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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

share_A Promise to Mother Earth

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Saturday, November 25, 2017

A Promise to Mother Earth-Through Suzanne Lie



I know there is a way to be
Always Happy – Always Free
Within that NOW, there is no time
There is no reason. There is no rhyme
At the edge of NOW
There is no “me”
Since ALL is ONE
There is only WE
What if before we entered Earth
We knew it was for our re-birth
We came from knowing we were ONE
To join the planet, third from the Sun
We knew that planet was known as Earth
Would be where we would find re-birth
But, we had to know that we must be
At ONE with all that we could see
We saw that Earth would need our love
From deep within to high above
But when we came, we soon forgot
And we began to look for what WE sought
We forgot that Gaia was our Mother
And above Her, we should place no other
Now Gaia cries for us to be
The healer of all that we could see
But we forgot, the reason why
And damaged Earth, Air, Water and Sky
And then, one day, we looked above
To find that we could still give love
We began to love our Earthly Mother
For we remembered She is above all other
Our human needs began to be
Second to making dear Gaia Free
There were the ones who could not give
As it was for wealth that they did live
But those who loved dear Mother Earth
Began to have a Great Re-birth
Beloved Mother, we did cry
We know you’re wounded, and we know why
We promise NOW to Love your being
And send our LOVE to ALL we’re seeing
We remember now, how we looked away
And thought we’d help some other day
But days and months and years passed by
And we forgot to hear to your cry
Dear Mother Earth, we are awakening
And now, at last, we are remembering
Dear planet Earth, you are our Mother
And above you, we must place NO other
We came to Earth from far away
To prepare your body for today
But it was our SELF we did ignore
Till we could not know it, any more
But, slowly NOW, we do remember
WE are the taker, and the Sender
Do we want to take what belongs to you?
Is that really what we want to do?
“NO, NO,” we cry to Mother Earth
We remember we came for YOUR re-birth
Therefore, we send you our Heart and Mind
So that our Mission, we can find
If our heart is opened, and our mind is free
We will remember who we came to BE
We came to be ONE with you Dear Earth
To send you love for YOUR rebirth
The journey here was not to be
To capture all that we could see
We came to give, and NOT to take
But, instead we made a big mistake
So NOW we send you service and love
From deep within and High above
We remember NOW we are to be
The stewards of all that we can see
We ask you Gaia to forgive
The life that we once chose to live
We promise NOW to serve dear Mother
And, to put YOUR planet above all other
We release our selfish human being
To remember it is YOU, we’re freeing
We see you NOW as our dear Mother
The ONE who is above all Other
We put you first within our Heart
So that YOUR ascension FINALLY start!

Through Suzanne Lie

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 10:36 AM

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