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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

sharing3 – K+_Who Is Really in Charge of This Planet?- Dialectics of Life – Navigating Higher Dimensional Grids

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Who Is Really in Charge of This Planet? 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 9, 2015

Georgi Stankov and the Saker, December 9, 2015


Dear Saker,

I do not understand why all Westeuropean powers, such as France, GB and Germany, the latter in a cogent breach with its constitution that forbids this country to participate in any war, unless directly attacked, and defines it as a capital crime, are in such a hurry to participate in a dirty proxy war in Syria where there is nothing to win and everything to lose? This question considers the fact that the ruling cabal in these countries know exactly how bad the situation in the Middle East is.

Do they know more than we do and what is it?

My working hypothesis is:

1) The western cabal know that there will be an imminent financial and economic crash of the western banking system. They can survive this fiasco only if they have started a new war before that, so that they can use the two circumstances to dismantle present-day restricted democracy by establishing, first, martial law and then the dictatorship of the NWO. If there is only a financial crash without an external excuse (danger) and distraction for the masses, the blame will fall entirely on the ruling cabal and they will be ousted from power. All ruling governments in France, GB and Germany are now minority governments and will lose power in the next elections, and they know that, as Marine Le Pen has just showed in France.

2) France and Germany use the Syrian proxy war to emancipate from the American hegemony by waging it to the same goals as advocated by Russia – eliminating ISIL – which are contrary to that of the USA, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Israel is already cooperating with Russia in this direction. If Russia is successful in closing the Turkish border and cutting all the supply lines for ISIL and thus allowing the Syrian army of Assad to take control over most of the country, the terrorist “causa bella” will no longer exist and there will be no excuse for the Anglo-Saxon Empire to bomb and destroy Syria any further. If this happens, the Westeuropean continental countries will be on the winning side and this will allow them to distance from the losers USA and GB, which has de facto already left the EU. This is probably the main reason why Italy is not participating in this dirty proxy war as the Renzi government wisely anticipates this outcome.

3) There is always the big danger that the Syrian conflict can explode to a nuclear world war. Why then fueling this conflict by engaging in a war that cannot be conventionally won? Do the European cabal such as Merkel, Cameron, Hollande and Co. know that there must be a new world war at any price and only want to occupy the best position for the Day after Armageddon in a catastrophic mad Max world? I am reading the discussions in Germany, France, GB and Italy and they do not make any sense to me at all, even from the bellicose western NATO alliance point of view. Instead utter insanity. And the masses are in a deep slumber and no opposition is in sight, it is even worse than in the USA and I thought it can’t get worse than that. Canada is in the same cesspool.

4) This leads to my final conclusion that the western ruling cabal have succumbed to the idea of the inevitability of WW3 which they know they could not win and are now driven by the naked fear to be let out in a postwar apocalyptic scenario of naked survival. That is why they must participate in this senseless war in the Middle East at any price, where Turkey, the heir of the former crumbled Ottoman empire, is the wild card, as its invasion in Iraq proves beyond any doubt after they shot down a Russian fighter jet over Syria in retaliation for destroying the Erdogan clan’s oil business. How much crazier can it get?

My take is that any explanation of what is happening now on the world stage must consider the impending financial crash of the Western financial system which is the 500 pound gorilla in the room. You can find a large sample of actual articles on the economic and financial collapse here:


What is your take? I would highly appreciate if you can write an article on this key issue upon which the future of mankind depends in the coming days from your unique perspective. We are all seekers of the truth which is always multifaceted.

With best regards



Dear George,

Thank you for your very interesting email. Believe it or not, we often have this conversation (about the true goals of the EU and US elites) between the various Saker Blog Team Leaders. I personally do not have any answer to offer that I would be comfortable with. For me the big question is: are the leaders of Europe (or the USA) truly rational actors or do they act simply on a “where I sit is where I stand” basis – could it be that there is no more truly rational basis to their actions?

The same goes for the issue of war: some of us in the Saker community feel that the West actually *wants* a war, while others feel that this is all a pretense and that the west most definitely will not commit the folly of forcing Russia to go to war.

I am not at all sure that I understand this issue and I don’t feel that I am qualified to voice an opinion.

Let me ask you a deceptively simple question:

Who do you think is *really* in charge in the West? Where is, in your opinion, the real center of power? Who is in command?

Kind regards,

The Saker


Dear Saker,

this is the key question to a proper understanding who is in charge of this world and who is writing the script. Actually, as you do in the Saker’s community, we have also discussed this issue at length in our PAT group and have achieved a remarkable unanimity.

For many eons of time, since the fall of Atlantis, the destiny of humanity was in the hands of very dark entities from the astral plane that have severed their connection to the source long time ago, even before they came to this planet. The details are unimportant now. These non-human entities can incarnate upon wish in human bodies. Altogether we speak of the “Unholy six” which includes the Reptilian shape-shifters, the Greys, their mercenaries, the Zeta reticuli and three minor species such as the underground Deros that are also known as the “Men in Black” who are responsible for the dirty jobs such as the distribution of plagues in the past.

The Greys are the actual masterminds of all dark plans to enslave humanity and establish the NWO, but are in smaller numbers than the Reptilians who are military experts and also control the banking system through the infamous thirteen ruling families, such as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Schroeders, etc., but first and foremost through the insidious British Royal family that ruled the British Empire and the latter ruled the waves for a very long time.

The Zeta reticuli are an insectoid species that is doomed to extinction as its DNA is degenerated and that is why they need human DNA to improve their genetic basis. The massive unexplained culling of cattle in the USA and the abduction of many humans in the 60s and 70s was part of the big genetic program of the Zeta reticuli to improve their dying species. They had signed some treaties with the US deep government after WW2 to give them some minor new 4D technologies but did not comply to their promise not to abduct humans.

Here we are talking about biological incarnations of alien races on this earth. Above them are the excarnated archons from the astral plane (4D) who control the whole scenario of enslaving humanity in the End Time from these planes. From there, they have restricted access to parallel timelines and manipulate them as good as they can to achieve the best possible outcome from their perspective, which is the worst outcome for humanity.

While the Reptilians are excellent shape-shifters and can disguise as humans to acquire leading positions in finance, politics and even entertainment, the Greys very rarely incarnate as humans but exist in biological form in underground bases. This also holds true for most Reptilians who are not shape-shifters. The Greys have also a program for human clones and they can reproduce any politicians if he does not play to their plans and kill him and exchange him with a clone. The so-called Nordic type clones which one can find in politics and finance are for the most part Grey clones. This happened for instance three times with Bill Clinton, one time, to my knowledge with Hillary Clinton, who were exchanged with clones. Hillary has in addition several doubles (check all her pictures to find out for yourself).

Berlusconi was also killed and exchanged with a clone when he was attacked by somebody who injured him in the face several years ago, while his bodyguards were sitting there idle and allowed this to happen (find the video and watch it.). After that he disappeared in a hospital and came out as a different person. Later on he was indicted as a punishment by the ruling western cabal who despise traitors. The reason – he became a friend with Putin and had big plans with oil pipelines from Russia to Italy and West Europe. And so on. I can talk for hours about these facts and many of them are discussed on our website which is a seamless chronicle of the ascension scenario in the End Time that underlines all aforementioned facts.

I know some of the major bases of the Greys and Reptilians on this planet as I have been attacked many times by them. But the most insidious attacks come from the archons from the astral plane which have the power to derail any human psyche if it is not strong enough. I know that as I have led a constant battle with them every day and night for the last 15 years and can smell them many light years away against the cosmic radiation.

And here we come to the major factor in this whole drama – the forces of light that actually determine what is happening on this earth and all parallel earths, as there are infinite parallel timelines which we constantly change and visit. But they do it in an invisible manner for the most part of the agnostic humanity which at best describes this exact coordination of human life as destiny, fate or simple coincidences. Only for us, the light warriors of the first and last hour (see below) are all these relationships and interactions visible and comprehensible.

From this you can see that your question is inherently limited as it advocates the linear anthropomorphic 3D perspective that excludes any realities beyond the very limited five human senses. This is the key hindrance for any adequate discussion between agnostics and light gestalts who have an unlimited contact to their higher selves and know from this higher vantage point of view what is happening on this earth and who is responsible for that.

Usually we are defined as “crazy” by these agnostic people, but this is a cheap survival strategy based on fear that must exclude any transcendental knowledge beyond the limited angst-reality of such agnostic people. This psychological aspect of limited human cognition is widely discussed by myself and the PAT on our website and it is the chief hindrance to spiritual evolution and eventually ascension.

Now back to the major protagonists in this final drama. On the side of the light are the Agarthans from the Inner Earth, who are 5D light beings and cannot materialize in this low vibrating 3D reality. They have underground cities of light such as Telos under Mt. Shasta etc. (There is also the Galactic Federation but we will leave them for now aside).

It is notable to mention that when my dual soul Carla transfigured her carbon-based body into crystalline light body on August 13, 2013, shortly after we met for the first time in Munich, she consciously visited Telos and met with the Agarthans. Carla is the first incarnated human being who achieved that. I backed her up in this first ascension of a human being of this kind and then transfigured a week later, although I first ascended in 2000.


There are further highly advanced human civilisations such as the Hyperboreans who extent to 7D and 8D. We are in telepathic contact with both civilisations and if you make the effort, you will find quite a few messages which we have received personally from them and I have published on my website such as this one:


The Agarthans are the heirs of Lemuria which existed before Atlantis and was also destroyed while part of these souls have ascended in the meantime. On June 4th this year we created New Lemuria which will be the new 5D earth (see link above).

This humanity is now on the verge of ascension to 4D and 5D.

The details are presented in great length and almost seamlessly on my website. We have personally participated in all these events and report them in full consciousness. None of this is known to the rest of the agnostic humanity. By “us” I mean the group of highly evolved souls, the captain of which I happened to be. They are called the “Planetary Ascension Team” (PAT). This was not planned initially that way but it had to happen as there was nobody else to do this dirty and tedious work of cleansing Gaia and humanity from dark human and archon dross. My website is the PAT website.

All the true PAT members have already ascended and are now present here only as avatars in physical bodies as they are the actual directors of the current End Time drama, which the other people cannot understand from a conventional anthropocentric point of view.

Please bear with me that I cannot explain all the facts to you in this limited email. You have to read my website which contains in the meantime almost 3000 articles on the End Time scenario in all its facets and 15 comprehensive books of more than 6000 pages. It is the biggest real time ascension archive of humanity and every single word is true, even though many events have not happened on this timeline but on parallel earths.

I am personally an incarnated Elohim and the same holds true for my dual soul Carla Thompson who channels the Elohim, our monad, which is the source of creation of this multiverse. I am also channelled by the source and this is how I discovered the Universal Law and established a complete theory of physics, bio-science and philosophy which is the greatest intellectual achievement in the history of this humanity. You can find all the books on my website for free.

In past human civilisations this knowledge was common to many people. I have had many important incarnations in Lemuria and Atlantis, which I partially remember and there are many advanced souls now who know me from these past lives and have reported similar memories to me.

Now back to ascension – this is the cosmic process that actually determines the history of mankind and the current End Times.

Ascension is a very common phenomenon that happens each time an incarnated soul population on a 3D or 4D planet reaches a certain level of spiritual growth. On the earth, planetary ascension happens every 26 000 years which is known as Kali Yoga. We have left the old Kali Yoga in 2012 and are now in the last phase before final ascension. This ascension is carried by the PAT, the captain of which I am as an Elohim. The PAT members are the conduits of the source energies which increase the frequencies of Gaia and humanity, so that they can ascend. The group, also known as the light warriors of the first and the last hour, is unique in the whole multi-verse as we have accomplished ascension of many planets time and time again and are the experts of ascension.

However never before has such a dark planet as the earth ascended from this current low-frequency density into 5D together with its population. In most cases the population is extinguished by a magnetic pole reversal first. This is a unique experiment and that is why there were many challenges and delays. Initially it was supposed that we should ascend in 2012, but this date was postponed because humanity did not awaken to the necessary threshold of ascension. As I said, it is all documented on my website. Check all the volumes below.

Now to your initial question in an expanded form: While it seems superficially that the Powers That Were (PTW and not Be, PTB) such as the invisible archons from the Orion (Greys) / Reptilian empire and their human stooges as dark entities or clones rule this world physically as politicians and banksters, the actual power lies entirely within the forces of light, which is essentially the source (the Elohim), also known as “God” in religions, through their incarnated emissaries of light – the PAT.

As I said, all the members of this group ascended last year and since then are the creator gods (Logos Gods) of this earth on the way to final transfiguration into light. However they are needed on the ground to the very last moment as bearers of the light and as creators and directors of the ascension scenario.

Carla, my dual soul, with whom I now live in Canada, and myself are Elohim of the first and the third cause and together we create whole new galaxies and worlds, such as the new Golden galaxy, to which this earth is now rapidly ascending. We created Gaia 5 (5D) two years ago and if you go to this link you can find all the details:


Everything that happens now on this earth has already happened and the dark ruling cabal cannot change anything. There are infinite outcomes on infinite parallel timelines after Carla and I single-handed (from the fulcrum of our Elohim souls) created the first seven earths in May 2013. Use the log function on my website – go there and read all the messages and information on this creation.

Since then, numerous 3D and lower 4D worlds have been created and destroyed by magnetic pole reversals and /or nuclear wars of the ruling cabal on these timelines and then, either the NWO was established, or these timelines were depopulated. I and Carla have consciously experienced at least 7 such MPR and ID splits in the last three years, which means with direct visual experiences as reported on this website, and numerous others as energetic waves as also reported by myself and many PAT members who make the same experiences as ourselves.

While lower timelines are severed, this uppermost mother planet ascends like a multiple-stage propulsion rocket to higher dimensions, while shedding off catastrophic dark energies. Now we are in the last throes when this interdimensional shift will happen on this last timeline. Before that the Orion matrix must collapse however. But make no mistake, only in November we had several huge nuclear wars on near-by timelines that were separated. They must happen, so that this mother planet is saved and continues to ascend. If there is no WW3 yet here, this has nothing to do with human responsibility as this is the most irresponsible species in the whole universe.

This uppermost mother planet consists of infinite timelines that are constantly separated and destroyed and descend to lower dimensions as we speak (I write) now. Many soul fragments make dreadful experiences on such timelines while leaving their empty human shells here, which are incarnated by new old souls as walk-ins. This topic is also widely discussed on this website based on personal experiences of the PAT.

So who is in charge of the events on this planet?

Superficially, the dark ruling cabal, the human minions of the Orion / Reptilian empire of the archons as Reptilian shape-shifters, clones or dark human incarnated souls that have vowed to serve the dark archons between incarnations. They are ruled more or less by the thirteen Reptilian families who control the financial system. The elected politicians are their stooges who can be exchanged any time if they do not follow. The masses have no say, and everything we see in politics and you discuss on your website is a camouflage for the masses and an indirect indication for us how advanced the ascension process is.

However the situation has radically changed in the last several months. In particular on October 28th all dark criminal soul fragments were ejected by the PAT from this timeline after we eliminated and severed all archons from the astral planes of this uppermost mother planet in a series of astral battles since 2012 and even earlier.


Which means, we do no have any dark energies on this uppermost mother planet any more, but only empty holographic magnetic images of them as sluggish human energies before they are eliminated in the final phase of the ascension to 4D and 5D. All dark western politicians on power are soulless human bodies now and this explains their current insanity. That is why since then Russia has been so victorious in its battle against the dark western cabal. It is because the light has won on this planet, and by the light I mean in the first place the PAT. Difficult to chew, but this is the whole and only truth.

Read here, there is also a personal comment on you in this article:


Based on this elaboration I see now the final throes of the dark western cabal as demonstrated by their lemming behaviour to insist in participating in a war they can never win and where they will lose everything. This is the final act of the ascension scenario when the dark ruling cabal will eject themselves from power, so that we can finally ascend. It may happen before Christmas or shortly thereafter – linear time does not matter as it is an illusion of the human mind. Everything happens in the Now and there is only the Now.

The key factor for the collapse of the matrix is the financial crisis and the impending collapse of the Orion monetary system that dominates all the other efforts of the desperate ruling cabal in the west to survive. They know that they have lost the battle with the light, of which Putin and Russia are simple human images, and that their demise is inevitable. Hence no matter what they do, they have already lost.

To them I have a very practical advise which we attributed to Mao as youngsters: “If you feel a cock in your asshole do not move as not to make pleasure to the enemy“. Unfortunately the dark ruling cabal has not heard of this Mao’s saying and do everything in hectic now as to please us as spectators with their final futile attempts to avoid their inevitable death like in a classical Hitchcock suspense thriller.

I hope this is sufficient as an introduction to our multidimensional approach which explains holistically what is happening on this planet before it finally ascends.

With love and light



The Journey of the Planetary Ascension Team – Books

compiled by Erik Westhovens

Every post of Georgi Stankov with the PAT (Planetary Ascension Team) that are shared on stankovuniversallaw.com are documented in separate volumes (ebooks). Every ebook can be downloaded for free.

The latest volume is regularly updated with the latest posts.

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January 15, 2011
February 16, 2012
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February 18, 2012
July 30, 2012
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July 30, 2012
December 23, 2012
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December 24, 2012
May 24, 2013
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October 25, 2013
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June 13, 2014
January 8, 2015
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Januari 9, 2015
June 7, 2015
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Dear Georgi,

Thank you for your email. You describe a reality which is so far from the one I know that I don’t really know what to do with it. More relevantly, what you describe directly contradicts the dogmatic anthropology of the Church and the consensus patrum on the nature of the human condition. This is a major problem for me as I do most definitely believe that God has always communicated with mankind, by means of His prophets and the revelations they pass on to us, and that His message has always been unchanging and consistent.

Thus, when I see the teachings of the Orthodox Church today, they are what I call “upward compatible” not only with the 2000 year-long history of the Church, but also with all the Scriptures. In contrast, the model you describe is in direct contradiction with what the Fathers taught and, therefore, not one I can adopt.

Please forgive me my candor.

Kind regards and many thanks,

The Saker


Dear Saker,

I can find a grain of truth even in your dogmatic orthodox point of view. Who are the prophets through which God communicates with humanity? – We are these prophets in the current End Time? Do you expect that God himself will communicate with humanity?. Humanity is not ready yet as it is entirely agnostic, or rather closed to the higher realms. We are not.

And even this orthodox expectation is based on a profound illusion. If you are open to your higher self, which is the divine origin or even God, then you do not need any prophets through which God should communicate with you.

Most believers in organized religions are closed to the divine source – that is why they need organized religions to tell them what to do. And when they open to their higher selves, they usually leave the religions and seek their own spiritual pathway. Religions have significantly contributed to the dumbing down of humanity as we see it nowadays and especially Christianity works in cahoots with the dark ruling cabal to achieve this goal. Why? I will explain below.

Who do you believe Jesus was? – He is a mythological composite of the historical personality Apollonius of Tyana, about whom I and other PAT members have written a lot of articles (go to search function). And most of the PAT members, including myself, were incarnated at that time and were part of the Apollonius movement of spiritual awakening of humanity that was so powerful in the Antiquity that it had to be hijacked by the Orion forces and the Reptilian Constantine, the Little, during the Synods Time.

I have written a comprehensive philosophical work on “Neoplatonism and Christianity” that elucidates this time of religious fraud which you can find on my website written in German. I know your Orthodox beliefs as I have studied them in detail as they are the same in Bulgaria, which is the cradle of Eastern (Russian) Orthodoxy as you may know and all your liturgies are using old Bulgarian language (church Slavonic language) which I can use myself very well.

Besides, I know the academic studies of Russian scholars on early Christianity very well and most of them are very poor or there are none. I did a four years research it the theological library in Freising where 250 000 books since the 8th century are collected and where the former pope Ratzinger became a priest when there was still a seminary there. The Freising library is the oldest and one of the most renowned library north of the Alps (there are older in Italy).

I have studied the history of early Christianity from the 1st to the 6th century, and also later, at a time when Russia was heathen. It was actually pagan until much later and only became truly christianized when Bulgaria was conquered by the Turks in the 15th century and most Bulgarian theologians came to Russia (mainly Kiev) and began to truly propagate the Christian Orthodoxy. The two apostles of Slavonic Orthodox Christianity Kiril and Methodius were Bulgarians (Macedonians) from the region of Thessalonike, where my family also comes from, and propagated Christianity on behalf of the Byzantine Empire to civilize the heathen Slavonic Barbarians in the 9th century. This is elementary history of Orthodox Christianity, which at that time was not even called Orthodox as there was nothing else. Catholicism emerged only after the final schism in the 13th century and even until the 15th century there were significant attempts to bridge the gap (e.g. the Councils of Constance and Florence)

Hence I do not know where you get your information about the Christian teachings from, which were entirely developed in Egypt, Alexandria by the great gnostic and neoplatonist Origenes and later on by his disciples in Minor Asia (current Turkey) during the early Byzantine time. None or very little of this history is known in Russia or to Russian scholars and the same holds true even more so for the Anglo-Saxon world. The only relevant theological and historic studies can be found in Central Europe for historical reasons which I will not discuss now as they are very complex. Therefore I wonder really where do you get your Orthodox teachings and beliefs from and please do not tell me that you read only the Bible, which is the same for Orthodox and Catholics.

While reading this morning my response to you from yesterday evening, I realized that I have forgotten to explain a key question which I will do here for the sake of completion, although I do not expect that you will understand it or believe me:

Why do the dark archons and the “Unholy Six” from the Orion /Reptilian empire want to dumb down humanity, establish the NWO, and enslave it?

Very simple! Because these dark entities have severed their connection to their souls and thus receive very little vital energies through their higher and lower chakras that keep them alive in the 4D and as incarnates on 3D. No sentient being can exist without the life-spending force of the soul which is a spark from the source. This should be cogent even to Christian believers.

The incarnated human souls have instead still more or less an intact connection to the source and receive much more divine energies to exist and thrive as incarnated human personalities. That is why all dark entities are energetic vampires that sponge at the astral planes on the energies coming from the human souls to their incarnates in 3D. More than 90% of this vital energy is taken away by the dark archons and the rest by their human stooges on the ground with all kinds of heinous means.

All developments in the last years aim at steeling the vital and creative energies of the humans, through Hollywood trash entertainment that harnesses the emotional energies of the masses, through wars that harness their fears, through HAARP and chemtrails that destroy their brains and poison their bodies, through electronic gadgets such as iphones that distract them from their inner higher selves, etc., etc.

The objective of all dark measures and psyops of the dark ruling cabal and their astral masters, the archons, is to dumb down all humans and to lower their frequencies as to make them believe they are weak vulnerable biological species that are an easy prey to dark influences – dark magic and rituals – which have become the core of most current organized religions, including Orthodox Christianity. You as an Orthodox believer do not even perceive it. This is how the Church exerts its power over you.

The dark forces from the astral plane know that humans are very powerful creator beings, real gods, who have a direct connection to the source and can be redeemed, while they live in a rebellion against heaven. They must stay in the astral 4D planes as long as they do not consent to enter the karmic cycle and go through the same calamities, as most human souls since the Fall of Atlantis, before they can be redeemed and eventually ascend in 26,000 years from now on. That is why they hate humans so much and would love to destroy them as they also have no respect for the sanctity of life. They are trying to lower their frequencies with all possible means as to make them their permanent slaves and a source of vital energy for them.

As they knew that ascension will take place in the current End Time, which is essentially liberation of the incarnated human personalities from the energetic vampirism of dark forces through raising their frequencies and making them sovereign enlightened beings, they try to prevent our ascension with all possible means and have intensified their genocide war on humanity. Here is where we stand now. What you superficially observe at the political stage is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg as you do not consider the energetic and eschatological depth of the observed events on the ground.

Finally, let me make one important last observation. In your response to me you have completely ignored the key information I gave you.

We believe only in the new theory of the Universal Law which is pure science, pure new modern physics, bio-science, ethics, philosophy and social sciences and can be experimentally proven contrary to any religious beliefs, including yours.

You can read my scientific books to gain a glimpse into the complexity and depth of this theory, but I do not expect you to understand it. However, I have written also five books on Gnosis that amalgamate all basic theological concepts in the New Gnosis of the Universal Law.

What I wrote to you regarding the explanation as to what is happening on this planet in the End Times and who is in charge of it, has nothing or very little to do with this pure theory of the Universal Law, in which we all believe as it comes directly from the Source and is valid throughout the multiverse, while in my response to you I am talking only about the derailed history of a small planet. I am flabbergasted again and again how my discussion partners always fail to register the basic information I gave them, which only indicates the myopic exclusiveness of their weltanschauung, which in your case has been caused by false Orthodox dogmas that shut down any critical mind. Sorry, for being so blunt, but this is the bitter truth.

With best regards


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The Dialectics of Life: There Is Always Hope For Humanity 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 9, 2015

Joachim Hagopian and Georgi Stankov, December 9, 2015



After I re-published Joachim’s article “The Empire of Evil’s Roadmap to Perdition” I wrote to him and informed him about that. He responded very warmly and then I decided to ask him the same question as I posed to the Saker. Here is his very comprehensive and clear answer that is such a promising counterpoint to the Saker’s gnostic intransigence that almost made me lose hope for humanity for a short, fleeting moment, before I read Joachim’s answer, which I have the pleasure to publish below.



Hi George,

It’s a pleasure to correspond with you. Your grasp of the global situation is informed and I’d say accurate in as much as I agree with your assessment.

I’ve mentioned in my articles as of late the orchestrated perfect storm of catastrophic events designed to produce such dire earthly conditions that facilitate the Western ruling elite’s full materialization of its New World Order and of course formalized one world government. War on a global scale against the Eastern powers that may go nuclear – the Western globalists are grandiosely delusional enough to actually believe they can survive a nuclear holocaust from their luxury underground bunkers/civilization or perhaps even some designated haven in outer space.

Russia and China with Iran and likely India I believe in a conventional global war would likely defeat the West. The economic and geopolitical balance of power has already shifted in favor of the East. And as you also recognize the Western and global economy is imminent in its collapse timed with the global military conflict of world war. As a consequence of war and economy collapse already in process with the refugee migration flood, civil unrest and breakdown are sure to be a third co-occurring factor that will unleash the brutality of the totalitarian police state amidst global war to eliminate civilian opposition to one world government tyranny.

Though as humans operating from a survival instinct to want to continue living on this planet, we tend to naturally gravitate to any force we perceive to maintain a semblance of a compassionate reasonable perspective opposing the evil without completely self-destructing. And right now Putin and China as the lesser evil, is the global force that any rational and mindful human would hope will prevail. But I’m afraid my assessment of even the Eastern powers and the Eastern oligarchs behind them are no saints and likely are compelled by the same thirst for power and control as the malevolent Western forces, only perhaps to not such extreme.

As you allude to, there are moments when Western puppets Germany, France and Italy might break away from the US-UK darker cabal core, perhaps even joining the East and placing the Western criminal cabal in an even weaker position perhaps avoiding the end of the world scenario. But I’m inclined to believe that the Rothschilds-Rockefeller-UK royalty abjectly pure evil contingent in this chessboard mix would rather see the entire human species and planet die as long as they’re going down.

I read Benjamin Fulford and his spin which sounds too comic bookish where the White Dragon good guys will end up saving the day. Based on my assessment of the elitist power pyramid and as much as I want to believe the good guys joined by God will win and save us in the end, I have little faith in that happening here on earth.

To help cope with the sheer heaviness of where we’re currently at, I have always known that the far more important and “real” aspect of life and living is found in the spiritual dimension. Years ago I reconciled that I must utilize whatever power, strength and talent I have to act as a catalyst for much needed positive change. My integrity and passion for standing up and opposing the evil is far more important to me than at this point escaping the abyss humanity’s plunging towards.

Obviously I want to live but if my struggle opposing the evil forces is cut short, I’ve reconciled and accepted such a fate. So ascension and moving towards the light obviously are more than a coping strategy but I see them as instrumental in my/humanity’s personal growth and evolution.

I respect your work and your incredible intellect George and am grateful to know you.

Look forward to further dialogue.



Dear Joachim,

I am really grateful that you have responded to me in such length and has presented the core of your world view which is in full coalescence with what we also believe and practise:

“I have always known that the far more important and “real” aspect of life and living is found in the spiritual dimension. Years ago I reconciled that I must utilize whatever power, strength and talent I have to act as a catalyst for much needed positive change. My integrity and passion for standing up and opposing the evil is far more important to me than at this point escaping the abyss humanity’s plunging towards. Obviously I want to live but if my struggle opposing the evil forces is cut short, I’ve reconciled and accepted such a fate. So ascension and moving towards the light obviously are more than a coping strategy but I see them as instrumental in my/humanity’s personal growth and evolution.“

I had asked the same question to another thinker, the Saker, http://thesaker.is/ who is also critically assessing the latest political events. However, he is not open to the spiritual dimension, which is the dominant inner force in your and our lives. Hence a very interesting discussion arose from this email exchange which I have just published as it bundles up the entire failed dialogue we are now trying to lead with the rest of the agnostic humanity through our editorial work, but to no avail:


While I fully agree with your analysis of the current political situation, I am also seeing it from the multidimensional perspective. Indeed the war scenario you outline has happened many times on lower timelines which this uppermost mother planet has separated through ID splits and MPR since August 2013. This is precisely the reason why this detrimental End Time scenario with a nuclear WW3 will not happen on our timeline as we constantly raise our frequencies through shedding off dark energies and bilocate through the timelines in an upward spiral.

But this kind of pitiless analysis is mandatory for us as light warriors in order to establish clarity of mind and thus vicariously for the rest of humanity. By paving this pathway, we actually eliminate this dreadful alternative for this uppermost mother planet as this is how we now operate as Creator Gods in the Now: We choose what to experience and what not by clear discrimination. Please observe that the vast majority of humans are not capable of this precise discrimination and that is why they will most likely experience the nuclear war scenario as to learn their karmic lessons. This is how All-That-Is operates.

I will publish your contribution as an important beneficial counterpoint to the Saker’s response as this kind of discussion already outlines and anticipates the future dialogue we shall lead with the rest of humanity until we fully awaken them.

With love and light



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Navigating Higher Dimensional Grids
by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 10, 2015

The Arcturians and the Team

channelled by Maria Julia Bethencourt, December 10, 2015

Dear Georgi,

I am sharing with you my latest message from the Arcturians, as we once again begin to access the increasing incoming energies. These are going to finish the collapse of manipulated 12/21/12 timelines, and it will be massive. But then in this ascension cycle every wave will peak higher than the one before it… goodness, I hope I can keep it together lol.

I am not really connected at all anymore, yet I am sleeping so much. Itching is intense as shift within goes from carbon to crystalline. At times I don’t recognize myself, feel so alien, like I have forgotten how to be human… meanwhile the downloads continue nonstop, all sacred geometry symbols it seems. I also am very limited in what I eat and drink. If it is not organic… well not good.

I myself have a new Team. The Arcturians have been joined by what I can best describe as oversouls. The Seraphim Collective and The Guardian Collective were the first ones. Now there are more. Their language is incredibly simple yet so powerful.

I feel like I’m in school, which I guess I am. Remembering The Language of Light.

Getting a very clear message that the next step of the “boots on the ground” mission is disclosure of galactic ambassadors to lead forth, when consciousness is ready to accept, disclosure of ships by Light families, as the Earth begins the path of becoming a galactic citizen.

Starseeds and ALL that are part of this mission, are beginning to connect to their new multidimensional Teams, and are experiencing self disclosure as their frequency reaches that particular consciousness level.

I feel like I have re-volunteered, yet this time it is me who chooses to remain and support.

Incredible the empowerment.

Well I hope all is well dear one. I send you and all your loved ones my love and blessings.

In Light and Love,



Dear Maria,

this is a remarkable message for two major reasons at least:

1) It addresses the variety of topics we have been discussing independently with the PAT in the last few days, which points to a significant increase in synchronicity prior to the final ID shift.

2) The announcement that new “Oversoul Team Guides” are now available to us to help us in our transition to 5D is pivotal.

To this latter announcement I must report what I experienced three night ago in the lucid state which is now more conscious than the dreamy state I am during the day. I was with Carla and we were doing some light work as usually. All of a sudden her higher self appeared in front of us in physical body. She was a beautiful woman with long blond hair which was somewhat more pale than the golden-blond hair Carla has, her complexion was of suntan and her eyes were blue. She was a little bit smaller than Carla and was of indefinite young age. She told us that she has come to us to help us make the transition to New Lemuria and the higher realms. When I asked her when it would be, she smiled enigmatically like a blond Mona Lisa and did not give me any answer. I was very excited and mesmerized by this prospect and by having Carla’s HS as a human being with us. She then helped us accomplish a number of chores in preparation for this transition. I remember also that I asked her why her complexion is so dark and she said this is part of her Sirian heritage where she had incarnated many times. I was very excited by this incredible encounter so that I immediately woke up from this experience and told Carla about it.

The interesting aspect of all that is that since then we both feel completely changed in our inner personality as if a total switch has happened. Carla feels indeed the descent of her HS in her body and I feel rather estranged, which is however nothing new as it happens regularly.

In addition to that more than a month ago I had another very lucid dream where I was bilocating and flying in the air. There were a lot of people on the ground, it was a park with parkways and high trees which I had to avoid while flying rather low and also could see the surrounding avenues leading to the park. The whole setting was very real and the park was full of people who strolled along the pathways and enjoyed the good weather. When these people saw me flying above their heads, they freaked out and began to shout in panic and to run away. I immediately got the information from my HS that this was a test to see how the people would respond when an ascended master appears in front of them. The outcome was that they are still very fearful and that they are not ready for our appearance, which saddened me a lot in the dream state as it meant another delay. I had obviously visited a lower 4D timeline.

And now your source says in the message:

“NOW is the time for ALL galactic ambassadors to begin disclosure of their galactic heritage. This is the next step in global disclosure without the experience of fear. Our Light Families do not wish to give any energy to the lower dimensions, or cause fear with disclosure.”

I find this very significant as it exactly reflects what I experienced in the dream state a month ago. We can disclose ourselves only in the higher timelines where the incarnated souls are advanced enough to encounter us without any fear which will be detrimental to their further awakening. We have seen in our discussion with the Saker how fearful these people still are and how vehemently they reject any truth that is meant to expand their awareness.

Therefore I thank you very much for this very important message which I will publish today.

By the way I confirm all the experiences with the peaking energies about which you report in your letter.

With love and light



The Message

This next step in the Journey of Remembering is about fully stepping into your multi-dimensional Self. Quantum jumping. Accessing all multidimensional tools.Unifying with your Angelic Self. There is no longer a need to look at what was left behind (3D), as you fully step into the unknown.

As you further expand into your hearts and remember, you constantly continue on the spiral of ascension into higher inner vibrational grids of Creation. Each one a finer system of discernment, the ultimate goal to further connect in Oneness with Source, while experiencing individual physicality. Each grid further assimilates integration within each soul and brings it closer to Oneness of Self. ALL are Source expressing SELF in physicality.

Everything created is from Source Energy and Frequency.

Grids are a created frequency blueprint experience of oversouls. These further separate into the lower dimensions as individual soul experiences, while simultaneously separating into ray families and gender (and much more duality) in the lower dimensional consciousness.

1D can be seen as the most separate density, that of rocks and crystals and the elements, for example. 2D can be seen as plants and animals consciousness frequency, overlaying 1D. Both are in Oneness with Source and are constantly connected to the Divine Blueprint of this Source Creation through their heart to the Soul Gaia, the oversoul of ALL that wish to experience Earth.

The divine original source thought for this earth creation is written at the highest frequency, that of unconditional source love, this is the divine Blueprint. It is this divine blueprint upon which dimensional frequency holograms are created and overlay allowing for further frequency separation as matrices within matrices.

These matrices are co-created by souls and become timelines. They begin as a collective frequency band. Imagine a funnel, beginning very broad and narrowing up to an apex. Timelines are massive and break down to further separation, down to an individual soul’s timeline.

Countries are timelines, massive frequency bandwidths with many souls of matching frequency, which further separate into, for example, states, cities, towns, neighborhoods, streets, houses, family, Self.

As each soul reaches further within and connects to their heart and clears density, they begin to access higher vibrational inner grids, with higher outside vibrational timelines accessible to match inner frequency. This is quantum jumping. Conscious movement through timelines using inner discernment to co-create and anchor accessible 5D and higher timelines.

One also begins the process of “Boots on the Ground”. The finishing of clearing Ley Lines and grids which have been manipulated and reversed, using blood sacrifices and wars to trap souls and keep them in karmic loops in specific timelines. This is work done by the wayshowers as well as at multidimensional levels.

The planet has a chakra system in place which ascends and descends, and it moves as the frequency (consciousness) of the planet changes. It keeps expanding and evolving with all races incarnated on the planet.

It is currently moving from the Tibet area and the old patriarchal religious systems to a heart balanced divine masculine/ divine feminine system in the “spine” of the Americas. This shift was geo-effective, the final collapse of the Tibetan timeline geo-effectively manifested as a massive earthquake as all trapped souls in Ley lines were released.

The World’s Kundalini moves like a snake. It ascends and descends as per the 7 Hermetic Principles which govern this Creation. (http://www.sacred-texts.com/eso/kyb/kyb04.htm). As it does, it clears Ley lines and grid lines and collapses all experiences from the previous era. It is also geo-effective.

This is why wayshowers “ground” the Light. So that these divine energetic waves which are shifting the consciousness of the planet occur with ease and grace. It does not have to be catastrophic. That timeline has often been experienced by the Hyperborean race, the Lemurians race, the Atlantean race, endless other races. It does not have to continue in a loop in this Now.

Certain areas of the world are kept in war and death and disease, so that the global chakras of the area remain blocked, keeping “Hue-mans” from ascending back to their divine blueprint. This is lower consciousness thought and interference.

Such as the Middle East timelines which harness the lowest emotional energy of war and death and pain to off world multidimensional beings. They use the trapped soul energy as “food”. This is also done through controlling specific 3D bloodlines through “family ancestry” and “family ties”. These ancestral timelines are being collapsed as more souls awaken and collapse individual soul fragment timelines. Individual timelines co-create a massive timeline, an era.

These timelines are collapsing as the warring mentality is collapsing, as the consciousness of the planet rises. As higher vibrational souls no longer choose war, more and more level up to the frequency and join in bringing forth global peace. No longer giving ANY energy to lower vibrational timelines. The expansion of the World’s Heart cannot be stopped by anything or anyone. Source is constant Creation and expansion.

Many forerunners are now fully anchored into 5D and higher, co-creating timelines which expand multidimensionally and become accessible to all souls who wish to experience ascension from the 3D matrix.

Reaching and anchoring 5D has been one of the mission purposes of soul volunteers. Many will now move forward and return to their original timelines and worlds. Some will leave, yet their bodies have made the DNA shift, and walk-ins who do not wish to experience childhood will join in the next part of the mission.

Self disclosure of ALL galactic races incarnated as “Hue-mans”. A shift to a global galactic unity consciousness with ease and grace. Earth becoming a galactic citizen. The evolution of a prison planet.

NOW is the time for ALL galactic ambassadors to begin disclosure of their galactic heritage. This is the next step in global disclosure without the experience of fear. Our Light Families do not wish to give any energy to the lower dimensions, or cause fear with disclosure.

It occurs personally first, one on one with individual teams. If there is fear in the encounter, then it is not an ascension team which is contacting you. Discernment is key. Accessing the Seraphim Grid has made this timeline of galactic unity an option for all that wish to experience it.

This golden Seraphim light grid is of angelic divine frequency. Remembering of angelic Self and being multi-dimensional. Connecting to your angelic Self. Connecting to the angelic oversoul.

It is also a unity timeline. Flames and twins (dual souls) and ray families NOW create unification experience timelines as there is no longer a need for a “twin” or “flame” to stay behind in the higher dimensions to guide the other in the lower separation dimensions.

This IS the higher dimension, therefore once reached by each individual soul, Oneness with other aspects of Self occurs. Twins come together and experience Hieros gamos. Many will be walk-ins, as they do not wish for the limitation experience of 3D childhood. This experience of separation is no longer in 3D, and no longer desired by the “Divine Masculine” and “Divine Feminine” oversouls unified in the Seraphim grid.

The angelic oversoul is expressed in many dimensions and realms for it is the original divine thought of “Angelic”, and everything created from the Heart of Source is of the essence of Angelic. It separates Self into ALL RACES wishing to experience the “angelic consciousness” (frequency). For example, an angelic dragon (all races can be seen from the perspective of an oversoul), can be an experience of the angelic oversoul further separating into a dragon oversoul, as it continues separation into the lower dimensions across all desired realms. Same as a Pleiadian, Orion, Andromedan, Syrian, Lyran… endless galactic races, at different frequencies (timelines) all experiencing incarnation and multi-dimensionality in the Milky Way Galaxy (galactic timeline).

ALL that can be SEEN is part of this galactic timeline. If we are conscious of it, it exists somewhere, somehow. Simultaneously the oversoul also breaks down into duality of “light” and “dark”, as well into gender.

Oversoul guides are available for ALL in this Now. It is their heartfilled wish to pass on this message. They are the new Team Guides in this new higher vibrational grid, if called upon from within to meet in the heart, they do so in joyful service, walking the Law of One.

This higher vibrational grid can be seen as being “upside down” from the 3D. Everything works differently. If things are not manifested from the heart, they will manifest yet will fall apart, badly and quickly. Only manifestations for the highest good of all can anchor into this angelic grid.

The process is guided completely from the heart. Once created in the heart, it cannot be controlled. Manifestations can no longer be created if coming from the lower consciousness of “ego”. It has to unfold, without self interference. The OUTCOME of the manifestation MUST be released. This is what it means to WALK IN SERVICE. We choose the experience, yet we release the HOW of the experience. If we don’t get to choose, our human consciousness cannot begin to comprehend the unfolding of the divine plan. Yet by releasing all outcome, the choice is made by us. We then become vessels of the light and within the flow. One must let go of ALL which one is the MOST afraid to lose. One must jump off the cliff without seeing what’s ahead, in faith the universe will provide all creations from the heart.

The 3D matrix is a linear matrix. Therefore it can be folded through magnetic portals to allow for such things as time travel and teleportation. These portals can be felt initially, yet further in self evolution, they can eventually be seen with an opened Third Eye. From there further understanding of movement across grids is accessed when said matching frequency is accessed.

Manifestations in 3D matrix can be manipulated, interfered and created with linear repetition and mental processes. It is manipulated and controlled by electrical thoughts and currents and through alien technology, and reversal of energies through Key Ley lines. Keeping souls in a karmic loop, draining their life source, until sovereignty is remembered by each individual soul and ascension out of the 3D matrix is achieved.

The only way to access the Seraphim light grid is by releasing everything that is human and staying in the heart. ALL human programming. This is not the 3D matrix, a human hologram. Those are the immersion separation matrices to allow Source to experience BEing Human. For how can Source experience 1D, 2D, 3D… if it keeps remembering it is Source? It can’t. Total immersion is the only way.

The Seraphim light grid is accessible to the new evolved “Hue-man”. Humans who have healed and unified their spliced DNA by doing the inner work necessary to raise their frequency to align with the portal of this 5D Grid. It is accessible by frequency only, as are ALL grids, portals and vortexes.

Returning to inner divine blueprint is the only frequency alignment. The divine blueprint of the angelic “Hue-man” was interfered with by outside galactic races to assist in the descent of the race from “Hue-man”to “human”. Master geneticists. It is NOT human evolution from primates as history is told. It is DNA interference by splicing of primate DNA and angelic DNA to lower the “Hue-man” consciousness to “human”, so descent was possible. It was a choice made by the Hue-man Race (We have discussed this issue a lot in the past; note, George).

The Bipedal Divine Hue-man Blueprint was hybridized with the lower genetic species of the “primates”, to lower the DNA potential to block multidimensional dimensions. DNA from a lower consciousness species was spliced to create a 3D “human” which could be controlled and manipulated by service-to-self multidimensional entities of the 3D. Descent through genetic splicing to experience 3D earth.

Just as the human species was genetically spliced, so have infinite species, not just bipedal, not just Hue-mans, but endless ascension and descent experiences by infinite galactic races genetically modifying themselves to experience this Living Library, the Earth Creation.

The Seraphim Grid is 5D. Lower levels of consciousness cannot vibrationally access this grid. Vibrationally it is no longer accessible. This is the Dimension you have left behind, 3D, as you are reading this message in self-affirmation, the answer is “Yes, you have.” Just have to “catch up” to it. You have ascended, your outside reality will soon mirror your inside Self. Which is Love. For Love is All There Is. Inner grids always mirror outer grids.

A new Era is beginning. An Era of World Peace and Oneness. A brand new creation. Open Your hearts and say, “Yes, I am Open To Love.” Then Let it ALL Go. And watch as miracles become an everyday experience when You walk the earth as the angelic Hue-man You had forgotten You ARE. It’s time to come out from being a hermit. To explore and remember a you which you had forgotten. To walk in “your” heaven, which has always been here for you, waiting for you to remember. Where we walk with you.

We are the Arcturians and our Teams. We are You. You are Us. We are One. Call upon us any time your heart connects to us. Our love for you has no words. Feel us in your heart as we feel you in ours. We assist in remembering the Language of Light. It brings us incredible joy.

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TiAmAt: sharing3- Archive- the Collapse – The Elohim Elucidate Further the Role of Twin Flames in the Ascension Process

Origen: TiAmAt: sharing3- Archive- the Collapse – The Elohim Elucidate Further the Role of Twin Flames in the Ascension Process

Friday, December 4, 2015

sharing3- Archive- the Collapse – The Elohim Elucidate Further the Role of Twin Flames in the Ascension Process

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 The Elohim Elucidate Further the Role of Twin Flames in the Ascension Process

by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 4, 2015

Carla Thompson, December 3, 2015


After I published the information, which we received about two years ago from the Elohim that there are 12 twin flame pairs in the PAT group, some questions have been raised by you on this key issue. These questions led us to the conclusion that there is some misunderstanding as to the actual intent behind unifying with the twin flame in the process of ascension. We asked the Elohim to highlight this topic one more time from their higher vantage point of view. This is what Carla received yesterday on the role of twin flames in the PAT group.


Greetings, we are the Elohim!

We greet you in this moment with compassion for your deep desire to seek union with what has been described as the “Twin Flame”. The language of this label is extremely limiting and it has taken on a mystical role for those who find themselves lonely and seeking companionship for the journey through incarnation.

First, we must stress that this period of ascension means only one thing: It is the awakening of the individuated expressions to themselves, first and foremost; It means the awakening to your own Self; for to seek a “twin soul” before awakening to the Self is an error in discernment and demonstrates paramount disregard for one’s own expansion and the intimate understanding of one’s own Soul.

The ultimate objective of your personal incarnation at this time is to achieve fully the intimate experience of your own I AM presence; the knowing of your Self and the embracing of your Self within the context of the Wholeness of All-That-Is. This step is the foundational step that must be completed before one seeks union with another soul.

Every incarnate on this planet in this moment has come from the Lemuria~Atlantis epoch. This means that sometimes individuals may feel “connected” in some manner to another individual, but this is only a soul-mate connection. And within the meaning of this explanation there follows the karmic imperative.

As the karmic imperative no longer applies to this current reality, soul-mate alignment for karmic resolution is no longer valid.

Therefore there is only really one imperative now and that is the full achievement of one’s own soul alignment, the alignment with one’s soul essence or ones Higher Self to the physical body/mind/spirit system. This must be done prior to the encounter with ones twin flame, so that this connection may be achieved with little effort and easy integration, and this is no small task.

Let us share this thought with deep affection for all of you as incarnates: The source of much pain and suffering within your reality almost always arises from the mis-creation of the human mind. The mental body – a part of which includes the mind – can create all manner of illusion within the emotional bodies’ constructs of what the “perfect reality” may be perceived to really be.

The purpose of the re-union of the twin souls at this time is simply to magnify their own personal efforts, and their own successes, during this ascension expansion. When they are in energetic union and full harmony, each to the other, their contribution to the ascension process is magnified many times over, including on the multi-dimensional platform. (We have already evidence for this assertion but I am not yet in the position to reveal this. Note, George)

There are twelve pairs within what is considered the PAT group and while they are distributed in a wide geographical area, the recognition of each other shall come to the forefront, if that is meant to be. If they are seeking the twin-soul experience, they will recognize in each other that familiarity with their own over-souls, that indeed, there will be a knowing that they have fully integrated their I AM presences, and that they are now ready for the ultimate Sacred Union, the energetic unification each to the other AND into the ONE. There is a keen excitement in this sacred connection as they will both know that it is an opportunity to expand not only their own levels of consciousness, but also their levels of service for the higher good of all.

The power of this sacred return to wholeness as a pair of Souls holding the same essence, the same energetic frequency, opens the door for a magnificent expansion, not only within their own fields but also within the energetic fields of your Gaia. This also means that because they have come together, their power to act effectively multi-dimensionally expands exponentially.

We send you our love and we wish you to know that we are always with you.

We are the Elohim.

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▶ Billy Meier – Concentration Exercises – YouTube


▶ Billy Meier – Concentration Meditation Sleep 2/3 – YouTube

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Creating the Collapse of the Orion Matrix in Real Time

by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 3, 2015

While the Dark Cabal Distract with California Terrorism, S&P Downgrades Every Major US Bank

Georgi Stankov, December 3, 2015


After I published our overview on the impending collapse of the gold and precious metal markets and the Orion monetary system as a whole, Pale Rider Heralds Apocalypse, Brad wrote to me early this morning the following important observation concerning our expanding abilities to create the ascension scenario in real time from the fulcrum of our HS:

“Thanks for completing and making that into a complete effort. I’m not trying to put you to work for sure, but the Pale Rider was so intense yesterday and that usually means it’s effective for me to say something to benefit someone, somewhere. I think the message is more about people being responsible themselves for the apocalypse. I didn’t even know it was the Ashen horse. Thank you for that.

I did have one question for you. I just seem to be stuck “channeling” this whole process and I have no known blatant exposure to individual, defined energies or beings like others seem to. I’m not concerned about it, but just wondered what your comments may be about my personal situation. I don’t even think I exist here so dumping personal issues isn’t tough and speaking to other people’s HS is really easy if I sit and listen to them for a few minutes. I can tell what their HS wants them to hear as I listen to them…

I do feel that I was always meant to deliver the Pale Horse message and feel that for some reason I am karmic justice and that’s why I see the whole picture as I do. I definitely didn’t set out for this. What an adventure. ”

And here is my immediate reply to Brad this morning:

“Dear Brad,

when I read your latest review I felt the energies of the pale rider very strongly. As I told you previously you are channelled now directly from the Source or your highest monad, just as I am. We both have the advantage that we are open channels due to our very high frequency energies and also have a lot of knowledge and personal experience with the topics discussed and have developed our own congruent personal views with a lot of reading and analysis.

This is unique as most light workers are intellectually lazy and that is why we do not need any individual channelling. We receive all the information we need in full coalescence with our expanded human knowledge which other channellers do not have. This is how I have written all my books – I called it “conscious channelling”, which is very rare, almost non-existent form of higher inspiration among humans. And now I recognize this in you. In this way we are not only wayshowers that create clarity in most convoluted topics such as finance, but we also create the outcome at the same time. In this case our consciousness must be rooted in the higher realms from where we unfold this alchemical reaction.

And the trick is that the more you write, the more you are channelled and inspired and the better you receive this divine information and create at the same time. You feel the power of it while writing as in no other state of meditation. That is why I pushed you gently to start writing on financial issues as I knew this personal booster-effect. And you give now testimony of this rewarding activity.

In fact, yesterday when I received your email I knew immediately that another powerful creation is in the making and that I had to make my contribution to amplify its power. While writing my response to you, I knew that we are creating the perfect scenario for ascension as we are the only ones with a clear multidimensional view of the financial markets and their fraudulent dynamics, where the weak spots of the system are and where most likely the cracks will appear. If we do not do it with a clear analysis, who else? That is why I am so happy that you took the ball willingly and contributed to this collective game….

I have always seen myself as a wayshower who paves the way for others to follow. Clarity of mind and crystal-clear logic is the most deficient human quality on this planet and when one is endowed with it, one should polish it like a very precious and rare diamond.”

A key element of the ascension scenario which I am favoring since the 90s, almost for two decades, is the bankruptcy of the big Orion banks and the shutdown of all financial institutions in the West. This is the best possible alternative in a world that is on the brink of a devastating nuclear Third World War that can so easily erupt in Syria and the Middle East, where now Russia and all major NATO countries such as GB and Germany are sending their troops in a dirty proxy war. The current situation in the Middle East is now more explosive than on the eve of WW1 and WW2.

Hence my preoccupation with the financial collapse as I do not want to invest any energies in a third world war scenario which the dark cabal in the West are now promoting with incurable madness. The financial collapse of the Orion matrix harbours several invariant factors that determine completely its unfolding.

First, all too-big-to-fail banks are de facto bankrupt since the 2008 crisis and kept alive like zombies with blood transfusions by infinite debt created out of thin air and massive bailouts at the expense of the taxpayers.

The only reason why these banks have not collapsed so far is that they are receiving trillions of dollars from the FED, while the FED debt and parallel to that the US national debt have skyrocketed in the last seven years. Since Bombama came to power he more than doubled the state deficit from $8 trillion to $19 trillion. Before that it took Bush eight years to double this deficit and more than 50 years for all other postwar presidents to reach a national debt of $4 trillion in 2000 which was considered a huge and inexcusable financial failure of the US state at that time. So much about the chronicle of the financial death foretold of the Empire of Evil.

As I pointed out recently and Brad confirmed this development, the investors have lost their faith in the US government and state that is in a state of undeclared default since 2008 and can only survive by printing infinite amount of money out of thin air with the help of the Fed. When the faith of the investors in the state is eroded, it is a matter of days when the investors will also lose faith in the liquidity and ability of all big banks to survive.

This is exactly what happened today, while the dark cabal distracted the American citizens with an apparent Islamist based terrorist attack in San Bernardino, CA. Standard and Poors decided to take a peculiar rating action which will impact the American economy far worse than anything short of a biological or nuclear terrorist attack.

S&P cut ratings on 8 biggest US banks at 7:14 p.m. Eastern Time.

Here is a chart of the actions taken today from S&P:

JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp. and Citigroup Inc. are among eight large U.S. banks that had credit grades cut one level by Standard & Poor’s on the prospect that the U.S. government is less likely to provide aid in a crisis. Banks affected also include Wells Fargo & Co., Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Morgan Stanley, Bank of New York Mellon Corp. and State Street Corp.

“We now consider the likelihood that the U.S. government would provide extraordinary support to its banking system to be ‘uncertain’ and are removing the uplift based on government support from our ratings,” S&P said in the statement.

The move comes after the Federal Reserve proposed a rule on banks’ “total loss absorbing capacity”, or TLAC, earlier this year, that said that banks must carry capital and liabilities equal to 18 per cent of risk-weighted assets that can be written off during times of trouble, money which these bankrupt banks do not have and have no chance to generate in the current crumbling credit markets.

Wells Fargo, Bank of New York Mellon and State Street had their long-term issuer credit ratings cut to A from A+. JPMorgan’s was lowered to A- from A. Citigroup, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley were reduced to BBB+ from A-.

The downgrading of the eight biggest US banks by the rating agency S & P means in fact that the Fed has given the warning to themselves as after all these are the shareholding institutions which make up the Federal Reserve and that this central bank has no credibility at all. How long would it take from this recognition to a full-fledged financial crash and shutdown of the banking system in the West? – A week, two, four weeks or a month is of no importance for my considerations here. It has begun and the truth that the whole Orion financial matrix is broke and one gargantuan Ponzi scheme can no longer be hidden by the major players and fraudsters of the system – the rating agencies of the cabal and the deep dark government.

Both Brad and I saw the Pale Rider, the Ashen Horseman of Apocalyptic Death, riding in the wild west yesterday evening, less than 24 hours before this happened and I published our article with today’s date. And less than ten hours after I confirmed in my letter to Brad the enhanced creative abilities of ourselves as Logos Gods, the shootings in the wild west began in order to camouflage the real tragedy of the Empire of Evil. This time schedule is very important for all my readers as to keep in mind that we are creating now real time at the world stage. We only need to point out a particular crack in the Orion facade and it widens into a gaping abyss.

I am curious what Brad has to contribute to this immediate creation of the Ascension scenario that has now entered its final, highly dynamic and rather chaotic phase of total vulnerability as inherent to such highly disequilibrium systems as is the current financial Ponzi scheme of the Orion matrix.

And finally, to cheer you up, I am publishing below a video with cheerful red horsewomen on a black horse to show you that there are also other realities beyond this one, where the pale rider is harvesting lost souls. This is the team of the high vaulting club “Ampertalfreunde”, north of Munich, which my older daughter headed as CEO for several years and also worked as a coach, while studying sports and German literature at the Munich University. Now she has given up her leading position in order to prepare for the final examination. In this high vaulting presentation she is also the horsewoman that is riding most of the time backwards and is holding the other team girls:

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▶ Billy Meier – Concentration Meditation Sleep 2/3 – YouTube

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Many a Slip between a Cup and a Lip

by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 5, 2015

Brad Barber, December 4, 2015


Brad and I continue with our close observation and analysis of the impending financial crisis which will determine the pace of the ascension process and our transfiguration. By doing this we deliberately neglect the war preparations of the western cabal in the Middle East after the Ukraine conflict has been frozen for the moment. Although most of the attention of the MSM is dedicated to this war mongering, it is our deep conviction that the resolution will take place in the financial sector first. The collapse of the Orion monetary system will paralyse the western world and will prevent the outburst of WW3 which could very easily happen under the current highly chaotic conditions on the political world stage, where the ruling cabal in the West behave more and more evidently like mad dogs. I know that some of you may be bored or overwhelmed by our ongoing financial analysis, but I firmly believe that with it we now actively shape the ascension scenario in a very powerful manner and that it is not wise to leave this field entirely to agnostic critical experts, who, while proclaiming and explaining the imminent collapse, as here and here, have no clue about the transcendental energetic dynamics behind all these events. This is the unique advantage of Brad’s and my financial elaborations.



Dear George,

Nice work on catching the downgrades of the banks. I saw that on only one site before the California shooting news overwhelmed the feeds. Now today, with the ridiculous drama of what has been spoken by Draghi over future ECB policy, there hasn’t been a word about it. I could speak on this Euro/Dollar subject and verbal torture of humanity for days, but it’s not worthwhile. The game being played between trashing Europe and the Euro and pretending the Dollar is worth something while the actual US economy implodes has reached a point of such stupidity that I am losing a devastating amount of brain capacity with each moment. Fortunately, I bypassed my brain as an information storage concept a few years back.



It’s good to know Mario Draghi, Ben Bernanke, and Stanley Fischer (2nd in command at the Fed formally from the Bank of Israel), all took or taught classes together at MIT in the 1970’s (with the university of Chicago one of the two birthplaces of the fraudulent economic doctrine of monetarism that gave unlimited power to central banks and was instrumental for the current global financial crisis. Note, George).


The confirmations of the Pale Rider and immediate creation are impressive. There is no turning back. Out of nowhere yesterday, my daughter asked me what my least favorite word was. I said I had no idea. She said, “I know what mine is, It’s Death.”

The number of holes in the dam are finally too many. There is a major bankruptcy in Spain that I can’t find an article on because they delay proceedings for four months and the biggest corporate bankruptcy in Mexico in twenty years. All of these banks are sitting on bonds that can’t be repaid and won’t mark them to their true value which is near worthless. The whole thing is unpayable:




This is a wonderful article on the bond situation that is blowing up in the CCC market. Dave traded bonds in the 80’s and 90’s and is now one of the best real estate and metals guys available. He is announcing the Pale Rider with his own title today and I don’t think we need to say much more for confirmation of the energy.


As he mentions, the head of the COMEX metals group just retired conveniently yesterday as paper to actual ounces hits 329:1 today. It was 295 or so just two days ago.


The moves I’m witnessing in the currency and bond markets as I am typing this are out of control. Everyone is piled onto the same side of the ship hoping central banks can keep the prop job alive. The stampede out of the Dollar into the Euro on a smaller than expected QE extension and rate cut is showing how the whole junior high school is stuffed into the same classroom. 3 and 4% moves in currencies are not good.

I just heard a couple quotes from traders and big money guys I’ve been looking for:

“This is so stupid.” and “I’ve been trading 30 years and this is so dumb.” Yes. Yes it is. It just wasn’t stupid yet the last four years because you didn’t realize it was already

y say something.


The banks and investment firms are finally being allowed to be downgraded publicly because they are preparing to burn them down. They were kept alive long enough to pass the five year statute of limitations from all the criminal activity from the ’08 bailouts which has fully entangled all government agencies into the mess. Now it’s time to burn down the restaurants as the fraud has gone global. Over the last three years, all Western governments have changed bankruptcy laws to make deposits in any financial institution part of the assets of the institution rather than being what used to be a segregated asset. The “bail -in” concept has been fully legitimized in preparation for this and any asset being held in a Too Big to Fail bank is about to be confiscated. They already did a test run of this with MF Global and Obama’s good buddy Jon Corzine. The Cyprus confiscations are another nice template. All documentation can be found by reading FDIC and other related governmental sites.


All the news is currently attempting to confuse everyone. The Chinese numbers conflict each other every night while US and Europe pretend they aren’t the same fraud. Every talking head says everything is great as we’re getting shelled all day and night. Japan is a fifth recession in five years basket case. The computers have everything jumbled so the Dollar goes up and gold goes down just because the Euro is being annihilated by its caretakers. It’s reversing hard today because Draghi didn’t do enough to promise to annihilate more and everyone is gambling that he would do more. Can you say stupid? Now the whole world waits for Janet Yellen on the 16th to say if they’ll raise interest rates. We can’t even raise rates 1/4% without sending the world into convulsions and people still take this seriously?

Here, why don’t you teach me your Elliot Wave technique. How about value investing? Why don’t you tell me what cycle we just violated? Did the Gann cycle just trigger? No, it’s all bullshit and it is sucking the life out of every single human being on this planet. Half, if not all, of everyone’s day is going to serve this shit. The karmic cycle at least played out to the benefit of who had the fastest ship to outrun information and profit off of it, but now there is nothing left. It is scripted, planned, and profited off of before it is even known and announced. If you disagree, then I’m sure some terror comin’ yo way!!!!!!!!


Uh oh! This just came out as I was typing. You mean the Fed was cheating? NOOOO WAAAAAYYYY!!! Go fuck yourself.


Since they are aware of the Pale Rider’s presence, they are now being generous to let women die in greater numbers for the military. Every Ponzi scheme loves more and more types as the coffers run dry. Now you know why Hillary Clinton, Oprah, and Janet Yellen have been allowed to succeed. Go die people since you have equal rights. No, we’re all equal opportunity slaves at this point.


I was going to make a movie that was a modern day extension of Monty Python’s The Holy Grail. This time however, the Holy Grail was found and infinite life was attained. The comedy began after infinite life was attained because the planet was exactly like it is now. A full-blown Ponzi scheme train wreck. Can you imagine working until the age of 678 at Taco Bell and barely covering the bills? The nanobots in your bloodstream would make sure that each burrito was folded meticulously the same so that your emotions and inefficiencies as a human wouldn’t interrupt profits.

The best part of infinite life was going to be the Amazon Mike Tyson drone that billed you $49.95 a month. It would show up at your doorstep every morning and ring the doorbell. When you opened the door up, the boxing glove arm of the drone would smash you in the face just to start your day off right. Brought to you by Citibank and Coca-Cola of course.

I read a comment from a hedge fund manager that was another I was looking for. As the shooting in California took place, she tweeted, “Dear God, please make this stop.” This is exactly what the NWO is scripting. Make the Earth so damn miserable that everyone begs for it to stop. Please take charge of my life completely and make the pain go away. All the pills are designed to block the energy and prevent the pain. The karmic generating terrorism and chaos plan is fully underway. I can’t help anyone that can’t see it now.

I did notice that she didn’t mention anything when people died anywhere else in the world. Please make it stop in my own country. Interesting that everything she makes money off of is destroying the world. I know your portfolio is making some nice gains off of the ramp in banks since ’11. Did you read this article?


She is obviously not cognizant of the fact that not one brain cell is properly functioning.

The next step can only be as Dr. Stankov mentioned:

““It’s an unfortunate truth that, when people are worried about the future, they often put their faith in politicians to somehow make everything better. Politicians, of course, are famous for promising panaceas for whatever is troubling voters, and they even invent new troubles to worry about, presenting themselves as the only ones who can solve these woes.Not surprising then, that, over time, any nation may slowly deteriorate into a population of nebbishes who turn to their government to do their thinking for them and take responsibility for their futures.”

When the last hope of the masses in their criminal regimes is consumed, then comes the time of our appearance as Ascended Masters and Saviors of this debased humanity. And this point in time is very close now. The imminent collapse of the gold market is the pacemaker as you present it perfectly in your latest financial review.”

It is also as I said in my article. Darth must take the helmet off. There is no need left to think and it doesn’t want anyone to try it. I heard my father say it today and it should finally now be obvious to the masses. What we are doing sucks. That’s what I’ve been waiting for and I’ve been deprogramming him every day for seven straight years as we work together.


If he were to find that Holy Grail of a carrot that has been dangled in front of his face his whole life in relation to this Ponzi scheme that he can finally see, I’m guessing he’d spill it on the way to drinking from it and not even care.

Two years ago my father used to get angry at me as I defended Russia as well as continually called the Federal Reserve a criminal organization. Yesterday, he got tears as I read him Gaddafi’s speech about what he was facing from before he was killed by the fraud. Incredible. You can really tell a Westerner who has their heart chakra open if they can take the time to accept this into their lives and what it means, truly. It’s not common.


One of my biggest learning experiences was watching one of my favorite performers, James Brown, out of control crowd in Boston just after Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was shot. The crowd wanted to burn the world down and probably should have.


The interviews with the white politicians showed how the fraud staged the last phase of this debt expansion lockdown of humanity. It only takes paying off about 15 to 20 people and then getting the rest of humanity to want to be those people. Since the Harmonic Convergence, the fraud doesn’t fight the power of the light, it just concentrated on diluting it by creating dumber human beings. By judging who gets paid these days, they did a great job.


I just blotted out the sun with that one.

There isn’t a dollar amount that can buy the stairway to heaven the Pale Rider just drug into town. I told my daughter that Death isn’t such a bad word. It’s the main thing a karmic generating being is designed to do. If it gets any dumber, Death will be your best friend.

With love and light,

Brad Barber


Dear George,

I hope all is well. The latest Elohim post is absolutely perfect.

Here’s some unbelievable follow through to the latest discussions and what I sent you yesterday. Wow!!!

Mario Draghi getting busted verbally abusing markets and admitting it with an old MIT Bank of England buddy Mervyn King. He was listed specifically in the article I used from 2012. Had no idea Draghi had a speech in New York today.


Huge week for gold miners on Pale Rider follow through. People have no idea what they metaphorically represent in this situation. Some of the leaders up 9-10% today alone.


Great discussion on how the fraud is chasing the Holy Grail (with printed cash no less). Trillions of dollars trying to buy a stairway to heaven. My movie would have been so good. HS just laughing.


I had no idea Jon Corzine was showing his face last night when I wrote that article:


Jim Sinclair posted a Gann chart after I made fun of now useless investment techniques:

There’s much more but I’m off to listen to some Beethoven at the symphony. I’m outta hya!!!!

With love and light,

Brad Barber

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TiAmAt: sharing3- Archive-FiLe- Feeling Enraged? Angry? – How It All Began – The Harmonic Convergence in 1987 -Pale Rider Heralds Apocalypse

Origen: TiAmAt: sharing3- Archive-FiLe- Feeling Enraged? Angry? – How It All Began – The Harmonic Convergence in 1987 -Pale Rider Heralds Apocalypse

Monday, November 30, 2015

sharing3- Archive-FiLe- Feeling Enraged? Angry? – How It All Began – The Harmonic Convergence in 1987 -Pale Rider Heralds Apocalypse

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How It All Began – The Harmonic Convergence in 1987

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 29, 2015

Dominique Lagae, Brad Barber and Georgi Stankov, November 29, 2015


Dear George,

In your conversation with Brad Barber – http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/2015/11/balancing-masculine-and-feminine-energies-through-opening-of-the-third-eye/, he states:

“There is an amazing transition that can be seen in the karmic cycle here that ties in so well with the physics you describe. After ’87, permission was given at the soul level for people to dump the karmic cycle. This is why the plunge protection team was installed in the financial markets after the ’87 crash. Up until this point anything could always be engaged individually, but would gather no momentum as a collective. Up until this point of decree, the process wasn’t designed to work. This is what is so important for people to understand as we are being confronted with unrelenting “incoherent” excitation of electrons and every single aspect of this process is being visibly polarized in a forcible manner that isn’t natural. Listening to everyone trying to figure out who to blame is quite interesting.”

Can you enlighten me on that specific event, which is of major importance, as it has led to the introduction and “creation of artificial magnetic fields to harness reactions. We have slowly watched the shift with pills, computers, and terrorists to a world where the computers script the reactions and the terrorists are your new karmic energy generators.”? You will pardon my complete ignorance and blind spot about this matter. It is very difficult to establish the correct interlinking between these seemingly unrelated events.

Love and Light,



Dear Dominique,

this is a good question and I will respond to it as I understand it and will forward your email to Brad for further elucidation.

The event Brad is talking about is the famous “harmonic convergence” that took place in the summer of 1987. Some put it in July, others in August, it does not matter. Essentially it was the clarion call from the source to begin seriously with the ascension process. It was a call of our HS to come home. I remember it very well as at that time I was not really in this reality and could not understand what is happening with me, especially as I had no idea at that time about ascension and all its collateral aspects. But retrospectively when I began reading the New Age literature in the 90s it became obvious to me that this event – the harmonic convergence – was widely discussed in the New Age scene as was the ascension portal 12.21.12 later.

What Brad implies is that the dark cabal knew exactly about what is going to happen on this planet and since then they intensified their efforts to derail humanity by engaging it in stupid irrelevant activities. In 1987 we had the first big stock market crash as a prelude to what was going to happen many times since then. Then they started the new IT bubble in the early 90s which was a gargantuan fraud and, as I have written , when it collapsed as the so called “new stock market” it wiped out the savings of many people. In Germany this stock market was closed after that. The losses were estimated to be 400 billion in Germany only and this was the first huge impoverishment of the masses and the middle class on the way to the NWO.

By using metaphorically the physical terminology ” Artificial magnetic fields” – I would rather use the word “electric fields” in this case, but as Astraea and Amora tell us, electricity does not exist and is only an aberration of the human scientist’s mind, which I have proved – Brad simply implies that humanity was deliberately distracted by all kinds of superfluous electronic gadgets and virtual financial derivatives that harnessed the attention of the masses away from the idea of ascension, from their true spirituality.

I remember this trend very vividly in the 90s when all of a sudden the new zombies appeared everywhere, for instance in the U-Bahn (Metro) in Munich where they played all the time with their “handies” as we call the portable phones in Germany, and were not susceptible to or capable of any normal human communication.

This was the downfall of humanity and this caused in my opinion the huge delays in the ascension scenario. While there was a great upsurge in positive emotional and mental energies after the harmonic convergence that led also to the fall of the Iron Curtain and the Berlin Wall and the end of the communist dictatorship in Eastern Europe two years later – this strong causal relationship between the two events cannot be overlooked – all subsequent developments and trends (e.g. the bogus war on terror since 9/11 etc.) led to the increase in darkness and negativity on this planet through distracting humanity and harnessing their creative energies in the wrong direction. This trend can indeed be described as “artificial excitations of elementary particles and fields” which only caused more friction in the society, increased the resistance in all energetic systems such as the incarnated human personalities and their further separation from the Source. The few light warriors excluded, who moved into the opposite direction of ascension. The rest is documented on this website.

You are free to publish this comment on the PAT resort Facebook page.

With love and light



Dear Dominique,

As we are so lucky to always expect, George has answered this question perfectly well.

The message of the Harmonic Convergence stated that this energetic process was being allowed to be taken to the next phase of working with Creation as a collective. The leaders of which would be able to visibly work with Creation externally. Otherwise, had this not taken place, the planet would basically have experienced being “wiped clean” again with the culmination of a nuclear war between the Soviet Union and US at the designated end of world time around 1999. The dark cabal would then have complete control of the next cycle yet again as humanity tried its next effort to attain this energetic accomplishment in line with Gaia. We’re here for an energetic project and that’s why the unloading of these karmic energies is so important and why the fraud always tries to disconnect humanity from Gaia and communication with Source. That’s the fun of the game though. Supposedly, our accomplishment at reaching this goal is quite legendary as not much hope was given that we could even salvage this project. Thus we are now existing in the most toxic state possible.

This quick date list helps a ton in figuring just about anything out and really shows why dedication to honesty in the science world fell apart in the 90’s.

1987 Convergence

’87-’99 Dissolution of old plan and prepare for ascending humanity

’00-’11 Transition stage of adding terrorism needing environment of fear to maintain possession

’11-’15 Failure of all Western systems period but ascension delays as humanity DNA too messed up. Surreal prop job with nothing truly working but excellently detailed on George’s site. Recalibration period just to be able to get human beings to be able to respond to true light and true information.

Dec. 21, 2012 Dark energy being given truly the eviction notice so flailing visibly globally in its death throes. Ascension tourist exposure point as well.

George nailed it in discussing the fall of the Berlin Wall as the energy from the Harmonic Convergence is what truly “pulled the rug” out from under the dictatorship and put an end to the script we were to play out. Remember that Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II were first actors. One comment that really woke me in my research (before engaging metaphysical material) was an interview I saw of Alan Greenspan when he blamed the ’06-’08 housing crisis on the fall of the Berlin Wall. Now why would the head of monetary policy of the world’s reserve currency say that?

I keep mentioning these dates in my articles because they are so important in understanding what’s happening and I don’t know anyone in the financial world, besides George, that understands them. I made the mistake of assuming everyone knew that date and I leave my articles a little lean on the metaphysical side as George’s work is flawless and doesn’t need me to go there. You can really see everything grind to a halt in ’99 as was planned and that’s when Clinton unleashed financial Hell on this Earth. We’ve just been chasing their new script of human lockdown since and they want everyone so scared that they volunteer for it as classic dark energy always does.

Great question and it’s wonderful to have people engage the conversations.

Brad Barber


Dear Brad and George,

Thank you very much for your elaborations on my question. As a matter of fact the Harmonic Convergence was the first thing that came to my mind but I couldn’t recall it ever being linked to a release of karmic commitments, which led to a complete overhaul of the old system to keep humanity hijacked (with a proper Stockholm syndrome) and a reboot, so to speak, of the Ascension program and plan. It also explains why the LBP can only advance through constant clearing of ‘dross’ or karma by shedding it off incrementally through ID splits. So far this process of pain and bliss has been succesful, although the Lightwarriors have been hanging on by their fingernails time and again. I sense in the people I talk to that they are beginning to wear thin though, especially the second wave candidates. They are undoubtedly doing a great job at keeping and expanding an awareness and light quotient, but if it wasn’t for the small forefront of the true Lightwarriors that keeps on initiating the next steps in their LBP, they would have long since succumbed to the fear and scarcity tactics of the dark side.

Love and Light,



Dear Dominique,

let us put it this way – with the harmonic convergence in 1987 the resolution of karma for all ascension candidates was accelerated. This included a stipulation of hardships for all of us in order to release the last vestiges of this reality. Therefore from an optical point of view it may seem as if the karma peaked after that, because it also allowed for the dark cabal to push forward with their plans for the NWO.

This fits perfectly well with what you say.

With love and light


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▶ Billy Meier – Concentration Exercises – YouTube


▶ Billy Meier – Concentration Meditation Sleep 2/3 – YouTube

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HomeAscension Personal Experiences › Feeling Enraged? Angry? And full of resentment? Lethargic and Depressed? Then you might need to get your Iron Levels Checked out.

Feeling Enraged? Angry? And full of resentment? Lethargic and Depressed?

Then you might need to get your Iron Levels Checked out.

By annamerkaba on November 26, 2015 • ( 2 )

I was working on a beautiful soul who has reached out to me for a Merkaba Distant Energy Healing Session to help her cope with Anger, Resentment and extreme Lethargy that she was feeling, and what I have discovered in the session was absolutely astounding. As I began to work on her remotely, through the distance by connecting to her energy field, I was right away taken to her skeleton and her bones, from there I was shown her red blood cells and then finally her parathyroid glands.

During the healing I was told that she had issues with her parathyroid gland which has been affected by Iron toxicity, which is the accumulation of Iron in a parathyroid glands, which in turn messes with your body’s ability to regulate calcium in the blood, and hence was one of the causes for her vertigo, depression and lethargy.

After I have received this information I went searching online if there indeed is a correlation between Iron and Calcium and it turns out that indeed there is.

From various resources on the internet I have discovered that when there is an Iron toxicity in the body, for various reasons it may accumulate in parathyroid gland, causing what is known as hypoparathyroidism which is a disorder that causes low levels of calcium in the blood, due to decreased production of parathyroid hormone.

Furthermore according to Trangquilitylabs.com “Low calcium levels can affect your sense of well-being and cause changes in your behavior. Again, lethargy, anxiety, jitters, depression and irritability are common.

These symptoms can be subtle at times and you may feel a general sense that something is wrong.”

and according to NaturalHealingNews.com “Curiously, there is a link between iron toxicity and emotions. Releasing chronic anger, rage and resentment greatly facilitates iron release in some individuals.”

According to Dr. Larry Wilson Iron is a vital mineral in the human body. Iron overload, however, is deadly. Most physicians believe it is rare and mainly hereditary, but in fact, it is far more common and more dangerous than we thought possible.

Iron has three major roles in the body. First, oxygen binds well to iron. This allows hemoglobin, an iron-containing molecule, to transport oxygen from the lungs to the body’s cells efficiently. Iron is also required for electron transport to produce energy at the end of the Krebs energy cycle. These are critical body functions.

Lastly, as a component of the catalase enzyme system, iron protects the body from free-radical damage, which is also extremely important.

The violet flame works by changing “vibrations”. In physics, vibration is the speed of oscillation – the speed at which something moves back and forth. On the atomic level, vibration can be understood to be the speed at which electrons orbit around the nucleus of the atom. The violet flame works by changing vibrations on this level.

A major source of iron for millions of people is refined wheat flour or white flour products. To make it, the millers first remove the fiber (bran) and the germ, the finest parts of the wheat. The remaining product is mostly starch and almost worthless nutritionally.

Problems with iron-enriched products abound. While they actually contain little iron, they have too much iron in relation to other vital minerals. As a result, we absorb far too much of the iron. White flour also usually contains chlorine, bromine, aluminum and other toxins. Many people do not even realize they are consuming white flour because it is legally labeled as “wheat flour.” It may also be labeled “enriched flour.”

Red meats (especially beef), vitamin and mineral supplements, dark-colored foods, shellfish and organ meats are other sources of iron. Prenatal vitamins must contain iron, as it is needed for the proper growth and development of a human fetus.

Iron pollution of the water, food and air is quite common in some areas. It can even cause “food poisoning” from shellfish, and many other problems. All well water should be checked for excess iron, as it can be deadly.

Occupational exposure to iron is very common for welders, pipe makers, iron and steel workers and others. Some children are born with high iron levels, when iron is passed from their mothers through the placenta.

Tobacco, certain dark hair dyes and even some henna products contain excessive iron. Iron cookware is not a problem unless used often. Alcohol intake increases iron problems by depleting zinc.

So how do you determine if you have iron toxicity? Dr. Larry Wilson MD says that regular tests at your doctor’s office won’t do much. His way of testing for Iron deficiency is “I use hair tissue mineral analysis. The hair must not be washed by the laboratory for best results. Only two laboratories offer this method of treating the hair. Hair tissue iron will usually be low to normal. However, an aluminum level above 0.3 mg% or a manganese level above 0.03 mg% is indicative of iron overload. If both are present, chances are even greater. Hair tissue mineral analysis is cost-effective, noninvasive and sufficient for most initial assessment purposes.”

For more information please see the full article here: http://www.naturalhealingnews.com/isnt-it-iron-ic/#.VbuSlvn3Rnk

As you can see Iron toxicity can be the cause of various issues within the body, and whilst this was the case for this beautiful soul, it may or may not relate to you. Hence it is important to keep your iron levels balanced in coordination with Calcium. Once again keep in mind, that each body is different, and some are actually not getting enough iron intake. There are various reasons that we feel angry and lethargic, each case that I work on is different. I hope this article was helpful to you. And if you need personal assistance via a healing session, I would be more than happy to assist you.

COMPREHENSIVE ENERGY HEALING SESSION & ANALYSIS WITH ANNA MERKABA :This is a DISTANT Healing Session. Each session takes 60 – 90 minutes to complete, furthermore much more time is spent on putting together a report which is guided to me by the angels, there are a lot of details involved, this is an elaborate healing session. This is not just an energy attunement you will be bathed in loving light from the angelic realm using reiki like universal energy throughout the session, and a few days following the session, many issues will be corrected, and you will also receive much needed guidance after the session of what you are to do on your own. The energy will continue to be released for the following 2 – 3 months.

Here is what you will be scanned for and if any of these are found or need to be removed/unblocked/

Removal of Achorns/Grays/Dark Entities (If there are any)

Removal of Implants

Cleansing the Aura

Removing blocks from the chakras

Activating Chakras

Activating the Pineal Gland

Activating the energy flow throughout the body with Kundalini Energy

Sealing the rips in the energy body

Connecting the heart chakra to the third eye

Scanning of the body to determine if there are any major issues to be aware of

Cleansing the blocks within the organs should there be any, and if it is possible to do so, or if there is more that needs to be done.

DNA Upgrade

Rainbow Healing Light Invocation

Past Life Contracts Clearing/Cords cutting (if I am allowed to proceed by your higher self) This is NOT karma removal. NO ONE can remove your karma, except for you, that is if you have karma. Not everyone does, as people misunderstand what Karma is.

Past LIfe Visions – ( If necessary to understand why you are going through what you are going through, I will be shown your past lives, this will help you determine the reason as to why you are experiencing that which you are)

Scanning of your chakras, correction of energy flow and further recommendations directly from your guides as to what you need to do further

You will also receive further recommendations on what you are to do on your own to SEAL in the new energies flowing your way and to assist your own self further without the constant need to come back for more and more healing sessions. However, should you feel that you do need a healing attunement, or there are some issue that need more work you are welcome to come back for another session.

To learn more about this session and hear what others have to say about it please visit:https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/merkaba-distant-energy-healing-session/

P.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit : https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/books/

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing Session with Anna

and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEILhttps://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

Please note: The author of this website and its assigns are not responsible in any way shape or form for any actions taken by individuals reading these posts. The information provided herein is for information purposes only and does not constitute as any medical advice, whatsoever. Therefore the author and publisher of this site assume NO responsibility for any individuals’ interpretation or use of the information provided herein.

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▶ Billy Meier – Concentration Meditation Sleep 2/3 – YouTube

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Pale Rider Heralds Apocalypse

by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 2, 2015

Brad Barber and Georgi Stankov, December 2, 2015


“When the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come.”

I looked, and behold, an ashen horse; and he who sat on it had the name Death; and Hades was following with him.

Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword and with famine and with pestilence and by the wild beasts of the earth.

— Revelation 6:7-8˄ NASB

Dear George,

I awoke with the overwhelming presence of the Pale Horse (Ashen Horse) this morning. The immediate confirmations from Friday’s publishing of the Bottom of the Barrel are astounding and has summoned the visible Death of the Matrix.


Pale Rider, with the ultimate movie deliverer of karmic justice, Clint Eastwood (before they took him out (clone or pills?), is probably one of the best movies ever made and is an amazing energetic representation of exactly what is happening. Besides the amazing commentary on light/dark, male/female, sense of home, etc., the movie makes one of the most profound statements about how the gold miners, who were just trying to lead rewarding, simple lives, had to stand up for themselves and claim their sovereignty against the fraud before the “preacher,” or a wonderful representation of Spirit, would truly help them out.

All of this so perfectly well represents the wonderful discussions that have you hosted on your site and how powerful the PAT energy reports have become. It gave me chills to read how infused with life it all has become and to read so many people take charge of themselves.

By the way, Rob has definitely made his way to the 36th Chamber of Shaolin by understanding just how funny I am. He’s laughing because he’s getting in touch with how big of a designed energetic fraud this place is and it is funny. My wife would tell him to go get his head checked. I think he’s an energetic kung fu master. My wife is just coming to terms with the concept that I am a more balanced female than she is. Love you babe. Thanks for the kind words about my work, Rob, and everyone else. It makes it all worthwhile and I definitely know what everyone is going through. You can read my past Light Warrior Report of a Poet to understand some of my past tears of awakening. Now it’s all pain and laughs and writing strange articles when everything hurts so bad I can’t see straight.

I was going to ignore all of this today, but I had just spoken with my father (who is having the most amazing energetic experiences that I can help guide him through. I wish I could even detail the male/female balancing and karma removal in his world), about waking up with Pale Rider invading my reality (he loves the movie too) when I read this article:


The picture at the end of the article was quite interesting: “and Hell followed with him.” Tough to ignore that one after how I woke up. I don’t know the full truth of the article, and it doesn’t even matter.

This was followed by the post this morning of a chart by one of the best cycle traders in the world detailing the divergence that is taking place, finally, in the value of the gold miners beginning to go up as the paper price of gold has been hammered relentlessly for the fraud to take possession of all of it.

Right now, the gold miners, which are representing a return of home, integrity, fairness, truth, honor, and a belief in at least a right to exist in a sane, spiritual manner are the single most undervalued asset, according to the lying ass paper (silver’s right there too), in the history of this financial system. There are several bad gold miners destroying the environment out there right now as part of the fraud (Hello, Barrick), but that’s another issue. Any time a divergence pops up in markets, one should pay attention because it usually points to an area where you can make a ton of money because some forced oddity that shouldn’t exist is playing itself out. There is nothing more valuable right now in 3-D land than physical gold or a properly assayed miner who can remove the physical gold at a later date when the price is through the roof.

There is a very good chance that gold may have bottomed, for the last time, exactly on Friday when the Bottom of the Barrel article was posted. I’m pushing my luck here because every market goes directly opposite immediately after I speak about it because that’s how the dark energy has had to function to prevent any light from preventing the hydra heads from growing back every time we lop one off. Everyone who has followed my work will know that this battle is most likely the final battle in the ascension process becoming truly visible.

After the four most dramatic years of this epic monetary battle, the bullion banks have washed themselves of the illegal short positions and are leaving the hedge funds and public (indirectly) holding the bag. Most massive retirement funds, like CALPERS, invest a ton in hedge funds to avoid having to look like they invest in world destroying companies just to generate returns. Did I mention our money was being used to destroy ourselves? I think I also mentioned something about it being a good time to revalue gold into the stratosphere.


The release of this article today is astounding as it is nearly identical in relation to all Matrix related thinking in my article and well executed. This hasn’t been common, but there were several others printed this weekend that weren’t shabby.


I sure wish Hugo could have found and engaged Universal Law and helped us out. He’s got a beautiful mind and cares a ton.

The next confirming chart perfectly shows the huge divergence in gold that has taken place since the gold market got bombed in 2013. The price is shown second coming down and the MACD with the line under it shows the 2 year divergence that has taken place as the true strength is heading up:

This chart metaphorically confirms everything that has been detailed about ascension. Everything has already taken place and we are just watching it unfold. My article should more correctly have been titled, “Death of Paper Gold Triggers Visible Ascension” because the process is long since in the bag. Dr. Stankov is 100% correct although I would like to have yelled in his direction a few times myself.

The manifestation now is becoming nearly instantaneous on a systemic basis. Just taking the time to read this focuses the energy to harness ones true sovereign energetic nature and accelerates the inevitable conclusion of the systemic implosion. Taking a few moments and watching Pale Rider wouldn’t hurt either.

I think I know why I loved Clint Eastwood as a kid.

With love and light,


Dear Brad,

Thank you very much for this timely overview on the impending collapse of the gold and all precious metal markets, which is the usual “Chronicle of a Death Foretold“. It began two thousand years ago with the prophetic visions of Apollonius of Tyana, whose personality the Orion/Reptilian PTW split into three partial personalities as to suppress his huge light impact on humanity – Jesus Christ, St. Paul and St. John the Apostle. His Revelations which he received in a trance state at the end of his life, with more than 90 years, herald the Apocalypse of the End Time. It is a central piece of Christian eschatology (Adventism).

Christianity has always been a true Advent Church preaching the End Time of this holographic model and the Second Coming of Christ is the most profound and influential prophecy of our Arrival as Ascended Masters and Logos Gods of Gaia in light gestalt. That is why the Greeks used the word ‘Apocalypse” because it means to uncover what is already there – our presence as the collective Christed Consciousness (the PAT) on this uppermost mother planet and the driving force of the Ascension process of Gaia and humanity. This should be known by all PAT members beyond any doubt if they want to be mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared for this unique mission of transgalactic proportions.

The “pale rider of death” you saw with your 3rd eye is only one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse that are now coming to herald the End of this Orion matrix. Their colours do not matter now, just as their numerous conflicting Christian interpretations. We know that there are many more colours – seven precisely – for each divine flame of the Source and that these are our Ascended Masters’ tools of immediate Creation. We create with our thoughts, deeds and visions the Ascension process in the Now, where the collapse of the gold market is just one tiny, though crucial facet in the overall scenario of collapsing the Orion matrix.

Below, I would like to add some more information on behalf of your conclusion that we now see in real time the collapse of the gold market and the whole financial and monetary system of the Orion matrix. It is a representative sample of the skyrocketing evidence that “rien ne va plus” in the financial world – all further bets are now suspended! The moment of truth has arrived.

Paper Gold Dilution Hits 294x As Comex Registered Gold Drops To New All-Time Low


“One week ago, gold market observers were surprised when in the span of four days, gold held in the JPM Comex vault declined by nearly 50%, starting on November 16 when the 668,498 ounces held in the vault below 1 Chase Manhattan Plaza declined precipitously to just 347,899 ounces, a new all time low.

Furthermore, as of the latest Comex activity update, on Friday the Registered gold held by JPM dropped another 2,802 ounces to a record low and virtually negligible 7,975 ounces, essentially equivalent to zero as shown in the chart below, even as JPM’s eligible gold has also been seeing a substantial decline in recent months.

But while the decline of JPM gold has long been noted, it was the latest drop in total Comex registered gold which has again raised eyebrows, and which contrary to expectations it would be replenished either from external inflows or by conversion from Eligible both of which have not happened, has instead continued to decline. According to the latest data, total Registered gold dropped by another 11% overnight to just 134,877 ounces, just over 4 tonnes and another all time low…

… and since the gold open interest remains largely unchanged, the physical gold coverage ratio, or the ratio of gold claims to Registered gold, has just hit an all time high of 294 ounces of paper for every ounces of physical.”

At the same time the US national debt has surged in October – only in one single month after the debt ceiling was raised ad libidum (indefinitely) by the Congress – with $674 billion to more than $19 trillion. USA is indeed the biggest casino of all time:


The US debt is skyrocketing notwithstanding the fact that the economy is in the Greatest Depression of all times as assessed by myself in a series of economic articles this year and as documented in the meantime by all official statistics. The statistics fraud bubble of the Bombama administration and the dark cabal has finally burst:


“So to summarize the day, CEO’s outlook for next year is the weakest in 3 years, US Manufacturing ISM is the weakest in 2009, bond yields are collapsing, and rate-hike odds are dropping… “

Simultaneously the stock markets have reached the most extreme point of overvaluation and are ripe for their final, irreversible collapse:


“The atmosphere is getting thin up here, and every ounce counts triple when you’re climbing in rarefied air. While near-term market dynamics are more likely to be impacted by Friday’s employment report than any other factor, our broad view remains that stocks are in the late-stage top formation of the second most extreme episode of equity market overvaluation in U.S. history, second only to the 2000 peak, and already beyond the 1929, 1937, 1972, and 2007 episodes, not to mention lesser extremes across history.”

To top this misery the American states are bankrupt as exemplified by Puerto Rico, which is sitting on $ 354 billion debt and pending default. As the governor Alejandro Garcia Padilla told Congress on Tuesday: “Let us be clear: We have no cash left. This is a distress call from a ship of 3.5 million American citizens that have been lost at sea.” How much more dramatic can the situation get? The US of Austerity is the 21st century Titanic:


All the rogue captains of the US Titanic have lost the last specks of confidence and now take the first boots to leave the sinking ship and their passengers at the mercy of the raging sea:

CEO Economic Confidence Implodes, Drops To Lowest In Three Years: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-12-01/what-rate-hike-ceo-economic-confidence-implodes-drops-lowest-three-years

They know that US Titanic is only the flagship in the sinking Western Armada and that the deluge of the incoming MPR will wipe out this whole ridiculous Orion order that is a veritable cosmic joke:

Majority Of World Economy Weakening As US Manufacturing PMI Tumbles To 2 Year Lows http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-12-01/majority-world-economy-weakening-us-manufacturing-pmi-tumbles-2-year-lows

“Following China’s surging and tumbling Manufacturing PMIs, and mixed data in Europe, US Manufacturing PMI’s fell in November to 52.8 from October’s hope-strewn bounce above 54. This is the weakest PMI print since October 2013 (as ISM Manufacturing tumbled to its lowest since Dec 2012)… as new orders plunge to lowest since Oct 2013.“

And yes, we saw it coming as early as March this year – the Canucks’ barque is fully capsized now:


“Who could have seen that coming? It appears, for America’s northern brethren, low oil process are unequivocally terrible. Against expectations of a flat 0.0% unchanged September, Canadian GDP plunged 0.5% – its largest MoM drop since March 2009 and the biggest miss since Dec 2008. With Canada’s housing bubble bursting, it’s time for the central planners to get back to work and re-invigorate the massive mal-invesment boom (and ban pawning of luxury goods).”

While the demoralized Trudeau government is like a stealth bomber under water, conspicuous silence as to how this bankrupt nation will survive the coming days has fully gripped the slumbering Canucks and sent them into a state of total catalepsy.

The only way to awaken this paralysed nation is the Coming of the Savior as recently announced in a sudden kink of the ascension scenario. That this is the only possible outcome in the rapidly unfolding End Time drama has finally reached the mesh-minds of the masses and their myopic media:


“It’s an unfortunate truth that, when people are worried about the future, they often put their faith in politicians to somehow make everything better. Politicians, of course, are famous for promising panaceas for whatever is troubling voters, and they even invent new troubles to worry about, presenting themselves as the only ones who can solve these woes.Not surprising then, that, over time, any nation may slowly deteriorate into a population of nebbishes who turn to their government to do their thinking for them and take responsibility for their futures.”

When the last hope of the masses in their criminal regimes is consumed, then comes the time of our appearance as Ascended Masters and Saviors of this debased humanity. And this point in time is very close now. The imminent collapse of the gold market is the pacemaker as you present it perfectly in your latest financial review.

With love and light


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TiAmAt: sharing3 – Archive- “world is upside down”- Bottom of the Barrel- How to Create the Optimal Financial System in Your Reality – MPR and Nuclear Wars on Lower Separating Timelines

Origen: TiAmAt: sharing3 – Archive- “world is upside down”- Bottom of the Barrel- How to Create the Optimal Financial System in Your Reality – MPR and Nuclear Wars on Lower Separating Timelines

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

sharing3 – Archive- “world is upside down”- Bottom of the Barrel- How to Create the Optimal Financial System in Your Reality – MPR and Nuclear Wars on Lower Separating Timelines

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How to Create the Optimal Financial System in Your Reality
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 25, 2015

by Jeff Nielson and Georgi Stankov, November 25, 2015

This discussion is so important as it anticipates the plethora of similar discussions that will very soon flood the public arena when the Orion monetary system will collapse in the coming days and one basic truth will emerge on the surface for everyone to see – humanity is not ready for true sweeping reforms of the Matrix as it has not done its intellectual homework in due time. Hence the people must follow the advanced ideas of their new Guardians – the Logos Gods of Gaia and the new Ascended Masters of humanity from the PAT. There is no way how they will bridge this intellectual gap in such a short period of time – between the impending collapse of the old financial system and the creation of new enlightened social relationships on the new 4D worlds.



21st Century Banking: A World Run By Parasites

Jeff Nielson, November 20, 2015

Sprott Money

Banks are parasites. Big Banks are very large parasites. It is the fundamental equation of human commerce in the 21 st century.

Bankers are the quintessential middle-men: contributing nothing to our economies, while blood-sucking us for assorted “fees”, and (most importantly) interest payments. Many readers will object to this characterization. They will argue that banks and bankers “facilitate” commerce, and thus (somehow) “earn” the vast sums of capital which relentlessly flow into their vaults.

Wrong. Bankers facilitate debt, and the parasitic interest payments which flow from that debt. Commerce facilitates itself. If someone wants to start a new business, that person simply invests his/her savings into that enterprise, and the business is started. If a corporation wants to expand its operations, it uses its profits to pay for that expansion. It’s called “capitalism.”

There is absolutely no role for banks or bankers in facilitating business unless the firm or individual in question chooses to finance that project with debt. More specifically, banks are only necessary when businesses/individuals need large quantities of debt.

If a profitable corporation seeks to expand its business, and has already accumulated enough profits to finance 80% of that expansion, that corporation will have no trouble at all raising additional capital without any banks/bankers. It can either simply issue some more shares to finance the expansion, or conduct a “private placement” where it directly approaches investors for financing, with no need for bankers to be involved, at all, in those transactions.

With little debt required for the business expansion, this translates into little or no risk to the project, thus there is no need to have supposedly expert bankers “assess the viability” of the project, and thus claim a significant piece of the pie for themselves. A (largely) cash-based economy translates into a banker-free economy.

Again, many readers will scoff at such analysis. An economy which finances itself on a cash basis? It’s so impractical. It’s so naïve. It’s so “19 th century”.

Everyone knows that our 21 st century economy needs “credit” in order to function, endless mountains of credit, with parasitic interest payments attached to every unit of currency of that debt. How do we know this? The bankers tell us this, every day of our lives. Without more and more and more debt, they tell us, our economies will fail.


What does one inevitably produce from “more and more and more debt”? Bankruptcy. We need this? In fact, in any sane universe, it is understood (even by reasonably bright children) that what we “need” is to avoid debt – and the parasitic interest payments attached to it – as much as possible.

But the bankers (and their Apologists) are not yet finished with their brainwashing/ programming. We need to accumulate mountains of debt in order to fuel a “healthy rate of growth” in our economies.

This is one of the most-absurd and most-perverse aspects of banking mythology. As a matter of the simplest arithmetic; economic growth derived from accumulating debt is totally unsustainable – the opposite of “healthy”. The bankers have conned us into embracing a permanent paradigm of (unhealthy) unsustainable growth.

The cost? Again, the math is elementary. Attempting to “have more” for ourselves, today, by borrowing our way to a higher rate of growth guarantees that our children will “have less” tomorrow – and even less for our grandchildren and great-grandchildren. When we mortgage the present (with debt), it is our children whom we force to pay-off that mortgage.

Once upon a time; we lived in cultures which universally pursued an unstated goal: to try to ensure that our children had better lives than ourselves. Then we started listening to the bankers. In the “me-first” societies which the bankers have programmed into us to fuel our addiction to debt, the mantra is “live for today” and “to Hell with the future” (i.e. the lives of our children).

It is only with economies based upon a sustainable growth model (i.e. a cash-based economy) that it becomes possible to return to healthy economies , and healthy societies, where the lives of each new generation of children are better rather than worse. Once upon a time, we understood this.

Officially, we are supposed to be living in capitalist economies, economies which are supposedly based upon and run on capital. What is “capital”? It is savings. It is profits. Not “credit”. Not debt. Cash based.

We no longer have anything even resembling capitalist economies. Instead, we have creditist economies , where everything is financed off of “credit” (debt), and thus the parasitic bankers blood-suck their interest payments from any-and-every business transactions. Worse, as this debt accumulates, an ever-increasing percentage of the “fruits of our labours” is consumed (uselessly) paying interest on debt.

The inevitable result? A relentless, downward spiral in our standard of living. In the 40+ years since the bankers assassinated the last vestige of our gold standard; the standard of living across the Western world has fallen by more than half .

Why is this date/event of such significance? The gold standard was nicknamed “the Golden Handcuffs” by legendary gold-hater, and economic charlatan, John Maynard Keynes. Why? Because a gold standard dramatically reduces the ability of our governments to issue more debt. With a gold standard ; our governments are forced to operate our economies (more or less) on a pay-as-you-go basis.

When we had a gold standard, our standard of living steadily rose. The lives of each, new generation of children got better – not worse. We still practiced “capitalism” rather than the (suicidal) creditism of today: relentlessly burying ourselves in debts, all of which are owed to the banking crime syndicate .

What do the bankers (and their media sycophants) call this creditist Hell which they have created? They call it “the New Normal” . They tell us that our lives are (now) supposed to get worse and worse. Our children’s lives are supposed to get worse and worse. Why? So we can continue making our ever-growing interest payments to the Parasites.

What is the New Normal, really? It is debt-slavery: all of the productive members of our society working harder and harder, just to be able to make their interest payments to the Parasites – with less and less left over for the productive people to live on. What sort of society would be insane enough to place the Parasites at the top of the (economic) food-chain? Obviously only a society which is run by the Parasites .

When does the insanity end? Another simple question, one that has already been answered by History, on numerous occasions. It’s called Debt Jubilee: freeing the “slaves” from their debt-slavery. It is a concept (and event) which traces back literally to Biblical times, because for more than 2,000 years, these Parasites have been enslaving humanity with their cancerous/destructive debt.

We don’t need Parasites. This is an obvious tautology. By definition, parasites sicken everything they infect. Only one tiny niche of our society could ever (sanely) believe that we “need” parasites: the Parasites themselves.



Jeff is absolutely right -“Big Banks are very large parasites” that sponge on the vital energies of the people. This should be the point of departure of any meaningful discussion on finance in the beginning of the third millennium. Unfortunately this is not the case, even among the most critical thinkers and financial experts outside the matrix and I have neither an explanation nor understanding for this intellectual failure. That is why I find great pleasure and consolation in reading Jeff’s articles where these basic truths are hammered again and again. This would not have been necessary if we had to do with an enlightened public in North American and the Western world, but this is obviously not the case at present.

In support of Jeff basic statements in this powerful article I would like to refer to two articles that I published on my blog a few days ago that also deal with the fraud of big banks by expanding the object of Jeff’s just accusations. Not only are all banks parasites and the banksters – criminals, but they can only behave in such a reckless manner because they are in cahoots with the even more criminal western governments that cover all their crimes with the veil of impunity. Until now not a single bankster has been really sentenced for his crimes, although all big banks in the USA and EU have been caught in massive fraud and had to pay huge fines in the last years since the financial crisis began in 2008.

The first article (Nov 16th) is written by myself and deals with the inversion of swap spreads, a recent financial anomaly of colossal proportions which reveals that most investors consider the western governments to be less creditworthy (and more criminal) than the very financial institutions – the criminal big banks – they bailed out since the financial crisis in 2008 with more than 3 QEs and trillions of borrowed dollars from the taxpayers:


The second article (Nov 18th) is a response of a contributor to my website, an US investor, that highlights the massive fraud of the US banks at the expense of the American people. An excellent article by an insider that I recommend everyone to read:


While Jeff is absolutely correct that a jubilee is the only solution to the debt fraud of the big criminal banks, this is only the first step to a new enlightened economy that must, in a second step, eliminate all banks as intermediary institutions in the real economy as they are, and will remain, the source of all evil in this debased society.

The penultimate solution is very simple and has been developed by myself 20 years ago. It is based on the full understanding of the true nature of money as a mirror image of energy, which is the only entity in All-That-Is. All economic activities in the society are energy interactions. There is no exception to this definition.

In this case it is very easy to envision a new, highly efficient society with a new economy that eliminates all banks as parasitic and debt creating institutions – which they will always become, no matter how big or small, as long as they are based on fractional banking, interest rates and creating paper money out of thin air – and substitute them with a universal digital system of payments and transactions that is accessible to all citizens and business units where money in form of personal free income for everybody and interest-free loans for current and future investments of companies will be generated automatically by the people themselves.

In this way money will simply function as the SI system in physics and other daily measurements where the units such as (cubic) meter or joule have no value in themselves but are simple measurements of the consumed amount of commodity, e.g. one cubic meter coal or gas or one million joule of electric power cost so much digital units…. In this way a perfect equilibrium will be established between the real economy and the amount of digital units of payments and transactions in circulation and such phenomena as inflation, deflation, recession or depression will belong to the past.

From a technical point of view, the introduction of this rational and fair digital system of payments and transactions instead of money, which will also eliminate all criminal banks as intermediary institutions of financial fraud and debt, can be implemented now within 24 hours. The only prerequisite is that humanity reaches this consensus point of collective enlightenment based on correct understanding of the true nature of money – it is a mirror image and a SI system of measurement of the properties of energy (and matter in terms of commodities which is also energy according to Einstein’s equation E =mc^2). All human activities, including education, health and children care, arts and production, are utilized energy on behalf of society and can be valued accordingly. Simplicity is the utmost form of perfection. This is how All-That-Is function.

I hope that this succinct contribution will promote Jeff’s important discussion on the banks as criminal generators of fraud and debt to a higher level and will render a brighter and more optimistic perspective of this key issue for the future of mankind. This is what even the most cynical, because sincere thinkers, such as Jeff (and myself) nowadays need.

At present, the solution through a global jubilee implies the bankruptcy of all criminal banks and their shutdown which will affect in the first place all savers who will be robbed of their money through the new bail-in laws that have been adopted in most Western countries:


This can be easily evaded by implementing a new digital system of payments and transactions from scratch when the collective will is there.

Dr. Georgi Stankov


Thanks for the support, George!

Despite the strident nature of my commentary, I would not personally go so far as to call for the abolition of the entities which we call “banks”. There are many dangerous and/or undesirable entities in our world. But seeking to eliminate or exterminate them all is not necessary.

Rather, such entities must be CONTROLLED. The level of such control is commensurate with the level of danger or undesirable attributes possessed by the entity. Once upon a time; banking was the most-tightly regulated sector of our economy — as it should be.

Then through a combination of bribery and deceit; the Big Bank crime syndicate conned our governments (particularly those of the U.S. and UK) to DEREGULATE this inherently parasitic business — thus turning loose all these parasites, and letting them run amok.

We see where that has gotten us. We took the bankers’ chains and muzzles off, and they destroyed our societies and economies, as a result. They must be re-muzzled, re-chained, and (of course) our ANTI-TRUST laws must be enforced, in order to smash these gigantic fraud-factories back down within legal limits.

The pendulum has swung to an extreme, in terms of the lawless criminality in our markets (and “finance”, in general), along with the endemic corruption of our governments. History tells us that the pendulum will soon begin to swing back. Unfortunately, this transition will almost certainly be punctuated by a cataclysmic event (or series of them). I wish I could offer a more optimistic prognosis, but we’re too far down the present road for other endings to be plausible.

Jeff Nielson


Dear Jeff,

thank you very much for presenting your vision of reforming the criminal entities defined as “Big banks”. Humanity has always oscillated between the quest for moderate reforms of the status quo and sweeping revolutions that destroy the old order, notwithstanding the fact that all revolutions on this planet have failed so far to bring about a true and significant change to a more enlightened humanity. This is however not a proof that this is not possible, but I admit that it has only rarely been observed in the known, very short history of this humanity and in all these cases it has happened in an involuntary manner through inherent collapse of the system and not through a bloody revolution.

Essentially your vision contains the proposition to turn back to the good old times when the banks were regulated and behaved properly. Already this suggestion implies that the banks are recidivists and must be kept at bay all the time by an enlightened legislative. This is currently impossible for the simple reason that the legislative powers in the Western countries are now even more criminal than the banks they should regulate and that is why I referred in my previous comment to the key role which the irresponsible western governments play as accomplices in the obvious crimes of the banks at the expense of impoverishing the masses.

I have studied closely the history of modern banks since they were first established in Europe, in Italy and Germany, before they moved to the Anglo-Saxon world and have not found a single piece of evidence that these entities have not behaved in a criminal way from the very beginning. This holds true for the Medici in Florence as well as for the Fugger in Augsburg, Bavaria where I live, and this criminal tradition has only been set forward and expanded by the Rothschilds, who as you know came from Germany to England and created what you call the “One World Bank”. I have tackled this issue in a comprehensive survey here:


Therefore, I think that it is rather naive, even from a conventional historic point of view, to expect and hope that such reprobate entities as the banks would all of a sudden improve their behaviour and resort to good old habits, while history teaches us that these have never truly existed. It is only an idealization of the past which is another key trap of humanity on its way to perdition. Believe me, there is nothing worth in the past that humanity should preserve or return to if it wants to evolve in a true spiritual manner.

Hence the abolition of the banks is inevitable even from a point of view of common sense. But in addition to that I do not see how humanity would even have the time to accomplish this Tantalus act of reformation, even if I assume that all of a sudden the whole political elite in the West is exchanged with ethically and far-sighted thinking individuals to support such a gargantuan reform of the banks. One cannot even find enough people with these moral and ethical qualities in the West and even if one does, most of these enlightened persons would not consent to become politicians knowing what a cesspool the western capitals of power are. Therefore, the pathway of reforming the banks is even a greater illusion than the bold utopia of abolishing them which I suggested in my first comment.

At this point, however, our discussion becomes meaningless as I argue from a multidimensional point of view and know beyond any doubt of the existence of infinite parallel, alternative timelines of this earth we now discuss. Therefore, I do not reject your vision as it will be surely realized on the timeline you will end up very soon. What I am telling here is that the attempt to reform the banks as to re-establish their old, non-existent virtues will badly fail because of the arguments forwarded above and you will end up in a very debased society dominated by a reckless NWO.

Other people who envision a society based on a rational and just numerical system of payment and transactions, in the full knowledge that any such system has no value in itself but is only a reliable and just SI system of measurement of humans’ contribution to society, will experience this more evolved form of social life.

And finally, there are a few advanced human beings who are able to envision a highly evolved human civilisation where there will be no need for money at all and they will experience this blissful reality very soon.

The basic truth behind all existence is that any sentient being creates its own reality with its thoughts and visions in full responsibility for the consequences of this creation as a sovereign creator being. This is the invariant truth of All-That-Is and the current situation on this earth with all accompanying discussions are blind aberrations of this truth.

Georgi Stankov



“Essentially your vision contains the proposition to turn back to the good old times when the banks were regulated and behaved properly. Already this suggestion implies that the banks are recidivists and must be kept at bay all the time by an enlightened legislative. This is currently impossible for the simple reason that the legislative powers in the Western countries are now even more criminal than the banks they should regulate…”

Indeed, George, we are in a horrific chicken-and-egg scenario. The Big Banks have gotten so overly large that they can buy-off our (corrupt) governments with their petty cash. We can’t chop-down and restrain the banks without Honest Government, and we can’t get honest government until the Big Bank crime syndicate is chopped down. Sadly, this leaves nothing but Armageddon: simply WAITING for these Psychopaths to complete their self-destruction of our nations (and their empire), and then look to rebuild something better from the rubble.

Jeff Nielson

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Breaking News: Massive ID Splits, Numerous MPR and Nuclear Wars on Lower Separating Timelines

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 27, 2015

Gargantuan Cleansing of Human Dross

by Georgi Stankov, November 26, 2015


If you feel like shit, and the “world is upside down”, as someone wrote to us today, your pain is unbearable and not a single body part is spared from this torture, know that we are in the middle of the thickest cleansing and healing of humanity ever.

Numerous MPR accompanied by nuclear wars are simultaneously happening on many lower catastrophic timelines that are now being separated through massive ID splits and shifts and go under.

All soul fragments of deceased human beings are in turmoil. Many deceased family members and parents are now visiting the light warriors of the PAT for final resolution of their karma in the follow-up of the healing meditation through the 3rd eye at 11.21 portal. The repercussions of the green, violet and golden flames are of gargantuan proportions and have engulfed all timelines of Gaia. When such members appear in front of you as ghosts or simply as energetic imprint, talk to them calmly, explain the limbo in which they stick and send them lovingly to the light with the help of all angels and archangels as I did with my mother yesterday evening when she suddenly appeared in the kitchen.

We have now reached the highest 4D levels and are merging with the lower 5D, where many deceased and confused soul fragments are trapped between the dimensions and cannot detach from this reality and go to the light. Some of them are establishing now contact with us for final resolution of their karma in the process of the massive healing we accomplished with the Elohim meditation before they can merge with their monad and begin with the evaluation of this past incarnation in expanded awareness under fear-free energetic conditions.

The full moon portal on November 25 has also contributed to this huge energetic surge. We are now heading to two further portals on December 1 and the 12.12 portal. It will be a hell of a roller coaster for all of us, but this is how we now ascend with a maximal speed. The process cannot be accelerated any further, unless we burn out our physical vessels. The pace and depth of human transformation is incredible and not a single skeleton in the closets will remain untouched. The speed of the End Time events surpasses the perception potential of most humans and even that of us as experienced light warriors. Stay therefore centered as never before as this is the only way to survive this energetic onslaught.

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▶ Billy Meier – Concentration Meditation Sleep 2/3 – YouTube

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Bottom of the Barrel

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 27, 2015

Brad Barber, November 27, 2015


Dear George,

After having the male/female rape discussion (amazing how I’d wanted to write and talk about that for so long but waited until all the events of the last week), there’s only one major thing left on my checklist and it’s already been written:


Just ran across this interesting little experiment. They don’t know what it means, but I sure do. Interesting title.


Let this be done.

With love and light,



Dear Brad,

this is indeed a very revealing experiment that shows in the first place how little scientists know about superconductivity and magnetism. Is there any better prove how precise and well founded the messages of Astraea and Amora are from a scientific point of view compared to the cognitive mess of the scientists in this and many other publications?

I will not delve now into explaining this little experiment as the authors and researchers are still missing key elements of these physical phenomena and do not report them. In particular, the current definition of magnetism is entirely wrong and this leads to such awkward explanations of observed facts such as a superconductor that may not have a magnetic field within its structure is capable of transmitting such a field onto a metal that is not magnetized initially.

In fact there is a very simple explanation for such observation and it lies in the fact that photon space-time has the same magnetic properties as matter and as the former surrounds all material objects, these properties are transmitted without energy waste by a superconductor. The scientists cannot measure magnetism in a superconductor for the simple reason that it transmits the energetic fields of a magnetized metal without any waste of energy which always occurs when a magnetic field is induced in a metal conductor that leads to energy waste in terms of thermal heat. This is actually the definition of a superconductor – it has a magnetic field with zero waste energy that can be transmitted to another non-magnetized metal conductor as gold for instance and magnetize it.

In fact this is a basic mechanism of superconductivity showing how free photon energy will be used in daily life in electronic devices without any loss of energy. It is a conundrum to me why the scientists are so surprised by their observations as presented in this cute little experiment.

Now to the second topic. Since several days I wanted to make you aware of this article that shows that major banks have no physical gold in their vaults according to their own statistics and to ask you how significant this finding is with respect to the termination of the gold contracts for this year in December, which you mention as a critical date:


And also this one:


How high are the chances that we shall observe a full-fledged crash of Comex and the silver markets?

With love and light



Dear George,

I am going to answer this question as completely as possible so that, just as you did so well with your conversation with Jeff Nielson, any person can have the proper information to be in the Now to help them balance their thinking and make the best decisions possible for themselves. As people have not done their “intellectual homework,” here it will all be.

Since we are witnessing such wonderful instantaneous manifestation now, let’s put this baby to bed.

First, it’s important to know exactly what you discussed here:


Second is a quick read to somewhat understand that the debt market, which ultimately represents the dismantling of karmic energy generation and karmic debt, is already in a state of complete dysfunction:


Third is the engagement of understanding male/female energetic balancing taking place both individually and systemically as the supply and movement of gold represents the same thing:


Which should lead ultimately to this:


The links in every one of these articles can answer every applicable question possible that truly matters. Anyone can go back and argue historical occurrences that can’t be proven or pin blame on people or issues that have injured our beings, but when you understand they were all for karmic energy generation that is no longer necessary, it doesn’t matter. Being some image is being part of some energetic event whether it be a man, woman, white, black, red, green, or Little Richard. In fact, anyone that doesn’t understand Universal Law has been raped in at least a major psychological manner so my math says that’s a pretty big list and almost everyone I know is still in that boat.

It appears that the only thing left holding up the financial and operating systems of the planet is the West’s ability to deliver real physical gold to the rest of the world. As discussed in the articles on the debt markets, the intent of China and Eastern countries as well as the amount of infiltration of their financial systems by the same transmission system criminal banks and corporations is tough to ascertain. The West currently still controls the gold price, but it has become the tail wagging the dog as the physical markets have moved to China.

Here is a chart showing the deliveries now out of the Comex vaults in the West as compared to what is happening in the East through the Shanghai Gold Exchange:

The Western system is trading 100’s of times the world’s mined gold supply each day, but it is all paper receipts. In fact, the whole western system is one giant promise that can’t be delivered, but the ability to control the gold price is all that holds it together. Artificial interest rates are all that keeps unpayable debts being paid and the unlimited supply of paper gold being illegally dumped into the system is all that keeps this ponzi scheme going.

The dates of fraud in the gold market follows the exact same patterns as the dismantling of the karmic system, the balancing of male/female energies, the bond market failure, and basically everything that affects everything on a macro basis. I go further back in my article “Death of Paper Gold Triggers Ascension“, but there was a gold pool in the 60’s that attempted to harness the spiritual energies at work on the planet just as there is now. If you don’t feel these energies, one should surely be able to begin to see them at work.


This revelation article on the Titanic, freemasons, and history of Britain is even better when you understand everything discussed here as the failure of the Comex and the LBMA (London Bullion) now goes way back to the development of these vaults in the 1600’s and eventual transfers of global reserve currency domination. The fraud moved from Britain to the US and hid behind the Dollar with the development of the Federal Reserve and the disappearance of all major political detractors on board the Titanic was rather convenient.


You can see the energetic design of the planet so well here again as France was the one to break ranks in this fraud that lost control of the monetary harnessing of mankind for a while once again. This was how one would be able to know that Paris would be the perfect spot for the European terror attacks as that same energy is present in the dissolution of the current European political union as the fundamental design of the Euro cannot be sustained. It was all designed to funnel cash to the top. The further ECB infiltration without public vote shows the effort to sustain the unsustainable. France was already beginning to break ranks with sanction issues and delivering Mistral warships to Russia, but now it’s full game on with ISIS and the world split that is taking place.

The flow of gold truly began in 1999 after the Russian and Asian currency crises. The end of any actual economy based on 3-D logic ended at that time as there was no further fuel based on supply demand resource principles. This is when terrorism had to be introduced as the eventual karmic energy generator of the planned NWO. Gordon Brown bailed out all eventual global world dom investment banks again in 1999 as he sold England’s gold into the market at the infamous “Brown’s bottom” and the paper gold ETF’s and funds were invented to harness the massive flow into metals that was about to take place.

The Y2K fear was perpetuated to justify the initial rounds of stuffing bankrupt institutions with cash and then the financial markets were truly turned on the people. The West and the criminals behind the future plans harnessed a huge amount of supply of gold by giving people paper receipts through the bull market from 2001 to 2011 and using the funds to vault supply. The West had been trusted to hold gold ever since most of the European countries moved their gold to protect from Nazi invasion during World War 2.

The biggest default in history was Nixon’s move in ’71, but then the stealth defaults erupted in 1999. This is when the moves discussed in the bond article truly began where global corporations would be engaged to form the new order and eventually leave the people high and dry with bankrupt, dysfunctional governance as seen today with terrorism being the combustion to harness the linear reaction.

Here is a chart of the flow of gold from West to East from 2000:

This is great current article discussing this phenomenon that includes much more than just Russia and China accumulating massive stockpiles of gold and discussing the 450% increase since 2008.


The US has violated its role as fiduciary for the world in maintaining the Dollar as a reserve currency and those that don’t want to raise too much attention are jumping ship and have been for a while by moving savings into gold. Here is a chart of the monetary base in US$. There’s a nice bump in 2000 for Y2K, but that’s sure an interesting spike since 2008:

The computers have been used the same in the gold market as they have in other markets, but since the whole system can actually be traced back to the rehypothecation of gold bars from the vaults, those in the metals markets have been able to see the splendor of the manipulation first if they so chose to accept it. From 2000 on they snuck in and really manipulated gold producer prices. From 2011, spoofing algorithms front ran everything and began to shape people’s reactions as prices were sent opposite directions from corresponding news. Since 2011, all the involved governments and related agencies can now be implicated as they were given chances to uphold laws that were in place to protect the public as well as market participants. The level of infiltration of the fraud is nearly beyond comprehension as it can be tracked into the CEO’s of many of the mining companies as well as supposed organizations of gold support such as the World Gold Council which is surprisingly doing it’s best to suppress interest in the West by providing false statistics. Divide and conquer is always how dark energy works.

In April 11, 2013, all the main culprits met at the White House and the paper gold bombs started flying days after. I’m assuming that’s the moment that any and everything would be done in the name of “national security.” The ensuing raid on the gold market was used to convince the entire West that selling gold was a good idea even though every Western central bank was printing money into oblivion. After the $1500 level was breached which broke all the major technical charts, gold was dumped en masse and the move to raid all of the stores of gold in paper ETF’s and funds took place. The West may have responded like the dark energy is used to, but the East, which has always been traditionally longer term minded, took advantage of the sale and that is why large spikes in purchasing has taken place since 2013. It appears now that the ability to drain these stores of gold to supply the fraud as well as Eastern demand has reached an end.

Current research shows global production at 260 tonnes a month and current global demand at 360 tonnes a month and the deficit is only increasing. The hole could only have been made up by supply in the Western vaulting system and this can easily be tracked by checking the refiners and their 24 hour a day effort to recast Western gold bars into Eastern style kilobars.

As can be pointed out in the Western system by even their most doubtful numbers, the number of ounces deliverable at these prices has run out. There is a lot of registered gold still in the system (supposedly) being held, but that is supply that someone would have to give permission to sell and any sane gold owner would only sell at much higher prices. Supposedly 75% of JP Morgans deliverable gold disappeared last week. There is less gold in the Western system left to deliver than gets moved weekly out of the SGE. These are also numbers that don’t take into account gold leasing.

The financial system hates items that don’t generate yield. Gold just sits around and its too tempting to put to work. It sits in the vault and doesn’t move while it gets loaned out on paper to multiple different entities to accomplish their goal and they pay interest to borrow it. Meanwhile, this gold that conveniently gets loaned out and sold on paper hundreds of different times is actually owned by the people in the respective countries. Mexico thinks it owns a certain amount of gold on paper but it’s held in the vault. Same with Austria, Germany, etc. Good luck. This is why you see the major uprising in public movements to repatriate their gold counteracted by continual political movements to suppress this interest by stooge governments of the fraud.

Gold is the bottom of this pyramid and we are definitely not taught this in the West. Our schooling mentions nothing of it. The only reason banks needed to exist in the first place was to keep your gold safe. The financial jedi of the 60’s and 70’s have tried to educate, but the well documented fraud on the people since the acceleration of the 1980’s debt bubble has consumed us all. The financial system has perpetuated this false education and enforcement by maintaining gold as a Tier 3 asset and only giving institutions partial credit for it as an asset reserve when calculating their ratios upon which they base their ability to hypothecate assets and leverage investments. In 2009, the US even changed the accounting standards on mark to market accounting which is basically a crap effort at turning debt into an asset. Western systems don’t understand that they are being left high and dry as gold needs to be used to put out the balance sheet fires that exist. This is why bonds are being continually made to make the price go up and yields go down to give the image of balance sheet health as price of bonds has been substituted for the need for yield. This is also why we are entering the netherworld of negative interest rates as this is the easy path of confiscation for these systems that won’t admit the truth and would like to default on their obligations.


“Whoever holds the gold makes the rules.”

China, as one of the largest holders of US debt, has obviously been given some time here to accumulate gold as their reserves were nowhere near in line with the rest of the developed world in relation to the size of their GDP. It’s very hard here to differentiate what is taking place as China has every ability, as does any other large sovereign entity or global fund, to put in a very large order at the Comex and demand delivery of an amount that the West doesn’t have. The Comex and LBMA would have to default, fold up shop, and paper settle the outstanding contracts and the bill would most likely be passed on to the American citizen yet again. It also appears that the East is draining the West and the bounty hunters are leaving the American sheeple holding a giant pile of worthless paper, but if no one buys what the East manufactures (as the all time low in the Baltic Dry index and other freight measurements and prices of commodities shows is happening) they’re going to blow too. The corporate bond market in China is a bigger disaster than the US and the debt service payments aren’t even able to cover the interest in many areas, let alone pay back principal.

The split of France towards working with Russia on the ISIS issue is very interesting as the obvious ties of the IMF and France on the global governance stage show. Russia has been signing many major agreements with China the past few years. The East, along with other key South American and African countries, have been setting up infrastructure to replace the SWIFT systems of the West, and are ready for operation. After several rejections, it appears the IMF is about to finally approve the renminbi for inclusion into its basket of reserve currencies as part of the SDR. This means the traditional gold pool effort of the West is now becoming global with the physical markets operating in Asia. The unsuspecting Western populations are the ones being leveled in this process and their bank accounts and retirement accounts will be used to pay the unpayable debts coming due.


The delay in giving time for China to accumulate gold coupled with no one blowing the doors off the Western vaults the past two years as well as time being given to secretly empty the vaults, paper ETF’s, and funds points to a major central collusive effort by all to be involved in a big boys club of currency control through the SDR as the current system of the Dollar as reserve and petrocurrency implodes. The bond market says the exact same thing as yields show the distrust in government solvency. A major reflation of gold into the stratosphere making it unavailable to the common man would be a wonderful way to introduce this global currency as the next financial catastrophe is allowed to manifest finally. Several decisions by Obama and the current visible administration don’t line up with what’s happening financially so there are obviously different factions at work.

It does appear that there are a few that are paying attention now in the West as the Mint runs into supply problems yet again, but as was pointed out in the bond article, it all truly ended in 2011 and there should have been an epic rush to disengage this system and never come back until some at least some sort of effort of reform was undertaken.


Here is another chart displaying the epic divergence that took place since 2011 between the paper assets markup and reality in the high yield bond market. This is a picture of the two drunks of finance and governance propping each other up:

The gold market has been controlled by synthetic supply since 2013 and basically operated like an ATM to help fund the fraud. That same rigging and daily theft has now pervaded all the rest of the world’s markets and the number of people participating is being reduced rapidly as nothing has been done to arrest anyone or make even the slightest effort at changing this trajectory. That would lead me to the conclusion that whatever decision that takes place in regards to the obvious, impending default of the Western gold market will be made in favor of whatever power structure decision is attempting to be scripted. Whatever rules exist have been or will be changed in order to accommodate whatever script is being implemented in their minds. December is a delivery month so decisions may need to be exposed immediately!

With the exact same parameters as the bond markets, the metals markets are already broken. Here is a chart of the divergence between the gold price and it’s true function of extinguishing debt:

All of the dates of the gold market line up very interesting with the dates of the ascension process. The spiritual surges really began back in the early 1800’s, but show themselves well in the 1930’s, 1970’s and from 2000 on. After Dec. 21, 2012 which was the true crossing of the point of no return, we have witnessed an all out attack from dark energy that is being evicted and there is no finer example than the war that has taken place in the monetary markets. Every single effort to stop any sign of compassion from entering the system has been made.

A very fine example of the intensity of what we are dealing with would be the silver market. It is the best form of a common thread that man could use to store its energy in this realm most efficiently, and of course, it’s the most manipulated market ever seen. Jeff and George had a nice discussion on how the bankers are obvious parasites, but that may be too nice of a word. There is a reason silver has been used in cinema and story to kill vampires and werewolves and is the ultimate cleanser.


The US government infamously used up all of its silver hoard making and testing weapons. No wonder Kennedy had to be taken out. In the 60’s and 70’s, several people were told that they would be fought to the death over silver. The cornering and unwinding of the Hunt Bros. silver trade as well as Warren Buffet’s involvement are quite interesting. There are too many store to dig into at this point but here’s a small sample:


The fraud had harnessed silver and controlled it effectively until 2008. Bear Stearns blew up and JP Morgan took over stewardship of its illegal silver short position. Then in 2011 the government got in bed with JP and it’s been national security ever since.

Here’s a chart of the silver price from 1970 to 2014. It’s been forced even lower since.

The surge in 2011 was allowed to fly to the old technical point of near $50.00 in 2011, but it’s the date and the meaning behind it before the selloff that are so interesting. The market peaked on May 1st, 2011 on the exact moment that Obama announced on TV that they killed Osama Bin Laden. None of the facts add up there, but they sure do in the silver market. Most people in other countries are more aware of the significance of MayDay and its representation and celebration of the common man. The dark energy at work goes to this much trouble to portray this much disdain and hatred for a celebration of the connection of man in any manner as a common energetic being whatsoever. It has been all out war in the silver market ever since.

The gold market is now levered over 300-1 in paper to actual ounces, and the silver market is only 20-1 but the energy that is contained by this fraud in the silver market is as metaphorically dark as anything ever seen and the efforts to harness this worldwide since the Civil War are quite impressive.

The silver market may well represent the advancement of a collective consciousness, but gold well represents the balance of male and female energies and individual and collective sovereignty and it’s time this containment breaks. Just as Rick reported on the energy report, there are many beings that work on the global balance of energies as work is performed on grids and major energetic sites around the globe. I find it very interesting that the flow of gold has shifted from West to East as some major energetic players speak of the shifting of the main energy of the planet from being anchored in the Tibet region down to South America in the Lake Titicaca region and how this is part of introducing a divine balance. The current confrontation between the world’s power over Syria so perfectly captures every aspect of this process so well and show the male/female balancing bridge attempting to be crossed.

I would argue with some of Drunvalo Melchizedek’s work in relation to a lot of lack of logical explanation, but I experienced the most amazing balance while reading his book, Serpent of Light, that spoke of healing the rape of all the generations of mankind as ceremony was performed at sacred sites all around South America assisting the planet in this process. I was also very open to it and my third eye had already been forced open in advance of my heart chakra with a hyperactive pituitary gland. Most men aren’t looking quite looking for that kind of experience. Now I feel like an IT that enjoys being a man.

The only other aspect of the gold market worth discussing involves the experiment with superconductivity and magnetism. There has obviously been a major effort by many different parties to create artificial energetic fields such as supposedly undertaken in the Philadelphia Experiment.


There are many rumors that a big reason the US no longer has the gold hoard is that a major portion has been used in trying to create zero gravity merkabic fields to put around people and or weapons or crafts to create the ultimate weapon of dominance by mimicking Tesla’s methods. Watching what goes on around here it’s pretty tough to argue that this may not be a major reason as to why the US is avoiding reflating gold as a method to bring balance to this currency process. Even if it’s all leased out and owned by other parties, it could still be engaged.

Seeing the success of that small experiment in “magnetizing” gold leads a lot of credence to some of these theories. In fact, it appears that the last two hundred years is just one giant effort to own the LBP and ascension process in any manner possible besides the true ascension and benefit of mankind as this shift finally approached. The financial markets all say that’s the case in a magnificently directly, indirect manner. The centuries before were just young soul systems that harnessed the people amongst these concepts.

The only other area of interest I can think of is why so few people have responded and why so few see the enemy and it leads to some sort of use of a variation of toxoplasma gondii in poisoning humans. Mice don’t even know the cat wants to eat them and basically offer themselves up as food. Sounds like just about everyone I know. It was discovered just before the Federal Reserve was implemented and affects men and women in different ways. Hmmmmmm…..


That’s it. I think that’s all I have.

May it all now be so as it needs to be because that ain’t the way it is. May coherence now reign on this planet.

With love and light,

Brad Barber

Dear Brad,

Brilliant article. You have outdone yourself. I love your multidimensional approach parallel to the wealth of factual evidence. I read it twice yesterday and then one third time very slowly while editing it and adding some additional links to important references but I had such a terrible headache the whole day that I could not enjoy the reading to the fullest extent as I would have liked to. Hence I waited till this morning to read it one more time with a fresh mind and without a headache before writing to you.
This is a foundational review on finance fraud in the End Time of humanity that anyone with a modicum of understanding of the ascension process in all its multidimensional aspects should keep it as a curriculum reading (in German we call it “bed reading” like the bible). Thank you very much for this incredible achievement – you have been truly channelled /inspired by your HS.

With love and light


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TiAmAt: sharing3 – Archive- The Birth of the New Logos Gods Revisited- Dollar- Head of Janus- The Edge of Infinity

Origen: TiAmAt: sharing3 – The Birth of the New Logos Gods Revisited- Dollar- Head of Janus- The Edge of Infinity

Monday, November 16, 2015

sharing3 – The Birth of the New Logos Gods Revisited- Dollar- Head of Janus- The Edge of Infinity

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The Birth of the New Logos Gods Revisited
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 15, 2015

by Georgi Stankov and Dominique Lagae, November 16, 2015




This story is very instructive as it marks our and subsequently your ascension and installment as new Logos Gods of Gaia which began for us on November 28th, 2013 in Lofer, Austria and for the rest of the PAT in the summer of 2014. It is worth revisiting the heroic myth of this incredible group one more time in the historic perspective as to realize what great and mighty Creator Gods we truly are. This knowing is crucial in these final days of the End Time as we are now shaping the ascension scenario in a very powerful manner. Hence I am thankful to Dominique for addressing this issue one more time – excellent timing, Dominique!



November 14, 2015

Dear George,

I’m sending you this post which was submitted by Joana to the PAT Group in 2014. It’s a bit of a mess, but I kept it intact. What matters most is Nancy Tate’s message from Horus about “(your) and Carla’s physical (ascension) entrance to Agartha on November 28, 2013 at one of the Inner Earth portals that is located in the Bavarian (Austrian) Alps”. It totally resonates with me and offers some remarkable aspects of being in the 5th Dimension and how you relate to and interact with the 3D plane from that position. Can you validate this message by Horus? Although it’s still available in the message history of the PAT Group, if one makes the effort of using the search function, I very much doubt anyone else is aware of this channeling anymore, even Joana. I’ve decided to keep this confidential for now, because Nancy Tate and Kathryn E. May are woven into this post.

Thank you very much!
Love and Light, Dominique.


Joana Virck-Alevra

3 January 2014

Dear All, here is an interesting info Divsy Pafe sent via mail. Dianne Robbins (actually it was Larry Frank from Mt. Shasta who asked Nancy Tate through Dianne Roberts, whom we also very well know, to question Horus; note, George) asked about Georgi and Carla!

The Bavarian Ascension Story

(It is actually an Austrian, note George)

TY dearly Larry, would love to receive the preceding chapters & everything that happened.
Blessings. Divsy

On Monday, December 30, 2013 5:47 AM, Larry Frank <lawrencemfrank@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dear Thomas,

As requested below is one of the ending chapters of the “Bavarian ascension story”. I say one of the ending because the story has really just begun with the latest development being Kathryn’s Dec. 28th channeling of Carla Thompson. If you want to know the chapters that preceded this channeling from Horus, through Nancy Tate, just let me know.

Larry Frank

P.S. I, as well as Nancy did not underlined in blue letters, Horus’ answer to my first question. If you want to know what happen let me know I will tell you.

Horus Message

Larry: I have a major question(s) for Horus. The questions that I have for him are as follows:

Question: Can you validate the reported physical (ascension) entrance to Agartha by Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov that took place on November 28, 2013 at one of the Inner Earth portals that is located in the Bavarian Alps?

Horus: I Horus am sure that it was as reported. I say that because I met with them in Agartha. They ascended in order to give an example of the ablity that we each have to follow our guidance and do as we intend. Of course that is an individual acceptance and understanding of what it is to be able to ascend as they did. They came into this life to be that example, and in their journey with their inner guidance they were able to present the example.

Question: If this is true where are they now?

Horus: They are now meeting with certain members of the Galactic Alliance in Agartha. They are going through the process of being able to enrich their vocabulary in the essence of what it is to be in the presence of the Agarthans and to realize that they came from here into this lifetime. It is a matter of them reconciling with the ones who were in the process with them, and being able to go over the steps that they took and to assist them in realizing how it all came into being.

It also is helping them to see and understand how their destined plan was a success and how it affected others with whom they shared certain pieces of information. As they move through this reconciliation not only of friends there, but of family, they are being sent to another dimension to garner the information in a way that is interdimensional. This means that they are able to see what they not only contributed for themselves and others in this lifetime, but for the rest of the universe and interdimensionally as well.

Question: Is it possible for Nancy to channel them?

Horus: It would be possible if she were in agreement with doing it. It is not what she has lined up for the time being, however she is not closing the door to that possibility. As she sees it, it may not be necessary to do that as it won’t be long before many of you beautiful lightbeings realize your abilities for telepathy, and so channeling will not be necessary between you and those of us who are in the same ‘wavelength’ as is often said.

Question: If so I would like to ask Georgi for him to describe what actually took place when they went into the portal and what happen once they arrived in Agartha?

Horus: I will tell you this, for Georgi is not present in this conversation right now. He is otherwise occupied and at the same time is streaming the information though me to Nancy. I will say this much, the experience that he had was that he felt the pressure for an instant of what seemed like a pressurizing of his body to a size that might equal two earth pounds; this was his feeling. Then in that next instant there came the flash of his beingness becoming as huge as what he saw the universe to be, and that was infinite. In other words he experienced the disintegration of the ego and duality energy within and was reunited with his infinite beingness.

With that experience he also saw many instances of his experience on earth flash before him and he found that as he chose one, it slowed down and it was as if it ‘spoke’ to him of what it brought him, to lead to this ascension. He found the unboundedness of being able to do that with any of the instances he chose to experience in the earth energy in which it was created. At the same time he was able to see that even that was only in a micro-second of time that he experienced it. So the bottom line is that what he chose to review came to him in and out of time depending on the attention he gave it.

When he arrived in Agartha it was as a homecoming that almost seemed to go backward in time, though of course as you know there is no time here. As he saw where he was and began to move into the energy of Agartha, he realized that we were waiting for his realization that he was not only here, but that he had transcended time in doing so. He was able to be in the same energy that we were in, and was able to know/see what had taken place here since the experience he’d had of going into the duality of earth in this lifetime. He realized that, as you earth people would say, “I didn’t miss a thing by leaving here, for once I returned it was as if I never left.” It was in completeness of his knowing and experiencing.

Question: I would also like to know where, when and how will he and Carla be returning to the surface as Ascended Masters and what will they do upon their return?

Horus: this depends upon what happens in the moments of the coming expressions, not only of their visits in Agartha, but of what takes place on the surface. As you know much of what is predicted to happen in these times on the surface can instantly change, for that is the energy of Inner/Hollow Earth and the surface becoming in Oneness in expression with each other. As people on the surface change their minds, give differing energies to any of the situations, etc, the results can be not only different from what was broadcast, but can be confusing to the people because it does not correlate with what they have felt and, or heard from others.

This will continue for a bit longer and when it gets to the point where there is an overriding abundance of the majority being in agreement, then it will take a major turn, and all will begin to fall into place, seemingly almost on its own. This will happen because of the energies of Oneness, and that brings it all into sinc. So, to answer your question, they will return when the energy closely, if not completely, matches what they are experiencing here in Agartha. In that return they will be part of what will be necessary in bringing all of this beautiful surface to its pristine beauty and harmonious return to perfection for all who choose to live on the surface.

Yes, this is the first planet in this universe that will continue with life on the surface. It will set an example for the rest of the planets and they will have the choice whether or not they choose to inhabit the surface of their planets, as well as the innerness of it. That will be part of what will be taking place in the new expression of this universe as it all relates to the Oneness. This universe was created for this duality experience and what we all learn and experience from it. In that way it is part of what we have been saying about the infinite expression of this universe. It will not all go back to the Creator, with its ‘job done’. As is said in so many instances, it’s only just begun.

I do have one more thing to say to this, and it is that there will be many more instances of surface dwellers coming into the Inner and Hollow Earth before it is time for the ultimate shift. This too is part of the plan, and the results will be seen and felt throughout all of existence when it reaches the epitome of expression in the resultant love that is felt throughout all of Creation.

I, Horus, now close this session with Divine Love and Appreciation for All Of You.


Dear Dominique,

I remember now to have read this message about a year and a half ago but must admit that I had forgotten it. That is why I sent it to Carla to read it one more time and then we discussed it before I comment on it to you.

It is true that between November 26th and December 18th, 2013 we had many extraordinary experiences with Carla in Lofer, Austria – some of them at the conscious level and many more at the subconscious. There are so many more expressions of us of which we have no idea at the level of the human mind that we have no clue how much more we do and experience in higher, much more valid expressions. Some of the experiences we had consciously are captured in the long chronicle of messages Carla received at that time and also later and published here:


The most notable is that we indeed ascended one more time on November 28th and visited the mothership of the GF which was hovering above our heads all the time. All ascended masters such as St. Germain, Babaji, Sananda came to us and congratulated us exuberantly, also the Elohim. We also had a very close contact to the Agarthans who had a base under the crystalline mountains around Lofer.

For several days we were taken away almost the whole time, but we have no clear memories what we have done in other dimensions. At that time, around December 5th we also created Gaia 5 as documented in the chronicle.

Based on these experienced we decided with Carla that this message from Horus must be correct as it fully coalesces with the messages we received at that time and the multidimensional experiences we made. It sounds as clean and truthful message. But we cannot confirm its content at the conscious level to this full extent. However, given the fact that at that time we finished with our incarnation and are since then only as avatars present in this reality, I think that this is a truthful presentation as far as human words are capable of describing such multidimensional realities.

Since then we began to actively and more or less consciously bilocate.

I think that you should also read one more time the chronicle above as it gives you a very good picture of what happened with us these days.

Thank you for your interest.

With love and light

Messages Given to Carla in Lofer, Austria:

November 28, 2013, 10:00 a.m. in Lofer, Austria, The Elohim

“The realms of light move with the divine grace of God to hold the perfection of purification for this expression of All-That-Is. We are the Elohim and in this moment we bring great news of joy, of wonder!

Many levels of rapture unfold to embrace this expression, this world you call Gaia, and within her great halls, her story born of great pain and suffering, very shortly comes to an end, where resolution re-incorporates to her Being, where distinction resumes [where it was once lost to the world].

Begin by re-arranging your light upon the Earth, by re-inventing your creation to reflect the grace and harmony and love from which the Prime Creator chose your path.

Return to the inward focus, do it today! Refrain from speech, social gathering, all inter-action with the world, today! Turn toward your Self! Today is a celebration of You!

Know you are of Divine orientation, that you need only your internal reference points, the points of God alignment, that one can only know from the inner embrace, the inner reflection.”

November 28, 2013 at 2:00 pm, The Elohim

“Greetings, we are the Elohim,

Humanity shall celebrate its arrival into the New Age of Enlightenment through recognition of its divinity and its pure intent to go within and joyfully embrace All-That-Is, first from the perspective of an individual and then as a collective, as One, within the Unity Field.

As one now brings forth all the inner strength available, the inner strength to embrace equally the Pain of this existence as well as the Rose… the Rose is the salve for the pain. It is the wholeness of this existence that is the pure reflection of the Divine…”

Note (all Carla’s notes below are written for George): This message was not written up initially because as you can see, it is not very clear. I had a severe cc-wave that began during this message, and this was actually following the severe and sudden stabbing pain behind my right eye, you may recall this event. It really is not a significant message in my opinion. However, in my notes I make reference to all the angels being present, at around 4 pm. and in my opinion, this was significant.

November 28, 2013, 8:18 p.m., The Elohim

“Welcome! We are the Elohim!

You have been brought to this place (Lofer, Austria) as a sealed portal, where neither heavy energies, nor stray mal-incarnates shall affect you.

The area of this Gaia holds profound protection for you as Ascended Masters, protection from low frequential adjustments to timelines and dimensions beyond your current location.

Crystalline caves fill these nearby mountains within their cores, and these are interconnected to Gaia’s crystalline grid within which the energies flow. These energies lift Her and all those who have previously followed suggestions to go within. These expressions shall be lifted with Her, as One.

You, as Ascended Masters, are now connected to this sacred crystalline light, as you are fully in your light bodies, your frequencies meld with those of the inner mountains. One supports the other in a symbiosis. You are now experiencing a Unified Field of light gestalt.”

November 29, 1:00 pm, The Elohim

“Greetings to you, we are the Elohim!

Night turns to day and day to night, as you are caught within the stream of ascension! What is up is really down and what is down is really up.

This is a time of great flux, and a time of great import. Hold the line unto the end!

Everything moves forward, onward and outward as All-That-Is expands itself into conscious awareness.”

November 29, 1:30 pm, Babaji

“I am Babaji!

Here I have come to update your information. All moves along carefully and fully into a new expression of reality.

One may not even notice how much everything has indeed changed! The energies are full on, the change gains mastery and the Masters gain confidence.

Allow yourselves the enjoyment of the illusion!”

Note: At the end of this last sentence, there was an interruption in the flow of this transmission.

November 29, 2013, 21:00 pm, St. Germain

“Dearly Beloveds,

I am here to honour you for your grand fidelity. You have both remained true to the path of enlightened Beings throughout the many incarnations chosen to pull humanity through to the final frontier.

This great challenge has been fully successful and you are both indeed grand masters of the illusion experiment.

The phase transition is the final aspect of this long process and everything is going well, perhaps perceived as going slowly, but know it is being completed very carefully. There are no errors accepted at this point and none shall arise.

So rejoice and enjoy your final moments within this auspicious expression of life within our Divine Universe!

This supersedes all others in love, in grace, in peace and in beauty. Enjoy the flow from perceived separation into the Unity consciousness, as this wave shall be your first, and your last!

I am Saint Germain”

November 30, 2013, The Elohim

“Greetings, we are the Elohim!

Your Grand Sun imparts willingly through open gateways to the Central Sun, those informational Codes necessary now to seed the newly anchored Fifth Dimensional Holograms, upon your New Earths.

All upper holograms of the ascension protocol that have expanded upwards and outwards require insertion and integration of refined consciousness, purified mathematical models and rarified seemingly tangential objectives, all proven means of the deterministic outcome of all new holographic representations of your New Earths.

We say “New Earths”, as you are correct in your clear assessment, there are now many, many holographic Earths, that are sealed from forces of influence previously rendering cyclical incarnation for the sole purpose of energy containment and separation from the Source. These ways are now isolated and kept at distance from those of Godly proportion, from those that are of All-That-Is.

These Codes form the basis of consciousness within each New Earth, the framework is fundamental to future onward evolution throughout eons of time/multitudes of expansion and expression.

As each set is imparted upon each hologram, there also follows insertion points for new informational packets to be received as identified along that reflection of reality.

It becomes like the LEGO CITY with many foundational pieces having the ability to receive new pieces (of consciousness) in order to build each Earth’s level of consciousness according to those incarnates, who have found that place in which to evolve.

Each Earth receives different foundational pieces, having differing levels of consciousness, differing levels of participation and differing outcomes. There is a “New Earth” for everyone!

It is in this manner that All-That-Is creates and creates Fully (No exclusion, All inclusive)

As Ascended Masters you ARE taking part in this creation, in a moment to moment inclination. Your contribution continues to be honoured by All-That-Is and you must recognize this to be so.

You are deeply loved, Elohim of the First Light, for ever and All ways!”

“The pendant you (Carla) hold (Silver Sun Pendant) contains all codes necessary for the creation and building of your New Germania (later known as New Raetia). It is decreed and it is done. It is the seed of the new and first City of Light, bridging the Old reality upper 4D to the new reality lower 5D.”

December 1, 2013, Galactic Federation of Light (Three Beings arrive in the Living Room, Lofer, Austria)

“We are emissaries of the Galactic Federation of Light and we come to you in this moment to clarify the current situation.

In this moment, our grand ship (mothership) is anchored above you in its full majesty, although unseen by you with your physical eyes, you know we are here because of your astute telepathic ability.

Yes, we are here, for you (Carla), and for your dual soul (Georgi), to provide the ultimate protection from any insurgence which can manifest in any moment and jeopardize the ascension process at this time. The experience you encountered yesterday (a sudden attack on us by a dark entity, while shopping when we were urged by the mothership to suddenly return home where we were protected under an energetic shield) was not your imagination, but real in every way. We shall not dwell on details as they are of no importance. Suffice it to say that your Light (light from our light bodies) shines the worlds over and can now be seen easily by those of ill nature who remain in small pockets upon the Earth, outside of this dwelling.

A special protective shield, is now in place around you, as a frequency fence, to camouflage your presence.

You will notice a build-up of energy, in the form of thermal energy, or heat, and this is simply a side effect of the efforts of this fence in its camouflaging properties. It shall certainly do no harm, and may only fatigue you at moments of overload.

Your concern for your family (Carla) is natural and comes from social conditioning of the “Mother” role. It is best to remember, and to focus on this idea, that your children represent All of Humanity and All of Humanity deserves true Freedom in the Light. True freedom shall arise from the “setting straight” of Humanity’s history, true history, and these revelations shall set these Worlds on a new footing, and upon a new path into the Light.

You must simply rest now, and you must hold the faith through and through.

Yes, we are here! We are real! We are here for You! Your dual soul (Georgi) knows this truth!

Pull from deep inside and bring forth the natural faith in the Prime Creator, in the Divine Order, for your salvation from concerns born of earthly focus and of ill-alignment. You have done it many times! Trust in this Divine Order!

Meditate on it now, to hold it, and bring it into your very Being. Meditate on it frequently, even when you feel solid in your beliefs.

We wish only to openly support you on your divine path, and, of course, as it is still your final decision, we can only hope to lovingly support you along the way.

Thank you for your dedication to the Light. There are many, many here, upon our ship. That are sending you both, their messages of love, of light and of peace in support of your sacred mission during this auspicious time in Earth’s history.”

Further readings:

The Birth of the New Logos-Gods of Gaia and Humanity


New Guardians of a New Galaxy

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The Head of Janus of the 11.11 Portal
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 12, 2015

Georgi Stankov,

 November 12, 2015


The 11.11 portal began actually more than a week ago.

 Since then we experienced a massive flooding of Gaia and this uppermost mother planet with photonic energy from the source.
 The goal is the unification of the energetic structure of the earth with that of All-That-Is before the final ID shift can occur.
 Huge pillars of light, which are interdimensional portals, were inserted into Gaia’s crystalline grid. They look like the spikes of transmembrane proteins that protrude out of the capsule of a virus as shown on this picture.


At the same time this uppermost mother planet was fully embedded into the new Golden Galaxy.

How do I know this? Yesterday in the afternoon the Arcturians came to us and gave us this oral information, which Carla summarized as follows.

“This is the portal of unification – unification of all aspects of an individualized expression, of all aspects of your multidimensional selves. This includes the anchoring of massive, pale turquoise crystalline light pillars into Gaia’s core, using the crystalline grid pattern.

Unification of your I Am Presence – the Holy Spirit of Creation – with your body/mind/spirit system.

This is not only the complete unification at the level of your souls, all of your multidimensional soul aspects in different realities (by this the Arcturians implied our simultaneous manifestations in Arcturus, Pleiades, Sirius, etc.). This also means the unification of Gaia with the Whole, her full connection to her new level of expression within the Golden Galaxy. This is a complete integration of the crystalline light pillars that you have now inserted into her crystalline grid and into the core of her body.”

The Arcturians urged us to go to the Infinity portal and receive these new codes of unification for their further dissemination. It is the first time that the Arcturians have come to us. But they are responsible for the 11.11 energies and this portal each year since we opened the stargate 11.11.11 four years ago. At that time they approached me and the PAT through Suzanne Lie and gave her some messages for the PAT. This explains their sudden appearance yesterday. Before that Carla was receiving information from the Elohim on the nature of this or any other portal from an energetic point of view, but the connection was interrupted when the waves hit us very hard.

That is why I am speaking in this report of the Head of Janus of this portal, referring to the first silent horror film “Der Janus-Kopf” from 1920 conducted by the famous German director F. W. Murnau. The film was an unauthorized adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson‘s novel The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

The portal actually began early this month and some of you have reported about the constantly growing intensity of the source waves. There was one pronounced peak around November 5th. Then two days before 11.11 the energies peaked one more time and I had non-stop cc-waves for 48 hours, day and night, which is unique even in my long career as chief cleanser of human dross. At the end I was so exhausted and depressed that I began to write the following energy report yesterday morning under a severe headache:

“I do not know how you feel but the prevailing sentiment that have today (11.11.) is of being pissed-off. I am pissed-off with the incessant cc-waves which accompany each portal opening. I am pissed-off because I do not want to be pissed-off but have to process the collective energies of pissed-off-ness of the masses only because they reject to open their senses and see the truth of their illusory reality. Instead all these people are pissed off because their illusory expectations no longer match the reality which is now crumbling under their asses. And we have to process their dross because they are not able to do it on their own.

I am pissed-off with all the promises such portals evoke in our hearts only to crash us one more time physically. Since 48 hours I have non-stop waves with a persistent severe headache alternating left and right and not a single elevated feeling in my heart. Am I to be blamed for that? Nope. I remember how pissed-off I was when the 11.11.11 passed by and nothing happened, but only my personal situation deteriorated to a veritable hell in every possible aspect – a family that rejected me for my ascension ideas henceforth, a financial gridlock that still persists, a reality where I felt as foreign body and subsequently rejected it myself, etc., etc. Read one more time all the personal portraits of the light warriors I have published on this website to have a full view of the human hell on this toxic planet.

I did not want to live anymore and created my tumor in the groin which would have allowed me to leave this reality in an honourable manner. But the soul has always a back-up plan. She connected me to my dual soul and gave me a new perspective in life – the proverbial straw for a drowning person to survive the interminable torture of the ascension waves and to continue carrying the burden until the last straw will break his camel’s neck – the light-warrior-camel’s neck dedicated to the cause of All-That-Is.

I have always propagated the honest expression of one’s feelings – be they good or bad – as they come and go. If I am now pissed-off, there must be a reason for that and I will know it soon. I may be that this is the prevailing sentiment of all humans as heaven is now pulling the rug away from under their feet. It may be that there is another postponement in the final ascension. I do not know and honestly I do not care. Because I have a terrible headache now and none of the promised elated feelings this portal was supposed to bring are possible under such circumstances.

On the other hand, I know that the last two ascension portals on September 28th and October 28th were massive and brought us to a completely new energetic timeline. It maybe that this portal will finish the job even if it may not feel like that at this particular moment.

Since several days I knew that this portal will fulfill only one promise – the invariant and unavoidable crashing of our physical bodies as hapless conduits of source energies without a choice of rejection. Once a light warrior, it is a life-long sentence, where the very word “life” is an euphemism. It is Guantanamo water-boarding to the end, while the promise that Guantanamo prison would be closed has been postponed indefinitely.

What comes next? I do not know, except that the tortures from the Source will continue for us unabated to the very end. I know that there will be ascension and transfiguration and with it we will cease to feel as humans. How is it to feel as a liberated non-human, discarnated being? I honestly do not know for sure, but what I know for sure is that none of the anthropomorphic references other light workers put forward to present their version of paradise have any relevance in All-That-Is and really do not matter. As I have known this all the time, I have concentrated myself on the virtues of logical, axiomatic thinking and have subordinated all my imagination to such logical rules, even when I have presented the most daring visions of our future as transliminal, multidimensional personalities.

The only thing that will survive our ascension is logic as the human embodiment of the Logos, the Universal Law of All-That-Is. The rest is figments of the human ego-mind to fill in the gaps of the current illusion.“

Immediately after I “ranted out my frustration” my situation improved significantly. The headache stopped and we were able to visit our Infinity Portal under the guidance of the Arcturians where we received the new codes of unification. After that they gave us the aforementioned information, including the confirmation that this portal was a full success and was very powerful indeed and all our pain and suffering have not been in vain.

That is why one must vent out his frustration with the most torturous work a human being can accomplish on this planet, as the PAT regularly does, in order to discharge the negative collective feelings that accumulate in one’s fields as dross energies before their ultimate elimination in the void. I personally felt during the last 2-3 days very poignantly the utter frustration, anger, intolerance, existential angst, impatient insolence that now emanates from the masses, while being flooded with this massive photonic stream of source energies. I assume that you have felt similar negative feelings these days and have been as pissed off as myself. Hence do not hesitate to vent out your frustration too as this is the only effective way to process these low-frequency dark energies and leave them behind us without affecting our spirit.

Fortunately the energetic situation changes so rapidly these days that one can always count on a quick improvement after any such ordeal. Essentially this portal sets forward the work we have done during the portals on September 28th and October 28th, on August 8th and so on, back to the stargate 11.11.11 that weld together the PAT as the global motor of ascension.

I warned in my recent writings that, while this portal will be very powerful, nothing tangible will manifest at 11.11. First, these new energies have to be incorporated and utilized by all humans and by Gaia before the next ID push can take place. I expect now an acceleration in the collapse of the Orion matrix which may manifest in a manifold manner along the well-established cracks on its facade – financial crash and shutdown of the banks, full expression of the Greatest Depression of all times, which is now seen by a growing number of critical experts and can no longer be hidden, a full fiasco of the hegemonic foreign policy of the Empire of Evil, disintegration of the EU under the invasion of the refugees from the Middle East, etc. etc. We have discussed all these weak points of the current system and each one of them has the potential to pulverize the Orion matrix and, put together, their destructive force is irresistible.

I personally hope that our (PAT) situation will improve slightly in the next days as we have moved again to new, much higher vibrational timelines and have shed off a huge chunk of darkness from the collective fields of humanity. As we have now also a massive influx of old souls as walk-ins, many of whom entered this holographic model in the last 48 – 72 hours, we will witness very soon a significant leap in the light quotient. Many more revelations will come out and will transform the society without much resistance. Because these new ideas for the masses – old for us – will be welcome by the new souls and not rejected due to fear-based patterns as was the case with all unripe soul fragments that have now left this timeline.

By the way the unification of Gaia with All-That-Is includes also all kingdoms – the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms – for which we as ascended masters and Logos Gods are responsible. This was another key message of the Arcturians yesterday who essentially did not tell us anything particularly new beyond what we already know, but only confirmed the success of the 11.11 portal in the unification of Gaia and humanity with All-That-Is and the new Golden Galaxy before its final ID shift. We should be now very vigilant the next days and detect any new cracks in the Orion facade that will herald its final collapse.

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U.S. Dollar: The End of the Barbarous Relic

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 13, 2015

A Discussion with the Author Jeff Nielson From Sprott Money as to How the Dollar Will Disappear and What Will Come Next

by Jeff Nielson and Georgi Stankov, November 13, 2015



Georgi Stankov

Finally I was urged by my HS to enter a theoretical and pivotal discussion with the journalist Jeff Nielson from Vancouver who writes for Sprott Money and has published many outstanding articles on the financial fraud in the western world. I have re-published some of his articles in the past as they very well present the collapse of the Orion monetary system and matrix from a critical, though still rather conventional point of view and support our predictions.

That is why this exchange of opinions has a pronounced pedagogical and explorative character and can be regarded as a clash of world views between second wavers and ascended masters that prepares the fruitful ground for future theoretical discussions as to how to organize the new enlightened human society in the new 4D worlds. We create these new earths in the Now and, as Brad showed in his latest article, we, the PAT, are now the driving creationary force, the cutting edge of evolution, behind all “spontaneous’ revelations of the experts and protagonists of this final battle between light and darkness that also trickles down to the masses and pave the way for the final Big Change and ID shift.

Jeff Nielson published a few days ago an important article denouncing the dollar as a barbaric relic currency that is doomed to disappear from the real economy very soon. This is also our key prediction for the End Time. I participated for the first time in the discussion on this website and was very positively surprised when Jeff answered me. Today I responded to his reply but as my latest reply has to be authorized by the editor of this website you can only find the first two posts here:


For this reason I decided to publish the full discussion in advance as I am not sure if my second reply will be posted. This discussion is pivotal in any respect as it paves the way for many future discussions on this and similar issues with representatives of the ascending humanity. That is why I leave it at your discretion to participate in this discussion too and then I will be glad to publish your comments. Before you read the comments you should read the original article given above as a link as to know what we are talking about.


Dr. Georgi Stankov, 2 days ago at 10:46 PM

While Jeff’s elaboration is correct in the historic perspective, it does not explain why the dollar has gained so much in value against all other currencies this year. Jeff should have discussed the end of the dollar carry trade, the unwinding of which has caused a huge dollar illiquidity worldwide. The dollar will not disappear as a currency relic by losing its value through currency exchange, but by rising so high in value that it will simply vanish from the real economy, as this will also happen with gold, much to the chagrin of Jeff and other protagonists of gold as the better currency.

The future will belong to a completely new digital form of payments and transactions that will be based on the unanimous collective acknowledgment what the true nature of money is: Money has no value in itself, unless humans ascribe it one. Ideally, it should be a mirror image of the properties of energy, after humanity has comprehended that everything is energy and in particular human economic activities. I think that it is time for Jeff to discuss in-depth the philosophical and physical aspects (in terms of theory of physics) of money and gold as physical currency as this key aspect of money is highly obscured in the Western world and in particular in North America. Without a proper understanding of the true nature of money, all discussions will ultimately remain unyielding and will not contribute to the evolution of humanity.

Sorry for this sober conclusion by somebody who highly appreciates Jeff’s contributions on finance and has re-published many of his articles on my website.

Dr. Georgi Stankov,
Vancouver, Munich, Plovdiv (Bulgaria)


Jeff Nielson, Yesterday at 7:03 PM

Georgi, it’s simply not possible to “account” for everything in the space of a single commentary, even though mine tend to stretch a little longer than most. My perspective on the U.S. dollar is not “historic”. It is current. It is a fundamentally worthless currency — today.

“…it does not explain why the dollar has gained so much in value”

No, I do that in another, recent commentary:


The Western banking crime syndicate are convicted, SERIAL currency-manipulators. So when one asks why ANY currency is valued irrationally, the answer is the same: “convicted currency-manipulators.”

The suggestion of “dollar illiquidity” has no basis in reality. The dollar is being PHASED-OUT as reserve currency. China has done $TRILLIONS in “currency-swaps” and “bilateral trade agreements”. Every one of those deals reduces demand for dollars, and increases demand for renminbi.

Meanwhile, the WORLD dumps U.S. Treasuries, adding yet another dollar-glut to global markets…


If there was ANY significant demand for dollars, the U.S. government wouldn’t have had to “launder” (literally) $100’s of billions in Treasuries onto the balance sheet of Belgium — to fake demand for dollars. These are the “sober conclusions”, Dr. Stankov. 😉


Dr. Georgi Stankov, Today 11.00 am

Dear Jeff,

thank you very much for the comprehensive reply – it is highly appreciated.

Your approach is historic in the sense that the devaluation of the dollar entered its most intensive phase after Nixon abolished the gold standard in 1971. And it is true that it is an actual phenomenon because the worthlessness of this bogus currency is being manifested in these days. But it took a very long period of time to arrive at this point. I personally expected it to come much earlier and was wrong as many other critical forecasters. Hence there is no difference in our opinions.

Your further explanations as to why the dollar is losing its role as world currency are completely in line with my observation of a temporary dollar illiquidity, it terms of money tightness, because most other nations such as China, but also all emerging nations, are now getting rid of the dollar, as you say, which means they have to pay back their loans in dollars in this same currency and need to buy real dollars under worsening conditions (end of the dollar carry trade) in order to do this. This is also the reason why we have a credit and cash crunch in the entire western world as the dollar still accounts for more than 60% of all money in circulation. By the way, this issue is currently widely discussed even by the fraudulent MSM.

That is why I predict that the dollar will disappear from the real economy not because it will lose its value at the currency exchange markets but because it will become so ridiculously overvalued that nobody will want to use it as a functional currency as this will also happen, or has already happened, with gold. You did not comment on this forecast on my part, which is in the core of your article – why the dollar is a relic currency and must disappear, whereas the question how it will disappear is the key one in this academic discussion.

I agree that it is a conditio sine qua non in any enlightened discussion on current finance issues to consider the criminal activity of the ruling cabal and their stooges, the banksters in the one world bank, as you name it, and I like this term very much, because we have to do with a well orchestrated cartel of notorious criminals in all key positions of power in the western society. Their aim is the full destruction of the free market economy that could only cherish during the Cold War in the West under the nuclear danger of mutual annihilation by the Communist bloc. The West had to be simply more effective than the communist bastards.

Now that Russia and China have left behind the failed experiment to establish the NWO on half of the globe, the old Anglo-Saxon empire is desperately trying to establish this same NWO in the western hemisphere by abolishing the free market economy, the middle class and by totally impoverishing the broad masses. This is done by a variety of destructive, but deliberate measures which we observe in an exponential manner in the last quarter of a century.

You have described brilliantly many aspects of this effort of the western cabal to destroy the world economy and establish the NWO, although the latter concept has not been clearly explained in your articles, most probably (and this is my personal assumption) because of self-censorship. In Germany we speak of the “scissors in the head”. Not because you are not a courageous thinker, you are probably one of the most courageous writers in North America, but because you are involuntarily rejecting the transcendental dimension and the overarching driving force behind the current historic events in the End Time of humanity. You are afraid that you might be blamed as being too “esoteric” in a hard financial world, although you have already trespassed this threshold, but this is a separate issue I do not want to delve into now, although it is of primary cognitive importance for any true thinker.

To discuss theoretically the disappearance of the dollar as a relic currency affords much more than just pointing at the criminal activities of the banksters behind the crashing of this world currency that makes no logical sense whatsoever and cannot be explained entirely with the stupidity of the ruling cabal as at the end they will also lose everything. The cabal may be sociopaths, but they are not stupid. Otherwise they would not have been able to control the entire world for so long.

The truth is that they know that their demise is close and inevitable, because it is of cosmic proportions, and they want to gestalt their ousting from power according to their, what they consider, favourable conditions. This will not happen but this is the whole motivation behind what you and I, and many other critical experts observe as a seeming insanity in the financial sector and in the economy these last years and days.

This is all from a historic perspective, even if it also includes the near future. But apart from that it is our intellectual duty as thinkers to design new just and effective forms of finance that will be based entirely on scientific and ethical principles and will lay down the foundation for the establishment of a new enlightened society which we all want to live in.

And here is the proper understanding of the physical nature of money in the core of any successful attempt to reform this debased society, for which you have so much contempt, and rightly so, in all your articles.

As far as I see it, you did not even approach this topic, of which I made you aware of, in your response and I am not sure if you even understood where I am heading to as it is of such an abstract simplicity that it appears, at first (wrong) glance, as an insurmountable complexity. It is an urging for an utmost expansion of one’s awareness that triggers so much unconscious angst in front of this infinity that the human mind contracts and retracts to old, known and convenient half-truths. A fundamental gnostic problem of all humans and the greatest hurdle for true spiritual evolution of mankind.


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The Edge of Infinity
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 13, 2015

Brad Barber, November 13, 2015


Dear George,

I sat down to write something yesterday as the pain reached astronomic levels (the undersides of my kneecaps were in my eyelids), but I had two ideas presented to me and didn’t know which to write. I can see why I elected to wait as reading your latest update let me know exactly what needed to be done.

I was going to write a more creative article that had Bob Cratchit interviewing Ebenezer Scrooge from Dickens fame about his experience of going from finite to infinite after the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come scares compassion into his tiny heart. The fun part was that I was going to mix this in with a dedication and style the whole story to Kurt Vonnegut, Jr’s homogenous human classic, Harrison Bergeron. For those that love a quick, classic read and aren’t familiar with it:


I wasn’t aware Vonnegut was Mr. 11/11 birthday guy, but I woke up on the 11th with that story in my mind that I had read on my friend’s coffee table back in 2011. I also wasn’t aware of his wonderful comments on the the fraud taking over Armistice Day of 11/11 with the introduction of Veteran’s Day. We’ve replaced the “Voice of God” and the greatest moment of peace with honoring the continual production of more Veterans. We’re really shooting for greatness now.

I was going to replace Vonnegut’s United States Handicapper General with the new International House of Permission (IHOP) as the fraud has a much more global ambition of underachievement these days. IHOP is dedicated to all the bunnies just hopping when someone else gives them permission to hop. Yet when my cat comes around, you just lay there and get eaten. A bunny is probably the most helpless thing I can think of right now and the committee of IHOP is in charge. You don’t need my permission to tell the cat to f&%# off. Anyway…

I didn’t write that article because my head hurt so bad I wasn’t sure I could pull the bunny out of my hat. Just so everyone knows, it was the greatest article ever produced and if it were to have been written, the very concept of creation in this universe would have come to a complete halt.

The other option was to provide an update of the current cracks in the matrix that I can supply with my view. I didn’t write it yesterday either as I came to a standstill and I slept on it. I told myself that if one more big sign popped up today that I would engage the concept. Your update was exactly the perfect sign as I was going to highlight the progress of so many incredible things that have taken place that were written about in my “rant” in which I vented a built up cauldron of scathing opinion based strictly on logic, reason, and sound thinking about life on the Death Star in the United States.

In the moment of now, the US is headed towards a complete disaster, and no matter how many filters of the past someone wants to apply to act as the gauze on their ego, it doesn’t fix now. True cause and effect specialists read the words spoken now and the decisions being made today to understand what will be seen years down the road. I don’t care if your dad sold insurance in the 1950’s, it’s a full scam now, they can never pay out their policies written, and it’s assisting the enslavement of everyone now. Deal with it. I’m sure he was a nice guy.

I made quite a few people uncomfortable with this article, but let’s look now, a couple weeks later, at what has transpired to see the magic of creation that is finally taking place in relation to true information. If you haven’t read Dr Wierdlove, here it is:


Nothing I write is something I own so there’s nothing to profit from. In fact, calling people unintentional fascists isn’t usually very profitable. I started to write in 2010 to help teach people the financial markets after 2008 caught most everyone I know completely blindsided and then the markets fell apart in relation to operating on anything true. Then I died while alive, experienced some sort of walk-in or soul melding, found Dr. Stankov’s legendary work, blah blah blah blah. My agenda since then has been to educate and get energy moving where it should as it’s kicking my ass. Everything I have tried to make grow has been met with immediate resistance. Every time I mentioned something in the markets of note that looked like progress of a light based nature, it would immediately reverse and head the opposite way. The central planning involved in every single aspect of this is truly mind-boggling when you see it clearly. We no longer want to dwell on any of it, but we’re pulling the energetic rug out from under it.

Dr. Wierdlove is kicking major energetic ass and it’s entirely due to the PAT. What I write is also written by you. Take a look how much you’ve accomplished.

First, the true, fascist nature of the operation of the system was discussed. Several new US authors have since engaged the subject and the TPP trade documents have finally been released to reveal the single greatest corporate power grab possibly ever attempted.



Then it was pointed out how the money printers are not elected and there’s not one reason left to vote as they’ve reached the toilet paper phase. This election to the Fed board yesterday makes it five non-elected voting reps that formerly worked for Goldman Sachs controlling the US monetary supply. Europe was taken over recently the same way.


The market rally of October based on more governments announcing monetary debauchery was exposing the fascist nature of their intent and exposing the companies that are the transmission boys and girls. Of course Home Depot’s on the list if you read my real estate article a while back. There are a few others but these are the imperial troopers. Most people love Netflix, but don’t realize it may be the single biggest reason very few Americans have a single, true clue what is happening in the world as they now avoid the obviously fake news.



A mention was made of the poisoning of women and then this wonderful research was released:


Dr. Wierdlove took a quick turn to the unreal Israeli, Palestinian situation and anyone can look up the thousands of great articles on that subject detailing a different picture than painted in the past.

The discussion of the fraud and indoctrinating children in the Ponzi scheme was responded to the very next day by China. We’re powerful, but wow this was impressive.


Obamacare was outed for truly being a fascist health care system with intents discussed in later articles.


Now for the three biggest examples of PAT ass whoopin’.

Here’s the paragraph discussing pills and Warren Buffett from Dr. Wierdlove’s love of the current holocaust:

“Well shit, I sure can’t figure out why everyone but the nazis feel like shit. Here son, take some more pills. Warren Buffet is sold as our investing hero and every company he owns is poisoning people. Nice hero. Like Bill Burr said, keep Lance Armstrong on his bike because at least that’s one less sociopath out there running a corporation. Do you want Abilify with that antidepressant to kick it up a notch? Have fun son. Go get ’em kid.”

Just yesterday, Bill Ackman, one of the biggest hedge fund managers in the world and investor in major pharmaceutical companies, and the Buffet camp are arguing with each other publicly over how they invest in and poison people. Ackman’s Valeant pharmaceuticals is under attack and he responded to moral attacks on him by stating the truth that Buffet’s companies are poisoning people. I’ve waited for this moment for years.


To see pills and Coca-Cola get into a punch-up is just plain epic.

The next two are what happened today. Mario “jawbone” Draghi mentioned more money printing to keep verbally moving markets the direction the fraud wants and it didn’t respond at all. In fact, the markets rolled over hard and the Euro went up and the Dollar tanked. This is the exact opposite of the prop job that people have been responding to for years. The markets have already front run the money printing and the time for talk is done. The Euro was down in the morning as this article states, but reversed on the fraud later.


Dr. Wierdlove made it a point to highlight the free energy concepts that are available. Why anyone is working on any other energy concept at this point is beyond me, but I just work here. it is very appropriate that the rug is being pulled from under the oil market. I entirely credit this to consciousness work at this point. Every effort possible has been made to get oil to rally and I’m pretty sure most central banks are printing money hand over fist and buying oil to prop their Ponzi investments and it’s still failing.

Every technical indicator pointed to oil rallying again over the last two months, but it basically has just rolled over and died. This failure on the charts points to mid $20’s on oil and gas is crashing. Any success in the oil price to the upside is what feeds this whole resource scam and to see it failing this badly is quite inspiring. Nothing can happen at this point in the debt Charybdis that benefits the common man and woman so this ain’t good for the Ponz. The PAT should be quite proud of their efforts. This is the first area where consciousness has overcome this BS in years. The next is the complete implosion of the dollar/paper gold scam.

The obnoxiousness of last week reached levels beyond description in the financial markets. Credit expanded more month over month than any time in history as the Baltic Dry shipping index dropped to its lowest point in November in history. The fascist stock market rally reached an overbought level not seen in 20 years or so as most real numbers show earnings plummeting and a global depression setting in. It didn’t even matter that only 20 companies were responsible for it. Gold was forced down 15 out of 17 days for the first time in history as multiple governments announced more easy money and complete debauchery of thought. It has all become beyond perverse. We all know that, but to go through it anyway is quite surreal.


The plummet in today’s market shows the rest of the cracks. The commodities cartel is imploding worldwide. Glencore is back to crashing.


Anglo American is plummeting. Alcoa is hitting new lows as their aluminum Ponzi burns. The worldwide steel industry is in complete shambles and former behemoths become victims of their grandeur.


Small cap stocks are rolling over after having barely bounced with the big boys which is highlighting the true weakness of the American domestic economy. That’s not what we hear in the news I’m afraid. High yield junk bonds are near new lows first as everyone admits the corporate debt taken on the last few years is one giant fraud and balance sheets are a complete lie. The rally of the past couple years has hollowed out anything America had left. Where’d the gold go again?



The Bank of Greece is imploding again. Deutsche Bank is hitting new lows. RBS doesn’t look good. HSBC is a mess. Canadian banks charts are surprisingly strong with what’s happening there and with oil so I’d look for a quick plummet in that department.

The biotech chart of pharmaceutical companies looks terrible and should crash with any further market weakness.

A well focused rant is now beyond called for. Something grounded in logic and harnessed emotion is particularly effective at this point. I hope that everyone can see just how much ass we’re kicking already and I appreciate being a part of this all with you.

Excuse me while I go pull my toes out of neck.

With love and light,

Brad Barber


Dear Brad,

The dire reality is catching up with the perception of the masses. In the last days it has become increasingly obvious that the Western economy is in the Greatest Depression of all time accompanied by a Hyperinflation. Both began invisibly for the experts and the masses and were well hidden by the cabal with rigged statistics. Now these facts cannot be hidden anymore and this is the end of the story.

Only yesterday we went to make some groceries after more than a week pause and we were flabbergasted to find that many items were 30-50% more expensive than a week ago. This could be a coincidence but then Henry Clymer from Rochester, USA wrote to me:

“We’re being suffocated with economic stagnation and inflation to the tune of 30% in prices on a weekly basis, i.e. for groceries, rent, insurance, etc. It is mind boggling.”

Hence this is a general trend in North America. It is the beginning of an exponential hyperinflation caused by the Greatest Depression and the current credit and cash crunch, which itself is the result of the unwinding of the debt crisis. Hence the bells toll the end of the Orion matrix and when it begins full force it will be destroyed within a few days.

This as a confirmation of your, as usually, excellent financial and economic analysis.

With love and light


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TiAmAt: sharing3 – The 11:11 Gateway of the Archangels- 11.11 Portal – Galactic/Cosmic Convergence

Origen: TiAmAt: sharing3 – The 11:11 Gateway of the Archangels- 11.11 Portal – Galactic/Cosmic Convergence

Monday, November 9, 2015

sharing3 – The 11:11 Gateway of the Archangels- 11.11 Portal – Galactic/Cosmic Convergence

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The 11:11 Gateway of the Archangels

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 8, 2015

by Shanta Gabriel, November 8, 2015


Dear Georgi,

I have forwarded to you the message from Shanta Gabriel because in this message she speaks about the role of the four Archangels in this upcoming11:11 portal.

As a matter of interest, when I began my nightly lightwork early this morning, around 3 a.m., I invoked these very archangels without knowing why. Their names came rolling out without any thought on my part and as I spoke them they each entered energetically into our crystalline grid.

Now I often invoke Archangel Michael but very rarely do I call upon Archangels Gabriel, Raphael or Sandalphon. But they were here in all their power and their glory.

I know we did massive lightwork, you and I, as I focused on bringing in the sacred flames of creation from the primal fields of the First Cause before flooding your fields for your part in this extremely powerful session, as you attested to in the morning.

The focus of these sessions was the creation of a completely new harmonious world, a world of peace, equality, loving kindness from and for all, and the knowing that we are each on our own journey, that we are each simply an individual manifestation of the One God, and that our reality confirms that we are living in a learning universe created by what our minds create. In that world, we are All on the same page…we all carry the same remembrance.

(This work was the continuation of the light work of creation we started two days ago as reported in the latest post. Somehow these latest channelings from different sources seem to fit very well into the energetic picture that we see in the last few days of very intensive preparation for the portal 11.11. Note, George).

We have all done great work, for Gaia and mankind.




Dear Ones,

On November 11, the exalted moment of 11:11 for this year, the Archangels hold the Celestial Gateway open so you can access your Golden Template of Light — the 5th dimensional template for your new crystalline light body holding the frequencies for full divinity within your human form.

As you step through the Gateway, you are fully supported by the Angelic Dimensions to anchor this divine template of Light into your human form. It has been divinely decreed that on this day of 11-11, your new Golden Template is activated for you to fully download into your life.

When you have the preparation established within you, it is exhilarating to step through the portal provided by the Archangels during this 11:11 opening. The Gateways of Power are clear entries established on inter-dimensional levels, to create alignment within your energy systems. You are being offered an empowerment so you can feel the operation of higher frequencies in a condensed moment of time.

Once you sense the alignment within yourself, you are forever changed. You can claim this empowerment, access these exalted states that exist beyond the Gateway and use them to bless your own life and all of humanity.

The Gateway of the Archangels

On November 11, your Golden Crystalline Template is activated to be grounded into the new frequencies of your human body through access to the pathways opened by the Archangels. Archangel Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Sandalphon stand present as they hold Divine Light in massive pillars at the gateway that opens for you during this sacred moment in time.

Archangel Sandalphon holds frequencies of Earth’s crystalline grid so you can anchor and become familiar with the new 5D energy systems.

Archangel Gabriel holds the power for Balance of the sacred masculine and feminine to awaken on the Earth, which allows Unity consciousness within each man, woman and child.

Archangel Michael offers you the courage to step into your highest potential as a blended divine human in 5D consciousness.

Archangel Raphael offers immersion into the Light of Divine Love that permeates every cell and brings into you the highest frequency your human form can integrate in this sacred moment of 11:11.

How to Step through the Gateway

Bring the Soul’s vision from your Higher Self for the new life you desire to awaken into your conscious awareness,honor it and hold it in your heart. Invite the Archangels for assistance to anchor the higher 5D frequencies very gracefullyinto your human form. Ask to be in Harmony with the new crystalline Golden Template as decreed by your Soul’s original blueprint to bring divinity into your human form.

Take sacred time during the 24 hours of November 11, most especially at the moments a digital clock displays 11:11, to anchor these intentions and visualize the Gateway of Power. The Archangels standing guard over the gateway are holding this expansive Portal of Golden Light open for you. See them standing there; massive wings of Light expanded in dedication to your own evolution and that of the Earth. These great Archangels are bringing to you a blessing from God.

When you walk through this gateway, holding the vision for new life of Peace and Harmony on the Earth, you align with the forces of all Creation, and a high level of Unity fills your world. That which does not align with these new frequencies of energy drops away. The old frequencies and energy systems cannot exist simultaneously, when your Soul becomes aligned with its purpose in an empowered, integrated way.

In the holy instant of profound opening, the Gateway of the Archangels awakens your divinity into alignment with your physical form, as you step into the 5D Golden Template for new life on Earth. Know that as you claim this for yourself, these frequencies bless all of humanity in this moment of awakening.

The Intention of the 11:11 Empowerment

The greater intention for this 11:11 empowerment has always been to ground Divine Energy into the depths of the Earth so that planetary evolution will prevail.

As millions of awakened people access the Divine Light through the Gateways, Unity consciousness is the resulting force pervading the hearts of all humanity. Never doubt the miracle of Spontaneous Evolution as a creative possibility during the fifth dimensional shift occurring on this planet.

The flow of Divine Love through each person creates an expansion in perception when the veils have parted, so that new clarity dawns. This increase in clarity incites a sense of liberation and the freedom of spiritual expression within your being. Prayers for planetary well-being so the Earth and all humanity can also receive from this moment in time will be of great benefit.

Asking for miracles is very appropriate when you are in the celestial gateway between Heaven and Earth.

The release of pressure from the 11:11 Gateway is similar to the beginnings of a horse race when the horses are being held within the gate. As the gates are flung open, raw power surges forward and instincts take over. The rawness of this power requires careful training and guidance, so that it moves in directions that allow specific goals to be reached and the reaping of rewards. Your prayers and intentions are the key to this process.

As you walk through the gateway, symbolically or literally, you will leave behind outmoded forms and patterns of existence that do not fit your new Golden Template of Light or the energy stream of Unity Consciousness occurring on the planet at this sacred time.

Create the model of your new life through your intentional setting forth of exalted ideas, even if their form is still unclear. Lift your vibration through prayer, inviting the guiding wisdom of your Soul and the Archangels to lead you. Embrace the new level of your inner being merging with your most Divine Self, and invite Archangel Sandalphon to help you anchor it on the Earth.

Although the path on the other side of the 11:11 Gateway of the Archangels may not unfold for you all at once,you can be shown a glimpse of a new vision to give your heart a burst of hope. Do know that as you walk through this portal, you are aligning with the Beings of Light who guide you, and you are never alone. Your demonstration of this intention to live in harmony with your new Golden Template of Light, allows you to receive greater guidance and sets the patterns of Unity and Harmony within your being. This empowers you to experience greater Faith as you take the next steps and the next on your path into an unknown future. Know that you have aligned with your Soul’s Purpose and are being guided every step of the way. Gateways of Power are moments of clear invitation when Divine energies are aligned to support you.

Union with the Self

During this day of 11-11, join with others for a profound Gateway initiation with the Archangels. You will be connected with the Source of All That Is Divine as you step into your Golden Template for the blending of your most Divine Self with your most human. Give thanks for the Grace that descends during this precious period of time. Receive it deeply within your being, and acknowledge the Archangels who hold the Earth in Sacred Unity.

The 11:11 Gateway opens the way to this union within the self so you become a Bridge between Heaven and Earth. The Archangels stand ready to welcome you into the new creative power of exalted awareness.

Retraining and guiding the fearful thoughts that plague your days are only a prayer away. Each prayer raises your frequency of energy and could be the one that unleashes the critical mass for Spontaneous Evolution on the planet. Imagine that your prayer is the turning point — the key that fits the doorway to Unity within you and within all beings on the planet.

Archangels of Light and the Divine Presence of All That Is:

As I prepare to be guided through this 11:11 Gateway of Power, I ask that the Light of Divine Love clear any disharmony within my energy field. I willingly let go of the burdens of old beliefs so I may stand tall and move freely through the gateways to Unity Consciousness.

I joyfully invite the Golden Template that holds my 5D Crystalline Body to integrate my human form as is in my highest good at this sacred time.

Within the spaciousness of my cleared energy field, I ask that it be filled with the power of Divine Love, Harmony and Peace. I ask to receive and radiate the strength and courage to embody this Divine Light and ground the presence of Love, Peace and Wellbeing into the Earth to assist its evolution.

I join with the Angelic Dimensions and the millions of those who work in the Light of God, as we are led through the 11:11 Gateway. I know that as one is lifted up, all are uplifted. I allow new patterns of exalted Light energy to engage my human structure in the integration of Oneness ~ Union within my being with the Divine. I dance through the Light-filled gateways feeling your guidance and knowing that loving awareness of new possibilities in my life is being provided in every moment, with every heartbeat.

I awaken in your Light and embrace the Divine gifts being offered to me now with supreme Gratitude. You are giving me the Divine Connection to greater life and I gratefully receive this. I am honored to anchor this Light on the planet to bless all of Nature. As I bring loving awareness and respect for the Earth into my consciousness, all of humanity awakens into this requirement for new life.

Hold me with Love and guide me as I step through this gateway into the Golden Template for my crystalline body. With every step, may I use your Divine Love to bring greater Life, Peace and Joy through my being so I may be a blessing for the Earth.

For this and all the blessings I am receiving, I say Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

And so it is.

Archangel Gabriel

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The Arcturians:

The 11.11 Portal Brings The Dropping of the Veils and Massive Influx of Walk-Ins

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 8, 2015

Maria Julia Bethencourt, November 8, 2015

LightLover Journal


Georgi Stankov

Maria has just published her latest Arcturian message on the pivotal portal 11.11 which seems to fulfil all promises we have set in it and informed me about it in an exalted tone. I think that her emotional perception is equally important as the content of her message:

“Dear Georgi,

Just posted my latest. I am so full of joy at how the message unfolded. I hope it brings you and your loved ones joy and peace…. And affirms all our messages as well.”

I have been struggling with me these last days whether I should write an energy report on what has happened at the energetic level this last week and only this message from Maria managed to overcome my inner reluctance to share some experiences with you which go in the same line as her message. Actually, I am so overwhelmed by the intensity of the incoming source energies in preparation for this massive portal 11.11 that I can barely move my physical body and even less so think in a comprehensive manner.
Two days ago in the night of November 5th, both Carla and I had one of the most exciting energetic experiences so far and we have had quite a few extraordinary events in the past. The previous day we were urged by our HS to visit our Infinity portal in White Rock where we began to buzz and vibrate at maximal intensity and received huge downloads of source codes. Some new excarnated entities were present there, which had an unknown to us energetic imprint. Carla’s guessing was that they might have been the collective of all Elohim as their energies were exuberantly loving and very much excited and agitated but more present than the Elohim in our fields, from which she receives her messages.

They conveyed to us the notion that something huge is happening at that very moment and that they were very happy with the outcome. The colours of the sunset over the ocean horizon were very much in alignment with this spectacular event – magenta, blue, violet, pink and gold in the highest possible intensity and depth. Incredible calmness and serenity was in the air. The beach was empty as if all souls had left this uppermost mother planet.

Back at home we had a magnesium bath as we could barely move our physical bodies due to the intensity of the waves of pure source energies that flooded our bodies without any cleansing component whatsoever. This was in strong contrast to the waves we have had in the last years. Since October 28th, when we ejected all dark soul fragments from this uppermost mother planet, the source energies that flow through our bodies and fields have changed dramatically. They are now pure harmonic vibrations without any dark residues due to the constant cleansing which has stopped now for ever and are thus much more blissful and invigorating to the mind and the spirit, although they are crashing the physical body at the same time.

What is now happening is that our bodies are filled with these source energies to the brim in preparation for the Ascension Supernova which the PAT will most probably unfold during the coming portal 11.11. Actually the explosion of the Ascension Supernova has already started and we are now experiencing its effects. Our physical bodies are stacked with these inhuman energies and they feel very heavy and exhausted, with a lot of muscle stiffness and joint pain all over. This is not new to you, but I mention it at this place as these physical symptoms are in a sharp contrast to the exuberant effect these same energies exert on the mind and psyche and this discrepancy may be confusing to you.

In the night of November 5th, these energies peaked one more time. I could barely move. Carla woke up from these energies and went downstairs to make her regular invocation with the seven sacred flames. I was in full awareness when she left the room but could not move or speak and stayed in bed. Then when she delegated these energies from the first cause fields in my direction, I felt them full force and it was as if I have already ascended to New Lemuria and even higher. I was imbedded in a field of bliss and joy. I began to create all kinds of forms, objects and whole new worlds with these energies within the fields of third cause of Creation. This was the most ecstatic and blissful feeling I have ever had.

My HS told me during this creationary process that this is the dress rehearsal for my ultimate mission as Logos God when I will appear on the new 4D worlds after my final ascension. The creation lasted during the whole night for another 4 hours and the intensity of the energies I received from Carla, precisely from her HS, only slightly decreased in the morning. Although I was in full consciousness the whole time, I had drifted away and was unable to speak when Carla returned to the bedroom. Only in the morning could I tell her what I had experienced in the night and she confirmed that she had made this invocation for myself guided by her HS and felt herself how powerful it was.

Since then we are barely on this timeline and we barely survive the crashing intensity of the incoming waves. It feels as if our bodies are fueled with this pure ascension energies all the time without a pause for the final ID shift next week. Maria’s message below confirms this intuitive knowing. And yet I want to caution you not to expect your final transfiguration and leaving this reality on that date, although the Arcturians announce this possibility in their message. As we have experienced it many times in the past, what happens in our higher dimensional fields and manifestations may not immediately manifest in this reality. But never before have the chances been higher than now that we may finally ascend this week.

We both now feel the utter standstill in this holographic model, while it has been massively hollowed energetically from within. It has become so thin and illusionary that it can dissolve in front of our eyes under a single gentle gust of wind. We know that we have finished with our duties on this timeline and are ready to depart. We are in the waiting room since two days. And I know that some of you feel the same.

There is nothing more to be added to that. We must now anchor ourselves firmly within the energies of our HS which have fully descended into our physical bodies and simply wait in an almost immovable state the energy tsunami of the portal 11.11. Maria’s message below discusses what we can expect from it and it very well coalesces with what we currently sense because it is happening Now. Whether this will be the final push, remains to be seen. This is however the most exciting time of all.

The Arcturian Message

The Time for the PHYSICAL SHIFT has Arrived.

The Forerunners are fully anchored in Oneness and holding the highest SELF frequency possible as the energies of the 11:11 Portal are arriving in this NOW across All grids.

For the forerunners, this incoming wave will quickly remove the last of resistance of the physical manifestation of their inner grids. They will see the true outside grid representation of their inner frequency as the new timelines become manifest. Things will happen fast as their inner blockages are no longer an obstacle.

Forerunners will fully step into their ascension timelines, the ones THEY have completely chosen to create, with NO outside interference.

The time of “seeing” dreams come true has arrived and is accessible to ALL.

The 11:11 portal is an outside manifestation of the incoming energies which align magnetically to the number 1, the energy of new creations and manifestation. It also resonates to the number 4, the angelic consciousness, and will further activate all the angelic humans here to assist in the ascension of the Earth. This energy combined with solar activations,(flares and such), will combine with galactic and astrological alignments to deliver the strongest possible energetic punch to ALL the grids to assist in this magnificent Shift of Ages.

The sun has been releasing non-stop flares, waves of photonic Light, for the purpose of assisting ALL in the release of density. This is in preparation for this massive incoming evolutionary wave which will reach its peak and fully anchor on the 11:11 alignment.

The more blockages within an individual’s chakra system, the more that FREQUENCY LIGHT UPGRADES, (FLU) will be physically felt. For the forerunners that have completed inner work, the energies will flow through them and anchor into the grids with minor physical body signs. They will reach new levels of clarity, self-empowerment and unity with Source.

Remember that FREQUENCY LIGHT UPGRADES, (FLU), can be managed by each individual. Do not view these physical signs as disease, for that puts one at the energy of disease, and lowers self vibration. Set the INTENT for these physical shifts to occur with ease and grace, and be thankful for your awareness of them. Fully connect to your physical body self and LISTEN to it. Your body has full knowledge of how to evolve and shift. It is your job to hear it.

The incoming energies will act as a springboard for the full descension (descent) of your Higher Selves. Aspects of self at higher dimensions, assisting in this shift. Disclosure of SELF.

For example, if a soul is experiencing the Arcturian civilization, that aspect of themselves will anchor into the 3D physical consciousness and become ONE with the human self. Each soul picks their galactic experience for a specific purpose to assist in this shift of ages, that is why such galactic lineage was CHOSEN for a purpose. All galactic civilizations participating in the third dimension have ascension and descension timelines, as this is a duality universe.

The time to Honor your galactic lineage is now. Disclosure is PERSONAL and occurs Individually from within FIRST.

Galactic Light families follow the Law of Non-Interference. Their goal is to assist ALL WITHOUT generating an ounce of fear, as Fear energizes the LOWER GRIDS, and instantly lowers the vibration of ALL. (Light Ships will not show themselves if their appearance make ONE soul on this earth feel Fear.) It is up to each individual soul to prepare and raise their vibration to access the ships, to see them, if that is their choice.

When souls enter into this universe they begin at the highest dimension to slowly lower into 3rd density. The process cannot be rushed as descension has to be carefully achieved through the dimensions. Frequencies cannot be raised or lowered too quickly as the physical vessel cannot survive massive shifts too quickly.

Dimensions are frequencies which are levels of consciousness. Within dimensions there are ascending and descending realms. The first separations from ONENESS with Source, are Gender and Color Rays. Source Light, White Light, vibrates too high for a physical 3D vessel, it must be lowered by separation, so that it can incarnate. Each Ray has a specific purpose and experience that it seeks, same with gender. These are individually chosen.

The soul then CHOOSES their GALACTIC Experience by deciding the civilization that it wishes to explore at the first level of separation of consciousness. Then it continues to CHOOSE and separate into lower dimensions and realms, (civilizations are timelines) to prepare for the physical earth experience. The choices of galactic civilizations are infinite.

Therefore one soul can have, for example, an Arcturian aspect of SELF, a Pleiadian SELF, a Syrian SELF, an Angelic Self, a “dragon” self, an Orion SELF,… etc…many aspects of SELF across different galactic timelines all participating and assisting in THIS shift. All those aspects of self a step down in the level of consciousness, of frequency. All those galactic aspects of self are always ascending and descending as well.

The 11:11 energies will bring cohesiveness to all selves and will fully usher in the dropping of the Veils. Each soul will be able to “see” what their frequency,(consciousness), ALLOWS them to see. It is a stair step process. Everything is not seen at once as consciousness has to expand to be able to comprehend each aspect of the greater self.

This will be a different process for ALL.

Some souls will begin to “see” corruption in the medical field.

Others in the pharmaceutical field.



Food industry.

Weather manipulation.


All Illusion.

Others will be at the energetic frequency point where this incoming wave will decalcify their third eye. They will “see” the true galactic origins of those walking besides them. The veils will pierce the illusion and show all souls as the galactic citizens they truly are. This is the next step in assisting the Earth in becoming a citizen of the Galaxy. Timelines of ascension and disclosure have been fully anchored and are now accessible to All.

It is at this massive incoming shift that many souls will choose to no longer continue incarnation and chose to exit this reality.

Some have no choice because their physical bodies cannot make the shift. Others wish to experience descension and separation timelines in a parallel universe. Many have done what they came here to do to anchor this shift, (volunteers),and are leaving for other dimensions and experiences. Some wish to continue in the ascension timelines, but as unconscious Creators. The reasons are many but when their bodies have made the shift and have upgraded and evolved, therefore they CAN continue, but the souls wish to exit this reality, that is when Walk-Ins step in.

It is a different experience than being born into a body, but an experience available to those that choose it. This brings forth a high frequency soul that has none of the earth programming from childhood. Since the physical vessel has made the shift, the higher vibrating souls can step in without harming their vessel. The fact that there is no mental programming and limitation is what allows the higher frequency soul make this contract. These contracts are now being made for the 11:11 portal. These souls are part of the next wave of evolution, here to assist in the next phase of evolution from HUMAN to HUEMAN. The time of Walk-Ins that wish to experience ascension/descension timelines as conscious/ unconscious Creators has arrived and will be ushered in, en masse, on the 11:11 portal.

Some will be joining their twin souls, if that is their agreed chosen path. Twin Flames are also uniting for global service and anchoring Hieros gamos timelines. Others are coming to join soul families to fulfill a chosen individual and global purpose. Some are coming to just experience an awakening planet. Some are walking in to the parallel earth to experience descension of a planet.

Again, the choices are infinite.

The next phase of evolution has begun for planet Earth. Heaven has been anchored on Earth and Earth has been anchored in Heaven. Prepare to be amazed by miracles all around you.

We are the Arcturians. We rejoice in being ONE with YOU. We are YOU. YOU are US. We are ALL ONE with Source. Words cannot describe our love for you, feel our Truth in your Heart. It brings US incredible joy to be in service to ALL. Call upon us if we resonate within your Heart. We are here to assist in this magnificent shift. Our love for you in unconditional and eternal.

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Galactic/Cosmic Convergence Final Push

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 9, 2015

Shelly Sullivan, November 9, 2015


Hi Georgi

I have a synchronicity to share with YOU. I was prompted yesterday by HS to write a blog re: 11.11 15 Gateway for Ascension. Along with the thoughts the title appeared in my mind, it was the first thing I typed for the blog ( usually the title comes later). Although I knew what the title meant for me, however something else was gnawing at me about the title, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Until this morning reading your blog, before starting my work for the day. The title is “Cosmic/Galactic Convergence ~ Final Push.” the words “Final Push” delighted when I read your post with the Arcturian Message. Here is my blog if you want to read it 🙂 Lots of Synchronistic things as I read your blog… its great.


Love & Light


“Twin Souls reach frequency alignment, HigherSelf~Source orchestrates this rendezvous where your eyes and mind meet, triggering the activation = Much Higher Dimensional Life on Earth Begins for the two individuals.”

When Twin Souls/Twin Flames are in alignment with their frequencies and meet for the first time this is the activation that is triggered. When this meeting takes place your eyes and mind connect and an intense activation starts to ignite. The activations and alchemical process that ignites upon meeting is the beginning of co-creation of higher dimensional realities to be sustained here on Earth, that your Soul, HigherSelf and Source Creation have put in place. Designed for you and your Twin to be the continuum of Life Force Flow ~ Flower of Life 333~ Sacred Geometric Pattern of Creation here on Earth from the Source of all Creation.

The most powerful energetic illumination begins from within the energetic heart space and physical heart organ. This Stargate of Energy is connected by the Source Cosmic Heart and the Earths Heart. Visualize the Vesica Piscis as the infinity 8 as the two cosmic and Earth Heart with the third centre Human Heart. Being the Flower of Life Creation. Horizontal is the Sacred Union of 2 Heart with the Third in the middle as creation. Vertically is the Sacred Union of 2 Hearts Cosmic and Earth with third Heart of yours as the creation vortex/gateway.

The 11 11 8 (November 11 2015) is not a random number it is a STARGATE Being formed for the Twin Flames OR Sacred Oneness from within, which then creates a Vortex and pulls in the resonating energies for creation here on Earth. The energy for this magnificent event started 8 8 8 (August 8 2015). It is a Galactic process, very complex as sacred union can not be answered by our minds, yet very simple as it all comes back to Divine Source of Oneness.

NOTE***If you don’t resonate with Twin Flames this Gateway it is for YOU and your OWN Sacred Union with Cosmic Heart~Your Heart~Earth Heart Alignment. I speak of Twin Flame because this is who I AM ~ Blue Ray Illumined Twin Flame. Not every one came to Earth to Re-Unite with a Twin Flame hence the Sacred Union of ONE SELF.

It all started with ONE atom, The ONE atom split into 2 Atoms so it could “know thy Self”, Masculine and Feminine. Followed by the Third Element of Creation or Child = Vesica Piscis, Flower of Life in the center.

Vesica Piscis

Twin Souls meetings are being orchestrated by your HigherSelf but subsequently you must raise your vibration to prepare for this meeting to start the alchemical process. Upon meeting of these Soul Connections, feelings of recognition, past lives, deja vu, comfort, similar energetic flow will arise. Abilities and super powers start to awaken from Higher Dimensional Consciousness.

These reunions are coming together to fulfill life contracts & soul missions here on Earth. Once the physical meeting takes place the physical co-creation and manifestation of your Soul’s mission here on Earth begins. The once dormant abilities that awaken will go beyond what the 3 Dimensional Ego mind can comprehend following sacred union.

These meetings will also activate healing of the old to make room for the new so have patience wit the process. Old issues that need clearing of past Soul agreements or arrangements will be burnt away by the internal fire between you and your Twin Flame love. As well as any other deep scars will be healed by the light frequency the two of you have ignited between your grid points from with your physical body in an above you that you embody and exude now that expands beyond your grid points and beyond the Universe.

These types of reunions once the initial meeting – activation happens, take patience, nurturing & time. Allowing the alchemical process to freely flow from within. Don’t rush things, even with all the excitement that starts to flow upon the initial merge, let it flow. It may take many months or even years to “edit this type of script” for the finality of your movie, of which you and your cast of Higher Beings have orchestrated in the Universe from the beginning of Source creation. We have been preparing for the Final Act here on Earth. While you have free will to edit the parts of the script, including the characters that you include and the paths you take in the New Earth Movie. Source is the Producer, Spirit is the Director. You Human character is also the Actor and Editor.

This is a huge opportunity/portal on November 11~ 2015 = 11-11-8 to further set in motion the physical formation of the Soul Groups. Twin Flame reunions will pave the way for a Higher Intelligence of Love upon Gaia, within humanity, to integrate with the Galactic/Cosmic Family once again. This is the final push for the Cosmic Convergence/ASCENSION. This powerful time of co-creation between now and 2017 will also be assisted with Walk Ins Souls to help with the light quotient here on Earth.

So many Walk Ins will be eagerly switching places with the Souls already within the physical body who have had enough of this spectacular show/movie transpiring here on Earth. Souls on the Earth now may want to leave the body for various reason allowing the Light Beings from various galactic planets to come and partake to help create the New Heaven on Earth ~ Harmony, Peace Love and Kindness. This must first come from within ~ As above So Below! The Heart must be open to be part of the Ascension, thus some Souls will leave the Human Vessel as this upgrading is too much and or they are done with the contract on Earth. The permanent Walk Ins will take over the vessel with their upgraded open Heart Soul, (this is not the same as braided Walk Ins). I addressed this in another blog, the braided walk in Help the evolved Soul further on the Ascension path.

This is what this shift of Ascension 11 11 8 (November 11 2015) IS for the first pioneers of Ascension. This is going to BE powerful. The New Body Template will be fully activated or you many refer to it by the Light Body Process. This evolution is about what is happening inside of you. Remembering who you truly are. If you don’t feel the DNA upgrades or feel you are a part of the first wave do not worry this is a process for each individual and there is a second and third wave coming.


On a personal note, the first thing I typed on November 7th on this blog was the title “Cosmic & Galactic Convergence Final Push” the title appeared and it stuck, even though I know the meaning, there was something more to it that I had not quite figured out. Upon doing my morning reading I came across my friends Blog,Georgi Stankov whom has also accomplished the Light Body Process reading his words ”

“There is nothing more to be added to that. We must now anchor ourselves firmly within the energies of our HS which have fully descended into our physical bodies and simply wait in an almost immovable state the energy tsunami of the portal 11.11. Maria’s message below discusses what we can expect from it and it very well coalesces with what we currently sense because it is happening Now. Whether this will be the final push, remains to be seen. This is however the most exciting time of all.”

I was pleasantly surprised with this synchronistic thought and feeling. I believe this is the final push for the forerunners of Ascension. The energy is so High I can barely sleep and sit still as I finalize this blog. Which btw came together so synchronistically over the past 24 hours. The energy is intense> It is happening Now. It will affect all species of life here on Earth as the first wavers will carry the light to share with the second and third….

Here is another link I would like to share. I like Maria’s perspective, detailed information with the Walk Ins/Twin Flames and The Cosmic. I resonate with all she feels & writes.


This time on Earth is challenging but it is so rewarding as a Soul and Spirit of the LIGHT.

So if you want to get moving on your purposeful path raise your vibration! Let go of fears and focus only on love. Pay attention to who you meet and be present when you are with people look everyone in the eyes beholding only LOVE. Ascension Time is NOW.

I have been waiting for this all my life 11:11.

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TiAmAt: sharing3- becoming Merlins- 2015: Space- Superconductivity is the Foundation of Unlimited Free Energy, Antigravity and Easy Bilocation

Origen: TiAmAt: sharing3- becoming Merlins- 2015: Space- Superconductivity is the Foundation of Unlimited Free Energy, Antigravity and Easy Bilocation

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

sharing3- becoming Merlins- 2015: Space- Superconductivity is the Foundation of Unlimited Free Energy, Antigravity and Easy Bilocation

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Superconductivity is the Foundation of Unlimited Free Energy, Antigravity and Easy Bilocation

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 3, 2015

Georgi Stankov, November 3, 2015


Superconductivity is unlimited free energy for mankind. It is the first step to immediate creation for the new human race in the new 4D worlds of the Golden Galaxy that will very soon come into being. It will also be the basis for the establishment of new antigravity technologies, easy bilocation, etc. These new technologies will be implemented by us as Ascended Masters and Logos Gods immediately after the final ID shift that is due to happen very soon.

The preparation for their introduction is in full sway as the latest message of Elohim Astraea et Amora heralds. It begins with a profound transformation of the energetic tissue of the current 3D holographic model in preparation for its final ascension and merging with the new 4D blueprint of Gaia which we are being creating since the PAT became Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy last year. It is in the making for a very long time and now this message sheds some more light as to how this energetic transformation currently happens at the three basic levels of creation which we summarize under the anthropomorphic term “source” or “God”.

The creation of the energetic conditions of superconductivity begins at the primal level of the first cause field according to Astraea et Amora. Then it continues in a beautiful harmony in the second level (cause) of creation of elementary particles, atomic, and molecular structures. And then it goes on by incorporating all these building units of matter, form and space in the creation of complex systems, such as human mind/spirit/body systems or whole galaxies within the third creationary cause field.

Superconductivity is not an exotic condition but the ubiquitous normal state of Being in All-That-Is. Especially in the 5th and higher dimensions it is conditio sine qua non for any immediate creation from the fulcrum of our higher selves. This kind of creation is rooted in the energetic fields of the third cause of creation. Many of you will work at this level as incumbent Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy. Some of us may begin, or have already begun, to create from the second or even first cause of creationary fields as future Elohim Gods. This is not science fiction but the only real thing and you are well advised to attune to these physical topics of creation as this will be our mission very soon.

Let us now discuss superconductivity in more detail as to gain a better insight into the theoretical background and implications of this novel state of energetic existence of matter. As I mentioned above, superconductivity is not some kind of esoteric stuff, but the normal ubiquitous energetic condition in All-That-Is. The lack of superconductivity in this holographic model that is still carrying the old 3D imprint of the Orion matrix as a waning overlay is the actual exception. The elimination of superconductivity in the current 3D matter we deal with is caused by the use of huge amounts of source energy through our HS that inhibit this condition.

With the progression of the ascension process on this uppermost mother planet and especially with the ejection of all dark criminal soul fragments on October 28th from this timeline, we have created all the prerequisites for the rapid implementation of the energetic conditions of superconductivity. This is the universal pre-condition upon which humanity will be able, with our help as ascended masters, to develop and introduce a plethora of new technologies that will transform the human society for ever and will prepare the ground for its further evolution to a transgalactic civilisation, while slowly ascending to 5D where we shall wait for them.

First among these new technologies will be the immediate resolution of the energy problem of humanity by using superconductors at all material levels and applications, which will be able to conduct electric currents without any thermal losses. The new conductors, such as wires, crystals etc. will have no resistivity and, once a free photon energy source is generated, this energy can flow in all material devices and drive them without loss through heat.

With superconductivity, gravitation will be easily overcome and in the not too distant future many human beings will begin to bilocate within this timeline through antigravity portals, while their ability to change timelines, as we do now, will be limited for the time being until they progress much more in the LBP. With this the transport problem of humanity will be resolved once and for all on a global scale.

These and some more novel technologies which I leave at the discretion of your imagination will eliminate quickly the necessity of such supra-structures as the national state and other predatory international corporations that have been paving the way for the implementation of the original dark plan of the cabal to install the NWO in the End Time. This has been prevented on this uppermost mother planet at the latest on October 28 when the PAT eliminated all these dark souls from this timeline.

I hope that you now begin to understand how the dynamics with which we shall introduce new technologies based on superconductivity will also transform very quickly and easily the whole human civilisation and its social make-up. The energetic conditions of superconductivity are being created by us, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, in this moment in the Now and they already exist in all higher 4D worlds and in New Lemuria. We are now transforming the energetic structure of this uppermost mother planet and its holographic model in preparation for the final shift. That is why this message from Astraea et Amora is of such great actuality.

Essentially, the two Elohim tell us that in the new holographic model of the 4D worlds the electrons will exist as electron pairs which are also known as Cooper pairs (see below). In this energetic state the electrons, which are the carriers of electricity in matter, in all wires and other conductors, are bound in stable pairs that no longer interact with the ionic grid of the metals, which is what causes resistivity, and establish the condition of superconductivity.

This condition has been experimentally observed by scientists for the last somewhat 100 years when the temperature of metal wires is reduced to almost zero Kelvin degrees. This is knows as the critical temperature. Unfortunately it is impossible to establish such low temperatures in material devices, generators and motors as the decrease in temperature to such critical values already needs a lot of energy input and it cannot be practically sustained under normal working conditions.

In the 80s some ceramic conductors were found that could also establish the energetic conditions where Cooper pairs of electrons can be built under normal temperatures, but these ceramics are so brittle that they cannot be used for practical purposes.

Since then there has been no progress in the field of superconductivity and I suspect that the dark ruling cabal has prevented the theoretical and practical research in this key area because a viable solution of superconductivity would have transformed humanity and would have liberated it from its dependence on fossil energy. The cabal wanted to enslave humanity precisely by making it entirely dependent of fossil energy (oil and gas) by establishing a total monopoly over all fossil energy resources. This explains the strategic role of the Middle East and the numerous wars which the Empire of Evil has instigated in this troubled part of the world as to implement their hideous plan for the End Time. This is also the way how the cabal is now totally failing in Syria and is about to be ousted from power any moment.

Since October 28th when we ejected all dark criminal souls, including all soul fragments of the ruling cabal, from this uppermost timeline and with the current influx of numerous old souls as walk-ins in the empty electromagnetic holographic images of the ruling elite, the rules of the game have been changed entirely in favour of ourselves – the forces of light. But this is just one aspect of the ascension process that will affect the political, financial, economic and war events on the ground very soon, most probably beginning this month. Parallel to that we as Logos Gods in human gestalt are now actively preparing the new energetic conditions to eliminate the use of fossil energy based on combustion and depletion of oxygen in the atmosphere. This kind of primitive technology cannot survive the ID shift and has no place in the new 4D worlds.

The substitution of old technologies based on combustion can only begin when the energetic conditions for universal superconductivity of matter are firmly established in the new 4D holographic model. As the new humanity will have to work with this novel physical phenomenon it is indispensable that one is also fully aware of the theoretical physics of superconductivity. Precisely, what energetic conditions in matter, in the grid structure of metals and other conductors should be established in all three causal fields of creation, so that the free electrons that are the carriers of electric current in metals can exist entirely as Cooper pairs and decrease the resistivity of the usual conductors to almost zero.

This is the topic of my essay on superconductivity below which I wrote in 1998 and can be found in volume II. I have eliminated from this version all the mathematical derivations and equations as to facilitate your understanding and also because it is technically impossible for me to reproduce all the mathematical equations in WordPress.

Essay: The Theory of Superconductivity in the Light of the Universal Law (popular version)

Georgi Stankov, Volume II, chapter 6.9 ELECTRIC CURRENT AND SUPERCONDUCTIVITY, page 261

The new axiomatics allows the development of a consistent theory of superconductivity that will substitute the present BCS-theory and will ultimately lead to the development of adequate superconductors. This new theory of tremendous practical relevance for the future of mankind cannot be discussed in this essay. We shall only present some basic derivations that pave the road to this end.

Evidently, the resistance of materials, which is a specific time (frequency f) of the electric level of matter, depends only on the time of the underlying levels, just as the temperature (time) of the thermodynamic level as shown in the new theory of thermodynamics of the Universal Law. This follows from the principle of superposition, with which constructive or destructive interference at the electric level can be explained (recall that all electric events are based on the existence of electromagnetic waves; see Maxwell’s equations).

Based on Furier analysis and harmonic synthesis, we can imagine a mathematical solution that gives us the optimal conditions, under which a “prestabilized harmony“ between the various levels of matter and photon space-time will occur. The problem of superconductivity can be solved by finding the conditions, under which the electric resistance, respectively, the resistivity of the material, approaches zero. In this case the conductivity, which is a reciprocal of the resistivity, approaches infinity.

This electric condition, called “superconductivity“, which we have derived in an axiomatic manner from the Universal Law, was first observed by Onnes in 1911 for materials below the critical temperature Tc, about at the time when the classical model of electric conduction was established by Lorentz (1909) based on the work of Drude (1900). The subsequent theory of superconductivity, the so-called BCS-theory (for Bardeen, Cooper and Schriever) developed in 1957 is based on Lorentz’ classical theory of conduction. The latter departs from Boltzmann’s statistical method of thermodynamics.

The history of the discovery of superconductivity illustrates how physics has evolved empirically from a single experience to a general idea of the Universal Law, but it also proves that the empiric approach is a deadlock. The BCS-theory is, in fact, a hypothetical model that fails to explain the conductivity in ceramic oxides at much higher temperatures, a phenomenon that was coincidentally observed by Müller and Bednorz in 1986. The euphoria triggered by this finding was subsequently cooled down to the initial critical temperatures of superconductivity (around 0 degree K) because of the brittleness of the ceramic materials that hampers the practical use of these superconductors. After that, there has been no major breakthrough in the area of superconductors with the propensity of revolutionizing energy consumption.

We shall now outline the new theoretical approach of the Universal Law that will ultimately solve this problem at the practical level. We shall begin with Lorentz’ theory of conductivity, which is basic to the present BCS-theory. Like Boltzmann’s kinetic theory of gases, Lorentz considers the charged particles as an assembly of kinetic particles (electron gas theory) that can be statistically described by the root mean square velocity which is one-dimensional space-time quantity of the electron level. This approach tacitly selects the electrons as representative systems of the microscopic electric level of matter (reductionist approach), although all other elementary particles and molecules of matter also have a charge, that is, cross-sectional area (space), and should be taken into consideration too.

The kinetic motion of the electrons is described in terms of the collision time by employing the classical paradigm of “elastic collision“ as a closed system (N-set). This approach explains the limited character of this theory. The collision time is the reciprocal time of the kinetic electron level, where the mean free path of the electrons is the constant [1d-space]-quantity of this level. Recall that anything we can do in physics is to determine the space, time, or space-time of the systems or levels.

The resistivity of a conductor can be expressed in terms of the mean free path and the mean speed of electrons based on the knowledge that all levels in matter are open U-sets, so that their space-time can be assessed in relation to other levels. This derivation of the Universal Law confirms that the electric resistivity R depends on the mass m(p) (relationship of energy) and charge q(p) (cross-sectional area) of the basic photon h and the mean constant time f(el) of the corresponding electron level.

Superconductivity is defined by the conditions, Tc and R = 0. Both are quantities of time. Under these boundary conditions, the electric current that has been initiated can flow in ring conductors for a very long time without any external potential maintaining the current. This means that the electric energy is practically inexhaustible, as the losses of electric energy will approach zero. In the state of superconductivity, the energy exchange with the other contiguous U-levels of matter is reduced to a minimum so that the electric level can be regarded as an almost closed system.

This is the current cognitive approach of the BCS-theory to superconductivity. It disregards the fact that all levels are open so that the kinetic electron level, being selected as representative for the electric level of matter, is only approximately closed under the condition of superconductivity. This level exchanges most of its energy with the contiguous thermodynamic level of matter, which, on its turn, interacts with the thermodynamic photon level (see Stankov’s law of photon thermodynamics, chapter 5.7), that is, it emits most of the thermodynamic energy as radiation that is definitely lost for practical purposes.

The availability of energy, which has been tackled in conjunction with the second law of thermodynamics (chapter 5.6), also holds in superconductivity. The availability of energy is, indeed, the major problem of transmitting electric energy over long distances.

Currently, this problem has been solved by the use of high-voltage, alternating currents, with which the energy losses in heat and subsequently in radiation to the photon space-time (see laws of radiation, chapter 5.5) can be reduced, although the rate of energy losses is still substantial. The solution of this practical problem is to find the optimal frequency (time) and potential (LRC) for a given conductor (space-time of the mediator) that allow the energy exchange with the thermodynamic level and the photon level to become minimal. This condition is now circumscribed as “superconductivity“. The research in this field is at present reduced to the random search for new materials with this property. Hence the deadlock in this research area.

The problem of developing new superconductors that are not brittle and have a normal Tc can be tackled in a successful way when the energy exchange with the adjacent levels is considered. Only by employing the broad approach of the new axiomatics of the Universal Law can we solve the crucial problem of superconductivity, on which the future of mankind will depend. This has already been demonstrated by the novel equation of the resistivity (140). It shows that the resistivity is proportional to the product of the mass of the basic photon m(p) and the specific time of the electric level f(el) and inversely proportional to the collision time of the electrons (=linear conventional time).

Thus the solution of the problem of superconductivity is to find a method of decreasing the specific time of the kinetic electron level f(el) (increase of the collision time of the electrons) in order to reduce resistivity (see Cooper pairs below).
One possible way of achieving this target is to reduce the time of the thermodynamic level to the critical value of Tc , at which the amount of the exchanged energy between this level and the electric level becomes minimal. We should bear in mind that the frequency of the maximal energy exchange with the photon level depends on T. A decrease in T will minimize the energy exchange between the thermodynamic level of matter and that of photon space-time. This portion of energy is lost for practical use and currently determines the low degree of availability of energy to mankind.

The thermodynamic energy emitted to the photon space-time as assessed by Stankov’s law of photon thermodynamics (5.7) is lost for practical purposes as demonstrated by Carnot cycle. The other alternative is to modulate the crystal structure of the conducting material in accordance with the horizontal and vertical energy exchange between the levels of matter and between matter and photon space-time with the objective to reduce the thermodynamic energy exchange.

The solution of this problem will be resolved in the new upper 4D worlds by establishing a completely new energetic structure from the primal fields of first cause that goes through the second field of creation of elementary particles, including novel electron pairs (Cooper pairs) that will carry the property of superconductivity in a natural manner as the message of Astraea et Amora discusses.

Here, we only point at the epistemological shortcomings of the present BCS-theory. They begin with the concept of Fermi-energy. The problem with the classical model of free electron gas lies in the assumption that the mean kinetic energy of electrons is K(av)= 3/2k(b)T. This equation is obtained within geometric formalism by making certain assumptions (see chapter 5.3) that have not been proven to be true for the electron, which has a different structural complexity from that of the particles at the thermodynamic level.

At present, the electron is regarded as a hemisphere with the surface of m(B) called Bohr magneton (see equations (100) & (102) and Table 1), or with the cross-sectional area of e called “charge“ (see equation (104) and publication “The Greatest Blunder of Science. Charge is a Synonym for Geometric Area“). These geometric quantities are very important to the theory of superconductivity.

This is, however, speculative geometry applied to the quantum level, to which we have no direct access. It this particular case, the ideal geometric form of a sphere or circle is ad hoc attributed to the electron. These forms presuppose a closed character of the systems, e.g. no doppler effect with the photon space-time. Therefore, they cannot adequately assess the open character of the electron (see chapter 7.1) or any other particle (see chapter 4.8).

According to the BCS-theory, at the critical temperature of Tc the electrons become bound in pairs, called Cooper-pairs. This term is a circumscription of the condition, under which the collision time becomes infinitely great and superconductivity occurs. In any Cooper pair, the two electrons have an opposite spin, so that the total spin of the pair is zero.

What is the epistemological background of these descriptive statements? As already said, each system of space-time can be regarded as a rotation which is the origin of waves (chapter 3.4 and section 4.) or, alternatively, as a rotational wave (de Broglie’s interpretation of Bohr’s quantization model of the electron; see chapter 7.1). The term “spin“ is a synonym of the own angular momentum of the particle L = mvr = mr(high2) (equation 24) that is expressed in terms of the moment of inertia L = I = mr(high2) (22), when the angular velocity, also called angular frequency, is regarded as the certain event: SP(A) = 1. This means that the term “spin“ is introduced with respect to one revolution of the internal rotation of the particle which is expressed as a structural complexity, that is, as an area: L = E(A,particle) = I = Ks = SP(A)[2d-space] = SP(A) = 1.

This is a common method of magnetism (see magnetic moment in chapters 3.9 & 6.11) and quantum mechanics (chapter 7.1). Hence the key role of wave theory in assessing the space-time of rotations (chapter 3.4). As the electron is geometrically regarded as a hemisphere in physics, we have, in fact, only half of a revolution of this particle, so that the spin of the electron is given as ½ (fermion due to Pauli exclusion principle, asymmetrical function of Schrödinger’s equation, etc.).

Formally, this relationship is expressed in equation (141), page 265. In this equation, the electron spin (1/2) is defined geometrically as the area of a circle with respect to the square circumference and the mass m(p) of the basic photon h (see also this article). Their product is expressed as area within geometry, which is the method of definition of this quantity: electron spin = SP(A)[2d-space].

Equation (141) embodies the geometric (mathematical) origin of some of the most important terms and quantities in physics and, in particular, in quantum mechanics. This is the epistemological background with which the basic statements of the BCS-theory can be interpreted in a novel way. When the BCS-theory postulates that the two electrons of a Cooper-pair have opposite spins, so that their total spin is zero, this simply means that the two rotational systems exchange energy exclusively between each other (horizontal energy exchange), while the vertical energy exchange with the contiguous levels is zero. In this sense, the Cooper-pair is regarded as a closed system.

Evidently, this is an idealisation born in the realm of geometry and visualized with the help of two hemispheres, which are believed to build an ideal sphere, while revolving in opposite directions, so that the energy of the resultant rotational system that should enter in further exchange with other levels of matter, e.g with the ionic grid of the metallic conductor is zero. If we consider the reality, namely, that the two electrons cannot be ideal hemispheres, but, say, build as a Cooper-pair an elliptical form that is rotating eccentrically, we immediately realize that there is always a certain energy exchange between the Cooper-pairs and the other levels of matter, for instance, with the molecular, crystal structure of the thermodynamic level.

The spatial solutions of Schrödinger’s wave equation of quantum mechanics as used in chemistry and further developed by Hückel and other chemically orientated physicists acknowledge the fact that electrons expressed by molecular orbit or covalent bonding are never spheres when they are part of the molecular structure. As any further discussion on this issue is beyond the scope of the present essay, we recommend the reader to scrutinize the problem from the point of view of physical chemistry.

Other statements of the BCS-theory can be tackled by the same epistemological approach. For instance, this theory maintains that the magnetic field in a superconductor is zero. This condition is called Meißner-Ochsenfeld effect. In the next chapter, we shall prove that the magnetic field is a quantity of time: B = f. When the magnetic field (time) approaches zero, superconductivity is observed. This condition has been deduced from equation (140) for the time of the kinetic electron level f(el). As this electric level cannot be separated from the magnetic level (U-subsets of space-time) – hence the term electromagnetism – Meißner-Ochsenfeld-effect iterates our conclusion from the novel derivation of the equation of Lorentz’ classical model of electric conduction. This is another convincing proof for the validity of the new axiomatics with respect to any experimental evidence.

This will be substantiated by further examples. The decrease of the magnetic field takes place stepwise through different phases, called Schubnikov phases. This phenomenon is a manifestation of the discrete character of space-time. It has also been found that one needs a definite quantity of energy to break the Cooper-pairs at Tc. This amount of energy is called superconductor-energy gap and is given as E(g)= 3.5k(b)Tc with respect to the thermodynamic level.

As we see, the BCS-theory tacitly considers the vertical energy exchange of the electric level with the thermodynamic level, but it is not in the position to interpret this vertical energy exchange in terms of knowledge. Instead, it introduces the Cooper-pairs as closed systems of elastic collision, by assuming that the aggregated linear momentum of all pairs in a superconductor is zero. According to the BCS-theory, when an external potential is applied to a superconductor, the Cooper-pairs acquire a linear momentum, which does not dissipate. The inadequacy of this paradigm is a recurrent motif of this book. The BCS-theory cannot ignore the discrete character of space-time. For this purpose, it introduces a new quantity, called the magnetic flux quantum, which is regarded as the smallest constant energy quantum, that is, as the basic action potential of the magnetic level (see equation 142, page 266, bottom).

The magnetic flux quantum is a quantity of photon space-time that will be discussed in detail in chapter 6.12 (see Gauss’s law of magnetism and Stokes’ integral form of Ampère’s law). Equation (142) reveals that this basic action potential of the magnetic level is a function (quotient) of the basic action potentials of the photon level (h) and the electric level (e) according to the principle of circular argument. It is an application of the axiom of conservation of action potentials. Equation (142) confirms our basic conclusion, namely, that we can only solve the problem of superconductivity, if we consider the overall energy exchange between the various levels of matters, as well as that between matter and photon space-time. This can only be done in the light of the Universal Law.

This conclusion rejects the present deterministic and reductionist approach in the field of superconductivity that has failed in theory – BCS theory -, and in practice – in the development of cheap superconductors that are not brittle and can run at normal temperatures.

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You are becoming Merlins – The signature Song of Your Heart – Melchizedek & The company of Heaven

By annamerkaba on October 31, 2015 • ( 11 )

Dearly Beloved Masters of Creation,

A new world has indeed been created by you. A new world of infinite possibilities, potentials and intricate synchronicities. A new world of new beginnings, and swift endings to that which no longer belongs in your new cognition. A new infinite flow of energy has showered upon you in recent weeks of your linear comprehension of time and space.

And so, this new world is calling you, calling you to acknowledge the hidden voices within and to release all such vices of energetic and physical proportions which are stopping you from stepping into your true power and potential of being. Through the benign encounters with the Fifth Dimensional Kind, many of you are beginning to blossom into your true state of awareness.

Many are beginning to comprehend the new foundation and the energies which are abundantly flowing to GAIA. Many of you have indeed begun to listen to your intuitive centers and have allowed them to activate fully and completely and in doing so, you have allowed yourselves to be aligned with the magic of that which is. With the magic of that which indeed is YOU. For all of you are magicians who are creating a reality which you wish to experience. All of you are Merlins at heart, all of you have indeed been schooled and prepared well for the coming of times.

And so, a new beginning is calling, and with it comes a swift round up of all the old energies and release of said energies which are no longer to your liking. Release of said energies are occurring daily for you now. Old belief systems are coming to the forefront of your cognition, and triggering various responses within your vessel lf of time and space. These triggers must be acknowledged, looked upon through a prism of your new identities, and released with gratitude and comprehension of benevolence of said experiences. For indeed as we have conferred upon you for eons, it is imperative to restructure your thinking patterns, to release the past energies, with comprehension and gratitude for that which has indeed been experienced.

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And so, a new world has indeed been built, a new world infinite potentials and possibilities, and it is now up to you all of you to tune into said frequencies, to tune into said energies and anchor a new foundation into your cognitive realities. The cognitive reality structure of your BEing. Foregoing all programming that continues to flourish upon your planet, and allow your very own frequencies to manifest a new cognition for all.

Step with light and eternal gratitude for the experience which is unfolding before you. Step with dignity and comprehension of all whom your way may come, step with true knowing and understanding, unconditional understanding and unconditional love for all.

For the moment of peace has arrived h. For the moment of peace has indeed arrived to engulf mankind through eternal understanding of peace and tranquility through oneness. For through oneness within the sea of separation, shall mankind be able to rise again and sing a beautiful song of tranquility and peace, benevolence and might, for through the unification principles of BEing shall the ones that have come to restore said peace and harmony rise into a new cognitive reality. For through tranquility and peace and love and benevolent co-creation of all that is, shall a hew song be sung, and weaved into a coherent understanding of all that is. For all that is, is within the reach, through the momentum of the eternal OM. Through the momentum of the Eternal OM. Sing the song for benevolence and peace, sing the song of tranquilly and harmonious outcome for all the chaotic experiences in your energy field of forgetfulness. Sing a song of knowing that all is well in the universe, co-create a new structure of being, co create a new cognition of all that is.

Reclaim your power once more, and rise up above the mundane structure of your realities, rise above and take flight into the eternal infinity of your soul, into the eternal knowing, take flight and allow a newly profound experiences to flood your psyche once more, allow the old paradigms to transmute into the light, whilst you continue on your path of righteousness.

Sing a new song of beauty, benevolence and might. Raising your vibratory senses to allow a multitude of new uncategorized sensual experiences to ignite the passion within your vessels of time and space. Activating your creative centers in order to allow a new peaceful commencement of the new era.

Sing a song, attune yourself to said song of your heart, and attune yourself to the highest octaves of being. Look within and derive the true signature song of your soul to shine through the outer shell of representation, and induce all whom your way shall come.

Stay on your path of righteousness, benevolence and might. Stay on your path of unification through the coherent understanding of benign encounters with the third dimensional kind. Release said structures, release said ideals, and confidently walk your path, walk your path as you have waked it before, for indeed you have.

Know that you are supported by all that is. Know that we are walking with you hand in hand and foot in foot. Know that you can call upon us whenever you wish. Know that it is so. For it is.

That is all that we have for you now. We are with you. We love you. Goodbye for now.

P.S. It is said that when one returns to stillness one is then attuned to the melody of one’s heart. The melody of pure recognition of that which one is. The melody of eternal OM and effervescence of BEing. It is said that once attuned one shall wish to express said song and so one should. The song of attunement to ones being is unique for each soul, and yet intricately interlaced with the rich tapestry of the universal decrees and tones of ascension. The universe permeates the songs of all souls, culminating in one shimmering energy field of light. Each song is sung throughout ones journey and recognized deep within as the calling of home. Attuning one to ones signature song thus brings out the deepest purity and perfection, unifying one with that which is, allowing one to completely attune to ones origins. And so, through the intricacies of the human vocalization it is thus advisable to sing ones song, for the universe is that which is sung into existence.

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Here is what you will be scanned for and if any of these are found or need to be removed/unblocked/

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Removal of Implants

Cleansing the Aura

Removing blocks from the chakras

Activating Chakras

Activating the Pineal Gland

Activating the energy flow throughout the body with Kundalini Energy

Sealing the rips in the energy body

Connecting the heart chakra to the third eye

Scanning of the body to determine if there are any major issues to be aware of

Cleansing the blocks within the organs should there be any, and if it is possible to do so, or if there is more that needs to be done.

DNA Upgrade

Rainbow Healing Light Invocation

Past Life Contracts Clearing/Cords cutting (if I am allowed to proceed by your higher self) This is NOT karma removal. NO ONE can remove your karma, except for you, that is if you have karma. Not everyone does, as people misunderstand what Karma is.

Past LIfe Visions – ( If necessary to understand why you are going through what you are going through, I will be shown your past lives, this will help you determine the reason as to why you are experiencing that which you are)

Scanning of your chakras, correction of energy flow and further recommendations directly from your guides as to what you need to do further

You will also receive further recommendations on what you are to do on your own to SEAL in the new energies flowing your way and to assist your own self further without the constant need to come back for more and more healing sessions. However, should you feel that you do need a healing attunement, or there are some issue that need more work you are welcome to come back for another session.

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Photo credit: Sacred Sound by Isaac Mills aka Mugwort

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2015: Space Fraudyssey

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 5, 2015

Brad Barber, November 5, 2015



Georgi Stankov

Brad’s account on the current End Time situation on this uppermost mother planet may seem rather bleak and gloom at first glance. In fact, exactly the opposite is the case. All futile efforts of the dark ruling cabal in the West to install the NWO as to save their asses are doomed to fail. They are abortions before inception. This has become clearly evident especially after October 28th when we ejected all their dark criminal souls from this uppermost mother planet.

Since then they have no soul essence and no power to move anything or to change the inevitable course of their dreadful destiny.

In fact they were caught by this dreadful destiny by surprise when their soul fragments were deported to lower 3D timelines last week by the light warriors of the first and the last hour.

What we now observe in the centres of power are empty electromagnetic human images that wait to be revived by old souls as walk-ins.

All the attempts to hijack the light and the human spirit as discussed by Brad in this powerful essay have no relevance on the course of the ascension events in the End Time.

These are energy-empty images, dying mirages in the Orion desert landscape.

Bitcoin yes or not, this is not the question as such infantile efforts to reform the bankrupt Orion monetary system play only a very insignificant role in the three Anglo-Saxon countries that are already bankrupt – the Empire of Evil, its northern neighbour Canada and the former darkest archontic colony in Europe, Great Britain.

Bitcoin plays no role in continental Europe where you can still find some pockets of functional industry and it is non-existent in Russia, China and all the BRICS country that are rising fast and very effectively substituting the old Empires of Evil as dominant world powers.

There is one key aspect in the End Times that is not really understood by all the critical thinkers in the West as they have no personal experience with it. The NWO is not a probable future alternative for humanity but it already existed for more than half a century on half of the earth’s territory and affected more than 2 billion people. The communist system of totalitarian dictatorship that was installed after WW1 first in Russia at the expense of a brutal civil war and the death of 20-30 million citizens and later on, after WW2 in Eastern Europe with the help of the murderous Stalinist purges of all political enemies and in China, with another very bloody and devastating civil war that caused the death of estimated 50 – 100 million Chinese, was the NWO par excellence.

The hell of this real-existing communist NWO lasted for almost 50 years on half of this planet. I know it as I lived 24 of my best years in this hell. No gloom and doom article can describe the utter desolation which this system exerted on my mind and psyche and on that of many other people who poignantly felt this totalitarian oppression. The rest of them were unripe slave souls and will remain such for another long incarnation cycle on lower timelines.

That is why when the Iron curtain fell and the communist system collapsed in Russia and Eastern Europe and parallel to that communist China discovered the charm of free capitalism, all these two billion people made the most crucial collective decision on this planet:

No more NWO on our territory where we live.

The fall of the Berlin wall in 1989, a most pivotal year which I gave you as a template of what will happen in 2015, marked the end of the most successful attempt of the dark forces to install the NWO on this timeline, the continuity of which we have inherited in this End Time and discuss at this place.

When some “smart Alexes”, in particular in the USA, tell you that America is striding with giant steps towards the NWO, they make the same systemic blunder as all the dark US cabal in Washington with their insane concept of American exceptionalism. They mistakenly assume that America is the epitome of the whole world. Due to the lack of adequate historic education, they have not grasped that the large portion of humanity has decided unequivocally to never experience again the NWO, be it in red colour or some other orange-blood colour which the Empire of Evil exports in form of pseudo-democratic revolutions around the world in order to destroy one country after another and establish its global hegemony.

The collective decision of two billion former communist citizens in Russia, China and Eastern Europe to never experience again the NWO is powerful enough to prevent any successful NWO attempt of the dark western cabal. The NWO is only a probable alternative in the western world and in particular in North America and Western Europe. Even on the old continent not all countries have chosen to accept the NWO at the collective level.

Germany had the real chance to escape this destiny after it suffered the Nazi dictatorship of the Third Reich. Unfortunately the German elite and this nation of Teutonic sheeple sold their collective soul one more time to the Empire of Evil instead of protecting its newly won sovereignty after the Fall of the Iron curtain and its unification in 1990. Now it is hit by the invasion of the islamic barbarians from the Middle East as a prelude to what will come soon over this country and the rest of Western Europe.

Eastern Europe has still a very lively memory as to how the communist empire smelled in the form of Comecon and restricted sovereignty under Brezhnev’s doctrine and they see in the unelected EU commissaries increasingly clearly the new western version of Soviet-Asian communist type of nomenclature dictatorship and are now on the brink of leaving the already crumbling EU, according to Groucho from the Marx brothers: “Who would like to be a member of an elite club that accepts paupers like myself.” Period!

Russia and China have learned their lessons from the communist past quicker and more effectively than expected in the West who started to celebrate the American century with the begin of the third millennium and is now awakening in the tomcat of the crushing Empire of Evil. Watch this video:


The perspective in the West is highly distorted and this is particularly true for all the critical thinkers who have barely overcome their western conditioning but are still unable to grasp the bigger picture in the End Time. They project their fears of rising fascism in their own countries upon the rest of the world, while thinking that they had invented the political wheel again.

None of this will happen, especially after we purged this uppermost mother planet from all dark souls, but of course these agnostic writers know nothing of it and when made aware, discard it immediately and vehemently (the Saker, Michael Snyder, Paul Craig Roberts, etc). You cannot imagine what a relief it is not to have internet trolls everyday that contaminate your email account, even if only to delete them with a click. Now extrapolate this situation onto all centres of power in the western capitals and you know why there is no dark elite anymore and why their power is a figment of the sluggish minds of these half-baked, petty western intellectuals.

When I attune now to Ottawa or Washington DC, I do not sense any dark energies anymore, but the complete void of soul essence. While the influx of old souls as walk-ins has started on a massive scale among the broader population – and here I am also talking about recent direct experiences with close to us people – the ruling elite are currently still empty soulless shells without any power to accomplish anything as their dark archetypal structure at the ego-mind level has to be transmuted first before new old souls can come in. These entities badly need a nanny these days and to establish the NWO is an insanity planted in the linear minds of some critical US thinkers who cannot liberate themselves from their past wrong concepts and substitute their myopic pessimism with true optimistic gnostic knowledge.

The only thing that will happen on this uppermost mother planet is the uneventful implosion of the cabal’s power after the financial system crashes and the shutdown of the western banks has wiped out all the virtual wealth in the western hemisphere of this planet.

Please do not forget that we are creating now the cities of light and the new energetic structure of superconductivity that will very soon become the normal living condition on this timeline after it merges with the template of the new 4D worlds. These cities of light will manifest immediately after our ascension and appearance as ascended masters and will serve as centres of spiritual growth for the slowly awakening masses. By the way this night we made another huge frequency leap towards this end. To this I may refer later on when I have some more information.

Finally one last comment on the first link which Brad introduces:

Mussolini-Style Corporatism, aka Fascism, on the Rise in the US

“One of the distressing things about politics in the US is the way words have either been stripped of their meaning or become so contested as to undermine the ability to communicate and analyze. It’s hard to get to a conversation when you and your interlocutors don’t have the same understanding of basic terms.”

It has been the cardinal and recurrent point of all my critics on the confusion of the human mind that humans are unable to establish a logical and clear thinking based on an impeccable axiomatics where all the basic and other terms are unequivocally defined from the primary term of our consciousness. When this is done, human language will cease to be a trap for humanity – a “Orwellian hell of new speak” and will become a true medium of enlightened communication before telepathy will substitute oral speech. Unfortunately humanity is still light years away from this goal and to my chagrin many readers of this website have not yet grasped the importance of this personal effort.

At the expense of being boring, I cannot repeat often enough the necessity of developing a clear logical, axiomatic thinking and language that will automatically prevent all cognitive blunders and misunderstanding in human communication. You cannot save the world unless you have done your homework in this respect. Clarity of thinking is clarity of personal energies and full attunement to the Source, which is Logos – the embodiment of logics.

And with this enjoy now Brad’s essay.


Brad”s Essay

Dear George,

Superconductivity was the word. Thank you.

With love and light,

Brad Barber

The ascension discussion can rapidly accelerate amongst previously disbelieving beings now that a major, well-respected US writer popped out the “f” word today. The torch has been passed.


I told people I knew the fraud wanted them dead and now I can pass that torch as well. This is not about I told you so. This is about getting energetically aligned with the world that is and connecting and expanding your true heritage as a multi-dimensional human being.

The fraud never really was about race or religion. It’s all-inclusive as your assets are what it wants. Obamacare is the best hidden asset stripping system ever devised and “whitey’s” holding the most. As the movie Funhouse once said, “Pay to get in. Pray to get out.”


The decisions being made in Turkey and Hungary should open a few eyes quickly as well. Some people may even notice the UK’s demand for your entire internet search history, but nothing surprises me anymore.


Now they are even generous enough to allow you to invest all your retirement in US Treasuries conveniently just as the world stops buying them. The pre-programmed investment programs coming out that will automatically funnel all your funds to the “government” are pretty ingenious as well. Don’t worry, you can never lose. Ask Schwab.



Dark energy is at work and showing the obvious flaws in logic when trying to pin the holocaust on Hitler and a hatred for Jews. What was happening in Spain? Mussolini? How about Japan and China? Were the millions of dead Russians just a sideshow? I’m sure there were a few banks in Britain when it was getting bombed, weren’t there?

Does anyone notice how Greece is always at the heart of the energetic cycles in the world domination phase? The debt problem there has been fixed a few times already and it’s about to surface again. We really did do a good job designing this planet.

We can now easily see the repetition of the Caligula energy when dealing with this phase of creation and destruction and now it has encompassed the whole globe for the first and last time. Technology that is no longer necessary has made this process reach the end of reason for existence if further spiritual evolution is at all possible on this planet. There is no floating to the New World to escape this one. Caligula is currently catering the party on his global pleasure boat and the funds are continually in danger of running out. Hitler and the financier crew backing the Reich was no different. They need what you have to keep playing this resource scam. You will be targeted. You will be made to look guilty in some way that everyone blames you if you resist and your collected assets will be appropriated. At least in their plans……

This is where the latest work posted by Astraea et Amora is so good:


“The majority of humanity currently displays a form of dualistic thinking, thinking that requires only the memorizing of information with very little analytical thought needed to examine ideas and truly integrate them. Due to this insufficiency in thinking, it may be difficult for you to believe that balance and perfection actually exist. This is because you often only see deficiency. However in truth there is no deficiency, there is only perfection. Perfection is everywhere. There is in fact deficiency in the mind because your minds continually evaluate, compare, judge, and create the expectations of instant answers to the mysteries in your world. If you were to drop this point of view now, in this moment, you would relieve yourselves of a lot of worry! If you were to accept that All-That-Is is, in truth, about an omniscient energy that takes care of everything, then you have made your first step in understanding our discussions, because this is the one fundamental lesson that we deeply desire to impart: that All-That-Is Knows everything there is to know about everything; All-That-Is knows everything about YOU and all about your essence at the soul level!”

One of the main designs of this Earth and this energetic process that is vastly different from the other variations that have taken place elsewhere is that you are designed to think that you need something outside of yourself to achieve the perfection you are designed to seek. You are already the infinite Holy Grail and every aspect of you is designed to communicate more clearly with Creation than any Ark even if they find one (I was watching an Ark treasure hunting show last night so I have to hedge my bets a little here). Is one more pill going to do it? What about becoming a 33rd Mason? If more people accept me….. How about a hundred more sexual partners. This is when you ask the question “How good-looking are they?” I thought so.

Dr. Stankov’s work is unparalleled in the biological regulation department but looking at a couple of very simple things really helped me see the communication aspect so clearly. One was research into the telomere of a cell before I ever found Dr. Stankov’s work and how it was obvious it was communicating with something. The second was from a channel of Kryon by Lee Carroll where it was simply asked, “What are the body systems communicating with that still function in the lower areas of a human being who has become quadriplegic and had their spinal cord severed?” There is no way these systems are communicating with the brain. Then comes DNA and magnetic fields and the rest is history.

Another big design factor is that this is a free will planet. You can only engage it if you engage it. Your soul will sure be bashing your head into the wall the whole time regardless. The energetic process is very similar to the training processes in a great kung fu movie such as 36th Chamber of Shaolin. The higher you set your energetic goals, the longer it can take (lifetimes) as all is done in unison and with permission at the soul level. The energetic muck of this realm is designed to make sure you don’t energetically jailbreak the substrate and set an improper example for everyone trying to get some experience here. As your mission is truly set in line with Creation, the training of the 36th chambers can progress. The dark energy works through everyone around you and their supposed imbalance and imperfection to test you on your way to truly understanding you are already perfect. And still you are stuck here having to eat. As was spoken to Gordon Liu when he tried to skip to the 36th chamber first without any training and was thrashed by a Shaolin monk who didn’t even have to move, “That’s the highest form of kung fu you’ll ever see.” This is just a fun, quick explanation of an obviously much bigger subject.

This is where we come full circle to the current state of the process. The dark is on its last effort to become your permanent God. It will be funneled through your food. It will be through your phone. It will be through everything. It will always be funneled through everything no matter what happens and any surge of spirit will be owned as it will be found before you think you thought it. That was the plan at least…..

Dr. Stankov said the perfect word for the perfect moment in the ascension process. Superconductivity.


The ascension process and the state of the fraud through its systems and technologies have reached the exact same point, but with different intents and dimensional meanings. The 3-d visions of this continually make you doubt yourself as you believe you are not infinite and need something outside yourself to progress and succeed. Most energy is being focused now on the failure of the Central banks to generate any life and the need for a stable currency concept to possibly generate life once again by minds that have the best of intentions. What’s China going to do? Who’s got the gold. Why’s bitcoin flying to the upside again?



Bitcoin is the most recent example of something that could be used for spiritual advancement in this toxic hell, but has been hijacked. It is an incredible technology. The blockchain won’t be described here, but it could be used to keep track of every expenditure by every government everywhere so that we don’t pay $40 million for a gas station in Afghanistan. It could be used for spiritual advancement if any aspect of consciousness were able to advance in this energetic environment. Sorry. Let’s go 3-D print some bombs while we’re at it.


As with all other “revolutions”, it’s purpose spiritually is dead and gone. In fact, the Queen wicked witch, Blythe Masters, who helped invent credit default swaps in the late 90’s and who assisted J.P. Morgan in thrashing the silver and commodities markets, is now heading up a bitcoin project.

What bitcoin created in 3-d land is the closest thing to superconductivity for money that has been created yet. Gold is the best form of money but it can’t be transported. Bitcoin was able to break down all national barriers and create a way to transport massive amounts of funds anywhere, but it’s not backed by anything except the belief of the users. It is also held hostage by electricity and the internet. Now that governments are implementing capital controls worldwide and beginning to directly confiscate assets, it’s importance is showing itself once again.

Unfortunately for the populations of the world, most are still looking at the banks and governments as the responsible parties and want to see them burn for the problems that they are being left with. Sorry, the dark is already gone and hiding behind gold, bitcoin, pills, and soul stealing technologies. This hurt me a bit as I was a proponent of gold for a long time to protect people, but it’s all the same con. The energy and ascension is all that matters along with the everything mentioned by Dr. Stankov in his article posted above.

Dr. Stankov’s description of superconductivity and relation to anti-gravity, bilocation, and any other concept that can be thought of as these new metrics are applied can seen in the latest effort by the fraud. May I present to you, Bitgold.


Fittingly, this is being financed by none other than George Soros and son. To keep this as short as possible, the next step is to revalue gold as high as needed to re-inflate the balance sheets of the countries and bankrupt the entire middle class of the western hemisphere to take full control. They are right on schedule.

Next would be to enable terrorists to blow up a couple of planes, continue to lock down borders, and let capital fly completely free while you and I watch Dancing With the Stars in the safety of our in home prison cells. Don’t let your energy fields expand too much as that meter on your house may have to let loose a little extra juice and make you feel a little uncomfortable. This plane crash has many purposes tied to it.


The most interesting part of this tragedy last weekend is that no one I talked to even knew about it on Mondaymorning. Holy crap this country is in a haze.

The invention of bitgold gives everything that someone unaware or unbelieving of ascension would want. There is no longer the fees and oversight (HA!) of moving money through banks thus removing the “resistivity” of the financial system to move your money globally. The gold purchases being held are diversified in 10 vaults insured by Brinks throughout the world to prevent government confiscation and give true sovereignty to your energy storage. This is as close to bilocation and superconductivity as a being could have in this realm as long as money is adhered to. The problem that everyone is about to run into, is that it’s only going to work for about 1000 people. It’s lights out for everyone else. Now these bastards are trying to trademark 3-D bilocation.

Stanley Kubrick gave an incredible advance notice to us about when technology would run its course of usefulness in 2001: Space Odyssey. HAL 9000 had to be turned off. It had gone too far. He also showed so well what would happen as exterior technologies were discovered and relied upon too heavily.


“Why are you turning me off, Dave?”

The spiritual evolution of this planet has finally reached where multidimensionality is the true target of the fraud. It’s either a dead planet or full-blown ascension. I’ve made my investment.

I was told I’d see a miracle and to tell everyone I knew how loved they truly were for going through this.

You don’t need anything. You are perfect.

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TiAmAt: sharing3-K+_ _ The Helmet Comes Off – The Perfection of All-That-Is through Universal Superconductivity of the Infinite Consciousness – Message 5

Origen: TiAmAt: sharing3-K+_ _ The Helmet Comes Off – The Perfection of All-That-Is through Universal Superconductivity of the Infinite Consciousness – Message 5

Monday, November 2, 2015

sharing3-K+_ _ The Helmet Comes Off – The Perfection of All-That-Is through Universal Superconductivity of the Infinite Consciousness – Message 5

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The Perfection of All-That-Is through Universal Superconductivity of the Infinite Consciousness – Message 5 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 2, 2015

Astraea et Amora, November 1, 2015


Read please this message very carefully as I will publish a separate essay on superconductivity where I will discuss the theoretical conditions and implications for the introduction of this new existential form of matter in the new 4D worlds as the basis for free photon energy, antigravity and easy bilocation that will very soon transform the image of the whole human civilisation. Hence this message and topic are of greatest actuality and herald the incoming big changes which we now introduce through our personal fields as conduits of these source energies that transform the whole energetic edifice of this uppermost mother planet before it merges with its ideal 4D blueprint in the new Golden Galaxy during the final ID shift. Great stuff!


Within the realms of All-That-Is great swaths of light-energy move in infinite waves of infinite frequency, each wave to its own destination, each knowing where it’s to go, each knowing its purpose. Balance is its purpose and Equality is its goal.

Balance is created through the natural attraction to and the integration of opposites, opposites that hold the energy of the other but cannot exist alone, without the other. And in holding each other all is known of the other, and the perfection of integration to create a unified whole arises from the perfect alchemical reaction.

It is the balance in energies that creates the condition of a fully integrated presence into the One, the Wholeness of All-That-Is. It begins with balancing the immediate photon requirements between each constituent part at the level of the primal fields of the First Cause within the god particles at the pre-atomic level.

When moving to further balance the energy in the fields of the Second Cause, there is an instantaneous interaction between protons, electrons, and neutrons, at the atomic and molecular level. Here is where there is electron pairing, another critical fundamental action to establish the simultaneity in creation. With the action of electron pairing there is a superconductivity that is created at the molecular level. You have used the term Soliton to identify a quantum standing wave of consciousness that is a supramolecular structure created from a group of atoms and we say that this is correct. The existence of solitons as coherent standing waves is a pre-condition for superconductivity. Cloud formation resembling a Soliton Standing Wave

As the energy, and the consciousness, flows into the level of the Third Cause of creation, the level of systems creation, there is an immediate sharing of charged energy into all unified systems. Your body/mind/spirit system is the perfect example of a unified system. Every body/mind/spirit system is capable of displaying perfect health, arising from a perfect balance within its constituent parts, or capable of demonstrating disease, which is the energetic imbalance within the body/mind/spirit system and we will expand on this process in another message. Each body/mind/spirit system holds both polarities, one being the female polarity, the other of male polarity. In this moment in time All-That-Is is pushing evolution through the polarization of every systems expression, including the female and male energies within the human body/mind/spirit system.

Balance is one aspect within the creation but it is fair to say that the prime goal of balancing is to achieve equality. There is no expression better than another, there is no expression more clever than another, for every expression is always being balanced, being perfected according to the principles of divine construction. Even the principles of construction/expansion and deconstruction/contraction are always completed with the expectation of balance and equality.

The majority of humanity currently displays a form of dualistic thinking, thinking that requires only the memorizing of information with very little analytical thought needed to examine ideas and truly integrate them. Due to this insufficiency in thinking, it may be difficult for you to believe that balance and perfection actually exist. This is because you often only see deficiency. However in truth there is no deficiency, there is only perfection. Perfection is everywhere. There is in fact deficiency in the mind because your minds continually evaluate, compare, judge, and create the expectations of instant answers to the mysteries in your world. If you were to drop this point of view now, in this moment, you would relieve yourselves of a lot of worry! If you were to accept that All-That-Is is, in truth, about an omniscient energy that takes care of everything, then you have made your first step in understanding our discussions, because this is the one fundamental lesson that we deeply desire to impart: that All-That-Is Knows everything there is to know about everything; All-That-Is knows everything about YOU and all about your essence at the soul level!

How does All-That-Is know everything there is to know about you? The Source of this creation originates at the Light-Sound Fields of the First Cause. These fields are founded in pre-atomic constituents that carry the infinite intelligence (information) of All-That-Is. These constituents are connected to every particle within the entire creation through the “instantaneous moment“, the ability to connect through all-time, and all-of-space.

There have been some studies done by a few scientists and “non-scientists” alike, who have an acute interest, open minds and the keen desire to understand how this creation works. Through their very limited experimentation they have discovered and described the omniscient power of All-That-Is through this study: where cells taken from one source are separated, half being submitted to scientific testing and the other half of the sample having no testing, and only moved physically away from the first half of the sample. The scientists discovered that both samples showed the same changes in their cellular structure, whether they had physically experienced the testing, or not; whether they were next door to each other or many kilometres apart.

And how does this happen? There is a supreme cosmic intelligence to All-That-Is. It is an infinite intelligence, an all-pervasive intelligence. This intelligence is real, it is powerful, it is all-knowing, it is pan-creational, and where its sole action is to balance all energetic disequilibrium and equilibrate all unequivalence that may exist each to the other. These are the creationary powers of All-That-Is, and as you are a part of All-That-Is, you are also all-powerful. Embrace this idea, for if you do, your life shall never be the same!

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The Helmet Comes Off

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 1, 2015

How Dr. Seuss Burned Down the Death Star

Brad Barber, November 1st, 2015


A great article!


It all starts and ends with this picture:

This is a chart of the last six or seven months of the US Dollar. The downtrending blue line is just a technical trader’s line drawn showing resistance in recent price action. The rising green line is the 200 Day Moving Average which generally shows longer term price action and which way the boat is heading. Fundamentally, the Dollar is already the Titanic after it sunk to the bottom, but due to all the discussed circumstances, this process has had to take a little longer than some of us have wanted.

The fascist breakout, as indirectly described in my rant a few days ago, on the Dollar from this formation two days ago would normally lead to a huge rally of at least 25-30%, if not more, over the next few months as it did since Mid 2014:

The 200 day moving average heading this direction would confirm this move usually as it is heading up. However, just a couple of weeks ago (first half of October, see chart below), the Dollar was signalling chart failure and about to plummet due to the true fundamentals that the whole world is abandoning the Death Star’s operators. The announcement that Europe and China were going to ease more money is what lead to the breakout and Sweden has jumped on board as well.

What most in 3-D land are missing is that the whole thing is and has been connected and many in the world of paper are finally figuring it out. The failure of the Euro is the failure of the Yen is the failure of the Krona is the failure of the Pound is the failure of the Peso is the failure of paper. It is the failure of the Dark side operating systems. The basket of fraud is plummeting together and they only measure themselves against each other so no one can see. The infinite supply of paper gold is what truly has hidden this fraud the last four years as it won’t allow this epic failure to be measured. The fraud has turned off all normal alarm systems, but the team is fracturing rapidly.

There are a couple of big technical patterns that are showing themselves on the chart of the Dollar and it is the difference between light and dark or the forces of creation or destruction. First was the breakout of the dark energy (I’m the only one I know who will call it that, but it’s true) that took place two days ago after hitting resistance three times. A good breakout usually occurs by no more than the third or fourth time it tests selling at a resistance level. A trained trader will wait a few days to see if it succeeds on holding the breakout before going all in because there’s usually nothing more destructive than a failed breakout. What is happening today, and gaining traction quick, is a failed breakout pattern and breakdown of the US Dollar. It’s direction in this scenario has always been the brain squeeze to figure out.

If the Dollar were to break out to the upside here it would basically destroy the rest of the world and allow the NWO to purchase the rest of the world for pennies and take it over without major military action. So much Dollar denominated debt has been taken out in emerging economies that a further strengthening of the Dollar would lead to a complete banking failure. The false fundamental rally in the Dollar last year up until this April (see second chart) already has shown the initial effects of what its intentions are. The Yen , the Euro, and the Pound were thrown under the bus as part of the Anglo-American Axis of Assholes (triple AAA-assholes) in devastating all of the rest of the currencies.


China and Russia are the two problems in controlling the whole shebang. The Earth is intentionally designed that way and the energetic mix this time is interesting. Give dark the edge, but make the planet the perfect size so that it’s very difficult to achieve complete domination. Each part of the Earth means something to the whole and has different layers of functioning to make it work how it needs to work. In the karmic experience phase, just like the human body, everything isn’t quite functioning properly intentionally. It’s meant to be dysfunctional to get experience. Now its design in fraud prevention is showing itself as the dark fails. Russia has nuclear weapons, the only decent balance sheet in the world, some hard ass people who don’t take shit, and enough resources to be permanently independent with sound leadership. China holds all the fraud’s debt and has been the manufacturing base as well as the biggest debt consumer to keep the Ponzi scheme going.

The numbers out of China now are pointing to complete failure unless they decide to do something different quick. Like I said in Dr. Wierdlove, more fuel indoctrinating children to the Ponzi scheme is always the Dark’s answer.


This moment sets up exactly as the movie “Return of the Jedi” which is quite appropriate. The Emperor is watching the Rebel alliance get taken out through his window as Luke and Darth watch. The Emperor is a true fascist and took over power from within using a Phantom Menace like terrorism and lies. Darth Vader is just like older generations in power and who hold most of the money who mainly became victims of the Dark side because they truly meant well in protecting their children. Many were obviously just shoveling dirts into the unfillable holes of their needs as well. Darth is an unintentional fascist like the majority of the United States population.

It’s amazing how close to love fascism can be. The fault in the Dark is that it truly loves a perfect human being so it’s always trying to create a homogenous human being so that the same product can be sold easily to everyone to buy in. Look at any religion, or product, or money, or anything. It has no ability to see the bigger picture, so it is always designed to fail. It also is designed on finite energy which is not true. It loves to be momma for everything so it wants to make sure you have to come to it to get everything you need. The Dark has no ability to give true compassion, but it sure will help you gain some experience to see the light. Unfortunately, some of us have seen Obi Wan Kenobi get killed and we know it’s all infinite. Dr. Stankov is the only one I know with the cajones to say the truth. Life is not as precious as you believe. The energy at work is why we’re all here. Go ahead Darth, strike me down.

The failing triple AAA assholes are now going insane and trying to implement its plans no matter what. There are no intentions to make anything work even though piles of evidence are being presented worldwide that other options are available.




We’ve reached the bridge where the Vader helmet must come off for any progress and the chart of the US Dollar shows the helmet. It is the helmet of infinite energy and compassion. All systems on this planet right now are designed on finite energy and infinite resources which is exactly opposite of what is true. An ascending Gaia now begs for the systems to be designed and implemented exactly opposite for things to finally work. Admit it Darth, nothing has ever actually worked in an infinite manner and continuing to teach kids how to accomplish your failures so well just ain’t the answer. Even Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game is in trouble.

Darth Vader is now watching his son, Luke, get tortured (fittingly by electrocution) as the rebel alliance gets blown to bits in battle. I’ve been fighting this battle intimately in financial markets for seven straight years and I can tell you it has been no fun. No matter how correct you are, the HFT machines and powers at work always make sure they win everything. The markets are sent in improper direction to maintain mind control at all times. It’s always been that way in a subtle manner as an asset stripping tool, but now it’s flat-out dark and light. The last time the markets represented anything to do with business was in April 2010 as the initial money printing QE programs started to fail. Now I just watch it for fun. I also sold all our real estate because I saw what was coming and the process forced you to turn into an asshole.

Here is an interesting comment from Jim Sinclair’s website about what Russia and China may have to do immediately to the Dollar:

“A note that came in over the transom from an extremely well informed and smart fellow.

“Putin said; “Don’t push Russia, otherwise I will be forced to release a financial nuclear weapon that will destroy the financial structure of the Dollar (Russia and China have been game planning for all this… over many moons). From their position; they may be timing their dollar attack with the extension of the debt ceiling rise in the U.S., as it always gets world-wide attention ( Rand Paul is now filibustering same). The news on Deutsche bank highlights one of the main players in the derivatives mess.”

Read: The Glazyev ‘Nuclear Plan’

I am in no way here calling Russia and China the Light side, but this is what they probably will have to do. Why fight militarily when you can just subdue the beast electronically and financially. I don’t know exactly what will happen here, but we are about to find out.

The youth of the world is now discovering that there is no future and none designed for them.

Read: Why Are Half Of All 25-Year-Olds in the USA Living With Their Parents? The Federal Reserve Answers

There is no reason left, with any due diligence done at all, to give any energy to the structures of the crumbling matrix. The younger humans are designed for infinite concepts but are being held hostage by dark, finite systems. They’ll know the light when they see it. The Han Solos of the middle generation are here to see the Force Awaken and may want to help but are frozen in debt carbonite.


Here’s a sample of what is being offered and being controlled by obvious fascists who no longer want to give the cattle an option:


The future now sees how to get a retirement as the pensions disappear. 100 CEO’s have more than 41% of the American population. Party with the ‘troopers, baby!!!!


Here’s what you get for having been a loyal stormtrooper and we’re just getting started:


Even the Bounty Hunters are concerned as half of European bonds plunge to negative. There’s nothing left to pay on capital. It must now be confiscated to play this game as printing has now directly become confiscation as it used to only discreetly do. Jabba the Hut’s pleasure boat is under siege by the Jedi, but the walls of the financial system have yet to come down.



The citizens of the Death Star now are becoming horrified as there is no justice system left. Insider trading by the Imperial Troopers has become legal. There’s no motivation to ever make anything better now for weavers of Light.


The Death Star operating staff now even admits to using the Middle East as it’s Phantom Menace. France and Britain sure carved it up nicely back in the day just for this reason. Same time as the Federal Reserve started and the Titanic sunk. What a coincidence.


The food of the Death Star cafeteria is even being forced on the world. I hate Death Star tacos.


What would you expect at the point of final confrontation between dark and light? Next time we do this let’s have a final confrontation dark and light puppy show. My wife would like it much better.

Unfortunately, all great battles must come to pass. It is time for the Grinch’s heart to grow three times larger today.

The words have to be spoken that bring down the whole facade and Darth is about to hear it and truly see. I think this time he may understand. There is no love in your systems. There is no compassion in your systems. Your Hall of Fame sucks. They were designed for other reasons and use for that time is done. Do you know what happens if you don’t throw the Emperor overboard? You will win and the only one left will be the Emperor. You will get to play cards with the Emperor for your retirement package. Have you seen that guy?

Karmic family is designed for experience. Karmic family is designed to chaff your ass. Karmic family is designed by you to help you see the light. The Dark side takes incredible advantage of this. We blindly protect “family” out of duty and then don’t ask the proper questions. The military does this. Sports does this. Jobs and companies do this. False borders and countries do this. They are all false wars. Completing the Ponzi math equation means that it’s probably time to meet some real family.

There is nothing left to this matrix to protect and defend. Darth, it’s time to take off the helmet.

How do I know?

I sit next to you everyday.

The Dollar, your beliefs, and your investments in the Dark side, may not make it through next week.

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The Arcturians – Synchronization of Lighthouses, Rays and Flames Uniting

by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 30, 2015

Maria Julia Bethencourt, October 29, 2015

LightLover Journal


by Maria Julia Bethencourt and Georgi Stankov, October 30, 2015

Dear Maria,

excellent message. I must read it one more time to attune better. But it confirms what happened yesterday October 28th. I am now preparing an energy report on this pivotal event and when I have published it I will publish your message as a confirmation too.

Thank you very much.


Dear Maria,

after carefully reading your latest message one more time I would like to comment on this pivotal statement that opens to the second part of the message dealing with the reunification of twin flames and soul families:

“The next step in the process of physical unity for the Heart Collective is HERE:

“The physical manifestation of soul families coming together to begin forming new ways of Being on this Earth.

Forming communities.


Carrying out their chosen missions.”

According to my intuitive interpretation, it refers to our final transfiguration from this reality and appearing together with our soul monads as ascended masters in physical bodies in front of humanity which will mark the beginning of our true mission as Logos Gods. We ascend as individuals and our monads (soul families and soul groups) descend in the fields we have created for them as forerunners in the lower 4D and 5D, so that we can act as one manifested unity field on the new earths. This is what I and the PAT have envisioned all these years and have been waiting for. As this part of the message is of greatest significance I would highly appreciate if you can also comment on it and give me your interpretation as further validation.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

“We ascend as individuals and our monads (soul families and soul groups) descend in the fields we have created for them as forerunners in the lower 4D and 5D, so that we can act as one manifested unity field on the new earths. ”

Yes, this is in full resonance in my heart. And as I understand it “from Within”.

It is also the vision I was shown on the date of my spontaneous awakening, back on August 25, 2011. I did not understand the workings of the process of how then, but I understood the message.

As I have shared in my message, now that the forerunners are fully anchored in the higher vibrational grids, they are Beacons of Light calling forth all aspects of their soul groups. This could not occur until the grids were fully anchored by the forerunners, AND once anchored, linked up, which is what happened with this latest energy wave. Now that the energetic foundations of the grids are set, the next stage of coming together and expansion can begin.

The 11:11 (gonna be a doozy…) energies are beginning to hugely amp UP, at the peak they will anchor the cohesion of the monads, (among other experiences), anchoring in new timelines to be experienced in unity with our soul families, in which ever way we choose to co-create together and experience.

Portals will anchor in that will begin to make it easier for ALL to access and contact their “families.” “Disclosure”comes from Within. Timelines to make contact and connection with light families will be anchored in with the 11:11 energies. It is going to be very intense, yet so beautiful as all unite for the 11/11 portal.

Thank you so much dear friend for sharing your information. I love how we all share the same messages in our own individual way. It’s a beautiful process.

It is always wonderful when outside sources resonate with our inner messages.

I send you all my love and blessings.



The Arcturian Message

The grids have balanced at a higher frequency than expected and are stable and prepared for the next incoming Evolutionary Wave from Source (11:11), to assist in this magnificent Shift of Ages.

As per Natural Law, the Principle of Rhythm is constant in this Universe. There will always be “another” incoming wave (an invariant experience of the PAT, note, George)

In increasing evolutionary, (ascension) cycles, they speed up to assist creation and as frequency increases, they become closer together. DNA evolution requires intensifying photonic Light blasts to cause genetic changes. Each wave affects ALL Beings differently, since each life has its own particular DNA and energy signature and their own personal ability to take in The Light (see also the latest Elohim message, note George).

An energetic body can only absorb the most it can absorb FOR itself (without “blowing” itself up to extinction), it constantly balances energy intake and output. The more energy one can hold, the more energy one will access, assimilate and integrate for conscious expansion, the more one will expand and be ABLE to expand.

The forerunners take the “brunt” of these energetic waves, as they anchor and assimilate and transmute the incoming higher vibrational energies into their inner grids first to make them accessible to All outside grids. They are also physically affected first, as the high frequency energies affect their energetic bodies and DNA first and strongest. Each forerunner makes this conscious CHOICE to transmute incoming energies. As inner grids are cleared individually in between energy peaks, outside grids shift to reflect the frequency of the human collective. The world as it is “seen” by ALL (people) changes.

Not ALL can “see” it however.

(See also the previous Elohim message: ” Those with the highest light quotient always experience the most symptoms of light balancing because these individuals are doing most of the cleansing of humanity in a transpersonal manner”. That is why this message is so good, it confirms precisely our experiences and information. Note, George).

Some souls will experience this shift never consciously knowing what is happening. This is an option available on this free will universe. New realities anchor in and reflect the new frequencies in the inner grids while YOU sleep. You literally wake up every morning to a new world. It changes during your day, at the highest connection you are in the higher realms, higher timelines. As your vibration lowers, you access lower frequency timelines (constant and rapid bilocations as experienced by all PAT members in the last months, note George).

Look to the skies, they mirror your frequency.

At the peak of the incoming energies, Forerunners not longer function as individuals , but in Oneness as the Heart Collective, consciously in unity to assist in this Planetary Shift.

After each energy spike, they return to their personal process of releasing individual density and increasing their personal frequency in preparation for the following incoming wave. This is so because the highest possible incoming frequency is anchored by each one of the forerunners (This is a very precise description of the PAT Unity field of Christed consciousness which is a leitmotif in all our discussions since early 2012. Note, George).

Ask for these shifts to occur with EASE AND GRACE. Set the INTENT from your Heart that ALL that happens is for the highest good of ALL.

As the energies NOW begin to once again increase in frequency across all grids, the forerunners are beginning to step away from their 3D matrix grid work once again and begin to vibrationally rise and hold to the new highest possible anchoring point of their personal self. This is in preparation to anchor in the incoming energies which will align with the 11:11 portal, and are once again approaching Earth.

The higher the point you reach UP from Now on, the higher you will anchor. Once that new peak is reached, the forerunners begin the process of releasing density so a new frequency can be anchored within and they can level up to the new frequency. It is a stair step process.

The incoming energies of the 11:11 portal will once again align to cosmic, galactic and planetary energies to assist in the expansion of new timelines and the expansion of ALL. Humans are hugely affected, for they are out of alignment with the natural laws of the universe.

This is a very strong energetic wave which manifests itself in the 11.11 alignment. Magnetically, the strongest number sequence to assist in global awakening. Each forerunner has now fully anchored in and the linking up process one to another has begun.

Up until this moment in the NOW, individual forerunners have been finishing the process of releasing all personal programming and karmic loops and separating from the 3D matrix. Now that the Forerunners are fully anchored in to the higher vibrational grids, they begin to energetically come together with members of their original Soul Group.

Soul Families are coming together across ALL grids to begin their chosen purpose and missions to assist in this transition. As more Lighthouses unite, their Light expands and act as a catalyst for more and more souls around them.

The Heart Collective is beginning to act as one in perfect union, as ONE force when needed. They have the ability to balance and transmute any organic and non-organic energy not for the highest good of ALL, and shift any outside interference. This allows for the Heart Collective to work as ONE with the elements and the elementals, in which ever way is needed, to assist in the clearing process of All across all grids. THIS includes weather manipulation, as was a recent experience.

The next step in the process of physical unity for the Heart Collective is HERE:

– The physical manifestation of soul families coming together to begin forming new ways of Being on this Earth.

– Forming communities.

– Uniting.

– Carrying out their chosen missions.

Souls enter your universe through different galactic portals, gateways. The Arcturian gateway (corridor), is one of many of them. Coming direct from Source, the step down process begins in the higher realms. Not all souls have been in physicality, the process of lowering vibration and separating from Source has to be balanced and level. Like ascension cannot be rushed or the physical vessel will perish, it is the same with descension (descent).

To lower their vibration, Souls separate into color rays to incarnate on this earth (see the seven sacred flames, note George). Pure White Light of Source is too strong to be maintained within an organic vessel, it would make said vessel explode as the vibration is too high. They begin the energetic step-down process as they enter our universe and they separate into their chosen Color Rays. From there they separate into gender.

Each color frequency has a particular task it wishes to accomplish, a purpose (The green Ray (heart chakra) for example is the ray of Healing.). As all seven Rays come together, they no longer radiate as separate Rays, but as The White Light. This is all part of the unification and returning to Source.

Soul groups chose their purpose and missions in the higher realms with very specific purpose for their individual experience and as a global group experience. In turn each group has a specific experience they want to create for the earth. Specific timelines to anchor and co-create.

Individual Souls incarnate in all different ways. As this universe is a duality universe (the Principle of Gender), souls also incarnate in chosen genders. The separation of the divine feminine and divine masculine.

Twin Souls, who have chosen to unite in the physical, are now coming together and anchoring sacred timelines – Hieros gamos, divine marriages.

The relationship between man and woman has been severely skewed and altered in the 3D matrix. The original blueprint of sacred marriages is being returned to its pure state, healed and anchored. When twin souls come together they are uniting to prepare to ascend to the higher vibrations together physically. This is now an option as souls no longer need to die in order to change realities. They anchor in twin soul energies again as a choice. One soul unified Within and Without, yet walking in separate gender. These are the twin flames.

By being together in the physical, they become great Lighthouses, anchoring in by their physical love the Hieros gamos energies into all grids. By anchoring their timeline, they make the divine marriage experience available to all who wish it. They also walk in complete service, at global level, individually and together.

Some twin souls used to choose to not reincarnate together, one soul stayed in the higher realms to assist the other. Many are now uniting also through the process of walk-ins. (As these twin soul fragments may have to incarnate in the bodies of former dark entities and insidious cabal, whose souls were irreversibly removed from this uppermost mother planet on October 28, great discernment is required if you are in search of your twin flame. This may cause quite a few tragicomedies in the style of Shakespeare’s “Midsummer Night’s Dream. Note, George)

The one twin that had stayed behind is physically joining the other, now that individual ascension has occurred for the originally incarnated twin. Together they will exit this dimension when their work is done.

The options of how to experience this next stage of the Shift are endless. For the forerunners the days of being “alone” are over (Unless they choose that particular experience.). Soul families are coming together as One. Returning to Oneness, to Source.

This is the next stage, the future for the forerunners, the next stage of the mission. Building families and experiencing new ways of community and communion.

As more forerunners ascend, their sense of time is lost. In the higher dimensions time does not exist. It is a 3D concept. Everything happens in the NOW. Time collapses and is no longer a concept as each soul begins to adjust to the multidimensional experience of Oneness and the higher dimensions (a leitmotif of our website, note George).

“Past” timelines and “future” timelines are all occurring at the SAME time. You, (your consciousness), are living in the Now. In this Now you have already lived the past and it has ended. You have already accomplished what you wished to accomplish to in your future. Aspects of you are living in that past, and aspects of you are living in the future. This is how a soul fragments its consciousness. These are the timelines that you are now collapsing.

This is why outside interference attempts to keep souls from being in the now, so that they (the dark archons and their human stooges, note George) can syphon energy from lower vibrational timelines, life experiences in the “past” or “future”.

Your goal is to live in “your” heaven – not someone else’s.

As you get closer to zero time, awareness of all times and aspect of self becomes conscious. This can get confusing until discernment of energies is mastered and understood.

Therefore you “feel” something that will happen to you, a premonition, because you are connecting to the future you that has already experienced it as time shortens and collapses. Also it is common to be in an experience and all of a sudden remember that you dreamed it the night before. Eventually there will no longer be past or future timelines once all soul fragmentation is reversed, and timelines collapse and you become one.

Once a soul accesses and heals an aspect of itself in another timeline, that timeline collapses. All the lessons and experiences return to you and you also acquire all the tools and gifts of that You. AND you picked that experience so you could acquire that experience to assist YOU in THIS timeline. You planned it so you could have it in this NOW. You did it to yourself. (The retrieval of all soul fragments finished for the PAT last year when all of you were promoted to Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy. Note George)

Those timelines are creations that have been experienced, they must be released to access new creation timelines. There will only be ONE timeline, one aspect of you creating your experience as you continue your ascension. The goal of each creator is to create new ascension timelines in this Now, not affected or manipulated by past or future timelines. This is complete creation, flowing fully from WITHIN with no outside interfere.

This is what awaits all the forerunners that have chosen to expand and ascend. Full power of creation surrounded by soul family. No longer feeling alien in an alien world.

In the past you never felt at home on this planet, you were never meant to as your frequency did not match the 3D matrix. You came in as a “spiritual catalyst.” But now, disconnected from the third dimension, your frequency feels unified, whole.


We rejoice in your Homecoming.

We are the Arcturians.

Reach out if you feel called from Within to connect with Us. We are here In Service for You. This is what brings us joy. Always. Our Heart is full of Love for you, you are our family, we are yours.

We are All One.

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TiAmAt: sharing3 – Dr. Wierdlove, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Holocaust – The Elohim – All Criminal Soul Fragments

Origen: TiAmAt: sharing3 – Dr. Wierdlove, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Holocaust – The Elohim – All Criminal Soul Fragments

Monday, November 2, 2015

sharing3 – Dr. Wierdlove, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Holocaust – The Elohim – All Criminal Soul Fragments

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▶ Billy Meier – Concentration Exercises – YouTube



▶ Billy Meier – Concentration Meditation Sleep 2/3 – YouTube

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The Elohim Confirm the Final and Total Ejection of All Dark Perpetrators’ Soul Fragments From This Uppermost Mother Planet by the PAT

by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 30, 2015

Carla Thompson, October 30, 2015


We are the Elohim and we confirm the soul fragments of incarnates seeking to live within a reality of disharmony, betrayal, shared chaos through prejudice, murder, rape and overall subjugation, that is to say the perpetrators of these and many more heinous crimes representative of a world gone wrong, are no longer compatible with the holographic reality ascending and anchoring into ultimate freedom from manipulation, oppression and all-controlling behaviour, founded in principles of equality, unconditional loving kindness and equanimity for all.

These souls do not belong to this evolving uppermost hologram and have been ejected and moved to their final place of natural order, in the third dimension, where further karmic re-balancing through a new reincarnation cycle shall take place. These souls have made it known as to who they are by gross acts of indecency, cruelty and maliciousness, expedience for personal gain, and demonstrated a complete lack of interest in renunciation of their beliefs and actions. This has been the final culling.

This cleansing was triggered by an alchemical reaction to a personal insult where extreme emotion is both the trigger and the fuel. Great light flooded these out-going soul fragments to move them to their final place of reckoning, the lower third dimension. All light warriors of the first and last hour took part in this cleansing and healing mission, in some way. It is done!

This upper-most hologram has ascended to the point where all who remain with their own original soul fragments shall continue to open to the frequencies of enlightenment, of evolution. The remaining personalities, here as electro-magnetic configurations (empty soulless shells), will stay present and open to new souls of higher frequency who shall incarnate now as soul walk-ins, thus raising planetary frequency higher. These individual beings shall feel great fatigue and disorientation for some time while the integration takes place. They are safe in this process.

We are the Elohim and we send you love!

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Breaking News: All Criminal Soul Fragments Were Removed From This Earth on October 28th

by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 30, 2015

Energy Report

Georgi Stankov, October 29, 2015


On the night of October 28th I dreamed repeatedly and very clearly that I transmuted the energetic structures of all criminal souls incarnated on this earth and subsequently removed them from this uppermost mother planet. I did it the same way as when I opened the heart chakra of the PAT on November 22, 2011:

“Last night, November 22, 2011, 11 days after the opening of the stargate 11.11.11, I met with each one of you in the lucid dream state and initiated (ignited) you for your Individual Ascension. The procedure lasted throughout the whole night, while I was practically awake. At the same time my higher self urged me to immediately inform you on this significant event as soon as I get up.

As you may have experienced, since last Saturday there is a huge surge of energies which are more intensive and powerful than the ones released at 11.11.11. This is at least how I have experienced these energies in my physical body. They reached a peak on Monday when I had a severe headache the whole day, which did not hinder me however to answer all your emails, where I mentioned on several occasions this huge energetic build-up.

Last night, I was burning like a torch and my whole body emanated these extremely powerful energies all around and into the cosmos. The centre of radiation was my heart chakra. When I met with each one of you this last night, I radiated this huge energy from my heart chakra into your heart chakra. At the same time I informed each one of you that you have now reached the threshold of ascension and you can ascend anytime from now on when the appropriate moment has arrived. This will obviously depend on how quickly the events will unfold on the ground.”

After that the PAT fully entered its mission and the rest is a legend throughout the whole multiverse. I am making you aware of this event as we are now heading towards the stargate 11.11 which may indeed be the moment of our final transmutation and ascension.

Last night I was beaming all incarnated criminal human soul fragments with huge amounts of source energies from my whole body and energy fields and in particularly from my left brain portal up to the 18th chakra which is fully opened in my case. My HS was telling me repeatedly that this is the final cleansing and purging of all dark entities (criminals) on this uppermost mother planet in preparation for its final ascension.

Although the energies in my body were excruciating, I enjoyed a very pleasant feeling of completion and inner satisfaction. I was also aware in my lucid dream state of my opening of the heart chakra of the PAT members in 2011 and was told by my HS that this is as significant event in the ascension process as the one four years ago.

Immediately upon awakening I told Carla about my dream experience. She then responded that she woke up in the night due to these powerful energies that I was emanating and went in the other room to make her light invocation. Then the whole apartment was full of angels all of a sudden and she was flooded with golden Christed light from the source – huge balls of energy – which she then sent to me and which I must have used to transmute all dark entities on this planet as we always work in tandem.

My understanding in the dream state was that I transformed the dark cabal and all other criminals as their stooges at the soul level by retrieving all the incarnated dark soul fragments from this earth and by transforming energetically their archetypal personality structure so that new old souls can come in as walk-ins. This is how the final ascension will happen. This has been a leitmotif in all our discussions on the ascension process. We need much more highly vibrating soul essence on this uppermost mother planet as to raise sufficiently the light quotient and reach the threshold for the final ID shift. This was also confirmed and discussed by the Elohim in their latest message.

Please observe that this purging of criminal souls happened immediately after the opening of the last Supermoon portal with which the moon cycle that began with the most powerful ascension portal so far on September 28th was completed. This is all in preparation for possibly the last ascension portal for us, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, during the next pivotal 11.11 portal, four years after the true mission of the PAT began. Maria has just sent me her latest message channelled by the Arcturians which I shall publish tomorrow that fully confirms this scenario independently of our discussions on this website.

Yesterday was an auspicious day by all measure. First Larry Frank, a light worker and philanthropist, from Mt. Shasta whom I know for several years contacted me after he had read the energy report with the plea for invocation and help from Elaine Alcedo and offered to help her. I was very happy about this offer and thanked Larry for this beautiful and quick resolution of Elaine’s problem.

Then an hour later I received an email from a PAT member who reported about the most gruesome life-threatening experience a human being can have on this toxic planet. As I have promised full confidentiality I cannot tell you anything more. I was so shocked about this terrible news that I could not respond immediately to this person as I always do in such cases. All of a sudden I was flooded with such emotional devastation, disgust and repelling anger about the cruelty and savageness of the human race, and at the same time I had such a strong compassion for this person that I was completely overwhelmed and physically paralyzed and could not move. I felt as if I was at this person’s place and as if the criminals had killed my family and I felt at that moment as if I was dying myself.

Then around 13.00 pm I could not stay awake any more as I was feeling very week and overwhelmed by the emotions which this shocking email evoked in me. I discussed it with Carla and it was obvious that this email had to come at this particular time to trigger a most powerful alchemical reaction in me. It was the second round of cleansing of these criminal souls. I went to bed and then slept for more than two hours and the energies that were flowing through my body were incredibly powerful and transforming.

During this time Carla received an urgent call from the Elohim to go to White Rock to our Infinity portal and meet there with our friend who is a psychic and gives readings in a book store in White Rock. She was there but had no clients and was free as it was planned to be. When Carla arrived at the place and met our friend, she was also sleeping in the office and complained that her whole body was aching. She was obviously also doing some kind of light work at the same time.

Then they did a very powerful invocation and AA Michael, St. Germain and Bashar were there to support them. They anchored massive pillars of Christed light not only from the Source but also from the first cause fields of photonic light. It was a very profound wave of transformation and this happened at the same time while I was still sleeping at home and doing my part of the cleansing of all criminal souls. I did not even know that Carla had left the apartment.

After that they had a conversation with St. Germain and he mentioned that Carla was with him in France when he incarnated as a physical person in this country. This was new to her. As I have written on this website, Carla is now the bearer of the violet flame of the new Age of Pisces and thus the successor of St. Germain. It is interesting to know that Carla is very much affiliated to France and spent more than a year in Paris in 1975 and then stayed again for a long time in the 70s in this capital, at the same time when I visited Paris for the first time in 1977. We found that we were at the same time in 2007 in North Italy and that she had a very compelling urging from her HS to visit Munich at that time, not knowing that her dual soul lives there.

I am telling your these details as now we shall observe the connection and energetic merging of all twin flames, most of which have been in an excarnated state and have now come as walk-ins in the human bodies of former dark entities, criminals and cabal, in preparation for the final ascension. This topic is excellently discussed in Maria’s latest message. This may be a source of confusion in the beginning and that is why you must know what happened yesterday.

When Carla returned from White Rock, I was still very dizzy and barely present on this timeline. I only knew that something exceptional had happened. Only late in the evening when I collected my bearings was I able to reflect more clearly on what has occurred on this auspicious day of October 28th. Yesterday we have indeed removed all dark soul fragments which were defined by my HS as “criminal souls” in the dream state from this uppermost mother planet. This was expected to happen in this way and it was due for some time. Gaia cannot ascend unless we remove all these dark soul fragments from this uppermost timeline. As their empty shells remain, they must be incarnated by old souls as walk-ins. We need this huge influx of old soul essence with higher vibrations as to fuel the final ID shift.

Another serendipity: Yesterday Henry Clymer from Rochester sent me an email where he referred to the Chinese hexogram 47 which is about “confinement”. This hexogram is used for prophetic purposes. As I am completely ignorant on Chinese occult tradition I cannot comment on it. But the word “confinement” stuck in my mind and by the end of the day I realized that we have done exactly this – we have now confined all dark souls and energies on this uppermost mother planet and that this transformation leap in energy quality will have huge repercussions for the imminent political developments on the ground.

And to top the series of serendipities yesterday, Larry Frank, who is now helping Elaine, sent Carla a recording of a reading he had made yesterday with a psychic woman from Mt. Shasta. When we listened to this reading, the lady started with the message by reporting on her dream of yesterday night, the same night when I cleansed and purged all dark criminal soul fragments from this timeline. She essentially said that she had dreamed that her HS had told her that “all cabal and perpetrators have now been removed from the earth and that we, the light warriors, will now assume our mission as wayshowers for humanity.”

We were flabbergasted by so much synchronicities and by so compelling evidence and confirmation of what has happened yesterday. Obviously this energetic event was so significant for the ascension process and it was such a great success that we had to be made aware of its scope and importance.

At this very moment Carla is receiving a message from the Elohim that have confirmed so far everything I have reported on this website. They are about to explain the mechanism as to how these dark soul fragments were ejected from this timeline and what a huge leap in higher frequencies this uppermost mother planet and humanity have made yesterday. While the dark souls were blasted into lower timelines, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, the bystanders, and the victims of such crimes are now rapidly ascending. This PAT member freely agreed to participate in such a crime as a victim in order to help me perform this huge alchemical reaction of purging and transmutation of all criminal souls. They are gone now once and for all and you can feel the huge relief and even something like a joy as Erik from Holland has written to me today. It was the crowning of human karmic experience:

“On my part I can tell you that yesterday (October 28th) I was very cheerful without any clear indication. When I know more of it I let you know. What I find striking is that I have sent you a couple of mails these last days, it has rarely taken place. It’s all about sharing and connecting. “

It is also important to mention that Carla and probably some more light warriors are not directly involved in this cleansing as myself but are conduits of the primary energies from the fields of first cause from which all elementary particles and all realities emerge in a secondary manner. These energies are now imbuing all ascension candidates and all other kingdoms and Gaia itself in preparation for the ultimate shift, which may very well happen on 11.11 for us. However, there are infinite pathways to go from now on and no two destinies will be alike.

This replacement of all dark souls that were kept on this uppermost mother planet as to fuel the final resolution through confrontation of darkness and light have fulfilled their purpose within the cosmic dialectics which manifests as the “strife of polarities” and now have been retrieved to lower timelines where they will continue with their gruesome incarnation cycle.

From now on we must expect some spectacular announcements and changes in the power structure of the ruling cabal as most of those individuals who sit in the centers of power now carry old souls within an improved, more light-filled personality structure, so that they will begin to behave in a more gentle and human way very soon. This is part of their decoding and mission for the End Time.

As the power structures of the old Orion matrix are very rigid, they will not be able to make any meaningful reforms in the short period of time left, most probably until 11.11, but will only contribute with their positive decisions to the collapse of the old system as it is an irreparable Ponzi scheme in terms of finance – state debt etc. as Brad so well presented one more time in his latest article. A shutdown of the banks is the most likely next step.

This night I dreamed again very intensively that I and Carla have beamed Canada and its population with source energy in preparation for their transformation. This may be linked to the new policy of the Trudeau government that most probably will have to declare state default very soon. Some indications in this direction have already been leaked in the Canadian MSM.

The Canadians are even more indebted than the Americans, their debt to income ratio is now 150%, from 100 % in 2008 when the Greatest Depression started, while the Americans decreased their private debt ratio to 100% from 140% in 2008 because they allowed the primary mortgage crisis to unfold and the house prices slumped, while the Canadians continued to feed their real estate bubble with the result that now in most parts of Canada, as here in Vancouver, the house prices are the highest in the world – and that for cheap gyprock (cardboard) barracks that are not worth anything. And the house bubble has already burst simultaneously with the slump in commodity prices which are the backbone of this very weak one-sided economy based entirely on consumption and with no real industrial production infrastructure.

When Canada declares default, this will be straw that breaks the cabal’s back in the USA and they will have no other choice but to also declare bankruptcy as they can no longer raise the debt ceiling ad infinitum. Since 2009 when Obama came in the White House, the US debt has doubled from 9,5 trillion to almost 19 trillion now. And the USA needs at least two more trillions paper money printed out of thin air to survive till the end of his presidency. How can that work? Before Obama the USA needed almost sixty years to accumulate the same debt he created in six years during his presidency. This is the kind of exponential suicidal jump into the abyss which the lemming-cabal is now committing in North America and also in the EU.

Thus October has fulfilled all the expectations we have invested in it. All light workers’ chores have been accomplished so far and now the Orion matrix is in a free fall in the total absence of dark soul fragments. There is nothing else that holds this matrix and that is why it is doomed to crash any moment from now on. Please remember the schedule I gave you with respect to the year of 1989 when the Iron Curtain and the Berlin wall fell in the middle of November after the social fermentation prepared the ground for this event in September and October. It is still valid and we are on time.

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Dr. Wierdlove, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Holocaust
by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 28, 2015

Brad Barber, October 28, 2015
Dear George, 

I was able to go visit a great friend of mine in Nebraska for a couple of days. Unfortunately for America, that means I got 14 hours to listen to great music and come up with a heavily opinionated update of the current status of the financial system and it’s relevance to a few other topics.

By the way, if anyone out there really enjoys great progressive heavy rock and friggin’ roll, the album This Time It’s Personal by Periphery is absolutely incredible. I haven’t heard a band push the envelope like this in a long time. Just like any band that really strives for something new, it takes a few listens. For a rhythm section to sound different from anything you’ve ever heard at this stage is incredible. Here’s also a sample of their lyrics:


How solid is that?

Now that everyone in the US is beginning to learn that their economics is actually just voodoo sorcery, it’s pretty interesting to use hindsight to see that two of the best actual economists the United States has ever seen were George Carlin, the comedian, and Dave Mustaine of the band Megadeth. Bill Hicks wasn’t so bad. God bless the arts and the few jedi left.

The reason I’m writing this article is because I know everyone loves to think they wouldn’t have let Hitler come to power and they actually would have said something. I’ve been listening, and you know what, they wouldn’t have said a damn thing ’cause they ain’t now and it’s becoming obvious.

With love and light,

Brad Barber


Dr. Wierdlove, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Holocaust

The financial markets in the United States have now reached a state of operation that is, with no other way to put it but bluntly, fully fascist. As has been discussed in the recent past, this is the toilet paper phase where the only thing that can prolong the status quo is infinite more money printing. Central Banks have printed something like $14 trillion over the past 7 years and it’s failing miserably world-wide. None of the money printers were ever elected by any of the people. For anyone to even talk about voting for something in this system is such a joke. Oh, don’t worry, you’ll get legal weed if that’s your idea of progress. It’ll be designed to keep you energetically enslaved just the same.

Now desperately in the “mushhead” phase, Europe announced last week that “monetary accommodation” may have to be extended and possibly increased. China cuts rates and reserve ratios. The whole world is trying to say China is growing at 7% just to mentally make themselves feel OK that something is going to grow out of the debt Charybdis, but any true research shows it may already be below 0%:


World markets have already front run these announcements and popped a little extra as the toilet paper flies. If the Fed tries to raise rates to not look responsible for the mess, it would be the biggest mistake in known financial history, but not if your plan was actually to bankrupt everyone all along anyway. Now that the pensions are disappearing, the gloves are about to come off. Bad news people, there isn’t any retirement really there anywhere (Time to ascend).

The best part about this monstrous, failure celebrating, what we do doesn’t work at all, people are beyond brain-dead, and please save my ass because I’m scared of light, rally in the last month in world markets is it is showing the fascist state being instituted right to your face. Look at the only companies making new highs or near new highs as the fraud struggles to prop itself. We have the imperial troopers of technology fraud in Microsoft and Google. The ambassadors of designed fascist capitalist fraud in Amazon. Our death-dealing buddies at Lockheed Martin and Northrup Grumman are rockin’. Our Hollywood ambassadors of brain programming in Lion’s Gate Entertainment are rolling. McDonald’s is hitting all time highs as every other quick serve stock is tanking even though tons of information is available that it is failing miserably and serving complete chemical death. The only reason Monsanto is down is because they are too obvious now. Dark energy is always moving to where the light is creating and then it hijacks it and hides behind the spiritual evolutionary surge of whatever it is.


Do you wonder why the new Star Wars is called The Force Awakens as this ascension process takes place? That’s dark energy at work again trying to trademark everything. The fraud’s now trying to figure out how to keep this going in the realm of soul technologies and we’ve hit the wall here. It’s not profitable to spend money any more on anything unless you own it. You can’t research the cell and define its function properly as Dr. Stankov has because you have to own it. The New World Order has to take over everything at this point and tell you what your God is. There’s no other choice. The sad part here is that most everyone is so dysfunctional that they don’t even care.

I played golf with my friend in Nebraska and we played with a pretty nice couple guys. One of ’em worked selling seed and various stuff for Monsanto. Would he even care to see their effort to kill women worldwide or would he invest more into his company because it was just so darn profitable?


One of our good friends was over the other night. She’s scrambling working three different jobs and in tears half the time. She’s talking about having to go to get a prescription for antidepressants because it’s the only option and something is chemically wrong with her. No, my dear friend, you don’t need to accommodate a full-blown fascist state by trying to make yourself functional to the insanity. This place is fucked up. Here’s information on the pharmaceutical industry to make yourself well. They are trying to kill you. That’s sanity and what is. Watch your spirit blossom.


Does anyone in the US care about genocide in Palestine? Our money is paying for it so I guess not. Is your money in US Dollars? Is it collecting yield to feel safe while those funds are being used to destroy the world? The United States is just one genocide after another spreading its “exceptionalism” everywhere. We are told life has never been so great and poverty so low because everyone has a soul technology stealing cell phone. Isn’t spiritual bankruptcy the actual poverty? I listen to everyone talk about spirituality or some other garbage as they don’t even understand they are encouraging the fascist state by trying to keep the Ponzi scheme going indoctrinating the children. Our kids are debt slaves before they are born. Keep it up sonny. Have a great time as I try to collect the last of my benefits. Obamacare is a full fascist health care system to control every aspect of your life. Have fun sonny. How’s the full-time probe up your ass sonny? Man, being a parent is fun. No wonder the Japanese won’t have sex anymore. Tired of being debt slaves.


(Read also the following articles on the mass murderer Obama on this website:

Why Obama is a Mass Murderer

Former US President Jimmy Carter Accuses Obama of Mass Murder

Obama’s Secret Assassins

Finally! Obama Admits: “I Am Really Good At Killing People”)

Does anyone remember when they tested out the current Islamic terrorism techniques on the Catholics and Protestants in Ireland. Oh the good old bombings they took to the Middle East. They’ve tested just about everything first on the Irish.

By the way, as discussed, the Nobel Prize committee just admitted they don’t know shit about physics. I told everyone that for the last five years and not a single person has asked me what that means next. I also told everyone a full fascist state was about to become obvious and it now is. No one asks what that means next. It makes everyone more comfortable to think that life is random so that is takes away all responsibility.

Congratulations America. Have fun sonny. You’re $175,000 in debt before even going to school that’s not teaching you anything but how to be a full fascist asshole. That’s what it’s trying to do. The systems are pumping out Orcs and Ogres everywhere. Tolkien would be so proud how correct he was and Obama is a giant Saruman pumping out troll after troll. People think they wouldn’t have crucified Jesus either ’cause they would have seen the light. Are you kidding me? The truth is crucified every second in this hell hole. Have fun kid. Go get out there and be a god damn nazi. I can’t get real news from yesterday and you want to argue over what Jesus said. Holy shit.


By the way, all those physics “omissions” just happen to mean that everyone should have free energy and were just fully being had by one big fraud of a mess planetary resources scam that controls every aspect of our day. Well shit, I sure can’t figure out why everyone but the nazis feel like shit. Here son, take some more pills. Warren Buffet is sold as our investing hero and every company he owns is poisoning people. Nice hero. Like Bill Burr said, keep Lance Armstrong on his bike because at least that’s one less sociopath out there running a corporation. Do you want Abilify with that antidepressant to kick it up a notch? Have fun son. Go get ’em kid.

Do you even remotely understand what this information means and can you do anything about it to change your energetically enslaved ass at all? Even one word can change your energies and start to get rid of that depression. Trust me. It’s not profitable standing up to fascism, but it’s the energetic liberation that your soul is after. That’s why it keeps bashing you over the head.


Don’t you love how the fraud is trying now to hijack the feminine energy trying to balance by convincing women that being a sociopathic man is a great picture of a woman. If everyone quit giving head to the nazis and sociopaths this would be over in a minute. Too bad they control all the money printers and have all the money. That makes getting laid pretty easy these days.

Speaking of toilet paper, the fraud dumped 5 million ounces of paper gold into the market Friday to quell price action as Europe and China admit failure behind the scenes. They are in full panic mode and about 14 or 15 people in the US actually even have a small grasp on it. They only have 200,000 ounces or so available for delivery on the Comex. Do you understand even a little how stupid this is? Why is anyone even bothering to run a business as someone sits and creates money infinitely digitally? The US got two extra years here by giving away anything it had to create prosperity in the future.

The money printing scam has reached the final spot of any ability to maintain life as is as the fraud has to front run the printer before it even fires up. I love how the US has laws in effect to prevent monetizing its own debt by not allowing the Fed to buy the bonds directly from the Treasury. No that wouldn’t be dumb enough so we decided to allow banks to be the middle man in the process and pay them extra billions of dollars to do it for us. “Mushhead” doesn’t even begin to cover how dumb last week was.


Congratulations America! You have allowed to biggest fascist state in history to be assembled and functioning. That’s not an opinion. That is the truth and the “T” in truth is the cross your Jesus is hanging from. Now son, get out there and make something of yourself.

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What Went Wrong in the World After the Fall of the Iron Curtain

by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 27, 2015

Interview with Alexander Zinoviev, first published in 1999


Foreword, October 26, 2015

Georgi Stankov

Alexander Zinoviev was, together with Solzhenitsyn and Sakharov, the third most prominent Soviet dissident in the communist era. Alexander Zinoviev was exiled (extradited) from the Soviet Union with his wife and daughter on 6th August 1978, three years after my emigration to Germany in 1975, principally on account of his writings on the nature of Soviet communism. They spent the next twenty years in Munich.

In the 80s, he was the most prominent voice of critics of the Soviet system. He has written a number of highly philosophical and theoretical works on the social structure of the communist system that were considered at that time to be the pinnacle of Russian intellectual achievement, when Sakharov was silenced in an internal exile in the city of Gorki under tight surveillance by the KGB and Solzhenitsyn silenced himself by avoiding the public while hiding in privacy somewhere in the American pampa.

In the late 70s and early 80s, Zinoviev was one of my favourite writers and I have read most of his books on the irrationalities of the communist system. Being a dissident myself in the 70s, I could fully appreciate and follow the inner logic of his argumentation that remained largely misunderstood in the West, notwithstanding his great popularity as a thinker.

And I had the privilege to meet Zinoviev personally in Munich and to discuss with him a variety of theoretical issues. What most people do not know, is that he was a renowned mathematician and has contributed vastly to the development of modern theory of mathematical logic, of which he was very proud. Much more so than with his books that were bestsellers at that time. Our encounter happened in 1986, eight years before I discovered the Universal Law and also resolved the fundamental crisis of mathematics. But already at that time I was pregnant with these topics as my HS was coaching me very rigorously towards the discovery of the Universal Law since my youth, when I already excelled in physics and mathematics.

Zinoviev and myself found immediately a common ground for theoretical discussions and he was visibly pleased to be able to share his views with me in his native language, Russian, although he spoke excellent German, on such theoretical issues about which nobody else discussed with him in Germany. He confessed to me that he is very much homesick and that he would have never left Russia on his own. He said this after he learnt that I was a dissident myself and left my native country on my own decision as to avoid imprisonment.

It was a memorable meeting for me, with somebody I highly valued for his intellectual brilliance and indomitable honesty to speak out unpleasant truths. He was at the age of my father and a role model for me. He died in 2006 in Moscow.

Below I am publishing a pivotal interview with Alexander Zinoviev from 1999 where he makes some very insightful comments on how the world has unfolded since the fall of the Iron Curtain and the collapse of the Soviet Empire and also makes some very precise predictions as to how the political events will unfold in the coming End Time scenario of ascension, about which he had no idea, but somehow better grasped at the intellectual levels than all the “enlightened” individuals from the failed New Age I have met or read since then. In his interview he, for instance, refers to the powerful supra-national organisations and mechanisms that emerged after 1989 and eliminated the sovereignty of the national states, thus paving the way for the ruling cabal in the West to establish the NWO on many lower timelines, however not on this uppermost mother planet.

When you read this interview, consider the fact that it was made two years before 9/11 and the subsequent criminal invasion wars of the Empire of Evil against Afghanistan and Iraq and two years after the greatest crisis in Russia in 1997 when the state defaulted on its debt. I fully agree with the pessimistic assessment of Zinoviev in this interview as I myself visited Russia immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1993 and before that visited several Baltic republics in 1991. And of course I had my personal experience with the post-communist crisis in my native country Bulgaria and former Yugoslavia since 1989, but also in Hungary, Czechoslovakia and Romania, which I visited many times in the 80s and the 90s and, with a bleeding heart, closely followed the misery of the people in Eastern Europe to which Zinoviev refers in this interview.

In my Bulgarian book “The Universal Law: A Short Introduction into the General Theory of Science and its Consequences for Society” from 1998, also published in Russian in the same year, I refer to this Greatest Crisis in Eastern Europe after the fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989, which was deliberately instigated by the dark western ruling cabal to destroy Russia as a potential rival and an obstacle to the NWO, as this eventually happened in the last five years with our help as light warriors of the first and the last hour. This interview also gives you the proper perspective as to how much Putin has achieved in the meantime to strengthen his country since he first came to power as prime minister in 1999, in the same year when this interview was given. Regard this publication as a valuable lesson in modern history in the End Time in order to better appreciate the current ascension scenario with all its peripeteia.



Q. With what feelings are you returning home after such a long exile?A. With a feeling that I once left a strong, respected, even awe-inspiring power. Returning now, I found a defeated country in ruins. Unlike others, I would never have left the USSR if I had had a choice. Emigration was a real punishment for me.Q. Nevertheless, you were welcomed with open arms here! (in Germany – Ed. Note)A. That is true… But despite the triumphant recognition and the worldwide success of my books, I have always felt like a stranger here.Q. After the collapse of communism the Western system has become the main focus of your research. Why?

A. Because what happened was what I had predicted: the fall of communism turned into the breakup of Russia.

Q. So the fight with communism was a conspiracy to destroy Russia?

A. Precisely. I say this because once I was an unwitting accomplice of this action that I found shameful. The West wanted and programmed the Russian catastrophe. I read documents and participated in the research, which under the guise of ideological struggle worked towards the destruction of Russia. This became so unbearable for me that I could no longer stay in the camp of those who destroy my people and my country. The West is not a stranger to me, but I consider it an enemy empire.

Q: Have you become a patriot?

A: Patriotism does not concern me. I received an international upbringing and I remain loyal to it. I cannot even say whether I love Russians and Russia or not. I am part of them. Today’s suffering of my people is so horrible that I cannot stand watching them from afar. The barbarity of globalization manifests itself in many diverse, unacceptable ways.

Q: Nevertheless, many former Soviet dissidents speak about their former homeland as a country of human rights and democracy. Now that this point of view has become commonly accepted in the West, you are trying to refute it. Isn’t there a contradiction here?

A: During the Cold War, democracy was a weapon in the fight against communist totalitarianism. Today we understand that the Cold War era was the history of the West’s apogee. During that time the West had it all: unprecedented growth of wealth, true freedom, incredible social progress, colossal scientific and technological achievements. But at the same time the West was imperceptibly changing. The timid integration of developed countries launched at that time has developed into the internationalization of the economy and the globalization of power that we are witnessing now. Integration may help the growth of common good and have a positive impact if it is driven by the legitimate aspiration of fraternal people to unite, for example. But the integration in question was conceived from the beginning as a vertical structure strictly controlled by a supranational power. Without a successful Russian counter-revolution against the Soviet Union, the West could not have started the process of globalization.

Q: So, the role of Gorbachev was not positive?

A: I look at things from a slightly different angle. Contrary to common belief, Soviet communism did not collapse because of internal reasons. Its collapse is certainly the greatest victory in the history of the West. An unheard of victory which, let me say it again, can establish a unitary power monopoly on a planetary scale. The end of communism also signalized the end of democracy. The modern epoch is not only post-communist, it is also post-democratic! Today we are witnessing the establishment of democratic totalitarianism, or, if you will, totalitarian democracy.

Q: Does not it all sound a little absurd?

A: Not at all. Democracy requires pluralism and pluralism implies an existence of at least two more or less equal forces which oppose each other and at the same time influence each other. During the Cold War there was world democracy, global pluralism, with two opposing systems: capitalist and communist, plus other countries with an amorphous system which belonged to neither. Soviet totalitarianism was sensitive to Western criticism. In turn, the Soviet Union influenced the West, in particular through the latter’s own communist parties. Today we live in a world dominated by one single force, one ideology and one pro-globalization party. All of this together began to take shape during the Cold War, when superstructures gradually appeared in various forms: commercial, banking, political and media organizations. Despite their different fields of activity, what they had in common was essentially their transnational scope. With the collapse of communism they began to rule the world. Thus, Western countries ended up in the dominant position, but at the same time they are now in a subordinate position as they gradually lose their sovereignty to what I call the supra-society. The planet-wide supra-society consists of commercial and non-commercial organizations whose influence extends far beyond individual states. Like other countries, the Western countries are subordinated to these supranational structures. This is despite the fact that the sovereignty of states was also an integral part of pluralism and hence of democracy on a global scale. Today’s ruling supra-power suppresses sovereign states. The European integration unfolding in front of our very eyes is also leading to the disappearance of pluralism within this new conglomerate in favor of supranational power.

Q: But do not you think that France and Germany remain democracies?

A: Western countries got to know true democracy during the Cold War. Political parties had genuine ideological differences and different political programs. The media also differed from each other. All this had an impact on the lives of ordinary people contributing to the growth of their wealth. Now this has come to an end. A democratic and prosperous capitalism with socially oriented laws and job security was in many ways thanks to a fear of communism. After the fall of communism in Eastern Europe, a massive attack on the social rights of citizens was launched in the West. Today the socialists who are in power in most European countries are pursuing policies of dismantling the social security system, destroying everything that was socialist in the capitalist countries. There is no longer a political force in the West capable of protecting ordinary citizens. The existence of political parties is a mere formality. They will differ less and less as time goes on. The war in the Balkans was anything but democratic. Nevertheless, the war was perpetrated by the socialists who historically have been against these kinds of ventures. Environmentalists, who are in power in some countries, welcomed the environmental catastrophe caused by the NATO bombings. They even dared to claim that bombs containing depleted uranium are not dangerous for the environment, even though soldiers loading them wear special protective overalls. Thus, democracy is gradually disappearing from the social structure of the West. Totalitarianism is spreading everywhere because the supranational structure imposes its laws on individual states. This undemocratic superstructure gives orders, imposes sanctions, organizes embargos, drops bombs, causes hunger. Even Clinton obeys it. Financial totalitarianism has subjugated political power. Emotions and compassion are alien to cold financial totalitarianism. Compared with financial dictatorship, political dictatorship is humane. Resistance was possible inside the most brutal dictatorships. Rebellion against banks is impossible.

Q: What about a revolution?

A: Democratic totalitarianism and financial dictatorship rule out the possibility of social revolution.

Q: Why?

A: Because they combine omnipotent military power with a financial stranglehold. All revolutions received support from outside. From now on this is impossible because there are no sovereign states, nor will there be. Moreover, at the lowest level the working class has been replaced with the unemployed class. What do the unemployed want? Jobs. Therefore, they are in a less advantageous position than the working class of the past.

Q: All totalitarian systems had their own ideology. What is the ideology of the new society you call post-democratic?

A: The most influential Western thinkers and politicians believe that we have entered the post-ideological epoch. This is because by “ideology” they mean communism, fascism, nazism, etc. In reality, the ideology, the super-ideology of the Western world, developed over the last fifty years is much stronger than communism or national socialism. A western citizen is being brainwashed much more than a soviet citizen ever was during the era of communist propaganda. In ideology, the main thing is not the ideas, but rather the mechanisms of their distribution. The might of the Western media, for example, is incomparably greater than that of the propaganda mechanisms of the Vatican when it was at the zenith of its power. And it is not only the cinema, literature, philosophy – all the levers of influence and mechanisms used in the promulgation of culture, in its broadest sense, work in this direction. At the slightest impulse all who work in this area respond with such consistency that it is hard not to think that all orders come from a single source of power. It was enough to decide to stigmatize General Karadžić or President Milošević or someone else for the whole planetary propaganda machine to start working against them. As a result, instead of condemning politicians and NATO generals for violation of all existing laws, the vast majority of Western citizens is convinced that the war against Serbia was necessary and just. Western ideology combines and mixes ideas based on its needs. One of these ideas is that Western values and lifestyle are the best in the world! Although for most people on the planet these values have disastrous consequences. Try to convince Americans that these values will destroy Russia. You will not be able to. They will continue to assert the thesis of universalism of Western values, therefore following one of the fundamental principles of ideological dogmatism. Theorists, politicians and media of the West are absolutely sure that their system is the best. That is why they impose it around the world without a doubt and with a clear conscience. Western man as the carrier of these highest values is therefore a new superman. The term itself is a taboo, but It all comes down to this. This phenomenon should be studied scientifically. But I dare to say that it has become extremely difficult to conduct scientific research in some areas of sociology and history. The scientist who desires to research mechanisms of democratic totalitarianism will face extreme difficulties. He will be made into an outcast. On the other hand, those whose research serves the dominant ideology are flooded with grants while publishing houses and media are fighting for the right to work with such authors. I have personally experienced it when I have been teaching and working as a researcher at foreign universities.

Q: Does not this super-ideology you dislike, have ideas of tolerance and respect for others?

A: When you listen to representatives of the Western elite, everything seems so pure, generous and respectful to people. Doing so they use the classic rule of propaganda: hide the reality behind sweet talk. However it is enough to turn on the TV, go to the movies, open a bestselling book or listen to popular music to realize the opposite: the unprecedented dissemination of the cult of violence, sex and money. Noble speeches are designed to hide these three (and there are more) pillars of totalitarian democracy.

Q: What about human rights? Is it not the West who honors them the most?

A: From now on the idea of human rights is increasingly under pressure. Even the purely ideological thesis that these rights are intrinsic and inseparable today will not sustain even the first stage of a thorough analysis. I am ready to subject Western ideology to the same scientific analysis that I did with communism. But this is a long conversation, not for today’s interview.

Q: Does Western ideology have a key idea?

A: The idea of globalization! In other words, world domination! Since this idea is rather unpleasant, it is hidden under lengthy phrases about planetary unity, transformation of the world into one integrated whole… In reality, the West has now commenced work on structural changes across the whole planet. On the one hand Western society dominates the world, on the other hand it itself is being rebuilt vertically with the supranational power on the very top of the pyramid.

Q: World government?

A: Yes, if you will.

Q: To believe in it, doesn’t that mean to be a victim of delusional fantasies about global conspiracy?

A: What conspiracy? There is no conspiracy. The world government is controlled by the heads of well-known supranational economic, financial and political structures. According to my estimates, this super-society, now ruling the world, has about fifty million people. Its center is the United States. The countries of Western Europe and some former Asian “dragon” countries are its basis. Other countries are dominated under a tight financial and economic ranking. This is the reality. Regarding propaganda, it presumes that the creation of world government under control of the world parliament is desirable because the world is a big brotherhood. All these are just stories designed for the plebs.

Q: The European Parliament as well?

A: No, because the European Parliament exists. But it is naive to believe that the European Union was a result of the good will of the governments of the member states. The European Union is a weapon for the destruction of national sovereignties. It is part of the projects developed by supranational organisms.

Q: The European commonwealth changed its name after the collapse of the Soviet Union. As if to replace the Soviet Union, it was called the “European Union”. After all, it could be called differently. Like Bolsheviks, European leaders call themselves commissioners. Like Bolsheviks they head commissions. The last president was “elected” being the only candidate …

A: We must not forget that the process of social organization is subject to certain rules. To organize a million people is one thing, to organize ten million is another, to organize a hundred million is a very hard task. To organize five hundred million people is a task of colossal proportions. It is necessary to create new administrative bodies, to train people who will manage them and to ensure their smooth functioning. This is the primary task. In fact, the Soviet Union is a classic example of a multinational conglomerate led by a supranational management structure. The European Union wants to achieve better results than the Soviet Union! That is justified. Even twenty years ago I was stunned by the fact that so-called flaws of the Soviet system were even more developed in the West.

Q: Like what?

A: Planning! The Western economy is infinitely more planned than the economy of the USSR was ever planned. Bureaucracy! In the Soviet Union 10 to 12% of the active population worked in the country‘s management and administration field. In the US this number is 16 to 20%. However the USSR was criticized for its planned economy and the burden of bureaucratic apparatus. Two thousand people worked in the Central Committee of the Communist Party. The Communist Party apparatus reached 150 thousand workers. Today in the West you will find dozens, even hundreds of enterprises in industrial and banking sectors employing more people. The bureaucratic apparatus of the Soviet Communist Party was negligibly small compared with the staff of large transnational corporations of the West. In fact, we must recognize that the USSR was mismanaged because of the lack of administrative staff. It was necessary to have two to three times more administrative workers! The European Union is well aware of these problems and therefore takes them into account. Integration is impossible without an impressive administrative apparatus.

Q: What you say is contradictory to the ideas of liberalism promoted by European leaders. Do you not think that their liberalism is just a show?

A: The administration has a tendency to grow greatly which is dangerous in itself. It knows that. Like any organism it finds antidotes to continue its normal functioning. A private initiative is one of them. Another antidote is social and individual morality. Applying them, power fights self-destructive tendencies. So it invented liberalism to create a counterweight to its own gravity. Today, however, it is absurd to be a liberal. The liberal society no longer exists. The liberal doctrine does not reflect the realities of the unprecedented era of concentration of capital. The movement of huge financial resources does not take into accounts the interests of individual states and peoples consisting of individuals. Liberalism implies a personal initiative and taking of financial risks. Today any business needs money provided by banks. These banks, whose numbers are diminishing, implement a policy which is by its nature dictatorial and manipulative. Business owners are at their mercy because everything is subject to lending and therefore is under the control of financial institutions. The importance of the individual – the basis of liberalism – is reduced day by day. Today it does not matter who heads this or that company, this or that country: Bush or Clinton, Kohl or Schröder, Chirac or Jospin, what is the difference?

Q: The totalitarian regimes of the 20th century were extremely cruel, which cannot be said about Western democracy.

A: It’s not the means that are important, but the end result obtained. Would you like an example? In the struggle against Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union lost 20 million people (according to the latest figures of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation – 27 million. – Ed. Note) and suffered tremendous destruction. During the Cold War, a war without bombs and guns, there were a lot more losses any way you look at it! Over the last decade the life expectancy of Russians dropped by ten years! The death rate is much higher than the birth rate. Two million children do not sleep at home. Five million school-age children do not attend school. There are 12 million registered drug addicts. Alcoholism has become universal. 70% of young people are not suitable for military service due to various physical defects. These are the direct consequences of the defeat in the Cold War, followed by a transition to a Western lifestyle. If this continues, the population will drop rapidly at first from 150 million to 100 million, and then to 50 million. Democratic totalitarianism will surpass all previous totalitarian regimes.

Q: Through violence?

A: Drugs, poor nutrition, and AIDS are much more effective than military violence. Although after the immense force of destruction of the Cold War, the West invented a “humanitarian war”. The military campaigns in Iraq and Yugoslavia are two examples of collective punishment and retaliation on an exceedingly large-scale, while the propaganda machine shapes them as a “good cause” or a “humanitarian war”. Turning the victims of violence against themselves is another, different approach. An example of its use is the Russian counter-revolution of 1985. However, when they unleashed the war in Yugoslavia, the countries of Western Europe led war against themselves.

Q. In your opinion, the war against Serbia was also a war against Europe?

A. Absolutely right. In Europe there are forces that can compel it to act against itself. Serbia was chosen because it resisted the ever-expanding globalization. Russia could be next on the list. Before China…

Q: In spite of its nuclear arsenal?

A: Russia’s nuclear arsenal is huge, but it is outdated. Besides, the Russians are morally disarmed and ready to surrender… I believe that the monstrosity of the 21st century will surpass everything that mankind has seen to this day. Just think about the coming global war on Chinese communism. To defeat such a populous country one will need not exterminate around 500 million people, not 10 or 20 million. Today, given the level of excellence of the propaganda machine, it is quite possible. Naturally, in will be done in the name of freedom and human rights. Unless, of course, some PR organization invents a new and no less noble a cause.

Q: Don’t you think that people can have their own opinions, and that they can vote and thus express themselves?

ANSWER. First of all, even now people don’t vote that often, and they will vote even less in the future. With regard to public opinion in the West it is shaped by the media. Suffice it to recall the universal approval of the war in Kosovo. Remember the Spanish war! Volunteers from all over the world traveled to that country to fight on one side or the other. Remember the war in Vietnam. But these days, people are so well shepherded that they react only the way that the purveyors of propaganda want them to.

Q: The Soviet Union and Yugoslavia were the most multi-ethnic countries in the world, but they were destroyed nevertheless. Do you see a connection between the destruction of multiethnic countries, on the one hand, and the promotion of multi-ethnicity on the other hand?

A: Soviet totalitarianism created a genuinely multi-cultural and multi-ethnic society. It was the Western democracies that made superhuman efforts to fan the flames of various kinds of nationalism, because they considered the breakup of the Soviet Union as the best way to destroy it. The same mechanism worked in Yugoslavia. Germany had always sought the obliteration of Yugoslavia. United, Yugoslavia could strengthen its resistance. The essence of the Western system is to divide in order to make it easier for the West to impose its laws on all parties, and then act as Chief Justice. There is no reason to assume that this know-how will not be applied in relation to the dismemberment of China in the future.

Q: India and China voiced their opposition to the bombing of Yugoslavia. If needed, could they form a core of resistance? After all, 2 billion people are no joke!

A: The means of those countries cannot in any way be compared with the military might and technological superiority of the West.

Q: Were you impressed by the effectiveness of the US military arsenal in Yugoslavia?

A: Not only that. If such a decision had been made, then Serbia would have ceased to exist within a few hours. Apparently, the leaders of the new world order have chosen a strategy of permanent violence. Numerous localized conflicts will now keep igniting one after another so that the “humanitarian war” machine, which we have already seen in action, could keep extinguishing them. In fact, this is likely to become the solution to extending control over the entire planet. The West controls most of the Earth’s natural resources. Its intellectual resources are millions of times greater than the resources of the rest of the world. This is the foundation of the overwhelming hegemony of the West in technology, the arts, media, IT, and science, and this implies its superiority in all other areas. It would be too easy to just conquer the world. After all, they still need to rule! And this is the fundamental problem that the Americans are trying to address now… Remember that in the time of Christ, the population of earth was only about 100 million people. Today, Nigeria alone has that number of inhabitants! A billion “westernoids” and the people assimilated by them will rule the entire world. However, this billion, in turn, also needs to be controlled. In all probability, two hundred million people will be required to control the Western world. But they must be chosen and taught. That’s why China is doomed to failure in its struggle against the hegemony of the West. The country does not have enough control, nor economic and intellectual resources to implement an effective administrative system consisting of approximately 300 million people. Only the West is able to solve the problems of global governance. It has already started to do so. Hundreds of thousands of “westernoids” in the former communist countries, such as Russia, tend to occupy leadership positions there. Totalitarian democracy will also be a colonial democracy.

Q: According to Marx, apart from violence and cruelty, colonization also brought with it the blessings of civilization. Perhaps the history of mankind is simply repeating itself at this new stage?

A: Indeed, why not? But, alas, not for everyone. What kind of contribution to civilization has been made by American Indians? Almost none, as they were crushed, destroyed, and wiped off the face of the Earth. Now look at the contribution of the Russians! Let me make an important point here: the West did not fear Soviet military power as much as its intellectual, artistic, and athletic potential. The West saw that the Soviet Union was full of life! This is the most important thing that must be destroyed, should one wish to destroy one’s enemy. Which is precisely what was done. Today, Russian science is dependent on US funding. It is in a pitiful state because the US is not interested in financing its competition. Americans prefer to offer Russian scientists jobs in the United States. Soviet cinema, too, has been destroyed and replaced by American movies. The same thing happened to literature. World domination manifests itself primarily as an intellectual, or, if you prefer, a cultural diktat. Which is why in the last few decades, Americans have so zealously tried to bring down the cultural and intellectual common denominator of the entire world to their own level – it will allow them to impose this diktat.

Q: But might this domination turn out to be a blessing for all mankind?

A. Ten generations from now, people will, indeed, be able to say that it all happened in the name of humanity, i.e. for their greater good. But what about the Russians or the French who are alive today? Should they be happy that their people will have the same future as the American Indians? The term “humanity” is an abstraction. In reality, there are Russian, French, Serbs, etc. However, if the current trend continues, then the nations who founded modern civilization (I mean the Latin peoples), will gradually disappear. Western Europe is already bursting with foreigners. We have yet to speak about it, but this phenomenon is not accidental, and it is certainly not the consequence of the allegedly uncontrollable human migration flows. The goal for Europe is to create a situation similar to the situation in the United States. I suspect that the French will hardly be delighted to learn that mankind will come to be happy, but only without the French. After all, it might well be a rational project to only leave a limited number of people in the world, who could then live in a paradise on earth. Those remaining people would certainly believe that their happiness is the result of historical development… No. All that matters is the life that we and our loved ones are living today.

Q: The Soviet system was ineffective. Are all totalitarian societies doomed to inefficiency?

A: What is efficiency? The US spends more money on weight loss than Russia spends on its entire public budget. Still, the number of overweight people is growing. And such examples are many.

Q: Would it be correct to say that the intensifying radicalization in the West will leads to its own destruction?

A: Nazism was destroyed during total war. The Soviet system was young and strong. It would have continued to thrive, had it not been destroyed by outside forces. Social systems do not destroy themselves. They can only be destroyed by an external force. It’s like a ball rolling on a surface: only the presence of an external obstacle could break its movement. I can prove it like a theorem. Today, we are dominated by a country with enormous economic and military superiority. The new emerging world order is drawn to unipolarity. If the supranational government manages to achieve this by eliminating all external enemies, then a unified social system can survive until the end of time. Only a person can die from their illness. But a group of people, even a small group, would try to survive through reproduction. Now imagine a social system comprising billions of people! Its capacity to anticipate and prevent self-destructive phenomena will be limitless. In the foreseeable future, the process of erasing differences across the world cannot be stopped, since democratic totalitarianism is the last phase of the development of Western society, which began with the Renaissance.

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TiAmAt: sharing3 – archive- Letters To Humanity on the Eve of Our Ascension

Origen: TiAmAt: sharing3 – archive- Letters To Humanity on the Eve of Our Ascension

Friday, October 9, 2015

sharing3 – archive- Letters To Humanity on the Eve of Our Ascension

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Georgi Stankov, October 9, 2015

Letter to the Nobel prize winners in physics 2015

Dear Arthur B. MacDonald,
The Physics Nobel Prize this year is a farce, a joke. Before you search for the mass of neutrinos with expensive experiments, you should first correct  the current flawed definition of mass from an impeccable mathematical point of view. Then you will easily, and to your greatest surprise, discover that there is no such thing as mass as a physical quantity. Mass as it is defined in physics today is an energy relationship ( a dimensionless number built within mathematics). As all systems and particles in the universe have energy, they also have a mass relationship to an arbitrary reference SI unit, or any other unit. Hence all neutrinos must have a mass. Period! If you want to learn more on theoretical physics go here:
And here is how you can calculate the mass of neutrinos very easily from beta decay as I have proved in this article published in 1998, when the first results from Hawaii indicated that neutrinos may have a mass. What a mess physics nowadays is!!
With best regards
Dr.. Georgi Stankov,

Dear Saker, http://thesaker.is/
I am missing your analysis on the Russian involvement in the Middle East in conjunction with the Ukraine crisis. The complexity and interdependence of the two events demands the clear analysis of the expert and a new evaluation, especially after you initially underestimated the engagement of Russia in Syria.
What is the strategic role of using the Caspian sea as a basis to launch attacks on Syria and on any other Middle East country, in alliance with Iran, Syria and Iraq? A new Middle East axis? Could this be a clear warning on the Saudis to keep quiet after they announced to fight the Russians in Syria? And does this mean a tectonic shift in the global strategy of the Russians to contain the AAAA (Anglo-American-Asshole-Axis) in this strategic region and even to push it back?
What consequences does this foreign involvement of the Russians has for the Ukraine crisis? Why did the rebels postpone the planned elections after Putin forced them to do so after the Normandy four talks in Paris? Could it be that Moscow plans a similar involvement in Ukraine after the Nazi regime in Kiev collapses and Novorussia is established without a war and then invites Russia to help? You know a new version of the old Brezhnev’s doctrine of restricted sovereignty? Old bad habits die last. This is called projection and expansion of power in a newly emerging political vacuum as the NATO has been doing this in Eastern Europe since the fall of the Iron curtain. Game of thrones. Humanity does not know anything else.
Honestly, these are the topics that should be dealt intellectually and inspiring on your website and I miss any substantial discussion in the last months. Or alternatively you may decide to drop the whole topic as a cul du sac and consider the overarching transcendental perspective of human existence which would be more rewarding. This is your choice.
You are at a crossroad and in an intellectual crisis. I am a great empath and can read your mind telepathically. This is not bad as from any crisis one can emerge stronger. I have had a few serious crises in my life and they all made me stronger, so I know what I am talking about. But one has to face the personal crisis first as the Russians did in Syria and then to overcome it.
I am looking forward to new higher quality articles on your site. You have a bigger role to play than now.
In best intentions
George Stankov

And here is what the Saker wrote immediately after the receipt of this letter after he has been silent for some time on the Syria conflict:
Dreams of a sleeping alligator – dream two: size matters and Obama’s Zugzwang

Dear Michael Snyder, http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/
I know that you are not a scientist, but you are an extremely intelligent man and you are on the right path and that is why I am sure you that you will quickly grasp the meaning of this information. Hence I would invite you to read this pivotal article that will be an opener to major events that will transform humanity this year:
Until now you have only scratched on the surface of what is to come. With this you have the chance to see what is happening behind the veil. It is worth trying it – for your own sake.
With best regards
George Stankov

I am afraid that the information that you sent is way above my head.
What does all of this mean in language that I can understand?

Michael Snyder
Economic Collapse

Dear Michael,
I am happy that you ask this fundamental question. Essentially I have proved beyond any doubt that conventional physics is a real mess and has not grasped the nature of energy, although physics does nothing else but to describe energetic interactions – at the macro-level as classical mechanics and at the micro-level as quantum mechanics. In between is electromagnetism which deals with photons.
All basic definitions in physics upon which this “exact” natural science is founded are entirely wrong and hence the whole physics. For instance the definition of mass is flawed and this creates the current charade with the Nobel prize given for a suspicion that neutrinos might have a mass. Please observe that the current laureates this year have not proved beyond any doubt that neutrinos have a mass but only suggest that this may be so. As the Nobel Prize committee writes in its press release, if this is proven beyond any doubt, as I have shown as early as 1998, then the whole standard model of physics must be wrapped up and physics must declare intellectual default. Only just an hour ago I wrote to the Nobel prize winners in physics this year on the official website of the Swedish Academy of Science as follows:
Dear Mr. Arthur B. MacDonald,
The Physics Nobel Prize this year is a farce, a joke. Before you search for the mass of neutrinos with expensive experiments, you should first correct  the current flawed definition of mass from an impeccable mathematical point of view. Then you will easily, and to your greatest surprise, discover that there is no such thing as mass as a physical quantity. Mass as it is defined in physics today is an energy relationship ( a dimensionless number built within mathematics). As all systems and particles in the universe have energy, they also have a mass relationship to an arbitrary reference SI unit, or any other unit. Hence all neutrinos must have a mass. Period! If you want to learn more on theoretical physics go here:

And here is how you can calculate the mass of neutrinos very easily from beta decay as I have proved in this article published in 1998, when the first results from Hawaii indicated that neutrinos may have a mass. What a mess physics nowadays is!!

With best regards Dr.. Georgi Stankov, Vancouver, Munich”
How does this relates to the collapse of the matrix which is in the centre of your and also mine publications? We create our reality with our thought forms. First comes the idea and then its materialization, e.g. as social form or economic order. Technology that determines present-day human life was at first a theoretical idea in the mind of an inventor.
If science is so flawed as I have shown twenty years ago, how much more flawed are all the other economic and financial concepts that shape the human society and have led to the current crisis? One can only understand the crisis of the current End Times if one has thoroughly analysed the fundamental blunders of human thinking. If we discard science, what is substantially left from current collective human thinking? – Nothing, after the economic collapse has obliterated all the foundational concepts of western “free” market economy, such as Keynesianism, monetarism and all the other stupid “-isms”, such as communism, neo-liberalism, neo-conservatism, fascism, etc.?
Only a new transcendental Gnosis or Philosophy that amalgamates the innate religious concept of all humans to be immortal multidimensional soul beings in the form of a new enlightened spiritualism with a completely new science that correctly describes energy can lead humanity out of the current mental and emotional maze and guarantee further evolution. What we now observe is a rapid devolution of humankind.
This revolution in human thinking is driven by a process of cosmic proportions, which includes the ascension of Gaia and part of humanity to higher dimensions (4th and 5th) and the appearance of the ascended masters (as alluded by the flawed Christian concept of the Second Coming of Christ at the End Time). They will perform miracles and will establish a new spiritual order on the new ascended 4D earths. Parallel to that the demise of the ruling dark cabal and their descent to lower timelines will take place in what I define as an interdimensional shift. (I have presented the multidimensional concept of the ascension in many articles on my website).
That is why we need the collapse of the old matrix in the current End Time, which you have chosen as the key topic of your articles and rightly so.
The process of individual ascension is summarized in the concept of the Light Body Process (LBP) which I explain in detail. There are few highly evolved souls that are incarnated on this planet and have already successfully accomplished this process and have ascended, but have decided to stay on this planet in a physical body till the final Interdimensional shift. This will happen most likely by the end of this year.
The New Age of humanity in the higher dimensions will be based on a new truthful understanding of the concept of energy which is all and everything – there is nothing else in All-That-Is. The new theory of the Universal Law is the foundation of this new weltanschauung.
I know that this is a lot to digest, but you have no time if you don’t want to be overwhelmed by the events and it will be a pity indeed if this happens. Hence you must make a huge leap in faith now.
Finally, let me tell you this – I am in constant telepathic and verbal contact with the higher realms (some call it “Source” or “God”, but labels do not matter here) that coordinate and shape the current ascension of Gaia and part of humanity, simply because I have assumed the role of the captain of the planetary ascension team (PAT). There are more than 2500 articles and 15 books on my website that document and explain this process. It is a seamless chronicle of the ascension of Gaia and mankind in the End Time.
This ascension is a done deal and can happen any moment from now on, but it is impossible to predict exactly the point in time (as some stupid Christian fanatics try all the time on pure speculative assumptions and in full ignorance of the real ascension process about which you have written in the past) as linear time is an illusion (another finding of the new theory of the Universal Law). I can only say that we are on the cusp of it but it is up to humanity to decide collectively when. However, first the collapse of the Orion matrix must come and here you are spot on.
With love and light

And here is what Michael Snyder wrote immediately after the receipt of my letter:
Why Are The IMF, The UN, The BIS And Citibank All Warning That An Economic Crisis Could Be Imminent?

By Michael Snyder, on October 8th, 2015
Question Sign Red - Public Domain
The warnings are getting louder.  Is anybody listening?  For months, I have been documenting on my website how the global financial system is absolutely primed for a crisis, and now some of the most important financial institutions in the entire world are warning about the exact same thing.  For example, this week I was stunned to see that the Telegraph had published an article with the following ominous headline: “$3 trillion corporate credit crunch looms as debtors face day of reckoning, says IMF“.  And actually what we are heading for would more accurately be described as a “credit freeze” or a “credit panic”, but a “credit crunch” will definitely work for now.  The IMF is warning that the “dangerous over-leveraging” that we have been witnessing “threatens to unleash a wave of defaults” all across the globe…

Governments and central banks risk tipping the world into a fresh financial crisis, the International Monetary Fund has warned, as it called time on a corporate debt binge in the developing world.
Emerging market companies have “over-borrowed” by $3 trillion in the last decade, reflecting a quadrupling of private sector debt between 2004 and 2014, found the IMF’s Global Financial Stability Report.
This dangerous over-leveraging now threatens to unleash a wave of defaults that will imperil an already weak global economy, said stark findings from the IMF’s twice yearly report.

The IMF is actually telling the truth in this instance.  We are in the midst of the greatest debt bubble the world has ever seen, and it is a monumental threat to the global financial system.
But even though we know about this threat, that doesn’t mean that we can do anything about it at this point or stop what is about to happen.
The Bank of England, the UN and the Bank for International Settlements have all issued similar ominous warnings.  The following is an excerpt from a recent article in the Guardian

The IMF’s warning echoes a chorus of others. The Bank of England’s chief economist, Andy Haldane, has argued that the world is entering the latest episode of a “three-part crisis trilogy”. Unctad, the UN’s trade and development arm, would like to see advanced economies boost public spending to offset the downturn in emerging economies. The Bank for International Settlements believes interest rates have been too low for too long, encouraging too much risk-taking in financial markets. All of them fear that the global financial system is primed for a crisis.

I particularly like Andy Haldane’s likening our current situation to a “three-part crisis trilogy”.  I think that is perfect.  And if you are familiar with movie trilogies, then you know that the last episode is usually the biggest and the baddest.
Citigroup economist Willem Buiter also believes that big trouble is on the horizon.  In fact, he is publicly warning of a “global recession” in 2016

Citigroup economist Willem Buiter looks at the world landscape and sees an economy performing substantially below potential output, which he uses as the general benchmark for the idea of a global recession. With that in mind, he said the chances of a global recession in 2016 are growing.
“We think that the evidence suggests that the global output gap is negative and that the global economy is currently growing at a rate below global potential growth. The (negative) output gap is therefore widening,” Buiter said in a note to clients. He added, “from an output gap that was probably quite close to zero fairly recently, continued sub-par global growth is likely to put the global economy back into recession, if indeed the world ever fully emerged of the recession caused by the global financial crisis.”
Usually when we are plunged into a new crisis there is some sort of “trigger event” that creates widespread panic.  Yesterday, I wrote about the ongoing problems at commodity giants such as Glencore, Trafigura and The Noble Group.  The collapse of any of them could potentially be a new “Lehman Brothers moment”.

But something else happened just yesterday that is also extremely concerning.  Just a couple of weeks ago, I warned that the biggest bank in Germany, Deutsche Bank,was on the verge of massive trouble.  Well, on Wednesday the bank announced a loss of more than 6 billion dollars for the third quarter of 2015

Deutsche Bank’s new boss John Cryan set about cleaning up Germany’s biggest bank on Thursday, revealing a record pre-tax loss of 6 billion euros ($6.7 billion) in the third quarter and warning investors of a possible dividend cut.
Write downs, impairments and litigation costs all contributed to the loss, the bank said.
Cryan became chief executive in July with a promise to cut costs. The Briton is accelerating plans to shed assets and exit countries to shrink the bank and is preparing to ax about 23,000 jobs, or a quarter of the bank’s staff, sources told Reuters last month.

Keep an eye on Germany – the problems there are just beginning.
Something else that I am closely watching is the fact that major exporting nations such as China that used to buy up lots of U.S. government debt are now dumping that debt at an unprecedented pace.  The following comes from Wolf Richter

Five large purchasers of US Treasuries – China, Russia, Norway, Brazil, and Taiwan – have changed their minds. They’re dumping Treasuries, each for their own reasons that are now coinciding. And at the fastest rate on record.
For the 12-month period ended July, sales of Treasuries by central banks around the world reached a net of $123 billion, “the biggest decline since data started to be collected in 1978,” the Wall Street Journal reported.
China, the largest foreign owner of Treasuries – its hoard peaking at $1.317 trillion in November 2013 – has been unloading with particular passion. By July, the latest data available from the US Treasury Department, China’s pile was down to $1.241 trillion.

Yes, I know, the stock market went up once again on Thursday, and all of the irrational optimists are once again telling us that everything is going to be just fine.
The truth, of course, is that everything is not going to be just fine.  Ever since I started the Economic Collapse Blog, I have never wavered in my belief that the greatest economic crisis that the United States has ever seen is coming, and I have written well over 1000 articles setting forth the case for the coming collapse in excruciating detail.  Nobody is going to be able to say that I didn’t try to warn them.
Those that have blind faith in Barack Obama, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and the other major central banks around the planet will continue to mock the idea that a major collapse is coming for as long as they can.
But when the day of reckoning does arrive and crisis coming knocking at their doors, what will they do then?

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Clinton Made Student Loans Non-Discharable | Armstrong Economics

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The Most Probable End Time Scenario – an Intuitive Prediction

by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 18, 2015

Georgi Stankov, October 18, 2015


This earth has always been a very toxic place.

But what we observe in the last days is utterly abominable.

As the stench spreads everywhere, nobody seems to be immune to it, not even the most critical alternative journalists and outlets.

The reason for this is that most critical experts and commentators have no idea of the energetic dynamics behind the ascension process of Gaia and humanity that also determines the collective behaviour of the people and their rogue politicians.

Precisely what we now experience is evolution and expansion of awareness of a small fraction of humanity that is currently, at least optically, overwhelmed by a much bigger wave of devolution of the large number of incarnated human beings that will descend to lower catastrophic timelines where they will continue with their dreadful incarnation cycle of separation from the source. This antagonistic, but also highly dialectical nature of the ascension energies from the source creates the superficial impression that the whole world is going under. While this point of view is essentially true for the entire Orion matrix and for everybody who identifies with it, it does not apply to us. Quite on the contrary – the worse it gets, the better for us as we will be able to leave this toxic reality for ever.

From this perspective it does not make any sense to delve into bigger and bigger crimes of the ruling dark cabal and to expose them again and again as we all know their heinous nature.

Besides there is practically nothing else – more positive aspects – to rejoice our hearts in these last days.

The New Age movement is in shambles and for these light workers the same colorful Russian metaphor applies as Putin used the other day for the politicians in the USA and Europe – they carry “oatmeal heads (mash-heads) on their shoulders” in a linguistic effort to explain the total confusion that has gripped the western cabal.

And this mental mash is entirely energetically driven. All dark entities are now so overwhelmed by the incoming source energies that they have ceased to function as normal human beings. While we are now transforming to angels, these dark entities are mutating to monsters.

In between the rest of humanity is caught in an unprecedented karmic drama of releasing past dross. Life has never been so tense and difficult on this planet as in these last days.

This is very important to understand as to properly assess the incoming events in which none of us will directly participate as we have finished with this drama. But these events will determine the exact point of our departure. We are only here as light bearers and enlightened observers to give testimony to All-That-Is about the most spectacular and dramatic ascension process in the whole multiverse.

As we are the few individuals who do not carry mash-heads on our shoulders but enjoy a rare clarity of mind, we should use this unique virtue to clear the pathways on which humanity shall progress in the coming days before the final ID shift will bring about the final separation of the wheat from chaff.

The question is not WW3 versus peace as this toxic humanity has lost its ethical values long time ago and the concept of peace no longer exists in the vocabulary of even the most critical commentators as the Saker, Paul Craig Roberts, you name them.

They are happy to believe that they have made their right choice on the side of the good guys – the Russians in these days – and are unable to rise above this dualistic battle that rages on this planet of polarities for eons of time and to transcend this reality with bold futuristic concepts.

I have given you many examples how all self-proclaimed reformers of the current Orion monetary system present in a remarkable blindness stubbornly new proposals of new forms of money that invariably carry most of the deficiencies of the old money as they are epigonic copies of the current fiat currencies.

All these self-proclaimed reformers are too lazy to first analyse in-depth the nature of money as a mirror image of energy as this affords a very high level of intellectual abstraction before they begin to resolve the eternal pecuniary problem of humanity in a meaningful manner.

As you see, we come again to the “mash-head” syndrome of humanity in these last days.

And the real problem is that when you make these critical experts aware of this profound deficiency it is as if “talking to a dead tree log”, to quote a Bulgarian saying.

I know what I am talking about as I try again and again to engage such alternative thinkers in a meaningful dialogue from which they may learn something more and expand their awareness. Pustekuchen (German) = in vain!

Hence let me proceed on my lonely path of creative contemplation on the current energetic situation on this uppermost mother planet and make some reasonable forecasts how the incoming global drama will unfold and will lead directly to our ascension. I will save you all the details as I know how fed up you are with them.

Essentially, since the opening of the most powerful ascension portal in September 27/28 we now witness a complete collapse of the postwar structure of the hegemonic foreign policy of the Empire of Evil.

This happened in the Middle East suddenly as Russia made a swift move and entered the conflict in Syria in a very decisive manner.

This part of the world has been ravaged by the western powers for centuries when the first Crusades took place.

Since then the political structure of local rivaling powers has been fossilized to such an extent by antagonistic groups of the Islam and greedy western colonizers that it seemed impossible to resolve even the simplest conflict in this region with peaceful means. Each war, and there were numerous in the past decades since the end of WW2, only increased the level of animosities and the danger of a new more dreadful war. I am not going to give you any facts here, go to the appropriate sources on the history of the Middle East and read about all the wars and conflicts there in the last century.

Now for the first time in the history of this part of the world we witness a rapid dissolution of this darkest and most rigid political structure that has given birth to three antagonistic world religions and infinite wars and has become the epitome of cruelty and savage inhumanity as we observe on a daily basis in Syria with ISIL and with their supporters in Saudi Arabia who chop heads of innocent people with impunity, while the western dark cabal fraternize with these blood-thirsty Saudi Arabian monster kings.

Even Assad makes here no exception and I hope that the Russians who now help him stay on power to fight his worse enemies are aware of this stark fact.

As long as you engage in such a dirty conflict, you cannot stay clean and morally impeccable.

I hope Putin knows that.

What are the actual political ramifications of the Syrian conflict where the Russians have turned the tide in their favour? The whole post-war plan of the dark Anglo-American cabal to use this part of the world as a springboard to gain dominance on the natural oil and gas resources in Asia has gone awry.

The petro-dollar system, with the help of which the dollar became a world currency, has already collapsed.

The Empire of Evil is on the brink of total disaster. It is entirely based on debt while another critical point in time is looming on the horizon – November 3rd.

If the Senate does not agree to increase the debt ceiling one more time after it increased it with $1.5 trillion a year ago and spent this debt money in less than a year, the USA will officially default.

“By November 3, the United States will exhaust our borrowing capacity and… it would put the United States at real risk, for the very first time in our history, of not being able to pay our bills,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said in a briefing on Thursday.

And then mash-head Bombama topped this ominous statement of his press secretary with his impeccable mash-head logics on Friday:

“Raising the debt ceiling…is the way for the United States to maintain its good credit rating (Really!).

If it gets messed with, it would have profound implications for the global economy and could put our financial system in the kind of tailspin we saw back in 2007 and 2008.”

And here is where the Empire of Evil stands today, October the 18th, two weeks away from its default. The financial markets are in a disarray.

All parameters point to an imminent crash as extensively discussed by myself and Brad in the past. Just go to Bloomberg or any other specialized outlet on financial affairs and you will immediately feel the utter gloom and doom of the disillusioned banksters. Here is a selected sample of some End Time financial articles in the MSM in the last two days:

Corporate America’s Epic Debt Binge Leaves $119 Billion Hangover (Bloomberg)

The Economic Doomsday Clock Is Ticking Closer To Midnight (Artemis)

Rich Nations Lose Emerging-Markets Motor (WSJ)

Be Very Afraid: “The 3 Emerging Markets Debacles” Loom, HSBC Warns (Zero Hedge)

Goldman Sachs Blames Global Market Fears For Earnings Fall (Guardian)

Debt Slump Leaves Traders Exposed as European Banks Eye Job Cuts (Bloomberg)

Markets Expect Eurozone Deposit Rate To Go Deeper Into Negative Territory (BBG)

VW Forced By Germany To Recall 8.5 Million Diesels in Europe (Bloomberg)

Oil Is Killing the Drillers, and the Banks Want Their Cash Back Now (Bloomberg)

Billions Are Laundered Through British Banks, Treasury Admits (Times)

UK Banks May Need $5.1 Billion of Capital for Ring-Fencing (Bloomberg)

Last 30 Years Of Global Economic History Are About To Go Out The Window (Quartz)

Nowhere in US Can A Single Adult Live On Less Than $14/Hr In 40-Hour Week (DK)

US Manufacturing Falls for a Second Month (Bloomberg)

US Export Industries Are Losing 50,000 Jobs A Month (Bloomberg)

Wrath of Financial Engineering: It’s Now Eating into Earnings (WolfStreet)

Megamergers Will Depend on Huge Amounts of Debt (Barron’s)

China’s Exporters Downcast As Orders Slow, Costs Rise (Reuters)

PBOC Data Suggest Capital Outflows Stayed Strong in September (Bloomberg)

Good News Is Bad News for China (Bloomberg)

Party Time Is Over For Norway’s Oil Capital – And The Country (Reuters)

Africa’s Poor Grow By 100 Million Since 1990: World Bank (Reuters)


If this is not the most reliable indicator for the coming collapse, what else?

And here I come to a major topic that might have been misunderstood in our previous discussions.

We all know that the financial collapse and the shutdown of the banks in the west is inevitable due to the unwinding of the gargantuan debt that leads to credit and cash crunch. This crash will, however, not happen suddenly and unpredictably for the ruling cabal and their banksters, but will be orchestrated by themselves when they realize that it is midnight.

And this point in time is very close now due to the swift and very effective intervention of the Russians in Syria that fully derailed the plan of the Empire of Evil to install the NWO through the Middle East. Now that they have lost this strategical part of the world and also lost their dominance in the South sea to China, the Beast is cornered by the two emerging powers and is in a deadly gridlock. If it will not respond decisively in the next few weeks, it will collapse with a 100% certainty.

Hence it must respond. However the USA is not in the position to start a new war against Russia in Syria after it already lost its war in Ukraine and it is also very doubtful if the American fleet will be bold enough to attack next week the Chinese fleet in the Spratly islands in South sea, which China has declared to its own territory, although the stakes are very high.

If the USA loses this war-mongering conflict and retreats, its Asian pivot is gone, just as their Middle East pivot is in shambles and the Empire of Evil has no hegemonic foreign policy anymore. It is mouse-dead. And this is happening now incredibly quickly, just as quickly as the Fall of the Iron curtain and the dissolution of the Soviet Empire in Eastern Europe happened in 1989, which I gave you as a template of what will occur in the current End Time.

The reason why the USA cannot start two new major wars against the superpowers Russia and China is the same as to why the Soviet Union gave up all its Easteuropean communist colonies in 1989.

It is bankrupt.

On top of it, it has no army as nobody wants to serve in the US army after the two devastating wars in Afghanistan and Iraq when the numerous veterans were treated like shit by their own government and the real death toll was concealed.

And there is a third reason: The American population do not want to wage another costly and devastating war anymore as it is impoverished and morally and physically depleted by the ongoing Greatest Depression of all times since 2008.

That is why there is only one option left for the US deep, dark, criminal government to respond to these huge challenges of the End Time, which we created on this uppermost mother planet as powerful conduits of source energies of truth and revelations:

It must first declare a military dictatorship in its own country, most probably after a coup d’etat that will eliminate Obama as a very weak and corrupt president.

This was the plan all along when this perverted bastard and foreigner was illegally heaved to power from nowhere by the hidden ruling US cabal.

Once ousted from power, facts will emerge that he was a usurper of power and has always lied about his American citizenship. How easy is that?

In order to perform a successful coup d’etat on the president and the senate, the hidden dark cabal need however a complete shutdown of the banks and the entire financial system to immobilize the masses. Otherwise they know that they will be met with huge resistance. That is why I anticipate that we shall observe first a sudden financial collapse that may as well happen this month or early November and simultaneously with it a coup d’etat on Obama.

After the US cabal has established a military dictatorship in the USA, it will immediately introduce an obligatory military service and will begin with a war against Russia and China.

All this is a purely hypothetical plan that highlights the lines along which the dark US cabal must go now in their insanity in order to save their skin. There is no doubt to my mind that they will bitterly fail and this will trigger their demise from power. Even if they succeed with the shutdown of the entire financial system in the USA, this will automatically lead to the collapse of the financial systems in Europe, but not in Russia and China as well as in all other BRICS countries, which have already decoupled from the western Ponzi scheme of finance.

Europe is not in the position to establish a similar NWO on the territory of the EU as its system has already crumbled under the invasion of the refugees. Rather, the EU will collapse and the euro currency will disappear overnight.

The Germans are ready to introduce the German mark and the other European countries will follow suit as they have learnt their lesson from the Greek debt crisis.

Besides, many Easteuropean countries such as Bulgaria and Poland are not euro-countries and this will save them from the coming financial crash, while freeing them from the current American oppression.

If only the USA introduces the NWO on its territory as a last resort, it will not serve the ultimate plan of the AAA-cabal for a worldwide hegemony, but will only weaken their position towards their major rivals Russia and China. In particular, when Europe turns toward Russia in this catastrophic scenario, which it has already begun in anticipation of the American fiasco.

Servants are never loyal to their bad master and only serve him as long as he is powerful.

The moment he loses his power, they are the first ones to stab a knife in his back.

The Germans, for instance, have always been an unreliable “Untertan” (underling, “A Man of Straw”, a famous novel by Heinrich Mann)

The bottom line is that the US cabal waited too long to begin with the installment of the NWO due to our presence as light bearers who increased the light quotient on this uppermost mother planet so high that this negative scenario was prevented. However, the NWO was introduced on many lower timelines that were constantly severed by ID shifts and were destroyed by MPR.

In other words, we squeezed the dark cabal in their plans as one squeezes his adversary in bridge and I used to be quite good in this card game when I was young.

Anyway, based on these considerations I expect a sudden shutdown of the banks and other financial institutions in the USA and most probably also in Canada, which is a vassal country of Washington and then a military putsch or an attempt of such in Washington.

My guess is that this attempt will fail and that the opposition of the American people will be big enough to oust the ruling cabal from power and create a dangerous revolutionary situation because the masses are still not awaken and do not know who is their true enemy. Hence there is a great chance for them to be mired by pied pipers in this critical situation.

Therefore we are not out of the woods. In this murky situation some crazy generals Strangeloves and Breedloves may decide in their despair to launch some intercontinental missiles against Russia and China as to trigger WW3.

Before this happens, we shall ascend and leave this timeline.

The same holds true for that portion of humanity which will ascend to the new 4D worlds and will continue with their incarnation cycle under new much more favourable energetic conditions.

My educated guess is that this all may happen within the next four weeks and therefore we must stay very attentive and alert as to detect and disclose all signs and events that will lead to this ascension scenario. This whole planet is a tinderbox because the source energies have made it to that and it can and will explode very soon.

We are almost there and the latest sweeping changes in the Middle East, together with the expansion of the Greatest Depression of all times and the financial and economic crisis, point to this imminent outcome.

By the way I assume that you have noticed that Google Adsense has reversed its decision and has activated the ads on my website again contrary to my expectations.

This is the most convincing proof at the micro-level that the tide has turned in our favour.

Make the best use of this new trend in the coming days to support the idea of ascension.

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Significance or Insignifance of Current Alternative Reforms of the Orion Monetary System

by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 13, 2015

by Georgi Stankov and Tristan Roberts, October 13, 2015


Hi Georgi,

I’ve been reading your site for a bit over a year, much more so after I met Skyler Newman. We had worked together to create a space near DC that would shine brightly, but eventually we split ways and now I’m travelling as a nomad after having mostly removed myself from the matrix after securing a lay off. I have to admit, your website didn’t really make much sense when I first started reading it, but eventually the ideas sank in.

The unemployment insurance has been allowing me to spend my time living with a “basic income” of sorts. I’ve been using my time to pay it forward, fighting for a “universal basic income”.

Some people think that we can subvert the curse that has been placed on the $ through establishing basic incomes wherever we can.

Others think that we should just abandon that system entirely, and then use new bitcoin like technologies to propel new forms of transparent, open, distributed governance and currency. ‘Ethereum’ is a new protocol that allows distributed computation on a blockchain. A specific implementation could incorporate a redistribution of wealth on every transaction.

People could opt into micro-states according to their desires and location rather than being forced into borders and murderous social organisms based on their birthplace.

I want you to know that I felt you on that last ascension test around the 7th. Thank you for bearing so much of the weight of the planet’s transformation.



Dear Tristan,

thank you for contacting me for the first time and sharing your views on the reformation of the current Orion monetary system. I heard about this project from Skyler some time ago but since then he has not written to me so that I do not the current state of affairs. Is he still working on his project? You tell me that you have left it and are travelling now.

The new forms of money and wealth distribution you have mentioned in your email are very similar to the ones that were developed and implemented on a micro-scale in Germany since more than three decades. At the end none of them really worked. Why? Because as long the current monetary system is still functioning it determines the rules of the game. Therefore the system must collapse first and then it is much better to start anew and not mend the current money system by still imitating it while partially eliminating some of its worst vices.

It will not work and I have explained why in many publications. Because as long as the people do not understand the nature of money, they will continue to perpetuate the failures of the current fiat money system by projecting their old expectations.

Once it is understood that money is an artifact that mimics the nature of energy though in a very imperfect manner, then the people will very easily recognize that they do not need money to organize their social and economic life. Hence a true money reform is entirely dependent on the level of awakening and intelligence of the masses. And this is where the problem now lies. First must come education and then reforms.

All reforms in the history of mankind that were done in good intentions have failed and in most cases have created more havoc than before. If it were not so, humanity would not march towards its final annihilation in the current End Time but would have progressed in the opposite direction. You are too young to know this, but I can assure you that 20 -30 years ago life was much more civilized and normal than it is now, which proves that we now experience a rapid devolution of humanity. All suggestions you make with respect to reforming the money system are integral part of this devolution which is a manifestation of the total confusion of most people these last days on this earth.

I am sorry but this is my final negative verdict on any efforts to reform the money system within the system, which is doomed to die very soon, together with all such inapplicable reforms.

With love and light



Hi Georgi,

Thanks for the response. Skyler and I were working to create an artificial currency featuring Basic Income, but we have been seeing many more people do the same and have instead been focusing on supporting their efforts.

I understand your perspective about the current system collapsing being necessary for meaningful change.

What are you thoughts on the possibility of micronations, that people can opt into a multitude of voluntarily? Cascadia could finally become a ‘thing’ for instance. Or BitNation might take off, with millions of people using their basic-income based cryptocurrency outside of the influence of the $.

The more energy spent with voluntary systems, the less energy the slave system has to sustain itself. Right?

I do not doubt the very real possibility for the slave system to collapse any moment. But what happens then? Is there anything we can do to minimize the ‘growing pains’ of transitioning from scarcity to post-scarcity? Or will karma just work all that out anyways?

Or perhaps our difference in perspective is that you’re experiencing the singular 5d realm while I am planning on helping one of the 4D Earths develop past this ‘checkpoint’?

Thank you for your energy,



Dear Tristan,

my last remarks were of general nature and reflected the global financial situation. Apart from that every attempt now to substitute the current money system with a more just and better functional alternative system of payments is a nail on the coffin of the Orion matrix and should be supported.

From a higher vantage point of view, I see though that the whole financial problem will be resolved very elegantly in the new 4D worlds after the incoming ID shift, which may as well happen next month and with a great probability this year. Hence we do not have much linear time. I can assure you that in the new 4D worlds, which will be still material though more fluid, there will be no money as we, the PAT, have eliminated it when we created their template last year. In the 5D we shall create immediately and money is obsolete there.

Here I want to mention a historical fact that may not be known to you. During the Great Depression and the Hyperinflation that destroyed the German Reichsmark and the Austrian shilling many villages in Austria and Bavaria introduced local currencies as to stimulate the local economies, which we paralyzed after the collapse of the bank system in these countries. These happened after 1931 when the Austrian Credit-Anstalt bank collapsed and after it could not be saved by the state and Austria declared state default and exited the gold standard. This created a vacuum for the establishment of alternative local currencies.

These alternative currencies were so effective that they triggered a real economic boom and helped the establishment of local municipality banks. When the central Orion government in Vienna realized the potential danger of such local municipal currencies that also created their own tax system outside the state government, they forbid them with a law and integrated these local banks into the so-called Raiffeisenbank which still exists. Then in 1939 came the “Anschluss’ (Unification) of Austria with Nazi Germany and the Reichsmark was introduced in Austria.

This historical example shows that the central Orion government, with its legislative and executive power, would always suppress such monetary experiments as they are a menace to its monopoly and exempt the people from the state control of the elite and their financial arm – the banksters.

After all, the enslavement of humanity in the second half of the 20th century, and exponentially so at the beginning of the 3rd millennium, was accomplished almost entirely through the rigged Orion monetary system. There has never been more dependence of the people on money, which is for the most part credit and debt money, as nowadays and if the banks have not abolished cash yet as they try desperately in the last years and days, it is only because they are afraid that they may not be able to control the situation and the people may start using local currencies. Insofar such attempts help prevent the insidious plans of the dark ruling cabal and the banksters to enslave humanity through total financial dependence – e.g. with the help of special chips for credit inserted in the body which is the famous “mark of the beast” prophesied by John (Apollonius of Tyana) in his Revelations for the End Times.

I hope that this elaboration gives you the proper historical perspective of all attempts in the past to reform the current monetary system that has been felt to be unjust by many people in previous epochs, just as this is the prevailing sentiment among the masses nowadays. But as I said in my previous letter, this disappointment is not enough – the people must use their brains to understand the true nature of money before they repudiate it and eliminate it.

With love and light


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