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Sunday, December 18, 2016

sharing2- Human Choices , Basic Scientific and Gnostic Ideas Revisited » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

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Basic Scientific and Gnostic Ideas Revisited
by Georgi Stankov Posted on December 15, 2016

The Universal Law of Nature

by Georgi Stankov, Copyright 2009

Scientific definition

Conventional science has not yet discovered a single law of Nature, with which all natural phenomena can be assessed without exception. Such a law should be defined as “universal”. Based on sound, self-evident scientific principles and facts, the current article analyses, from the viewpoint of the methodology of science, the formal theoretical criteria, which a natural law should fulfil in order to acquire the status of a “Universal Law”
Current Concepts

In science, some known natural laws, such as Newton’s law of gravitation, are referred to as “universal”, e.g. “universal law of gravitation”. This term implies that this particular law is valid for the whole universe independently of space and time, although these physical dimensions are subjected to relativistic changes as assessed in the theory of relativity (e.g. by Lorentz’ transformations).

The same holds true for all known physical laws in modern physics, including Newton’s three laws of classical mechanics, Kepler’s laws on the rotation of planets, various laws on the behaviour of gases, fluids, and levers, the first law of thermodynamics on the conservation of energy, the second law of thermodynamics on growing entropy, diverse laws of radiation, numerous laws of electrostatics, electrodynamics, electricity, and magnetism, (summarised in Maxwell’s four equations of electromagnetism), laws of wave theory, Einstein’s famous law on the equivalence of mass and energy, Schrödinger’s wave equation of quantum mechanics, and so on. Modern textbooks of physics contain more than a hundred distinct laws, all of them being considered to be of universal character.

According to current physical theory, Nature – in fact, only inorganic, physical matter – seems to obey numerous laws, which are of universal character, e.g. they hold true at any place and time in the universe, and operate simultaneously and in a perfect harmony with each other, so that human mind perceives Nature as an ordered Whole.

Empirical science, conducted as experimental research, seems to confirm the universal validity of these physical laws without exception. For this purpose, all physical laws are presented as mathematical equations. Laws of Nature, expressed without the means of mathematics, are unthinkable in the context of present-day science. Any true, natural law should be empirically verified by precise measurements, before it acquires the status of a universal physical law. All measurements in science are based on mathematics, e.g. as various units of the SI-System, which are defined as numerical relationships within mathematics, and only then derived as mathematical results from experimental measurements. Without the possibility of presenting a natural law as a mathematical equation, there is no possibility of objectively proving its universal validity under experimental conditions.

State-of-the-Art in Science

From the above elaboration we can conclude that the term “Universal Law”, should be applied only to laws that can be presented by means of mathematics and verified without exception in experimental research. This is the only valid “proof of existence” (Existenzbeweis, Dedekind) of a “universal law” in science from a cognitive and epistemological point of view.

Until now, only the known physical laws fulfill the criterion to be universally valid within the physical universe and at the same time to be independent of the fallacies of human thinking at the individual and collective level. For instance, the universal gravitational constant G in Newton’s law of gravitation, is valid at any place in the physical universe. The gravitational acceleration of the earth g, also a basic constant of Newton’s laws of gravitation, applies only to our planet – therefore, this constant is not universal. Physical laws which contain such constants are local laws and not universal.

It is important to observe that science has discovered universal laws only for the physical world, defined as inanimate matter, and has failed to establish such laws for the regulation of organic matter. Bio-science and medicine are still not in the position to formulate similar universal laws for the functioning of biological organisms in general and for the human organism in particular. This is a well-known fact that discredits these disciplines as exact scientific studies.

The various bio-sciences, such as biology, biochemistry, genetics, medicine – with the notable exception of physiology, where the action potentials of cells, such as neurons and muscle cells, are described by the laws of electromagnetism – are entirely descriptive, non-mathematical disciplines. This is basic methodology of science which should be cogent to any specialist.

This conclusion holds true independently of the fact that scientists have introduced numerous mathematical models in various fields of bio-science, with which they experiment in an excessive way. Until now they have failed to show that such models are universally valid.

The general impression among scientists today is that organic matter is not subjected to similar universal laws as observed for physical matter. This observation makes, according to their conviction, for the difference between organic and inorganic matter.

The inability of scientists to establish universal laws in biological matter may be due to the fact that:

a) such laws do not exist or

b) they exist, but are so complicated, that they are beyond the cognitive capacity of mortal human minds.

The latter hypothesis has given birth to the religious notion of the existence of divine universal laws, by which God or a higher consciousness has created Nature and Life on earth and regulates them in an incessant, invisible manner.

These considerations do not take into account the fact that there is no principal difference between inorganic and organic matter. Biological organisms are, to a large extent, composed of inorganic substances. Organic molecules, such as proteins, fatty acids, and carbohydrates, contain for instance only inorganic elements, for which the above mentioned physical laws apply. Therefore, they should also apply to organic matter, otherwise they will not be universal. This simple and self-evident fact has been grossly neglected in modern scientific theory.

The discrimination between inorganic and organic matter – between physics and bio-science – is therefore artificial and exclusively based on didactic considerations. This artificial separation of scientific disciplines has emerged historically with the progress of scientific knowledge in the various fields of experimental research in the last four centuries since Descartes and Galilei founded modern science (mathematics and physics). This dichotomy has its roots in modern empiricism and contradicts the theoretical insight and the overwhelming experimental evidence that Nature – be it organic or inorganic – operates as an interrelated, harmonious entity.
Formal Scientific Criteria for a “Universal Law”

From this disquisition, we can easily define the fundamental theoretical criteria, which a natural law must fulfill in order to be called “Universal Law”. These are:

1. The Law must hold true for inorganic and organic matter.

2. The Law must be presented in a mathematical way, e.g. as a mathematical equation because all known physical laws are mathematical equations

3. The Law must be empirically verified without exception by all natural phenomena.

4. The Law must integrate all known physical laws, that is to say, they must be derived mathematically from this Universal Law and must be ontologically explained by it. In this case, all known physical laws are mathematical applications of one single Law of Nature.

5. Alternatively, one has to prove that all known fundamental natural constants in physics, which pertain to numerous distinct physical laws are interrelated and can be derived from each other. This will be a powerful mathematical and physical evidence for the unity of Nature under one Universal Law, as all these constants can be experimentally measured by means of mathematical equations.

In this way one can integrate for the first time gravitation with the other three fundamental forces (see below) and ultimately unify physics. Until now conventional physics, which stipulates in the standard model, cannot integrate gravitation with the other three fundamental forces. This is a well-known fact among physicists and this circumstance discredits the whole edifice of this natural science. Physics is unable to explain the unity of Nature. This fact is not well understood by all people nowadays, because it is deliberately neglected or even covered up by all theoreticians.

The unification of physics has been the dream of many prominent physicists such as Einstein, who introduced the notion of the universal field equation, also known as “Weltformel” (world equation) or H. Weyl, who believed physics can be developed to a universal field theory.

This idea has been carried forward in such modern concepts as Great Unified Theories (GUTs), theories of everything or string theories, however, without any feasible success.

If such a law can be discovered, it will lead automatically to the unification of physics and all natural sciences to a “General Theory of Science”.

At present, physics cannot be unified. Gravitation cannot be integrated with the other three fundamental forces in the standard model, and there is no theory of gravitation at all. Newton’s laws of gravitation describe precisely motion and gravitational forces between two interacting mass objects, but they give us no explanation as to how gravitation is exerted as an “action at a distance”, also called “long-range correlation”, or what role photons play in the transmission of gravitational forces, given the fact that gravitation is propagated with the speed of light, which is actually the speed of photons.

If this hypothetical “Universal Law” also holds true for the organisation of human society and for the functioning of human thinking, then we are allowed to speak of a true “Universal Law”. The discovery of such a law will lead to the unification of all sciences to a pan-theory of human knowledge. This universal theory will be, in its verbal form presented as a categorical system (Aristotle), without contradictions, that is to say, it will follow the formalistic principle of inner consistency.

From a mathematical point of view, the new General Theory of Science, based on the Universal Law, will be organised as an axiomatics. The potential axiomatisation of all sciences will be thus based on the “Universal Law” or a definition thereof. This will be the first and only axiom, from which all other laws, definitions, and conclusions will be derived in a logical and consistent way. All these theoretical statements will then be confirmed in an experimental manner.

These are the ideal theoretical and formalistic criteria, which a “Universal Law” must fulfill. The new General Theory of Science based on such a “Universal Law” will be thus entirely mathematical, because the very Law is of mathematical origin – it has to be presented as a mathematical equation.

In this case all natural and social sciences can be principally presented as mathematical systems for their particular object of investigation, just as physics today is essentially an applied mathematics for the physical world. Exact sciences are therefore “exact”, because they are presented as mathematical systems.
The Foundation Crisis of Mathematics

(see Wikipedia: Grundlagenkrise der Mathematik)

This methodological approach must solve one fundamental theoretical problem that torments modern theory of science. This problem is well-known as the “Foundation Crisis of mathematics“. Mathematics cannot prove its validity with its own means. As mathematics is the universal tool of presenting Nature in all exact physical disciplines, the Foundation Crisis of mathematics extends to all natural sciences. Social sciences do not claim any universal validity, as they cannot be mathematically expressed. Therefore, the Foundation Crisis of mathematics is the Crisis of Science.

Although this crisis should be basic knowledge to any scientist or theoretician, present-day scientists are completely unaware of its existence. Hence their total agnosticism with respect to the essence of Nature.

This ignorance is difficult to explain, as the foundation dispute in mathematics, known in German as Grundlagenstreit der Mathematik, has dominated the spirits of European mathematicians during the first half of the 20th century. The current ignorance of scientists about this crisis of science stems from the fact that mathematicians have not yet been able to solve the foundation crisis of mathematics and have swept it with a large broom under the carpet of total forgetfulness.

Mathematics is a hermeneutic discipline and has no external object of study. All mathematical concepts are “objects of thought” (Gedankendinge). Their validity cannot be verified in the external world, as this is the case with physical laws. Mathematics can only prove its validity by its own means.

This insight emerged at the end of the 19th century and was formulated for the first time as a theoretical programme by Hilbert in 1900. By this time, most of the mathematicians recognized the necessity of unifying the theory of mathematics through its complete axiomatisation. This was called “Hilbert’s formalism“. Hilbert, himself, made an effort to axiomatize geometry on the basis of few elementary concepts, such as straight line, point, etc., which he introduced in an apriori manner.

The partial axiomatisation of mathematics gained momentum in the first three decades of the 20th century, until the Austrian mathematician Gödel proved in 1931 in his famous theorem that mathematics cannot prove its validity by mathematical, axiomatic means. He showed in an irrevocable manner, that each time, Hilbert’s formalistic principle of inner consistency and lack of contradiction is applied to the system of mathematics – be it geometry or algebra – it inevitably leads to a basic antinomy (paradox). This term was first introduced by Russell, who challenged Cantor’s theory of sets, the basis of modern mathematics. Gödel showed by logical means that any axiomatic approach in mathematics inevitably leads to two opposite, excluding results.
The Continuum Hypothesis
See also: Continuum hypothesis

Until now, no one has been able to disprove Gödel’s theorem, which he further elaborated in 1937. With this theorem the foundation crisis of mathematics began and is still ongoing as embodied in the Continuum hypothesis, notwithstanding the fact, that all mathematicians after Gödel prefer to ignore it. On the other hand, mathematics seems to render valid results, when it is applied to the physical world in form of natural laws.

This observation leads to the only possible conclusion.
The Discovery of the “Universal Law”

The solution of the continuum hypothesis and the elimination of the foundation crisis of mathematics can only be achieved in the real physical world and not in the hermeneutic, mental space of mathematical concepts. This is the only possible “proof of existence” that can eliminate the Foundation Crisis of mathematics and abolish the current antinomy between its validity in physics and its inability to prove the same in its own realm.

The new axiomatics that will emerge from this intellectual endeavour will no longer be purely mathematical, but will be physical and mathematical at once. Such an axiomatics can only be based on the discovery of the “Universal Law”, the latter being at once the origin of physics and mathematics. In this case, the “Universal Law” will be the first and only primary axiom, from which all scientific terms, natural laws and various other concepts in science will be axiomatically, i.e. consistently and without any inner contradiction, derived. Such axiomatics is rooted in experience and will be confirmed by all natural phenomena without exception. This axiomatics will be the foundation of the General Theory of Science, which the author developed after he discovered the Universal Law of Nature in 1994.
Dr. Georgi Stankov, Munich, Germany
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Stankov, G. Das Universalgesetz. Band I: Vom Universalgesetz zur Allgemeinen Theorie der Physik und Wissenschaft,1997, Plovidiv, München, Stankov’s Universal Law Press.
Stankov, G. The Universal Law. Vol.II: The General Theory of Physics and Cosmology, 1999, Stankov’s Universal Law Press, Internet Publishing 2000.
Stankov, G. The General Theory of Biological Regulation. The Universal Law in Bio-Science and Medicine, Vol.III, 1999, Stankov’s Universal Law Press, Internet Publishing 2000.

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Human Choices and Alternative Probabilities of the Financial Crash
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 18, 2016

Georgi Stankov and Josef Fleischman, November 18, 2016


Dear Georgi,

it has been hell on earth once again since the election of Trump as a new POTUS which he will never be. It’s a multi-dimensional, layered mayhem, so to speak. I actually had a feeling that making decrees to crash this evil financial system will help a lot. Made a few and it’s already crashing, yay!

I’m afraid I have to bother you with a couple of question, as I have some missing links and maybe I’m just overthinking and it doesn’t make sense at all, but I still have to ask, lol.

Is the collapse of the financial system going to happen before or by the very arrival of “Shock and awe wave” from the Source, or is it entirely up to the HR how the latter will occur?

If the ascending part of humanity isn’t yet ripe for the collapse of the financial system and the Matrix, then aren’t we with our thoughts focused on destroying the financial system actually making it possible for the Source to transmit more and more enhanced energies through our Sun and not create an overload-wave yet?

With regards,

J. Fleischman


Dear Pepe,

I think that humanity is ripe for the financial collapse. In the last two years the alternative media which are now more popular than the MSM have disseminated very successfully the idea that the financial system is rigged and completely manipulated. The election of Trump was a decision of the working and impoverished blue-collar Americans in flyover America against the globalist banksters on Wall Street in the first place. Recent polls show that 90% of the Americans believe that the MSM are biased and a propaganda tool of the elite and they do not believe them. These are the only mouthpieces that still promote the narrative that all is well with the world finances and it will go like that for ever. Even they cannot hide how dire the situation really is.

Beyond all petty details you can read in the MSM, here are the key facts. The USA is in the greatest and longest Depression of all time with an unemployment rate of about 30%, massive real inflation in the two digit range, rapidly sinking average income, massive poverty with more that 100 million Americans (one-third) below the poverty line, massive state debt of more that 20 trillion, which Obama doubled in eight years. Before him it took almost a century for the US debt to reach 5 trillion which Obama’s predecessor Bush then also doubled in eight years of his reckless regime. The USA produces nothing of value and borrows all the money they spend from the rest of the world. Their trade deficit skyrocketed to more than 800 billion annually with the rest of the world, 500 billion only with China.

No country can survive under such terrible economic conditions and, as I said, it is a miracle that the collapse has not happened much earlier. But as all empires are very sluggish in this 3D holographic model, it takes a lot of time before a bankrupt empire practically disintegrates. The Soviet empire was bankrupt already in the mid 70s, at the height of their expansion when the Helsinki treaty was signed in 1975 and the West acknowledged the occupation of Eastern Europe officially. But it took another 15 years before the Iron Curtain fell and the communist empire vanished from the map.

Now the events are happening much quicker as the financial powder keg in the USA is much more explosive than in Russia when it defaulted in 1997, five years after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. This time the financial crash will encompass the entire world and not only Eastern Europe as during the crisis in the 90s. And let us be frank, when the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain fell, nobody really believed that this would happen so quickly even a few weeks and months before that – neither in the East nor in the West. As a former program editor of Radio Free Europe, I had numerous conversations with various political experts at that time and can testify their utter ignorance. Hence when the financial crash will come now, it will be a great surprise to the people and they will be in shock, although at the soul level they already know that it is inevitable. This is what Charlotte Smith just wrote to me on this same topic:

“Cosmic phenomenon will trigger the most visible stage of our Ascension to the masses. People like Brandon have no knowledge of these matters. “Religious” people have little to no knowledge of these matters. This is why so many will feel that the changes are sudden, like a thief in the night, while we of the PAT have been experiencing and observing these changes in incremental fashion for a long time now. We, the PAT, are the virgins who have saved their oil for the proper time.

This visible phase of Ascension (visible to the naked eye), will bring about a total financial collapse as well as the end of racism and many other ills plaguing our existence simply because people will understand the futility of those types of thoughts.

Already, many who supported Trump are experiencing sadness now that he’s changed positions on so many things and welcomed neocons like Bolton into his cabinet. Both Clinton and Trump supporters are experiencing psychological distress at this time. Trump has played an important role in awakening the people so that they are receptive to the next visible changes that will occur with this next phase of our ascension.

This is a great time to be alive and incarnate here on this globe.”

And further down:

“The Solar Flares and other Cosmic phenomenon are events beyond the control of mankind and will supersede all of the chaotic behavior of the dark cabal. Unfortunately, for many of the un-awakened, the shock and awe will be so great that many will suffer heart attacks.”

Therefore I firmly believe that humanity is ready for the crash and that is why the collective fears now loom so high and the situation on the ground is so chaotic and void of any rationality. Trump is the harbinger of this gloom and doom as the people now begin to realize, both at the soul level and at the ego-mind level, that there must be a radical U-turn from the past reckless policies and that the change will be very painful and prolonged for those who will not ascend.

Besides humanity must experience the financial collapse, and thus the collapse of their “solid” world of illusions, as this is the only pedagogical means the souls have at their disposal to awaken their incarnated personalities. That is why I firmly believe that the crash will come full force on this uppermost mother planet as it will not destroy anything else but only the illusions of the people. There is no way to avoid it as this is the optimal ascension scenario for this uppermost mother planet before the people can fully detach from this reality and ascend. It is completely different from all the nuclear wars that had to take place on lower timelines as this kind of catastrophes are not part of the pedagogical repertoire of the ascending souls but only of those who will continue with their 3D incarnation cycle on lower 3D and 4D worlds.

I personally think that the collapse will be done in a coordinated fashion by the ruling and banksters cabal and that they must do it before Trump takes over the power as after that it will be much more difficult, almost impossible, for them to coordinate this huge action and eventually establish martial law which Trump will surely prevent as an incumbent president. Hence everything speaks for the most likely alternative that the crash will come this year or at the latest early next year. There is a very narrow window of opportunity left for the ruling cabal to act as they have been squeezed by the events of the light in the last weeks and months. This very narrow window of opportunity for the dark cabal to create havoc is representative of their diminishing abilities to control the minds of the people with their fear-mongering agenda and is an absolute guarantee for their failure and subsequent demise from power.

I think that this will happen when the entire infrastructure and communication system will be paralysed and the old matrix will practically cease to function as it will be severed from the life-spending force of the Source. Until now it is still kept alive on a very low burner but it can be extinguished any time. No holographic system can survive when it is not kept alive by the life-spending energies of the Source. And we, the light warriors of the first and last hour and incumbent Logos Gods of Gaia, are the ones who will make the decision when to extinguish the back burner and collapse the system. That is why such discussions are so vital these days.

Only after the financial collapse occurs, may a shock and awe wave be sent by the Source to augment the effect of the collapse and to prevent any military actions of the ruling cabal in the west which they may unleash in their utter frustration that they no longer control humanity and the events. It will be rather a preventive measure to avoid a bigger havoc. The financial system is unsustainable for a very long time and it is a miracle that it has survived that long.

By the way, Yellen has just announced that the Fed will raise interest rates very soon. They have never given up on their policy to crash the markets but could not do that during the election campaign as this would have only helped Trump. Now that he has won anyhow, they have no longer any reservations to crash the economy by raising the interest rates. It has always worked well in the past as shown in my article “The Mother of All Bubbles“. Of course they may simultaneously begin with crashing some big banks in Europe such as DB which are de facto bankrupt and ready to fall as a ripe fruit. These are all secondary details as to how the cabal will collapse the system, but this is the easiest task as the system is already bust.

The problem is that humanity knows about this impending crash and at the same time the people have huge fears what will happen then and suppress this knowledge. Here we have to deal with an inner strife between the fearful ego that wants all things to remain the same and the soul that pushes hard for the change. When this inner battle is won by the collective soul, the crash will happen immediately. Humanity is now on the cusp of this event and the election of Trump and the inevitability of the coming change is there for all the people to see. This is the psychological preparation of the masses for the coming financial crash.

We must now carefully watch how the major events will unfold in the coming days and discern the biggest cracks in the Orion facade along which the collapse will first manifest.

With love and light


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TiAmAt: sharing,103_archive, nanocomponentes, Respuestas, de un extraterrestre, de Andrómeda,

Origen: TiAmAt: sharing,103_archive, nanocomponentes, Respuestas de un extraterrestre de Andrómeda,

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

sharing,103_archive, nanocomponentes, Respuestas de un extraterrestre de Andrómeda,

Respuestas de un extraterrestre de Andrómeda – vídeo ciento tres – 17 de julio del 2013.
En vista de las muchas preguntas que se generaron en la última reunión, se trata de un vídeo con información adicional.La activación de las frecuencias emitidas por nanocomponentes en sus sistemas de telefonía celular, está siendo monitoreado por sondas Pleyadianos que ya están colocadas estratégicamente para detectar los códigos de activación, que ya son conocidos. 

Los nanocomponentes toman algún tiempo para organizarse y alcanzar sus “lugares de trabajo”, por lo que habrá tiempo para un apagado, los nanocomponentes solamente se pueden desactivar después de haber sido debidamente activado. 

De lo contrario son elementos totalmente inertes De todos modos, el aviso dado en la sesión anterior está destinado a hacer que ustedes, amigos, estén al tanto de los actos programados por sus gobiernos, los nanocomponentes deberían poder ser desactivados a tiempo, pero de cualquier manera, ustedes tienen que estar en alerta ante cualquier anormalidad que se pueda iniciar.

-. Preguntas sobre la contaminación del medio ambiente como la radiación de Fukushima, seguirá la difusión sin control por más tiempo.

Sus gobiernos han sido llamados desde el año pasado a “reemplazar y desactivar” las centrales núcleares, pero no se hizo nada, sin embargo, la producción y la instalación de nuevas unidades se están expandiendo, incluyendo trampas flotantes como las plantas nucleares que se construyen hoy en día. 

Los Pleyadianos ordenaron no interferir más con estas plantas, limitándose solo a neutralizar el uso para intentos de destrucción masiva. 

La raza humana está demostrando que no quiere ayuda, a la gran mayoría no le importa o no están interesados en los problemas, todavía no han alcanzado la madurez necesaria, y esta vez el paso final de esta colonia para convertirse en una raza reconocida pasará a modo sufrido más que de lo normal. 

La suciedad se limpia sólo cuando la raza restante en el planeta está madura y con ganas de recibir ayuda para sobrevivir, entendiendo finalmente todas las malas decisiones tomadas anteriormente. 

Ustedes no tienen la iniciativa para obligar a sus líderes a tomar las “medidas correctas” y esto demuestra una falta de madurez de la masa de sus sociedades.

 Entiendan que la Comunidad Galáctica ya no debe interferir en estos asuntos hasta que ustedes demuestren su viabilidad como una raza. 

Los desastres naturales son una cosa, la omisión de la población con respecto a sus líderes es otra muy distinta. 

Todos aquí tienen directrices de trabajo creados de no interferir en ciertos asuntos, sólo en los “eventos naturales de gran magnitud ‘y en los intentos directos de eliminación masiva de sus grupos étnicos por las elites dominantes, como son el uso de las armas nucleares, químicas y la nanotecnología, entre otros.

– Por lo tanto, la lección será dura, pero tendrán que vivir con la contaminación de los océanos por la radiación de Fukushima y otros desastres a venir, como el aceite y la basura. 

En la medida que pasan necesidades, sus sociedades van a actuar de manera más consciente, y este período de gran necesidad ya está empezando en todo el planeta. 

Entiendan que si hacen el trabajo escolar de sus hijos, ellos nunca aprenderán nada. 

Por lo tanto, si el desarrollo de la conciencia de sus sociedades requiere sufrimiento, estén preparados para cambiar tan rápidamente como sea posible. 

Si ustedes están leyendo esto, es porque están más despiertos que la mayoría, y depende de la gente como ustedes intentar abrir los ojos a los demás que no están viendo más allá de sus narices o bolsillos.

– Algunos se preguntan acerca de la desactivación actual del sistema HAARP, se trataba de una medida adoptada por el gobierno para retirar totalmente la atención a esta arma de manipulación ambiental. 

Los Arcturianos han desarrollado un sistema para la neutralización de este sistema, y han desactivado la red en varias ocasiones para demostrar su ineficacia. 

Muchos de los recursos que, literalmente, pueden beneficiar a su gente están siendo desechados por su gobierno a favor de iniciativas fácilmente controlables por nosotros. 

Los Arcturianos también están monitoreando algunas erupciones que pueden causar tsunamis en grietas oceánicas profundas, que pueden ser vistos por los satélites de este tipo, posiblemente, uno de los muchos que están ocurriendo en la unión tectónica en el Océano Atlántico.

– En cuanto a las diversas preguntas sobre el sistema de Nibiru, puedo decir que el planeta tierra va a sentir su enfoque pronto, pero el planeta Taus está tratando de reducir al mínimo las consecuencias del calentamiento y de la rotación del centro de la Tierra en el momento de la mayor tangencia de influencias.

– La aventura de la especie humana en el planeta Tierra va a sufrir cambios pronto. 

Con el desarrollo de la concientización vienen cambios en el ADN, lo que librará más capacidades en sus cerebros, como una mejor introspectiva y las posibilidades de comunicación telepática. 

No importa que regiones del cerebro ‘serán responsables de estos cambios, debido a que los cambios tendrán efecto en un nivel cuántico mucho más que físico, es mucho más complejo que eso. 

Recuerden que la mente controla lo físico, y no al contrario, y la mente es pura energía cuántica que actúa sobre la materia.

– Amigos, cuando ustedes están pensando acerca de Dios, piensen en sus amigos que están probablemente en la cuarta dimensión a la espera de la oportunidad de volver a la tercera dimensión de nuevo. 

Traten de concentrarse en sus amigos y seres queridos, ni siquiera traten de recordar a los que estaban con ustedes en las vidas pasadas. 

Muchos de sus amigos que conocieron en esta o en otras vidas, pueden estar allí para sentir su vibración, ya que se conocen, se pueden reconocer, y las buenas vibraciones los pueden volver de nuevo a ustedes. 

Ellos están mucho más cerca, lo que les permite interactuar, es como intentar pedir ayuda gritando en voz alta, sólo aquellos que están más cerca de ustedes, pueden escuchar sus peticiones de ayuda, e incluso pueden pasar su mensaje a una distancia mucho mayor de lo que pueden lograr por sí solos.

– Que estén bien mis amigos, traten de responderse sus preguntas en los textos de nuestros encuentros anteriores, estaré por aquí para darles información acerca de cualquier cambio inmediatamente, a ustedes, quienes están preparados para ayudar a los demás.

MENSAJE EXTRA del 18 de agosto de 2013:
Amigos, hice una pregunta a Mythi acerca del cometa ISON y esta fue la respuesta: Mythi, hay varias dudas acerca de la naturaleza y la forma del cometa Ison ¿podrías darnos algo más de información al respecto?
Bueno, recuerdan cuando les dije: “Respondiendo a preguntas sobre el cometa llamado Ison, no tiene nada que ver con el cometa Elenin, que fue destruido, es parte de varios objetos de gran tamaño que preceden al sistema de Nibiru y está siendo escoltado por Krulianos que no tienen ninguna instrucción para cambiar su ruta, o para interferir en los acontecimientos “. Notan que no he mencionado “cometa” o “asteroide”, dije, “objetos”, y fui muy claro al respecto. Dado que esta información se está consolidando, puedo decir que estos “objetos” no son un “cometa” y no se comportarán como un cometa que orbita el Sol. Ellos son controlados, son enormes naves espaciales que serán parte de un gran plan de acción para el desarrollo de las civilizaciones de nivel 1. Se completó una misión en un sistema cercano y se dirigían hacía el sistema solar de aquí, el cual se encuentra en el proceso de una reorganización profunda. Los Krulianos están coordinando todos estos cambios en conjunción con el paso del sistema de Nibiru y el reposicionamiento final del planeta Taus.
– // –
Creo que los astrónomos de guardia deberían mostrar los eventos, estamos esperando estas posibles revelaciones al público.
Fuente de CB:

Vídeo 104


* * *
* * *
Video 103
Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and three – July 17, 2013. Given the many questions generated by the last meeting, this is a video with additional information. The activation of the nanocomponents by frequencies issued in your cell phone systems, is being monitored by probes Pleiadeans that are already strategically positioned to detect the activation codes that are already known. The nanocomponents take some time to organize themselves and reach their “places of work, so there will be time for a lock-off. The nanocomponents only can be disabled after being duly activated; otherwise they are totally inert elements. Anyway, the notice given at the previous meeting is intended to make you friends aware of the events planned by your governments. The nanocomponents should be disabled in time but either way, you have to be alert to any abnormalities that may be initiated. – Questions about environmental pollution like Fukushima’s radiation, it will be spreading without control by some more time. Your governments have been reported since last year to “replace and disable” atomic power plants, but nothing was done, however, the production and installation of new units are expanding including floating traps like the atomic plants being built today. The Pleiadeans ordered not to interfere more with these plants, limited to neutralize the use of attempts of mass destruction. The human race is proving you do not want help, the vast majority do not care or are not interested in the problems, have not yet reached the necessary maturity, and this time finishing of this colony to a recognized breed will happen by way suffered so than normal. The dirt will be cleaned only when the race remaining on the planet is ripe and eager for help to survive, finally understanding all the bad decisions taken earlier. Your people do not have the initiative to force your leaders to take the “correct measures” and this shows a lack of maturity of the mass of your societies. Understand that the Community Galactica will not and should not interfere with these affairs until yourselves prove your viability as a race. Natural disasters is one thing, omission of the population with respect to their leaders is quite another. All of us here have working guidelines set not to interfere in certain matters, only the ‘natural events of great magnitude’ and in direct attempts to mass elimination of thy ethnicities by the ruling elites, like nuclear weapons, chemical and nanotechnology among others. – So, the lesson will be tough, but you will have to live with the pollution of the oceans by your radiation from Fukushima and others to come, as well as oil and trash. Just passing needs, your societies will turn out to act more consciously, and this period of great need is already starting across the planet. Understand that if you do the school work of your children they will never really learn anything. Therefore, if the development of awareness of your societies requires suffering, be prepared to change as quickly as possible. If you are reading this is because you are more awake than most, and it is up to people like you try to open the eyes of others who are not seeing anything beyond their noses or pockets. – Some are asking about the current deactivation of the system HAARP, this was a measure taken by your government to fully withdraw attention on this weapon of environmental manipulation. The Arcturians have developed a system for neutralization of this system, and has deactivated the network on several occasions to show their ineffectiveness. Many resources that could literally benefit your people were and are being thrown away by your government in initiatives easily controllable by us. The Arcturians are also monitoring some eruptions that can cause tsunamis in deep oceanic rifts, which can be viewed by your satellites like this, possibly one of many that are happening at the junction tectonic in the Atlantic Ocean.
– Regarding the various questions about the system Nibiru, I can say that the planet will feel his approach soon, but the planet Taus is trying to minimize the consequences of the heating and rotation center of the Earth at the time of the greatest influences tangency.
– The adventure of the human race on planet Earth will undergo changes soon. With the development of conscientization come DNA changes, which will release more capabilities into your brains as greater insight and possibilities of telepathic communication. Never mind ‘which brain regions’ will be responsible for these changes, because the changes will take effect at the quantum level much more than physical, is much more complex than that. Remember that the mind controls the physical, and not the contrary, and the mind is pure quantum energy acting on the matter. – Friends, when you are thinking about God, think of your friends who are probably in the fourth dimension awaiting the opportunity to return to the matter of the third dimension again. Try to focus on your friends and loved ones, not even remembering those who were with you in past lives. Many of your friends who knew you in this or in other embodiments, may be there to feel your vibration because they know you, they can recognize you, and good vibrations they can return back to you. They are much closer to you to interact, is how you try to ask for help crying out loud, only those who are closest to you can hear your request for assistance, and may even pass your message along to the much greater distance than you can achieve alone. – Be well my friends, try to take your questions on texts from our previous meetings, I will be around to give you information about any immediate change for you who are prepared to help others. EXTRA MESSAGE of 18 August 2013: Friends, I asked a question about the mythi Comet ISON and this was the answer: Mythi, there are several doubts about the nature and shape of comet ISON, could you tell us some more information about it? Well, remember when I said to you: “Answering questions about the comet named ISON, it has nothing to do with the destroyed comet Elenin, it is part of several large objects that precede the system Nibiru, and is being escorted by Krulians but they have no instruction to change its route or to interfere in the events.” Notice I did not mention “comet” or “asteroid”, I said, “objects”, I was very clear about it. Since this information is consolidating, I can say that these “objects” are not a “comet” and will not behave like a comet orbiting the Sun. They are controlled, are huge spacecrafts that will be part of a great plan of action for the development of civilizations level 1. They completed a mission in a nearby system and are heading for this, which is in the process of a profound rearrangement. The Krulians are coordinating all these changes in conjunction with the passage of Nibiru system and final repositioning of the planet Taus. –//– I believe that astronomers on duty should show the events, we will wait for these possible revelations to the public. Cheers! CB source:

Video 104
Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and four – September 15, 2013. Dear friends, I know that we are already a long time without posts, but Mythi been busy outside the system again, taking care of emergencies other than our own. Here follows information after his fleet return to our planet. – The information at present, have to be very subjective as any relevant information can alert the forces of thy elites to prepare and change their plans. There is an expectation of observers Pleiadeans with respect to conflicts “theater” that are to be triggered by your elites to cause the chain reaction they plan so that there is a reduction in population on the planet. The forces of your governments are already positioned to unleash the economic and social chaos there anytime. – Remembering the planet Earth is about to finalize its stabilization until the beginning of the year. Strange mists caused by the interaction of the heating blanket on the planet, due to the increase of the incident radiatio

* * *

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