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Monday, February 29, 2016

sharing4 -Archive- moneta “Astrale”- Astral” Currency – Value Investing – Good or Bad? – Advice for Trump

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Advice for Trump

Armstrong Economics

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Advice for Trump

Blog/2016 U.S. Presidential Election
Posted Feb 29, 2016 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; Why do you not advise Trump as Rubio and the Media demand details from him but not from anyone else as to their economic plan?


ANSWER: I do not advise Trump. If he really wants to make an impact, he should watch the “Solution” DVD. If he demonstrated that we need major reform because we are going broke under the management of career politicians, then he might attract more people who are on the fence. Let’s be realistic. Those supporting Trump distrust government politicians. They really do not care about his message. I would prefer Trump, not for any policy, opposed to any career politician who would bring the same line of thinking to the table. A career politician will not think out of the box and will blast us with more regulation and taxes that will kill the economy. They will continue to hunt money until nothing is left for us but total enslavement, and that does not matter if we are talking about Rubio or Hillary.

Obama stuffed Christine Lagarde in the IMF and that has been far more devastating than any appointment to the Supreme Court. She has destroyed the global economy by threatening countries to hand over their info on everyone (except exempt politicians like her, of course) so they can hunt money absolutely everywhere. They do not look at the net result and only look at the world through their own greedy eyes. I would hope Trump would look at this as a businessman and say, “You people are nuts.”

The standard of living for families is declining — not because the “rich” are making more from investment — because the government continues to raise taxes and rob our savings that they pretend are there for retirement. In reality, they keep lowering benefits because they stole all the money. Anyone in the private sector who did this would be in jail. We are prosecuted for fraud in the private sector, but fraud in public sector is rewarded and called “politics.”

Advice for Trump

Eliminate all taxes whatsoever if you are not present to use such services. Eliminating taxes would allow for greater savings, and citizens would be required to save a portion of their income. Instead of QE for bankers, eliminate taxes and try QE for the people.
We will not raise the minimum wage. Instead, we will eliminate payroll taxes and stop borrowing from the poor as it robs them of interest. Currently, they receive a refund check so they think politicians are fantastic.
No person should have to pay more than 15% of their salary to state and local government. If a government needs more, then something is wrong and they need to reform.
Eliminate property taxes. You should be able to retire without having to cope with rising property taxes.
Eliminate Social Security for those under 50 and pay out those over 50. Replace Social Security with mandatory 401K investment plans.
Eliminate domestic corporate taxation. This will provide the incentive to bring jobs home.

Government spending and policy:
Stop government borrowing. Limit the creation of new money to 5% of GDP (I do not want to hear that will be inflationary since QE failed to produce inflation, which is all about confidence and not the quantity of money). At times, up to 70% of the national debt has been accumulated interest.
All government pensions must be eliminated. Part of the QE process should be the bailout of pension systems for government workers and end the process.
Retire the national debt; stop borrowing federally and competing with the private sector for capital.
Return the central bank to the original design of 1913. Eliminating government debt will do the job. During economic declines, the Fed should buy corporate short-term paper with its “elastic money,” which will compensate for banks when they stop lending. Short-term corporate paper would actually be paid off and that would then contract the money supply back to its original state prior to the crisis.
Merge SEC & CFTC so advisers can provide advice on the best investments rather than just what they have a license for in equities vs. futures.

Judicial reform:
Judicial reform is mandatory. I would retire ALL federal judges and nominate replacements by their legal profession. Penalties for bribes and such would be life imprisonment or death — the person the judge illegally sentenced would choose.
Expand the Supreme Court and make it an ABSOLUTE right to be heard rather than winning a lottery. Moreover, a panel of judges nominated by the legal community shall determine the constitutionality of ALL legislation BEFORE it is enacted. It should never be the burden of the citizen to PROVE the government is acting unconstitutionally. The Constitution is NEGATIVE and was intended to be a “restraint” upon government. ALL LIVES matter — do this and they will.
Reform the Grand Jury process. Both sides should be allowed to present ALL evidence to the Grand Jury and they alone will decide to indict. State prosecutors who protect police should be in prison.
Restitute the Roman position of Tribune of the people. The Tribune would be citizens who prosecute government employees from police up to judges and politicians. Then, and only then, will the system clean out.

Education reform:
Forgive all student loans and end subsidization for college. Without competition, the education is worthless anyhow.
Restore the Roman system of apprenticeship. In Switzerland, less than 10% of students go to college. They enter an apprenticeship in the field they desire. Learning in the real world is far better than theory.

Healthcare reform:
Reform lawsuits that cap jury awards to reduce medical costs
Introduce artificial intelligence systems that can provide reliable diagnoses. Hospitals are turning into big corporate businesses that reduce family doctors.
Eliminate medical expenses as a liability so they cannot take someone’s home or put them into bankruptcy (opposite of what Clintons did to students). This will cause healthcare to have a normal business cycle. The current healthcare system is an extortion that is like government consuming a larger proportion of disposable income. Return hospitals to their Hippocratic Oath and FIRST take care of anyone irrespective of money (i.e. end Obamacare).

Eliminate TSA at airports. You would be cleared as to whom you are, and there would be no need for x-rays or strip searches if you are known to be a normal citizen. Foreign visitors should go through TSA if they do not have prior clearance.

This is the start of my short list of policies that I would advise Trump to adopt. Then he just might beat everyone in history with the percentage of the popular vote exceeding 65%.

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Value Investing – Good or Bad?

Armstrong Economics

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Blog/Basic Concepts
Posted Feb 29, 2016 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: Do you think value investing is viable in today’s chaotic markets?

Much appreciated


ANSWER: No. Value investing has been a recipe for wild swings. If you do not have the stomach for long-term then it is not something to get involved in. It should also be noted that it resulted in bankruptcy pre-World War II for it could not cope with the Great Depression. The town I grew up in had a Main Street. My father’s friend mostly owned it. Why? He had cash at the bottom of the Great Depression and bought it all up at distressed prices. With time, it was a great trade. However, he bought the low and most people buy the high and cannot survive the swings. We are entering the most chaotic period in our lifetime. Surviving this is more than just putting gold coins in your sock drawer. The strategy has to be comprehensive and you MUST understand what is going on globally to come out the other end.

Here is the opening paragraph from a 1997 transcript of a conference we held in London:

“For most people the real issue at the moment is are the stock markets too high? How do we determine value? Back in 1994, I met a lot of value investors in Europe and said that our models were showing the market was bottoming and we were looking for the Dow to go to 6,000 by 1996 with an outside chance that it would go to 10,000 by 1998. They thought we were crazy and said the US markets were overvalued at their 1994 level. Some of them went into cheap assets in Russia and South East Asia and subsequently lost up to 70% of their portfolio. So the question of value appears very subjective but it is critical to understand. Really the question of value is defined by the monetary system within which we operate. Throughout history we have had broadly two types of system – a fixed exchange rate system and a floating rate system. The current floating rate system was born in 1971 but it is by no means the first time we have had such a system. Gold bugs argue that the only way we will survive is to return to the gold standard but this has not prevented panics in the past. Money is really the language that allows the transfer of wealth back and forward through commerce. Value is more to do with the tangible assets.”

I seriously doubt that value investing will work for the average person in the period ahead. It has been part of the theory that gold rises with inflation when it does not (see Forbes study). Do not get me wrong. Since the S&P 500 penetrated last year’s low, we are setting up for the Slingshot to the upside. Such moves unfold as confidence in government and central banks collapse. The computer will pick the timing and the Global Market Watch may pick the pattern. Then it will be time to jump in for the ride.

We still see the Dow at the 23,000 and exceeding that area with the potential to reach 40,000 remains viable for 2020-2021. You must understand, however, for that to unfold confidence must collapse in government. We are witnessing this trend unfolding. I posted an interesting article in Forbes that shows that people are starting to trust the private sector more than government. This is why Donald Trump is soaring in the polls. This is all about government losing credibility, which will cause private assets to soar and public to decline.

Categories: Basic Concepts
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The New “Astral” Currency Is Coming
by Georgi Stankov Posted on March 1, 2016

A Global Reset of the Orion Monetary System After Its Total Collapse This Year Georgi Stankov, March 1, 2016


Dear George, you basically have written the Declaration of Independence, with included directions, for the true state of necessary existence for a multidimensional human being to operate in the state of Now and may be the most important document ever produced. Congratulations. – Brad Barber


This is a key project I am cherishing since the 90s when I fully understood the nature of money as a mirror image of the properties of energy. According to the new physical and mathematical Axiomatics of the Universal Law, there is only energy, i.e. All-That-Is is energy. Hence any new monetary form that will substitute the current failed Orion-Ponzi financial system will have to express the properties of energy in an ideal manner. I have dedicated a plethora of articles on how this new digital, numerical system of payments and transactions should operate. Essentially, the new monetary system will function as the SI system in physics and will have no value in itself.

By the way, I have proved that all physical dimensions and units in the SI system can be reduced to two dimensions – space and absolute time (= frequency), which is space-time. Space-time is how humans perceive energy with their limited senses in a 3D world. I have shown how money reflects the properties of space-time, precisely the fact that space and time are canonically conjugated constituents that behave reciprocally to each other in a dialectical manner. When space expands, the frequency (time) decreases and vice verse. Space is inversely proportional to energy s ~ 1/E, while frequency is proportional to the amount of energy in a system f ~ E. It is also important to stress that linear (conventional) time is identical to space t=s, linear time is a pleonasm (synonym) for space.

The discrimination of these two identical physical quantities by the human mind is the source of all cognitive illusion of this species in an incarnated state.

In finance, the inflation of money, the amount of printed paper money is equivalent to space and this inflated currency is inversely proportional to the energy it carries, in other words, its value decreases. All observed monetary phenomena, such as inflation, deflation, devaluation etc. can be easily explained with the nature of space-time as perceived energy by humans – with the reciprocal character of its constituents, space and time. This theoretical elaboration is indispensable for a proper understanding of the new currency project below.

Here I will present the new currency “Astral” that shall be introduced in all the new 4D worlds immediately after the current Orion monetary system collapses and the whole old matrix will be dissolved. There is no doubt in the meantime that this pivotal event will happen this year and the month of March seems to be a period of linear time with a high probability for the occurrence of this event. Hence the urgency of this key project in the ascension scenario for this uppermost mother planet.

Since the beginning of this year, I have entered a very intensive discussion with Brad to explore all the aspects of this new project and find out the optimal point in time to introduce the new “Astral” currency, first in the USA and then immediately thereafter worldwide. We have come to the unanimous conclusion that we are on the cusp of a total collapse of the financial system and that it is very important to be ready mentally and intellectually for this project when the global crash happens. Furthermore, we are aware of the fact that we create with our thoughts this project which is already a reality in the new 4D worlds.

As we have seen these last days and weeks, it is not so much that we shall ascend and disappear from this reality, but that we shall bring the 5D heaven here on this uppermost mother planet. This will happen initially for certain areas around the globe where cities of light already exist and where the vibrations of this holographic model have reached the threshold of the 12th level of upper 4D and prepare it for its phase transition into the new 5D reality. Sedona and Jerry are the wayshowers in this intricate process of individual and collective ascension as we have already seen.

The phase transition to the cities of light will be first accomplished by the PAT and the first wave of ascension candidates and then many other second wavers and incarnated transliminal souls as walk-ins will follow us. Their number is increasing exponentially again after the latest major ID shift in January when many of them experienced physical death on lower timelines.

In the following, I shall outline the basics of the new currency “Astral” that we shall introduce as ascended masters immediately after the total collapse of the Orion monetary system and the shutdown of all banks in the western world. This new project, on which Brad and I are elaborating since the beginning of 2016 very intensively in daily correspondence that also includes a thorough analysis of the ongoing financial drama worldwide, is meant only as an interim solution in the transition period before the nature of money is understood by all the people so that it can be fully abolished.

This transition period describes the time immediately after the total collapse of the financial system, which may as well happen in March, but definitely this year, and will last as long as the collective consciousness reaches the threshold of full awakening. In order to understand how urgent this project is, you must bear in mind that the ruling cabal and their banksters have already plan B and plan C when their current plan A to enslave humanity through the financial yoke of the existing Orion monetary system fails.

For instance, there is now a lot of talk for a global reset of the financial system by introducing again the gold standard. The arguments are not new and they all end up in the attempt to save the current failed financial system and the old currencies, first and foremost the worthless dollar as the epitome of toilet paper money. Hence none of these plans present a viable solution, a true reform of the monetary system according to the new spiritual principles we, the PAT, advocate, but are only petty efforts to mend the old system and preserve the status quo. This, as we all know, will not happen and that is why we have developed the new “Astral” currency that will substitute the dollar, euro, yen and all the other fiat currencies.

This is Plan A of the PAT and all the first wavers, which will be the new ascended masters and Logos Gods of the new 4D worlds. They will represent the true spiritual hierarchy of the new humanity and this includes the introduction of a new just system of payments and transactions in the interim phase of transfiguration of this mankind to a transgalactic civilisation.

All current critical experts in finance actually pour water in the mills of the ruling cabal with their inadequate financial proposals and ideas that stem from a highly compartmentalized thinking and a total misconception of the guiding spiritual principles behind any human existence, evolution and creation.

These alternative thinkers, who Brad and I quote from time to time to keep you informed about the current state-of-the-art discussion in the financial sector, are not much different from the numerous economically and financially ignorant light workers who advocate the idea of the dark secret services about the existence of “hidden St. Germain’s funds” that will be opened miraculously to the masses by some obscure “enlightened” secret societies and will spread bonanza among all humans. Naiveté has always been the greatest trap for all humans that makes them an easy prey to dark manipulations and lies.

I shall explain below what St. Germain’s secret funds truly are. He is now constantly in our fields and communicates both with Carla and myself on various topics. As I have reported, he came to us with aplomb during the opening of the Christmas Portal on December 25th and promised to guide us in this final ascension phase. He has kept this promise and is around us all the time since then. He is encouraging Carla to use the violet-golden flame, the new chohan of which she is, to transmute this reality and she is now using it in a very powerful manner to transform this unjust, deceptive Orion-Ponzi monetary system into a just system of payments and transactions that will bring prosperity and peace to the whole humanity. The essence of this new system will be the topic of this essay.

St Germain is inspiring me to develop and forward this project to the entire humanity as the only possible alternative when the old matrix fully collapses and the masses will be in utter despair. It opens the brightest perspective for the rapid transformation of present-day humanity into an evolved and enlightened transgalactic society. Although most of the elements of the new system of payments and transactions have been developed by myself about twenty years ago, St. Germain gave me the missing links in February 2016 that helped me to complete the new idea.

As I shall explain below, the new “Astral” currency will be a total reset not only of the old Orion-Ponzi financial system but also a total reset of the current human society. It will lead to the rapid abolition of the national state with all its repressive institutions, such as tax (state revenue) systems, central banks, all kinds of banks, the entire judicial system dealing with these issues, including all drone-professions such as accountants, financial and real estate brokers etc., associated with these unproductive activities. Hence the scope of this project is of gargantuan proportions – it will be the actual driving force behind all the societal and economic changes that will very soon transform this humanity.

The Spiritual and Organisational Principles of the New “Astral” Currency

Recent History of the Project

The elaboration of the spiritual and organisational principles of the New “Astral” currency was inspired by my HS and most probably by St. Germain on January 27th for the first time when I asked the following theoretical question to myself and Brad in a letter to him:

“Dear Brad,

our last exchange of ideas led inevitably to the simple and key question:

“Why do we need all these investor-guys with their funny money to come to us and sponsor our project when we know that their money is worthless and why waiting for their minds to change for the better? It is as if “to fleece a mouse”, to quote a German saying – nothing will come out of these people?

Hence all of a sudden all the pieces of the new project came together regarding:

1) What you have said about Bitcoin, gold and other new alternative currencies.

2) What I have so far written about a new neutral digital numerical system of payments and transactions that will operate like a SI system in physics and will serve as a measurement of human achievements and needs without any value in itself.

3) your personal experience with Bitcoin and

4) our assessment of the current situation on the ground – the intransigence of the financial guys and humanity as a whole and the irrelevance of their worthless money. It is as if trying to make a good wine out of vinegar.

In addition comes a concept which I developed more than 10 years ago for a CEO of a big German bank with headquarters in Munich, whom I knew but of course he did not respond to it as he was scared by the boldness of my ideas. However at that time my HS urged me to present this concept as it was part of the HR strategy for a change on this planet and I was the wayshower. Now I would like to amalgamate all these points.”

Before that we discussed the possibility of establishing a new fund in the USA to promote the new patents and technologies based on the new theory of the Universal Law. I have calculated that only the innovations and registration of new effective cell-stimulating drugs in the pharmaceutical industry will save up to $ 500 billion futile R&D and will generate new sales in at least the same amount each year. Considering the massive death of all “unicorns” (new companies that allegedly develop innovative 3D technologies) in the USA in the current crisis after they have wasted hundreds of billions dollars of invested capital without any return, I proposed to Brad that it is time to establish a new fund to promote the new technologies of the Universal Law, including new forms of treatment in the health care system and new technologies in the industry based on superconductivity.

We discussed the various possibilities of attracting new investors after they have lost a lot of money in the current financial crash that has wiped out since the beginning of this year more than $15 trillion of wealth. However we both had the uneasy feeling that our new project would not work the way we initially conceptualized it. As is the case with all such projects that are divinely inspired, one must think big and start from the basic premises of the new theory of the Universal Law.

We came to the conclusion that we do not need the current toilet paper money and their frustrated owners to honour our work and future contributions to humanity as ascended masters.

Instead we shall create ourselves a new currency and establish the spiritual and organisational principles for the foundation of a new kind of emission and investment bank, which will be, however, not called a “bank” as this word has a lot of bad reputation. Instead we shall call it:

Emission and Investment Cooperative (EIC)

The new currency will function exactly as the digital numerical SI-system of payments and transaction I have presented in the past but will have the name :


Hence we shall create an EIC with a new currency “Astral”.

This new currency will be rooted in the implementation of all the new 4D and 5D technologies. Its assets will be the new technologies coming from the Light. Ultimately, this currency will be the representation of the ascension process of humanity and Gaia to higher dimensions before all money can be abolished. In this way we shall achieve our goal very effectively and we shall eliminate the old rotten guys and their worthless paper money as they no longer serve us and because they do not represent the new ascending reality. Besides, the old currencies have to be eliminated anyway in the coming crash as this has been postulated and discussed by the PAT in the past.

The name “Astral” was deliberately chosen for the new currency. Apart from English which is a very reduced language in terms of grammar, all other languages have gender, German, French, Italian, Spanish and all Slavonic languages for instance. In this case “astral” is a masculine currency (“astro” would be neutral and “astra” feminine). It is more powerful to say, this item costs two astrals than to say it costs two astro, which is weak as a neutral noun. It sounds very much as “the Spanish real” at the height of Spanish real power when this empire conquered America. We need masculine energy behind the new currency to make the necessary transformation from the current debt-based, worthless fiat currencies such as the dollar to the new currency that will be rooted in the energetic power of the source. How? I shall explain below.

The new “Astral” currency and the EIC will follow precise, simple, self-evident spiritual and logical principles based on the nature of energy because money is only a substitute and a mirror image of the properties of energy:

1) The “Astral” will be available to everybody who accepts it independently of physical work but dependent on his/her real needs. It is an inviolable, divine right of everybody to possess and use this currency according to the spiritual principles that exclude greed, avarice, manipulation and speculation, etc. In other words all human vices that arise from the notion of separation from the Source and the rejection of Oneness will not pertain to this currency. People who display these vices will have no access to Astrals and the EIC. They will have to put up with the old currencies, in case they still exist or to barter until they evolve sufficiently enough as to accept the new currency which will bring immense abundance and prosperity to the whole humanity, as I shall show below.

This exclusion will be implemented very easily by the following further principles and criteria:

2) There will be no interest rates or any other virtual derivatives or means that create artificial inflation of this currency.

3) There will be no speculation towards other still existing currencies. These principles apply for the interim phase, later on they will be self-evident when all other currencies cease to exist.

4) The new Astral has its assets in heaven, i.e. in all the new technologies that will come through this currency from the higher realms and through us as ascended masters and will be disseminated on the new earth in the interim period of transition before all money including the “astral” can be eliminated. There is another key reason why the new Astral currency is rooted in heaven, in the higher dimensions or the source, which I shall discuss in depth below.

5) At the beginning, the Astral will be pegged to gold (and silver), say 100 astrals for one ounce gold. This will be done in an ideal way and all the owners of gold will accept this pegging. We do not need to possess a single ounce of physically mined gold to peg the astral to gold. Here are some considerations why:

– According to point 4), the new Astral has its assets in heaven, i.e. in all the new technologies that will come through this currency and will be disseminated on the new earth in the interim period of transition before all money including the astral can be eliminated.

– Gold is no asset at all from a higher perspective but it has gained a historical importance as a universal means of accumulating material wealth in the old 3D reality.

– However, it cannot function as a flexible system of payments and investments due to its physical character and scarcity. Storage and transport of gold poses huge logistical problems to any gold currency in a dynamic and quickly evolving society and economy where money in circulation must be very easy, flexible to all conditions and fluent.

– That is why the cabal was able to easily eliminate gold as a currency when the last modern reset of the Orion financial system towards the NWO was done by Nixon in 1971. He abolished single-handed the gold standard of the world currency dollar and thus created the current worthless fiat currencies.

– On the other hand, if all old currencies lose their value in the coming crash, this would not help gold to acquire its past importance as the elite may introduce another form of paper money which will exclude gold and there is a lot of fear among owners of gold nowadays that the state will confiscate all the gold and silver in the coming crash as the governments did during the Great Depression.

– If the cabal implements Plan B and creates new currencies based on minimal amounts of gold, this new gold standard will be only of symbolic character due to the fact that the actual amount of gold available on this planet is infinitely small compared to the amount of money in circulation necessary to keep the world economy afloat, even if all debt and speculative financial bubbles such as derivatives are being eliminated by a global jubilee. The dilution of this new gold standard will soon lead to the same situation as this year where the crash is inevitable and has already commenced.

Alchemical Gold Versus Physical Mined Gold

The idea to peg the new Astral currency to gold is both of practical and theoretical character. Essentially, the new currency does not need any gold to reform the current fiat currencies and function in a perfect manner as we have discussed above. However, in the interim period of transition we have to consider the collective mindset of humanity which is entirely clustered around the concept of money as something of greatest value. All human activities are now measured in money and there is a general notion that anything that does not attract money, as is the case with our spiritual activities, including writing this essay on money reset, is of no value. This is the classical Orion mindset of the current debased humanity in the End Time and we have to consider this deplorable human condition in our new project to reform this Ponzi financial system when it crashes in the coming days and weeks.

When the current fiat currencies lose all their value in the coming hyperinflation as a result of the unwinding of all debt in form of bad loans, virtual derivatives and asset bubbles caused by infinite QE and printing money out of thin air, the people will demand in their desperation for a new currency that is based in real value. The argument that the new astral 4D and 5D technologies are valuable and sufficient assets of the new Astral currency may not convince many people, who will not be fully awakened when the crash will come and a new reset of the Orion monetary system will be necessary. In their prevailing agnosticism, they may tend to accept the bogus Plan B or C of the ruling cabal instead of our proposal for a new Astral currency. Especially as it will take some time for us as ascended masters to introduce the new astral technologies in the new 4D worlds.

As you may have noticed, all my argumentation deals with the transition of the current 3D holographic model to these new 4D worlds as in 5D, in New Lemuria, where we shall ascend, there will be no money from the very beginning. We will be able to immediately create anything we need and desire. These soul technologies of immediate creation will not need any form of money as an interchangeable system of payment and transactions for our immediate energetic creations. This should be cogent to all my enlightened readers who have followed our discussions on this website from the very beginning.

When I say that we have to accept physical gold for the time being as a gold standard for our new Astral currency, this is only done in view of the many people who have made their savings in gold and with respect to human tradition where gold plays a key role as a collateral of wealth. It is only a necessary compromise to bridge this interim period that will be characterized in the first place by a gaping discrepancy between rapidly ascending reality and still existing gnostic deficiencies among the masses that will prevent them from grasping the full scope of this cosmic change at the beginning. In fact, by pegging the Astral currency to physical gold gained in mines we will simply eliminate all the current unhealthy and bogus speculations in currency and gold exchange markets. By pegging the Astral to gold we will de facto eliminate gold as a collateral currency without the owners of gold being able to realize this at first. I will explain below why.

My explanation has to do with the alchemy of gold and with us as the masters of alchemical reaction, both in physical bodies as shown on this website and especially as ascended masters in crystalline light bodies. It is well known that the concept of alchemy has evolved around the attractive idea that humans can create gold from other inferior and cheap metals and compounds in secret alchemical reactions. While nobody has ever proved this to humanity, there must be some truth behind this alchemical tradition that fascinates all human minds. Of course it is not possible to produce gold from lead for instance, but as I learnt recently it is possible to produce gold from mercury.

And here comes the bug. This alchemical gold is pure and has no isotopes. While all natural gold, even when it is 99.99999…% pure, contains various isotopes that can be used to determine where this gold comes from as every gold mine has its specific isotopic “fingerprint” that is known to the state mints. If you are in a position to produce pure alchemical, free of isotopes gold from mercury in an alchemical reaction, and try to sell it on the market, you will be arrested immediately because the cabal do not want humanity to create gold. I did not know this fact until recently, but then it triggered some further thoughts in my mind regarding our new currency project.

It is obvious that we can introduce the new Astral currency only after our ascension. Before that the old matrix must fully collapse. The current rapidly dissipating 3D holographic model can be likened to two trains that travel at full speed in opposite directions – the old matrix train into the abyss and the ascension train towards heaven. In this case if we appear as ascended masters and present the new currency, we can always tell the people – with respect to their old point of view – that we can create alchemically as much gold as we need to found the new Astral currency on gold standard.

We must demonstrate that we can create pure alchemical gold, which should be peanuts for any ascended master. This does not mean that we shall create this gold in big quantities, just as today there is no longer any gold in the vaults of the FED or the other central banks as it was stolen by the cabal. But the very notion that such alchemical gold exists in the astral planes – hence the name of the new currency – and can be manifested by us anytime if needed, will be enough to establish firmly the new Astral as a world currency based on true gold standard when the dollar collapses. There are now a lot of rumours that this kind of reset may be in the making with regard to the old currencies, but it will be too late as we shall come up with our currency. That is why we must ascend before the final financial collapse happens and the dark cabal could make their own insidious reset of the old currencies.

It will be sufficient for the people to know that it is possible to create alchemical gold anytime and that there is no need for humanity to mine gold in the old cumbersome manner as at the time of the Neanderthalers who were genetically enigeneered by the PTW to work in the gold mines. The new Astral currency will not only be rooted in the new 4D and 5D technologies, but also in the new gold standard based on pure alchemical gold as created by us as ascended masters. This will sweep away any critical arguments regarding the value of the new currency from a conventional point of view as there will be many small emission and investment cooperatives (EIC) which will create astrals on a local, community based level as I shall explain below.

In this way we shall practically eliminate physically mined gold, which represents the dense 3D holographic model of incarnation and will substitute it with the new alchemical gold standard rooted in the higher realms. This is also the most effective way to eliminate all kinds of fraud and manipulation on the new currency as I will show below.

For the time being we may use two gold standards:

– the physical gold standard, which will be of less value, and

– the new alchemical gold standard, to which only we as the new ascended masters and Logos Gods will have access and monopoly. This will be part of our spiritual hierarchy, so to say, the material symbol of our leading position in the new 4D worlds.

Of course, I am aware that I am talking now about an artifact as who needs gold in an evolved society which can only prosper without money as it is based on direct individual and collective creation? I am just putting forward this aspect for the interim period before the people learn to live without money and will be ready to discard our new Astral currency after they have comprehended the true nature of money. But in the meantime this should be a powerful argument that will offset any attempts to compromise the new Astral currency.

Can you imagine, what it would be if you are able create at any place on the planet gold or transport it from one place to another through teleportation in case it is necessary. In this case we do not need to resolve any logistical problems regarding the storage and distribution of gold in a cumbersome 3D manner as for instance the Dutch Central Bank has with its gold these days. This is where most gold-based currencies of the old way now fail. Now you can peg the new astral currency to alchemical gold in a fixed price and everybody will accept it as they must believe that we can create an infinite amount of gold. And believing is everything in finance and all human existence.

This is precisely what the St. Germain’s secret funds truly represent, about which the New Agers are talking so much and in which they are investing such great expectations to save them from their difficult life in 3D. I realized this on February 2 (Groundhog day where no shadow was seen and early spring, understand reset and Ascension, was predicted) to the full extent, although it is very simple. It is not a coincidence that St. Germain visited us on that day again and we felt immediately his powerful presence.

We have raised now our frequencies so high that such contacts are very easy. As you know, Carla is the new chohan of the violet-gold flame and thus the heir of St. Germain on this earth. She is under his guidance for more than two years now as reported on this website. I also sense him strongly as of lately but we work together on a different level.

He inspires me to actively create new concepts for the new 4D worlds which will be populated predominantly by the new ripe souls who will finish with their young soul cycle during the incoming final ID shift as I have explained in my soul age model. The big wave of young souls that is on the cusp of entering the ripe soul age cycle currently live in North America and that is why I am here to guide them and to establish the social conditions for the new 4D humanity. As has become obvious these days, these souls cannot generate the necessary ideas how to reform the current debased humanity to a new enlightened civilisation on their own and need badly my help.

This is also the reason why Brad and I decided to promote this project first in the USA and Canada, before we can implement it worldwide. We also considered the fact that the dollar is the world currency with more than 65% of the total amount of money in circulation and that this fiat currency is the chief culprit for most financial fraud in the system.

Before we can establish the new “Astral” currency, the dollar must be abolished as world fiat currency without any foundation. This is happening now during the impending financial collapse that is a world drama with many parallel and simultaneous acts. We have contributed significantly to this crash by bringing clarity about the real causes of this event of paramount importance in the ascension scenario. In a certain way, we can claim that we have written the plot of this drama – in my case since 1997 – and then we have left the cabal and their banksters to act out the script we wrote for them how to oust themselves from power in the End Time.

This is essentially the purpose of this new project – how to reset the old financial system and economy in an enlightened manner under consideration of all the spiritual and organisational principles that arise from the new theory of the Universal Law.

I am sharing this with you now as to have a more complete overview and prepare your arguments accordingly when you ascend or when you will have to support this new Astral currency while still in a physical vessel. Because, although the success of this project is guaranteed and already a reality when we shall ascend, we should not ignore the possibility that very soon monies in old currencies may begin to flow into this project when the financial system will begin visibly to crash. The disappointed old investors with new transliminal souls as walk-ins may very well decide to come to us and beg us to ennoble their worthless money through our alchemical reaction and turn it into gold-based astrals. This all will be of highly symbolic character, as there will be no capital gains in the new currency system as I shall explain below. But what is the current Orion monetary system? It operates only with false symbols. Ours will be true instead.

Finally let me mention that pure, alchemical gold, free of isotopes, is also the best means to achieve longevity. It was already used by past civilisations and that is why we have the gold standard nowadays. It symbolized immortality and ascension. Pure alchemical gold will play a huge role in the future healing of human bodies in the new 4D worlds, so that the people can live 200-300 years or even longer. Abundance and longevity (good health) always go hand in hand. When the alchemical gold standard will be dropped, it will remain a symbol for human longevity and the inner endeavour of the incarnated soul to transcend this material reality, ascend and return to the Source.

Further Organisational and Ethical Principles of the EIC and the Use of the New “Astral” Currency

The emission and investment cooperative, EIC will be the new human organisational form of the new Astral currency. It will also follow several very simple, self-evident, spiritual and gnostic principles that reflect the essence of energy:

1) There will be no fractional banking and that is why we do not use the word bank, but EIC.

2) Emission of new Astrals. For instance, when a big project for the manufacturing of new technologies is about to start, there will be a financial plan that outlines all investments, such as purchase of commodities, human work force, etc. Then the amount of money will be immediately created by the EIC for this project. This is not a loan as in the new astral currency there will be no loans but only money in circulation that reflects exactly the amount of creationary work done by humanity.

3) The same holds true for any personal income. Anybody who accepts the astral, will receive automaticaly an income in astrals that will be easily calculated as an average income for a decent life in the new enlightened society.

4) In this way the new Astral currency will prohibit the occurrence of inflation which is the source of all evil in finance today. There will always be an ideal correlation one to one (a dynamic equilibrium) between money created and in circulation on the one side and the needs of the people and the assets of the real economy on the other side.

5) The Astral currency will automatically preclude the existence of private property and the accumulation of material wealth. For instance, when a new young couple wants to acquire a house as to have children, who will be the highest good in the society, then the necessary amount of money to purchase a house will be automatically generated. Later on this will not be necessary as there will be enough houses to live in.

6) Universal income will be guaranteed for all those who accept the Astral. There will be no savings and accumulation of wealth. If somebody is frugal and saves from his universal income, he can spend the rest for communal services on behalf of other people or make a donation for other creationary work in the collective. That is why I use the word “cooperative” instead of bank.

Here are some further organisational rules as to how the new EIC will be founded and run:

7) We, the new ascended masters, shall establish the first central EIC according to our spiritual rules. It will be a major entity for the introduction of all the new 4D and 5D technologies.

8) But essentially every community can establish a local EIC as long as they follow our rules and have been granted a permission by us. As we shall have the monopoly over the alchemical gold standard, nobody will be allowed to emit the Astral currency without our approval.

9) The future society will be organized around local communities as the national state with all its repressive institutions will be abolished for ever and we, the ascended masters and the representatives of the new spiritual hierarchy on the new 4D earths shall be the driving force behind its abolition with the new Astral currency. In the first place this would mean that there will be no taxes, no IRS, no financial control, etc., but also no armies and other criminal activities such as narco-traffic that are now sponsored by the state on behalf of the ruling cabal. This is a very important social aspect of the new currency that is more than a simple reset of the old failed financial system. It will transform the entire human society.

The communities will be organized according to the principle of 12, 12 x 12 makes the smallest unit of 144 members, where 12 is the ideal number for a large family of three generations who will begin to live together again as was the case before the beginning of the 20th century, i.e. before the Orion cabal destroyed the traditional family with their rogue emancipation of the women. It is important that the children are taken care of and educated by their grandparents as the young parents will be too inexperienced in life. The parents will take care of their grandchildren when they are more ripe. The current society with its Orion economic system of exploitation has split the family and the fundamental dynamic of the family unit shall be re-set.

This is a huge topic as to how the new society will be organized in a practical manner but it has a lot to do with the new Astral currency. 12 x 12 x 12 = 1728 members makes a bigger community, a kind of a village nowadays. Such a community can apply and acquire the right to found a local EIC for its needs. It will be run as a cooperative and all decisions for new investments and emission of new astral accounts will be made democratically according to the best intention, for the benefit of this community and with due respect to other neighbouring communities that will also be based on spiritual principles.

10) All these entities (as local EICs) will be obliged to total transparency on the Internet or a similar new network so that everybody can check the accuracy and trustworthiness of these emission and investment organisations. Before they are founded, they will need a special astral certificate from us and will be obliged to follow the spiritual principle of total transparency as outlined in the guidelines given to them by us as ascended masters.

11) This certificate can be withdrawn immediately by us if an EIC infringes on the new spiritual rules. We must reckon at the beginning with the fraudulent nature of humans and there will be quite a few black sheep. In fact we shall know in advance if there are such potential fraudsters when an EIC is founded. But we may nonetheless give them a certificate to open it as it is still a planet of free will. As we shall have immediate knowledge of everything that is happening worldwide, we can quickly intervene when there is fraud and close a local EIC. The people involved will have to use a neighbouring EIC and after they get rid of the culprits they can apply again.

12) The most important thing is to teach the people that fraud is not worth trying as one reaches furthest with honesty.

13) All such decisions to withdraw an EIC certificate will be immediately published on a worldwide register for all the people to read, including a precise description of the type of fraud. Everything will be based on full transparency and immediate action.

14) Nobody who has committed fraud will be punished, but only excluded for a while from the Astral system until he/she learns to behave honestly. I am sure this will be a very easy game for us. And this kind of immaculate justice will be understood and honoured by everybody as it will hurt nobody but will only expose most effectively any injustice or lie. This is immediate karma in action.

15) It is very important that such EICs will be established simultaneously all over the world as this is the easiest and most effective way to eliminate the national state as the source of all evil – from financial and political fraud, to wars and genocide. Hence the actual ramifications of the new Astral currency will be much bigger and manifold than just reforming the financial and economic system. It will be the stepping stone for the new enlightened humanity. Hence the importance of its theoretical elaboration now so that it can be implemented with one fell-swoop when the critical point in time is reached. And it may as well be in March, but definitely not much later, the way the events are beginning to unfold in February.

We are now creating the reality we shall experience when the old matrix dies and then descends visibly on this uppermost mother planet. The new reality will be only for the more enlightened souls first, but it will intercept with the old descending one for a while as to serve as a bridge for many fence straddlers to come to us. This is how I see it now. This energetic co-existence will be short-term, but it will be the most critical phase in the whole transformation process when swift and optimal decisions are mandatory to curtail the negative aspects of the collapse of the old Orion matrix.

We must therefore have crystal-clear ideas how the new currency system will principally operate as to establish it on a global scale when the final ID shift will come. If we do not do it, there is nobody else. We have to start thinking big, which means to include the entire humanity and not leave anybody in the rain. Then it is up to them to decide whether they want to “dance in the rain” or use our umbrella. But not in the old way when banks offered you an umbrella for sunny days and took it away when the rain began. We should do it better.

As I mentioned already, our EIC will be a major central cooperative as it will be responsible for the introduction of all the new technologies on a global scale. The power and the acceptance of the new Astral currency will lie in the general acknowledgement of the people that it is a just monetary system of payment and transactions for the interim period until all money is eliminated and that it is, among many other things, a powerful vehicle for the promotion of new advanced technologies that will improve immediately the life of the people worldwide.

Besides, the fact that every community will have the divine right to issue astrals if they comply with the ideal spiritual principles as advocated by us through the central EIC, the very nature of this currency being rooted in the HR will convince the people that this is the only money system that is just and not only for the benefit of the whole humanity as long as it dwells in the new 4D worlds, but that it also embodies the ascension process in a very concrete manner.

I read in a famous textbook on economics written by a Nobel Prize winner (not that I care much for them) years ago what is the key question of economics: “What is money? Why does money exist?” – The answer was: “Money exists only because it is accepted by the people.” As we see, already the old theory of economics implies that we do not need any specific money to organize our economy and social life. As long as a particular digital form of payments and transactions is universally accepted as a system of measurement of human creationary activities, it will meet the needs of humanity and will function in a perfect manner as a mirror-image of energy = All-That-Is. In the knowledge of this function, the new Astral currency will be universally accepted by the entire new humanity. Because it will be a guarantor for true democracy and the biggest barrier for a new enslavement of humanity which the ruling cabal will try to install with a bogus reset of their collapsing Ponzi system, before they will be ousted from power this year by our appearance as ascended masters.

The new Astral currency will have all the spiritual power because it is rooted in heaven, because it is part of the ascension process of humanity, hence the name, and because it will be the vehicle for the introduction of new technologies, that will transform humanity to a transgalactic species.

Gold has no such assets. But we can use gold as interception to the material world for a while as to distance ourselves from the old fiat currencies that will crumble very soon. Hence the urgency of our project.

Those who possess physical gold, can exchange it with Astrals if they wish so as they will surely not exchange it with dollars when it loses its value in the coming hyperinflation when one ounce will be worth at least 20,000 dollars or more as what would these people then do with this toilet paper money? It will be the same as during the inflation in Germany in the 20s and in Yugoslavia in the 80s which I personally experienced. Nobody used paper money in these countries when the hyperinflation hit them. These currencies will simply vanish from circulation and the new astral will quickly substitute them.

In the short interim period, all transactions, e.g. in stores etc. can be made in Astrals and other local currencies before they are abolished by using the same electronic devices. In Europe, two years before the euro was introduced, we got our bills in the two currencies, in euro and in DM in Germany. While our currency will be pegged to both physical gold and to pure alchemical gold and will not be an object of devaluation, the dollar and all the other national currencies will be hugely devalued towards gold and the Astral. This will be factored in the prices of goods and all other bills. Hence there will be some people who will continue using the old currencies, before they decide to come to us and accept the astral in this interim period.

This is grosso modo the essentials of our new currency project that will be the most powerful tool of the PAT as ascended masters to transform this society. This explains the urgency of this project so that we are prepared when the financial crash and ID shift come. This will be the time of our ascension and the immediate implementation of the new Astral currency. In order for this to happen we must develop this concept now. First comes the idea and only then its materialisation as an external reality.


Nota bene: This project on the new “Astral” currency was published with the new computer which I purchased today with the great and generous financial support of the PAT members, to whom my deepest gratitude goes. – George

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Energy Report of the PAT – March 4, 2016

by Georgi Stankov Posted on March 4, 2016


Discussion on the new “Astral” Currency

Emission and Investment Cooperatives (EIC)

Dear George,

This sounds very similar to the original native American way of life. I absolutely love the generational living idea. It is practical and inclusive. Tribes.

“The communities will be organized according to the principle of 12, 12 x 12 makes the smallest unit of 144 members, where 12 is the ideal number for a large family of three generations who will begin to live together again as was the case before the beginning of the 20th century, i.e. before the Orion cabal destroyed the traditional family with their rogue emancipation of the women. It is important that the children are taken care of and educated by their grandparents as the young parents will be too inexperienced in life. The parents will take care of their grandchildren when they are more ripe. The current society with its Orion economic system of exploitation has split the family and the fundamental dynamic of the family unit shall be re-set.”

On the practical side of the EIC, I have a few questions.

This astral income is it given to every man, woman and child who chooses to be in the EIC.?

And what they do not need can be given back to the whole, i like that.

Do they work for that income…or is it a birth rite?

And for those who choose not to participate do they continue with their Orion ways?

What about the elderly, in-firmed? We have so many souls in nursing care, prisons and hospitals.

And housing, do they live in their current housing or is that a reset as well?

I am thinking of the homeless and those who live in very meager circumstances how do we resolve that issue?

This is a gargantuan undertaking but so exciting! Well done.



Dear Sheryl,

am glad you like this idea. All ideas to which humanity arrives are already part of its spiritual heritage for ever. But they are also unique when they are applied to a particular historical situation. The new Astral currency has many similar predecessors but it is unique as it is based on the understanding of money as a mirror image of energy and energy has been understood for the first time in the history of this mankind from a physical point of view with the discovery of the Universal Law. Before that the concept of energy and physics did not exist and even now physics has no idea what energy really is as Richard Feynman admits in his famous textbook on physics.

I will answer your questions in the text below:

1. This astral income is it given to every man, woman and child who chooses to be in the EIC.?

Absolutely, there will be no exclusion, whatsoever.

2. And what they do not need can be given back to the whole, i like that.

Exactly, this is their free will but not an obligation to give anything back. This is the litmus test for the evolution of the soul. The more highly evolved the soul, the more she would like to give to the community.

3. Do they work for that income…or is it a birth rite?

Nobody will be forced to work for this income as it is a divine right. But people will work for the benefit of the community whatever they choose to do according to their inclinations as this is always the inner impulse of the soul. Just staying idle is not part of true human nature, we are social beings and want to contribute to the general welfare.

4. And for those who choose not to participate do they continue with their Orion ways?

Yes, whereas I believe that those who choose the old Orion matrix will go under with it to a lower timeline and will disappear from the ascending reality of humanity.

5. What about the elderly, in-firmed? We have so many souls in nursing care, prisons and hospitals.

They will also receive their income, either directly or as health care. But I firmly believe that in the new 4D worlds the health of most humans will improve so dramatically that the current hospitals, ICUs and other medical facilities will no longer exist. There will be healing centres for the human bodies and personalities but the physical conditions of these people will be much better and they would be defined as healthy according to current standards. They will visit such centres to improve their energetic structure as we do in the LBP on our own.

6. And housing, do they live in their current housing or is that a reset as well?

I have a vision that everybody who now lives in a house will continue living there if he wishes so but that there will be no private property anymore. The houses will belong to the community or cooperatives as is the case now and when they move to another house it may be repaired by the community and given to another person to live. There will be no rent and all the money for repair will be automatically generated by the local EIC.

7. I am thinking of the homeless and those who live in very meager circumstances how do we resolve that issue?

All homeless will be given a house to live. Just consider how many houses are empty now and a subject to speculations of the banks. Most of them are decaying especially in the USA such as Chicago and Detroit (ghost cities). This will not happen in the new 4D worlds because the local communities will take care for these houses. It will be a shame for a community to have homeless people and they will do everything to build new houses if they have none to provide shelter to homeless people especially when financing will not be a problem any more with the new EIC. This problem is really insignificant and will only appear at the very beginning before the homeless problem is resolved once and for all in a society based on compassion, care and spiritual principles.

With love and light




Caro Georgi, cara Carla,

ho appena letto il saggio sulla moneta Astrale e voglio esprimere immediatamente le mie emozioni. Sono entusiasta, sento il mio cuore che scoppia di felicità e gioia. Questo saggio è incredibile, bellissimo. Ma non sono i complimenti che voglio comunicare, bensì tutta la mia fiducia e tutto l’amore che si muove nella mia anima.

L’Ho letto ad alta voce, visto che la parola dell’uomo è il mezzo creativo più potente, in modo da dare il mio contributo a questo mirabile progetto. Ho intezione di rileggerlo più volte e di mantenere il mio focus su di esso come spinta per la nostra imminente Ascensione. Grazie, grazie, grazie.

Con Amore



Dear Georgi, dear Carla,

I just read the essay on Astral money and I want to immediately express my emotions. I’m excited, I feel my heart bursting with happiness and joy. This essay is amazing, beautiful. But it is not the compliments l wish to communicate, but all my trust and all love that moves my soul.

I read it out loud, as the spoken word is the most powerful medium for creation, in order to make my contribution to this great project. I intend to reread it many times and keep my focus on it as an impetus for our upcoming Ascension. Thanks thanks thanks.

With love



Cara Daniela,

Ti sia ringraziamo dal profondo del nostro cuore per questo generoso contributo e sono molto felice che il nuovo progetto della moneta Astral ha evocato emozioni così forti di gioia e ottimismo in te. E ‘la tua anima rispondere a questa nuova idea e lo sviluppo che si rallegra perché lei sa quanto sia potente e trasformativa questa idea sarà per l’intera umanità e perché ha ormai completamente discesi nel tuo corpo fisico.

La stessa gioia è stata espressa dal St. Germain quando ci ha visitato dopo che avevo finito con il progetto e Carla era la prova di lettura e entrambi abbiamo sentito questa sensazione esaltante di realizzazione e compimento. Questo ci dà anche la fiducia profonda che questa creazione è molto potente, puntuale e che la sua manifestazione è imminente.

Stavo pensando se si può tradurre questo progetto nei prossimi giorni in lingua italiana e la pubblica immediatamente. Sono sicuro che questa idea troverà un sacco di sostegno in Italia, dove ora il sistema bancario è completamente al collasso e la gente è molto insoddisfatti della situazione economica e finanziaria.

Dopo tutto la prima idea di “guisto denaro” e “prezzo equo” è stata creata nei primi anni del Rinascimento e ancora prima in Italia da pensatori scolastici illuminati che hanno usato argomenti gnostici a sostegno di questa idea, prima i Medici corrotto il mondo con il loro sistema bancario Orion che poi rapidamente diffuso a nord delle Alpi.

Spero che tu stia bene altrimenti e leggere il suo e-mail si irradia tanta fiducia e di potere. Ogni volta che Carla e io sintonizzano in Europa dove ci troviamo molto spesso nei nostri pensieri e molto probabilmente come bilocazioni, sentiamo la tua vibrazione potente provenienti da tutta Italia. Hai raggiunto così tanto in tutti questi anni e hanno avanzato al livello massimo possibile che un essere umano in un veicolo fisico fragile, è in grado di ottenere. Quindi si dovrebbe essere molto orgoglioso di te stesso. Conosco pochissime persone che sono come persistenti e concentrato nella loro LBP e la missione come sei.

Con amore e luce



Dear Daniela,

we thank you both from the bottom of our heart for this very generous contribution and I am very happy that the new Astral currency project has evoked such powerful emotions of joy and and optimism in you. It is your soul responding to this new idea and development that is rejoicing because she knows how powerful and transformative this idea will be for the entire humanity and because she has now fully descended into your physical body.

The same joy was expressed by St. Germain when he visited us after I had finished with the project and Carla was proof reading it and we both felt this exalting feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment. This also gives us the deep confidence that this creation is very powerful, timely and that its manifestation is imminent.

I was just considering if you can translate this project in the next days in Italian language and I shall publish it immediately. I am sure that this idea will find a lot of support in Italy where now the banking system is fully collapsing and the people are very unhappy with the current financial and economic situation.

After all the first idea of “just money” and “fair price” was created in the early Renaissance and even earlier in Italy by enlightened scholastic thinkers who used gnostic arguments to support this idea, before the Medici corrupted the world with their Orion banking system which then rapidly spread north of the Alps.

I hope you are well otherwise and reading your email it radiates so much confidence and power. Whenever Carla and I attune to Europe where we are very often in our thoughts and most probably as bilocations, we sense your powerful vibration coming from Italy. You have achieved so much in all these years and have advanced to the maximal possible level a human being in a fragile physical vessel is capable of. Hence you should be very proud of yourself. I know a very few people that are as persistent and focused in their LBP and mission as you are.

With love and light



Dear Georgi and Carla,

Sincere congratulations on your accomplishment on your currency and our ascension! We could write anything, but we won’t bother you too much. We will next time. Because we are influenced with everything you said today. We feel immensely happy since yesterday, intuitively because of what it is. We pray to God to protect you and to give you needed strength. We are overwhelmed with love and light, and it’s difficult to find the right words to describe the feeling. We feel thankfulness for everything that we absorb and that is coming down to us. I could start crying but not from sadness. Thank God, thanks to Ascended Masters, and especially thanks to you!

With Love and Light,

Mirjana, Ozana, Ivan and Kristijan from Osijek, Croatia


Dear Mirjana, Ozana, Ivan and Kristijan,

thank you very much for your overwhelming support of my new concept of the Astral currency that will be the source of liberation of humanity from the shackles of the current Orion monetary system and unlimited abundance.

With love and light



Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

God Bless you Georgi! You are fulfilling very ancient promises to do away with Gold so that it becomes worthless so that mankind can achieve true peace.

The old timelines are no longer in play because those things are finished and you are showing how and why. Those Old Testament prophecies in Ezekiel and Zephaniah about Gold becoming worthless are done.

I used to wonder how Gold could ever become worthless to man and now I know!

But let’s not rest this divine solution on the collapse of the banking system as there are several factions fighting to maintain some semblance of the existing system and they hope to deceive the people again by introducing various newly named systems as a substitution.

Whether the banks collapse and close or just change the signs on the shingles, the Astral Currency must be introduced. We should not look specifically for the bank closures as the triggers, reconstitution under new names should also serve as the trigger.

I thank God for you and Brad and all of the PAT! Job well done!



Dear Charlotte,

you have just forwarded all the reasons and arguments why we must ascend before the old Orion monetary system fully collapses as to introduce the new Astral currency which will pave the way of humanity to ascension before the dark cabal come up with their B and C plan for another biased currency that repeats the same fallacies as the current fiat toilet paper money and will ultimately be used to enslave humanity.

With love and light



Dearest Georgi,

Congratulations on a job well done! It feels so wonderful to be part of something so great and I am so proud to be part of the PAT. We are about to cross an important bridge and what a honour to be part of the transformation of humanity. My decrees and invocations are in place… let’s do this!

Love to all



Hi Georgi,

Excitement cannot be contained in regards to your ingenious new project, the ‘Astral’.

Dream from 1995

I was cleaning a big mansion & was told previously by the owners, that my pay would be left on the coffee table & to lock the door behind me. Sure enough, the pay was there, but it was ‘40’ gold coins all stacked on top of one another like a tower. I just counted them on my knees, to get a side glance. I did not touch them or collect them. I made my way over to the vast lounge room windows and marvelled at the garden below. I instantly teleported myself down there to find myself ushered along by the vegetable garden caretaker, showing me his achievements. He then let me pick 2 x red capsicums, the size of basketballs- mind blowing. End Dream

Could it be Georgi, that I was tapping into the ‘NOW’ (but in a future timeline)? Keep in mind there was no Internet or mobile phones to even research any of this phenomena. Did I have to go through another 22 years in this constructed linear time (marking time perhaps) to wait for other ascension candidates to wake up & smell the roses?? I think my dream signifies beautifully that the slavery system & gold will be left behind to then allow new technologies to come online to help with agriculture, to feed everyone 10 fold.

I emphatically believe this project will come to pass. If we can just switch train tracks and apply the same amount of faith(fiat) in this stinking Orion Ponzi Toilet Paper Scheme, then apply that faith to the ‘Astral’. Everyone will wonder why we didn’t do this sooner (you tried in 1997, but to no avail). But linear time is an illusion, just as we are finding out these days.

Georgi, I commend you for your tenacity.

Yours FAITHfully with love,


Adelaide, Australia


Dear Leesa,

thank you very much for your appreciation of the new project on the Astral currency. Your dream reflects the new reality that already exists in the 5D, in New Lemuria for instance.

As I have mentioned in the publication, there we shall not need any money as we shall create everything from the fulcrum of our souls – vegetables, food, clothes, houses etc., everything we need or want to use and we shall dissolve these creations when we will not need them anymore. Essentially, in the higher dimensions the entities (souls) do not need anything as they are energetic immortal focal points of creation, but in the new 4D worlds we still need some kind of just form of measuring creation and human activity, and in particular human needs.

From that point of view the choice of the money form is irrelevant in itself as long as it is based on spiritual principles and excludes any kind of fraud and manipulation. Transparency is one such spiritual principle. Another one is creating money cooperatively only for the benefit of all. The most important spiritual principle is the acknowledgement that humans are creator beings and that all wealth comes from the manifestation of our ideas and thoughts. Hence while we must take responsibility for our ideas and have only such that do not harm anybody and serve the Whole, we must also prevent any system of evaluation of these achievements that stifles human creation by establishing scarcity and disparity as is the case with the current Orion monetary system based on fraud, debt, monopoly over the money creation by the sociopathic banksters elite etc.

When properly considered – from the higher vantage point of view of the soul – it is the greatest conundrum why humanity have allowed to be enslaved by the current unjust fiat toilet paper money imposed on them by the ruling cabal and have thus consented to their enslavement.

With love and light



I have just read the “Astral” currency article.

In December 2013 I have published an article called “A New Banking System” in my blog “attempt”. Here is the link to it:


At that moment, I was convinced of the failure and fraud of our monetary system. I got tired of knowing more and more about the disgrace it is, and started focusing on new alternatives. My clear thought was: enough of this old system. I want to create the new system. Let’s build it!

So, I started researching in the Internet everything I could find… and my findings were paradoxical: in one hand, there was almost NOTHING to be found… nobody was busy, occupied on creating the new system which would substitute this crumbling one; in the other hand, I found a number of endeavours, which I briefly covered in that article (includes Nesara and Bitcoin, which I concluded were NOT the answers…)

Since then, one “fixed idea” I have in my mind, as a worldwide top professional web application developer, is exactly and very specifically to DEVELOP THE SOFTWARE which will run the new system. (The EIC software?)

Let me include a couple of words about myself before I finish: I may be no genius, but I started programming with 9 to 10 years old, back in 1988. I translated music sheets for the computer to play them – from Scarlatti to Bartok… I grew up surrounded by philosophers books: my parents translated Nietzsche and Wittgenstein from German to Portuguese. This contact with “Occidental philosophy” – which nowadays for me is nothing more than a label to “disguised ignorance” – made be more confused than enlightened. It was only years later, in contact with the true wisdom “from the East”, which I “woke up” and acknowledged the God which is Love and All-That-Is. I may be no chohan, but one person, after a lecture I gave, told me Yogananda himself was all the time by my side, smiling, while I talked. He allegedly appeared when I began, and vanished when I finished. (The person asked me to treat this as confidential. Thus I share the fact only with selected people and I do not publicize it.)

Furthermore, I personally had darshan sparshan and sambhashan from Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba himself. I have a picture here in the office of that day… I am showing Him a Brazilian Education in Human Values calendar. I never read anything from you about Sai Baba… He is also my touchstone… If I know a single truth in this incarnation is that He is no fraud.

Having said all this, I request for you to please put me in contact with your “technical consultant of trust”, as I would love to put my best skills in benefit of materializing this project. I am used to work as volunteer. I am an open source contributor and 100% of the can be based on open source software. I am only afraid of availability issues: my usual job plus family (wife + two kids) takes all of my time. This is my only concern and barrier – in case you are interested, of course.

I once donated one dollar (or five dollars) for you, as a symbolic gesture of support. At that time, I was owing a lot of money, and I had not money to pay my debts. My financial situation drastically changed. I do not owe anything anymore. We bought a house. My wife and I – each one has their own car now. Kids are going to public school (paid would be better)… But unlike previous experiences, at least I am earning more than we are spending, which is quite comfortable.

Thank you for your attention. Whatever the outcome, it is an honour to me the mere fact that you are reading these words.


J Bruni, from Brazil

P.S.: I had a previous “blog attempt”, in 2012, and one of the articles is “The End of Financial Tyranny”, where I am trying to “warn” people the about the “lie” they are living… it focus on showing the bad parts and in the spiritual part of the solution – rather than the “objective” new system of the article/research which came after. Link: http://ficanaluz.blogspot.com.br/2012/10/o-fim-da-tirania-financeira.html.


Dear Joao Bruni,

thank you very much for your appreciation of the new project regarding the Astral currency and for making me aware that you have also worked on this same idea of establishing a new and more just form of payments and transaction than the current fiat toilet paper debt money.

I must admit that I have not thought of establishing a new computer program for the Astral currency as its value will not lie in its digital background but in the spiritual principles it follows. Essentially, the new currency can operate even without computers but of course it can use any of the already existing ones.

I personally envision that very soon we shall have completely new forms of electronic communication based on new 4D technologies that will substitute the current digital computers. They will be interactive with biological matter and thus intuitive without the necessity of developing new programs. Of course there may be an interim period of transition when the old Internet may be still used as is the case now with online banking, but this should be done by the people themselves at the local level. This is the prevailing thought failure of all alternative crypto-currencies nowadays – they pay attention almost exclusively on the form of the technical carrier of the new currency and do not bother to consider the spiritual principles upon which such a new form of just payments and transactions should be established for it to consider and support the creationary potential of all humans without creating scarcity and imbalances as is the case nowadays when 62 richest people possess more wealth than 50% of the entire humanity.

With love and light



Hi Georgi,

Nice to read about the Astral. I hope the $ crashes as soon as you all are ready.

A friend of mine has been working on creating a user interface for alternative currencies with a basic income. You can check it out here: http://design.basicincomeproject.org . Let me know if you would be interested in using it.



Dear Tristan,

I just responded to Joao Bruni from Brazil on this same issue and as not to repeat myself will sent you my email to him (see above).

With love and light



Dear George,

Let me add my voice to the chorus of “Bravo’s” you have surely received since publishing your treatise introducing the Astral currency and all that it entails. What a stupendous accomplishment !!! A perfect solution for an interim period of adjustment/ascension for humanity. As Brad said, it is the Declaration of Independence with instructions included. And, it is an undeniable declaration of the reality of us as the New Logos Gods, for no human mind can demonstrate enough true spiritual knowledge and understanding to conceive of such an all inclusive approach and then lay it out with the absolute certainty and clarity that Knowledge brings. This is the herald of our freedom to finally show ourselves as the glorious and magnificent beings we truly are. ” And all our love will shine on everyone!” R. Orzabal

With love,



Hello Georgi and Carla,

This took me a few days because I wanted to get the right words of appreciation expressed out to you for all the love and effort that this project demanded. Every bit of this proposal has been implemented and we all I am sure can find a part or two that speaks right to us. I am just so sure that every true PAT member can read this and find themselves somewhere in a word or sentence with resonance of life to it. Ultimately I loved it !!! Thank you from the bottom and top of my heart, forever.

I saw myself presently living in the smallest community style which was the three generation home. Just absolutely Amazing and Divine !! This report is very astounding as it produces so much multi-dimensionality. And that NOW is my favorite word and will be so for ever more. As we get ready here for a big month, and by that I mean because we are producing and feeling it, I AM going to stay well focused and ride these waves as we change this world. Georgi and Carla I send to you all my love and gratitude for all your Highly Remarkable work and Love for this planet. We are One.

Sincerely all my Love,



Die Astral – Währung

Lieber Georg,

Hab´s schon gelesen. Das mit der Alchemie ist ein interessanter Gedanke. In meinem Umfeld gibt es Personen die sich irgendwelche Goldmünzen angeschafft haben, da sie Angst um ihr Geld haben. Daraufhin hatte ich den Gedanken, was ist wenn sich herausstellen sollte, dass man Gold herstellen kann? Das Universum kann man nicht überlisten, oder? Und alle Dinge haben nur den Wert, denen wir ihnen beimessen.

Ich glaube daran, dass so ein Währungsprojekt funktioniert. Geld wird jetzt genauso hergestellt, nur auf Basis von Schulden. Doch wozu brauchen wir diese überhaupt? Die Menschen in meinen Umkreis sind der Ansicht, dass sonst Kredite nicht zurückbezahlt werden. Doch müssen sie das überhaupt um eine Wirtschaft am funktionieren zu halten? Meiner Meinung nach nicht. Bei der Bank werden sie eh nur ausgebucht wenn das Geld wieder zurück ist. Und was mit den Zinsen finanziert wird sei dahingestellt. Die Crux ist wie immer das 3D-Schema des nicht genug haben können. Ein hoch schwingendes Wesen wird sich immer nur soviel nehmen wie es zum Leben braucht, da es keine Ängste hat, die es zu bedienen versucht. Die, die das kapiert haben werden auf den Zug aufspringen.

Jetzt danke ich dir mal für deinen unermüdlichen Einsatz!!!

Liebe Grüße

Gerald, Austria


Lieber Gerald,

absolut, du hast all die wesentlichen Argumente gegen das jetzige Geld vorgetragen, die seine Abschaffung begründen. Im Übrigen, es gibt Vorläufer zu der neuen Astral-Wahrung ausgerechnet in Österreich in den 20er Jahren während der Großen Depression als mehrere Kommunen in Tirol ihre eigenen Wahrungen nach ähnlichen Prinzipien wie ich sie beschreibe herausgaben und grosse Prosperitat erlebten und nichts von der Krise mitbekommen hatten. Als die Krise vorbei war, verbot die Österreichische Zentralbank diese Wahrungen, weil sie um ihre Monopolstellung fürchtete. Du musst im Internet darüber suchen – es ist eine höchst interessante Episode in der finanziellen Geschichte der Menschheit, die auch später die sogenannte Wiener Schule der Ökonomie maßgeblich beeinflusste.

Viele liebe Grüße



Lieber Georgi,

was für ein wundervoller Artikel. Die Schwingung erhöht sich sehr stark beim Lesen, und man ist vollkommen drin in dieser neuen Energie. Bei jedem Durchlesen verstehe ich ein bisschen mehr und integriere auch mehr von dieser Energie. Ich freu mich sehr für dich, dass nun bald eintrifft, was du 20 Jahre vorbereitet und erarbeitet hast.

Herzlichen Dank an dich und an Brad für seine kompetente Unterstützung. Alles entwickelt sich sehr schnell, und 5 D befindet sich nur eine Ecke weiter.

Licht und Liebe, auch für Carla von

Helga, Germany


Liebe Helga,

ich danke dir für deine Wertschätzung. Es ist an der Zeit, endlich diese Ideen in die Tat umzusetzen. Die hohen Schwingungen, die das neue Projekt zur Astralwährung trägt, werden von den Quellenenergien, die zur Zeit die Erde überfluten, getragen und verstärkt. Ich hatte in den letzten vier Nächten drei Nächte cc-Wellen mit starkem Kopfschmerz mit einem massiven Abstieg von Energie, mal links, mal rechts abwechselnd. Der Aufstieg schreitet zügig voran,

Der größte Vorteil der neuen Währung ist, dass sie einen sozialen Auftrag hat und zur Ablösung des Nationalstaates mit sämtlichen repressiven Institutionen führt. Kein anderer Vorschlag zur Geldreform berücksichtigt diesen zentralen Aspekt, da sie reine pekuniäre Interessen vertreten und die gesellschaftlich-philosophische Dimension überhaupt nicht berücksichtigen.

Wir müssen nun lediglich aufsteigen und diesen Astralplan auf eine machtvolle Weise in die Tat umsetzen. Das PAT sollte jetzt mit den Invokationen beginnen, wie wir es regelmässig tun, seitdem der Vorschlag in schriftlicher Form vorliegt. Alle Kräfte des Himmels stehen nun hinter uns und der neuen Wahrung.

Viele liebe Grüße


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La nuova moneta “Astrale” è in arrivo » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

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La nuova moneta “Astrale” è in arrivo
by Georgi Stankov Posted on March 6, 2016

Un Reset Globale del Sistema Monetario Orione dopo il Crollo Totale quest’Anno

Georgi Stankov, March 1, 2016


Translation into Italian from the original publication by Daniela Lupo

Caro George, fondamentalmente, hai scritto la Dichiarazione di Indipendenza , con istruzioni incluse, per la vera situazione dell’esistenza necessaria per un essere umano multidimensionale che opera nello stato dell’Ora/Adesso e può essere il documento più importante mai prodotto. Complimenti. – Brad Barber


Si tratta di un progetto chiave che sto coltivando a partire dagli anni ’90, quando ho compreso appieno la natura del denaro come immagine speculare delle proprietà dell’energia. Secondo la nuova Assiomatica fisica e matematica della Legge Universale, c’è solo energia, cioè Tutto-ciòche-è è energia. Quindi, qualsiasi nuova forma monetaria che andrà a sostituire l’attuale sistema finanziario fallito Orione-Ponzi dovrà esprimere le proprietà dell’energia in modo ideale. Ho dedicato una pletora di articoli su come questo nuovo sistema numerico digitale dei pagamenti e transazioni dovrebbe funzionare. In sostanza, il nuovo sistema monetario funzionerà come il sistema SI in fisica e non avrà valore in sé.

A proposito, ho dimostrato che tutte le dimensioni fisiche e le unità del sistema SI possono essere ridotte a due dimensioni – spazio e tempo assoluto (= frequenza ), che è lo spazio-tempo. Lo spazio-tempo è come gli esseri umani percepiscono l’energia con i loro limitati sensi in un mondo 3D. Ho mostrato come il denaro riflette le proprietà dello spazio-tempo, precisamente il fatto che lo spazio ed il tempo sono costituenti canonicamente coniugate che si comportano reciprocamente fra loro in maniera dialettica. Quando lo spazio si espande, la frequenza (tempo) diminuisce e viceversa. Lo spazio è inversamente proporzionale all’energia s ~ 1 / E , mentre la frequenza è proporzionale alla quantità di energia in un sistema f ~ E. E’ anche importante sottolineare che il tempo lineare (convenzionale) è identico allo spazio t = s, tempo lineare è un pleonasmo (sinonimo) di spazio.

La discriminazione di queste due grandezze fisiche identiche per la mente umana è la fonte di tutte le illusioni cognitive di questa specie in stato incarnato.

In finanza, l’inflazione monetaria, la quantità di carta-moneta stampata è equivalente allo spazio e questa valuta gonfiata è inversamente proporzionale all’energia che porta, in altre parole, il suo valore diminuisce. Tutti i fenomeni monetari osservati, come ad esempio l’inflazione, la deflazione, la svalutazione ecc. possono essere facilmente spiegati con la natura dello spazio-tempo come energia percepita dagli esseri umani – con il carattere reciproco delle sue costituenti, lo spazio e il tempo. Questa elaborazione teorica è indispensabile per una corretta comprensione del nuovo progetto della moneta di seguito.

Qui presenterò la nuova moneta “Astrale” che sarà introdotta in tutti i nuovi mondi 4D subito dopo che l’attuale sistema monetario Orione crolla e l’intera matrice vecchia sarà dissolta. Non c’è alcun dubbio nel frattempo che questo evento cardine accadrà quest’anno e il mese di marzo sembra essere un periodo di tempo lineare con un’alta probabilità per il verificarsi di questo evento. Da qui l’urgenza di questo progetto chiave nello scenario di ascensione per questo pianeta madre superiore.

Dall’inizio di quest’anno, ho iniziato una discussione molto intensa con Brad per esplorare tutti gli aspetti di questo nuovo progetto e scoprire il punto ottimale nel tempo per introdurre la nuova moneta “Astrale”, prima negli Stati Uniti e poi subito dopo in tutto il mondo. Siamo giunti alla conclusione unanime che siamo sulla cuspide di un totale collasso del sistema finanziario e che è molto importante essere pronti mentalmente e intellettualmente per questo progetto, quando il crollo globale accade. Inoltre, siamo consapevoli del fatto che creiamo con i nostri pensieri questo progetto, che è già una realtà nei nuovi mondi 4D.

Come abbiamo visto in questi ultimi giorni e settimane, non è tanto che dovremo ascendere e scomparire da questa realtà, ma che dovremo portare il cielo 5D qui su questo pianeta madre superiore. Questo avverrà inizialmente per alcune aree in tutto il mondo in cui già esistono le città di luce e dove le vibrazioni di questo modello olografico hanno raggiunto la soglia del 12 ° livello della 4D superiore e lo preparano per la transizione di fase nella nuova realtà 5D. Sedona e Jerry sono gli apripista in questo intricato processo di ascensione individuale e collettiva, come abbiamo già visto.

La transizione di fase alle città di luce sarà prima compiuta dal PAT e dalla prima onda di candidati all’ascensione e poi molti altri della seconda onda e anime transliminali incarnate come walk-in ci seguiranno. Il loro numero è in aumento in maniera esponenziale dopo l’ultimo spostamento ID importante nel mese di gennaio, quando molti di loro hanno sperimentato la morte fisica sulle linee del tempo inferiori.

Di seguito, delineo le basi della nuova moneta “Astrale” che noi introdurremo come maestri ascesi subito dopo il crollo totale del sistema monetario Orione e la chiusura di tutte le banche del mondo occidentale. Questo nuovo progetto, che Brad ed io stiamo elaborando dall’inizio del 2016 molto intensamente in una corrispondenza quotidiana che comprende anche un’analisi approfondita del dramma finanziaria in corso in tutto il mondo, serve solo come una soluzione ad interim/intermedia nel periodo di transizione prima che la natura del denaro sia comprensa da tutte le persone affinché esso possa essere completamente abolito.

Questo periodo di transizione si riferisce al tempo subito dopo il crollo totale del sistema finanziario, che può così accadere a marzo, ma sicuramente quest’anno, e durerà fino a quando la coscienza collettiva raggiunge la soglia del pieno risveglio. Per capire quanto sia urgente questo progetto, è necessario tenere a mente che la cabala dominante e i loro bankster hanno già un piano B e un piano C quando il loro attuale piano A per schiavizzare l’umanità, attraverso il giogo finanziario del sistema monetario Orione esistente, non riesce.

Per esempio, vi è ora un gran parlare di un ripristino globale del sistema finanziario introducendo di nuovo il gold standard. Gli argomenti non sono nuovi e finiscono tutti nel tentativo di salvare l’attuale sistema fallito finanziario e le vecchie valute, primo su tutte l’inutile dollaro come simbolo del denaro di carta igienica. Quindi nessuno di questi piani presentano una soluzione praticabile, una vera riforma del sistema monetario in base ai nuovi principi spirituali che noi, il PAT, sosteniamo, ma sono solo piccoli sforzi per riparare il vecchio sistema e mantenere lo status quo. Questo, come tutti sappiamo, non accadrà ed è per questo che abbiamo sviluppato la nuova moneta “Astrale”, che andrà a sostituire dollaro, euro, yen e tutte le altre valute proclamate.

Questo è il piano A del PAT e di tutti quelli della prima onda, che saranno i nuovi maestri ascesi e Logos Dei dei nuovi mondi 4D. Essi rappresenteranno la vera gerarchia spirituale della nuova umanità e questo include l’introduzione di un nuovo giusto sistema di pagamenti e transazioni nella fase intermedia della trasfigurazione di questo genere umano verso una civiltà transgalattica.

Tutti gli attuali critici esperti di finanza effettivamente versano acqua nei mulini della cabala dominante con le loro proposte finanziarie inadeguate e idee che derivano da un pensare altamente compartimentalizzato e un equivoco totale dei principi guida spirituali che stanno dietro ogni esistenza, evoluzione e creazione umana.

Questi pensatori alternativi, che Brad ed io citiamo di tanto in tanto per tenervi informati circa l’attuale discussione sullo stato-dell’arte nel settore finanziario, non sono molto diversi dai numerosi lavoratori di luce ignoranti di economia e finanza che sostengono l’idea dei servizi segreti oscuri circa l’esistenza di “fondi nascosti di St. Germain“, che saranno aperti miracolosamente alle masse da alcune oscure società segrete “illuminate” e diffonderanno filoni di grandi ricchezze tra tutti gli esseri umani. L’ingenuità è sempre stata la più grande trappola per tutti gli esseri umani che li rende una facile preda delle bugie e delle manipolazioni oscure.

Spiegherò di seguito cosa sono veramente i fondi segreti di St. Germain. Ora è costantemente nei nostri campi e comunica con Carla e con me su vari argomenti. Come ho già riferito, è venuto da noi con disinvoltura durante l’apertura del portale di Natale il 25 dicembre e ha promesso di guidarci in questa fase finale dell’Ascensione. Egli ha mantenuto la promessa ed è intorno a noi tutto il tempo da allora. Egli sta incoraggiando Carla ad utilizzare la fiamma viola-oro, di cui ella è il nuovo Chohan, per trasmutare questa realtà e la sta ora utilizzando in maniera molto potente per trasformare questo ingiusto ingannevole sistema monetario Orione-Ponzi, in un giusto sistema di pagamenti e transazioni che porterà prosperità e pace a tutta l’umanità. L’essenza di questo nuovo sistema sarà il tema di questo saggio.

St Germain mi sta ispirando a sviluppare e trasmettere questo progetto per l’intera umanità come l’unica alternativa possibile, quando la vecchia matrice crolla completamente e le masse saranno nella totale disperazione. Si apre la prospettiva più luminosa per la rapida trasformazione dell’attuale umanità in una società transgalattica illuminata ed evoluta. Sebbene la maggior parte degli elementi del nuovo sistema dei pagamenti e delle transazioni sono stati sviluppati da me circa una ventina di anni fa, St. Germain mi ha dato i collegamenti mancanti a febbraio 2016, che mi hanno aiutato a completare la nuova idea.

Come spiegherò qui di seguito, la nuova moneta “Astrale” sarà un azzeramento totale non solo del vecchio sistema finanziario Orione-Ponzi, ma anche una ripristino totale della società umana attuale. Essa porterà alla rapida abolizione dello Stato nazionale con tutte le sue istituzioni repressive, come i sistemi fiscali (stato delle entrate), banche centrali, tutti i tipi di banche, l’intero sistema giudiziario che si occupa di questi problemi, tra cui tutte le professioni-drone come commercialisti, intermediari finanziari e immobiliari, ecc, associati a queste attività improduttive. Quindi lo scopo di questo progetto è di proporzioni gigantesche – sarà la forza motrice reale dietro tutti i cambiamenti sociali ed economici che molto presto trasformeranno questa umanità.

I Principi Spirituali ed Organizzativi della Nuova Moneta “Astrale”

La storia recente del progetto

L’elaborazione dei principi spirituali ed organizzativi della nuova moneta “Astrale” è stata ispirata dal mio HS e molto probabilmente da St. Germain il 27 gennaio per la prima volta quando ho chiesto a me stesso e a Brad la seguente questione teorica in una lettera a lui:

“Caro Brad,

il nostro ultimo scambio di idee ha portato inevitabilmente alla domanda semplice e fondamentale:

“Perché abbiamo bisogno che tutti questi investitori-ragazzi con il loro divertente denaro vengano da noi e sponsorizzino il nostro progetto quando sappiamo che il loro denaro non vale nulla e per questo siamo in attesa che le loro menti cambino in meglio? E’ come “tosare un topo”, per citare un detto tedesco – niente verrà fuori da queste persone?

Quindi tutto ad un tratto tutti i pezzi del nuovo progetto si sono riuniti per quanto riguarda:

1) Quello che hai detto su Bitcoin, oro e altre nuove valute alternative.

2) Ciò che ho finora scritto su un nuovo sistema numerico digitale neutro di pagamenti e transazioni che opereranno come un sistema SI in fisica e servirà come una misura dei successi e dei bisogni umani senza alcun valore in se stesso.

3) La tua esperienza personale con Bitcoin.

4) La nostra valutazione della situazione attuale sul terreno – l’intransigenza dei ragazzi finanziari e dell’umanità nel suo insieme e l’irrilevanza del loro denaro senza valore. È come se si cercasse di fare un buon vino con l’aceto.

Inoltre si aggiunge un concetto che ho sviluppato più di 10 anni fa per un amministratore delegato (CEO) di una grande banca tedesca con sede a Monaco di Baviera, che ho conosciuto, ma naturalmente non ha risposto poiché è stato spaventato dall’audacia delle mie idee. Tuttavia in quel momento il mio HS mi ha invitato a presentare questo concetto come era parte della strategia dei Regni Superiori per un cambiamento su questo pianeta ed io ero l’Apripista. Ora vorrei amalgamare tutti questi punti. “

Prima di ciò abbiamo discusso la possibilità di creare un nuovo fondo negli Stati Uniti per promuovere i nuovi brevetti e le tecnologie basate sulla nuova teoria della Legge Universale. Ho calcolato che solo le innovazioni e la registrazione di nuovi farmaci efficaci cellulo-stimolanti nel settore farmaceutico farebbero risparmiare fino a $ 500 bilioni di dollari di inutile ricerca e sviluppo (R&S) e genererebbero nuove vendite almeno dello stesso importo ogni anno. Considerando la massiccia morte di tutti gli “unicorni” (nuove società che presumibilmente sviluppano tecnologie innovative 3D) negli Stati Uniti nella crisi attuale dopo aver sprecato centinaia di miliardi di dollari di capitale investito, senza alcun ritorno, ho proposto a Brad che è il momento di istituire un nuovo fondo per promuovere le nuove tecnologie della Legge Universale, comprese le nuove forme di trattamento nel sistema sanitario e le nuove tecnologie nell’industria basate sulla superconduttività.

Abbiamo discusso le varie possibilità di attrarre nuovi investitori dopo che hanno perso un sacco di soldi nell’attuale crollo finanziario che ha spazzato via dall’inizio di quest’anno più di $ 15 trilioni di dollari di ricchezza. Tuttavia entrambi abbiamo avuto la sgradevole sensazione che il nostro nuovo progetto non avrebbe funzionato nel modo in cui inizialmente lo abbiamo concettualizzato. Come è il caso con tutti questi progetti che sono divinamente ispirati, si deve pensare in grande e iniziare dalle premesse di base della nuova teoria della Legge Universale.

Siamo giunti alla conclusione che non abbiamo bisogno dell’attuale denaro di carta igienica e dei loro proprietari frustrati per onorare il nostro lavoro e i futuri contributi per l’umanità come maestri ascesi.

Invece dovremo creare noi stessi una nuova moneta e stabilire i principi spirituali ed organizzativi per la fondazione di un nuovo tipo di banca di emissione e d’investimento, che, tuttavia, non sarà chiamata “banca”, poiché questa parola ha un sacco di cattiva reputazione. Invece la chiameremo:

Cooperativa per l’Emissione e per gli Investimenti (CEI)

La nuova moneta funzionerà esattamente come il sistema digitale numerico SI dei pagamenti e delle transazioni che ho presentato in passato, ma avrà il nome:


Quindi dovremo creare una CEI con una nuova moneta “Astrale”.

Questa nuova moneta sarà radicata nella realizzazione di tutte le nuove tecnologie 4D e 5D. I suoi beni in garanzia saranno le nuove tecnologie provenienti dalla Luce. In definitiva, questa valuta sarà la rappresentazione del processo di ascensione dell’umanità e di Gaia alle dimensioni superiori prima che tutto il denaro possa essere abolito. In questo modo potremo raggiungere il nostro obiettivo in modo molto efficace ed elimineremo i vecchi ragazzi marci e la loro carta moneta priva di valore, in quanto non ci servono più e perché non rappresentano la nuova realtà ascendente. Inoltre, le vecchie monete devono essere eliminate comunque dal crollo in arrivo come è stato ipotizzato e discusso dal PAT in passato.

Il nome “Astrale” è stato deliberatamente scelto per la nuova moneta. Oltre all’inglese, che è una lingua molto limitata in termini di grammatica, tutte le altre lingue hanno il genere: Tedesco, Francese, Italiano, Spagnolo e tutte le lingue Slave, per esempio. In questo caso “astrale” (gen. maschile) è una moneta maschile ( “astro” sarebbe di gen. neutro e “astra” di gen. femminile). E’ più potente dire, questo articolo costa due astrali che dire costa due astro, che è debole poiché è un sostantivo neutro. Suona molto come “il Reale Spagnolo” al culmine del vero potere Spagnolo quando questo impero ha conquistato l’America. Abbiamo bisogno di energia maschile dietro la nuova moneta per fare la necessaria trasformazione delle attuali valute legali, senza valore, basate sul debito, come il dollaro, alla nuova moneta che sarà radicata nel potere energetico della fonte. Come? Spiegherò qui di seguito.

La nuova moneta “Astrale” e la CEI seguiranno principi logici e spirituali precisi, semplici e ovvi basati sulla natura dell’energia, perché il denaro è solo un sostituto e un’immagine speculare delle proprietà dell’energia:

1) L’ “Astrale” sarà a disposizione di tutti coloro che lo accettano in modo indipendente dal lavoro fisico, ma dipendente dai bisogni reali di lui/di lei. Si tratta di un inviolabile diritto divino di tutti possedere e usare questa valuta secondo i principi spirituali che escludono l’avidità, l’avarizia, la manipolazione e la speculazione, ecc. In altre parole tutti i vizi umani che nascono dalla nozione di separazione dalla Sorgente e dal rifiuto dell’Unità non apparterranno a questa valuta. Le persone che mostrano questi vizi non avranno accesso agli Astrali e alla CEI. Dovranno sottostare alle vecchie valute, nel caso in cui esistono ancora o al baratto fino a che non evolvono abbastanza sufficientemente per accettare la nuova moneta che porterà immensa abbondanza e prosperità a tutta l’umanità, come mostrerò qui di seguito.

Tale esclusione sarà attuata facilmente con i seguenti ulteriori principi e criteri:

2) Non ci saranno tassi di interesse o altri derivati ​​virtuali o mezzi che creano inflazione artificiale di questa valuta.

3) Non ci sarà speculazione nei confronti delle altre valute ancora esistenti. Questi principi si applicano durante la fase intermedia, in seguito saranno ovvi quando tutte le altre valute cessano di esistere.

4) Il nuovo Astrale ha i suoi beni-garanzia in cielo, cioè in tutte le nuove tecnologie, che verranno attraverso questa moneta dai regni superiori e attraverso noi come maestri ascesi e saranno diffuse sulla nuova terra nel periodo intermedio di transizione prima che tutto il denaro tra cui gli “astrali” possano essere eliminati. C’è un altro motivo principale per cui la nuova moneta Astrale è radicata in cielo, nelle dimensioni superiori o sorgente, che discuterò in profondità di seguito.

5) All’inizio, l’ Astrale sarà ancorato all’oro (e all’argento), diciamo 100 astrali per un’oncia d’oro. Questo sarà fatto in modo ideale e tutti i proprietari di oro accetteranno questa valutazione/ questo ancoraggio. Non abbiamo bisogno di possedere una sola oncia di oro estratto fisicamente per agganciare l’astrale all’oro. Ecco alcune considerazioni del perché:

– Secondo il punto 4), il nuovo Astrale ha i suoi beni in cielo, cioè in tutte le nuove tecnologie che verranno attraverso questa valuta e saranno diffuse sulla nuova terra nel periodo intermedio di transizione prima che tutto il denaro incluso l’astrale possa essere eliminato.

– L’oro non è affatto un bene da una prospettiva più elevata, ma ha acquisito un’importanza storica come un mezzo universale per accumulare ricchezza materiale nella vecchia realtà 3D.

– Tuttavia, non può funzionare come un sistema flessibile di pagamenti e investimenti per il suo carattere fisico e la scarsità. Lo stoccaggio e il trasporto dell’oro pone enormi problemi logistici a qualsiasi moneta d’oro in una società dinamica e in rapida evoluzione e all’economia dove il denaro in circolazione deve essere molto facile, flessibile per tutte le condizioni e fluido.

– Ecco perché la cabala è stata in grado di eliminare facilmente l’oro come valuta quando l’ultimo azzeramento/ripristino moderno del sistema finanziario Orione verso il NWO è stato fatto da Nixon nel 1971. Ha abolito con una sola mano il gold standard della valuta mondiale il dollaro e, quindi, ha creato le attuali valute legali/forzose senza valore.

– D’altra parte, se tutte le vecchie valute perdono il loro valore nel crollo in arrivo, questo non aiuterebbe l’oro ad acquisire la sua importanza passata poiché l’elite può introdurre un’altra forma di carta moneta, che escluderà l’oro e c’è un sacco di paura tra i proprietari di oro al giorno d’oggi che lo stato confischerà tutto l’oro e l’argento nel crollo in arrivo come i governi hanno fatto durante la Grande Depressione.

– Se la cabala implementa il Piano B e crea nuove valute basate su minime quantità di oro, questo nuovo gold standard sarà solo di carattere simbolico a causa del fatto che la quantità reale di oro disponibile su questo pianeta è infinitamente piccola rispetto alla quantità di denaro in circolazione necessario a mantenere l’economia mondiale a galla, anche se tutte le bolle finanziarie di debito e speculative come i derivati ​​vengono eliminate con un giubileo globale. La diluizione di questo nuovo gold standard porterà presto alla stessa situazione di quest’anno, in cui il crollo è inevitabile ed è già iniziato.

Oro Alchemico contro Oro Fisico Estratto

L’idea di agganciare la nuova moneta Astrale all’oro è sia di carattere pratico che teorico. In sostanza, la nuova moneta non ha bisogno dell’oro per riformare le attuali valute legali/forzose e funzionare in modo perfetto, come abbiamo discusso in precedenza. Tuttavia, nel periodo intermedio di transizione dobbiamo considerare la mentalità collettiva dell’umanità, che è interamente raggruppata attorno al concetto del denaro come qualcosa di maggiore valore. Tutte le attività umane sono ora misurate in denaro e c’è un’opinione generale che tutto ciò che non attira denaro, come è il caso con le nostre attività spirituali, tra cui scrivere questo saggio sul ripristino del denaro, non ha alcun valore. Questa è la mentalità Orione classica dell’attuale umanità degradata nel tempo della fine e dobbiamo considerare questa condizione umana deplorevole nel nostro nuovo progetto di riforma di questo sistema finanziario Ponzi quando crolla nei prossimi giorni e settimane.

Quando le valute legali attuali perdono tutto il loro valore nella prossima iperinflazione, come risultato della liquidazione di tutti i debiti in forma di crediti in sofferenza, derivati ​​virtuali e bolle speculative causate da QE infinito e stampa di denaro dal nulla, la gente chiederà nella loro disperazione per una nuova moneta che si basi su valore reale. L’argomento secondo cui le nuove tecnologie astrali 4D e 5D sono beni preziosi e sufficienti della nuova moneta Astrale può non convincere molte persone, che non saranno completamente risvegliate quando verrà il crollo e sarà necessario un nuovo azzeramento del sistema monetario Orione. Nel loro agnosticismo prevalente, essi possono tendere ad accettare il piano fasullo B o C della cabala dominante, invece della nostra proposta per una nuova moneta Astrale. Tanto più che ci vorrà un pò di tempo per noi come maestri ascesi per introdurre le nuove tecnologie astrali nei nuovi mondi 4D.

Come avrete notato, tutte le mie argomentazioni si occupano della transizione dell’attuale modello olografico 3D a questi nuovi mondi 4D poichè nella 5D, in Nuova Lemuria, dove noi ascenderemo, non ci sarà denaro fin dall’inizio. Saremo in grado di creare immediatamente qualsiasi cosa di cui abbiamo bisogno e desiderio. Queste tecnologie dell’anima della creazione immediata non avranno bisogno di alcuna forma di denaro, come un sistema intercambiabile di pagamento e transazioni, per le nostre creazioni energetiche immediate. Questo dovrebbe essere convincente per tutti i miei lettori illuminati che hanno seguito le nostre discussioni su questo sito fin dall’inizio.

Quando dico che dobbiamo accettare l’oro fisico per il momento come un gold standard per la nostra nuova moneta Astrale, questo viene fatto solo in vista delle molte persone che hanno realizzato i loro risparmi in oro e nel rispetto della tradizione umana dove l’oro gioca un ruolo chiave come garanzia di ricchezza. E’ solo un compromesso necessario per colmare questo periodo intermedio, che sarà caratterizzato in primo luogo da una discrepanza aperta tra la realtà rapidamente ascendente e le carenze gnostiche, ancora esistenti tra le masse, che all’inizio impediranno loro di cogliere la portata di questo cambiamento cosmico. Infatti, ancorando la valuta Astrale all’oro fisico ottenuto nelle miniere noi semplicemente elimineremo tutte le attuali speculazioni malsane e false nei mercati di scambio della valuta e dell’oro. Ancorando l’Astrale all’oro, de facto, elimineremo l’oro come valuta di garanzia senza che i proprietari di oro siano in grado di realizzare questo in un primo momento. Spiegherò qui di seguito il perché.

La mia spiegazione ha a che fare con l’alchimia dell’oro e con noi come maestri di reazione alchemica, sia in corpi fisici come indicato su questo sito e soprattutto come maestri ascesi in corpi di luce cristallini. E’ noto che il concetto di alchimia si è sviluppato intorno all’idea attraente che gli esseri umani possono creare oro da preparati e altri metalli inferiori e di poco valore con reazioni alchemiche segrete. Mentre nessuno ha mai dimostrato questo all’umanità, ci deve essere qualche verità dietro questa tradizione alchemica che affascina tutte le menti umane. Naturalmente non è possibile produrre oro dal piombo per esempio, ma come ho imparato recentemente è possibile produrre oro dal mercurio.

E qui arriva la crepa. Questo oro alchemico è puro e non ha isotopi. Mentre tutto l’oro naturale, anche quando è puro al 99,99999….%, contiene vari isotopi, che possono essere utilizzati per determinare da dove proviene questo oro poiché ogni miniera d’oro ha una sua specifica “impronta digitale” isotopica che è nota alle zecche statali. Se si è in grado di produrre puro oro alchemico, privo di isotopi dal mercurio in una reazione alchemica, e si cercasse di venderlo sul mercato, si sarebbe arrestati immediatamente perché la cabala non vuole che l’umanità crei oro. Non sapevo di questo fatto fino a poco tempo fa, ma poi ciò ha innescato alcune ulteriori pensieri nella mia mente per quanto riguarda il nostro nuovo progetto della moneta.

E’ ovvio che siamo in grado di introdurre la nuova moneta Astrale solo dopo la nostra ascensione. Prima di questo la vecchia matrice deve completamente crollare. L’attuale rapida dissipazione del modello olografico 3D può essere paragonato a due treni che viaggiano a tutta velocità in direzioni opposte – il treno della vecchia matrice nell’abisso e il treno dell’ascensione verso il cielo. In questo caso, se appariamo come maestri ascesi e presentiamo la nuova moneta, possiamo sempre dire alle persone – rispetto al loro vecchio punto di vista – che possiamo creare alchemicamente tanto oro quanto ne abbiamo bisogno per fondare la nuova moneta Astrale sul gold standard.

Dobbiamo dimostrare che siamo in grado di creare puro oro alchemico, che dovrebbe essere come noccioline per qualsiasi maestro asceso. Questo non vuol dire che dovremo creare questo oro in grande quantità, così come oggi non vi è più alcun oro nei caveau della FED e delle altre banche centrali, dato che è stato rubato dalla cabala. Ma il concetto che esiste tale oro alchemico nei piani astrali – da qui il nome della nuova moneta – e può essere manifestato da noi in qualsiasi momento, se necessario, sarà sufficiente a stabilire con fermezza il nuovo Astrale come valuta mondiale basata sul vero gold standard quando il dollaro collassa. Ora ci sono un sacco di voci che questo tipo di ripristino può essere in divenire per quanto riguarda le vecchie valute, ma sarà troppo tardi, poiché verremo fuori con la nostra moneta. È per questo che dobbiamo ascendere prima che il crollo finanziario finale accada e la cabala oscura possa fare il proprio ripristino insidioso delle vecchie valute.

Sarà sufficiente per la gente sapere che è possibile creare oro alchemico in qualsiasi momento e che non vi è alcuna necessità per l’umanità di estrarre oro nella vecchia maniera scomoda come al tempo dei Neanderthaliani che sono stati geneticamente generati dal PTW per lavorare nelle miniere d’oro. La nuova moneta Astrale non sarà radicata solo alle nuove tecnologie 4D e 5D, ma anche al nuovo gold standard basato sull’oro alchemico puro come creato da noi come maestri ascesi. Questo spazzerà via tutti gli argomenti critici per quanto riguarda il valore della nuova moneta da un punto di vista convenzionale, poiché ci saranno molte piccole cooperative di emissione e di investimento (CEI) che creeranno astrali ad un livello locale comunitario di base come spiegherò di seguito.

In questo modo potremo eliminare praticamente l’oro fisicamente estratto, che rappresenta il modello olografico denso 3D di incarnazione e lo sostituiremo con il nuovo gold standard alchemico radicato nei regni superiori. Questo è anche il modo più efficace per eliminare qualsiasi tipo di frode e manipolazione sulla nuova moneta come mostrerò qui di seguito.

Per il momento possiamo utilizzare due standard di riferimento:

– Il gold standard fisico, che sarà di minor valore, e

– Il nuovo gold standard alchemico, a cui solo noi, come nuovi maestri ascesi e Logos Dei avremo accesso e monopolio. Questa sarà la parte della nostra gerarchia spirituale, per così dire, il simbolo materiale della nostra posizione di leader nei nuovi mondi 4D.

Naturalmente, sono consapevole che sto parlando ora circa un manufatto, poiché chi ha bisogno dell’oro in una società evoluta che può prosperare solo senza denaro in quanto si basa sulla creazione diretta individuale e collettiva? Sto solo mettendo avanti questo aspetto per il periodo di transizione prima che la gente impari a vivere senza denaro e sia pronta a scartare anche la nostra nuova moneta Astrale dopo che hanno compreso la vera natura del denaro. Ma nel frattempo questo dovrebbe essere un argomento potente che compenserà qualsiasi tentativo di compromettere la nuova moneta Astrale.

Potete immaginare, cosa succederebbe se si fosse in grado di creare oro in qualsiasi luogo sul pianeta o trasportarlo da un posto ad un altro attraverso il teletrasporto nel caso in cui fosse necessario. In questo caso non abbiamo bisogno di risolvere eventuali problemi logistici per quanto riguarda lo stoccaggio e la distribuzione di oro in un modo ingombrante 3D come ad esempio la Banca centrale Olandese in questi giorni ha con il suo oro. Questo è dove la maggior parte delle valute basate sull’oro del vecchio modo ora falliscono. Ora è possibile agganciare la nuova valuta astrale all’oro alchemico in un prezzo fisso e tutti lo accetteranno poiché devono credere che possiamo creare una quantità infinita di oro. E credere è tutto in finanza ed in tutta l’esistenza umana.

Questo è esattamente ciò che rappresentano veramente i Fondi segreti di St.Germain, di cui i seguaci della New Age parlano così tanto ed in cui stanno investendo così grandi aspettative per essere salvati dalla loro vita difficile nella 3D. Ho realizzato questo il 2 febbraio (Groundhog day dove non è stata vista nessuna ombra ed l’inizio della primavera, capire azzeramento e Ascensione, è stato previsto) nella misura massima, anche se è molto semplice. Non è un caso che St. Germain ci ha visitato in quel giorno di nuovo e abbiamo sentito subito la sua forte presenza. Abbiamo sollevato ora le nostre frequenze così in alto che tali contatti sono molto facili. Come sapete, Carla è la nuova Chohan della fiamma viola-oro e quindi l’erede di St. Germain su questa terra. E’ sotto la sua guida da più di due anni, come riportato su questo sito. Io lo sento anche così fortemente di recente, ma lavoriamo insieme su un piano diverso.

Lui mi ispira a creare attivamente nuovi concetti per i nuovi mondi 4D che verranno popolati prevalentemente dalle nuove anime mature che finiranno con il loro ciclo d’anima giovane durante lo spostamento ID finale in arrivo come ho spiegato nel mio modello di età delll’anima. La grande ondata di anime giovani che è sul punto di entrare nel ciclo d’età di anima matura attualmente vive in Nord America ed è per questo che io sono qui per guidarli e stabilire le condizioni sociali per la nuova umanità 4D. Dato che è diventato evidente in questi giorni che queste anime non possono generare le idee necessarie di come riformare l’attuale umanità degradata in una nuova civiltà illuminata da soli e hanno fortemente bisogno del mio aiuto.

Questo è anche il motivo per cui Brad e io abbiamo deciso di promuovere questo progetto prima negli Stati Uniti ed in Canada, prima che possiamo attuarlo in tutto il mondo. Abbiamo anche considerato il fatto che il dollaro è la valuta mondiale, con oltre il 65% della quantità totale di denaro in circolazione e che questa moneta a corso legale/forzoso è la colpevole principale della maggior parte delle frodi finanziarie nel sistema.

Prima di poter stabilire la nuova moneta “Astrale”, il dollaro deve essere abolito come moneta mondiale a corso forzoso senza alcun fondamento. Questo sta accadendo ora durante il collasso finanziario imminente che è un dramma mondiale con molti atti paralleli e simultanei. Abbiamo contribuito in modo significativo a questo crollo, portando chiarezza sulle vere cause di questo evento di fondamentale importanza nello scenario di ascensione. In un certo senso, possiamo affermare che abbiamo scritto la trama di questo dramma – nel mio caso a partire dal 1997 – e poi abbiamo lasciato che la cabala e i loro bankster mettessero in atto il copione che abbiamo scritto per loro affinchè cacciassero se stessi dal potere nel tempo della fine.

Questo è essenzialmente lo scopo di questo nuovo progetto – come resettare il vecchio sistema finanziario e l’economia in modo illuminato in considerazione di tutti i principi spirituali e organizzativi che nascono dalla nuova teoria della Legge Universale.

Sto condividendo questo con voi ora in modo che abbiate un quadro più completo e prepariate i vostri argomenti di conseguenza quando ascenderete o quando dovrete sostenere questa nuova moneta Astrale mentre ancora siete in un vascello/corpo fisico. Perché, anche se il successo di questo progetto è garantito e già una realtà, quando ascenderemo, non dovremmo ignorare la possibilità che molto presto il denaro nelle vecchie valute può cominciare a fluire in questo progetto quando il sistema finanziario inizierà visibilmente a crollare. I vecchi investitori delusi con nuove anime transliminali come walk-in possono benissimo decidere di venire da noi e permetterci di nobilitare il loro proprio denaro privo di valore attraverso la nostra reazione alchemica e trasformarlo in astrali basati sull’oro. Tutto questo sarà di carattere altamente simbolico, in quanto non ci saranno plusvalenze nel nuovo sistema monetario come spiegherò di seguito. Ma cos’è l’attuale sistema monetario Orione? Esso funziona esclusivamente con falsi simboli. I nostri, invece, saranno veri.

Infine lasciatemi dire che l’oro alchemico puro, privo di isotopi, è anche il modo migliore per raggiungere la longevità. E’ stato già utilizzato da civiltà passate, per questo abbiamo il gold standard di oggi. E’ il simbolo dell’immortalità e dell’ascensione. L’oro alchemico puro avrà un ruolo enorme nella futura guarigione dei corpi umani nei nuovi mondi 4D, in modo che le persone possano vivere 200-300 anni o anche di più. Abbondanza e longevità (buona salute) vanno sempre di pari passo. Quando il gold standard alchemico verrà abbandonato, rimarrà un simbolo della longevità umana e dello sforzo interiore dell’anima incarnata di trascendere questa realtà materiale, ascendere e tornare alla Sorgente.

Ulteriori Principi Organizzativi ed Etici della CEI e l’uso della Nuova Moneta “Astrale”

La cooperativa di emissione e gli investimenti, CEI, sarà la nuova forma organizzativa umana della nuova moneta Astrale. Seguirà anche alcuni evidenti principi spirituali e gnostici molto semplici, che riflettono l’essenza dell’energia:

1) Non ci sarà riserva frazionaria bancaria ed è per questo che non usiamo la parola banca, ma CEI.

2) Emissione di nuove Astrali. Per esempio, quando un grande progetto per la realizzazione di nuove tecnologie sta per iniziare, ci sarà un piano finanziario che delinea tutti gli investimenti, come ad esempio l’acquisto di merci, forza lavoro umano, ecc. Poi la somma di denaro verrà immediatamente creata dalla CEI per questo progetto. Questo non è un prestito, poiché nella nuova valuta astrale non ci saranno prestiti, ma solo il denaro in circolazione, che riflette esattamente la quantità di lavoro di creazione svolto dall’umanità.

3) Lo stesso vale per qualsiasi reddito personale. Chiunque accetta l’astrale, riceverà automaticamente un reddito in astrali che sarà facilmente calcolato come reddito medio per una vita decente nella nuova società illuminata.

4) In questo modo la nuova moneta Astrale impedirà il verificarsi di inflazione, che oggigiorno è la fonte di ogni male in finanza. Ci sarà sempre una correlazione ideale uno a uno (un equilibrio dinamico) tra il denaro creato e in circolazione da un lato e le esigenze delle persone e dei beni dell’economia reale sul lato opposto.

5) La valuta Astrale preclude automaticamente l’esistenza della proprietà privata e l’accumulo di ricchezza materiale. Per esempio, quando una nuova giovane coppia vuole acquistare una casa come avere figli, che saranno un sommo bene nella società, allora la quantità necessaria di denaro per l’acquisto di una casa verrà generato automaticamente. In seguito questo non sarà necessario in quanto ci saranno abbastanza case in cui vivere.

6) Il reddito universale sarà garantito per tutti coloro che accettano l’Astrale. Non ci saranno risparmi e accumulo di ricchezza. Se qualcuno è frugale e risparmia dal suo reddito universale, può spendere il resto per i servizi comunali per conto di altre persone o fare una donazione per altri lavori di creazione nel collettivo. Ecco perché uso la parola “cooperativa” invece di banca.

Qui ci sono alcune ulteriori regole organizzative su come la nuova CEI verrà fondato e gestito:

7) Noi, i nuovi maestri ascesi, stabiliremo la prima CEI centrale, secondo le nostre regole spirituali. Sarà l’entità principale per l’introduzione di tutte le nuove tecnologie 4D e 5D.

8) Ma in sostanza, ogni comunità può stabilire una CEI locale, a condizione che rispettino le nostre regole e sia stato concesso un permesso da noi. Siccome avremo il monopolio del gold standard alchemico, a nessuno sarà permesso emettere la moneta Astrale senza la nostra approvazione.

9) La società del futuro sarà organizzata intorno alle comunità locali, poiché lo stato nazionale con tutte le sue istituzioni repressive sarà abolito per sempre e noi, i Maestri Ascesi e rappresentanti della nuova gerarchia spirituale sulle nuove terre 4D saremo la forza trainante dietro la sua abolizione con la nuova moneta Astrale. In primo luogo, ciò significherebbe che non ci saranno tasse, non IRS (Internal Revenue Service, USA), nessun controllo finanziario, ecc, ma anche nessun esercito e altre attività criminali come il narco-traffico che ora sono sponsorizzate dallo Stato per conto della cabala dominante. Questo è un aspetto sociale molto importante della nuova moneta, che è più di un semplice ripristino del vecchio sistema finanziario fallito. Esso trasformerà l’intera società umana.

Le comunità saranno organizzate secondo il principio del 12, 12×12 diventa la più piccola unità di 144 membri, dove 12 è il numero ideale per una grande famiglia di tre generazioni, che inizierà a vivere di nuovo insieme come era il caso prima dell’inizio del 20° secolo, vale a dire quando la cabala Orione distrusse la famiglia tradizionale con la loro emancipazione canaglia delle donne. E’ importante che i bambini siano curati e istruiti dai loro nonni, dato che i giovani genitori saranno ancora inesperti della vita. I genitori si prenderanno cura dei loro nipoti quando sono più maturi. La società attuale con il suo sistema economico Orione di sfruttamento ha diviso la famiglia e la dinamica fondamentale del nucleo familiare deve essere re-impostato.

Questo è un argomento enorme di come la nuova società sarà organizzata in modo pratico, ma ha molto a che fare con la nuova moneta Astrale. 12x12x12 = 1.728 membri che diventa una comunità più grande, una sorta di villaggio del giorno d’oggi. Tale comunità può applicare e acquisire il diritto di costituire una CEI locale per le sue necessità. Sarà diretta come una cooperativa e tutte le decisioni per i nuovi investimenti e l’emissione di nuovi conti astrali saranno presi democraticamente secondo la migliore intenzione, per il bene di questa comunità e con il dovuto rispetto per le altre comunità limitrofe che saranno anch’esse basate su principi spirituali.

10) Tutte queste entità (come CEI locali) saranno obbligate alla trasparenza totale su Internet o una nuova rete simile in modo che tutti possano verificare l’esattezza e l’affidabilità di queste organizzazioni di emissione e di investimento. Prima di essere fondate, avranno bisogno di uno speciale certificato astrale emesso da noi e saranno obbligati a seguire il principio spirituale della trasparenza totale, come indicato nelle linee guida date loro da noi come maestri ascesi.

11) Il certificato può essere immediatamente ritirato da noi se una CEI vìola le nuove regole spirituali. Dobbiamo fare i conti, all’inizio con la natura fraudolenta degli esseri umani e ci saranno un bel pò di pecore nere. Infatti sapremo in anticipo se ci sono tali potenziali truffatori quando si fonda una CEI. Ma possiamo comunque dare loro un certificato per aprirla in quanto è ancora un pianeta del libero arbitrio. Poichè avremo conoscenza immediata di tutto ciò che sta accadendo in tutto il mondo, saremo in grado di intervenire tempestivamente in caso di frode e di chiudere una CEI locale. Le persone coinvolte dovranno utilizzare una CEI vicina e dopo essersi liberate dei colpevoli potranno applicarla di nuovo.

12) La cosa più importante è quella di insegnare alla gente che non vale la pena provare la frode poiché si arriva più lontano con l’onestà.

13) Tutte le decisioni di revocare un certificato CEI saranno immediatamente pubblicate su un registro a livello mondiale affinché tutte la genta lo legga, compresa una descrizione precisa del tipo di frode. Il tutto sarà basato sulla piena trasparenza e un intervento immediato.

14) Nessuno che ha commesso frode sarà punito, ma escluso solo per un pò dal sistema Astrale finché lui/lei impara a comportarsi onestamente. Sono sicuro che questo sarà un gioco molto facile per noi. E questo tipo di giustizia immacolata verrà capito e onorato da tutti poichè non si farà del male a nessuno, ma solo si esporrà efficacemente molto di più qualsiasi ingiustizia o menzogna. Questo è il karma immediato in azione.

15) E’ molto importante che tali CEI siano stabilite simultaneamente in tutto il mondo, in quanto questo è il modo più semplice ed efficace per eliminare lo stato nazionale come la fonte di tutti i mali – dalle frodi finanziarie e politiche, alle guerre e genocidi. Quindi le ramificazioni reali della nuova moneta Astrale saranno molto più grandi e variegate di una semplice riforma del sistema finanziario ed economico. Sarà il trampolino di lancio per la nuova umanità illuminata. Da qui l’importanza della sua elaborazione teorica ora, in modo che essa può essere implementata in un colpo solo quando viene raggiunto il punto critico nel tempo. E può anche essere a marzo, ma sicuramente non molto più tardi, dal modo in cui gli eventi stanno cominciando a svilupparsi nel mese di febbraio.

Ora stiamo creando la realtà, che sperimenteremo quando la vecchia matrice muore e, che poi scende visibilmente su questo pianeta madre superiore. La nuova realtà sarà prima solo per le anime più illuminate, ma si intercetterà con quella vecchia discendente per un pò come per servire da ponte per i molti indecisi sulla recinzione per venire da noi. Questo è come la vedo io ora. Questa energetica coesistenza sarà di breve durata, ma sarà la fase più critica in tutto il processo di trasformazione dove decisioni rapide e ottimali sono obbligatorie per limitare gli aspetti negativi del crollo della vecchia matrice Orione.

Dobbiamo quindi avere le idee cristalline di come il nuovo sistema monetario principalmente opererà al fine di stabilirlo su scala globale quando lo spostamento ID finale verrà. Se non lo facciamo, non c’è nessun altro che lo può fare. Dobbiamo cominciare a pensare in grande, che significa includere tutta l’umanità e non lasciare nessuno sotto la pioggia. Poi sta a loro decidere se vogliono “ballare sotto la pioggia” o utilizzare il nostro ombrello. Ma non nel vecchio modo in cui le banche offrono un ombrello nelle giornate di sole e lo portano via quando inizia a piovere. Dovremmo farlo meglio.

Come ho già detto, la nostra CEI sarà una grande cooperativa centrale, in quanto sarà responsabile dell’introduzione di tutte le nuove tecnologie su scala globale. La potenza e l’accettazione della nuova moneta Astrale si troveranno nel riconoscimento generale della gente che è un sistema monetario di pagamento e transazioni appena per il periodo transitorio finché tutto il denaro è eliminato e che è, tra le molte altre cose, un potente veicolo per la promozione di nuove tecnologie avanzate in grado di migliorare immediatamente la vita delle persone in tutto il mondo.

Inoltre, il fatto che ogni comunità avrà il diritto divino di emettere astrali, se sono conformi ai principi spirituali ideali, come auspicato da noi attraverso la CEI centrale, la natura effettiva di questa valuta essendo radicata nei regni superiori, convinceranno la gente che questo è l’unico sistema monetario che è giusto e non solo a beneficio di tutta l’umanità, finché dimora nei nuovi mondi 4D, ma che incorpora anche il processo di ascensione in modo concreto.

Ho letto in un famoso libro di testo di economia scritto da un premio Nobel (non che questi mi interessino molto) anni fa, qual è la domanda chiave in economia: “Che cos’è il denaro? Perché il denaro esiste? “- la risposta è stata:” Il denaro esiste solo perché è accettato dalla gente”. Come possiamo vedere, già la vecchia teoria economica implica che non abbiamo bisogno di alcuna moneta particolare per organizzare la nostra economia e la vita sociale. Fino a quando una particolare forma digitale dei pagamenti e delle transazioni è universalmente accettata come un sistema di misurazione delle attività umane della creazione, essa soddisferà i bisogni dell’umanità e funzionerà in modo perfetto come immagine speculare dell’energia = Tutto-Ciòche-È. Nella consapevolezza di questa funzione, la nuova moneta Astrale sarà universalmente accettata da tutta la nuova umanità. Perché sarà una garante per la vera democrazia e il più grande ostacolo per una nuova schiavitù dell’umanità che la cabala dominante cercherà di installare con un ripristino fasullo del loro sistema Ponzi collassante, prima che essi siano estromessi dal potere quest’anno dalla nostra apparizione come maestri ascesi.

La nuova moneta Astrale avrà tutto il potere spirituale, perché è radicata in cielo, perché è parte del processo di ascensione dell’umanità, da cui il nome, e perché sarà il veicolo per l’introduzione delle nuove tecnologie, che trasformeranno l’umanità in una specie transgalattica.

L’oro non posssiede tali beni-garanzia. Ma possiamo usare l’oro come intercettazione al mondo materiale per un pò mentre prendiamo le distanze dalle vecchie valute a corso forzoso che si sbricioleranno molto presto. Da qui l’urgenza del nostro progetto.

Coloro che possiedono oro fisico, possono scambiarlo con Astrali, se lo desiderano dato che sicuramente non lo scambiano con i dollari, quando perdono il loro valore nella prossima iperinflazione, quando un’oncia varrà almeno 20.000 dollari o più queste persone cosa vorrebbero poi fare con questi soldi di carta igienica? Sarà lo stesso che durante l’inflazione in Germania negli anni ’20 e in Jugoslavia negli anni ’80, che ho sperimentato personalmente. Nessuno usava la carta moneta in questi paesi, quando l’iperinflazione li ha colpiti. Queste monete semplicemente svaniranno dalla circolazione e il nuovo astrale rapidamente le sostituirà.

Nel breve periodo di transizione, tutte le transazioni, ad esempio nei negozi, ecc. possono essere fatte in Astrali e altre valute locali prima che siano abolite utilizzando gli stessi dispositivi elettronici. In Europa, due anni prima che l’euro fosse introdotto, abbiamo ricevuto le nostre fatture con entrambe le valute, in euro e in Germania in marchi. Mentre la nostra moneta sarà ancorata ad entrambi oro fisico e oro alchemico puro e non sarà oggetto di svalutazione, il dollaro e tutte le altre valute nazionali saranno enormemente svalutate in direzione dell’oro e dell’Astrale. Questo sarà scomposto nei prezzi dei beni e di tutte le altre fatture. Quindi ci saranno alcune persone che continueranno con le vecchie valute, prima di decidere di venire da noi e accettare l’astrale in questo periodo di transizione.
Questo è grosso modo l’essenziale del nostro nuovo progetto della moneta che sarà il più potente strumento del PAT come maestri ascesi per trasformare questa società. Questo spiega l’urgenza di questo progetto in modo da essere preparati quando il crollo finanziario e lo spostamento ID arrivano. Questo sarà il tempo della nostra ascensione e l’immediata attuazione della nuova moneta Astrale. Affinché questo avvenga dobbiamo sviluppare questo concetto ora. Prima viene l’idea e solo dopo la sua materializzazione come una realtà esterna.

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TiAmAt: sharing-Archive-EstrellaEnana-Vídeo 62 Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda –

Origen: TiAmAt: sharing-Archive-EstrellaEnana-Vídeo 62 Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda –

Thursday, August 17, 2017

sharing-Archive-EstrellaEnana-Vídeo 62 Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda –

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Vídeo 62

Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda – vídeo 62, 14 de septiembre del 2011.

Amigos, este es un mensaje breve para poneros al día de los acontecimientos actuales.

 Parece que la Comunidad Galáctica va a tomar medidas para controlar a la estrella enana.
 Tres naves espaciales grandes de los Krulians, que tienen tractores gravitatorios poderosos, están a los lados y detrás del sistema de la estrella enana.
 Parece que están preparandose para llevar a cabo una intervención mayor con el objetivo de controlar a la estrella enana y a sus planetas.
 Hay dos posibilidades; la primera sería para cambiar su ruta de manera que se evitaran los daños irreversibles; la segunda sería para desviar completamente a la estrella enana de forma que no pase por el sistema solar.
 De acuerdo con un estudio realizado por los Krulians al que tuvimos acceso, vuestro Sol causará una gran destrucción en el planeta durante este período del 2011-2012 y el paso de la estrella enana podría causar más desastres de los que podría soportar el planeta para que se pueda renovar.
 Además, vuestra sociedad está al borde de un colapso mayor.
 Esto generará un gran malestar social y problemas en la producción y distribución de alimentos, lo cual dará lugar a disturbios, robos y violencia generalizada en las grandes ciudades que no tendrán agua, energía, o policías.
 Tendréis que sufrir muchos problemas producidos por la actividad volcánica, los tsunamis y los movimientos tectónicos cuando se caliente el núcleo y el magma del planeta por culpa de la radiación ocasionada por las grandes erupciones solares que se van a combinar con el debilitamiento del campo geomagnético del planeta.
 Si todo esto se sumara al paso de la estrella enana, puede que no sobreviva una cantidad mínima para que la colonia prospere con una sociedad nueva.
 Debéis mantener las preparaciones que tengáis, cuando todos los sistemas comiencen a fallar
tendréis poco tiempo para refugiaros, y desde ahora los sistemas comenzarán a fallar en cascada.
 Vuestros gobiernos y vuestras élites están bien preparados para todo este escenario.
 Con respecto al cometa “Elenin”, está en su ruta y los principales problemas que puede causar serán el aumento de la actividad solar cuando se alinee este mes y la lluvia de meteoritos prevista para finales de octubre y los meses de noviembre y diciembre, que es cuando la Tierra pasará por el rastro del cometa.
 Es posible que la nave espacial de los Krulians, que lo acompaña, desactive su campo de invisibilidad.
Hemos escuchado algunos planes de estudio de la Comunidad Galáctica para intervenir directamente en el planeta e implementar un plan para estabilizar la colonia a medio y largo plazo.
 Después de que el planeta pase al nivel “uno” de frecuencia, se le instruiría a la sociedad a poner en práctica medidas que gradualmente estabilizarán a las poblaciones y los seres azules se encargarían directamente de filtrar las reencarnaciones.
 A mi personalmente, como soy un científico de la conducta, me gusta este tipo de solución, ya que aunque se tardará más sería mucho menos traumático para las poblaciones presentes y futuras.
 No sabemos que es lo que va a hacer la Comunidad pero sinceramente espero que haga algo.
 Una vez que el planeta llegue al nivel “uno” de frecuencia, podremos tener contacto directo con vosotros, podremos reunirnos con grupos como este con el que el capitán Bill ha estado en contacto en este último año de nuestro trabajo mutuo, y podremos establecer objetivos para implementar nuevas tecnologías y nuevas conductas para renovar y limpiar el planeta.
 Ayudaremos directamente a trasladar a las población que estén en zonas peligrosas.
 No habrá más amenazas de los gobiernos elitistas tratando de controlar la economía y abusar la buena fe de razas y culturas que ahora están en una situación de desventaja.
 No dejéis que os engañen con las “banderas falsas” como con una “guerra contra los extraterrestres”, la cuarta y quinta dimensiones, la Junta de Extraterrestres de cualquier tipo o galaxia, puesto que como ya le dije al capitán Bill no existen y no tienen nada que ver con la realidad de la tercera dimensión en la que todos vivimos en nuestro universo.
 Vosotros entraréis en una realidad dimensional nueva después de los 10 niveles de frecuencia de la tercera dimensión, por lo tanto todavía viviréis durante cientos de miles de años con la materia que conocemos.
 Debéis tener un comportamiento práctico y objetivo, esta habladuría de otras dimensiones que se interaccionan con la nuestra es pura ficción, no conduce a ningún resultado práctico y crea una realidad totalmente degradada que tenemos que confrontar para poder desarrollarnos.
 No quiero dar esperanzas falsas; ya estáis preparados para lo peor, pero esperemos que pase lo mejor para todo el mundo.

Mythi dijo que tienen un plan, pero no dijo que lo hayan ejecutado.
 Lo único que los Krulians hicieron hasta ahora fue enlentecer el sistema, todavía están esperando las órdenes finales.
 Puede que no ejecuten su plan.
 Para los que no lo saben, los Krulians tienen las mayores naves espaciales en la Comunidad Galáctica.
 Sus astronaves pueden simular túneles gravitatorios tan poderosos como el que mantiene a Júpiter en su órbita solar.
 Las tecnologías son mucho más avanzadas que nuestros conocimientos científicos actuales.
 De acuerdo con los cálculos de los científicos de la Comunidad Galáctica, la reacción exagerada de nuestro sol junto con el debilitamiento del campo geomagnético de la Tierra al acercarse al ecuador de la galaxia, provocará una reacción en cadena que en a corto plazo eliminará el 90 por ciento de la población mundial.
 Si la estrella enana pasara por el sistema solar en el contexto actual, generaría tsunamis de más de 800 metros de altura y podría lanzar a la Luna fuera de su órbita, sin lugar a duda.
 Esto eliminaría sumariamente al resto de la población, lo cual imposibilitaría que esta colonia sobreviviera en el planeta.
 Mythi explicó más o menos que harían para prevenir este resultado y yo sólo le proporcione un diagrama para ilustrarlo.
 Ellos detendrán el sistema, lo sacarán de su ruta orbital actual, recuperarán el tiempo perdido de su recorrido total, lo pondrán de nuevo en órbita y lo acelerarán a su velocidad original.
 Esta intervención permitiría mantener el sistema en su estado de equilibrio natural sin que causará la extinción total de la vida en el planeta Tierra.
 Tal vez ellos no deberían ayudar a esta colonia considerando cual fue la reacción de muchos intelectuales (seguidores de YouTube) cuando se enteraron de esta posibilidad.
 No sé si controlarán a la estrella enana, Mythi espera que sí y si esta es la situación, yo también. ¿Y tú?

CB (el capitán Bill) completó este mes un año de trabajo para compartir con vosotros la información de nuestras conversaciones informales, le felicito por su paciencia y persistencia.
 Espero que esto haya servido para que algunos os deis cuenta de la realidad de los hechos, y para prepararos para pronto tener un contacto directo con nosotros.
 Tened cuidado y nos veremos en unos días para mantener la información al día.

* * *

* * *
 * * *
Video 62

Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video sixty two – September 14, 2011.

Friends, this is a short message to put you abreast of current events.

 It seems that the Community Galactica are intending to perform some action regarding the Dwarf Star.
 Three large spacecraft with strong effect of gravitational tractor Krulians were positioned on the sides and behind the Dwarf Star system.
 It seems they are preparing for a major operation involving the dwarf star and its planets.
 There are two possibilities; the first may be one adjustment path, to avoid irreversible damage, the second may be the full deviation of Dwarf Star to bypass the solar system.
 According to one study conducted by Krulians, which we had access to, your sun will cause havoc on the planet during this period 2011-2012 and the passage of the dwarf Star may cause more
disasters than necessary for the renewal of the planet. 
In addition, your current social model is heading for one major collapse.
 This will generate great social unrest and problems in the production and distribution of food, leading to rioting, looting and widespread violence in big cities, with no water, no energy and no policing.
 You must go through many problems of volcanic activity, tsunamis and tectonic movement during the heating process of the nucleus and the magma of the planet by large solar flare radiation coupled with the weakening of the geomagnetic field of the planet.
 If all this is coupled with the passage of the Dwarf Star it can leave little or no colony to develop the new society.
 Keep prepared as you were, when all systems begin to fail you will have little time to take shelter, and from now on, the systems begin to fail in a cascading effect.
 Your governments and your elites are well prepared for this whole scenario.
 About Comet “Elenin” it is on the route and the major problems it may cause will be the increase of solar activity during the alignment of this month, and the meteor shower scheduled for late October and throughout the months of November and December, during the passage of the Earth at its trail.
 The spacecraft Krulians that accompanies it can turn off the invisibility field.
 We heard of some study plans developed by the Community Galactica for direct intervention on the planet and the implementation of one stabilization scheme of the colony in the medium and long term.
 After the passage of planet to a level of civilization “one” of frequency, society would be directed to implement measures for the gradual stabilization of the planet’s inhabitants and filtering would be performed for control of reincarnations, directly by the Blue Beings.
 I personally, as a behavioral scientist, I like this type of solution because it will take longer but much less traumatic for the present and future populations.
 We do not know what will be the action will be taken but I sincerely hope it happens.
 From the time of passage of the planet to the level “one” of frequency, we can have direct contact with you, we can meet with groups like this that the CB has been in contact in the latter year of work together, and set goals for implementation of new technologies and new bases of conduct for the renovation and cleaning up the planet.
 The relocation of populations in risk areas will be assisted directly by us, and be no more threats of elitist governments trying to run the economy and abuse of the good faith of races and cultures currently disadvantaged. Do not be fooled by false flags as “alien war,” the fourth and fifth dimensions, Aliens Council’s of any type or galaxy, since I already told CB that it does not exist and has nothing to do with the reality of the third dimension in which we all we live in our universe.
 Your entry to a new dimensional reality is after 10 levels of frequency of the third dimension thus still live with the matter as we know it by hundreds of thousands of years.
 Be practical and objective, this talk about other dimensions interacting here is pure fiction, does not lead to any practical results and creates a totally debased reality we must face so we can develop.
 I do not want to give false hope; you are already prepared for the worst, but let’s hope for the best for everyone.

Mythi said they have a plan but he did not say they’ve performed.
 The only thing that Krulians did was slow down the system so far, they are waiting final orders.
 It may be that their plan will not be executed anyway. For those who do not know, Krulians has the largest spaceships known by the Community Galactica.
 Their ships can simulate gravitational tunnels as powerful as what keeps Jupiter in its solar orbit.
 Technologies are far beyond our current scientific understanding.
 According to the calculations of scientists from the Community Galactica, the overreaction of our sun coupled with the weakening of the Earth’s geomagnetic field near the equator of the galaxy, will cause a chain reaction that will eliminate in a short-term 90 percent of world population. If the dwarf star through the solar system in the current context will generate tsunamis with more than 800 meters high and can pull our moon out of orbit, definitely.
 This summarily will eliminate the rest of the population, precluding this colony on the planet.
 Mythi explained roughly as they would bypass this and I only provided a diagram to illustrate.
 They will stop the system, remove it from the current orbital route, make up the time of its total course, put him back in orbit again and accelerate its original speed.
 This process would keep the system in its natural balance without causing the total extinction of life on planet Earth.
 Maybe they should not bother much with this colony, after the reaction of many intellectuals (YouTube regulars) demonstrated after receiving the news of this
possibility. I do not know if they will or will not traverse the Dwarf Star, Mythi hopes so and if this is the case, me too.
 Don’t you?
 CB this month completed a year of work passing the information on our informal talks to you, I congratulate him for the patience and persistence. I hope this has served to wake some of you for the reality of the facts, preparing you for direct contact with us soon. Take care and I’ll see you in a few days to keep the information up to date.

* * *
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TiAmAt: sharing3- A+_US Absurdistan- Heavenly Symbols _The Last Throes of the Financial Ponzi-Scheme of the Banksters Cabal

Origen: TiAmAt: sharing3- A+_US Absurdistan- Heavenly Symbols _The Last Throes of the Financial Ponzi-Scheme of the Banksters Cabal

Sunday, February 28, 2016

sharing3- A+_US Absurdistan- Heavenly Symbols _The Last Throes of the Financial Ponzi-Scheme of the Banksters Cabal

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The Last Throes of the Financial Ponzi-Scheme of the Banksters Cabal » Stankov’s Universal Law Press
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The Last Throes of the Financial Ponzi-Scheme of the Banksters Cabal

by Georgi Stankov Posted on February 25, 2016

Georgi Stankov, February 25, 2016


Since times immemorial the Orion monetary system has been based on interest rates and capital and investment gains. This also includes gains on personal savings. The entire pension and health care system, including all sovereign bonds of the national state depend on interest rates and capital gains.

In other words, modern society is entirely founded on interest rates.

This has always been the insidious game of the “money changers” who Jesus chased away from the temple, understand the new earth.

And now all of a sudden humanity and the western type of Orion economy has entered a new unprecedented era of negative interest rates (NIRP).

The NIRP is the first decisive step towards the abolition of cash, the ultimate goal of which is the total financial enslavement of humanity under the NWO.

This scenario is as old as this planet and has been executed many times by the Orion /Reptilian empire on numerous planets which they deliberately destroyed in the old galaxy.

This is what they also plan for this uppermost mother planet but this time they will only dig their own grave.

We, the new ascended masters from the PAT, will prevent this scenario by chasing the money changers away from our new temple of Gaia 5 and the new 4D worlds in the Golden Galaxy.

This will happen with the introduction of the new “Astral” currency which I shall present to you and humanity on March the 1st, in due time for the final demise of the ruling cabal and their banksters minions in the course of this spring.

The End Time scenario has undoubtedly entered its final act. The dark ruling cabal was forced to make their final moves on the global chessboard.

The ultimate decision was done in January at the Davos meeting about which I wrote in advance that it would be the most crucial and last such meeting of the dark cabal.

Several days later, the BOJ introduced negative interest rates following the example of the ECB and some other European central banks.

In an orchestrated action the manipulated western MSM began immediately after that to propagate the cashless society thus declaring the ultimate war on the possession of personal money and its substitution with the “Mark of the Beast“.

This all should be known to the PAT as we have discussed the End Time agenda of the dark ruling cabal many times in the past from various angles. The most astounding aspect is though how quickly these last steps were undertaken by these desperate ones since the beginning of this year. Below is a short chronology of the major events that highlight the last desolate efforts of the cabal to turn around the wheel and save their skin. This retrospection should give you a clear idea as to how rapidly the events are now unfolding towards their final resolution, which will most probably happen end of March and April, but definitely before the beginning of this summer.

At the annual World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, Switzerland in January this year the global power elite gathered to discuss the “big issues” of the day. Some of the most important world leaders attended. As did the CEOs of the largest companies, leaders in the mainstream media and top academics. Central bankers attended, too, along with a wide assortment of celebrities. Three types of meetings happen in Davos, according to the BBC:

Public meetings, which anyone can attend.

Closed meetings, which you can only attend by invitation.

Secret meetings, which are unannounced. The public doesn’t know the agenda or who attends. (Until this agenda is being implemented as this happened very quickly this year.)

The biggest and most important deals take shape in these secret meetings. And this year, there was one secret meeting with a huge historical significance. The world leaders decided to dramatically escalate the War on Cash, by beginning to impose negative interest rates.

Negative interest rates mean the lender pays the borrower for the privilege of lending him money. As I said above it is a bizarre, upside-down concept of the original financial Ponzi scheme of the Orion “money changers”. Negative rates could not exist in a free market. They can only exist in a NWO dominated by a tiny elite where the people are reduced to financial and physical slaves of this elite.

Think of it as “punishment interest”. That is a common term in Germany for negative interest rates. This is an appropriate description of what is happening now. The people are punished for possessing money as savings or cash. In fact this punishment is ongoing for a long time since the central banks introduced their zero interest rate policy after the 2008 crisis because the actual annual inflation rate in the west is two-digit, although the rigged national statistics claim in a rogue manner that we are in a deflationary period since then.

Punishing savers is exactly what central bankers—who are really central economic planners in the classical communist tradition —intend to do before they can enslave the people. Officially though they pretend that stinging savers with negative interest rates will encourage them to spend more now. It is effectively a tax on saving money after the central banks created the Greatest Depression of all time with their infinite QE, which is unlimited debt by printing money out of thin air.

The cabal want the people to spend all the money in the End Time even if they have to increase their already gargantuan private debt as is the case with the Canadians here:

50% Of Canadians Say They Are Within $200/Month Of Being Unable To Pay Their Bills

As the entire western economy is based on debt bubbles, this is a further and final escalation of this lethal game until all bubbles burst leading to the total expropriation of the masses and their subsequent easy enslavement. As I said, this is the plan of the dark cabal to prevent ascension in the End Time and it has already failed. But they will try to implement this plan no matter what and will thus trigger their own demise this year.

Negative interest rates have already scared the people and they have stopped spending which was supposed to be the goal of NIRP. Instead there is a flight to cash as is the case in many European countries and in particular in Switzerland.

Until now producing more than you consume and saving the difference has always been the basis of prosperity. Prudent saving and thriftiness are supposed to be good things. This is the bible of Orion capitalism since time immemorial although it has been exposed as a fraud by such thinkers as Marx and Engels who became the founders of the first partially successful attempt to introduce the NWO in half of the world for half a century.

And as we all know, this experiment failed badly. Just as the current attempt of the western cabal to install their version of the NWO will fail as this financial and economic model is rigorously rejected by the former communist powers Russia and China that want to forget their terrible past.

The introduction of negative interest rates is the first most radical step to cashless centralised society of slaves based on scarcity as in the former communist system (That is why the central banksters have no intention to fight the Greatest Depression of all time but to deepen it with their reckless financial policy). However, currently this step has created the opposite effect. The people who want to avoid punishment interest have begun to withdraw their money from the banks and stash the cash under their mattresses. The sales of safes in Europe have skyrocketed in the last days and it is impossible to find any in some countries. Hence the central role of the mattresses in the new cashless society as was the case under communism.

The next logical step of the central banksters in pushing the world closer to a cashless society is to cut off the main escape route of the people from punishment interest. They have began to phase out larger denominations of currency notes, which makes large cash transactions impractical. Some are outright prohibiting cash transactions over a certain amount. France recently made cash transactions over €1,000 illegal, down from the previous limit of €3,000. State economists even advocate declaring all dollar bills with a serial number ending in “9” invalid. These are just some of their methods. They all make it inconvenient or illegal to use cash. This forces people to use electronic payment methods more and more, which, of course, is what the U.S. government wants. It is exactly as Ron Paul said: “The cashless society is the IRS’s dream: total knowledge of, and control over, the finances of every single American.”

After Davos, the war on cash went into overdrive. For weeks Haruhiko Kuroda, the head of BOJ, repeatedly denied plans to adopt negative interest rates. Then Kuroda attended at the January 20–23 summit in Davos. A few days later, on January 29, he decided to impose negative interest rates in Japan for the first time ever. Something must have changed his mind. The global cabal secretly decided in Davos to up the ante on the war on cash worldwide and ordered their Japanese stooge to introduce negative interest rates for the zombie banks in this country that is in a chronic recession for more than three decades.

Immediately after the meeting, there was a flurry of related activities. Here are some of the most noteworthy steps the dark ruling cabal made since then:

January 20: Deutsche Bank CEO John Cryan predicted cash won’t exist in 10 years.

January 22: Norway’s biggest bank, DNB, called for the country to stop using cash.

January 31: The editorial board of Bloomberg published an article titled “Bring On the Cashless Future.” It called for the elimination of physical cash.

February 4: The Financial Times ran an op-ed titled “The Benefits of Scrapping Cash.” It advocated the elimination of physical money.

February 8: Peter Sands, president emeritus of Harvard, issued a paper titled Making it Harder for the Bad Guys: The Case for Eliminating High Denomination Notes. It advocates removing large bills from circulation to help fight the various made-up wars…the war on crime, the war on drugs, the war on terror…

February 15: Mario Draghi, head of the European Central Bank (ECB), announced that he has essentially decided to phase out the €500 note. These notes represent around 30% of the physical euro notes in circulation (approx. 400 – 600 billion euro). With the use of physical cash curtailed, J.P. Morgan estimates the ECB could ultimately bring interest rates as low as negative 4.5%.

February 16: Larry Summers, a Harvard professor and former Treasury secretary, wrote an article in The Washington Post titled “It’s time to kill the $100 bill.” Summers became the latest high-profile “economist” to call for the abolition of cash. Removing the $100 bill from circulation would eliminate the value of 78% of all U.S. currency in circulation.

February 16: Hasbro, maker of the Monopoly board game, announced that, starting in the fall, the famous game will no longer feature cash. The company is replacing in-game cash with special bank cards players scan on handheld “banking units” to make purchases. The NWO is greeting you!

February 22: The editorial board of The New York Times published an article titled “Getting Rid of Big Currency Notes Could Help Fight Crime.” It called for getting rid of high denomination notes.

The writing is on the wall. The war on cash is accelerating and it is setting the table for negative interest rates in the U.S., the last western country with still zero interest rates. Janet Yellen, the chair of the Federal Reserve, recently said in a congress hearing: “Potentially anything—including negative interest rates—would be on the table.”

The war on cash and negative interest rates are obvious signs of desperation of the dark ruling cabal who have lost control over the economy and are drifting like a shipwrecked flotsam and jetsam through the oceans (bubbles) of financial carnage.

The final blow will come on March 1st, when I will publish our project on the new “Astral” currency which will substitute the current fiat toilet paper money when the ultimate financial crash will come and the shutdown of all banks will paralyse the western economies.

While the cabal hope to use this cataclysmic event to install the NWO, we, the incumbent Logos Gods of Gaia 5 and Guardians of the Golden Galaxy, will appear as ascended masters in our full glory and will oust these hapless dark entities for ever from this ascending planet. We shall introduce for the first time in the history of this civilisation the true spiritual hierarchy of the Source and will lay down the foundation for a new just social and economic order based entirely on spiritual principles. These events will be experienced at first as a total shock by the agnostic masses that still dream the current Orion illusion as the AA Gabriel’s message, which I published yesterday, announces.

We have entered the most auspicious time in the history of this planet and you should keep in mind that you are the creators of this End Time scenario. Now and always. I have been consciously working on this scenario since two decades and this has been unequivocally documented on this website. Nothing comes from nowhere. Everything we experience is the product of our thoughts and ideas. And the clearer the ideas, the more powerful their effect will be. This is essentially the objective of this website. This latest discussion on the hidden agenda of the cabal to introduce NIRP and eliminate cash in order to install the NWO is a very important clarification as to why humanity needs urgently the introduction of the new “Astral” currency in order to prevent this negative outcome. The goal of the NWO is to impede the ascension of this uppermost mother planet and a large part of humanity consisting of new transliminal souls as walk-ins.

As this will not happen, our ascension is imminent but its point in time is unpredictable due to the rapidly expanding dynamics of the incoming big events. Therefore stay vigilant, “for you know quite well that the day of the Lord’s return (our ascension) will come unexpectedly, like a thief in the night.” (1 Thessalonians 5:2).

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▶ Billy Meier – Concentration Meditation Sleep 2/3 – YouTubeSharing:

The Phoenix Rises From the Ashes
by Georgi Stankov Posted on February 28, 2016

Heavenly Symbols Announce the Coming Ascension and Transfiguration


This picture was shot in Iceland: Hallgrimur P. Helgason/Caters

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The Surge in Gold and Silver Mine Stocks Is a Precursor for the Success of the new “Astral” Currency Based on Alchemical Gold » Stankov’s Universal Law Press *
The Surge in Gold and Silver Mine Stocks Is a Precursor for the Success of the new “Astral” Currency Based on Alchemical Gold

by Georgi Stankov Posted on February 28, 2016

Brad Barber and Georgi Stankov, January 28, 2016


Dear Brad,

I just wanted to write an email to you when my computer finally crashed. It was in convulsions before the move began. Now I use Carla’s computer and have to purchase a new one tomorrow or the day after. I am now checking for reasonable offers. Thank you very much for your support.

The more I watch the financial charade, the more I come to the conclusion that we need not wait for the equity markets to crash as they are surreal. The collapse will most probably happen globally and will be triggered by the banksters cabal when they decide that they cannot keep this illusion any more and believe that with this desperate act they may reset the system to their gusto. However, it will be a global and uncontrollable implosion. What is your guess on this issue?

We feel that we ascend now every minute and that our life is like a dream. After the move we could establish a functional order but there is still a lot of chaos to deal with. However we are now too tired to resolve it. But the energies in the new house are much more refined and their intensity is peaking constantly. We are confident that this is now the final stage and, as linear time is meaningless, we simply wait patiently what will happen next.

I tried to prepare the PAT for the “Astral” currency project which I will publish on March 1st. Judging by the reactions of the Internet trolls that are much more active than the PAT members these days, they are really scared and fear our project like the devil the frankincense.

I hope you are well.

With love and light



Dear George,

Glad you are moved and I hope you find an adequate computer that’s troll proof. HA!

Everything you say is spot on and what Jerry had to say was perfect.

Surreal is the perfect word. The markets are now in their 39th effort in the past 700 days or so to do the same old thing. The split between paper and reality since November 2012 is beyond surreal but the state of humanity that is engaging it is the real story here obviously. None of the numbers add up and yet here we are. Jerry Springer said it best about his own disgusting television show many years back, “You shouldn’t be concerned that my show exists. You should be concerned that people watch it.” You would think actual professionals exist in all of these professions but they’re all just salesmen and it’s always a good time to do something that earns them a fee.

Intuitively, everyone is designed to know that a state of energetic perfection exists, but we choose to believe that we’ll deal with it later when it’s a more convenient time. I’ll get happy later syndrome. Watching the dark energy get everyone to fight over something not credible is just too much now. Watching it seething out of every word spoken and to be able to see it so clearly is no longer enjoyable as the lack of response in the general populace is overwhelming. Even the closest around me see that everything I talk about is coming true, yet they still respond as if it all is something to deal with later. Everything here is so infected that it’s beyond description.

The current scenario is exactly as you say and it appears that what musician Frank Zappa said years ago covered it the best:

“The illusion of freedom will continue as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will just take down the scenery, they will pull back the curtains, they will move the tables and chairs out of the way and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.”

The other evening, my young son hit me very hard on the head and next thing I know everyone was yelling at me. My good friend gave his girlfriend $100 to bail her out and then she got angry at him for asking for it back as she promised. My dad went to an advertised Itzhak Perlman concert and it was a Jewish money-raising event in disguise. Cost him $240 bucks to listen to the man talk instead of play his violin. Every car I know of has an oil leak because they were designed to break. We are under attack and then being attacked for being under attack. It’s why the drone strikes double tap and kill the first responders. Society is too scared to look into the mirror and see this. They are all too proud to admit that they’ve been duped and are going down with the ship no matter what now.

The one area that is interesting to watch is the flow of money and consciousness despite the interventions in propping the general markets on an hourly basis. The day we recrucified Jesus in January was the exact moment the flow of funds finally went to the silver miners. Take a look at some charts like GPL (Great Panther Silver Ltd) and AXU (Alexco Ressource Corp.) and even silver streamer SLW (Silver Wheaton). AXU almost was up 200% in five weeks the other day. Most of the decent gold miners started rallying back in August but really took off at Pale Rider time.

This is all hugely relevant to the Astral currency project as this is where the mind operates in healing these systems until you cross the multidimensional bridge. MUX (McEwen Mining Inc.) is the perfect project that South America can access to create its own currency and it’s up 200% since August. FNV (Franco-Nevada Corp) is perfect for Canada and the US and is breaking out to an all time high. AEM (Agnico Eagle Mines Ltd) the same. These are also the concepts that can pay yield as the world heads into negative interest rates.

Before I found my way to your work, I was healing the system in my mind this way for each continent to slowly abandon the dollar and use the mines basically the same as you would a utility or power generating concept. The assets behind Universal Law and the Astral currency obviously blow this all away, but I know the thought patterns all the money is going through right now.

Watching this flow is everything and it’s all headed our way. All the flow is moving through the metals as it should now, but the fraud is all out in defending silver. It is the final battle of Christ Consciousness and the money changers. Gold is wreaking havoc in the latest surge and the miners joined in, but silver barely budged and the fraud now lined up epic short positions again as is always the case. March is a delivery month in silver and the stocks in silver are now finally joining gold in declining rapidly. Anyone with a brain is starting to figure out that they might want to get out of the casino before the teller window closes. It is funny how safes are disappearing worldwide. (This is a possible time for the ID shift and our ascension as it may lead to a global financial collapse, note, George)


I look for silver to do some serious damage here in March or very soon. When it joins in, all is in full coherency. The bond markets are obviously all broken, but you have a humanity being held hostage and don’t know what else to do yet. The markets are all already collapsed in any relevance to actual facts so we have not been wrong in any manner. The article you posted about the accounting of the US is perfect and what you find in anything you research honestly. It’s all designed to break and it’s all lose-lose scenarios. Humanity will pile on board anything designed to be win-win as soon their fellow man tells them it’s ok. The flow will be like nothing ever seen on this planet. It feels great to be a part of something great and most of humanity is just part of the table scraps of shit that they are served and are too proud to admit it sucks.

I pray this moves quickly. My heart seems to be on the edge of failure every two or three days. I’ve had a headache with this hyperactive pituitary for about seven straight years. The back pain and pressure is out of control. This list is endless and to be aware of the full scope of this place and to be in this state is just plain surreal. I was told I’d see a miracle, but it kind of sucks that I have to have a miracle or I’m toast. Pretty entertaining though.

It can’t be like this for this long but yet here it is and here I am.

With love and light,


Dear Brad,

thank you so much for your, as usually, brilliant comments on the latest developments in the financial markets and in particular in the precious metal markets which herald the collapse of the Ponzi scheme. I consider all these surges in gold and silver mines stocks amidst the worst commodities slump in modern history as the most important precursors of the new Astral currency that will be an incredible success. You have summed up the current situation before the ultimate financial crash ingeniously:

“Humanity will pile on board anything designed to be win-win as soon their fellow man tells them it’s ok. The flow will be like nothing ever seen on this planet. It feels great to be a part of something great and most of humanity is just part of the table scraps of shit that they are served and are too proud to admit it sucks.”

The real and psychological success of the new Astral currency is a fait accomplis in the higher realms and will soon manifest on this rapidly ascending uppermost mother planet. The higher dimensions are now merging with this reality with an incredible speed as some PAT members experience these days and report (to be published later on).

We are back with full force and if the cc-wave and my excruciating headache stops this afternoon and I can think properly again, I will go and buy a new and more powerful computer today (otherwise tomorrow at the latest), thanks to the incredible generosity of the PAT, so that I am well equipped for the most auspicious and exciting time, not only in our lives, but also in the history of mankind. I can’t use Carla’s computer all the time as she also needs it and the old one Carla gave me and which I used all the time was really very old and did not function very well. We must now measure very closely and diligently the erratic pulse of global change and respond quickly. This demands constant screening of the ongoing events on the Internet and a more powerful computer will be of great advantage. This is our duty now as custodians of this humanity and Gaia 5. Until we finally transfigure, and I use deliberately this word, as we are now ascending constantly and rapidly.

With love and light

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TiAmAt: Vídeo 61-Archive- Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube

Origen: TiAmAt: Vídeo 61-Archive- Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Vídeo 61-Archive- Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube

 *   *   *



* * *
Vídeo 61

Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda – vídeo 61, 11 de septiembre del 2011.

-Lo siento por el retraso pero esta vez estuvimos muy ocupados fuera de la galaxia.

Mythi eres bienvenido.

 Algunos amigos preguntan, muchas centrales nucleares que generan electricidad todavía están en funcionamiento, había una fecha límite para que las cerraran en septiembre, ¿ha cambiado algo?

-Sí, debido a varios desastres naturales que han ocurrido y a la gran reducción de la cola del cometa Elenin, la Comunidad Galáctica extendió el plazo hasta a finales de octubre.
 Algunas plantas han tenido problemas y los Pléyades les han ayudado para neutralizar su núcleo.
Estas luces filmadas sobre Fukushima son debidas a las sondas que están apagando los reactores.
 Vuestros medios de comunicación no publicarán nada, porque no podrían explicar una tecnología extraterrestre que oficialmente no existe.

¿Que le está sucediendo al cometa Elenin? ¿Se ha roto en dos? ¿Si viene, cuales son las fechas?

-Elenin se está desacelerando un poco al tener que vencer la fuerza magnética del sol para poder escaparse de su influencia.
 Mira, la intención de los Krulians no era destruir el cometa, sino “limpiar” su cola y rastro, quitar todos los asteroides y los meteoritos más grandes, dejando menos residuos y gases para disminuir los efectos de su paso por el sistema.
 Su núcleo se rompió en dos partes, una más pequeña y otra más grande, que están pegadas como dos imanes debido a que la fuerza gravitatoria electro-magnética es muy fuerte en un núcleo masivo y denso como ese.
 Como ya dije, se alineará con la tierra y el sol el 24, 25 y 26 de septiembre y pasará cerca de la Tierra el 17 de octubre.
 Después la Tierra pasará por su rastro y sufrirá el bombardeo de meteoritos durante todo el mes de noviembre.
 Como la mayoría son rocas más pequeñas, la atmósfera protegerá a la superficie pero destruirán a la mayoría de los miles de objetos artificiales que están en órbita.
 Habrá una interacción entre la actividad tectónica y la volcánica, que se incrementará desde finales de septiembre y en los meses de octubre, noviembre y diciembre, y también actividad solar será muy activa. Lo reconoceréis en el cielo como la Kachina Azul.
Muchos dicen que Elenin es en realidad una nave espacial, algo enviado o dirigido hacia nosotros para comunicar este acontecimiento o para traernos conocimientos, ¿es esto cierto?

-No, no es una nave espacial, es sólo un cometa.
 La nave espacial que habéis detectado es la de los Krulians que esta siguiendo al cometa muy cerca y es posible que participe con su tecnología, al igual a los otros que participan con su ayuda a esta colonia. Todo se hará en su momento oportuno.

Mythi, muchos astrónomos y astrofísicos dicen que no existe una estrella enana o una Kachina roja, dicen que las órbitas de los planetas no han cambiado lo suficientemente para confirmar que exista. ¿Tu que dices?

-Bueno, yo no soy un astrofísico pero sé que ya ha habido cambios en las órbitas elípticas y luego tendréis que cambiar todas las referencias anteriores que tenéis en vuestras bases de datos y programas.
 En poco más de un mes tendréis muchas noticias extrañas, si os las dan.
 Vuestros astrónomos aficionados notarán estos cambios sin ninguna dificultad.
 Se ha inclinado el eje de rotación de saturno, todos los planetas y sus lunas ya están sufriendo cambios orbitales.
 Estos cambios serán más evidentes en octubre, proporcionalmente a cuan cerca esté la estrella enana.
 Cuando llegue a principios de noviembre, a una distancia que será suficiente para romper la inercia de las normas actuales, todas las órbitas se realinearán y todo será diferente.
 Durante el primer trimestre del 2012, el sistema solar gradualmente obtendrá un nuevo equilibrio gravitatorio, después de que la estrella enana abandona el sistema y regrese al espacio exterior.
 Muchas cosas extrañas sucederán en los últimos meses del año, muchos de los efectos de la radiación cósmica causarán efectos visuales en la atmósfera, y es posible que la Luna muestre su “lado oscuro” unas cuantas veces porque la estrella enana atraerá al núcleo de la Luna que no esta en el centro.
 Esta estrella enana es un pequeño sol apagado, tiene aproximadamente 180.000 km de diámetro, 3, 4 veces la masa de Júpiter, tiene seis planetoides que lo orbitan, y decenas de asteroides pequeños.
 Forma un sistema binario de estrellas con vuestro Sol.
 Vuestros astrónomos saben exactamente cómo y de qué se trata.
 Espero que ya os estéis dando cuenta.
 Sin lugar a duda, esta será una experiencia emocionante para los astrónomos y los astrofísicos.

Mythi, algunos amigos, matemáticos e ingenieros preguntan, ¿cuál es el número entero base primario que utilizáis para hacer cálculos? La base diez no parece ser la opción más lógica para hacer cálculos universales. ¿Son vuestras matemáticas sencillas o requieren un mayor entendimiento de la influencia de las variables involucradas?

-Amigos, las matemáticas y la trigonometría son una constante en la vida de la tercera dimensión.
 Todo se basa en las formas primordiales.
 En cuanto a los cálculos, cuando se usan las ondas cerebrales para obtener un resultado, estas ondas “crean” la solución al problema sin tener que hacer los cálculos numéricos, estos son procesos de tipo metafísico.
 Las soluciones “cuánticas” pueden viajar en la dirección opuesta, es decir, al resultado que se “pretendía” y desde ahí se pueden encontrar las variables que te permiten conseguir ese
resultado deseado.
 Todos los cálculos de flujo son subliminales, como una simulación analógica.
 Cuando este proceso cuantifica una conclusión, se puede transformar en unidades de medición o en señales digitales de cualquier tipo de medida, sólo se trata de adaptarse al ambiente en el que esta solución se llevará a cabo y los materiales disponibles para proyectos específicos.

Mythi, algunos amigos preguntan acerca de la operación de rescate.

-Amigos, podéis estar seguro que se permitirán y ejecutarán las operaciones de rescate y apoyo para las personas después de que ocurran los acontecimientos.
 El contacto con otras civilizaciones es inevitable y es necesario para implementar una sociedad nueva del nivel uno; será un mundo muy bueno en el que vivir.
 No os dejéis engañar por la información de los ataques de extraterrestres, simplemente no estaríais vivos si esto fuera cierto, tener fe y confianza en el creador de todo esto porque el nos hace compartir este universo con el propósito de obtener armonía y aumentar el nivel de consciencia de todos los seres.

Siempre existirán problemas porque la tercera dimensión es el sitio para desarrollar la consciencia social desde cero.
 Todos los humanoides que alcanzan el nivel “uno” de frecuencia están obligados a luchar por el bienestar de todas las colonias inferiores, a pesar de que algunas todavía tratan de morderte en vez de hablar.
 Algún día os convertiréis en buenos hermanos.

Amigos, sé que vais a ser una raza muy especial porque os admiran varias razas que han observado vuestra lucha para sobrevivir en estos últimos miles de años.
 Estos espíritus forjados están más preparados y son más capaces de hacer frente a situaciones que la gran mayoría de las razas no han superado en su desarrollo.
 Todo el sufrimiento que causaron los espíritus inferiores que gobernaron la colonia desde su inicio, ha producido una raza para que el universo que tal vez sepa más que otras como esforzarse para alcanzar la felicidad y la armonía.
 Estoy muy orgulloso de vosotros y de colaborar con esta contribución pequeña, por lo menos tengo unos amigos con los que estaré más conectado a partir de ahora, porque esta es una raza que puede sembrar armonía y las ideas filosóficas para ayudar que un gran número de nuevas colonias en todo el universo logren obtener el equilibrio sin tener que sufrir los errores conocidos cometidos aquí.
 Todos los padres quieren que sus hijos sufran menos de lo que ellos sufrieron, pero los niños tienen voluntad libre y en general tropiezan para aprender a pesar de los consejos de los padres.
 Seréis mentores excelentes y socios notables cuando hayáis vivido unos cuantos años con vuestros nuevos amigos humanoides.
 Serán “tiempos nuevos” buenos para el planeta Tierra.
 * * *
* * *

Symbyosis: sharing2.1 – UFOs – OVNIs – Science- Corey Goode Intel Update Part 1 – : 15 Minutes & Counting… – November 14, 2009 – YouTube

Origen: Symbyosis: sharing2.1 – UFOs – OVNIs – Science- Corey Goode Intel Update Part 1 – Bashar PART 1: 15 Minutes & Counting… – November 14, 2009 – YouTube

martes, 16 de agosto de 2016

sharing2.1 – UFOs – OVNIs – Science- Corey Goode Intel Update Part 1 – Bashar PART 1: 15 Minutes & Counting… – November 14, 2009 – YouTube

 *         *         *


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 Bashar PART 1: 15 Minutes & Counting… – November 14, 2009 – YouTube


* * *

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2 Massive Pyramid Like Structures Found Off The Coast Of New York City. (Strange News) – YouTube
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Bags, Bottles, Ropes and Toothbrushes: The Struggle Tracking Ocean Plastic 
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Solar-powered 3-D printer prints glass from sand – StumbleUpon

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 SpaceX Falcon 9 Development Supercut – StumbleUpon

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TiAmAt: sharing60-_Archive- Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda – vídeo 60, 1 de septiembre del 2011. ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube

Origen: TiAmAt: sharing60-_Archive- Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda – vídeo 60, 1 de septiembre del 2011.-60 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube

Thursday, August 3, 2017

sharing60-_Archive- Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda – vídeo 60, 1 de septiembre del 2011.-60 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube



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Vídeo 60

Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda – vídeo 60, 1 de septiembre del 2011.


Mythi, algunos amigos preguntan, en tres ocasiones cuando se alinearon Elenin, la Tierra y otros planetas de nuestro sistema solar, incluyendo el Sol, se produjeron grandes terremotos. ¿Fue Elenin parcialmente responsable?

-Amigos, la responsable no fue Elenin sino la estrella enana que le sigue en la misma ruta.
 La estrella enana es un pequeño sistema solar muy masivo, y su onda de choque gravitatoria se siente mucho antes; viene en esta dirección para interaccionarse directamente con el Sol.
 Hay un túnel de gravedad que conecta a la estrella enana y a vuestro sistema solar en todo el trayecto de su larga órbita.
 La influencia gravitatoria de este túnel es inversamente proporcional a la distancia entre ellos.
 Elenin posee un efecto gravitatorio proporcional a su tamaño, pero no es lo suficientemente grande para causar este tipo de efecto.
 Elenin estaba actuando como una punta de lanza, cuya fuerza se debe al peso de la varilla que le sigue.

Mythi, se ha hablado mucho de la destrucción del cometa Elenin, ¿fue destruido? Ellos dijeron que la explosión de energía provenía de la dirección de Júpiter.

-Amigos, Júpiter estaba más de 5 UA (unidades astronómicas) de distancia y al otro lado del sol en ese momento, no tiene ningún sentido.
 Puede ser que Júpiter estuviera dentro del campo de la imagen bidimensional de la sonda, pero se encontraba en otro cuadrante orbital.
 La nave espacial de los Krulians se situó detrás del cometa en su misma linea orbital y disparó.
 Al cometa Elenin lo destruyó la explosión de energía de los Krulians.
 Elenin perdió el 90 por ciento de su cola y todo el material que se había acumulado en el cinturón de asteroides.
 Se eliminaron miles de toneladas de escombros y un gran volumen de gases nocivos y el núcleo del cometa se rompió en dos pedazos.
 Esto disminuyó mucho la fuerza gravitatoria del sistema y evitó que la Tierra sufriera un bombardeo grave de asteroides grandes.
 Por la explosión su órbita ha cambiado algo, aumentando su velocidad y pasará un poco más cerca de la Tierra, pero no ocasionará ningún problema grande.
 Es posible que los pedazos más pequeños se reagrupen, al ser atraídos por el campo de energía del cometa, y que destruyan satélites que tenéis en órbita.
 Se ha grabado cuando ocurrieron los acontecimientos.
 Naves espaciales de la Comunidad Galáctica están cuidadosamente vigilando los acontecimientos.
 Varias astronaves de los reptiles también están observando los acontecimientos en su ruta entre vuestra atmósfera superior y Marte.
 Las transmisiones entre los Krulians a cargo de la misión y el mando de la base antártica cambiaron hace unos días en una frecuencia abierta (pública) para alertar a todo el mundo y que evitaran esta zona.

Mythi, ¿sabes si esto es parte de una comunicación entre las naves espaciales Krulians? Los radio-telescopios grabaron estos sonidos como procedentes de Elenin.

-No entiendo lo que están diciendo, pero teniendo en cuenta el tono de la voz, parece una transmisión
automática de los Krulians, advirtiendo del peligro en esta zona de operaciones.
 Como ya he mencionado, las
comunicaciones eran públicas para que todos se marcharan de las áreas en las que la chatarra o pedazos
podrían ser lanzados a gran velocidad después de los disparos.

¿Que le pasa en realidad a la estrella enana?

-La estrella enana se está acercando al Sol, aproximadamente con una diferencia de 38 días.
 Una gran nave
espacial de los Krulians se ha vuelto a colocar detrás de la estrella enana, deben estar haciendo observaciones
científicas para la Comunidad Galáctica.
 Vuestras sondas deberían empezar a ver a la estrella en el próximo
mes, si vuestro gobierno permitiera que las imágenes sean públicas.
 Los planetas de la estrella enana serán los primeros que sean visibles a simple vista.
 Después de que la estrella enana pase mas allá del Sol a finales de octubre, se verá el sistema solar en su totalidad, se alineará entre la Tierra y el Sol a finales de noviembre y pasará cerca de la Tierra en diciembre.
 Los acontecimientos ocurrirán en los tiempos mencionados siempre y cuando los parámetros de velocidad y la fuerza de la gravedad se mantengan constantes.

Mythi, ¿algunos miembros preguntan que es en realidad el CID?

-El certificado intergaláctico de descontaminación es una autorización que la dá un equipo de investigadores en el que ratifiquen que se han erradicado completamente varios tipos de enfermedades “extraterrestres” que son contagiosas; en este caso, vosotros sois los extraterrestres.
 También analiza y cuantifica cuantas relaciones amistosas tiene vuestra sociedad.
 No hay nada que no podáis tratar y erradicar por lo que este certificado será emitido sin problemas después de que vuestra sociedad nueva se estabilice.
 Existe para proteger a todos, y significa que una colonia ha “pasado oficialmente” a un nivel de relaciones intergalácticas.
 Todas las sociedades que se relacionan con otras en la Comunidad Galáctica tienen un certificado de este tipo.
 Los equipos y tripulaciones que visitan colonias sin certificados, toman las precauciones adecuadas para descontaminarse.
 Pero cuando existen relaciones abiertas con otra raza, se necesita tener un nivel uno y tener un certificado de la correspondiente Comunidad Galáctica.

Se han visto naves espaciales y muchos fenómenos diferentes en distintas partes del mundo, ¿está sucediendo algo especial?

-Como ya he mencionado anteriormente, en estos momentos aquí hay mucho tráfico.
 Muchos equipos de turismo científico, varias sociedades humanoides están estudiando las reacciones del planeta a estos cambios en la frecuencia y el estado de equilibrio; mucho se está transmitiendo en tiempo real a varios sistemas solares de varias galaxias.
 Algunas de las actividades científicas incluyen estudios del comportamiento de la sociedad humanoide, los efectos geofísicos, geomagnéticos, los productos químicos, el período resultante de la estabilización del planeta, y finalizando las colecciones de flora y fauna.
 Aparte de estas actividades, tenemos flotas de servicio de nuestra investigación geofísica permanente, los Pleyadianos se encargan de la seguridad, los Arcturians de la biósfera marina, los Krulians controlan la órbita del sistema planetario solar, etc… Y no nos olvidemos de los reptiles que le proveen servicios específicos a vuestro gobierno.

-A los que no se crean que a vuestro planeta le van a afectar estos acontecimientos naturales, mi consejo es que no digáis nada. 
Hablar con otras personas sin previo aviso cuando comiencen a ver a la estrella enana.
 Cuando los medios de comunicación comiencen a especular, la NASA lo negará, tendréis por lo menos una semana para llevar a cabo vuestros planes antes de que vuestros gobiernos comiencen las medidas de contención en las zonas urbanas.
 Seguid trabajando pero observar siempre los acontecimientos.
 A partir de ahí sabréis los suficiente para tomar las iniciativas posibles para abandonar las ciudades grandes y las zonas costeras, y buscar refugio en tierras más altas.
 No tardaréis mucho en investigar lo que necesitarán vuestras familias.
 Podéis negaros a creer todo esto, pero un hombre prevenido vale por dos.
 Si nada pasara, imaginaros que todos los refugios construidos por el gobierno son para ahorrar espacio en la superficie, no es nada más que un desarrollo urbano.
 No puedo ser más claro y directo de lo que yo estoy siendo ahora.
 Acordaros que cuando no existe una cura, tratamos de evitar que nos pongamos enfermos.

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TiAmAt: sharing3 – K+_Archive_Archangel Gabriel – Disclosure Announcement – Symptoms of Differences in Vibration – Your Collective Self Sings the Song of Life

Origen: TiAmAt: sharing3 – K+_Archive_Archangel Gabriel – Disclosure Announcement – Symptoms of Differences in Vibration – Your Collective Self Sings the Song of Life

Thursday, February 25, 2016

sharing3 – K+_Archive_Archangel Gabriel – Disclosure Announcement – Symptoms of Differences in Vibration – Your Collective Self Sings the Song of Life

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Archangel Gabriel – Disclosure Announcement 
I must admit that I do not know this channeller and have no opinion on her medial clarity. But this message struck me as truthful as it describes the incoming revelations exactly as I perceive them. The main reason why I decided to publish it is that AA Gabriel announces that in March and April we shall reach a peak in revelations which will be caused, according to this source, by the collapse of the financial and economic system and will reveal the true heinous character of the entire Orion matrix. Outrage and exasperation will be the emotional response of the masses to their long-lived existential lie which is this illusory reality. We all know that and expect the big change to happen more or less in a similar way.

But the key information is that we are independently receiving from our HS that we should expect a major breakthrough after March 24 and that is why we were put under such massive pressure to move so quickly and inadvertently in February. I have not experienced this kind of urgency from the HR that arranged our move in a perfect and fluent manner since I discovered the Universal Law in the early 90s. Obviously the HR are preparing us for this big event and want us in the proper energetic place in due time. The old condo where we used to live is now visibly descending to a lower timeline and is beginning to disintegrate. This is the ID split that is happening these days throughout the entire society and reality on this uppermost mother planet and will manifest very soon. To this I shall write more in March.



I come as the Archangel who makes announcements and delivers news. I come to announce that you are approaching a turn of Events that will be acute as a result of a truth being exposed in the media that will shake the world to its core. It will not be DISCLOSURE as the lightworkers hoped it would happen, but something of a critical nature. (Most probably our ascension and appearance immediately after the collapse of the financial system and the subsequent infarct of the economy in the West. Note, George)

The magnitude and consequences of the revelations will be so enormous it will make people feel sick as if they had been punched in the belly. This has already been announced as a peak in disclosure to take place in March to April 2016. 
   However, this peak will not be in the sense of a crest as if disclosure could not go any further, but in the sense that a climax of conditions, that has been in preparation, will hit its highest point, with the result that this disclosure, accompanied by sensationalism, will take place.
 It will cause alarm and outrage.
 Attention will be drawn to the enormity of the conspiracy that has been going on and will cause the world to awaken.
 At the same time this event will be like a blast that will kick-start the world into a proper phase of disclosure. It will be fireworks.

Behind the scene of the mainstream media, on the internet, there is a movement and atmosphere of agitation with predictions in relation to the collapse of the dollar, the economy and financial system.
 There is a war in the media with cross fires of information and disinformation.
 Analysts and academics, as well as representatives of governments and large organizations, are called to the rescue for an opinion on the perception of Reality of those agencies which do not carry out a duty of information any more but seem to disseminate propaganda in the service of the dark forces because they cause divisions, confusion, and fuel the blame game of false flag attacks. 

A force is still attempting to trick the nations to unleash an apocalyptic World War III but is deluded.
 When you hear a politician whose views are based on common sense it is a relief – when the rest of the world seems to have gone insane with the same old deception and outdated stories which cover-up the machinations of the secret agenda of control.
But I have only tried to present to you a picture of the underlying situation. It is brewing to a boiling point, to a point of outburst that will bring about the Event that I am announcing.

 I have not mentioned a name to reveal who, at the top of the pyramid of great deceit, is going to be stripped of his credibility. 

I have sent a mental image of who it is to the emissary of this message.

This is going to bring great turmoil in the political affairs but will be followed by a great renewal in relation to that mechanism in which those who preside over the people, in a certain nation in particular, are being replaced.
 ( A real replacement of the ruling cabal can only occur when we appear as ascended masters and establish the true spiritual hierarchy on this planet. There is no other viable option to this scenario. Note, George)

This turn of events will be deserved by those who have betrayed the trust of a Nation that was to be an example of democracy with a Constitution inspired by Saint Germain, and so dear to his heart.
 The time has arrived when there can no longer be any secret machinations and conspiracies of wars for economic gain and wealth that ends in the pockets of a few.
They are those that are being removed.
 The decree has been passed that they must be rounded up, or else the Earth Herself will not ascend.
 They turned against the people whom they were supposed to lead and serve.
 They made slaves of the them in every way, and impoverished them, depriving them of their homes, and poisoned them with chemical trails while diverting monies for the secret escape they planned to the Stars, of their Alternative projects, which they found could not be realised because of the blockade that the Blue Avians and their Sphere Alliance have enforced around Earth and the Solar System. 
(Read this statement with great caution. Note, George) 
 This is a large, but yet incomplete, picture of the scenario of reality that is a prelude to the grand and terrible blow about to happen. 
A Damocles Sword has been hanging over the head of these fallen ones, particularly since last year, 2015, as the year of enlightenment is upon you.
 Heaven has decreed ‘Enough is enough’. 
 Now is the beginning of that Phase of Enlightenment that starts with a shaking up of the world.
 I am blowing my trumpet to announce to the world it is time to step upon that Path of the resurrection of civilization, of healing those wounds of an atrocious past, and of liberation from a deception that caused beautiful angels to be inhibited by the shackles of their own creation. 
They could only be delivered from this captivity by spiritual tools, such as those provided by Archangel Michael’s and Mighty Astrea’s circles and swords of Blue Flame.
Mankind must be freed from its misconceptions, its mind-set, and place its feet upon the path of enlightenment to recreate a civilization that will be represented in the Galactic Federation of Light. 
A new Gaia and golden age will then be recreated.
 We are all working together in unison, in a sacred relationship, to achieve this goal. 
Be vigilant as the astral forces of darkness, though in disarray, present a greater danger at this time, just as does a wounded beast.
   They are still attempting to attack the light in the light workers.
 It is best to ask for a reinforcement of your protection.
Avoid getting extremely overworked and tired, or spending long periods of time using your intellectual capacities in front of computers, as it can result with a lowering of your vibration.
 You may know what I mean because if you then enter into meditation, prayer, or spiritual practice, in the love and peace of your Divine Self, or in communication with the Masters and Archangels, you will notice the difference.
 You should feel uplifted, as if you have literally been pulled up by balloons, upon the ladder of the dimensional consciousness. 
Do not be concerned about the process of receiving information if a subject is disturbing as information is Light and you can process any knowledge into light.
 With Archangel Michael and other great beings of Light at your side, there is no fear, and you are being protected. 
I am now parting to attend to my duties to further bring Heaven, as the Divine Will, upon Earth, instructing, teaching bringing more Light to the hearts of the people to lift the world, and I send you love on the wings of the words of my announcement.
 Archangel Gabriel.

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Symptoms of Differences in Vibration 

In this message Brian, the Dragon discusses in a lucid manner all the symptoms we experience these days of rapid ascension and movement through the dimensions and timelines. They emerge as vibrational discrepancies – as constructive and destructive interferences – at infinite energetic and dimensional levels and affect our daily life in a most erratic manner for which present-day science and common sense have no explanation. Most of these symptoms have been recurrently discussed by the PAT in our energy reports. Here they are neatly summed up one more time for you as a validation that all “weird” experiences we currently make are logical consequences of our rapid ascension, transfiguration and movement through timelines. By the way, we are coping well with our move, notwithstanding the massive waves around the Full Moon portal on February 22 that led to total exhaustion, and will be back in March when we expect the big changes to begin.



This is the Dragon,

Have you ever felt there was a small period of time where you were just out of sync with everything? Phone calls you make go unanswered a ridiculous number of times for a short time. People contacting you seem to be unable to reach you. Perhaps they say they called you, but you have no call in your logs. You may try many other types of communication, and nothing. For maybe three or four days, you just feel completely cut off from everything. When you do reach people in this timeframe, they create delays. You try and try, but your ability to interact with everything is limited. Perhaps you are able to go out and buy some dinner, however for the important things you’re dealing with, there just seems to be no reciprocity, no traction, you can’t manifest well. You reach out, and you get silence in return. Everything you’re working on that depends on others grinds to a halt. You spin your wheels.

Then a few days later everything is moving again and everything is fine other than things being a few days behind where you wanted them to be. You look at this and think, “hmm, if it were one or two things, that’d be normal, but this was Everything I was working on”. Clearly, to the discerning individual, something strange just happened. But you dust yourself off, move on, and start to forget it even occurred. Until the next time so many months later, year later, or whenever.

Maybe we can help you understand this. A short description is that you got vibrationally out-of-sync with everyone else. In a sense, you partially petered out of the World, so your impact (both ability to receive and send) was diminished, so your manifestation ability for things that include others took a hit.

Vibration is dynamic. Everything within all-that-is has a constantly shifting vibration. Vibration is actually a range of vibrational frequencies one resonates at. When we talk about vibrational frequencies of spirit energy, it is not vibration of radio waves or even atoms, since it is the vibration of a quantum non-deterministic energy for the most part. We’ve covered that in the past, along with the collapse from non-deterministic states to deterministic states and we’re not going to cover it again for this channeling since we’re moving on to more the application of vibration. There’s also plenty of additional reading on it within books by your casual scientists who try to explain things to the masses in an understandable way. Your scientists understand the underlying theory very well. They just haven’t yet figured out how it applies to everything you see around us. When we’re talking about spirit energy, it’s an application. You have the two pieces already of it: dimensionality and indeterminism. You just don’t understand yet how it all fits together, and you don’t see “spirit energy” yet scientifically. Better put, you’ve had slight glimpses into it in science, but haven’t yet identified it as anything special.

Yes, radio waves and atoms are a small part of it, a very small part, however it is much much more. Nevertheless, when you know how radio waves interact, it gives some insight into how spirit energy interact. It’s not all that different. The main difference in being that radio waves are significantly more determinant than spirit energy, so spirit energy’s interactions are a bit more complex. They are inter-dimensional. Two waves of spirit energy, you could say, carry many different seemingly paradoxical states and are not one state or another. When they interact, all states interact and this typically spawns a multiple of different new configurations, all of which are not deterministic either, meaning they can still be a bunch of different things but you know what those potentials are by seeing what they started as. Of course, all this is an illusion since every state of all-that-is, even non-deterministic states, are eternal. You’re essentially the surfer on an eternally fixed grid.

Now start considering wavelets upon wavelets of vibration, and things get even more interesting. You may end up with something like Earth. Yes, Earth is skewed towards the deterministic, however it’s significantly less deterministic and significantly more “to be determined” than anyone would imagine.

Ascension and descension are an ongoing cycle. As you evolve, you ascend back to what you were, there comes points where it’s not always smooth sailing energy-wise. You sometimes find yourselves on the cusp of one thing or another. That relates to your Earth experience because you can find yourselves on vibrational edges between one distinct bundle of vibrations that works one way, and one bundle that works a completely different way. Your Earth, has both the elements of the spirit world and the mundane. In your time right now, many of you are going through this sort of challenge. Sometimes it’s described as having “one foot on one side of a stream, and another foot on the other”. It may be even more accurate to say one foot is in the stream, and one foot is out of it.

Everyone feels it, to varying degrees based on where they are. As we said, there’s a cycle to ascension and descension. So, it’s not just a continue increase. You find yourself going in and out between higher and lower vibrational energy. It’s like a roller-coaster. There are multiple elements to this. There’s your mental aspects, all carrying vibrations and your body aspects, all carrying vibrations. There is your cellular DNA and biology. There is your merkaba and auric fields. When all these are functioning in harmony, you become the most effective. However, since they are all on different vibrations, they progress at different rates. This can create strange effects for the individual. Now, add to that your social reality of billions upon billions of people, including those close to you. There will be times you are out of sync. There will be times that situation rips you back when you were functioning at a higher vibration. Also, there will be times when you are just not able to fully connect – where it feels more like you are an observer than a participant in everything.

So, we will close with a description of some of the symptoms you may experience as part of vibrational differences and also some solutions.

1. Inability to connect to others or things. We just described this in the beginning of the channeling. It’s the “who’s out there” symptom. Things you’re working on with others just grind to a halt, in too many ways to be a coincidence. We didn’t mention that also objects may malfunction on you. Such as servers. Since they are just extensions of people. If you’re trying to get a lot done, such days may seem like the worst days you’ve ever had. Instead, on days like this, you just need to surrender, take a deep breath, and relax.

2. Pain and dis-ease. When the body gets out of sync with itself, the immune system and other systems can take a hit. This is the result. Your entire system of incarnation is smart enough to not push things so far that you become completely unable to ward off dis-ease, however some discomfort can persist at times. Just continue to remain as grounded as possible and do the things that you can do such as nutrition.

3. Time confusion. This is something you really will have to experience. However, time is heavily impact by vibrational levels. Its experience changes right on the very cusp of vibrational changes you are all currently experiencing. It goes from two-dimensional to multi-dimensional. Time isn’t an illusion per-se, but it is often called as such because you are experiencing a fragment of a multi-dimensional force that is nothing like it is in the multi-dimensional experience. That means that what you know as time, just totally breaks down and is replaced by something significantly different as you reach higher vibration. The result of time confusion can be all kinds of humorous things like time seeming to run backwards momentarily and other hiccups in your experience of day-to-day things. Usually this will occur at safe times, since you will be in a meditative or trance-like state. That doesn’t happen when you are being inundated with mundane things. Usually 🙂
If this becomes disruptive, then ground.

4. Extreme fatigue from simple tasks. Sometimes you will be in a heightened vibrational state for a while and not even know it. Then you may be called upon to do some responsibility, even simple things like paying a bill. Or just a phone call. It’ll feel like the most arduous task you have ever performed and the few minutes you spend on it seem to drag out. You leave the experience completely exhausted. It’s because you were sucked back to a vibration abruptly that you were not currently resonating at. Usually, this will happen when going from being alone to being exposed to other peoples’ influence.
The fatigue goes from going up and down and up and down in vibration.

The best thing to do in this situation is line up all your tasks in a row of no more than a few hours of tasks, and bang them all out, so you are more consistent in your vibrational resonance. Then set aside time to rest after that and truly rest for no less than twice the amount of time you spent doing tasks before you start to go after other tasks. Also, always eliminate unnecessary things you are involved with.

There are also possible medical causes for pain and dis-ease and extreme fatigue. So pay attention to the cause. Does it seem to come from inside your body, or from outside sources? What does your body and heart tell you? Does it say pay attention to it, or “no big deal”?

For time confusion and connection with other issues, if they are occasional then it’s just what happens when you are on the right track, celebrate it 🙂 If it becomes overly disruptive, you may have some work to do in order to maintain your balance.

With Love,
The Dragon

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▶ Billy Meier – Concentration Exercises – YouTube

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▶ Billy Meier – Concentration Meditation Sleep 2/3 – YouTube


Your Collective Self Sings the Song of Life » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

* * 
Your Collective Self Sings the Song of Life

by Georgi Stankov Posted on February 26, 2016

Suzanne Lie, February 26, 2016


This is a good message to attune to your ascension. – George

There are many gems of wisdom that have been lost to your third-dimensional memory, however, your soul has collected everything that you have ever done, thought, said and experienced and compiled it into the whole of your “Collective Self.”

Your Collective Self is vital to your personal and planetary Ascension because this component of your Multidimensional SELF is the integration of all the incarnations that you have ever had on the body of planet Earth.

Then, when you cross into the higher dimensions of reality either through meditation or through what you once called “death”, your Collective Self deposits this information into your “Soul Bank.” Your Soul Bank is just a title and has as many names as there are people. This Soul Bank then deposits all that was collected during your myriad versions of reality and integrated it into all the experiences that you have had in your myriad incarnations.

You have a section in your Soul Bank for every earthly incarnation, as well as other planetary, dimensional and even possible, parallel, alternate, simultaneous, probable and fourth-dimensional realities that you have ever experienced.

All of these experiences are constantly being integrated into the ONE of each incarnation. Then each and every incarnation with all of its possible, alternate, parallel and simultaneous realities, which are usually hidden to your third-dimensional self, are sent into your Soul Bank.

However, once your multidimensional thinking and multidimensional perceptions come online, you are able to see and understand how every individual life is actually part of a tapestry of myriad choices, actions, thoughts, emotions and inter-dimensional experiences.

Some of these inter-dimensional experiences were unconscious to you during your incarnation. But you can easily peruse these experiences from the vantage point of your Multidimensional SELF. Your Multi-dimensional SELF is the great interpreter who pulls all of your myriad, and sometimes separate, experiences into the ONE of the NOW of the fifth-dimension and beyond.

Within this ONE of the NOW there is no separation, as there is no time to create the illusion of separation. Time is a vital component of the third dimension because it creates a separation between each second, minute, hour, day, month, year, decade, possible, probable, simultaneous and alternate reality.

Time is the vital component of the third dimensional matrix of the school of Earth. Different planets have different matrices because the purpose of each planetary school has a different contribution within the NOW of the ONE.

Every Planet, Solar System and/or Universal School offers a different frequency and “song” through which the inhabitants can learn and expand their consciousness. By “song”, we mean the collection of information that is spun into a collective whole so that it can be shared with others. We also use the term song because the words, thoughts, emotions, and melodies are strung together into a cohesive whole that is enjoyable for others to visit and experience.

Yes, you often visit and experience others’ realities, which you may interpret as a great meditation, an amazing walk in the woods, or even a wonderful communication with an inner being. In fact, these “other beings” are of course higher expressions of your own self. There are many, many ways in which you can experience these inter-dimensional songs of your life.

It is at this point in Planetary Ascension in which we present the information about your “Song of Life” because we want you to enjoy your process. We want you to rejoice in your process. And, most important, we want you to share your process. We ask that you use your amazing individual consciousness because each individual experience is a contribution to planetary Ascension.

You are vital to Gaia’s Ascension because you are becoming awake and aware of your expanded self. Once you are fully aware of your own expanded, Collective Self, you will never be alone. We would like to take a moment of your “time,” to which you still resonate, to remind you of the components of your Multidimensional SELF that are speaking with your physical self.

We ask your physical self to fully connect with your own inter-dimensional line of communication and share your experiences.

Many of you have shared your experiences with others, and whether you know it or not, you are always sharing your experiences with Gaia. Do you see now how important you are and how important your current physical and individual self is to the process of planetary Ascension?

Your current self has the ability to fully connect with all of your Collective Self. Then, your Collective Self can perceive all the incarnations that you have ever experienced in order to remember everything that you have learned in all of your myriad incarnations on Planet Earth, as well as any other planet, place, dimension or realm you have ever experienced.

We tell you this information NOW because only the consciousness of your fifth-dimensional, and beyond, self can resonate to this timeless Now to be able to activate your Collective Self. You see you can only perceive this Collective Self when your consciousness resonates beyond that which you have called “your individuality.”

As you can well imagine, if all the experiences you have ever had, as well as all your myriad incarnations, were laid out in the sequential fashion of your third-dimensional consciousness, it would take an infinite “time” to perceive them.

Fortunately, more and more of you, our volunteers to Gaia, are increasingly having experiences of a fifth-dimensional frequency of consciousness, which is actually your Collective Self, who is becoming your Ascending Self.

Please remember that all of you to whom we speak are multidimensional. Therefore, you all have many expressions of SELF who reside within the fifth-dimension and beyond. Because of that fact, you have not come to Gaia for your own personal experience of Ascension.

In fact, many of you are now receiving visions and experiences of your true Multidimensional SELF, as well as us, your Galactic Family, who now surround Gaia in our myriad Starships. As you know, from looking out your window, our Starships are not visible to your third-dimensional world.

Our Ships are patiently awaiting your visits in the fifth-dimension and beyond realities of your/our Collective Self. Yes, we are all ONE within your/our Collective Self. In fact dear Gaia, and Her planet Earth, also resonate to this higher dimensional Collective Self.

This higher dimensional collective includes all life that has ever been, and has ever existed, in any timeline on Planet Earth that has been able to embrace the NOW of the ONE. This Now of the One first appeared as their as their personal Collective Self.

However, on the return to their Collective Self, who resonates to the timeless Now of the fifth-dimension and beyond, each of you experienced the NOW of the ONE of Gaia’s Planetary Collective Self who resonates just beyond the Rainbow Bridge at the highest sub-plane of the fourth-dimension.

Remember our dear ones, who are returning home to your Multidimensional Self, you have never really left your galactic collective reality to which you are returning.

Oh, the rush of Unconditional Love that you will experience as you return to your Galactic Collective Self, as well as to all the inter-dimensional friends who have been supporting you with your experiences of having the great honor of assisting dear Gaia as She returns to Her fifth-dimensional Planetary Collective Self.

Blessings, Suzille and the Arcturians

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TiAmAt: sharing3- Archive- – Knocking at Heaven’s Door – The Mystery – What Are We Smelling?

Origen: TiAmAt: sharing3- Archive- – Knocking at Heaven’s Door – The Mystery – What Are We Smelling?

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

sharing3- Archive- – Knocking at Heaven’s Door – The Mystery – What Are We Smelling?

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The Mystery of the One Bank: its Owners?

by Georgi Stankov Posted on February 16, 2016

Jeff Nielson, February 16, 2016


This article is in anticipation of the coming publication in March on the new “Astral” currency, which will substitute the entire Orion monetary Ponzi-scheme in the interim period of transition to the new 4D worlds after the impending financial collapse will have led to the shutdown of all banks in the West. – George

Roughly 2 ½ years ago ; readers were introduced to a paradigm of crime, corruption, and control which they now know as “the One Bank”. First they were presented with a definition and description of this crime syndicate.

That definition came via a massive computer model constructed by a trio of Swiss academics, and cited with favor by Forbes magazine . The computer model was based upon data involving more than 10 million “economic actors”, both individuals and corporations, and the conclusions which that model produced were nothing less than shocking.

The One Bank is “a super-entity” comprised of 144 corporate fronts, with approximately ¾ of these corporate fronts being financial intermediaries (i.e. “banks”). According to the Swiss computer model; via these 144 corporate tentacles, the One Bank controls approximately 40% of the global economy . The only thing more appalling than the massive size of this crime syndicate is its massive illegality.

Some of the strongest laws in the Western world were created precisely to prevent such corporate concentration from ever coming into existence, and thus the crime, corruption, and conspiracy which automatically accompanies it. These are our “anti-trust laws”, laws which our puppet governments have long since ceased to enforce. The evidence of this crime/corruption/conspiracy is all around us.

On a near weekly basis; the Big Banks of the West are caught-and-convicted (but never punished ), perpetrating criminal conspiracies literally thousands of times larger than any other financial crimes in human history. The U.S. government has now publicly proclaimed that its Big Banks have a license to steal.

All of these Big Banks are tentacles of the One Bank, and the list of names here (as identified by the Swiss researchers) is almost as infamous as the mega-crimes which they commit: Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Credit Suisse, and UBS – for starters. But for many readers, this is now old news.

We observe the crimes of these corporate fronts, every day of our lives. We feel the impact of their crimes (on our standard of living) every day of our lives. However, these “banks” are ultimately merely the inanimate tools of crime. What many readers are now intent upon knowing goes beyond these tools, or even the mega-crimes which they are used to commit.

What people want to know is more basic. Who are the Criminals – the real Criminals? In this respect; we are not talking about the mere bankers, themselves. From the lowliest market-manipulating thugs to the upper stratosphere of CEO’s and central bankers, these are all merely foot soldiers, the psychopathic employees of the real Criminals.

The information wanted by readers is not the names of these employees. They are all nothing more than easily replaceable parts. The information of real value can be encapsulated in one, simple question: whoowns the One Bank?

At first glance; the question appears elementary. The One Bank is a financial crime syndicate which controls 40% of the global economy – a global economy with annual GDP of roughly $70 trillion. Clearly the owners of the One Bank would have to be “the world’s richest people” (richest men?).

Here the Corporate media is only too happy to be of service to us. Once a year; we are presented with a “world’s richest list”, which is then parroted by all of the other outlets of the Big Media oligopoly, ad nauseum. Thus, we simply peruse this list for the names at the top, and we have our “owners” of the One Bank. Et voila!

Not so fast. As most regular readers are already well aware; the mainstream media oligopoly is nothing but more of the One Bank’s tentacles. Perhaps we should look a little more closely, before we simply pluck the names from the top of the list, and hail them as the One Bank’s owner-criminals?

In fact, such skepticism is well-justified. These supposed “world’s richest” lists, produced by the propaganda arm of the One Bank, are not worth the virtual paper on which they are written. Exposing the absurdity of such lists requires nothing more than accumulating some aggregate financial data, and then pulling out a calculator.

Fortunately, all of that work has already been done in a previous piece . Skipping to the bottom line; if we take the “world’s richest list” data, along with aggregate data on global wealth (all supplied by the Corporate media), we are presented with a world where total global wealth is supposedly a number in the low $10’s of trillions.

Meanwhile, if we look no further than the oceans of paper “wealth” fabricated by the financial sector (and the One Bank crime syndicate), already we approach a quantum somewhere around ½ quadrillion dollars, i.e. $500 trillion, and this completely excludes all real wealth in the world, in the form of hard assets.

The conclusion is obvious: more than 90% of the actual wealth in the world today (real and paper) is hidden from us , in terms of any data made readily available to the general public. This unimaginable hoard of wealth is certainly not being hidden by the vast majority of people at the bottom of the wealth totem-pole, therefore it can only be hidden at the top.

Equally clear; 90+% of all humanity’s wealth won’t be found by simply closer scrutiny of the supposed“world’s richest” people. If all of their fortunes were more than ten times larger than what is currently being reported, even the mathematically-challenged dolts of the mainstream media would quickly figure out that there was something amiss.

Instead, the only rational answer is that there is another, entire tier of the “world’s richest”, an echelon above all the B-List Billionaires on the official lists. The real “world’s richest” are, in fact, not billionaires at all, but rather trillionaires: the Oligarch Trillionaires who own (among other things) the One Bank.

How wealthy are these Oligarchs? Not only are these Oligarchs wealthy enough to be able to hide their names (and fortunes) from all public scrutiny, these trillionaires wield enough power to even prevent the word “trillionaire” from being recognized as an official word in our dictionaries. This absurdity was also noted in that prior commentary.

Consider this. We live in a world of banker-created, fraudulent, paper currencies, where the amount of paper instruments merely sloshing around in the world’s markets is in the thousands of trillions, yet, officially we have no word for “trillionaire”. This is like imagining a world where large numbers of (fat) sheep, cows, and pigs roamed the plains, but there was no word for “carnivore”. If you have one, you must have the other.

The Oligarch Trillionaires may be able to hide in the shadows, even in a world where every inch of the planet is regularly scanned by spy satellites, because they control (most of) the governments who own/operate these satellites. They may be able to cover up most traces of their obscene hoards of wealth, and even prevent us from learning the precise quantum of those hoards.

However, this doesn’t mean that the Oligarch Trillionaires have managed to erase all knowledge of their existence. For those looking for names which are at least probable candidates for the (real) “world’s richest” list, there is no better place to start than Charles Savoie’s historical chronology, The Silver Stealers.

In that compendium; Savoie has traced the deeds of many of these Oligarch families over the past 100+ years. He also identifies many of the (heavily overlapping) “organizations” which they have created, as vehicles for the administration/control of their Empire. For those who are skeptical that such a conspiracy-of-the-wealthy could trace back so far, we also have historical references.

In 1907, U.S. Congressman (and career prosecutor) Charles Lindbergh Sr. presented “The Bankers Manifesto of 1892” to the U.S. Congress. This grandiose declaration of the oligarchs of the 19 th century, antecedents of the Oligarch Trillionaires of today, is as prophetic as it is despicable.

In part, it reads:

When through the process of law, the common people have lost their homes they will be more tractable and easily governed through the influence of the strong arm of government applied to a central power of imperial wealth under the control of the leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders.

Look around us. The numbers of Homeless people in North America today already total in the millions, ignored by puppet governments which serve the Trillionaires, ignored by a mainstream media controlled by the Trillionaires. Meanwhile, a “central power of imperial wealth” rampages across the globe: the United States. Equally, there can be absolutely no doubt that it is “under the control of the leading financiers”, the Trillionaires.

Beyond the cast of suspects presented by Charles Savoie as the owning families behind the One Bank, one name (and clan) stands out above all others: the Rothschilds. We reach this conclusion via two, entirely separate lines of reasoning.

The One Bank is a crime syndicate which ultimately derives virtually all of its wealth/control via the power of the printing press, in the form of all of the West’s (and the world’s) private central banks, and primarily the Federal Reserve. When we search for some criminal clan most likely to base its empire of crime on the money-printing might (and corruption) of a central bank, we don’t have to look very far.

Give me control of a nation’s money, and I care not who makes its laws.

– Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744 – 1812)

Alternately, we reach this same conclusion via simple logic. We live in a world being (deliberately) drowned in debt . This is a process which, again, traces back roughly a century and more. In a world of debt, whoever starts with the largest fortune collects the most interest. In a world with total GDP of $70 trillion but total, outstanding debt in excess of $200 trillion, whoever collects the most interest will be the richest person on the planet.

Therefore, whoever was the richest person yesterday will be the richest person today. Whoever was the richest person a hundred years ago would almost certainly be the richest person today. In the 19 thcentury; the Rothschild clan was universally regarded as the wealthiest “house” on the planet. Then any/all precise records of their wealth simply disappeared – not the wealth itself.

The One Bank is a crime syndicate which is literally a blight against all humanity. Its owners are guilty of the worst crimes-against-humanity. And, ultimately, as the One Bank strips humanity bare of all its wealth, these Owners make it harder and harder for themselves to continue to hide.

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Knocking at Heaven’s Door

by Georgi Stankov Posted on February 14, 2016

Pamela Ennis, February 14, 2016

Dear George and Carla,

Actually, words fail at this point. Every time I start a sentence with “I feel so—-” the next word doesn’t seem to come because this is such a never before experienced thing, the vocabulary just isn’t there to express it. But I can at least tell something of my experience, which is conveying to me what cannot be expressed in words. Things like a sudden flash of a beautiful image crossing the mind, or merely a feeling without definition that results in laughter and an inner joy. Often it feels like a joining with friends who’d been forgotten,and always it brings a smile and sense of completeness. Hardly something to dismiss as insignificant.. I conclude that this and other such experiences are, as Jerry put it to me recently, the “knocking at heaven’s door” sort of thing that must herald immanent arrival in the upper dimensions. I know I can barely function in any worldly activity [going to the grocery takes all my focus and must be done in a short time and I quickly return to my quiet space].

It is interesting that my current abode [about 20 minutes south of Sedona], is due to be returned to the landlady onApril 1st, yet I feel not the slightest sense that I must take any action toward finding someplace else. Surely, I am not meant to pack up and move again [so many times over the past 8 years !!!], for I usually get quite clearly if I’m to begin looking, and there is absolutely no energy on that idea at all. I felt when I moved in that this would be the place from which my ascension would take place, and everything certainly seems to indicate that it will be so.

There is a song which seems a fitting one for our last days on this earth called “Famous Last Words”, by Tears for Fears, which I’d love to send the link from Youtube but my little Chrome laptop doesn’t let me do that [bummer], It is a professional video from a concert in Santa Barbara back in 1990 [I think], and if you scroll down in the comments someone has written out the lyrics which are quite fitting and might not be clear in the video. To me it is a “last day on earth” poem, with allusions to flood and fire [“after the wash, before the fire”], and the passion of the song with the musical arrangement…not to mention Roland’s incredible voice…is worth a listen. I enjoy the idea of “when the saints go marching in” being US>>>>yea rah !!!!



Tears for Fears – Famous Last Words

Famous Last Words – Lyrics

After the wash

Before the fire

I will decay

Melt in your arms

As the day hits the night

We will sit by candlelight

We will laugh, we will sing

When the saints go marching in

A for a heart

B for a brain

Insects and grass

Are all that remain

When the light from above

Burns a hole straight through our love

We will laugh, we will sing

When the saints go marching in

And we will carry war, no more

All our love and all our of pain

Will be but a tune

The sun and the moon

The wind and the rain

Hand in hand we’ll do and die

Listening to the band that made us cry

We’ll have nothing to lose, we’ll have nothing to gain

Just to stay this real life situation for one last refrain

As the day hits the night

We will sit by candlelight

We will laugh, we will sing

When the saints go marching in

And we will carry war, no more

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The Stench of a Dying World

by Georgi Stankov Posted on February 18, 2016

What Are We Smelling?

Dmitri Orlov, February 18, 2016


So far I have mostly tried to ignore the US presidential race. It’s a distraction from doing things that are either pleasant or useful—of which it is neither. I haven’t always tried to completely ignore these torrents of nonsense that erupt every four years like a gushing sewer, but, in general, I was never interested in the outcome, because in all but one case I genuinely disliked all of the candidates. Jimmy Carter is the only one whose hand I would shake. I wouldn’t want to breathe the same air with any of the others—all lizard-brained miscreants who have left a slimy trail through the White House.

As I understand it, the way this system is supposed to work is as follows. There is just one good, solid reason to vote for the Democratic candidate: to keep out the Republicans, who are so much worse than the Democrats. And there is just one good, solid reason to vote for the Republican candidate: to keep out the Democrats, who are so much worse than the Republicans. Now, you may ask yourself, How is it possible for both sides to be worse at the same time? Well, you are right, that’s not possible. Obviously, they have to take turns at becoming the worst. Whoever happens to be in office adds another turn to the downward spiral.

This seems like a good, solid arrangement—if the goal is to produce the most bloated, corrupt, criminal, warmongering, terrorist-coddling, bankrupt government the Earth has ever known—it is, indeed, all of these things. But it has just one tiny flaw: getting people to vote for you by teaching them to hate the other side is effective, but it’s purely negative. To introduce a positive, aspirational element, it is necessary to somehow make people feel that it is possible to bring about political change by voting for someone within the Democratic or the Republican party. Of course, this is sheer nonsense, because the only people pulling the strings are the ones who write the checks, and you don’t get to vote for any of them. But people don’t want to believe that they are completely powerless, and the same people who fell for it in thinking that they could bring about change by voting for Obama are now falling for it again, thinking that they can bring about change by voting for Bernie. No, you can’t possibly ever change things by voting for the Democratic/Republican duopoly. Oh, and you can’t possibly ever change things by voting against it either. Sorry, Jill Stein.

So that’s how it goes, generally, getting worse and worse each time. But things can’t just continue to going from bad to worse forever; eventually, something has to give. At some point there must come a phase transition, or an inflection point, or some sort of political collapse scenario. And this year seems somewhat atypical because the quality of the candidates is so poor.

On the Democratic side, we have Hillary the Giant Flying Lizard, but she seems rather impaired by just about everything she has ever done, some of which was so illegal that it will be hard to keep her from being indicted prior to the election. She seems only popular in the sense that, if she were stuffed and mounted and put on display, lots of folks would pay good money to take turns throwing things at her. And then we have Bernie, the pied piper for the “I can’t believe I can’t change things by voting” crowd. He seems to be doing a good job of it—as if that mattered.

On the Republican side we have Donald and the Seven Dwarfs. I previously wrote that I consider Donald to be a mannequin worthy of being installed as a figurehead at the to-be-rebranded Trump White House and Casino (it is beneath my dignity to mention any of the Dwarfs by name) but Donald has a problem: he sometime tells the truth. In the most recent debate with the Dwarfs he said that Bush lied in order to justify the invasion of Iraq. Candidates must lie—lie like, you know, like they are running for office. And the problem with telling the truth is that it becomes hard to stop. What bit of truthiness is he going to deliver next? That 9/11 was an inside job? That Osama bin Laden worked for the CIA, and that his death was faked? That the Boston Marathon bombing was staged, and the two Chechen lads were patsies? That the US military is a complete waste of money and cannot win? That the financial and economic collapse of the US is now unavoidable? Even if he can stop himself from letting any more truthiness leak out, the trust has been broken: now that he’s dropped the T-bomb, how can he be relied upon to lie like he’s supposed to?

And so we may be treated to quite a spectacle: the Flying Lizard, slouching toward a federal penitentiary, squaring off against the Donald the T-bomber. That would be fun to watch. Or maybe the Lizard will implode on impact with the voting booth and then we’ll have Bernie vs. the T-bomber. Being a batty old bugger, and not wanting to be outdone, he might drop some T-bombs of his own. That would be fun to watch too.

Not that any of this matters, of course, because the country’s trajectory is all set. And no matter who gets elected—Bernie or Donald—on their first day at the White House they will be shown a short video which will explain to them what exactly they need to do to avoid being assassinated. But I won’t be around to see any of that. I’ve seen enough. This summer I am sailing off: out Port Royal Sound, then across the Gulf Stream and over to the Abacos, then a series of pleasant day-sails down the Bahamas chain with breaks for fishing, snorkeling and partying with other sailors (I know, life is so hard!), then through the Windward Passage, a stop at Port Antonio in Jamaica, and then onward across the Caribbean to an undisclosed location. Please let me know if you want to crew. I guarantee that there will be absolutely no election coverage aboard the boat.
Some people sail to leave this crumbling, awfully smelling reality while we simply ascend. But it is obvious now that all intelligent people are saying farewell to this dissipating world as they have lost any hope of a better life in it.

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TiAmAt: sharing- Vídeo 59- Archive- Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda – – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube

Origen: TiAmAt: sharing- Vídeo 59- Archive- Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda – – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube

Thursday, July 27, 2017

sharing- Vídeo 59- Archive- Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda – – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube

*   *   *
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Vídeo 59

Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda – vídeo 59, 28 de agosto del 2011.

-Amigos, tardé en comunicarme de nuevo con vosotros pero ya estamos de vuelta en esta misión.
 Estuvimos algo de tiempo en Andrómeda después de haber ayudado a los Arcturians. 
Descansamos unos días mientras repararon o revisaron nuestras naves espaciales y nuestros mecánicos le añadieron dispositivos nuevos. Nuestros teletransportadores ahora pueden transportar a 20 personas a la vez y pueden transmitirles directamente a nuestra nave madre sin tener que pasar por nuestra astronave.
 Con esta tecnología de teletransporte redirigida, nuestras astronaves son más interesantes o sofisticadas que la mayoría de las demás astronaves.

– Bueno, vamos a empezar a hablar.
 Las noticias no son malas.
 La mayoría os estáis preguntando cual es la fecha límite para refugiaros…
 …observar la reacción de la gente cuando se empiece a ver algo extraño en el cielo.
 Vuestros gobiernos tratarán de tranquilizar a las personas con diversas explicaciones fantasiosas y la mayoría se lo creerán, como es lo habitual.
 Según los último cálculos, el cometa Elenin también se ha acelerado e incrementado su fuerza centrífuga, por lo que cuando comience a tomar la curva cerca del ápice de su órbita podría perder muchos escombros de los que le acompañan.
 La disminución de su masa total puede que sea beneficiosa porque cuando pase los efectos gravitatorios serían más pequeños.
 De hecho, deberíais
preocuparos de la estrella enana que se ha acelerado y llegará unos días más tarde, cuando el cometa este en su ápice.
 Si la masa del cometa disminuyera cuando de la vuelta alrededor del sol, tendréis hasta principios de octubre para refugiaros hasta que pase la estrella enana y sus planetas.
 Después de que veáis a la estrella enana y a sus planetas en octubre, si continuara acelerándose al ritmo actual el cometa ya habrá pasado más allá de la Tierra y este sería el momento en el que tendréis que prepararos para los efectos gravitatorios más grandes.
 Tendréis aproximadamente cuatro semanas para prepararos.
 No os preparéis antes de lo que sea necesario.
 Podréis utilizar este precioso tiempo adicional hasta principios del mes de octubre para convencer a más personas que sean de confianza.
 Me doy cuenta que os vais a estresar si los acontecimientos previstos cambiaran, pero os prometo que os daré las noticias en tiempo real.
 Todo en el universo tiene una causa y efecto, a veces el cambio de una de las numerosas variables que intervienen en un acontecimiento puede cambiar los resultados finales.

-La conclusión final es que el paso del cometa puede que no sea tan desastroso como se esperaba, pero producirá consecuencias gravitatorias durante el alineamiento del 24, 25 y 26 de septiembre, lo cual podrá mover el magma y aumentar la actividad tectónica, terremotos, tsunamis y volcanes.
 La estrella enana no perderá ninguna masa cuando pase, por lo que se re-alinearán todas las placas tectónicas y habrá tsunamis generalizados, la órbita de la Luna será más elíptica y cambiará el ángulo del eje de la Tierra, la cual dará lugar a que el planeta tenga nuevos polos geográficos.

CB juntó decenas de preguntas y voy a responderlas en general y no personalmente.

¿Cómo se reconstruirá la sociedad después del 2012?

-Será un trabajo muy grande, nosotros os ayudaremos con maquinas que facilitarán mucho volver a construir todo lo que existe hoy, pero usaremos tecnologías limpias (no contaminantes) y todos tendrán acceso a ellas.
 Escogeréis cual será la nueva organización social; cada región podrá escoger a gente buena para que organicen los diversos sectores.
 Las nuevas normas para que consigáis una sociedad coherente y unificada las obtendréis gradualmente cuando se junten los líderes regionales y creen una nueva economía que sea común para todo el planeta.
 Las fronteras ya no existirán; se podrá migrar sin ningún impedimento respetando las tendencias regionales.
 Todas las áreas tendrán los incentivos necesarios para que sus poblaciones tengan agricultura, industria y servicios sin tener que emigrar a otros lugares en busca de mejores condiciones de vida.
 Muchas cosas que ya existan se podrán volver a usar, mucho se podrá mejorar.
 Las nuevas tecnologías de transporte permitirán que cueste poco llevar productos a otras regiones, y esto mejorará y acelerará el desarrollo de estas regiones.
 La educación será una de las mayores ventajas de la nueva sociedad, lo que permitirá que estudien o avancen todos aquellos que lo deseen; el lenguaje, las normas sociales y el conocimiento se volverán cosmopolitas (común a nivel mundial).

¿Como sera la sanidad en esta nueva sociedad?

-Con respecto a la salud, tenemos sistemas de acondicionamiento físico que pueden ayudar a erradicar muchas enfermedades, tanto congénitas como las causadas por microorganismos.
 Los problemas congénitos, como las enfermedades cardíacas, renales, diabetes, autismo, parálisis, oftalmológicas y otros problemas neurológicos podrán ser curadas cuando se implementen en vuestra sociedad las tecnologías nuevas.
 Es posible que se necesite formación profesional y se tarde algún tiempo, pero revolucionará toda vuestra medicina.

¿Cómo podremos restaurar nuestra fauna y flora después de que ocurran todos estos acontecimientos?

-Después de que vuestra sociedad se vuelva a instalar, se le proveerá con cosechas que van a crecer muy rápidamente, los granos serán mejores y más nutritivos que los que ahora tenéis.
 En el planeta se podrán crecer muchas frutas diferentes, así como legumbres y vegetales.
 Se conservará casi toda la diversidad de la naturaleza que ahora tenéis.
 En cuanto a la fauna, muchas especies ya no habitarán el planeta en esta nueva frecuencia, pero se introducirán otras especies para mantener un ecosistema equilibrado.
 Los mares volverán a ser una fuente excelente de proteínas, y la naturaleza se integrará o adaptará muy rápidamente.

¿Qué hay de cierto con los que afirman haber tenido contactos con otros seres de Andrómeda, incluyendo seres interdimensionales o de piel azul?

-Bueno, no estoy aquí para juzgar o negar a nadie.
 Os puedo decir lo que sé, conozco toda la base de datos de las civilizaciones que ahora están asociadas con todas las bases de datos de la Comunidad Galáctica.
 Puedo decir lo siguiente, definitivamente los humanoides de la tercera dimensión no son interdimensionales.
 El color de la piel de los humanoides varía de blanca a gris, amarilla, verdosa, rojiza, y de marrón a oscura, pero no conozco ninguna raza humanoide que tenga una piel azul, y mucho menos en mi galaxia.
 Los colores que emiten soles distintos no afectan el color de la piel, pero afectan a que tipo de protección desarrolla la piel para protegerse en las diferentes atmósferas de los planetas.
 Los humanoides que son descendientes de los mamíferos marinos, tienen un color de la piel de tonos blanco, marrón, gris o plata. Los reptiles pueden tener matices marrones, rojizos y de gris claro a gris oscuro.
 Los descendientes de los insectos tienen colores metálicos en los esqueletos externos, con varios tonos de gris, marrón, rojo, verde, azul y oscuro/negro.

¿Cuando podremos tener relaciones buenas con otras razas?

-Podréis formar parte de la junta de la Comunidad Galáctica y de una cadena con cientos de otras razas humanoides–que pueden tener problemas similares a la Tierra–cuando tengáis una sociedad sana, informada y bien integrada.
 Una vez que el planeta Tierra se auto equilibre, podréis comerciar vuestros bienes y servicios con otras razas.
 Recibiréis el CID–un certificado intergaláctico de descontaminación–y entonces será cuando comiencen vuestras relaciones con otras razas, lo que significará que los terrícolas no serán peligrosos para los otros humanoides.

Bueno amigos, tengo que ir a la base de la Antártida, la cual se está reestructurando mucho.
 Pronto me pondré en contacto con nuevas noticias.

*   *   *

* *

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TiAmAt: Sharing- Archive – Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda – 58 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube

Origen: TiAmAt: Sharing- Archive – Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda – 58 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Sharing- Archive – Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda – 58 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube


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Vídeo 58

Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda – vídeo 58, 18 de agosto del 2011.

Amigos, no tengo noticias buenas. Como os dije en nuestra última conversación, la estrella enana podría acelerarse cuando el Sol la atraiga más. Esto está sucediendo ahora mismo, la estrella enana “Kachina Roja” se acerca cada vez más de prisa y podría llegar con unos meses de adelanto. Podría llegar de 6 a 11 meses antes de lo previsto; todo depende de cuanto se acelere después de que ocurrió un cambio inesperado en el comportamiento del Sol, el cual ha incrementado su campo gravitatorio, como si se estuviera preparando para recibir a la estrella enana, proporcionándole la velocidad necesaria para que pueda regresar a la zona donde está el agujero negro al lado opuesto de su órbita. La estrella enana es mucho más grande que el cometa, es como si se comparara un gorrión a un águila. Creemos que los Krulians no están atrasando a la estrella enana porque, aunque su nave espacial continúa siguiéndola de cerca, no parece que estén haciendo nada para reducir esta aceleración. La posición angular de la Tierra y el Sol está cambiando rápidamente y es posible que la órbita de la Luna varíe, y el resultado será que en aproximadamente 30 días su elipse se incrementará. Cuanto más elíptica sea la órbita de la Luna, las mareas serán más altas en ciertas zonas lo cual ocasionará muchas inundaciones en las costas.

Es posible que perdáis el planeta Mercurio cuando pase la estrella enana; debido a que el Sol está desequilibrado, es posible que el Sol absorba a Mercurio o que sus grandes erupciones lo lancen fuera de su órbita. El campo geomagnético del planeta se volverá extremadamente frágil durante estos acontecimientos, por lo que después del 20 de septiembre no os deberías poner al sol durante las erupciones solares. Veréis que las plantas se secarán en unas horas y no podrá sobrevivir nada que esté expuesto al sol durante estos picos de energía. Es posible que placas tectónicas enteras se hundan en los océanos y el agua dulce de los lagos y ríos se calentará con la energía solar irradiada. Algunos estáis preguntando “¿puedes decirnos detalladamente como se va a recuperar el planeta Tierra una vez que las “Kachinas” hayan completado su destrucción”, pero esto es una utopía. No se puede predecir. Al principio cada caso, región, o grupo tendrá que resolver sus problemas locales. Los amigos que nos proporcionaron las coordenadas de donde se encuentran nos podrán ayudar a rescatar a los supervivientes de cada región de la que estemos encargados, y ellos serán los primeros que contactaremos. Trataremos de encontrar a todos los que sobreviváis. Seréis una gran ayuda porque conocéis los hechos mucho mejor que la mayoría de la gente.

Es una perdida de tiempo que en estos momentos conteste preguntas específicas; os informaré directamente de los hechos y de los acontecimientos que ocurran mientras seáis capaces de recibir los datos. Estamos muy ocupados grabando nuestra misión en la base de datos de la Comunidad Galáctica y parte de nuestra flota está ayudando a los Arcturians para que abandonen las bases terrestres y submarinas. Una gran astronave nodriza arcturian está estacionada encima de varias regiones para recoger equipo y materiales, por lo que podréis escuchar muchos ruidos extraños cuando esta gran astronave esté cerca de vuestras regiones. CB (el capitán Bill) me trajo una grabación de un ruido extraño que se oyó en dos ciudades rusas; este es el tipo de ruido que genera la reverberación de un portal que está abierto para el transporte local, cuando se trasladaba equipo pesado que se había sacado de las bases regionales.

CB también trajo algunas copias de un libro de apuntes viejo al que llamáis “Manuscrito Voynich”, que se encontró hace siglos y está escrito en un idioma extraterrestre que nunca nadie ha utilizado en este planeta. Tuvisteis mucha suerte de descubrir este libro. El estudiante que perdió su libro de apuntes personales hace unos 550 años pertenecía a una raza de humanoides altos y delgados, los Taags, los cuales son gente muy amable que viven en Orión. Llevan a cabo investigación botánica en varias galaxias. En la escritura, ella describe las plantas que encontraron y observaron en otros sistemas solares, e hizo algunas copias de las posiciones astrológicas donde estas especies habían sido catalogadas. Teniendo en cuenta con cuanto cuidado ella estaba haciendo estos apuntes personales, se debe tratar de un aprendiz de botánica que estaría muy triste al perder estos apuntes. Hace 500 años los sistemas de navegación de las astronaves de muchas razas no se comunicaban con las bases de datos como se hace hoy en día, y mucha información se escribía o se grababa. Un científico nunca haría este tipo de anotación botánica pero si que lo haría un niño en un campo de entrenamiento. A veces los niños se concentran en sus hallazgos y pierden cosas. Lo mismo pasa cuando se trata de niños de otras razas.

Espero que podamos seguir comunicándonos hasta finales de septiembre u octubre, que será cuando creemos que vuestra red de comunicaciones empezará a fallar. Mis mensajes serán breves a partir de ahora pero serán en tiempo real. Basándonos en vuestras frecuencias de transmisión, hemos adaptado nuestro equipo, a petición de CB, al canal 16 de VHF marina, y al canal VHF 7 de los camiones. Es posible que en octubre o noviembre transmitamos mensajes para los que estén en comunicación con estos aparatos. Esto no será necesario para rescatar a los que nos hayan dado sus coordenadas, sino que será para facilitar las comunicaciones con grupos aislados para que nos comuniquen donde se encuentran. Muchos preguntasteis acerca de la piedra negra que transmite a distancia las ondas cerebrales, que le dimos a CB y que parece un guijarro o una piedra vulgar. Esta programada, es decir, que funciona sólo entre las dos personas para las que está programada. El os mostrará una foto.

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Video 58
Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video fifth eight – August 18, 2011.

 Friends I have not good news. As I told you in our last conversation, the Dwarf Star could suffer acceleration from a given point of influence of the sun. This is happening right now, the Dwarf Star “Red Kachina” is coming at an increasing rate and may advance its position in a few months. It may reduce the time of arrival of 11 for 6 months or less, everything depends on this acceleration caused by an unexpected change in behavior of your Sun, which amplified its gravitational field as if he had been scheduled to receive the Dwarf Star and provide speed necessary for its apex to return to the influence of the black hole in its orbital apex opposite the sun. Dwarf Star is much larger than this comet, like comparing a sparrow to an eagle. We believe that the Dwarf Star is no longer in arrears by Krulians because its spacecraft continues to follow closely Dwarf Star, but it seems to be doing nothing to reduce this acceleration. The angular position of the Earth to the sun is changing rapidly and the moon may suffer an orbital patch, moving to a more pronounced ellipse, Approximately 30 days from now. The more elliptical orbits get the moon; the tides will be higher in smaller away tangencies so many coastal areas will be flooded widely.
You may lose the planet Mercury during this passages; the imbalance caused in the sun can absorb it or throw it out of orbit with large solar flares. The geomagnetic field of the planet will enter a state of extreme fragility during these passages, therefore not exposed to the sun after the 20th of next September during solar flares. You will see the plants dry out in hours and nothing is exposed to the sun in these peaks can survive. Entire tectonic plates may sink in the oceans and freshwater of lakes and rivers will warm up by solar energy radiated. Some of you are asking “Can you give us a step by step breakdown of the recovery process for planet Earth once “Kachinas” has done their damage” but this is a utopia. There is no such a recipe to follow. Each case, each region, each group will have to solve their local problems in the first moments. The friends who provided us with the location coordinates may assist us in this rescue for survivors in each region that we serve, and will be the first to be contacted. We will try to find all of you who are among the survivors. You will be a great help that you’re much more enlightened than most of the facts.
I guess to answer specific questions at this time of events is therefore a waste of time; I will inform directly the facts and the possible unfolding of events as you are able to receive data. We are extremely busy covering and recording our mission to the database of the ‘Community Galactica and part of our fleet is helping Arcturians to
abandon the land and submarine bases. A large Arcturian mother ship is hovering over various regions collecting the equipment and materials so you will hear many strange noises when this big ship is lying next to your regions. CB brought a recording of strange noise in Russian territory over two cities and this is the type of noise generated by reverberation of a portal opened for local transportation when moving heavy equipment removed from regional bases.
CB also brought a few copies of an old Note book called by you as “Voynich Manuscript” which was found Centuries ago in a language foreign to any you’ve used here on the planet. Well, this is really a lucky find. The student who lost his book of personal notes to about 550 years ago belonged to a race of humanoids tall and thin, the Taags, a very gentle people who live in Orion. They do botanical research in several galaxies. For writing, she describes the plants found and observed in other solar systems, and made some copies of astrological positions where these species had been cataloged from. The affection, with which she was making these personal notes, should be a trainee in botany which must have been very sad to lose these notes. 500 years ago, the navigation systems of ships of many races did not communicate with databases like today, and much was written down or recorded. A scientist would never do this botanical annotation type but a child in field training yes. Children sometimes become absorbed with their findings and forget things everywhere. With children of other races is no different.

I hope we can continue communicating through the end of September or October, when we believe your reporting system network will begin to shut down. My messages will be short from now on but will be in real time. According to your system of transmission frequencies, we simulated in our equipment at the request of CB, the VHF marine channel 16, and channel 7 VHF of the automotive trucks. During operations in October or November, we may broadcast messages to those who are connected with these systems. This is not really necessary to rescue by the coordinates received, it is eventual to facilitate communications with isolated groups that may give references of where they are. Many of you ask about the black stone of transmission of brain waves in the distance, given to CB and it looks like any other pebble. It is tuned that is, works specifically between two people for whom it was programmed. He will put a picture for you.

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