TiAmAt: sharing3- Collapse- Message from the Elohim – The Arrival of the Transliminal Souls – “dolce far niente”- Financial Crash

Origen: TiAmAt: sharing3- Collapse- Message from the Elohim – The Arrival of the Transliminal Souls – “dolce far niente”- Financial Crash

Saturday, January 2, 2016

sharing3- Collapse- Message from the Elohim – The Arrival of the Transliminal Souls – “dolce far niente”- Financial Crash

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Message from the Elohim – The Arrival of the Transliminal Souls 
by Georgi Stankov Posted on January 1, 2016

Carla Thompson, January 1, 2016



Georgi Stankov 

This message has a very interesting pre-history. Since we opened the Christmas Full Moon Portal of the Now, severed in a powerful ID shift the Orion matrix with 49% of all dark soul fragments and enabled the massive influx of old souls to enter this uppermost timeline as walk-insboth Carla and I felt very strongly the new refined energies of sophistication and loving calmness which these walk-in souls immediately began to emanate. For both of us it was like “coming back home”, although I did not discuss this sentiment with Carla in the first two days after we opened the portal on December 25th.

Then I observed one day to Carla that I somehow did not feel as being in Canada where I have always felt like a foreigner with no real emotional attachment to this country, in particular when most soul essence left this population last year and this big country became very empty and icy indeed. I remarked that in the last few days I felt very comfortable all of a sudden without any external reason, as if being at home during the rare moments when I visited my native country Bulgaria in the 90s for a holiday and simply enjoyed “dolce far niente” or in my best moments in Germany when I discovered the Universal Law and was carried on angel wings ten feet above the ground.

I am a great empath and observe very carefully such shifts in my inner sensations which are attuned very finely to all collective moods. I can for instance enter a country and know within several minutes what is the prevailing collective mood in this country in full depth, including level of intelligence, prevailing prejudices, creativity, emotional peculiarities or depravity, level of ethical behaviour and civilisation refinement. This is a holistic picture I receive as an immediate knowing from my HS, which is afterwards always confirmed by my particular experiences with individual people from this country.

This is for instance the main reason why I stopped visiting GB in the 90s as each time I landed in this country I got very depressed and felt the highly oppressive, dark, treacherous energies that dominated this country and dumbed down its population. For the same reason I also stopped visiting France where the collective energies were very chaotic, intolerant and highly limited in terms of transcendental gnostic knowledge. Entering France at the end was for me as if entering a Kindergarten with spoiled, unpleasant, uneducated, arrogant children with no knowledge whatsoever which a wise adult should possess, but only displaying superficial, sterile prejudices that are in sharp contrast with the unduly high-esteem of this Grande Nation. It is therefore no coincidence that France renders only a few readers to the PAT website, while such small countries as Croatia and Hungary have many times more readers than France as they also harbour a larger number of old sophisticated souls.

Germany is a mixed baggage where the overall collective sentiment is of great fearful social and emotional oppression, like a straight jacket that obliterates all finesses of civilised, aesthetic behaviour and rejects any creative playful individualism, be it artistic or purely intellectual, you can find sporadically, but increasingly rarely, in Italy, for instance. Especially Bavaria is very low-vibrating (“beer vibrations” as I call them contrary to the higher “wine vibrations” of Tuscany), with its completely dumbed down peasant population due to family incest and dark, very subversive German Catholicism.

At the same time though, there is an underground current of inherent philosophic perception in this country that is always in the air and is emanated even through this omnipresent thick Teutonic darkness and which you cannot find in any other country, and in particular not in the Anglo-Saxon world. This philosophic atmospheric tradition is also almost non-existent in the Slavonic world, which may otherwise display emotional depths or rather abysses of the Slavonic soul of true Dostojevskian disproportions. Both the German philosophical tradition and the Slavonic soul-depth are completely absent in the Francophone world, be it in France, its former colonies or Quebec, Canada.

This emanation of Kant’s pure consciousness (Kantsche reine Vernunft) throughout the centuries has, however, not prevented the current German population of proles and xenophobics to fully divorce from its rich philosophic tradition long time ago and to become the most debased and irrational nation in terms of ethical, moral, and logical principles on the Old Continent. This trend increased especially after the unification of the two German countries which, contrary to my expectation, the fearful neurotic Teutons misused in every conceivable manner when they finally had a chance to become free for the first time in their long history of total oppression.

The Germans missed this unique historic chance as they have never learned what it is to be really free and take full responsibility for their freedom. An unripe nation in every sense of the word. Why then wonder that all the past German philosophers have bitterly complained how alien they felt in their own country and have created the unique German feeling of “Fernweh” (longing for the remote worlds, which is actually the opposite to “Heimweh”, nostalgia) – a strange feeling one cannot find in any other country and nation, but only in the light warriors of the first and the last hour with regard to the source.

Why am I telling you all this? Because this is the kind of sensations which I and Carla very strongly perceive and evaluate on a daily basis and because all these negative sensations will very soon belong to the past when the energetic effect of the new walk-ins fully expands. This is the way how the old matrix which is the collective mental and psychic product of all incarnated souls will be eliminated. Very soon all these national characters will cease to exist when the foundation of the new transgalactic human civilisation will be laid from within, through our perception by us and the new transliminal souls that have finally arrived on this earth after we prepared the ground in the last four years.

Carla, for instance, feels very much like an European, as if being lost since early childhood in the soul-empty, unsophisticated Canadian landscape, where rednecks live side by side with sterile female products of rampant, unprocessed emancipation, women that have forgotten their inherent virtues of charm, intuition and warmth of heart and in their profanity have also turned their back to true education and civilised behaviour as they cannot learn it from their rednecks husbands. And they do not want to be more than that. What the moron does not see, it does not exist for him-/herself in this toxic reality where inner strive for perfection is as rare as a hundred-carat-diamond.

Following this flawed Orion concept of western female emancipation ending with the mere parroting of all male vices, the Canadian women have managed to even surpass more radically the coarse tendencies of their male redneck counterparts and had thus eliminated the thin civilisation veil that shrouded this altogether very brutal, ahistoric society of former trappers in the early 20. century when human civilisation was still a concept on the New Continent. Canada has reached long time ago the same debased level of human behaviour we observe on the other side of the Canadian south border – a sober assessment of North America as the most uncivilised and unsophisticated continent on this planet probably with exception of the Middle East.

That is why the Empire of evil is so attracted in its hegemonic policy to this darkest region in the world – things that are alike attract. And that is why this empathical diagnosis of primitive collective human moods is a far-sighted anticipation of their rapid abolition in the coming days of 2016 before humanity reaches the necessary threshold of civilised refinement to be able to ascend to the new 4D worlds. After all no one would like to enter an elite club that accepts people like him, as Groucho from the Marx brothers used to say in one of their absurd movies.

I have always cherished my empathic sensations of the emotional and mental peculiarities of different nations as they convey to me much more valuable information than the thorough study of numerous sterile history books. If the Empire of Evil is now bound to collapse in a most profound manner, it is because its dark elite and their intellectual stooges in numerous think tanks and “elite” (in terms of dark cabal) universities have never been able to develop a natural human propensity to attune to collective emotional and mental currents that are the primal creationary emanations of the incarnated souls on this earth and contain more valuable information on the state-of-the-art of humanity than all the idiotic academic discourses at renowned universities and other academic and pseudo-scientific institutions. Not to talk about the primitiveness of the Internet, this website excluded.

That being said, I told Carla a few days ago while driving: “It is rather surprising to me that I feel all of a sudden as if I am at home, which manifests in a way that I no longer feel as a foreigner in Canada. I feel at home everywhere on this planet and I am most of the time in my thoughts in Europe and it feels very natural and comfortable for me while driving on Canadian roads.”

“It is remarkable that you mentioned that”, said Carla “because I have exactly the same feeling and was wondering myself what is happening with me.”

“This must be the result of the arrival of all the old souls, which come directly from the source and have an open access to their soul families and monads or wherever they come from. There is so much refinement and sophistication in the air since Christmas that I sense very strongly that it cannot come from the autochthonous Canadian population here but must be emanated from these new old souls that came here as walk-ins. This is how the transformation of the society will be accomplished from within, with style and refinement and not through social fights. As this reality is a holographic projection of all humans ideas and thoughts, as soon as the human collective begins to express a new understanding of this reality, it will disappear overnight and will be replaced by a new holographic version. After all these newly incarnated souls as walk-ins know very well that this world is an illusion and that they can change it anytime as sovereign creators with their thoughts. They know all that as they have an open access to their higher selves, contrary to the dark soul fragments they substituted when we opened the Portal of the Now. This is how the final ascension to the new 4D worlds and for us to New Lemuria will happen.”

If you doubt that I lead such monologues with Carla, you have underestimated her patience. She was already warned years ago by a seer as to how difficult it would be to live with her dual soul: “Can you imagine how difficult it would be living with Einstein?” the psychic seer warned Carla when she predicted her meeting me two years in advance. Indeed in terms of the scope of my physical discoveries compared to Einstein’s blunders, I am more like a “Fuenfstein” (Fivestone) than “Einstein” (Onestone) and while Einstein was a meek Swiss employee at the Bern Patent Office, I am more of a wild Balkan guerrilla fighter. Had to be, in order to survive in this hostile Orion/Reptilian world and coordinate its ascension. It has always been more at stake than just writing the new theory of physics and discovering the “world equation”. This as a side joke.

“Can you imagine what a difference it makes for Gaia and humanity to have such highly evolved souls that come here directly from the Source and remember their origin”, said Carla while driving the car. “Until now all these souls we got rid off at Christmas are coming from the astral planes of the 4th dimension. They have incarnated infinite times without knowing what it is to be connected to the source or experience the blissful energies of Celestria. That is why humanity is not capable of escaping from this earthly prison as they do not know what unity is. Now the situation has changed profoundly.”

“Indeed, this explains why we felt so comfortable all of a sudden as if we have come home”, I responded: “Can you ask the Elohim to give you more information along this line of argumentation? They always respond when we grasp the new situation and then confirm one more time what we already know with their own words.”

And that is how this message was given to Carla by the Elohim on December 28th and 29th, 2015. Please observe that the Elohim used the term “transliminal souls” for the new walk-ins that have arrived in our reality. As far as I am aware of, I am the first and only one to use this term, which I first introduced more than 15 years ago to describe what we now generally define as an “ascended master” – a soul that has ascended and is able to exist in all dimensions and in any conceivable living form and be at the same time inextricably linked to the Source.


The Elohim Message

Greetings! We are the Elohim and we wish to assist with your understanding of how the energetic landscape has changed over the most recent moments and how it is now integrating into your reality.

Indeed, it holds a fresh brightness and a lightness now for you as new transliminal souls have chosen to incarnate into the physical vessels that have been opened to receive new mental, emotional and ethereal bodies in order to substantially raise the light quotient, improve the palatability of your third dimensional experience and to ensure the success of the shift to ascended creation.

You have perceived a palpable change in the energetic imprint of your reality because you are empaths and therefore you are able to sense the energies of open acceptance and camaraderie towards yourselves from these souls. This is noticeable through your interface with their emotional fields. Your sense that they have “brought home” to you, is indeed a telling description and confirmation of your deep emotional connection to these new souls.

The transliminal souls are best understood as coming from higher frequency realities, so that their connection to the source itself remains firm and has never been broken. As they come from dimensions of higher vibration they hold the natural qualities of the highly evolved soul within their very core essence. The quality of this soul is recognized by his gentle stable nature, displaying patience, understanding and compassion for all others. There is indeed a softness in their energetic fields, a trademark of the learned, evolved and sophisticated one.

As they have never participated in the incarnation cycle they are free from the brutal energetic forces that shaped those souls who have borne the brunt of eons of evolution in order to arrive here in this moment, and where they had begun their evolutionary cycle at the proverbial “bottom rung of the ladder”.

The inherent power of these souls lies in their knowing that this reality is only an illusion and therefore can be altered from the foundation of their thoughts and emotions. Their emotional bodies give off gentle energy that has grown through direct and uninterrupted connection to higher dimensional experiences.

The arrival of the transliminal souls is one of wholly divine order as it has never been as clear a time as now for their arrival where all energetic hostilities have finally been eliminated through this recent full moon portal and where the Earth experience has finally shed its cloak of duality.

Unity consciousness shall grow now as these new souls learn to integrate into the personalities of the vessels that have graciously received them. As empaths you shall perceive extreme variations in emotional expressions in people who are familiar to you, either in friends or family members. Your open support of them on their new journey shall move the collective along quickly to a new level of ascended expression thus facilitating integration into the fifth dimensional platform.

It is with great joy that we see these great souls incarnate amongst you! 


We are the Elohim and we wrap you in our loving energies in every moment!

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Brand-New Russian Documentary on the Rapid Collapse of the Orion Matrix

by Georgi Stankov Posted on January 3, 2016

Georgi Stankov, January 3, 2016


I have been waiting for this Russian documentary since it was announced more than a month ago. It summarizes in pictures and text what we are discussing now for a very long time – the final collapse of the Orion matrix that can no longer be hidden and how it is coming now in full force over this humanity that has lost its propensity to resolve any civilisation and societal problem whatsoever. What all the people now see and can no longer deny is what will happen very soon.

With the massive arrival of the transliminal souls as walk-ins on this planet, this holographic model is bound to change profoundly very soon as there is no dark energetic force anymore that keeps it afloat. As the Elohim told us, all hostilities have been now eliminated:

“The arrival of the transliminal souls is one of wholly divine order as it has never been as clear a time as now for their arrival where all energetic hostilities have finally been eliminated through this recent full moon portal and where the Earth experience has finally shed its cloak of duality. Unity consciousness shall grow now as these new souls learn to integrate into the personalities of the vessels that have graciously received them.”

It only depends on the magnitude of inertia of this holographic model and how quickly the new transliminal souls will adapt in the human bodies, and cope with their dark personality structures before they can bundle their energies from the source and together with us, the PAT, ascend this uppermost mother planet and humanity to the new 4D worlds in the Golden Galaxy. We are very close now to this point in time and this scenario will determine the events on the ground in the coming days.

This comprehensive documentary of the Russian TV presents an unvarnished picture of the ulcers and cancers of the Orion matrix that is now in its final throes prior to exitus. Most, if not all, topics discussed in this documentary have been also vastly discussed on our website throughout the year of 2015 and earlier and should not be new to you. Therefore, instead of concentrating on the facts, try to gain an inner perception of the rapidly progressing disintegration of this human civilisation and why it has no future in its current form. This is the best proof for you that the only solution is ascension for which we have sacrificed ourselves since many years every single day, as is the case today when Carla, I and many of you are hit again by another massive cc-wave with an excruciating headache and can barely survive. But if this helps accelerate our ascension, so what, let it be.

I personally hugely enjoyed watching this documentary first in the Russian language and then a second time reading the English subtitles which are very good and very well relay the original message of the authors, and especially that of Putin in the two interviews.


22.00 PM Eastern Time: I have just found that the videos below are taken down from the Internet. I am looking for another solution. In the meantume you can use the direct links to Wikileaks website, which work. In the meantime all videos function again. – George

World Order. part 1/7: Downfall of Yalta System

Part 2/7: Democracy: First Blood

Part 3/7: Color Revolution Technology – forced democratizaion

Part 4/7: Refugee Crisis as a result of democratization by US. Europe – US vassal

Part 5/7: Unity in Diversity. Guarantee for stable development of the world

Part 6/7: Geopolitical Struggle Must be Civilized

Part 7/7: Interests of the Country Must Be Above All

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Breaking News: The Financial Crash Has Commenced at the Beginning of 2016 as Predicted 

Georgi Stankov, January 4, 2016



Fall of the great beast begins. Dow falls 345 points on opening. Maybe our horrible cleansing this weekend was worth it?



Dear Jerry,

I awoke this morning and sensed very strongly the collective fears of impoverishment and financial stranglehold, it was almost overwhelming and I was only waiting for Carla to wake up to discuss this sentiment with her. And then I read your email. I will check immediately the charts.

Indeed the financial and economic collapse has started.

With love and light


PS: I forgot to tell you that I was even considering to write an invocation for the PAT today to accelerate the collapse, but now it is not necessary. It is happening already.


Mike Royer from Florida

Fyi! Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges suspend trading.”

I promised you last year that with the beginning of the New Year of 2016 the financial markets will crash as they were in a suspended free fall already last year because they have no foundation whatsoever and are only kept afloat by the rigged trading of the few too-big-to-fail banks in the absence of any physical traders on the stock exchanges. The reason – the banksters wanted to cash their Christmas bonuses before they leave the sinking ship. And they knew that the financial Titanic had already sunk.

But the game changer in the current crash, of which we experienced a few smaller crashes last year in August/September and already earlier in September/October 2014, is the arrival of the transliminal souls. The soul essence on this planet has made such a huge leap since the opening of the Christmas Portal that no illusion can be kept alive anymore. And the Orion Ponzi scheme in finance is such an utter illusion.

In addition comes, as Jerry mentions, that in the last 48 -72 hours we did another massive cleansing of the dark personality structures of all human bodies belonging to the 49% dark soul fragments that were separated on Dec. 25th. We did this on behalf of the transliminal souls who have incarnated in these personalities so that they can adapt quickly and begin with the dismantling of the Orion matrix that has absolutely no energetic support anymore.

I was made aware by my HS already on January 1st, that we will have to help these transliminal souls to cleanse and transform the old dark imprints of their physical vessels and that this can happen only through us, the PAT, as our energetic fields have expanded to such an extent that they now encompass this whole uppermost mother planet and the entire human population. The new transliminal souls may have a direct open access to the source, but they are trapped in closed, ineffective energetic systems of human bodies with a lot of dark imprints and cannot anchor that much source energy in this holographic model unless they transform and eliminate the old dark structure of these physical vessels first. This was done in one fell-swoop in the last 48 -72 hours in the first three days of 2016 which promises to be full of dramatic changes from the very beginning. Exactly as we expected it and that is why we should rejoice at this perspective.

At this very moment when I am writing this breaking news, Dow Jones has increased its losses to more than 430 points (2.5%) , S&P 500 has lost 46 points (2.24%) and NASDAQ has lost 141 points (2.82%). Shanghai’s tumbled before that with 7% and had to be closed and the NIKKEI lost 582 points (3.06%). And the carnage has just commenced.

Exciting times ahead, brethren!

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Energy Report of the PAT

 – January 4, 2016
by Georgi Stankov Posted on January 4, 2016


The Arrival of the Transliminal Souls and How We Can Support Them as Walk-Ins Welcome Transliminal Souls! 

Dear George,

thank you for your long and loving letter.

This was supposed to be just a short reply. I have heavenly headaches at the moment. My head is in that vice since days. The energies are going higher and higher these last days. And today we got an extreme ascension jump from yesterday-02.01. to today-03.01. In fact this the highest the people from praxis-umeria have ever measured and this steep ascent seems to increase still more and more as you can see:

This may well be the effect of the arrival in of the new transliminal souls. It will certainly be a big energetic shock for them to come into bodies of soul aspects which have been dark. To clear up, balance and transmute all the dross of a dark soul from the bodies and energy fields the newcomers have “inherited” may be very challenging to say the least. And the surrounding energy fields will be likely dark.Not an easy task.

So I say:

“Welcome transliminal souls!
Good that you are here!
We needed your help in the ascension process of Mother earth Gaia, Terra and mankind.
So we called you.
You were so friendly and loving to answer our call and said: “Yes, we come and help!”
And now you need our help to acclimatize to the still rather dense energy in certain regions of our earth.
Especially where you popped up…or down.
So we will do our best to to help and assist you.”

Yes, I can feel that I am participating. It may not be always on the conscious level, as in the group in Holland. But perhaps I am already working with them or they with me in my sleep, as I have been so very tired during the last days, that for instance I had to lay down at 11:00 a.m. after I had gotten up at 7:00 a.m. on one day.

Just like you George, I just realise, that I feel more at home on this Earth lately. Good feeling. I want more of that.

Vajra, Germany

Dear Vajra,

thank you very much for responding so quickly and sharing your experiences with this group. Indeed it is not easy to open this kind of people for new ideas if you are much more advanced than they are but they do not accept you as a leader as they already have their rigid group structure and are afraid to lose control over the events.

I do confirm the shift yesterday as we both felt very tired and depleted with physical pain all over the body. And now while writing this email I have split head and right brain headache again which is even worse than the left brain portal headache but luckily comes more seldom….

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I wanted to write you a several times after the Christmas Full Moon portal and the subsequent energy onslaught, but I was just so overwhelmed every time that I decided to write you when the energies settle a little bit.

I’m more and more suspicious that my mother is a walk-in. For a few weeks now she behaves in a calm manner, more than ever. She was always a very anxious and angry person and even the most irrelevant thing triggered a rage within her, as I wrote to you before. I was helping her to release old traumas and blockages, especially during the Full Moon portals and heavy cleansings, when she would shout at me all day. I can also feel extreme bilocations during the day as my mother is calm and all of a sudden she stars to spit fire all around with her furious anger and after a while she comes back to normal. Unfortunately, she remains agnostic and unaware of everything. But there’s a slight improvement in her soul essence. However, during and after the Christmas, I almost stopped talking to my father, as he’s not even there anymore. He was probably one of the 49% of souls who didn’t make it.

Our activity in a dreamstate is enormous and very exhausting since the recent “Now portal”. I remember that Carla came to me a few nights ago, but unfortunately I do not remember what she said to me. I always wake up so beaten and weak that it’s ridiculous. My knee became swollen all of a sudden and headache is crushing my head. I knew that something huge is going on and I was really glad when you published what happened during and after Christmas. It’s always exciting to see a new article! It was just about time that we cut the rope, as the daily existence here in this shithole is and everything appears to be so unreal.

But I experienced a miracle a week ago, when I realized that on the January 1st I was supposed to leave our house and become homeless. I asked the forces of light to help me a bit, as I was paralyzed by the huge downloads and after a few days my parents asked me “so you got a job?” a then I told them it’s not an option for me to get a job, as I couldn’t handle it. I felt that after I told them that, they immediately changed their mind. Seems legit!

I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s charts’ reactions on Ukraine’s defaults!

With regards,
J. Fleischman, Czechia

Dear Pepe,

from what you write, your mother is definitely a walk-in of a transliminal soul. She had to come simply to support you. Now you must be patient with your mother when she freaks out as the new soul cannot harness her old personality fully yet and needs your help. On the other hand this soul needs such flip-outs of your mother to be able to express her blocked emotions as to delete these blockages and transform her psyche. In such situations, now that you know what has happened, you can very easily help this new soul by not taking these outbursts personally but by taking your mother in your arms and telling her calmly that there is no reason to be agitated and that everything will be perfect. Just to console her and not respond negatively to her outbursts. This will help her and the new soul and it will also help you as it will mitigate the pressure on you coming from your mother.

It may be that your father is now without a soul but be sure that a new walk-in will come soon. It has not happened yet as first your mother’s new soul must adapt before your father receives a new soul and in the meantime there is a void of soul essence on his part that helps your mother’s new soul better acclimate in this difficult family situation. Now you must play the host and help these souls feel more comfortable. We all are doing the same at the global level now.

That is why we are so hard hit as we do all the cleansing of these dark personalities to help the new transliminal souls adapt quickly to this difficult toxic environment on earth and then for them to help us heave this planet to the new 4D worlds and us to finally ascend.

I confirm that Carla made several invocations for you in the last days as she knows how difficult your situation is to help you resolve your issues and that is why you have felt her presence. She also recently made an invocation for another PAT member who was in a similar difficult financial situation and she also felt her presence and after that there was a sudden positive resolution of her situation. I will publish her report tomorrow, unfortunately in German.

With love and light


So once we reach the 83% threshold mentioned below… What of the remaining 17%, who are they, and what happens to them.?

“St. Germain also announced on Dec 25th when he came to our apartment that very soon the percentage of awakened souls will reach the threshold of 83% which is the threshold for the introduction of the Universal Law on this uppermost mother planet. “

I have a family member who is acting very odd. She had a recent issue with her vision and prior to that her personality seemed to be altered. She has become very militant about political issues and defensive. She also happens to work in the defense industry.
Over the past eight months she has become a different person; quite aggressive and demanding. Is this also a walk in? I am puzzled.

My mother had a walk in last fall and she had a mental crisis that precipitated it. She has Alzheimer but she is now as meek as a lamb. And occasionally, she will utter something quite unlike her original personality, something quite profound. And i am always pleased but flabbergasted when it happens. And after that, she shuts down again.


Dear Sheryl,

the 17% will eventually awaken after the introduction of the Universal Law when they will also receive walk-in souls. This is a constant dynamic process that does not stop when some of us ascend and appear as ascended masters but will really explode after that.

The Elohim warned us that these walk-ins will behave strangely and unpredictably, emotionally incontinent at times as this is how these transliminal souls transform the old personality structure. From a human perspective they may even behave like crazy but in this way they will discard their old dark patterns easily by expressing them for the first time and not suppressing them as in the past and committing their crimes in a clandestine manner.



Is there anyway we can help them?

Thank you.

By detaching from this reality we help them most as thus we pave the way for them to also leave this reality. This is what the Elohim tell us.


Dear Georgi,

I have a friend whose mother is 96 years old and has been a heartless Christian lady, hard and harsh all her life with husband six children and now helpers. She reject everyone. Recently she changed abruptly. She is accepting, smiling as she never did etc. My friend was hesitant in telling me because the change was absolutely unexpected. As she has no idea of the subjects we are discussing here, I am waiting to be inspired to share information gently with her as I wish to avoid any shock.

Sophie, Belgium

Dear Sophie,

we experienced a similar radical change in the character and behaviour of Carla’s mother especially when the second walk-in soul came. She is now much more gentle, warm and with a great sense of humour. Unfortunately her memory is so short that one cannot assess the whole change of the personality.

This old lady must definitely be a walk-in and what is now important is to attune to her vibrations. Your friend must try to feel the difference. When the walk-in soul came first to Carla’s mother she was glowing with golden light and her field was full of love. After that though this soul retrieved most of her soul essence as it was very hard for her to stay in her body, she is 93 years old and has a lot of pain due to chronic shingles, so that her emanation was no longer so powerful but still very high vibrating and refined. You may share this information with your friend as she must know that and act accordingly to help the new soul of her mother accommodate in her body.

With love and light

Hello Georgi and Carla,

In reference to your latest post regarding transliminal walk ins, I had been mulling this dream over since it occurred about a month ago.

I am walking around my house admiring the landscape, it is the Pacific Northwest as the trees were very tall and it was incredibly lush. I walk over to the driveway just as a car pulls up. I feel like there was 2 women in the car but sense that the other woman is there for support, but I am not sure. The woman exits the car from the driver’s seat and says “I am your sister”, I was totally flabbergasted. She was very vibrant, with long flowing brown hair and seemed very at peace/glowing. I said, “You can’t be because my sister is inside the house.” At that point I envision my sister sitting at the kitchen table inside the house, and this woman notices and nods and says, ‘I had to go in order for you to be successful/fulfill your purpose.” End of dream.

I have as it turns out some very interesting experiences with walk ins. I would like to write about one more as it is not in dream format and takes place over the course of the last 5 years.

By the way, I have not spoken with my family since before Christmas, as some of my family members appeared to me in the most recent devastating MPR. There is no tension there, but I sense that when the time is right we will talk again.

With Love,
Jessica, Canada

Dear Jessica,

thank you very much for this very interesting and affirmative information about the arrival of the new transliminal souls as walk-ins. This topic will stay on the burner for some time as this is the game changer for us with respect to ascension.


Hello Georgi, Carla,

I keep a list of ascension and bi location factoids, for amusement and validation. First let me say, as always and as many others are experiencing, I’m having exceptional, vivid and super awesome dreams. Last night I dreamed of a baby; luminescent and so beautiful. I looked into it’s eyes and was overcome with love. I thought it was having some constipation and was gently massaging the colon up, over, down and so forth. This baby was so calm, so full of love and appreciation.

Reading your statement, “Christmas Full Moon Portal when roughly 25% of all souls on this planet were substituted by old souls as walk-ins that came directly from the Source and have never had incarnations on earth. As they have an open contact to their higher selves and monads, they are bringing a unique refinement and loving calmness in the collective energies of mankind, in the full knowledge that this reality is an illusion.” and I immediately remembered this dream and am now holding the wonderful feeling again, as I write.

The factoid I experienced recently was when dealing with some issues for my step son, who is in prison and has been for 17 years. (a very sad, great injustice done to this man) As he approaches the last 16 months, again, I’m asked to contact this entity DOC, on his behalf. The two people I was in contact with over the phone were in total contrast to the usual personalities I have always had the pleasure of dealing with in the past. I was very pleasantly surprised that they listened to my rather short and well versed history and then into my question and request. The first woman was very nice and knew what I was asking. I was able to contact her in the first day, Monday. She told me she’d forward the email I had sent her, to the person she thought could help me and gave me her number, email, and name. Yesterday, on the first try, I was in contact with this woman I was referred to. She too listened and was uncommonly open and in agreement with me. Not only did she agree, she sympathized with the situation and actually commented with her own statements on the subject, then ended with, “when I get on my soap box, everyone knows how I feel.” She sounded tired but not anything like the beaten down, programed, self hating, brain dead, beyond exhausted, unfocused, frazzled types I’m used to talking with. Department of corrections in the US is, well, I’m without words to describe the hollo, hating, entity at this moment, which is good. It is pervasive, and the woman was highly aware, as am I, the level of hatred, injustice, and total control this entity has in one aspect or another over the majority of the population.

Anyhow, I thought to share this, I believe this woman and perhaps the other as well are one’ve the walk-ins. Perhaps not this last wave because of the posture, education and wisdom of the current affairs on the ground, but defiantly a new, old soul in the DOC.

I believe the baby dream was representative of the recent old soul walk-ins you mention, from Christmas full moon portal. With 73% old souls and already ascended masters, this will be a beautiful Eden again in no time. I’ve always said if we could just remember our true potential we will return this planet to pristine in the blink of an eye. I’ve said this for so, so long. On a different note, 3 days now I have a headache, today my vision is terribly effected, last night as well. Dizzy and vision is blurry, like looking through oil or something shiny. Ears ringing and stomach upset, etc. The light outside this evening before dark, was a certain hue; refined, golden or peach pinkish, dark like under a rainbow.

Love, light, amusement, and heart!

Dear Jodie,

both your dream and your experience with employees of the DOC indicate the arrival of the old souls on this planet. I am sure we will see much more in the coming days as this is the way how the matrix will be collapsed from within.

I also confirm a terrible wave that began last night (Dec 29) and I could barely sleep as it hit my airways and nose and everything was plugged and I could not breath which is very rare with me in the last years. Then today (Dec 30) I have a splitting headache the whole day and this evening and I am in state of fever similar to flu but without fever, also a lot of stomach pain due to pressure on the 3rd chakra. A very unpleasant day but my HS warned me a week ago that shortly before New Year there will be another energy peak. It feels like sudden MPR on lower timelines that now happen in sequence.

With love and light

Ein fürchterlicher Traum

Lieber Georgi,

ich wende mich in meiner Hilflosigkeit bezüglich der Deutung meines Traumes an dich und deine Hellsichtigkeit, in der Hoffnung, dass dumir “Absolution” erteilen kannst.

Ich bin sehr konsterniert über meinen heutigen langen, detailierten Traum, in dem ich Angela Merkel geholfen habe, der Strafverfolgung wegen eines Mordes zu entkommen.

Seit einiger Zeit träume ich nur belangloses Zeugs wie Alltagsaufarbeitung und dann heute Nacht plötzlich diese Bombe.

Ich hoffe, dass es dir und Carla gut geht und dass es auch so bleibt, ohne die unmenschlichen Schmerzen, von denen du berichtest.

Vielen Dank für die phantastische Zusammenfassung der Aufstiegs-Highlights und natürlich auch wie immer für all die anderen großartigen Artikel, die mir in dieser schwer auszuhaltenden Zeit immer ein Halt waren.

Alles Liebe an euch beide
Renate, Germany

Merkel is a New Walk-In

Liebe Renate,

die einzige Erklärung, die mir spontan einfällt, ist, dass Merkel ebenfalls ein walk-ins und eigentlich diese alte Seele ist unschuldig. Du hilfst diese alte Seele die alte negative, dunkle Persönlichkeitstruktur von Angela Merkel zu überwinden.

Wenn du meinen letzten Artikel mit der Elohim Botschaft liest, den ich soeben publiziert habe, dann wirst du sehen, dass ich dieses Thema dort erörtere und ich in den kommenden Tagen noch mal zur Sprache bringen werde.

Es ist sehr wichtig, dass wir jetzt unser Menschsein, einschließlich unsere alten Vorstellungen von Gerichtsbarkeit und Schuld und Sühne, überwinden und beginnen diese neu inkarnierten Seele zu helfen, sich in den alten menschlichen Körpern, die von dunklen Seelenfragmenten zuvor beseelt wurden, so schnell wie möglich zurechtzufinden, damit sie mit uns dann diese Realität von innen überwinden. Aus diesem Grund mache ich seit dem 25. Dezember jede Nacht innerseelische Beratung mit diesen neuen Walk-ins damit sie sich auf Erden zurecht finden. Das gilt auch für dich und das ganze PAT – wir sind ihre Berater und Helfer.

Also sehe ich deinen Traum als eine weitere Bestätigung dieser neuen Entwicklung, die uns zum Aufstieg führen wird.

Alles Gute zum Neuen Jahr.

Liebe Grüße

Lieber Georgi,

hab vielen herzlichen Dank für deine Einschätzung, die mir ein Stein vom Herzen fallen läßt, und die mir viel besser gefällt als meine Interpretation eines bösen Streichs der Archonten.

Die Details des Traumes passen zu deiner Erklärung; so habe ich mich z.B. innerhalb des Traumes wohl und ethisch gefühlt mit meiner Hilfestellung für Angela Merkel. In einer Szene war sie etwas verwirrt (betrunken?) und sollte etwas unterschreiben, und ich wies sie eindringlich darauf hin, nicht mit “Angela Merkel” zu unterschreiben, sondern mit einem anderen Namen.

Beim Aufwachen habe ich mich eigentlich auch noch ganz wohl gefühlt mit diesem für mich außergewöhnlichen Traum und erst beim Nachdenken darüber, was er bedeuten könnte, kamen Gedanken hoch wie “Wie kann ich denn einer Hochverräterin helfen, der Strafe zu entgehen?”

Deine Erklärung macht mich richtig glücklich und ich bin froh, dass ich aktiv mithelfe in diesem Prozess.

Warum allerdings merkt man im äußeren Gebaren der Frau Merkel nichts vom Walk-In? Ich selber bringe es nicht über mich, das dumme Gesabbel von ihr in den Weihnachts- und Neujahrsansprachen anzuhören, aber als ich meinem Mann vom Walk-In erzählte, meinte er “Das glaube ich nicht. Ich hab die Ansprache gehört – die war genauso schlimm, (wenn nicht schlimmer) wie immer.” Ich stelle es mir extrem schwierig für die Walk-In-Seele vor, mit den dunklen Restanteilen umzugehen. Könnte das der Grund sein, warum noch keine Veränderung sichtbar ist?

Ich habe deinen letzten Artikel gelesen, der wieder mal hochspannend war. Nun freue ich mich auf heute Nacht, und ich werde mich bemühen, meiner Aufgabe gerecht zu werden.

Alles Liebe und auch euch alles Gute zum Jahr, das die Wende bringt


Liebe Renate,

deine weiteren Erklärungen zum Traum bestätigen voll meine Interpretation. Es ist unsagbar schwer für diese Seelen, sich in diesen leeren Hülsen von Menschen zu inkarnieren und sie brauchen unsere Hilfe dringend. Und wir brauchen die Unterstützung dieser walk-ins, damit wir rasch den Aufsteig bewältigen und diese Realität verlassen. Wir können es alleine nicht schaffen und sie können ohne unsere Hilfe dieses dunkle Erbe, das sie von den alten Seelen-Fragmenten übernommen haben, nicht bewältigen. Also sind wir auf gegenseitige Hilfe auf Gedeih und Verderb angewiesen.

Es ist jedoch naive zu erwarten, dass diese Personen sich schlagartig ändern. Dies ist nicht die Art und Weise, wie diese Energien funktionieren. Wie lange haben wir denn gebraucht, nachdem unsere Seelenenergien sich in unsere Körper gesenkt haben, bevor wir soweit waren und uns radikal geändert haben? Man muss zunächst die subtilen Verschiebungen wahrnehmen, für Merkel z.B., dass sie von allen ihren ursprünglichen Plänen, die Flüchtlinge unkritisch aufzunehmen, still schweigend abgerückt ist und nun sie individuell ihren Asylantrang stellen müssen und abgelehnt werden können. Es werden weitere Veränderungen in den nächsten Tagen kommen, man muss jetzt diese Entwicklungen sehr wachsam beobachten.

Liebe Grüße

Ein schöner Traum – Putin als Alte Seele Walk-In

Lieber Georgi,

danke für deine bestätigende Einschätzung. Ja, das ist wohl wirklich etwas naiv von mir zu glauben, der Mensch würde sich dadurch schlagartig komplett ändern. So wird ja z.B. auch ein Twingo nur durch Fahrerwechsel nicht plötzlich zum Ferrari.

Hat dann vielleicht mein Putin-Traum, den ich schon vor etwa 4 Monaten hatte und den ich sehr genossen habe, eine ähnliche Bedeutung?

Er fuhr Auto, und ich saß hinter ihm. Er fuhr in einen kleinen Waldweg, von dem ich meinte, dass er in eine Sackgasse führe, was dann auch so war, und Putin fuhr rückwärts wieder raus. Dafür mußte er sich natürlich ein wenig nach hinten drehen, und dabei liebkoste ich ihn dann am Öhrchen – Amore am Ohre. Ich fühlte mich ihm sehr, sehr verbunden, und es war eine ganz wohlige, liebevolle Atmosphäre in dem Traum.

Ich werde jetzt alle Kraft in das Seelenbetreuungsprogramm stecken.

Alles Liebe

Liebe Renate,

ähnlich wie mein Putin Traum von neulich. Er ist in der Tat eine uns verwandte Seele als walk-in und nun symbolisiert er all diese neuen transliminalen Seelen, die wir betreuen müssen, damit sie uns auch helfen können. Es kommt, der Aufstiegszug ist in Bewegung und nimmt an Fahrt und nichts kann ihn stoppen jetzt.

Liebe Grüße

Lieber Georgi,

ich kann deine Beobachtungen über die neuen Energien total bestätigen. Seit einigen Tagen liegt wieder ein gewisser Zauber in der Luft, ganz feine liebevolle, fürsorgliche Energien. Von meiner Seite fühlt es sich so an, als wenn große positive Manifestationen vor der Tür stehen, die schon einmal sanft angeklopft haben.

Das Kollektivbewusstsein hat enorm viele zwischenmenschliche Distanzen verworfen und ist wesentlich näher zusammen gerückt (Einheit & Einsheit). Ich fühle mich eng mit dem Kollektiv verbunden und insgesamt einfach wohler, ähnlicher und willkommener. Ich würde mir am liebsten die Haut vom Körper reißen, damit ich mit dem Ganzen verschmelzen kann.

Ähnlich wie bei dir gibt es dafür keine extern erkennbaren Ursachen oder Veränderungen in meinem Leben. Ich verbringe weiterhin die meiste Zeit des Tages alleine und starre die Wände in meiner Wohnung an, was wohl mit das Beste ist, was man zur Zeit tun kann.

Spaß beiseite. Die letzten Tage des Jahres waren sehr intensiv – vor allem die Nächte, in denen ich mit den neuen Seelenanteilen aus dem Freundes- und Familienkreises kommunizieren musste. Die Veränderungen sind nun so schnell, dass ich kaum eine Möglichkeit habe, noch hinterher zu kommen – so als sei mir der Boden unter den Füßen weggenommen worden. Ich bin sehr gespannt was uns in den nächsten Tagen und Wochen erwartet und bin schon sehr aufgeregt.

Vielen Dank für deine aktuellen Artikel, die ich sehr gut finde. Insbesondere die letzten Ausführungen zur deutschen Mentalität.

Ich wünsche dir, deiner Dualseele und der PAT ein ekstatisches, neues Jahr.

Fabian, Germany

Lieber Fabian,

ich danke dir vielmals für diese zutreffende Beschreibung der neuen Energie-Qualität, die sich um Welten verbessert hat. Wenn es mit derselben Intensität weiter geht, werden wir bald die grossen, lang ersehnten Veränderungen erleben. Der letzte Hinweis deiner Seele geht ja auch in die selbe Richtung.

Ich bin auch sehr gespannt, wie sich dieses Jahr entwickelt, aber es hat bereits vielversprechend begonnen. Für mich der beste Jahresanfang seit mehr als 15 Jahren, unabhängig von den üblichen chronischen Schmerzen des LKP und der Säuberungsarbeit. Die neuen transliminalen Seelen drücken auf die Tube und wollen selbst so schnell wie möglich diese Welt verlassen. Man kann es ihnen nicht verübeln. Wir sitzen nun zum ersten Mal alle in dem selben Boot und rudern gemeinsam.

Liebe Grüße

Dear Georgi,

I have not contacted you before so let me introduce my self. I am aged 19 and live in Cornwall, GB and have been following your website for just over 1 year now as it was quickly shown to me by my HS just after I expanded my awareness past the limitations of humanity. With this expansion I started to perceive the difference between my fear based mind and the fact that I am fundamentally awareness, this insight paved the way to the understanding of my soul desire which is to assist humanity and accelerate the accession process by sharing transcendental knowledge and remember how to be who I AM. I have been aware of this desire at a pre-cognition level since I was a young teenager but it was only with my expanded awareness that I gained practical and cognitive knowledge about my purpose upon Gaia.

Why am I telling you this? well because it leads me to my reason for contacting you, as I wish to gain an understanding of the role of the egoic mind within an incarnated entity’s from the perspective of ALL-THAT-IS as an energetic system. I wish to gain this understanding so I can explain the difference between between Egoic mind and Soul essence from a more holistic view point with the hope of initiating the same process that lead me to this moment in time in people I believe are at the cusp of truly expanding their awareness. I suspect you have probably written the answers to my question in one of your many publications but I am struggling to find it.

While I contact you I would also like to congratulate your achievement of opening the 12.12 portal in conjunction with the way in which you addressed the Saker. I was in the last minutes of college before holidays started and suddenly found myself in a place in which I was preparing to state my personal truth without regard to how it many have been received, when I got home I read your article to the Saker and was in awe at the way in which you conveyed your perception of reality to him with brutal honesty, Something I have often struggled to do from fear of acceptance. I believe what I felt in myself was initiated by you, I tell you this 1) to thank you. 2) to reaffirm what you already know about the powerful and instantaneous nature of our actions in these end time.

Phil, GB

Dear Phil,

thank you very much for contacting me and the PAT and for your appreciation of our website which tries to expand the boundaries of the limited human mind. And with this we come directly to your question. What is the difference between an egoic mind and the soul essence or the pure essence of the higher self as expressed in human body after his descent in flesh.

This is a cardinal gnostic question that has accompanied us since the opening of this website when many light workers from the New Age at that time vehemently accused me of a huge ego, simply because they could not cope with the blatant truths I advocated. There was too much self-deception in the New Age scene at that time and that is why this movement has now fully vanished and do not play any social role anymore. If you go to the log function and use the search function, you can find and check my articles on the New Age and in particular on Steve Beckow where this issue was widely discussed.

But I have in addition a better idea and I am sure that you can resolve this question as well as myself. Why don’t you write what you think about this problem and where the difference lies and I will publish it and eventually comment or add my 2 cents.

You are a very intelligent crystalline child and I am sure you will discuss this issue with brilliance. I have always supported crystalline children on my website, especially to go their own way and find unique solutions. It will be an undue paternalism on my part and not conducive to your creationary potential if I would answer your question and you will then only read my response in a passive way. We are beyond this teacher-student relationship and I have never been into it from the very beginning. Hence surprise me and the PAT with an original contribution.

With love and light

Dear George,

Thank you for your reply and offer to contribute to the PAT. I shall perform no less than an details analysis of this question and contact you when I have achieved this, It may take some time as speed is not my forte.

Love & Light

Great, the most important thing is that you deal with this issue first from your unique perspective.


The Collective Energies of Australia


A tiny question George! What do you observe respectively the energies in Australia? Would love to hear your comments insights if you have the time

Thank you
Tish Australia

Dear Tish,

the energies in Australia are not much different than that in Canada as both countries are still colonies of the British Empire and contain all the dark elements of this country without having dealt with them in a proper and honest manner. The Australian government and policy was very dark and full of lies in the last several years, when only clones came to power, as you know, without legitimate democratic elections but through party intrigues. You know them better than me and I do not need to mention names now. The Australians are as dumbed down as the Canadians because they believe to live on a blessed island, which has never been the case as the Australians have committed genocide on their natives in the same manner and scope as the Canadians did, but still do not want to admit that while the Canadians are beginning to make first baby steps in this direction. In addition Australia was a colony of British criminals and the genetic background is even worse than that of Canada where also some educated people from Europe emigrated and the French influence in Quebec compensated some of the worst Anglo-Saxon vices, whereas you do not have such a compensation factor in Australia.

Altogether everything I said about Canada holds true for Australia to an even greater extent and it is a pity altogether that this Anglo-Saxon population has contaminated this beautiful continent to such an extent. These are the kinds of civilisation aberrations we have to change now before the final ascension will take place. We must be aware that we have to eliminate all nations and their specific character if we want to establish the new transgalactic civilisation of mankind. There will be no place in the new 4D worlds for any national feelings and prejudices.

With love and light

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