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Thursday, July 11, 2019

share, The Flow, of the NOW, of the ONE, The Arcturians, through Suzanne Lie,

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Friday, June 7, 2019

The Flow of the NOW of the ONE–The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie


The FLOW of the NOW of the ONE

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

Dear ONES,

By this we mean each and every ONE of you who is aware that your third-dimensional life is filled with brief pictures about both possible realities that are, or have been within your imagination, as well as your past realities, your future realities, and/or your present experience of reality.

Gradually, as you resonate more and more to your fifth-dimensional expression of SELF, you will be within the “flow of the no time of the NOW.” This flow of the NOW is something that will slowly and/or suddenly change.

The flow of “the no time of the NOW” is actually a fifth dimension perspective of the third/fourth-dimensional reality in which your earth vessel is now living. The challenge is that, shortly after having an experience of this shift into a higher perspective, there is the challenge of resonating to yet another, higher dimensional frequency of reality in your daily life.

Frequencies of reality that resonate within the higher fourth dimensional and/or the fifth dimension do NOT resonate to “time” in the manner that time is known on your third-dimensional reality. In fact, as many of you have seen, your concept of time greatly changes according to what you are doing.

If you are waiting in a long line to get something that you need, time runs VERY slow. On the other hand, when you are having a great experience, time seems to fly by very quickly. The reason for these different experiences of time is dependent on the frequency of your consciousness.

As you all know, when you have a mundane task that you have done many times, and seldom enjoyed, your frequency of consciousness lowers and time seems to slow down. On the other hand, if you are doing something that you love, time seems to fly by.

Actually, it is not just what you are doing that seems to change time, but how much you enjoy what you are doing. If you love doing something, then “time will fly by.” On the other hand, if you dislike what you are doing, “time will advance very slowly.”

On the other hand, when you are “living in the NOW of the ONE” you will be able to remember that “time is an illusion of the third/fourth dimension,” and ALL of YOU are ALL fifth dimensional, even though you often cannot perceive or communicate with this higher version of your SELF!

We, the Arcturians, are here within your NOW to assist you to remember:

WHO you are in the fifth dimension?

WHAT you do in the fifth dimension?

WHY you have chosen to resonate to the fifth dimension?

WHERE you are in the NOW of the ONE of the fifth dimension and?

WHEN will you be ready to KNOW that:


Actually, within this NOW, your Galactic Family, who took an earth vessel to assist Gaia during Her time of great need, are ready to assist you to STEP ONTO THE PATH of fifth-dimensional no-time, and thus the Path of Here and Now.

Of course, your third-dimensional brain, that is very busy keeping your third-dimensional vessel healthy and fully operational, is likely unaware of your shifting “states of consciousness”

Each of humanity’s many states of consciousness, which range from lower third dimensional all the way up into the higher fifth dimensional, are beginning to merge into a Oneness that has not occurred on Earth for many millennia.

This higher state of fifth-dimensional consciousness has NOT been normal, or even attainable, for so many ages of third-dimensional incarnations that many of you believe that you will be trapped in a third-dimensional vessel until you die.

Actually, the majority of humanity is not yet able to think in that manner because so much of their attention must be focused on survival and/or power over others—so that you can survive. It is for this reason, that we, your Galactic Family, are preparing for “First Contact” with the humans on Earth.

In preparation for these landings, we have allowed our ships to be visible whenever the ones who can perceive us, will perceive us. In this manner, “The Ones who remember,” will be happy to meet us and to participate in assisting us to assist humanity to prepare for the next frequency of reality to begin.

We, the members of your Galactic Family, are seeing that more and more of humanity are beginning to remember, or already knew, that they—the awakened and awakening ones—are remembering that Gaia’s Earth is a living being who is ready to expand into Her innate higher frequency of resonance.

Just as many humans cannot consciously perceive the fourth dimension reality in their daily life, many humans can not, and will not, perceive the fifth-dimensional Ships that we camouflage to look like clouds.

In fact, even when we lower our resonance to the higher third or fourth-dimensional frequency bands while camouflaged as clouds, many humans will NOT allow themselves to even look up and “imagine” that they are seeing that our Starship is nearby.

There are many “frequency bands” that encircle Gaia. There is, of course, the third-dimensional frequency band that is aligned with the surface of Gaia and most of humanity. Then there is the fourth-dimensional frequency band which aligns with all the birds, fish, animals, insects, and highly creative and innovative humans.

The humans who are aligned with the fourth-dimensional frequency bands of reality are often known as artists, musicians, writers, teachers, and inventors. In fact, some of this group are even able to sometimes perceive the fifth dimension.

It is to those that live and work within the higher fourth and fifth dimensions, that will be able to perceive our landings. Therefore they will also be the first ones to whom we can reveal our “landings.”

However, most of the humans will not be able to “believe that they can actually perceive us.” And, since they cannot believe it, their brains will NOT be able to perceive it. Fortunately, if they keep an open mind and a loving heart, they will “feel” within their heart, their mind, and their active imagination.

Sometimes, even those who active perceive us, cannot maintain the concept of our landings within their third/fourth-dimensional brain. Therefore, they often “forget.” However, once they have seen us, and KNOW deep inside that our Ships are REAL, their mind will open, their heart will feel us, and their perceptual field will increasing expand to encompass the fact that they did perceive a Starship!

However, they often need to “keep that experience to themselves.” The reason for this is that, unlike the birds, fish, animals, and insects that perceive Gaia as a living being, only a few humans with higher states of consciousness can allow themselves to perceive Gaia as “their Mother Earth!”

As soon as one thinks of Gaia as Mother Earth, She becomes a living being, the Mother who has enabled us to live, play and learn on a third-dimensional platform of reality. Fortunately, more and more adults, and many, many more children, are beginning to awaken to the truth that Gaia is a living being.

In fact, those that believe that Gaia is a living being are often able to use their “imagination—which is fifth-dimensional thought” to perceive Gaia as one being that begins within Her Crystal Core and extends through ALL Her five layers of the atmosphere.

Gaia’s atmosphere is that which protects Her from the dangers of “outer space.” In fact, Gaia’s atmosphere five layers, which are: The Troposphere, The Stratosphere, The Mesosphere, The Thermosphere, and The Exosphere

The Troposphere: Where Weather Happens

Of all the atmosphere’s layer’s, the troposphere is the one which we are most familiar, as it hugs the Earth where humans live.

The Stratosphere: Ozone’s Home

The stratosphere is the next layer of the atmosphere. It extends anywhere from 4 to 12 miles (6 to 20 km) above Earth’s surface up to 31 miles (50 km). This is the layer where most commercial airliners fly and weather balloons travel.

Here the air doesn’t flow up and down but flows parallel to the earth in very fast moving air streams. The temperature within the Stratosphere increases as you go up, because of the abundance of natural ozone.

The stratosphere has warmer temperatures at its bottom and cooler air at its top, convection (thunderstorms) is rare in this part of the atmosphere. In fact, you can visibly spot its bottom layer in stormy weather by where the anvil-shaped tops of cumulonimbus clouds are. How so? Since this layer acts as a “cap” to convection, the tops of storm clouds have nowhere to go but spread outward.

The Mesosphere: The “Middle Atmosphere”

Starting roughly 31 miles (50 km) above Earth’s surface and extending up to 53 miles (85 km) is the mesosphere. The mesosphere’s top region is the coldest naturally occurring place on Earth. Its temperatures can dip below -220 °F

The Thermosphere: The “Upper Atmosphere”

The thermosphere measures between 53 miles (85 km) and 375 miles (600 km) above the earth, and it contains less than 0.01% of all air within the atmospheric envelope.

Temperatures here reach upward to 3,600 °F (2,000 °C), but because the air is so thin and there are so few gas molecules to transfer the heat, these high temperatures would amazingly feel very cold to your skin.

The Exosphere: Where Atmosphere and Outer Space Meet

Some 6,200 miles (10,000 km) above the earth is the exosphere — the atmosphere’s outer edge. It is where weather satellites orbit the earth.

The Ionosphere

The ionosphere isn’t its own separate layer but is actually the name given to the atmosphere from about 37 miles (60 km) to 620 miles (1,000 km) high. It includes the top-most parts of the mesosphere and all of the thermosphere and exosphere.

Humanity’s concept of time and space if often VERY third dimensional. However, whenever a human has an experience of “losing time,” their perspective of reality can more easily change.

Time is something that too often seems to make life more difficult, as it is often aligned with doing work, having a deadline, paying your bills on time, and meeting other obligations “on time.”

On the other hand, when you are doing something that you love, you often “lose track of time” because you are “living in the NOW.” It appears that you are “living within the NOW” because your fifth-dimensional consciousness is not bound by third-dimensional concepts such up, down, over, about, and even ME and YOU.

Within the fifth dimensional NOW, you are all ONE. Therefore, who are “you” within that NOW? You are ALL “WE” because of the terms “all and we” are free of the polarities of third-dimensional individual thinking and perception.

Thinking third dimensionally is bound by beginnings and endings, and even middles. In fifth dimensional thinking WE all are HERE within this NOW. The keywords are “WE,” “HERE,” and “NOW” because the “individual I” is replaced with the “unity of WE.”

In the fifth dimension, WE are always focused on NOW. We are no longer bound by “Who is better? Who is the best?” There are no markers that create a “winner” or a “loser.” There are primarily experiences which you have the inner call to document and discuss so as to better understand a world without time, a world without competition, and a word without “good” and a world without “evil.”

The frequency of reality on fifth dimensional Earth is NOT based on how GOOD you DID, are DOING, or will DO! In the fifth dimension, the reality is based on HOW we allow ourselves to FLOW within the NOW of the ONE.

You do NOT focus on how you need love. You do NOT focus on your own individual experiences. Instead, you are honing your ability to tune into others who are now having problems with the information that YOU are NOW mastering.

In the fifth dimension, You see that YOU are beginning to think of reality from the perspective of your own higher dimensional self. In the fifth dimension, YOU can answer the questions of:

WHO you are in the fifth dimension?

WHAT you do in the fifth dimension?

WHY you have chosen to resonate to the fifth dimension?

WHERE you are in the NOW of the ONE?

WHEN you will be able to really KNOW that

YOU are in the Process of Personal and Planetary Ascension!

But, what does ascension mean?

Does Ascension have a Who, What, Why, Where and When?

If Ascension is a process of recalibrating your self to resonate beyond the third

and fourth dimensions of reality and into the fifth dimension of reality:

Which WHO inside you is willing to take on this “recalibration?”

WHAT would you become once you are recalibrated to the fifth dimension?

WHY would you allow your SELF to guide you into your process of ascension?

WHERE would you go to gain the information and COURAGE to make this transition?

WHEN would you begin this transition?

Yes, these statements are redundant, but you will need to go over them, again and again, to all allow your third/fourth-dimensional self to accept a “possible reality” that you know very little about. However, once you/we, who becomes US, have gained a degree of mastery over our third-dimensional reality, we also feel the urge to continue our


Please note that YOU and WE become interchangeable

while thinking in a fifth-dimensional FLOW of the ONE.

The ONE is not You or Me. The ONE is ALL of US!

Blessings from the Arcturians and ALL our Ascending Family

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 11:23 AM

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share2, CARTA ABIERTA, A EL SER UNO, Luzbel, y Lucifer, Albert Einstein ,

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AMORC – Die Rosenkreuzer

Albert Einstein 
to his daughter lieserl

At the end of the 1980 s, Albert Einstein’s “lost daughter” handed over 1400 letters from her father to Hebrew university on the condition that he would publish these at least 20 years after her death. 
This is an excerpt from a letter:

” when I presented relativity, very few have understood me and what I will reveal to you now, to communicate it to humanity, will also encounter misunderstandings and prejudices in the world.

I ask you to protect my letters as long as necessary until society is advanced enough to accept what I will explain to you next.

There is an extremely powerful force, for which science has not found a formal explanation until now. It is a force that includes and regulates all others and which is hidden behind each phenomenon in the universe and has not yet been identified by us.

This Universal Force is love.

When scientists were looking for a uniform theory of the universe, they forgot the invisible and most powerful of all forces.

Love is light that illuminates those who give them and receive them. Love is gravity, because it brings some people to feel attracted to others. Love is power because they have the best we have more and do not allow humanity to be wipe out by their blind selfishness. Love is unfolding and revealed. The love lives and dies. Love is God and God is love.

This force explains everything and gives a sense to life. This is the variable that we have ignored for too long, maybe because we are afraid of love because it is the only power in the universe that man has not learned to control according to his will.

To make love visible, I have made a simple exchange in my most famous equation. If we accept instead of e=mc2 that accept energy to heal the world through love, you can be multiplied by love multiplied by the speed of light up to the end that love is the most powerful force there is, because it is No limits.

After the failure of humanity in the use and control of the other forces of the universe that have turned against us, it is essential that we feed ourselves from a different kind of energy. If we want our way to survive, if we want to find a sense in life, if we want to save the world and all the most powerful beings that inhabit them, love is the only one and the last answer.

Maybe we are not yet ready to build a liebesbombe, an artifact that is powerful enough to destroy all the hate, the selfishness and greed that plagues the planet. However, every single one carries a small but powerful love generator, whose energy is waiting to be freed.

If we learn, dear lieserl, to give and receive this universal energy, we will find out that love overcomes everything, everything is transcended and everything can be because love is the quintessence of life.

I deeply regret not to have been able to express what is in my heart, which quietly has beaten all my life for you.

Maybe it’s too late to apologize, but since the time is relative, I have to tell you that I love you and that thanks to you I came to the last answer.

Your Father

Albert “

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February 16, 2018 at 5:55 PM ·

February 9, 2018 at 7:18 AM ·

CARTA ABIERTA A EL SER UNO… Buenos días Ser Uno, a lo largo del contenido de los libros hablan de la historia de Luzbel y Lucifer y todo lo que heredamos. También entiendo que el camino es convertirnos en chispas divinas del universo, esto quiere decir que estamos “combatiendo y transmutando” constantemente la oscuridad. Existen grupos secretos muy antiguos en todo el mundo, que saben el manejo de la energía y canalizan tecnología con los grises reptilianos. Hay conocimiento en el Internet, que la elite realiza rituales con hombres, mujeres y niños y muchas veces son sacrificados a los dioses. Mi pregunta es: ¿Porque El Ser Uno no nos habla de estos grupos? Pienso que es fundamental saberlo, ya que esos grupos intervienen directamente con los humanos, se puede decir que ellos son los que manipulan en gran cantidad la energía de la cual nosotros nos alimentamos… Un abrazo, Roberto.

RESPUESTA: Estimado Roberto… Si has leído los libros, también habrás notado que los Hermanos Mayores-Ayaplianos jamás dicen nombres, señalan o acusan determinando a tal o cual persona, organización, institución, grupo etc… Los Hermanos Mayores siempre hablan de una forma general, pero en la forma como ellos se expresan, nos dicen todo lo que necesitamos saber. A través de la lectura de los seis libros, nosotros vamos captando y entendiendo que el planeta por su historia, fue y está subyugado y abducido, por una fuerza muy grande llamada: Fuerza Reptiliana… ¿De dónde proviene y qué o quiénes son?… Sabemos también, sobre todo los Hermanos Mayores lo explican en el segundo libro, que las Energías-Pensamientos del planeta Tierra fueron contaminadas por las Energías-Pensamientos-negativas y enfermas del planeta Satién, el cual explosionó y uno de sus fragmentos se pegó en la base del planeta Tierra, trayendo para el desgracias, distorsión y grandes sufrimientos que hasta hoy en día no logramos erradicar ni transmutar.

EL SER UNO nos dice en el transcurso de su lectura, que existe esta Fuerza Reptiliana e inclusive nombra a las 22 organizaciones que dominan al planeta, las cuales están bajo el comando de esta fuerza nefasta. A través de la evolución (estamos hablando de 300 millones de años) la Fuerza-Reptiliana, oriunda de Satien, se enquistó como un virus en el alma humana, alimentándose de ella y convirtiéndose en lo que hoy en día es – Un Vampiro-Parásito – ¿Es necesario nombrarlos, darles diferentes nombres para saber qué o quiénes son?… “Por sus obras los conoceréis”… palabras sabias de un gran Avatar. Los seres despiertos ya los intuyen, saben que existen, perciben qué y quiénes son, poco a poco los están descubriendo, llegará el día que no se podrán ocultar…

Muchas almas en este planeta están parasitadas, se esconden con cuerpos humanos, pero sus almas son pavorosas. Viven en todos los niveles del planeta, desde los más pobres hasta los más ricos, desde aquellos que pasan desapercibidos, hasta los más famosos, se han enquistado en Gobiernos, Religiones y Reinados… Estas almas alimentan al parásito, nos daremos cuenta porque viven y hacen vivir a los demás una vida disipada, corrupta, perdida, llena de vicios y adicciones, degenerando sus sentidos externos y viviendo de acuerdo a las bajas pasiones de una energía-pensamiento-negativa y sumamente enferma. ¿Un parásito?… Sí, es un parásito energético que se lega de padres a hijos. ¿Todos lo tienen?… No, muchas almas ya se libraron de él. ¿Se desarrollan, crecen?… Sí, algunos de ellos son como las mariposas de noche, las cuales pueden ser muy pequeñas y otras muy grandes.

Otros se desarrollan como serpientes aladas que también pueden ser muy pequeñas o crecen enormes. Tenemos aquellos muy antiguos que dominan al planeta son como los dragones con apariencia humana, pero sus almas son dragones. ¿Son los que conocemos como: Demonios?… Sí son conocidos con los nombres: Demonios, Diablos, Satanás, Nefilins, Gárgolas etc. ¿Solo las almas están parasitadas?… Las almas, los países, el planeta… Vemos países subyugados y esclavizados por su gobierno y nos preguntamos ¿Qué sucede con ese país, por qué no puede salir y librarse del dominio y potestad de un presidente, partido y gobierno, negativo y malsano para su pueblo?… El parásito presidente-partido-gobierno se enquista primero en el primer chacra del país que es: El Alma del Pueblo y lo comienza a corromper, con promesas, dinero, puestos de trabajo, poder y más… de esta manera el pueblo corrupto comienza a alimentar a ese parásito que se colocó en la cabeza de una nación, lo hace crecer tanto, que un día ya no lo podrá manejar, eliminar ni erradicar.

¿Cómo el pueblo podrá librarse? Si el pueblo se dejó corromper y parasitar, entonces es el pueblo y solo el pueblo el que podrá librarse. Las almas del pueblo deberán dar un giro de 180 grados, vencer la corrupción, promesas y la codicia del dinero, cuando el pueblo haya tomado Consciencia de sí mismo y ame realmente a su nación, entonces podrá vencer no solo la batalla sino la guerra. El planeta Tierra está parasitado, porque funciona a través de sistemas tan fuertes que son los que dominan la faz de la Tierra: Sistema Financiero, Sistema de Salud, Sistema Educativo y tantos que suman 22 organizaciones que se encuentran bajo las directrices de la Fuerza Reptiliana, son dragones que se alimentan de las almas humanas. El Ser-Humano está despertando y transmutando lo negativo en positivo, cuando haya logrado más del 50% entonces podremos decir que la Fuerza-Positiva-Sana está venciendo la batalla y la guerra…

Las almas que NO están subyugadas y esclavizadas por esta fuerza, trabajan incansablemente para desarraigar este parásito que se enquista en la Glándula Pituitaria y hace todo lo imposible para no morir. Solo las almas despiertas que están trabajando su interior, que desean fervientemente la elevación de sus Energías-Pensamientos; aquellas que abrieron sus ojos del alma y tienen la capacidad de “ver” son aquellas almas guerreras y luchadoras que tendrán la Espada del Conocimiento, el Escudo del Entendimiento y la Fuerza del Amor para pisar con su fuerza de LUZ y AMOR la Cabeza-Serpiente-Demonio-Gárgola… ¿Se han preguntado qué hacen las Gárgolas en los techos de los templos? ¿Cómo un demonio puede ser el guardián de la casa de Dios?… ¡¡DESPIERTA TU CONSCIENCIA!!… Camino del Ser.

* * *