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Sunday, July 3, 2016

sharing2 – archive, An Open Letter, to Pleiadian, Starseeds, It’s Not Over, Till the Fat, (Crooked), Lady Sings, » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

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An Open Letter to Pleiadian Starseeds » Stankov’s Universal Law Press
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An Open Letter to Pleiadian Starseeds
by Georgi Stankov Posted on June 27, 2016
Adamu, June 27, 2016

A good overview on the alien presence on earth coming from the Orion/Reptilian empire that have been the Powers To Be of humanity for eons of time. The information given below complies well with what we know and have read from other reliable sources. The advantage of this message is that it sums up the dark history on this planet in a concise form, whereas these topics are discussed by numerous other sources in an unrelated manner. – George
My Dear Friends
I am Adamu of the Monadic Entity of the Pleiadian civilisation, brought to you through my dear young friend, Zingdad.

We have reached a nexus in the flow of the timelines of your reality at which it becomes important for you to understand certain crucial matters.

You need to understand why you, as Pleiadian Starseeds, are here upon earth. What your mission profile really is. And you need to understand why planet Earth and why now. You need then, also, to understand what will occur next. What’s next for Earth and what’s next for you. You need this information so that you can make an informed decision about where you will go next. What your next experience of life will be.

There is no more important decision before you that the one I am about to inform you of. So this is crucial information. I will require your patience and your attention as I lay this all out for you and remind you of all that you once knew before you entered into incarnation here upon Earth.

Firstly. Why Earth? You are a Pleiadian being. You arose, spiritually, amongst your soul family upon the Pleiades. That is your home. And you were doing sterling work in your journey towards your ultimate awakening and ascension back into the Oneness of the Monad to which we belong. You are one of our brightest and best.

So why are you now on Earth? Why are you amongst others who are struggling so mightily with their issues and causing themselves, each other and their planet so much harm? Why have you been born amongst them in this barbaric place of murder and mayhem? Why have you risked becoming afflicted with the illnesses of their psyches? Because, yes, it is a risk! And some of our Pleiadian brethren have indeed become afflicted. Quite a few have adopted the ways of Earth and fallen in consciousness. So there is a real danger in coming here. You knew this. Yet you came anyway. Why?

I shall tell you. It will be a fairly long story and right now I shall offer you the first part of that story:

The Situation Report on Planet Earth

The story of how Earth gets to be as it is now is long and complex enough to fill all the books in all the libraries upon the Earth and still that will be a cursory explanation. So I won’t try to give you the whole story. Instead I will sum it up as follows: There is such a thing as a true and authentic Earth Human. Beings that arose upon Earth from the Earth… just as you arose, originally, in the Pleiades. True Earth souls, inhabiting Earth bodies.

For better or for worse, the Earth Human has been tinkered with, toyed with, manipulated, used and abused and then rescued and healed and used and abused all over again countless times since the beginning of the story of the planet. And the ones that have acted upon Earth humans in this fashion have been the other, more technologically advanced, galactic civilisations.

If you examine the religious myths and the ancient legends that still resound in the consciousness of the planet you find an abundance of traces of this intervention. This mighty being with his chariot of fire that came down and claimed a people and said to them, “You are my people and I will protect you. You must just do as I say, to the letter and worship and obey me and I will look after you”. You know what I am talking about. Almost all of the religions of the world have such a being in them.

Now, please, you mustn’t think your dear old Adamu an atheist. I have explained in detail in the Adamu Speaks series that I believe in God. I have personal and direct knowledge of the divine. And it is my desire to share that knowledge with others too. But, my friends, the eternal, everlasting, one true creator of all things is far too great a being to appear to one group on Earth, one tribe on one planet in one galaxy and say “I choose you and will help you to slay other tribes”.

Check with your heart. Surely you can see this to be true?

But back to the narrative. What I wish you to understand is that this kind of intervention by space races did not happen once. It happened countless times. A number of them are still recorded in the myths and legends of which I spoke but most of them predate all record of them. You have, after all, only a few thousand years of recorded history, sketchy as it is, and humanity has existed in one form or another for millions of years. There were, for example, dragon gods upon your planet hundreds of thousands of years ago. Too long ago for any actual record of them to survive but, the impact of having such blood-curdlingly magnificent beings walking amongst you and flying your skies was such that it remains in your collective psyche.

I could go on and on upon this subject. Truly the deep history of planet Earth is massively complex. But that story is not why I am here today. I simply wish you to understand that Earth Humanity has been, through the aeons, massively interfered with. So much so that they evolved without an identity. Earth humans do not know who or what they are. They have not found unity over any choices whatsoever. They cannot stand as one over anything.

Now, you see, there are certain spiritual councils that order the universe. There is a council of wise and beautiful spiritual beings that order each planet, each solar system, each galaxy… and so on. And the planetary council for planet Earth came to the decision a little while ago that Earth would cease to be interfered with until such time as the bearers of the light of will upon the planet – the humans – could come to unity on who and what they are. What they stand for. What they choose. What they believe in.

They must decide are they, collectively Service to Other, Service to Self or of unity consciousness. They must decide if their path is technological, religious or spiritual. There are a variety of such choices and they must make up their collective minds.

And so the decision was made and we, the Pleiadian civilisation, were honoured by the request that we should lead the imposition of a quarantine upon the planet until such time as humanity has made their decision. If you study your mythology you will see a trace record of this. I am remembered in you mythology as a being called Atlas. And in your mythology I “lifted the dome of the stars from the Earth in order to stop a feud between the stars.

Yes that is me. My real name is Atlas. Adamu is a title like “Grandfather” or “Wise Man”. And I was personally involved in arranging the quarantine.

The Quarantine Enforced by Atlas

We, Pleiadians were asked to provide this service since we have, and I say this with a little pride but without conceit, the very best ships in the galaxy. No one could possible enforce a quarantine better than we. Our lightships are unparalleled for speed and manoeuvrability and are also virtually indestructible. But I shall tell you more about that in due course. The point is we were asked to make sure that that the other space races got off the planet… and stayed off. As the founder-members of a federation of galactic races that join together for mutual benefit, protection and support, we lead a group of races in a mission to create a “quiet space” upon Earth until Earth had come to its decision point.

There was one race that didn’t like that at all. They are recorded in the most ancient of your writings as the Anunaki. But actually that word is a kind of a syncretism as the ancients used it to refer to all the space races that were active upon planet Earth. And there were many. Back then, often quite a few space races were active in any given civilisation at any time. But, for the sake of convention we’ll call these particular ones (that are known amongst Pleiadians as the Red Star people) by the name used in your ancient writings… the Anunaki.

And it was so that these Anunaki actually rebelled against the will of the planetary council and, believe it or not, went to war with us to resist being evicted from the planet. It was quite a shambles as our primary objective was to cease all further traumatisation of humanity and they were willing to humanity as a pawn in their game of resistance. If we attacked them directly in their positions we would cause far more traumatisation than they ever had! So we would not do that!

In the end there really was only one strategy that we could use that wouldn’t compromise our own mission. We couldn’t get them off Earth by attacking them on Earth. We tried to blockade them in but they just dug in and entrenched themselves even further as gods. They had little god-kingdoms dotted all over the planet. And then they’d play chess with each other. But the games played out on bloody battlefields with humans as the chess pieces. This was their entertainment and sport. When they weren’t teaching humans how to bow and scrape and sing songs of praise and worship to please their refined ears, they were bludgeoning masses of humans against each other. So we certainly couldn’t just leave them on the planet either!

Not only were they in contravention of the planetary council, not only had they attacked us and placed themselves on a war footing with us, but they were also behaving in a truly monstrous fashion. And so desperate measures were called for. We attacked them where it would really hurt. Their home planet.

I won’t get into all the intrigues but you should understand that the Anunaki gods that were upon the planet at the time were like minor royalty from the Red Star home world. Petty princes and princesses. They were left to get up to whatever they wanted and, in their boredom, they played upon the Earth.

When the Federation’s warships arrived in the environs of the Anunaki home world, their king was suddenly willing to enter talks. Suddenly very amenable. And suddenly willing to send instruction to his errant family members that they should extricate themselves from planet Earth and return home poste haste. He gave them a tight timeline and that was that.

A New Perspective on The Great Flood

And all would have proceeded perfectly except one petulant little twit got it into his head to destroy all that he had built on his way out. *laughs* My friends. You shall have to forgive me. Your Adamu has seen much and there is not much that raises my ire any more. But in retelling this story I am brought back into the emotions that coursed through my being back then when I discovered this. One on the Anunaki gods in his mighty and godly fashion, decided if he had to leave earth that he would wipe out his whole creation on his way out. His own tribe that had worshipped him and done his every bidding. He decided to destroy And everything else that he could possibly destroy. It’s difficult not to get upset at that.

He had access, you see, to certain tools that could be used for weather control. Which is another long story which, if I told you, you simply would not believe me. But the point is he manipulated the weather to bring maximal destruction upon his own people.

Another of the Anunaki, in fact a brother to the insanely destructive one, decided to try ameliorate the harm he warned some of the people of what his brother was planning. The result is the ancient myth of the great flood and the man who built the ark.

The story, as it is now available to you in your various religious texts has become profoundly mythologised, of course.

In truth, the flooding was really quite localised. The whole world was not covered in water. I should hope a little deductive reasoning would make it apparent that there is not enough water on the planet to flood the planet. But there certainly is enough to cause a great deal of local flooding. A great deal of local disaster. And so it was. And so it was too, that those that were warned had the wherewithal to build good weather-proof boats for themselves, their families and their domesticated livestock. To place in these boats sufficient feedstock to last out a few days of torrential rain and the massive flooding that came afterwards. And to provide a safe “home base” to live from once the floods had subsided. The flood must certainly have felt pretty epic to those that lived through it though. And one can understand how the myth came to be what it is. But there were survivors. In part thanks to the warning they were given. In part thanks to the good preparations they put in place. And in part also because we were able to deactivate the weather device. Which I shall just say was in space and I shall leave it at that. We deactivated it and the planet’s weather returned to normal and since then we have been keeping a vigil. We have been keeping the rest of the galaxy off humanities bit of turf while they have slowly detraumatised themselves, slowly began to find themselves and slowly began to make up their own minds about who and what they are.

It’s been several thousand years that we have kept it up. And in that time, you have had very little interference indeed. A remarkably good quarantine has been maintained for all this time. We are not perfect. We do not draw an utterly impermeable boundary around the Earth. Sometimes something happens and an Earth Human encounters a being from another galactic civilisation. This is often by mistake. Some perfectly respectful member of a race that is in support of the quarantine agreement makes an error and their ship drops from a higher frequency into your environment and you have a “UFO” event. That kind of thing happens.

And then there are also some that are intentionally trying to subvert the quarantine.

The Zeta Greys

You are familiar with the little grey fellows from Zeta Reticuli? They are masters of stealth. They are able to sneak in, get up to monkey business and sneak out again without causing alarm. Not all the time. Not even most of the time. But it happens often enough that there is an awareness of them upon your planet. For which we apologise. We are doing our best with them and have quite a high success rate. But not nearly perfect, I am afraid. The problem is that the ones doing these incursions are not acting under the auspices of their home world. They are corsairs. Buccaneers. They undertake these missions at the behest of the highest bidder. And through the ages they have occasionally managed to slip through and conduct this or that mission on behalf of some or another interested party. We have controlled them as best we can but it is like swatting gnats. No matter how many you get, one or two always get through and they don’t mind being caught. They don’t even mind having their ship destroyed in the process. They are, you see, not like you. They are a race of… the closest I can offer you is “biological machines”. They are intelligent sentient beings, certainly. But there is no sense of “I” or of an individual self, amongst them. They are the group. They have a networked group awareness. They have shared memories. So shooting one of their ships out of the sky doesn’t actually kill anyone. Not in the normal sense. They will simply manufacture more… as many as they believe they need. And each will gain access to the network of information and knowledge which is their group intelligence. But for all that, there are unfathomably complex factions within the greater group of their race. And some of those factions – numerically a very small percentage – engage in this kind of behaviour.

So that’s a little background on the Zeta Greys. But now I need to tell you about the trigger events.

A Brief Lifting of the Quarantine… and an Offer!

When the quarantine was put in place, it was agreed that there would be certain specific events that would cause the quarantine to be lifted in a very carefully ordered fashion. One such event occurred quite recently with the dropping of the first atomic bombs. This was at the end of a period that you call the second world war. I don’t know why you call it that. There has almost never not been world war. But that is neither here nor there. When those devices exploded, you triggered the possibility of planetary self-destruction. Other planetary civilisations have utterly annihilated themselves with exactly this technology. So, with those two bombs, you caused a trigger event. Delegates of a few of the main factions of the galactic civilisations were sent to speak to the leader of the nation that detonated those devices. Given the high-drama of the time, it took a little time and effort to procure that meeting. But eventually it came to pass. And the meeting, when it came, was with an ex-military man who was then leading a more-or-less peaceful nation. He was offered a variety of options by the various delegates. We, the Pleiadians, representing the Galactic Federation of White Light, offered him a peaceful path. In exchange for giving up this self-destructive technology and the whole path it placed humanity upon, we offered a variety of other technologies. Free energy and so forth. Technologies that would lead to the betterment of all humanity. That would allow for healing. For unity. That would open the door to free and unfettered engagement with the galactic community.

He declined our offer saying he would not give up the strategic advantage that nuclear weapons presented at that crucial juncture. Though the war was officially over, what replaced it was very far from peace. There had been a very uncomfortable alliance between his nation and another during the war and this alliance had fallen apart to be replaced with what would come to be called “the cold war”. And this leader was fully engaged in the preparations for the next war. A war that has yet to come. A nuclear war.

So he gave up on the best chance humanity would, quite possibly ever have. Such was his short-sightedness. But that was the best decision he could take given the information available to him.

The Orion Group

Another group, representatives of a race from Orion and a consortium of Service to Self races, made a different offer. You see this race is fast dying out as a result of their own genetic unviability. This is self-inflicted. They have, for aeons, been tinkering with their own genome. They are themselves GMOs, you see. And nearly everything upon their planet is genetically modified. Not that genetic modification is per se a bad thing. It is just a bad thing if you give yourself no way to undo what you have done. Which is what they did. They modified themselves right to the point of their own inability to reproduce. An unintended consequence of trying to genetically disable the aging process. So there they are now. A race of very old beings who live very, very long lives but can have no children and are slowly, slowly dying out.

So what do the beings from Orion want? A mulligan. A redo. A start over. And they see humanities massively diverse and wonderfully robust genome as the perfect resource that they would like to mine. They want to splice bits of human genome back into their own to bring them back to viability as a race. And not just Humanity. They also want access to earth’s animal genetics for similar purposes. In short, what they wanted was to be given access to human genetics. Free reign to take samples from whomsoever they chose whenever they wanted.

So they offered that fearful war-time leader the one thing that h would not be able to say no to. They wowed him and his technical advisers with technology that would place his nation at a massive strategic advantage over his enemies. And they said they would hand that technology over in exchange for the genetic mining rights they sought. They further promised that samples would be taken stealthily. That the samples individual would never know that they had even been touched.

And so that leader agreed. He thought he had struck the most marvellous bargain.

But he was wrong. It was a disastrously poor bargain.

Firstly, the technology was delivered without manuals or instructions. Imagine a stone-age man begin handed a smartphone. What could he do with it? He could not even use it, let alone replicate it and make many more just like it. And so it was. The technology delivered was very advanced and would have been a massive strategic advantage. But it was incomprehensible and unusable to those that took receipt of it. All these years later and only occasionally does anything come out of those most secret of labs where those extra-terrestrial devices continue to be examined and analysed. The advances come out so slowly that they are quickly enough absorbed by the other nations of the world that they advantage is limited.

A New Perspective on Alien Abductions

And in exchange that leader agreed to having the populace of his nation and his treaty nations poked and prodded and sampled. Which has become something of a nightmare. You see the population can never know that this was the agreement. How would they feel knowing they had been traded like so many heads of cattle? And though the Orions employed some of the very best of the Zeta greys to conduct their sorties in the utmost stealth… what no-one accounted for was the spiritual sensitivity of some humans. For some it is simply not possible to hide from them that they have been sampled. You call it “abducted”, though that is not a good term. You are taken, sampled and returned. And it is all done at a higher vibration density outside of your normal flow of time. But be that as it may. Still it is so that this is an unwarranted, unagreed upon intrusion into your space and violation of your body and your sense of safety.

The Quarantine is Reinstituted

Though that war-time leader and the Orion delegation came to an agreement, that agreement was not ratified by the planetary council. They were willing to offer humanity a choice that would lead to them giving up their warlike ways and choosing for peace. Choosing for unity. They though the planet-wide fatigue with war followed by the shock of an atomic bomb and the devastation that followed might just be enough to trigger a change in consciousness. They wanted humanity to make the leap to choosing a whole new timeline. A timeline of peace, healing, love and acceptance.

But humanity would have to choose. They could not again be over-ridden by the will of more powerful beings with more advanced technologies. That would just bring a repeat of the pre-quarantine era. So, very carefully, the options were presented to just one man. The leader of the nation that had reached that technological threshold of planetary self-annihilation.

And he chose wrong.

He chose for fear not love. He chose for separation not unity. He chose for destruction not healing.

And we cannot blame him for it. Such was the situation at the time. That is what one chooses when one is in his shoes.

But for all that… as I say… the treaty with Orion was not ratified by the planetary council. And so it was that we reinstituted the quarantine protocols and disallowed the Greys access wherever we could. Which, again, is most places. But they still sneak through. And they continue to engage a variety of experiments mostly for their Orion masters but also for others.

And so that is the Sit Rep as military types like to say. The report of the situation on the ground. And that is the first part of this open letter.

Coming Next

Soon I will wish to begin to speak to more spiritual matters. I want to tell you about yourselves, as Pleiadian Starseeds. I want to tell you about your origins in the Pleiades. How you evolved there. And then how it came to be that we decided to send a Starseed delegation. How it came to be that you volunteered. What your mission on earth really is. Why this is the time for you to remember and awaken. What you should be doing next. And what your decisions are going forward.

That’s a lot to tell. And I will get to that next as I am able to pass this information through my dear Zingdad.

And, at the same time, he and I are also working on the Adamu Speaks series which has a parallel purpose of teaching you how to move yourself out of victimhood and to return to yourself the memory of your true creator nature. So, if you have not looked into that, I do suggest you update yourself on that too.

There is much to learn and understand. And much to do. As a Pleiadian Starseed you are my very soul-family and I love you dearly. And I send you my gratitude for the important work that you have signed up for at this time upon planet Earth. What you do there will have repercussions that will echo through eternity. So please do not think your role to be unimportant!

But more about that in my next transmission. Until then I wish you the very fondest farewell.

I am Adamu of the monadic entity of the Pleiadian civilisation and I have been brought to you through my dear young friend, Zingdad.

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▶ Billy Meier – Concentration Meditation Sleep 2/3 – YouTubeSharing:

It’s Not Over Till the Fat (Crooked) Lady Sings » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

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It’s Not Over Till the Fat (Crooked) Lady Sings

by Georgi Stankov Posted on July 8, 2016

House Delivers Clinton a Day from Hell: State Department Reopens Investigation

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: July 8, 2016

Just 18 days before the Democratic National Convention is set to convene in Philadelphia, where delegates and superdelegates will select the presidential candidate in one of the most critical elections in U.S. history — coming amidst signs of slowing economic growth and financial stresses where a strong, trusted leader will be needed to steer the country through major headwinds — the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee delivered Hillary Clinton’s campaign a day from hell yesterday.

On hand to raise alarming questions about Clinton’s fitness to handle classified national security material was FBI Director James Comey, State Department Inspector General Steve Linick and Charles McCullough, the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community.

Here’s a cursory rundown of statements from the hearing that you are likely to see very shortly popping up in PAC ads for Donald Trump: FBI Director Comey added the word “negligent” to his previous assessment of “extremely careless” in describing how Clinton handled Top Secret material. Comey also revealed that two to ten people with no security clearance at all were given access by Clinton to her private basement server in her New York home that stored the Top Secret material in a non secure manner.

When quizzed by Congressmen on how he would deal with an FBI agent who behaved in such a negligent manner, Comey said the matter would be adjudicated and could result in termination and/or a loss of security clearance.

Inspector General McCullough dropped his own bombshell during the hearing. McCullough revealed that Clinton or one of her aides placed tens of thousands of emails, some containing Top Secret material, on a thumb drive and handed it to Clinton’s attorneys to decide what emails should be turned over to the State Department. (Clinton left the State Department without turning over the government records for more than a year, in violation of the Federal Records Act and potentially obstructing Freedom of Information Act requests from being filled.) The tiny thumb drive, called that because it’s about the size of one’s thumb and thus easily stolen or lost, was then housed in Clinton’s attorneys’ office – which lacked government security features for holding classified material according to McCullough.

During the hearing, Comey also emphatically, and without hesitation, stated that Clinton’s attorneys did not have the requisite security clearance to handle and view the emails. Clinton’s campaign spokesman, Brian Fallon, told CNN yesterday that the attorneys did have security clearance.

The most devastating moment for Clinton came when Trey Gowdy, a Republican Congressman from South Carolina and a former Federal prosecutor himself, conducted a blistering examination of FBI Director Comey’s premise that no reasonable prosecutor would bring criminal charges against Clinton because there was not a showing of criminal intent. The Justice Department has now said it will accept Comey’s recommendation not to prosecute and has closed its investigation of the email matter.

After eliciting a long series of confirmations from Comey showing that Clinton had told a pattern of falsehoods about the email matter, Gowdy stated: “false exculpatory statements – they are used for what”? Comey indicated that he agreed that they can be used to show “evidence of intent in a criminal prosecution.” Gowdy responded: “Exactly. Intent and consciousness of guilt.” (See the full video clip of this segment of the hearing below.)

Following the devastating disclosures during the House Oversight hearing, the State Department announced that it was reopening its own investigation into the matter.

House Speaker Paul Ryan has sent a formal letter to James Clapper, the Director of National Intelligence, asking that he “refrain from providing any classified information to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for the duration of her candidacy for President.” There are significant grounds for this action. On June 8 the Associated Press reported that when the State Department released portions of Clinton’s emails to the public with bracketed notes to explain why some material was redacted, “at least 47 of the emails contain the notation ‘B3 CIA PERS/ORG,’ indicating that the material referred to CIA personnel or matters related to the agency.” The designation overtly suggests that Clinton may have revealed CIA assets and identities over a non-secure server.

During Thursday’s House hearing, the Chair of the Committee, Jason Chaffetz, told FBI Director Comey that he would shortly be receiving a request from Congress for an FBI investigation into whether Hillary Clinton had lied to Congress in her sworn testimony about her emails.

A Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll conducted between June 19 to June 23 found that 69 percent of registered voters said that Hillary Clinton’s truthfulness was a serious enough issue to be a concern. That was before the widely respected Director of the FBI concluded after a year long investigation that Clinton’s handling of classified matters impacting national security was “extremely careless” and “negligent” and that her representations to the American people about the emails was mainly false.

Delegates at the upcoming Democratic National Convention would be doing their country a grave disservice to dismiss all of this as simply a Republican witch hunt that lacks substantive basis. Clearly, laws have been violated and the national security of the United States put at risk.

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TiAmAt: sharing2.1- compi, archive, Cycle of Religion, Detailed, Armstrong, Economics,

Origen: TiAmAt: sharing2.1- compi, archive, Cycle of Religion – Detailed | Armstrong Economics

Friday, May 4, 2018

sharing2.1- compi, archive, Cycle of Religion – Detailed | Armstrong Economics


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* * * Cycle of Religion – Detailed | Armstrong Economics

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psycho: El SER UNO, February 5 · EL CANAL MEDIÚMNICO,…Nimeos-energía,

Origen: psycho: El SER UNO February 5 · EL CANAL MEDIÚMNICO…Nimeos-energía

Friday, May 4, 2018

El SER UNO February 5 · EL CANAL MEDIÚMNICO…Nimeos-energía

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¡¡ Hermanos e Hijos !! 
  Sígueme en .:
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Lean, y relean, esta pagina…
 una nueva pagina para estudiar, en tres dias…Saludos,
amor incondicional, 
y Paz profunda para ustedes…

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February 5 ·


“Generalmente el canal se abre, debido al deseo natural del ser de obtenerlo o también se abre artificialmente cuando el individuo usa drogas o estimulantes químicos o plantas alucinógenas para activarlo. 
Nosotros recomendamos, que el canal mediumnico se debe activar “naturalmente” sin drogas o plantas alucinógenas, esto no está permitido en los anales universales. 
Cuando se abre el canal, y el ser no está espiritualmente preparado para ello, no sabrá como confrontarlo. 
Lo primero que sentirá es miedo y esta emoción es negativa, porque atraerá Nimeos-energía de baja frecuencia, ya que él no domina aún el abrir y cerrar el canal a propia voluntad.

El usar drogas o placebos para activar otra realidad de consciencia es un engaño, ya que esas realidades de consciencia existen dentro del Ser. 
Por existir dentro del Ser, él activará lo que tiene dentro, o sea, los Nimeos-energía que sus energías-pensamientos tienen. 
Esta es la explicación del por qué algunos viven experiencias maravillosas y otros horribles pesadillas. 
Los Nimeos-energías se encuentran en el ambiente y ustedes las respiran, si el ser no tiene desarrollada su alma, si esta no se encuentra en una frecuencia elevada, no tendrá su campo inmunológico activo, así pues, dejará entrar Nimeos-energía de baja calidad energética. 
Estos los podemos comparar a las larvas que se enquistan en la energía cerebral.

A veces el ser por su propia ignorancia, deja entrar a estas entidades, pero conforme va entendiendo y elevando su alma, las va transmutando y eliminando de sus energías-pensamientos. 
Por eso es muy 
importante que el ser entienda – interrumpió el hermano Elohim – que cuando se abre el canal mediumnico en forma anti-natural, no lo puede hacer en bajas condiciones energéticas, porque su experiencia será también de baja calidad vibratoria, esta será tan densa y distorsionada como lo son sus pensamientos. 
También al despertar este canal, el ser no puede vivir de acuerdo a las bajas pasiones como por ejemplo: vicios, adicciones, drogas químicas, fármacos, alcohol, comidas densas, pensamientos bajos, deseos procreativos del ego, ambientes contaminantes, sexualidad desenfrenada etc.

Debe retirarse de toda esa vida si desea preservar este don del universo. 
Si desea conservar este don, entonces deberá trabajar positivamente y arduamente en sí mismo y en su entorno. 
Todos ustedes sin excepción, son adictos: Al placer de los sentidos, dinero, alimentos, sensaciones, emociones, sexo, enamoramientos, costumbres, religión, alcohol, cigarros, psicólogos, modas, fármacos, psiquiatras, tecnología y mucho más. 
El desafío consiste en darse cuenta y entenderlo y cuando lo hagan, deben trabajar para que se conviertan en una necesidad, pero no en un fin. 
Tienen que aceptar que este planeta es muy tentador y embaucador, los engaña sutilmente, conduciendo y acomodando sus mentes para hacerles creer, que en la realidad donde están nada es dañino, porque todo lo ha creado “DIOS” y como él lo ha hecho y lo ha puesto sobre la Tierra es para que ustedes lo experimenten 
– No es cierto – 
mucho de lo que el planeta produce natural o artificialmente es muy dañino para la salud y para el alma.

No podemos negar que algunas de las plantas mencionadas son necesarias y sirven para la curación de enfermedades, pero eso son: MEDICINALES, no es para experimentarlas en forma inadecuada. 
Cabe a cada uno por su Libre Albedrío saber escoger, lo que es bueno o malo para sí mismo. 
EL SER UNO trabaja incansablemente para ayudar en el “Despertar de la Consciencia” 
– dijo el hermano Seramita – 
jamás aconsejará por ningún motivo, el uso de elementos que vayan en contra del despertar natural de la energía. 
Nosotros sus Hermanos Mayores-Ayaplianos los estamos ayudando en el viaje de regreso, el cual debe ser por todos los medios: “NATURAL Y AUTÉNTICO”. 
El universo jamás los dejará entrar si llevan en la energía elementos dañinos, si fuera así serán rechazados automáticamente como si fueran un virus. 
La elevación del alma es natural, por su propia evolución y elevación.

El control y manipulación comienza de esta manera, haciéndoles creer que lo que están experimentando es lo correcto. 
Tomemos como ejemplo: 
la Ayahuasca. 
El control de los grandes laboratorios, ya saben que esta planta es usada por los que quieren despertar su “Consciencia Interna”. 
Así que dan el primer paso, y este es, hacer la propaganda adecuada para atraer a los incautos. 
Comienzan primero a través de la propaganda inducida y otros medios, haciendo entrevistas a científicos, doctores redomados y más, por supuesto ellos son muy bien pagados para que digan lo que a ellos les interesa, para que el espectador piense que esa planta es totalmente inofensiva y que le despertará su “Consciencia Espiritual”.
 La propaganda continúa y los medios publicitarios se encargan de hacerlo público en una forma inocente y muy inofensivo. 
Cuando los laboratorios se dan cuenta que esta publicidad dio un resultado en masa, comenzarán a fabricar el Ayahuasca-placebo en sus laboratorios. 
Inculcando a las personas que es una medicina para el relajamiento del stress, cansancio, presiones psicológicas y que al tomarla el ser se sentirá tan bien que podrá tener experiencias místicas y espirituales.

El ser sin darse cuenta cae nuevamente en las redes del control y en la adicción de los fármacos. 
Dejó las pastillas que hacían daño al cuerpo material, pero comienza a enviciar su alma.
 La adicción no siempre es material, la adicción comienza generalmente en la psiquis, es psicológica.
 La necesidad del placebo se graba en los Nimeos-energía y serán ellos los que pidan la repetición constante de esta sensación que lo transporta al infinito de la vivencia. 
Muchas personas están experimentando con estas plantas creyendo que así acortarán el camino de regreso y llegaran más rápido a la espiritualidad o creen firmemente que abrirán el canal espiritual para comunicarse con otras dimensiones y otras realidades de existencia 
– ¡¡Gran engaño!! – Este tema siempre activará polémicas, porque habrán aquellos que apoyan el uso de estas plantas y otras rotundamente lo niegan.

Entonces les hacemos esta pregunta: Si todos ustedes desean despertar la Consciencia Interna en el camino espiritual y quieren trascender de ser Almas para transformarse en Espíritus de LUZ y AMOR… ¿Creen realmente que la energía del alma pueda trascender a realidades elevadas siendo adicta no solo a las plantas alucinógenas, sino a los vicios y adicciones del SENTIR que este planeta ofrece y que les es muy difícil de prescindir?… 
EL SER UNO les responde, rotundamente: NO – dijo el hermano Elohim -Tener adicciones no solo significa ser adicto a estas plantas, la adicción se presenta en mil formas, tantas, que como ya están tan acostumbrados a ellas en el día a día, ni siquiera se dan cuenta.

Todo lo creado por el universo tiene un por qué y una razón. 
Nosotros no estamos para juzgar o criticar el camino que cada ser toma en el servicio de su espíritu.
 El problema no es experimentar con las plantas sagradas, probar la marihuana por curiosidad o tomar una copa de alcohol… 
el problema consiste en la repetición constante de estos adictivos, creyendo que a través de ellos tendrán las revelaciones espirituales. 
El cerebro como el alma, son adictivos por naturaleza. 
Cuando les dan algo que los hizo sentir placer, sea físico o emocional, les pedirá la repetición. 
El desafío consiste en darse cuenta y entenderlo y cuando lo hagan, tendrán que trabajarlo dentro de ustedes, para que se convierta en una necesidad, pero no en un fin.

El verdadero secreto de la espiritualidad es realizarlo totalmente lúcidos y sin ningún factor externo, ese es el verdadero desafío que tienen por delante. 
La adicción no es física, porque al fin y al cabo la persona puede dejar la ayahuasca cuando lo desee, pero ahí está la trampa donde los seres caen sin darse cuenta, se acostumbrarán a sentir los fenómenos paranormales y extrasensoriales solo a través de la planta y no lo podrán realizar “naturalmente” por la capacidad del espíritu… 
– Los Interanos – La Ciudad de Cristal

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