200, 201, Atom,Atomum,ατομον, BROTHERS AND SONS, -The Being One III, The SERAMITAS, THE Path BACK, Book 3, 2018,

Origen: 200, 201, Atom,Atomum,ατομον, BROTHERS AND SONS, -The Being One III, The SERAMITAS, THE Path BACK, Book 3, 2018,

-The Being One III,
Book 3,
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The Being One
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236. Can you give us an example of a true,

a distorted image?

First of all, the planet Tera is not as you see it. Tera is an atom in the Universe.

-From the Latin Atomum and the Greek ατομον, indivisible. 

It is the smallest quantity of a chemical element that has its own existence, and that can not be divided by chemical processes. 

A molecule is a particle formed by a set of atoms linked by covalent bonds, so
that remain together long enough to complete a considerable number of molecular vibrations.

When millions of atoms are grouped, they make up the shapes you see; depending on the number of electrons, protons and electromagnetic waves, different colors will be released. 

The vibration of the atom will depend on the intensity and speed in its rotation around the nucleus; that
will determine the frequency and rhythm. 

When you are happy, you raise the frequency and speed of the electrons that revolve around the atom; In this way you will feel light, clear and everything will be joy and well-being.

When you are sad you feel heaviness, sleepiness and fatigue; This means that their electrons move slowly around the nucleus of the atom.

This knowledge is known to metaphysicians and alchemists to a certain extent, but most beings on the planet do not. 

The only thing that mystics, religious and most people know is that they should be happy, they should love, they should be good people and very positive, but they can not be explained the reason for it or the reason for these feelings.

This is the distortion: in not knowing for sure what happens with each one of you.

Most are born, live, procreate, disembody and do not even know why they did it.

The distortion is: Ignorance, lack of knowledge and vision, seeing life in such an unreal and fanciful way. 

The distortion also consists of what position the crystals are within each one of you. 

When the crystals are grouped they form atoms, particles, molecules, etc. 

These united crystals form the thought-energies, which are nothing other than atoms, particles, molecules, etc. 

The differences between you will be produced by the amount, vibration, frequency and colors that these crystals contain in themselves, that is how they were recorded.

If they are diseased negative thought-energies, we can imagine that the diseased negative atoms attracted each other and agglomerated in such a way that they will form a dense black stone where their protons and electrons will be so dense and heavy that they will produce regret, discomfort, anguish , sadness, anger, and much more. 

Under these conditions, crystals can not help at all, are opaque, lightless and totally slow.

The mirrors-reflections of the communication between them will be canceled.


237. Where is the light of understanding in our minds?

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236. ¿Nos pueden dar un ejemplo de una imagen verdadera y una

Primeramente, el planeta Tera no es como ustedes lo ven. Tera es un átomo en el Universo.


-Del latín Atomum y del griego
ατομον, ‘Indivisible’. 
Es la menor
cantidad de un elemento químico que tiene existencia propia, y que no es
posible dividir mediante procesos químicos. 
Una molécula es una partícula formada por un conjunto de átomos ligados por enlaces covalentes, de forma
que permanecen unidos el tiempo suficiente como para completar un número considerable de vibraciones moleculares.

Cuando millones de átomos se agrupan, conforman las formas que ustedes ven; dependiendo de la cantidad de electrones, protones y de las ondas electromagnéticas, despedirán diferentes colores. 

La vibración del átomo dependerá de la intensidad y rapidez en su giro alrededor del núcleo; eso
determinará la frecuencia y el ritmo.

 Cuando ustedes están felices, levantan la frecuencia y rapidez de los electrones que giran alrededor del átomo; de esta manera ustedes se sentirán leves, diáfanos y todo será alegría y bienestar.

Cuando ustedes están tristes sienten pesadez, sueño y cansancio; esto
significa que sus electrones se mueven lentamente alrededor
del núcleo del átomo.

Este conocimiento lo saben los metafísicos y alquimistas hasta cierto punto, pero la mayoría de los seres del planeta no lo tiene. 
Lo único que saben los místicos, religiosos y la mayoría de la gente es que deben estar alegres, deben amar, tienen que ser buenas personas y muy positivos, pero no se les explica la razón de ello ni el porqué de estos sentimientos.

En esto consiste la distorsión: en no saber a ciencia cierta lo que sucede con cada uno de ustedes.

La mayoría nace, vive, procrea, desencarna y no saben ni por qué lo hicieron.

La distorsión es: La ignorancia, la falta de conocimiento y visión, el ver la vida de una manera tan irreal y fantasiosa. 

La distorsión también consiste en qué posición se encuentran los cristales dentro de cada uno de ustedes. 

Cuando los cristales se agrupan forman átomos, partículas, moléculas, etc. 

Estos cristales unidos forman las energías-pensamientos, que no son otra cosa que átomos, partículas, moléculas, etc. 
Las diferencias entre ustedes se van a producir por la cantidad, vibración, frecuencia y colores que estos cristales contengan en sí mismos, o sea cómo fueron grabados.

Si son energías-pensamientos negativas enfermas, podemos imaginar que los átomos negativos enfermos se atrajeron entre sí y se aglomeraron de tal manera que formarán una piedra negra y densa donde sus protones y electrones estarán tan densos y pesados que les producirán pesar, malestar, angustia, tristeza, cólera, rabia y mucho más. 

En estas condiciones, los cristales no podrán ayudar en nada, están opacos, sin luz y totalmente lentos.

Los espejos-reflejos de la comunicación entre ellos estarán anulados. 


237. ¿Dónde se encuentra en nuestra mente la luz del entendimiento?

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BooK 3
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. Being One is a book of self-knowledge. It should be read in order: it would be useless to read it haphazardly, because that would not give the expected result. His reading will be opening and connecting the brain circuits of knowledge, understanding and love.
Meditate on it, review it … study it … …let go of old ideas and lessons …study the new .

Being ONE

^ ^ ^
What is unconditional love and why is it so elusive for many? It is a love that does not judge, defends or distinguish between any living creature that enters your neighborhood. It is a love that embraces all creation as emanating from the heart of Father-Mother God, the Source of Creation, that which created matter and has placed in the dark matter of the Universe expanding.

Unconditional love is beyond understanding the small packaging and divided mind , qualifies and categorized. Unconditional love is the love that surpasses all understanding and simply is, in itself, pure, upright and spotless. It is the essence of your Higher Self. It is the true essence of themselves, stripped of all that is not the Self .
” I love you unconditionally , and turn on the Violet Fire in the emanation you’re sending to me. Bless you too, find that I am gaining peace in the new and expanded version of my Being. “


Many are beginning to wake up and realize they need to love themselves . This is very difficult for many as they have remained in the shadows of doubt and hate themselves for a long time, often without understanding the core issues or reasons for such feelings. The finding love and self-respect is merely a step on the path to self-mastery . If you feel that you can not even love themselves, learn to accept themselves as they are, and will release his future to love. Love flows from the heart of creation, but you can not feel this connection and this flow until the source is connected with the source of love within his own heart center.
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El Ser Uno
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The Law of One Session 36
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Without knowledge  I do not live…
Without understanding, I do not exist…
without unconditional love, I am NOT…
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Carl Jung:
“What you resist, persists.”

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