Equipoise: sharing4- Sirian High Council –▶ How to relieve stiff neck with acupressure by yourself – The Landings–The Arcturians–Through Suzanne Lie

Origen: Equipoise: sharing4- Sirian High Council –▶ How to relieve stiff neck with acupressure by yourself – The Landings–The Arcturians–Through Suzanne Lie

Friday, April 14, 2017

sharing4- Sirian High Council –▶ How to relieve stiff neck with acupressure by yourself – The Landings–The Arcturians–Through Suzanne Lie

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▶ How to relieve stiff neck with acupressure by yourself – YouTube

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▶ Ballet Beautiful | Total Body Sculpt Workout: Mary Helen Bowers – YouTube

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Carl Jung:
 ” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”
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Sirian High Council – Transitional period of the beholder Next 16 Months (April 2016 –August 2017) – Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – Secrets of the Universe 


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Sirian High Council – Transitional period of the beholder Next 16 Months (April 2016 –August 2017)

By annamerkaba on April 29, 2016 • ( 12 )

Greetings everyone, before I begin this channeling I would like to add a personal note.

As many of you are aware a lot is happening at the moment. With recent planetary alignments we are being ushered to take action, rearrange our life, perhaps take a step backwards and examine what we have accomplished thus far, preparing for the leap that waits ahead. Preparing for tremendous changes coming our way. Invoking our true essence and heart’s desire. Making changes. That is the theme for the next several months – change.

For many this time may be turbulent and yet with everything that we have learnt thus far, all the seeming pitfalls, will instantly turn into phenomenal opportunities for us to partake of. What is important right now as it has always been is listening to your intuition, taking great care of your body, by giving it much needed rest and healthy nutrition when you are being prompted to do so, drinking plenty of liquids, paying attention to Liver and Gallbladder as well as your whole digestive track as at this time it seems to be clearing and cleansing the most for so many of you who come to me for a healing session.

However, no matter the turbulence know that we have accomplished a lot as a whole. This has recently been confirmed to me in a healing session that I was doing for one beautiful soul. Whilst preparing a report for her I started receiving a transmission, part of which I’d like to share with all of you today as I feel that it is pertinent for all of us to hear this:

“The connection to the heavenly abodes, the mother/farther god continuum, expanding further into the universal spiral of life, and with it and through it you are able to co-create a new universe and superimpose it onto the one that is presently occupying this time and space continuum. Know that you are not alone working on this endeavor. For not only is your GAIA expanding and changing her vibrations, but all of the universe in which GAIA and human souls dwell.

What this means for humanity is that not only shall they find themselves on a new earth platform but they shall find themselves in a completely new universe altogether. With a different set of decrees, laws and bylaws. With a completely new set of alternative energies, alternative healing modalities and abilities thereof, technological prowess which has not yet been seen on this very planet. For indeed the planet on which they shall finally arrive will not have been the same, for it is moving into a completely new uncharged territory, continuing her pilgrimage back home, to her natural state of being, of pureness.

Humanity of course shall not fully continue their journey with planet earth, for they shall be transported into a different dimensional reality and most importantly choose to leave this planet eons into the future. For this generation and those to come shall increase their vibration so much so, that it will absolutely be possible to translocate their physical vessels of time and space into a new continuum from which they shall be able to manufacture space crafts of such caliber and might as to take them into a different galaxy altogether. But all of this is yet to come, and shall occur eons into the future, providing that at this very moment in time, humans choose the path of freedom of thought, realigning with that which they truly are, as they continue to be supported and assisted by those of your caliber.”

Now having said this, here is a channeling that I have received from the Sirian High Council.

Melchizedek Reconnection Disc – Melchizedek’s Reconnection Device is imprinted with energies which assist all three of your subtle bodies to come into complete alignment, balancing out various energies and helping you to heal your body. This disc is The Healing Key, that works holistically to harmonize the mind, body, emotions and spirit, helping to increase your feeling of well-being, and neutralize negativity. The disc can be placed on specific points of the body for 10-15 min or so ,to bring relief. Keeping this tool near you also help ameliorate various conditions. To learn more please click on the picture above.

Transitional period of the beholder Next 16 Months (April 2016 – August 2017)

Unequivocally agreed upon actions of human consciousness have led to the unification of various polarities and revocation of various paradigms as the world shifts further into the chaotic order of things, new beginnings and prowess shall emerge from the very depth of your hearts and souls. New energies and realignments shall see you through the next few weeks, as you transition and reexamine all that you have accomplished thus far.

Sudden new directions and redirections shall occur for you now. Projects that have been worked on, may suddenly take a sharp turn in another direction or end abruptly altogether prompting you to let go of that which no longer works and fully attune yourselves with that which does. Directed by your higher selves in order to fully awaken to the truth of your life purpose and the recognition of the hidden potential therein.

No longer shall you be led astray from your life missions, as you shall diligently and urgently be rushed to make the necessary amends and to make the necessary changes in order to alight with your true souls’ purpose.

For the awakened ones the process shall be a swift one, for you shall immediately recognize the potential of a new direction, understanding and trusting that you are being led in the right direction for your soul. Albeit the temporary swift painful moments of saying goodbye to the project, relationship, idea that you have been working on, you shall be ignited with passion and assurance of high proportions that shall allow you to bypass all the” human paradigms “of misunderstanding of this redirection and allow you to move confidently further in your endeavors and development of your life mission and course and right action.

And so, in the weeks to come, much shall begin to swiftly change for many of you. Yet again will you be faced with various decisions that is bound to take you back into your past, and the memories of the past, the situations of the past shall once again arise for you to learn from, give gratitude to and finally release, taking only that which shall assist you moving into the future, whilst letting the rest fall away into the eternal abyss.

Nevertheless, having had the experience of liberation from outdated paradigms and freedom of thought you shall be able to easily maneuver through various obstacles, releasing every last drops of debris and forever saying goodbye to the triggers of yesteryear in order to move vigorously, confidently and assertively in the direction of your life’s purpose.

Various encounters with those of higher vibrations shall leave you wanting more and eagerly seeking the answers as to what you have just experienced or seen, many of these encounters shall prompt you to search for the answers, many of said encounters shall truly ignite your old passions, the passions and informational encodings that you have arrived with to this very planet. Many of these ignitions shall be the driving force behind the change of your life’s route course. As you are led “as if by the and” in the right direction for your life purpose.

Let it be known that you are being supported, and the seeming pitfalls, tribulations and rapid changes, are there in order to assist you in pushing you in the right direction for your life purpose. Know that the seeming road blocks, shall be placed upon your path for a reason, in order to sway you in the direction in which you surely must travel, as you shall be redirected and shown a “short cut” of sorts that shall lead you to the answers you seek. Success both in the material as well as spiritual is guaranteed for you now, only if you continuously listen to your intuition and make the necessary adjustments as swiftly as possible.

The time has come to fully awaken, and walk into your power. The time for action has indeed arrived, and you shall be aligned with the necessary steps allowing you to fully take control of your very own “destiny” swiftly changing and rearranging your life in order to align yourself with your very own blueprint for the next 16 months’ time. A very successful, rapidly changing time is approaching and you shall be guided urgently and prodded ahead into making the right decisions for your very own selves. And so, once again you shall be guided, provided for, and recalibrated throughout all the steps of your journey.

That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.

COMPREHENSIVE ENERGY HEALING SESSION & ANALYSIS WITH ANNA MERKABA :This is a DISTANT Healing Session. Each session takes 60 – 90 minutes to complete, furthermore much more time is spent on putting together a report which is guided to me by the angels, there are a lot of details involved, this is an elaborate healing session. This is not just an energy attunement you will be bathed in loving light from the angelic realm using reiki like universal energy throughout the session, and a few days following the session, many issues will be corrected, and you will also receive much needed guidance after the session of what you are to do on your own. The energy will continue to be released for the following 2 – 3 months.

Here is what you will be scanned for and if any of these are found or need to be removed/unblocked/
Removal of Achorns/Grays/Dark Entities (If there are any)
Removal of Implants
Cleansing the Aura
Removing blocks from the chakras
Activating Chakras
Activating the Pineal Gland
Activating the energy flow throughout the body with Kundalini Energy
Sealing the rips in the energy body
Connecting the heart chakra to the third eye
Scanning of the body to determine if there are any major issues to be aware of
Cleansing the blocks within the organs should there be any, and if it is possible to do so, or if there is more that needs to be done.
DNA Upgrade
Rainbow Healing Light Invocation
Past Life Contracts Clearing/Cords cutting (if I am allowed to proceed by your higher self) This is NOT karma removal. NO ONE can remove your karma, except for you, that is if you have karma. Not everyone does, as people misunderstand what Karma is.
Past LIfe Visions – ( If necessary to understand why you are going through what you are going through, I will be shown your past lives, this will help you determine the reason as to why you are experiencing that which you are)
Scanning of your chakras, correction of energy flow and further recommendations directly from your guides as to what you need to do further
You will also receive further recommendations on what you are to do on your own to SEAL in the new energies flowing your way and to assist your own self further without the constant need to come back for more and more healing sessions. However, should you feel that you do need a healing attunement, or there are some issue that need more work you are welcome to come back for another session.

To learn more about this session and hear what others have to say about it please visit:https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/merkaba-distant-energy-healing-session/

P.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit : https://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/books/

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing Session with Anna
and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEILhttps://sacredascensionmerkaba.wordpress.com/

Please note: The author of this website and its assigns are not responsible in any way shape or form for any actions taken by individuals reading these posts. The information provided herein is for information purposes only and does not constitute as any medical advice, whatsoever. Therefore the author and publisher of this site assume NO responsibility for any individuals’ interpretation or use of the information provided herein.


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Carl Jung:

 ” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”
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Thursday, May 19, 2016
The Landings–The Arcturians–Through Suzanne Lie


The Landings

The Arcturians

Our Dear Emissaries to Earth,
We come to you in this NOW to inform you that we will be landing soon, but only in a frequency of reality in which “Power Within Self” has replaced all remnants of “Power Over Others.”

Hence, the frequency in which we land will be determined by humanity. We know that those who live via Power Within are not responsible for those who linger in the lower dimensional format of Power Over Others.

All that our beloved returnees to lightbody can do to assist the ones lost to Power Over, is to send them Unconditional Love and Violet Fire. Then you must release them from your consciousness, as it is their decision to awaken or remain asleep within a reality of fear and domination.

By remaining in the format of fear and domination they will have chosen to attach their lower states of consciousness to the remnants of Gaia’s Lower Astral Plane. The Lower Astral Plane is much like the cellar of an old house that has been abandoned. This “old house” is being renovated from the “roof” down.

As the “house” is renovated, the frequency rate will expand into higher dimensions that are not accessible to those who chose to live in the darkness of the cellar among that which has been long ago been stored and forgotten.

In other words, as our awakening ones remember to forget the lost ones, their consciousness will expand beyond “frequency range of experience” of those lost to the “cellar.” Hence, the lost ones will remain in the lowest planes of existence, while the ascending ones align with higher and higher frequencies of reality.

Eventually, the frequency of the planet will be so wonderfully high, that the lower astral plane will be shed from Gaia’s body. Just as an animal takes on a heavy fur coat for the long, cold winter and sheds it in the spring, Gaia will shed Her heavy, Lower Astral Plane.

As She returns to Her beloved fifth dimensional frequency, She will first shed the density of the Lower Astral Plane and, eventually, shed all of remnants of Her third and fourth dimensional planetary body.

As we have often said, Gaia is an extremely loving Mother. Therefore, as long as She carries any remnants of third/fourth dimensional time, She will provide a place where her lost ones can decide to enter into the Light.

This Higher Light will eventually engulf even the lowest astral plane, and the lost ones will need to re-locate to another planet on which they will, hopefully, release their habit of Power Over, as well as their need to be a victim, have an enemy, and suffer before they can change.

You see, Power Over can only exist when there are others who have chosen to be a victim. We are not saying that the choice to be a victim is a conscious choice, as it is usually an unconscious choice. Many have become addicted to the third dimension format of ruler and ruled.

This addiction will only fade when those trapped within the format of Power Over remember that Gaia is a planet that is ruled by free will. Because of Gaia’s free will, those who chose to be in the Power Over format in order to be a victim, can also choose to release that addiction and take charge of their own life.

Those who wish to help these ones can best do so by sending them Unconditional Love and Violet Fire. Unconditional Love is likely unknown to those lost to the Power Over format, as they have likely lived their lives, in fact they have likely lived many lives, believing that they were not the masters of their own destiny.

However, the gift of Unconditional Love will greatly impact them, as they have likely only received conditional love throughout many of their incarnations. Once they receive Unconditional Love, they will begin to realize that just maybe they can stand up to whatever has kept them in the pattern of being a victim.

That realization will change their life forever, as they will discover that they just may deserve love “unconditionally.” The concept of deserving love just because you are alive is likely very new to them, as they have grown up believing that they are not “good enough.”

With this realization, they are ready to receive your gift of the Violet Fire to assist them in their process of transmutation into a higher frequency of reality. There are many invisible sub-planes in the physical plane of the third dimension.

Because love is far too often “conditional” within that frequency of reality, many people become lost in the belief that they are not “good enough.” The dark ones have had a great deal of power within that resonance of reality for many cycles.

They have maintained their power by convincing others that they are not strong enough to stand up for themselves and need the “help” of those who appear to be stronger. Because those trapped in what they perceive as their failures, disappointments, hardships of the lowest resonance of the third dimension are so beaten down by life, they do not recognize that the assistance of these dark ones is really a trap.

Therefore, the cycle goes on and on from failure to failure and from trap to trap. How does one recover from this cycle? We return again to Unconditional Love. Unconditional Love is NOT an emotion. Unconditional Love is an energy field of love, hope, empowerment, and promise.

We will now address each of these concepts beginning with love. Love is an energy field that travels in expanding cycles, where as love’s opposite, fear, travels in ever decreasing cycles. We say “cycles” as energy fields travel in circular patterns, as they also travel vertically and horizontally.

When we talk about an “energy field,” we mean “a package of energy that resonates to the same “fields” of thoughts and emotions. In this case, think of the word “field” much as a field of grass, flowers, snow or crops, such as wheat. Everything on this “field” is similar and needs the same amount of light, water, warmth, and/or shade.

In the same manner, an energy field holds similar thoughts, which grow from the “field” of similar emotions. If one grows up and/or becomes trapped in an energy field of disappointment, failure, loss and suffering, they will find others like them lost in that energy field.

Since they are all lost, it is difficult for anyone to see the way out. Those who live via power over others work hard to create situations, which diminish people and group them with other people who have also been diminished.

However, unconditional love is also an energy field. However, this energy field is the collection acceptance, support and the empowerment of loving one’s self enough to openly and warmly love another. Because every person can love and accept themselves, they can also love and accept others.

In other words, one can only “give away” what they “have.” If a small group from the energy field of Unconditional Love were to join the energy field of disappointment and suffering, they would instantly feel that something is very wrong.

Then, because they have been surrounding by Unconditional Love, they are able to say, “How can we help you?” On the other hand, they would likely feel inadequate if one who was accustomed to the energy field of disappointment and hardship.

In this case, the great power of Unconditional Love would greatly assist the one who has been beaten down by the hardships of life because there is NO judgment in Unconditional Love. Instead, there is acceptance and patience.

Do you see how we are showing you the “big picture” of your reality? While you are walking in the midst of a huge “field” you can only see that which is around you. However, if you were up on a hill, or in a plane—or a starship—you would get the same perspective as we do from the higher dimensions of our ships.

We welcome you to join us on our ships, but most of you are not yet able to consciously have that experience. However, we wish you to know that many of you join us while you are in your fourth dimensional astral body. Most often this occurs while you are sleeping or doing a deep meditation, but soon your visits will be more common.

Just as the person who lived within a fear-based, power over energy field may feel uncomfortable in a love-based, power within energy field, your third dimensional consciousness may feel very uncomfortable in a fifth dimensional star ship. Fortunately, our ships are filled with Unconditional Love, which will instantly make you feel safe and peaceful.

Furthermore, just as the Unconditional Love we share with you transmutes your energy field into a higher resonance, your unconditional love toward those trapped in a power-over energy field will transmute their energy field into a higher resonance.

Did you realize that you had that much power-within? Did you realize that just by sending Unconditional Love to someone in need that you can greatly contribute toward their process of transmutation into a higher resonance?

Your world is on the cusp of great change, and chaos usually precedes change. You will all be called upon to leave your comfort zone and to bravely face aspects of reality that could be very challenging, in fact frightening, to those who had never considered the fact that there are other civilizations beyond Earth.

Then, they will be confronted with the fact that these civilizations are far more technologically, mentally, socially, and emotionally advanced. Those who have lived by their “power over others” regime will be shocked, terrified, and dangerous.

Therefore, those of you who are informed and prepared mentally and emotionally, will be called on to send your deepest Unconditional Love into the energy fields of fear, confusion, and disbelief.

Many of our Earth friends will welcome the shift in their reality because they are informed and have been in connection with us for many decades. On the other hand, many people have never even considered that there are higher dimensions of reality in which uncountable societies and worlds live in peace and unconditional love.

We hear you asking, “When will this happen?” We answer you by asking, “When will you be ready to totally shift your perception of reality to include the higher dimensions?”

You see, we will begin our landings in the lower realms of the fifth dimension. Hence, only those who have expanded their consciousness beyond the fourth dimension and into threshold of the fifth dimension will be able to perceive our presence.

As you can see from your Internet, books and classes, more and more people are beginning to consciously embrace a reality in which the illusions of the third/fourth dimensions are replaced with the proof that there is a fifth dimensional world, as well as far, far beyond.

Are YOU ready to embrace this higher dimensional energy field? If you answer is YES, then you will likely be among those who will be preparing, educating and calming those who are not ready.

If you answer is NO, then you likely will never read this message.
But if you do, remember that reality is a choice of one’s perception.
The reality that you chose to perceive is the reality that you will believe is real.
And, the reality that YOU believe is real is the reality that you will live.

Remember, whether you admit it or not, you are ALL the creator of your reality! Also, please remember, “Time is an illusion of the third dimension.” When we say that we are coming NOW, that means that you will experience that NOW only when YOU are ready.

There are many of you with whom we communicate on a daily basis. Also, there are many of you who often visit our Ships. Allow your third dimensional earth-brain to take as long as you need to adapt to the New Earth that is here NOW!

To find this Earth, don’t look UP
To find New Earth, look IN!

With Unconditional Love, The Arcturians Posted by Suzanne Lie at 12:27 PM *      *      *

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Vel sanus: sharing2- ▶ Luke Ramsdan Bo Training – YouTube

Origen: Vel sanus: sharing2- ▶ Luke Ramsdan Bo Training – YouTube

Sunday, April 2, 2017

sharing2- ▶ Luke Ramsdan Bo Training – YouTube

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Carl Jung:
 ” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”
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Advancing the Ascension of Your Physical Body

by Mahatma

Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 5th May 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

Greetings of cosmic vibrations, I am Mahatma, the Avatar of Synthesis and the overseer of the cosmic level, I am known as the Cosmic Logos. There are 352 levels of the Mahatma energy which spans throughout all the dimensions of the Creator’s Universe. This means that there are 352 levels of my being and the same number of levels which compose your being. With this number in mind it seems more accessible to access all levels of your being and yet each dimension of the 352 levels is immensely expansive occupying vast aspects of the universe and your being. To explore one level of your being can take numerous lifetimes upon the Earth however the energy vibration the Earth is now resonating at is quickening which means your exploration of the levels of your being is speeding up. This signifies that you can explore so much more of your true self in a single lifetime, and also means y our body and auric field have to process more light, love and consciousness. If your body is not aligned fully with your soul then the increase of energy, light and consciousness being discovered, accepted and embodied can create challenges for your body.

There are many factors which can lower the vibration of your physical body and create disharmony between your body and soul:

Increase in spiritual awareness, sensitivity or consciousness which has not been grounded in the physical body and is not being used at a physical level.

The vibrations you choose to surround yourself with from the environment you work and live in to the products you put on your body and the food you consume.
The thoughts and beliefs you have and unconsciously recite about your physical body as well as the feelings behind the thoughts.

Not allowing time to listen to your body, to understand the messages and guidance it is constantly voicing to you. Ignoring the voice of your physical body can create disharmony between the soul and body because the body is not being honoured or fulfilled.

In order for your body to remain harmonised with the major shifts occurring within your soul at this time of ascension and the greater acceptance of the 352 levels of your being there is a need to recognise that the growth and fulfilment of your body is an aspect of your ascension process. When your body is satisfied and is harmonised with your soul then it is so much easier for you to embody your truth, experiencing it with greater fullness daily. Your desire for further spiritual awakening is powerful and develops with each day however I wish for you to recognise whether you are ignoring your physical body. Ask yourself this question. You may feel that it is impossible to ignore your physical body as you are aware of your body throughout your entire day.

However, you have perspectives and beliefs programmed within your mind and subconscious about your body which could be no longer a ppropriate or inaccurate. You may feel familiar with your body, however if you are not connecting with and listening to your physical body then there could be disharmony within your body’s alignment to all aspects of your being.

Take a moment to sit peacefully focusing on your breathing to gain a meditative state. Imagine your physical body sitting before you, it will seem as if it is simply a projection of you. Acknowledge that before you is your physical body and invite your physical body to share whatever it needs to with you. Your physical body may begin to complain at being ignored or feeling unloved, if this occurs just allow your physical body to share without any judgment or impatience. Your physical body is releasing energy it has been holding onto and needed to let go of in order to heal.

Your physical body may wish to tell you about an aspect of your body experiencing suffering, again it may need to release the energy or to share with you guidance of how to heal. If the expression of your physical body seems negative, please do not believe yourself to be negative as once the energy has been r eleased a healing process will take place and harmony will manifest. Your physical body may wish to share guidance, sacred spiritual wisdom and enlightenment to serve you further in your ascension. The more you learn to listen to your body the healthier your body will become, the more beautiful and sacred its sharing will be with you. Imagine if you were ignored and suffering, constantly asking for help and it is not being given, when given the opportunity to share at first you may have a lot of pent up energy you wish to release. Please be loving as your physical body shares its truth with you.

Practicing listening to your physical body daily will allow for your body to accept the energies you are communing with spiritually, consciously or unconsciously during meditation, healing or ascension exercises. You will become more complete and will be able to recognise the transitions or release processes occurring within your body before they become too challenging to deal with.

Remember that your body can tell you anything and everything you need and may wish to know. It can tell you precisely what is occurring in your body and every energetic level of your being, why it is occurring and how to instigate healing. There is simply a need for you to open yourself up to realise, listen, receive and value the wisdom brought forth even when others may be telling you differently. Listening to your body is a natural ability which needs to be activated and used in order to develop it into a powerful tool of maintaining the health and vitality of your body as well as your bodies alignment to your divine self within.

Another practice is to take time in your daily reality, especially as you are relaxing, to invite your physical body to achieve a rejuvenation process. In the same way that a computer runs a scan and fixes any areas that require repair your physical body can do the same if you instruct and allow it to. Simply speak to your physical body and invite it to run or achieve a rejuvenation and healing process, transforming all areas of disharmony. Your body will automatically connect with your soul and draw healing light into your entire body so that all areas of your body oscillate and vibrate as the healing energy being transmitted. When all aspects of your physical body are accepting and emanating the same vibration then harmony manifests thus healing takes place. Throughout the process allow yourself to be aware of any sensations or feelings in your physical body this may offer you insig hts to where further investigation is required or you may recognise a continuous pattern occurring. Even in this process you are being encouraged to work harmoniously with your body to fulfil its needs.

In the same way that your soul wishes to be aligned as one with the Creator your physical body wishes to be united with your soul and the energies of the Creator which flow through your soul. When your body creates disharmony it is for a reason and is often an indication that aspects of your body are experiencing separation from your soul and need to be realigned. Of course your body is always connected to your soul however your body is akin to a sponge and absorbs energy vibrations. If your body accepts an energy vibration which does not resonate with your soul, then challenges within the physical body may arise.

You may already recognise your physical body as a temple or sacred ashram to house your soul however do you recognise your physical body as a wise guide, source of truth, answers, transformation and healing? Recognising your body as a wise consciousness that can support you daily will accelerate your ascension tremendously allowing transformation to take place simultaneously throughout your entire being with your body acting as a powerful anchor of your truth.

A further practice to aid your physical bodies embodiment of the divine and greater harmonisation with your soul is to call upon my energies, Mahatma, to achieve a healing with you. This healing will promote the further synthesis of your body and soul, synthesis of your entire being with the most appropriate level or levels of the 352 levels of Mahatma. Please remember I am simply an expression of the Creator so the 352 level of Mahatma are simply a manifestation of the Creator. I will also align you with the most appropriate level or levels of the 352 levels of your being so new insights, enlightenment, abilities and healing can be awakened and remembered from within your inner truth.

Simply call forth my turquoise, white and pearlescent light to surround you as a pillar of light.

Say out loud, ‘Mahatma, Avatar of Synthesis, please begin your synthesis process within my being to support my healing, awakening on all levels and the harmonisation of all aspects of my being. Thank you.’

Allow yourself to receive, focusing on absorbing my light with each inhalation. You may also wish to recite, ‘I am the Avatar of Synthesis.’ This is a powerful mantra which speaks of permitting the Creator to transform within you so that all aspects of your being are harmonised expressing the divine truth.

When the process feels complete honour your body by breathing the light you have received into your physical body and inviting your body to embody the light anchoring all that has been received into the Earth.

It is time to reform your divine relationship with your physical body. This is essential now as the beings from Venus are sending their pure love into your physical body throughout 2016 with the purpose of upgrading and transforming your body. It is the ideal opportunity to heal and bring harmony to your physical body so that your body can become a source and expression of divine Creator love and consciousness distributing truth. The beings of Venus are supporting the transformation of your physical body so that the true purpose and abilities of your physical body may be awoken and experienced in the future years. Support the healing process the beings from Venus are achieving with you by taking time to listen and communicate with your body, thus you will become a beautiful example to inspire humanity.

Your devotion to your physical body and the aid of the beings of Venus will support in the future a reality for all without illness and suffering of the physical body. This would create major shifts in ascension as each person’s physical body would exist constantly in a healthy vibrant state allowing higher frequencies of light and consciousness to be absorbed by the physical body creating tremendous freedom and expansion, with greater recognition of the Creator by all and within all.

I am the Avatar of Synthesis,

Posted 2 hours ago by A. Ott *      *     *

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Equipoise: sharing2- ▶ Hypothalamus and Pituitary Gland – Beings of Venus

Origen: Equipoise: sharing2- ▶ Hypothalamus and Pituitary Gland – Beings of Venus

sharing2- ▶ Hypothalamus and Pituitary Gland – Beings of Venus

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 Carl Jung:

 ” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”
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by the Beings of Venus
Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 4th March 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

We, c, extend our love and united consciousness with the Creator with those willing to accept our energies. We are present not because we are more evolved nor even because our love is so pure. Our presence with you and supporting the Earth is due to our conscious awareness of the Creator’s love. We wish to remind the Earth and humanity of their conscious awareness of the Creator’s love thus magnifying and amplifying the presence of love within all, even beyond the Earth.

When an aspect of the Creator such as humanity, awakens and remembers a new quality of the Creator from within their beings, putting this energy into action, an awakening of the same energy occurs within all aspects of the Creator, across the entire Universe of the Creator. This is because all aspects of the Creator are connected. This signifies that the shifts and remembrance occurring within your being now is allowing the energies you are awakening from within your being to be activated within others on the Earth and the inner planes. If aspects of the Creator have already activated or remembered these qualities, then they will be amplified for further expression, experience and contemplation within their beings. Do not belittle or judge the shifts of awakening made within your being as you are a part of an evolving light and consciousness. The challenges within your reality, howeve r, large or minor they seem to you are encouraging you to play your role in the greater picture of the evolution of the Creator. When you allow yourself to more fully remember your natural love consciousness conveying it daily with greater expression, then your remembrance of the Creator will be activated through loving experiences rather than challenging situations.

The energy we are delivering to the Earth and humanity is akin to a large energy body of love consciousness. Within this energy are activations and remembrance of thinking, feeling and knowing from a space of love; the natural love which exists within all and is the love of the Creator. Thinking, feeling and knowing from a space of love can only be born from within you. However, we, the Beings of Venus, are bringing forth a consciousness of love in order to inspire the same to activate from within your being. Not only is our energy encouraging you to embody love it is also encouraging you to recognise others as love with new clarity and truth. You may notice that especially towards the end of 2016 that your ability to recognise the presence of love within all of your relationships will enhance and develop. This will also signify that you will be able to recognise the lack of love with in the numerous forms of relationships you create and have created. Your idea and understanding of divine love relationships will advance cultivating new ideas of how you interact with the Creator through those around you. Thus, you will discover you will be able to create divine relationships with all beings upon the Earth, when guided, resulting in a greater experience and acknowledgement of the unity of all, with each other and the Creator.

A divine relationship can be described in so many ways and forms. The consciousness we, the Beings from Venus, are reawakening and amplifying from within your being describes all relationships as divine. A divine relationship is not seeking love in yourself and another, it is knowing and believing that love is present within you and another whether they are a stranger or a loved one. To explain further a divine relationship is the Creator love consciousness expression and exchange that occurs between you on an inner plane and Earthly plane. The more you become aware of the Creator consciousness love within yourself and others the easier you will find it to identify this Creator love in any relationship creating an expression of truth and Creator unity.

When you meet a person, whether it is a loved one, stranger, someone you dislike or are indifferent to, an energy exchange occurs as if on the inner planes. Your soul and the other person’s soul know exactly why you have met, the purpose of the relationship whether it is intimate, business or friendship. Your souls also begin an exchange of light, consciousness, understanding and even healing. This exchange does not have to be evident on the earthly planes however it influences the physical body energetically. Each person’s purpose upon the Earth is to recognise their complete Creator self within them. The energy exchange which occurs when two souls are present together, whether engaging or not, supports the continued development of remembrance of the Creator within. Even seemingly negative or hurtful experiences between people at an earthly level can trigger an exchange o f light, consciousness and remembrance at an energetic level between the souls. Every exchange supports the souls in remembering the Creator more completely within their physical beings thus becoming a consciousness of Creator love.

The Creator love consciousness, we, the Beings of Venus, are sharing with you now is to support a dawning of awareness where the soul exchange which occurs energetically and often without the people involved being aware will occur within the physical body and mind with conscious awareness. Imagine a reality where every person could experience the exchange of soul energy, understanding the energies and qualities awakening while also realising how to play a role in supporting the other person’s ascension in that moment (which could be a minute) thus allowing their own ascension to be accelerated. This would develop a new consciousness within humanity which would be defined as a love consciousness because of the openness, trust and truth which would be experienced constantly by all. It would be labelled a love consciousness because many would experience the Creator moving through a nd being expressed from within their beings, with a sense of being divinely guided. Every relationship whether momentary, short or long term, intimate or friendship would be honoured as a divine relationship which serves not only those involved in the exchange but every person on the Earth and the inner planes as all are connected as one.

To embody and recognise love within you signifies that numerous shifts will occur in all aspects of your being especially within your mind and emotions. Thus, the way humanity acts, reacts, thinks, feels and experiences is changing due to the energy we, the Beings from Venus, are anchoring throughout 2016 and the energy you are willing to receive. Through the simple daily focus of receiving the love we, Beings of Venus, share with you and the love your soul fuels with you will allow the evolution of yourself as a human being to take place. It is time for humanity to accept an evolved and more advanced state of mind, emotions, connection with the Creator and existence upon the Earth. This could be likened to a download or remembrance of enlightenment. It can only take place through acceptance of love. The Creator’s love recognised and embodied within your being is the catalyst to the divine and progressive evolution of humanity.

Not only are we inviting you to realise that your relationship with yourself is changing into a more loving and healing experience, your relationship with those around you is also varying dramatically. Both shifts allow you to connect with the Creator more fully, viewing beyond illusion with a greater understanding of the truth of the Creator. You may find yourself becoming more sensitive to your own needs and more acutely aware of the influence of other people’s energy upon your being. You may discover that some relationships of any form may feel as if they need to be discarded as the soul exchange of energy and consciousness has been completed. While other people enter into your life to encourage you to become conscious of the constant soul exchange which is taking place at any given time, enhancing your acceptance of your Creator love consciousness.

To develop your Creator love consciousness:

Be conscious of the love within your being,

Be conscious and aware that love exists within every person that you meet, no matter how they appear to you,

Be conscious that when speaking to or sitting with anyone, stranger or familiar, your souls are exchanging valuable energy and enlightenment,

Be conscious and aware that every relationship is divine, sacred and serves your spiritual evolution,

Be conscious of receiving love from Venus and your soul,

Be conscious that the energy the Beings of Venus are delivering now is to awaken love within you and create a new perspective of love which will allow you to perceive your relationships in a completely diverse way.

Be conscious and contemplate how your soul views all relationships, meetings or connections between yourself and other humans, thus developing your intuition and sensitivity to the Creator.

We, the Beings of Venus, are present to create beautiful shifts of love, sensitivity and awareness within your being allowing you and all of humanity to embody your inner energies and consciousness of enlightenment.

In constant support and loving service,

Beings of Venus

Posted 7th March by ATMAN
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sábado, 17 de octubre de 2015


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Querido John …

Por Geoffrey Hoppe

Articulo de la Revista Shaumbra Agosto 2015

Querido John,

Recibí tu carta del otro lado del mar, el otro día, y la he leído una docena de veces desde entonces. Me preocupó saber de tu agonía y la soledad a la que te enfrentas.

 No estoy seguro qué acontecimientos en tu vida te llevó a donde estás ahora, pero quiero que sepas que te oigo y te siento.

 Como dices en tu carta, tu situación no te permite recibir correos postales o electrónicos, o asistir a un taller, así que voy a responderte desde aquí.

 Esperamos que esto sea de alguna ayuda para ti, y para otros Shaumbra también.

Todos vivimos en algún tipo de prisión, ya sea de nuestro pasado, nuestras creencias, o la falta de amor a nosotros mismos.

 Como recordarás, Tobias se iluminó mientras estaba literalmente en una prisión, y por supuesto Adamus encabeza la lista con sus 100.000 años en su prisión de cristal (¿has escuchado la historia?).

 Nosotros hemos tomado la decisión consciente de ir más allá de la conciencia de masas, y ahora simplemente estamos permitiendo lo que viene después, sea lo que fuese.

 Has dicho que hace unos meses estaba llegando todo junto, y has sentido que serías liberado de décadas de predicamentos.

 Y entonces, un día, en una orquestada serie de increíbles acontecimientos, todo fue catastróficamente mal.

 Perdiste tu hogar, los amigos, tu propiedad, tu reputación, los ingresos, las perspectivas de empleo y el derecho a la asistencia del gobierno.

Preguntaste: “Cuando Adamus dice que sólo necesita cinco Maestros encarnados, ¿significa esto que el resto de nosotros va a fallar?” 

No, es una manera de decir de Adamus que sólo tomará a unos pocos Shaumbra llegar a la iluminación para que otros se den cuenta de que se puede hacer.

 Nuestros ejemplos de Maestros ascendidos son de hace siglos, como Buda, Kuthumi, Tobías y St. Germain.

 Es tiempo ahora para una nueva generación de Maestros, y él está diciendo que vamos a elegir quedarnos en nuestro cuerpo físico con el fin de disfrutar de todo lo que la vida tiene para ofrecer, además de cómo ser un Estándar de vida para otros seres humanos.

 Sólo se trata de llevar un poco de esperanzas y luz para tantos otros.

Preguntas: “¿Qué quiso decir (Adamus) cuando dijo que tendríamos que “seguir adelante”.

 No puedo imaginar estar en el presente, y la única razón por la que todavía estoy aquí es que yo no quiero poner a mis padres ante mi evidente suicidio”.

 John, vamos adelante porque el sueño de la iluminación y la libertad se remonta a tiempos antiguos.

 Usted, y   yo, y muchos, muchos otros Shaumbra plantaron las semillas de la conciencia de Cristo hace más de 2000 años, y hemos vuelto en esta era de la realización final.

 Por un lado, este es nuestro deseo más profundo, y por otro tenemos dudas ante el umbral de la iluminación, porque no estamos seguros de si estamos realmente preparados.

 Es la Angustia de Shaumbra. Otra forma de responder a tu pregunta es decir: “Porque no podemos volver atrás, ni queremos volver, así que sigamos adelante.”

Tu dices: “Entrar en el ‘Y’ ayuda, pero no lo suficiente y me parece estar incluso más allá del “permitir.

 Incluso después de casi 20 años en el despertar nada me preparó para esto”.

 John, todos escuchamos lo que estás diciendo. Nada nos podría haber preparado para esta experiencia, pero todo nos ha traído hasta aquí. Nuestra alma sabe que ya estamos iluminados por lo que no se quedará atrapada en el viaje.

 Sólo se nos pide que paremos por un momento y que nos demos cuenta de que no hay nada más que aprender, nada que lograr, y nada para trabajar.

 Es solo tiempo de recibir lo que ya está ahí.

 Suena tan simple, pero es tan difícil cuando nos ahogamos en nuestro propio dolor físico y emocional.

 Pero tarde o temprano, usted y yo y Shaumbra alrededor del mundo vamos a renunciar a la cruzada porque no hay nada más porque luchar, ni siquiera por nosotros mismos.

Y dices: “Siento molestarte con esto, pero no hay nadie en el mundo con el que pueda hablar y apenas puedo escribir unas líneas debido a problemas legales, aunque miro la página Web y escucho los Shauds una y otra vez, ya que son mi único consuelo”.

 John, tu no estás solo.

 Aunque puedes estar aislado, debido a tu situación, no estás solo.

 Hay decenas de miles de Shaumbra de todo el mundo que, como tú, se sienten encarcelados por una vieja forma de vida y están intentando todo lo posible para permitir que una nueva realidad se hospede en su cuerpo físico.

 Cada Shaumbra que lee esto se siente parte de sí mismos en ti.

 De hecho, me gustaría pedir a todos los que lean esto que se conecten con John, no con pena o tristeza, sino honorando la brillantez de la situación que has creado para ti mismo.

 Realmente es brillante a pesar de que él no puede reconocerlo en este momento. Tiendan la mano a John con su resplandor y carisma, y hagámosle saber que no está solo.

Y John, te sugiero que leas The Red Lion de Maria Szepes.

 Es uno de esos libros difíciles de encontrar, pero creo que está disponible para descargar en PDF en alguna de las bibliotecas de Australia.

 De lo contrario, Amazon puede llevarte una copia física o rústica. Se trata de un adepto joven que se mete en un mundo de miseria, y sale al otro lado, como un verdadero Maestro con la guía de St. Germain.

 El libro fue escrito en 1945 y fue prohibido durante mucho tiempo, pero ahora Shaumbra lo ha resucitado.

 En cierto modo, es nuestra historia en el despertar.

 Se pone muy oscuro a veces, pero tiene un tipo de final …. Bueno, léelo tu mismo. Verás por qué te lo sugiero.

Permítanme terminar diciendo esto: Está bien John. No tienes que quedarte ya mas en lo “viejo”, así se trate de la vieja naturaleza o la vieja conciencia de la Tierra. 

Encuentra un momento de tranquilidad y luego dí en voz alta con una voz muy clara, “¡Yo Estoy Listo!” 

Poco después, Adamus te llevará en un viaje hacia nuevos potenciales, y él personalmente trabajará contigo, como lo hace voluntariamente con todo Shaumbra que está conscientemente listo.

 Tu vida empezará a cambiar en formas que no podrías haberte figurado mientras estas dentro de esas paredes de tu prisión energética.

 No estoy diciendo que será fácil, porque todos tenemos capas y capas de culpa y vergüenza y limitaciones para liberar.

 Todos tenemos aspectos que invierten en las limitaciones y el caos, todos tenemos dudas sobre nuestra dignidad, y todos se preguntan si el sueño de la libertad es aún posible.

 Lo es. Sé, sin sombra de duda que lo es. Tan desafiante como tu situación lo es en estos momentos, y es divinamente apropiado. Un día muy pronto, a todos nos gustará leer un artículo sobre tu propia realización aquí en la Revista Shaumbra.

Traducción: Héctor Santos Ramallo

Las traducciones de estos artículos pueden ser descargados en archivo Word desde elsitio creado para el Crimson Circle (Círculo Carmesí) en http://www.manantialcaduceo.com.ar/libros.htmhttps://www.facebook.com/ManantialCaduceo

Publicado 17th August por ATMAN

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por Kara Schallock


5 de Agosto 2015

El 8 de agosto entraremos a la llamada Puerta del León. El Portal de Magdalena nos guió hasta este punto y ha hecho la parte que le corresponde. ¿Cual es el propósito más alto de esta fusión? Por supuesto que es lo Divino Femenino, la parte fundamental de la Ascensión, ¿y quien lo simboliza mejor que La Magdalena? Ella trae la esencia de la Valentía, la Valentía de trascender los más bajos aspectos de dualidad dentro de nosotros y nuestras culturas. Muchos se han enfrentado con desafíos personales. Ahora, el desafío es una oportunidad de liberar más dualidad en la medida que nos permitimos ser más Amor. La Puerta del León es de hecho un triple 8 (8/8/2015: 2+0+1+5=8). La Puerta del León trae Fuerza para ser todo lo que somos. Como puedes ver, La Magdalena trajo la Valentía para ser Fuerza con la finalidad de ser más Amor.

Muchos han sido perturbados con la violenta muerte del León Cecil. Esto ha traído mucho a la superficie… conciencia de víctima, juicio, disparidad, dualidad y más. No apruebo este acto, sin embargo, veo más allá. Hace mucho aprendí que los animales no se dejan ver a menos que ellos lo elijan. Las enseñanzas espirituales de los Nativos Americanos nos dicen que el animal siempre se ofrenda para las personas. Cecil no es una víctima. Ahora, ¿piensas que es un error que Cecil haya ofrendado su vida justo antes de la Puerta del León? ¿Sigues creyendo en la muerte? ¿No es acaso que Cecil nos sigue guiando y él esté en nuestros corazones para recordarnos nuestra Fuerza? Cada animal se permite ser visto por nosotros siempre con un mensaje para ayudarnos en nuestro crecimiento en Conciencia. ¿Qué te mostró Cecil? Que no hay muerte. Sólo es una transición para ser Luz. Si realmente crees en el Orden Divino, entonces Cecil y el dentista forman parte de él, como nosotros.

Nos estamos moviendo hacia un completo Nuevo ciclo de evolución/Ascensión durante y después de la Puerta del León. Se verá como algo mágico, aunque no haya magia involucrada. Simplemente estamos evolucionando hacia un punto donde se ve mágico, porque antes no habíamos vivenciado este tipo de felicidad. Todo el trabajo que hemos hecho en nosotros mismos, todos nuestros desplazamientos nos han traído a este lugar. Ha sido especialmente intenso en las últimas semanas. Permanece enfocado en elahora, en todo lo que está fluyendo en tu vida y deja ir de tus apegos aquello que se ve incorrecto. Esta es la percepción del ego separado. Todo está en Orden Divino y aceptar Lo Que Es, nos ayuda poderosamente a movernos hacia la Belleza. Después de la Puerta del León, sólo en nuestras mentes limitadas continuaremos apegados al correcto o incorrecto. Correcto/Incorrecto, bueno/malo, nosotros/ellos, son parte de la dualidad. ¡Terminó! ¡Déjalo ir!

Como parte de la Puerta del León, nos movemos colectivamente hacia el interior del Corazón Elevado. Es una fusión entre mente y Corazón. Esto comienza con sentir, intuir y discernir con qué estamos alineados, y esto es seguido por la fusión de nuestra mente con la verdad de nuestro Corazón. Ahí no hay necesidad de enfrentar nuestra mente contra nuestro Corazón. Este es el potencial de la Puerta del León. También es una fusión entre el Divino Femenino y el Divino Masculino (Corazón/mente), y todo esto es parte de la Unidad. No de la dualidad, cuando mente y Corazón están separados, y femenino y masculino están separados. Sólo hay Unidad. Este balance es tan importante, así como el masculino soporta lo femenino, lo femenino guía lo masculino. Estos son aspectos de la vibración del Uno. Cuando están en balance, manifestamos nuestra Creatividad. Uno sin el otro está incompleto. Si es para tu mayor evolución estar en pareja para este Balance, maravilloso. De cualquier manera, no es necesario estar en pareja para estar balanceado. Cada uno de nosotros lleva en su interior las energías masculinas y femeninas. Cada uno tiene el Poder de crear y el poder de Manifestar.

Sí, se están derramando enormes torrentes de Luz. Es tiempo de invitar a nuestro ego separado a ser nuestro ego ascendido. Esto es, para Corazón y mente ser Uno, y para nuestros egos ser Uno con el Alma. No hay batalla aquí. Sólo hay Amor. Sin ego estamos sin un cuerpo y nuestro propósito es ascender en nuestros cuerpos, para ser Alma/Amor/Luz/Fuente aquí en la Tierra. Desde la Verdad de “Como es arriba es abajo” y “Como es adentro es afuera”, pregúntate ¿dónde encaja la dualidad en estas frases?

La Puerta del León está vinculada con nuestro Gran Sol, Central y con nuestro propio disco solar. A través de la Puerta, grandes torrentes de Luz del Gran Sol Central y nuestro Sol entran en nosotros, llevándonos más profundo hacia Cristo y la Conciencia Universal, donde el Amor es la única Verdad y desde ése único Amor se manifiesta. Esto es por lo que hemos trabajado diligentemente en dejar ir todo aquello que no es amor. Por supuesto, darse cuenta de esto, es el potencial para cada uno de nosotros… para recibir esta Luz, y con qué magnitud la recibimos depende de cuánto de lo viejo hayamos desplazado y dejado ir con el fin de dar la bienvenida a lo Nuevo. El hecho es que la Puerta del León es un triple 8, lo que significa que es triplemente más potente que otras Puertas del León de las que hemos tenido experiencia. Un triple 8= triple Poder. Este Poder fluirá hacia tu interior gentilmente y llenará aquellos lugares en los cuales hayas dejado ir. Los llenará con Amor Divino. Esto traerá gran Armonía y Paz, especialmente si estamos alineados con estas energías en lugar de luchar contra ellas, pensando en que más intensidad nos desprenderá de nuestros pies. Para alinearte con la Puerta del León puedes meditar con la simple intención de recibir. Puedes elegir estar en grupo para recibir, puedes crear una ceremonia o cualquier cosa que te sientas guiado a hacer. En mi opinión, hay que mantener la simplicidad. Yo voy a encender una vela y a meditar en la fecha de la Puerta del León, quizá sea guiada a caminar a través de la Puerta del León visualmente, como yo soy altamente visual, sin embargo, no lo sabré hasta que sea el momento. Así que simplemente sigan su propia Guía. No importa donde estés y cómo elijas recibir. Y ya que en realidad no hay un tiempo en Verdad, hazlo en el momento que lo elijas o intenciónate a recibir durante todo el día y toda la noche. Tú estás a cargo. No hay una manera “especial” de hacerlo mejor que el resto.

Lo que puedes esperar: un camino limpio hacia tu(s) Deseo(s) del Corazón, una urgencia para moverte o viajar o simplemente un bello sentimiento de Amor. Cada quien recibirá de acuerdo estado del ser actual, lo cual está en perfecto Orden Divino. Puedes experimentar un mayor nivel de energía y mayor Claridad. Puede ser que te sientas más libre que nunca antes… libre para ser más tú, libre para moverte, libre para dejar ir, o cualquiera que sea el significado de Libertad para ti. Por cierto, hay más dentro de Libertad paraque en Libertad de. Puedes sentirte con gran inspiración de elegir un camino diferente y puedes sentir tanto Amor que simplemente desearás compartirlo. Así, puedes sentirte como un enorme faro de Amor. Simplemente siendo Amor, no importa donde estés o lo que estés haciendo.

Si alguna persona no está lista para este gran influjo de Luz, puede sentirse realmente incómoda. Esto es verdad especialmente para aquellos que han decidido permanecer en lo viejo. Con seguridad, esta luz les ayudará a moverse de su zona de confort. Esta luz puede hacer que algunas personas se sientan ansiosas, lo cual no es ansiedad, es una actualización de su sistema nervioso. Ser amoroso con los demás y contigo mismo es parte de tu cuidado personal.

Sabe que la Puerta del León no sólo ocurrió un día y después se acabó (eso es pensamiento 3D). La energía continuará y te elevará. Asimismo, la energía del Portal de Magdalena continuará. Entonces a principios de septiembre, un eclipse vendrá a anclar fuertemente aquello que hayas recibido. La fecha 8-8 tiene el propósito de recepción activa de Luz. Y así, después del 8, puedes continuar con tu intención de recibir. Cualquiera de las acciones que realices serán apoyadas. Cualquier pensamiento y sentimiento, será iluminado, empoderado y manifiesto, así que permanece positivo. Es de ayuda hacer la intención de recibir a través de tus chakras Pineal y Coronario, ya que la Pineal es el distribuidor de Luz. Puedes hacer la intención de traerla justo dentro de tu Corazón Elevado también. A mí me gusta traer Luz hacia mis chakras, aura y cuerpos, incluyendo mis sistemas celular y eléctrico. Puedes ser guiado para dirigir esta Luz o puedes intencionarte para llevarla a donde más se necesite.

El propósito de todos los portales, puertas y eclipses es elevar y expandir en Amor, para que seas todo lo que eres. Para que te fusiones con tu Alma. Es una expansión de tu conciencia, de tu conciencia Crística, donde la vida fluye sin esfuerzo y graciosamente hacia las más elevadas formas. La elección permanece… ¿quieres permanecer en el mundo de dualidad o traerte a ti y a toda la Tierra hacia una forma de ser más elevada? Esto significa que es importante dejar ir todo lo que sea dualidad, incluyendo el juicio, el enojo y otros aspectos de correcto/incorrecto, bueno/malo, estrés/paz, etc. Puedes dejar completamente cualquier adicción al drama y la dualidad y estar en Aceptación con Lo Que Es en Este Momento.

Si lo queremos, Paz, Armonía, Amor, todos tus Deseos del Alma para tu vida, si esa es tu intención, están aquí, ahora disponibles para ti. Seguirán estando algunas distracciones mundanas y seguirán habiendo momentos de dualidad, aunque si ya sabes la Verdad de Quien tú eres, podrás observar sin apego. Seguramente podrás ver que hay dos mundos viviendo lado a lado en la Tierra. Y puedes elegir en cual de ellos vivir.

Nota: Debido a algunos problemas con la herramienta con la que envío las Notas de Ascención, hay algunos leves errores… principalmente poniendo una coma donde debió ir un punto y coma. No se preocupen, la energía de la Nota ciertamente prevalecerá.

Derechos de autor: pueden compartir cualquier parte de las Notas de Ascensión. Agradecería que se me acredite http://www.soulsticerising.com

Traducción: Rocio MorgenTauDifusión: El Manantial del Caduceohttp://www.manantialcaduceo.com.ar/libros.htm


Publicado 11th August por Juan Pablo

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– agosto del 2015


– agosto del 2015

Vaya, Santa Diosa Madre, ¿qué puede decir una chica terrenal? He estado en la cuadra cósmica varias veces y nunca he experimentado un cambio como el de este pasado 8-8-8, los cimientos mismos de la luz han cambiado para no regresar nunca a lo que fue alguna vez. Se ha emitido a la Tierra una gran burbuja de expansión en un patrón de retención, tal como se vió reflejado en las acciones del Sol. Se han formado gigantes manchas solares simplemente para ser retenidas y no liberarse en estos momentos.

El cuerpo humano se encuentra muy vulnerable en estos tiempos pues cada cosita empieza a doler. Es el modo en que el cuerpo les pide que amen aquello que duele porque es una manifestación física de lo que está calcificado en sus pensamientos, y está buscando ser liberado. El patrón mismo del ADN de la Tierra ha cambiado de conformidad con la declaración celestial, haciéndose visibles y conocidos los matices de los mensajes antiguos sobre la luz estelar.

Lo que vive profundo en el interior de la gente de la Tierra es más valioso que todo el oro y diamantes del universo. Un ser que finalmente se ve a sí mismo como un vehículo sagrado es invaluable. Vale la pena arriesgar todo por un ser que recuerda su identidad divina.

La gente se ha sentido muy desmoralizada y aporreada por la vida últimamente.

Se ha sentido engañada y abusada cuando ella tiene un buen corazón y es generosa. En momentos como estos es difícil vivir en integridad y con la bondad tradicional. Pero eso es exactamente lo que uno debe hacer, pues todo lo que se despoja injustamente de ustedes será anotado en el inventario celestial.

La vida tiene más que suficiente para dar. Quiere compartir con ustedes y reconfortarlos cuando lo necesitan. Esta generosidad, este obsequio de la vida pudiera no ser en la forma que ustedes han solicitado. Ustedes han trascendido la energía del lugar/ trabajo/ situación pasados y ahora el universo les pide que avancen a un sitio fértil porque él sabe su pleno potencial a desarrollar.

Cada cosa que les sucede es un obsequio, sin importar cómo venga envuelto.

Su creencia en esta declaración es lo que va a redirigir su manifestación a algo más hermoso de lo que hubieran pensado originalmente. Es hora de dejar ir todo lo que ya no sirva al panorama mayor de lo que se están convirtiendo.

Muchos de ustedes se siguen aferrando a “lo que era,” rebuscando por la basura de su día y su vida – escavando, exhumando y examinando ‘lo que pudiera haber sido’, ‘lo que hubiera sido,’ “si tan sólo hubiera seguido otro camino,” “elegido otra cosa.” Les aseguro que este lamentarse emocional es una ilusión. Dejen de escavar la basura misma de su vida, amplificando los ‘lamentos’ del pasado. Están siendo empujados y jalados a una energía muy apretada que en realidad empuja su humanidad hacia nuevas pero incómodas direcciones, que son los corredores olvidados en sus corazones, sus sueños. Las energías los hacen retorcerse, irritables, y emocionales. Los están esculpiendo en algo mejor de lo que pudieran haber pensado posible. Las nuevas energías están barriendo cada parte de ustedes. Les traen conexiones con gente, lugares, y cosas que pensaban estar perdidas para siempre. Les traen oportunidades así como remordimientos. Todo lo que ustedes han puesto a un lado de su plato AHORA les está pidiendo que sea digerido, resuelto, y luego eliminado. Todos están naciendo en una conciencia más elevada, éste es el primer destello de toda la luz por venir. Estas codificaciones son su propiedad primordial. Son los tesoros que ustedes buscan — los tesoros que saben innatamente son suyos. Como humanos ustedes buscan estos tesoros externamente, tales como el dinero, las herencias, las ganancias de la lotería. Estos tesoros innatos son el verdadero amor que buscan — los tesoros de los deseos de su corazón. Los electrones de su cuerpo físico han incrementado su giro, las partículas mismas de su cuerpo se han expandido y cada célula, cada partícula subatómica, cada uno de sus pelos ha cambiado y ahora sostiene una elevada luz. Lo que consideraban importante antes ha cambiado. Se están aumentando sus habilidades, sus codificaciones divinas. Se proyectarán pensamientos, se emitirán deseos y verdades sin la necesidad de usar ninguna palabra física. Encontrarán una conexión más profunda con la naturaleza y la Tierra. Verán que ustedes ya no reaccionan como solían hacerlo a la gente que solía irritarlos y los empujaba a un rincón emocional Ahora, cuando los empujan a un rincón, ustedes simplemente lo disfrutan por un minuto. Estarán mucho más interesados en expander su energía divina que en actuar y reaccionar a algo o a alguien. Ustedes ya no son quienes eran la semana pasada.

Cuando Dios Desea Algo, Esa Intención Es Suficiente Para Hacerlo Suceder. De ese modo es como se ha escrito el universo a sí mismo. Sus deseos tienen un gran potencial intrínseco. Es un nivel de los Mandamientos de la Creación; deseo, pasión, querer, necesidad — todos ellos son descripciones de la Creación. Dios no hace nada más que desear un resultado y es manifestado, y así es con ustedes.

Observen su mundo más estrechamente y verán que aquello de lo que hablamos no es una verdad dividida o diluída, sino la plena verdad. Pues todo lo que es esperado da a luz a lo inesperado. Todo conduce a la evolución, sin importar dónde comience la senda. Andando por sus propias creaciones es como entenderán sus habilidades latentes. Toda energía se mueve hacia adelante en un continuo de manifestación invisible.

Ningún evento que sirve una Luz más elevada es correcto o equivocado.

La necesidad de categorizar los pensamientos como correctos o eqivocados daña el nacimiento de todos los resultados deseados.

A medida que caminan hacia su integridad y la santidad de la expresión de quienes ustedes saben que son, van a encontrar que las líneas divisorias y cortantes de su ser empiezan a desaparecer con el tiempo, con sabiduría, con amor. Van a encontrar que la expresión del yo que conocen como el inicio y el final de esta vida ya no está dividido en componentes. Ellos se simplifican en el sentido natural de la palabra, fluyendo adelante de modo natural, emitiendo una orden de limpieza, de despeje. Emitiendo un estado consciente de diferentes octavas de conocimiento, sabiduría, fortaleza, de ser joven, de ser viejo, de lo que fue y lo que va a ser.

Abran la puerta a la verdad que ustedes han olvidado ser. Abran la puerta a todo aquello de lo que se mantiene separado en pensamientos, en temores, en anhelos, y en los deseos del corazón. Pues solamente sus sistemas de creencias son los que hacen decaer el cuerpo. Son solamente sus sistemas de creencias lo que los previene de avanzar adelante a pasos agigantados. Es su desfiladero lo que aparenta ser interminable en un cielo que parece estar enclaustrado. Abran la puerta y liberen todo lo que alguna vez les ha servido a fin de que aprendan a volar, aprendan a nadar, aprendan a hacer un túnel profundo en la tierra. Abran la puerta a todo lo que sus padres, sus maestros, y sus amantes les han dicho que no podían ser, no podían lograr, no podían experimentar.

Experimenten el flujo de la verdad de sus inicios sin fines, de sus fines sin comienzos. Dejen ir todas las limitaciones y programas autoimpuestos. Dejen ir todas las excusas que ustedes han portado como medallas y todo lo que han procrastinado para elevarse a los lugares de donde cayeron. Desentierren el potencial que han mantenido aislado, permitiendo que las raíces se fijaran a recipientes de pensamientos limitantes, recipientes de temores que sólo dejan crecer maleza, y recipientes de verdades que otros sembraron para ustedes.

Ábranse para ver todo lo que está sucediendo de un solo momento en cualquier lugar en este universo. Pues ustedes tienen esa habilidad, pero deben anunciársela a sí mismos en recuerdo. ‘Yo puedo ver a través del espacio y el tiempo, a través del cielo y las nubes, a través de la suciedad.’ “Yo puedo andar sobre el agua, a través de los árboles, a través de las estrellas. Soy uno con todo, y por lo tanto, puedo experimentar el nacimiento en una estrella a millones de años luz de distancia.’ ‘Puedo experimentar ser cristalino por naturaleza, y estar al mismo tiempo en un océano y en una luna.’ “Puedo ser fuego y hielo simultáneamente. Puedo ser pasión. Puedo ser amor. Puedo sentir la sensualidad en todos los seres, en todos los lugares si eso elijo. Puedo pedir que se vierta sobre mí cada gota de risa como si fuera una bebida de la que sorber.’

Lo que ustedes buscan es inherente en todo. Pueden llamar a todas las cosas que tienen la riqueza que ustedes buscan. El dejar ir los perímetros, las expectativas, las limitaciones, los contenedores de formas de pensamiento los libera para ser todo. Dejen ir el modo de definirse a sí mismos y permitan a su ser redefinirlos de una manera que sirva la senda del Yo Superior; el ser está destinado a expanderse, a recrear y redefinir su linaje de luz.

Nosotros Como Humanos Venimos A la Tierra Con Una Gran Visión, Un Sueño En Nuestros Corazones. Es parte de nuestra semilla Divina y es algo que sólo nosotros guardamos en secreto. Él vive en nuestro corazón impulsándonos adelante para volvernos más, para hacer más, para percibir más. Cada grandiosa persona que ha existido en la Tierra en el transcurso del tiempo inmortal ha mantenido su visión de un modo seguro. Lo ha nutrido y lo ha escuchado y seguido las señales que ha dejado como diminutas huellas en la arena.

Antes que nada, ellos creyeron lo que vivía en su corazón. Después lo abrazaron, y luego lo amaron hasta que lo invisible se volvió real. Fue manifestado a través del corazón humano anhelando volverse más. Ustedes son responsables de crear el sueño invisible que habita en su corazón. Ustedes lo sostienen como si sostuvieran a un pajarillo en sus manos — reconfortándolo, calentándolo, nutriéndolo. Están continuamente dando a luz a lo que necesitan y lo que desean.

La mayoría de la gente se da por vencida antes que su sueño se manifieste ~~ el mismo día en que el nacimiento iba a ser anunciado se dan por vencidos, se detienen y renuncian a él! Piensan que nadie lo ha notado y a nadie le importa que renuncien a él, pero están equivocados! La Tierra misma se lamenta por lo que hubiera podido ser si tan solo hubieran creído en ello un poquito más tenazmente.

¡Todo en la vida lo nota y le importa! Toda la Tierra estaba lista para dar la bienvenida a esa manifestación que ustedes crearon tan amorosamente en su corazón y que abortaron sin pensarlo mucho antes de que naciera. Confíen que lo que su ser anhela es exactamente lo que ustedes necesitan y nacerá de conformidad.



Se Les Está Pidiendo Que Pongan Todos Sus Deseos, Todo Lo Que Quieren, Todas Sus Necesidades — Sobre Un Futuro Invisible. Hay muy pocos que saben verdaderamente sin duda alguna que lo invisible se va a manifestar de acuerdo con cuán profundamente, cuán firmemente, cuán poderosamente creen. Ustedes no pueden ver su futuro porque su futuro no vive aquí en la Tierra. Todavía no ha llegado. No se ha manifestado, ustedes se han adelantado a sus creaciones. Esto causa una gran frustración, pues se sienten solos en sus creaciones. Es como si hornearan un pastel a partir de una mezcla preparada de caja que no tiene instrucciones, poniéndola en un horno invisible y programando un reloj de horno que no existe.

Cuando vean una necesidad, satisfáganla. En ese momento el universo les está diciendo: “ayúdenme a darle nacimiento; ayuden a Dios a darle nacimiento, simplemente sosteniendo la visión el suficiente tiempo para que se manifieste.” A cada uno de ustedes se le pide continuamente que ayude a dar nacimiento a un mejor futuro, a una mejor Tierra, simplemente mediante sus pensamientos. Sostengan la visión de la bondad para su mundo – no sólo sus propias creaciones. Cuandoquiera tengan una oportunidad para sembrar un pensamiento en otro, dénle el obsequio de lo que ustedes saben es verdad y esperanza. Sostengan ese obsequio el tiempo suficiente hasta que nazca. Nunca pierdan la esperanza en él. El Creador, la Fuente, nunca pierde la esperanza en ustedes. No se rían de los sueños de otros. No se rían de sus sueños ni los arrojen al viento porque a veces los sueños de una persona son toda su razón de vivir. Ayuden a dar nacimiento a los sueños, deseos y lo invisible en lo visible.

Todos Estamos Sentados viendo adelante en El Salón De Los Espejos Y Recuerdos. Recuerdos de vidas pasadas y futuras. Recuerdos de quiénes han sido ustedes alguna vez y quiénes se están volviendo. . . leyendo el mapa del pasado esperando encontrar un futuro en esas direcciones. Ven dónde se han caído y dónde han triunfado. Esperan a que el mundo exhale para que puedan respirar lo que se siente bien. El veneno de otros, los temores y las lágrimas cruzando por el aire. Ustedes tratan de escapar lo que es demasiado humano, lo que es vulnerable y se ha deshecho y rasgado. ¿Creen que ustedes albergan inherentemente los códigos de luz que los escoltarán a verdades más elevadas? ¿o se creen ser un humano apacible, una débil lombriz en el polvo? ¿albergan la habilidad para moverse más allá del tiempo y el espacio y recrear en un diálogo con una vida que les trae paz en vez de trastornos y parodias?

Ustedes han olvidado de qué se trata el trayecto terrenal. No están aquí para juzgar a otros ni señalar con el dedo a nadie. No están aquí para aprender lastimando a otro. Quienes se interponen en su camino lo hacen como un poderoso gigante de pie ante una montaña sagrada. Si no pueden evitar a los gigantes de su vida, encuentren un diferente ángulo de pensamiento y corazón, y eso les dará la entrada a lo que estiman pasar.

Todo lo que en su vida ven como un bloqueo sólo puede ser disuelto fortaleciendo el amor. Toda la oscuridad vino de la luz, toda la oscuridad regresará a la luz; envíen amor y luz a cualquier oscuridad que aparente bloquear su luz. Ustedes pueden ser una víctima o vivir triunfalmente. Cada uno de ustedes es un grandioso maestro de la luz, un vórtice de luz viviente. Lo han olvidado debido a todas las pequeñas cosas que se han apilado y no les dejan ver más allá, como alguien que apila cosas bloqueando las carreteras y senderos de sus vidas.

Es hora de que reafirmen sus votos con la luz y su promesa de sostenerla a través de sus cambios y retos en la Tierra. No pueden pedir a otro país que tenga paz hasta que ustedes mismos tengan su propia paz interior. Tantos de ustedes han renunciado a su libertad, a los deseos de su corazón, a lo que les trae gozo. Les pedimos que crean no solamente para sí mismos, no sólo para su planeta y su gente, sino para todo lo que existe a lo largo de todo el tiempo y el espacio que depende del resultado de la ascensión o descenso de la Tierra.

Cuando Dos O Más Se Reúnen De Intención Y Corazón, El Universo Los Envuelve Y Eleva A Un Lugar De Milagros Manifestados. Cuando una persona sabia está alineada de puro corazón e intención para ofrecer a otros sus verdades y secretos, se crea una nueva rejilla de luz que luego incrementa el cociente de luz de cada persona. Este tiempo es para reflexionar profundamente en un estanque de posibilidades. Cada situación en su vida diaria tocará cada vez más profundo. Ustedes pueden descartar verbalmente la tristeza de otro diciendo que eso no los va a afectar, pero todos sabemos que la frecuencia de ‘uno para todos y todos para uno’ no es solamente para los tres mosqueteros. Somos un planeta y una unidad de luz colectiva que son energéticamente el guardián de nuestro hermano.’ Como especie, estamos conectados vibracional y biológicamente pues no puede ser de otra manera. A medida que aumenta continuamente la luz energía en presión y posición, encontraremos muchos que no se pueden ajustar, impulsados por las necesidades y deseos humanos.

Las emociones subirán a la superficie como desperdicios tóxicos que alguna vez estuvieron anclados. Cayendo en el juego de un diálogo oscuro de otro y sus maquinaciones sólo servirá para cortar sus alas de luz. El desear lo mejor a una persona desagradable les servirá para desenchufarlos de su rejilla de negatividad, moviéndolos a un diferente sitio energético.

Lo similar se atrae, así que si están andando por un montón de estiércol cósmico, no culpen a la santa vaca o al granjero. Este verano es tiempo para batir unos milagros caseros con intenciones horneadas en casa y amor como el ingrediente principal.

Una tanda de brownies cósmicos llena de pedacitos milagrosos, chocolate estelar y muchas posibilidades. Cuando vean la necesidad de otro, satisfáganla energéticamente. Si ven una persona pobre, envíenle bendiciones financieras, si ven a una persona solitaria, envíenle amor y abrazos, si ven a alguien que está sufriendo, vean al dolor irse. Acepten el reto, cojan un manojo de milagros hechos en casa y compartan. Cada pensamiento cuenta, cada minuto de cada día.


Ha Empezado Una Descarga Cósmica Y Nosotros Somos Los Guardianes De Esa Planta De Tratamiento De Aguas Residuales. Muchos han tratado mucho de reciclar la basura y usarla sabiamente de modo constructivo, pero esa barca ha zarpado hace muchas lunas.

A medida que cada uno de nosotros descargamos, liberamos todos los portales de ira, injusticia, y falsas acusaciones que se han recolectado kármicamente en un campo esparcido a nuestro alrededor. Todos los portales de dolor y sufrimiento a los que uno entre ahora a nivel emocional o inclusive físico tienen su origen en el pasado, no el Ahora. Aunque quienes los irritan pudieran estar a lado suyo, el ‘pecado original’ por así decirlo pudiera yacer a años luz de un modo diferente en un sitio diferente.

No todas las injusticias kármicas sucedieron en la Tierra. Azotando a otros como misiles nucleares sin conciencia es autodestructivo, al igual que todas las emanaciones via los pensamientos y acciones son amplificadas al punto de no regreso, una vez que se ha iniciado el ataque, no hay aplazamiento.


Publicado 20th August por ATMAN

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Equipoise: Sharing:3 – ▶ The hypothalamus and pituitary gland – Prana, Chakras, and Kundalini–by Suzanne Lie

Origen: Equipoise: Sharing:3 – ▶ The hypothalamus and pituitary gland – Prana, Chakras, and Kundalini–by Suzanne Lie

Monday, March 6, 2017

Sharing:3 – ▶ The hypothalamus and pituitary gland – Prana, Chakras, and Kundalini–by Suzanne Lie



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▶ The hypothalamus and pituitary gland – YouTube

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Ventrolateral preoptic nucleus contains sleep-active, galaninergic … – PubMed – NCBI

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Ventrolateral preoptic nucleus – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Carl Jung:
 ” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”
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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Prana, Chakras, and Kundalini–by Suzanne Lie


Prana, Chakras, and Kundalini 

Suzanne Lie


Prana, which emanates from the Sun, enters the physical atoms that float about the earth’s atmosphere.

Prana is directly relational to the Sun.

On sunny days there is more prana in the atmosphere, but on cloudy days and at night there is less.

Prana is the force that interfaces with the third and fourth dimensions.

Prana forms into vitality globules that cause physical atoms to glow when it enters them.

The combination of balanced feelings and clear thinking causes a reaction in the body that allows it to assimilate more prana.

Prana is known as the force of vitality and the “life breath” of an organism.

Prana allows the astral body to communicate with the physical body by means of the etheric double or sheath.

Through the etheric sheath, the prana runs along the nerves of the physical body amplifying its perception by uniting the fourth dimensional astral world with the third dimensional physical world. Prana enters our etheric body, and eventually our physical body, through the chakras.


Chakras are small vortexes that rest on the surface of the etheric double. Their two functions are to absorb and distribute prana to the etheric and physical bodies and to unite the fourth dimensional astral world with physical consciousness.

Prana rushes into the center of the chakra from a right angle. Chakras are like wheels with varying numbers of spokes. When the prana enters the center of the chakra it sets up a secondary force.

This secondary force sweeps around the chakra with its characteristic wavelength creating an undulation, which catches the spokes and causes the chakra to spin.

The more the chakra can assimilate prana, the faster it can spin, and the more the physical world can interface with the astral world.

Being conscious of the inflow of prana will allow more of it to enter our physical bodies. The lower dimensional beings that do not have self-awareness have less prana flowing through their forms. As life forms become more and more aware of themselves and of their environment, they can decide whether they wish to experience more of the Astral Plane.

Willingness to experience the Astral Plane causes an impulse within the astral body to open a vortex, which is one or more of the chakras, through which the Astral Plane can perceive the physical world and the physical world can perceive the Astral Plane.

In this way, a partnership is established between our third and forth dimensional selves in one or more areas of our life. Through the flow of prana, our physical body can experience more of the fourth dimension and our astral body can experience more of the physical world.

When the Kundalini, also known as the Serpent Fire, integrates with the prana, the chakras become vivified and perceptions of the higher world gradually become conscious.

Kundalini emanates from the Sun and lies at the core of Mother Earth, just as it lies at the base of our spine. Kundalini is the force that calls us to return Home to our higher dimensional realities.

Kundalini is also the force that can transform our earth vessels into vessels that are able to make that journey.



Kundalini is the highest infinite energy, which is coiled up and dynamic, at the base of the human spine.

Within the Kundalini Force contact is made between the infinite, divine creative energy and the finite, physical sexual energy.

For the Soul to gain its highest spiritual potential while incarnated in a physical form, the great mass of Kundalini energy locked in the root chakra must be released to travel up to the crown chakra.

The root chakra, at the base of the spine, represents our connection to the feminine Goddess energy that is manifest in the body of planet Earth. The crown chakra, at the top of our head, represents the masculine God energy that exists as pure potential in the non-physical dimensions. This higher energy radiates to Earth within the prana and Kundalini emanations from the Sun.

When the Goddess Kundalini, Lady Shiva, has traveled up the spine to meet her Divine Mate, Lord Shiva, the union of Spirit and Matter are consummated. Kundalini is known in the Eastern world as the Goddess Shakti.

When Goddess Shakti is awakened, She sweeps us up in Her tremendous passion to reunite with Her Lord Shiva in the crown chakra. This Mystical Marriage symbolizes the combining of the male and female energies within our bodies and the awakening of our multidimensional consciousness.

After this Marriage, we will be clear enough for our Soul, also known as our Higher SELF, to inhabit out physical form and live its Divine Purpose through us.

In the Western world the Kundalini is symbolized by the medical symbol of the caduceus, the rod with two snakes coiled around it in spirals.

At the top are two wings, which are images of Mercury or Hermes who are the messengers of the Gods. The caduceus is the symbol for healing, health, and transformation.

The center rod symbolizes the spinal cord. In Yoga philosophy the center cord is called the Sushumna and it represents the grounding, neutral cord of the three parts of the rising Kundalini.

The left cord is the Ida, which represents the feminine side. It is negatively charged, ends in the left nostril and has characteristics of coolness related to the moon.

The right side is called the Pingala, which represents the masculine side. 

It is positively charged, ends in the right nostril, and has characteristics of heat related to the sun.

The Ida and the Pingala represent the masculine and feminine energies which we all carry regardless of our gender.

According to the Indian guru Muktananda, the Kundalini has two aspects. One aspect is often perceived as the outer cosmic energy of spiritual life force. In China this force is known as Chi, in Japan it is known as Ki, in India it is known as Prana, and in the West it is known as the Holy Spirit.

We all have a limited form of Kundalini energy running through our bodies or we would not be able to live for it truly is our “life force”. Kundalini is the energy that pervades and enervates the world as we experience it.

The second aspect of the Kundalini is the hidden or inner form, which is usually “asleep” as a small bulb of energy stored at the base of the spine in our root chakra. This energy usually becomes dormant very early in our lives because we become engaged in the process of living.

As children, we must learn to identify with our sensate, mental, and emotional processes, as well as with the genetic heritage of our physical bodies. In order to learn to survive in our physical world, we often separate from any awareness of our Higher Self.

When our inner Kundalini awakens, it turns our awareness inward to our Source and offers us an opportunity to uncover who we are, where we come from, and where our true Home is. This awakening is the beginning of the spiritual journey that enables us to regain our multidimensional consciousness.

However, in order for the latent Kundalini energy to rise up the spinal cord without physical incident, our male and female energies must be balanced, and our chakras must be clear.

When the Kundalini awakens it is a dramatic transformational force that flows through the nadis, the nerve channels of the body, and rises up from the base of the spine via the Sushumna.

As this force enters each chakra it increases their spin. The increased spin spews out the toxins which rises the resonate frequency of each chakra.

This process could be likened to changing our wiring from 110V to 220V. The experience is a mix of bliss, joy, terror, and rage. Each memory and emotion trapped within every chakra must be cleared.

This clearing can be painful, but as it is completed we can experience life with a level of peace and joy that was once unimaginable.

During this special time of planetary transformation, more and more of us are able, or soon will be able, to answer the call of the Goddess Kundalini. Masculine and feminine energies have been in a battle for dominance and manipulation for eons.

It is now the TIME for each of us to balance and merge our own feminine and masculine energies, our yin and yang. In this way, the yin of matter and yang of spirit can be combined within our consciousness as well as within our earth vessel.

Like any journey, the Goddess Kundalini’s journey begins with a single step. That step is our determination to break through the barriers of our unconscious mind to unlock the wisdom, power, and love that is trapped behind the veil of our forgetfulness.

When we have healed our history of pain and fear, the Kundalini can begin its rise up the Sushumna, chakra by chakra.

However, caution and patience are vital.

To force the awakening of the Kundalini before we are physically, psychologically and morally ready could cause grave consequences. One never calls upon the Goddess Kundalini for curiosity or selfish reasons. The Kundalini force is fifth dimensional and, like a dry leaf could not stand a fire’s blaze, our untamed egos could not survive the rise of Kundalini’s Serpent Fire.

Therefore, all the darkness and fear that is trapped within every chakra must be cleared. This clearing can be painful, but as it is completed we can experience life with a level of peace and joy that was once unimaginable.
This clearing of darkness from each and every chakra is best down with unconditionally loving our self, chakra-by-chakra.

Find the process of unconditionally loving yourself, chakra-by-chakra HERE

During this special time of planetary transformation, more and more of us are able, or soon will be able, to answer the call of the Goddess Kundalini. Masculine and feminine energies have been in a battle for dominance and manipulation for eons.

It is the NOW for each of us to balance and merge our own feminine and masculine energies, our yin and yang. In this way, the yin of matter and yang of spirit can be combined within our consciousness and within our earth vessel.

Like any journey, the Goddess Kundalini’s journey begins with a single step. That step is our determination to break through the barriers of our unconscious mind to unlock the Infinite Wisdom, Multidimensional Power, and Unconditional Love that is trapped behind the veil of our forgetfulness.

When we have healed our history of pain and fear, the Kundalini can begin its rise up the Sushumna, chakra by chakra.
 However, caution and patience are vital.

To force the awakening of the Kundalini before we are physically, psychologically and morally ready could cause grave consequences. One never calls upon the Goddess Kundalini for curiosity or selfish reasons.

Remember that the Kundalini force is fifth dimensional. Hence, it is beyond the time/space of the third and fourth dimensions and resonates to the NOW of the ONE of the fifth dimension. When the Kundalini rises, it transforms every part of your earth vessel by moving through and transmuting every chakra.

Transmutation is the act of raising the frequency of resonance into the next octave. In this case, “transmutation of every chakra” means that you will rise the resonance of your third/fourth dimensional earth vessel, chakra-by-chakra, into the resonance of the fifth dimension. When that process is completed, you will begin your process of becoming Lightbody!

Free MP3 Download of “Finding Your Lightbody”




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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Morning Message With The Arcturians–The Arcturians

Morning Q&A with the Arcturians

A: Good morning Suzille

S: Good Morning Dear Arcturians

A: Suzille are you ready to begin your next adventure?

S: Do you mean the adventure of the school?

A: No, we actually mean the adventure of Ascension.

S: Do you mean the adventure of the School is related to the adventure of ascension?

A: Absolutely! You might even say that the school, as you call it, is a trial run. It is for that reason that we have told you to have another session of school.

S: Are we that close to the process of Ascension?

A: Well Suzille, it depends on your definition of Ascension. There are several version of Ascension. There is an emotional Ascension – which is the process of gaining mastery over your emotions to the point that you are no longer bothered by “reactionary emotions.” NO reactionary emotions means that you gain a mastery over your emotions to the extent that

you are the creator of all your emotions.

In other words, you are your emotions. By this statement we mean that you will no longer allow yourself to pick up emotions from another person, place or situation. When you are the creator of your emotions you feel the initiatory source of each emotion inside of yourself.

When you know the source of your emotions, you can determine an emotion that has started from a person or situation outside of your own auric body.

When you begin to travel via your Lightbody you will not have a material form in which you are separate from others. Therefore, to discern the source of information you will need to feel the point of initiation of that emotion. And, within your NOW, the source might be coming from what might be called “another Lightbody.”

We say another “Lightbody” so that your third-dimensional brain can better understand what we are explaining. However, there is no “sense of another being” while in Lightbody. Instead, there is a sense of inflowing and outflowing energy fields.

When the energy field is inflowing like a wave flowing onto the beach, the source is “another” Lightbody. However, remember that the term “another” Light body is incorrect because there is no separation in the frequency of reality in which one is wearing their Lightbody.

When we/you of the fifth-dimension and beyond commune with our Earth friends, we/you often choose to take a form, or surround our Lightbody with a package that appears to be separate from the being with whom we are communicating. Just as you might perceive us inside of you while you are channeling, we always perceive all life inside of us.

You see, we have no outside for we exist within the NOW of the ONE.

The time that it is taking you to document our conversation does not exist to us. Since we do not have time, we do not have sequence within our higher dimensional Now. We are Here – Now. When you spend a lot of the illusion of your time conversing with us, the Arcturians, your sense of third-dimensional, sequential time may become more and more difficult to maintain.

How does one identify the individual drops of water in the ocean? How does one determine the individual molecules of air in the sky? You cannot. You must perceive the water of the ocean as ONE with the ocean, and the molecules of air in the sky as ONE with all the sky. They are “the ocean,” or “the sky.”

When you channel one of our messages, you must translate it into time. To your perception, it has taken time to write on a 3D piece of paper what we are communicating to you within our Now.

The reason why we are having you handwrite our message today is because writing with your hand is very tactile, and more often you can flow more deeply into the information when you write it via a pen and paper.

When you type our message there is a machine that appears to be “in between” the message and the “you” who is receiving it. In the same manner, when you channel with your voice you have no machine.

When you are one of our scribes we ask you to share our messages with as many people as possible. We ask that you share these messages because it is the Now of personal, and then, planetary mastery/ascension. Many of our volunteers to take an Earth Vessel have moved into the Now of personal and then planetary mastery.

Within this now of Ascending into a higher frequency, Gaia will simultaneously maintain her third-dimensional, physical form. In the same manner, many of our volunteers to Earth will maintain their physical forms.

This dual self of third-dimensional physical body and fifth-dimensional Light body will continue for an undetermined amount of your 3D time. Gaia, as well as all of our volunteers, is making this sacrifice to allow more “time” for those who are stuck into the third-dimensional, holographic Earth.

This time can allow them the ability to logout of that out dated program and into what they will experience as “New Earth.” New Earth is actually a timeless, multidimensional Earth. Furthermore, all of Gaia’s time-bound, physical inhabitants are actually timeless, multidimensional inhabitants.

The controls for the 3D physical program are within Gaia’s Central Core Crystal that is surrounded by the four Cornerstone Crystals. Via these crystals, Gaia’s “core energy field” is distributed to all of the surface areas of the planet via the four cornerstone crystals of the North, East, South, and West.

Within the Atma of your human, High Heart you also have a “core crystal” in the form of a living Three-Fold Flame. Your inter-dimensional programming is within the Three Fold Flame within your Atma. All inter-dimensional programs are distributed throughout your entire body via the three-fold flame of Wisdom, Power, and Love.

As you download and integrate more and more multidimensional light into your earth vessel there is a multidimensional shift within your Atma. This shift serves to “open your Atma.” Then, your Atma activates your Three Fold Flame.

Your Atma is the Protector of your personal Wisdom, which your Three Fold Flame transmutes into the higher frequency of your Infinite Wisdom.

Your Atma is the Protector of your personal Power, which your Three Fold Flame transmutes into the higher frequency of Multidimensional Power.

Your Atma is the Protector personal Love, which your Three Fold Flame transmutes into the higher frequency of Unconditional Love.

These transmutations within the core of your High Heart, initiate the beginning processes of your transmutation into Lightbody. Just as your physical development began in your mother’s uterus, your “re-birth” begins within your own High Heart.

Just as your zygote body, the first union of the sperm and egg-cell, rapidly began to duplicate/divide after fertilization, your Lightbody rapidly expands as you move into the Now of your personal transmutation. You will then join the collective transmutation of our infinite family of Lightbodies.
The process of transmuting into Lightbody was meticulously explained by the Pleiadians in the fifth book of the Pleiadian Perspectives on Ascension, Through The Portal. We ask that you go through this process as a group or alone. Unfortunately we will not be able to meet in a cabin in the higher mountains. However, you will all have the multidimensional power of imagination.

(Dear Readers, I included the above paragraph, so you can purchase book 5 at the discounted rate if you wish. It is not up yet, but check in later.)

Please remember that everything that we do is for our Dear Mother Earth and for all of her inhabitants. You are already multidimensional beings to whom you will return within the Now of the One that you chose before you took your individual Earth vessel.

We Arcturians endeavor to unite your personal Earth vessel with the planetary vessel of Earth. We wish you all to know that we deeply appreciate the sacrifices that you have made within your life to dedicate your primary attention to the process of planetary Ascension.

Blessings BE to you all.

The Arcturians

The recording of this written material is available HERE


For those who are not joining the school (Advanced Multidimensional Leadership Training — we start next week) in your 3D life,

we invite you to join in Spirit.

Stay up to date on all upcoming events by subscribing to my newsletter.

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Equipoise: sharing2- THE DNA IS EVOLVING- ▶ BIG Booty Building Home Workout with Dumbbells! – YouTube

Origen: Equipoise: sharing2- THE DNA IS EVOLVING- ▶ BIG Booty Building Home Workout with Dumbbells! – YouTube

Friday, February 10, 2017

sharing2- THE DNA IS EVOLVING- ▶ BIG Booty Building Home Workout with Dumbbells! – YouTube

* * *
* * *
* * *
* * *
Carl Jung:
 ” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”
*   *   *
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One of the most exciting aspects about being on Earth right now is that there is a reordering or a retooling taking place in your DNA. Cosmic rays are coming onto the planet so that a change is being broadcast and a reordering is taking place inside the body. The scattered data that holds the history and awareness of the Living Library is now lining up.

The DNA is evolving. New helixes or strands are being formed as the light-encoded filaments are beginning to bundle themselves together. The scattered data is being pulled together in your body by electromagnetic energies from Prime Creator. We are here to watch this process in you, to assist you, and to evolve ourselves as well.

As this rebuilding or reordering comes together, you will create a more evolved nervous system that will allow much more data to move itself into your consciousness. You will awaken many brain cells that have been lying dormant, and you will come into use of your full physical body rather than the small percentage that you have been functioning with.

Every place on the planet is being affected by this change, this awareness. Those of you who are the Guardians of Light and who wish to completely change this present reality and bring different options in are anchoring the frequency. If it is not anchored and understood, it can create chaos. It will create chaos. This is why you must ground yourselves.

Chaos brings about a state of reorganization when utilized properly. Time is collapsing, and the energy is becoming larger and larger. You have come here to use that energy first. You will make pathways of consciousness as you pull the energy into your body that will assist others so that they may not have to go through what you go through.

Many people will suddenly begin to feel this energy without any preparation at all. You are all pulling light, which is data and information, onto the planet, and as you do this you create new pathways for consciousness to explore without even saving a word.

The new pathways of consciousness create new realities, new options, and new ways of living and being. That is why the collapse of your society is inevitable: It does not hold Light, it does not hold the multidimensional possibilities, it holds you in limitation, and you are tired of that.. ~☜ ❤


~ The Pleiadians

through Barbara Marciniak

Posted 5 weeks ago by ATMAN

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psycho: sharing2- Digital media may be changing how you think – Remembering What You Always Knew–The Arcturians

Origen: psycho: sharing2- Digital media may be changing how you think – Remembering What You Always Knew–The Arcturians

Saturday, February 4, 2017

sharing2- Digital media may be changing how you think – Remembering What You Always Knew–The Arcturians

* * *
* * *
* * *
* * * 
* * *
Carl Jung:
 ” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”
*   *   *
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Awakening with Suzanne Lie
Suzanne Lie, Ph.D., has been a seeker since she was a child where her active “imagination” took her deep into her inner life. She continues to regularly share her experiences and Arcturian teachings on her blog, Awakening with Suzanne Lie, and she wishes to help awakening ones come out of hiding and allow the glory of their highest expression of SELF into their everyday life.

Monday, March 21, 2016
Remembering What You Always Knew–The Arcturians


Remembering What You Always Knew

Part 1

The Arcturians

The physical body is your first “resonance receptor” to receive the ever-expanding higher frequency energy patterns that are entering your daily life. Your brain controls your body, but your body also controls your brain. Your heart has the final say, especially once it transmutes into your High Heart.

Through out this transmutation, your physical mind and heart must work together within your ever-expanding consciousness as your physical brain transmutes into your Multidimensional Mind and physical heart into your High Heart.

Your Multidimensional Mind perceives and accepts the higher frequency thought forms of inter-dimensional thoughts and shares them with your High Heart. Then your High Heart accepts and translates these higher frequency thought forms by combining the inter-dimensional thoughts with the inter-dimensional emotions.

With thoughts and emotions combined, the translated light messages are shared with your Multidimensional Mind. In this manner, your Multidimensional Mind and High Heart collaborate to reset your earth vessel’s perceptual field base-line frequency from third dimensional – to fourth dimensional – to fifth dimensional.

In this manner, instead of perceiving your reality as being third dimensional with fourth-dimensional overlays, the fourth dimension becomes your primary reality, and you perceive the third dimension as more of a “memory” rather than an on-going reality.

It is in this fashion you are shifting your belief systems and thus the overall operating systems of your physical body. Eventually, you will no longer perceive that you are a third dimensional human who is having fourth dimensional dreams.

Instead, you will perceive yourself as a fourth dimensional being who has a lower frequency third dimensional SELF who is anchoring your Portal into the physical body of planet Earth.

This perception of self is the first step of shifting your “operating system” from a third dimensional operating system to a fourth dimensional operating system. Once this perceptual shift occurs, you begin to seriously attune your attention toward the fifth dimension, which is increasingly entering your expanded perceptual field.

At first, this fifth dimensional perceptual shift is not to perceive because this dimension has a completely different operating system than the third and fourth dimension.

Whereas the third and fourth dimensions are time/space realities, the fifth dimension has an operating system of here/now. Just as the third and fourth dimensions resonate to time, which creates space, the fifth dimension resonates to the timeless NOW of the ONE.

Fortunately, once your Multidimensional Mind and High Heart are “online” with your daily consciousness, your perceptions greatly expand. Via your Multidimensional Mind, you can perceive and consciously accept inter-dimensional energy waves into your 3D brain.

Then you can integrate these energy patterns into the ATMA of your High Heart where your Three-Fold Flame of Infinite Wisdom, Multidimensional Power, and Unconditional Love can easily translate all inter-dimensional light messages.

These translated messages are then shared with your Multidimensional Mind, who sends them into the Pituitary Gland of your physical form.

You Pituitary Gland perceives the resonance of the frequency and energy patterns and distributes the message of these patterns with your physical body via your adrenal system.

You adrenal system moves into every component of your physical earth vessel. It is for this reason that your physical body is your “higher resonance energy receptor.”

Fortunately, with merging of your innate inter-dimensional Wisdom, Power, and Love within your ATMA, your third/fourth dimensional brain begins to transmute into your Multidimensional Mind, which can easily “read” and totally “understand” any higher dimensional messages. You often do not realize the complexity of your ability to “channel” higher dimensional messages.

However, as you become consciously aware of these higher frequencies of light that are coming into your consciousness, your higher dimensional frequencies of SELF will assist you to remember how to interpret these energy waves via your physical earth vessel.

The first step of interpretation is to consciously recognize that you have just received an inter-dimensional message. Each of you will discover your own manner of “knowing” that a communication has come into your awareness.

As we have said, if you set aside a certain time and place to which you return on a regular basis to meditate, your third dimensional brain will remember that “time” and gradually become accustomed to the “feeling” of an incoming inter-dimensional message.

You will also remember that whenever you perceive a carrier wave of fear, with all its hidden components of anger and sorrow, you can say, “I refuse to participate in that reality, and I send it Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.”

Saying that decree will seal off any possible communications so that you do NOT need to experience it. Once you begin to remember your true inner power and your innate ability to surrender into the fifth-dimensional ONE, you will find that you are called to “active duty.”

Initially, this active duty is NOT physical. This initial form of “active duty” occurs within your consciousness. In preparation for active duty in your physical world, you will be called upon to actively transmute the myriad parallel, past, alternate, and simultaneous realities that are running inside of your consciousness.

Then, with the your inner self free of the burden of many of your other physical incarnations, you can more clearly turn your attention to your present reality, which you once believed was your “only reality.”

With the completion of this important preparation of transmuting your inner self with the Unconditional Love and the Violet Fire, you have a greater ability to refuse to participate in that, which lowers your consciousness and/or distracts you from your “reason for incarnation.”

With this active remembering of your own inner power,
Your consciousness will expand exponentially.

Gaia has been kind enough to offer a planet on which you could play out your “war games.” NOW many of you don’t want war games. Everyone loses in a war, except for the two percent of the dark ones who pay for both sides of the war and make all of the money off of that war.

These lost ones are not concerned about the consequences of these wars and other planetary disruptions. They are playing a game with their dark friends and whoever makes the most money wins the game.

In your “past,” no one asked how these dark ones made their money because they were too busy trying to survive in an unjust world filled with wars and agony. But NOW you, our awakening ones, are discovering the inner power of your own Multidimensional Minds and High Hearts.

Beloved ones, all humans, even the ones in the “power-over” side, must find their own inner power before they can even consider moving themselves into a higher frequency of reality.

Therefore, you, the ever-expanding members of the “power-within” side of your third-dimensional polarized reality, are transmuting your consciousness from the:
“Why I can’t” angry consciousness,
“Why can’t I” victim consciousness,
“I can do it soon,” dreamer consciousness,
“I am doing it now,” empowered consciousness,
“I am doing it now for Gaia,” planetary consciousness.

As you recognize that you are evolved enough to think of yourself as serving your Planet, who is an intelligent, living being, your Planetary Consciousness quickly expands into fifth-dimensional Unity Consciousness.

It is within this NOW that you begin to remember why you chose to maintain a physical vessel in that third dimension, as well as the specifics of your pre-birth contract, which you wrote before you took this embodiment.

We, the Arcturians, are joyous to say that more and more of you are awakening to the fact that you are not just your physical vessel. You, our volunteers to assist Gaia, are remembering more and more about your true, Multidimensional SELF.

In fact, many of you are consciously connecting with a higher frequency of your SELF that over-lights and guides you. This higher expression of YOU is wearing a Multidimensional Lightbody.

In fact, this YOU is preparing you for your transmutation into Lightbody. We hear you all say, “When, when will this happen?” Our answer to you is:

“When your consciousness expands beyond the confines of third dimensional time and into the NOW of the fifth dimension and beyond, YOU will flash into your Lightbody.”

Can you imagine how it will be when you know exactly who you are?

Can you imagine how it will feel when you suddenly resonate to the fifth dimension of the Here and the Now?

Please remember that imagination is fifth dimensional thought that flows from your Multidimensional Mind. Also remember that Unconditional Love constantly flows from your High Heart.

It is the activation of your fifth dimensional imagination and your fifth dimensional unconditional love that is the precursor to your “flashing into Lightbody.” If you all knew how very close you were to this experience, you would be greatly surprised.

Your 3D world has taught you to be “modest” because you were told that it was “conceited” to think too highly of yourself. But we say, “Please, please, think highly of your SELF because your “SELF” resonates to a very HIGH frequency!

When you “think highly” of your SELF, you will have unconditionally loving inter-dimensional thoughts and emotions. These higher frequency thoughts and emotions will guide you to more swiftly become your SELF in your daily 3Dlife.

The Ascended Masters had to spend many decades learning to become the masters of their every thought and their every emotion. In order to gain this mastery, you must fully understand how your thoughts and feelings blend into one to become the fertile package of a reality.

This “package of reality” will present itself in the Now in which you are THINKING with your Multidimensional Mind and FEELING it with your High Heart.

Once you get to the state of consciousness in which you are thinking in an inter-dimensional manner, you have likely already remembered many of your other incarnations.

Therefore, you can remember all the other lives in which you tried to ascend and could not. Or, perhaps, you can remember a life in which you tried to Ascend and did.

Can you look at these lives free of your ego’s shame and/or conceit? Can you look at these lives free of any need to perceive that you did something good, or you did something better?

As soon as you think of your self in terms of either “good” or “bad” your consciousness lowers because these terms are judgments. The process of Ascension is not a reward. The process of Ascension is as natural to your Lightbody, as death is natural to your physical body.

In your third dimensional life, you are born, you have a life, and then you die. Conversely, your fifth dimensional self knows that you are a multidimensional and have volunteered to take a third/fourth dimensional body. Your Lightbody SELF knows that you will use your physical vessel for as long as you need it to fulfill your mission.

When your mission is complete, you will return to your true Multidimensional Self. However, within this NOW, there is another option for your fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF in that it can also choose to populate fifth-dimensional New Earth.

With either option, you will return to the NOW of the ONE to find all expressions of your SELF-waiting to embrace you with Unconditional Love.

The Arcturians

{End Part 1} Posted by Suzanne Lie at 11:33 AM

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Origen: Vel sanus: sharing2- ▶ Taekwondo Reverse Hook Kick Tutorial (taekwonwoo) – AA MICHAEL & THE GALACTIC FEDERATION- TAKING RESPONSABILITY FOR THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF HUMANITY

Saturday, February 4, 2017


* * *
* * *
* * *
Carl Jung:
 ” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”
*   *   *
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Channeled through Natalie Glasson – 19th February 2016 – Original Source: Sacred School of OmNa

We bring forth the vibration of peace to ignite within your being and burn up all forms of unrest and unbalance within your being. You are transforming dramatically at this time as is Mother Earth. Cocooned in love by the Beings of Venus, it is our combined energy of the Galactic Federation and Archangel Michael which is overseeing a movement of peace within all. Being erased from humanity are the feelings of unrest, resistance and disharmony especially connected to the Creator and the journey of ascension. Our focus is to replace the struggle and striving of a soul who has moved through numerous lifetimes so that peace can be ignited and experienced within. This is not a stillness nor an energy of being motionless, in fact it is an active energy of contentment and happiness within.

Our purpose as love is anchoring so profoundly upon the Earth is to erase the perspective and focused concentration that many hold upon negativity, separation and suffering. The greatest result of our healing work with humanity would be a shift in a great percentage of humanity concentrating upon positivity, truth and joy.

Each person upon the Earth has an aspect and energy of suffering, fear and disharmony within them, this is projecting into the consciousness of humanity continuously. Those of humanity who strongly resonate with negativity, suffering and pain then experience the projections placed into the consciousness of humanity as fuel to create and energise plans, corruption and devastation upon the Earth.

Imagine that your belief in suffering and devastation was so strong that you attracted like a magnet all the energy of suffering and devastation that every person on the Earth holds within them. You would be empowered beyond your understanding of power. Imagine also that with this power you were given ideas of creating more destruction upon the Earth.

These ideas would then support you in attracting more people of similar vibrations and beliefs into your reality. This may feel impossible and yet it is occurring on the Earth now causing chaos, pain and suffering within the realities of those instigating and the recipients.
Many are also being fuelled by the consciousness of humanity in an entirely different way. There are those who are focusing with such intent upon love that they are drawing the love which is held within every person upon the Earth and is automatically projected into the consciousness of humanity into their beings. The love projected by many into the consciousness of humanity is acting as their fuel to encourage and empower them to create beauty, enlightenment and healing in the world touching the hearts of many.

We can see that the consciousness of humanity is creating a powerful energy like a charge of electricity which can influence the Earth and humanity tremendously. The consciousness of humanity acts like fuel which can be used for positive or negative experiences, it is predominantly a powerful weapon born from humanity to be used by humanity. There are those who have yet to discover the focus of their being, therefore they project both negative and positive energies and imprints into the consciousness of humanity. They are sometimes focused on love and other times fear, this fuels both negative and positive experiences upon the Earth and within their own reality. Such people are also being influenced by the power of the consciousness of humanity, being swayed, tossed and rocked each and every way. Therefore, experiences of insecurity, anxiety and resistance to the Creator arise from wi thin them.

The valuable insight to grasp is that every feeling and idea that every person experiences within them, whether it is fleeting or persistent is projected into the consciousness of humanity, which is akin to a network or body of energy. Every person on the Earth is connected to the network or body of the consciousness of humanity. Each person also receives energy and information from the consciousness of humanity as well as being influenced unconsciously or consciously. There are many levels of energy within the consciousness of humanity from the thoughts and energy of jealousy, fear and agony to the quicker vibration of pure enlightened, love and unity with the Creator, as well as everything else in between. Your daily focus, beliefs and emotions determine the level of the consciousness of humanity you connect into and draw upon to support your reality upon the Earth. This signi fies that your negative thoughts can support a situation of pain and suffering on the other side of the world. For example, those who are responsible for acts of terrorism or violence towards others are drawing from the consciousness of humanity the pain and suffering that every person has experienced, including your own inner pain and suffering, which has yet to be realised and healed. So we could say the energy within you and others is creating the chaos upon the Earth, in the same way it is creating love and kindness upon the Earth.

Everyone is connected and everyone is co-creating the experiences of the Earth together.
We bring this to your realisation not to create fear or shame within you, it is to support you in realising that you are powerful. As you take responsibility for the energies within your being, so you change the consciousness of humanity and the experiences of everyone on the Earth. Imagine if a vast majority cleansed their thoughts and emotions creating and projecting loving qualities. The consciousness of humanity would transform into a source of loving qualities. This would mean that those wishing to create harm and destruction would only receive loving qualities from the consciousness of humanity, this would no longer fuel their intentions creating a healing within them, realisation of their past actions and a positive change in their perspective. Thus chaotic and devastating experiences, incidents and situations upon the Earth would be fewer.

It is time to take responsibility and realise that the healing work you achieve within you creates peace upon the Earth. When you see or hear about a situation upon the Earth, whether you perceive it as negative or positive, if it is your neighbour, in your country or another country we wish for you to contemplate the situation. What are the energies created by this situation? Then recognise that the same energies may be within your being and that energetically you played a part in the manifestation of the situation as did everyone else on the Earth. The energies you discover connected to the situation may have been held within your being in the past and projected into the consciousness of humanity, however they have since been healed within you. Perhaps you recognise the energies remain within you. If they are positive loving qualities rejoice in their manifestation upon the Earth, t heir presence within your being and the consciousness of humanity. Ask for your angels and guides to amplify the same energies within your being and the consciousness of humanity, asking that they manifest upon the Earth continuously for all to experience.

If the energies are of a negative vibration or quality, then it is first important to recognise honestly that these energies exist within you or have done in the past. If previously healed, then share your compassion with yourself and express it into the consciousness of humanity as a healing and purification. With recognition of the energies within the situation and the same within your being currently, a powerful healing process can begin. Your purpose is to heal and release the energies as well as erasing them from the consciousness of humanity.
‘With the support of my soul, Archangel Michael, the Galactic Federation and the Creator, I recognise the energies within me which I am imprinting into the consciousness of humanity.

The energies within me I recognise are………………

I also allow myself to be illuminated concerning how these energies hinder and impact my own reality and connection with the Creator.’
Take time to allow any realisations which are required to be recognised to emerge from within your being.

‘I invite the healing of my soul, Archangel Michael, the Galactic Federation and the Creator to purify and erase these energies from my being and from the consciousness of humanity. The energy I chose to fill my being and the consciousness of humanity with is……………………… I experience this wholly now. Thank you.’

Such a focus as we have provided to you above supports realisations and healing of the energies within you. Sometimes the realisation is all that is required, other times persistent focus, inviting healing and inner awareness is required.

Your inner healing process is healing the world, creating peace for all to experience. We, Archangel Michael and the Galactic Federation are supporting the creation of peace as the Beings from Venus continue their download of love into the Earth and all of humanity.
Eternal peace is within,

Archangel Michael and the Galactic Federation
Posted 4 weeks ago by ATMAN

*      *      *

* * *

Equipoise: sharing2- ▶ Self acupressure: Lung 1 – Méline Portia Lafont ~ Master Saint Germain ~ Manifestation

Origen: Equipoise: sharing2- ▶ Self acupressure: Lung 1 – Méline Portia Lafont ~ Master Saint Germain ~ Manifestation

Thursday, February 2, 2017

sharing2- ▶ Self acupressure: Lung 1 – Méline Portia Lafont ~ Master Saint Germain ~ Manifestation

* * *
* * *
* * *
* * *
* * *
Carl Jung:
 ” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”
*   *   *
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Méline Portia Lafont ~ Master Saint Germain ~ Manifestation


Greetings, Saint Germain here.

Let us speak about manifestation.

So, how come that you are seemingly always awaiting things for you to come and to be manifested? Because you are expecting things to happen in the future rather than in the present. So you wait and you await, focusing on and occupying your minds with the thought that it will happen in your future now. So you bring your focus to this future present in such a way that you forget to see what is there in the now and what is already unfolding in this now.

All things always linger in the now moment and being in every now moment aligns you with the greater potential of all. It also allows for all to emerge and be in this potent momentum and present itself to you as your own creation vortex. But then, you simply allow yourself to experience the delay of it because you wait for it as if it is still to come while it is already here in the now. So you delay your own creation in that sense by focusing on your timelines as if it is only there in the future.

Are you seeing the creation pattern and behavior of your human self ?! The only reason for the delay of your creations is because of your belief it can be delayed in the first place and because of your habit of always be focusing upon your future present instead of the now present. You place yourself in the future now and so are you awaiting what has to come. Are you seeing how you are always placing things far away from you in a time distance which continues to stay “unreachable” so to say, for as long as you do this?! Aligning with the Now is allowing all of your creations to exist in this now. Aligning with your future is slowing down your creation to exist, just as awaiting something does for you. And you should always be and stay in this now, my friends, for only that shall bring you more of that manifestation skill. Then you will reap the fruits of this very tangibly.

You will have to understand timelines and how these function, how these were programmed into your minds and what you have made of them through your beliefs. Many different aspects to it, is it not?! Yet all are influencing the way you experience these timelines and since these are fluctuating more than what you are used to, it gives you the impression of a roller coaster shaking all timelines into the mixer. Well no remote control shall help you to find the right frequency for you. Only the lingering in the moment of Now blends with all of them and allows for you to have a taste of all of these timelines in the most balanced way possible.

It is through inner happiness, joy and love that you access all within as well as without you, or at least that which you experience as the without. So Bless you for BEing in the NOW and for continously representing yourself as your SELF in every way of the momentum, through many ways of your infinite potential. You are so loved and Blessed that is beyond all things, represent that at all times and in all ways of your ALL Beingness. That will bring you your manifestations through a blink of an eye ~ an effortless creation not by forcing it nor creating it with intent but by BEing just that in that moment opening the door of potential through all Beingness. That is THE moment of existence within all where all lies, lives and moves. That is YOUR true moment of creation and manifestation through the heart.

Living and Being from the moment within the moment.

Now graduate yourself from this Heaven and see beyond your own eyes. Look into the heart, straight into that moment of all things. Bless you for that moment, for your heart and for your Being.

I AM Saint Germain

Méline Lafont: There is a new website in the make with a few added tools and services.. much more to come later ! Thank you for your support!

Posted 4 weeks ago by ATMAN

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Equipoise: sharing2 – ▶ Girls Hot Ass Butt Workout! – WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY

Origen: Equipoise: sharing2 – ▶ Girls Hot Ass Butt Workout! – WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY

Friday, January 27, 2017

sharing2 – ▶ Girls Hot Ass Butt Workout! – WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO LOVE UNCONDITIONALLY

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Carl Jung:
 ” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”
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Awakening with Suzanne Lie
Suzanne Lie, Ph.D., has been a seeker since she was a child where her active “imagination” took her deep into her inner life. She continues to regularly share her experiences and Arcturian teachings on her blog, Awakening with Suzanne Lie, and she wishes to help awakening ones come out of hiding and allow the glory of their highest expression of SELF into their everyday life.

Friday, March 11, 2016




Suzille & The Arcturians

Love is an energy field, a resonance, a frequency, which functions as a carrier wave to deliver all our messages to our self, others and to the planet.

Unconditional Love is a silent language.

We are all familiar with fear as a carrier wave, as well as anger, for when we come into the energy, frequency and emotion of fear, our hair stands up on the back of our necks, adrenalin rushes through our system, and we become hyper-vigilant to find the source.

We feel fear as a shout because it activates our fight/flight response and puts us on alert.
 On the other hand, unconditional love is a whisper, a soft cool breeze, a feeling of peace, and a sense of wellbeing.

Everything in our body alerts us to fear in order to prepare our biological systems for battle, but what prepares us for love? It is understandable why we are afraid of fear, but why are so many of us afraid of love?

In fact, why is our reality so filled with fear, whereas love, especially unconditional love, is far too rare? 
The answer is “survival.” 
In our long sojourn through our third dimensional realities, we have learned that if we do not attend to fear, our lives can be endangered.

But who wants to live a life without love? Unfortunately, for many, love is fleeting at best. That is because it is often human, conditional love.
 Conditional love is filled with fear, anger, sorrow, and judgment.

These “conditions” for love arise from those that feel like they are trapped in the separation and limitation of the third dimension. On the other hand, Unconditional Love resonates to the frequency of the fifth dimension and beyond. Therefore, Unconditional Love is beyond the third dimensional limitations.

Unconditional Love is a gentle wind on a clear day and a warm breeze.

Unconditional love is a resonance of multidimensional frequencies that can adhere to any person, place, situation, or thing in any dimension in all the Cosmos.

Unconditional Love is the glue that holds all form together.

Unconditional Love is the healing force of Multiverse.

Most important, Unconditional Love is the silent language that can be shared with our self, others, and our planet to create calm, peace, unity, and knowing.

Unconditional Love can heal any communication and solve any problem.
When we love ourselves unconditionally we are so filled with joy and peace that we can easily love others unconditionally. Furthermore, we can love our planet unconditionally.

Remembering that love is a verb, ask your self,
“What can I DO with unconditional love?”

“Simple!” You share it. You share your Unconditional Love by attaching it to your every thought and emotion.

“You share your Unconditional Love by attaching it to our every “problem” and concern.

Then, you can just relax in the glow of Unconditional Love and observe how unconditional love heals you, repairs you, and expands your ability to BE and CREATE all that you love UNCONDITIONALLY.

The Rose is a symbol for love.

The transition of our love from conditional to unconditional is much like the opening of a Rose. For many eons we have placed our love on the outside of the Rose. The Core of the Rose was a mystery to us. Therefore, it became sacred.

From the outside of the Rose, we prayed to the Sacred Center. Some of us even thought that this Sacred Center was deep inside the earth or far above us in the sky. We had not yet remembered that the Center was not above or below. The Center was within.

The Center of the Rose, the Center of our SELF, was distant and apart from us, as the world was cruel and distrustful. Therefore, we had to be sure that we protected ourselves from outside forces that we believed were “separate.”

After all, if we were separate from our SELF, then everything else must also be separate. But then…
We were lonely.
We were isolated.
We felt unloved and unloving.

Fortunately, this loneliness and need for love drove us to go “inside” to see what lay within the “Center of the Rose.” And so we began the long journey to the center of the Rose – the center of our SELF. At first, this journey was frightening because we were accustomed to thinking of ourselves as being outside of the Rose, outside of our SELF.

The trek inside seemed long and lonely.
If we were separate on the outside of the Rose, wouldn’t we be more separate on the inside the Rose?

But, gradually, we discovered that we were not alone inside the Rose. We came to realize that an entire world existed there, in fact, many worlds. It was our own special reality. But was it really just ours?

Eventually, we became aware that, from the Center of the Rose, the center of our SELF, we could contact the essence of every other Rose that ever was, or ever would be.

We found that, in the Center of the Rose, there was no time.
In the center of the Rose, there was no space.
We were not alone!
We were not separate!

We knew that we were also on the outside of the Rose, but we kept our SELF on the inside, where life was safe and love was unconditional.

And then it began to happen.

There was a great change on the outside of the Rose. It occurred slowly at first, and then the change became faster and faster. The petals that had been so soft, yet firm, were beginning to change. They were not as solid anymore, nor were they as separate. The outside petals of the Rose were moving away from the Core and pulling the other petals with them.

Now, we could not hide as easily within the Core of the Rose. The outside petals were becoming very unsteady. They were threatening to all fall from the Rose and land far, far away from the Core, away from the Rose, and away from the Core of Ourselves.

We could not stop the petals from falling. And, if we became attached to them, we, too, would fall away from our Core. Now everyone had to journey to the Center of the Rose because the changes outside were happening faster and faster.

But we were safe deep within ourselves. We were no longer alone. We were with everyone else who had found their way to the Center of their Core, the Core of their Rose.

But were we protected from the outside?
Could we really hide from what was happening outside of us?

All the petals were falling away now, and we were no longer protected from the “outside” because there was no ”outside.”

As each petal fell from our Rose, our Essence, our SELF, we began preparing ourselves for the “new world” that awaited us.
In this NEW world
There were NO petals,
There was NO outside,
There was NO separation.

And then, all the petals were gone.

We were no longer IN the Center.
We WERE the Center.

There was no longer a place to hide, nor was there a reason because there was NO separation. There was no OUTSIDE or ABOVE or BELOW or WITHIN because there was NO measure of distance or space. There was no fearful future or sorrowful past because there was NO time.
There was NO core because there was NO exterior.

There was only NOW.
There was only HERE.

As we looked around us, we could see that there were still Roses that appeared to be independent from us. However, when we placed our attention upon them, they lovingly and willingly opened their Core to us, as we did to them.

There were no secrets,
There was no fear,
There was only Unity and Unconditional Love.

We were HOME within
The core of our true, Inter-dimensional SELF!

We Are Now Accepting Applications for

Advanced Multidimensional Leadership Training

Are you and your Higher SELF intending to join in the energies of potential in which the highest possible reality is collectively created? We are pleased to now begin accepting applications for enrollment, so please set the intent to attend this course if you are fully prepared to step into the unknown to begin to populate the New Earth frequency.

Please go within and consider if this is in alignment with your current state of consciousness, level of dedication, and readiness to be of
complete service to the planet.

We look forward to having you join us for this six-week intensive program which is slated to begin on April 2, 2016. Please note that this is a transformative, advanced level course, and we encourage those who are interested to be able participate in all of the live events if possible (4 webinars, multiple workshops, additional team meetings, and a group project.) All webinar events are online and are recorded, and we also have group workshops that will occur within the small groups.

Additional benefits that the leaders in training receive include ongoing mentorship (from the Arcturians, Dr. Suzanne Lie, and Team Leaders), continuous support, sharing in a safe space, collaborative team-building, personal growth, expansion of creativity, and sense of unity in service to the planet. Lives are transformed in many ways.

If you are ready, please review the details regarding the course dates and required investment. Once you review the course summary and are ready to take the leadership leap, please submit your application for enrollment. We will gather and review all submittals and follow up with you regarding the next steps.

*Click Here to Review the Course Details*

*Click Here to Submit Your Application*

We look forward to having you join us as we step into the unknown together!

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