Friday, February 3, 2017


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We see a figure, apparently feminine, sitting on his throne, which gives us the first indication that this is someone who has authority … about what. . .?

Her dress is red, and wears a crown, another symbol of authority … in the crown protrude or stand three points … in his right hand holds a long sword, with the top up … this sword also gives us an indication of authority, of forceof intimidation. . .

In his left hand holding a scale, which is equilibrated … this gives us an indication, to our relief, that his authority, his strength is balanced, and in total control. .

Do not ever damage this balance, my dear reader, or you will suffer terrible consequences … you too, always try to keep your balance, or, as Buddha said, the middle path. . .

This figure is sitting, certainly, and between columns, one on the left, another to the right. . . What does this mean …? … we’ll find out … we continue with the description … to whom we remember this figure seated between two columns …? Yes, indeed, the Priestess, High Priestess, the card number two …

this figure, Justice, will make you look down when you’re in front of her, because her look is frontal, directly to you, firm, stern, but calm … who would support this look …?

If you have any kind of guilt, surely run away from this penetrating gaze … she will judge every human being, every living being in the universe, according to their works … care, then, your morals … It’s interesting to see another analogy on the two cards: also see columns … in this letter VIII, clamped between them (columns),: a veil …

this same veil, can find it between the two columns of the Priestess, High Priestess of the letter two …

This veil, in these cards, are hiding another world, another dimension … or they are preventing the passage …

? Or both …? What’s behind this veil …? What we can know now, at least, is that every card, every veil on them, take us to two different worlds …

Intrigued? …?

Yeah, me too …!

I wonder what’s behind those veils … but only one who has achieved universal balance, may pass through the Veil in VIII …

This is therefore a brief description of this card … there are certainly even more hidden meanings, accessible only to the initiated, to him who made it through the veil …

one day and with daily effort, we too will arrive …

By the way, and before we forget about it, there is still another card, in which we find the two columns: the card # 5, the Priest, Pope …

Below, I will detail some divinatory meanings, but keep in mind that this does not have much, if anything, to do with the main objective of the card … they are two things that do not mix … they go together, for certain purposes but separated … who knows, understand. Without further explanation …






legal matter


Where we find the card of the law, we find the equilibrium, balance, and if we do not have these things, then we must make the effort to achieve that balance …!

EL~Eliphas Levy

Greetings …! ..

* * *


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