SHaMaN: TAURUS The BULL April 20 May 20

Origen: SHaMaN: TAURUS The BULL April 20 May 20

TAURUS The BULL April 20 May 20

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Carl Jung:
 ” One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”
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April 20
May 20
Sign ruled by planet Venus

The natives of this sign have a strong will … will be strong, but almost always, reflect first, before doing anything drastic … it depends on other planets and additional signs …

Unlike the natives of Aries, Taurus are more cautious, but, much more stubborn … stubborn …?
It’s a different stubborn … the Arians obstinacy could be stubborn when they meet opposition, someone that makes them “war” … but the natives of Taurus are stubborn, when they made ​​a decision, a determination …

Sure, they are slow to make a decision, but once done, nothing and no one turn from his way …!
Taurus people can flirt, but when it comes to falling in love, that really will be an everlasting love … whatever the area to “fall in love”, is interested … unlike Aries, is naturally more inclined toward fidelity …


it depends on the signs and planets in your birth chart, because, truly, I tell you, I know some Taurus people, which are hummingbird … a love after another … but that’s the exception to the rule … usually, they are faithful …
His character is affable, like the people of Venus … is always ready to help … but thinks that he is “used” people which abuses its cooperation … is it true …? It seems so …! While involved in finance, you have the ability to earn money … big bankers were born in this sign …

But if in the first 12 degrees of the sign, still has the influence of Aries, and this will not give you much skill to say, in finance … for being impulsive, ill decide … as some tarot card, Taurus will be excellent in great things, to lend money to a large amount, but will be petty and narrow minded in small things …

You can not complain if your woman buys an expensive car, but will outcry, if she bought a purse …! Is it true …? It is almost always very honest, very honest, but this quality makes you suspicious of others … will be very difficult to earn your trust …

Never try to provoke people of Taurus … is not easily angered … but, once achieved their anger, you better run away …! you will easily Not to take away that anger, … will have an enemy for a long time … It will be ambitious …? It seems so … well, you would like to enjoy the finer things in life … is able to find good things, as we said, and has a nose like knowing where to get them …

It may not be a very bright student from school … but, what he learns well, he will not forget it … will be attracted to the world, where guile and trickery are the predominant …: someone said business …? Well, maybe…
It could be a complete tyrant, as head of a household … just might … you know any …? Some foolish parent who does not budge, even knowing that he is not right …? Hhuummm

How is a Taurus:

stubborn … dogmatic … persevering … jealous … faithful … afraid of diseases … etc …. if you have him as a partner, do not suddenly present to him new ideas, but present him just the “seed” first, and then gradually develop the big idea … so,they reach it by themselves … in the other case, they will reject it …
Well, let’s finish to speak well of Taurus, for now …
Continue in a next time …

Until next time …!

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