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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

sharing, Arcturian Group, Message, 12/2/18,

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Arcturian Group Message 12/2/18
Sun 12/2/2018, 11:17 AM

DECEMBER 2, 2018

People all over the world are becoming increasingly aware of the hidden agendas of those dedicated to self service. 

The false beliefs and concepts that have ruled the three dimensional world for centuries are surfacing in order to be transmuted once again into energies of Light. 

Energy does not dissolve, but rather changes form as evolution takes place. Other planets have done it and it is now earth’s turn to graduate into being a planet in alignment with other evolved planets.

Do not allow the chaos of the outer scene to lodge in consciousness as reality, but rather remember that Divine Consciousness, which is all that exists, is incapable of and thus never has expressed Itself as chaos, violence, or suffering. If God did not form Itself as these things then they must only exist as false creations, manifestations of a collective mind conditioned by beliefs of duality and separation.

This is the illusion that is so often spoken of. Earth and her people are real and not illusory but hypnotized states of consciousness interpret her realities falsely. This constitutes the illusion.

The heat is being turned up so to speak, because those who stand to be acknowledged publicly for their self serving actions fear this exposure and are attempting to keep the status quo by means of tricks and fear tactics that have been successful in the past–anything to distract and keep the majority un-informed.

Learn to stay centered, resting in that clear, cool well of contentment within, regardless of outer appearances. Watch less news, detach from 24/7 electronics, and be alert to aligning with negative discussions. If or when you find yourself in this type of situation, don’t correct the others, but rather stay centered and aligned, tossing out a seed or more of truth where there is receptivity.

There are times when you may be guided to join a heated conversation in order to add Light that will help to open and lift the energy. Never “cast your pearls” where they can be trampled on but rather let intuition always be your guide, which may be to say or do nothing. This is how you secretly and silently pour gentle rain of Light on the fires of confusion. This is Lightwork.

There are many in the world who are spiritually ready to go deeper but who remain reluctant, hesitant to do anything that might change their comfortable three dimensional lifestyle. These dear ones usually do not open to the deeper truths without some sort of wake up call forcing them out of their comfort zone.

No one incarnates without first creating a contract that they themselves draw up with the help of Guides and teachers. Spiritual contracts are agreed upon lesson plans for chosen experiences and interactions necessary for spiritual growth. Contracts can be changed, but few realize this. In spite of what third dimensional thinking promotes, no one is on earth simply to enjoy concepts of pleasure through any means available.

All is proceeding according to plan, never doubt this. Physical eyes can only see the material, but you are reaching a new place by virtue of your inner work where you will begin to access higher frequencies that exist beyond the third dimension. Many of you are already doing this. Do not doubt when you begin to have deep and clear insights or have experiences that were previously unavailable to you.

You are becoming YOU as old cellular memory is cleared and higher frequency Light is integrated. You are beginning to align consciously with your Higher Self who has been present in every lifetime, even though you were mostly unaware of her. Talk to your Higher Self for she/he has been lovingly awaiting your recognition since the beginning.

Each day more people are awakening and although they may not voice this to those around them, they are starting to question the status quo and seek for better and more loving ways of living. The train of spiritual evolution has left the station and is moving forward. Any attempt to slow or speed up the train by running back and forth in the train cars is futile.

We wish to speak of self- love. We have often spoken of love, what it is and how it is, but there remains a great need on earth for real self-love, one not based self importance and ego. Until an individual is able to love and respect self, he will be blocked from entering fully into unconditional love because he has left himself out of ONE and thus remains in alignment with separation.

Humans beings are taught from birth that certain codes of conduct must be adhered to in order to be loved and accepted by society. If the parents are somewhat evolved, these codes will be primarily based in love but others are taught codes of conduct that arise out of denser belief systems.

Every person brings their attained state of consciousness with them at birth because in reality you are consciousness and not just physical bodies. This effects if and how these codes of conduct are accepted and lived which is why parents should not always be blamed for the actions of their children.

Every person, no exceptions, seeks love and acceptance because Oneness is the reality that underlies all creation. Realization of Oneness is what evolution is and has always been about. Every soul innately, but usually unconsciously seeks to once again experience the wholeness of realignment with SELF–Source.

This is the force that drives and governs the actions of human beings in accord with their level of awareness. The love, acceptance, and sense of wholeness that every soul has sought lifetime after lifetime, is already fully present within but remains dormant and inaccessible until consciously realized.

If love and acceptance is only received in negative ways, for instance from gang participation or some other organized group, desperate and un-awakened individuals will do whatever is required in order to experience acceptance and a sense of belonging. (love and wholeness)

Third dimensional ideas about how to experience love and acceptance are usually promoted as being dependent on accomplishment– concepts that often drive individuals to use any means to be beautiful, handsome, rich, strong, and powerful, etc. etc. in the belief that once these things are attained, they will finally have the sense of completeness, love, and acceptance that they seek.

These dear ones often force themselves into the particular mold they believe will make them worthy, by means that often drain them of true individuality. However for some who are spiritually ready, these exercises in futility can be a part of their pre-birth contract, one designed to move them once and for all beyond seeking love outside of themselves.

Drugs and alcohol are often relied upon when even after achieving human success, there remains an inner longing for more and sense of failure. These and other distractions can temporarily relieve the pain but these feelings will continue from lifetime to lifetime until that which the heart seeks is discovered within. The soul’s yearning to be whole is what drives mankind’s continual search for the right partner, a better job, more money, beauty, power etc. etc.

What you as evolving students of truth must never lose sight of is that no one has ever or can ever be separate from love. Once this truth becomes your living breathing state of consciousness, the yearning drive to seek love and acceptance from the outer things (jobs, partners, money, education etc.) dissolves. Only God is love and when you see a loving person, know that it is God expressing ITself through them. Love exists fully present within you now–you are IT.

Many who lash out physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually at others have consciously or unconsciously recognized those same unacceptable qualities in themselves although they will deny this in every way possible. Self loathing is usually disguised as righteousness taken to intense levels of judgement and even violence against certain individuals or groups.

This behavior is common among those who hold to strict religious rules and regulations of what is right and wrong. When these dear ones suspect or discover something within themselves outlawed by their narrow belief system, they lash out at anyone or group represents these qualities in an attempt to convince themselves and those around them that the issue is not a part of them.

Because energy always seeks to align with like energy (oneness) that which is being judged, is in alignment with similar energy in the person doing the hating and judging, otherwise there could be no reaction or even awareness of the issue.

Intense personal reactions to some person or group occasionally pop up even for the very evolved, causing confusion and guilt. This happens because energy from a former belief system is still resonating in cellular memory. Without judgement or guilt, utilize these types of experiences as wonderful tools for more fully examining and clearing energies you may still be holding in consciousness.

As individuals become spiritually enlightened, they often experience intense guilt over past actions. This is normal as you begin to see the world with awakened eyes. Experiences are how humans spiritually grow and evolve until they are no longer needed. Do not give some un-loving action of the past power over you because it has only the power you choose to give it. All experiences are steps along the path of enlightenment and without them you and the others involved would not be where you are now.

Earth school is a teaching school that begins which pre-school, moves to grade school, then high school, college, and graduate school where most of you are now earning the right to teach and assist others coming up the ladder behind you. It is never wisdom to burn down the school once you graduate or to sit back doing nothing in the false belief that you have arrived. Evolution is a group effort– ONE individualized as the many.

Rejoice in your failures and in the parts of yourself that have caused you shame. We are not saying that it is fine to continue with actions that reflect separation once you know better, but we do say that it is time to accept that you grew and learned from these experiences qualifying you now to assist others dealing with the same issues.

In spite of what many paths teach, there is no right way to become more spiritual, because you already are as spiritual as you will ever be. No path, teacher, tool, or experience can make you more spiritual than you already are. Evolution is simply the process of remembering and accepting this fact until it becomes a permanent state of consciousness.

If you are guided to read these messages, it means you are ready to let go and move on from the million and one concepts the world presents regarding spirituality, most of which involve looking to some person, place, or thing outside of yourself. Accept the reality of who and what you are and only ever will be. This is how you love yourself.

To know self as SELF is self love.

Allow any shadow parts to assume their rightful place as representative of who you thought you were at that time. Let everything that has caused you to feel “less than” fade away and Light to take its place. Everyone is only required to live their highest attained level of awareness, doing the best they can with what they know in all situations. There are some who continue to live out from an outgrown level of awareness in order to be accepted by others.

Humans chose to experience separation when they picked earth as their evolutionary path. There are those on other planets who have and are evolving without third dimensional experiences. When fully aligning with the lower resonating energies of duality and separation, humans are unable to access the higher frequencies of their spiritual nature. This is the so called “veil” that prevents most humans from accessing the higher frequencies. This is rapidly changing.

Every incarnating soul is aware of the “veil” before choosing “Earth School”. Those of you reading these messages have weathered many three dimensional storms, lived as all races and both genders, and have experienced intense fear and suffering as well as joy and happiness throughout your hundreds of lifetimes.

Because of this, those drawn to you for spiritual assistance will not tell you anything new or that will shock and dismay because you have already either heard about or experienced it in this or some other lifetime making you a teacher who embodies truth, understanding, patience, and unconditional love.

We are the Arcturian Group 12/2/1

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019


 “El cuerpo-hombre-planeta-Tierra no necesita de tanto alimento: Con poco y bien balanceado puede vivir perfectamente.
 El hombre debe alimentarse equilibradamente. 
Cuando la forma-hombre fue creada en el laboratorio, la formaron con una energía más liviana y la programaron para alimentarse exclusivamente del reino vegetal. 
Los planetas de la realidad inferior cumplieron con esa programación, pero algunos no lo hicieron, como el planeta Tierra: experimentaron alimentos procedentes del reino animal. 
Esa alimentación equivocada lo llevó a la distorsión energética y a infinitas consecuencias de las que hasta hoy no puede liberarse. 

Muchas de las enfermedades, desgastes, deficiencias y genes mal formados derivan de esta mala alimentación.

Lo peor de todo es que la energía-materia ya se acostumbró y, con ello, deformó su secuencia genética y matemática. 

Si todo se hubiera desarrollado dentro de los cánones universales, el hombre-planeta Tierra habría debido tener las siguientes características: sería más alto, de contextura más delgada y no tendría uñas, pelos, dientes ni intestinos; solo boca, esófago y estómago, y la eliminación se produciría por la orina. 
Hasta hoy, la forma-hombre del planeta Tierra lucha para salir de la densidad y rectificar su energía. 

Aquellos que continúan despiertos ya están regresando a sus orígenes, alimentando adecuadamente su materia y su mente; están transformando sus cristales, devolviéndoles sutileza, claridad y perfección.

La energía-forma-hombre nunca fue creada a imagen y semejanza de los animales; siempre fue especial. 

Cuando se alimentó inadecuadamente y empezó a imitar a los animales, se convirtió en uno de ellos y su figura se animalizó: le crecieron dientes, uñas y pelos, sus sentidos se atrofiaron, su piel se oscureció, su sangre se espesó y su masa encefálica se volvió lenta. 
Al comer animales, se estaba alimentando de una energía densa y de una calidad inferior; esos elementos se mezclaron con la energía-hombre, y este descendió al reino animal”
… EL SER UNO I – Los Arcanos de Thoth.
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¿Es necesario hacer terapias de regresión para saber cuáles son las emociones que debemos trabajar y que traemos de otras vidas?…
Gracias por su respuesta… 
RESPUESTA: Estimado Esteban… 
Si el alma necesita hacer la Terapia de Regresión, entonces es libre de hacerlo, siempre le va a servir como referencia, pero EL SER UNO nos dice que ya no son necesarias estas técnicas, debido a que en la actualidad poseemos otras herramientas que nos pueden ayudar, por ejemplo: El auto análisis, la observación hacia nosotros mismos y hacia nuestra familia, estudiar la forma cómo fuimos concebidos, recordar nuestra niñez y el medio ambiente donde crecimos etc. significa que podemos tener la facultad de auto analizarnos activando el Conocimiento y Entendimiento de nuestras emociones-negativas-enfermas.

 En ese pasado se puede averiguar mucho de nosotros, pero si queremos saber más y tenerlo consciente en la vida actual, solo el PRESENTE nos dará toda la información que necesitamos y que por esa razón no es necesario recurrir al pasado. 

En el presente y en la familia que nos tocó nacer en esta vida, podemos mirarnos como en un espejo y sabremos lo que debemos o no trabajar… 

Cierto es que las técnicas de Regresión nos dan pautas importantes para ubicarnos en el tiempo y ese pasado nos permite a través de los recuerdos activar el entendimiento. 

Pero si realmente queremos saber todo sobre nosotros, es el presente el que nos dará los detalles de esos recuerdos… 

Para realizar un verdadero trabajo y transmutar la energía negativa del alma, no necesitamos recuerdos, porque lo que debemos trabajar son los detalles-negativos que el alma trae consigo de vida en vida, o sea, conocer las Emociones-Negativas y para ello solo necesitamos observarnos y estar atentos a las reacciones adversas que tenemos. 

¿Para qué perder el tiempo en recuerdos de dónde vivimos, quiénes fuimos, en qué país crecimos, que idioma hablábamos, si éramos hombre o mujer, ricos o pobres o alguien importante en la historia del planeta, si lo importante, es trabajar los detalles en nuestro presente?… 

Podemos evitar los recuerdos si queremos acortar el tiempo y permitir el avance del alma… 

Mirando nuestro presente sabremos que somos la esencia del pasado de esas otras vidas.

 Lo que somos, lo fuimos, y si no lo corregimos, lo seremos…

 EL SER UNO nos dice: 
 “El pasado revierte en el presente y el presente allana el futuro del camino”

… Camino del Ser.

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December 5, 2017 at 1:37 PM ·

Antigua y Mística Orden Rosacruz (AMORC)
December 1, 2017 at 2:54 PM ·


Reflexiones sobre una de las comunidades más antiguas y misteriosas del mundo.

Todos aquellos interesados ​​en el misticismo han oído hablar de los esenios, e incluso han leído libros al respecto. 

Algunos están bien documentados y proporcionan información interesante acerca de ellos, incluyendo aspectos históricos; otros son un tanto caprichosos y caen con frecuencia en concepciones típicas de la “nueva era”.
 La literatura Rosa cruz siempre ha concedido una gran importancia a los misterios de los esenios, antes incluso de que muchos autores se interesaran en ellos. 

Por ejemplo, en el libro titulado “La Vida Mística de Jesús”, publicado en 1926 (varios años antes del descubrimiento de los Rollos de Qumrán), Harvey Spencer Lewis, primer Imperator de la AMORC en América, aporta muchas explicaciones sobre la hermandad esenia, sus orígenes, sus enseñanzas, sus ideales, etc.

Pero, ¿por qué estudiar los misterios esenios (algo incluido en uno de los grados de la AMORC) y por qué presentan tanto interés para los místicos y los historiadores? 

Porque este estudio pone de relieve un hecho muy importante: Jesús era miembro de la hermandad esenia, al igual que Juan el Bautista y otras figuras clave del cristianismo primitivo. 
Esto significa que esta religión 
surgió, de hecho, de una escuela de pensamiento que existía desde hacía mucho tiempo. 
Yo añadiría que la primera comunidad esenia apareció, no en Israel, sino en Egipto, en las orillas del lago Moeris, alrededor del año 1300 antes de Cristo. 
Es desde ese país que se extendió a Israel a partir del siglo IX antes de nuestra era.

Recordemos que fue en 1947 cuando fueron descubiertos “por casualidad” los Manuscritos de Qumrán, nombre de este pueblo de Israel, que se encuentra en el desierto cerca del Mar Muerto. 
Se sabe que la comunidad esenia vivía cerca del lugar del hallazgo, pero contrariamente a lo que pudiera pensarse a priori, no seguía estrictamente las reglas de la vida comunitaria a la que se refieren estos manuscritos. 
Por poner una analogía, aunque un libro de la biblioteca pueda contarnos cómo se vivía en Normandía a principios del siglo XX, eso no significa que los que viven allí hoy en día sigan viviendo de la misma manera. 

Por otra parte, algunos historiadores han confundido los Esenios de Qumran con los fanáticos que estaban viviendo en Masada, y cuyo estilo de vida era bastante extremo.

De acuerdo con los textos que tenemos en la Gran Logia de la AMORC, la comunidad de Qumran custodiaba los archivos acumulados a lo largo de los siglos por los esenios, desde su aparición en Egipto. 

En un momento dado, vio la necesidad de poner estos documentos a resguardo en un lugar fuera del monasterio que ocupaba. 
Naturalmente, los miembros más eruditos de la comunidad conocían el contenido de estos archivos, pero repito, esto no quiere decir que los Esenios de Qumran siguieran al pie de la letra los preceptos señalados en los famosos manuscritos. 

De hecho, tenían sus propias reglas de vida e incluso su propia doctrina.

Una de las prácticas más significativas de los esenios fue el bautismo. 

Esta práctica, que fue popularizada por Juan el Bautista y que el mismo Jesús eligió para presentarse al mundo, pasó a manos de la Iglesia cristiana. 
También sabemos que los Esenios creían en la reencarnación. 
Por desgracia, esta doctrina, que formó originalmente parte de la enseñanza cristiana, fue sustituida en el siglo VI, en el Concilio de Constantinopla, por el dogma de la “resurrección de la carne”. 
Personalmente lo lamento mucho, porque este dogma no tiene fundamento ontológico alguno y da más importancia al cuerpo físico que al alma que le anima y que se expresa a través de él. 
Para terminar, diré que la comunidad esenia también era conocida por la importancia que concedía a la curación, interés que también se da entre los Rosacruces.

 Pero eso es otro tema…

* * *