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Sunday, March 29, 2020

share, Free Photon Energy – Video 4

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Free Photon Energy – Video 4

Part 4: Entropy: Confusion Through Disorder
Otfried Weise, Ingrid Mache and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, March 1, 2020

All-THAT-Is (ATHI =ADI) = Universe/Cosmos = Energy.
ADI means in Sanskrit the FIRST, the PRIMORDIAL.
It is the Primary Term of the Universal Law.
Energy is perceived by humans as space-time.
Space and time cannot be separated (see part 1).

 ADI is closed - nothing is lost;
ADI is continuous - there are no gaps;
ADI is inhomogeneous/discrete - there is permanent energy exchange;
ADI is constant - the amount of energy in ADI is always the same.

The 1st law of thermodynamics assesses perfectly the properties of ADI:
''Energy is never lost, it is only converted all the time''.
Thermal, electric, magnetic, kinetic, potential, gravitational, binding energies
are converted into each other by physical and chemical processes.

Energy occurs in ADI only as gradients,
i.e. all energy conversions/exchanges of energy follow the path of the gradient.
Everything that happens in ADI is dynamic, elastic and interacting.
As part of ADI humans can only assess parts of ADI.
Like humans, these are always open systems.

Physicists often use closed systems (e.g. Carnot machine,  black body)
to be able to ''simplify'', calculate, and illustrate.
However, closed systems DO NOT exist in ADI.
These are unprocessed ''thought experiments'' of the physicists.

Closed systems are N-sets = fictitious foreign bodies that cannot have energy exchange.
Natural laws based on closed systems are fundamentally wrong in epistemological terms.
The parts - systems and levels - of ADI (= energy) are always U-sets.
In other words, there are only subsets of energy in an energy set.
N-sets such as the so-called „vacuum“ belong to the nothing sets.
However, such a category of sets without energy does not exist in ADI.
There is only Something = Energy, but no nothing (see part 1)

The 2nd law of thermodynamics does not deal with energy conversion as a whole
but only with the exchange of heat - the increase or decrease of thermal energy
and its consequences for the aggregation state of matter.
Solid bodies are considered „ordered“ because they have a crystal lattice;
liquids are considered to be „less ordered“ as they have weaker cohesive forces;
Gases are considered to be „completely disordered“ as they do not hold together.

Entropy is defined as a measure of disorder or information content.
Accordingly, solid bodies are ordered and have low entropy;
gases are disordered and have high entropy
''because all particles are evenly distributed in gases''.

The opposite of entropy is called negative entropy (NegEntropy).
Such high neg-entropy correlates with order.
Schrödinger, for example, assigns it to humans (in his book ''What is life?'').

Entropy is measured in Joule per degree Kelvin,
i.e. in heat energy quantity per degree absolute temperature.
However,  these measurements do not tell us anything about the state of aggregation
nor about the degree of disorder or the information content,
i.e. physicists cannot measure entropy as it does not exist but only heat change.

According to the Universal Law, information is a synonym for energy = ADI.
There's nothing else in ADI but energy.
Can physicists measure the information content of energy?
They are silent about that because they do not know what energy is (see video 3)

The 2nd law of thermodynamics says that in a fictitious closed system,
without exchange of energy or matter with the surroundings,
the entropy cannot decrease but only increase with time.
When a closed system approaches thermal equilibrium 
it has the highest possible degree of entropy.
Physicists, therefore, postulate the „heat death of the universe“.
Physicists, however, are not sure whether the universe is open or closed...

The 2nd law of entropy is not valid for the parts of ADI,
because there are no closed systems in ADI.
Nevertheless, the physicists transfer the results
from their hypothetical closed systems of their thought experiments
onto the technical practice of open systems and claim
that the entropy cannot decrease by itself
when the heat is evenly distributed in a system (max. entropy),
e.g. in a metal rod heated at one end the temperature of the two ends is equalised.
This reduction of the temperature gradient cannot be reversed spontaneously:
''Heat cannot be transferred from a colder to a warmer body by itself.''

This entropy rule applies only to matter - 
it is disproved by the existence of photons space-time.

The efficiency of conventional energy generators (energy converters) is poor
because friction occurs and part of the supplied energy is converted into heat.
This heat is energy lost for practical work.
Physicists call this energy dissipation or energy devaluation,
or say that the lost heat is no longer available.

In fact, in open systems of matter energy can be generated from photon space-time
which is in a state of maximal neg-entropy.

Stankov's Law of Photon Thermodynamics proves the following:

         When a thermal (temperature) gradient dissipates in matter,
         e.g. by emitting heat to the surroundings or while performing work,
         an equivalent thermal gradient is built at the photon level.

The latter can be easily used if the technician knows how.

Stankov's Law of Photon Thermodynamics is the theoretical proof
that photon space-time actually exists and contains high energy gradients,
which can be measured and used as a source of free photon energy.
A detailed derivation of this law with exact equations
can be found in Volume II , Chapter 5-7, pages 217-222.

Physics denies the existence of photon space-time and makes us believe
that free energy generators are theoretically impossible (Video 3).

Conclusion: The law of entropy (= 2nd law of thermodynamics)
contradicts the 1st law of conservation of energy.
This represents an antinomy – a fundamental contradiction
which cannot exist in science 
because otherwise it is not logical, axiomatic.

These are the principal errors of the law of entropy:

1) the existence of photons space-time (ether) is rejected;
2) it is substituted by a hypothetical empty space called vacuum (video 3);
3) this law is formulated for fictitious closed systems;
4) heat exchange is described as irreversible, which does not exist (see 1st law);
5) the law of entropy is contradictory in itself;
6) the law of entropy mixes up concepts from physics, technology, and human sentience
     in a scientifically inadmissible way and thus creates:
7) An intentional unbelievable confusion through disorder.

Fortunately for mankind, the law of entropy is being disposed NOW.
Free photon energy will soon solve many human problems.
Mankind is making a leap in consciousness
and will live in love, self-responsibility, and freedom.
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TiAmAt: share2,1 – Space in Images – 2018 – 11 – Pangaea-X Moon base

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Friday, March 13, 2020

share2,1 – Space in Images – 2018 – 11 – Pangaea-X Moon base

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This illustration shows a simulated view of NASA's InSight lander descending on its parachute 

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Something Incredible Was Seen During The Space X Launch Of Their Es’hail 2 Mission. (UFO News) – YouTube

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TiAmAt: share2.1 – compil, archive, Reprogramming Your DNA By Your Words | Wake Up World

Origen: TiAmAt: share2.1 – compil, archive, Reprogramming Your DNA By Your Words | Wake Up World

Saturday, March 7, 2020

share2.1 – compil, archive, Reprogramming Your DNA By Your Words | Wake Up World

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* * * News | NASA’s Juno Mission Provides Infrared Tour of Jupiter’s North Pole

Infrared 3-D image of Jupiter's north pole 

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M 6.2 – 54km SW of Ovalle, Chile

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Barcelona Expert Center | Six years of the new SMOS SSS maps in the Mediterranean Sea now available!

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The background is based on an actual image of Mars taken by the spacecraft's high resolution stereo camera. 

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The Famous Tether UFO Incident. (Full Video) – YouTube

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Intricate cloud patterns in the northern hemisphere of Jupiter are seen in this view taken by NASA's Juno spacecraft on April 1, 2018. 

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Shroud Of Turin Used To Create A 3-D Copy Of Jesus? – YouTube

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M 6.8 – 12km NNE of Carandayti, Bolivia
Intensity Map 

* * * archive:

Intensity Map 

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DYFI Intensity Map 
Intensity Map 

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Hubble Uncovers the Farthest Star Ever Seen 

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MUFON UFO Video Submissions. (March 2018) Part 2. – YouTube

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* *  *  ORANGE Snowstorms Shock European Citizens.. – YouTube

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Wednesday, February 19, 2020

share2.1- Climate Change, Mask of Chaos, Disease Cycle, Coronavirus,


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This artist's conception shows a nearly invisible ring around Saturn - the largest of the giant planet's many rings, discovered by Spitzer 

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Cube-shaped UFO spotted over Medellin, Colombia  

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TiAmAt: share, The Blindness of the Historical Sciences

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Friday, January 31, 2020

share, The Blindness of the Historical Sciences

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The Blindness of the Historical Sciences

Otfried Weise, January 9, 2020
Prophecies are considered imprecise and risky unless only approximate trends are given and no exact numbers. In contrast, the historically oriented sciences – history, archaeology, anthropology, earth history, etc. – claim to be able to provide relatively accurate data. After all, scientists and laymen alike assume that the past is, at least in principle, irrevocable, so to say “engraved in stone” in the archeological artifacts they dig out, apart from the errors due to incorrect classifications or inadequacies of measurement methods. Is this really the case?
First of all, let us look at the method of time measurement. It is based on the course of the sun and moon and leads to various calendar systems that seem to be compatible with each other. However, numerous articles and books are published again and again showing that the usual time calculation is anything but exact and that certain periods of history are skipped. This is particularly noticeable in the context of the history of man, which, pressed into a rigid corset, excludes everything that does not fit into the established doctrine. The books ”Forbidden Archeology: The Full Unabridged Edition: The Hidden History of the Human Race” by Michael A. Cremo and Richard L. Thompson and ”Lexikon der verbotenen Geschichte: Verheimlichte Entdeckungen von A bis Z” by Luc Bürgin are representative in this respect.
If one follows the division of prehistory and early history into Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age and numerous subdivisions, then the Egyptian pyramids must have been built with copper and bronze tools (here) …
If one writes into Google search: ”Forbidden archaeology, what is science hiding” you get more than 2 million entries … for ”forbidden archaeology” one gets 4.55 million entries…
The five-volume work: ”History: Fiction of Science?” by Dr. Anatoly T. Fomenko, Dr. Gleb V. Nosovskiy, et al. shows that much of the history taught today is made up or manipulated. The work contains the results of 40 years of meticulous and extensive research (see also “Maps and Coins vs. History“, volume 17 by the same authors).
The renowned historian Heinz Quirin and Hans-Ulrich Niemitz, professor for the history of technology at the University of Leipzig, speak of a large-scale forgery campaign by the church, which in the Middle Ages had all documents destroyed or manipulated. Hundreds of monks were busy in the Vatican and numerous monasteries writing on parchments and invented 300 phantom years with popes and emperors who never lived.
The Munich systems theoretician Heribert Illig has explored the early Middle Ages in detail in his books “Das erfundene Mittelalter” (also known as phantom time hypothesis) and “Wer hat an der Uhr gedreht?” (“Who has turned the clock?”). He critically compares the written evidence with the archaeological and architectural findings of the time. Countless contradictions come to light, which so far could not be resolved, but only covered up (see also here).
In his book: ”Der größte Irrtum der Weltgeschichte” (“The greatest mistake in world history ”) Hans-Erdmann Korth writes:
”Scientific data refute the ancient year count! See for yourself: There is not one event in Greco-Roman Antiquity the traditional date of which could be independently verified. For quite some time now, new evidence has been discovered that the common dates of the ancient world are three centuries too old. Stars, C14, tree rings, ice cores, as well as doublings confirm these doubts about the traditional calendar. How could this happen?”
Of course, we cannot and do not want to go into detail here about the findings mentioned in the quoted books and articles, and of course we cannot claim that the quoted critical books are correct in all points, or even that the official academic science deliberately spreads only falsehood. A discussion of these innumerable results is not even necessary for the purpose of this analysis and would only be a distraction. We have quoted these writings only because they show, by way of example, the shaky foundations on which all historically oriented sciences stand. We could have also proved this with the compelling evidence that there is not even any correct, reliable knowledge about present-day events or the recent past, although these are taking place in front of our eyes. In the following, we shall examine what the actual root cause of the largely deficient human historiography is.
We don’t need to go too far for that and only have to ask the historians, archaeologists and earth scientists a single question:
“What is your definition of TIME?”
However, this question is not explicitly answered – it is tacitly assumed that the time on which the historical sciences are based corresponds to the current standard conception of time as defined by Joe Six-pack. The fact that time is a relative (relativistic) concept and that people’s understanding of time varies according to their consciousness, level of education and cultural background is not taken into account.
‘‘Time passes everywhere at the same pace, one should actually think. And yet we are mistaken, because time is actually an idea and the mechanical measurement of time is an invention from the 14th century. “Europeans have the clock, we have the time”, says a Kenyan proverb. In the past, people dealt with time differently. It was primarily based on the natural sequence of time, such as day and night, sunrise and sunset. And even today, we still have the most diverse perceptions of time in the world’‘,
writes Friedrich Popp, Managing Director of the Foreigners’ Advisory Council of the City of Nuremberg.
”Absolute, True, and Mathematical Time, of itself, and from its own nature flows equably without regard to anything external, and by another name is called Duration: Relative, Apparent, and Common Time is some sensible and external (whether accurate or unequable) measure of Duration by the means of motion, which is commonly used instead of True time; such as an Hour, a Day, a Month, a Year… All motions may be accelerated and retarded, but the True, or equably progress, of Absolute time is liable to no change.”
I. Newton, Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica; translated from Latin by A. Motte, London, 1729.
With these words, Isaac Newton (1642 – 1727) described “absolute time”, which he defined as “true and mathematical” contrary to the “relative apparent and common time” humans refer to in daily life. Newton was of the opinion that absolute time was something that could be taken for granted – as an “immutable” quantity of nature – and did not need further explanation.
The reason for this is simple. Newton describes nothing other than the idea of time in classical mechanics that is still innate in all humans, most of whom cannot comprehend the theory of relativity dealing with relativistic time and space. The latter discipline is a correction and further development of Newtonian classical mechanics, precisely because scientists realised that the absolute time of Newton did not exist. Hence, according to the tacit agreement of all conventional social scientists and in particular of all historians, who neglect the theory of relativity, there is only one time that runs evenly everywhere in the universe and by default in the history of mankind. This is already a grievous theoretical and cognitive mistake of historical sciences that should be addressed at this place from the position of accepted physics.
According to Newton, absolute time has three characteristics:
– it is universal, which means there is only one time, which is the same everywhere;
– it is regular in the sense that it does not change, i.e. it does not accelerate or retard;
– it exists independently of all other things associated with humans and thus pertains to divine Nature.
For further reading I recommend the thorough discussion of Newton’s ideas on time and space by Georgi Alexandrov Stankov in Volume II (section 8. SPACE-TIME CONCEPT OF PHYSICS, chapter  8.1 CLASSICAL MECHANICS, page 333). Essentially Stankov proves that Newton refers in his definition of absolute time and space (as one cannot define time without introducing space simultaneously in a circular manner) to the empty, free of energy Euclidean space in classical mechanics where all observations of gravitational interactions are described. It is the abstract reference surrogate of „absolute time” and “absolute space“ to which all other physical motions are compared by the method of geometry according to the principle of circular argument.
It is the primary inertial reference frame of all reference frames, in which the false Newton’s law of inertia (1st law) holds true. This law stays, however, in an apparent contradiction to Newton’s second and third law, and the law of gravitation describing gravitational force as the origin of acceleration. While the first law of inertia based on absolute time is a mathematical fiction, the other laws of classical mechanics assess true physical reality where gravitation as energy exists.
Thus, Newton’s classical definition of absolute time, which is also uncritically adopted by all historians, builds a fundamental paradox between the first law of inertia and the other laws of gravitation in classical mechanics. This cardinal blunder of Newton has been eloquently summarized by the famous physicist Born:
“Here we have clearly a case in which the ideas of unanalysed consciousness are applied without reflection to the objective world.“
In “Einstein’s Theory of Relativity“, Dover Publ., New York, 1965, p. 57-58.
Born’s conclusion is undoubtedly valid for all historians, archeologists and social science researches who uncritically and, for the most part, unconsciously adopt Newton’s absolute time and space as an unquestionable fact, although this is not even true in physics as we have shown above.
This hypothetical time of Newton is currently also called linear time. Historians could have implicitly referred to Isaac Newton in their theoretical disquisitions and we don’t know if they ever did, as none of them display any true knowledge of physics. Nor do we know whether historians have even thought about what time (and space) truly is, although this phenomenon is at the heart of their science, but it is an undeniable fact that there is no theoretical discussion about this topic in all their books and articles in scientific journals.
This objection stems explicitly from the fact that not even physicists can give an accurate answer to the question what space and time is as they do not even know what energy is, although their entire science is ultimately about describing interactions and exchange of energies. First and foremost, they have failed to realize that they can only assess and measure energy as space-time by artificially separating it into space and time, and that time is, therefore, merely a sensory perception of energy, as this has been conclusively proven by Stankov in his new physical and mathematical theory of the Universal Law. Scientists obviously have a general habit of not caring at all about the theoretical – philosophical and epistemological – foundations of their sciences.
This omission also affects mathematics, which has been in its ”foundation crisis” for almost a century, which could only be ended by the discovery of Stankov’s Universal Law.
These theoretical topics concerning a valid definition of time are now open for a debate. Given the vagueness of current scientific terminology and the tradition of imposing rigid doctrines in science in the 20th century, it is uncertain whether they can ever be answered unambiguously by conventional scientists, unless they begin to study and implement the new theory of the Universal Law.
Currently, most of the studies explicitly dedicated to the history of time do not even address these problems: Instead of a systematic analysis of time, many works that have “time” in their title and often adopt a longer diachronic perspective offer a bewildering smorgasbord of observations on theories of time, measurements of time, changes in daily and work routines, as well as artistic or literary works on time, as Rüdiger Graf writes in his astute and very enlightening essay entitled: ”Time and the conception of time in contemporary history”.
Perhaps it would be appropriate for historians to begin with Bergson’s famous concept of la durée as a subjective experienced time of human consciousness, from which they would then also better understand the concept of freedom as the physical, energetic overcoming of linear time as this will very soon be experienced by many humans in the process of ascension.
After this lengthy, but necessary, fundamental introduction, we pose once again the initial question about the cause of the incredible inconsistencies and deficiencies in historiography, pre- and early history, archaeology and earth history, especially in relation to the experiences and evolution of mankind that disqualify them as categorical systems of true knowledge. For example, there is very serious and well-documented evidence that man and dinosaurs populated the earth at the same time and that the Darwinian hypothesis of the evolution of man is completely wrong (here):
”….In retrospect, to maintain that the human physical wonder consisting of a cellular accumulation of 100 trillion cells and metabolizing at quantum levels with the speed of light and only to arise from a primordial organic ooze affected by Darwinian-proposed natural selection forces over millions of years imparts a pretentious gullibility to the extreme. The religious-based converse of that argument that humanity was created some 7,000 years ago is also an exercise in absurdity as documented in the geomorphological record”.
We will show in the following that the main cause for all the historical errors in science lies in the wrong conception of time. Let us adopt the holistic perspective: Everything that exists – also called All-THAT-Is – consists of energy. There is only energy and everything else – including linear time – is an illusion of our limited perception within the 3D world we live in. Humans perceive this energy as space-time.
According to Stankov’s Universal Law, All-THAT-Is is a closed system that consists only of energy. This system is composed of different energies, which interact with each other, i.e. they are open. These are U-subsets of All-THAT-Is and contain themselves as an element. All parts are U-sets of the Whole. There is nothing else. In other words, there is the unity of All-THAT-Is and the variety of different energies that interact harmoniously within it, which are perceived as parts (U-sets)- systems and levels – thereof.
For the definition of space-time as energy/frequency read: “Realitas infinita part II’
One of these U-subsets is the energy system in which we live in – the earth – and of which we are a part. This system represents a special case, an experiment so to speak, whose expansion and cause will not be discussed at this place (read here and here).
The living beings in it – including us – are held captive in this system and the exchange with other systems is very limited. About the topics ”Concept Time and Quarantine on Planet Earth” read here.
We live here on earth to have certain experiences and expand our consciousness beyond its initial limitation. The conditions and the learning processes are at times very stressful and frightening because we have forgotten who we are and that this is only a temporary experiment (see the video “Understanding the Book of Life”).
The crucial point is that we have to go through many incarnations within a kind of bubble around the planet Earth or Gaia until we redeem ourselves because the experiment has been successful and we have attained higher consciousness. However, these incarnations do not take place one after the other in linear time but simultaneously, they are in constant interaction with each other and represent different frequency bandwidths/ timelines/worlds of experience of the incarnation experiment ”Earth”. Our incarnations are multidimensional and simultaneous.
These many frequency bandwidths (ranges) have subjectively a beginning and an end. We humans create them by choosing from the infinite possibilities (= different, alternative frequency ranges as parallel realities or probability worlds with a specific information) the one alternative we want to experience. The soul decides whether the choice of the incarnated personality, defined as free will, fits into her overall plan and she is the one who allows or prevents the choice.
Every time we make a decision, we activate/ occupy other frequency bandwidths of different probability alternatives. We can consciously decide which scenarios we want to experience, provided we know and use this inner ability to create our reality. The process is unconscious for most people, but is always controlled by the soul. When one of these scenarios has fulfilled its purpose, it dissolves or rather goes into the background. Hence there is always a temporal component in the perceived experience, the true nature of which will remain unknown to us as long as the human mind is attached to the brain, whose neurons function very slowly and can only experience linear time as a sequence of events and not in their true simultaneity.
Imagine a giant cluster of frequency bandwidths that intertwine and pulsate together. Many different alternative behaviours and destinies are tried out for each person at the same time and influence each other simultaneously, but are perceived by the incarnated personality as a chronology of events.
In this way we experience the past as history.
How can historians construct from this multidimensional conglomerate a single linear timeline that is binding for all the people on the planet?
This is a totally impossible task. This linear time does not exist at all.
That is why every attempt – no matter how subjectively pure the intention may be – is a priori doomed to failure. Not only every human being, but also every culture and every geographical area is constantly ”on the move” to infinite different frequency ranges which evade the attentions of the historian and are not presented in his history of mankind. Hereby the intrinsic limitations of human language – oral and written – as a communication means among humans and between generations (as books and other written artifacts) play a decisive role in the distortion of what really occurs.
When the long-awaited ”revelations” about the true history of mankind in the sense of apocalypse will be announced any time soon, there will be no new generally binding historical narrative. Based on the Akashic chronic – where everything is energetically recorded – questions can only be answered intuitively on an individual level. For example, someone might ask whether his frequencies overlap with a certain other person in the past or whether he/she has learned certain techniques in another world of experience which can then be transferred to other frequencies/lives. Tesla, for example, made his inventions known to us intuitively – his soul has acquired them on other higher evolved frequency realities and has passed them onto the frequency bandwidth of the earth at the beginning of the 20th century as to foster industrialisation of mankind. One could also find out, for example, how much reptiloid blood he carries and under which conditions he was cloned by the Anunnaki – probably by Enki and Ishtar (read here).
In the broadest sense, humans will very soon take notice of their many simultaneous incarnations on other planets/solar systems or galaxies, such as Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda (Galaxy), etc. That is why this treatise is of such great actuality and importance. If you want to understand the gnostic background, you should read the three articles ”Realitas infinita” quoted above as we do not want to repeat ourselves here.
Historians create their (in)accuracy problems by themselves because they start from the illusory idea of time. They impose their one-sided idea of linear time over the whole system of human history that does not fit at all – it is the “Procrustean bed” to the real size of human existence. That is why predictions and forecasts are usually uncertain or even wrong, even when they come from higher dimensions of consciousness / frequencies, because the illusory idea of linear time is not taken into account. Most channeled messages carry this deficiency. Often it is also the case that the predictions do, indeed, come true, just not in the respective frequency range in which the observer is currently located. For instance, a predicted Third World War or a magnetic pole reversal by some gloom-and-doom experts has already taken place on lower timelines, while the people who have moved/ ascended to higher vibrating worlds of experience with a better outcome were spared this negative experience.
If the prophets also move to such higher frequency bandwidths, then they experience the failure of their forecast as is the case with all competent financial experts who have correctly predicted the ultimate financial crash each year since the last bank crisis in 2008, but were lucky to evade it. Would  they be able to understand the multidimensionality of all existence, they would know that with their precise analysis of the financial crisis they have avoided its negative experience for themselves and the parallel humanity they have taken with them on such new higher timelines (read also here). This is what we observe increasingly in the last decade since the veil to the higher dimensions has been constantly thinning after the ascension of Gaia to 5D at the stargate 11.11.11 (November 11, 2011) and then the ascension of a portion of humanity at the stargate 12.12.12 to 12.21.12 (December 12 – 21, 2012).
The fact that intentional lies and deceptions are all too often inserted into the official published history of mankind is very well known and is mentioned here only in passing. The victors always write – understand falsify – history, this is a well-known fact. If you enter ”fake history” in Google, you get 909 million entries … This shows very clearly that the blindness of the historical sciences really exists and is ubiquitously acknowledged. It is not an “exotic topic” of this article.
By the way, many so-called historical personalities, revered as founders of world religions, are in fact mythical figures: Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, etc. However, since religions attach great importance to their historical roots, these personalities usually appear in their historiography as actual physical incarnations, however, capable of performing miracles which normal mortals cannot and are thus in awe (see the books of Acharya S. alias D. M. Murdock).
Each society consists of a different composition of souls who are on different frequency bandwidths with different levels of consciousness. In the history of Europe, for example, we witness a society in which the worlds of experience were dominated most of the time by baby-, child- and, above all, young souls who were in the majority. That is why these souls could shape the society according to their bellicose needs as an expression of their utmost separation from the soul and the source and impose their views, usually ruthlessly, on the few mature (ripe) and old souls. In the current End Time the number of ripe and old souls has increased in Europe as this continent is about to ascend very soon, while their percentage is still very low in most parts of the world. That is why there is a great willingness for fight and war as we witness these days in the Middle East, which is overwhelmingly populated by bellicose child and young souls.
Human history reports from the point of view of the ruling class of the young souls.  From the point of view of the mature souls a much different narrative would result and again a completely different one from the point of view of the old souls as this essay transpires. This can be very well observed today when one compares the fake MSM news dominated by child and young souls with the more contemplative and ethically tainted narratives of the political events by alternative critical writers, who are mostly ripe souls and a few of them old souls. These are like two worlds that never meet and this indicates the ongoing separation of the soul population in those who will ascend and those who will continue with their incarnation cycle on lower 3D timelines.
As the age of souls changes in different historical epochs, the general view of history also changes constantly, as the world view of the predominant soul age in a particular epoch fully asserts itself. After all, the past is only experienced and thus created from the Now point, because all incarnations exist simultaneously. This conclusion already turns the conventional view of human history upside down. Watch also the following videos:
It is understandable that the official historiography reflects the views and the attitude towards life of the ruling class (mostly young souls), because they have the power and therefore the decisive influence in the society. For this reason history books are full of wars, conflicts and struggles. Hollywood with its movie plots mainly depicting senseless violence and immorality is a paradigmatic case in this respect. Cultural and true religious history only plays a subordinate role. The philosophical ideas that initiated decisive epochs, such as Neoplatonism (classical Gnosis, Plotin as the successor of Plato and Aristotle) for the emergence of the Renaissance (in the Neoplatonic Academy in Florence) play almost no role in current conventional historiography, just as they do not exist as movie themes. It is mainly reported about power (abuse) through the use of violence, money (robbery, looting, exploitation) and sex (promiscuity, abuse, oppression, sexual aberrations) and how many people were murdered by the evil enemies or vice verse by our glorified hero (While the Iranian general Suleimani, who was cold-bloodedly assassinated by Trump and the Americans is considered a hero and a martyr by all Shiites, he is regarded as an evil terrorist by most Americans. Respectively, while Trump is glorified for his heinous deed by his supporters in the USA, he is considered the satan (Shaitan) by most Muslims. These are two irreconcilable narratives of the present and it is anyone’s guess which one will be adopted as the official history doctrine.)
With the title ”the Great” mainly warlike men are rewarded; or have you ever heard of Mozart the Great, Leonardo Da Vinci the Great, Rubens the Great or Plato the Great? Even if this title is given to women, e.g. Catherine the Great, they are almost always ruthless rulers. How about Hypatia the Great? Even such villains as Barack Hussein Obama receive a Nobel Peace Prize, notwithstanding the fact that he fought seven wars every day of his presidency and boasted how good he is at killing people (read also Obama’s Final Drone Strike Data).
Historians follow strictly predetermined political, religious and ideological rules that are agreed upon by the scientific community. For different epochs/cultural circles, various ”methodologically permissible” evaluation categories are defined in the sense of the last paragraph. This means that there is no neutral, open-end research in science at all. From the outset, certain representations are frowned upon and are excluded – unless the researcher in question is a private scholar who finances himself/herself and who also has no problems, if he/she is unjustifiably rejected or attacked because he/she thinks in a politically incorrect, that is, free spirit way.
One of these ”forbidden” historical topics and representations is the direct influence of extraterrestrials on the events on this planet. Although there is an almost infinite literature on this topic and the population has been prepared for future disclosures for decades through films, novels and published sightings, these are not mentioned in the official historiography so far (here).
Google’s search for “extraterrestrial aliens on earth” returns 8.9 million hits. A very well researched material about the ET influence on Earth can be found here.
A further problem is that historians do not know what criteria should be used to classify the evidence of other frequency ranges in excavations over time in order to obtain a conclusive picture. Layers lying on top of each other are, with well justifiable exceptions, always classified as chronologically consecutive – i.e. originating from different historical times (accordingly the deepest layers are the oldest), because the linear time concept demands this kind of logic. But if the very foundation regarding time is not correct, the logic that builds on it is of no use at all. If the concept of simultaneous worlds of experience/frequency ranges is well understood, then other interpretations of deposits appear possible or even necessary. Admittedly, however, these still elude human understanding at present. Even if there is no solution yet, it is still necessary to address this problem in the first place.
We understand that the historical sciences have not yet made any effort to expose their concept of time as illusory. Stankov’s Universal Law now makes it possible for the first time in human history as we know it to introduce a new, well-founded concept of time and throw the old ideas overboard. Above all the historical sciences will take an enormous upswing because after ascension it will be possible for many people to read the Akashic Chronic or visit other frequency bandwidths (timelines, new worlds) by themselves and immediately find an answer to all open historical questions that cannot be clarified by laborious excavations, deciphering and interpreting old, often falsified writings and the evaluation of coins, objects of art, buildings and other material artifacts.
An increasingly larger partion of humanity is currently on frequency bandwidths that allow an exit from the 3D matrix of the aforementioned bubble, because the consciousness in these frequency ranges is sufficiently high and the incoming cosmic energies allow the long awaited ascension and enlightenment. Human evolution goes from 3D to higher 4D or 5D earths (read here).
People jump, so to speak, on their highest – always existing – frequency range and realize their true potential as free multidimensional souls / energies.
In other words, the bubble is bursting, the old 3D matrix is dissolving, the associated low frequency bandwidths as well, the experiment ”Prison Planet Earth” is coming to an end, or is continued with a smaller number of souls/people/personalities on lower levels of consciousness who want it that way.
In this context it is our special concern to point out the following: As in the parable of the sower in the New Testament (Matthew, 13,1-13,9), people with the most divergent states of consciousness grow together in the earthly bubble. There are always overlaps/ interceptions with different frequency ranges. Or to put it otherwise: in this polarized world good and evil, rich and poor, peaceful and militant, clever and stupid meet together, so that the resulting friction makes it possible to gain knowledge. This means that even the ”pitch-black, bitterly evil representatives of the reptilian cabal” only play the role that was intended for them in order to help awaken the slumbering masses.
In the Indian Bhagavad Gita there is a wise saying: ”The wise do not lament the living or the dead. The wise man knows that it is only He who dwells in everything”. This would say that everything we encounter is part of the great experiment “Earth”, and that all the actors can go on ”in the end”. The wise remains an untouched observer in every moment. Meher Baba says: ”There is no evil, only different degrees of good”, which all boils down to the same thing: You can learn from everything. There is no absolute evil. Basically, there is no evil or good – there is only energy in an infinite multitude of frequency ranges. All evaluations come from illusory human thinking in 3D.
Finally, a personal remark. The blindness of the historical sciences has been well known to me for over forty years. I was ”then” professor at the University of Giessen, Germany on a very well-endowed and permanent position as geographer/geomorphologist with emphasis on the Near East and India as well as on fluviatile, aeolian and glacial land formation in arid and semiarid regions. My concern then, as now, was the same: I wanted to find out ”what holds the world together at its core” and especially how planet Earth has developed in the foreseeable past. It became clear to me that this goal could never be achieved with the means and approaches of historical-scientific research within the academic community. Therefore, I quit my job and turned to other sources of truth-finding, which today lead me to the fulfillment of my scientific life goals.
After completion of the manuscript I was made aware of the Mandela Effect, which is officially designated as “false memory” by the guardians of the linear time dogma (see also here).
The Mandela effect bears its name because when the death of Nelson Mandela was announced in 2013 a very large number of people remembered the death of Nelson Mandela in South Africa’s prison in the 1980s, 90s or even later. Accordingly, there was a great astonishment at his ”second” death.
The orthodox explanation for this process is of course memory impairment. However, in the light of the aforementioned and the three essays ”Realitas infinita” quoted above, it is a memory overlapping from other frequency ranges in many individuals, who are now awakening to their multidimensionality. In these lower frequencies timelines Mandela died in prison and never made it to a prime minister of South Africa as on this highest timeline / frequency bandwidth, which was the best possible outcome for him and his country deeply divided by racism. In this context, one also speaks of “bleeding”. Such multidimensional memories are not unusual, actually it happens more often than people believe or admit. In the discussion about the Mandela effect on numerous internet pages the influence of parallel worlds is actually considered.
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Sunday, January 26, 2020

share, The New Transcendental Cosmology of the Universal Law » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

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The New Transcendental Cosmology of the Universal Law

Georgi Stankov, January 18, 2020
Introduction – Modern Cosmology Exposed as False Science in the Light of the Universal Law
Gaia and humanity are on the verge of ascension to the 5D and higher dimensions, where humans will acquire a completely new cosmological worldview. This view will be multidimensional and therefore it is not even possible to describe it in human language which is linear and inadequate to grasp the simultaneous nature of All-That-Is. In the process of this unprecedented expansion of human awareness the current cosmology will be overhauled with one fell-swoop as this has happened with older false cosmological ideas such as the Ptolemaic geocentric system. It will be replaced with the new Transcendental Cosmology of the Universal Law.
However, one does not need to wait for the planetary and individual ascension to happen in order to reject present-day cosmology as fake science as this fact is already obvious to any logically thinking person, even when he has no deep knowledge in physics. Even the leading cosmologists of our time are beginning to lose faith in the credibility of their science as I shall discuss below. Many astronomers observe new inexplicable phenomena in the sky, such as the disappearance of many stars in the last few years which they cannot explain with the modest theoretical means of astronomy and cosmology. It is the privilege of true gnostic thinkers and astronomers to be also in the position to render an all-encompassing explanation of their new astounding observations of massive changes in star constellations as this was recently done in an exemplary manner by our PAT brother Patrick Amoroso:
Here I shall publish a revised article on the new transcendental cosmology in the light of the Universal Law which appeared in several chapters in the book “An Easy Propaedeutics Into the New Physical and Mathematical Science of the Universal Law” in 2017. I will expose cosmology as a completely false science and will illustrate in this way how the distorted ideas of cosmologists currently shape the agnostic pseudo-scientific view of humanity with regard to the macro-cosmos – the Multiverse. Needless to say that the same wrong ideas can be also found for the micro-cosmos in modern quantum physics.
In this way I am following the latest tradition of exposing all current scientific disciplines as absolutely wrong categorical systems of human knowledge that only deepen the agnostic separation of humanity from their souls and the Source as initiated by a series of articles recently written by Otfried Weise, Patrick Amoroso and myself and published on this website (use the log function). This topic will become very soon central to a broader discussion worldwide that will shake the cognitive foundations and the self-perception of the entire humanity about who we truly are.
It is imperative to stress in this introduction that we humans can only assess and measure two dimensions/quantities in science – space and time. There is nothing else as everything is energy and we humans perceive energy only as space-time with our limited senses. This is the origin of all illusion in this holographic experiment of human incarnation. Furthermore, it is indispensable to know that space and linear time are one and the same quantity /dimension s = t as I have proved beyond any doubt in this article:
According to the new physical and mathematical theory of the Universal Law, the time in space-time is actually frequency which is reciprocal conventional linear time f = 1/t.
Therefore, all quantities and magnitudes which one can find in cosmology are in fact space and time/frequency measurements. There is nothing else, but this is also true for all the physical quantities and natural constants in physics as discussed in this recent article:
Departing from this elaboration, the reader should bear in mind from the very beginning that his expectations in cosmology as science should be very modest as all that this discipline can render are distances between cosmological objects as 2d-space and time as frequencies as this is the case in the interpretation of red shifts with which the age of the universe is allegedly calculated, rather estimated… The fact that cosmologists use the ambivalent term “light-year” for astronomical distance is already a major proof that space and linear time are one and the same dimension. This insight brings about the most radical simplification in our cosmological worldview and is a prerequisite for unlimited expansion of human consciousness.
I. Fake Cosmology, Dark Matter and Other Human Confusions
In volume I, and much more extensively so in volume II, I have discussed the basic theoretical tenets of modern cosmology and explained why it is an utterly fraudulent science – precisely a “fake science” – even more so than its older sister physics.
I have already shown why the fundamental concept of dark matter in modern cosmology is one of the greatest blunders in science. Physicists have failed to understand their own definition of mass, which they use in all their other definitions and theoretical disquisitions, from a methodological and epistemological point of view. When properly interpreted it becomes obvious that the physical quantity “mass” is an energy relationship and not an intrinsic property of matter. As all systems of All-That-Is have energy, which is per definition the Primary Term of human consciousness for All-That-Is, all systems also have a mass. Period!
This would say that photons also have a mass and are not “massless” particles as conventional physics claims nowadays. I have proved not only that photons have a mass but that the mass of all elementary particles can be very easily calculated from the mass of the basic photon which is a fundamental natural constant I first discovered in 1995 (see Table 1). I have presented these derivations and the theoretical background in my full article proving that energy = space-time has only two dimensions – space and time, which in itself is the biggest revolution in science (see introduction).
Present-day cosmologists have adopted this greatest blunder of all in physics, namely that photons do not have a mass, only because physicists have failed to grasp their definition of mass from a theoretical point of view and have perpetuated this blunder into veritable insanity in the field of modern cosmology. Because of their rejection of photon mass, they are unable to account for 95% of the theoretically calculated mass in the universe with respect to the mathematical models they have developed for All-That-Is as macro-cosmology. This fundamental blunder has necessitated the introduction of a plethora of further flaws and contradictory concepts that have made modern cosmology into a real joke and a total negation of rational, logical human thinking. The confusion is so big that only those who are not trapped in it can approximately comprehend it. For those who are embroiled in their insane world of pseudo-science, there is no hope.
I refer here to the heated debate that has recently exploded among the insane inmates of the small asylum called “Modern Cosmology” as this overview article explains:
Stephen Hawking And 32 Top Physicists Just Signed a Heated Letter on The Universe’s Origin
 “For centuries, people have puzzled over how our Universe began. But the heat just got turned way up on a debate that’s quietly been raging between cosmologists, with 33 of the world’s most famous physicists publishing a letter angrily defending one of the leading hypotheses we have for the origin of the Universe.
The letter is in response to a Scientific American feature published back in February, in which three physicists heavily criticised inflation theory – the idea that the Universe expanded just like a balloon shortly after the Big Bang. The article went as far as claiming that the model “cannot be evaluated using the scientific method” – the academic equivalent of saying it isn’t even real science.
In response, 33 of the world’s top physicists, including Stephen Hawking, Lisa Randall, and Leonard Susskind, have fired back by publishing their own open letter in Scientific American. The Cliff’s note version is this: they’re really angry.
Inflation theory was first proposed by cosmologist Alan Guth, now at MIT, back in 1980. It’s based on the idea that a fraction of a second after the Big Bang, the Universe expanded rapidly, spinning entire galaxies out of quantum fluctuations.”
Here we have the usual suspects and forgers of modern science exposed by their names. I have discussed these models as early as 1995 shortly after some of these weird hypotheses were first published, such as the so-called “inflation theory” which, by the way, has very much in common with the inflationary debt fiat currencies of the fraudulent Orion monetary system that is about to crash anytime soon. Now more than two decades later the chicken come home to roost.
II. Cosmology in the Light of the Universal Law
While physics has evolved to become a study of particular levels and systems of space-time that are closely associated with human demands, one would expect that cosmology has been developed into a study of the primary term when the principle of last equivalence is considered. This is, however, not the case when one analyses the few acceptable textbooks on this discipline.
The outstanding feature of modern cosmology is the lack of a clear-cut definition of its object of study – the universe, space-time, energy, or cosmos – is described in a vicious circle in the same mechanistic and deterministic manner as are its systems and levels in physics. Similarly, cosmology has failed to develop an epistemological approach to space-time as an entity consisting of only two dimensions / constituents – space and time. Nevertheless, there is a subconscious pattern behind all cosmological concepts that constitutes an intuitive perception of the Primary Term. This is a consequence of the fact that human consciousness always abides by the Universal Law.
The objective of this short survey on modern cosmology is to reveal this aspect. As we cannot consider all heterogeneous schools and ideas of this discipline, we shall restrict ourselves to the standard model of cosmology (which is different from the standard model in physics) that represents the mainstream of cosmological thinking today. Based on the Universal Law, we shall reject this model and debunk the present system of cosmology. The remaining mathematical facts will be integrated into the new transcendental Cosmology as part of the Axiomatics.
Modern cosmology is a new discipline. It began in the twenties of the last century when the general theory of relativity was being developed as a geometric study of empty space-time and applied to the universe as an ordered whole by Einstein, Lemaître, de Sitter, Friedmann etc. Its core is the standard model, a collection of heterogeneous ideas which have been put together in a similar manner to that in the standard model of physics. Hence the same name as first suggested by Weinberg  in 1972.
The standard model of cosmology is a hot expanding world model based on the following primary ideas:
1. The universe is homogeneous and isotropic on average, at any place, at any time. This is called the “cosmological principle“. This philosophical concept is basic to any cosmological approach. It is an application of the principle of last equivalence – the primary term is perceived in the same way by anybody, at any time, at any place. This allows the establishment of an objective Axiomatics that leads to the unification of science – the latter being a metaphysical level of space-time. This is essentially an anthropocentric definition because for obvious reasons we have no idea of how other conscious beings (aliens) perceive the physical world.
The cosmological principle, being a rudimentary idea of the primary term, was first introduced by Milne (Milne model, 1935) based on the idea of the “empty universe” (?) and then further developed by Einstein as a variation of his principle of equivalence  (see Volume II, chapter 8.3. This idea is an utter nonsense as inertial mass does not exist because the law of inertia is a completely false concept). Einstein departed from the Mach principle. It postulates that the inertial reference frames adopted from classical mechanics should be regarded in relation to the distribution and motion of cosmic mass, that is, in relation to the actual space-time relationships (1). Einstein generalized Mach principle (as he did with the relativity of space and time in electromagnetism developed by Lorentz and other physicists before him) and applied it to the whole universe. Einstein has never had a truly original idea of his own.
This was an arbitrary decision (degree of mathematical freedom), since the local space-time relationships which we observe are heterogeneous and discrete. Indeed, the universe consists of clusters of galaxies separated by photon space-time which is empty of matter, as is confirmed by recent astronomic evaluations, for instance, by the Hubble telescope. Therefore, the cosmological principle, which postulates a homogeneous and isotropic universe, does not assess the real properties of space-time, but is an abstract equivalence that is built within mathematical formalism. This fact reveals the absurdity of Einstein’s endeavour to exclude human consciousness from any scientific perception of the physical world (2).
2. The universe expands according to Hubble’s law with the escape velocity v of the galaxies, which is proportional to the distance dl of the observer from the galaxies:
 dv = dl/dt =  Hol = [1d-space-time],
Hubble’s law is an application of the Universal Law for one-dimensional space-time.  Ho is called the Hubble constant. It is reciprocal conventional time and thus a constant quantity of absolute time:  Ho= f. The epistemological background of this constant is not known in cosmology. We shall prove that this specific magnitude gives the constant time of the visible universe:  H= fvis.
In astrophysics, the Hubble constant is roughly estimated from the intensity of selected galaxies. Its value varies from author to author from 50 km/s to 80 km/s per Mpc  (megaparsec). Latest estimations tend towards the smaller value. The reciprocal of the Hubble constant 1/ H is called “Hubble time“ and is thus an actual quantity of conventional time. It is regarded as the upper limit of the age of the universe  AU ≤ 1/ Ho when the gravitational forces between the galaxies are ignored. As the traditional cosmological units of space and time are highly confusing, we shall convert them into SI units. This will significantly simplify our further discussion.
The cosmological unit of distance [1d-space] is:
1 Megaparsec (1 Mps) = 3.086×1022 m.
We obtain for the Hubble time (= age of the universe) the following conventionally estimated value:
 A= 1/ Ho  = 3.086×1022 m / 5×10ms-1 = 6.17×1017 s
This corresponds to an estimated age of the universe of 20 billion years. According to the standard model, the present universe has a “finite“ age that is determined by the big bang; this initial event is defined as a “space-time singularity”. This assumption is in apparent contradiction with the primary axiom of our Axiomatics which says that the universe, that is, its space and time, is infinite.
At present, the actual age of the “finite universe“ is estimated to be about 10 – 15 billion years, when the gravitational forces between the galaxies are theoretically considered. However, as the mass of these galaxies cannot be determined – more than 90% of the estimated mass of the universe is defined as “dark matter“, which simply means that scientists do not know anything about it (see the calculation of neutrinos’ mass here) – these estimations are of highly speculative character.
It is important to observe that all the basic space and time magnitudes in cosmology, such as the Hubble constant, can only be roughly estimated. This fact shows that present-day cosmology is anything but an exact empirical science. As these quantities are basic to the standard model, fundamental paradoxes have emerged, depending on the values employed. I refer to the famous “mother-child-paradox” in cosmology that describes the finding that some galaxies as children are older than their mother – the universe – if the big bang hypothesis of finite age of the universe is accepted. This is already a strong indication that the standard model is not validated at all.
From AU one can easily obtain the radius of the finite universe RU as postulated in the standard model. According to Hubble’s law, the actual magnitude of the second constituent of the universe is defined as the maximal distance that can be observed, that is, the maximal distance which the light that is emitted from the remotest galaxies covers before it reaches the observer:
RU = cAU = 2.9979×108 ms-1 × 6.17×1017 s = 1.85×1026 
According to Hubble’s law, both values are natural constants. While this fact confirms the constancy of space-time (universe) as manifested by its systems – in this case, by the visible universe – it is in apparent contradiction with the assumption that the universe “expands“.
Modern cosmology does not give any explanation of this obvious paradox between Hubble’s law and the hypothesis of the expanding universe as put forward in the standard model.
A major objective of this analysis is to prove that:
The two magnitudes, RU and Ho = 1/AU, are universal cosmological constants that assess the constant space-time of the visible universe. When modern cosmology speaks of the “universe“, it means the space-time of the visible universe, which is a system (U-subset) of space-time. The visible universe is not identical to the primary term of space-time (energy = universe = All-That-Is).
The primary term cannot be assessed in a quantitative way, but only in philosophical and meta-mathematical categories. Thus the visible universe is a specific, concrete cosmological system of space-time. It determines the limits of human knowledge at present. Therefore,
the visible universe is the only possible object of study of cosmology.
Like any other system, it has a constant space-time – it is a U-subset that manifests the properties of the whole. For this reason, its space (RU) and time (Ho = 1/AU) magnitudes are natural constants. As space-time is an open entity, we shall prove that these constants can be precisely calculated from known space-time constants which can be exactly measured in local experiments. In this way we shall eliminate the necessity of performing expensive research of doubtful quality in astrophysics.
While proving that modern cosmology can only assess the constant visible universe, we shall refute the erroneous hypothesis of an expanding universe from an infinite small space of incredible mass density, called the “big bang“. This state is believed to have existed about 15-20 billion years ago.
According to this view, the universe has evolved from this “space singularity“ to its present state by expansion which still persists.
3. The standard model describes this past and present expansion of the universe. This model is based on Hubble’s law and the existence of the cosmic background radiation (CBR). The latter is regarded as a remnant of the initial, extremely hot radiation of the big bang that has been adiabatically cooled down to the present temperature of 2.73 K. The theoretical basis of this hypothetical, hot expansion model is the theory of relativity, which is geometry applied to the visible universe and deals essentially with the level of gravitation (see Einstein’s cosmological constant in Volume II).
Therefore, the method of definition and measurement in cosmology is mainly geometry (topology) of space. In addition, the statistical method is used. The standard model is highly limited to philosophical introspective, for instance, it forbids questions like:
“Where does the universe expand?
Where does the space which opens between the expanding galaxies come from?“,
and so on.
In other words, this model evades any questions that should trouble the mind of any sincere cosmologist and deals with a true knowledge of the universe.
The standard model cannot explain many facts that have been accumulated in the last few years. For instance, new measurements by the COBE telescope have confirmed that the CBR is not isotropic and homogeneous as postulated by the standard model, but exhibits a local anisotropy. These conflicting facts have necessitated further modifications of the standard model.
The so-called “inflation hypothesis“ has been developed by Guth and Linde (see above) to overcome the problem of CBR-anisotropy, which is of major theoretical importance.  However, this hypothesis is of such a speculative character that it cannot be verified by any means. It rather exposes cosmology as science fiction. ( I wrote this conclusion in 1996, 21 years before the aforementioned dispute occurred in cosmology in 2017.)
For this reason the inflation hypothesis is not considered part of the standard model, but a complimentary conceptual contribution of provisional character. The standard model excludes alternative cosmological explanations, such as the steady state-models  of Bondi (1960) or Dicke (1970). These models reflect more adequately the constant character of space-time. As these models do not represent the mainstream of cosmological dogma, they will not be discussed in this short survey on cosmology.
1. ”Einstein adopted, as Mach‟s principle, the idea that inertial frames of reference are determined by the distribution and motion of the matter in the universe”. P.J.E. Peeble, Principles of Physical Cosmology, Princeton University Press, New Jersey, 1993, p.11.
2. Einstein believed that natural laws existed independently of human consciousness. The logical reversion of this belief is that consciousness does not follow natural laws – hence his pledge for the elimination of subjective human consciousness from science. This epistemological antinomy is inherent to modern scientific outlook. The role of consciousness in defining all scientific concepts in an abstract manner, which are confirmed in a secondary manner in the real world, is eliminated from current scientific considerations. Instead, empiricism is celebrated as the only source of knowledge.
However, it still operates in an unpredictable manner at the subconscious level as human intuition. In the new Axiomatics, we eliminate this artificial antinomy by proving that consciousness is a system (level) of space-time that obeys the Universal Law, just as any other system or level. All primary concepts which have been historically developed in science reflect more or less the Universal Law. Unfortunately, this intuitively correct perception is frequently lost at the alleged rational level of current human argumentation – be it scientific or trivial. This is particularly the case with all non-mathematical ideas of science. The hidden psychological force behind this rejection of the Universal Law at the rational level is the “angst (anguish) structure“ of human beings, which is of rigid energetic character and determines their illogical thinking and behaviour to a great extent. I have elaborated this energetic aspect of human behaviour in a special book on esoteric Gnosis based on the Universal Law “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“.
III. Hubble’s Law Is an Application of the Universal Law for the Visible Universe
The equation of the Hubble’s Law as presented in a previous publication on cosmology shows that this cosmological law is an application of the Universal Law and assesses one-dimensional space-time according to the definition of the new Axiomatics:
 dv = dl/dt =  Hol = [1d-space-time]
As the Hubble constant His a natural constant, the law assesses the constant space-time of the visible universe as the maximal particular system of All-That-Is that is accessible to human senses and material instruments:
 dv = dl/dt =  Holmax = [1d-space-time]
The proof is fairly simple. According to Hubble’s law, the maximal escape velocity  dv which a galaxy reaches before it emits a light signal to the observer is the speed of light dv→c. As Hubble’s law claims universal validity, it also holds for escape velocities that are greater than c. In this case, the light emitted by galaxies with dv > c will not reach the observer because the speed of light is smaller than their opposite escape velocity. The resultant speed (space-time) of the emitted photons is negative with respect to the observer, that is, such photons will never reach the observer but they still exist and should be considered in cosmology.
As our information on any material celestial object in the universe is transmitted through photon space-time, galaxies with a higher escape velocity than the speed of light are no longer visible to the observer. This means that there is an event horizon of the visible universe, beyond which Hubble’s law still holds true, but can no longer be observed. The validity of Hubble’s law beyond the event horizon also follows from the fact that it is an application of the Universal Law of space-time, while the visible universe is a particular system thereof.
The event horizon determines the boundaries of the visible universe with respect to human cognition. The boundaries of the visible universe are determined by the magnitude of c because photon space-time is the ultimate level of space-time which we can perceive at present. As all levels of space-time are U-subsets and contain themselves as an element, we cannot exclude the possibility that there are further levels beyond photon space-time with a higher velocity than c. If we gain access to them, we shall enlarge our event horizon of the visible universe. This will happen after ascension when human awareness will be freed from the limitation of the speed of light c and will be able to perceive immediately and simultaneously all parts of the multiverse.
As we see, the event horizon assesses the space of the visible universe with respect to our limited senses and present level of technological development. This cosmological system can be expressed as [1d-space]-quantity, for instance, as radius RU (open straight line), circumference SU (closed line), or KS = SP(A)[2d-space] = spherical area = charge, in geometry (method of definition = method of measurement).
As in all other systems, these quantities are constant: They assess the constant space of the visible universe with the constant time of Ho. We conclude:
Hubble’s law assesses the constant space-time of the visible universe:
 dv = dl/dt =  Holmax =  Ho R→c = [1d-space-time]vis= constant
The maximal distance from the observer lmax is defined as the radius of the visible universe: lmax = R. In cosmology, one usually speaks of the “universe“. Whenever we use this term from now on, we shall mean the “visible universe“, which is a system of space-time and is thus not identical with the Primary Term.
From the radius of the universe, we can easily obtain the event horizon of this basic cosmological system as KS (the surface area of the visible universe as a sphere) within geometry:
Event horizon =  KS = SP(A)[2d-space] = 4πRU² = constant  
This quantity is constant for any observer in space-time. This practical equivalence is an aspect of the cosmological principle. In this case, the cosmological principle is a U-subset of the principle of last equivalence for the system “visible universe“ – it is an application of the principle of circular argument and is thus not identical with the primary axiom. This clarification is essential for the subsequent refutation of the standard model of cosmology as hot expanding hypothesis.
IV. The Role of the CBR-Constant in Cosmology
As already mentioned (herehere and here), the “big bang“ hypothesis of the standard model of cosmology is based on two pillars:
  •  the cosmic background radiation (CBR) and
  •  the expansion of the universe as assessed by Hubble’s law.
If these pillars can be interpreted in a different way, for instance, by the Universal Law, then the standard model must be refuted.
In a previous article, I have explained how the idea of an expanding universe has evolved in cosmology, namely, from the one-sided perception of the vertical energy exchange between matter and photon space-time. In this chapter I shall discuss the interpretational flaws of CBR in modern cosmology.
The experimental confirmation of the CBR, as predicted by Gamov on the basis of Friedmann’s model and coincidentally discovered by Penzias and Wilson in the sixties, has evoked the mistaken conviction among cosmologists that the theoretical assumptions of the standard model of cosmology hold true. The key assumption of this model is that, from the very beginning, the universe has been dominated by an extremely hot blackbody radiation (hot photon space-time) that has cooled down during the adiabatic expansion of the universe to the present temperature of about 3K (2.3 – 3.5K) – hence the term 3K-CBR.
The prediction of 3K-CBR on the basis of wrong assumptions and its subsequent discovery is a curiosity that will certainly enjoy an outstanding place in the future gallery of scientific blunders. The traditional interpretation of the CBR as a consequence of the expansion of the universe will be now rejected.
I have shown in Volume II, chapter 5.5 that the CBR-constant which determines the relationship between the temperature of the material body and the frequency of the emitted photons  fmax = KCBR × T  (see volume II, equation (82) and previous article) depends only on the speed of light c and the proportionality constant B of Wien’s displacement law:
KCBR = c/B.
The constant B is one-dimensional space-time of a novel thermodynamic level of matter that has not been realized so far (see Volume II, chapter 5.5, equation (81a)).
In the view of traditional cosmology, the speed of light c is a fundamental constant that remained unchanged during the big bang and in the first seconds of expansion of the universe. This assumption allows the determination of Planck’s parameters of the “big bang“, which are basic quantities of the standard model of cosmology (for an understanding of the true meaning of the Planck’s parameters see my discussion and derivations in Volume II, chapter 9.7). Without the derivation of these parameters, the concept of the “big bang“ would be meaningless, as it actually is, because the Planck’s parameters are a scientific “pulp fiction” produced by the empty brain cavities of present-day cosmologists and projected onto the infinite past.
And let us not forget that linear time is an illusion of the human mind and that there is no such thing as past, present and future, but that everything happens in the eternal Now, in the simultaneity of All-That-Is, so that one can reject the “big bang” hypothesis based entirely on this transcendental knowledge without further scientific ado.
According to the standard model, during the “big bang“ matter did not exist, at least, not in the form it is seen today. This would mean that the constant B did not exist: B = 0, and KCBR = c/0 = improbable event (mathematical operation not allowed). On the other hand, the CBR-constant determines the frequency of any emitted photon radiation for any temperature of matter, which is, in fact, a time quantity of the thermodynamic level of matter:  fmax = KCBR × T . If we set for T the temperature of 2.73 K, we obtain exactly the maximal frequency of CBR, as is experimentally measured by COBE satellite (1):
 fmax = KCBR×TCBR = 1.0345×1011 ×2.73 K = 2.824×1011 
This is a very powerful experimental evidence for the validity of the new cosmology of the Universal Law which all currently accepted hypotheses such as the inflation theory cannot render.
If we assume that matter did not exist at the beginning of the universe, then we must also accept that there has been no thermodynamic level during the “big bang“ and the short time thereafter. Therefore, the time of this level, the temperature, should not have existed either: T = improbable event (non-existent). In this case, we obtain for the time (frequency) of the photon space-time the following logical result:  
fmax = improbable event ( KCBR) × improbable event (T) = improbable event 
The above equation symbolizes the entire nonsense of the standard model.
If there has been no matter, there would have been no temperature and subsequently no photon space-time in terms of electromagnetic waves with the time (frequency) and velocity as observed today: c = f λ = 0λ = 0. The standard model postulates that c was valid during the “big bang“ (see derivations of Planck‟s parameters in Volume II, Chapter 9.7).
However, if there were no photon space-time, there would have been no radiation and thus no CBR as observed today. The assumptions of the standard model have not been challenged yet, only because the epistemological background of space-time, that is, of space and time, is not an object of interest in present-day physics and cosmology. This agnosticism is the origin of all the flaws in these sciences.
On the other hand, if we assume that the universe has evolved gradually by developing new levels, however, at time intervals that are infinite in relation to the estimated age of the universe, we can imagine similar conditions in black holes, neutron stars, quasars, pulsars and other similar material systems of gravitation (see Volume II, chapter 9.9), as suggested for the “bang bang“ and the short period of time thereafter. In this case, we need not extrapolate in the past, as is done in the standard model of present-day cosmology, but have to consider the finite lifetimes of stars in the context of the energy exchange between matter and photon space-time.
When the energy exchange from matter to photon space-time is perceived unilaterally as expansion that is going on into the future, one inevitably comes to the hypothesis of the “big bang“ when this process is traced back into the past. This false hypothesis follows from the idea that photon space-time is empty and homogeneous. This is the cardinal epistemological error of physics that engenders all the nonsense in cosmology.
The new Axiomatics clearly says that the CBR-constant is an absolute constant of the vertical energy exchange between the thermodynamic (kinetic) level of matter and the thermodynamic level of photon space-time as assessed by the new Stankov’s law of photon thermodynamics (Volume II, chapter 5.7), which is an application of the Universal Law. Thus the time f of the photon level depends on the time (temperature) of matter and vice versa: the temperature of matter depends on the frequency of the absorbed photons.
This mutual interdependence can be observed any time in daily life, e.g. the warming of metals by sunbeams and their subsequent radiation as heat. The frequency of the sunbeam photons depends only on the surface temperature of the sun (Volume II, equation (82)). Such phenomena are manifestations of the vertical energy exchange between matter and photons that takes place in both directions (conservation of action potentials).
The above equation of maximal frequency of CBR holds for any temperature. Black holes and neutron stars are known to have extremely high temperatures. When the frequency of the photons emitted by these gravitational systems is calculated with this equation, we obtain a cosmic background radiation in the gamma range. Such high frequency-CBR is regularly observed in astrophysics. Typically, this kind of CBR is not explained as a remnant of the big bang. This illustrates the ambiguity of current cosmological interpretations.
The equation of the maximal frequency of CBR is a very useful application of the Universal Law, with which we can determine the thermodynamic coefficients of vertical energy exchange of individual stars and other celestial bodies with photon space-time. In the next chapter I shall show that the redshifts in the Doppler effect can be used in the same way to determine the vertical energy exchange between individual systems of gravitation and photon space-time. With respect to the theory of relativity, these absolute coefficients can be also called “relativistic coefficients of energy interaction“. This is the only true explanation of the general theory of relativity of Einstein which he never understood.
This new correct interpretation of the observed redshifts in the universe eliminates the only experimental evidence that is currently used to prove the alleged validity of the “big bang” model of hot expanding universe.
Sic transit imbecillitae dicendum est cosmologists. (This is how the imbecility of the cosmologists goes by.)
1. COBE Science Working Group, Spectrum of the cosmic background radiation, in P.J.E. Peeble, Principles of Physical Cosmology, Princeton University Press, New Jersey, 1993, p. 132.
V. Pitfalls in the Interpretation of Redshifts in Failed Present-Day Cosmology
The method of measurement of escape velocity in Hubble’s law is the determination of redshifts of selected galaxies. Hubble was the first astronomer to suggest a relationship between his application of the universal equation for the one-dimensional space-time of the visible universe and the redshifts observed by the Doppler effect. In my article on the Doppler effect from April 2017
I have shown that it is a ubiquitous phenomenon that demonstrates the reciprocity of space and time – that the two constituents (dimensions) of space-time are canonically conjugated entities. This fundamental knowledge is the core of all understanding of physics and cosmology. It is needless to reiterate, but I do it nonetheless for the sake of absolute clarity, that neither present-day physics nor cosmology have any clue about this fundamental property of energy = space-time = All-That-Is, which is the only object of their study. It is also the Primary Term of human or any other consciousness in All-That-Is. That is why the Primary Term is the first and only a priori axiom in the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law and there should not be any more if it is a true science.
I have used the Doppler effect to explain the mechanism of gravitation in my article The Mechanism of Gravitation – for the First Time Explained. It proves:
  • Redshifts in visible light are observed when the space of the photon system confined by the source and the observer expands;
  • violet-shifts are observed when the space of the system contracts.
These changes of space are relativistic and occur simultaneously everywhere in the universe. For instance, one can observe both redshifts and violet-shifts of distant galaxies. Altogether, redshifts are predominant. This has led to the idea of using them as a method of measurement of the escape velocity of galaxies in an “expanding” universe which is a wrongly postulated and so far unverified idea, or better “idio“, in current failed cosmology.
Until now modern cosmology has not been in a position to present a theoretical proof that redshifts really measure the expansion of the universe, as is clearly and surprisingly honestly stated in the following quotation of one prominent representative of this pseudo-science:
“The gravitational frequency and temperature shifts between observers are equivalent to the effects of a sequence of velocity shifts between a sequence of freely moving observers. For the same reason, the surface brightness of an object at a different (gravitational) potential would vary with its redshift… This is not a cosmology, however, for it is not known how one could get a reasonable redshift-distance relation from a stable static mass distribution, or what provision one would make for the apparently finite lifetimes of stars and galaxies…
If the redshifts of quasars did not follow the redshift-distance relation observed for galaxies, it would show we have missed something very significant… It is sensible and prudent that people should continue to think about alternatives to the standard model, because the evidence is not at all abundant…
The moral is that the invention of a credible alternative to the standard cosmological model would require consultation of a considerable suite of evidence. It is equally essential that the standard model be subject to scrutiny at a still closer level than the alternatives, for it takes only one well established failure to rule out a model, but many successes to make a convincing case that a cosmology really is on the right track.
Quoted from: P.J.E. Peeble, Principles of Physical Cosmology, Princeton University Press, New Jersey, 1993, p. 226.
The last statement refers to what the new theory of the Universal Law has achieved – it proves all the mathematical experimental evidence (e.g in form of natural laws as mathematical equations) collected so far in physics and cosmology and rejects only its non-mathematical, verbal interpretation by the scientists. The latter are blatantly wrong as they do not use or understand the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law that unequivocally defines all terms and concepts in science from the Primary Term of our consciousness. Instead, they have introduced, through their ambiguous, unprocessed language, infinite paradoxes, contradictions, blunders and outright stupidities, which I have resolved in tedious intellectual and forensic work in the new tetralogy of science as presented on this website (left column).


I shall prove in the following that
redshifts measure the specific energy exchange of any gravitational system with photon space-time and therefore cannot be interpreted as evidence for the expansion of the universe.
It is a well-established fact that redshifts are a classical test for the validity of the theory of relativity. They are appreciated as the most exact test of this theory. The magnitude of the redshift depends on the magnitude of the local gravitational potential  glocal = U  = LRCG    (see below). In the general theory of relativity, the redshift df/ f gives the (relativistic) change of the gravitational potential dU in relation to the LRC of photon space-time given as square speed of light:
df/f = dU/c2.
This relationship was first postulated by Einstein in 1911 without comprehending its true meaning. Since then it has been empirically confirmed by numerous experiments with growing precision. The relativistic formula that is usually employed is an application of the universal equation as a rule of three:
df /f = dU/c2  = LRCG/LRCp  = EG / E= SP(A)
I have used the same application in Volume II, chapter 9.9 to establish the derivation rule of absolute coefficients of vertical energy exchange, with which we can build an input-output model of the universe based entirely on dimensionless numbers (quotients). This input-output model is equivalent to the continuum of real numbers. Therefore, this rule proves in a fundamental theoretical manner why nature is of mathematical character and can be expressed in terms of mathematics, which itself is a hermeneutic system of the human mind and has no external object of study.
This theoretical breakthrough, which I made in 1995, has led to the resolution of the foundation crisis of mathematics that challenges the validity of the entire human science and in particular of the only exact discipline – physics – which is based on mathematical equations and calculations; from a methodological point of view physics is applied mathematics to the physical world. All other present-day scientific disciplines such as bio-sciences and social sciences are not exact sciences but a conglomeration of unproven and rather subjective opinions (see Volume III and all my books on Human Gnosis on this website). On the foundation crisis of mathematics and its resolution in the new theory of the Universal law read also:
As already discussed, any relativistic presentation in physics is a comparison of the actual space-time of a system with photon space-time as the initial reference frame. In this particular case, the local gravitational potential of any celestial body, which, according to Einstein, is responsible for the local curvature of the empty homogeneous space-time, is compared to the constant LRC of photon space-time.
From the above equation, we can obtain the so-called Schwarzschild radius RS when we use Newton’s law of gravity to determine the local gravitational potential on the surface of a celestial body (R is the radius of a star, planet, or any other celestial body; G is the gravitational constant; M is the mass of the celestial body):
df /f = dU/c2 = GM/Rc2 = RS /2R = SP(A)
The [1d-space]-quantity Ris obtained within geometry and is, in reality, a diameter and not a radius (imprecise terminology).
The Schwarzschild radius RS is of key importance to the theory of relativity, although this quantity cannot be explained in terms of knowledge. Traditionally, it is regarded as a measure for the relativistic effects of gravitational objects. In the light of the new  Axiomatics, this space quantity assesses the local absolute coefficients of vertical energy exchange of the individual gravitational systems, such as stars, planets, pulsars, quasars, neutron stars, black holes etc., with photon space-time.
All gravitational systems undergo different states of material arrangement, such as white dwarfs, unstable stars, neutron stars, red giants etc., as assessed by Chandrasekhar limit of the boundary conditions of stellar transformation (finite lifetimes of stars). These stellar phases of specific space-time can be expressed by various quantities, such as mass, density, volume etc. and exhibit different coefficients of vertical energy exchange with photon space-time.
From this, we can easily conclude that we can build infinite levels of gravitational objects with respect to their specific vertical coefficient. The local geometry (structural complexity) of the space-time of the visible universe can be precisely described with such local coefficients. This aspect is further discussed in Volume II, chapter 9.9.
When the above equation of the Schwarzschild radius RS is derived from the equation of the circumference of the event horizon of the visible universe SU = c2 /G as discussed in a previous publication, we obtain the following simple application of the Universal Law for the local space curvature Slocal  as a function of the local gravitation glocal :
 Slocal = [1d-space] = c2 / glocal = world line of local curvature 
This is the actual “universal field equation“ which Einstein was searching in vain his whole life. It assesses the local curvature of photon space-time in terms of “world lines“  Slocal (Weltlinien der Krümmung des Weltalls).
This [1d-space]-quantity is a function of the local gravitational potential given as the gravitational acceleration or field of the celestial objects of matter. This is, in fact, the only objective of Einstein’s general theory of relativity, which is geometry applied to space-time.
It could not succeed, not only because Einstein did not master the complexity of the mathematical instruments (Riemann’s topology) which he intended to implement (it is a well-known fact that Einstein was a poor mathematician), but essentially because he neither explained, nor understood the epistemological background of his theory of relativity.
Let us now summarize the key knowledge that accrues from this elaboration:
The redshifts in the Doppler effect measure the local vertical energy exchange between the individual gravitational systems and photon space-time.
According to the principle of circular argument, these energy interactions are presented relativistically, in comparison to the constant space-time of the photon level as c which is the universal reference frame (read here).
Therefore, redshifts should not be interpreted as evidence for the expansion of the universe.
The idea of an expanding universe based on redshifts has led to a plethora of fundamental paradoxes that expose modern cosmology as a system of fallacies. The first paradox is associated with the interpretation of black holes. According to the present view, these gravitational systems exhibit the maximal redshifts that are known at present. This is the current scientific opinion on this issue as expressed in the uniqueness theorems of black holes (M Heusler, Black Hole Uniqueness Theorems, Cambridge University Press, 1996.), which are applications of the Universal Law within mathematics.
If we now argue in the context of Hubble’s law, we must assume that black holes are the remotest objects from any observer within the visible universe (cosmological principle). In this case, we must expect to find black holes only near the event horizon of our visible universe (see above). The same holds true for quasars and pulsars, as they exhibit about 90% of the redshift-magnitude that has been determined for black holes.
However, the experimental evidence in astrophysics does not confirm this conclusion which follows logically from the current interpretation of Hubble’s law. In addition, this would be in breach of the cosmological principle which postulates an even distribution of celestial objects in the universe.
This paradox should be sufficient to reject the standard model on present evidence. It is indeed a mystery why this has not already been done, even without knowing the Universal Law.
The absurdity of the present interpretation of redshifts as evidence for an expanding universe becomes obvious when we analyse the present cosmological view of the age and radius of the “finite“ universe which is supposed to have emerged from the “big bang“. The general belief is that the objects with the maximal redshifts are the remotest from the observer. As a consequence, they should be regarded as the oldest material objects in the universe, if we accept the “genesis“ of the universe from the “big bang“ as stated in the standard model. This is explained by the fact that the light that comes from such objects should need the longest time to cover the greatest distance before reaching the observer. In this case, this light should be of the oldest origin – it should have existed from the very beginning of the universe.
The remotest objects that emit this light must have been very near to each other in this initial phase. As the universe is believed to have a finite age of about 15-20 billion years, this is considered to be the actual age of the light that comes from the remotest objects with the maximal redshifts.
The paradoxical nature of this concept becomes evident when we apply the principle of circular argument of the new Axiomatics as a deductive method. Let us depart from the cosmological principle as an application of the principle of last equivalence for the system “visible universe“. According to it, the above interpretation holds for any observer, at any place, at any time.
Let us assume that we are the initial observer placed on the earth. We can now imagine at least one more observer who is situated between us and the remotest object with the maximal redshift. In this case the second observer will measure redshifts from objects that are beyond our event horizon. The redshifts of such objects cannot be observed from the earth. These objects will have a greater distance from the earth than the remotest objects we can observe from our planet. At the same time they will be older than the oldest objects in the universe, the age of which is set equal to the age of the universe.
If we proceed with this deductive method, we can easily prove that there are objects in the universe that are infinitely remote from us and are thus infinitely old. It is important to observe that the same deductive method is used to define the term “infinity“ in the mathematical theory of sets. This method departs from any number to define the infinity of the continuum and, since Frege, the continuum theory is the foundation of modern mathematics (for further information see volume I and volume II)
In the new Axiomatics, we define the infinity of the primary term in an a priori manner and then confirm this property in a secondary manner by the empirical verification of the phenomenology of the parts (U-subsets). I have used exactly this second method to prove that space-time is infinite, that is, eternal. This proof should be sufficient to reject the standard model that assumes a finite age of the universe.
In fact, cosmologists can only measure the finite constant space-time of our visible universe as defined from the anthropocentric point of view of an earth’s observer. However, according to the cosmological principle, there are infinite visible universes, as there are infinite potential observers in space-time.
The idea of the standard model of cosmology that the universe is finite has led to another fundamental paradox, which has recently emerged from experimental evidence. The age of the universe is currently estimated by Hubble’s law to be about 15 billion years. However, recent empirical data in astrophysics does not fit into this concept. Astrophysicists have established that there are stars that are older than the universe. This is now called the “mother-child paradox“: the children (stars) are older than the mother (the universe).
The standard model postulates the emergence of stellar objects a long time after the occurrence of the “big bang“. According to this model it is impossible for the stars to be older than the universe. It is cogent that this fact alone should be sufficient to reject entirely the standard model postulating a finite expanding universe. Again, we are tempted to ask why this has not been done before.
If we, instead, consider the finite lifetimes of stars as described by Chandrasekhar, we must conclude that we are not allowed to make any statements on the actual age of material systems, that is, of matter, based on the age of the emitted light that reaches the earth or a satellite launched from the earth. If stars periodically undergo different phases of material organisation, a fact that is beyond any doubt, how can we know their actual age if we can only determine the age of the light emitted during a certain phase of transition (see also quotation above)?
For instance, when we register a light signal from a nova that is, let us say, seven billion years old, we can only say that seven billion years ago, that is, at a time when the earth did not exist, this particular star had this material configuration. As novae are recurrent stars, we cannot know their past or present states. For instance, there is no way of knowing how many transitions this nova has undergone in the past, that is, how old it really is.
These arguments are based on common sense and are accessible even to the layman. This cannot be claimed for the arguments of modern cosmology. In the last few years (with reference to the 90s), there has been a growing number of publications on cosmology that document the epistemological mess of this discipline. It is inutile to discuss them.
In this respect, it is quite amusing to observe how many cosmologists earnestly believe in the existence of many universes (multiverse), although they still believe in the singularity of the “big bang”. This is the culmination of human insanity. Why don’t they forget their pseudo-science and come to us to enjoy the clarity of mind based on our multidimensional gnostic thinking and daily experience as ascended masters.
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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

share, The Epiphany of Dr. Carl Sagan

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The Epiphany of Dr. Carl Sagan – A Gnostic Remembrance

Patrick Amoroso, November 20, 2019

“Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality…. The notion that science and spirituality are somehow mutually exclusive does a disservice to both.”  
Carl Sagan

At the request and pursuant to the suggestion of Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, I am presenting a disquisition which is to be read as a Scientific Fiction. 

Such an essay is to be construed as a tale that is fictitious in the literal interpretation but nevertheless will coincidentally present truths consistent of both a scientific and socially-interpreted reality (see below).
The basic theme posited in this story is that if the personage of
 Dr. Carl Sagan
the renowned and world-wide famous cosmologist were alive and residing among us today, he would readily accept the propositions suggested in this narrative. 

From his current and ethereal vantage perspective in the higher realms, commensurate with his quest for a discovery of a New Theory of the Universal Law (UL) and coupled with an indomitable inquiry for the existence of extraterrestrial life,  these two insatiable probes have been revealed to Dr. Sagan by the efforts of a fellow scientist, Dr. Georgi  Alexandrov Stankov, who discovered the Universal Law two years before Dr. Sagan died from complications of pneumonia in 1996 at the age of 62. 

Stankov then published
 volume I 
 on the new physical and mathematical theory of the UL in German one year after Sagan’s death in 1997 and made an official announcement on this discovery in early 1998 at the annual conference of the
 German Physical Society 
in Regensburg.
Sagan’s premature passing and the reasons for his early demise have been revealed to Carl Sagan in the Akashic records, while he coincidentally and to his great joy rediscovered the over one million scrolls of the Great and Classic City of Alexandria Library that he sadly reported were destroyed by 4th century Christian religious zealots as revealed in the original
 Cosmos presentation
In the very early portions of the Cosmos Series, Dr. Carl Sagan reported that if there was one designated place that he could revisit back in time, it would be the Great Library of Alexandria at its zenith. 

These esoteric records contained the authentic history, lineage and TRUTH of the human condition dating back to antiquity. This rediscovery for Dr. Sagan has humbled him to a fault as these testaments nullified Darwinian Evolution, an embellished theme that he enthusiastically presented throughout the entire rendition of the original Cosmos Series. Humans, as sparks of the divine and whose entire cellular and physiological quantum processes are administered by the soul in concert with the Higher Realms prove to be so enthusiastically received by Dr. Sagan after his physical death and transition to the Higher realms, known to us also as Celestria, that he literally was astounded and overcome with joy at this soul-inspired revelation.

My decision to engage in this very unique exercise of story-telling from a multidimensional perspective came about after rediscovering the entire DVD series of Cosmos while cleaning my closet space recently. It had been at least 15 years since I last reviewed this award-winning agenda which incidentally holds the worldwide record of being the most watched TV multi-episode series ever presented while reaching an audience of 500 million souls from many nations across the planet. It was during this review that I concluded that Professor Sagan was a TRUE GNOSTIC of his time defined by his unyielding scientific and philosophical pursuits while conducted in total defiance and made public against the elite political establishment at the height of his worldwide fame. To me, this defined his soul-constitution within as a True Gnostic. Coincidentally, he did not define himself as such during his years of fame but that omission is the motivation for this story.

In the opening scene of the award-winning 13 hour TV series, “Cosmos” hosted and written By Carl Sagan and his wife, Ann Druyan, Professor Sagan states: “The Cosmos is ALL THAT IS, or ever was or ever will be.“
The very word ‘cosmos’ is taken from the Greek. It implies both the concepts of ‘order’ and ‘world’ due to the ancient Greeks perceiving that the world was perfectly harmonious and impeccably put in order.
In the very early portions of the multi-sequence episodes of the Cosmos presentation, Carl Sagan makes repeated references to the ancient Greek philosophers whose influence on the development of Western Civilization was unmatched and adopted as the standard pedagogy of formal education and logical interactive discussion and debate. Thales, Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras Aristarchus and others were identified and a discussion would soon follow of their many contributions towards a higher consciousness and mode of awareness to the physical reality that humanity found themselves within.
Heraclitus was not mentioned and it is here that Dr. Carl Sagan, perhaps through intent or an act of purposeful omission, failed to consider the transcendental nature of human consciousness touching on the spiritual plane.
By Dr. Sagan’s own admission in the presence of the higher realms, he did not give due diligence nor a modicum of consideration when touching on metaphysical and spiritual matters as he openly equated such a topic with religiosity and mystical connotation. This obvious contempt for religion is manifestly apparent throughout the erudition of the Cosmos series and was specifically of an admonishing nature towards the Judao-Christian-Islamic monotheistic and patriarchal faiths despite being of Jewish descent himself. One can see how easily the embellishment of Darwinian Evolutionary Doctrine became entrenched in his thinking as a counter-intuitive answer to creationism.
It has been the legacies of the proposed but never proven theory of human evolution and the introduction of the mass production paradigm of manufacturing consumer goods generated since the late 19th century that provided the incentive for the scientific inquiry in the 3D paradigm to be aligned with predominately “ agnostic“ materialistic research while countenanced in an ever present incentive of empiricism resulting in linear cause and effect modes of human thinking. Empiricism is the means by which scientists, physicists and researchers are academically judged and awarded recognition while being totally immersed in endeavors comprising a never-ending and voluminous, published array of what is mistakenly perceived as Scientific Truths.
Read also: Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy -Ebook
The falsity of such an approach results in theories of dark energy, dark matter, gravitons, black holes and ultimately, the Big Bang Theory.
Read here: The Cognitive Deficiencies of the Scientists that Prevent Them From Grasping the Beauty and Simplicity of the New Theory of the Universal Law
For me, (Carl speaking) I fell somewhat into this same and very trap of consciously departing from any transcendental comprehension on behalf of an elevated human-spiritual awareness while paradoxically alluding to AND coincidentally mentioning the wonders of human consciousness, spiritual yearnings and a harmonious accord with the universe. Being an academic, I would go to great lengths towards espousing an advocacy for material evidence substantiated by facts, and if established criteria of an evidentiary threshold is not met, THEN it reverts to myth, religiosity and cannot ever be accepted as truth by the scientific community.
Read also: What is truth?
Carl, still speaking: ….In retrospect, to maintain that the human physical wonder consisting of a cellular accumulation of 100 trillion cells and metabolizing at quantum levels with the speed of light and only to arise from a primordial organic ooze affected by Darwinian-proposed natural selection forces over millions of years imparts a pretentious gullibility to the extreme. The religious-based converse of that argument that humanity was created some 7,000 years ago is also an exercise in absurdity as documented in the geomorphological record.
In consideration with this intuition-based conceptualization of humanity’s origins and his belief that the cosmos must be teeming with extra-terrestrial life of perhaps far greater intelligence, it is posited that Dr. Carl Sagan’s main incentive for writing and presenting the Cosmos Series probing these very same questions so consumed him that when he realized that our DNA has been altered with and favorably upgraded by advanced ET’s to assure our survival in the face of other rogue ET’s enslaving the human condition, he simply became overwhelmed with astonishment. When Dr. Sagan realized this saga that has played out and confirmed by the Akashic records now being studied via the Library of Alexandria Scrolls, my ( Patrick speaking) dream-state informs me that the monad family of kindred souls to Carl Sagan rallied to his side for he thought that he might falter for the light quotient so glistened within his now ethereal body that he thought he might be consumed in divine splendor.
Astrology was particularly eviscerated in the original presentation of the Cosmos series. Dr. Sagan repeatedly and with fervor assured his listening audience that astrology was a leftover of what he referred to as mysticism cloaked in a non-provable departure from any rational understanding.
The resurrected Carl Sagan now in his luminous body and enjoying an unknown hitherto omniscience speaks:
“In essence, I presented human cosmology in my earthly life as a false belief system nurtured by folklore and non-scientific memes of primitive thinking. Not once did I consider that it might be a transcendental approach aligned with the ancients attempt to consider the perplexities of the human condition given the technology of the day and presented as the means to represent specific archetypes of the developing human psyche for civilizations of the past. Comparing the modern-day practice of daily horoscope readings in tabloid magazines to the vast compendium of astrological summations of the ancient Chinese and Indian civilizations when astrology was simply a way to understand the intricacies and complexities of the universe in concert with the vagaries of human existence is not a proper contrast. Astrology was the precursor for the advent of astronomy and predates this modern scientific discipline by thousands of years. I am humbled by my misunderstanding of this venue and were I ever to revise the Cosmos Series, I would amend this selected diatribe with a more enlightened demeanor and countenance while realizing that astrology was an attempt towards a transcendental aspiration of metaphysical proportions as exemplified by a true Gnostic understanding.
In order to appreciate the life of Dr. Carl Sagan, one must understand the linear time reference and duration by which he came to be a very respected, and a much enamored academic and social activist. What you say, Was Dr. Sagan a social activist?  He most assuredly fit that description in the waning years of his short-lived life as he unabashedly confronted with logic and an uncanny insight the absolute folly of continuing the nuclear arms race during the Reagan years. The very concept of the “Strategic Defense Initiative” or what colloquially came to be known as the Star Wars Project where the United States advocated its plan to deploy killer satellites against incoming Russian nuclear ballistic missiles was an anathema to him and likely to invite a full scale nuclear exchange. Toward this stance and unbeknownst to many of his admirers, Dr. Sagan was arrested to wit: When Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev declared a unilateral moratorium on the testing of nuclear weapons, which would begin on August 6, 1985—the 40th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima—the Reagan administration dismissed the dramatic move as nothing more than propaganda and refused to follow suit. In response, US anti-nuclear and peace activists staged a series of protest actions at the Nevada Test Site, beginning on Easter Sunday in 1986 and continuing through 1987. Hundreds of people in the “Nevada Desert Experience” group were arrested, including Sagan, who was arrested on two separate occasions as he climbed over a chain-link fence at the test site during the underground Operation Charioteer and United States’s Musketeer nuclear test series of detonations.
This act of a morally-aligned consciousness and civil disobedience earned him the wrath of the military security complex and the contempt of many scientists locked in the career imposing paradigm of designing mass instruments of death. It was a Faustian bargain created by the elites who gain from such heinous undertakings and amass unimaginable profits as shareholders of industries manufacturing “plowshares into spears “ to quote the biblical admonition.  In my mind, (Patrick speaking)  Carl Sagan was the very epitome of a soul-inspired Warrior Consciousness and thus a Gnostic before the term became applicable to those who let their intuition and higher transcendental calling guide their divinity within and uplift their GNOSTIC awareness.
Unfortunately, this courageous action could not be allowed to have the “People’s Scientist”  confront and challenge the elitist cabal, who no doubt are a representative component of the 30-45% that Dr. Georgi Stankov alludes to in his recent disquisition “The New Earth’s Programme” and to wit:

“the current total confusion and growing insanity of that portion of humanity, which includes the ruling dark cabal and their heinous stooges at all levels of society, such as politics (deep state), MSM, finance, science, etc. To my estimate, these dark entities comprise about one-third to forty-five percent of the world population depending on the geographic region. These are the souls that will not ascend and will eventually go under with the destruction of the old matrix. 

It is quite probable that the American representation inclusive within this category of duplicitous minions are at the higher end of this percentage threshold and it would not surprise me if the sample exceeded the 45 % acme of this nefarious portion.
For the remainder of his life, two existential dilemmas prompted Sagan’s attention which would induce a reaction by the elitists of the American Security Complex represented by the Pentagon and the Defense Contractors sowing their fortunes on the gross continuance of nuclear war making capacity. The other, probably more close to his heart as an academic, was the erosion of the American educational system. A neglect of science coupled with an apathetic appreciation for the humanities had pervasively lowered the American student’s ability to think logically which coincidentally is congruous with Dr. Stankov’s repeated assertions in many of his books and essays. Dr. Carl Sagan would certainly agree that an axiomatic reasoning capacity acting in concert with a higher intuition-based spiritual awareness is the mark of an advanced civilization so eloquently put forth by Dr. Stankov in his many disquisitions and books on Gnosticism.
I ( Patrick speaking) will now attempt to bring the ‘Scientific Fiction’ aspects of this story to a final conclusion. Please bear in mind that what follows are my private thoughts in the contextual framework of this unique story-telling component of Carl Sagan’s NOW presence in the ethereal and higher dimensional realms. It is perfectly aligned with what he once suggested in the Cosmos series that a 4th dimension would certainly be a place of wonder and unimaginative transparency. We, the incarnated souls of the PAT, the Planetary Ascension Team and Light Warriors of the First and Last Hour know full well where we are from and it pains us grievously to remain in the clutches of the self-imposed 3D matrix.
In my private reflections on the challenges of narrating this story, I find myself stepping between two worlds while my dream-states and meditative periods allow for a more transcendental cognition to come forth. It is here where Dr. Carl Sagan, an eminent and renowned scientist of yesteryear and Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, Captain of the PAT and unknown to most meet in full rapture and embrace for the former NOW knows the New Theory of the Universal Law as brought forth by the latter. I am assured by my intuition that Dr. Sagan is overwhelmed at this immense effort on behalf of Dr. Georgi Stankov and the implicit simplicity describing the energetic foundations upon which the New Theory of the Universal Law is predicated.
The Primary Term ( of human consciousness) = All That Is = Energy = Space Time = E = Ef ,  where EA equals action potential, (energy gradient)  f = 1/t  where t is conventional time = space s  and f is frequency (Absolute Time). A  simple algebraic equation runs the universe. This energetic transfer performs across a vast energy field structure of dimensional levels both horizontal and vertical where photons have mass and each action of these systems is an energy exchange field while each subset and higher composite of energy exchange sets contains itself as an element. Gravity is not the warping of space as Einstein, Hawking would have us all believe but the energetic transfer of energy between MASS (Condensed Energy) and Photons, defined as mass and energy constituted in the wave particle of the electromagnetic spectrum. We can even apply this understanding to ourselves as physical beings of condensed light.  …. Imagine that!!
The Law of the Conservation of Energy states unequivocally that the total energy of an isolated system is constant; energy can be transformed from one form to another but can be neither created nor destroyed. So much for mortality, O Death, where is thy sting?
The Big Bang is just hyped up marketing in order that confounded physicists can remain in the seclusion of their controlled thinking and entrenched empiricism much to the delight of the elitists who control the purse strings of research financing and government to university contracts while they never come to a proper understanding of the New Theory of the Universal Law.
Read also: The Fraud of Modern Science – Ebook
How is this possible?
FEAR, the most destructive human sentiment in the universe prevails as the scientific community of today are led like lemmings marching to the sea. Two principals of an immense scientific aptitude mentioned in the telling of this story: Dr. Carl Sagan and Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov’s lives – separated in space, but almost overlapping in linear time, convergent academic biographies, “like twins that never meet” (Rudyard Kipling), as their soul contracts disallowed a physical proximity and the merging of a scientific consensus agreed upon in the 3D matrix. Both are of a caliber of integrity, vision and heightened awareness that defines them as Ascended Masters and  Light Warriors of the First and Last Hour.
In conclusion, I am advised by my intuition that Dr. Carl Sagan watched with an intense enthusiasm when Dr. Stankov and I emailed an Open Letter of Recognition to some 10,000 physicists and scientists across the entire planet in the summer of 2017 espousing the New Theory of the Universal Law. Consequently, not one scientist then and since reacted favorably to our immense effort despite being written to in their native languages including Russian, English, German, Bulgarian and even Mandarin Chinese. It is reported by my Higher Self that Dr. Carl Sagan would have responded favorably if indeed he had lived beyond his mere 62 years. Why do I know that?  Dr. Carl Sagan was fearless, with a deep and abiding yearning for the TRUTH wherever it may lead. He experienced his physical death with dignity, AND compassion for himself and his loved ones.
He NOW knows all things and envisions a time when he will rejoin the ascending human family in the dimensional shift to come. Word has it that he has already compiled a learning curriculum for the worldwide teaching of the Universal Law to be presented and wishes to communicate with Dr. Stankov for an appraisal of its correctness. That is NOW being completed.
P.S. That completes my telling of the ‘Scientific Fiction’ account of The Carl Sagan saga. I have attempted to delineate the coincidences and correlative nuances of one scientist’s brief appearance on the world scene who despite his worldwide fame and an earnest effort marked by a warrior’s courage never came to a full understanding of the Cosmic Drama WITH that of another scientist who has not been a partaker of fame and worldwide acclaim, YET has discovered the very essence of how the universe (Cosmos) works in the promulgation of the New Theory of the Universal Law in addition to achieving a Gnostic and elevated consciousness across many disciplines of human endeavor.
Two SOULS, Brothers in Keeping AND the NOW final climax as Ascension draws near.
The reader is encouraged to come to their own conclusion concerning whether my decision to use the unique and novel approach constituting the Scientific Fiction allegory is upon an intuitive and soul-inspired examination really fiction at all or perhaps a more reasonable semblance of TRUTH thereof. You decide ….. It has been fun and a bit tearful.
The History of This Piece of Scientific Fiction
On November 10, Patrick wrote to me as follows:

“Dear Georgi,
I thoroughly enjoyed reading your allegorical tale based on your post explaining gravity using the Pythagorean theorem originally presented in the year 2017. You certainly used the element of imaginative wonder in this recent essay. The past few nights I revisited the 1980 Carl  Sagan’s  “Cosmos” 12 episode series originally aired to over 500 million viewers throughout the world which still holds the title of the most watched educational series ever on television. I have the Collectors 12 DVD Edition and came upon it unexpectedly while cleaning my closet space. The last time I watched it was at least 15 years ago.
Dr. Carl Sagan was a unique astrophysicist / cosmologist and taught at Cornell university. Entrenched in his love and wonder for the universe was one who revealed a humanitarian devotion and love for the earth. During his life, he was quite vocal in his condemnation of nuclear weaponry and the human propensity to fuel the fires of its possible extinction. Unfortunately, he died a young man at age 62 due to complications of pneumonia brought on by bone marrow disease, Myelodysplastic Syndrome. At the time, I was quite sympathetic and surprised as he exemplified the best in the human condition while seemingly fulfilling the idiom, “The good they die young.”
Sagan tells quite a tale as he uncovered our philosophic past with an examination of the ancient Greek’s accumulative wisdom. He mentions Thales, Democritus, Plato, Aristotle and many others up to and including Hypatia of Alexandria. Always a humanitarian, he reveals the ugly picture of authoritive religion and its noxious effect on human history.
Despite adhering to the tenets of the day concerning  human evolution based on Darwinism, Dr. Carl exhibited a very keen intellect and after watching the series, I have concluded that he was a GNOSTIC without knowing it. Many times in the early portions of this series, he repeatedly alluded to the human intuition and wonder of our transcendental thought process. Had he been alive, Carl Sagan would have responded to your Open Letter to American physicists concerning the New Universal Law. He openly admitted that he thought there was a unifying force throughout all of creation and perhaps one day someone will arise and unify and integrate gravity with the 3 other natural forces. Lo and behold, Georgi , he saw you arriving.
In theological matters, Sagan’s God was that of Spinoza’s and essentially believed it to be the natural Unifying Force of Creation and exemplified by creation itself, ” All That Is”.
I hope this day finds you well.
**  Perhaps, I will further digest my thoughts here and write an essay or if you wish you can post this as a reply to your most recent post.
With love and light,

I responded immediately with the following suggestion:

Dear Patrick,
you can use the same genre, which I actually invented with this essay on Galilei and define as scientific fiction, which, contrary to science fiction, deals exclusively with undeniable facts and scientific statements embedded in a probable reality beyond space and time and thus carrying an eternal validity. They are a kind of scientific parables.
In this case you may choose the title for you essay, for instance, as “Carl Sagan’s letters from Afterlife” where he refers to some of his well-known statements he has made during his life and then after he has died. He now enjoys an expanded awareness and has studied the theory of the UL, which he understands and thus reflects on his cognitive limitations during his life and what he could have done and thought better. You can invent another person, e.g. a professor in physics he knows well and who is still alive and how Sagan advises him to change his understanding on physics in order to see the truth. This is just one suggestion and you may have other ideas how to create a fictive dialogue or eventually a monologue, leading to a better understanding of physics and cosmology as a fiction. In this case, the living professor must also respond and present his arguments for and against the UL.
For instance, this is what happened the other day in the post office in the near-by town of Gmund (Austria, where we have just created a new city of light in Central Europe). Otfried and myself met a retired famous professor of physics at the Vienna university. Otfried knew him from a lecture where he was explaining jovially to the audience that he loved to calculate physical equations but could not explain what he has calculated as he did not understand nature. He has a business card where a very complicated and to my mind meaningless physical equation is printed just to confuse or impress the people. 
This professor greeted friendly Otfried and myself and I told him that I have heard some very positive things about him and have a simple question: “There was a time when most physicists believed in the existence of one universal equation, they called it also “Weltformel” (world equation), and wanted to unite all physical laws and physics with it. What happened with this beautiful dream?” – “It remained a dream”, the professor replied, to which I was compelled to remark that I am not so convinced. And this is what this professor then replied that struck us so much: “If there were only one equation with which we can explain Nature, then there will be no need for us as theoretical physicists but only for technicians who invent new devices”. 
And guess what, he hit the nail on the head, to quote a German saying. His sincerity was disarming and very refreshing and if you develop a similar honest version of Carl Sagan after his death with expanded awareness based on his famous statements, you may create a very convincing fiction story how a blind scientist with a sincere quest for truth reflects on his own false, educated scientific ideas and further evolves them thus building a spiritual trail for others to follow. This all can be written with a lot of humor, sarcasm, but also with a deep understanding of the flaws of present-day science and human behaviour based on unprocessed fears. 
I personally think that this new literary genre, called “scientific fiction” can be an excellent means to promote the true science of the UL through literature in an entertaining and easily accessible manner to the public. Just a suggestion to ponder on.
With love and light

And the rest is history…. as they say.

* * *
* * *

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Origen: TiAmAt: share2,1, telescopes, finds X-ray, Magnetic Poles, Understanding, Warning,

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

share2,1, telescopes, finds X-ray, Magnetic Poles, Understanding, Warning,

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Principios de vida: 
¡No reacciones instintivamente: reacciona, con conocimiento, de causa y efecto …! 
..No busque culpables: en su lugar, busca soluciones …! .. Ama todo, 
lo que te rodea … !
* * *
Principles of life: Do not react, instinctively: react,with knowledge, of cause and effect ..!..Do not look for culpables: instead, look for solutions ..!..Love everything, everything, what surrounds you ..!
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A view from NASA's Cassini spacecraft shows Saturn's northern hemisphere in 2016 

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Thursday, October 31, 2019

share, Vademecum, to the Scientific Theory, and Gnosis, of the Universal, Law,

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Vademecum to the Scientific Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

Vademecum to the Scientific Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law

by Georgi Stankov Posted on September 25, 2019

The Easiest and Quickest Way How to Read and Understand the Literature on the Universal Law

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 25, 2019


This is a reference guide (vademecum) to the new Scientific Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law (UL) for all my readers who do not have any scientific and physical background but cherish the desire to understand the true Nature of All-That-Is, which present-day science has fully failed to comprehend. That is why I call it “fake science“. This is an indispensable knowledge for everyone who is on the spiritual pathway and has decided to ascend in this lifetime. As I have written on numerous occasions, the Theory of the UL is the Science of Ascension. There is no other scientific theory of ascension, either on this planet or in any other incarnation civilisation in this multiverse that has decided to ascend during the current universal shift. Please, engrave this truth with golden letters in your minds.

Everybody should internalize this truth to the fullest extent as to develop the necessary inner motivation to study the Theory and Gnosis of the UL, as without this inner motivation that will always be supported by your soul you will not be able to acquire this precious knowledge and may not be able to ascend. Even if you, for whatever reasons, do not understand the UL to the full extent, you must still accept and embrace it as the only valid knowledge you can acquire as a human being and try to do your best to implement it in other areas of human thought that interest you personally.

This is my advice to you – to the whole humanity – at this auspicious time.

That being said, I will present below the didactically easiest and quickest way to start learning the UL from my perspective as the author of all texts on this subject. Of course, I am fully aware that there are numerous individuals who may choose a different, more specific approach that corresponds better to their personality structure, inclinations and intellectual abilities. As I am approaching here the vast majority of humans, who have no sound knowledge of physics and science, this recommendation excludes all scientists who may decide to choose a different approach, e.g., begin immediately reading Volume I (German) and Volume II (English) on the Physical and Mathematical Theory of the UL; these are full-fledged textbooks on physics for universities and other higher institutions of academic education.

The two volumes are structured in a similar way and contain more or less the same physical and mathematical elements. They are organized didactically in such a way that they can be read independently, i.e., one can begin with volume II without having read volume I. Volume I is sufficient to acquire the full knowledge of the new physics of the UL. Volume II contains, however, a large number of new advanced derivations (as mathematical equations) and applications of the UL. For instance, you can study the derivations of new fundamental natural constants that enable for the first time the integration of gravitation with the other three fundamental forces in the standard model, which is now abolished in the new theory of the UL. These theoretical breakthroughs, each one of them worth the meanwhile worthless Nobel Prize, are not part of Volume I.

These new derivations and applications of the UL convincingly reinforce the eternal truth that there is only one Law of Nature and that all questions which scientists may have about the physical world can be found in these two textbooks. Please study this Table which gives you at one glance the integration of all fundamental natural constants in physics and proves how all fundamental forces can be easily integrated. The inability of the standard model to integrate gravitation with the other three fundamental forces is the greatest deficiency of current physics and discredits it as true science.

And here I come to my first publication which I would like to recommend you to begin with:

The Universal Law of Nature

By the way, all the titles of articles and textbooks I will give you in this vademecum can be found as links on the left column of this website.

This short article proves from a theoretical, philosophical, epistemological and methodological point of view why there can be only one law of Nature – the Universal Law, which I discovered in 1994 and developed into a new General Theory of all Sciences until 1997. In my opinion, this article should stand at the beginning of any textbook on science and should be studied and discussed at the latest in secondary grammar school, gymnasium and college, that is to say, as soon as the young people begin studying science – natural and social – depending on the local school program.

When you have grasped the key message of this review on human science, it will be much easier for you to proceed with the lecture of the other texts as you now have the conviction that there can be only one law of nature and that present-day physics has got it completely wrong in this respect by claiming the existence of more than 100 distinct natural laws as anyone can easily check by studying any textbook of physics or just scroll through it.

When this battle for your mind is won, you can easily proceed with the popular introduction into the UL below, which I wrote in 1998 as part of the German Volume IV from the so-called Tetralogy of Science (four basic books /volumes I-IV on physics, mathematics (vol. I and II) , bio-sciences (vol. III), and philosophy (vol. IV). I have now translated this introduction into English and have published it today on the eve of our ascension.

This is the next publication you should study very carefully. I have refrained from using any complicated mathematics and have restricted this presentation to the simplest equation in mathematics – the rule of three – which happens to be the Universal Equation of the Law.

If you have now fully grasped and internalized the basic tenets of the new Theory of the UL, you are well advised to begin studying the new Axiomatics of the UL, which contains the same knowledge as in these two articles, but in a more stringent and consistent theoretical manner:

The New Axiomatics of the Universal Law

This article is actually not very long and it contains all the knowledge you need to acquire in order to read and fully understand volume I and II on physics and mathematics. The new Physical and Mathematical Axiomatics is the foundation of all knowledge on the UL. If you have fully internalized it, you can begin applying it to any area of human thought and you will immediately make great strides in understanding the Nature of All-That-Is – the world you live in.

From now on you begin to become an expert of the UL. The benefits of this intellectual achievement are innumerable and staggering. I have described this leap in awareness in the past as follows: “Imagine you have driven until now Fiat Uno and the next day to steer a Porsche or a Lamborghini. Your mind will begin to move all of a sudden with the speed of light and even beyond that and there will be no secret or mystery, which Nature may pose to you and you will not be able to solve at least from a theoretical point of view.” You will know what I mean by that when you have reached this level of knowledge of the UL and this is exactly what I experienced more than 25 years ago when I first discovered the UL and began to develop the General Theory of Science. This was the greatest adventure in my life – it will be the greatest adventure in the life of any human being and it depends only on you to bestow upon yourself with this precious gift.

In case you find it difficult to understand this fundamental script because you are more interested in spiritual esoteric topics, you may skip it and go directly to my basic book on Human Gnosis:

New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind

In this book, I discuss the new Theory of the UL one more time in the context of present-day esoteric teachings, as you may know them from the New Age scene, in a popular manner. However, I also include in this discussion science, philosophy and religion (all current major organized religions) as to broaden the world view of my readers, so that this book may be quite challenging to many of you.

These topics are not at all discussed by most modern esotericists (light workers, New Agers) as these people have no theoretical knowledge of science, philosophy, theology, teleology, religions and do not have the intellectual aspirations to deal with such complex topics. One only needs to scrutinize the new esoteric literature in any specialized bookshop that comprises more than 20% of all the books currently published in order to convince oneself in this fact. The most obvious facts are likely to be most easily overlooked in the current End Time of gargantuan human deceptions and illusions.

Now a few words to the scientific community. If you are a physicist and you have begun to develop doubts about the validity of your discipline, then your soul can be saved, but only if you are ready to make a dramatic U-turn and disregard everything you have learned so far. In this case, you must start studying volume I and II from scratch as once at school or during the first terms at the university. Your past physical education and qualification is your greatest disadvantage and the quicker you shed it off, the better for you. You only need to overcome your inner fears and your scientific ego that whispers you the lie that you are an expert on physical matters. You are not, you are even blinder than any layman because you have been conditioned in the wrong way during your long academic education.

But you have one major advantage and that is – you have studied the physical stuff and should know all the equations, which I present in my two textbooks on physics. As soon as you have grasped the new Axiomatics and the logic of the new space-time symbolism in the presentation of all physical quantities, you can very easily understand the new physical and mathematical theory of the UL.

Essentially, you must grasp at the deepest level of your consciousness – as a scientist and an incarnated human being – that energy = space-time has only two dimensions /constituents, space and time, so that all other units and quantities of the SI system can and must be abolished. Therefore, all physicists must also study my Propaedeutics of the UL, which discusses these basic theoretical issues in a very precise and easy manner. This book can be also read by all humans without any scientific, physical background but cherish the strong desire to understand the new Theory of the UL:

An Easy Propaedeutics Into the New Physical and Mathematical Science of the Universal Law – ebook

This holds true also for all mathematicians who have no knowledge on physics. However, they will have to study first the philosophy and epistemology of mathematics and understand deeply why it is a hermeneutic discipline of the human mind and has no external object of study and why numbers and all the mathematical theories of numbers have no value at all in the bigger context. Therefore, a careful study and understanding of the Foundation Crisis of Mathematics as discussed in my article The Universal Law of Nature is indispensable for your progress in the new Theory of the UL. Mathematicians must therefore also discard most of their knowledge and in particular their pernicious obsession with complicated equations, as this is a devilish trap of the human mind. Instead they should learn to recognize the beautiful simplicity of all things, however, at the greatest possible level of mental abstraction.

The Theory of the UL is the ultimate holistic approach to All-That-Is and demands the highest level of human intellectual abstraction. What is most difficult in this respect is not the achievement of this highest level of abstraction but the ability to keep it constantly in any human thought and idea as an axiomatic application of the UL. This affords enormous discipline of correct human thinking to which very few people are currently capable.

In other words, Axiomatics should become the only modus operandi of human thinking, which now becomes unlimited and free of any inner contradictions and paradoxes. It is important to observe that currently, except myself and a few other highly evolved spiritual human beings with whom I am in contact, there are no other humans – be they scientists, thinkers, experts or philosophers – who are capable of this kind of consistently logical, axiomatic thinking all the time. One only needs to read the books of these people to come to this annihilating conclusion. That is why they all need to study the UL first in order to become impeccable thinkers. I have discussed this topic on numerous occasions, especially with respect to current agnostic alternative thinkers (e.g. see here).

From this point onward, you are on your own to decide which book and article you will read next as to deepen and widen your knowledge of the UL and its ubiquitous application in all aspects of life – human and extraterrestrial. I have written a lot of books on Human Gnosis which you may read at your discretion. At this place I want to stress that Human Gnosis is not different from the Theory of the UL, it simply transcends it to spiritual issues and thus inevitably includes human philosophy, theology, teleology, religions, history, economics, etc., you name it. There is no limit to the new Gnosis of the UL, just as there are no limitations to the application of the new Scientific Theory of the UL because it is the true reflection of All-That-Is.

This website is a seamless chronicle of the endeavour of the PAT (Planetary Ascension Team) to ascend Gaia and Humanity to the 5th dimension. This is what we experience these days and this currently “hidden” knowledge will become a common idea of the entire humanity very soon. At this point, at the latest, there will be a huge rush on my books on the UL and this discussion will become of greatest import.

I have structured my books and important articles in several categories and have presented them as links on the left column of my website, so that they can be easily reached and then read as ebooks or articles for free.

This website is a highly interactive archive of my lifetime intellectual achievement and contains the vastest and most advanced knowledge current humanity has developed in its known and mainly unknown history. This fact must be stressed unequivocally at this place. If you decide to study diligently the UL, you only need to read all the articles and books on this website. If you need the factual background of encyclopedias and written sources as references in order to expand your knowledge, I have provided many relevant links in my books and articles, which you can use in the first place.

This highly interactive archive will allow you to cover any area of human knowledge and to expand your mind beyond recognition. Eventually, you will develop the divine mind, about which we talk a lot and have introduced energetically on this planet a year ago. The activation of the illumination yellow ray in September 2019 strongly supports the expansion of the human mind to divine mind currently, on the eve of my ascension that will propel the level of collective illumination to unprecedented heights and will enable the shift of humanity to the 5th dimension.

According to my estimate, if you are a true intellectual and already bring a vast theoretical knowledge from a conventional point of view, as well as the learned habit to navigate quickly in new areas of knowledge, which should be a virtue of any true intellectual, you will need roughly five years to comprehend and fully internalize the entire scope of my intellectual achievement and make it part of your individual mind and consciousness.

This is a rather short period of time given the fact that we are now entering a new era, where humans will become immortal. I am talking about those people who have decided to ascend in this lifetime and can only achieve this goal if they have internalized the new theory of the UL. In other words, you have to study the Theory of the UL if you want to become immortal. This is the greatest present you can give to yourselves and this is undoubtedly the greatest present I could bestow upon humanity.

And so be it!

A Brief Introduction into Basic Statements of the New Axiomatics of the Universal Law

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 25, 2019

This popular introduction into the Theory of the Universal Law was written in 1998 as part of the German Volume IV: The Universal Law in the Mirror-Image of Philosophy, 166 pages, 1999 and translated into English by the author in September 2019.


Personality and worldview are always variables of geographic space and historical time – the space-time of social evolution. The latter is formed by collective ideas which have also produced the concept of philosophy. The destiny and character of the individual are shaped by such superior ideas, even if man, by virtue of his intention and his drive for action, has the possibility of significantly changing them. The philosophical quest of the occidental spirit, shaped by the eventful history of this continent, has always aimed at exploring the ultimate truth, from which men hoped for a better and higher life. Philosophy has always been understood as the source of Western civilization, even though philosophical thought is by no means alien to the great Asian cultures. The present demise of this “love of wisdom” says it all about the state of European and earthly civilization.

I have studied the Universal Law in mathematics, physics, the bio-sciences and not least in economics down to the smallest detail. These western sciences have attained, beyond the cultural differences, an astonishing validity when one considers the cognitive errors with which they have been and still are afflicted since their emergence. Perhaps this is the result of their historical development, which ran parallel to the history of the Occident. And this, God knows, is anything but free from errors.

If I only deal with Western philosophy in this book, I do so not only because as an European I am rooted in this tradition, but because I am not familiar with the great Asian schools of thought, even though I can now understand that they have internalized the essence of the Universal Law far better than Western philosophy, apart from a few remarkable exceptions. Thus, this treatise is by no means the result of a cultural chauvinism, as one might think, but rather the admission of my own ignorance.


The methodological analysis carried out in connection with the discovery of the Universal Law showed that the basic concepts of all sciences have not been clarified. Physics does not know what is energy, mass and charge, and mathematics cannot epistemologically explain its basic concepts, such as continuum, number, probability set, point, line and area. This has led to the famous Foundation Crisis of Mathematics: Since Gödel’s theorem (1931) it has been known that this discipline cannot justify its raison d’être and validity with its own means. This realization stands in a peculiar contradiction to the fact that all exact natural sciences such as physics are based on mathematics. I recognized that all basic concepts of the sciences can be derived axiomatically from the Primary Term of human consciousness and explained epistemologically. From this, I succeeded in developing a unified theory of all sciences – a pantheory. The basis of this theory is the new Physical and Mathematical Axiomatics of the Universal Law. It consists of a few basic statements (axioms), which I will briefly introduce here.

The Primary Term

All natural sciences, including mathematics, are products of our consciousness – they are thought things. Thoughts can be axiomatized. The primary term of the new Axiomatics is “energy” or “space-time“. The primary axiom says: “Energy is space-time”. The primary term is Being. All other names and symbols that can be used for the primary term are equivalent. This includes consciousness. The primary axiom is called the “principle of last equivalence”:

Energy = space-time = universe = nature = the Whole = Being = consciousness = continuum = probability set = symbols = etc.

The primary term is a U-set: it is the set of all sets that contain themselves as an element. All physical terms and concepts, which adequately capture the phenomenology of Being, are U-sets. They are thought things that contain the Whole as an element: Consciousness is the set of all thoughts and is itself a thought: primary term = consciousness = U-set of all thoughts.

All sets that do not contain themselves as an element are N–sets. Such quantities do not belong to Being. All ideas that are N-sets are false epistemological concepts and must be removed from science and everyday thinking. The idea of vacuum is such a N-set. According to common understanding in physics, vacuum contains particles and matter – the nothing contains something. Since energy is space-time, extension (perceived as the universe) is an energetic continuum – there are no gaps between the things that are nothing. Thus the vacuum as a concept is eliminated.

The primary term is a philosophical-logical category, which can also be grasped mathematically. Mathematics is known to be the extension of logic using mathematical symbols such as numbers and relation signs. Both disciplines have no external object of study. They are considered hermeneutic disciplines of correct thinking. According to the principle of last equivalence (consciousness equals energy), their object of study is: energy = space-time. This is the proof of existence of mathematics, which justifies its existence and eliminates its foundation crisis as an artefact.

Properties of space-time

The properties of space-time are: Closed character, infinity, continuity, inhomogeneity (discreteness) and constancy. They are connected U-sets and thus equivalent to the primary term. U-sets cannot be separated in reality but only in an abstract way in consciousness.

The properties of space-time are confirmed without any exception by all phenomena, because every phenomenon that can be observed is a subset of the primary term and contains its essence as an element. The conservation of energy (1st law of thermodynamics) proves the unity of space-time, which can be imagined as a perpetuum mobile. Energy conservation can only be expressed by the equality between two different forms of energy. Such an equation, also called balance, implies the inhomogeneity and constancy of space-time.

The realization that photons and matter occur in constant discrete quantities, called quanta, forms the basis of quantum mechanics. The equivalence between energy in the sense of force and space-time in the sense of extension proves that space-time is a physical continuum. In mathematics, the continuum is seen as infinite. The infinity of space-time is a basic philosophical category that cannot be further defined. The simplest description of infinity from an anthropocentric point of view is that “space-time has no end and no beginning”. All mathematical definitions of infinity are thus secondary in nature and can be traced back to this first philosophical statement.

Space-time can be divided into infinitely many subsets that are thought things. But since they are U-sets, they always have a real correlate in the external physical world. The U-set of equivalent elements is defined as a level consisting of infinite systems: The proton level of space-time consists of infinitely many systems called protons, which have the same energy. The level and the system are thus abstract mathematical categories of our consciousness: there is no way to distinguish between the infinity of space-time and the infinity of human conceptualization.

All levels and systems are open – they exchange energy with each other. We also say: “they interact.” The openness of the systems is an aspect of the infinity of space-time. Only space-time, the primary term, is self-contained (closed character).

Symbolic Representation of the Primary Term

The energy conversion, also called energy exchange, is identical with the primary term according to the principle of the last equivalence. Space-time is in a constant transformation of energy. We can express the primary term symbolically as follows:

Primary Term = space-time = energy transformation = E

The symbol “E” can be replaced by any other symbol:

E = ∞ = 1 = E/E = 1/1 = ∞/∞ = 1/∞ = ∞/1 = etc.

Fundamental U-sets of Energy Conversion

The energy conversion between the levels is arbitrarily called “vertical energy exchange” and between the systems – “horizontal energy exchange”. The energy conversion is horizontal and vertical at the same time (U-sets). The primary event of energy conversion is called “action potential”. It is a constant amount of energy that has a specific magnitude for each level or system. The action potential is expressed by the symbol “EA“. The definition of action potential, like that of systems and levels, is an arbitrary act of our consciousness. I call this ability the “mathematical degree of freedom of consciousness“. It embodies the infinity of space-time. Thus each system can also be defined as an action potential and vice versa. All physical events that we observe are action potentials, i.e. constant energy packets that are exchanged.

The quotient of converted energy E and action potential EA is defined as “absolute time” and expressed with the symbol “f “. This quantity is a U-set of space-time, the primary term; it is formed within mathematics (thought things). It is a dimensionless number belonging to the continuum. This quantity is not identical with the “conventional time” (t) known from everyday life. For this reason, we will from now on in the text simply call absolute time “time” and the concept of time we use in everyday life “conventional time”.

All physical quantities with which one describes nature are abstract U-sets of the primary term, which are defined within mathematics and introduced into experimental research by the measurement method. For this reason, it is not possible to separate their definition from their measurement method. Such quantities have no real existence outside human consciousness. This is true for all quantities such as mass, charge, etc. Mass, according to its conventional definition, is an energy relationship/ratio (quotient of two quantities of energy). Charge is a synonym for geometric area. This pleonasm could only be discovered within the framework of the new Axiomatics.

Space-time itself is free of human concepts – it exists without human conceptualization. But since all physical quantities are U-sets, there is always a real correlate in the external world. This epistemological approach corresponds to Kant’s principle of the a priori views of pure reason, according to which things have to behave, and is opposed to empiricism, which is prevalent in current experimental research (1).

The Universal Law is a Mathematical Equation

The primary term can be expressed according to the principle of the last equivalence as a mathematical equation, if one starts from the a priori definition of time:

E = EA f

This equation is called the “Universal Equation”. It captures the primary term by mathematical means. All conventional laws of physics are mathematical equations and thus U-sets of space-time. They contain the universal equation as an element. I prove that all known laws and their applications can be derived from the universal equation. For this reason the universal equation is also called the “Universal Law”. Such equations have no real existence outside mathematics, i.e. outside human consciousness. They are nevertheless an adequate reflection of space-time. Therefore, mathematics is the only adequate (objective) representation of nature. For the same reason, physics is applied mathematics to inorganic matter. This knowledge leads to a remarkable simplification of our physical world view.

Every mathematical equation, no matter how complex it may be, is an equation with the number “1”, which is identical to the primary term according to the principle of last equivalence, e.g. E/EA f=1. Thus, space-time is the origin of mathematics: All mathematical equations originate from the Universal Law. The number “1” has no special meaning: it can be replaced by any other number. However, since in physics all units are given with the number “1”, this number has been established as the primary number with which all other quantities are compared. If the gravitational energy of a reference system is arbitrarily defined as “1 kilogram”, then the gravitational energy of another object can only be measured in comparison and given as a number, e.g. 5 kg. The mass is thus no immanent property of nature, but an abstract mathematical quantity, a thought thing, a mathematical convention. Mass is an energy relationship and thus a dimensionless number. The attribute “kilogram” is merely a reference to the reference system and can be replaced by any other word or need not be mentioned at all. This would not change the correctness of the mathematical result at all. This insight is very important because one can eliminate all SI-units in the traditional physical formulas and represent them directly from the primary term of space-time. This new space-time symbolism leads to an unexpected simplification of physics.

Definition and Measurement Method of Physical Quantities

All physical quantities are abstract U-subsets of space-time. Their only definition and method of measurement is mathematics. They have no real existence outside mathematics. They are thought things. This simple fact cannot be repeated often enough. All physical quantities are defined according to the principle of circular argument and introduced into physics (see the definition of time above). The principle of circular argument is the only operative and cognitive principle of mathematics and physics. It consists of two dialectical aspects:

1) Formation of equivalences, for example, of measurement units: All meters are the same all over the world;

2) Formation of relationships/ratios/quotients, e.g. measuring with standard units of measurement.

The circular argument is an application of the principle of last equivalence for the parts (U-subsets) of space-time. It starts from the Whole to capture the parts. The principle of circular argument is a U-subset of the principle of last equivalence and contains the latter as an element. All mathematical equations, which contain physical quantities as U-subsets of space-time, are formed according to the principle of circular argument. They contain the primary term as an element. Since this is identical with the universal equation, they contain the universal equation as an element; strictly speaking, they are derivations of the universal equation. All known physical laws, which represent relations between different quantities and observables, are based on the principle of last equivalence and are formed according to the principle of circular argument. The principle of circular argument embodies the perception of the unity of space-time as an operative process of consciousness. It reveals the fundamental “tautology of Being”.

The cognitive misery of present-day physics lies in its inability to comprehend this insight. At present, all physical quantities, such as mass, charge, current, force, acceleration etc. are not defined according to the principle of circular argument as the application of the principle of last equivalence, but according to the circulus vitiosus (vicious circle). The difference between the circular argument and the circulus vitiosus lies in the fact that the latter does not take the Whole into account. One does not think about the essence of the Whole, the primary term, and accepts its existence as given. From this arises the principal agnosticism of modern science, trimmed to research. It did not justify its basic concepts, but criminally neglected them – e.g. physics does not know what energy is (Feynman).

The epistemological approach of the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law is the opposite to the previous approach in physics. It starts from the essence of the primary term, clarifies it completely and consistently and proves that all physical concepts can be derived axiomatically from the primary term according to the principle of circular argument. This leads to a unified theory of physics and mathematics. However, since physics is the basis of all natural sciences, the application of the circular argument ultimately leads to the establishment of a general theory of all sciences – a pantheory.

Dimensions and Units of Space-Time

Physics consists of a theoretical and an empirical part. The theoretical part contains the definition of the physical quantities. The empirical part contains the measurement (experiments) of these quantities by forming relationships/ratios with the arbitrarily chosen measurement units. Since these quantities are U-subsets of space-time, only energy relationships are measured in real terms. This fact has been overlooked by conventional physics because it is based on the mistaken belief that physical quantities are real properties of Being. In reality, all physical quantities are formed as thought things in mathematics and introduced into experiments by man himself through the use of mathematics as part of the SI-system.

Note: All verifiable results of an experiment are of mathematical nature. However, space-time is free of concepts. For this reason, every experiment and every empirical result proves to be a tautology of the Universal Law. For the same reason, there is no experiment that violates and refutes the Universal Law. This realization forms the epistemological background of the new Axiomatics. At the same time, it shows the principal futility of trying to refute the Universal Law. The previous physics, on the other hand, failed to present an epistemological explanation of its terminology.

In physics, every quantity is conventionally expressed as a number with units of measurement. Behind each unit there are one or more dimensions. The definition of each physical quantity cannot be separated from its method of measurement. Mathematical definition and method of measurement form a dialectical unit. I leave it to the reader to work out this knowledge for himself on the basis of selected examples from a physics textbook.

Each definition of a unit is based on the energy measurement of a randomly selected real system of space-time. Let us take the two basic units, “meter” for the dimension “length” and “second” for the dimension “conventional time”. They are currently defined in a circle on the basis of an arbitrary system of photon space-time. The unit “meter” is defined by the wavelength of the basic photon h (Planck’s constant) with the energy E = h = EA f (universal equation), where the (absolute) time is selected by definition f = 1. The action potential is expressed in the new Axiomatics as follows (see below): EA=SP(A)[2d-space] f = λ2f = λ2, because f = 1. In this case the wavelength of the basic photon is λ= 3×108 m, because the speed of light is measured c= λ f = 3×108 m/s. The wavelength of the basic photon is 3×108 m, because f = 1. The measurement unit “meter” is then defined in a circulus vitiosus as 1/3×108 of the wavelength of the basic photon (for further details see Volumes I and II).

You can immediately see the circular character of this definition – without the surrogate units, meters and seconds, there is no measurement of the speed of light, which is a mathematical observable of photon space-time (see below). Without the energy of the basic photon, which can be considered the elementary action potential of photon space-time, there is no precise definition and measurement of the units “meter” and “second”.

The same applies to the definition and measurement method of conventional time. The time unit “second” is defined by the frequency fC of an arbitrarily chosen photon radiation of a caesium atom with the energy E = h fC and the speed of light c = λC fC. The definition of the “second” is therefore not possible without the circular introduction of the unit of length “meter”. Both units are introduced in a circle with respect to the energy/space-time of a photon system.

From this example we can see that the original reference system for the basic dimensions, space (length) and conventional time t (or frequency, since f = 1/t), is the photon space-time. This simple fact of enormous cognitive relevance has so far remained hidden from physicists, although Einstein’s theory of relativity selects photon space-time and the speed of light as the reference system (in the Lorentz transformations) to measure the relativistic changes of space and time of the systems. For this reason, this reference system is maintained in the new Axiomatics. However, it can be replaced by any other reference system, since space-time is closed.

We can choose any real system as a reference system and compare the other systems with it by the principle of circular argument. This principal conclusion is illustrated by the fact that, before choosing photon space-time as the reference system, the Earth was taken as the reference system for space and time: 1 meter was defined as a fraction of the meridian through Paris and the second was defined as a fraction of the Earth’s rotation time around its axis. Since this reference system was not very accurate, it was replaced by the photon space-time. In principle, any reference system, e.g. the currently valid SI-system, which is a surrogate – an anthropocentric epi-phenomenon – can be replaced with any other system.

The new Axiomatics proves that space-time (Being) consists of only two dimensions, I speak of “constituents” – space and time. They are dialectically connected and form the unity of space-time. For this reason, the word “space-time” is preferred as a description of the primary term. From this it follows that all other units of the SI-system used in physics are derived directly from photon space-time and can thus be eliminated in the theoretical part of physics. They by no means extend our knowledge of the essence of space-time, but rather conceal it. This can be illustrated by the units “Kilogram” kg for the dimension “mass” m and the unit “Coulomb” C for the dimension “Charge” Q. They are secondary dimensions and units, which one has formed from the two dimensions, space and time, within the framework of mathematics. They are U-subsets of space-time: the mass is an energy ratio: m = E1/E2= a dimensionless number (n) of the continuum and charge is a synonym for area (area ratio/relationship) Q = A1/A2 = n [m2].

Physics can indeed be very simple, if you approach it correctly. From this, one can conclude that all real space-time systems must have mass and charge. I was able to discover two new fundamental constants, the mass and charge of the basic photon h, and prove that all known constants can be derived from these two constants by applying the universal equation (see Table above, central square). In this context, I refer to the fact that conventional physics considers photons to be both “mass-less” and “free of charge”. One immediately recognizes the cognitive blindness of the current physical theory.

Motion/Movement is the Only Manifestation of Space-Time

Movement is the universal and only manifestation of space-time. Our consciousness perceives the energy transformation only as movement/motion. Movement is an immanent property of space-time and identical to it according to the principle of the last equivalence: primary term = movement. The universal physical observable (quantity) of motion that physics has chosen in mathematics is velocity v. For this only practical reason, this abstract mathematical quantity is chosen as the universal observable of space-time in the new Axiomatics. It could in principle be replaced by any other mathematical quantity that would be a U-subset of space-time. The advantages of velocity lie in its simple symbolic presentation, which makes it much easier to understand physics. Every symbolic system should be based above all on didactic aspects.

The speed is defined as the ratio (quotient) of the two dimensions, space (length, s) and conventional time (t), according to the principle of circular argument: v = s/t. Within Euclidean space, which was first introduced in classical mechanics by Newton and which is used as an abstract mathematical reference system, space can be represented as follows: length, s = [1d-space], area, A = [2d-space], volume, V = [3d-space], or space = [n-d-space], where n = continuum. The advantage of this symbolic representation is obvious: It is valid for every n-dimensional space, for multi-dimensional spaces of string theories and for fractal spaces (Hausdorff dimensions) of topology. These spaces increasingly find their way into modern physics. But also the four-dimensional Minkowski space of relativity theory can be described with it (3d-Euclidean space plus the time dimension). This can easily be proved.

Velocity consists of space and conventional time. Space is considered as extension. Extension is a fundamental property of Being and is identical to space-time according to the principle of last equivalence. The conventional time is given in the velocity as reciprocal value 1/t and can also be expressed as frequency f =1/t: v = s/t = s f. We already know this formula from the formula of the speed of light c = λ f, where s = λ = (wave)-length. It applies to all waves. But since matter has wave character according to the common understanding of physics (quantum mechanics), as this was first recognized by de Broglie in 1924, there is in principle no difference between the formula of the classical velocity v = s/t and that of the wave velocity v = λ f. They are merely mathematical variations of one and the same thing. Even this simple fact has not yet been correctly understood by physicists.

Frequency is a dimensionless number that indicates the number of periodically occurring events, in this case waves, compared to a reference periodicity. As we have seen for the method of definition and measurement of conventional time, the frequency of an arbitrary photon radiation is chosen as the reference system. The conventional time is then the reciprocal value of this frequency. In mathematics, each quantity can also be consistently given as its reciprocal value without any change in the result or in the knowledge. Based on this simple consideration, conventional time can (and should) be consistently replaced by frequency in physics. The advantage is obvious. The frequency is a direct observable of the absolute time f = E/EA , which we have derived directly from the original term axiomatically, i.e. a priori. However, it is not the only physical observable of time. It can be proven that a number of other quantities such as temperature, magnetic field, etc. are also synonyms of time.

The frequency thus measures time, which is an abstract U-subset of space-time. The equivalence of the two terms is very easy to understand. Each wave in a medium can be regarded as an energy package with a definite constant energy value EA, which depends only on the wave amplitude (space). The amount of the converted energy E within a certain period depends only on the number (frequency) of the passing waves: E = EA f. We obtain the universal equation. The necessary indication of the observation period again confirms the ubiquitous validity of the principle of circular argument in the context of the consciousness-related perception of space-time. If there were no people to determine the observation period, the validity of the universal equation would not change. The energy conversion E only becomes infinite because the time f also becomes infinite. But infinity is an a priori property of space-time. Since man and his consciousness are systems of space-time, they contain his Being as an element. This circular argumentation (tautology), which represents the limit of every human knowledge forever (in all eternity), inevitably carries, as one can see, the properties of the primary term (2).

If we now represent the speed in the new space-time symbolism, we achieve a very simple mathematical presentation that unmistakably shows that it can be derived axiomatically from the primary term:

v = [1d-space] × f = [1d-space] × [time] = [1d-space-time] =

E = Primary Term

The new definition of speed is: the product of one-dimensional space and time is called “one-dimensional space-time”. It is a U-subset of space-time, which is formed within the framework of mathematics. This quantity has no real existence, but always finds a real correlate in the physical world. Since we can also assign the number “1” to the primary term according to the principle of last equivalence, one can introduce infinitely many geometrical dimensions within mathematics, with which one can represent space-time. These different dimensional representations of space-time are equivalent according to this principle:

E = EA f =v = [1d-space-time]= [3d-space-time] (Minkowski space)

= vn = [n-d-space-time] = constant = 1

Reciprocity of Space and Time

The above equation reveals the fundamental property of space-time, namely the reciprocity of its constituents, space and time. This is the fundamentally new realization of the present Axiomatics. Even if this knowledge is already the basis of the theory of relativity, neither Einstein nor any other physicist after him have correctly understood it. This is the most serious omission of modern physics (3). We say:

The two constituents of the primary term, space and time, are dialectically connected, canonically-conjugated reciprocal quantities. They cannot be separated from each other (U-sets) and form the unit of space-time (4).

If space increases, time decreases and vice versa. But since according to the universal equation E = EA f the energy conversion E is proportional to time f, because the action potential is constant: E ≈ f, because EA = const., it follows that energy and space also behave reciprocally:

E = EA f ≈ f = 1/ [space]

The reciprocity of energy and space is a fundamental property of space-time that is fully confirmed by all physical phenomena. The greatest energy, nuclear energy, is found in the smallest space of nuclei, the weakest energy, gravitation, in the largest spatial systems such as suns, planets, solar systems, galaxies, etc. But even within gravitation, the reverse behavior of energy and space is ubiquitously valid. The white dwarfs represent the smallest space configuration of a star, but their gravitational potential is incomparably greater than that of red giant stars, another large star configuration. The black holes represent a spatial singularity, but have the greatest gravitational potential, which also attracts light so strongly that they are invisible – hence the name. The list of examples can be continued indefinitely. The theory of relativity reflects this simple fact, but without interpreting it correctly.

Applications of the Recognition of the Reciprocity of Space and Time

Space-time is the only reality within human perception. For this single sufficient reason it must be concluded that in physics only space and time or space-time relationships can be formed according to the principle of circular argument. All natural constants found in physics so far are such constant relationships/ratios. The existence of natural constants is the most fundamental and all-encompassing proof that space-time is closed and constant in itself – this constancy of the Whole is manifested by all parts as an element, because they are U-subsets of space-time. This realization also leads to a significant simplification of our physical worldview.

The seeming mathematical complexity found in physics today is therefore not a necessity of nature, but has been introduced by the scientists themselves, more precisely, as a result of their errors of thought. It is dispensable – rather, this complexity should be banished once and for all from physics and the natural sciences. This is the primary didactic, pedagogical, or if you like, cognitive goal of the new physical-mathematical Axiomatics. While the natural sciences have so far sought their salvation in the artificial complexity of thought formation, the secret of nature has remained hidden. The reason is very simple: For fear of the supposed subjectivity of human thought, scientists have completely excluded the role of consciousness from their considerations, despite the overwhelming evidence that all sciences are thought structures, i.e. categorical systems.

For this reason, the new axiomatic begins with the primary term of human consciousness. It is the beginning and the limit of all knowledge – forever!

The realization of the reciprocity between space and time, or space and energy, leads to three further applications, which I summarize as basic axioms or operative axioms. These axioms are mental variations of space-time reciprocity and merely have the task of describing certain physical phenomena and their previous interpretation more accurately and comprehensibly for physicists than before. They are therefore U-subsets of the original knowledge of the reciprocal behavior of the two constituents.

The first axiom is called the “axiom for the conservation of action potentials”. It is another stringent interpretation of the first thermodynamic law of the conservation of energy as it was originally formulated by Mayer. It says:

The action potential EA1 of a system or level is completely transformed into the action potential EA2 of another system or level and vice versa:

EA1 = EA2

All known conservation laws of physics, such as the conservation of mass, impulses, charge, baryon number etc. are summarized in this axiom. The reason has been mentioned several times: The preservation of physical quantities reflects the preservation of energy due to its closed character, because these quantities are abstract mathematical quantities and thus only U-subsets of space-time.

The second basic axiom is a variation of the first. It is introduced to illustrate how all known physical laws were formulated within human consciousness. This axiom embodies, so to speak, the “archetype” of all intuitive thoughts in mathematics, of which there are quite a few in the literature; it makes this archetype of the mathematical subconscious conscious for the first time. With this axiom one can subject physics and its representatives to a quasi “deep Freudian analysis” in order to understand where they have switched off consciousness and thus obstructed themselves the path to deeper knowledge of the existence of the Universal Law. This exercise is very instructive and recommendable, because it helps to erase the wrong way of thinking from the past peu á peu (bit by bit). Learning is adaptation in the first place. This operative axiom is called “the axiom of reducibility”. It says:

Every energy exchange in space-time can be seen as an interaction between two entities (systems), because all parts of space-time are U-sets and contain themselves as elements. Each interaction results in a new entity, whose energy can be represented in mathematics as the product of space-time/energy of the two interacting entities:

E = E1×E2 = E1E2

Even if this axiom may seem self-explanatory, it conceals far-reaching insights that physicists have not yet been able to comprehend. These can be illustrated by the definition of the momentum p = mv in classical mechanics and the energy in Einstein’s famous equation of mass-energy equivalence E = mc2. We start with the momentum. Let’s take an object with the mass m. The symbol “m” is as arbitrary as the term “mass”. One can choose the symbol “m” as symbol for the object at rest (rest mass). In this case, this symbol corresponds to the energy of the object at rest m = E1. If an interaction with this object takes place, e.g. a gravitational attraction, then the object moves. We can consider this movement as another entity. In physics, it is usually captured by the velocity v, which is a one-dimensional observable of space-time. In this case, we can set the velocity for the energy of this entity v=E2.

It should be noted that all these assignments of symbols take place within mathematics and are therefore “thought things”. The same applies, as already mentioned, to any physical quantity such as mass or velocity. According to the axiom of reducibility, the total energy of the moving object can now be represented as the product of the energies of the two entities defined above:

E = E1E2 = mv = SP(A)[1d-space-time] = momentum = p

We get the classical definition of the momentum p = mv, which can now be represented very simply in the new space-time symbolism: p=SP(A)[1d-space-time]. In this case, for m the equivalent symbol SP(A) = probability set = n = continuum is chosen. This is a convention of the new Axiomatics. According to the principle of last equivalence, both the probability set SP(A) and the continuum are equivalent to the primary term. Since mass is by definition an energy relationship and thus a dimensional number n, it can be also considered as probability P of the set SP(A). In mathematics the probability set is defined as P(A) – the probability of the event A. It is another symbolic presentation of the continuum of all numbers. We additionally use the sign “S” for “structural complexity” to show that our probability set refers to the structural complexity of space-time (the existence of spatial forms), whereas the set P(A) is an abstract mathematical term without a real correlate. This designation is exclusively didactic and can be dropped as well.

The axiom of reducibility can be applied to all known laws of physics. We choose Einstein’s equation because it claims a universal position among the laws – it is believed to prove the equivalence between energy and mass. However, since mass as an energy relationship (quotient) is an abstract dimensionless quantity and thus a U-subset of space-time, this famous equivalence turns out on closer examination to be a pleonasm, which is generally regarded as the greatest sin in science.

In classical mechanics, the conservation law of momentum is derived for the elastic collision. There is of course no such collision as there is always friction and loss of thermal energy – it is an abstraction of human consciousness that intuitively captures the closed character of space-time as a kind of perpetuum mobile and transfers this property to the parts. Behind the law of conservation of momentum lies the axiom of reducibility. Let us consider two systems with the energies E1 and E2 as momentum E1 = p1 = m1v1 and E2 = p2 = m2v2, which interact with each other (elastic collision). In this case, the energy E of the resulting system can be represented by the axiom of reducibility:

E = E1×E2 =p1×p2 = m1v1× m2v2 = mv2= SP(A)[2d-space-time],

where m=m1m2 and v2=v1v2, e.g. v2 =2×8 =16=42. , where v1=2 and v2=8. From this we obtain the new space-time representations of the universal equation

E = EA f = mv2 = SP(A)[2d space time]

and the action potential

E = SP(A)[2d-space] f

If we apply the theorem of conservation of momentum, which we have seen is an application of the axiom of reducibility, to two moving objects whose interaction is perceived as an elastic collision, we obtain a two-dimensional representation of the energy of the resulting system containing the square of velocity. This presentation of the universal equation is unconsciously chosen by the physicists in many conventional laws. This becomes clear when one represents the laws in the new space-time symbolism. Since mathematics and the new Axiomatics are commutative (transitive) systems, i.e. they are equivalent axiomatic systems, one can express the laws in the old as well as in the new way of writing and calculate with them without changing the final result. However, the advantage of the new presentation cannot be overlooked. Instead of the many conventional quantities, which lead to a considerable confusion and prevent the learning of the physical formulas, there are now only two quantities (dimensions, constituents) – space and time – which can be expressed as numbers of the continuum. Their values form constant dimensionless relations (absolute constants).

The two-dimensional presentation of energy in physics thus has no deep meaning, but results from the predominant geometric representation of momentum or velocity as lines (vectors). As a rule, the three-dimensional Euclidean space is reduced to a two-dimensional coordinate system because it can be drawn much more easily on a sheet of paper. At the beginning we proved that the number of dimensions with which space-time is represented within the framework of geometric formalism is irrelevant, since according to the principle of last equivalence all n-dimensional presentations are equal. In the new Axiomatics, I chose the two-dimensional representation of space-time as a formula that is equivalent to the universal equation, because it greatly simplifies the derivation of the traditional formulas of physical laws from the universal equation. Didactics also plays a central role in this decision.

If we now apply this representation of the universal equation to the photon space-time, we only have to replace the symbol of velocity v with that of the speed of light c: c = v and we get the much acclaimed Einstein equation:

E = SP(A)[2d-space-time] = mv2 = mc2,

of which one still does not know how he derived it and which is therefore praised as the result of his “ingenious intuition”. However, the universal character of this equation can be explained very simply by the fact that photon space-time has been chosen as the initial reference system in physics – we have seen that this is the case with both the SI system and the theory of relativity. Here the photon space-time is defined as energy, whereas the energy of matter is represented as mass, i.e. as an energy relationship/ratio. The statement that mass equals energy is thus another pleonastic paraphrase of the axiom for the conservation of action potentials.

Einstein’s equation thus covers the energy exchange between matter and photon space-time. This vertical energy exchange is central for the understanding of physics, especially for the clarification of the gravitational mechanism, which is still unknown today. This energy exchange can be described in detail for the first time in the new Axiomatics, whereby a number of new fundamental constants have been discovered (see Volume II). Considering that the last fundamental constants were discovered more than 70 years ago, the advantages of the new Axiomatics become obvious.

The third basic axiom was introduced exclusively to facilitate the dynamic view of open space-time systems that are in constant energy conversion. In this context, it should be emphasized that the previous view of nature in physics is exclusively static. The static view of things is a consequence of the application of mathematics as the only method of definition and measurement of physical quantities. This aspect is explained below. The third basic axiom states:

Any system, which is in a dynamic energy exchange with space-time can be reduced to two levels (entities) whose energy gradients behave reciprocally. These gradients are also called long-range correlations.

With this axiom as a paradigm for the dynamic behavior of all open systems (there are no others – the closed systems introduced in physics are pure abstractions), both the regulation of the cell and the human organism as well as the regulation of the economy at the micro- and macro-level can be consistently explained and described kinematically for the first time. This leads to a general theory of biological and social regulation. Individual aspects of this theory are discussed in the following chapters on the history of philosophy.

The New Concept of “Structural Complexity, Ks”

The modern physical worldview is based on the concept of the wave particle dualism. Mistakenly, this dualism is seen as a property of space-time. In reality, it is merely the dynamic-static view of nature, with the waves representing the dynamic worldview and the particles the static. In reality, space-time is in a constant transformation, so that all systems are always in motion. The transformation of this dynamics into statics takes place in our consciousness with the aid of mathematics. The mathematical representation of nature is static through and through. The reason for this is that one can only measure space or time if one of the two constituents is arrested (stopped) artificially, i.e. by a mathematical regulation in the head. Since the two constituents behave reciprocally to each other and form a unit, one constituent is always regarded as constant if the other one is artificially arrested. This mathematical trick is based on the application of the primary number “1”.

We will illustrate this by using the universal equation from above. If the number “1” is assigned to the time f, then a geometric surface is obtained from the square of velocity within the framework of mathematical formalism:

E = EA f = SP(A)[2d-space-time] = SP(A)[2d-space] f 2,

if f = SP(A) = 1, then

E = Ks = SP(A)[2d-space] = area = structural complexity

The last equation shows how one can obtain a static geometric quantity, in this case a surface, from the universal equation of energy, which includes velocity as the universal quantity of motion, by arresting time f, i.e. by assigning it the number “1”. The concept of structural complexity includes all geometric representations because they are equivalent. As a rule, Ks is identical with the surface, because this quantity is most frequently used in physics. Many quantities turn out to be pleonasms of the surface, e.g. charge, magnetic moment, etc. Their units are then synonyms for “1 meter square”. Also this realization leads to a significant simplification of our physical world view.

Since many observables in physics are geometric quantities, the concept of structural complexity is introduced as the set of all geometric quantities. It embodies the static world view in physics. Every description of the outer forms is static. This includes all descriptive characterizations of nature, which are predominant in medicine and the bio-sciences. All geometric presentations such as vectors, surfaces, volumes and surface integrals must also be added to Ks. The primary term of space-time E, on the other hand, embodies the dynamic world view of physics. The universal equation E = EA f stands for this view of things.

The Law of Evolution

One can now start from the structural complexity and derive the universal equation for this static quantity: E = Ks f 2, therefore Ks= E/f 2. If one introduces the conventional time t instead of the time f, then one obtains the Law of Evolution as a derivation of the Universal Law:

Ks = Et2

The law of evolution says:

The structural complexity is proportional to the converted energy and grows with the square of conventional time, i.e. exponentially.

This law should not be overestimated, but merely seen as a different, static representation of things. Nevertheless, it applies without any exception to all phenomena, because it is a derivation of the Universal Law. With the help of the law of evolution one can very precisely describe the economic development of mankind, which can also be described as evolution.

These are the basic statements of the new physical Axiomatics, which are fully confirmed by the phenomenology of Being and lead to a unification of physics. We will encounter these basic ideas again and again in the various philosophical schools of Western Civilisation. The aim of this treatise is to prove that the perception of the Universal Law has always been at the centre of all abstract human thought.


1. This argumentation is done from the agnostic point of view of modern science and deliberately excludes the fundamental truth that our reality is the product of our thoughts as creator beings both at the soul level, where this holographic 3D-reality is created, and at the ego-mind level, where personal ideas and emotions create the individual subjective reality, which the incarnated personality wants to experience as destiny. In this introduction I wanted to keep things simple and only to point out that scientists can only observe in the external world what they project onto it with their thoughts in a priori manner and why explorative empiricism that dominates the world view of modern science is the falsest idea of all.

2. Experience has shown that this abstract level of argumentation of the new Axiomatics poses the greatest difficulties for the conventionally trained, philosophically inexperienced physicist. The only possibility for them to rethink, i.e. to start thinking correctly, is to forget everything they have learned so far. They must then, like small children, begin to memorize and internalize the new Axiomatics. Since the theory is very simple and concise, it should be a very short learning process. After that the knowledge acquired in physics and the natural sciences will fit seamlessly and without any contradiction into the new Axiomatics. This approach requires only self-discipline in thinking and the psychological overcoming of the inner resistance, i.e. one cannot avoid admitting that one has thought wrongly in physics in a fundamental way up to now. The advantages of such an admission for the participants can be illustrated with a current example from the collapse of communism. Those communists below the party nomenclature who immediately rejected the communist dogma and adopted the principles of market economy became the greatest and most successful capitalists in an instant, even if they were somewhat downgraded by the Western competition and dismissed as “corrupt red mafiosi”, which is also true, but it misses the psychological point. This phenomenon can be observed without exception in all former socialist countries and all these so-called “oligarchs” were actually closely connected to the criminal cabal in the West. But even the transformation of the Germans from convinced Nazis to diligent democrats has only brought them advantages. The same will apply to physicists once they have understood that physics is merely applied mathematics for inanimate nature. The realization that the representatives of applied mathematics will be the better physicists in the future will cause the necessary suffering that will pressure physics to change fundamentally as a science. These examples illustrate that anyone can take control of his destiny and change his life from the ground up. Those who do not succeed in this feat will inevitably fall by the wayside as the “eternally yesterday’s”. They will be the losers of space-time evolution at the societal level.

3. If one had understood the reciprocity of space and time about 100 years ago, physics would have taken a different course and mankind would, most probably, have been spared the atomic holocaust of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the Damocles sword of the Cold War, as well as events like Chernobyl. The two world wars were also due to the failure to recognize the essence of space-time.

4. This realization is so simple in itself that to this day I am not in a position to find a satisfactory explanation as to why mankind did not come to it earlier. This book is an attempt to give a partial answer to this question.

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This information is not
intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health-care professional
and is not intended as medical advice.  It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and
information from the research of the publisher.  You are encouraged to
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This information is not
intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a qualified health-care professional
and is not intended as medical advice.  It is intended as a sharing of knowledge and
information from the research of the publisher.  You are encouraged to
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