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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

sharing: Volume II: The Universal Law. The General Theory of Physics and Cosmology (Full Version) » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

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Volume II: The Universal Law. The General Theory of Physics and Cosmology (Full Version) » Stankov’s Universal Law Press

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Volume II: The Universal Law. The General Theory of Physics and Cosmology (Full Version)
by Georgi Stankov, Copyright 1998, 424 pages

Table of Content

Short Summary
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Short Summary

Volume II on physics and cosmology is a further elaboration of the integrated physical and mathematical axiomatics of the Universal Law to a unified theory of physics and cosmology and can be read independently of volume I on physics and mathematics. However, we recommend the reader to begin with volume I and only then proceed with volume II.

Volume II contains the basic achievements of the new General Theory of Physics and Cosmology of the Universal Law. It covers the physical theory as presented in standard textbooks on physics and cosmology for students worldwide and goes further than that by presenting new derivations of fundamental natural constants and particular physical laws from the Universal Law, which are not known to physicists yet.

The book has adopted the common didactic pattern of presenting the physical theory as it can be found in most standard textbooks on this subject. However, it begins with a thorough introduction into the basic statements of the new physical and mathematical axiomatics of the Universal Law, which is a completely new theoretical approach in this discipline.

In volume I, the new axiomatics was derived ontologically and epistemologically from the primary term of human consciousness by presenting abundant empirical evidence from various fields of science and human cognition. Its validity was presented as the crowning result of an extensive empirical and introspective research effort.

In volume II, the new physical and mathematical axiomatics is placed at the beginning, so that all subsequent results and mathematical derivations in physics and cosmology are grounded in this irrefutable system of logical human thinking. This is a completely new didactic and ontological approach in science and physics.

Exactly this new approach makes the comprehension of the physical stuff by the reader much easier, as it automatically eliminates all the semantic and gnostic confusion that is currently observed in conventional physics and hinders an understanding of the Nature of All-That-Is.

After the new physical and mathematical axiomatics is thoroughly introduced, the book proceeds with the applications of the Universal Law in classical mechanics, wave theory, thermodynamics, electromagnetism and quantum mechanics, and ends up with the theory of relativity and cosmology. Each chapter contains numerous exercises concerning practical applications of the Universal Law that should be solved by the students. In some cases possible solutions are suggested.

There are many chapters in the book that contain new derivations of natural constants and physical laws, as well as further applications of the Universal law that are presented for the first time in the history of this discipline and go beyond conventional physical knowledge.This chapters are specially designated as to make the reader aware of their novelty.

This includes many new fundamental physical constants and laws, such as Stankov’s law on photon thermodynamics, which help integrate the physical world into a complete mathematical input-output model that is of universal practical (in terms of empiric measurements) and theoretical validity. This is one of the major achievements of the new Physical Theory of the Universal Law as presented in this volume.

The new physical theory in volume II confirms all the mathematical results obtained in physics so far. At the same time it disproves some fundamental concepts that have not been really challenged by any scientist until now.

In the first place, the second law of thermodynamics, also known as the law of entropy, is refuted, while its mathematical derivations are obtained from the Universal Law and explained by its theory. This theoretical achievement eliminates the fundamental antinomy in present-day science – the existence of highly organized organic matter with evolving consciousness versus dissipating matter as stated by the law of entropy.

The refutation of this law is of great importance in the End Times of mankind and this planet, as this law rejects the possibility of Ascension of human beings to the 5th and higher dimensions. In fact, it rejects the existence of such levels of highly organized energy.

This volume can be therefore used as a complete textbook on the new theory of physics and cosmology by all physicists, students of physics and other natural sciences with a good knowledge of conventional physics and mathematics.

In addition, the reader must be aware of the numerous blunders, inconsistencies and paradoxes in present-day physics from an epistemological and methodological point of view as to fully grasp the new presentation of this discipline in this volume. This appears to be a great challenge to most specialists, as long as they stick to their old, wrong physical dogmas and show no inclination to enter new ways of perceiving the Nature of All-That-Is.

The comprehension of Volume II is a necessary prerequisite to understand the theory of the New Gnosis of the Universal Law as it has been developed by the author in five philosophical books published on this website.

The new physical theory presented in volume II is thus the foundation of the new transcendental physics that will be available to all human beings after their Ascension in the 5th dimension by the end of 2012. Therefore, it is accurate to say that the physical theory in this volume is the new Science of Ascension.




1.1 A critical analysis of modern physics


2.1 Philosophical propaedeutics

2.2 Intuitive formalistic statements

2.3 Empirically verifiable statements and mathematical derivations

Essays under the following points:

Point 24: Systems of measurement and units in physics

Point 37: Probability set and continuum are mathematical concepts of space-time


3.1 Formalistic methods of presentation

3.2 Newton’s laws

– Hooke’s law

– The General Continuum Law is the differential form of the Universal Law

3.3 Work and energy in mechanics

3.4 Space-time of rotation

3.5 Kepler’s laws

3.6 Newton’s law of gravity is a derivation of the universal equation (ND)

3.7 The ontology of Newton’s law from consciousness – A paradigm of how physical laws are introduced in physics (ND)

– The radius and the mass of the earth are functions of photon space-time

3.8 Mass and mind

3.9 Mass, matter and photons (ND)

3.10 Mechanics of solids and fluids


4.1 Oscillations

4.2 Chaos theory

4.3 Mechanical waves

4.4 Standing waves and quantum mechanics

4.5 Wave equation

4.6 The action potential as a wave

4.7 The Doppler effect

4.8 The mechanism of gravitation (ND)


5.1 What is temperature?

5.2 The ideal-gas laws

5.3 Boltzmann’s law and the kinetic theory of gases

5.4 Heat and the first law of thermodynamics (ND)

5.5 Laws of radiation (ND)

5.6 Entropy and the second law of thermodynamics (ND)

5.7 Stankov’s law of photon thermodynamics (ND)


6.1 Etymology of concepts

6.2 Basic quantities and units of electricity (ND

– The charge of the basic photon qp is the elementary area (Ks) of space-time

– The fundamental unit of charge e is geometric area of the electron

6.3 What are permettivity and permeability of free space (ND)?

6.4 Coulomb’s law and the electric field

6.5 Gauß’s law and its applications

6.6 Nabla- and Laplace-operators

6.7 Electric potential

6.8 Capacitance, dielectrics and electrostatic energy

6.9 Electric current and superconductivity

– Essay: The theory of superconductivity in the light of the Universal Law

6.10 The magnetic field

6.11 The quantum Hall effect (ND)

6.12 Precursors of Maxwell’s equations – electromagnetism of matter

6.13 Maxwell’s equations are derivations of the Universal Law

6.14 The wave function is the differential form of the universal equation


7.1 Bohr model of energy quantization anticipates the inhomogeneity of space-time (ND)

7.2 Schrödinger’s wave equation of quantum mechanics is an application of the universal equation

7.3 Heisenberg uncertainty principle is an intuitive notion of the Universal Law

7.4 Selected solutions of quantum mechanics in the light of the Universal Law

1. Example: What is electronvolt?

2. Example: Rest mass and binding energy of hadrons

3. Example: The mass of the p-mesons (pions) is a function of the mass of the basic photon

4. Example: Annihilation of particles and antiparticles

5. Example: Experimental research in physics is a tautology of the Universal Law

6. Example: How to calculate the mass of neutrinos?


8.1 Classical mechanics

8.2 The concept of relativity in electromagnetism

8.3 The space-time concept of the special and general theory of relativity

8.4 Rest mass is a synonym for the certain event. Relativistic mass is a synonym for Kolmogoroff’s probability set


9.1 Introduction

9.2 Hubble’s Law is an application of the Universal law for the visible universe

9.3 From Newton’s law to the visible universe (ND)

9.4 The cosmological outlook of traditional physics in the light of the Universal Law

9.5 The role of the CBR-constant in cosmology

9.6 Pitfalls in the conventional interpretation of redshifts

9.7 What do „Planck’s parameters of the big bang“ really mean (ND)?

9.8 Adiabatic expansion of the universe

9.9 Derivation rule of absolute constants (ND)

– Galilei’s famous experiment of gravitation assesses the Universal Law with the Pythagorean theorem

– The numerical input-output model of space-time






Any genuine discovery has a specific, individual history that goes beyond the impartial scientific presentation which it acquires after accomplishment. To com­­­prehend a scien­tific breakthrough as a personal, human endeavour, one has to know how the ideas have evolved in time before they have been moulded into a written form. To highlight this aspect, I will say a few words on the chro­no­­logical discovery of the Uni­versal Law in science. I deliberately say “in scien­ce“ and not “in nature“ because the Law is an integral part of con­scious­ness and all scien­tific disciplines which it integrates are a priori categorical systems of the human mind; these are applied in a secondary man­ner to the exter­nal world. The epistemological arrow of know­ledge points from the mind towards nature and not vice versa – scientific discoveries occur initially in the mind and are only then con­firmed in nature. Contrary to the general belief, funda­men­tal scien­tific disco­veries are never a product of empiric research – the latter is rather a consequence of the scientific ideas of human consciousness. The present volume will prove this basic aspect of human cognition in a pro­found way.

In 1993, in the course of my clinical research activities which I was car­rying out with a growing discontent from a scientific point of view – I reali­zed that any clinical research operated in a state of a profound agnosticism with respect to the regulation of human cells and the organism so that the results which we obtained were more than doubtful -, I dis­covered through pure intro­s­pection a novel principle of bio­lo­gical regulation that had not been pre­vious­ly described. This principle assessed the ener­gy trans­­for­mation in the cell. Based on this prin­ciple, I could explain for the first time the dynamic regu­lation of the cell and the orga­nism, while in­cor­porating the abundance of scien­tific facts in the bio-scien­ces that previously could not be fit­ted into a coherent theo­ry. This initial discovery was a tremendous revelation that swept away my grudging discontent with present-day science as a source of cogni­tion, which had been tor­men­ting my mind since my early youth. In a frenetic effort, I deve­loped with­in a short period of time this prin­­cip­le into a general theory of biological regulation. It includes all bio-sciences, such as biology, bioche­mis­try, phy­­sio­­lo­gy, genetics, medicine and pharmacology. Its chief achievements are: 1) a new uni­fied theory of the pathology of di­sea­ses, such as cancer and AIDS; 2) a new axio­matic science of the phar­ma­cological effects of drugs and related agents based on just a few postulates that allow one to predict the therapeutic and adverse effects of any drug or chemical entity from its che­mical structure; 3) a new approach to the dynamic regu­la­tion of the genetic code that allows for the first time the explanation of gene sequences and muta­tions in terms of pro­tein structure and function in the cell; 4) a new theory of the treat­­ment of chronic di­sea­ses, most of which are incu­rable with conventional me­thods of therapy. The latter was con­fir­med by clini­cal results.

As the reader may per­cei­ve, the first phase of my discovery was closely linked with my professional inte­rests and acti­vities as a physician. I began with the writing of the general theory of biological regulation in 1994 and had to modify it many times before it acqui­red its final version in the spring of 1999. This theory is given in vo­lume III of the present tetralogy.

In 1994, while I was still elaborating the general theory of biological regu­la­tion and testing its validity on the basis of numerous publications, I came to the conclusion that this energetic prin­ciple was a manifestation of a Univer­sal Law of Na­tu­re. I knew from my previous physical studies that conventional physics rejected the existence of a single law of nature and that its theory was based on the description of numerous laws, such as: Newton’s three laws of classical me­cha­nics, Newton’s famous law of gravi­ta­tion, Kep­ler’s laws on the rotation of pla­nets, a number of laws on the behaviour of gases, fluids and levers, the first law of thermodynamics on the conservation of ener­gy, the se­cond law of thermo­dynamics on the growing entropy, diverse laws of radia­tion, numerous laws of electrostatics, electrodynamics, electricity, and mag­ne­tism which are summarized in Maxwell’s four equations of electro­mag­netism, laws of wave theory, Ein­stein’s famous law on the equivalence of mass and energy, Schrödinger wave equation of quantum mechanics and so on. The very listing of these numerous laws, according to which physical nature was believed to operate as an ordered whole, had an exasperating impact on my intellectual efforts. On the other hand, I recalled that Einstein himself must have believed in the existence of “a universal field equa­tion“ with which all physical laws could be integrated. His belief had been shared by many famous physicists bet­ween the two World Wars. Although none of them had succeeded in finding this universal field equation, the hope had not been wholly aban­­doned, not­with­standing the fact that modern physics had, in the meantime, drifted away from its past striving for unification.

The task was challenging, but not impossible. The novel principle of biolo­gical regu­lation discovered by myself allowed the exact calculation of the ener­gy exchange in the cell and the human organism. If this principle was valid for such a complicated energetic system as the biological organism, it should also hold in inorganic matter. This conviction gave me the strength to apply it to the physical world. The mathe­ma­tical expression of this principle was identical to that of Planck’s equation for the energy of photons: E=hf. In fact, it was a simple func­tion y=ax which can also be presented as a rule of three: a=b/c. My intuition was telling me that, before I should implement this principle for the unifi­cation of all known physical laws, I ought to establish the epistemolo­gi­cal basis of this equa­tion. For this reason I resorted to the prin­ciples of mathe­ma­­tical formalism and solved the problem within the theory of mathematics. I came to the conclu­sion that there is a primary term of our conscious­ness, from which all other mathe­ma­tical terms can be derived in an axiomatic manner. As all physical laws are mathe­ma­tical equations, this should also hold for these formulae. I analysed the nume­rous laws from an epistemological point of view and came to the con­clu­­sion that they all assess various energetic interactions. I concluded that “energy“ should be the primary term of physics. As this dis­cip­line had also introduced the term “space-time“ in the theory of rela­tivity, I had to show in a second step that energy and space-time were equiva­lent terms. In this process, I defined the pro­perties of the primary term “energy = space-time“ in an irrevo­cable manner and showed that both mathe­matics and physics could be axioma­ti­cally derived from this term. It is im­por­tant to obser­ve that until then physics did not know what energy really was. In this way I developed the outlines of a new physical and mathe­ma­tical axio­matics based on a few symbols (spa­ce-time symbolism). Equipped with this powerful tool, I im­mer­sed into the cognitive abysses of conventional physical theory. By the end of 1995, I was able to show that all known physical laws and their appli­ca­tions can be derived from this one law by means of mathe­matics. I called it the “Universal Law“.

In this process, I discovered many new phy­sical constants and deriva­tions which have hi­ther­to evaded the attention of phy­si­cists. These natural constants can be verified in expe­ri­ments. The new axiomatic approach made it possible for me to develop within a short period of time a unified theory of physics. This theory also explained gra­vi­tation and integra­ted it with the other physical for­ces. At the end of 1995 and the begin­ning of 1996, I made a major break­through in cosmo­lo­gy. This ul­ti­­mately led to the refutation of the standard mo­del(the “big bang“ hypo­the­sis) as the core of present-day cosmology. Subse­quent­ly, I deve­lo­ped a new compre­­hen­sive theory of cos­mo­logy based on the Uni­ver­sal Law.

The present volu­me II contains the basic achievements of the new unified theory of physics and cos­mo­logy. It covers the physical theory as presented in standard textbooks on physics and cosmology for students worldwide. I have deliberately adop­ted their common didactic pattern to facilitate the reader’s comprehension of the new theory. After a tho­rough introduction into the basic statements of the new phy­sical and mathe­matical axiomatics, the book pro­ceeds with the applications of the Universal Law in classical mechanics, wave theory, thermo­dynamics, electro­mag­netism and quantum mecha­­nics, and ends up with the theory of relativity and cos­mology. Each section contains nume­rous exerci­ses concerning practical appli­ca­tions of the Univer­sal Law. This volume can be used as a complete textbook on the new theory of physics and cosmology by physicists, students of physics and other scien­tists with a good knowledge of physics and mathematics.

The new theory of the Universal Law is based on the prin­cip­les of mathe­ma­tical for­ma­lism as first outlined by Hilbert in 1900 and since developed by many pro­mi­nent mathe­ma­ticians in this century. With this integrated axioma­ti­sation of physical and ma­the­matical theory, I solved the conti­nuum hypothesis as embo­died in Rus­sell’s antinomy by provi­ding the missing exis­tence proof (“Exis­­tenz­beweis“) and thereby proving the consis­tency of mathe­matics that had re­mained challenged since Gödel’s first theorem of 1931. In this way I eliminated the “foundation crisis“ in mathematics that had existed since the publication of this theorem. In addition, I was able to deve­lop the theory of ma­the­­matics fur­ther by pro­ving that the transcendental numbers are the only cor­rect symbols and so­lu­tions of ma­the­­ma­tics as ap­plied to the phy­sical world. The outlines of this new integ­ra­ted theory of physics and mathe­­matics are pre­sen­ted in volume I (679 pages) of the present tetralogy which appeared in Munich in 1997 under the title “Das Universal­gesetz. Vom Uni­ver­sal­gesetz zur Allgemeinen Theorie der Physik und Wissen­schaft“.

Volu­me II is a further elaboration of the integrated physical and mathe­matical axio­matics to a unified theo­ry of physics and cosmology which can be read indepen­dent­ly of volume I. However, I recommend the reader to begin with volume I and only then proceed with volume II. In the first two volu­mes, I prove in detail that phy­sics is mathe­matics applied to the physical world, so that this natural science has no right of existence as a separate empiric dis­cip­line. This is a seve­re blow to the physical community at a time when the impor­­tance of physics for the economy and everyday life is drama­tically dimi­nishing and may explain the initial resentment, with which the new theory of the Universal Law was met by the pro­tagonists of this science.

As the reader may convince himself, the new theory incorporates the whole edi­fice of physi­cal disciplines. How­ever, it disproves a number of wrong con­cepts, among them, the conclusions of the second law of thermo­dy­na­mics (the law of entropy), whi­le showing that the mathematical derivations of this law intuitively reflect the Uni­ver­sal Law. Since the law of entropy is in appa­rent contradiction to biological evolution, which nobody can now re­ject, over­tur­ning the notion that entropy always increases has eliminated the fun­damental anti­­­thesis of modern scien­ce – the existence of highly organized or­ga­nic matter versus dissipating inorganic matter (Darwin versus Boltz­mann).

The new theory leads ultimately to the development of an integrated input-output model of the uni­verse that consists of natural, dimensionless constants. This nu­me­rical input-output mo­del is equivalent to the continuum of set theory as estab­lished by Can­tor. It is the ulti­mate scientific system which incor­po­ra­tes all known cate­go­rical systems of natural scien­ces, philo­sophy and religion.

At the beginning of 1998, after I had finished with volume II [1], I could show that this model was also applicable to the major econo­mic theories of keyne­sia­nism and monetarism, which I had already derived from the theory of the Universal Law in 1995. I proved that Leon­tieff input-output models of mac­ro­econo­mics, with which GNP is cal­cu­lated, are appli­ca­tions of the input-output model of the universe. In a subse­quent survey of the various theories on eco­no­mic behaviour from antiquity to modern times, I provided ample evi­dence that all hu­man acti­vi­ties abide by the Uni­ver­sal Law – from double-entry to stock mar­­kets. I could show that all fun­da­mental ideas in economics were intui­tive per­cep­tions of the Universal Law. In 1999, I elaborated the basic macro- and mic­ro­econo­mic ideas in the light of the Universal Law in a collec­tion of lec­tu­res on mo­dern theory of economics and published it in internet. Simul­ta­neous­ly, I applied the new economic theory of the Universal Law to the world eco­no­my and predic­ted its irreversible collapse within the next ten years begin­ning with a continuous and prolonged baisse of all stock markets worldwide in 2000.

Parallel to these economic studies, I was preoccupied with the role of the Uni­ver­sal Law in philosophy, theosophy and human gnosis. I came to the con­clu­sion that the main­stream of Euro­pean gnostic thinking and the great reli­gions of man­kind, such as Thracian pan­­theism, Greek mythology, Chris­tia­nity, Islam and Asian religions, are in­tui­­tive per­cep­tions of the Univer­sal Law on the spiritual level. This insight allowed the integration of all social sciences and arts as par­ti­cular and partial perceptions of the Universal Law. The philosophical and ethi­cal aspects of this inte­gra­­ted weltanschauung are sum­ma­rized in volume IV, which I prepared simultaneously to this volume. Further areas of human gnosis will be covered in separate books that complement the present tetralogy. These scien­tific works are the first step towards “one world“: “one science“. It ­goes with­out saying that this task is beyond the phy­sical ca­pa­city of a single scien­tist – it could be only sol­ved through the aggre­gated efforts of the inter­na­tio­nal scien­ti­fic com­mu­nity.

The present volume includes the basic applications of the Universal Law in phy­­sics and cosmology. It is organized as an empiric axio­ma­­tics [2], which is de­rived from a single concept – energy (space-time). The pri­mary term is explai­ned episte­mologically and con­firmed by the vast expe­ri­mental evidence collec­ted in physics over the last four centuries. The major statements and achie­ve­ments of the new physical theory pre­sen­ted in this volume can be summarized as follows:

1) The basic terms energy and space-time are one and the same entity (equi­valent seman­tic terms). Energy (space-time) is equivalent to the conti­nuum (the set of all numbers) in ma­the­­matics. Energy, space-ti­me, continuum is the pri­ma­ry term from which all scien­tific terms and categorical sys­tems can be axio­ma­ti­­cally derived. Energy (space-time) has only two dimen­sions, spa­ce and (ab­so­lute) time. Both are numbers (relations). All known physical di­men­sions of the SI system can be derived from these two dimensions. This allows the elimination of the SI system in the presen­tation of physical quantities. Em­pi­rical scien­ces always assess the Universal Law in their particular object of inves­tigation.

2) All known physical laws and their applications can be de­ri­ved ma­the­­mati­cally from the Universal Law (universal equation) and explained episte­mo­logically by it. The Universal Law is a law of energy.

3) There is novacuum. There are only photons (photon level) perceived as space (ex­tent). The photon level has the same properties as matter, i.e., it has mass and char­ge. I have discovered two new fundamental constants: the mass mp = 0,737×10-50 kg and charge qp = 1,29669×10-39 m2 (= coulomb) of the basic photon (Planck’s constant h). With the help of these con­stants I have integra­ted all physical constants by applying the universal equation (see Table 1, in­side cover page). This is a basic proof that the physical world is a unity.

4) I have derived many new constants that have hitherto evaded the at­ten­­tion of phy­si­cists and have shown the principal method for obtaining ma­ny more physical constants. These constants can be experimentally verified.

5) Charge is a synonym for area. The SI unit 1 coulomb is equivalent to 1 square meter (1C = 1m2).

6) The basic terms, time, temperature and relativistic mass, are phy­sical cir­cum­lo­cutions for the probability set (0£P(A)£1) as introduced by Kolmo­go­roff in his theo­ry of pro­ba­bi­lities.

7) The standard model of cosmology (the hot big bang hypothesis) must be refuted – the universe does not expand. Instead, there is an incessant ex­chan­­ge of energy and mass between the photon level and matter. This ex­chan­­ge, being responsible for gra­vitation,can be confirmed by the discovery of many new cos­mo­logical constants. These constants build a numerical input- output model of the universe. This model is equivalent to the con­ti­nuum set.

8) The standard model of physics must be refuted in its reductionist at­tempt to ex­plain nature on the basis of a few elementary particles. At the same time the new theo­ry confirms the ma­the­matical and physical results obtained in QED (quantum elec­tro­dy­na­mics), QCD (quan­tum chro­mo­dyna­mics) and GUT (grand unified theory)[3].

9) All physical quantities and related terms are derived from the primary term in the mind and are only then confirmed in the external physical world. Therefore they have no physical existence independently of human conscious­ness. As they are of mathe­matical character, phy­sics is mathematics applied to the physical world and has no right of existence as a distinct explo­rative science.

In July 1997, I sent 500 copies of volume I to pro­mi­nent scien­tists, physical insti­tutes and scientific journals and wrote in an accompa­nying letter:

„As you can see, the new theory is based on clear-cut axiomatic state­ments and proofs that affect the foundations of physics and mathe­matics. Any physicist, ma­the­­matician, or scien­tist interested in these areas and en­dowed with good will should easily be able to determine, whether the afore­men­tioned facts in points 1) to 9) are true or not. Since the new integ­rated theory of physics and mathematics is developed as a sys­tem of axioms, i.e., it follows the principle of inner con­sis­tency and lack of contra­diction, it would be sufficient to refute only one of the nine points, as given above, to reject the existence of the Universal Law. If not, the con­sequence is a dramatic change in scientific thinking and behaviour. This will profoundly affect re­search and society.“

Until now nobody has been able to reject the existence of the Universal Law and it is unlikely that this will happen in the foreseeable future. The reason for that is very simple – one does not need any physical or mathematical know­ledge to comprehend it: The Law is “being itself“ (“das Sein“), and we are part of being. As long as we are in a position to think, we cannot reject our exis­tence and that of being. Accepting the real world as it is, we develop an intui­ti­ve feeling for the Universal Law. Human percep­tions and intelligence always assess the Universal Law in the pluri­potent variety of physical forms and events because it is alrea­dy part of the mind. In volume III, I show that the neuro­bio­logical trans­mission of signals in the central nervous system obeys the Universal Law. No science or categorical system could have been developed without an a priori knowledge of the Universal Law because our very thinking and intel­li­gence is based on it.

Thus consciousness is liberated from its present oblivion in modern empi­rical science and becomes central to every scientific endeavour. We realize that scientific thinking and percep­tion of the world, being essentially mathe­matical, are metaphy­sical mani­fes­tations of the Universal Law and that the human mind and na­tu­re are not separate entities, as they are regar­ded in science today, but dialectical aspects of being. In finding this, we rediscover He­rac­litus’ Logos, also called primordial fire, flux, consciousness, logic, the word, God etc. The Logos was considered for many centuries to be the divine law of na­ture, to which the self-organisation of society should also be subjected. It was basic to the idea of caesa­ro­papism in Helle­nism, in the late Ro­man and Byzantine Em­pire, as well as in Russia (Third Ro­me), and has been promulgated into the reli­gious concept of God in Christianity. The emo­tional and intellec­tual perception of Herac­litus’ Logos is the spiritual source of European philosophy. Its in­fluen­ce can be tra­ced down to all major schools of thought, depar­ting from the theo­ry of know­­ledge, such as Cartesianism, Spi­no­za, Leibniz, Rous­seau, Kant, He­gel’s dialec­tics, The Romantic Movement, Dar­winism, Spencer’s social Dar­­wi­nis­m, dialectical mate­ria­lism, William James’ monism and so on, but not to empiri­cism as deve­loped by Locke, Ber­ke­ley and Hume[4]. This is the fallacy of mo­dern empiri­cism that domi­nates science at the end of the Second Millen­nium – it has postponed the (re)dis­covery of the Universal Law for more than three centuries.

Munich, November 1997

Revised: April 1999

[1] Volume II was written in English. When I finished it, I immediately dedicated myself to its translation in Bulgarian lan­guage. My ambition was to publish this volume first in my native language in my native country. The book appeared in May 1999 and was broadly discussed by the scientific community in my country. However, very few Bul­garian scientists really compre­hended the new theory. Parallel to the Bulgarian trans­lation, I prepared a concise version of volume II and published it in World Wide Web.

[2] While the term “axiomatics“ is a basic scientific concept in most European lan­guages, this word does not exist in English. This fact brings into a focus the cogni­tive misery of modern Anglo-Saxon empiricism in science and philosophy.

[3] A detailed discussion of QED and QCD is beyond the scope of this volume. How­ever, depar­­ting from the new theory, the results of QED and QCD can be interpreted in terms of the Universal Law, as is shown for the basic physical disciplines, inclu­ding classical quantum mechanics, in the present volume.

[4] “The difference of method, here, may be characterized as follows: In Locke or Hume, a com­pa­ratively modest conclusion is drawn from a broad survey of many facts, whereas in Leibniz a vast edifice of deduction is pyramided upon a pin-point of logical principle…This difference of method survived Kant’s attempt to incorporate something of the empirical philosophy; from Descartes to Hegel on the one side, and from Locke to John Stuart Mill on the other it remains unvarying“. B. Russell, History of Western Philosophy, G Allen & Unwin, London, 1975, p. 619.
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TiAmAt: Vídeo 85 – archive, Nibiru, Groenlandia, Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda

Origen: TiAmAt: Vídeo 85 – archive, Nibiru, Groenlandia, Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Vídeo 85 – archive, Nibiru, Groenlandia, Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda

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* * * Vídeo 85

Respuestas de un extraterrestre de la galaxia Andrómeda – vídeo 85, 29 de julio del 2012.

…Mythi, algunos están anunciando un mensaje de los Pleyadianos que vendrán oficialmente el 4 de agosto del 2012 al estadio olímpico de Londres para revelar su presencia delante de todo el mundo! 
¿Es esto cierto? 
(Todor) Incluso un OVNI se filmó durante la ceremonia de apertura.

-Amigos, todavía no ha llegado el momento. 

Si se anunció este tipo de información, deberíais estar preparados para otro espectáculo de vuestras élites. 

Este es un mensaje típico de información falsa que os dan a propósito. 

La Comunidad Galáctica no hará ninguna declaración este año. 

Con respeto al objeto filmado, es difícil ver su perfil real en este vídeo, pero hay dos posibilidades, puede que sea una astronave de servicio de los reptiles que dejaron a propósito que la vierais, pero el 99 por ciento de las posibilidades es que fuera un holograma o una astronave “dirigible” que vuestras élites construyeron a propósito para esta ocasión. 

Si una raza extraterrestre estuviera involucrada en este engaño, la Comunidad Galáctica sin lugar a duda tomaría las medidas punitivas que fueran necesarias. 

Los Pleyadianos son muy serios y cumplen las reglas de la Comunidad Galáctica con el máximo respeto. 

La persona u organización que podría estar dando esta noticia, que incluya a la raza de los “Pleyadianos” o a cualquier otro miembro de la Comunidad Galáctica, debe depender de vuestras élites porque es una mentira. 

Podéis estar seguros de que esta información es una mentira. 

Vuestras élites están preparando este tipo de mentira en la que le echarán la culpa a los extraterrestres porque será su ultima opción para confundir a las masas, en un intento de demostrarle al público que los extraterrestres les buscaron a ellos porque son los representantes oficiales del planeta. 

No dejéis que os engañen con esta farsa porque vuestras élites no representan oficialmente al planeta en la Comunidad Galáctica, y nunca se les aceptará como los líderes que representan a los grupos étnicos de esta colonia.

Mythi, algunos expertos dicen que Nibiru pasará cerca de la Tierra el 4 de agosto, y volverá a pasar a finales del mes. ¿Es esto cierto?

-No, esta información no es cierta. Estas personas están mal informados o les están dando mala información. 

El sistema Nibiru se verá, pero no en el próximo mes. Os lo comunicaré cuando vaya a pasar al siguiente mes más.

Prestad atención a la próxima gran erupción solar con dirección hacia la Tierra que ocurrirá en los próximos días. También prestad mucha atención a lo que vuestro gobierno hará en los próximos días con el sistema HAARP y a los ataques que tienen planeados en el Oriente Medio. Todo está muy claro, para verlo sólo tenéis que prestar atención.

Mythi, ¿puedes explicar por qué se derritió el hielo de Groenlandia del todo?

-Mira, una de nuestras patrullas estaba en el centro de Groenlandia y se vio que miles de animales fueron literalmente cocidos. 

Se utilizó el sistema HAARP para este rápido deshielo. 

Esta era una manera rápida de incrementar mucho el vapor en la atmósfera, en este momento en el que vuestras élites están finalizando sus planes para reestructurar el planeta. 

El uso de HAARP en los océanos no fue lo suficientemente eficaz porque el intercambio de calor que se necesita es muy grande cuando se trata de un gran volumen de agua, y estaba generando mucha especulación debido al gran número de animales marinos que se murieron durante ese intento. 

El hielo de Groenlandia fue elegido desde un punto de vista técnico, porque estaba estático y se encontraba en una zona remota y deshabitada. 

El gran volumen de las precipitaciones en muchas regiones, con volúmenes de meses que caen en unas pocas horas, se debe al aumento artificial de la cantidad de vapor en la atmósfera. 

La gran cantidad de óxidos soltados en la atmósfera de ciertas regiones como en América del Norte, provoca un efecto de “lente de distribución.” 

Esto hace que la energía solar, que pasa a través del “agujero” de baja presión que provoca el HAARP en el campo magnético, se distribuya más uniformemente, lo cual provoca un calentamiento artificial del clima de la región. 

Parece que están tratando de que fracasen todos los cultivos, lo cual disminuiría el suministro de los alimentos en esta región, mientras que las inundaciones causan el mismo efecto en otra regiones del planeta.

 Es un plan de desestabilización mundial, para justificar las decisiones que vuestras élites van a implementar. 

Cuanto mayor sea la anarquía que puedan ocasionar, más podrán justificar la puesta en práctica de los planes de reducción de la población, y les será más fácil mantener su poder en el planeta. 

Según ellos, los grande hombres pueden deshacerse de los hombres pequeños, y ellos se consideran a si mismos los grande hombres. La Comunidad Galáctica avisó a vuestros gobiernos que si intentaran deshelar la Antártida con el HAARP, todas las estaciones del sistema HAARP serían destruidas sumariamente. 

La base de la Antártida sigue en funcionamiento y cualquier intento de este tipo se interpretará como una ataque directo.

Mythi, muchos tienen curiosidad por saber que son las imágenes de la cámara en la estaciones de la Antártida en la que se observan anomalías como planetas que no deberían estar allí en ese momento. ¿De que se trata?

-Mira, la masa de aire frío en ese continente forma una especie de lente entre las capas de la atmósfera. 

Al igual que en vuestra región en la que veis el Sol o la Luna mucho más grande cuando está en el horizonte, en la Antártida este efecto es más pronunciado. 

Con frecuencia se ven reflejos en el horizonte de la Antártida, objetos que no existen pero que se reflejan y los magnifican estas capas de diferentes temperaturas. 

La mayoría son espejismos ocasionales que se producen en esa región. Es como poner un espejo enfrente de otro; las capas que tengan temperaturas muy diferentes pueden producir varios tamaños de estas duplicaciones.

* * *

Video 85

Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video eighty five – July 29, 2012.

 Mythi, some are announcing a message from Pleiadeans that they will come officially on 4th August 2012 at Olympic stadium in London to reveal in front of the whole world! This has some basis? (Todor) Even a UFO was filmed during the opening ceremony.

– Friends, not yet the time has come. If any such announcement is being made, be prepared for another big theater of your elites. This is a typical message of misinformation deliberately presented to you. There is absolutely no statement of the Community Galactica accordingly, until the end of this year. With respect to the object filmed, it is difficult see your actual profile through this video but there are two possibilities, can be a reptilian shuttle, which was visible on purpose, but 99 percent chance of being a hologram theater or a ship type “airship” purposeful built for thy elites for the occasion. If there is any such hoax involving a race off the planet, the Community Galactica certainly will take the necessary punitive measures. The Pleiadeans are very serious and follow the rules of CG with utmost respect. The person or organization that might be announcing this news, involving race “Pleiadeans”, or any other member of the CG, should be brokered by your elite because this is an untruth. You can have full assurance that this information is misleading. Your elites are preparing this type of show involving aliens as the last trump card of illusion to confuse the masses, trying to prove to the public that they were sought because they are actually the official representatives of the planet. Do not be fooled by this theater, your elites do not represent the planet towards the Community Galactica, and never will be sought as leaders representing the ethnic groups of this colony.

Mythi, some insiders are saying that Nibiru will pass near Earth on August 4, and passed back to the end of the month. This is actually real?

– No, this information is unfounded. These insiders are misinformed or ill informing you. The system Nibiru will be seen, but this will not be next month. When going to happen the following month, I’ll tell you. Stay alert but for the next big solar flare that will happen in the next days toward the Earth. Also pay close attention to the actions

that your government will take in the coming days with HAARP system and with the planned attacks to your middle east. It’s all very clear; you only need to pay attention to see. Mythi, can you explain if there was something wrong, in the total melting of Greenland ice? – See, one of our patrols was at the center of Greenland, and you can see that thousands of animals were literally cooked. HAARP system was used for this rapid thaw. This was a quick way to launch a huge amount of vapor in the atmosphere at this time of finalization of the restructuring plans of the planet put in place by your elites. The use of HAARP in the oceans was not being effective enough for the heat exchange is very large in a very large volume of water, and was generating a lot of speculation because of the large number of marine animals killed in the process. The ice of Greenland, to be available, and statically located in a remote and uninhabited, it was a technical choice. The large volume of rainfall in many regions, with volumes of months, dropping in a few hours, is caused by the artificial increase in the volume of vapor in the atmosphere. The large amount of oxides released into the atmosphere over certain regions such as your north America, causes an effect of, “lens distributor.” This makes solar energy passing through the “hole” of low pressure caused by HAARP in the magnetic field is more evenly spread, causing artificial heating of the climate in the region. It seems that somehow they are trying to derail all the crops, causing a decrease in food supply in this region, while floods cause the same effect in other regions of the planet. It is a plan for global destabilization, to justify the taking of decisions that will be implemented by your elites. The greater the anarchy that they can generate, they will have more justification for the implementation of plans for population reduction, and the maintenance of their power on the planet. According to them, the little men are disposable by great men, and they consider themselves great men. Your governments have been advised by the CG that if an attempt to thawing in Antarctic via HAARP, all stations of the HAARP system will be summarily destroyed. The Antarctic base remains operational and will be interpreted as a direct attack on any such attempt.

Mythi, many curious, has accompanied the images of camera stations in Antarctic and observed anomalies like planets should not be there at that time. What really is it? – You see, the cold air mass on that continent, form a kind of lens between the atmospheric layers. Just as you see the sun or the moon much larger on the horizon in your region, in Antarctic it is even more pronounced. You often see reflections in the Antarctic horizon, objects that are not there but reflecting and being magnified by these layers of different temperatures. They are mostly occasional mirages generated in that region. It’s like putting a mirror in front of another; very different temperature layers can generate these duplications in various sizes, shades and nuances. The telescopes in use in those regions must be infrared or radio telescope at various wavelengths, because the normal optical telescopes also see these atmospheric distortions. – Talking about there, the satellite that you call “Black Knight”, which is currently in a stationary orbit over the Antarctic, will have a dynamic orbit circling the planet as inform the Arcturians. It will have specific functions for which there was built 13,000 years ago. We do not know exactly what are the functions planned for it, but something must be directly connected to the control of oceanic masses. You’ll have news about it, if your government decides that you should know. – Dear friends, in this year 2012 the planet has the largest number of people waking up to new realities than ever. It is possible to feel these effects in the aura of the planet. The CG is completely confident that this colony will move to the next phase of development with much more than the 10 percent initially estimated to inhabit the new colony of level one. This is better than expected, and we were all very pleased with the results, proving that the level of understanding is being achieved by many spontaneously. The happiness of winning new friends, eager for development and greater involvement with the universe, makes every sacrifice worthwhile.

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