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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Suzanne Lie, Ph.D., has been a seeker since she was a child where her active “imagination” took her deep into her inner life. She continues to regularly share her experiences and Arcturian teachings on her blog, Awakening with Suzanne Lie, and she wishes to help awakening ones come out of hiding and allow the glory of their highest expression of SELF into their everyday life.
Friday, October 27, 2017

Accepting the Call to Transmute Gaia from Planetary to Galactic Culture–Arcturians through Sue Lie


Accepting the CALL to Transmute Gaia

From A Planetary Culture To a Galactic Culture

The Arcturians through Suzanne Lie

You must remember that you are NOT alone and that you have NEVER been alone. You came to this earth vessel to liberate Gaia from Her long process of living the illusion of being a third dimensional planet.

Therefore, you must liberate your selves from your personal illusion that you are just a “3D person.” Your process will begin by advancing your “concept of SELF” from a member of a “Planetary Culture” to being a member of a “Inter-dimensional Galactic culture.”

You have also had many different Home-worlds such as:

Venus, Mars, Pleiades, Tau Ceti, Andromeda, Arcturus, as well as many other planets, which you may not even know about in your current incarnation.

You usually chose each incarnation with a “theme, and/or dedication,” to transmute as many components of your SELF as you can into a fifth dimensional frequency of vibration, perception, and contribution. Yes, you all chose a contribution that you decided to contribute to Gaia within each of your incarnations.

Sometimes you were able to keep these “promises of contribution,” but sometimes you could NOT keep your promise. In fact, in some incarnation, you totally forgot all your past incarnation, and even forgot that you have had many incarnations—and will have many more!

For some reason, many human leaders wanted to tell people that they were innately “flawed” and would have to “work hard to be forgiven,” or they would NOT “make it to Heaven.” Heaven was often known of as a place where Angels fly around and play harps.

In reality, Heaven, is just like all the other frequencies of reality. However, the reality known as “Heaven” is a frequency of reality which resonates to the fifth dimension and beyond. As more and more people, animals, plants, and other members of Gaia’s Earth raise their frequency of the resonance of the fifth dimension, the entire planet will also raise Her resonance.

Gaia, who is the being also known as Earth, has been very patient with Her humans, who were meant to be the most evolved of all Her species. However, some “humans,” or those disguised as humans, have been the most destructive of all Gaia’s inhabitants.

Gaia is now raising Her frequency of resonance, as She is ready to begin Her process of Planetary Ascension. This process will be very difficult for the many human inhabitants who have lived their lives based on Service to Self rather than Service to Others.

These “denser beings” will likely be frightened by the Earth changes, which will continue to occur as every component of Gaia’s earth, air, fire, water, plant, animal, and human kingdoms accelerate their innate frequency of resonance into higher and higher frequencies of core resonance.

These higher frequencies of core resonance will first affect the more evolved humans, plants, animals and aspects of Gaia’s form by allowing themselves to fully awaken to their true, Multidimensional SELF.

We are happy to see that even those humans who have always been dense and static are beginning to become less dense and increasingly mobile. In fact, more and more components of Gaia’s third dimensional reality are restructuring themselves in order to resonate to higher and higher frequencies.

This “restructuring” of Gaia’s form, down into the baseline beings of the elementals, is causing great inconvenience for the humans who have always lived via “power over others.” The fear that has always driven their lives has expanded, as their behavior continues to become increasingly erratic.

On the other hand, the innate transition that the awakened, and awakening ones, are experiencing is expanding their consciousness to perceive, and experience, higher and higher frequencies of reality. Of course, these higher frequencies of reality are not “seen” in the same manner as physical persons perceive their physical reality.

As a physical human’s consciousness begins to expand into the higher fourth and fifth dimension, his/her innate “imagination” reveals important information that these “budding leaders for Gaia” know they must share with others.

As with all major transitions, if one is aware of, and prepared for, change, they can more easily release their “resistance to change.” Resistance to change is common for all of humanity.

Fortunately, as humanity can more easily and naturally open their consciousness to embrace the excitement and adventure of being a member of a Galactic Society, the process of planetary transmutation will flow more quickly and freely.

Fortunately, more and more “human beings” are also embracing the process of opening their consciousness to the fact that they, TOO, are “galactic beings” who took a third dimensional form on Gaia to assist Her as She moves deeper, and higher, into Her process of Planetary Transmutation.

Since human earth vessels are constructed of the same elements of earth, air, fire, water and either as Gaia’s body, humans can align with the collective process of planetary evolution by allowing their core, elemental self, to also expand into a higher dimensional resonance.

Both Gaia, and ALL her inhabitants, are preparing for “The Great Transition” into the next octave of resonance/reality. In Gaia’s past, whenever a human began to resonate to their fifth dimensional resonance, they disappeared to the vision of those whose consciousness still resonated to the third/fourth dimensions.

In fact, there have been special places that also seemed to “disappear” to the perception of the third dimensional humans. However, these places and people were still there, but their resonance is beyond the perception of most humans.

Even now, there are still many humans who will not perceive the fifth dimensional beings who have always been guiding them. Fortunately, as they expand their consciousness into the fifth dimensional resonance, they can also expand their perceptions into the fifth dimensional resonance of reality.

In fact, more of you have had this experience, but you thought it was “just your imagination,” or “just a dream.” We say to you all within this NOW that “imagination,” as well as your “higher dimensional dreams,” are REAL, fifth dimensional experiences.

However, just as you perceive your fourth dimensional “dreams and/or creative world” in a different manner than you perceive your daily, mundane world, you also perceive the fifth dimensional reality in a very different manner.

Just as you do NOT perceive your fourth dimensional imagination and dream world in the same manner that you perceive your third dimensional reality, you will NOT perceive the fifth dimension in the same manner that you perceive the third and fourth dimensional realities.

Yes, all of these “different dimensions” have different life forms that exist within each dimensional reality. There are many higher dimensional realities that are filled with life forms that are unfamiliar to your third dimensional perspectives.

Fortunately, when you “meditate” or have a special “dream,” your earth body can experience a moment of calibration to the fifth dimensional realities to which Gaia and Her inhabitants are returning. We wish we could say that all of Gaia’s inhabitants will return to the fifth dimension, but Gaia is an “energy out—energy back” planet.

In other words, whatever energy fields humanity puts out into the “life flow” of third/fourth dimensional Earth, will return to the senders. Because the third dimensional “life flow” is ruled by TIME and SPACE, you will often need to be at a certain place at a certain time to be able to fully align your Personal Consciousness with the Planetary Consciousness of that given location.

The different organs of your physical body are located on different areas of your body, need different kinds of food and personal care, and exist on a spectrum from “a healthy organ” to an “injured or unhealthy organ.”

In the same manner that you would give special attention to a part of your physical body that is injured, or unhealthy, you will all give special attention to any part of Gaia’s body that appears to be injured, harmed, unhealthy and/or in need of special attention.

What we the Arcturians, as well as your entire Galactic Family, wish to remind you is that EVERY ONE of you chose to take a physical earth vessel during this NOW. As you are all aware, some humans love Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants.

On the other hand, some humans do NOT perceive Gaia as a living being, but as a patch of land that they can “make money off of,” or “do what they please with.” These “humans,” who usually are not really humans, but Illuminati/Dark Ones, care only for their own personal, financial, or official gain.

We regret that sometimes these beings are able to take over a situation in which they have the ability to fully exercise their innate need to have “power over.” However, there are still human lessons that some humans must learn from their own mistakes or personal lack of inner guidance. These humans are the ones who will NOT be ready to transmute their consciousness and physical form into the resonance of the fifth dimension.

Fortunately, since time is an illusion of the third dimension, if they can just expand their consciousness into the fourth dimension, they can move their consciousness into the fourth dimensional “shifting waves of time” that will allow them to, at the very least, visit the higher dimensional realities.

These “shifting waves of time” will reach into higher and higher dimensions of “time/space” as Gaia moves more and more into Her innate fifth dimensional resonance. Gaia was always meant to be a fifth dimensional planet, but the Dark Ones attacked Her because they knew that she was the prophesized “Ascension Planet.”

This Ascension Planet, also known as Earth or Gaia, was once a beautiful world with myriad types of persons, places, situations and things. However, since Gaia was “The ONE to ascend,” the Illuminati, who could not ascend because they chose to live the “Path of Power Over” rather than the “Path of Power Within,” tried to take over Gaia.

Unfortunately, their invasion of Earth was quite successful and lasted far too long. Fortunately, there were wonderful eras in which the “Power Within” humans where able to create strong, “Peak Societies” where people lived in Unconditional Love and Service to Others.

We, the Arcturians, as well as the other “Protectors of Unconditional Love,” “Power Within,” and “Service to Others,” created amazing Peak Societies. The members of these “Peak Societies,” such as Lemuria, Atlantis, early Greece, and early Rome loved their planet Gaia and treated Her as their Mother.

That is until the “dark ones” took over. Because Gaia chose to be a “free-will planet,” her humans could choose to live via “power over others.” It was during these times that much damage was done to all of Gaia’s life forms. However, this darkness also served as a teacher, in the opposite manner in which the Light is a teacher.

The Light teaches humanity that which is loving, kind, unselfish and prepared to transmute into the higher frequencies of reality. On the other hand, the darkness taught fear, anger, selfishness, greed, which always caused major damage to Gaia’s planetary body.

When the humans finally learned the harsh lessons of the darkness, many of them returned their society to a “Society Based on Light.” Then, there was another peak experience society. On and on, the darkness and the light took their turn at ruling the planet. The darkness destroyed, and the light rebuilt and expanded that which had been destroyed.

That is, as much as possible was returned to the light. Unfortunately, there are many areas of Gaia which will only be able to be rebuilt when Gaia returns to Her true Multidimensional Planet and can offer the prospect of a fifth dimensional society once the humans could balance their consciousness in the higher dimensions and choose to live via Unconditional Love.

But, dear Gaia is tired now. She has had enough of the cycles of change from light to dark, and then from the dark back to light. Gaia has been an “educational planet” long enough. She greatly enjoyed the Light, just as the humans did, but the Darkness left too many scars on Her planetary body, many of which still have not been healed.

Fortunately, finally, more and more humans are evolved enough now to realize that they are Multidimensional Beings. Therefore, they can travel up the frequency trail of Light into the higher dimensions of Gaia’s Multidimensional SELF to visit Gaia’s higher dimensional expressions of reality.

These higher dimensional representatives of Gaia are great teachers and are happy to pass on their great wisdom to those who can maintain a fifth dimensional state of consciousness long enough to receive and understand these higher messages.

Once these Ascending Ones have received, documented, and understood these higher messages, they are asked to share that information with other humans who are ready to assist Gaia with Her planetary ascension.

These beings have brought this information down to the people with the intention of awakening them. Unfortunately, too often, the darkness was so strong that it could easily extinguish the light, so the eras of darkness were too often longer than the eras of Light.

Therefore, many members decided that they would find that LIGHT inside themselves. They did not need to be martyrs to bring in the next transition from darkness into light, as they could be unconditional loving teachers, scribes, artists and leaders.

In other words, there is a new era of “Power Within” humans who have spent many incarnations on the fifth dimensional Starships and Home Worlds, as well as many incarnations on dear Gaia’s Earth learning and teaching what was necessary to best prepare Gaia, and as many of Her beings as possible, for PLANETARY ASCENSION.

What does Planetary Ascension mean, and how can we assist in creating it?

This is a question which each “Service to Others” member of Gaia ascending Earth, must find within their own higher frequencies of their own Multidimensional SELF! Are these Awakened ONES, serving as humans on Gaia during this NOW of transmutation into a fifth dimensional reality ready NOW to ACCEPT GAIA’S CALL?

What is this Call? What does “Gaia’s Call” mean? It is because more and more brave, transmuting human ones are expanding their consciousness from Personal Consciousness, to Group Consciousness, to Planetary Consciousness that Gaia will be able to

Transmute reality from a Planetary Culture To a Galactic Culture.

We Arcturians will return soon to tell you more about Planetary and Galactic Cultures.

Blessings from We the Arcturians, as well as ALL your Star Family.

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 8:58 AM

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June 21, 2019

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Uno de los muchos visitantes en sus cuerpos de noche, despertó con una vaga memoria de la Nave Madre…


Queridísimos Arcturianos, entrego mi SER en su gran luz de manera de que puedan asistirme en recordar mi sueño/visita a su Nave Madre.


Nuestro Querido ascendente, nos has pedido repetidamente que te asistamos en recordar tus “sueños” de las visitas nocturnas a nuestra Nave. Por esto, te asistiremos en recordarlas ahora. “Recordaré mi sueño?”, es el mensaje código que te has dado a ti mismo para recordar tu “sueño”.

Primero, sabe que recordarás tus sueños en imágenes, y sensaciones. Si necesitas continuar llamándolo “recordando tu sueño”, permítete hacerlo. Usando la palabra “recordando” calma cualquier remanente de ego que pudiera atemorizarte por el concepto de visitar nuestra Nave en tu cuerpo nocturno.

Cualquier truco que necesites para engañar a los remanentes de tu ego está bien. Pronto, estos trucos ya no serán más necesarios.

Despertaste con la oración de, “Recordaré mi sueño?”. Esta pregunta fue el mensaje de soporte que te tradujo a ti desde tu experiencia de “sueño” en la Nave hacia el recuerdo de tu cuerpo físico. Para captar tu experiencia de sueño dentro de tu memoria física:

-Comienza recordando el sentir las imágenes…

-Permite a tus percepciones cambiar desde las percepciones de tu cuerpo nocturno hacia las percepciones de tu cuerpo físico…

-Ve tu entorno en la manera nebulosa del mundo astral…

-Escucha como si estuvieras escuchando un mensaje distante…

-Siente tu sentido de tacto en una manera distinta, ya que no hay más sensaciones de algo diferente contra tu forma.

Por ejemplo, tu cuerpo físico está sentado en una silla escribiendo tu experiencia. Tu cuerpo físico tiene un borde, el cual hace interfaz con el borde de la silla, y hay una sensación donde las dos diferentes sustancias se encuentran, aún siendo discreta. Ahora:

-Siente el cuerpo nocturno que usaste durante tu visita a la Nave…

-Experimenta un atisbo de frialdad, ya que no estás más en posesión del calor de tu forma física.

Sin tu forma física, ya no tienes más la misma sensación de calor. No obstante, tienes una sensación de ser una nube. Tienes esta sensación porque tu mente está tratando de encontrar una conexión con alguna sensación de forma. Tu mente desea encontrar una correlación de “tener una forma”, porque está intentando hacer su trabajo manteniéndote seguro en tu  mundo físico.

Tu mente ha tenido muchas experiencias dentro de esta vida que han sido consideradas un poco locas por tu entorno infantil. Por lo tanto, te has adaptado creando versiones correlativas de tu realidad interna que no interfieren con tu habilidad de permanecer funcional en tu vida física. Son estas adaptaciones mentales que han hecho tan difícil para ti recordar que ha estado pasando en tu cuerpo nocturno.

Estas adaptaciones mentales te han hecho olvidar tus visitas nocturnas a la nave. La memoria directa de estar en la Nave hubiera deshabilitado tu habilidad de funcionar exitosamente en una sociedad que te hubiera etiquetado como “loco” si hubieras recordado. Por lo tanto, te pedimos ahora tomar con cariño esta adaptación mental, que ha tomado una personalidad propia para protegerte.


Gracias, Arcturianos. Lo haré como me pidieron…

Querida Adaptación Mental,  muchas gracias por protegerme. No estaba listo para saber qué estaba sucediendo en mi cuerpo nocturno. Gracias por los muchos años que me has protegido.

Querida Adaptación Mental, debido a que has sido tan vital en mi vida, te doy el privilegio de ser uno de los primeros componentes de mi SER Multidimensional en ascender/ ir a Casa. En otras palabras, no te necesito más para despertarte conmigo. Puedes permanecer en la Nave. Antes de ahora, estar en la Nave hubiera sido atemorizante, pero ahora estoy listo para recordar esa experiencia.

También estoy listo para practicar vivir en dos mundos a la vez. Por lo tanto a tí, mi protectora, te será permitido permanecer en la Nave Madre Arcturiana. Esta Nave Madre es el “planeta” Hogar de los Arcturianos. Permanecerás allí para ser mi recibidora de bienvenida.

Entonces Me recibiré cuando entren en la Nave, y TÚ puedes asistirME adaptándote a mi verdadera forma en la Nave. Luego, así como me podría mudar a mi nuevo Hogar poco a poco, gradualmente moveré más y más de mí ser en Tierra hacia mi verdadero Hogar en la Nave.


Deseamos que reconozcas ahora, que estás escuchando el nombre y sintiendo a la persona que dijo que te encontraría en la nave anoche. Este acuerdo de encontrar un amigo en la Nave es otro truco para engañar a tu ego protector.

Permite la sensación de esa persona en tu conciencia de manera que puedas encontrar la sensación. Encontrar la sensación emocional de una persona con la que has acordado encontrarte te conectará con esa persona, así como a los otros visitantes. Algunos de estos visitantes no son humanos, y no son tridimensionales.

Tú ves esta persona ahora, que está pasando por su propio proceso de recordar. Está del otro lado de la habitación, lo que significa que sus auras no están en conexión aún. Cada uno de ustedes debe ir a través de su propio proceso de recordar su “sueño” antes de que puedan conectarse en este estado de conciencia. Por lo tanto, por favor regresa a tu proceso de recordar…


Me siento a mí mismo en mi cuerpo nocturno, astral, el cual es más como una que como una forma física. Todos alrededor mío están en sus cuerpos astrales también. Hemos todos elegido recordar nuestras visitas de manera de que podamos mejor asistir a otros a recordar las suyas. Puedo sentir que somos de muchas áreas diferentes, primariamente de la Tierra, pero hay algunos Venusinos.

Los Terrestres somos de muchos diferentes caminos de vida. Algunos son muy viejos, otros de mediana edad o jóvenes y algunos son niños. ELLOS están en sus cuerpos nocturnos, que son de la misma edad y apariencia que su envase terrestre pero de una frecuencia ligeramente superior. Estamos todos muy felices de estar aquí.

De hecho, al mirar alrededor, veo que muchos de nosotros estamos en el mismo estado de tratar de traer esta experiencia de regreso en nuestra vida 3D. Estaba por decir, de regreso en nuestra vida despierta, pero me doy cuenta ahora que nuestra vida 3D es nuestra vida dormida, y esta realidad es nuestra verdadera vida despierta. Queridos Arcturianos, siento como si estuviese perdiendo mi conexión lúcida. Pueden asistirme?

Sonrío e instantáneamente siento los Arcturianos directamente en frente de mí asistiéndome en permanecer presente en esta experiencia. Me están recordando que compartiré mi proceso con otros que están listos para recordar. Los Arcturianos luego me recuerdan que recuerde este sentimiento, la emoción y la sensación de una frecuencia diferente de conciencia. Tomo un momento para enfocarme en estas sensaciones…

Al re-enfocar mi atención, recuerdo que esta experiencia íntima de mi cuerpo nocturno 4D mientras estoy en la forma 3D es un precursor de la íntima experiencia de mi cuerpo de luz 5D mientras estoy sosteniendo una forma terrestre. Estoy ahora escuchando el mensaje principal que todos estamos recibiendo en nuestras visitas nocturnas.

Este mensaje  es que estamos comenzando a SER nuestro SER Multidimensional mientras sostenemos nuestro envase terrestre. Mantendremos nuestro envase terrestre a través del tiempo del proceso de ascensión de manera de que podamos movernos hacia atrás y hacia adelante entre mundos. Así como podemos elegir movernos hacia nuestro nuevo hogar mientras estamos aún viviendo en nuestro viejo hogar, nos moveremos hacia nuestra nueva forma mientras mantenemos la vieja forma.

Este proceso de ascensión no será para todos, pero será para la mayoría de los Abridores, esto es los Abridores del Portal. Necesitaremos mantener nuestra vieja forma, ya que este cuerpo servirá para asistirnos en mantener los portales abiertos mientras otros se mueven a través de ellos. La mayoría de nosotros que somos descendientes de Arcturianos y / o Pleyadianos somos Abridores.

Por lo tanto, mantendremos nuestras raíces en ambos mundos hasta que nuestro proceso de ascensión esté completo.


Ya que el tiempo es una ilusión, lo cual cambiará aún más al continuar tu ascensión, no hay necesidad de saber “cuanto más” el proceso continuará. Tu proceso de ascensión continuará hasta que esté completo. Por lo tanto, está dentro de este AHORA que estás comenzando a vivir en dos ( o más ) realidades dentro de un estado continuo de conciencia. Este estado de conciencia continuo comienza recordando tus visitas a la Nave, o donde sea que vayas de visita en tu cuerpo nocturno.


Gracias Arcturianos. Nuevamente, regreso a mi experiencia…

Al estar en esta habitación astral, tetradimensional, siento la nube de conciencia que nos conecta a todos nosotros. Algunos  de nosotros no somos capaces de conectarnos con ningún otro cuerpo astral, pero la mayoría de nosotros puede conectarse con los Recibidores.

Los Recibidores son miembros de la Nave Madre que han bajado su resonancia para recibirnos y ayudarnos a subir nuestra energía hacia la quinta dimensión. Una vez que podemos mantener nuestra resonancia pentadimensional, mientras nuestra forma 3D duerme, podemos experimentar íntimamente la Nave en una manera completamente despierta.

He sido capaz de recordar mis visitas en forma de  “un cuento”, pero no como una experiencia directa. Por lo tanto, permaneceré aquí en esta área tetradimensional para anclar completamente mi conciencia física con mi conciencia astral. Mi conciencia astral está permaneciendo en la Nave aunque mi sueño haya terminado.


Permitiéndote a ti mismo recordar gradualmente tus vistas nocturnas, estás creando la realidad en la cual tu ascensión procede lentamente pero de forma segura. Este proceso de ascensión es similar a moverse hacia una nueva casa, habitación por habitación. Tu decisión de crear este tipo de ascensión fue hecha antes de que tomaras tu cuerpo actual.

Hubieron muchas elecciones pre-encarnatorias que fueron hechas, todas las cuales fueron directamente relacionadas con tu Misión. La parte más bella de la ascensión de Gaia y de Sus muchos Seres, es que cada UNO y todos han ganado un sentido de individualidad. Luego usarás tu gran sentido de creatividad individual para crear tu propia ascensión. Nosotros, tu Familia Galáctica y Celestial, estamos disfrutando grandemente al observar, así como al asistirlos en su proceso.

Esto es suficiente “recuerdo” por ahora. Permite que lo que has recordado se incruste profundamente en tu conciencia. De esta manera, no olvidarás lo que has recordado y aprendido. Permite a las piezas del puzzle de tu proceso caer juntas pieza por pieza.

Recuerda que nosotros, los Arcturianos, estamos aquí para ayudarte cuando sea que nos llames. Te bendecimos en tu viaje y esperamos tu regreso con alegría y Amor incondicional.

Los Arcturianos

A través de Suzanne Lie, PhD


Traducción al español – Sonidos de Arcturus y Andrómeda

Si copia o re-publica este mensaje, respete estos créditos. Muchas Gracias!

Publicado 22nd February 2013 por LUZ ZOHAR


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