The Being ONE : 60, 63+, Should we ask God to awaken our spirituality?, ¿Debemos pedirle a Dios para poder despertar nuestra espiritualidad?

Origen: The Being ONE : 60, 63+, Should we ask God to awaken our spirituality?, ¿Debemos pedirle a Dios para poder despertar nuestra espiritualidad?

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

60, 63+, Should we ask God to awaken our spirituality?, ¿Debemos pedirle a Dios para poder despertar nuestra espiritualidad?

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  El Ser Uno


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The Being One

The Law of One Session 51

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39- Should we ask God to awaken our spirituality?

When you make a prayer to God, does he really listen? 

Could it be that in the midst of the 7 billion inhabitants, he can know, what each one asks of him? 
If everyone speaks different languages, will God understand? 
How will he classify the problems, in order of arrival, in alphabetical order, by severity of the matter? 
Will he be attending with a ticket number? 
Will people have to stand in line to be served? 
How can he have the ability to listen, understand and solve millions of requests from planet Earth? 

And how will he attend to the other beings in the universe?

Imagine God as a company, where he is the president and has his employees working for him. When the orders arrive they are separated and classified by department and each head of that department will be in charge of solving it.

He cannot listen to everyone, it is impossible, so he delegates the requests in order of importance. 

God will only take the most serious, transcendental and insoluble, that belong to the company, but not to its employees, for that, it has other employees, who can solve and order… The universe is divided into nine dimensions, which have at the same time, nine planes and these nine degrees of existence. 

The thinking man, tangible or intangible, is scattered in these realities. So let’s begin to understand and see the universe as a great company, where all thinking beings worked for that universe in one way or another.

What happens when you look at the sky, and imaginatively you pray and ask God for your problems? 

You are raising your eyes to the president of the company, and imaginatively asking him to solve a problem that affects you. You do not expose it, write it, or speak it out loud, you just

 communicate telepathically, believing that he is going to grasp, understand and solve it.

Starting with the fact that the president of a company cannot attend to the personal problems of each employee, he has to solve much more important and global problems, those are the needs that involve the company and if he does not fix them, the problem can become somewhat higher, since it would affect the future of the company and all employees.

Can you imagine asking the president of a company to make you win the lottery, that your children get this or that job, that they rise to a job and earn more money, that you can have a wonderful house of your own, have enviable health, A lot of money, that the son passes the exam and enters the university and millions of other requests?… If they really list them or put them in a balance, they would weigh more than the Solar System.

Firstly, by wrong and distorted teachings, the beings of planet Earth have become accustomed to asking. 

You ask for everything, it is a comfort that man invented and generated through his needs, it is inevitable, the system works like this.

You pay and get any service, for the rarer, strange and impossible it can be. 

You have become accustomed to the system, that you can get extra and extraordinary services, simply by giving money for them. 
Everything works like this: You pay … You get.
Consequently by this modality, the Religions, Mystical Institutions, Sects, Brotherhoods, Congregations, Esoteric Schools, metaphysics and more, have not been left behind. 
Many people when they altruistically make a “Donation”, they hope, even if they don’t say it, that “God” will repay them in some way. 

If they are “Good” people, “God” will reward them for being so. If you work in some generous or magnanimous service, you hope that “God” will avoid you, illnesses, bad luck, problems, troubles, etc.

You think that by working for ―God‖, you will protect yourself from all evil. 

You are always somehow “charging” for what they say, do, and give. This bad habit is so ingrained in everyone that, when problems, illnesses and more arise, they blame ―God‖ for not taking care of them for ―Everything good that you did and for all that they dedicated and worked for him‖ .

The worst thing of all is that when you see that “God” does not answer you, is so far away and does not listen to you, you begin to ask the “Son” thinking that perhaps as he was here, he can hear and understand you. .

When you see that they also do not receive the expected response, you think of asking the ―Mother‖, as she is a woman, she is more understanding, and, can mediate between the father, and the son. In the end when you ask, and ask, and do not receive, you address all the saints, especially those of the impossible and lost causes.

As a last alternative, you go to the elevated, incarnate or disembodied beings. 
To known masters. 
To the channelers since they are closer and in a certain way they are half-illuminated, because they receive from other realities and dimensions. 
You go to the cartománticos and infinity of special people, who can solve your problems. 
So, you may be wondering, who are we going to ask? 
… We answer: 
you are going to ask who corresponds, as long as the request is true, depending on the need, and the place where you are find. They will if it really is a real problem !! 

If we say that the universe works as a company, then they will go to the right person and the problem specialist.

Let’s go back to the company, and let’s see how it works. First of all, who will be interested in your problem, will not be the president, if not, it will be the immediate boss, as long as the situation is serious and is affecting in some way, your work and effort within the company .

Other minor problems, and without importance, you must solve them, since the company is not interested. 

Who will see the effort and work that you do, will be your closest boss, and he will transmit it to the appropriate person, who will take the measures in your favor, and thus, will obtain the improvements you desire. 

We mean, that the problems should be guided depending on the need. If it is physical: you have doctors, specialists, experts, etc. In all specialties and subjects. If you are psychic, there are relatives, friends and specialist doctors who can help you and guide you. If it is spiritual, then you will be directed to the help and realization of the spirit.

As you can see, everything works by degrees, planes and dimensions. In this way you must organize and manage your lives. The problems have to be ordered and put in their place and depending on their priority, they must be solved little by little and in the importance that corresponds to them.

Many problems do not need the hand of ―God‖, they can be solved by you, using intelligence, the knowledge that is available to everyone today. You have to investigate the how, when, why and where, because when there is a real interest, the answers and solutions always come to you in one way or another.

Imagine if an employee of a company spent it asking and asking the president and all the employees, as if he deserved everything. 

Well, I don’t think there is a company that supports that, at some point they will take the necessary measures to avoid it. 
Now if the employee is a person: Fair, honest, compliant, hard-working, responsible and more, the company will generally watch over, help and be interested in him.

If you really carry your life with awareness, you will come to the conclusion that most of the wishes that you ask of “God” are of no importance to the company called: Universe, they are useless, superficial and unnecessary. These, you should avoid them and not bother anyone with them, because you can solve them.

But if you have a problem that is really serious and you need the support of the company-Universe, then you can ask for it with belief, because the company will be interested in you and will help you in whatever it takes, to support and accompany you in the seriousness of the affair.

Let’s see how it works when they make a request to “God” …

You live in a Material Reality, in parallel there is the Antimatter Reality, depending on the frequency and vibration (high or low) of the thoughts, they will form in the brain a company of thoughts, these will be placed in order and in the area that corresponds to them. 

These energies thoughts will be properly a twin of yourselves. 
Everything is attracted and rejected in the universe, it is an axiomatic law that works in perfect order.

The high quality of thought-energies is what will allow you to communicate with other realities. These energies, in the reality in which you live, are generally a mixture of high and low frequencies, just as are the thoughts.

When you make a request to ―God‖ and this is done by a desire of the ego of low frequency and vibration, they will only get to zone three and they will stay there, they are superfluous, materialistic, selfish, insane, disturbed requests, distorted, ambitious etc. they will never transcend and come to the knowledge of degrees, planes and higher dimensions.

However if the thoughts are high, your requests to ―God‖ will be of a high level, since they are made with Love, selflessness, usefulness, altruism, nobility, charity etc. Being of high frequencies and vibrations, the order will go through all the zones, until reaching the Pineal Gland, where the highest thought-energies of the human-universe are found.

When you get there, it is these high thought-energies that will be in charge of helping you, launching infinity and with great force, the request. This will reach the highest possible reality, going through the degrees (sections), plans (Heads), and dimensions (Directory) of EL SER UNO, until reaching the presidency of the company, that is, the Unique Principle: ―God‖ .
40- So the only requests that come to “God” are the higher thought-energies?

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39- ¿Debemos pedirle a Dios para poder despertar nuestra espiritualidad?  

¿Cuando uds levantan una plegaria a Dios, realmente él escucha? ¿Será que en medio de los 7 mil millones de habitantes, él pueda saber lo que cada uno le pide?  ¿Si todos hablan diferentes idiomas, Dios entenderá? ¿Cómo clasificará los problemas, por orden de llegada, por orden alfabético, por gravedad del asunto? ¿Irá atendiendo con un número de ticket? ¿Deberán las personas hacer una fila para ser atendidos? ¿Cómo podrá tener la capacidad de escuchar, entender y solucionar millones de pedidos que del planeta Tierra le hacen? ¿Y cómo atenderá a los otros seres del universo?

Imagínense a Dios como una empresa, donde él es el presidente y tiene a sus empleados trabajando para él. Cuando llegan los pedidos son separados y clasificados por departamento y cada jefe de ese departamento se encargará de solucionarlo. 

Él no puede escuchar a todos, es imposible, así que delega los pedidos por orden de importancia. Dios solo tomará los más graves, trascendentales e insolubles, que pertenezcan a la empresa, pero no a sus empleados, para eso, tiene otros empleados, que pueden solucionar y ordenar…   El universo está dividido en nueve dimensiones, las cuales tienen a la vez, nueve planos y estos nueve grados de existencia. El hombre pensante, tangible o intangible, se encuentra diseminado en esas realidades.  Así pues comencemos entender y ver al universo como una gran empresa, donde todos los seres-pensantes trabajaban para ese universo de una manera u otra.

¿Qué sucede cuando uds miran al cielo, e imaginativamente uds oran y piden a Dios por sus problemas? Están elevando sus ojos al presidente de la empresa, e imaginativamente le están pidiendo la solución de algún problema que los afecta. No se lo exponen, escriben, ni lo hablan en voz alta, simplemente se lo


comunican telepáticamente, creyendo que él lo va a captar, entender y solucionar. 

Comenzando que el presidente de una empresa, no puede atender los problemas personales de cada empleado, él tiene que solucionar problemas mucho más importantes y globales, son aquellas necesidades que involucran a la empresa y si él no los arregla, el problema se puede convertir en algo mayor, puesto que afectaría el futuro de la compañía y de todos los empleados. 

¿Ustedes se imaginan pidiéndole al presidente de una empresa que los haga ganar la lotería, que sus hijos consigan tal o cual trabajo, que suban de puesto y ganen más dinero, que ustedes puedan tener una casa maravillosa y propia, tener una salud envidiable, mucho dinero, que el hijo pase el examen y entre a la universidad y millones de pedidos más?…Si realmente los enumeran o los ponen en una balanza, pesarían más que el Sistema Solar.

Primeramente, por enseñanzas equivocadas y distorsionadas, los seres del planeta Tierra, se han acostumbrado a pedir. Piden por todo, es una comodidad que el hombre inventó y generó a través de sus necesidades, es inevitable, el sistema funciona así. 

Pagan y obtienen cualquier servicio por más raro, extraño e imposible que pueda ser. El sistema los ha habituado, que ustedes pueden conseguir servicios extras y extraordinarios, simplemente dando dinero por ellos. Todo funciona así: Ustedes pagan…Ustedes obtienen. 

Consecuentemente por esta modalidad, las Religiones, Instituciones Místicas, Sectas, Hermandades, Congregaciones, Escuelas Esotéricas, metafísicas y más, no se han quedado atrás. Muchas personas cuando altruistamente, hacen una ―Donación‖, esperan, aunque no lo digan, que ―Dios‖ les retribuirá de alguna manera. Si son personas ―Buenas‖,  ―Dios‖ les va a premiar por serlo. Si trabajan en algún servicio generoso o magnánimo, esperan que ―Dios‖ les evite, enfermedades, mala suerte, problemas, disgustos etc. 

Ustedes piensan que al trabajar para ―Dios‖, los va a proteger de todo mal.  Siempre de alguna forma uds están ―Cobrando‖ por lo que dicen, hacen y dan.  Esta mala costumbre está tan arraigada en todos, que, cuando se presentan los problemas, enfermedades y más, culpan a ―Dios‖ por no haberlos cuidado por ―Todo lo bueno que uds hicieron y por todo lo que se dedicaron y trabajaron por él‖.

Lo peor de todo es, que al ver que ―Dios‖ no les responde, está tan lejos y no los escucha, ustedes comienzan a pedir al ―Hijo‖ pensando que tal vez como él estuvo por aquí, puede oírlos y entenderlos. 

Cuando uds ven que también no reciben la respuesta esperada, piensan en pedir a la  ―Madre‖, como ella es mujer, es más comprensiva, y, puede mediar entre el padre, y el hijo. Al final cuando piden, y piden, y, no reciben, se dirigen a todos los santos, sobre todo a aquellos de las causas imposibles y perdidas. 


Como última alternativa, uds se encaminan a los seres elevados, encarnados o desencarnados. A los maestros conocidos. A los canalizadores ya que ellos están más cerca y de cierta manera son medio-iluminados, porque reciben de otras realidades y dimensiones. Van a los cartománticos e infinidad de personas especiales, que les pueden solucionar sus problemas.    ¿Entonces, se estarán preguntando ustedes, a quién le vamos a pedir?… Respondemos: Le van a pedir a quién corresponda, siempre y cuando el pedido sea verdadero, dependiendo cuál sea la necesidad, y, el lugar dónde ustedes se encuentran. ¡¡Lo van a hacer si realmente es un verdadero problema!! Si decimos que el universo funciona como una empresa, entonces, se van a dirigir a la persona adecuada y al especialista del problema.

Regresemos a la empresa, y, veamos cómo funciona. Primeramente quien se interesará en el problema de ustedes, no será el presidente, si no, será el  jefe inmediato, siempre y cuando, la situación sea grave, y, esté afectando de alguna manera, el trabajo y esfuerzo de ustedes dentro de la empresa. 

Otros problemas menores, y sin importancia, ustedes los deberán solucionar, puesto que a la empresa no le interesan. Quién verá el esfuerzo y trabajo que ustedes hagan, será su jefe más cercano, y, él lo transmitirá a la persona adecuada, el cual tomará las medidas a favor de ustedes, y así, obtendrán las mejorías que desean.

Queremos decir, que los problemas lo deben encausar dependiendo de la necesidad. Si es físico: Tienen doctores, especialistas, expertos, peritos etc.  En todas las especialidades y materias. Si es psíquico, están los parientes, amigos y médicos especialistas, que los pueden ayudar y encausar. Si es espiritual, entonces se encaminarán a la ayuda y realización del espíritu.  

Como ven todo funciona por grados, planos y dimensiones. De esta manera  deben organizar y administrar sus vidas. Los problemas tienen que ordenarlos y colocarlos en su lugar y dependiendo de su prioridad, deben solucionarlos poco a poco y en la importancia que les corresponde. 

Muchos problemas no necesitan la mano de ―Dios‖, estos pueden ser  solucionados por ustedes, usando la inteligencia, el conocimiento que hoy en día está al alcance de todos. Hay que investigar el cómo, cuándo, por qué y dónde, porque cuando hay un verdadero interés, las respuestas y soluciones siempre llegan a ustedes de una manera u otra.

Imagínense si un empleado de una empresa se la pasara pidiendo y pidiendo, al presidente y a todos los empleados, como si él se mereciese todo. Pues no creo que exista una empresa que soporte eso, en algún momento tomarán las medidas necesarias para evitarlo. Ahora si el empleado es una persona: Justa, honesta, cumplidora, trabajadora, responsable y más, la empresa generalmente velará, ayudará y se interesará por él.

Si realmente, llevan su vida con consciencia, llegarán a la conclusión que la mayoría de los deseos que piden a ―Dios‖, no tienen ninguna importancia para


la empresa llamada: Universo, son inútiles, superficiales e innecesarios. Estos deben evitarlos y no incomodar a nadie con ellos, porque ustedes los podrán resolver.  

Pero si tienen algún problema que realmente es grave y necesitan el apoyo de la empresa-Universo, entonces sí pueden pedirlo con creencia, porque la empresa se interesará en ustedes y los ayudará en lo que sea necesario, para apoyarlos y acompañarlos en la gravedad del asunto. 

Veamos cómo funciona cuando hacen un pedido a “Dios”…

Ustedes viven en una Realidad Material, paralelamente existe la Realidad Antimateria, dependiendo de la frecuencia y vibración (alta o baja) de los pensamientos, formarán en el cerebro una empresa de pensamientos, estos se colocarán en orden y en la zona que les corresponde. Estas energíaspensamientos serán propiamente un gemelo de ustedes mismos. Todo se atrae y se rechaza en el universo, es una ley axiomática que funciona en perfecto orden. 

La calidad elevada de las energías-pensamientos es lo que les permitirá comunicarse con otras realidades. Estas energías, en la realidad en que viven,  generalmente son una mezcla de frecuencias altas y bajas, así como son los pensamientos. 

Cuando uds hacen un pedido a ―Dios‖ y este se realiza por un deseo del ego de baja frecuencia y vibración, estos solamente van a llegar a la zona tres y ahí se quedarán, son pedidos superfluos, materialistas, egoístas, insanos, perturbados, distorsionados, ambiciosos etc. ellos jamás van a trascender y llegar al conocimiento de grados, planos y dimensiones más elevadas.

Sin embargo si los pensamientos son elevados, sus pedidos a ―Dios‖ serán de alto nivel, puesto que son hechos con Amor, desinterés, utilidad, altruismo, nobleza, caridad etc. al ser de frecuencias y vibraciones altas, el pedido pasará por todas las zonas, hasta llegar a la Glándula Pineal, donde se encuentran las energías-pensamientos más elevadas del universo-humano. 

Al llegar ahí, son estas energías-pensamientos elevadas las que se encargarán de ayudarlos, lanzando al infinito y con mucha fuerza, el pedido.  Este llegará a la realidad más elevada posible, pasando por los grados (secciones), planos (Jefes), y dimensiones (Directorio) de EL SER UNO, hasta llegar a la presidencia de la empresa o sea, al Principio Único: ―Dios‖. 

40- ¿Entonces los únicos pedidos que llegan a “Dios”, son las energías-pensamientos, más elevados? 

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To The  Universe…!

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Ser Uno, Guardianes de Tera,Planeta3.3.3.
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. Being One is a book of self-knowledge. It should be read in order: it would be useless to read it haphazardly, because that would not give the expected result. His reading will be opening and connecting the brain circuits of knowledge, understanding and love.
Meditate on it, review it … study it … …let go of old ideas and lessons …study the new .
Being ONE
^ ^ ^
What is unconditional love and why is it so elusive for many? It is a love that does not judge, defends or distinguish between any living creature that enters your neighborhood. It is a love that embraces all creation as emanating from the heart of Father-Mother God, the Source of Creation, that which created matter and has placed in the dark matter of the Universe expanding.
Unconditional love is beyond understanding the small packaging and divided mind , qualifies and categorized. Unconditional love is the love that surpasses all understanding and simply is, in itself, pure, upright and spotless. It is the essence of your Higher Self. It is the true essence of themselves, stripped of all that is not the Self .
” I love you unconditionally , and turn on the Violet Fire in the emanation you’re sending to me. Bless you too, find that I am gaining peace in the new and expanded version of my Being. ”
Many are beginning to wake up and realize they need to love themselves . This is very difficult for many as they have remained in the shadows of doubt and hate themselves for a long time, often without understanding the core issues or reasons for such feelings. The finding love and self-respect is merely a step on the path to self-mastery . If you feel that you can not even love themselves, learn to accept themselves as they are, and will release his future to love. Love flows from the heart of creation, but you can not feel this connection and this flow until the source is connected with the source of love within his own heart center.
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Without knowledge  I do not live…
Without understanding, I do not exist…
without unconditional love, I am NOT…
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The Law of One Session 49

The Law of One Session 36

The Law of One Session 41
 The Law of One Session 45

* * *
The human being, 
even looking at THE TRUTH, 
frontally, and without hiding it,
He does NOT recognize that truth, 

because he is still 
ASLEEP mentally …!..  
-he only recognizes greed, 
and material ambition ..!  * * * 
 The Law of One Session 46
 The Law of One Session 47



TiAmAt: share, Free Photon Energy – Video 4

Origen: TiAmAt: share, Free Photon Energy – Video 4

Sunday, March 29, 2020

share, Free Photon Energy – Video 4

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Free Photon Energy – Video 4

Part 4: Entropy: Confusion Through Disorder
Otfried Weise, Ingrid Mache and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, March 1, 2020

All-THAT-Is (ATHI =ADI) = Universe/Cosmos = Energy.
ADI means in Sanskrit the FIRST, the PRIMORDIAL.
It is the Primary Term of the Universal Law.
Energy is perceived by humans as space-time.
Space and time cannot be separated (see part 1).

 ADI is closed - nothing is lost;
ADI is continuous - there are no gaps;
ADI is inhomogeneous/discrete - there is permanent energy exchange;
ADI is constant - the amount of energy in ADI is always the same.

The 1st law of thermodynamics assesses perfectly the properties of ADI:
''Energy is never lost, it is only converted all the time''.
Thermal, electric, magnetic, kinetic, potential, gravitational, binding energies
are converted into each other by physical and chemical processes.

Energy occurs in ADI only as gradients,
i.e. all energy conversions/exchanges of energy follow the path of the gradient.
Everything that happens in ADI is dynamic, elastic and interacting.
As part of ADI humans can only assess parts of ADI.
Like humans, these are always open systems.

Physicists often use closed systems (e.g. Carnot machine,  black body)
to be able to ''simplify'', calculate, and illustrate.
However, closed systems DO NOT exist in ADI.
These are unprocessed ''thought experiments'' of the physicists.

Closed systems are N-sets = fictitious foreign bodies that cannot have energy exchange.
Natural laws based on closed systems are fundamentally wrong in epistemological terms.
The parts - systems and levels - of ADI (= energy) are always U-sets.
In other words, there are only subsets of energy in an energy set.
N-sets such as the so-called „vacuum“ belong to the nothing sets.
However, such a category of sets without energy does not exist in ADI.
There is only Something = Energy, but no nothing (see part 1)

The 2nd law of thermodynamics does not deal with energy conversion as a whole
but only with the exchange of heat - the increase or decrease of thermal energy
and its consequences for the aggregation state of matter.
Solid bodies are considered „ordered“ because they have a crystal lattice;
liquids are considered to be „less ordered“ as they have weaker cohesive forces;
Gases are considered to be „completely disordered“ as they do not hold together.

Entropy is defined as a measure of disorder or information content.
Accordingly, solid bodies are ordered and have low entropy;
gases are disordered and have high entropy
''because all particles are evenly distributed in gases''.

The opposite of entropy is called negative entropy (NegEntropy).
Such high neg-entropy correlates with order.
Schrödinger, for example, assigns it to humans (in his book ''What is life?'').

Entropy is measured in Joule per degree Kelvin,
i.e. in heat energy quantity per degree absolute temperature.
However,  these measurements do not tell us anything about the state of aggregation
nor about the degree of disorder or the information content,
i.e. physicists cannot measure entropy as it does not exist but only heat change.

According to the Universal Law, information is a synonym for energy = ADI.
There's nothing else in ADI but energy.
Can physicists measure the information content of energy?
They are silent about that because they do not know what energy is (see video 3)

The 2nd law of thermodynamics says that in a fictitious closed system,
without exchange of energy or matter with the surroundings,
the entropy cannot decrease but only increase with time.
When a closed system approaches thermal equilibrium 
it has the highest possible degree of entropy.
Physicists, therefore, postulate the „heat death of the universe“.
Physicists, however, are not sure whether the universe is open or closed...

The 2nd law of entropy is not valid for the parts of ADI,
because there are no closed systems in ADI.
Nevertheless, the physicists transfer the results
from their hypothetical closed systems of their thought experiments
onto the technical practice of open systems and claim
that the entropy cannot decrease by itself
when the heat is evenly distributed in a system (max. entropy),
e.g. in a metal rod heated at one end the temperature of the two ends is equalised.
This reduction of the temperature gradient cannot be reversed spontaneously:
''Heat cannot be transferred from a colder to a warmer body by itself.''

This entropy rule applies only to matter - 
it is disproved by the existence of photons space-time.

The efficiency of conventional energy generators (energy converters) is poor
because friction occurs and part of the supplied energy is converted into heat.
This heat is energy lost for practical work.
Physicists call this energy dissipation or energy devaluation,
or say that the lost heat is no longer available.

In fact, in open systems of matter energy can be generated from photon space-time
which is in a state of maximal neg-entropy.

Stankov's Law of Photon Thermodynamics proves the following:

         When a thermal (temperature) gradient dissipates in matter,
         e.g. by emitting heat to the surroundings or while performing work,
         an equivalent thermal gradient is built at the photon level.

The latter can be easily used if the technician knows how.

Stankov's Law of Photon Thermodynamics is the theoretical proof
that photon space-time actually exists and contains high energy gradients,
which can be measured and used as a source of free photon energy.
A detailed derivation of this law with exact equations
can be found in Volume II , Chapter 5-7, pages 217-222.

Physics denies the existence of photon space-time and makes us believe
that free energy generators are theoretically impossible (Video 3).

Conclusion: The law of entropy (= 2nd law of thermodynamics)
contradicts the 1st law of conservation of energy.
This represents an antinomy – a fundamental contradiction
which cannot exist in science 
because otherwise it is not logical, axiomatic.

These are the principal errors of the law of entropy:

1) the existence of photons space-time (ether) is rejected;
2) it is substituted by a hypothetical empty space called vacuum (video 3);
3) this law is formulated for fictitious closed systems;
4) heat exchange is described as irreversible, which does not exist (see 1st law);
5) the law of entropy is contradictory in itself;
6) the law of entropy mixes up concepts from physics, technology, and human sentience
     in a scientifically inadmissible way and thus creates:
7) An intentional unbelievable confusion through disorder.

Fortunately for mankind, the law of entropy is being disposed NOW.
Free photon energy will soon solve many human problems.
Mankind is making a leap in consciousness
and will live in love, self-responsibility, and freedom.
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TiAmAt: share- Arcturian Group Message 3/8/20

Origen: TiAmAt: share- Arcturian Group Message 3/8/20

Sunday, March 29, 2020

share- Arcturian Group Message 3/8/20

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Arcturian Group Message 3/8/20 <>


Sun 3/8/2020 9:54 AM
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MARCH 8,2020
Welcome all readers,
The time has arrived in which those who are ready are being guided to let go of all remaining concepts about how everything is or must to be in order to be correct and acceptable–all, not just the not so important ones.
Good concepts are just as illusory as the bad ones, both must be seen through. No matter how comfortable or efficiently some concepts may of served you in the past, many can no longer do it because you have changed.


As individual consciousness evolves and begins to resonate with a higher frequency, much that resonated in the previous state of consciousness automatically shifts out of alignment.
Many of you are discovering that favorite books, movies, friends, foods, even employment and much more that up to now have been satisfying facets of your life have suddenly begun to feel boring and empty, you no longer find satisfaction in them.


Allow the things that no longer resonate to fade away no matter how important they may have once seemed or may still be to those around you.
This can take courage for usually these things– events, beliefs, systems of functioning, and activities involve others–family traditions, business, church etc.
Letting go of that which no longer resonates with you need not be overt rejection which can easily slip into an ego exercise. Rather, simply, silently, and without fan-fare allow these things to gradually and gently fade out of your life without assigning power for good or bad to them. This does not mean you must no longer engage in an activities that once worked for you and may still be important to those around you, but rather engage if you choose but without attaching importance and necessity.
Ideas, projects, life issues more in alignment with your expanding consciousness will replace many of the things now fading away because everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell in the third dimension is a material concept of its underlying spiritual reality–you cannot make something out of nothing. Vehicles of transportation are actually Divine Omnipresence materially interpreted. A home is actually Consciousness. Therefore the Divine reality will always re-appear on new and higher levels if not blocked by false concepts and beliefs.
This is a process that does not take place over night. Never think you have failed if you find yourself in the midst of some physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual dilemma. Old and finished energy is flowing up and out for everyone–the un-awakened as well as the awakened. Allow it to flow out, addressing any accompanying issues as needed. Try not to claim these energies as being yours personally. They may seem to be, but can never really be for constitute the illusion having no law to maintain or sustain them.
Stop fighting, struggling, or attempting to get things back to the way they once were whether through learned metaphysical techniques or through the three dimensional belief system.
Allow the I that you now know you are to express, trusting that IT can only express ITSelf as ITSelf which is and forever has been infinite wholeness completeness, harmony, abundance, safety, security etc.
God is and this is all you can ever know about God until God reveals ITself to you. It is an exercise in futility to believe one can know what God is with the human mind. A finite mind cannot and will never comprehend an infinite God regardless of how many articles, experts, or religious leaders expound about having done it. Up to the point where God reveals ITSelf to you, simply know that God is–period.
Spiritual evolution is the gradual process of moving though and beyond the accumulated layers of illusion that overlay personal and collective awareness. This all happened over a long period of time and through many lifetimes lived in third dimensional frequencies that created collective alignment with those energies rather than with the higher frequencies of Light left behind when incarnating.
Clearing is simply the dissolving of those energies still sustaining and maintaining the shadow appearances and is individual. You are quickly evolving to new states of awareness and the high frequency energy is why clearing has become intense for some at this time. It is like shining a bright light into a dark room where much that was not seen before is suddenly exposed.
Alignment with duality and separation caused each to accumulate and store in cellular memory intense experiences of both good and bad from each lifetime until at some point every individual begins seeking for “more”. This is the meaning of the bible story that tells how Adam and Eve were forced out of Eden through their act of eating the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
Some of you are suffering intense physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual discord at this time. Allow… Trust…You are learning to let go of the need to struggle for control over everything. The mind is confused. It is trying to help you through what it knows but is limited, offering solutions based in the collective belief system as well as in the metaphysical knowledge you accumulated through years of study leading up to this point. Metaphysical knowledge is an important part of the journey for most, but must never be considered the end point.
Let go of trying to figure everything out and then heal, change, or fix it. Nothing needs fixing or healing. Allow your real Divine Self to be your reality without feeling that you need not tell it how. This is an extremely difficult process for those who are used to being efficient, organized problem solvers. The temptation remains to take charge, jumping in with solutions based on what has been learned over the years.
As the Divine Feminine energy integrates on earth and begins to more fully express in the world as balanced male/female energy, the aggressive, active, be-er, do-er, traits of unbalanced masculine energy will recede. As the receptive, intuitive nature of the Divine feminine aligns with the masculine, life will be easier for those men and women who have always been compelled to jump in and take charge of every situation whether they are needed or not.
The time has come to stand back and allow the I of your being to function through, in and as you rather than constantly trying to control everything through eyes unable to see the whole picture. Like it or not, it is an energetically powerful time for everyone who has chosen ascension. You must accept that many of the old ways are simply no longer valid in the presence of increasing more higher states of consciousness.
Many continue with attempts to make something that is complete and finished (often relationships) work according to the world’s concepts of how things must be in order to be correct, fulfilling, meaningful, or loving. These concepts are encouraged through your media, and a society that continues to embrace only third dimensional concepts based in duality and separation with regard to all issues of daily living.
At this time the world is experiencing a great deal of fear regarding the virus disease that has penetrated world consciousness. As the media continues its non stop promotion, it gives ever more reality and substance to the issue for you are creators. Do not fear and do not give it power and thus substance. As with all things that are not God ordained, maintained, or sustained, it will pass into the nothingness that it is, if allowed.
There never has been or could ever be death for you are spiritual consciousness and not physical bodies. When a person leaves their physical vehicle behind it is always with permission given on a deeper level. Stand back and allow, become a silent observer of unfolding consciousness rather than a participant in the illusions of sense. Even if your work lies in some area of world discord, you can still maintain a objective stance, helping, and serving for the highest good of all, but not aligning with appearances.
Living spiritually does not mean you can not see a doctor if you feel the need, nor does it mean you stand back and simply ignore the fear and suffering of yourself or those around you in an attempt to live the absolute. Rather than pretending to a state of consciousness not yet attained, hold truth while lovingly ministering to self and others in the ways you are guided to which may simply be to do nothing but hold the Light.
It is a new time, new ways, new ideas, and change and to be a part of it you must allow and move with it. It is why you are on earth at this time. Align with and hold Light for Gaia as well, for she is a living soul and not an inanimate piece of dirt. She needs your love and support as she too is clearing old energy.
Let the past go. Let the present go. Let it all go and move into allowing. You are ready.
We are the Arcturian Group 3/8/20
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TiAmAt: share, Coronavirus – Pleiades

Origen: TiAmAt: share, Coronavirus – Pleiades

Sunday, March 29, 2020

share, Coronavirus – Pleiades

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Coronavirus – Corona (Crown – Head – Mind), Virus (Program), Reprogramming of the Mind. It’s fascinating that the virus pictures look very similar to that of the crown chakra, and what do people do in situations like that? PRAY! Coronavirus is a call from above to STOP and TUNE INTO the HIGHEST POWER THAT THERE IS – UNIVERSAL LOVE! When people are in trouble they usually turn to GOD, putting everything aside, as the “rat race” becomes meaningless, they pray, even the ones that say that they are atheists secretly pray and ask for assistance, they do what is natural to all humans – TUNE IN, automatically
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Coronavirus – Pleiades

Greetings My Beloved Masters of the Universe! Today I would like to talk to you about the Coronavirus.
I went to the store yesterday to get some food, in the elevator to the store there was a few people riding with me, with one panicky woman who kept saying how scared she was about the virus and what is to come and that there’s no shopping carts and no toilet paper. To which I replied that she’s right it is indeed very scary that we all ran out of toilet paper. She laughed the energy in the elevator lifted.
What amazed me was that there truly was no toilet paper in the store, the rest of the items were there, but no toilet paper or paper towels, every store I passed by I saw people walking out of with toilet paper and paper towels but hardly any food. Even here the human conditioning and fear-based programming that most allow into their mind played into the wrong decision making. Why would one need to invest into so much toilet paper and paper towels, instead of say medicine, or food. What can toilet paper do to assist with the virus?
Here is a clear example of how humans are focusing on all the wrong things, worrying about not having enough of “toilet paper” which really translates into things that don’t matter, which translates into this – Most go about their lives caring about things of little importance, wasting their lives on that which really they don’t need, want, nor enjoy. Things they absolutely can live without, whilst ignoring that which is truly important.
As our benevolent counterparts have explained to us over and over again in all the previous messages that I’ve shared with you, 
“the storm is coming and for us to remain in the eye of the storm”. 
However, it seems many of us have been swept up into the craze and fear-based programming yet again.
is a test of our integrity, compassion and love. 
It is also a huge wake up call for us to recognize what is truly important in life. 
Humans have lost their reason and their way, being swept up into the “herd thinking”, have lost their individuality, focusing on things of little importance, worrying about not having enough, striving to succeed to earn more to buy more, more, more and more. 
The absurdity of the situation of having more stuff, is clearly showcased in what is happening now with the toilet paper.
Coronavirus is giving us this opportunity to focus on what’s important, relationships, our loved ones, our health. 
It is asking us to STOP and look around, to clearly see the type of society we have created with our thoughts. 
Perhaps this “down time” away from work and the marathon of everyday “obsession with things” will help many to really look at their lives, connect with their families and most importantly their inner selves.
I feel that this virus is just a tip of the iceberg, it is here to point us to that which is beneath, that which we cannot yet see, but are being forced to pay attention to. As terrible as this virus may seem, it is really here to assist us in awakening all of humanity.

There are many conspiracy theories online about the material gains behind this virus, money resets, etc., and although some claims might have some validity to them, the true point of it all is again self-examination. 
To evaluate where one is at one’s journey, to have the “life flash before ones eyes” and think about the choices that are being made every day, to weight the importance of it all and make the right decisions for their journeys. 
I sure hope that most will take an opportunity to do just that, reconnect with their own selves, and see this “time off” as a gift of time to put all “ducks in the row”, do what one wanted to do all this time but didn’t have a chance to, and connect with the divinity of self and all that is.
Again I would like to remind all of you to stay positive, and remember that you as lightworkers carry tremendous responsibility not only for your own selves, but those around you. 
Remember that you influence 18 miles of space around you and the more you feed into the fear-based programming the more you will help it to bloom. 
Let’s nourish and feed the positive love vibrations and look at this situation from a rational and positive point of view.
I would also like to remind all of you that you are ALL on the SAME TEAM and to stop fighting with each other trying to prove your points one way or another, regarding this or that agenda, or this or that party. 
This truly is NOT the time to allow negativity to divide us. 
When in doubt go deep within and seek the answers there instead of listening to this or that channeler (yes I know I am one, so don’t listen to me, listen to your HEART AND TUNE IN!) or this or that spiritual leader, and especially fight over who said what. 
We have been given so much information over the last few years on how to connect directly to the source of all that is, so please quiet your mind and TUNE IN. Remember your own power, remember who you are! To remind you please watch this video (, I think it will help clear up all the recent influences from the media so that you can take a deep breath and re calibrate! And if you still find it hard to do, then please visit this page here with various energetic essences that can help you stabilize and balance out your energies! (
Coronavirus – Corona (Crown – Head – Mind), Virus (Program), Reprogramming of the Mind. It’s fascinating that the virus pictures look very similar to that of the crown chakra, and what do people do in situations like that? PRAY! Coronavirus is a call from above to STOP and TUNE INTO the HIGHEST POWER THAT THERE IS – UNIVERSAL LOVE! When people are in trouble they usually turn to GOD, putting everything aside, as the “rat race” becomes meaningless, they pray, even the ones that say that they are atheists secretly pray and ask for assistance, they do what is natural to all humans – TUNE IN, automatically, the most natural behavior that is programmed into our very DNA and that which most desire, to connect with the Divine, with GOD, with ALL that is, so here we are witnessing a spectacular awakening! A desire to connect to the divine, putting everything aside, and praying (asking and connecting to) for assistance! We’ve been talking all this time about mass awakenings, well here they are! And doesn’t it in some way mirror what we’ve all experienced upon our own awakening? A harsh life experience being forced to stop and tune in? How else does one sober up 7.5 billion people all at once if not by something like this?
Now having said this here is the channeling that I have received.

“Benevolent cocreation of the third order of light greets you now in the open book of human interactive programming crescendo. For the unfolding energies sweeping across your globe is the reprogramming and repatterning of that which indeed has been predestined to occur.
What you are all witnessing at this very pivotal  moment in time is simply a reprogramming and restructuralization of the platform on which you dwell. Old programming giving way to new understanding of Being, and making way for a true coherent energetic pathways to make way for all to experience Love, unconditional understanding and benevolence.
For the energies of your world has had to come to a halt, in order to magnify the issues at hand, in order to pin point to all the errors of the past, and to instill a new cognitive understanding of that which is. For the time  has come to pay attention to that which truly is important, and that which truly fuels your world and all of creation, and to finally align humanity with its highest potential and be benevolence of Being, highest potential and recognition of it’s true intentions.
What we are trying to say to you dearly beloveds is the time has come to find peace within, to find the order within the chaotic unfolding upon your planet. And so and thus, as we have already advised you in our previous messages to you, all that you are witnessing is simply a release, of the energies that no longer belong on your planes of existence, and the institution of a new paradigms, new way of life, new thinking patterns.
Albeit the seeming chaos, the true intentions of said experience is that of testing the momentum, testing the grounds and magnifying the underlying core issues of the societies built upon the misunderstanding of the true intention of Being.
And so, a lesson indeed which is being presented for all to experience. Through the magnification glass of fear-based programming, the outcome shall bring much more clearance, a clear vision, understanding of true reality, and result in a more coherent, cooperation of all involved.
That is all that we have for you now. We are with you. We love you. Goodbye for now.

~Anna Merkaba – is a Channeler, Lightworker, Healer and Messenger of the KEYS to help YOU on your journey of awakening to your true self! For more channeled messages to help you on your journey of self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL–
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