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Thursday, January 5, 2017

sharing, Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Full Article » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

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Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Full Article » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

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Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Full Article

by Georgi Stankov Posted on January 4, 2017

by Georgi Stankov, first published on October 31, 2014


This article was written as sequels throughout October 2014 in response to the obvious intellectual and spiritual collapse of the New Age movement since the opening of the 12.21.12 portal of ascension by the PAT that is now coming to completion four years later in 2017. I republish this pivotal overview because of its even greater actuality on the eve of the final ID shift this year.


This is a requiem of the old “New Age” and a Manifesto of the New Age of the Universal Law of Ascension.

Here are ten major reasons why the Western, predominantly American New Age movement has intellectually and morally declared a total bankruptcy and why these people have no chance to ascend in the coming days. To this conclusion I would like to refresh your memory and ask you to read one more time this message from the ascended masters, which I published a month and a half ago: “The Day of Days“.

And here are the ten intellectual blunders of the New Age Movement leading to this tragic and historically most dramatic failure of the vast majority of star seeds that came from various civilizations and star systems in this omniverse to first comprehend this illusory 3D reality and then awaken and help Gaia and humanity to ascend to 4D and 5D in the current End Time:

1) Why the National State is the Primary Cause of Most Evil on Earth

All light workers, except this author, failed to make a proper analysis of the current Orion order and discard all its forms of social life and individual manifestations. In particular, the New Age failed to explain why the national state is the most insidious form of Orion organisation of any sentient civilization that is the primary cause of all wars, civil unrest, exploitation, poverty, slavery, international blackmailing, trafficking, prostitution, narcotics trade, Mafia structures etc.

At the same time all light workers failed to create a new utopia for humanity and envision how this civilization will live in higher dimensions by observing true spiritual principles. In short, they did not realize the creationary potential of human thoughts and how they shape this and any other reality. Ultimately, they succumbed to the Orion interpretation of life as an entirely biological species, subjugated to a very slow, painful and highly random evolution and thus betrayed their original soul mission.

This is a huge topic that encompasses almost 90% of the current international politics and daily news and also incorporates deep transcendental knowledge. Unfortunately, even the most critical and competent alternative media and sources such as Global Research failed to explain to the people why the national state is the main obstacle for any true evolution of humanity to a transgalactic species. First, because they do not believe in this goal and second, because these critics were intellectually not able to transcend their very narrow-minded human education and recognize the inherent creationary potential of the indvidual as a multidimensional spiritual being. Hence they only preach the legal improvement of the national state, e.g. the strict application of obsolete constitutions introduced centuries ago as a panacea for all evils, as for instance the popular US website infowars.com propagates. In other words, none of the current alternative thinkers have the daring intellectuality and indomitable spirit to transcend this limited reality and become a true visionary.

Even worse, none of these alternative thinkers and journalists have the necessary intellectual background to even realize that the national state is a very recent social phenomenon, deliberately employed by the PTW to organize the masses in an uniform manner and that it emerged as a Leviathan (Thomas Hobbes) of the Orion NWO only after WW2. Before that most national states had very limited power over the people and there was a very healthy scepticism among the western population against creating a big state that controls all the people as a “Big Brother”. George Orwell was the first to recognize this danger, which is now a dreadful, ubiquitous reality, in particular, in the USA and Canada, which are, together with GB, the three most controlled Western countries in the world.

This is a huge topic that I cannot tackle in detail here. It suffices to say that the current Orion monetary system (see below) could start to grow to an all-pervading metastatic cancer in modern society and economy and to manipulate the lives of the people only after the omnipresent, big national state was first established. The tax revenue system of the state is the most effective modern system to enslave the people by impoverishing them (recall that the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt and their wandering for many years in the desert took place because they did not want to pay 10% taxes to the Pharaoh) and by criminalizing them with the help of creating constantly new, contradictory and completely obsolete laws that make it impossible even for the most honest and sincere citizen not to trespass them and make himself guilty and even go to jail.

This system is also the foundation of all central banks (see below), such as the FED, which is a private institution, although it has the authority and obligation to control the prices and inflation of the whole American nation and even of the rest of the world by modulating the interest rates. The private FED has so much power because it profits hugely from the IRS, which is a state institution and is enforced by a massive and very corrupt judicial system (see below).

In addition, all decisions to have an army, go to war, increase taxes, create huge governmental debt, etc. is made exclusively by the Orion elite (0.001%), which would not have gained so much power over the destiny of the people if the national state has not become so big, non-transparent and over-controlling.

The people have forgotten that there were times in the late 19th century and early 20th century when there was a huge and very powerful intellectual movement of the anarchists who produced some brilliant ideas as to why humanity does not need any national state. The anarchists were the forerunners of the new enlightened humanity on all 4D worlds.

None of these ideas have survived the current brainwash of the masses through the MSM and Orion educational system (see below) and the deliberate marginalizing of all alleged intellectuals in the West by the national state.

This whole set of topics is very important for any true human gnosis because most of the subversion tactics used by the dark secret services and the Western cabal, including the channeling archons from the astral plane, against the New Age movement occupied these topics very successfully with some very dark and derrogative ideas against the few light bearers and thus completely mired the minds of most light workers. To this belongs the idea of NESARA, the existence and imminent introduction of hidden St. Germain’s funds of prosperity under the current Orion order, the expropriation and substitution of the ruling cabal with other obscure secret brotherhoods, the existence of a clandestine resistance against the Orion order of the national state that will help the light workers to emerge from this cesspool, etc., etc.

You know all these New Age idiocies and the corresponding sources, so that I do not need to publish their dirty names. It is bad enough that many of these articles still appear in most New Age websites and blogs and nobody is outraged, except this author. Because the overwhelming majority of the light workers do not understand and appreciate the purity of human intellectuality as the driving force of evolution and ascension.

Had the light workers cleared in a sovereign intellectual manner their understanding of the national state as the chief instrument of enslavement of humanity and fully rejected it as a categorical system of the collective human consciousness, none of these blunders and dark machinations would have been possible and many light workers would have been able to participate in the ascension process with a clear mind and ascend with us in the coming days. Now they will have a very bad awakening from their profound, anti-intellectually driven 3D illusions, as the above message from the ascended masters reveals.

2. The Nature of Money and the Insidious Implications of the Orion Monetary System

No other Orion invention has mired and enslaved the human race more than the system of money. It has pervaded every human thought and emotion in such a dark and negative manner that only the radical eradication of money as a concept, and not only as a functional system of payment and exchange of goods, will allow for a true evolution of the new human race, we have just created, in the new 4D and 5D worlds in the Golden Galaxy.

I have been elaborating on the nature of money since the mid 90s and have written extensively on this topic in my five German books on Gnosis, in my last English book on the same topic, and in numerous publications on this website. You will not find any comparable, all-encompassing disquisition on the nature of money in any other old or modern esoteric writing and if you read what all Nobel Prize winners on economy and finance have said about money and the existing Orion monetary system, you will be disgusted by their brainless ideas and comments.

It is important to stress at this place that the inability of the light workers to truly understand the nature of money has contributed to their infestation with dark Orion ideas more than any other issue. As money plays such a key role in current human life, there is not a single social form and personal relationship that is not affected by money, or the lack of it.

All basic human fears that are an inherent part of the archetypal structure of the soul when she incarnates on the earth are closely linked to money. Greed, self-esteem, fear of any kind of scarcity, addiction to immediate gratification, all kinds of manipulation etc. are closely associated with money and how they control human lives. The Orion / Reptilian archons knew very well why they introduced money on this planet. It was their most effective means of enslaving humanity in the End Times. If they ultimately failed, it is entirely the success of this author as an Elohim and Logos God to discern the true nature of money and pave the way for its elimination in the new 4D worlds in the new Golden Galaxy.

My intellectual effort to abolish the Orion monetary system began in the 90s when I was pushed by my HS to invest in the equity markets and scrutinize the scam behind any form of speculative investment. The aim of this practical engagement in money speculations was to study the various forms of hidden fraud that pervade the nature of money and ultimately lead to the enslavement of humanity in the End Times. As I have tackled this problem extensively in my articles I will be very brief at this place.

Money is an abstract, virtual reflection of the properties of energy perceived as space-time by the human senses. It is based on the intimate knowledge that energy has only two dimensions / constituents – space (e.g. as surface = 2d-space ) and time (frequency) f. Space and time are reciprocal variables – when space increases, time/ frequency decreases and vice versa.

When the central banks such as the FED print money out of thin air, they actually increase the amount of money in circulation as measured by the amount of banknotes in circulation, which can be measured by the surface of the printed paper as money. This is the classical definition of inflation. I know too well that this is an over-simplication for didactical purposes as currently most of the money is not circulating in form of banknotes but as virtual numerical sums on credit cards, which already indicates where the new financial developments in the new 4D worlds will go when the current Orion monetary system is stripped of its deliberate fallacies that are put there by the archons only to enslave humanity. But this approach very precisely delineates the actual problem concerning the human understanding of the nature of money at the level of the ego-mind, which is the only level at which most humans can currently function as partially sentient beings.

Inflation of the space of money as measured by the surface of the printed paper in form of banknotes leads to an equivalent reciprocal decrease in the value of money, which is measured by the frequency (absolute time) of money. This is basic axiom of the theory of the Universal Law, on which I have written a lot. The value of money is measured by the amount and the quality of material goods you can purchase with money. Because money, itself, has no intrinsic value but is always measured with respect to the material goods one gets in exchange for it in order to live comfortably in this rough, inhospitable material 3D world.

For instance, if you were able to buy a large house for 200,000 CAD in the mainland area of Vancouver only 10 -20 years ago, now you need at least a million. This is the classical form of money inflation in real estate. Especially since 2003, when the prime mortgage fraud and later crisis in the USA and North America began, this inflation of money with respect to real estate almost quadrupled. It ran parallel to the excessive printing of money out of thin air by the FED and all other central banks. Hence the frequency of money is measured by its true value to obtain durable goods. If you could buy 5 houses with one million CAD twenty years ago (f = 5), now you can buy only one (f=1)

According to the theory of the Universal Law of Energy (and money is a virtual image /substitute of energy), frequency is proportional to the amount of energy, while space as inflation (expansion of space) is reciprocal to the amount of energy. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that at the start of excessive printing of money out of thin air by all central banks since the Reptilian Alan Greenspan became chairman of the FED in 1987 and significantly lowered the interest rates, thus inflating the dollar (he hugely increased the amount of money in circulation according to the theory of monetarism) and especially after 2008, when his successor, the “Helicopter Ben” lowered the interest rates to zero, the world economy is in an almost constant recession – officially three major recessions after the biggest depression in 2008 – 2009 since the Great Depression.

What all Nobel prize winners fail to explain is, how come there is so much inflated cheap money in circulation on the markets that is supposed to booster the economic growth and the economy cannot kick start. Instead, we have the worst and longest period of austerity policy in the history of mankind that has impoverished a large portion of the western populations. All these conundrums, as the prime culprit Alan Greenspan put it, are based on the complete ignorance of all experts, and even more so of all light workers who were supposed to know this, with respect to the real nature of money.

As you see from this historical example, one cannot create a future enlightened human society, unless one has thoroughly investigated all the traps and pitfalls of the current Orion monetary system. And precisely here all light workers have miserably failed and have become an easy prey to all kinds of dark Orion machinations that you can read on the Internet. This was the first major “Fall from Grace of the New Age Movement” , but not the only one.

Therefore, it is quite logical that I was retrieved end of last year from my exhausting duty as editor of this website and fully dedicated to the creation of Gaia-5 and in particular of her new 4D worlds in the new Golden Galaxy, based on completely new spiritual principles that eliminate the concept of money in the first place. If you go to the collection of Elohim messages “The Birth of the New Logos Gods..“, you will read that as early as December 2013 I eliminated money as a means of payment and exchange of goods from all upper 4D worlds of Gaia 5 in a powerful alchemical reaction in Lofer.

Since then I am diligently elaborating on this brilliant vision by constantly eliminating all negative human patterns, such as greed, high self-esteem, manipulations, enslavement, fraud, etc. that essentially determine the current collective human behaviour through intensive inter-counselling at the soul level and by using the new turnstile mechanism of eliminating human dross on a global scale. My personal energetic field is now like a huge sponge that encompasses all timelines of Gaia and I am able single-handedly to cleanse and/or seal many timelines at the same time, which is part of my mission as incarnated Elohim who drives the ascension process of this planet in a decisive and all-encompassing manner.

As I reported, I am still working very hard to the very last minute, cleansing all collective human patterns that still support the current Orion monetary system. Carla is doing the same job in a very intensive manner as we now have a common energetic field and an Infinity merkaba, that is to say, after our ascension we will be able to create any form for us whatsoever at any dimension of All-That-Is. It is a Sisyphus work that never ends, until our final transfiguration will occur, hopefully very soon.

What I want to stress at this place is that I have acted as a conscious creator of the new ascended reality of humanity since the 90s and have diligently cleared all human blunders with respect to the true nature of money, only to continue with this creationary work in the last years on a global and even transgalactic scale from the fulcrum of my Elohim I Am Presence, that is to say, from the source, to which I am still the only human nexus on this planet (see previous Elohim messages on this issue). This is how true creation occurs in All-That-Is and precisely this basic truth was fully suppressed by all light workers, not only with respect to money, but also in any area of this illusory 3D reality, as this article in sequels will reveal.

3. The Cognitive Bankruptcy of Empirical Science and the Intellectual Inability of the Lightworkers to Think in Scientific Terms

If there is an adequate field on this planet, where human intelligence can be truly tested, it is science, notwithstanding the fact it has totally failed as a method of acquiring knowledge by experiments. Present-day scientific empiricism is the dead end of all collective human thinking, as it externalizes the source of human knowledge to the extreme and alienates the ego-mind from the inner Source of all knowledge – the soul – more than any other current categorical system of human knowledge. But precisely because of this fact, this area of abstract thinking is the most daring one for the human spirit, where it can encounter and discern all fallacies of present-day compartmentalized human consciousness and where it can be able to rectify them by presenting a viable alternative within the given set of established scientific methods of thinking.

And here is, where the New Age movement and all light workers have badly failed without any exception. They are unable to formulate the simplest scientific content in proper terms or to solve a theoretical problem in a strict scientific, methodological manner. This is due partly to the lack of any sound scientific education, especially in the USA and North America, but also in Western Europe. But first and foremost this intellectual inability of all lightworkers is due to their inherent contempt for any kind of science – be it of theoretical or more social order.

I know very well what I am talking about, as I have experienced this contemptuous rejection all the time from many self-proclaimed New Age gurus and have accepted it for what it is – as their unspoken admission that they are so overwhelmed by any scientific argument of more abstract nature, which they always fail to grasp, and this mental deficiency generates such immense fear in their emotional field that it almost paralyzes them. Coupled with their huge, unredeemed self-esteem that hinders them to evolve spiritually, they do what also all scientists do when they are confronted with the shortcomings of their scientific theories: They resort to utter denial of any such source of true knowledge and continue dwelling in their esoteric cesspool until they get sour. This is what happened with most slumbering light workers in the last several years and we have now reached the payday of Heaven, when all these intellectual omissions will come to the fore and many a lightworker will experience his /her Doomsday, as AA Hermes announces in his latest message.

Since I have published the new theory of the Universal law on the Internet in 1999 on this, in the meantime, archive website:


there has been no response at all on the part of the New Age movement about this greatest discovery in the history of this mankind since the Fall of Lemuria and Atlantis. It suffices to point at the recent messages of the Elohim that confirm that the Universal Law will be the intellectual and spiritual foundation of all new 4D worlds and is an established Law of One in the 5D and higher dimensions.

The greatest personal achievement on my part was not that I “discovered” this Law, which is known to all transgalactic civilizations – I simply incarnated on the earth with this primordial knowledge as Elohim coming directly from the Source – but that I was able to mould it into an immaculate Axiomatics – into an impeccable, logically consistent categorical system of thinking that also encompasses the entire scientific knowledge, which humanity has amassed in the last several centuries since modern science emerged on the historical stage in late Renaissance.

It is a matter of fact that most New Agers do not have a modicum of decent scientific or even personal ethical thinking – I am deliberately not speaking of intellectuality as they do not even know how to spell this word – to even consider in a more popular manner the sweeping consequences, which this revolutionary theory brings, not only to science, but also to any transcendental knowledge.

In other words, they missed the greatest chance that All-That-Is offered to them by giving them the biggest mental and spiritual advantage in their hands and minds, which, had they appreciated it accordingly, would have given them the most powerful intellectual platform to confront successfully not only the established present-day Orion science of human subjugation which they fear like small children fear the beelzebub and at the same time reject in most schizophrenic manner, but also all established religions (see below). After all, human evolution is an eternal strife of conflicting ideas (Heraklit) and only the best ones lead to true spiritual progress and ascension.

Had the New Age movement been able to firmly establish its spiritual platform on the incredible achievements of the new theory of the Universal Law, we would have ascended years ago and would have taken millions of light warriors with us to 5D and higher dimensions and not only a handful of them as is the case now. It is very important to realize the scope of this missed opportunity by all light workers in order to understand their imminent tragedy when all these facts will come to the fore with the huge expansion of human awareness during the new moon and full eclipse portal this month. Hence the great actuality of this disquisition at this point in time. Nothing is happening without purpose.

The New Age evolved from the very beginning in a state of profound intellectual weakness towards conventional science and mainstream opinions, which also rely to a great extent on this fraudulent empirical science of Orion / Reptilian nature, as all MS presstitutes are just as stupid as most light workers, only in a different way. The old souls of the New Age were supposed to bring to humanity the basic gnostic truth that this reality represents a very narrow frequency spectrum and that there are much higher spectra and dimensions, where humans also dwell as multidimensional beings. And that this knowledge must become a common intellectual good to all the people, if they have any chance to evolve to 5D and higher dimensions.

This was supposed to be the social and spiritual forerunner-role of the New Age movement as an alternative to the established scientific view of narrow-minded materialism and agnostic empiricism. Or to put in simple words: Modern science has been reduced to futile experiments to find out what it does not know about God. Hence we cannot discuss the bankruptcy of this recent esoteric movement without discussing its profound failure to deal with scientific concepts in a sovereign intellectual manner. And this default can be traced down to the foundation of modern esotericism when the Theosophical society was first established in the 19.century.

Since I entered the Internet again in early 2011 after ten years of deliberate boycott, I have been attacked on all possible issues, mostly on alleged personal deficiencies, but mainly in response to my fierce critics of the profound and very pronounced inability of most predominantly American New Age gurus to think in logical, scientific terms. But there has not been a single attempt on their part to deal seriously with my scientific theory of the Universal law, even when the chances to grasp it intellectually were zero from the very beginning. That is to say, to do it for the sake of objectivity. It was simply excluded from their weltanschauung, as if it did not exist at all, and as if my personality and my views of the world were not decisively shaped by it. If these people possess such a hypertrophied ability to neglect the most obvious facts, how could they be able to discern their own fallacies and redeem them in order to progress on the ladder of ascension?

However, I do not sustain that it is an absolute necessity for someone to enter the LBP (see below) and ascend to 5D and higher dimensions only after he has understood the new theory of the Universal Law to its full extent, as this is obviously not the case with most light warriors of the first and the last hours. But it is also a matter of fact that all successful PAT members have acknowledged this theory as an evolutionary leap for humanity and try to implement it in their gnostic disquisitions, as Daniel did recently, and many other readers have done on many occasions in the past as can be read on this website.

Now go to any other New Age website on the Internet and see if you can find a single word about the Universal Law and its scientific theory. There is profound silence among the light workers community, just as there is profound silence in the whole scientific community with the exception of some outstanding scientists outside the matrix, who diligently work on the implementation of this future science of All-That-Is. If you think this is a personal lamentation on my part based on disappointment, you are deeply mistaken and have not understood anything.

The new theory of the Universal Law is already an established world and transgalactic view in all 4D and lower 5D worlds, which we, the light warriors of the first and the last hours, have already created in the new Golden Galaxy. It is only not a common knowledge on this uppermost timeline. But as you all know, this timeline is about to disappear very soon. It is a simple sideline, a crucible for all lower 3D and 4D overlays after the MPR have destroyed these lower timelines and now superimpose here, before this uppermost mother planet reaches the threshold of purity and ascension and merges energetically and frequentially with the already existing 4D and 5D worlds. That is to say, when it merges with Gaia 5, which we have already created last year and now exists as a sentient being throughout all dimensions up to the Source (12th dimension).

Hence any conclusion based on the exclusive experience of this reality about the magnitude and scope of my discovery of the Universal Law as an Elohim and nexus to the Source is futile and stupid. The coming tsunami of consciousness expansion will reveal this truth and everything, I have said now, will be of enormous relevance to the whole humanity in the coming days.

Succinctly said: All humans who continue rejecting or neglecting the new theory of the Universal Law – be they scientists or light workers – will have absolutely no chance to ascend, and may not even move to the upper 4D worlds. This is the criterion of true awakening and evolutionary selection at the soul level, and no lamentations on the part of the light workers will change this stark fact.

That is why my appeal at this place to all readers of such dark sources as Kathryn May, Susanne Ward (Matthew), Salusa, Steve Beckow (you probably remember the infamous guy, who wanted to travel with a black limousine to the mother ship of the GF) etc.: Stop reading these websites and sources and start studying the new theory of the Universal Law, if you want to have any chance of ascending to 4D. Otherwise you will drop to much lower timelines and will have to go through another protracted incarnation cycle, before you get another chance in eons of linear time in the distant future.

It is about your destiny and it is about pure science and the clarity of your mind in these auspicious days. A proper understanding and acceptance of the new theory of the Universal Law is your last and unique chance, graciously given to you by the Source and myself, to save your soul from another infernal incarnation cycle on 3D and lower 4D timelines. Take it and be grateful and do not spit on it.

If until now the world view of most light workers was not much evolved than that of the people in the Dark Ages, when they barely understood that the earth is round, now they must radically drop their simplistic human perceptions based on this Orion reality, understand the nature of energy and space-time, develop a sound concept of multi-dimensionality and the existence of numerous holographic timelines, in which they simultaneously exist.

But first and foremost, understand that we are creator gods and that the whole Orion empiric science, which most light workers do not understand and in their ignorance fearfully reject, do not give them any clue about All-That-Is, about the Whole, to which they so desperately want to return. But the more so my General Theory of Science and Gnosis of the Universal Law. While one rightly rejects all conventional science, one should not throw the baby with the bath water. Start learning the new theory of the Universal Law as this will be the only intellectual achievement of this humanity in the field of science that will survive the coming Big Shift. This is also the only way for all light workers to survive this shift and not descend to much lower timelines and experience hell for eons of time. It is up to them to make the right choice when the heavenly bells ring 12.

4. Modern Esotericism Failed to Expose the Deceptive Nature of All World Religions and Become a Global Theological Alternative For All Believers

There are many reasons why Modern New Age Esotericism failed as a gnostic teaching to expose the deceptive nature of the five world religions – Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Chinese Universism (Taoism and Konfucianism) – and of many other, less important local religions and beliefs systems and to become a viable, universal theosophic system of moral, ethical, spiritual and transcendental values, principles and knowledge. A detailed discussion would encompass several books, as I have done it in an extensive and very comprehensive manner in my six books on the new Gnosis of the Universal Law.

You cannot be successful in expanding human consciousness, which is the ultimate aim of ascension, if you stick to the same old narratives, which past religions have used for centuries to sicken the minds and hearts of the people by simply exchanging names and words, while preserving the old Orion point of view of “divide and conquer” – of utter compartmentalization of human thinking.

The common denominator of deception of all known world religions listed above is their claim of exclusive monopoly of the truth, “who God is”. Apart from the fact that none of these religions gives us a valid, universally applicable definition of God, all secondary interpretations of the “idea of God” are almost entirely anthropological and based on very narrow-minded human perceptions of this 3D reality. You cannot find a simple theoretical attempt in any world religion to first define the cognitive limitation of the human mind and then in a second step to try to investigate possible definitions of this abstraction, which can be then named as “God”, “All-That-Is” or even “Energy”, in case the faculty for abstract scientific thinking is sufficiently evolved.

In other words, there is no trace of any intellectual self-reflection in any world religion, which should depart from the basics of all human cognition, recognizes its inherent limitations, explains the cause and nature of these limitations and then provides a viable definition of the Primary Term of human consciousness, by showing that all terms that address this primary idea are equivalent according to the Principle of Last Equivalence, as I have done in the new axiomatics of the Universal Law in an impeccable manner:

Primary Term of human consciousness = All-That-Is = Energy = Space-Time = God, Infinity, Source, Unity, Whole, etc….

This cardinal gnostic omission alone compromises all world religions as correct and adequate “God’s teachings” and is sufficient to abolish all of them if properly understood as being a basic fallacy of conventional human thinking.

The problem is that we encounter absolutely the same fallacious pattern in the New Age movement that splintered from the very beginning in closed, highly dogmatic circles, schools and teachings with very dubious character and with no effort, or even recognition, of providing a sound cognitive and epistemological basis for their dubious spiritual claims. None of these mini-circles and mini-teachings (even the word “teaching” is an euphemism in this respect) of the New Age ever grasped the necessity of such a fundamental theoretical work, to first define the gnostic and cognitive foundation of modern esotericism, before it can claim universal validity and display the power of conviction and the potential to become a fountain spring of all future knowledge for humanity. In other words, to recommend itself as a true alternative to all world religions that still mire the minds and hearts of billions of people worldwide.

Hence, there are three major reasons that led to the total failure of moderm esotericism to become a valid system of human cognition beyond the current limited 3D reality:

1. It was unable to provide a valid definition of God and prove that all world religions are using a U-subset of this term to define their particular beliefs, first and foremost that they interpret the primary term of human consciousness in a very arbitrary and illogical “human” manner that is void of any faculty for abstract and consistent logical thinking.

This could only have been done, if all New Agers would have grasped and implemented the new axiomatics and theory of the Universal Law that was presented to them 14 years ago and at the same time have rejected all their distorted, compromised and very unripe esoteric ideas, that are void of any decent philosophical thinking as available to humanity since Antiquity. That is say, they had to expand their education and learn more about the principles of true philosophy, as these have been taught by Plato, Aristotle, Plotin, and many other outstanding thinkers in the past until the beginning of Modern Time with Descartes.

None of this happened and is a topic of discussion in the current New Age movement that has, in the meantime, descended into a total mental incest and moral negligence and has no other chance to emerge from this cesspool, but through a MPR and death experience for most light workers. They will continue their incarnation cycle with a new incarnation, after the curtain has fallen for this uppermost mother earth, on a new 3D or lower 4D timeline according to their current very low baseline of true spiritual, intellectual and moral evolution. What to most human minds appears as “God’s cruelty” is simply an energetic rectification for failed chances to awaken in this most significant incarnation of all and achieve personal ascension in this auspicious End Time.

2. Instead of developing universally valid spiritual principles that should guide human thinking and behaviour, all New Age gurus only presented subjective narratives that reiterated the old biblic and other dusty, religious stories from the dark past of humanity by simply exchanging names and terms, but preserving the same old fallacious patterns of thinking, which are the patterns of the Orion matrix. After all it is a well-established fact that all world religions were decisively tainted, or even entirely created by the archons and their Reptilian and Draconian human stooges, who still dominate these religions and their dogmas and insidiously manipulate the behaviour of billions of believers as is the case with the current black Jesuit-Pope in Vatican.

Again, I have to reiterate that the only comprehensive modern esoteric teaching is the new Gnosis of the Universal Law that unites God’s concept with the concept of energy and thus amalgamates science and religious thinking, which is inherent to any sentient being, into a coherent axiomatic, logical categorical system of all known theological and scientific truths and beliefs, developed so far in the history of this humanity.

None of this is even a remote theoretical and spiritual goal of the current New Age movement and that is why its gurus are not better than their religious predecessors, the pastors, the Pharisees and the like, who are excellent in crucifying any critic, but have no heart and mind at the right place; instead they have delegated any human morality and ethics from this earth into the invisible heaven, the vicious version of which they have tried to create for themselves here on earth. Hence they have degraded to pedophiles, murderers of children, drug dealers, etc.

Most of the New Agers, who do not display any higher moral virtues in daily life than the clergy, were not able to be all this for one single and very simple reason: Their souls did not allow them, much to their chagrin, to become prominent leaders in organized religions and to exert such crimes as popes, cardinals and numerous other clergymen have done and are still doing. That is why they turned to the New Age movement, where there was no preliminary selection or qualification to become a self-proclaimed guru. That the scope of their influence was rather limited and in particular that the magnitude of the desired manipulation of other people stayed very modest was the greatest unspoken regret of these New Age gurus, who have in the DNA ingrained memories of manipulating the religious beliefs of the masses from past incarnations and would have loved to experience this power over other people one more time.

3. Due to the above mentioned psychomental tendencies in the archetypal soul structure of the New Age gurus, moderm esotericism adopted willingly and without any critical assessment the same pattern of human relationships that divides humanity in religious or spiritual leaders and submissive followers. This Human-Orion pattern is nothing else but the ubiquitous manifestation of unprocessed individual ego-mind. It is important to observe at this place that most of the current wishful New Age gurus have repeated this same vicious karma incarnation after incarnation and were supposed to resolve this persistent malignant habit in this last incarnation in order to qualify for ascension. That is why the scope of their success remained very limited according to their soul plan and this is also the reason at the soul level why the New Age movement failed so badly. It was not supposed to repeat the blunders of past religions but to eliminate them prior to ascension.

As all New Agers are, nonetheless, still very much enamored in the glamour of a petty guru, none of them was able to see the grand design behind the ascension process in this state of self-illusion and to realize that it is not the duty of an old warrior soul, coming from much higher dimensions than most human souls, to bask in vanity and personal admiration, but to do a very dirty job in service of humanity, namely to cleanse this densest and most toxic planet from all dark forces and archons at the astral plane and on the ground and in this way to become the driving force behind the planetary ascension.

In other words, all new Age gurus and their infantile followers did not comprehend that it is not about trumpeting around nice, rose-fluffy stuff and hover like self-proclaimed avatars over this debased reality as Jesus did over water, but delve into its abysses and cleanse the thickest human goo, as the PAT is doing this for years.

Ultimately the New Age movement repeated all the blunders of cognitive, ethical, intellectual and personal kind, which also all world religions and their infamous representatives have done for centuries and have successfully contributed to the devious plan of the dark archons to totally enslave humanity in the End Time of ascension.

Again, if the NWO could not be implemented on this uppermost mother planet – however, it has been already successfully installed on numerous lower 3D and 4D timelines – this is the sole achievement of such small groups of heroic and self-sacrificing souls as the PAT, the light warriors of the first and the last hours, who distanced themselves in a resolute manner from the miasms of the New Age and indomitably followed their steep and very difficult and lonely path, rejecting any earthly laurels and misguided accolades.

5. The Redeemer Syndrome: No knowledge of Health, Disease and the Regulation of the Biological Organism among New Age Healers and Gurus, but only Naked Ego

The New Age movement evolved to a large extent around healing oneself and other allegedly ill people. Healing them from their real or fictional emotional blockages and disbalances, from their karmic past and present wrong patterns. New Age gurus and healers abundant, telling you for money, often a lot of money, why your past karma has led to your current failed life and how they can heal you if you only follow their precious advises, which they obtain from a divine source, to which only they have an access.

Most of it is in fact simple parroting of previous healers and gurus, driven by the egomanic desire to be accepted as a guru-healer who redeems the people from their suffering and ascends to lofty heights in the peoples’ admiration. This is the same perpetuation of the Christian religious myth of Jesus as a miraculous healer through divine dispensation that fascinates so much the stupid sheeple in the churches.

In this sense, the strive for channelling and healing comes from the same source of human vanity. This acitivity is widely accepted by all New Agers as a valid and legitimate ambition in the field of spirituality, but never properly analysed under the premises of unprocessed human ego that hinders personal evolution. And above all, this trend prevents all these wishful healers from acquiring a true knowledge of what regulates the human organism and determines the state of health and disease that requires a subsequent treatment by an external healer.

Nowhere in this already entirely derailed human race will you find so many stupid opinions, misunderstandings and outright dangerous recommendations about health and disease than in the current New Age movement. While correctly rejecting most of present-day established medicine, and less so the highly pecuniary health care system in the West, the healing alternatives that modern esotericists offer are at best appalling and at worst criminal, as none of them are based on sound knowledge and in their vast majority do only harm as they run counter to basic principles of biological regulation. All this is based on profound and deliberately induced ignorance.

Let me specify on this key topic that is not really appreciated even by the most pronounced critics of the New Age as it affords a deep knowledge in bio-science and medicine. Here I will argue as a medical doctor, who has worked for decades at the front of clinical research and as somebody who has established the most profound and all-encompassing theory of biological regulation that includes and explains the most advanced knowledge in biology, biochemistry, physiology, immunology, genetics, pharmacology and medicine practised as clinical research.

To begin with, one must realize that current bio-sciences as listed above have no idea how a single cell is regulated as to function as an ordered whole and even less so how trillions of cells that constitute the human (or any other) organism operate in an immaculate manner as to establish the perfect state of health for most part of human life of any individual. It is matter of fact that diseases are comparatively short termed experiences, even though their incidence is rapidly growing in the last years. These bio-sciences operate in a state of total agnosticism as to the nature of the vital force that “holds the pieces of each organism together” (Goethe).

If somebody tells you a different story, he is an absolute ignorant and has no idea of what he is talking about. In this sense, the New Age movement had the moral right to reject the current medicine and health care system that is based on false basic concepts and has no idea as to how the regulation of the human body operates in order to justify any external intervention in form of various treatments, such as drugs, surgery, radiation etc.

This intuitive conclusion was indeed made by many New Agers without being able to explain why modern science has failed in this effort as in any other respect to understand Nature and All-That-Is, and there has never been any attempt to bridge this huge gap in human gnostic knowledge. In reality, all New Age healers and gurus and their followers have simply amplified the same vices of obsolete modern medicine by creating a kind of a New Age vodoo medicine that is even worse than established medicine.

Nowhere would one find so many idiotic statements about health and disease and what one should do as to heal or prevent them than in the current New Age medicine. And all these advises and recommendations come from outright charlatans who cannot even spell DNA as a full word. But they would nonetheless tell you what your DNA contains and how you can use it as to be healed and progress in your spiritual evolution.

This is one particular example of total cretinism in the New Age, but there are infinite more, which I will spare you at this place. I will also refrain from citing any names, but this conclusion is based on a thorough analysis of the medical New Age literature and I assume that you also know many of the names of these charlatans. I have discussed some of them in past articles on this website and every argument I present here is based on the irrefutable foundation of the new General Theory of Biological Regulation as presented in volume III, which you can read as ebook on this website.

This elucidation reveals the immeasurable abysses of New Age stupidity and ignorance on any major topic of interest that have ultimately led to the total moral and intellectual bankruptcy of this movement. Or to put it in a biblical form – rather a camel would go through the eye of a needle than a New Age Charlatan-Guru or a healer to ascend and enter the kingdom of God with this mind-set.

The inability of the New Age to comprehend the basic principles of biological regulation that determine the states of health and disease has one key implication that has not been well elucidated so far in this particular relationship. One cannot understand the LBP in its full energetic and physiological impact on the human body, unless one has resolved all scientific aspects of its regulation at the biological level and as an infinite energetic system of superimposed waves that is closely connected with the Source.

This was only possible after I discovered the Universal Law in 1994 and developed the new General Theory of Biological Regulation, which I then expanded to include all the relevant gnostic knowledge as presented in my six books on this topic (available as ebooks on this website). This kind of universal approach to the LBP is unique in the whole New Age literature. I will discuss the LBP as a separate point below, but I mention it at this place as all ten reasons that have led to the failure of the New Age movement are closely interrelated and interdependent.

To me it is the greatest conundrum of all – how could one expect to evolve spiritually and eventually ascend in the current End Times if he /she has shut his /her mind for new knowledge and rejects any source that offers such immaculate knowledge as this website. This is the mother of all questions, with which I address one last time the New Age movement, knowing that all my efforts to open their eyes are futile and that their soul fragments have already descended to much lower timelines and have started with another very long and dreadful incarnation cycle before they reach the future point in time when I shall appear one more time in front of them as Logos God and ask them the same question. Hopefully their future response will be more enlightened than now.

6. The New Age people deliberately closed their eyes with the “Love and Light” illusion to the fact that a pitiless global war is raging on the earth between the few light warriors in human bodies and countless dark archons on the astral plane for Ascension.

From a cognitive and factual point of view, this deliberate blindness of most light workers caused their infamous downfall – their Fall from Grace.

First, the knowing of this fact was a necessary mental and intellectual prerequisite for all light warriors to open to their divine mission, for which they have come on this small planet from the Source or from much higher dimensions than most human souls, including most old souls, and take the full responsibility for this global war by entering the LBP (see below) and becoming beacons of light and powerful cleansers of dark human dross. In other words, become members of the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT) and the driving force of planetary ascension.

I hope most of you remember the epic battle we fought against the archons at the astral plane as multidimensional beings and gloriously won last autumn and how depleted most of you were at that time. Actually much more than at present, as this latest portal on October 23rd brings much more refined energies that are not so devastating to the human physical body than a direct merciless battle with the worst dark archons at the astral plane.

And who from the other light workers knows about this battle last year, which paved the way for the creation of Gaia 5 by Carla and myself in November last year and later on the creation and current ascension of the Golden galaxy this year? Nobody! Otherwise they would not continue to repeat the same crap or even worse, which they are digesting since the beginning of this infamous New Age movement.

I do not expect any recognition for the PAT as the egos of these blind light workers hinder them to acknowledge any true achievement of other more evolved and enlightened people. But what actually happened is that these morons not only excluded themselves from the active participation in the ascension process and thus closed their personal portal of ascension for many future eons of time to come.

They also opened wide the door for all dark entities to enter their fields, mind and psyche, after we began to oust them from the numerous lower 4D timelines, which we have been creating as Logos Gods since the summer of last year. What we observe since then is the total infestation and degradation of the New Age movement. You only need to compare the quality of the channeling messages and other esoteric articles that were written and published before 2013 and after that and you will immediately register the significant downfall in quality to extremely dark abysses for most channellers and wishful New Age gurus, the absolute void of any decent human intellectual and moral faculty among these people.

The already discussed Kathryn May is the classical example of this perilous downfall of the New Age. Here is an excerpt from her latest channeling from Lucifer (?!) that illustrates the complete imbecility and total contamination of the New Ager’s mind by dark entities:

“Lucifer: I come to you today to talk about something that is dear to my heart. I pinched Kathryn’s toe (on the other foot) to make sure she would make time for me. She laughed when I confessed it was I. We play her toes like a musical instrument so she always knows who it is by the toe we play, but I hadn’t come through for a while. It’s sort of a joke we like to play on her. I gave her quite a jolt when she was driving (hahaha).”

For such people even the clinical term “cretin” is an euphemism. They are veritable imbeciles, and also those that publish such articles. So much about the abysmal downfall of the New Age.

The problem with this is that no aspect of human life is fully isolated. It is always related to the bigger picture of ascension. As most light workers and warriors turned away from the light and succumbed to various dark entities and forces, the ascension process was in real jeopardy and we, the few light warriors of the first and the last hour, had to quadruple our forces as to compensate for this unexpected failure of most star seeds.

This has been a leitmotif of many channelings from Jahn and articles by myself, which I have published on this website, so that nobody can say, he has not been informed on what is currently going on in the light workers community. It is all there, exhibited for everybody to see and analyse, in case one possesses the faculty of sound intellectual analysis.

This self-induced blindness of the New Age movement to the fact that the earth is a planet of enslavement for all humans by the dark archons, where the propagation of indiscriminate love for everybody and all archons only paves the way to hell, hindered most light workers to properly discern the current political, economic, judicial and financial matrix of the Orion empire on the earth and became an easy prey to all kinds of deliberate psyops of the dark ones. This will be the topic of the next point.

7. Most light workers did not truly grasp the fraudulent nature of the current Orion / Reptilian order that is camouflaged behind rigged representative democracy of clones and shape-shifters, and an obsolete judicial system entirely on behalf of the hidden Orion agenda of the NWO and in support of the current Orion economy based on scarcity and perpetual deficiencies, leading to perennial wars.

As this point encompasses a vast portion of the published New Age literature on the Internet, it should be the most obvious. At the same time the blunders and defaults of the New Agers in this respect are so manifold and heterogeneous that a full-fledged discussion would necessitate the writing of a whole book.

I hope that you all remember that when the darkest political entity Obama was elected as presidential puppet of the US dark government, how many New Age sites officially announced that this is a “Pro-Obama” website (e.g the moron Steve Beckow). And how many dark sources, such as Kathryn May, Susanne Ward (alias Matthew), etc. were posting (and are still doing this) channelled messages declaring Obama to be a highly evolved soul of the light, who has come from the Source here on earth to be the redeemer of humanity, however, only if the dark ones would allow him to do so.

This is the utmost form of dark archonic sarcasm at the expense of the New Age sheeple that shows how infested this esoteric movement really is. And this at a time when even the MSM acknowledge that Obama is a mass murderer who uses anti-constitutionally drones and other black ops to kill innocent people in a lawless manner and should be sentenced to a life-long imprisonment for committing crimes (genocide) against humanity by an international court of human rights.

If all light workers would have esatblished a clear-cut, morally and ethically immaculate weltanschauung based on all the knowledge, I have already discussed in these series and published on this website since 2011, none of these stupid blunders would have been made and such dark sources as Cobra would not have enjoyed the current popularity among the New Age morons.

I honestly do not know where to begin and where to end – the idiocies of the light workers are uncountable and so overwhelming that to even discuss the most obvious ones would take more time than the current rapidly progressing ascension process allows. Hence I better stop at this place and leave the further elaboration of these critical issues on the eve of the greatest revelations in the history of mankind to the personal preferences of my readers.

8. Lack of Self-Reflection: The New Agers did not explore and truly understand the inherent cognitive and perceptual limitations of the human mind, especially as a spiritual ego, and consider them in their esoteric concepts.

True intellectuality is first and foremost the ability of self-reflection. Unfortunately this is the most deficient feature of all humans in the current End Time and an outstanding characteristics of the New Age Movement, notwithstanding the fact that they channel a plethora of messages, where precisely the urging to develop this ability is a constant topic of the higher sources.

This inability of self-reflection among the New Agers gave birth to various forms of a hypertrophied ego and at the same time caused an enhanced, almost pathological rejection of any true intellectual, who made these people aware of this deficiency. I am talking now from a personal experience, but the ground for this kind of behaviour is much deeper buried.

Unprocessed high self-esteem is the most common basic angst, with which all these star seeds incarnated on this planet and were supposed to overcome by true spiritual self-reflection. They failed in this respect and this failure includes: a) their inability to initiate the LBP and be able to ascend in the coming days: 2) their inability to understand the grand divine design of planetary ascension and be intelligent observers of all events behind the veil and c) they became an easy prey to all kinds of dark forces.

This ultimately poisoned and neutralized the spiritual power, which the New Age movement was supposed to unfold in the End Time in order to counterbalance the endeavours of the dark elite to increase the level of human enslavement and establish a totalitarian NWO in order to prevent mass ascension. In this way most light workers were completely neutralized and taken over as hostages by the dark forces, so that they were unable to fulfil their light mission and actively participate in the ascension process as true light warriors.

I am aware of the fact that I repeat myself, but just as “all roads lead to Rome”, so have all ten reasons, quoted in these articles, led to the same result – the total moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the New Age movement. Thus most light workers have deprived themselves of the greatest chance, All-That-Is has offered to these souls since millions of years: their full ascension in body with Gaia to the 5D and higher by undergoing an energetic transfiguration of their carbon-based bodies to crystalline light bodies and endowed with unlimited multidimensional awareness at the end of their LBP. This is the core and bitter truth of the current End Time that is about to end any moment from now on.

Just yesterday (October 25th) we entered the final bifurcation, when the mitosis of the two worlds – the one that now descends to much lower timelines of dreadful catastrophic events and the other one that is on the steep ascension path to the new Golden Galaxy – took place, and we were given visions of these final processes by our HS.

The decisions have been made and this sum-up of the fallacies of the New Age movement will not reach any victim of illusion and save it anymore. I know this too well. But it will play a huge role for all those individuals, who will ascend to an upper 4D world and will be given the chance to reflect on their past, in expanded awareness, and realize what has happened in this auspicious End Time and in particular how many humans have dismissed this unique opportunity. This will give them an impetus to progress with much greater fervour quickly on the ladder of ascension in these pristine upper 4D worlds and ascend during this incarnation, which may well extend several hundred years from now on in the new upper 4D worlds.

What is the greatest limitation of the human mind that causes all other limitations in perception and abstract cognitive thinking?

It is the inherent ability of the human mind to arrest absolute time f, also defined as frequency f, in an unconscious manner in order to measure and assess space.

This is how the illusion of space as extent occurs in all humans and how they are trapped in this illusory 3D hologram. In other words, the present 3D holographic matrix is the product of the limitation of the human mind to process simultaneously the continuum of the two constituents of space-time /energy – space and time (frequency) – in a dynamic manner. When this cognitiive ability is present, human consciousness will be able to perceive simultaneously many realities and dimensions and will become multidimensional. This is what will happen with our ascension.

The process of arresting time f in the mind is automatic and takes place at the subconsious level for all humans. It has not been properly discerned by any scientist, until I discovered this primary source of all limitations of human consciousness in 1995.

All sciences, first and foremost mathematics and geometry, have their origin in this cognitive human deficiency, which is based on the automatic arrest of absolute time in the mind in order to assess physical space. Please understand that space and time are canonically conjugated constituents of space-time that cannot be truly separated and build the dialectical nature of space-time (energy) as unity. This also holds true for physics, which is applied mathematics and geometry to the external world. This, until now unknown mental process in the human mind is thoroughly explained and its implications extensively discussed in the tetralogy of science of the Universal Law (volume I -IV), so that I will not delve into this subject at this place.

It suffices to stress that the very concept of 3d space-time and the perception of this 3D hologram is based on this deliberate deficiency of the human mind, which has been created in an a priori manner by the incarnated souls, who are also the creators of our physical bodies and this 3d reality. There is a divine grand design behind all human illusion and incarnation experiments in dense 3D realities, and it begins and ends up with the scope of awareness of the incarnated sentient being.

It is also important to stress that no esoteric teaching so far has been able to discern this primary source of all human illusion from a scientific, physical and theoretical point of view and establish their esoteric ideas on a sound gnostic foundation. Only after I discovered the Universal Law and elucidated the intrinsic cognitive mechanism behind all limitations in human perception, that is to say, only after I established the true epistemology of all scientific and common human knowledge, was this fundamental deficiency of the human mind discovered as such. And all this was achieved through a unique, in-depth self-reflection, which you will find nowhere – neither in science, nor in modern esotericism that was supposed to do exactly this.

Only after one has grasped the basic mechanism of human illusion, which is the sole perception of this 3D hologram and the deliberate exclusion of all data and energetic impulses from other parallel, multidimensional realities in order to focus on this incarnation experiment on this plane and to interact with it in a more realistic manner, is he truly ready for ascension.

Because with the transfiguration of the current, slow functioning carbon-based brain to a crystalline brain of immediate, unlimited perception, also the mechanism of all cognitive human limitations – the automatic, unconscious arrest of time in the mind in order to assess space as the only dimension (constituent) of space-time – will be eliminated for ever and we shall open our consciousness for numerous other realities.

Hence the dissolution and disappearance of the current Orion 3D matrix and reality will not happen by external collapses, but through a qualitative leap (expansion) in human awareness – by substituting the current carbon-based brain as the hardware of human thinking with a crystalline brain (hardware of the light). The external collapses of the old 3D matrix will be only the consequence of this expansion of human awareness. As we are on the cusp of this big Event, it is worth discussing it one more time from a theoretical point of view.

We have now entered the bifurcation point, where our awareness will begin to expand and we will witness how the external world, the current facade, is substituted in a seamless manner by a new, much more evolved and malleable 4D and 5D reality. This holds true for all light warriors of the first and the last hour, who will ascend to 5D and higher, and for those, who will ascend to the new 4D worlds, which we have created as Logos Gods in the new Golden Galaxy.

At the same time the vast majority of humans will experience sudden external collapses of the current system and will plunge into endless series of social and natural catastrophes, until they learn their lessons and gain deeper insights. Most of the light workers will experience this dreadful destiny and their souls know this outcome already. Hence the deep grief which they now emanate and we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, have to process for them as the professional cleansers of this planet.

There will be a very short period of time, probably several days, when both realities and human awareness will overlap and, at this interception, will share common experiences, before the mitosis of the two worlds is accomplished by virtue of the MPR. The ascension of the few and the descent of the overwhelming rest will happen simultaneously and the two worlds will separate for ever. Nothing knew to you, but still worth of discussing again and again, as this Event will overwhelm even the best prepared among us due to the still existing limitations of our human minds, until this last frontier is also abolished and our transfiguration will take place.

All this should have become a common knowledge to all light workers, so that they could prepare for ascension. However it did not happen for the said reasons. Now their dire destiny is sealed by their personal inability of true self-reflection as the primary mechanism of acquisition of cosmic wisdom.

To this set of deficiencies of the New Agers belongs also their inability to truly understand the LBP as the driving force of Ascension and to open mentally, intellectually and emotionally for this unique and key process of soul evolution. This will be the topic of the next point.

9. Most light workers failed to understand the LBP in its energetic complexity and as the primary driving force behind personal and planetary ascension.

This has been a leitmotif of all my writings on this website. In the course of the last four years, I have written and published some pivotal essays on the LBP in order to improve the profound ignorance of the light workers with respect to this key energetic process that is not only the driving force behind personal ascension to 5D and higher dimensions, but also of the planetary ascension of Gaia and part of humanity to the new 4D worlds in the new Golden Galaxy.

Here are some of my most outstanding articles on the LBP that fully cover this topic from a theoretical and existential (clinical, psychological and personal) point of view:

1. Light Body Process in the End Times

2. The Function of Left and Right Brain in the Light Body Process

3. How to Interpret Correctly the Clinical Symptoms of Your Light Body Process

4. Update on The Energies of the LBP

5. New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind – Serial 7

This website is a seamless chronicle of this insight and knowledge on the LBP presented in real time with each ascension test run, which the PAT has accomplished in the last three years since we opened the stargate 11.11.11 and initiated the last, most critical phase of the planetary ascension process.

The basic motto of this website has always been: We ascend ourselves and Gaia to higher dimensions and no extraterrestrial power, be they GF, ascended masters or even Elohim, can help us, unless we do the job here on the ground. If so many ascension test runs have failed since 2011, it is because so very few light warriors internalized this motto and lived up to it.

Then on November 22, 2011, all light warriors of the first and the last hours were beamed with source energy by myself as the only human nexus to the source through their 4th heart chakra and through the 6th and 7th chakra and opened their left brain portal that connected them to the 12. chakra and thus directly to the Source. Since then they fully entered the final active phase of the LBP and could fully participate in the planetary ascension. These events are well documented on this website in real time.

It should be a basic knowledge that before one ascends, one must first raise the frequencies of his fields and physical body sufficiently and become a conduit of source energies himself. These energies are then used to cleanse the dense Orion matrix of this 3d reality and at the same time raise the frequencies of Gaia, which alone cannot achieve this. In the course of this repetition process of cleansing and ascending to higher dimensions in a stepwise manner, each individual field of a light warrior grows exponentially, until it encompasses the whole Gaia with all its numerous timelines.

This is what happened with Carla and myself last year when we joined our Elohim fields and created the first seven 4D timelines of this earth end of May, 2013, which later on multiplied many times. It is a huge expansion process of new creation that goes beyond any human imagination, as the Elohim have told us on numerous occasions.

When this spring the decision was made to postpone our personal ascension after the last ascension test run failed end of May due to the usual unpreparedness of most light workers and star seeds that were supposed to help the PAT, we decided to stay longer on this uppermost mother planet and to actively participate in the ascension of the new galaxy with Gaia as its focal point.

This widening of our mission was only possible because before that we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, were so much advanced in the personal LBP (also thanks to the clear guidelines on the LBP on this website, but not exclusively) that our fields now encompass all timelines of Gaia and we were able to expand them further on transgalactically.

For this same reason we were asked end of May by the Elohim to stay on this earth and help the spearhead group of the light warriors that have helped us so far to create Gaia 5 end of 2013 to expand their fields similar to ours and also become Logos Gods and the Guardians of the new Galaxy.

For this reason our (Carla’s and mine) 13th t0 15th chakras were activated immediately after the failed last ascension test run end of May in Burns Bog and we all, the light warriors of the PAT, became truly transgalactic, omni-versal beings. This kind of expansion from such a high density as on the earth to such “wuthering heights” (Emily Bronte) could only be achieved, if one has proceeded indomitably with his LBP throughout all these years, no matter how many severe cc-waves with headache, gastric pain and total exhaustion one had to endure. And all this is a service-for-others and the utmost form of unconditional love and sacrifice, as attested many times by Jahn’s sources for the light warriors of the first and the last hour.

Why am I telling you all this one more time? Because this experience is totally unknown to most light workers and that is why none of these slumbering entities participated in the planetary ascension process as the few light warriors of the PAT did. They do not even bother to learn theoretically from our experiences with the LBP, which is the only universal mechanism of cleansing this planet and raising its frequencies, so that it can ascend when the threshold of purity is reached, but simply discarded this information prima facie. Many of them even mocked us full of envy.

But this is how the New Age community fell from Grace and became what it is now – a complete mess of failed entities. And even such late insights as this one will not change anything on the dire destiny of these derailed light workers, whose soul fragments are now descending on lower timelines and their empty physical shells are barely coping with the new energies, we now transmit from the source on this uppermost mother earth (as was the case yesterday, October 27th, huge cc-wave and ascension shift again).

When the small portion of the current human population will awaken in the new 4D worlds, they will realize for the first time that most of the ranks of the New Agers are vacant, while many human beings who cared a shit about this infantile and derailed esoteric scene have ascended to the new 4D worlds because they have lived a decent life and have not fraternized with dark archons who transformed them into pitiful mouthpieces of their dark agenda.

This all began with the inability of most light workers to comprehend the key role of the LBP and to bring the necessary courage to enter this process with full force. In other words, to overcome their very powerful fears and inherent resistance to leave the old comfort zone of zombie-like Orion existence and jump without a safety net into the Unknown with full confidence in their HS.

I remember when I had an extensive email exchange with Sue Lie in 2010 and at some point at time I asked her what her symptoms of the LBP were, after listing mine very precisely in an extensive manner, only to found out that she had none. After I recovered from this surprise, I asked her how could she write and channel about ascension if she does not have any LBP-related symptoms and hence she, herself, is not in this process. Since then there was a radio silence on her part on this topic, which only illustrates how insincere and reluctant most light workers and gurus were, and still are, now that the train has already departed, in dealing with this key process of the current End Time. This did not hinder such self-proclaimed gurus to offer seminars and webinars for money on ascension and to mire the stupid sheeple of the New Age scene.

Did I or Carla ever offer such an ascension seminar, although we are the first human beings that accomplished a full transfiguration into crystalline light body – Carla on August 13, 2013 and I a week later? And did the glorious group of light warriors of the first and the last hour need to attend such webinars and seminars on ascension, when they ascended short time thereafter and now to become the new Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Galaxy a year later? No, a big and resolute NO! You cannot buy ascension with money and who claims the opposite is an outrageous charlatan. This is my final verdict on all these failed New Age gurus.

During the last four years, actually since 2000, I have written a lot of articles and books in order to rectify a number of false ideas on this intricate energetic process that were circulating in the light workers community since the Mid 90s and to promote a better knowledge among my potential readers in the faint hope that some of them will learn something and profit from this priceless (hence free) information (see links above).

If there was one thing I learned from this futile activity to enlighten humanity and these deplorable New Age morons, it is that most humans are so much trapped in their extremely narrow comfort zone of bare survival and that they behave and think in such a robotic, reflexive manner, that they are unable to accept that there are energetic states, even in a human body, that by far and large exceed their present-day (in)human experience and that such light-filled individuals cannot be judged by the current imbecile prejudices of the masses.

The real light warriors, who are fully in the LBP, know exactly what I am talking about as they all have gone through these social pains of complete misunderstanding and total rejection from their environment, relatives and friends, especially when they first started with the LBP and were very much overwhelmed by these inhuman cosmic energies. After that one is so numbed by these energies for the rest of his life that it no longer matters what some idiots think about the LBP.

I have personally arrived at this point long time ago and that is why I have no compassion anymore for all those light workers that consciously missed all the knowledge and chances that myself and some other enlightened personalities have graciously offered them over the years. That is why I do not even care if they continue publishing messages that are infested by dark forces and blatantly boycott my enlightened, very honest and very critical articles. In this denial they only prove that they are still very much part of the Orion matrix that behaves in the same way and have absolutely no chance to ascend with us, the few elected from Heaven.

The “Day of Days” is Payday and Dismay-Day at the same time. And it is coming Now.

10. The intellectual inability of the New Age movement to understand the Theory of the Universal Law as the Theory of Ascension and its sweeping consequences for human weltanschauung, science, new technologies and soul evolution.

Let us face the current situation with open and critical eyes. There, we have a weak spiritual movement, barely surviving on the fringes of the Orion matrix, completely unable to present a convincing new point of view, a compelling ideology of the human spirit, that is able to challenge the basic mainstream ideas of this Orion society and recommend itself as a viable intellectual and spiritual alternative for a New Life and a “New Age”.

Here, we have the new theory of the Universal Law, which is undoubtedly the greatest intellectual achievement of the human mind in the history of this civilisation. Past civilisations of Lemuria and Atlantis knew and implemented the Universal Law. which they called the “Law of One”, in the organisation of their societies, before they forgot it or deliberately neglected it under the influence of the dark Orion /Reptilian archons and experienced their total destruction.

This historical fact reveals that no civilization of sentient beings can survive on the long run, unless it fully accepts and implements the theory of the Universal Law in their daily life (as common weltanschauung), in the organisation of society (as social and economic theory), in their spiritual evolution (as human Gnosis), in science and in the introduction of new sophisticated technologies based on free energy and immediate creation from the fulcrum of the soul (soul technologies).

You have all this in the new General Theory of the Universal Law as presented for free on this website. And how many light workers were able to appreciate this generous gift from the Source, given to them through me, and made a practical use of it – to enlighten themselves, expand their consciousness and thus more easily enter the LBP and ascend?

Only a handful of light warriors of the first and the last hour, also referred to as the Planetary Ascension Team, because they were able to raise their personal frequencies and expand their energetic fields to such an extent as to become very effective conduits of source energies and massive cleansers of dark human dross on a global scale. In other words, by accepting the new Theory of the Universal Law and its implications, even though they could not follow all the derivations of this Law in physics (which were only meant for scientists to convince them in the ubiquitous validity of this new Theory of Ascension and why they must discard their present-day failed physical theory), these light warriors made the best of all choices and will be rewarded with ascension to 5D and higher dimensions and eternal bliss. This is how Heaven operates and anything else is New Age bullshit.

And what will happen with the rest – with the ignorant majority of the light workers, who not only did not take any notice of the existence of the New Theory of the Universal Law, but even rejected it as devil’s work and wanted to eliminate it by killing the character of the messenger? In this, the New Agers only proved that they still carry all the vices of the old Orion matrix and are mere impostors in the field of spiritualism. Never before has this truth become so obvious as in these last days, when famous New Age gurus crash under the overwhelming evidence of their dark infestation and the esoteric scene is void of any new ideas and has nothing to offer, but shock and regret that the time of self-perpetuating illusions is now over as one shamanic moron recently wrote, after he declared K. May to be the “best channeller of the world” several weeks ago.

But the more so this website of the new Ascension Theory of the Universal Law. And to read and understand the eternal truth of the Universal Law, you do not need to pay for expensive courses and webinars, but only to focus your mind and read the new axiomatics of the Universal Law as an introduction to the Theory of Ascension, as many times as it is necessary until you internalize every single idea and axiom and make it the foundation of your personal thinking and behaviour. There is nobody else, who will do this effort for you, just as nobody else can ascend for you. You alone have to make it. This is the bottom line of human life and this truth now becomes more evident than ever before.

For many years my effort to disseminate and propagate the ideas of the Universal Law was equivalent to Jesus parable (Matthew 7.6):

“”Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.“

Indeed, many light workers behaved in the past like dogs and pigs and that is why their soul fragments have already descended to the dogs’ planet and other lower 3D and 4D timelines. This truth has always been there – you either evolve spiritually, morally and intellectually and ascend or you slumber, degrade and descend to lower and denser timelines. But precisely this truth is stubbornly rejected by most self-proclaimed seekers of the light, by the New Age fraudsters, who substitute unconditional love with mere complacency towards their total bankruptcy as ethical, moral and intelligent human beings.

By the way, the dogs have already ascended to 5D as they are incarnations of the collective spirit of Sirian ascended masters. When my dog Kimbah died and ascended at the beginning of this year, this transition gave me such a powerful shift to higher dimensions, as I have never experienced before. Since then he is very often with me in the dream state and waits together with my previous dog Metcho my imminent arrival in the 5D.

Hence, there are dogs as ascended masters and there are humans, who behave like dogs and swines, as it can be observed with great dismay in the New Age scene. This is what Jesus (alias Apollonius of Tyana) correctly observed 2000 years ago and nothing has changed since then in the human behaviour. The truth is always the most painful revelation for all those, who stubbornly reject it. But it is unavoidable in these final days. After all the “Day of Days” should be the Day of the Last Judgment and one should not blame the messenger for repeating this divine fact of All-That-Is, which is, by the way, in the core of all world religions of Advent and one of the few pieces of eternal spiritual truth they have to offer to their believers.

The new Theory of the Universal Law is not the next arbitrary theory as most esoteric trash theories, void of any scientific understanding, currently are. It is the ONLY and all-encompassing categorical system of human knowledge available to humanity that does not contain any logical contradictions and paradoxes. And it will stay so after ascension. That is why it is the Theory of Ascension for all upper 4D worlds and of course for the 5D and higher dimensions, where this verbal theory will still be valid, but no longer necessary in this form because all information will be acquired telepathically and immediately, while human language will be recognized as a very slow and cumbersome form of communication and will be discarded.

But the founding ideas of the Theory of the Universal Law – its Axiomatics – are valid for all dimensions up to the Source as it reflects the Nature of All-That-Is = Energy. That is why this theory of eternal character and its validity will not be challenged by any expansion of human consciousness, no matter how multi-dimensional and all-encompassing it will be.

Hence make use of this divine gift in these last days and study this theory as intensively as you can, as it will be your springboard to individual ascension. No other mental and intellectual activity will bring you quicker upward on the ladder of ascension, because when you begin to understand and internalize the beauty and open infinity of the new Theory of the Universal Law as a method of logical thinking, you shall begin to experience also a huge clarity of all your feelings and your emotional body will undergo a huge expansion and liberation from past mentally tainted, inappropriate emotional patterns. Then human intellectuality (6.chakra) and emotions (4.chakra) go hand in hand in the new unified chakra of an ascended master and you can only refine your emotions by refining and streamlining your thoughts. And the best method to do this, is to follow the new axiomatic thinking of the Universal Law.

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TiAmAt: 109_110_Luna,ingeniería espacial,ISON,Respuestas de un extraterrestre, de Andrómeda,

Origen: TiAmAt: 109_110_Luna,ingeniería espacial,ISON,Respuestas de un extraterrestre de Andrómeda,

Thursday, October 4, 2018

109_110_Luna,ingeniería espacial,ISON,Respuestas de un extraterrestre de Andrómeda,

Vídeo 109
Respuestas de un extraterrestre de Andrómeda – Vídeo Ciento nueve-12 de diciembre del 2013

Mythi, existe la posibilidad de que la Luna sea destino catastrófico de un gran meteorito, o la Tierra, en esta configuración actual del sistema solar por parte de los objetos de Ison?

-No, su Luna está protegida desde hace mucho tiempo por razas que mantienen bases en varios lugares de su superficie. 
En el último medio milenio,
 ¿tienen registro de alguna marca de un nuevo gran cráter en la luna, que apareczca como resultado directo de un choque de grandes meteoritos? 
No, sus astrónomos pueden haber registrado muchos cientos de pequeños meteoritos que chocan sistemáticamente en contra de su luna, pero nada realmente grande. 

Esto es debido al hecho de que los grandes meteoros que abrieron cráteres grandes eran sistemáticamente “dirigidos” a la Luna por los constructores del sistema, lo cual dio lugar al inicio de posibilidad de vida en el planeta. 

Grandes meteoros fueron agregados para equilibrar exactamente su diámetro y masa. 

No es casualidad que la luna cause un
 “eclipse total de Sol”,
 que está centrado diametralmente con la distancia media de su órbita alrededor del planeta Tierra y del Sol. 

Montar un sistema binario como el de la Tierra y la Luna no es obra de la casualidad, sino una gran obra de ingeniería espacial.

-Con respecto al complejo ISON, como ya les he dicho, él formará parte de la alineación, ya que para que se establezca el nuevo paso social del planeta, la Tierra necesitará modificaciones resultantes de estos cambios para expurgar las huellas de la destrucción y de la suciedad que se han acumulado en este siglo 20. 

Creo que todos los que están siguiendo los hechos, están teniendo uno de los años más extraños de sus vidas, pero estando todos bien informados acerca de la verdad de los hechos sabemos aceptar y ayudar en estos cambios, ya sean drásticas o no.

 No hagan preguntas acerca de dónde es seguro y donde no lo es. Todos los que piensan que están en un lugar seguro, se sorprenderán por los cambios en los eventos, y muchos sobrevivirán bien en áreas que ahora se consideran “en riesgo”. 

Confien en el destino, tengan sus frecuencias libres de la estática generada por el sistema social actual, sean su conciencia más que meros seguidores de las doctrinas impuestas. Cambien con el planeta en lugar de ser purgados por él.

-Observen los movimientos de sus élites, ellas son como las ratas, las primeras en ponerse a salvo en lugares que consideran “seguros”. 

No teman, nosotros apareceremos para ayudar cuando menos lo esperan. La flota de naves que descansaba en el lado oscuro de la luna ya está en la atmósfera de la Tierra, en órbita y tomando medidas preventivas según las directrices recibidas para esta misión. 

Traten de tener la conciencia tranquila, paz interior y la seguridad de que ustedes son una parte importante de este vasto universo, y sobre todo, la comprensión de que todos somos hermanos.

-Una Cosa que hará la diferencia es que “cada uno de ustedes es un Cristo o un mesías”, el Mesías, con cualquier nombre que sus diferentes culturas deseen darle, no es una persona, es un estado mental de toda una sociedad conscientemente dispuesta a cambiar para mejor.

 Tengan la seguridad de que no va a llegar un “ser” diseñado para salvarlos, que ustedes son sus propios salvadores, nadie es más responsable de su evolución que ustedes mismos.

 El “Mesías” está dentro de cada hombre de buena voluntad y si todo hombre de buena voluntad ayuda a salvar al menos a uno igual, habrá sido el “mesías” de este hermano.

No pongas tus esperanzas en las doctrinas y las promesas de un salvador, sé tu mismo el salvador, y si no de otros, sé el salvador de ti mismo.

Vídeo 110
Respuestas de un extraterrestre de Andrómeda – Vídeo Ciento diez- 28 de Diciembre del 2013.

-Mis Amigos, fueron capaces de comprobar através de los medios de comunicación los cambios que se han observado en la frecuencia del Sol y como se calmó su alto nivel de actividad que tenia. 

Esto fue causado por el conjunto de ISON durante su paso. 

La interferencia de la Comunidad Galáctica en esta última fase realizando ajustes al sistema solar va a ser mínima, los Arcturianos finalizaron todos los procedimientos de contención que se mantienen en los principales sistemas volcánicos cercanos a centros de población, esto significa que el planeta fue puesto en libertad para responder naturalmente a todas las medidas de ajuste aplicados por este grupo de trabajo. 

Tengan la seguridad de que esta era la forma menos traumática para estabilizar no sólo la frecuencia del planeta tierra, sino la de todos los demás cuerpos celestes del sistema.

-Cada cambio produce algunos movimientos involuntarios inherentes a lo que está pre-definido. 

Una piedra arrojada a un lago tranquilo causará olas secuenciales y armónicas, que en poco tiempo ya no se percibirán, y todo va a estar tranquilo de nuevo. 

El volumen de la masa de la “piedra” lanzada al lago hará que su nivel aumente ligeramente, y es este pequeño aumento que hará toda la diferencia en la siguiente etapa. 

Sólo sus gobiernos podrían evitar que las aguas del lago regresen de nuevo al equilibrio normal en el momento correcto. Quieren provocar movimientos que pueden interferir con los factores naturales y esto sólo causará retrasos en la estabilización de esta nueva etapa. 

Alteramos los planes de los así llamados PTB, pero no podemos interferir con todos los eventos deliberadamente planificados por ellos.
Respondiendo a algunas preguntas pendientes con gran volumen de solicitudes:

-La anomalía del Báltico no es una nave espacial, es un antiguo monumento que se asemeja a una nave, hecha para contener ciertos artefactos de comunicación entre una colonia humanoide desarrollada aquí y sus mentores allí aproximadamente hace 32.000 años, mucho tiempo antes de las colonias de la Atlántida. 

Estos “objetos” contenidos en las rocas son molecularmente programados, es decir, trabajarán para siempre, hasta que sean destruidas o absorbidas por la naturaleza. 

En la última reubicación de los continentes muchas de estas regiones se sumergieron, y algunas pueden surgir de nuevo durante futuras reubicaciones tectónicas.

Se confirmó en dibujos antiguos de nuestra base de datos que el Artefacto Coso encerrado en una roca de 500.000 años de edad, es un viejo aislante de alta tensión de una vieja nave espacial reptiliana, como ya había dicho antes.

El sistema Nibiru no esta viniendo, se esta yendo. 

No se debe confundir con Taus y su luna, que están en el interior del sistema solar en este momento.

Personas negras de África, como lo he dicho antes, vienen de planetas de Sirio. 

Las colonias se desarrollaron con elementos que fueron secuestrados de sus planetas de origen por antiguos anfibios reptilianos, que preparaban cientos de planetas para esparcir su civilización, aquí en Tiamat escogieron específicamente a África, por ser un lugar cálido y agradable para la vida de reptoides. 

Mantenían un servicio de espionaje de las operaciones mineras de Camelopardalis, y cada vez que se informó de un planeta con condiciones de vida, trataban de apoderarse de él.

 El objetivo era formar “grupos de tareas” con el fin de construir ciudades e infraestructura para la colonización reptiliana. Cuando los reptilianos fueron expulsados de Tiamat por las fuerzas Atonianas, esta fue utilizada durante mucho tiempo como cuna de civilizaciones humanoides, los negros restantes continuaron viviendo en tribus y en las condiciones que pudieron encontrar, sin orientación específica, y se mantuvo así hasta el día de hoy.

Varias de estas razas negras de Sirio comenzaron desde el nivel uno y ya están muy desarrolladas. 

Posiblemente puedan recibir visitas de aquellas personas que dieron origen al ADN de estos terrícolas cuando ustedes, chicos, se relacionen abiertamente con la comunidad interestelar.

-Amigos, La naturaleza del planeta Tierra va a emprender sus propias acciones para su recuperación y terminar su crecimiento del 5 por ciento, proyectado para esta nueva etapa. 

No culpen a ISON por los acontecimientos en su atmósfera, recuerden que muchos miles de meteoros están extraviados de sus posiciones debido al calentamiento causado por nubes de energía cósmica y podrían intersectar con la Tierra con mayor frecuencia.

 Los polos geográficos estarán definitivamente migrando durante el primer trimestre del próximo año, el núcleo del planeta se recalienta por la incidencia de la energía cósmica también, y el planeta se hinchará ligeramente durante 2014. 

Todo lo que podemos hacer en la secuencia, será ayudar a los grupos aislados abandonados a su suerte, y ustedes pueden estar seguros que muchos miles de “personas desaparecidas” están muy vivos y sobreviven en lugares que hemos previamente designado para ello. 

Todavía no puedo hablar mucho de este tema, pero los más preparados probablemente se estarán preguntando de que estoy hablando.

 Este próximo
año no será fácil, pero ustedes ya tienen discernimiento para saber cómo pasar a través de estos momentos con la conciencia de que ustedes se están desarrollando junto con el planeta.
No piensen que están solos y abandonados, porque no lo son, estaremos aquí con ustedes….

* * *

* * *
Video 109
Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and nine – December 12, 2013. 
Mythi, there is possibility of our Moon be cataclysmic target of a large meteor, or the Earth, in this current setting of the solar system by ISON objects? – No, your Moon is protected so long ago, by the races which maintains bases in various locations in it’s surface. In the last half millennium, you have registered some brand new big crater on your moon appearing as a direct result of a clash of large meteors? No, your astronomers may have logged many hundreds of small meteorites that are routinely clash against your Moon but nothing really big. This is due to the fact that large meteors that have opened large craters were systematically “targeted” to the Moon by the builders of the system that led to the beginning of life possibility on the planet. Large meteors were aggregated to balance exactly its diameter and mass. It is no coincidence that the moon causes “total eclipse of the Sun”, which is focused diametrically with the average distance of its orbit around the planet Earth and your Sun. To mount a binary system like the Earth and the Moon is not the work of chance, but a great work of space engineering. – With regards to ISON complex, it will be part of the alignment as I have told you, planet Earth to expunge the traces of destruction and dirt that you have accumulated in this 20th century, need modifications resulting in this changes, so that the new social step of the planet is established. I believe that all who are following the facts, are having one of the most bizarre years of their lives, but all well-informed with the truth of the facts know accept and assist with these changes, whether drastic or not. Do not ask questions about where is safe and where is not. All who think insurance will be surprised by changes in the events, and many survive well in areas now considered “at risk.” Trust in fate, have your free frequencies of the static generated by your current social system, be your consciences rather than mere followers of doctrines imposed. Change with the planet instead of being purged of it. – Observe the movements of your elites, like rats they are the first to run for cover where they consider “safe”. Do not fear, we will appear to help when you least expect it. The fleet of ships that rested on the dark side of the moon is already in the atmosphere of Earth, orbiting and taking preventive measures as per the guidelines received for this mission. Try to have quiet conscience, inner peace, assured that you are an important part of this vast universe, and especially, the understanding that we are all brothers.
– One thing that will make the difference is that “each of you is a Christ or a messiah”, the messiah, with whatever name your different cultures wishing to give him, is not a person, is a state of mind of an entire society consciously prepared to change for the better. Be assured that do not will come a “being” designed to save you, you are your saviors, no one is more responsible for your evolution than yourself. The “Messiah” is within every man of good will, and if every man of good will helps save at least an equal, he will have been the “messiah” for this brother. Do not place your hopes in doctrines and promises of a savior, be a savior yourself, if not of others, savior of yourself. Video 110
Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and ten – December 28, 2013. – My friends, as you were able to prove by the media, changes have been noted in the frequency of the Sun and he calmed the high level of activity that was having. This was caused by ISON set during its passage. The interference of the Community Galactica, in these finishes for adjustments of the solar system will be minimal, the Arcturians finalized all procedures of containment that were keeping the major volcanic systems close to population centers, this means that the planet was released to his nature answer all adjustment measures being applied by this task force. Be assured that this was the least traumatic way to stabilize not only the frequency of planet earth, and also of all other celestial bodies of the system. – Every change causes some involuntary movements inherent to that is being pre-defined. A stone thrown into a calm lake will cause sequential and harmonic waves, which over a short time will not be perceived, and everything will be calm again. The volume of the mass of the “stone” thrown in the lake will make its level increases slightly, and it is this small increase that will make all the difference to the next stage. Only your governments could prevent the waters of the lake back to normal balance at the correct time. They want to cause movements that may interfere with the natural factors and this will only cause delays in stabilizing this new stage. We have disrupted the plans of fairly called PTB, but we cannot interfere with all events deliberately planned by them. Answering some pendent questions with great volume of requests: – The anomaly of the Baltic is not a spaceship, is an ancient monument resembling a ship, made to contain certain artifacts of communication between a humanoid colony developed here and their mentors there Approximate 32,000 years ago, long before the colonies of Atlantis. These “artifacts” contained in rocks are molecularly programmed, that is, work forever until they are destroyed or absorbed by nature. In the last relocation of the continents many of these regions were submerged, and some may emerge again with future tectonic relocations. – The Coso artifact encased in a 500,000 year old mineral rock, like I said before, we confirmed in old drawings of our data base that it is an old high-voltage insulator from an old reptilian spaceship. – Nibiru system is not coming, its going. Do not confuse it with Taus and its moon that are inside the solar system right now.
– Black people from Africa as I said before, come from Sirius planets. Colonies were developed with elements that were kidnapped from their planets of origin by ancient amphibians reptilians, who were preparing hundreds of planets to spread their civilization, and here on Tiamat specifically in Africa to be a warm and pleasant area for the life of reptoids. They maintained a spy service of the mining operations of Camelopardalis, and whenever it was reported a planet with living conditions they tried to take over the planet. The aim was to form “task forces” to build cities and infrastructure to reptilian colonization. When the reptilians were driven out away by forces Atonians by Tiamat being long used as a cot of humanoid civilizations, the remaining blacks continued to live in
tribes and under the conditions they could find, without specific guidance, and remained so until the present day. Several of these black races from Sirius began to level one and are already highly developed. Possibly you can receive visits of those people who gave rise to the DNA of these earthlings when you friends go to openly relate to the interstellar community. – Friends, the nature of the planet Earth is going to make their own actions for its recovery, and terminate growth of 5 percent expected for this new phase. Do not blame the ISON by events in your atmosphere, remember that many thousands of meteors are loose from their positions by the warming caused by clouds of cosmic energy, and should intersect with the Earth with greater frequency. The geographic poles will be definitely migrating during the first quarter of next year, the core of the planet is overheated by the incidence of cosmic energy too, and the planet will swell slightly during 2014. Everything that we can do in the sequence, shall be assist isolated groups abandoned to its own fate, and you can be sure that many thousands of “missing persons” are very much alive and surviving in places we’ve pre designated for this. I still cannot talk much about this issue but you more prepared, may wonder what I’m talking about. This next year will not be easy, but you friends already have discernment to know how to get through those moments with the conscience that you friends are developing along with the planet. Do not think you are alone and abandoned because you friends are not. We’ll be here with you.

* * *

TiAmAt: sharing2- Remembering, Your Fifth Dimensional SELF, Arcturian Group Message, 1/14/18

Origen: TiAmAt: sharing2- Remembering Your Fifth Dimensional SELF, Arcturian Group Message 1/14/18

Thursday, October 4, 2018

sharing2- Remembering Your Fifth Dimensional SELF, Arcturian Group Message 1/14/18

* * *

Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Suzanne Lie, Ph.D., has been a seeker since she was a child where her active “imagination” took her deep into her inner life. She continues to regularly share her experiences and Arcturian teachings on her blog, Awakening with Suzanne Lie, and she wishes to help awakening ones come out of hiding and allow the glory of their highest expression of SELF into their everyday life.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Remembering Your Fifth Dimensional SELF–Arcturians through Sue Lie


Remembering Your Fifth Dimensional SELF

The Arcturians through Sue Lie

We, the Arcturians, have come into your awareness within this NOW to remind you of your own Inner Power. We realize that your taking an earth vessel in order to assist with personal and planetary ascension has been a difficult situation for many of you.

You have volunteered, mostly for the planet Earth, whose Soul is known as Gaia, to educate the humans who are still unaware that they, too, have a “Soul Essence” that is in total alignment with Gaia.

One of the things that all of our volunteers to Earth studied before they began their “Mission to Earth,” was how to be able to act, think, and become, a third dimensional human. Many of you who will choose to read this message have been among those who made this choice.

You may even remember making this choice, but likely only in your dreams, meditations and/or memories of Home. Therefore, we would like to assist you to remember your fifth dimensional Home, as well as the fifth dimensional forms.

We know that at some time, or very frequently, most of you have returned to your fifth dimensional Homeworld or Starship. These visits usually occur when your consciousness resonates to Beta Wave, and especially, to Theta Wave states of consciousness.

You may initially have these experiences while sleeping or in deep meditation. In fact, we the Arcturians, ask that you take a moment to go deep inside to see if you can remember any of your inter-dimensional experiences. We ask Suzille to go deep inside as well…


Hi, Sue speaking here. The Arcturians want me to share my experience. Therefore, I will begin here. First, as I allow my consciousness to calmly float into a higher frequency, I feel how my head moves back to be in alignment with my spine.”

Then, the first thing that I remembered about my fifth dimensional SELF is that my spine is naturally aligned, and each vertebra calmly resting on top of the others from the base of my spine and into my brain.

Now, as my neck and head align with my spine, my neck relaxes to assist my head to gently rest on my shoulders. This experience reminds me how my shoulders move up and my neck moves forward as soon as I feel stress. How often have I not listened to my body?

Now, I can feel how difficult it is to remember to keep my head back so that the energies can more easily rise from my Kundalini and into the higher and higher chakras. I can now feel how I instantly relax as soon as my head gently moves into alignment with my spinal column, as well as all my chakras.


When you relax deeply, your shoulders naturally drop, which allows your head to rest and your heart to open. Our many brave volunteers to take an earth vessel within your NOW will be greatly assisted by this reminder.

As you move through your daily life on third dimensional Earth, it is very easy to forget WHO you really are and WHY you have chosen to take the form of a third/fourth dimensional body.

We mention your fourth dimensional, Astral Body because it is via that frequency of your Multidimensional SELF that you will have your first inter-dimensional experiences.

Actually, many of you have likely already had your first experience, but you forgot. For example, it has been Suzille’s experience that she has found something that she wrote years ago, which documented higher dimensional experiences that she is having in this NOW.

“How can that be?” we hear you ask.

The reason why your higher dimensional experiences and memories are often lost to your third dimensional mind is because the resonance of a fifth dimensional experience is too high for your third dimensional brain to hold onto.

Therefore, you may have a higher dimensional experience, but forget it—as if it never happened—in a very short amount of your “time.”

“Time” is also an issue because your third/fourth dimensional brain is often too slow to capture, file, and maintain any fifth dimensional input. This situation is because the fifth dimension is too high and fast of a frequency for your third brain’s neural patterns to maintain.

It is for this reason that we ask that you remember to document your messages via writing them, typing them, or speaking them into a recording devise. Please remember to date all of these messages, as your third dimensional brain will be more able to understand that which is laid out in a “third dimensional sequence.”

We Arcturians, will go into more detail regarding our above statement. We have Suzille write down these messages so that you will be able to also receive them and/or print out the messages.

Then, one day, you may find them and read these “new messages from the Arcturians.” Therefore, we suggest that you also remember to ALWAYS document any inter-dimensional messages that you ever receive from any of your higher dimensional expressions of SELF.

YES, you ALL have higher dimensional expressions of your SELF. You do NOT need to deserve this higher dimensional SELF, but it will greatly assist you if you document what you have received from that guidance.

Then, one day, you may be surprised when, for no known reason, an “old journal” falls from the shelf, or an “old message” somehow comes up on your computer. This is when you make sure that you take the “3D Time” to read that message, picture, communication because it has become the NOW for you to remember that which you once received—BUT FORGOT.

Forgetting your true, Multidimensional SELF is common. It is also common to forget the many messages and memories that your higher dimensional aspect of SELF has left within your 3D memory.

In fact, this “forgetting” is VERY common for our brave warriors who have taken an Earth Vessel to assist dear Gaia. In fact, as you all know from whatever area or country you are in, that this NOW is in the midst of “something.”

You may have a difficult time remembering, understanding and/or sharing these inner messages because, as we stated before, it is very often difficult for your third dimensional brain to remember and maintain a higher dimensional message.

This situation is similar to if you were at a party and saw your old friend from many years ago. You could remember them if you had spent a great deal of “time” together within your physical life.

However, if you only met them once or twice during an event that you were not enjoying, or were distracted from, you may not remember them. The secret is that if you deeply focus your attention on something, or some one, there will be a strong engram left on your brain.

(engram –noun– a hypothetical permanent change in the brain accounting for the existence of memory; or a memory trace)

The term “hypothetically permanent” states that different people will be able to maintain a conscious connection to this engram, but others will not. Many people have had the experience of seeing something that has been written, printed or documented long ago, that is no longer in their current memory.

In terms of perceiving your higher dimensional Starships, some people will be able to maintain the memory of that sighting, whereas others will not. However, the more often that you have that same experience, the more likely it is that you will remember it.

Also, if seeing a Starship frightens you, you will likely “push it out of your memory” as a means of protecting yourself. On the other hand, if you want to have the experience of consciously perceiving one our many Starships, you will be able to have that experience and, also, be able to hold it in your mind for a longer time.

On the other hand, novel perceptions—in this case the perception of a Starship—can be frightening. In this case, the memory may not be stored in your brain. You do have the ability to tell your brain what is important for you to remember and what you would rather forget.

However, either way, the memory may only come up in your fourth dimensional consciousness. Your fourth dimensional consciousness is often just before you fall asleep or just before you wake up. It also accesses more creative or novel events, especially if they have a “feel good” emotional marker.

Memories have “emotional markers.” Often you do not want to remember something that makes you “feel bad.” Therefore, this memory has a “do not disturb” emotional marker. On the other hand, if a memory has a “feel good” marker, it will be stored in our brain under “Feel Good Experience.”

Most people are “unconscious” about their process of “pulling up” or “hiding” memories, but their emotions and their emotional body may often remind them. These memories are in “emotional files.” So that when you want to “feel good” your consciousness can open up a “happy emotional file.”

On the other hand, unresolved negative and/or frightening memories are also filed in your brain, but in the “unhappy emotional file.” Just as the happy, positive, victorious emotional files are very helpful when you need to “pep yourself up, or prepare for something important,” the negative, frightening files can cause erratic emotional reactions and even embarrassment.

It is for this reason, that it is a good idea to “clean up the attic” of your brain to heal and erase negative emotional memories, as well as to find “lost gems of your life.” Bringing up happy, powerful, successful, positive memories remind you that you have had experiences of victory, creativity, love, endurance and more.

It is best to keep these positive memories in an “easy access” file so that you can pull them up into your emotional body whenever you need to “give yourself a hug” or a “pat yourself on the back.”

You all have experienced how much your words, and even your silent attitudes, affect your communications with others. We, the Arcturians, are asking you to remember how much your positive, silent, attitude assists you as you walk through the many changes of your daily life.

We, the Arcturians, wish to take a moment to address our grounded ones who had chosen to go into “active duty” to assist dear Mother Gaia with Her plans for Planetary Ascension. Yes, Mother Gaia has the same plans for “Planetary Ascension” as many of you have for your “Personal Ascension.”

We, the Arcturians, wish to remind all of our fifth dimensional beings, who are currently wearing a third/fourth dimensional body, to remember their OWN fifth dimensional expression of SELF.

Remember, all of the members of humanity, from the lowest to the highest states of consciousness, are Multidimensional Beings who have had many frequencies of personal and collective expressions of SELF!

The question that we wish to ask you is:

“Do you choose to be a Higher Dimensional expression of your Multidimensional SELF?”


“Do you choose to be a Lower Dimensional expression of your Multidimensional SELF?

You are now wearing a third dimensional Earth Vessel, which allows you to choose to happily remember and effectively live via your Power Within? Or, you could choose to fall into the illusion of the Lost Ones who live their life via the illusion of Power OVER others?

We are aware that those who will find this message and read it, have likely chosen to live by POWER WITHIN, or you would not have chosen to read our message.

Thank you! We the Arcturians say to ALL of you who have chosen to live your life via the Operational System of “Power Within Your SELF”

We the Arcturians Thank You and Gaia Thanks You!

As you know, there are many who have chosen to live their lives via “Power Over Others.” To allow yourself to become frightened or angry towards these lost ones just pulls you into their reality. Therefore, we remind you to send extra Love and Light to these lost ones.

We also ask you to send Unconditional Love to those who chose to be,

“The Guardians for Gaia.”

In fact, we see all you Guardians NOW, and we thank you, the Guardians for Gaia, for the immense contributions you have made by remembering – and returning to – your Fifth Dimensional SELF!

One gift that you will receive for your great service is that you will begin to remember your true, fifth dimensional SELF, as well as your fifth dimensional Starship, your fifth dimensional life, and your fifth dimensional friends. In fact, it is likely that many of your Earthly friends are also fifth dimensional, and they have also come to Gaia to assist Her with Her Planetary Ascension.

Before you go to sleep, during your meditations, in your journal writing, or just whenever the call comes, give us—Your Galactic Family—a big hello! You may not be able to see us or even be aware of us.

However, we can always see you, and are always aware of our deep bond with you ALL!

See you soon on the Ship


The Arcturians

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 10:45 AM

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Arcturian Group Message 1/14/18


Sun 1/14/2018, 11:04 AM

JANUARY 14, 2018

We of the Arcturian Group once again wish to send the blessing of a new and happy 2018 to all readers, a year that will usher in change on all levels of awareness. Personal as well as global change cannot help but manifest as the result of increasingly evolved states of consciousness–consciousness being the substance from which the outer scene is formed. The present has become rich with new information.

You have come to assist in the birthing of a higher world consciousness through attaining and then adding Light to the consensus consciousness. We, the Arcturian Group as well as many, many others, are standing by to help with this. Do not get discouraged or fall into the belief that it is an impossible job, for the burden does not fall only to the few awakened ones–you are never alone.

A few serious seekers have become overwhelmed and discouraged as they look out on a world that seems to be getting worse instead of better. These dear ones have come to believe that evolving the three dimensional system is their personal responsibility and that they have failed.

It is spirit, truth, and Light alone that does the heavy lifting. Individuals in and of themselves can do nothing for they have nothing real with which to do something.

You are never alone, nor could you ever be separate or abandoned regardless of any outer appearances to the contrary. Every individual is assisted and guided through even the most ordinary of situations toward whatever solutions will best serve the goals they set before incarnation.

Conditions of “humanhood” are based in beliefs of separation of which the bottom line is always; “You will never be good enough.”. The material belief system teaches that it is only by sheer strength of either body or mind that a person can achieve success or even survive. This belief has brought about a non ending supply of self promoting human activity that may or may not accomplish personal goals and which frequently cause harm to others.

An intellectual knowledge of truth is the first step out of this maze, but it must evolve deeper and become an attained state of consciousness. The ego or personal sense of self regardless of how educated or intellectually aware is only able to create change at that level. This is clearly illustrated in the bible story of the branch that is cut off from the vine. Only through one’s conscious alignment with truth, spirit, and the Divine Self can that sacred portal within open and allow the flow of Light that dissolves the dark.

That intuitive nudge, ideas that seems to come from nowhere, the sudden solution to a difficult problem will become ordinary experiences as you attain a Consciousness of completeness and wholeness as being available now, rather than at some future time when you are more “holy”.

Learn to trust, always remembering that you are not simply a physical being who must struggle to survive by your wits, but are rather a spiritual being of Light briefly on earth to experience separation, learn from it, and share with others who are also seeking.

We wish to speak to the concept of money. Regardless of what country you live in, money represents a material interpretation of spiritual abundance, completeness, wholeness. Because humans are creators, they have over time and through the ignorance of duality and separation, created a global system of lack and limitation versus abundance. (duality)

Financial abundance or the lack of it is a concept having no law to support, maintain, or sustain it. It simply exists and will continue to exist as long as there is a belief in it. Wealth can easily come and just as easily go when it has been created from the energies of duality and separation. Observe at the blades of grass in a field for these represent the expression of the law of abundance. Could an omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent Divine creator consciousness lack anything? Lack is a man made experience.

The temptation for most is to immediately go into denial about this, finding hundreds of reasons why this is could not be true and why lack is real and money is limited. We would say; Yes, lack is indeed very real for those suffering the consequences of this belief. We do not ask you to deny appearances, we suggest that as with everything in the outer scene, you are now ready to look and embrace a deeper realization regarding abundance.

Even if lack or limitation is not a part of your experience in this lifetime, begin to observe and register abundance in every area of ordinary life. This practice will begin to form a deeper consciousness of omnipresent abundance and re-train the mind to recognize it easily. Shift your thoughts to truth whenever tempted to give power to appearances of lack, never denying them, but rather translating them.

The belief that a bomb proof shelter or plenty of diamonds and gold constitutes safety and supply, will act to perfectly create separation from true safety and supply. Instead of dwelling on what you do not have or wish you had, begin to take note of the ordinary forms of abundance you see around you–someone’s nice clothes, or a beautiful home, the infinite forms and varieties in nature, and whatever comes to your awareness.

Through acknowledging without emotional attachment the infinite forms of abundance all around you, you develop a consciousness of abundance. The mind will begin to automatically respond to and integrate abundance as an ever present reality which with time becomes a new and higher state of consciousness.

As you reprogram your mind to think abundance instead of lack, begin to express gratitude for everything in your life. Simple ordinary things such as a dog’s wagging tail when he sees you, the neighbor’s hello, or an unexpected hug are easy to disregard as being ordinary and unimportant but they are forms of abundance which when acknowledged as such, will serve to reprogram the mind away from thoughts of scarcity and into “I have”.

There are many simple and basic ways to get the abundance energy flowing like giving away things you no longer use or need or dropping a coin or two however small into some donation jar. When these things are done with the realization that it is not the amount of the donation that is important, but rather the awareness of the Infinite Source of it, you will be expressing abundance on a much higher level and it will begin to multiply. Begin to pour physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually through a consciousness of “I have because I AM.

When you pay bills, do it in an awareness of your payment as not coming from you personally because in and of yourself you have no abundance, but rather that it is flowing through you from an Infinite Source–you are simply transferring money from your left hand to your right, because there is only one.

If you believe that the supply of anything is personally yours, it will immediately become subject to limitation where it can and often does run out. Your work is to attain that state of consciousness that realizes supply as an ever present flow of Divine energy that never will or could run dry.

Attaining a consciousness of I have, does not happen overnight because beliefs of lack and limitation are firmly entrenched in world consciousness as the result of hundreds of lifetimes lived firmly entrenched in the experiences of lack and limitation as well as with great wealth. However, know that there is not now nor could there ever be a law to support scarcity.

This is not to say that once you become aware that there is a the law of abundance you then sit doing nothing, awaiting your personal bag of money to drop from the sky. Rather, you take whatever ordinary human footsteps you are guided to take (get a job, be it any job in order to get the flow going, or invest as you are guided etc. ), but take these actions with higher awareness, one that does not give the power of abundance to them.

Money or goods that manifest out of an attained consciousness of spiritual abundance, can and will re-appear if lost because the substance from which these things were formed (consciousness) is still present. You are creators creating all aspects of daily life according to your attained state of consciousness.

Abundance is an ever present reality. It never changes or becomes non existent because it is a facet of Creator Energy, held forever in place by Divine law.

Regardless of your present financial circumstances, begin to evolve more deeply into the truth of supply as being spiritual, not material, while refusing to endow either good or bad appearances with power. If you are wealthy, open your consciousness to more than limited third dimensional concepts about investments, wealth, banking, and personal accomplishment. If you are presently experiencing lack, know that it is the manifestation of a consciousness of lack–go deeper.

Regardless of global or personal appearances, you are all ready to begin the inner work of embracing and understanding this issue in its higher reality.

You are that which you seek.

We are the Arcturian Group 1/14/18

Donations are welcomed.


©2018 onenessofall.com | Marilyn@onenessofall.com

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Thursday, October 4, 2018


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June 18 at 8:42 AM ·


“Es simple y sencillo, de serlo tanto, nos parece tonto y sin gracia. 
El Ser-Humano puede alcanzar la Elevación de su Alma y su Estado Espiritual, con solo proponérselo y ejecutarlo. 
El Ser debe poner en ello: La Voluntad, Constancia, Atención, Estudio, Cultura, Conocimiento, Entendimiento y Amor en su diario vivir. 
EL SER UNO, nos aconseja que para Despertar la Consciencia y elevar la Energía del Alma, se debe trabajar las Emociones-Negativas-Enfermas y estas se encuentran en el Plexo Solar. 
Cada vez que una Energía-Pensamiento-negativa se activa en el Plexo Solar y pasa al lado izquierdo del cerebro, hay que entenderla, desglosarla, estudiarla y contrarrestarla, y esto se logra conociendo el Antónimo de su significado, y una vez que se conozca, el Ser debe de llevarlo a la práctica de su vida. 

Cada Ser-Humano está proveído de todas las herramientas que el universo le ha dado, solo que no tiene el conocimiento de cómo utilizarlas.

Simplemente, es saber que la Herramienta “INTENCIÓN”… ejecutará la Obra, Acción y Pensamiento del Ser. 

Este tendrá que usar otra herramienta que se llama: “DIRECCIÓN”… 

Para que siempre su energía esté volcada a lo positivo y elevado de su existencia… 

Una tercera herramienta sería:
… Para que su constancia, fuerza y valentía sean siempre claras y verdaderas… Y por último usar la herramienta que más cuesta y esta es: 


… Para que su existencia siembre y coseche la energía más poderosa del universo: El Espíritu. 

Si el Ser-Humano vive de acuerdo a estas normas universales, no necesita transformar, ejecutar, desglosar, colocar, repetir e imitar a los demás ya que debe entender que él es un universo y como tal sus Energías-pensamientos tienen el Libre-Albedrío de realizarlo en el tiempo y modo como su alma crea conveniente… 

Camino del Ser.

* * *

The Law of One Session 33

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December 1 at 7:05am ·

Tengo una pregunta para ti, EL SER UNO.

 ¿Qué tan cierto es que los Et y Arcontes manipulan las re-encarnaciones de los humanos y los mandan de nuevo a la tierra para seguir aquí en la granja y así poder seguir alimentándose de su energía. Gracias…Efraín.

 Estimado Efraín… 

Primeramente debemos diferenciar los términos: ENCARNACIÓN y RE-ENCARNACIÓN.

 El Alma Encarna y el Espíritu Re-encarna, este tema está ampliamente explicado en los libros gratuitos EL SER UNO, los cuales los puede bajar de nuestra web y si desea leerlos debe hacerlo en orden. 

Usted nos hace una pregunta, basada en un artículo que está deambulando por el Internet, el cual dice que no debemos mirar la LUZ cuando desencarnemos porque es una trampa, también dice, que al mirarla nos hace encarnar nuevamente a esta realidad… este artículo está escrito por un anónimo que no tuvo el coraje de colocar su nombre y lo único que hace es confundir más a las personas que lo leen, debido al enredo en su redacción y a la falta de conocimiento con respecto a temas espirituales que demandan mucha seriedad y un entendimiento profundo sobre el Alma y Espíritu. 

Sobre su pregunta y en respuesta a ese artículo, los Hermanos Mayores-Ayaplianos lo responden en el libro EL SER UNO – COSMOALMA y dicen lo siguiente:

“La única trampa es la falta de Conocimiento, Entendimiento y Amor que existe en el plano donde ustedes están – respondió el hermano Luz – ya que es el mundo de los sueños, es una realidad donde el ser no puede dominar sus sueños y muchas veces las emociones lo atrapan en la realidad subconsciente de su ensueño. 

Nadie ha colocado una trampa para que el alma regrese una y otra vez, es la CAUSA y EFECTO producido por la misma alma lo que hace que ella regrese y esto lo debe hacer hasta depurar sus electrones convirtiéndolos en Fotones, es la única forma que tiene para no regresar a encarnar. 

Es una necesidad que lo haga, de esta forma depura y transmuta para poder entrar a la Ciudad Interna-Antimateria. 

El alma que no está depurada o que en su defecto no haya llegado a la frecuencia requerida, tendrá que volver a encarnar en cuerpos-materiales para poder primero conservar su energía y segundo para poder elevar sus electrones.

El problema-confusión que ustedes siempre hacen, es complicar los términos en el lenguaje. 

La energía que encarna repetidamente mezclándose con otras para formar fórmulas que den un excelente resultado es: EL ALMA – continuó el hermano Interano – Cuando ustedes van trabajando esta fórmula y la van sofisticando para depurarla y hacerla cada vez más perfecta, es cuando forman el 
y esta energía especial y elevada, no está Supeditada, Esclavizada, Manipulada o Controlada a ninguna trampa, ni a ninguna fuerza, está LIBRE 
de ir y venir, tanto es así, que cuando el Espíritu reencarna lo hace fuera del cuerpo material, ya que se coloca en el Cuerpo Etéreo de la Realidad Antimateria (Tera – Yo Superior) de la Glándula Pineal.

 La Fuerza-Negativa-Enferma no puede colocar “trampas” ni al ALMA ni al ESPÍRITU ya que por la Ley de Causa y Efecto todo se coloca en su debido orden

El Espíritu es 

y nunca se dejará embaucar o engañar.

 Más bien es el alma (Negativa-enferma) la única responsable de sí misma, ella procrea sus CAUSAS y recibirá sus EFECTOS, el Alma al sucumbir a los placeres terrenales y al estar atada a las adicciones que no puede renunciar por vicio o necesidad, se deja atraer a la tela de araña que el Matrix ha tejido para ella. 
LA FUERZA NEGATIVA-ENFERMA: MATRIX sí logra atrapar y seducir al alma – terminó diciendo la hermana Interana – ya que la atrae con artimañas, sortilegios y encantamientos hacia los placeres emocionales que la atrapan sin permitirle trascender y elevar. 

Este si es un juego de delicias y encantos que esta fuerza domina, la cual tiene el conocimiento de mover masas energéticas para que sucumban a la materialidad y permanezcan atadas a los lazos materiales de esclavitud y dominio”… Camino del Ser.
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Thursday, October 4, 2018


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June 18 at 8:42 AM ·


“Es simple y sencillo, de serlo tanto, nos parece tonto y sin gracia. 
El Ser-Humano puede alcanzar la Elevación de su Alma y su Estado Espiritual, con solo proponérselo y ejecutarlo. 
El Ser debe poner en ello: La Voluntad, Constancia, Atención, Estudio, Cultura, Conocimiento, Entendimiento y Amor en su diario vivir. 
EL SER UNO, nos aconseja que para Despertar la Consciencia y elevar la Energía del Alma, se debe trabajar las Emociones-Negativas-Enfermas y estas se encuentran en el Plexo Solar. 
Cada vez que una Energía-Pensamiento-negativa se activa en el Plexo Solar y pasa al lado izquierdo del cerebro, hay que entenderla, desglosarla, estudiarla y contrarrestarla, y esto se logra conociendo el Antónimo de su significado, y una vez que se conozca, el Ser debe de llevarlo a la práctica de su vida. 

Cada Ser-Humano está proveído de todas las herramientas que el universo le ha dado, solo que no tiene el conocimiento de cómo utilizarlas.

Simplemente, es saber que la Herramienta “INTENCIÓN”… ejecutará la Obra, Acción y Pensamiento del Ser. 

Este tendrá que usar otra herramienta que se llama: “DIRECCIÓN”… 

Para que siempre su energía esté volcada a lo positivo y elevado de su existencia… 

Una tercera herramienta sería:
… Para que su constancia, fuerza y valentía sean siempre claras y verdaderas… Y por último usar la herramienta que más cuesta y esta es: 


… Para que su existencia siembre y coseche la energía más poderosa del universo: El Espíritu. 

Si el Ser-Humano vive de acuerdo a estas normas universales, no necesita transformar, ejecutar, desglosar, colocar, repetir e imitar a los demás ya que debe entender que él es un universo y como tal sus Energías-pensamientos tienen el Libre-Albedrío de realizarlo en el tiempo y modo como su alma crea conveniente… 

Camino del Ser.

* * *

The Law of One Session 33

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December 1 at 7:05am ·

Tengo una pregunta para ti, EL SER UNO.

 ¿Qué tan cierto es que los Et y Arcontes manipulan las re-encarnaciones de los humanos y los mandan de nuevo a la tierra para seguir aquí en la granja y así poder seguir alimentándose de su energía. Gracias…Efraín.

 Estimado Efraín… 

Primeramente debemos diferenciar los términos: ENCARNACIÓN y RE-ENCARNACIÓN.

 El Alma Encarna y el Espíritu Re-encarna, este tema está ampliamente explicado en los libros gratuitos EL SER UNO, los cuales los puede bajar de nuestra web y si desea leerlos debe hacerlo en orden. 

Usted nos hace una pregunta, basada en un artículo que está deambulando por el Internet, el cual dice que no debemos mirar la LUZ cuando desencarnemos porque es una trampa, también dice, que al mirarla nos hace encarnar nuevamente a esta realidad… este artículo está escrito por un anónimo que no tuvo el coraje de colocar su nombre y lo único que hace es confundir más a las personas que lo leen, debido al enredo en su redacción y a la falta de conocimiento con respecto a temas espirituales que demandan mucha seriedad y un entendimiento profundo sobre el Alma y Espíritu. 

Sobre su pregunta y en respuesta a ese artículo, los Hermanos Mayores-Ayaplianos lo responden en el libro EL SER UNO – COSMOALMA y dicen lo siguiente:

“La única trampa es la falta de Conocimiento, Entendimiento y Amor que existe en el plano donde ustedes están – respondió el hermano Luz – ya que es el mundo de los sueños, es una realidad donde el ser no puede dominar sus sueños y muchas veces las emociones lo atrapan en la realidad subconsciente de su ensueño. 

Nadie ha colocado una trampa para que el alma regrese una y otra vez, es la CAUSA y EFECTO producido por la misma alma lo que hace que ella regrese y esto lo debe hacer hasta depurar sus electrones convirtiéndolos en Fotones, es la única forma que tiene para no regresar a encarnar. 

Es una necesidad que lo haga, de esta forma depura y transmuta para poder entrar a la Ciudad Interna-Antimateria. 

El alma que no está depurada o que en su defecto no haya llegado a la frecuencia requerida, tendrá que volver a encarnar en cuerpos-materiales para poder primero conservar su energía y segundo para poder elevar sus electrones.

El problema-confusión que ustedes siempre hacen, es complicar los términos en el lenguaje. 

La energía que encarna repetidamente mezclándose con otras para formar fórmulas que den un excelente resultado es: EL ALMA – continuó el hermano Interano – Cuando ustedes van trabajando esta fórmula y la van sofisticando para depurarla y hacerla cada vez más perfecta, es cuando forman el 
y esta energía especial y elevada, no está Supeditada, Esclavizada, Manipulada o Controlada a ninguna trampa, ni a ninguna fuerza, está LIBRE 
de ir y venir, tanto es así, que cuando el Espíritu reencarna lo hace fuera del cuerpo material, ya que se coloca en el Cuerpo Etéreo de la Realidad Antimateria (Tera – Yo Superior) de la Glándula Pineal.

 La Fuerza-Negativa-Enferma no puede colocar “trampas” ni al ALMA ni al ESPÍRITU ya que por la Ley de Causa y Efecto todo se coloca en su debido orden

El Espíritu es 

y nunca se dejará embaucar o engañar.

 Más bien es el alma (Negativa-enferma) la única responsable de sí misma, ella procrea sus CAUSAS y recibirá sus EFECTOS, el Alma al sucumbir a los placeres terrenales y al estar atada a las adicciones que no puede renunciar por vicio o necesidad, se deja atraer a la tela de araña que el Matrix ha tejido para ella. 
LA FUERZA NEGATIVA-ENFERMA: MATRIX sí logra atrapar y seducir al alma – terminó diciendo la hermana Interana – ya que la atrae con artimañas, sortilegios y encantamientos hacia los placeres emocionales que la atrapan sin permitirle trascender y elevar. 

Este si es un juego de delicias y encantos que esta fuerza domina, la cual tiene el conocimiento de mover masas energéticas para que sucumban a la materialidad y permanezcan atadas a los lazos materiales de esclavitud y dominio”… Camino del Ser.
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