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Thursday, September 13, 2018

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The Reclamation of Ancient Civilisations Leads to the Final Resolution Through Revelation


A Message From the Source
Carla Thompson, May 4, 2018
Georgi Stankov
Everything we do in these last days to ascend Gaia is infinitely bigger than our wildest imagination. After we prepared from Italy the energetic foundation for the ground-breaking arrival of the new Red Giant sun on April 13th and made a major ascension leap on that day, the energetic events on all multidimensional levels have significantly accelerated.  As we were told by the Elohim, we began immediately thereafter with the cleansing of all timelines of the Roman empire that served as a template for the modern western world, including the most insidious failing empire of our time – the USA, dubbed by myself as the “Empire of Evil”. At the same time we reclaimed and retrieved all our lost soul fragments to the Source in preparation for the final ascension shift.
It is not a well-known fact in the West, especially in all Anglo-Saxon countries that have deliberately distorted the official knowledge and understanding of Western history, that the Roman empire did not collapse and disappear after the big migrations of the peoples (Völkerwanderung), also known as the Barbarian invasions, in the 4th and 5th century, but continued to exist as two powerful political entities:
1. the Byzantine Empire, which was the longest existing country on the Old Continent for more than 1000 years, from where all past and current royal dynasties in Europe acquired their legitimacy by being first coronated in Constantinople, in Hagia Sophia. This biggest church in Europe was built in the early 6th century and was the centre of Christianity for almost a millennium. Only long after Constantinople and Byzantine were conquered by the Turks,  St. Peter’s Basilica was built in Rome (the Vatican) in late Renaissance (16th to 17th century) and thrived upon the schism from Orthodox Christianity which the Catholic church introduced for purely political reasons between the 11th and the 14th century.
Hagia Sophia and Constantinople were cleansed from their extreme darkness in June 2013 by Carla and myself as reported on this website. Carla visited Istanbul, while I was doing the energetic back-up from Germany and suffered from an acute broncho-pneumonitis due to the massive downloads of source energies. We also extended the Infinity Portal in Freising/Munich to Turkey and the Middle East as to mitigate on all ascending timelines the worst-case scenario of a devastating global war starting from this part of the world as it was planned by the dark forces controlling this planet in the past and as it was executed on numerous lower timelines in the last seven years since we, the PAT, opened the stargate 11.11.11. and secured the planetary ascension. This Infinity Portal is the energetic foundation for the creation of the city of light New Raetia over the Alps in Central Europe, which we are now completing directly from Northern Italy.
2. the Holy Roman Empire (Heiliges Römisches Reich) which began in the 9th century and was dissolved in the early 19th century. It was a multi-ethnic complex of territories in central Europe that developed during the Early Middle Ages and continued until its dissolution in 1806. The largest territory of the empire after 962 was the Kingdom of Germany, though it also came to include the Kingdom of Bohemia, the Kingdom of Burgundy, the Kingdom of Italy, and numerous other territories. The abolition of the Holy Roman Empire was followed by the appearance of the first Anti-Christ in modern time as prophesied by Nostradamus – Napoleon who fought numerous wars to revive the Holy Roman Empire and devastated the whole of Europe. The second Anti-Christ was Hitler whose aim was to establish the Tausendjähriges Reich (Third Reich or Great German Reich). A third Anti-Christ was supposed to be born in Jerusalem in our time who would throw humanity into a devastating WW3 but we, the PAT, prevented this worst-case scenario on the ascending Gaia.
My predominant light work as Elohim soul and Logos God was to cleanse this second very dark Holy Roman Empire during the first two decades of my LBP (1993 -2013), which began with the discovery of the Universal Law and ended up with my migration to Vancouver, Canada, where I helped Carla and Julia to build the second Infinity Portal, first in White Rock and then to expand it along the West Coast to the USA and to the northeast in the crystalline grid of the Rocky Mountains. It is the foundation for the second biggest city of light New Lemuria which we first created in 2015. 
I am reflecting here upon the historical background of our light work as it gives you a clue to what we have been doing in the last three weeks since the arrival of the new Red Giant sun on April 13th in the new Golden Galaxy which we and the PAT created in 2014. As I announced in February, we were urged by the Elohim and our HS to go to Italy and Rome to cleanse the Vatican, and the Colosseum as it later transpired. But as it always happens with such divine orders, the actual scope of our light work is infinitely bigger than what we are initially told by our HS and the Elohim as not to get overwhelmed.
We arrived first in Northern Italy where we are since then busy finalizing the city of light New Raetia, which will manifest, most probably, first as a world healing and spiritual centre and were waiting for further instructions as to when we should visit Rome. Carla got very early the information that this should happen before the full moon portal on April 29/30 as it was an important ascension portal. Ultimately we got the green light that Carla should travel alone to Rome as she did in 2013 when she visited Istanbul and I, together with two other members of the PAT, should do the energetic back-up from Northern Italy and anchor the unity field throughout the entire territory of Italy.
Carla stayed in Rome for five days, from April 26th to April 30th, and did a tremendous light work, cleansing the Vatican and the Colosseum. Or so she believed at that time. These days were accompanied by massive downloads of source energies, cc-waves, headaches and the like for all of us. As we went through the full moon portal on April 30th, we made another huge ascension leap which was even registered by other, otherwise insensitive, New Age writers on the Internet.
Carla returned  from Rome completely depleted from her exhausting and overwhelming light work and had to ascend to the Source the next day to recharge her fields and reaffirm her mission during a very powerful meditation. I anchored our joint Merkabah in this reality and also felt the heat and power of these source waves. Only after that Carla was able to receive the following message from the Source that was transmitted with such a high intensity of the vibrations that we almost fainted during the transmission. Simultaneously we made another huge ascension leap when the purest source energies began to download in our fields and bodies. This continues today while I am writing this report.
The most sensational news of the message, which Carla received from the Source, is that we not only cleansed and reclaimed all lost soul fragments from all timelines of the Roman Empire as we initially surmised, but that we have actually cleansed and reclaimed all incarnated souls from all incarnation experiments and ancient civilisations on the earth, of which we had no idea. These civilisations encompass a very large period of time – Carla saw 200,000 years back in history – but I personally received the information that these civilisations cannot be measured in linear time as all of them disappeared with a catastrophe and the earth was rebuilt anew. In the interim periods there was no time. Furthermore, as linear time is an illusion it is irrelevant to give any time frame for these civilisations, apart from the knowledge that they all failed due to the manifestation of dark energies of deceit and destruction and evolved very much along the same historical pathway as this current western civilisation.
The leitmotif of our light work since we came to Italy is the reclaiming and integration of all soul fragments that have not ascended to the Source and have not grasped the immortality of the soul to the full extent. This is what the concept of Revelation is all about. It is also used in the Bible and comes from the Greek word “Apokalypse” – where Καλυψω (Kalypso), which probably meant “she that conceals”, was derived from καλυπτω (kalypto) “to cover, to conceal”. The Ancient Greek prefix  ἀπό-  (apó-) comes from the preposition ἀπό (apó), and means away from”. Thus the correct translation of Apocalypse is “revealing the concealed“.
The English word for “Apocalypse” is “Revelation” and has nothing to do with the current exposure of all the crimes of the ruling cabal in the media, which are sensational “nothing burgers” that do not change at all the mentality of the people but only reinforce the maze of the old 3D matrix. This can be clearly observed nowadays in the media, in particular in the alt-media, which were supposed to be the flagship of spiritual revival but got completely lost in their agnostic ignorance as to what is happening on this planet. This prevents them from grasping the inner logic behind the superficial political events they discuss. Alex Jones is paradigmatic for the present-day confusion, the Saker is another example, and these are the best men and minds the alt-media can offer.
For me Apocalypse = Revelation has always meant the full acknowledgment of the true nature of humans as immortal multidimensional creator beings. The only way how this truth can reach the closed human ego-minds is when a human being with a documented earthly biography ascends and appears in front of humanity in its full glory and power as cosmic creator being. Of course this entity will have to offer something tangible to the world that will trigger a paradigm shift in their world view.
Nostradamus knew that very well and he gave Dolores Cannon important information about the arrival of the “Great Genius” at the end of time when the third Anti-Christ will fail, as did the two previous ones; this person will usher the new era of abundance, peace and prosperity for all humanity. Dolores Cannon has written three books about Nostradamus’ prophecies which she received during quantum hypnosis sessions in the 80’s and 90’s and there are also quite a few videos available on the Internet on this topic.
An American colleague (MD) Jason Nealon has written a very good introduction of Nostradamus’ prophecies for the end time: http://www.firesnakeprophecy.com/who-is-the-great-genius/, which I would recommend you to read. I must admit that I was unaware of this prophecy of Nostradamus until a few days ago when our HS made us aware of it and thus reaffirmed my scenario of ascension which I have been propagating since 2000 when I wrote my first book on Human Gnosis.
The most auspicious aspect of this prophecy by Nostradamus about my ascension and appearance as the discoverer of the Universal Law and the author of the new Science and Gnosis is not the anticipation of this fact: “the Great Genius will unify physics and metaphysics and will make many inventions based on new cellular biotechnology (nanotechnology)”, as I have explained in Volume III. It is the simple fact that the “Great Genius” will live on the earth on the 50th north parallel. This fits exactly into my biography as both Munich/Freising and Vancouver lie very closely to this parallel. Until 2013 I had no clue of my impending migration to Canada to help building the second Infinity portal there.
Both Infinity portals of this planet are on the 50th parallel north and this is such an auspicious and precise prediction of Nostradamus as relayed to us by this beautiful soul Dolores Cannon in the 80’s and 90’s that I was really deeply struck and somewhat ashamed that I have missed it. Dolores has received this information at a time when I was about to begin with the discovery of the Universal law, so that these synchronicities are in retrospect mind-boggling and show how precise and overarching the coordination from the higher realms truly is.
All my scientific and gnostic books have been dedicated to this final goal – my ascension and appearance as an ascended master and Logos God and as the human discoverer of the Universal Law that will usher the new era of coherent holistic thinking and enlightenment (e.g. read here). I have also written on many occasions that the new city of light New Raetia will be the new hub for advanced 5D and higher dimensional technologies that will profoundly transform life on the new earth and will bring infinite abundance, peace and joy.
Therefore when the Source gave us the key information that the latest total cleansing of all ancient incarnation experiments and the retrieval of all lost souls from these infinite timelines into the unity field was the actual Revelation/Apocalypse for these souls, we knew beyond any doubt that this is the key information we have been waiting for – namely that we are on the cusp of our final transfiguration into crystalline light beings. Now that our Herculean light work of resurrection of all those lost souls from all ancient and past incarnation civilisations on the earth has been accomplished, the currently incarnated human souls must make the same experience very soon.
It is important to tell you that we had this same discussion with Carla the previous day before she received the message from the Source. We were listening to the May predictions of Sri and Kira where they used exactly the same term – resolution through revelation – to describe what will happen in May. I must admit that I have always been very skeptical about their predictions as most of them were meaningless to me in the past because they were focusing on newcomers, but their last prediction for April 2018 was spot on. Sri and Kira predicted exactly April 13th as the key date for that month, not knowing that it was the day when the new Red Giant sun of the new Golden Galaxy arrived and became the game changer in the ascension process.
We could not have cleansed all these ancient civilisations and reclaimed all the lost souls from past human incarnation experiments, unless we had the powerful and healing energies of this new magnetic sun, bringing the new energies of superconductivity. I hope that you begin to connect the dots and follow the red thread of this intricate ascension process that brings so many surprises and unlimited possibilities which the human mind cannot envision. But also clarifies our energetic experiences as important mosaic pieces in the bigger picture which we begin to perceive clearer each day supported by the constant expansion of our awareness.
And now enjoy the message from the Source:
The Reclamation of Ancient Civilizations – A Message from the Source
“The recent cleansing of the area you know to be the Roman Empire has gone deeper than you were aware and could even foresee. This information comes to you now to share with you the depth of your service to the All. This one civilization is only representative of myriads of civilizations that rose and fell with the heaviness of deceit and premature death.   
There are numerous civilizations from the past [I am shown 200,000 years]…in the area now known as the European Continent, Eurasia and Asia Minor.  Following the cleansing a new period begins of re-balancing and reclamation of the life of perfect balance – the life intended by most souls who chose to incarnate in this expression: the delight of a warm sunny day, playing in a field of yellow daisies, no worries, a full belly and good wine, storytelling around the fire. These are the pleasures that one was meant to enjoy when incarnating upon this earth. However, this was not a place of peace, this place became a place of fear. The old has now been cleansed energetically and replaced to make way for the higher dimensional expression that is to come to this area.
The souls who died over that long period of time…. and who died from great suffering… are now released from their great soul pain following entrapment within the great plain of mortal agony.  They have now been released into the pure light of creation by your dedicated light work. As their souls have now reconciled their death experience, they each now understand that death is not the end but only the beginning (This is the famous Resurrection of the souls announced in biblical and other scriptures for the End Time. Note, George). 
No longer are there any regrets or anger or grief to be carried forward into other expressions, as all is resolved.  These souls now are returned to the Source of Creation to experience their full completion, restitution and reclamation. 
This is Resolution through Revelation!“

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psycho, sharing, 33/34/35_PSYCHO-CYBERNETICS, Your Key, to a Better Life_,Creative expres,THESELF IMAGE, 11

Origen: psycho: sharing, 33/34/35 _sharing _PSYCHO-CYBERNETICS Your Key to a Better Life_Creative expresTHESELF IMAGE 11

Sunday, May 3, 2015

sharing, 33/34/35 _sharing _PSYCHO-CYBERNETICS Your Key to a Better Life_Creative expresTHESELF IMAGE 11

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this book or portions thereof in any form whatsoever.
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Your Key to a Better Life

…When it is adequate and one that you can be wholesomely proud of, you feel self-confident. 
You feel free to “be yourself” and to express yourself. You function at your optimum. 
When it is an object of shame, you
attempt to hide it rather than express it.
 Creative expresTHE
sion is blocked. You become hostile and hard to get along

If a scar on the face enhances the self-image (as in the
case of the German duelist), self-esteem and self-confidence
are increased. If a scar on the face detracts from the
self-image (as in the case of the salesman), loss of selfesteem
and self-confidence results.

When a facial disfigurement is corrected by plastic surgery, dramatic psychologic changes result only if there is
a corresponding correction of the mutilated self-image.

Sometimes the image of a disfigured self persists even after
successful surgery, much the same as the “phantom limb”
may continue to feel pain years after the physical arm or
leg has been amputated.

I Begin a New Career

These observations led me into a new career. Some 15
years ago I became convinced that the people who consult
a plastic surgeon need more than surgery and that some of them do not need surgery at all.

 If I were to treat
these people as patients, as a whole person rather than as
merely a nose, ear, mouth, arm or leg, I needed to be in a
position to give them something more. I needed to be able
to show them how to obtain a spiritual face lift, how to
remove emotional scars, how to change their attitudes and
thoughts as well as their physical appearance.
This study has been most rewarding. Today, I am more
convinced than ever that what each of us really wants,
deep down, is more LIFE. Happiness, success, peace of
mind, or whatever your own conception of supreme good
may be, is experienced in its essence as-more life. When
we experience expansive emotions of happiness, self-confidence,
and success, we enjoy more life. And to the degree
that we inhibit our abilities, frustrate our God-given talents,
and allow ourselves to suffer anxiety, fear, self-condemnation
and self-hate, we literally choke off the life
force available to us and turn our back upon the gift
which our Creator has made. To the degree that we deny
the gift of life, we embrace death.
In my opinion, psychology during the past 30 years has
become far too pessimistic regarding man and his potentiality
for both change and greatness. Since psychologists
and psychiatrists deal with so-called “abnormal” people,
the literature is almost exclusively taken up with man’s
various abnormalities, his tendencies toward self-destruction.
Many people, I am afraid, have read so much of
this type of thing that they have come to regard such
things as hatred, the “destructive insinct,” guilt, selfcondemnation,
and all the other negatives as “normal
human behavior.” The average person feels awfully weak
and impotent when he thinks of the prospect of pitting
his puny will against these negative forces in human
nature, in order to gain health and happiness. If this were
a true picture of human nature and the human condition,
“self-improvement” would indeed be a rather futile thing.
However, I believe, and the experiences of my many
patients have confirmed the fact, that you do not have to
do the job alone. There is within each one of us a “life
instinct,” which is forever working toward health, happiness,
and all that makes for more life for the individual.
This “life instinct” works for you through what I call the
Creative Mechanism, or when used correctly the “Success
Mechanism” built into each human being.
New Scientific Insights into “Subconscious Mind”
The new science of “Cybernetics” has furnished us with
convincing proof that the so-called “subconscious mind”
is not a “mind” at all, but a mechanism—a goal-striving
“servo-mechanism” consisting of the brain and nervous
system, which is used by, and directed by mind.


latest, and most usable concept is that man does not have
two “minds,” but a mind, or consciousness, which “operates”
an automatic, goal-striving machine. This automatic,
goal-striving machine functions very similarly to the way
that electronic servo-mechanisms function, as far as basic
principles are concerned, but it is much more marvelous,
much more complex, than any electronic brain or guided
missile ever conceived by man.

This Creative Mechanism within you is impersonal.

will work automatically and impersonally to achieve
goals of success and happiness, or unhappiness and failure,
depending upon the goals which you yourself set for
it. Present it with “success goals” and it functions as a
“Success Mechanism.” Present it with negative goals, and
it operates just as impersonally, and just as faithfully as a
“Failure Mechanism.”

Like any other servo-mechanism, it must have a clearcut
goal, objective, or “problem” to work upon.

The goals that our own Creative Mechanism seeks to
achieve are MENTAL IMAGES, or mental pictures,
which we create by the use of IMAGINATION.

The key goal-image is our Self-image.

Our Self-Image prescribes the limits for the accomplishment
of any particular goals. It prescribes the “area of the
Like any other servo-mechanism, our Creative Mechanism
works upon information and data which we feed
into it (our thoughts, beliefs, interpretations).

our attitudes and interpretations of situations, we “describe”
the problem to be worked upon.

If we feed information and data into our Creative
Mechanism to the effect that we ourselves are unworthy,
inferior, undeserving, incapable (a negative self-image)
this data is processed and acted upon as any other data
in giving us the “answer” in the form of objective experience.
Like any other servo-mechanism, our Creative Mechanism
makes use of stored information, or “memory,” in
solving current problems and responding to current situations…


* * *


Origen: psycho: El SER UNO, no somos LIBRES, CARTA ABIERTA A EL SER UNO…

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


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Hola Ser Uno, en un artículo de una página de Internet dice que nosotros no somos libres, que estamos controlados por un grupo de mucho dinero, y que somos dominados por completo. 
Dice también que las Vacunas, la educación, la salud etc. son medios de control, porque a través de ellos, nos detectarán en donde estemos y en donde nos encontremos y sabrán exactamente todo lo referente a cada uno de nosotros… 
 ¿Cómo es eso posible? 
Agradecería si me pueden responder pues ya para mi es seguro que me persiguen… Alex.
Estimado hermano, el simple hecho de haber nacido en este planeta y tener una partida de nacimiento, usted y todos nosotros, ya estamos marcados de por vida. 
Nacer, crecer, asistir a un colegio, tener la documentación escolar, una partida de bautismo de alguna religión, lograr los estudios superiores, trabajar, y ser parte de una empresa, tener un celular, navegar en el Internet, tener una página Web, una cuenta corriente en un banco, comprar productos con tarjeta de crédito, o débito, pertenecer a una institución, tener una partida de matrimonio, poseer un pasaporte, un documento de identidad, y mucho más, significa que no somos LIBRES, nunca lo hemos sido, ni nunca lo seremos. 
Mientras que exista el control masivo de aquellos que dominan este mundo – 
¿Creemos ser LIBRES? 
– en este planeta denso y oscuro, no existe la LIBERTAD MATERIAL, lo único que hasta ahora hemos conservado y que nada ni nadie ha podido aún intervenir en forma masiva es la – ENERGÍA-PENSAMIENTO – 
porque nuestra
 propia e interna de cada ser, es de cada uno de nosotros, el Matrix no la ha podido vigilar al 100% porque no poseen todavía la tecnología para hacerlo. 
Las vacunas, es uno de los segmentos controladores del sistema. 
Es un conjunto de medidas, donde todos los seres-humanos estamos involucrados de una manera u otra. 
Hasta ahora tenemos ciertas libertades de expresión, siempre y cuando no vaya directo a un ataque o a una represalia que nos puede costar una condena o peor aún la cárcel y la libertad física. 
Mientras que todavía tengamos un restringido Libre Albedrío-Mental, podemos ser dueños de nuestros pensamientos, deseos, creencias y más. 
Mucho de lo que pensamos, aún puede ser parte de nosotros, de nuestra alma. 
Existe en nuestro interior la libertad de expresión, cosa que no es posible volcarlo totalmente en el exterior.
 La mayoría de los Seres-Humanos debemos vivir de acuerdo al sistema, no queda otra, ya que hay que subsistir, trabajar y mantenernos vivos, respetar las normas y leyes que nos permiten una convivencia respetuosa y cívica. 
Desde pequeños ya somos parametrados para comportarnos de esta manera. 
El sistema educativo lo muestra claramente, los niños son sometidos a sentarse en carpetas del salón sin poder caminar, pararse o hacer otras cosas, este sometimiento de casi 8 horas por día y por 10 años de estudios escolares, es para disciplinarnos futuramente a sentarnos en el escritorio de una oficina y trabajar sin parar 8 horas, año tras año, rindiendo lo máximo que podemos para beneficio y utilidad económico de las empresas, compañías y corporaciones. 
Los niños que nacen con almas libres y no se someten a este sistema, son clasificados de “diferentes o problemáticos”, los cuales son conducidos al psicólogo, o al psiquiatra, de la escuela para ser medicados, de esta forma el Matrix los doblega, controla y fiscaliza.
 Hoy por hoy la libertad-material es restringida, pero no la libertad-mental. 
Dentro de nuestra libertad mental y del espacio que tengamos dentro de ella, aprovechemos que todavía tenemos un tanto por ciento a nuestro favor, así que aprendamos a usarla lo mejor que podamos, con inteligencia, discernimiento y madures. 
Significa: Elevar nuestra Energía-Pensamiento (alma) y levantar nuestra frecuencia energética. 
Con este trabajo interno, de 
LUZ y AMOR, estaremos construyendo el 
que nos llevará a otras realidades de existencia. 
La forma de realizarlo es concibiendo y gestando a nuestro Bebé-Espíritu, 
este cuerpo emitirá una vibración y frecuencia tan alta que nada ni nadie podrá dominarlo, controlarlo o manipularlo. 
Formará alrededor de sí el Campo Gravitacional-Etérico, es un cuerpo de luz con el cual viajaremos, es una nave que nos llevará en el viaje cósmico, esta es la manera que podremos salir del Matrix. 
Fuimos hechos a imagen y semejanza, estamos a tiempo y podemos hacerlo, es solo creer y crear nuestra propia realidad, infinita y eterna de 
Camino del Ser.
* * *
* * *
* * *

psycho: A+, El SER UNO, March, Antagonismo, Baja Autoestima, CARTA ABIERTA A EL SER UNO…

Origen: psycho: A+, El SER UNO, March, Antagonismo, Baja Autoestima, CARTA ABIERTA A EL SER UNO…

Saturday, September 8, 2018

A+, El SER UNO, March, Antagonismo, Baja Autoestima, CARTA ABIERTA A EL SER UNO…

*    *    *
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…“Las dos primeras zonas del cerebro se encargan de hacer funcionar en automático los sistemas del cuerpo material. 

Cuando estas zonas 
están adoleciendo de Emociones-Negativas-Enfermas, heredadas o generadas por el mismo individuo, tienden a enfermarse, porque quien las rige no es la Conciencia sino el Antagonismo. 

La enfermedad se manifestará dependiendo de la gravedad e intensidad del Antagonismo que el ser tenga consigo mismo y con todo lo que lo rodea. 

El Antagonismo es la falta de Amor que el alma tiene consigo; ustedes lo conocen como Baja Autoestima, y esta se genera por la presión de la sociedad, es cuando el ser no llega a conseguir lo que el Ego propio y de los demás, lo presionan para que obtenga resultados irreales y fantasiosos. 

En la sociedad actual existen parámetros demasiado distorsionados, las publicidades muestran modelos irreales y perfectos. 

El ritmo en las grandes ciudades a veces impone estilos de vida casi imposibles para la gran mayoría, que se ve reflejada en los super héroes creados e inventados por aquellos que dictan los parámetros ilusorios. 

Los seres que no logran llegar a esos parámetros no resisten las presiones, y, se sienten perdidos, fracasados, o inservibles, aunque eso, no sea cierto. 

Las personas con Autoestima baja son las que han sido criticadas y menospreciadas, tanto por su familia como las personas que están a su alrededor; son presiones culturales, distorsionadas, que tienen que ver con el carácter y personalidad del alma que fue formada y moldeada desde pequeña por sus padres, familia, ámbito y amigos.

 La Autoestima baja generalmente degenera en depresión, que no es otra cosa que una tristeza profunda, de no alcanzar, lo que él mismo desea, o lo que los otros exigen, obligan y demandan”…

 EL SER UNO III – Los Seramitas – El Camino de Regreso.


Hola Ser Uno, muy buenas noches.

 Le compartiré mi testimonio con el corazón abierto, si usted gusta lo pueda exponer con toda libertad y orgullo. 

Desde que era pequeño, apenas un niño yo no me sentía afín a las explicaciones científicas o religiosas que me daban mis padres y demás personas. 

Tenía recuerdos de otros mundos, tenía recuerdos de personas que no conocía, que nunca había visto… conforme pasaban los años tenía una sensibilidad a todas las energías, conexión con las plantas y animales. 

Tenía cierto grado de Mediumnidad y Precognición natural…
Llegue a la edad de 17 años y por el ambiente que nos venden en la sociedad, las amistades, la publicidad, el exceso de ignorancia o desinformación de la población me absorbió y perdí todas mis sensibilidades, sin embargo nunca me conforme, nunca me di por vencido y buscando llenar un vacío y sensación de no pertenecer a este lugar, hace 10 años comencé a aprender metafísica, y me sentí más cerca, sin embargo necesitaba más, pero hace ya casi dos años el Ser Uno llegó a mi vida para regresarme ese niño que fui, la fortaleza, las habilidades, la seguridad, la salud mental, y emocional, y sobre todo, la felicidad… me devolvió todas esas cosas que nos corresponden por derecho universal y que nos quitaron sin piedad. 

Eliminé todos los temores, apegos y limitantes que me habían programado con el paso por esta existencia. 

Estoy terminando por segunda vez los 6 libros. 

Yo dudé, Indagué, experimenté en mi entorno, los cambios que he tenido en mi vida en este año y medio han sido los más benéficos e importantes que he tenido en esta existencia, creó que desde que dejé mi infancia. 

Hoy sólo deseo ayudar a mis hermanos a despertar, siento una emoción infinita al reafirmar mi historia con ustedes. 

Sigo aprendiendo y sanando. 

Siempre supe que venía de las estrellas y que había una realidad que muchas personas no percibían, que otros buscaban enterrarla y más… Gracias Ser Uno por compartir y hacer tu trabajo de manera excepcional. 

Gracias Hermanos Mayores Ayaplianos por nunca dejarnos solos, sigo percibiendo su presencia y a todos nosotros en diferentes maneras. 

Mi amor es suyo y de toda la humanidad y formas de vida en el universo.

 Estoy aquí para servir al universo y eso me hace feliz.

 El trabajo es cada momento en mi persona y estoy seguro que llegará el momento en que mi labor será cada vez mayor. 

¡Somos todos, Somos UNO!…


Estimado Ivan… 

Gracias por sus hermosas palabras. 

Que su despertar ilumine otras consciencias. 

Que la lámpara de su corazón alumbre de amor el corazón de otros, para señalarles el sendero de regreso. 

Que el universo lo guíe siempre por la senda de LUZ y AMOR hermano del camino… 

Camino del Ser.

* * *

* * *

TiAmAt: 106_Archive, Ison, Respuestas, de un extraterrestre, de Andrómeda, ANSWERS, OF AN ALIEN, FROM ANDROMEDA,

Origen: TiAmAt: 106_Archive, Ison, Respuestas, de un extraterrestre, de Andrómeda, ANSWERS, OF AN ALIEN, FROM ANDROMEDA,

Saturday, September 1, 2018

106_Archive, Ison, Respuestas, de un extraterrestre, de Andrómeda, ANSWERS, OF AN ALIEN, FROM ANDROMEDA,

* * *


* * * Vídeo 106
Respuestas de un extraterrestre de Andrómeda – vídeo ciento seis – 13 de noviembre del 2013.

Amigos, como he dicho antes, el evento Ison realineará la órbita de todos los planetas en el sistema solar. 
Todos sus movimientos y su influencia serán equilibrados para causar los efectos que el sistema necesita para finalizar el paso al nivel uno. 

El tiempo de los ajustes finales de frecuencias y las órbitas de los planetas del sistema solar se aproxima rápidamente ahora. 

Las nuevas frecuencias que permiten a su sociedad mantener un nivel uno del planeta en esta nueva etapa serán armónicos a la frecuencia de vibración de su Sol, al que están adecuando para poner fin a esta afinación. 

La alta actividad de su sol debería realizar una limpieza de las frecuencias dañinas para el desarrollo de la nueva fase de la conciencia, incluso si tienen que parar muchas actividades actuales de su sociedad. 

Estén seguros que todo eso será necesario para realizar los ajustes finales, no es ningún tipo de castigo, por el contrario, es una bendición. 

Todos los que están pasando por esta nueva afinación tienen un papel importante en este proceso, por eso están aquí en este momento. 

En los procesos de desarrollo del universo no hay coincidencias, una taza, para desbordar, necesita todas las gotas, si hay una que falta, no se desbordará. 

Estén preparados para esta nueva fase, las únicas situaciones que puedan afectar las condiciones de vida de su gente durante este período son los actos de excepción causados por la cúpula de su gobierno poco saludable, que gobierna el planeta. 

Pero al final, lo quieran o no, va a ser todo establecido por las leyes del desarrollo universal. 

La cúpula de los gobiernos elitistas están simplemente convulsionando antes de la muerte.

Algunas respuestas a las preguntas de muchos:
– Ustedes no tienen que preocuparse acerca de cuántos de nivel uno o nivel cero se mantendrán en el planeta. 

Este será un proceso de selección natural. 

Incluso si sus gobiernos eliminan a poblaciones enteras en su enfermizo proceso de disrupciones, no van a cambiar la formación de la nueva sociedad, con la reposición de “niveles uno” en el planeta.

– Contestaré unas preguntas sobre Marte, el paso de Ison no causó daños estructurales en el planeta, las ciudades y las bases de operación sobrevivieron porque se habían protegidos con sus campos de fuerza.

– En Venus o en su planeta, el Sol estará en gran parte responsable de los cambios, e Ison será controlado por radio para ajustar las frecuencias finales de vibración del Sol y de todos los planetas del sistema para esta actualización. 

Probablemente no va a seguir la ruta esperada por los científicos después de pasar por el Sol.

– Como he mencionado anteriormente, Taus será detectado en una nueva órbita fija, y la nube de energía cósmica que rodea todo el sistema solar será responsable de miles de meteoros extraviados que serán supervisados por Pleyadianos.

– El Sistema Solar Nibiru pasará por el sistema para completar su ciclo, pero su influencia no generará cataclismos generalizados, los Krulianos tendrán el control y la dirección de este pasaje como lo viene haciendo desde hace más de un año.

– Cometas con múltiples colas son relativamente comunes, su composición con materiales poco comunes hacen que reaccionen a los enlaces de fuerzas vectoriales, que se cruzan en su camino. 

Las colas representan
reacciones a los enlaces vectoriales relacionados con los campos gravitacionales de otros cuerpos celestes, que tratan de interferir con su trayectoria. 

El ángulo entre las colas variará de acuerdo con las distancias de los objetos que están influyendo en su camino.

– En caso de que se queden sin comunicación a través de los satélites o sin energía, deberían tener dispositivos de comunicación como los que se han mencionado anteriormente, que pueden funcionar con baterías, pero mantengan estos dispositivos apagados durante cualquier noticia de EMPs, emitidas por el Sol o causado por sus gobiernos. 

Mantengan este equipo aislado y desconectado hasta estar seguro de que se puedan conectar. 

Tengan un teléfono celular o cualquier dispositivo electrónico conectado para verificar que no se quemará antes de conectar su equipo de comunicación principal. 

Los radios son la única forma común de comunicación que quedarán para mantener comunidades informados de lo que está pasando. 

Vamos a estar operando en varias frecuencias de VHF, UHF y onda corta, y nos podemos comunicar con aquellos que son capaces de escanear los canales para escuchar.

– En el caso de Japón, la propagación de radiación es grave. 

Sus élites realmente quieren que eso suceda por eso no ofrecieron ninguna ayuda al gobierno japonés para apoyar en el caso. 

Es impresionante, incluso para nosotros los observadores, el abandono de todas sus principales naciones atendiendo este hecho. 

Esto ya es un factor predominante para que se den cuenta de la planificación de todo un escenario de reducción de recursos y de la destrucción del ecosistema. 

Entendemos que sólo podemos intervenir cuando los gobiernos no son más gobiernos. 

Cuando en el planeta ya no hay gobierno, lo que va a suceder cuando sus élites se retraigan para escapar del resto de la población, entonces sí podemos asumir nuestro papel de ayuda
 “extraterrestre “
– Las colonias en el “planeta numero uno”, que están recibiendo terrícolas en situación de desarrollo antes de su “edad media”, ya cuentan con varias colonias de rápido desarrollo. 

El ochenta por ciento de los desencarnados aquí renacen en estas nuevas colonias. 

En unos pocos cientos de años vamos a tener otro planeta para pasar al nivel uno, y posiblemente algunos voluntarios desde el nuevo nivel 1de la sociedad de la Tierra que está comenzando, que puedan participar en ayudar a este nuevo planeta en su paso a “nivel 1” también. 

En cuanto a los otros veinte por ciento de los desencarnados, renacen en el segundo planeta y se están integrando en tribus “Neanderthal. ” 

Estos se tomarán unos pocos miles de años para pasar al nivel uno. 

Estos dos planetas son muy similares a la Tierra, y están en otro sistema solar en el mismo cuadrante que ustedes en su galaxia. 

Muy conveniente. 
Lo que puedo decir es que este sistema tiene diecinueve planetas y un sol de magnitud 4 en la escala que utilizan.

– Incluso los desastres causados por la manipulación atmosférica, están siendo programados por sus gobiernos por medio de sencillos experimentos científicos. 

La gran mayoría de los incorpóreos de estas regiones, como ha ocurrido recientemente en Filipinas, van a renacer en el “planeta 1” como hijos de sus habitantes actuales. 

Ellos estarán en una muy buena ubicación y estarán contentos con la nueva oportunidad de desarrollo.

– Transmitiré de nuevo, si es necesario, para informarles acerca de los próximos pasos Que estén bien cada uno.

Capitán Bill – noviembre de 2013
Estoy poniendo esta información por curiosidad. Cierto tipo de nave espacial utilizado por Mythi hace pocos años fue fotografiado en varias imágenes de Google Maps en Mount Shasta, California, Estados Unidos. Según Mythi me informa, este tipo de nave espacial fue muy popular hace unas décadas, y todavía está en uso por las diversas culturas de Andrómeda que visitan el planeta Tierra. Según él, esta nave fotografiada pertenece a una
raza, buenos amigos suyos, que pertenecen a una colonia en Rigel Centauros. Son unidades científicas, que trabajan aquí desde hace muchas décadas, igual como lo hacen los científicos de Epsilon Bootis.
If they have not taken these pictures out, below are the links for you to browse through the site and see for yourselves the spacecraft for several angles using Google Street View in greater resolution. Cheers! CB
Link1 Link2

* * *

* * *
Video 106
Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and six – November 13, 2013. Friends, as I said before, ISON event will realign the orbit of all planets in the solar system. All its motion and influence will be balanced to cause the effects that the system need to finalize the passage into the level one. The time of the final adjustments of frequencies and orbits of the planets of the solar system is coming fast now. The new frequencies that enable your society to maintain a planet level one in this new phase will be harmonics of the frequency of vibration of your Sun, which is fitting to end this tuning. The high activity of thy sun should make a cleanup of frequencies harmful to the development of the new phase of consciousness, even if it has to stop many current activities of your society. Be assured that all that will be necessary for these final adjustments, is not any kind of punishment, on the contrary, it is a blessing. All of you who are going through this new tune has important roles in this process, so you are here right now. In the development processes of the universe there are no coincidences, a cup to overflow needs all the drops, is one that is missing it does not overflow. Be prepared for this new phase, the only situations that may affect the conditions of life of your people during this period are the acts of exception caused by unhealthy dome government that governs your planet. But in the end, whether they want it or not, everything will be set by the laws of universal development. Your dome of elitist governments, are simply convulsing before death. Some answers to questions of many:
– You need not worry about how many levels one or zero level will remain on the planet. This will be a process of natural selection. Even if your governments eliminate entire populations in their sickening process of upheaval, it will not change the formation of the new society, with the revival of “levels one” on the planet. – Answering some questions about Mars, the passage of ISON caused no structural damage to the planet, cities and bases of operation survived because they had turned their force fields. – On Venus, or on your planet, the Sun will be largely responsible for changes, and ISON, will be radio-controlled to adjust the vibration frequency end of the Sun and all the planets of the system, for this upgrade. It may not follow the expected route by your scientists after passing by the Sun. – As I mentioned earlier, Taus will be detected in a new fixed orbit, and the cloud of cosmic energy that surrounds the entire solar system will be responsible for thousands of stray meteors that will be supervised by Pleiadeans. – The solar system Nibiru will pass by the system to complete its cycle, but its influence will not generate widespread cataclysms, the Krulians will be monitoring and directing this passage as been doing for over a year. – Comets with multiple tails are relatively common, its composition with rare materials make them to react to the forces vectorial links crossing on your journey. The tails represent reactions to related vectorial links to gravitational fields of other heavenly bodies trying to interfere with its trajectory. The angle between the tails will vary according to the distances of the objects that are influencing its path. – In case you run out communication via satellites, or without energy, you should have communication devices as previously mentioned, that can run on batteries, but keep these devices off during any news of EMP’s issued by your Sun or caused by your governments. Keep this equipment insulated and disconnected until be sure they can be connected. Keep a cell phone or any electronic device connected to verify that it will not be burned before connecting your main communication equipment. The radios are the only common form of communication that remains to keep communities knowing what’s going on. We will be operating at various frequencies from VHF, UHF and shortwave, and we can communicate with those who are able to scan the channels to listen. – The case of Japan radiation spread is severe. Thy elites really want that to happen so offered no aid to Japanese government to assist in the case. It’s impressive, even for us observers, the neglect of all your major nations with the fact. This is already a predominant factor for you to realize the planning of a whole scenario of reducing resources and destruction of the ecosystem. Understand that we can only intervene when your governments are not more governments. When the planet is no government, what will happen when your elites to retract to escape from the rest of the population, then yes we can assume our role in helping “extraterrestrial. – The colonies in the “planet one” that is getting earthlings for development situation prior to your “middle age”, is already with several colonies rapidly developing. Eighty percent of the disembodied here is reborn in these new colonies. In a few hundred years we will have another planet to go to level one, and possibly volunteers from the new society level 1 of the Earth that is starting, may participate in helping this new planet in its passage also to the “level one”. As for the other twenty percent of the disembodied, are reborn in the second planet and integrating into tribes “post Neanderthal.” These will take a few thousand years to pass to the level one. These two planets are very similar to the Earth, and are in another solar system in the same quadrant are you in your galaxy. Very convenient. What I can say is that this system has nineteen planets and a sun of magnitude 4 on the scale you use.
– Even these disasters caused by atmospheric manipulation, are being scheduled by your governments by way of simple scientific experiments. The vast majority of disembodied of these regions, as recently occurred in the
Philippines, will be reborn in the “planet 1″ as children of its current inhabitants. They will be in a very good location and will be happy with the new development opportunity. – I shall communicate again so is necessary to inform you of the next steps. Be well every one.
Captain Bill – November, 2013 ESPECIAL REPORT: GOOGLE MAPS
I am placing this information out of curiosity. A spacecraft type used by Mythi few years ago was photographed in several pictures by Google Maps in Mount Shasta, California, U.S.. According Mythi reported, this type of spacecraft was very popular a few decades ago, and is still in use by various cultures from Andromeda visiting planet Earth. According to him, this ship photographed belongs to a race, good friends of his, who belong to a colony on Rigel Centaurs. Are scientific units, working here for many decades, as it also makes scientists from Epsilon Boötis.
If they have not taken these pictures out, below are the links for you to browse through the site and see for yourselves the spacecraft for several angles using Google Street View in greater resolution. Cheers! CB LINK 1 LINK 2

* * *
* * **
* * *

psycho, sharing, 31/32/33, The Mystery of Imaginary Ugliness, PSYCHO-CYBERNETICS,

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Saturday, May 2, 2015

sharing, 31/32/33, The Mystery of Imaginary Ugliness – PSYCHO-CYBERNETICS

* * *

The Mystery of Imaginary Ugliness

…To a person handicapped by a genuine congenital defect, or suffering from an actual facial disfigurement as a
result of an accident, plastic surgery can indeed seemingly
perform magic. 
From such cases it would be easy to theorize that the cure-all for all neuroses, unhappiness,
failure, fear, anxiety and lack of self-confidence would be
wholesale plastic surgery to remove all bodily defects.

However, according to this theory, persons with normal or acceptable faces should be singularly free from all
psychological handicaps. 

They should be cheerful, happy,
self-confident, free from anxiety and worry. 

We know only too well this is not true.

Nor can such a theory explain the people who visit the office of a plastic surgeon and demand a “face lift” to
cure a purely imaginary ugliness. 

There are the 35- or 45-
year-old women who are convinced that they look “old” even though their appearance is perfectly “normal” and in
many cases unusually attractive.

There are the young girls who are convinced that they are “ugly” merely because their mouth, nose or bust
measurement does not exactly match that of the currently reigning movie queen. 

There are men who believe that their ears are too big or their noses too long. 

No ethical plastic surgeon would even consider operating upon these people, but unfortunately the quacks, or so-called
“beauty doctors” whom no medical association will admit to membership, have no such qualms.

Such “imaginary ugliness” is not at all uncommon. 

A recent survey of college co-eds showed that 90 per cent
were dissatisfied in some way with their appearance. 

If the words “normal” or “average” mean anything at all, it
is obvious that 90 per cent of our population cannot be
“abnormal” or “different” or “defective” in appearance.

Yet, similar surveys have shown that approximately the
same percentage of our general population find some reason to be ashamed of their body-image.

These people react just as if they suffered an actual disfigurement.

They feel the same shame. 

They develop the
same fears and anxieties. 

Their capacity to really “live” fully is blocked and choked by the same sort of psychologic

 Their “scars,” though mental and emotional
rather than physical, are just as debilitating.

The Self-image—the Real Secret
Discovery of the self-image explains all the apparent
discrepancies we have been discussing. 

It is the common
denominator—the determining factor in all our case histories,
the failures as well as the successes.

The secret is this:

 To really “live,” that is to find life
reasonably satisfying, you must have an adequate and
realistic self image that you can live with. 

You must find
your self acceptable to “you.” 

You must have a wholesome

You must have a self that you can trust
and believe in. 

You must have a self that you are not
ashamed to “be,” and one that you can feel free to express
creatively, rather than to hide or cover up. 

You must
have a self that corresponds to reality so that you can
function effectively in a real world. 

You must know yourself—
both your strengths and your weaknesses and be
honest with yourself concerning both. 

Your self-image
must be a reasonable approximation of “you,” being neither more than you are, nor less than you are.

When this self-image is intact and secure, you feel “good.” 

When it is threatened, you feel anxious and insecure.

When it is adequate and one that you can be
wholesomely proud of, you feel self-confident. You feel free to “be yourself” and to express yourself. 

You function
at your optimum. 

When it is an object of shame, you attempt to hide it rather than express it. 

Creative expression
 is blocked. 

You become hostile and hard to get along

If a scar on the face enhances the self-image (as in the
case of the German duelist), self-esteem and self-confidence
are increased. 

If a scar on the face detracts from the
self-image (as in the case of the salesman), loss of selfesteem
and self-confidence results.

When a facial disfigurement is corrected by plastic surgery, dramatic psychologic changes result only if there is
a corresponding correction of the mutilated self-image.

Sometimes the image of a disfigured self persists even after successful surgery, much the same as the “phantom limb”
may continue to feel pain years after the physical arm or leg has been amputated.

I Begin a New Career
These observations led me into a new career. 

Some 15 years ago I became convinced that the people who consult
a plastic surgeon need more than surgery and that some of them do not need surgery at all. 

If I were to treat
these people as patients, as a whole person rather than as merely a nose, ear, mouth, arm or leg, I needed to be in a
position to give them something more. 

I needed to be able
to show them how to obtain a spiritual face lift, how to remove emotional scars, how to change their attitudes and thoughts as well as their physical appearance.

This study has been most rewarding. 

Today, I am more
convinced than ever that what each of us really wants, deep down, is more LIFE. 

Happiness, success, peace of mind, or whatever your own conception of supreme good may be, is experienced in its essence as-more life. 

When we experience expansive emotions of happiness, self-confidence, and success, we enjoy more life. 

And to the degree
that we inhibit our abilities, frustrate our God-given talents,
and allow ourselves to suffer anxiety, fear, self-condemnation
and self-hate, we literally choke off the life
force available to us and turn our back upon the gift
which our Creator has made. 

To the degree that we deny the gift of life, we embrace death.


* * *

psycho: sharing, Viaje Astral, El SER UNO, CARTA ABIERTA, A EL SER UNO…,

Origen: psycho: sharing, Viaje Astral, El SER UNO, CARTA ABIERTA, A EL SER UNO…,

Sunday, August 26, 2018

sharing, Viaje Astral, El SER UNO, CARTA ABIERTA, A EL SER UNO…,

*    *    *
Image may contain: text


Hola, los agregue en Facebook para contar mi historia y me dieron este correo para ello. 
La verdad es que aún no sé cómo expresar lo que siento en este momento referente a mi encuentro directo que según yo tuve en la madrugada del domingo recién pasado, la verdad es que no se la hora en que paso, pudo ser entre las 2 y 3 de la mañana.
 Siento muy conscientemente que una energía me libera de mi cuerpo físico y yo en alma o no sé cómo llamarlo, empiezo a levitar o volar guiado de una entidad que a todo esto jamás se mostró ante mí pero yo sabía que estaba conmigo y me guiaba hasta muy alto (al cielo). 
Me acuerdo que había nubes y como estaba oscuro me entro algo de vértigo pero nunca miedo, me sentía muy protegido ante esta entidad.
Cuando estábamos casi a punto de llegar a una nube yo le pregunte telepáticamente, que a donde iríamos y me respondió que detrás de esa gran nube estaba su nave; fue ahí cuando me entro un poco de miedo mezclado con ansias de saber cómo seria. 

Llegamos a la entrada y mi sorpresa fue maravillosa, no podía creer lo que estaba pasando, estaba dentro de la nave y no era nada parecido a las películas, ni tampoco de algún tipo de metal o material duro, sino era energía pura, transparente y con destellos o líneas azules muy parecidas a las luces led pero de seguro también era energía. 
Estaba maravillado, pregunte que de que estaba hecha y me respondió que era tecnología viva, materia viva o sea, la nave como tal tenía vida propia.
Me dijo el nombre pero la verdad no me acuerdo, fue algo así como: Tecnología Fisiológica. 
La forma de la nave era muy parecida a una ballena (según yo) pero como dije antes, era energía pura y transparente la cual se movía o viajaba de forma autónoma. 
Pasado un momento maravillándome de tal grandeza, le pregunte que como era la forma de la nave para viajar y me respondió, que en el cielo de la tierra hay muchos portales, por donde ellos viajan. 
La nave se empezó a mover y recuerdo haber visto el portal muy parecido a un agujero negro como lo muestran en el Discovery pero obviamente este era pequeño. 
Sentía la energía por toda mi alma al momento de introducirse a ese portal al igual que la nave se alumbraba por completo era como si vibráramos al mismo tiempo, la nave y yo éramos uno, también esta nave se movía muy parecido a un gusano de arriba hacia abajo ya que su cuerpo no era sólido, pasado todo esto, llegamos a algún planeta de alguna galaxia.
Lo último que recuerdo es haber estado en algún tipo de laboratorio con muchos más seres. 
Fue lo último que recuerdo.
 No recuerdo el regreso.
 Lástima, pero la experiencia fue única y de verdad lo puedo jurar testificar por lo más sagrado que tengo que es mi hijo que lo que hablo es verídico, podrían ponerme frente a cien máquinas de detector de mentiras y no tendría problema. 
Doy gracias a la vida y Dios por esta experiencia que la llevare por siempre dentro de mí. 
Sé que nunca fuimos o somos los únicos, tenemos infinidades de Hermanos Mayores como los llamo yo en otras galaxias… 
Ojala pudieran responderme y explicarme mi experiencia,
 ¿Por qué a mí? 
o ¿Cuál sería el fin de esto?… 
De antemano muchas gracias… Ángel.


Estimado Ángel…

 El fenómeno extrasensorial que usted vivió se llama: Viaje Astral. 

Su cuerpo Etéreo se desdobló del Cuerpo-Psíquico e hizo un viaje extraordinario, donde se encontró con un Hermano Mayor que le mostró la realidad del universo. 

Muchos seres hoy en día, y el número crece cada vez más, experimentan este tipo de vivencias y lo están haciendo porque nos encontramos en: EL DESPERTAR DE LA CONSCIENCIA. 

Significa que nuestra Energía-Pensamiento se encuentra en una frecuencia más alta y al vibrar en estados cualitativos, los cristales del pensamiento se pulen, dejándonos ver con los sentidos internos y a través de ellos, realidades que hemos olvidado. 

Al vivir estas experiencias, recordamos de dónde venimos, quiénes somos y hacia dónde vamos. 

Lo que usted y muchos ven en sueños, fenómenos psíquicos, meditaciones, experiencias astrales, visiones y más son: RECUERDOS, no estamos aprendiendo nada, solo estamos recordando nuestro origen, pero al no recordarlo, conscientemente, pensamos que son experiencias únicas y al no tener el conocimiento de la existencia, también creemos que son experiencias nuevas que jamás hemos vivido. 

Todos, absolutamente todos los habitantes de este planeta Tierra no pertenecemos a el, somos alumnos-visitantes y estamos de paso. 

Muchos seres lo saben, tienen el conocimiento que este planeta es una escuela de aprendizaje, por lo tanto, nacen en esta realidad, estudian, aprenden, trabajan lo que deben trabajar y luego se van a otras realidades de existencia, donde el universo les proporciona conocimientos más avanzados que se adaptan a su grado, plano frecuencial y vibratorio.

 Otros viven entre esta realidad y los recuerdos, no logran ajustarse, no encuentran el equilibrio, siempre se sienten fuera de lugar, no saben a dónde pertenecen, ni por qué de sus sentimientos y emociones. 

Al final después de un largo camino comienzan a recordar y se ajustan a sus recuerdos, encontrando sus respuestas. 

Hay aquellos que por la densidad de esta realidad, olvidaron por completo su origen, viven en un estado perenne de amnesia, borraron de su memoria el saber que son visitantes y alumnos.

 Al no tener recuerdos que los apoyen, se aferran con miedo a esta realidad y hacen todo lo posible para sustentarse y quedarse eternamente en este planeta transitorio, hasta que a través de sus encarnaciones despiertan de su amnesia y comprenden el porqué de su existencia.

Los recuerdos han comenzado a aflorar y esto se debe al trabajo interno que estamos haciendo, debemos tomarlos como parte natural de nuestra naturaleza energética. 

Somos almas viejas, venimos desde el principio de la creación. 

Somos tan antiguos que no tenemos el alcance de entenderlo.

 Por ahora nuestra alma nos ayuda con flashes de recuerdos, los cuales alumbran como las luciérnagas el Camino de Regreso. 

Somos ciegos, sordos y mudos ante la grandiosidad del universo. 

Somos pequeñas luces en el firmamento, anhelando el despertar del pensamiento. 

Somos como la noche queriendo atrapar en el alma el resplandor de la LUZ ETERNA. 

Tan solo debemos abrir las puertas del corazón y cuando lo hagamos, iluminará en nosotros el AMOR, alejando para siempre la oscuridad profana que marchita las esperanzas sin condición, haciéndonos sentir víctimas, de la orfandad humana… 

Camino del Ser.

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KRULIANs: sharing2- PREPARANDOSE, PARA EL PRIMER CONTACTO, Decretos, de gran alcance, del PAT, para acelerar, la Ascensión,

Origen: KRULIANs: sharing2- PREPARANDOSE PARA EL PRIMER CONTACTO, Decretos de gran alcance del PAT para acelerar la Ascensión

martes, 19 de julio de 2016

sharing2- PREPARANDOSE PARA EL PRIMER CONTACTO, Decretos de gran alcance del PAT para acelerar la Ascensión

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Decretos de gran alcance del PAT para acelerar la Ascensión




por Denise Godber, 11 de julio 2015

translated in Spanish by Alfredo Settembrini


Decreto del PAT para la implementación de la nueva teoría de la ley universal de Todo Lo Que Es, y para  acelerar el colapso actual de la Matriz de Orión y desenterrar los  secretos ocultos, y restaurar la memoria física de la gente de lo que realmente son y restaurar su naturaleza empírica soberana natural.


Todos los “ataques terroristas” en esta matriz de Orión son ataques de bandera falsa organizadas por la camarilla oscura gobernante , y tienen un único objetivo –  perpetuar el estado de guerra eterna y la división de la humanidad  para mantener a la gente en un estado de miedo y separación constante de la Fuente. Ahora es el momento de poner fin a esta política atroz.
Todas las entidades oscuras, escorias, como cobras y falsas Isis y todos los trolls de Internet, sean  removidos de nuestra realidad y del planeta madre superior y sus fragmentos oscuros ser enviados a los plazos inferiores ahora!
Por la presente, yo decreto en el nombre de la fuente  la inundación de esta realidad con la llama de oro y violeta, la  llama verde, la llama azul, la llama rosa y la luz Crística-oro blanco de partículas diamantinas de la esencia de Dios.
Que la verdad se convierta en conocimiento común a todas las personas para que se despiertan de forma exponencial a la verdad sobre el truco de los matones de falsas banderas, y la tiranía y la opresión utilizado en las personas.
Decreto que en el nombre de la fuente que toda verdad se revele ahora en  estas extremas políticas atroces.
Y que así sea, y que así sea, y que así sea.
“Con esto invoco la llama  oro-violeta a inundar mis campos y realidades multidimensionales y ayúdarme a crear las condiciones energéticas óptimas para la plena aplicación de la nueva teoría de la ley universal, que es también la teoría de la ascensión y la prosperidad infinita de la humanidad, en todos los mundos 4D superiores de Gaia. Pido a todas las fuerzas de la luz y de la Fuente para apoyar esta visión, por lo que se puede manifestar de inmediato en el Ahora por nuestro deseo colectivo como los nuevos Guardianes humanos de la  nueva Galaxia  de Oro y los nuevos dioses Logotipos de todos los mundos 4D de Gaia dentro de  esta galaxia – los verdaderos miembros PAT, los guerreros de luz de la primera y la última hora.
Y que así sea, y que así sea, y que así sea! ”
Decreto que se introduzcan condiciones energéticas favorables en este planeta madre superior para mejorar la mente de las masas para poder aceptar la nueva Teoría de la Ley Universal a nivel colectivo y por lo tanto lograr el cambio de paradigma necesario.
Por la presente, yo (nombre completo),  guerrero de la Luz de la primera y la última hora,  Maestro Ascendido, Logos Dios de Gaia, y Guardián de la nueva Galaxia Dorada, decreto que es mi voluntad que la Matriz de Orión y su principal pilar, el Sistema Monetario Orion,  colapsen  en este planeta madre superior. Esto incluye todas las bolsas de valores y materias primas en todo el mundo, el cierre de todos los bancos y gobiernos de Occidente, y la exclusión de una nueva guerra mundial.
Y que así sea, y que así sea, y que así sea.
Yo decreto que el Sistema de Orion de Salud-Bienestar del  mundo y todo lo que se refiere al sector de la salud, el bienestar, colapsen / implosionen  Ahora en este planeta madre superior. Esto incluye la totalidad de sus empresas farmacéuticas, hospitales, centros de experimentación en seres humanos y animales, centros de investigación y laboratorios para la creación de virus letales para el genocidio de la humanidad, los centros de control de  las organizaciones físicas y mentales,  como  ‘ la OMS, la  UNICEF, la FDA que erróneamente a sí mismas dan el derecho de  controlar la salud y el bienestar de la humanidad. Y que todas las pandemias mundiales más contagiosas se puedan prevenir en este planeta madre superior.
Y que así sea, y que así sea, y que así sea.
Que lo que está oculto se conozca,  para que todos puedan ver la verdad de todas y de  cada situación. Yo decreto que estas profundidades y secretos de la 3D y mundos inferiores ocultos sean liberados a la  superficie para que  todos  lo sepan .
Y que así sea, y que así sea, y que así sea.
Que se integre en Todo Lo Que Es. todos los sistemas y niveles del  mismo, lo que podemos o no podemos observar con nuestros sentidos, son productos de gradientes de energía.
Y que así sea, y que así sea, y que así sea.
Yo decreto la destrucción y la limpieza de los campos, las mentes y las psiques de los seres humanos,  de todos los patrones oscuros, de toda la programación de Orión y acondicionamiento educativo (matemático, científico, la física y la biología, etc.) en todos los plazos, que restringen los sentidos y  que crean  personas calladas, la ignorancia colectiva , la imbecilidad cognitiva, distorsionando y restringiendo los sentidos naturales de entendimiento del uso natural de gradientes de energía de Todo Lo Que Es, provocando de esta manera negativa, las creencias limitantes y  las emociones bloqueadas.
Y que así sea, y que así sea, y que así sea.
Yo invoco las energías constructivas de las llamas sagradas para abarcar a toda la humanidad, y todas sus líneas de tiempo, para levantar, limpiar y estimular las mentes y los corazones de todas las personas, en la preparación de la base energética para la creación de nuevos mundos 4D infinitas para futuras encarnaciones de miles de millones de almas nuevas.  Se deje que la percepción expandida prístina para la humanidad, se integre  como un recuerdo natural de lo que somos, y se  deje  que se restaure nuestra naturaleza empírica.
Y que así sea, y que así sea, y que así sea.
Yo decreto se  restaure  Gaia y todos sus niveles multidimensionales, a su prístina belleza y pureza,  para liberarla, y limpiar los grandes sectores de energías oscuras que se han acumulado en su estructura energética desde eones de tiempo, y separarla de todo los plazos inferiores que son destruidas por MPR. Yo decreto que todo está hecho para que Gaia ascienda y este firmemente anclada en la nueva Galaxia Dorada.
Y que así sea, y que así sea, y que así sea.
Yo mando, invoco y el decreto como un guerrero luz de la primera y la última hora, en la mayor sinceridad y verdad,  usar mis emociones y sentimientos humanos, de una manera libre y soberana, sin restricciones y  cargar mis creaciones, ya sea  con el amor por la humanidad, o la ira por su lado oscuro.
Acepto mi creacion  potencial y  uso mi capacidad divina y prístina para crear una realidad mejor, más agradable para mí y para el resto de la humanidad. Exhorto a todas mis invocaciones con las poderosas llamas energéticas de  la Fuente.

Y que así sea, y que así sea, y que así sea.
Con este fin, pido la ayuda de los  Espiritus Elementales  Seres de orden superior, a quienes se  agradece con amor incondicional y respeto, e invoco desde el punto de apoyo de mi Presencia YO SOY
– La llama violeta de oro de la Ascensión, la transmutación y Sanación,
– la llama verde de la curación, la Verdad y el Conocimiento de Ciencias Naturales de Dios,
– la llama azul de la Divina Voluntad de Dios,
– la llama rosa del Amor Cósmico, y
– el oro- blanco Crística luz del amor incondicional y la paz, en forma de partículas diamantinas de  la Esencia de Dios.

a inundar mi cuerpo multidimensional que abarca Gaia y todos sus plazos, para desencadenar el  inmediato colapso / implosión de la matriz de Orión y su sistema financiero y el sistema de Orión de Salud-Bienestar Mundial, el sistema jurídico, político, militar, industrial, energético, agrícola, educativo, científico, deportivo, cultural, el periodismo , el entretenimiento de todo tipo, y todo lo demás,  para iniciar el despertar global de la humanidad a la verdad divina de toda la existencia y de las responsabilidades de su propio  ser físico, mental, emocional y la salud espiritual, a la recuperación de su soberanía y al conocimiento de las leyes universales que gobiernan la existencia de todos los seres vivos en este planeta madre superior.
Y que así sea, que así sea, que así sea !!!
YO SOY EL QUE YO SOY, (nombre completo),  guerrero de la luz  de la primera y la última hora,  Maestro Ascendido, Logos Dios de Gaia y Guardián de la nueva Galaxia Dorada, el  presente  decreto se  hace  en el nombre de la Fuente (repetición esta declaración también tres veces).


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Por los Pleyadianos – A través de la Dra. Suzanne Lie



Saludos, soy Sharman nuevamente aquí para hablar con ustedes. Estoy en realidad vistiendo un envase terrestre dentro de su AHORA, de manera de poder caminar entre ustedes para sentir los campos de energía humanos mejor. Visto distintos “disfraces” en días diferentes dependiendo de qué área estoy visitando.

Al final de cada día, regreso a mi habitación en la Nave para compartir lo que he experimentado. Fui elegido para esta misión porque pasé una larga vida como humano y aprendí a “leer” muchos de los pensamientos y emociones de los humanos que observo.

Lo que he percibido es que muchos de ustedes se están sintiendo MUY cansados. También he observado que muchos sienten como si se estuvieran yendo pronto, pero no se dan cuenta de que “pronto” es un término tri/tetradimensional. En la quinta dimensión, hay solo AHORA, así que “pronto” no existe ya que hay solo AHORA del “no-tiempo”. No obstante, he observado que muchos de ustedes están experimentando una transmutación de su cuerpo físico entero.

Estas transmutaciones físicas, así como su relación con pensamientos y emociones, están pasando por una “remodelación” total. He observado que muchos tienen vidas muy completas en las cuales están muy ocupados dentro de su ser tri/tetradimensional. Entonces, cuando se relajan, aunque pueden no ser conscientes de ello, pueden liberar la tensión de su expansión/regreso a su SER hacia la quinta dimensión. Sí, hay una “tensión “ con respecto a su cambio. Su forma tridimensional está siendo llamada a transmutarse hacia una frecuencia que sólo fue experimentada antes de que tomaran un envase terrestre en la Tierra tridimensional. Simultáneamente, su conciencia se regocija de regresar a su verdadero SER quien pronto, no necesitará vestir una densa forma tridimensional. Muchos de ustedes ponderan, “No estoy seguro de que mi cuerpo pueda pasar la transmutación hacia el Cuerpo de Luz”.

Por lo tanto, deseo recordarles que no necesitan preocuparse sobre su cuerpo físico, ya que será automáticamente transmutado hacia su expresión superior mientras ustedes continúan su viaje. “Cómo lo estoy haciendo, y adónde voy en mi viaje?” percibí en los pensamientos de muchos. Sí, sus pensamientos y emociones son muy claros para mis percepciones pentadimensionales, y al expandirse su conciencia totalmente hacia la quinta dimensión, ustedes también percibirán conscientemente los pensamientos y emociones de otros.

Lo que he observado es que muchos de ustedes lo están haciendo bastante bien con su viaje, ya que es un viaje de la conciencia. Parte de la razón por la cual tantos de ustedes están tan cansados es debido a que la frecuencia de su conciencia es MUCHO más superior que la frecuencia de su cuerpo. No obstante, su cuerpo no puede transmutar tan fácilmente los patrones de conexión 3D dentro de los elementales de su cuerpo porque son demasiado lentos para contener todas los campos de energía de frecuencia superior.

Por lo tanto, ustedes están usando su Mente Multidimensional de alta frecuencia, su Tercer Ojo y su Corazón Superior para ayudarse en su proceso de adaptarse a las frecuencias más elevadas de su realidad. Dentro de su AHORA, la baja tercera dimensión se está resbalando de la conciencia de los ascendentes. Al continuar su viaje multidimensional hacia la quinta dimensión, descubrirán que sienten menos fatiga. También observé que muchos de ustedes han creado lo que podría llamar una “superposición de la red de su cuerpo de luz”. En otras palabras, muchos de ustedes están, consciente o inconscientemente, sintiendo su cuerpo de Luz flotando justo más allá, aún así alrededor, de su forma física.

He notado que más y más de ustedes se están volviendo conscientes de esta “superposición”. Al volverse más conscientes de lo que puede parecer una red del cuerpo de luz “externo” a su alrededor de su forma física, ustedes expanden su “sentido del Ser” para incluir su aura en constante expansión. Experimentarán esta superposición del Cuerpo de Luz como una sensación justo por encima de su piel. Solo serán capaces de percibir esta superposición cuando estén en un estado de conciencia superior. Pero, una vez que lo han percibido, se vuelve bastante más normal el sentir esta capa de luz cuando sea que recuerden centrar su conciencia en el Amor incondicional.

Al sentir el Amor incondicional interdimensional dentro de su conciencia, comenzarán a sentirlo como “cosquillas”, abrazos, y algo que envuelve su envase terrestre. Al encenderse estas sensaciones en sus percepciones tridimensionales, comenzarán a percibir su vida diaria de una manera expandida. Antes de que sus percepciones se encendieran en su vida diaria, experimentaban la realidad como “solamente física”. No obstante sus percepciones expandidas son MUY sensibles a los campos de energía interdimensionales. Estos campos de energía interdimensionales parecen ocurrir de repente y luego, desaparecen también repentinamente.

No es que los campos de energía “entran” o “salen” de su vida. Lo que está ocurriendo es que su calibración a las frecuencias superiores se enciende, luego se apaga, luego se enciende cuando cambia su conciencia desde los estados de la cuarta superior y la quinta, luego de vuelta bajan a la cuarta y tercera dimensión. La frecuencia de la conciencia determina las percepciones que pueden registrar conscientemente en su cerebro como siendo “reales”. Hay muchas visiones interdimensionales, sonidos, y pensamientos entrando a su conciencia dentro de este AHORA.

Por “mensajes interdimensionales” queremos decir el mensaje que está viajando a través de al menos dos de las bandas de frecuencia dimensional superior alrededor de la Tierra, así como dos bandas de frecuencias dimensionales superiores antes de que ustedes la perciban vía su conciencia física. Las bandas de frecuencia de su conciencia desde la superior hasta la inferior son:

Ondas Theta, conciencia pentadimensional
Ondas Delta, conciencia tetradimensional superior
Ondas Alfa, conciencia tetradimensional
Ondas Beta, conciencia tridimensional.

Hay, de hecho, muchas comunicaciones que ustedes, los miembros despertando y ascendiendo de la Humanidad, están comenzando a experimentar conscientemente. Los despiertos llaman a estos mensajes “canalizaciones”, pero los dormidos sólo los llaman “alucinaciones”.

La mayoría de ustedes sentirán primero estas comunicaciones energéticas vía sus cuerpos físicos. Su cuerpo físico es mucho como el recubrimiento alrededor de un radio de largo alcance. Mucho de estos mensajes de frecuencia elevada son dirigidos primero a su Corazón Superior.
Los mensajes interdimensionales son recibidos primero vía su Corazón Superior porque la Llama Trina del ATMA (núcleo) de su Corazón Superior es su propio centro interdimensional. Su ATMA es su “centro interdimensional” porque el Amor Incondicional, la Sabiduría Infinita y el Poder Multidimensional dentro de su ATMA son todas cualidades interdimensionales. Cuando ustedes experimentan un mensaje interdimensional, y están listos para recibirlo, se sintonizan con su Corazón Superior (entre su corazón físico y su garganta) para traducir ese mensaje vía su propio amor Incondicional, sabiduría infinita y poder multidimensional.

Los mensajes interdimensionales surgen en la quinta dimensión y más allá para ser compartidos eventualmente con su cerebro y cuerpo tridimensionales. Estas comunicaciones interdimensionales se mueven primero hacia:
· Los estados superiores de conciencia dentro de su Mente Multidimensional
· Para ser compartidos con su cuerpo físico y ser anclados en la Tierra
· Luego hacia su Corazón Superior para ser traducidos…

La frecuencia de estos mensajes interdimensionales no puede ser aceptada totalmente por su conciencia despierta antes de que sean anclados. Si estuvieran conscientes de ellos antes de que fueran anclados, pudieran sentirse como un zumbido eléctrico. Afortunadamente, cada vez que ustedes anclan un mensaje interdimensional, el re-ingresa en su forma física, y es luego ruteado a su Corazón Superior de manera que la comunicación interdimensional pueda ser traducida hacia un mensaje que pueda ser entendido más claramente.

Algunos percibirán el mensaje vía su clariaudiencia – audición interdimensional. Algunos percibirán el mensaje vía su clarividencia – visión interdimensional. Algunos vía su clarisciencia – sensaciones interdimensionales.

Les recordamos que cualquier pensamiento de “lo lamento, pero no tengo tiempo suficiente para hacer esto” significa en realidad : “lo lamento, pero no es lo suficientemente importante para mi como para crear el tiempo de hacer esto”.

Recuerden por favor que un mensaje interdimensional viene a su conciencia dentro del AHORA del UNO en la quinta dimensión. Si lo quitan debido a que no están listos para oírlo, no serán capaces de recuperar ese AHORA. No obstante, si dicen, “estoy listo para recibir este mensaje en mi cuerpo”, naturalmente descubrirán un AHORA en el cual el mensaje, que ha sido guardado en su Corazón Superior, surgirá repentinamente dentro de su conciencia despierta.

Entonces, estén seguros de documentar ese mensaje dentro de ese AHORA. Si no son capaces de hacerlo, recuerden reconocer que un importante mensaje interdimensional espera por ustedes en su Corazón Superior. Les recuerdo que ustedes eligieron su vida, escogiendo exactamente lo que “tienen tiempo suficiente para hacer”.
Las personas a menudo piensan que no tienen opción sobre lo que sucede con su tiempo, lo cual los pone en un estado de “conciencia de víctima”. Recuerdo teniendo esta experiencia yo mismo cuando me voluntarié para tomar un envase terrestre para comprender mejor al ser Humano.

Por lo tanto, no estoy juzgándolos por esa conducta. Pero, también recuerdo cuán triste y solo estaba cuando perdí contacto con mi propio poder interno. De hecho, estoy escribiendo este mensaje ahora para ayudarlos a recordar que USTEDES son un Ser Multidimensional que eligió tomar un envase terrestre dentro de este AHORA para ayudar en la ascensión planetaria.

Desde mi regreso de “vestir un envase terrestre”, me di cuenta de cuántos campos de energía de la Tierra han cambiado. Debido a que regresé al AHORA de mi realidad pentadimensional, no tengo sentido de cómo se ha sentido para mis amigos humanos durante el “tiempo” de mi ausencia. Sin embargo, debido a que no pasé por la lenta adaptación que todos ustedes pasaron, puedo experimentar más fácilmente los grados de cambio entre mi regreso a la Nave y al AHORA de mi regreso a la Tierra.

“Bravo queridos Humanos”; les digo. “Estoy tan feliz de experimentar el aumento general de la resonancia aquí en el planeta Tierra. Puedo sentir también la urgencia de Gaia de decirles que Ella también aprecia grandemente su ayuda. Sí, Gaia y su Ser Planetario son un Ser vivo, planetario, sintiente. Ella también quiere que comparta con todos ustedes que su núcleo pentadimensional se está expandiendo más y más hacia la superficie en la cual viven sus Habitantes. Al abrirse a las comunicaciones con Gaia, Ella responderá.

Cerrando, deseo recordarles nuevamente que en la quinta dimensión USTEDES son los creadores completos de su vida. De hecho, cada pensamiento y cada emoción, se manifiesta instantáneamente.

Si no les gusta alguna de las elecciones que han hecho en su vida, pregúntense, “Qué aprendí?” Con esta pregunta han cambiado de “cometer un error” a “crear una lección para ayudarse en su viaje hacia el HOGAR”.

Si ven un hombre alto y flaco con un sombrero y grandes lentes de sol para proteger mis ojos Pleyadianos, quizás sea yo. De otra manera, nos vemos en la Nave.


Fin de la transmisión.

A través de la Dra. Suzanne Lie


Traducción – Despertando con Suzanne Lie

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KRULIANs: sharing2.1,2012, 2021: Más Allá de lo Humano, Xochipilli, * Red de Arte, Planetaria,

Origen: KRULIANs: sharing2.1,2012, 2021: Más Allá de lo Humano, Xochipilli, * Red de Arte, Planetaria,

lunes, 18 de diciembre de 2017

sharing2.1,2012, 2021: Más Allá de lo Humano, Xochipilli, * Red de Arte, Planetaria,

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Casa del Futuro: Piramidal, anti sísmica, eficiente y auto abastecida con energías renovables

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The Law of One Session 26
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TiAmAt: sharing2- American Culture, The Myth, of The American, Melting Pot , The Dialectics, of Human Mind, Devolution, in the End Time, » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

Origen: TiAmAt: sharing2- American Culture, The Myth, of The American, Melting Pot , The Dialectics, of Human Mind, Devolution, in the End Time, » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

Friday, December 30, 2016

sharing2- American Culture, The Myth, of The American, Melting Pot , The Dialectics, of Human Mind, Devolution, in the End Time, » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

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The Dialectics of Human Mind Devolution in the End Time
by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 29, 2016

Georgi Stankov, December 29, 2016


We live in a serendipitous time of amazing synchronicities. After I wrote my article “A Few Frank and Unpleasant Observations” I had a lengthy discussion with Carla as to why and how the minds of the scientists and the small community of enlightened people were shut down in the last two to three decades simultaneously with the march of modern electronics that deprived them of any independent, critical thinking and disabled them to develop a true understanding and appreciation of the revolutionary character of the new theory of the Universal Law. This is an old theme for me since the time when I discovered the Universal Law in 1994, but recently I gained some startling insights as to the cause of this devolution of the human mind in the End Time that I would like to share with you here. The next day Patrick sent me inadvertently his essay on the electronic era and its impact on human intelligence and behaviour which is a valuable contribution to this same topic. I am publishing his essay below as a testimony that highlights this same issue from a different angle.

Then I read yesterday an article which confirms one more time the creeping enslavement of humanity in daily life which I shall quote below. And finally today Leesa from Australia sent me another article which also deals with this same issue. If I have had any doubts as to the relevance of this expose, then my HS showed me that I have no chance but to write down the ideas with which I am pregnant since long time. This may be a challenging thesis for you as it will divest you from some unduly euphemistic ideas as to the always benevolent intentions of our souls – of all incarnated souls on the earth. It will be about the dialectics of human evolution through devolution of the human ego-mind as never understood in this clarity before.

All those older members of the PAT, such as Patrick below, who still remember the times before the electronic era began, have a good baseline memory as to how humans behaved and thought before the PCs came and the Internet connected humanity. When I began with the propagation of the new theory of the Universal Law in the 90s, the Internet was in its infancy and most scientists used their PCs as a better typing machine. When I developed the theory between 1993 – 1995 I had to use specialized data banks for my research as Internet did not really exist and had no scientific data stored. I was a rare exception to write down my book directly on a PC. Many scientists and most writers used at that time still a pencil and a sheet of paper or a typing machine to put down their ideas.

In the 90s, I could still find a few older scientists who were well aware of the deficiencies of physics and all natural sciences and were capable of recognizing the revolutionary character of the new theory of the Universal Law. After 2000 I have not met a single scientist capable of that. The reason is that, with the invasion of the Internet and all kinds of electronic gadgets, most humans lost their human nature, which is natural curiosity, and the propensity of independent abstract thinking.

I remember how shocked I was when I started travelling again with the Underground (U-Bahn) in Munich in the late 90s and all the people in the train were nervously manipulating on their iPhones with empty glances. I had the dreadful feeling that I have entered the horror reality of a cheap Hollywood science fiction movie. The zombification of the humans had commenced with full force. 9/11 was the logical continuation of this downward spiral. Before that you could have a nonchalant conversation with your neighbour on the train and even have a good laugh. With the beginning of the electronic era, the good old way of personal communication and exchange of precious knowledge fully vanished and the human mind began with its steady devolution. While this is an undeniable fact, the eschatological reason for this phenomenon has not been elucidated yet.

What we experience in the last century of human history is a steady and very rapid unification of humanity compared to past more static historical epochs. The Dark Ages lasted more than a millennium and the debased living conditions barely changed throughout that time. Even in the 50s people lived in most parts of the planet not much different than in the Antique as I can testify for the ancient Greek town of Nessebar on the Black Sea coast where I spent my summer holidays in the 50s and 60s. Life was there very similar to that 3000 years ago when this Greek colony was founded by Greek sailors and merchants to forge the trade with the mythical Colchida (Colchis), where Jason and the Argonauts found the Golden fleece according to Greek mythology.

This was true for many other parts of the world at that time. People lived their lives without any intrusion by external authorities and institutions and were only subjected to constant wars and invasions from their neighbours which was bad enough. In order to survive, they had to rely on their creativity, ingenuity and strong will – in other words, on their natural intelligence.

Then, in the beginning of the 20th century, we witness an unprecedented acceleration of social dynamics. Modern mass transport, telegraphic communications, television etc. connected all humans around the globe, much to their detriment as I shall explain below. This was done on purpose by both our souls who were preparing their incarnated personalities for ascension and by the dark ones who wanted to establish the NWO and enslave humanity as to prevent same. The forces of light and darkness worked hand in hand and the dialectical result of this joint effort was the devolution of the human mind-ego. This may sound frightening to some of you but the facts speak very loudly and demand for an explanation.

And here it is: In my Gnosis, and in particular in my first book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“, I have shown unequivocally that the ego-mind has hijacked this incarnation show on the ground from the original creator – the soul or the I AM Presence. Initially, incarnation in lower vibrating dimensions aimed at acquiring a new perspective of the soul from the position of an artificial separation from the Whole. The soul, herself, was embedded in the unity of All-That-Is and could not recognize and fully appreciate this blissful state as long as it dwelt in this state of harmonious oneness. Hence the idea of incarnation in lower 3D and 4D worlds with a seeming individuation and separation from the Source was created.

For this purpose the human mind was developed as an external reference point to the excarnated soul (oversoul, monad) in order to gather information and experiences in this separated state which the soul, being a spark of Godhead, would use to learn more about herself. In order to make the living condition as realistic as possible, the soul had to endow the ego-mind with the freedom of choice and free will in order to make decisions that dealt with his daily life in this low vibrating holographic reality.

As I point out in my gnostic books, these decisions encompass only a certain. limited set of social activities that enable the interaction with other incarnated entities and allow the establishment of bigger communities which actually mimic the unity of All-That-Is. The existence of the physical body and its constant biological regulation, as well as most overarching events that the incarnated personality experiences throughout her life and decisively determine her destiny are exclusively within the decision domain of the soul. The ego-mind of the human personality knows little about these arrangements behind the veil, in particular if it is agnostic as is the case with the vast majority of incarnated souls currently.

There were however many native peoples that lived eons of time ago a “wild” life in nature and knew no social activities or obligations. Such people had a very weak ego-mind and their personality was entirely instinct-driven. The channel Seth discusses such “primitive” past civilisations on this earth with great candour.

When bigger settlements emerged as the prevalent space of social human activity, the ego-mind of the incarnated personalities underwent a rapid evolution. In Western civilisation this happened on a large scale first when the Greek polis was established about three thousand years ago. Man lived before that more or less alone in a hostile nature, where the objective of life was bare survival, all of a sudden western man was catapulted into a big metropolis and a powerful state where completely new and complex interactions emerged and had to be dealt with. From that time we have inherited all our philosophic, social and even scientific ideas and little has changed since then. The epitome of ancient Greek polis was Athens, the Ancient Greek city-state that developed during the Archaic period as the ancestor of city, state, and citizenship and persisted (though with decreasing influence) well into Roman times, when the equivalent Latin word was civitas, also meaning “citizenhood”.

This new way of life gave birth to the new philosophy of polis – state philosophy that reigns to the present day. Plato analyzed the polis in The Republic, whose Greek title, Πολιτεία (Politeia), itself derives from the word polis. The best form of government of the polis for Plato is the one that leads to the common good. The philosopher king is the best ruler because, as a philosopher, he is acquainted with the Form of the Good. In Plato’s analogy of the ship of state, the philosopher king steers the polis, as if it were a ship, in the best direction. If you analyse carefully the current political discussions in the USA and the West, especially around the election of Trump in the alt-media, you will find the same invariant social and political motifs of more or less general philosophical character in a cheap modern disguise. And humanity is still awaiting for his “philosopher king” to arrive, who can only be the new ascended master and not a mortal human being. This should be cogent in the meantime to any enlightened person.

From this we can conclude that modern history of mankind is inextricably linked with the rise of the national state and the unification, mostly through nivellation (leveling) of the individuation of the citizenry. The national state became the suzerain that determines all the aspects of daily and social life of its politeia. This trend has reached its height in the current End Time as this recent article exemplifies in a dreadful manner:

“With each passing year, there are more and more challenges to personal property and individual sovereignty. Despite the resilience it lends to our national security, the US government has proven again and again that it wishes to clamp down on the ability to prep, survive and self-sustain off grid, and without the need for the system’s supply chain.

You can hardly build your own place, grow your own food, collect your own water or take care of yourself without the intervention of those in authority. There is need to push back against this continued intrusion of our lives.

Couple Forced to Destroy 40yo Pond on Their Own Property Because Govt Owns The Rainwater“

In order to establish the NWO, the dark PTW had to control every aspect of individual human life. That is why they enforced the dollar as world fiat currency, abolished the gold standard, founded the World bank and IFM as to control the finances of all countries, constantly adopt new legislations that eliminate basic individual rights in the name of which the national state was first founded, where all western alibi constitutions pay superficially tribute to basic human rights, etc.

In order to achieve this total control over humanity, the dark cabal and their masterminds, the archons from the astral plane, had to introduce in the first place new technologies that bring all the peoples the world over together before they can enslave them in a second step. The 20th century bears testimony to the most expansive and invasive enslavement of humans in its history when the communist totalitarian system was established on half of the earth’s territory. In the West the individual rights, especially the right of economic incentive, were somewhat observed during the Cold war as to compete successfully with the communist doctrine that was professed by powerful communist parties in France, Italy, Spain, etc. and to prevent them from grasping power.

This led to a modest economic prosperity in the 50s and 60s that abruptly ended with the abolition of the gold standard in 1971 and the first oil shock in 1972. Since then the Western populations have experienced a constant, creeping enslavement by the globalist elite under the banner of false democracy. It is not surprising that this is a leitmotif in all alt-media in the West and Alex Jones is a good example with his political tirades.

Before the national state became omnipotent and omnipresent, there was an independent intellectual elite in every country that influenced to a large extent the collective opinion and political life. In eastern Slavonic Europe this intellectual elite is known as “inteligenzija” and until recently it was highly valued. Nowadays it has also vanished under the invasion of the western barbarian MSM that belong to six moguls. Only in Russia there are scanty reminiscences of this once shining inteligenzija, to which such titans as Solzhenitsyn, Sacharov, Zinoviev, whom I met in Munich in the 80s, and some more brilliant minds belonged.

These were the independent minds that could exist without the state, and in constant opposition to the state, as they recognized in it the greatest enemy of free human spirit. Nowadays all critical experts in the West are hapless stooges of the state doctrine, even when they speak against the deep state and decry a new, more tolerant and democratic form of governance. This holds true for David Haggith, with whom I had a lengthy discussion last week that exceeded the published report, Alex Jones, Ron Paul, Paul Craig Roberts, to name a few renowned thinkers in the West with a growing influence in the End Time. None of them challenges the very existence of the national state as the chief source of evil on this planet and the main obstacle to the evolution of humanity to a multidimensional, transgalactic civilisation.

This is even more true for the Russian inteligenzija, if there is still one, as the Swiss-Russian expatriate and current US citizen the Saker exemplifies – they see the only possible panacea for all current political problems in strengthening the Russian state and army so that it can oppose the hegemonic, aggressive foreign policy of the evil USA. Nowhere is there any intellectual thinking in sight that goes beyond the existing dysfunctional political and social structures and profits from the creationary power of new utopia as admonished by myself in my recent discussion with David Haggith.

If the intellectual elite in the West is not in the position to overcome such simple and obvious dysfunctional ideas as the national state with all its oppressive and obsolete institutions and remain stuck in unyielding, counter-intellectual, counter-intuitive discussions, what is to be expected from the present-day scientists who have not even heard that the foundation crisis of mathematics still exists and that they have not proved the validity of this discipline yet, and thus the validity of any of their natural sciences, such as physics, which is entirely applied mathematics and owes its exactness to the use of mathematical equations? When I start talking about these fundamental cognitive and epistemological flaws of modern science with other scientists, I always reap blank glances just as I reap naked rejection when I explain to the “agnostic Sakers” who is really in charge of this reality.

And how much worse is the situation in the light workers community as it has been discussed by myself in-depth in the past:

Read: Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Full Article

Here I would like to offer another testimony from an article Leesa sent me today:

“It is generally accepted that nobody can go on to secondary school without having completed an elementary education. Nor can a person be admitted to a university without having a secondary education. These graduations automatically “select” those able to become active members of the cultural elite of human society.

Exactly the same is true in the esoteric Tradition.

However, in our modern world, we encounter a curious phenomenon. For example: we would not seek to discuss Newton’s binomial theorem without having studied algebra, for without this, every opinion we expressed on the subject would be worthless.

Yet, in the esoteric field, we find a host of “experts” who declare their opinions on esotericism without having ever learned even the rudiments of this knowledge.

At the same time, some of them demand “simplicity” from esoteric teachings on the generally accepted principle that Truth itself must be simple. They conclude from this that access to Truth ought to likewise be simple. Then they assert that the methods to access Truth must be easily assimilable.”

And “here is the rub”, to quote Shakespeare. We have today:

1. No intellectual elite to discuss the urgent social, political, philosophical and cultural aspects of human life that have been subjugated to the national state, behind which the dark cabal hide and pull the strings of the NWO. The philosopher as the king of the state has remained a Platonic idea.

2. No scientists in sight who are capable of comprehending the basic flaws and inconsistencies of modern science and cherish the genuine curiosity and moral obligation to eliminate same and expand their knowledge of the physical world, they believe to live in, by understanding first the spiritual world from which they originally come. This can only be done after the new physical and mathematical Axiomatics and Theory of the Universal Law that is derived from the primary term of human or any other sentient consciousness is fully understood and implemented.

3. The New Age community that has profoundly failed in its divine mission by rejecting any intellectual exercise and preaching openly “stupidity” disguised under the false virtue of simplicity as the author above rightly criticizes. By the way, an excellent article that I recommend you to carefully read as it compliments my writings on this deplorable topic.

To this I would like to quote another New Age author that has made an effort to analyse my website and whom I discovered only yesterday (another serendipity), punctually to this article. This is another glaring example as to how limited the intellectual abilities of most light workers are and why it is so difficult to imagine them ascending next year:


“Reading some of Georgi Stankov’s work left me quite perplexed. If you’re not a scientist or have not studied the construction and function of our universe such as photons, matter, space, time, energy; it is very difficult to read his work.

I started out with reading his latest posts trying to put my finger on his current state of mind and reality as he sees it, then proceeded into more deeper scientific work. I must admit, it requires total quiet, no interruptions and reading it over a few times, even after that it has not yet sunk into my brain, but hey, I’m just not a scientific person.“

I recommend you to read the whole “rant” of this intellectually frustrated and scientifically overwhelmed light worker as it is very revealing. But he is also a very sincere person and it merits him that he picked up a key observation in my Gnosis that holds also the key to my explanation below why the human mind experienced such a massive devolution in recent years:

“There is a lot of information about LBP online from different sources. Some claim the LBP is the process of Earth and she draws us with her. Stankov claims it’s a difficult process and that he is the only one that actually explains it properly. He states that we must surrender our ego to our soul. This contradicts the human experience. Basically, you have to give up all mundane efforts and activities and follow the inner voice of the soul, which now becomes predominant.”

If I have, so far, proved beyond any doubt that we witness in the last 2-3 decades a steady decline in human intellectuality and independent critical thinking that should be carried on the wings of creative imagination, how is then this negative trend to be explained and how does it affect the ascension process and the establishment of the new enlightened humanity?

Indeed, the key statement is “surrender of the ego to the soul“, meaning the ego-mind with all its pseudo-intellectual activity or lack thereof. We have discussed broadly how this surrender of the ego-mind is experienced individually when the LBP begins with full force and the incarnated personality of the light warrior is fully and deliberately catapulted out of this Orion society. There are numerous testimonies of PAT members dealing with this experience and published on this website, so that no further explanation is needed.

The ego-mind has to be dismantled by the soul in this “game of thrones”, as it has accumulated and incorporated so many bad habits, prejudices and preconceived ideas that hold this illusory reality together. And as this dense and toxic reality has to be destroyed in the process of ascension, so does the perpetrator of it – the human ego-mind. Most human ideas are the result of deliberate conditioning by the dark cabal through beaming by the archons from the astral plane and are meant to hold the Orion matrix together and to prevent the ascension process. In fact it is the soul energy of the incarnated humans that the dark ones exploit and channel into their NWO plan. They themselves have no soul energy to do that on their own as they have severed their connection to the Source and cannot generate any creative energy by themselves. Here we are confronted with a veritable conundrum:

1. The dark ones want to dumb down humanity with all possible means at their disposal, including all electronic gadgets and the Internet, in order to establish their global order of enslavement. If humanity would have continued to live in local, self-sustaining communities, the dark ones would have not been able to control them under one world order supported by globally functioning institutions and could not have prevented ascension as this has happened locally many times in the past, for instance, in ancient Egypt which was an Atlantean colony and harboured many advanced souls who finished their incarnation cycle with individual ascension.

That is why the dark cabal created such global institutions as UN, the EU, the USA, global trade treaties under US corporation law hollowing national sovereignty, mass transport under strict surveillance under the pretext of preventing terror acts, the USA as the world gendarme, the genocide on native peoples in North and South America, Australia, Africa, two world wars that decimated millions of people on the Old Continent and other centres of civilisation, etc. Even the Internet was introduced by DARPA as a means of mass propaganda before it backlashed with the rise of the alt-media.

This all contributed to the dumbing down of the human mind who can only prosper and flourish under stable social and economic conditions where basic freedoms of the individual are guaranteed. In a society where every aspect of human life is regulated by the omnipotent state, there is little space for individual and independent critical thinking that needs a lot of time and effort to be learnt. And immeasurable courage to be a dissident and oppose the oppressive order of the omnipotent national state. I am speaking now from my personal experience as anti-communist dissident in the early 70s. I am deliberately omitting the use of the term “former dissident”, as once a true dissident, you stay so throughout your entire life.

The younger generations are already born in these unfavourable for human intellectuality social conditions and have no idea that true life can be actually very different from now and much more rewarding. In addition, they have no mental concentration and tenacity to study and grasp complex intellectual and abstract contents. As such abilities are not honoured by the society and the elite that determine the rules of the game, most young people have mutated in a very unconscious manner to biological robots that function under the principle of immediate gratification even when they harbour old or crystalline souls. Such is the devastating impact on the human mind and personality of this extremely toxic planet which is now in the process of rapid purification and transformation.

If this is true for the dark forces, who follow their own heinous agenda, why do our souls and forces of light also contribute to the degradation of human intelligence and abstract holistic thinking? Because, as I said, the ascension process is based entirely on the dismantling of the ego-mind as the usurper of this incarnation experiment. For a very long time the souls have allowed the ego-mind of the incarnated personalities to hijack social life on earth in order to explore the negative aspects of this moral, intellectual and emotional degradation of the human species. If you are an excarnated entity and live all the time in bliss and know that this incarnation experiment on earth is an illusion, it makes a lot of fun to observe the intensity of all the human dramas that unfold under your auspices as a creator-soul.

Initially the human ego-mind was not meant to become the external carrier of all negativity – the prolonged hand of the demons – with which they controlled humanity. It was simply meant to be an external reference point of the soul that was supposed to perceive the world from a limited perspective during his disconnection from the Source as to enrich the soul experience of herself. This was supposed to be done in a neutral way that does not inflict upon the harmonious Whole of All-That-Is.

But it turned into a devilish game for the incarnated personalities because when the darkness reaches a certain threshold, it also impacts the oversoul and the monad and no further evolution and expansion is possible even in the higher dimensions. That is why there has to be ascension of Gaia and humanity and that is why it has to happen in a most radical and dramatic manner as to be accomplished within the bandwidth of a single human incarnation.

The first and most important prerequisite for ascension was the elimination of the ego-mind, its total suppression, not only by the dark forces that aimed at preventing ascension as to continue feeding on human energy, but also by the incarnated souls themselves. Here we have the classical dialectical situation where two opposite forces with diametrical objectives and goals elaborate on the same aspect as the binding third entity – the devolution of the human mind.

However what was meant to be a zombification of the human mind by the dark forces, was also used by the incarnated souls as a very steep learning curve of mass awakening and illumination. The first step was the degradation of the ego-mind by the souls. In this way the personality was severed from the Orion society and its pernicious influence. This is how the individual LBP begins. In the 90s, there was a famous saying with respect to the first phase of the LBP: “My God, why must I lose the 5% of my brain potential before I receive the 95% mental potential of my soul”. This lamentation is now more valid than ever as the broad population has just entered this first phase of the LBP. I hope you all remember how bad it felt to lose your mind when you started with your LBP.

This is a very hard training program of the soul for her incarnated personality which very few strong individuals can overcome and still continue developing their mind after the ego has been crashed. Then the ego, itself, is the greatest hindrance to clear, axiomatic, holistic, transcendental thinking – in other words, to true intelligence. The ego has to be eliminated first so that the mind can prosper and expand. This is the ideal situation from the higher vantage point of the soul but the decision to develop the mind still lies within the incarnated personality.

It is also true that one can only develop this expanded consciousness under most adverse conditions – social, personal, etc. But this is the Greatness of Man and there is nothing else to strive for. I wrote the new theory of the Universal Law when I was bankrupt, had to close my company and did not know how I would survive the next day with my family and two young children. And it still worked well for more than 2 decades with a lot of help from my best friend and torturer at the same time – my soul.

Before one opens to true knowledge and intelligence, one must overcome his basic human fears that are the real limitations of any human intelligence, so to say, go through this angst-firewall and emerge like a new-born Phoenix on the other side of the veil. Unfortunately very few people have the inner strength to use these social, personal, monetary and other challenges that the soul throws at the awakening incarnated personality and transform this shit in an alchemical reaction into pure gold by expanding the mind, while rejecting the ego. Most humans simply put up with the devolution of their ego and apply this also to their mind as this is the goal of the dark ones with all their heinous crimes, such as fluoridation, HAARP, chemtrails, GMO products, toxic drugs, etc.

The challenges of the mind are huge on this planet and this explains why currently nobody has the desire and the leisure to idle in intellectual adventures that will bring him spiritually very far. In a materialistically driven world, spirituality is not an asset but a curse – at least this is what most people think and this explains the violent rejection and ostracism of enlightened individuals like us by the society.

This is also the reason why humanity has to make an energetic leap to a new higher vibrating reality where the people will begin to learn the new theory of the Universal Law from scratch after they have forgotten about their failed Orion science as this holographic model is already dead and so are most of the ego-minds we currently encounter. This reality is not the place where the new theory of the Universal Law can flourish, its ideas are rather the driving force behind this, more or less subconscious for the masses, ascension process that is destroying this reality. They will be fully internalized at the mental level only after the human minds have expanded in a most dramatic manner after the impending ID shift which is happening Now.

This is actually the function of the diamond light and the blue light which we inserted into Gaia and humanity during the latest two portals. The effects will be seen very soon. As soon as the people realize that their minds have reached the end of the rope in this reality, they will make a collective leap into a higher and more evolved reality. Everything is discrete in All-That-Is and evolutionary leaps are the rule. Slow evolution in the sense of Darwin is an aberration of the Orion mind and the greatest lie of all. But it is true for the dark ones whose soul fragments will have to go through another very painful and prolonged incarnation cycle to arrive where we and a large portion of humanity now stand. Where the human mind will awaken from its perennial slumber, the specks will fall from the eyes of the people and they will see all of a sudden, much to their surprise, the beauty of the bigger picture behind this reality which only few adepts can perceive now.

We are almost there. But the people have to lose their ego-mind first, before they can win their soul. And during this time there is not much we can do about the propagation of the new Theory of the Universal Law, but to prepare the ground for its glorious victory with our intent and small symbolic gestures, such as sending a letter or two to individuals and organisations and making them aware of its existence without any expectation for immediate success. This is how I have lived in the last 20 years, since I published the first volume on this theory, while opening every night and day the minds of the people at the soul level.


Generation Who ?

Patrick Amoroso

The ideation that the paradigm shift of Information Technology innovation has altered our consciousness towards a greater level of connectedness is a topic that is receiving voluminous attention today. Pundits and consultants embellish the notion that this innovative technological emergence has forever altered the landscape of human interactions. Such a claim projects a younger generation moving towards an enlightened awareness where the normal social interactions are torn asunder with the advent of communication technologies of greater fluidity and interchange between peoples, nations and social media arenas. Even generational divides are collapsing under the influence of these new and barrier-free communicative constructs. That’s quite a forecast. Some have even, in a sense of utopian newly defined terminology labeled the participants who are engaged in such a medium as Millennials, Generation X, Y an Z.

I beg to differ concerning whether an enlightened consciousness and evolving benevolent ethos of such a generation have resulted due to the emerging technologies of the internet, smart phones and social media. For starters, IQ tests have shown a marked decrease in the last twenty years in addition to the lowering of basic skills in mathematics, reading comprehension and appreciation for the humanities, whether that be art, poetry or music. Today, the adolescent is immersed in technology where the developing mind is compartmentalized into a binary mode of doing or not doing. It’s zero’s and ones’ to mimic the coded language which drives this paradigm. The IT world presents an insidious and masked superficiality of enhanced learning and widening comprehension when in fact, the exact opposite consequences prevail. A case in point ; “Texting” has created its own aberrant lexicon where in the interest of quick transmission, phrases are now bastardized to such verbal morphs as; “R U Redy, and ICU. To be sure, this is a behavior modification but what is the price of such a departure from basic grammatical skills ? More importantly, it sets up an alteration of a mind numbing ethos which fosters a descent into undermining language skill and proficiencies.

This emphasis on velocity and communication efficiency has opened a Pandora’s Box. How so? Patience and fortitude are tossed aside and a new subconscious mindset emerges which is actually inducing a ‘me first’ attitude of immediate gratification. Texting and smart phone use while driving an automobile are not the signature of a mature and responsible member of an enlightened society. Neither is waiting in line in frigid temperatures to be the first buyer or is that the term ‘ consumer X’ for a third generation plastic device promising a new beta functionality which is neither desired or utilitarian. Hey, But what the heck, I’ve got the latest and greatest. The landfills are sure to grow exponentially.

For such a socially engaging generation of up and coming humanitarians, they have been markedly silent when it comes to challenging the very essence of power. My generation of baby boomers, the college generation of hippies and anti-Vietnam protesters of the late 60’s and early 70’s put their lives and careers to the ultimate risk resulting in incarceration for many and a few were actually killed. How many of this generation are aware of what transpired some four decades ago at the 1970 Kent State Massacre of four students by the Ohio National Guard ? I would venture to state that our generation was the last truly awakened student population which challenged the entrenched powerful interests. These recurrent forces are the same entities prolonging America’s current descent into thirteen years of continuous war. Where is the challenge to power from this generation ? Truth is, they are immune from the effects of a draft since we now have an all-volunteer army consisting of mostly inner city ghetto kids, minorities and others of less fortunate means. One could conceivably argue that they are a spoiled generation who know a lot about IT and little about anything else.

But I digress. You can play reality based warfare replete with all the mayhem on a PC, tablet or smart phone. What a sure way to become desensitized to the trauma of real life war atrocities that our military establishments readily take note of and implement as part of the instruction that recruits are now tasked with in basic training. The ultimate culmination of such a deadened conscience is the introduction of drone warfare. Young conscripts sitting in an air-conditioned silo, with Starbuck’s Latte in hand complete with joystick, PC screen, and stereo headphones. One click and instant death by digital recognition assembled by an array of pixels. Oops, that was a wedding party and not terrorists. Yawn, Oh well.

This discourse may seem condemnatory but understand that the concept of a rising consciousness due to innovative communication technologies is a double-edged sword. The idea that business, technology and work are the raison d’être and impetus for the upward mobilization of humanistic ideals is a concept laden with presumptuous tenets which could be argued if taken to the extreme as diametrically opposed to the truly uplifting and benevolent intuitive aspirations of humanity. The Renaissance masters, artists, and creative geniuses of the European Enlightenment were not solely the results of the previous emergence and introduction of Gutenberg’s Press, the internet of the day. This calling arose from the unraveling of ancient understandings which transcended through time and encompassed a spiritual and esoteric revelation of humanistic treasures which were in direct opposition to the sacerdotal structures of the prevailing day. No greater example of such a revolution in human thinking was the martyred life of Giordano Bruno. The result was an emerging awakening towards the undermining of both temporal and entrenched ecclesiastical control mechanisms which had darkened the European consciousness for over a thousand years. Where are we headed today ?

Technology has untethered mankind from his earth-centered roots. Whether it was the Industrial Revolution of the 19th century or the communication innovation of today, any new paradigm shift in a civilization’s upward aspirations cannot be measured solely by behavioral modifications, markets and revenue-centric projections. Such a newly emerging meme in human consciousness can only be considered truly uplifting if it is tempered by a rational, and holistic mode of social activity and behaviors which work toward a more comprehensive understanding and betterment of the human condition. An odious and far reaching effect of this technology is a creeping fascism of over-control. Entire cities of data accumulation warehouses are now established in order to collect and sift through every phone call, text and URL search. Edward Snowden ‘s revelations concerning such activities by governments is an example of this hyper-sense of exercising absolute and consummate authority in violation of many of our take-for-granted civil liberties. How’s that for a behavior modification ?

No better portrayal of this generation’s complicity in their own latent ignorance is the parable and video script taken from the TV drama, “The Newsroom”, which can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPHSXUS0_1c

“I fear the day technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots.”

Albert Einstein

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American Culture, The Myth of The American Melting Pot » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

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American Culture, The Myth of The American Melting Pot
by Georgi Stankov Posted on January 2, 2017

Patrick Amoroso, January 2, 2017


Patrick’s excellent essay is a total rejection of the karmic heritage of the United States of Atrocities as “a centuries-driven crime in progress since its colonial inception… with a karmic debt (that) is so overwhelming from a universal perspective compared to any nation in the annals of history in such a short period of time” and a passionate plea for its imminent abolition as a state in the coming final ID shift. It reduces all patriotic tirades in the alt-media (e.g. Alex Jones) to anti-intellectual, amoral rubbish.


When one ponders the history of the country that claims the title of the United States of America, you might begin to contemplate whether there is meaning in such an identification and what if any commonality in terms of culture can adequately define Americans as a united people. We are primarily the third generation progeny of white Anglo-Saxon and European persecuted immigrants who were driven from a continent drenched in a thousand years of political and ecclesiastical blood-soaked warfare. Our ancestral origins are feudal, an era when a caste system of nobility and church-centered hierarchical usury were the social paradigm of a time epoch approximately encompassing a thousand years in duration. Our ancestors who became the inheritors of the American experience would have their earth-aligned and tribal cultures ransacked by a first century imperial power only to be followed with their cultural marginalization by an ecclesiastical and state-sanctioned church hierarchy professing blessings in another world. This necessitated the abandonment of established cultural inheritances reared in a spirit of spiritual diversity, ancestral reverence and folklore which had formerly been bestowed upon their minds for a vast period of time.

Once this anomaly was set in motion, it was not long, perhaps a few generations in the post-era period of Imperial Rome that an insidious, and cathartic departure emerged with a complete loss of once-revered ancient and cultural traditions. The millennia-vintage communal and tribal reigns were terminated and followed by a feudal and ecclesiastical authority that would beget the death stroke of cultural genocide while an entire continent would metastasize with the onset of a thousand year Dark Age. Whereas the populations of continental Europe that were once tribal and comprised of trans-generational communities replete with a thriving folklore, a cultural ethos aligned with the mysteries of earth generated forces and ancestrally aligned with mores established in past eons, a new and nefarious mindset would now work its deception. This cultural death literally paved the way for the soon to appear feudal age of ecclesiastics, nobility and kingly rule derived through blood lineage. The vast majority of once-proud, earth and ancestrally-bound cultural communities were to be relegated to the state of serfdom.

If the march of history is towards an uplifting and evolving enlightenment of society, then how does this transition to a thousand year Dark Age answer to that claim? The feudal paradigm of structured social orders and hierarchical class divisions assembled along patriarchal lines of inheritance would be the catalyst for the inception of the divine rule of kings according to inherited bloodlines. Nation-states ordained by an ecclesiastical and papal sanction would now rule society where individualism and ideals of an upward mobility for the masses would forever be chained to religious dogma and formalism. Who needs Hell when you can create it right here on earth?

From such a derived legacy of cultural genocide, the road was paved for our forefather’s march into a new continent. Having been disinherited from the cultural traditions which aligned their spirit and soul to the earth for a hundred generations, the former vanquished and conquered in spirit together with their lost inheritance became the new conquerors of tribal cultures who paradoxically personified the very fabric of their former existence with repercussions which are felt, although hidden to this very day. Although they mistakenly laid claim to the fact that a more reasonable and moderate rendition of religious formalism in the flavor of Protestantism was now their guiding light from above, the early English and Dutch settlers would once again light the flames of a genocidal torch against the indigenous inhabitants of an immense continent ripe for the taking. The stage was now set for the greatest theft and usurpation of land resources ever recorded in the annals of history. The early settlers became the new Conquistadors who had already murdered and pillaged the natives of South America and Mexico a hundred years earlier under the papal edicts granted by the Treaty of Tordesillas. Turning the other cheek and loving your neighbor as yourself did not quite cut it when it came to the treatment of American indigenous peoples regardless of what flavor of Christianity the new conquerors professed.

Thus, American shores would now feel the weight of European merchant banks financing the African slave trade where an estimated 10-15 million African men, women and children died of extreme deprivations in the holes of slave ships while ripped from a life of tribal and pastoral existence on the African coast and interior. The institution of slavery would be the means by which the great wealth of the South was realized through an inhuman practice in force for over three hundred years. The Eastern establishment of the original colonies would also prosper through trans-oceanic merchant shipping, the advent of the New England textile industry and the concentration of banking cartels reaping vast profits on the sufferings of African generations.

In the Post Revolutionary period, the plight of the American indigenous natives was sealed. A continent for the asking to be stolen under the Banner of “Manifest Destiny” would now experience plunder on a level not witnessed since the days of the Spanish Conquistadors against the sister continent to the south.

Rather than present a litany of historic evidence to the many atrocities which were manifest throughout both instances of colonial subjugation, genocide and plunder, I will now attempt to answer the more probing questions as to the why such an inhumane onslaught ever took place. What is it about the white European mindset and cultural fabric of their intrinsic and vacuous claims to morality that would instigate mass murder in the pursuit of profit? However difficult it is to hear or discuss this abomination, the religious precepts of Christian formalism played a significant part in this sordid drama. Together with an alienation from their once earth-centered roots, to be subject to class distinctions all the while experienced in the feudal period of a thousand years and with an institutional church-sanctioned ethos that pronounced them sinful and only worthy of redemption from an off-planet messiah, the stage was set for this noxious cauldron of a self-deprived humanity to unleash heinous actions against cultures that had existed on their native soil for ten millennia.

Americans are not true Americans. We mistakenly identify ourselves with a governing document, an attempt at self governance and an enlightened treatise for the times. It was in essence, an economic agreement put forth by privileged property owners, slave holders and commodity merchants in order to protect their economic interests and ultimately to separate their profit enterprises from beholding to the European financial interests and mother country. The new Republic was modeled after the Roman Senate. It should not surprise us then, that America has been at war with itself, another nation or combinations thereof for most of its entire history. Throughout America’s short time stamp on the world scene, the “casus belli“ for these war engagements have consistently been to secure resources and enhance the financial interests for the governing elite and privileged economic and corporate class. This mindset has been fueled by our failure to live in a spirit of earth reverence and an expressed denial of common humanitarian concerns. A hidden but nonetheless subconscious catalyst for this anomaly is the religious, institutional precept of viewing the earth as outside of grace, only to be subjugated for its resource potential to advance the interests of society by profit-driven activity. The 19th Century German sociologist, Max Weber, in his treatise, “The Protestant Ethic” championed this socio-economic paradigm. Is it any wonder that Americans have a history of undertaking annihilation against indigenous inhabitants and other earth-centered populations? It is still continuing today under the auspices of the “War on Terror”, a mislabeled subterfuge with an unending duration against other nations and peoples with substantial resources.

With the advent of the Industrial Revolution, the stage was now set for the further separation from the ancestral ties to the land. Farming communities and pastoral ways of life would now undergo a great transformation from community– oriented and agricultural farming habitations to concentrated cities, where nationality-segmented housing and industrial factories would reign. Men, and fathers especially, were now taken from the family and the classic work week became its altered state. Perhaps, no other metamorphosis of the human psyche had such a devastating effect on the family-centered ethos than this departure from one’s earth-aligned roots. Industrial pollution on a massive scale would be the result and it wasn’t long before children were indentured into the slave factories of the industrial North East. Today, we have moved from the factory-driven industrial commodity producing era to the Information Technology world of modern society. The meme remains the same. We are still the same factory workers with high-sounding titles and college degrees with a credit card for lunch at Starbuck’s replacing our lunch box. How’s that job going?

So, how does this presentation relate to my basic argument that America is a society without a resonating culture?

If one looks closely at the cultures of the world whether they be identified as countries with an ancient past or those populations confined within their borders as indigenous first inhabitants, you can observe an identifiable folklore, music, dress, and cultural-spiritual mores of long-standing. The folklore is often immersed and identified with myths that carries a measure of spiritual affiliation which was handed down by previous, ancestral generations. This millennia-old ethos was driven from the European immigrant’s mindset to our shores within the space of a few generations. As mentioned previously, such a departure from an innate and intuitive understanding of who they once were erupted into their genocidal assault upon Indian Nations who had inhabited this continent for some 10,000 years.

What identifies Americans today? One might be tempted to respond by stating that America was built on a rugged sense of individualism, tempered by a frontier spirit. For a certainty, that is what transpired as the nation began its journey into the future where the economic incentives were to override any sense of concern for those to be used in achieving the national fortune whether the results of that plunder were conceived in slavery or outright theft from the indigenous natives. Today, we are primarily reared in a system that champions financial success above all else. Our educational emphasis is not to raise the citizenry to a high level of insightful scrutiny where the individual is free to use an intuitive aspect of one’s own consciousness to develop critical and logical thinking ability. Instead, a flawed system begets a flawed citizen as the masses are dumbed down to an almost childlike stupor where the focus is on visual titillation, social gossip and the latest entertainment farce on television shows featuring celebrity and status-seeking charlatans run amok. An instant gratification animus pervasively extends its noxious influence throughout the society with no moral rectitude or correctness, symptomatically derelict in its complacency to feel good in the absence of critical awareness and proper discernment.

So what binds us? From a neutral and purely historical perspective, the United States is a centuries-driven crime in progress, and always has been from its colonial inception. Since the founding of Jamestown in 1607, the main goal was to begin a continental enterprise initially granted by a merchant company charter in London to do business on a vast foreign land at the expense of the original inhabitants, at the expense of its virgin old growth forests, at the expense of 60,000,000 buffalo of the great plains, at the expense of its rivers and all of its natural domain. Our karmic debt is so overwhelming from a universal perspective that I doubt any nation in the annals of history in such a short period of time has had such a drastic effect on all of humanity. We are a War Culture and one that is not just content with dominating the land under our own feet but the world itself through our imperial reach and military posturing. No denial can alter this very fact. Despite living what appears in our own minds as lives of success, extolling ourselves with platitudes of innocence and devotion to family and country, one cannot escape the undeniable fact that a majority of the world’s population sees us as the chief obstacle to peace, a rogue and imperial nation that answers to no one. They in turn have begun to confront the evil in their midst. What Americans fail to discern on their own, the rest of the world sees us for our manifest actions which are inimical to the peace and prosperity for all of earth’s inhabitants.

Tough words, But I digress. One could conceivably argue the point and with merit that we are the inheritors of one massive graveyard on a scale unknown in history for its savagery and plunder. Our culture is not a culture as defined by any traditional understanding of the term. We stand at the crossroads of immense change not seen since the advent and ultimate demise of imperial Rome.

“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.“

George Santayana

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