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Origen: TiAmAt: sharing3-archive-file – On Twin Flames and Healing through the Elohim Meditation with the Green, Violet and Gold Flames

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

sharing3-archive-file – On Twin Flames and Healing through the Elohim Meditation with the Green, Violet and Gold Flames



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Energy Report of the PAT – November 25, 2015

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 25, 2015


On Twin Flames and Healing through the Elohim Meditation with the Green, Violet and Gold Flames

The PAT is on the verge of entering the beauty and the bliss of eternity – the encounter with our full selves as Twin Flames in incarnated or excarnated form, the completion of our multidimensional identity. This new extremely positive and promising trend is in full contrast to the surge of nastiness and heinous acts on the ground. The ID shift has commenced with full force on this uppermost mother planet and I strongly urge all PAT members to increase the level of full detachment from this reality one more time as we are now on our way to heaven while this illusory reality is crumbling in front of our eyes.

That is why I have decided to publish this energy report with personal, intimate emails of PAT members and myself I initially intended to keep confidential, because they convincingly highlight these aspects of final separation of the timelines through healing with the third eye and by using the powerful meditation of the green, violet and golden flame as recommended by the Elohim in their latest message to Carla. Make full use of this meditation as this kind of healing is now the fuel for our ascension.

Just a minute ago Carla came to me and told me that she feels that we are in the middle of another major energetic breakthrough. Unfortunately I cannot confirm this sensation as I have just been hit by another cc-wave with a headache and am in a state of fever. But this always happens when there is a massive descent of source energy on this earth leading to another ascension leap.



The Nature of the Psyche


Chapter 4, Session 770

The Psyche In Relationship To Sexual Elements.

The He and She – The She and He.

“The larger pattern of human personhood demands a bisexual affiliation that allows leeway in sexual encounters, a leeway that provides a framework in which individuals can express feelings, abilities, and characteristics that follow the natural inclines of the personal psyche rather than sexual stereotypes. I am not speaking here of anything so simple as merely allowing women more freedom, or relieving men from the conventional breadwinner’s role. I am certainly not talking about “open marriage” as it is currently understood, but of far greater issues. Before we can consider these, however, there are several points I would like to make.”

“There are biological possibilities, seldom activated in your present circumstances, that have some bringing upon the subject at hand.”

“Puberty comes at a certain time, triggered by deep mechanisms that are related to the state of the natural world, the condition of the species, and those cultural beliefs that in a certain sense you transpose upon the natural world. In other respects, your cultural environment is of course natural. The time that puberty comes varies, then, and afterwards it is possible to parent a child. A time then comes when the period is over. During what is called the sexually active time; the larger dimensions of personhood become strictly narrowed into sexually stereotyped roles – and all aspects of identity that do not fit are ignored or denied. The fact is that few people fit those roles. They are largely the result of the interpretations of religion as conventionally understood. And the scientists, for all their seeming independence, often simply found new intellectually acceptable reasons for unconsciously held emotional beliefs.”

“Biologically there is a period very rarely experienced, as jokingly suggested in the “sick jokes” about senility and second childhood. This particular latent biological ability shows itself only upon the rarest instances – because for one thing, it represents a feat now scarcely desirable. Physically, however, the body is quite able to completely regenerate itself as it approaches old age. Indeed, a quite legitimate second puberty is possible, in which the male’s seed is youthfully strong and vital, and the woman’s womb is pliable and able to bear. There are, I believe, Biblical tales of such births resulting.”

“In times of overpopulation, this mechanism is hardly desirable, but it is a part of the species held in abeyance now, representing nature’s capabilities. In some areas of your world, isolated peoples live on past a hundred years, vital and strong, because they are untouched by your beliefs, and because they live in sympathy and accord with the world as they know and understand it. Occasionally such second puberties happen then, with resulting childbirth, as a small group attempts to maintain its own biological stance.”


Dear Kari,

You have openly, and courageously, shared your life experiences (see PAT energy report – Nov 23) and I am moved to tears and deep feelings of compassion for you on your journey. It was as though the Elohim facilitated this connection for me the other evening so that I would clearly understand the many healing facets of this meditation they were giving to me – a meditation founded in great love and grace – a meditation that was truly meant for you.

Please remember….You are never alone.

With love,



Thank you so much Carla!! This has been a pivotal healing for me and I have a lot more memories to use this meditation on but this is changing my life in a big way. I am working through them one at a time, as I feel some detox and I need to give myself time to integrate each healing. Thank You for all you are doing xoxo

Love, Kari


Dear Kari,

I am responding here to your latest energy report on the Elohim healing meditation with the green and violet flame. I have just forwarded you a letter from Carla to this email address as well. This is a great success for you in healing and releasing past traumas and this morning, while on the road with Carla to do some 3D chores, we discussed one more time your problems. As the Elohim already told Carla, and as you have already fully realized, being abandoned by your father you have resorted to a more combative attitude in life which implies an imbalanced expression of masculine aggressive energies which you should now release as you do not need them anymore.

On this occasion I was thinking of my two daughters, for whom I was available all the time and took a lot of care without delving into details now. Although I still have a good relationship to both of them, they have no idea what it is not to have a caring father and were not all the time kind to me. Hence there is also abuse by feminine energies which can be as hurtful as masculine abuses. This is indeed a very toxic planet and nobody is exempt from it.

The resolution is, as you have also written, in the fullest possible detachment from this reality and most humans.

By the way I almost forgot to tell you what Carla sees with respect to you. Part of the inferiority complex which you carry from your childhood of being abandoned by your father, the feeling of not being worthy which is how most children interpret the loss of a parent, is that you have not yet learned to demand the best for you – the best partner you deserve. I know that you have achieved a great progress in the last four years since I know you but now you must go a step further and demand this also with respect to your partner. He should make his commitment to you as you deserve it and if not he does not deserve you. This is what Carla sees. As soon as you decide to have the best partner for you, he will come, this is what Carla sees. I think that she is right.

This is not an intervention in your private life but we both want you to be happy, that’s all.

With love and light




I cried a bit when I just got these emails from you and Carla. I don’t really know how to convey what I feel. It is amazing to me that you both can feel me and tap into my inferiority complex and my combative attitude many times. I am just facing these things honestly now…and these energies have been so exhausting for me. I have definitely tried to compensate with masculine energy because of the absence of my father and the horror of a step father I had until I was 15.

I’m sorry to hear that your daughters have not treated you kind at times. It seems like they may not have understood you. This planet is toxic indeed. I hope you also use the meditation to heal any memories you may have from abuse of feminine energies.

I just sent you and Carla a donation. Your help to me on this has been invaluable!! I feel so much gratitude towards you Georgi. No amount of counseling has every helped me the way you have. I will continue to support you until the very end. xoxoxo




Dear Kari,

Carla wants to make a new meditation on you and then she will write you what she has received as an information from the Elohim. Obviously there is more to know.



Wow!! This is incredible!! I must be headed for some breakthroughs for this to be happening. I am smiling very big and eager to hear from Carla.

Love, Kari


Dear Kari,

It’s Carla here… I have just received a message for you from the Elohim and I have also had visuals as well so I will try to set it all out as best as I can! First, the message:

“There is a trust that has been broken and as a trust is broken it leaves the innocent broken to the very core.

This is a great wound to have taken on, you have great courage to have done so, because this wound was a pre-determined experience desired by your Soul in order to “fast-track” your own evolution within this third dimensional expression (!)

However, all things must come to an end and this is no exception. Now that you have come this far, and embraced this healing meditation before you, you must know that it’s all over now! You shall become healed — You shall become whole — You are on your way to wholeness as never before in this lifetime!

Honour yourself by healing each wound carefully, exactly as you have begun. Do this because you deserve Peace and you deserve unconditional Love!

And when each wound is healed, this will open more and more your sacred heart of thy perfect Self. The heart is a tenacious One! It is like the desert flower that holds it’s delicate buds tight, sheltered but ready at a moment’s notice to burst forth into a glorious bloom following the warm, life-giving raindrops that fall gently upon it – softening, moistening into the outer reflection of the perfect desert flower!

And there is life renewed! The dry, hot condition of the desert is forgotten; new is the freshness to live and love life again!

When you are healed, and you will know this moment, hold yourself at a great height and expanded esteem for having resolved such suffering, once and for all.

Then imagine your new friend…. he is FOR you! He is WITH you! and Indeed, he IS you!

Honour yourself and expect the World — and the World shall be Yours!”


This is a beautiful message as they have such compassion for you…

My take from what I saw is that there is someone out there who is emotionally available for You, 100% available, this is what they imply when they say “For” you and “With” you. I see it as being within 3 months to 5/6 months (I saw a “3” immediately and it’s not 3 years ! lol ) And when they say he “Is” you, I’m getting this may be a Twin Flame, otherwise they wouldn’t have used that terminology.

Well, I could tell you what he looks like but that would ruin all your fun wouldn’t it!

Oh, the music just started on our “truth detector” CD player ! HA! It always comes on by itself when we are asking certain questions about things needing confirmation. We both take it to mean that this message is the right one for you, given at the right time 😉

I send you my love and best wishes Kari!



Dear Kari,

I read the Elohim message for you and it is beautiful and very poetic. Both Carla and I are of the opinion, as we know how the Elohim communicate, that what they want to tell you is that you will meet very soon your twin flame, of which there 12 pairs in the PAT. You have chosen this outcome before incarnation as a reward for well done job and now this will happen very soon.

But what we also get is that in order for this to happen you must close one door and open the next one. You must be free and prepared for this encounter with yourself as a twin flame.

Wonderful times are ahead of you.

With love and light



Hey George !

I was very very surprised to read your latest post about the purification of the third eye as actually I have been sensing the pressure for more than a week before the 21st of November. I had very intense headache these days and also I had other experiences that I want to tell you about, just to confirm some of the things that you have written.

So, I start with the 1st of November – after you have posted some information about the twin flames, some alignments happened to me in regard to this theme.

I have been with a boy for almost 5 years now, but he is not at all spiritual – totally the opposite of what I AM. As I now reflect back to what our relationship has been, I totally understand why I have been with him – so I can “grow up” spiritually and meet the one, who I am supposed to meet.

On the 1st of November I went to a club with some friends and I met a guy who used the code word “EGO” in like the third sentence that we exchanged which was like a bang on my head, literally. For some reason I was very intensely drawn to this person and as it happens to be – he to me as well. After 2 more meetings I sense that we are on the same energy level if I can explain that this way – it’s like we are complete in some way when we are together, that’s exactly how it felt to me. He is also drawn to spirituality but from another angle.

Two days ago I read your information about 12 pairs of twin flames in the PAT and I am mind-blown ’cause I have always had this feeling that I had to find a particular person that I should be with. I mean I hope I am not rushing with my conclusions but I haven’t felt that strong of a connection with someone ever in my life.

Thanks for everything ! Sending you love and light !

Best regards,

Teodora, Bulgaria


Dear Teodora,

this is great news and I am happy to hear that you have found your spiritual partner. This is the most important thing nowadays and the synchronicities you mention with my website and your personal life are a manifestation of this divine orchestration.

Even if this boy happens to be your twin flame, one still has to invest a lot of effort to establish a harmonious connection on this toxic earth where the challenges are huge. But I am sure you will make the best of it.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

I am writing to you again much sooner than expected. This time in German since it feels easier and more appropriate at the moment to me. Let me know if you want me to translate this following message into English. Please feel free to respond in German or English, depending on your preference.

Ich möchte zunächst kurz auf meine Erlebnisse des vergangenen Samstags, den 21.11. eingehen. Ich habe den Tag und vor allem die Nacht in Prag auf der Transmission, einer großen, positiven Party (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MG_IKW5-NeM) verbracht. Allerdings habe ich den Großteil des Abends in einem Trancezustand auf dem Klo verbringen müssen. Dort habe ich ca. 2 Stunden lang andauernde Todesängste erlebt und es wurde zunehmend multidimensional. Ich hatte starke Bauchschmerzen und mir war extrem schlecht. Dies wurde erst besser, nachdem ich mir die Hand mehrmals tief in den Rachen geschoben habe, um zu Erbrechen. Ich habe ausschließlich Blut und eine schwarze Flüssigkeit erbrochen. Bitte entschuldige dieses unappetitliche Detail. Um ziemlich genau 1:44 Uhr ging es mir dann wieder besser. Starke Gedanken die ich dabei hatte waren „Jetzt ist die Zeit gekommen“, „Das war meine Prüfung“, „Ich habe die Prüfung bestanden“ und „Ich bin jetzt ein aufgestiegener Meister“. Dieses Spektakel wurde begleitet von angenehmen Visionen und Liebe meiner Zwillingsflamme. Gegen Ende des Prozesses hatte ich den Gedanken, dass Du und Carla in irgendeiner metaphorischen Art und Weise meine Eltern sind. Wie das Ganze zu deuten ist, ist mir noch nicht ganz klar.

Noch anzumerken sind Visionen einer parallelen Timeline, dich ich währenddessen hatte. Dort habe ich auf der Party massenweise Tote und viel Blut gesehen.

Jetzt habe ich vor ein paar Stunden auf deiner Webseite gelesen „There are Twelve Twin Flame Pairs in the PAT That Must Now Find Each Other“ und die dazugehörigen Emails. Dies hat extreme emotionale Reaktionen, insbesondere Aufregung, bei mir ausgelöst. Das Thema „Zwillingsflamme“ beschäftigt mich seit mehreren Monaten und ich fühle mich sehr von diesem Konzept angezogen.

Ich habe vor einiger Zeit eine Frau namens Paula kennengelernt. Sie ist 32 Jahre alt, ich bin 23 Jahre alt. Ich fühle eine ganz besondere Verbindung zu ihr und habe oft Visionen von uns. In Zeiten höchsten Bewusstseins, wie z.B. nach einer langen Meditation oder Einnahme psychedelischer Substanzen, wie LSD und DMT, ist mir klar, dass sie meine Zwillingsseele ist. Doch meine Egostruktur sät permanent Zweifel, vor allem im niedriger schwingenden Alltagsbewusstsein. Könntest Du mir bitte einen großen Gefallen tun, indem Du dich mit Deinen überlegenen Fähigkeiten in meine Struktur hineinfühlst: Bin ich ein Teil der 12 Twin-Soul-Paare? Ist meine Zwillingsseele schon inkarniert? Ist es Paula? Falls es nicht dein Job ist oder Du keine Ressourcen/Interesse hast, mir bei Beantwortung dieser Herzensfragen zu helfen, ist das auch völlig in Ordnung.

Ich bedanke mich erneut sehr herzlich bei Dir und Carla für Eure unentbehrliche Arbeit und Präsenz auf diesem Planeten.

Reibungslosen Aufstieg wünsche ich mit Licht und Liebe,

Fabian, Deutschland


Lieber Fabian,

Ich komme direkt zu deiner Frage, da sie offensichtlich im Vordergrund deines Lebens jetzt steht. Niemand kann in voraus wissen, ob diese Dame deine Twin Flame ist. Nur du kannst es feststellen, nachdem du eine feste Beziehung mit ihr eingegangen bist.

Ich war zum Beispiel in regelmässigem Kontakt mit Carla per Emails zwei Jahre lang, bevor wir uns trafen. Wir hatten lange Briefe ausgetauscht und sie hat regelmässig für mich Botschaften der Elohim gechannelt, die ich publiziert habe. Und dennoch hatte ich keine Ahnung, dass sie meine Dualseele ist. Sie wusste es von den Elohim ein Jahr bevor sie mich in Deutschland traf, hatte aber nichts davon erzählt. Sie sagte mir, dass wir Dualseelen sind als wir uns im Mai 2013 trafen, aber auch diese Erkenntnis hatte mich zunächst nicht sonderlich beeindruckt. Erst als wir uns getrennt haben und sie zurück nach Kanada flog, erkannte ich wie schmerzlich die Trennung war und wie unzertrennlich wir miteinander verbunden sind – eine tiefe Bindung, die jenseits des menschlichen Verstehens ist.

Du musst wissen, dass ich fast vierzig Jahre lang eine glückliche und weitaus harmonische Ehe und Familie mit meiner Frau geführt habe und keine weitere Beziehung gesucht hatte. Allerdings hatten wir uns in den letzten Jahren entfremdet, weil meine Frau den Aufstieg und alle meinen Gedanken und Publikationen diesbezüglich vehement abgelehnt hatte und zuletzt mich sogar für verrückt erklärt hatte. Das hatte auch meine Beziehung zu meinen Töchtern, die in deinem Alter sind, etwas beeinträchtigt, denn sie standen in dieser Hinsicht auf ihrer Mutters Seite. Die Entfremdung war also reiner weltanschaulichen Natur und nicht auf persönlichen Unstimmigkeiten, was sehr Schade ist, da meine Frau eine sehr alte Seele ist und ebenfalls ein Lichtkrieger. Aber sie stolperte in ihrem spirituellen Pfad und nahm einen grossen Umweg, den sie nun alleine gehen muss. Ich helfe ihr aber immer noch sehr viel im Traumzustand.

Ich erzähle dir dies so ausführlich, um dir zu verdeutlichen, dass jede menschliche Beziehung an erster Stelle eine aktive Bemühung ist, das Leben zusammen zu bewältigen und aufeinander zu gehen, was nicht von Anbeginn an gegeben und geschenkt ist – Dualseele hin, Twin Flame her.

Als ich nach Kanada kam, waren die ersten Monaten mit Carla auch nicht einfach, kein eitler Sonnenschein, sondern wir mussten unsere Beziehung hart erarbeiten. Zugegebenermassen ist es viel einfacher dies mit der Dualseele zu erreichen, denn du weisst immer ganz genau, was der Partner denkt, aber die Widrigkeiten dieser 3D Wirklichkeit sind enorm und sie können auch die harmonischste Beziehung überwältigen, wenn man nicht ständig daran arbeitet.

Also wenn du das innere Gefühl hast, dass diese Dame deine Zwillingsflamme sein könnte, unternehme den Versuch, sie näher kennenzulernen. Du hast ja nichts zu verlieren und alles zu gewinnen, wenn es stimmt. Das Leben ist ein Wagnis und nur wer nichts wagt, gewinnt auch nichts.

Liebe Grüße



In response to Carla’s recent channeled Elohim message

Hi everyone, much Love and Light as the Ascension accelerates.

I am on Vancouver Island now and have been here for approximately a week. As a Divine Being and being gifted with Ascended Master abilities, I travel around observing the Ascension progress, open portals, tweak the energetic grid of Gaia that connects the Light Grid above Gaia, and assist Ascending Souls, but not limited to….

I was in a community for a few days where I was granted the Divine opportunity,( roughly the same day of Carla’s message, http://www.stankovuniversallaw.com/2015/11/the-elohim-on-the-healing-medidation-through-the-third-eye-on-november-20-2015/#more-19520), to more or less activate the equality seed/energy, if you will. The way I did this, I will not share at this time, but will say it was Divinely guided. The point I am trying to make, is a confirmation statement of the Truth Carla has shared on this important subject/ prerequisite. Shortly after, and unbeknownst to me until now, during a gathering of the community, while praying with my eyes shut, the Violet Flame color entered my third eye. So, although subconsciously at the time I was doing Divine work, it was not clear until now what I was doing exactly. By reading Carla’s message, it is perfectly clear that I was planting seeds about the required male and female equality within the individuals Etheric Energy Grid, and the Violet Flame vision, was a confirmation that I had been successful. To add, by reading Carla’s message, it also confirms to me of the success I enjoyed in this part of my mission.

I would like to just touch on the importance of all Humanity establishing this feminine and masculine balance within. This balance is required to allow the male energy to catch up, sort to speak. The reason an imbalance was/is there, is because of the instinctual conditioning of the male, that has him as an aggressor, because of his protection towards the female and children through many lifetimes.

Females come with the “unconditional Love” energy already intact, as a result of their instinctual acts of motherhood. The males must drop the fear based habit, if you will, of thinking they must aggressively protect, any fear based action, emotion , is not compatible with the Ascension, all fear “anchors” must be removed, to allow the soul to advance, during Ascension. The majority of the Ascension Quotient at this time, is female, thus the imbalance. In reality, on the lower realms, the female is ahead of the game until the males can over come the protective/aggressive nature, and strengthen their unconditional Love. This creates a balance within them that assures compatibility with the frequencies of higher timelines, and allows for them, and us, I may add, to Ascend even further into more favourable and uncontaminated timelines. We are all One, all connected, and the peers cannot move forward unless the assist and secure the designees as well. So, e have a job to do and we are presently doing it, indicating great progress within the Ascension scenario.

I am presently in the Courtney area of Vancouver Island with what looks like Divine instruction to begin charging the energetic grid lines here higher with the Divine Masculine Energy and balancing the ill effects the strong Occult and Satanism presence has created here in the past in relation to the Energetic Grid. I must say that I am impressed thus far with the resonation of the grid lines here, way higher than I expected, and I am told by the Divine, that my work can be done quite quickly and efficiently.

Much Love and Light to all!

Rick Jewers, Vancouver Island, Canada


Dear Rick,

thank you very much for this excellent energy report from the Vancouver island and we are happy to hear from you again and that all is well with you. Continue with the light work where you are, this is old and new Lemuria and we are now building the city of light here in this region.

With love and light


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This Could Be a Very Big Story of Revelations

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 23, 2015

Freemasons fixed inquiry into Titanic to protect Establishment, claims secret archive that lists two million members – including Winston Churchill – and reveals secretive group of elites ruled society for 200 years

Daily Mail, November 23, 2105

Probe into tragedy that killed 1,500 people cleared most of those involved

Archive of Freemasons containing two million names set to be published

It contains the names of royalty, statesmen, judges and military top brass

Will reveal the scale of Masonic influence at all levels of British society

Freemasons dominated the inquiry into the sinking of the Titanic and may have allowed Establishment figures to escape blame, it was claimed last night.

The investigation into the 1912 tragedy that cost 1,500 lives exonerated most of those involved, including the ship’s White Star Line owners as well as its captain.

Now the publication of a secret archive of Freemasons – containing two million names of members from 1733 to 1923 – reveals the scale of Masonic involvement across the highest echelons of British society.

The archive contains the names of three kings, statesmen, judges, military top brass and bishops.

Experts believe it could lead to a re-examination of almost 200 years of British history, revealing the scale of Masonic influence at all levels of British society when the UK was one of the world’s most powerful countries.

The investigation into the 1912 Titanic tragedy that cost 1,500 lives exonerated most of those involved, including the ship’s White Star Line owners as well as its captain

The records are due to be published online by genealogy service Ancestry.

While the Masonic connections of figures such as Sir Winston Churchill, Oscar Wilde, Lord Kitchener, Rudyard Kipling and Edward VIII are known, the records offer the first comprehensive view of the reach of Freemasonry at the height of the British Empire.

They reveal the close ties between Establishment figures involved in the investigation into the Titanic’s sinking, the Telegraph reported.

A US Senate inquiry singled out the British Board of Trade, saying the small number of lifeboats on the ship was a result of lax regulations.

However, the UK investigation, overseen by Lord Mersey, exonerated the Board of Trade.

Lord Mersey himself was a Freemason, the newly published records show. He was initiated in 1881 at the Northern Bar Lodge in London.

Crucially, so too was Board of Trade president Sydney Buxton, initiated in 1888 when he was an MP.

The names of at least two of the inquiry’s five expert assessors – John Harvard Biles, a specialist in naval architecture, and Edward Chaston, the senior engineer assessor – can also be found in the Masonic archive.

(Please observe the building right to Freemasons’ Hall, it is the headquarters of BBC which is under the full control of the Freemasons. I visited this building in the early 80s when I met with a friend of mine working as journalist for BBC. He made me aware of the Freemasons’ Hall and told me that the BBC is getting orders from this building. Note, George)


Douglas Robert Jardine: Celebrated England cricketer and captain during the famous bodyline tour of 1932/1933.

Archibald Leitch: Architect and designer of at least 30 of Britain’s most famous football stadiums including Anfield, Highbury, Villa Park, Hampden Park and White Hart Lane.

Sport: England cricket captain Douglas Jardine, left, and football stadium architect Archie Leitch, right


Edward VII: Queen Victoria’s son wjho took the throne aged 59 in 1901 was previously known to everyone as ‘Bertie’, the playboy Prince of Wales. He was known for his insatiable appetite for women and food.

Edward VIII: The Duke of Windsor abdicated as King Edward VIII after less than a year on the throne to be with his future wife Wallis Simpson in 1936.

George VI: The Queen’s father George VI was King after his brother gave up the throne until his death in 1952. He saw Britain through the trauma of the Second World War.

Royalty: Edward VII, left, who took over the throne from his mother Victoria in 1901 and Edward VII, right, who abdicated in 1936

Westminster and Armed Forces

Winston Churchill: Prime Minister from 1940 to 1945 and again from 1951 to 1955. Before that he was First Lord of the Admirality won the Nobel Prize for Literature and even the first person to be made an honorary citizen of the United States.

The Duke of Wellington: Field Marshal Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, is considered one of Britain’s great statesmen and military heroes. His thrashing of Napoleon at Waterloo has cemented his place in history.

MPs and defence: Wartime prime minister Sir Winston Churchill, left, and Waterloo hero The Duke of Wellington, right

Science and medicine

Alexander Fleming: Scottish scientist who helped discover Penicillin and won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1945.

Edward Jenner: Known as the father immunisation he is also credited with saviong more lives than any other person in history after he created a vaccine for smallpox.

Science and medicine: Penicillin discoverer Alexander Fleming and father of immunisation Edward Jenner


Thomas Telford: One of Britain’s great engineers he built bridges, canals and roads across England and Scotland, including the Menai Suspension Bridge and the A5 road.

William Hesketh Lever: British businessman first made his money making famous soaps with brands including Lux and Sunlight. He later turned to politics and became an MP for Wirral and later sat in the House of Lords.

Business: Engineer of bridges, roads and canals Thomas Telford, left, and soapmaker William Lever, right

Arts and literature

Arthur Conan Doyle: Writer and creator of Sherlock Holmes seen as changing the face of crime writing forever.

Rudyard Kipling: Author and poet most famous for creating the Jungle Book.

Arts: Sherlock Holmes creator Arthur Conan Doyle, left, and Jungle Book writer Rudyard Kipling

Jack the Ripper was an ‘obscure singer who was protected by his fellow Masons’

Jack the Ripper may finally have been unmasked following a claim he was a singer called Michael Maybrick who was protected by Masonic police. His brother James (pictured) has previously been named as the Ripper

Jack the Ripper may finally have been unmasked following a claim he was a singer who was protected by Masonic police.

The theory was put forward by an author of a new book who believes that all of the Ripper killings were the stamp of Masonic ritual and the notorious Whitechapel murderer was a man called Michael Maybrick.

Now, in an extraordinary turn of events, new archives prove for the first time that Maybrick and his brother James – who has previously been named as the Ripper – were both Masons.

In his new book Bruce Robinson, the director and screenwriter of the classic film Withnail and I, said the cryptic graffiti daubed on a wall in Goulston Street, which he claims was ‘the most flagrant clue of all’.

Robinson told The Daily Telegraph: ‘It was endemic in the way England ran itself. At the time of Jack the Ripper, there were something like 360 Tory MPs, 330 of which I can identify as Masons.

‘The whole of the ruling class was Masonic, from the heir to the throne down. It was part of being in the club.
‘Part of the whole ethic of Freemasonry is whatever it is, however it’s done, you protect the brotherhood – and that’s what happened.

‘They weren’t protecting Jack the Ripper, they were protecting the system that Jack the Ripper was threatening. And to protect the system, they had to protect him. And the Ripper knew it.’

The book, They All Love Jack: Busting the Ripper, Robinson an obscure singer whose identity was shielded by fellow Masons.

According to the archives, the Freemasons were a ‘prominent’ part in the Scotland Yard inquiry, including the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Charles Warren.

Other evidence to support the claim came from two coroners Wynne Baxter and Henry Crawford, who ruled on the murders and at least three of the police doctors, who examined the bodies, and claimed they were also members of the Masons.

It is believed Maybrick was on the Supreme Grand Council of Freemasons and trvalled the country as a performer.

Handwritten records, which described him as a ‘vocalist’, said he was a member of the St Andrew’s Lodge from 1863 until 1887.

This means he left a year before the nine-week period in 1888 when five women were murdered in the East End of London, in one of the biggest unsolved crimes in British history.

Sir Charles is said to have been a senior member of the Masonic Society. He was a founder member of the Quatuor Coronati Lodge and an authority on Freemasonic history and ritual.


Numerous individuals have been accused of being the serial killer Jack the Ripper.

At the time, police suspected the Ripper must have been a butcher, due to the way his victims were killed and the fact they were discovered near to the dockyards, where meat was brought into the city.

There are several alleged links between the killer and royals. First is Sir William Withey Gull, the royal physician. Many have accused him of helping get rid of the prostitutes’ bodies, while others claim he was the Ripper himself.

Another book named Queen Victoria’s surgeon Sir John Williams as the infamous killer. He had a surgery in Whitechapel at the time.

Another theory links the murders with Queen Victoria’s grandson, Prince Albert Victor, also known as the Duke of Clarence.

At one point, cotton merchant James Maybrick was the number one suspect, following the publication of some of his diary which appeared to suggest he was the killer. However the extracts are widely believed to be forged.

Other suspects include Montague John Druitt, a Dorset-born barrister. He committed suicide in the Thames shortly after last murder.

George Chapman, otherwise known as Seweryn Kłosowski, poisoned three of his wives and was hanged in 1903.

Another suspected by polive was Aaron Kosminski. He was admitted to Colney Hatch Lunatic Asylum and died there.

Dr Thomas Neill Cream, poisoned four London prostitutes with strychnine and was hanged.

Some of the more bizarre links include Lewis Carroll, author of the Alice in Wonderland books, who taught at Christ Church until 1881 – which was at the forefront of the Ripper Murder scenery.

According to some sources Jack was actually a Jill – a theory posed by an inspector on the case at the time.

Winston Churchill’s father – Lord Randolph Churchill – has also been named as a potential suspect.

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Core Remembers, Rebirths, and Ignites its Divine Right to Exist – Everything Changes

by Georgi Stankov Posted on November 26, 2015

The New Ascended Masters- through Maurene Watson, November 26, 2015


Many heartfelt thanks to Cindy Darien for sending me this timeless message that fits so perfectly well in the current final phase of massive healing and transformation towards our core identity as multidimensional creator beings.


Masters, Full Restoration of Divine memory in your new species bio-consciousness changes everything.

All your stories and information of yourselves and your universe will be challenged.

What is true, real, or authentic will be questioned over and over.

You have been living inside 2 Core I AMs. The Imposter Core and the True Essence Core I AM.

Today you choose for yourselves, which cosmic egg is conscious.

You’ve reported an awareness that Existence seems to be wondering about itself, talking back to and through the Core of You, the Heart of you.

It seems like it is making its last call to see if the old creation story is real or was just a brief experience, before everything changes into its newly birthed consciousness. And Your Core says: “There is nothing missing? Core provides all that life needs.

There is nothing outside of Core I AM that I don’t have. There is no fragment, part, aspect, of me I AM doesn’t have. I AM always in my core, not almost there!

How many ways can Existences’ Core express or taste its pure essence imagination in energy of pure consciousness creation. It is a sensual experience of pure impassion, right out of one’s own being? How many ways can consciousness come to know itself by simply opening up to Itself? Core Heart Essence says: “My understanding and discovery of myself in every possible potential experiences more love, and had no credit debit attached to its right to exist.

I/Am exist/s and that is enough.”

You all have within your Cosmic toroid/al bio-bubbles your own: Space-time continuum, your own graviton field, your own new Species Creator Self as an individuated Source; where nothing, absolutely nothing exists, if you do not choose to have it inside your Consciousness bio-bubble.

”Existence doesn’t want you to spend time worrying about anything, anything at all.

It just needs you to open up to your heart core where everything and anything you want already exists.

Existence’s choice has already been made for you and for all life and can’t be hijacked or undone. Existence does not die, suffer, or get sick. These are momentary experiences of the Core soul expressing. Existence is simply the All That IS, which is the core of you expressing inside heart’s freedom in every possible potential available to experience.

The new mathematics will calculate that IS/ness can only attract that which it already IS or is in becoming of and is not yet registered in reality; a place where the being and the becoming are one. This is the new species you. The being/ becoming, chicken/egg, created/creator know themselves to be both/and; for they are conscious as One Spirit moving through all life, yet individual in choices of expression. That’s why you can still be human allowing all experience, yet an ascended spirit being at the same time (this statement refers in particular to all PAT members who ascended last year and are since then incumbent Logos Gods of Gaia, note, George).

Divine imprints human to experience ‘Itself’, and human informs spirits’ right to exist as its own freedom. You have ensured that free will is lived as sovereign, throughout the Super Universes in both the matter atom and the Q atom choices. Embodied life has nothing missing, when you live as if consciousness provides all that life needs. You choose that there is nothing outside of core heart consciousness you don’t have and can’t express and explore. Again, your awareness knows there is no fragment, part, aspect, of you I AM doesn’t have. You are, and in, your core, not almost there! Every moment is a chance to express Existences’ core. You are the created and the Creator of the All that IS!

As you returned your branches of Earth’s Avatar Tree of Universal Life to Matrix Creator, it knows how you mastered becoming your own Source Creator, such that it can move on as a Multiple Source Creator. Indeed, you have wonderful super consciousness to create with as you allow heart core to make and bring your choices to you with the touch of the heart’s sensor. As you leave all judgments or parsed perceptions behind in any before/s; your fulfillment is enhanced by viewing your world as the: school, story, movie, animation or theatrical play of Divine-Human it really is. Awareness allows that you can truly have a relationship, experience, an event, without being affected or trapped by any limitation of peoples, places, events you engage with. You simply open core heart to move or adjust in/out of parallel realities to harmonize the slightest dissonant wave of another’s choice, conflict, or reality. Both inner Core heart and external realities can grow in congruence if you’re holding no judgment. Any form of judgment or belief is limitation you see! It seems so very odd when you discover that you are all here together as one, but only really in your own reality. For many, it often amplifies fears of being alone even more, until core is resurrected and trusted (Many PAT members are beginning to experience this multi-reality in their lucid dream states as documented in the PAT energy reports; note, George).

So, what of your other selves and beings that you miss in all those other realms? When you become aware that you can share the same time-space, of universes within universes with other dimensional/s like yourselves, then the continuum of Earth-Gaia can feel more like home? Your own cosmic groups know there is but ‘ One’ Spirit moving through all life; that we are all living as One Being, and we are divine humans as well as the stars, planets and universes. They know that Existence is not an imposter to its Core. They do not indulge in star wars stories, broken star alliances, and alien ET aggressors, except as a hologram of soul evolution. This is simply all part of the dramatic stories the peoples of different civilizations hosted by Earth have made up for their own: storytelling, lessons, excuses, agendas, entertainments, controls, and mental programming, which you have agreed to be limited by. It certainly makes old earth universe an inviting gaming platform, school, or Disney Land has it not? But this is not the way of the rest of the cosmos; to pit the inhabitants of a planet against each other and their home planet. Existence is eternal, cannot be controlled, and the core essence cannot be extinguished.

However, on Earth you have accepted these creational stories as your true reality and so they have veiled your awakening, made you cosmic victims of terrorists, and lulled you into a sleepy cosmic techno virtual reality story till now. It’s time to be cosmic adults. The awareness of who you really are in the cosmos now triggers new information, innovations, or solutions shared in multiple interactions. Memory re-seeded into human consciousness and crystal core of Earth can transmit inner core stellar Contact. We repeat, this contact is always inside the internal consciousness before humanity chooses to manifest it on their shores as a measure of free will. Your star families also want to reach full potential as well, no matter the roles we all play. Take care not to give other realities outside your own consciousness too much value. You and your elegant universe have restored each other; all in this cosmos together, yet maintaining your individuality in your own consciousness. You have used all your wondrous stories in supposed acts of self discovery to study matrix free will in polarity evolution. It’s time to decide which versions of your story are the real you and which ones you are still lost in. You have even made natural essence which is beautiful ugly and essence which is ugly beautiful to justify and hold the planetary mind in perversion. It’s time to decide if mental distortions of essence, wounding by death, suffering, or even reincarnation are still necessary in your creation stories; even if you once did consider your planet as a rehab station for soul re-cycling or a haven for cosmic refugees seeking asylum.

In the beginning of your creational story, the core’s pure essence imagination allowed life to serve all. Nothing needed to disappear or lack such that something else could exist. Later in your creational story inexperienced creators constructed a mental hologram of the universe. This was beyond exploring splitting light into 1/2 essence to explore polarity. They created false cosmic sacred alchemy in a new thirst for competition. These inexperienced creators misused the Divine Heart Core Fire Water of the Prima Mater. They reverse engineered the elements to destroy each other and pit the male elements against the female elements. The Divine Fire Water is androgynous and when split into the solar fire and the water became the lunar water of the astral unconscious sleepy moon planes. The conscious magnetism of your moons kept all 5 elements in balance with the suns. So, unconscious continuum can only offer: half-essence Divine male or female, ½ RNA/DNA, halved creational matter, or unnatural life support to existence.

In this universal soap opera, these ‘Creationals’ then had to live to feed and control all other life to survive on the illusion of another’s ½ species, energies, or matter. This anti-matter split light in the gaming reality posed with ½ core light or ½ core dark scenarios as viable enemies and competitors. Their very survival became an imposter to debt earning its right to exist. Existence was assigned a credit. Each soul being in the cosmos had an essence light worth the money changers could tabulate. Worst of all love’s very existence became perceived as split in a struggle between base human survival emotions or Divine emotions that emanated from a split imposter core. For, it is only the essence of a true Source that knows its own I AM and cannot be fooled by trinkets of imposter core experience. I AM was coded for fulfillment without wound, although it has been willing to experience anything to explore its own love.

So which version of your universal stories in now real to you? The rest of the cosmos does not operate like some sci-fi earth fairy tale. Do you now know which cosmic egg is real and which contains the false/imposter essence elixir of core life? Natural Heart Core can never lose half its IAM, except through a choice of momentary experience, but there is still no loss to the IAM. Core is always life’s choice in the continuum. The most sacred act of the ALL of consciousness is self discovery in the Core of your unknown? Is this why Core Creation Heart created itself to: be, to live, to grow, and express Core’s consciousness?

You are feeling yourselves much less distracted with old psychotic matrix human-mind energy of the planetary unconsciousness. As you awaken in your own true reality, humanity listens for every possible solution. These solutions will be compatible with how you have created and dreamed yourselves to be in your reentry into the next cycle of Community Biospheres of Worlds. This is most obvious in your younger masters that have been waiting for your core ignition signal, as they begin to value and ignite their own Core genius and their creativity returns new souls to the community market place. Their New Multi World core heart applications make childlike the biggest cartels, conglomerates, currency, or genocide/ slave traders, as soul’s core is resurrected, ignited, and engaged. You have even integrated all the genetic cosmic refugees and made them a part of your multi-DNA-diversity (This is a good description of our mission as the new ascended masters and Logos Gods; note, George).

Finally, despite all your stories of love and creation, you could never veer far away from the natural Essence of your core existence. Even now, your Earth based refugees teach of the price of war and ancestral tribal conflicts. In your genetic story history, you have learned the consequences of reverse engineering, or counter-rotating DNA against essence’s love and existence. Inside New Earth core the base life elements of: earth/ air/ fire/water alchemy essence, dissolve synthetic chemical reactions that try to control the core through trillions of unnatural tentacles that must feed off other life forms. New Earth’s core crystal, like yours, is an organic elemental Garden that holds her bio-ecological systems together. In the base imprint of the humanoid divine form; the one thing that never happens under normal parameters is for a cell to revert back to a more primitive type. In cloning your own inner DNA, you have led geneticists to rediscover that which is already normal in the cosmos.

In your new creator bio-vessels the immortal ascended cosmic stem cell, does not lock into one specialized or one tissue family embryo identity. But, it can give rise to any type of genetic diversity and regenerate any part of the bio-consciousness with one conscious cell through restructuring and re-embodying core consciousness. Even now with 2 pieces of RNA and amino acids, science can offer designer proteins to make: antibiotics, bio-fuels, food proteins and useful molecules. When humanity is fully in their new bio-vessels, then they will produce whatever they need directly out of their own consciousness. However, turning on and off your own gene identity switches has allowed you to explore all your multiple identities within the many body forms you incarnated into and pull them back into your Essence Core.

All potentials are alive when Core remembers it Exists. Those we love and that love us are always within us All. Indeed, the Core is Love’s expressed and fulfilled Existence. Nothing is taken or given in love, for it always IS. Everything dramatically changes now that you have returned to your Core. You are: inside a new Source as a new BIOS life form, inside a new space-time continuum, inside new gravity fields, and inside endless self discovery of unknowns. You remembered everything is consciousness. Watch how your consciousness plays with all your realities: folding, mixing, and matching, and changing to suit the heart’s imagination in further experience of all possible potentials.

All the while, you are still in the excitement of your own Bubble and there is only the real Core you. The cosmos knows itself through experiencing every possible potential, for that is what creators and creation does! You may well continue to make stories of new discovery to explore every possible potential of new Self, but you will no longer need to lose consciousness or be wounded to choose such experiences. In fact, they will no longer be available, for you and your universe have already deleted them from its multi-verse. And remember, what heart no longer desires or imagines in your consciousness, does not exist. Contact has been made. Welcome home to the rest of the cosmos!

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