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Friday, December 20, 2019

share, leer, reLeer, The Power of the “Primitive ONES”

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Tuesday, November 19, 2019

The Power of the “Primitive ONES” The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


The Power of the
 “Primitive ONES”

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear Arcturians,

Do you have a message for me to share with all the many awakening and awakened ones?

Dear Grounded Ones,

We always have a message for any of Gaia’s Grounded Ones, who are now wearing an earth vessel on Gaia’s Earth. 
We are very pleased to observe, how, more and more of Gaia’s humans, are beginning to remember, or never forgot, that Gaia’s planet is a living being. 

Planet Earth, known by the Galactics and awakened ones as “Gaia,” is in a “state of transition.” 

The reason that Gaia is in a “state of transition” is because many humans, who have been known as one of the most evolved beings on Gaia’s Earth, are beginning to remember that Earth is a living being. 

When humanity was “primitive”, the beings of Gaia were VERY aware, that the planet on which they lived, was a Living Being. 

In fact, these “primitive ones” worshiped Gaia, and took on the responsibility of protecting Her, and, having many rituals to Honor their Mother Gaia.

These “primitive” ones knew that it was their responsibility to take care of their planetary home, and to have regular rituals in which they fasted, meditated, and gave offerings to Gaia. 

They also had rituals to remind themselves, of the great responsibility, that they had to protect the elementals of 
Earth, Air, Fire, and Water, 
which, were vital for Gaia, and for Her humans’ survival.

But, then, the “primitives”, became “modern man”, who had largely forgotten that their Mother Earth, was a living being, who needed Her human inhabitants, to take good care of Her 
Earth, Air, Fire and Water. 

These four elements were needed for humans to survive, on Gaia’s Planet. 

Gaia’s Planet, is now also known as Earth. 
However, when the Sirians came to Earth, they, did not Love Gaia’s Earth, Air, Fire, or Water. They came from their distant homeworld, to take from Gaia, what they needed, or wanted.

Worse yet, they took, from Gaia, without any concern for the fact that Gaia was, is, a living being, who needed all her third/fourth dimensional elements, and elementals, in order for Her planet, to thrive. 

When the Pleiadians became aware of the damage that the invaders from Sirius were doing to Gaia’s body, they decided that they, too, needed to visit Earth, to assist Gaia, to send these destructive invaders, back home, to Sirius. 

At first, the “Pleiadians,” were very successful with banning the Sirians from Gaia’s Earth. 
But, then, the Pleiadians had problems in their area of space, and, could not give Gaia, all the assistance that she needed. 
However, as many Pleiadians as possible, stayed on Earth, to assist Gaia, to stave off the dark ones. 

These “Dark Ones”, were harming Dear Gaia’s pristine planetary body. 

Many of these Sirians, took the form that was known on Gaia, as “humans.” 

The Pleiadians, who were Gaia’s protector, also took human forms, when they went to Earth. 

Then, there was the challenge of experiencing power over others, fear, and anger. 

On their Pleiadian Home worlds, they only experienced “unconditional love and power within.” 

However, the Sirians, who had also come to Gaia, lived by 
“power over others.”

It was then, that the battle between LIGHT, and MIGHT, began. 

The Pleiadian Homeworld was based on Light and Power Within, and the Sirian Homeworld was based on Power Over. 
Now, that “Power Within” and “Power Over” civilizations lived on the same planet Earth, many things began to change!

Before the dark ones came to Earth, sweet, beloved Gaia, could easily maintain Her loving essence of a beautiful Earth to live on. 

Gaia was filled with abundance. 

There was always clear air to breathe, enough tree branches to offer shade from the Sun, and old, broken logs, to create warm fires, as well as abundant lakes and waterways to drink of the water, and to travel on boats from place to place.

All was good! 
Gaia was happy, and so were most of Her human inhabitants. 
Gaia’s plants, animals, waterways, and Sunlight allowed the inhabitants of Gaia’s planet to live in abundance and peace. 

But, then, the dark ones discovered Gaia’s pristine planet and decided that they wanted to take it for themselves. 
The “Dark Ones,” as they were named, did not worry about keeping the water clean, or the sky clear, nor did they allow Gaia’s earth to choose what plants grew where. 

These dark ones even polluted the sky with the fires that they used to clear off the forests, so that they could make their houses. 

They also sullied the fresh waters and the air was tainted with the many fires, as well as the forest fires, so that the was no longer blue and clear.

These Dark Ones, were later named the “humans.” 
The humans, were actually Galactics, who had come to inhabit, honor and protect Gaia from the vast destruction that they could feel would soon threaten Gaia’s pristine world. 
However, too many of the “humans” became greedy about the many beautiful parts of Gaia and wanted to keep them just for themselves.

Who were these “humans,” and why were they eventually called “the dark ones?” 
Initially, the “humans” were the very Pleiadians, Antarians, Venusians, and all the members of the first Starships that landed on Gaia and claimed that land as their own.

It was the “claiming Gaia as the property of the landing Galactic ones” that began Gaia’s demise. 

At first, the Sirians began to fight with the Pleiadians about who got what land, what water, what woodlands etc. 
Eventually, the formerly peaceful Galactics, fell into “different” Galactic Groups.

It was the “difference from each other” that began the beginning of Gaia’s demise. 
All the different Galactics from different areas of space wanted a part of Gaia’s land. 
Therefore, they began to fight over who got what land. 

At first, there were meetings, and civilized talks between the different Galactic Beings.

However, something happened that they never thought would happen. 

Gaia , was NOT just a planet, made of rocks, water, sunlight, and massive waterways.

The planet Gaia, was (and still is) a LIVING BEING. 

“How can a planet be a living being?” 
we hear you ask. 

Our first answer, is, that Gaia’s innate frequency, is of the fifth dimension. Therefore, while Gaia was still resonating to Her innate fifth dimensional frequency of love, light, community and instant forgiveness, She was able to depend on the innate function of the living trees, that communed with the water, who cooled the air and kept the earth fertile.

As long as Gaia was a “living planet,” all of Her inhabitants could live together in a peaceful, loving manner. 
However, when the first Sirian invaders came to Gaia’s planet, everything began to change, because “power over,” “greed,” “possession,” and eventually, WAR came to Gaia’s pristine planet of LOVE and LIGHT!

You can imagine Gaia’s grief. 

The human ones, who were supposed to be the most evolved species on Her planet, were harming Her beloved Planetary Self. 

It is sad to tell of all the damage that was left on Gaia, as the humans had more and more wars,  as well as other means to greatly harm dear Gaia’s body.

However, Gaia had grown loving feelings for Her humans. 

She had observed how humans sought to evolve their physical forms, and love and protect all the beings who lived on Gaia’s loving planet. 

Within some eras the humans learned/remembered that Gaia was a living being. 
During those eras of “enlightenment,” humans were experiencing a “peak society” in which love, light, studying and deeply engrained concern for Gaia’s Planet was magnified by the people with their love, dedication, and ability to revere ALL life.

There were no life forms that were better than or worse, then, as all the humans, animals, fish, birds, and all the beings were components of Gaia’s Planetary Being. 
None of Gaia’s people were better or worse. 
Dear Gaia was a Planetary Being who echoed and expanded the energy field, Unconditional Love!

Unfortunately, as more and more humans came to Gaia’s Earth, the humans forgot that Gaia was a living being. 
Or, perhaps, they did not care whether or not Gaia was a living being as long as they could take what they wanted. 
AND, they took 
and took and took…

The “primitive ones” were forgotten, as were all their powers. 
All the “primitive ones” could do was try to protect their family, their selves, their land and their water from the “human beings,” who seemed to have come more and more from other planets, such as Sirius, that cared more about conquering than they did about loving.

Then, the “long dark nights” of running, hiding and trying to survive became much more common than sitting around a fire and singing a happy song. 
“What has gone wrong?” 
asked the 
“primitive beings,” 
who were actually much more intelligent than the 
“invader ones,” 
but they did not have the weapons to protect themselves.

“Why did this happen?” 
cried the ones who had only been trying to warm with their guests from the sky. 
They received no answer, and as their lives became more and more dangerous, there was no time for questions.

Fortunately, every now and then a Master came to assist them, but these Masters were often killed by the very ones that they had tried to assist. 
We see that you, the reader, is becoming a bit depressed by the truth of this story. 
However, we ask that you remember to remember that YOU have something that the “lost ones” cannot find.

You, the Ones Who are Ready to Remember, can decide to Remember that there is LOVE and there are Higher Beings who have come to Gaia’s Earth to assist Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants to remember how it was and how it can be again.

If faith in Unconditional Love dies, you, the awakened ones, will lose a vital thing that does occur, which is Faith in your SELF, Faith in your friends and family, Faith in the Higher Beings that you will recognize more and more as you have 
“Faith in your SELF.”

This “SELF” is not just the human form that you are currently wearing. 

This SELF is your 
“Multidimensional SELF” 
who resonates not just to the challenges, but, to the joys of your physical life. 
This Multidimensional SELF that you ALL have, even if you do not know it, or refuse to believe it.

You ALL have a Higher SELF whose resonance is NOT limited to the third dimensional earthly reality. 

Many humans are only using about 10% of their brain’s full capacity.

However, if you can connect with the innate Unconditional Love that is constantly being sent to you via your own Multidimensional SELF, if you can Unconditionally Love even 10% of your true Multidimensional SELF, YOU will greatly evolve your consciousness beyond the limitations of only using 10% of your higher potential into even 50%, or more, of your innate inner powers of: 

Remembering your Higher Dimensional SELF, deciding to expand your consciousness down into the Core of Planet Gaia. 

You all wrote your 
“Ascension for Gaia Plans” 
before you took your present earth vessel. 

And, if you can believe that the Third Dimensional YOU, and/or your Third Dimensional consciousness, expands beyond the limitations of your physical world, you will have the JOY and Honor of meeting with your own Higher SELF. 

You innate higher dimensional expression of SELF is the core of your being. 
A Multidimensional Being. 
You have chosen to take a third dimensional earth vessel so that you can better understand how YOU can assist dear Gaia, who is also a fifth dimensional planet, but, currently, limited by the overflow of humans, only perceiving their third dimensional body.

What if the humans allowed themselves to wonder, 
“Hmm, I realize that I have had many experiences, challenges and victories while only using a small capacity of my innate brain power, as well as using a small capacity of my innate “Heart Power.”

you ponder. 
“What if I expanded my Brain Power, and maybe even expanded my 
“Mind Power?” 
In fact, what it I expanded my Brain Power and my Heart Power by only 10%?

What would happen then?

Our response is: 

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 8:28 AM

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psyché: 15, CosmoAlma I, Mensaje de Esperanza,

Origen: psyché: 15, CosmoAlma I, Mensaje de Esperanza,

Thursday, December 19, 2019

15, CosmoAlma I, Mensaje de Esperanza,

* * *


Uds, Nutran sus almas, con pensamientos llenos de LUZ y  
AMOR, lean, escuchen música suave, el cuerpo astral lo compensara. Uds, Respiren profundo, y, mantengan la calma. No dejen que nada, ni nadie, altere la Armonía, y la Paz, del Espíritu.

Uds, Salgan a trabajar, provistos de la LUZ, y del AMOR 

 dijo el hermano Seramita  
Uds, No renieguen, uds, sean amables, rían, digan palabras agradables, y afectuosas, hagan
uds, que la alegría, sea la expresión de sus vidas. Si uds, se quedan en casa, no vean películas de violencia, ni escuchen música estridente, eviten
los problemas, si no es así, entonces, los resolverán con alegría, y amor. 

Uds, No griten a los niños, ni a los empleados, ni a los vecinos, ni a los amigos, ni cuando estén manejando el auto, ni a los compañeros de vida. 

Sean uds, seres de bien, en todos los momentos de la vida. 

 Este, Es un comienzo de nuevas realizaciones espirituales. 

Si uds pueden vencer sus emocionesnegativas-enfermas, uds sabrán que son capaces para continuar en el Camino de Regreso, y, eso les dará la fuerza interna para seguir adelante.

Recuerden hermanos, que son

dijo el hermano
y, que la fuerza, está con
ustedes. Nada los vencerá, ni el cigarro, ni las drogas, ni el
alcohol, ni los problemas de la vida, ni el placer del Ego, 
ni la falta de dinero, 
ni las críticas, ni las burlas, ni las emociones negativas, ni las enfermedades. 

Adelante Guerreros.

Nada podrá con ustedes, porque,
son almas antiguas, luchadoras e invencibles.

Uds Están en la recta final, no desistan, ya están llegando. 

En el caminar de la vida, uds, siempre han tenido con nosotros, tres herramientas que  los han ayudado: 



Existen seres, que se oponen a aceptar el Alineamiento Cósmico, Planetario y Humano, hacen declaraciones contrarias a nuestros mensajes, critican la petición del Alineamiento CósmicoEstos seres, aseveran, y, no sabemos cómo, o de dónde, pueden afirmar, diciendo
Que la unión de las energías, puede ser usada por fuerzas negativas, a su propio beneficio  

dijo el hermano Seramita

Es una pena comprobar, cómo la Fuerza Negativa, se vale de estas personas, para que la Fuerza Positiva, no cumpla a cabalidad, el pedido de LUZ, y AMOR ,al universo.

La plegaria al universo, dada por
nosotros, sus Hermanos Mayores
Ayaplianos, es un pedido de liberación para todos ustedes, y, también, para restablecer la Armonía, y Paz, en el planeta. 

A la Energía Negativa, no le conviene que uds hagan el trabajo energético, entonces, se vale de ciertas personas, y, a través de ellas, (no todas), la Fuerza negativa, difunde la distorsión, y la negatividad.

Esta, es la forma de cómo la  
Fuerza Negativa, ha dominado, y controlado, a las almas, en todos los tiempos, infundiéndoles miedo, inseguridad, temor y, sugestión colectiva. 

Uds, No deben escuchar esas voces… la fuerza del mal, lo hace, para desestabilizar, separar, y,
evitar la libertad consciente, y responsable, del Ser Humano.

* * *

* * 
* * *
You, Nourish your souls, with thoughts full of LIGHT and 

LOVE, read, listen to soft music, the astral body will compensate. 
You, take a deep breath, and keep calm. 
Do not let anything, or anyone, alter the Harmony, and Peace, of the Spirit.

You, go out to work, provided with LIGHT, and LOVE
–Said Brother Seramita – 
You, do not renounce, you, be kind, laugh, say pleasant words, and affectionate, make you, that joy, be the expression of your lives.

If you stay at home, do not watch violent movies, or listen to loud music, avoid problems, if not, then, you will solve them, with joy, and love.

You, don’t yell at the children, or the employees, or the neighbors, or the friends, or when you are driving the car, or the life partners.

Be you, beings of good, in every moment of life.

This, is a beginning of new spiritual realizations.

If you can overcome your sick-negative emotions, you will know that you are able to continue on the Return Path, and that will give you the inner strength to move on.

Remember brothers, that you are WARRIORS 
– said the brother
Interano – 

and, may the force be with you. Nothing will beat you, neither the cigar, nor the drugs, nor the alcohol, nor the problems of life, nor the pleasure of the Ego, nor the lack of money, neither criticisms, nor teasing, nor negative emotions, nor diseases.

Go ahead Warriors.

Nothing can against you, because, you are ancient souls, fighters and invincible.

You are at the finish line, do not give up, you are coming.

In the walk of life, you have always had with us three tools that have helped you:



There are beings, who oppose accepting Cosmic, Planetary and Human Alignment, make statements contrary to our messages, criticize the request of Cosmic Alignment.

These beings, they assert, and, we do not know how, or where, they can affirm, saying-That the union of energies, can be used by negative forces, for their own benefit.

– Brother Seramita said – 

It is a shame to see how the Negative Force uses these people, so that the Positive Force does not fully comply with the request for LIGHT, and LOVE, to the universe.

The prayer to the universe, given by us, your Elder Brothers
-Ayaplianos, is a request for liberation for all of you, and, also, to restore Harmony, and Peace, on the planet.

To the Negative Energy, it is not convenient for you to do the energy work, then, it uses certain people, and, through them, (not all), the Negative Force, spreads the distortion, and the negativity.

This is the way in which the 
Negative Force has dominated, and controlled, souls, at all times, instilling fear, insecurity, fear, and collective suggestion.

You must not listen to those voices … the force of evil does it, to destabilize, separate, and, avoid the conscious, and responsible freedom of the Human Being.

* * *