now, within the parameters of magnetism, plasma light is never refracted, nor reflected, when entering into your reality ~ it always remains whole. As such it is impossible to alter its properties of superconductivity and superconsciousness. These are the properties that carry perfected information to you from the God-Source, and THIS is the fail-safe against the manipulating energies of the Fallen Reality –

It is “The Answer”.

We will expand this discussion to include previously noted plasma light, seen as an influx of Golden Plasma light, [around Christmas time, note Carla] and the purpose of this event was to “prepare the space”, so to speak, for the special dispensation of the Infinite Wheel of Light and Life. The showering of this sparkling golden light, seen by many light bearers, set the stage for humanity to align with what you know to be the “Christ Consciousness”. This golden light has come from the Central Sun through which all evolution is directed. The Central Sun can also be equated to the Energy of God, or Source, and it is sustained as pure conscious awareness and of which pure conscious creation has originated.

Now as the Magnetic Sun has brought forth this sacred light, all forms are in place to receive the Golden Christ Consciousness, in preparation for every souls alignment to their I AM Presence. Remember, even if we refer to it as golden “Christ Consciousness” energy, it is really a universal life force energy founded in the power of Divine Mind through the application of unconditional love, illumination and kindness. These energies hold equal loving presence for all expressions of life on your planet. Our intent is by no means to align this “Christ Consciousness” energy with any particular religion.

The important idea is that by choosing NOT to align to the principles of this beautiful creationary energy, one will have difficulty in moving forward into the light and power of pure creation through the aspect of the I AM Presence. Remember! The alignment with your own I AM Presence is ultimately the key to your own personal ascension in this lifetime, out of the birth~death~rebirth cycle.

With infinite love for All…

Astraea and Amora”

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TiAmAt, VÍDEO 132, share, archive, nuestro universo es nuevo, ANSWERS FROM ANDROMEDA, no real pictures

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Friday, May 10, 2019

VÍDEO 132, share, archive, nuestro universo es nuevo, ANSWERS FROM ANDROMEDA, no real pictures

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Respuestas de un extraterrestre de Andrómeda-vídeo ciento treinta y dos-6 de abril del 2015

Mythi, si nos obligan a recibir las vacunas por ley, o, si las vacunas son, por fuerza, introducidos en nosotros, ¿cómo evitar la detección, si evitamos estas vacunas? 
Ellos nos van a revisar con microondas…

– Ustedes tienen que unirse contra estos abusos. 
Si la gran mayoría, se niegan a tomar la vacuna, expresándolo con fuerza, no pueden hacer nada, las empresas no van a querer a todo el personal ausente, debido a la “campaña de vacunación”, ustedes tienen que entender que el gobierno está ahí para servir al pueblo, y no, para hacer cumplir soluciones forzadas, por “empresarios corruptos.” 
Cuando se den cuenta de que el pueblo unido es quien realmente manda, sus élites serán derrotados por las raíces. 
Sólo el pueblo puede reclamar una sociedad más justa para sí mismo, por lo que la mayoría de los reclamos siempre son atendidos por quién está ahí solamente y “únicamente” para satisfacer esas necesidades y anhelos. 
Una sociedad alcanza su madurez cuando sus líderes están allí sólo para equilibrar los recursos y garantizar el bienestar de todo su pueblo. Lo que no es así, no es un gobierno es una banda organizada de gangsteres.

Mythi, algunos se preguntaron acerca de eso. parece que todo el universo ya está trazado / explorado y todo es almacenado en enormes bases de datos. 
¿Existe en realidad nada por descubrir ya? ¿Existe algún sistema que no este reclamado por nadie todavía?

– Por supuesto que si, nuestro universo es nuevo, las cuatro quintas partes del mismo esta todavía inexplorado. 
Todavía existe mucho por conocer, y, para sembrar, en este vasto universo, del que formamos parte. 
Muchas razas no humanoides, pueden ser dominantes en muchos sistemas, y esto puede plantear dificultades, en los asentamientos humanoides en estas regiones. 
Nuestra red de comunidades galácticas, cubre sólo una octava parte del universo, ya explorado, por lo tanto, significa que todavía hay mucho por hacer, por lo que, bienvenido a nuestro equipo de trabajo.

Mythi, una nave espacial de la NASA que orbita el planeta rojo, ha detectado una misteriosa aurora, que llega profundamente hasta adentro de la atmósfera marciana, 
¿podrías hablar de ello?

– Las luces del norte, son el resultado de la refracción de las emisiones de partículas solares en su atmósfera en el punto de concentración de las líneas mas cercanas de fuerza del campo magnético, así, Marte está ganando una capa atmosférica, cada vez más espesa, y, esto hará que se dé el mismo fenómeno allí, a partir de ahora.

Mythi, la CG sólo podría intervenir si se utilizarían armas nucleares? 
Pero, ¿cómo se mueren de hambre los africanos y los asiáticos y no es una forma de genocidio?

Pensé que podrían intervenir en caso de genocidio que se lleve a cabo sin importar el arma.

-Mire, existe la política de intervención para todos los miembros de la CG, pero la sociedad se tiene que haber convertido, oficialmente, en una de nivel 1. 
Esto, esto, es lo que va a pasar en la Tierra, pero, ustedes, tienen que ser fuertes, para sobrevivir con sus gobiernos, hasta que se dé la orden de intervenir. 
Ustedes, tendrán que demostrar, su viabilidad, como una raza, y todos los que no permaneceran en el planeta, los aguardan en los lugares apropiados, para continuar su desarrollo. 
Para ustedes, a veces, es difícil digerir la idea de que todo funciona, para que la etapa de desarrollo se adapte a los lugares apropiados, y esto tiene que suceder de forma natural a través de sistema de reencarnaciones.

Mythi, ¿por qué hay no hay fotos reales de la Tierra? 
Sólo puedo encontrar materiales compuestos de la Tierra, no hay imágenes reales. 
Es plana?

– Verás, las fotos tomadas por las misiones, que estaban en su luna, están en los archivos de su NASA, y se tomaron, mucho más allá del cinturón de Van Allen, con poca resolución. 
Otros equipos más modernos, tienen algunas fotos de mayor resolución, también tomadas atrás del cinturón, pero, por alguna razón, no se liberan para todos. 
No tienen fotografías de la Tierra, porque no pueden estar, a una distancia suficientemente lejana, para tomar fotos de ella entera, deberían llevar las cámaras hasta el cinturón de Van Allen, para tener ángulo, y, es imposible en este momento. 
Acerca que si la Tierra es plana, a veces, me confunden, con su edad media, y, el tiempo actual. 
¿Cómo, en buena conciencia puede alguien imaginar que la tierra sea plana? 
En el universo todo es redondo, porque son cuerpos formados por el movimiento de rotación, y, las altas temperaturas. 
La gravedad opera en todas las direcciones desde el punto central de los cuerpos giratorios y de esta manera se forman naturalmente las esferas. 
Examinen una gota de agua que cae, una burbuja flotante, tratemos de hacerla plana, si ustedes, chicos, logren esa proeza, podemos volver a hablar de esta teoría pintoresca.

Mythi, el Arca de la Alianza – De acuerdo con la Carta del Nuevo Testamento de los Hebreos, el Arca contenía también la vara de Aarón, un frasco de maná, y el primer rollo de la Torá, escrito por Moisés; es verdad?

– Bueno, el concepto de un Arca de la Alianza, es puramente simbólico, muchas “cosas diferentes” sucedieron en su antigüedad, y, estas cosas, se han convertido en leyendas. 
Algunos grupos sociales, recibieron ayuda de los dioses, como máquinas para eliminar, o, convertir la humedad del aire para generar agua, máquinas que producen un alimento de proteínas, para la supervivencia en algunas situaciones, y, directrices de comportamiento, que debían seguir, si querían sobrevivir, en esos tiempos. 
Estos regalos fueron siempre muy bien cuidados, y, fueron objeto de controversias, y, con el tiempo, fueron destruidos. 
Novelas literarias adoptadas por sus religiones crearon la imagen del arca, para ser inculcado en la mente de los seguidores, como una reliquia de Dios, un objeto divino, y poderoso. 
Una cosa que puedo decir, a todos ustedes, es que sólo es un concepto y una historia.

Mythi, de acuerdo con las imágenes de infrarrojos, donde aparecen pequeñas orbes de variados diámetros que rodean el ambiente, se han detectado en varios lugares por varias personas, 
¿qué podrías decirnos sobre ellas?

– Creo que algunas, están listos para aprender más. 
De hecho, estas orbes de plasma, están en todas partes, se multiplican de acuerdo con la necesidad de los humanoides, que están pasando por este proceso de transición. 
Son, como los glóbulos rojos de la sangre, que llevan oxígeno a los órganos. 
Estas orbes, están programadas para contrarrestar las discrepancias físicas / químicas de los cuerpos humanoides, de la tercera dimensión, centrándose más, en los que tienen más problemas por resolver. 
Algunos pueden verlos, y, otros no, con la tecnología actual, según la iluminación, pueden ser capturadas con cámaras, que pueden responder a la frecuencia en el rango infrarrojo. 
Las personas que recibieron implantes cuando eran pequeños, criados por sus razas madre, atraen una mayor cantidad de ellas, y, la asistencia de estas orbes plásmidos, que incluso transmiten los datos del organismo particular a la base de datos de su raza madre. 
Algunas personas muy sensibles, sienten el poder correctivo de inyecciones que pueden estar recibiendo, en forma de pequeñas sacudidas. 
Cuando meditan, o sueñan, es cuando se manifiestan con mayor intensidad, por lo que cuando los monjes dicen que están en un estado “Zen” es cuando están rodeados de orbes plásmidos, que reciben la energía de las fuerzas universales. 
Cuanto más sabes, más aprendes. 
En el ambiente, no hay solamente gas, vapor y polvo, hay otros elementos en las colonias de humanoides, que ustedes conocerán a tiempo. 
– El más sensible, puede ver estas orbes en algunas situaciones, incluso pueden concentrarse, y, enviar información a sus tutores a través de ellos. 
A menudo, su medicina no tiene explicación para los casos de supervivencia en accidentes, donde las personas teóricamente deberían estar muertos, pero no son conscientes de estos otros medios, que se pueden agrupar para proteger a ciertas personas, manteniendo los puntos vitales, en una suspensión temporal y así, protegiéndolas de sucumbir, antes de lo previsto, para ellos. 
Algunos de los que se dedican a desarrollar sus técnicas de meditación, y concentración, pueden ayudar a otros menos afortunados, para recibir más ayuda de estas orbes plásmidos, y, verificar la mejora significativa de estas personas, como el Reiki, entre docenas de otras técnicas, que en última instancia, conducen a la misma concentración de estado de energía. 
Cuando pone su mano sobre la cabeza de un paciente, y, enfoca su voluntad a ayudar a esa persona, se sorprenderá de la cantidad de orbes plásmidos que pueden reunirse alrededor de esa persona. 
Sólo por esta razón, en los lugares donde muchas personas se reúnen, y se concentran, para tratar de curar a una persona, pueden suceder lo que sus religiones llaman equivocadamente “milagros”, porque la fe, y las buenas intenciones de ese grupo de personas pueden mover miles de orbes plásmidos y dirigirlas hacia la persona enfocada, a quien pueden ayudar incluso sin que su aura tenga iluminación suficiente para recoger orbes necesarias para su recuperación.

Mythi, muchas preguntas acerca de quién es Dios, y, cómo se ve, o sera Dios puro espacio azul de la energía?

– Mira, el concepto de un Dios omnipotente, es un concepto, muy vago. 
Dios existe, en diversas etapas de desarrollo universal, como una jerarquía de “dioses”, que crea, y guía, a cada uno, en estos pasos.
El Dios que importa para el nivel de desarrollo de una raza, es uno, que se preocupa por sus hijos en esa etapa de desarrollo, y, usa de sus principales discípulos, para ayudar en la misión de “Aumentar y multiplicaros”. 
Algunos puntos filosóficas al respecto son para mí difíciles de explicar, ya que sus conceptos siguen siendo muy heterogéneos.

Miren, ustedes tienen que centrarse en lo divino que hay en la distancia correcta para que lo escuchen, en el momento de desarrollo que ustedes están pasando. 
La evolución, es como un árbol genealógico invertido, sólo pueden asesorarse con sus abuelos y padres, pasando este conocimiento a sus hijos y nietos que formarán las sociedades que hagan espacio para ustedes en el futuro. 
Cuanto más se desarrollan, más estarán en el camino hacia la cumbre de la pirámide divina, que formó todo, así que no se preocupen acerca de Dios, todo lo que estamos viviendo es parte de el. 
El conocimiento, este sí, es como un árbol familiar… cada nueva información que ustedes, o, una sociedad asimilan, genera nuevas ramas, que desarrollarán los nuevos conocimientos adquiridos. 
Nunca se detiene, por el contrario, aumenta de manera exponencial. 
– Sean prevenidos, acerca de los cambios, tanto en lo social, co
mo de los cambios impuestos por la naturaleza del planeta. 
Los más preparados, pueden enfrentar situaciones, con más conciencia, y, ayudar a otros grupos a organizarse, más adecuadamente.

Que todo el mundo esté bien! 
Capitán Bill – abril de 2015 – Atlanticobr


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Video 132

Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and thirty two – April 06, 2015. 
Mythi, if we are mandated to take vaccinations by law or if vaccinations are, unwillingly, introduced into us, how do we avoid detection if we avoid such vaccinations? They will check us by microwaves… – You have to unite against these abuses. If the vast majority refuse to take the vaccine said forcefully, they cannot do anything, companies will not have all the staff left because of “vaccination campaign”, you friends have to understand that the government is there to serve the people and not to enforce solutions forced by “corrupt business leaders.” When you become aware that the people united is who really rules, your elites will be defeated by the roots. Only the people can claim a more just society for himself, making the most of the claims are always attended by who’s there only and “solely” to meet those needs and longings. A society reaches its maturity when their leaders are there only in order to balance the resources and ensure the welfare of all his people. What is not so is not a government but is an organized gang. Mythi, some wondered about that. it seems the entire universe is already charted/explored and all stored in huge databases. Is there actually still anything to discover? Are there even any systems left that are not claimed yet by anyone? – Of course it is, our universe is new, and four fifths of the known universe it is still unexplored. Much still exists to be known and seeded in this vast universe of which we are part. Many non-humanoid races can be dominant in many systems, and this may pose difficulties in humanoid settlements in these regions. Our network of galactic community’s covers only one-eighth of the universe already explored therefore means that there is still much to be done so, welcome to our task force. Mythi, a NASA spacecraft orbiting the Red Planet has detected a mysterious aurora that reaches deep into the Martian atmosphere, could you talk about it? – The northern lights are the result of refraction of solar particle emissions on your atmosphere at the point of concentration of closing lines of force of the magnetic field, well, Mars is gaining an atmospheric layer increasingly thick and this will cause the same phenomenon there as well from now on. Mythi, CG could only intervene if nuclear weapons were used? But how is starving Africans and Asians not a form of genocide? I thought they could intervene if genocide was implemented no matter the weapon. – See, the intervention policy exists for all members of the CGs, but society has officially become part as level 1. This is to happen to the Earth but you friends have to be strong to survive with your governments until the order to intervene is given. You will have to prove your viability as a race, and all who not abide in the planet are being awaited in their appropriate places to continue development. Sometimes it’s hard for you friends to digest the idea that all functions to suit the stage of development to appropriate locations, and this has to happen naturally namely through reincarnations system. 
Mythi, why is there no real pictures of Earth? I can only find composites of Earth no real pictures. Is it flat?

– You see, the photos taken by the missions that were to your moon are in the archives of your NASA and were taken well beyond the Van Allen belt with little resolution. Other more modern rigs have some higher resolution photos also taken after the belt but for some reason are not released for y’all. You have no pictures of Earth because they cannot be at a sufficient distance to take pictures of her whole, would have to take the cameras to the Van Allen belt to have angle and it is impossible at this time. As the Earth is flat, sometimes confuses me with your middle age and the current time. How in good conscience can anyone imagine the flat earth? In the universe are all round, because they are bodies formed by rotational movement while still at high temperatures. The gravity operates in all directions output from the center point of the rotating bodies and this way naturally spheres. Examine one drop of water falling, a bubble floating, try to make them flat, if you friends get the prowess, we can go back to talk about this quaint theory. Mythi, the Ark of the Covenant – According to the New Testament Letter to the Hebrews, the Ark also contained Aaron’s rod, a jar of manna, and the first Torah scroll as written by Moses; is it true? – Well, the concept of an Ark of the Covenant is purely symbolic, many “different things” happened in your antiquity and these things have become legends. Some social groups received help of the gods, as machines to remove air humidity generating water, machines that produced a protein feed for survival in some situations, and conduct guidelines to be followed if they wanted to survive those times. These gifts were always very well kept and were the subject of disputes and over time were destroyed. Literary novels adopted by your religions created the image of the ark to be inculcated in the minds of followers as a relic of God, a divine and powerful object. One thing I can say to you all, it’s just a concept and a story. Mythi, according to pictures in infrared, where they appear small orbs of various diameters circling the environment that has been detected in several places by various people, what could you tell us about them? – I think some are ready to learn more. In fact, these plasma orbs are everywhere, they multiply according to the need of the humanoids that are going through this process of transition. They are like the red blood cells from your blood leading oxygen to the organs. For orbs they are programmed to counter the physical discrepancies / chemical of humanoid bodies of third dimension, focusing more on those who have more problems to be solved. Some may see them and others cannot, with current technology, depending on the lighting, they can be captured with cameras as they respond to the frequency in the infrared range. People who received implants when small, raised by their mothers races attract a larger amount and attendance of these plasmids orbs that even transmit information about the particular body to the database of your mothers’ race. Some very sensitive people feel the corrective power of injections that may be getting in the form of small shocks. When you meditate or sleep is when they manifest with greater intensity, so when the monks say they are in a state “Zen” is when they are surrounded by orbs plasmids receiving the energy of the universal forces. The more you know the more you learn. In the atmosphere there are no gas, vapor and dust only, there are other elements in humanoid colonies you will know in time.

– The most sensitive can see these orbs in some situations may even concentrate and send information to their tutors through them. Often your medicine has no explanation for cases of survival in accidents that theoretically should be dead, but they are not aware of these other means that can be grouped to protect certain people keeping the vital points in a temporary suspension and protected from succumbing ahead of schedule for them. Some who are dedicated to develop your techniques of meditation and concentration, can help others less fortunate to receive more assistance these plasmids orbs and verify the significant improvement of these people, such as Reiki among dozens of other techniques that ultimately lead to the same state concentration of energy. When you put your hand on the head of a patient and focus on your willingness to help that person would be amazed at the amount of plasmids orbs that can rally around that person. It is only for this reason that in places where many people come together and focus on trying to cure a person may happen that your religions call mistakenly “miracles”, because faith and good intentions of that group of people can move thousands of plasmids

orbs and direct to the one in focus, which will be helped even without his aura enough lighting to gather orbs needed for his recovery. Mythi, lots of questions about who is God and how did he look, or God is pure space blue energy? – See, the concept of an omnipotent God is a very vague concept. God exists in various stages of universal development, as a hierarchy of “gods” that creates and guides in each of these steps. God that matters to the level of development of a race is one that cares about their offspring in that stage of development and uses of his senior disciples to assist in the mission to “Increase and multiply you.” Some philosophical points about it are difficult for me to exemplify you friends for your concepts are still very heterogenic. You see, you have to focus on the divine that is in the right distance to listen you friends, at the time of development that you friends are going through. Evolution is like an inverted family tree, you can only advise with your grandparents and parents, passing this knowledge on to your children and grandchildren who will form the societies that will make room for you friends later on. The more you develop more will be on track to the summit of divine pyramid that formed it all, so do not worry about God, all that we are experiencing is part of it. The knowledge, this yes, it is like a family tree; each new information that you or a society assimilates generates new branches that will develop the new knowledge acquired. It never stops, on the contrary, increases exponentially. – Be forewarned about the changes, both socially and changes imposed by the nature of the planet. The more prepared may face situations with more awareness and assist other groups to organize more appropriately. Everyone stay well!

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TiAmAt, VÍDEO 131, 2015, Respuestas, declinación magnética, inclinación del eje de rotación, magnetic declination, inclination of the axis of rotation,

Origen: TiAmAt: VÍDEO 131, 2015, Respuestas, declinación magnética, inclinación del eje de rotación, magnetic declination, inclination of the axis of rotation,

Saturday, May 4, 2019

VÍDEO 131, 2015, Respuestas, declinación magnética, inclinación del eje de rotación, magnetic declination, inclination of the axis of rotation,

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Respuestas de un extraterrestre de Andrómeda
-vídeo ciento treintayuno –
07 de marzo del 2015

Mythi, después de la apertura de los contactos, la forma en que uno se puede relacionar con los seres niveles 2, 3, 4, 5… ¿cómo vamos a reconocerlos y cómo debemos actuar, hacer reverencia, o qué? –

¡No !, el nivel no es percibido como un aura visible, es más bien una sensación de estar con alguien que transmite comprensión y confianza. 

No habrá “homenaje”, uno sólo se dará cuenta de los niveles de socialización con ciertas razas. 

Si usted, pregunta, a alguno de ellos, cuál es su nivel, sin duda va a responder que no le importa, ya que siempre es preferible no categorizar. 

En nuestra flota, contamos con personas, de diferentes niveles, y, por supuesto, el más bajo, siempre está aprendiendo de los más grandes, y, esto conducirá al desarrollo personal, mucho más rápido. 

– En nuestra flota, toda la tripulación es parte del mismo equipo, y todos con la misma importancia, en sus papeles. 

Un equipo, está orientado a conducirse cohesionadamente, y, si una parte falla, todo el trabajo en equipo, puede ser en vano. 

Imagina, uno de sus coches con un motor de alta tecnología, neumáticos especiales, cuerpo aerodinámico y un hermoso diseño… imagine que está de viaje y un poco impresionante cable del acelerador, se rompe. 
En este punto, el poco impresionante cable, ahora tiene toda la importancia en el conjunto de alta tecnología. 
Así que, siempre hay que dar valor a las cosas pequeñas, ya que el principal no podría funcionar sin ellas.

Mythi, muchos están especulando sobre la destrucción derivada de la inversión de los polos, tienes más información? 

-Hay que tener en cuenta, que si nos fijamos en la brújula, ella solamente mostrará el movimiento, de la superficie del planeta, con respecto al núcleo magnético central. 

Esto se llama “declinación magnética”, y, está sucediendo lentamente, debido a la gran inercia del núcleo. 

Incluso, si su planeta, literalmente se volcaría, la brújula, aún apuntaría, en la misma dirección relativa, geográficamente hablando. 

Lo que está ocurriendo, en términos de impacto por la lejanía del contrapeso, es la inclinación del eje de rotación del planeta, con respecto al plano orbital, que a su vez está relacionado con el Sol, en el centro del sistema. 

La brújula no puede moverse, pero, aún podrás ver la salida del sol, más al sur, y la puesta, más al norte… 

las referencias estelares de la noche sin duda serán diferentes a otros que se utilizan para observar, y, la luna tendrá otra ruta en el cielo. 

Estos importantes cambios en las posiciones geográficas de los “puntos de apoyo” de las fuerzas gravitacionales que te mantienen atado al sistema, es, lo que puede generar grandes cambios tectónicos.

Mythi ¿podrías confirmar la utilidad de Artemisia, en sinergia con el hierro, para el tratamiento del cáncer? 

-Como ya lo he explicado, se puede comparar el cáncer, a un proceso de moldeo en el cuerpo humano, causado por hongos. 

Imagínense, un gran hongo, del tamaño de una hormiga, puede matar a esta hormiga, de varias maneras, pisándola, envenenamiento, ahogamiento, cualquiera de estas formas, eliminará la plaga. 

Artemisia, es una de ellas, ella lucha contra la peste directamente. 

Pero ya ves, no es mejor prevenir las plagas que entren a su casa que tener que preocuparse por matarlas? 

Para ello, lo más simple y directo para expulsarla es evitar que entre, volviendo el medio ambiente inadecuado para esta plaga, y esto se logrará con sólo mantener su cuerpo con un pH básico. 

La forma más sencilla suele ser la más eficaz; tomar una cucharada de bicarbonato de sodio dos veces al día o de vinagre de manzana es una buena fuente de 10 ml dos veces al día. 

Ambos métodos mantienen su pH básico. Ambos regímenes se pueden tomar con agua o limonada para disfrazar el sabor. Usted no necesita nada más para combatir y prevenir el cáncer.

Mythi, ha habido una explosión en Marte? Causada por qué?

Marte, igual que la Tierra, está pasando por los efectos de las influencias del sistema en su conjunto, ya que Marte es frío y mantiene grandes depósitos de agua en las capas subterráneas, verdaderos océanos. 

Con el calentamiento global por el engrosamiento de la capa atmosférica causados por los generadores de atmósfera que se utilizan allí desde hace unos años, estas explosiones de presión de vapor van a pasar hasta que gran parte de esa agua subterránea se pulverize en el aire a travez de enormes géiseres equilibrando la presión interna hasta el punto del equilibrio del planeta. 

En este nuevo contexto, se pueden ver nuevos lagos y océanos cada vez mayores en la superficie con lluvias que tendrán un ciclo similar al planeta Tierra.

– Preste atención a su luna, algunas pruebas se llevarán a cabo allí. No puedo comentar mucho acerca de eso ya que es iniciativa científica de la CG.

Mythi, con respecto a los antiguos imperios que gobernaron el planeta tierra en la antigüedad. 
¿En qué nivel estaban los antiguos seres reptilianos que esclavizaron otras razas para que cumplieran sus órdenes? 

Eran nivel 1 tecnológicamente hablando. En cuanto a razas de reptilianos, no tienen la misma línea de los sentimientos que los humanoides, y tienen los niveles de conciencia de desarrollo de la convivencia con otras razas muy poco desarrollado. 

Es decir, tienen poca capacidad para sentir compasión. 

Debido a que son organismos de sangre fría con otra constitución física cerebral, tienen razón en lo que se refiere a sus características genéticas. Siempre existirán sus problemas con insectoides y humanoides, en una escala más pequeña con razas de reptilianos más desarrollados y en mayor escala con el nivel 1 que circula a través de las galaxias.

Mythi, mencionaste que los seres en los niveles más altos pueden regresar a los niveles más bajos.
 ¿Se hace esto por elección o por otros factores involucrados?

– Cuando un ser está estrechamente vinculado con una parte particular de la cultura, puede optar por participar en el desarrollo de sus pares por iniciativa personal, nada se impone en consecuencia. 

Cuando la cuarta dimensión puede verificar las fallas o necesita que su raza vaya a través, o pase en un determinado período por algo, puede solicitar el regreso para traer un poco de luz ayudando a su pueblo a pasar más rápido por estos procedimientos para el desarrollo.

Mythi, hay seres en el universo con alta tecnología que funcionan en el nivel cero?

Sí, son razas que han logrado ponerse en contacto con otras razas mas antiguas y “robaron” la tecnología beneficiándose de la buena fe de sus “amigos”. 

Todas las razas nivel cero que roban tecnologías se consideran “piratas” y son perseguidos por el sistema cuando se detectan por las naves de las comunidades galácticas. 

Por lo general, estas razas usan equipo robado y esclavizan a las tripulaciones para manejar el equipo y sus naves espaciales no obedeciendo las órdenes de su propia raza. 

Los principales objetivos de estos elementos son continuar apropiándose de las naves espaciales comerciales de otras razas y la minería ilegal en los planetas de sistemas cercanos. 

Cuando se identifican estas culturas sus planetas reciben un tipo más reforzado de campo de fuerza, mucho más fuerte que el cinturón de energía de Van Allen.

Mythi, cuales son los niveles indicativos de lo bueno que un alma es? 
Lo más alto sube uno de nivel, más angelicales se convierten? 

-Mira, el término “angelical” es muy subjetivo por sus raíces religiosos. 

Cuanto más alto sea el nivel de una raza, mayor es la armonía de su sociedad. 

Con el aumento de la conciencia acerca del papel que jugamos en el universo, hay un mayor respeto por la vida, mayor es el placer de ayudar a los menos favorecidos en su desarrollo. 

Si esto puede servir como una interpretación del término “angelical”, lo sera.

Mythi, algunos se preguntan acerca de tu opinión sobre el nivel de nuestra base de voluntarios que llegan a 1.500 personas dispersas en distintas regiones del planeta.

– En los números de hoy, hemos registrado la frecuencia de 1.485 voluntarios. 

De estos voluntarios, 920 fueron considerados serios y 485 son especuladores que solo temen por sí mismos o por sus familias. 

Todos estos voluntarios son personas de buena índole, estamos orgullosos de tenerlos ayudando a nuestros tripulantes y otras tripulaciones participantes en los “eventos de control” al servicio de la Comunidad Galactica. 

Ellos se unirán a muchos Pleyadianos que están integrados en su sociedad y también trabajarán con las tripulaciones en caso necesario.

Mythi si estamos en la tercera dimensión, qué tipo de realidad existe en la primera y segunda, hay seres que viven allí? 

-Mira, la primera y segunda dimensión son parte de la tercera, son sólo puntos de referencia de observación de los planes existentes para formar la tercera. 

Sin ser inteligente o no, viven en estos planos, pero en todos ellos, es la dimensión en la que vivimos. 

Bueno amigos, espero que se mejoren sin dejar de ser atentos a los movimientos de sus gobiernos. En cuanto al clima, la naturaleza se encarga de los cambios necesarios, y depende de ustedes que tomen las iniciativas necesarias y posibles en este periodo.

Capitán Bill

– marzo de 2015 –

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Video 131

Answers of an alien from Andromeda
– video hundred and thirty one –
March 07, 2015.

Mythi, after the opening of contacts, how we can relate to beings levels 2, 3, 4, 5 … how will we recognize it and how we should act, doing reverence or what? – No!, the level is not perceived as a visible aura, it is rather a feeling of being with someone that conveys understanding and trust. There will be no “obeisance”, you will only realize the levels in socializing with certain breeds. If you question any of them what level it is, it will certainly answer that it does not matter to him so he will always prefer not to categorize. In our fleet we have people of different levels, and of course the lowest is always learning from the greatest, and this will lead to personal development much faster. – In our fleet the crew is all part of the same team and all with the same importance in their roles. A team is oriented to conduct cohesive and if a party fails the whole team work may be in vain. Imagine one of your cars with an engine of high technology, special tires, aerodynamic body and a beautiful design … imagine you are traveling and an unimpressive accelerator cable breaks. At this point that unimpressive cable now has all the importance to the high-tech set. So always give value to small things as the major could not have any function without them. Mythi, many are speculating on the arising destruction of polar reversal, you have any more information?

– You have to take into consideration that if you look at the compass it will only show the movement of the surface of the planet with respect to the central magnetic core. This is called “magnetic declination” and it’s happening slowly due the great inertia of the nucleus. Even if your planet turns upside down literally the compass will be still pointing to the same relative direction geographically speaking. What is happening in terms of impact by the remoteness of the counterweight is the tilt of the planet’s rotation axis with respect to the orbital plane which in turn is related to the sun at the center of the system. The compass cannot move but still you will see the

sun rising further south and setting further north … the night stellar references will certainly be different from other that you are used to observe and the moon will have another route in the sky . These major changes in the geographical positions of the “points of support” from the gravitational forces that keeps you tied to the system is what can generate large tectonic changes. Mythi could you confirm the usefulness of Artemisia, in synergy with the iron, for the treatment of cancer? – As I have explained, you can compare the cancer to a mold process in the human body caused by fungi. Imagine a large fungus the size of an ant, you can kill this ant in several ways, stepping, poisoning, drowning, and any of these forms you will eliminate the plague. Artemisia is one of them fighting the plague directly. But you see, it is not better to prevent pests from entering your home than having to worry about killing them? For this, the simplest and direct to expel that there are already and prevent others from entering is to make the environment unsuitable for this plague, and this will be simply achieved by keeping your body with basic pH. The simplest way is usually the most effective; take a teaspoon of baking soda twice a day or apple cider vinegar, good source 10ml twice daily. Both methods keep your basic pH. Both regimes can be taken with water or lemonade to disguise the taste. You do not need anything else to fight and prevent cancer. Mythi, has there been an explosion on Mars? Caused by what? – Mars just as the Earth is going through the influences of the system as a whole, as Mars is cold longer maintain large deposits of water in underground layers, true oceans. With global warming by thickening of the atmospheric layer caused by the atmosphere generators being used there a few years, these explosions of steam pressure will happen until much of that ground water is sprayed into the air as huge geysers balancing the pressure internal to a planet’s equilibrium point. In this new context, you can watch new lakes and oceans increasing on the surface with the rains that will have a similar cycle as the planet Earth.

– Pay attention to your moon, some tests will be done there. I cannot comment much about to be scientific initiative of the CG.

Mythi, regarding the ancient empires that ruled the planet earth in antiquity. At what level where the ancient reptilian beings who enslaved other races to do their bidding? – They were level 1 technologically speaking. Regarding reptilians races, they do not have the same line of feelings that the humanoids so has the awareness levels of development of coexistence with other races is very little developed. That is, they have little ability to sense or compassion. Because they are cold-blooded organisms with other physical cerebral constitution, they are right with regard to their genetic characteristics. Their problems with insectoid and humanoids will always exist on a smaller scale with more developed reptilians races and on a larger scale with the level 1 circulating through the galaxies. Mythi, you mentioned that beings at higher levels can regress to lower levels. Is this done by choice or are other factors involved? – When a being is closely linked to a particular cradle of culture, he can choose to participate in the development of their peers by personal initiative, nothing is imposed accordingly. When the fourth dimension, it can verify the faults or needs that your race is going through or will go in a certain period, and this may lead him to apply for return and bring some light to assist his people to spend more quickly by these procedures for development. Mythi, are there beings in the universe with high technology functioning at zero level? – Yes, they are breeds that have managed to contact other earlier races and “stole” technology benefiting from the good faith of his “friends”. All races zero that steal technologies are considered “pirates” and they are persecuted by the system when detected by ships of galactic communities. Usually these races using stolen equipment and enslave crews to handle the equipment and starships that would not obey commands of their own race. The main objectives of these elements is to continue appropriating the commercial spacecraft of other races and illegal mining on planets in nearby systems. When these cultures are identified its planets receive a more enhanced type of force field, much stronger than your energy belt Van Allen. Mythi, are the levels indicative of how good a soul is? The higher one goes up in levels the more angelic they become? – See, the term “angelic” is very subjective to your religious roots. The higher the level of a race, the greater the harmony of their society. With increasing awareness of the role we play in the universe, greater respect for life, greater the pleasure of helping the disadvantaged by development. If this can serve as an interpretation of the term “angelic”, so is it. Mythi, some are wondering your opinion about the level of our volunteer base that reach 1,500 people scattered in various regions of the planet. – In today’s numbers, we have recorded the frequency of 1485 volunteers. Of these volunteers, 920 were considered serious, and 485 are speculators who only fear for themselves or their families. All these volunteers are people of good temper, we proud to have them helping our crews and other crew’s participants in the “events control” at the service of Galactica Community. They will join many Pleiadeans that are integrated in your society and will also work with the crews if necessary. Mythi if we are in the 3rd dimension, what kind of reality exists in 1 and 2, has living beings there? – See, first and second dimensions are part of the third are only observation reference points of existing plans to form the third. No being smart or not, live in these plans but in all of them, the dimension in which we live.

– Well friends, I hope you get well while remaining attentive to the movements of your governments. As for the climate, nature will take care of the necessary changes and depends of you to take the necessary initiatives and possible in this period.

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