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Thursday, November 10, 2016

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Gnostic Clarification 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 9, 2016

Georgi Stankov, November 9, 2016


In the meantime you must have registered the invariant gnostic pattern of all my forecasts. As soon as I predict a new astral alternative that is unfavourable for the ascension scenario in terms of lowering the vibrations of the collective consciousness and highlight it from a higher perspective based on deep analysis of the actual situation, this alternative shifts to a lower timeline where it manifests. At the same time we move to a higher ascending timeline where the opposite favourable astral alternative occurs. This does not mean that my forecast was wrong – quite on the contrary. It only bears testimony what powerful creators we have become in the meantime and how easily we can avert any negative scenario that hinders the ascension process. This is how we create in the Now as Logos Gods.

My greatest worry regarding the US elections was that the cabal and the deep government in Washington might rig the election results as to prevent the expected landslide victory of Trump which I predicted with a 100% certainty in my latest publications. That is why I envisioned a scenario where Trump wins overwhelmingly but the results are rigged and he loses; he then refuses to accept it and the civil war begins in the USA. This latter astral probability is still possible, but its energetic potential has significantly diminished after the sweeping victory of Trump tonight which no president-elect has ever achieved in the history of this country. Tomorrow we shall read that he has won with, most probably, 314 votes and has crashed the democrats in states which the republicans have never won in their entire party history. By the way the GOP has ceased to exist – it has become a grass-root movement of the ascension candidates.

When I awoke early this morning, I was aware that Trump will win and will tell you why below. But I refrained from publishing this outcome as not to trigger the tradition of reversal of my forecasts by manifesting the alternative hypothesis and rejecting the announced null hypothesis as is done in statistics. That is why after a short inner battle with myself I decided not to publish about my remarkable experiences in the dream state, where I and the PAT had lengthy and very serious discussions with the US cabal souls in the higher realms and prevented the planned rigging of the election result with vehemence.

But I could not fully resist the silence I ordered upon myself and responded to our PAT member Akram early in the morning of November 8th to his email where he described his Trump dream the previous night. As his dream is also very significant I will publish our correspondence below as a proof. Akram then hurried to publish our correspondence on the PAT Facebook resort page early in the day before the poll stations were closed and the first predictions were published. Hence you can check the PAT Facebook as a proof that I knew the outcome of the US elections with a certainty in advance and that we have prevented the rigging of the results by the dark ones precisely because we were aware of this possibility and excluded it from the ascension scenario on this ascending uppermost mother planet during our light work in the dream state.

This is how we create the new reality in a dialectical manner according to the reversed Mephisto’s motto in Goethe’s Faust: “I am the good force that always predicts the evil outcome as to prevent it.” Which of course reduces any eventual questioning of the reliability of my forecasts, to which newly awakened entities always succumb, to an ongoing perpetuation of the very 3D illusion they want to escape by discovering the PAT website, as the new member of the PAT group Phoebe recently did. She essentially questioned my credibility by asking why did I write that I would not publish anything and then continue publishing and why do I often say that we shall ascend and nothing happens. The usual agnostic objections you know for years. Hence this gnostic clarification. To whom I then replied as follows through Dominique as I am not on Facebook myself:

“Answers to Phoebe. She has to learn to read carefully my articles before asking questions:

“This is what I wrote on July 12th:

“Now I need to fully attune to the new theory of the Universal Law and hope to get some more information from my HS and Source in this respect. I can’t do that while being engaged the whole day in publishing and keeping myself up to date with actual political and economic events. This however does not preclude the possibility that I may publish from time to time new articles when I have reached a new level of clarity and have important information to share with you.”

We are multidimensional beings that exist in numerous realities and dimensions at the same time. Without this basic knowledge one cannot understand my writings and will always succumb to the old 3D linear thinking. Besides we have ascended already many times in the past and now constantly change the timelines. This is documented on our website. We are now talking about ascension of humanity and each ascension leap we made in the Now is indeed the last one because if it does not go well the final ascension is jeopardized. That is why I regard each ID shift as the one from early November as the final one because if it is not successful, there will be no ascension. After all the decision when ascension will take place is taken by the incarnated human personalities on the ground and not by anybody else in the ether and if humanity was at the same level of awakening and knowledge as the PAT has reached in the last five years, it would have ascended long time ago. It is like playing in a tournament and each game is the last one because if you do not win it you can not go further on and reach the final and then eventually win the gold medal.”

And here is my correspondence with Akram from early morning on November 8th which shows how powerfully we now create in the dream state and how we reduce the major protagonists of the “American tragedy” (Theodore Dreiser) to extras, as Trump will very soon experience personally, while shaping the much bigger ascension scenario:

“Peace Love and Light

Dear Georgi and Carla,

I hope all is well with you both as we approach the moment in time where we ascend. I had a very important dream today where synchronistically I woke up at 555 A.M I had gone to sleep at around little after 3 A.M The higher source energies were making me constantly posting on Facebook,where I have many First and second wavers as my friends. I had been boosting the morale of the troops and had even posted a post where I re affirmed my only objective as Ascension and I wished everybody that their dreams may be full filled by All that is.

Before I went to sleep I very clearly asked H.S that I be given clarity about the Ascension process and about Donald Trump specifically.

I saw that I was in an airport that was completely packed with people of all kind. I was making my way with my wife to the immigration. When suddenly I remember that I have forgotten all my papers at the table of a restaurant outside the airport. I then explain this to the official and he is very cooperative. I ask him to allow my wife to proceed as she has her papers and that I would return with mine. I have absolutely no anxiety or fear but rather a calmness. With this I start hurriedly my way back trough the airport to where I left my papers. It is quite a long distance as I have to completely exit the airport. So finally when I reach the restaurant I see that Donald Trump is sitting at the exact same table where I was sitting. I am surprised and happy and I see a huge crowd around Donald. When I ask him that I may take my papers, he is smiling and exuberant confidence and tells to go ahead. As I reach past him I cannot stop myself and tell him he did a good job and that I am a supporter. To which he smiles and acknowledges it but continues dealing with all the people surrounding him.

I then start back to the immigration hurriedly. I start jogging through the packed airport retracing my steps. I see two people who I recognized, as they had been Imams of the mosques where I had used to pray. They were really happy and were walking with their wife and children, happy and playing while going or coming wherever they were supposed to.

I finally reach immigration where I comfortable pass through and I rejoin my wife who is waiting with me outside the gate for our flight.

Immediately after waking up I recap the whole dream and the many details and then I share this dream with my wife. After that I am writing this mail to you. I am feeling very buoyant and light, with a complete calmness which I have carried back from this dream mission update.

My first impression after this dream is that it feels like a huge weight has been lifted from me, us and Trump. We are very close to Ascension and that Trump has done his job and is very satisfied with his effort as seen here.

Please George would care to expand ?




Dear Akram,

this is a classical ascension dream with a delay message in the past. I have published many similar PAT dreams, including of myself, at airports and railway stations where we are in a hurry but forget either the wallet or the ticket or arrive too late or there is a delay of the flight or we miss the train or the bus at the station. In your case you manage to go through the checks after you return to this reality to get your ticket and meet with Trump. He represents the old humanity that is now on the verge of awakening and that is why he is not departing. But he did a great preparatory job for the ascension to come by mobilizing the discontent of the masses.

I also dreamt today that we (the PAT) did a lot of work to prevent the cabal rigging the elections – we gave them a shot across the bow and we let them know that we are aware of all their nefarious plans and won’t let them go away with that.

Whatever happens during and after the elections, it will be the perfect introduction to the much bigger and real events that will follow.

What is important in a dream is the predominant feeling – if you felt happy and elated and also relieved that you are departing with your family from this reality, then this is the message you get from this dream.

With love and light


And so be it – till Ascension!

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The Massive and Violent ID Shift That Birthed the New Ascended Earth in Early November 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 5, 2016

As Confirmed by the Elohim

Georgi Stankov and Bonnie Johnson, November 5, 2016


Dear Georgi and Carla,

First and foremost this color I am writing in (the green flame of healing, note George) feels just so incredibly good and the feeling is so accentuated today as to why I write. I always want to write but never seem to. Incredible is this not to feel this so first hand. And again I know how well and deeply you both already know those facts.

Georgi and Carla, today I feel the newness like I had not felt at all all the way up to this point. I had felt great shifts and points and all of our work but today I felt the change and my god do I. I had a huge point on shifting go through me as soon as I got out of bed and was standing in front of the sink. So after that occurred I went off to the grocery store that I still have to do in 3D. So while out in public I noticed greatly how positive it really and truly felt as I walked around a very busy store and for once it really did not make me want to disappear. I actually enjoyed talking to a couple people and we were getting attention from others. I truly felt the readiness out there for change and not of a low level but of a much more intelligent and higher place of being. It was amazing for a change and the weather is beautiful here today so far also as that just gives this so much more tremendous of a feeling as well as all the fabulous colors of the season.

Georgi and Carla, I wanted to get this out to you because I am so sure of how it feels right now and just as you stated earlier Georgi, how can we not experience all of what we have created !!! There is going to be so much to talk about here real soon as all unfolds for as long as it shall. We will do it quickly, have a wonderful day.

In Light and Love,


Dear Bonnie,

there is a reason why you feel so positive and elated. In order not to repeat myself here is what I wrote to Kari yesterday when she complained that she did not feel well the last two days and asked me what had happened:

“On November 2nd we had the most massive ID split on this uppermost mother planet that was prepared by the tsunami wave from the Source for more than a month, actually this whole year. We are reeling since then under these violent energies that smashed our bodies. In particular yesterday (November 3rd) we had an unprecedented peak and we both thought we would not make it. Massive bronchial and gastric crisis with vomiting and aching all over the body. The body elemental was in a state of utter shock. Today (November 4th) we were urged by the Elohim to visit the Infinity portal in White Rock as to clear our fields which were full with dark residues.

There the Elohim came and confirmed what I had already told Carla yesterday. That the earth that has just separated from this ascending timeline has experienced the most devastating nuclear catastrophe which has wiped out the entire Northern hemisphere and has only spared India, Africa and South America. This was the result of special dirty bombs that the dark cabal used to exterminate the entire life in the Northern hemisphere. This was the most intense release of dark energies from this holographic model so far and most probably the last one of this scope before the final ascension. A total catharsis on all levels. This ascending timeline is now still reeling from this onslaught and it will take another 30 days to fully recover. However, it is the new pristine timeline and now fully rid of most dark and chaotic energies. This will undoubtedly influence in a very positive way the elections and the events around it independently of the actual result.

Today (November 4th) I have a headache the whole day and my whole body aches. Carla has a severe bronchopneumonitis and is coughing day and night as I have never seen her before. It is very serious as the nuclear fallout from this global war is still in our expanded fields and we have to deal with this contamination in the coming days.”

This morning we woke up in a much better state and also feel the birthing of new Gaia after the violent ID shift of the previous days. We had a healing bath with magnesium salt that cleansed and invigorated our bodies so that we can also enjoy the new energy quality in a better physical shape. It is surprising how quickly we recovered from the energetic shock of the previous days.

This timeline is now indeed very pure and pristine, with almost no dark energies, but also very vulnerable as young delicate shoots that have just sprung from the earth and need a lot of care and protection. This ascending earth is now enveloped in resurrection energies from the Source and protected like in a greenhouse. But the positive harmonious energies are now coming through and all those incarnated personalities whose souls did not directly participate in this violent destruction of the separated catastrophic timeline and were not directly engaged in the subsequent cleansing of the nuclear fallout as we did with our expanded multidimensional fields, are now reaping the fruits of this new benevolent reality.

And this significantly new energy quality will engulf humanity very soon and will create miracles in daily life and at the societal level. We must wait and see how it will affect the elections in the USA and the final outcome. I expect a peaceful revolution where the masses will simply decline to follow the ruling cabal, their lies and deceptions that keep the old rigged, toxic reality alive. They will simply turn their back to the elite and begin to create their own new pristine worlds and dreams carried by these positive and supportive energies which we introduced as light warriors of the first and the last hour in the last few days with a great sacrifice for our health and physical bodies.

It is now difficult for me to predict when the threshold will be reached for us to ascend and appear as Logos Gods on this new earth that is now being birthed, but it can’t be very long. It is also important to keep in mind that with this latest ID shift all dark soul fragments died in the catastrophic timeline under the massive radiation and that all their physical vessels are now harboring new transliminal souls as walk-ins. That is why you enjoyed talking to the people in the grocery store. These entities are now vibrating at your level and this makes the communication with them so pleasant and rewarding.

I expect this benevolent effect to increase in the coming days and to transform humanity dramatically for the better. This inner harmonious and joyful state of being will offset the negative psychological impact of the external collapses of the old matrix that will manifest as financial crash, economic collapse and political gridlock very soon. It is mandatory that the people will not experience any existential fears when these events will begin to occur but to embrace them as harbingers of the long-awaited change. This will be very easy now as the newly incarnated transliminal souls know with an immutable certainty about the impending ascension leap deep in their hearts and will not succumb to the horror stories of the ruling dark cabal, with which they kept the masses hostage to their dark, nefarious plans until now as we see this during this ridiculous election campaign.

It is indeed very important that the people will not succumb to any form of fears and that is why these fears were released during the last few days through this apocalyptic ID split and shift as this is the psychological “conditio sine qua non” for our individual ascension and appearance as Logos Gods on this uppermost mother planet. The people must be ready for us and eager to embrace the new message we shall bring to them. We have every reason to rejoice now after we have recovered from the recent shock and expect some marvelous developments in the coming days.

With love and light




I want to thank you for your latest updates. I agree concerning how you have experienced the latest round of upgrades and how debilitating they were. At the same time our bodies have become so attuned that we recover more quickly and can transmute so much more than we ever dreamed possible. The controversies concerning the election are all staged to keep a distraction to what is occurring and about to become apparent. It matters not who is elected the system that has kept us enslaved has to come down and neither of these candidates can lead humanity into the golden age. Only those with hearts of gold can (the warriors of the first and last order). The way I feel at the moment is expressed by this song. “Morning has truly broken“. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKoRp05L95c


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TiAmAt: 99_archive, 2013, actividad volcánica, Epsilon Bootes,circo, Respuestas de un extraterrestre de Andrómeda,

Origen: TiAmAt: 99_archive, 2013, actividad volcánica, Epsilon Bootes,circo, Respuestas de un extraterrestre de Andrómeda,

Thursday, July 5, 2018

99_archive, 2013, actividad volcánica, Epsilon Bootes,circo, Respuestas de un extraterrestre de Andrómeda,

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Carl Jung:

“What you resist, persists.” 

“A dream is a small hidden door in the deepest and most intimate sanctum of the soul, which opens up to that primeval cosmic night that was the soul, long before there was the conscious ego.”

 Carl Jung
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* * *Vídeo 99
Respuestas de un extraterrestre de Andrómeda – vídeo noventa y nueve – 13 de abril del 2013.

– Amigos, he tenido que estar ausente por un período en el que estábamos lejos, apoyando a equipos que están ayudando con los problemas en otras colonias, en un lugar que se llama Epsilon Bootes. 

Pero ahora, debería ser asignado aquí, porque las cosas están llegando a sus puntos críticos.

– Amigos, no se dejen engañar por anuncios de misiles nucleares que vuelan por su atmósfera para llegar a otros países. 

Los Pleyadianos estarán a su disposición para evitar una contaminación masiva de las regiones por este tipo de armas. 

Sin embargo, pueden estar seguros que muchos de los dispositivos nucleares ya están plantados en lugares claves para la despoblación en masa planeada por sus élites, simulando ataques de misiles que serán imposibles de realizar. 

Han enviado e instalado los dispositivos nucleares, envasados en plomo para evitar ser detectados por los Pleyadianos. 

El accidente que CB me mostró, muestra un camión que está siendo levantado por un campo de fuerza en Alemania, es un ejemplo, cómo los Pleyadianos advierten que” saben “lo que se está transportando. 

Sus gobiernos están realizando grandes actividades y utilizan túneles subterráneos para no ser detectados fácilmente en la colocación de estos dispositivos núcleares.

-El país más poblado del planeta, aliado a unos pocos otros “vecinos”, está manteniendo un contrato indirecto con un consorcio de tres razas que mantienen una base en las montañas del Himalaya, y donaron en la antigüedad ADN para algunas poblaciones de Asia, durante la formación de estas razas aquí en el planeta, ellos han visitado su planeta por mucho tiempo. 

Para no infringir las reglas de la Comunidad Galáctica, no actuarán directamente, pero tienen la intención de ocupar varios sitios que ya están listos y prácticamente deshabitados hasta ahora, aparentemente para asentar sus razas en el planeta pronto. 

Incluso hay algunos portales que ya están listos para ser activados después de la supuesta “reorganización poblacional” planeada por sus líderes para el planeta. 

Como ustedes están viendo, no estoy autorizado para nombrar los nombres de los países, pero estoy seguro que ustedes, amigos, saben, de quienes estamos hablando aquí.

– La despoblación está prevista en Europa, Asia, África, Oceanía, y casi todos los lugares de América del Norte. 

Otras regiones serán seleccionadas después. 

Pero estos planes están siendo analizados por la “CG” y muchas sociedades serán “protegidas” en la medida de lo posible, por las intervenciones directas de nuestras flotas aliadas. 

Eventualmente puedan suceder enfrentamientos directos, y tengo que destacar aquí que ustedes, amigos no deberían creer en ninguna acción que sus gobiernos proclaman como “ataques alienígenas”, en realidad, los estaremos protegiendo contra ellos.

– Sus élites llamadas “occidentales”, que rigen la economía en el planeta hasta el momento, están en proceso de ser eliminadas por las élites de “Asia del Este” y esta disputa interna por el control del planeta generará una gran conmoción en todas las regiones. 

Todas las facciones militares en el planeta se están preparando para este conflicto, como en un gran juego, donde cada una de las dos facciones tiene sus propios planes para el control de la población y economía del planeta. 

No culpen a uno u otro país para el inicio de este conflicto, esto es todo un circo armado por las dos facciones de las élites, algunos países se utilizan como disparador, y ustedes pueden estar seguros que no será por elección de sus ciudadanos. 

La actividad volcánica que estaba controlada, ya no lo está, y algunos eventos más importantes van a suceder en cualquier momento en el planeta, estén alertas los que están cerca de estas zonas de riesgo.

 Las placas tectónicas se mueven con más rapidez, y están reposicionando el planeta Taus diariamente para reducir esta velocidad que interactúa físicamente con el planeta Tierra. 

Científicos Arcturianos coordinan esta parte y eso ha dado resultados positivos hasta el momento.

– La incidencia de los meteoros y asteroides también podría intensificarse en tiempos venideros, ya que muchos se están separando del cinturón de asteroides debido a diversas interferencias gravitacionales causadas por el paso del sistema solar por una gran nube de energía cósmica que viene, y seguirán pasando hasta el final del año 2014. 

Este paso por la nube cósmica se estabilizará durante los próximos años y ratificará la nueva frecuencia de vibraciones del planeta, y al mismo tiempo limpiará el planeta de todas las vibraciones externas del actual proceso de ascensión. 

La neutralización gradual del llamado cinturón de Van Allen se da también por la interacción y la absorción de esta gran nube de energía cósmica.

– La mayor preocupación en este momento debe ser el colapso de sus economías a nivel mundial, que culminará con todas las acciones militares previstas para su gente. 

Por desgracia, para este tipo de acción social no hay forma de intervención, estaremos observando las consecuencias para tratar de minimizar los efectos generados por ellos, con un equipo especial para el suministro de energía y alimentos para los más afectados en regiones aisladas.

– Manténgase en alerta todos ustedes también, porque la tensión en el aura del planeta está demostrando que los acontecimientos en secuencia están a punto de occurir. 

Voy a mantenerlos informados de la secuencia de los acontecimientos hasta la próxima reunión.

Que la fuerza y la esperanza estén presentes en sus corazones y mentes.

Vídeo 100
Respuestas de un extraterrestre de Andrómeda – vídeo centésimo – 22 de abril del 2013.
Amigos, se han acumulado muchas preguntas anteriores para mí, así que decidí hacer una disertación sobre las cuestiones principales en esta reunión.
– He tenido la oportunidad de ver un plano de los Arcturianos para una descontaminación total y completa de los océanos del mundo. El plan es muy detallado, y eliminaría todos los objetos y partículas derivadas del petróleo, como los plásticos y aceites. No se tendrán los materiales orgánicos biodegradables en cuenta tales como madera, acero, etc. El plan de retirada pondría este material en cualquier área del desierto en la superficie de forma provisional hasta que el planeta tenga un portal de descarga en los próximos años. Esta ubicación recibiría miles de millones de toneladas de residuos, formando una cadena de montañas de más de una milla de altura. Este retiro también incluiría productos como elementos radiactivos en disolución, metales pesados y otras sustancias químicas tóxicas que se contendrían en grandes contenedores en el mismo lugar elegido. El plan Arcturiano es extremadamente complejo, con campos de energía interactuando directamente con las aguas oceánicas, e involucra tecnología totalmente desconocida para mí, ya que son altamente especializados en los océanos y la biología marina. Si este procedimiento es aprobado por la Comunidad Galáctica para su aplicación en algún momento en el futuro a partir de ahora, todo este movimiento se hará en un solo día. Creo que este plan responde a muchas preguntas sobre la descontaminación radiactiva, y muestra cómo se puede hacer en unas pocas horas. El planeta debe estar en el momento adecuado para que esto ocurra, y aún no tengo idea cuándo será eso.
– Otro plan fantástico, de los Pleyadianos, que pueden desactivar todas las centrales nucleares, incluyendo la interrupción de la emisión de elementos radiactivos usados y desechados, también en un solo día de trabajo, a excepción de que este plan también se ejecutará solamente cuando el momento adecuado llegue.
– Acerca de la energía, algunos de ustedes creen que las antiguas pirámides volverán a trabajar para suministrar energía, pero es una vieja tecnología, actualmente los equipos han disminuido considerablemente en tamaño y material. Las pirámides fueron construidas en base al material disponible en el planeta y para que se puedan beneficiar y concentrar longitudes de ondas cósmicas tendrían que ser gigantes. Hoy hacemos lo mismo con un pequeño equipo fabricado con materiales especialmente adaptados a las longitudes de ondas
* * *

* * *Video 99
Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video ninety nine – April 13, 2013. – 

Friends, I had to be absent for a period in which were just distant, helping teams that are taking care of problems with other colonies in a place that you call Epsilon Böotes. But now I shall be allocated here, because things are coming to their critical points.
– Friends, not be misled by advertisements of atomic missiles flying by your atmosphere to reach other countries. The Pleiadeans will be on hand to prevent a massive contamination of regions by such weapons. But, rest assured that many of atomic devices are already planted in key locations of mass depopulation by your elites, to simulate attacks by missiles that will be impossible to accomplish. They have shipped and installed the atomic devices, packaged in lead to avoid being detected by Pleiadeans. The accident shown to me by “CB of a truck being lifted by a force field in Germany, is an example of how Pleiadeans warn that they” know “what is being transported. Yours governments are doing great activities using underground tunnels not to be easily detected in the positioning of these atomic devices. – The most populous country of your planet allied to some few other “neighbors” are keeping an indirect agreement with a consortium of three races which maintains a base in the mountains of the Himalayas, who donated DNA for some Asian populations in ancient times in the formation of these races here on the planet, who have long search your planet. And not to hit against the rules of the Community Galactica they will not attend direct action but intend to occupy several sites that are already ready and virtually uninhabited until now, ostensibly to settle their races on the planet soon. Even some portals are ready to be activated after the alleged “populational reorganization” planned by your leaders for the planet. As you are seeing, I’m not allowed to name country names but I’m sure you friends know what we’re talking about here. – The depopulation is planned into Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and almost all of North America. Other regions will be selected later. But those plans are being analyzed by the “CG” and many societies will be “protected” as far as possible by direct interventions of our allied fleets. Eventually direct confrontations can happen, and I need to emphasize here you friends do not believe in any action that your governments proclaim as “alien attacks” in reality, we will be protecting you against them. – Your elites called “Western”, which governed the economy on the planet so far, are in the process of being eliminated by the elites from “East Asian” and this internal dispute for control of the planet will generate a great upheaval in all regions. All military actions on the planet are currently preparing for this conflict, as in a great game, where each of the two factions has its own plans for population control and economic of the planet. Do not blame one or another country for starting this conflict, this is all a circus armed by the two factions of elites, some country will be used as the trigger, and you can be sure it will not be by choice of its citizens. The volcanic activity that was being kept under control is no longer, and some more major events will happen anytime on the planet, be alert those who are near these areas of risk. The tectonic plates are moving faster, and the planet Taus are repositioning themselves daily to reduce this speed physically interacting with planet Earth. This part is being coordinated by scientists Arcturians and has given positive results so far. – The incidence of meteors and asteroids also could intensify in coming times as much is detaching from the asteroid belt due to various gravitational interference caused by the passage of the solar system by a great cloud of cosmic energy, and end up spending only at the end of 2014 . This passage by this cosmic cloud during next years will stabilize and ratify the new frequency of vibration of the planet, and will simultaneously cleanse the planet of all extraneous vibrations, the current process of ascension. The gradual neutralization of you called by Van Allen Belt also give the interaction and absorption of that great cloud of cosmic energy.
– The biggest concern at the moment of you must be the collapse of your economies globally, which will culminate with all military actions planned against thy people. Unfortunately for this type of social action there is no way of intervention, we will be observing the consequences to try to minimize the effects generated by them, with special equipment to supply energy and food to the most affected and isolated regions.- Stay alert all of you as well, because the tension in the aura of the planet is showing that the events are on the verge of happening in sequence. I’ll keep you informed of the sequence of events until the next meeting. That the strength and hope be present in your hearts and minds.
Video 100
Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundredth – April 22, 2013. Friends, gathering many past issues for me, I decided to do a dissertation on the main issues at this meeting. – I had the opportunity to see a plan of the Arcturians for a full and complete decontamination of the world’s oceans. The plan is quite detailed, an

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