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Friday, October 9, 2015

sharing3 – archive- Letters To Humanity on the Eve of Our Ascension

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Georgi Stankov, October 9, 2015

Letter to the Nobel prize winners in physics 2015

Dear Arthur B. MacDonald,
The Physics Nobel Prize this year is a farce, a joke. Before you search for the mass of neutrinos with expensive experiments, you should first correct  the current flawed definition of mass from an impeccable mathematical point of view. Then you will easily, and to your greatest surprise, discover that there is no such thing as mass as a physical quantity. Mass as it is defined in physics today is an energy relationship ( a dimensionless number built within mathematics). As all systems and particles in the universe have energy, they also have a mass relationship to an arbitrary reference SI unit, or any other unit. Hence all neutrinos must have a mass. Period! If you want to learn more on theoretical physics go here:
And here is how you can calculate the mass of neutrinos very easily from beta decay as I have proved in this article published in 1998, when the first results from Hawaii indicated that neutrinos may have a mass. What a mess physics nowadays is!!
With best regards
Dr.. Georgi Stankov,

Dear Saker, http://thesaker.is/
I am missing your analysis on the Russian involvement in the Middle East in conjunction with the Ukraine crisis. The complexity and interdependence of the two events demands the clear analysis of the expert and a new evaluation, especially after you initially underestimated the engagement of Russia in Syria.
What is the strategic role of using the Caspian sea as a basis to launch attacks on Syria and on any other Middle East country, in alliance with Iran, Syria and Iraq? A new Middle East axis? Could this be a clear warning on the Saudis to keep quiet after they announced to fight the Russians in Syria? And does this mean a tectonic shift in the global strategy of the Russians to contain the AAAA (Anglo-American-Asshole-Axis) in this strategic region and even to push it back?
What consequences does this foreign involvement of the Russians has for the Ukraine crisis? Why did the rebels postpone the planned elections after Putin forced them to do so after the Normandy four talks in Paris? Could it be that Moscow plans a similar involvement in Ukraine after the Nazi regime in Kiev collapses and Novorussia is established without a war and then invites Russia to help? You know a new version of the old Brezhnev’s doctrine of restricted sovereignty? Old bad habits die last. This is called projection and expansion of power in a newly emerging political vacuum as the NATO has been doing this in Eastern Europe since the fall of the Iron curtain. Game of thrones. Humanity does not know anything else.
Honestly, these are the topics that should be dealt intellectually and inspiring on your website and I miss any substantial discussion in the last months. Or alternatively you may decide to drop the whole topic as a cul du sac and consider the overarching transcendental perspective of human existence which would be more rewarding. This is your choice.
You are at a crossroad and in an intellectual crisis. I am a great empath and can read your mind telepathically. This is not bad as from any crisis one can emerge stronger. I have had a few serious crises in my life and they all made me stronger, so I know what I am talking about. But one has to face the personal crisis first as the Russians did in Syria and then to overcome it.
I am looking forward to new higher quality articles on your site. You have a bigger role to play than now.
In best intentions
George Stankov

And here is what the Saker wrote immediately after the receipt of this letter after he has been silent for some time on the Syria conflict:
Dreams of a sleeping alligator – dream two: size matters and Obama’s Zugzwang

Dear Michael Snyder, http://theeconomiccollapseblog.com/
I know that you are not a scientist, but you are an extremely intelligent man and you are on the right path and that is why I am sure you that you will quickly grasp the meaning of this information. Hence I would invite you to read this pivotal article that will be an opener to major events that will transform humanity this year:
Until now you have only scratched on the surface of what is to come. With this you have the chance to see what is happening behind the veil. It is worth trying it – for your own sake.
With best regards
George Stankov

I am afraid that the information that you sent is way above my head.
What does all of this mean in language that I can understand?

Michael Snyder
Economic Collapse

Dear Michael,
I am happy that you ask this fundamental question. Essentially I have proved beyond any doubt that conventional physics is a real mess and has not grasped the nature of energy, although physics does nothing else but to describe energetic interactions – at the macro-level as classical mechanics and at the micro-level as quantum mechanics. In between is electromagnetism which deals with photons.
All basic definitions in physics upon which this “exact” natural science is founded are entirely wrong and hence the whole physics. For instance the definition of mass is flawed and this creates the current charade with the Nobel prize given for a suspicion that neutrinos might have a mass. Please observe that the current laureates this year have not proved beyond any doubt that neutrinos have a mass but only suggest that this may be so. As the Nobel Prize committee writes in its press release, if this is proven beyond any doubt, as I have shown as early as 1998, then the whole standard model of physics must be wrapped up and physics must declare intellectual default. Only just an hour ago I wrote to the Nobel prize winners in physics this year on the official website of the Swedish Academy of Science as follows:
Dear Mr. Arthur B. MacDonald,
The Physics Nobel Prize this year is a farce, a joke. Before you search for the mass of neutrinos with expensive experiments, you should first correct  the current flawed definition of mass from an impeccable mathematical point of view. Then you will easily, and to your greatest surprise, discover that there is no such thing as mass as a physical quantity. Mass as it is defined in physics today is an energy relationship ( a dimensionless number built within mathematics). As all systems and particles in the universe have energy, they also have a mass relationship to an arbitrary reference SI unit, or any other unit. Hence all neutrinos must have a mass. Period! If you want to learn more on theoretical physics go here:

And here is how you can calculate the mass of neutrinos very easily from beta decay as I have proved in this article published in 1998, when the first results from Hawaii indicated that neutrinos may have a mass. What a mess physics nowadays is!!

With best regards Dr.. Georgi Stankov, Vancouver, Munich”
How does this relates to the collapse of the matrix which is in the centre of your and also mine publications? We create our reality with our thought forms. First comes the idea and then its materialization, e.g. as social form or economic order. Technology that determines present-day human life was at first a theoretical idea in the mind of an inventor.
If science is so flawed as I have shown twenty years ago, how much more flawed are all the other economic and financial concepts that shape the human society and have led to the current crisis? One can only understand the crisis of the current End Times if one has thoroughly analysed the fundamental blunders of human thinking. If we discard science, what is substantially left from current collective human thinking? – Nothing, after the economic collapse has obliterated all the foundational concepts of western “free” market economy, such as Keynesianism, monetarism and all the other stupid “-isms”, such as communism, neo-liberalism, neo-conservatism, fascism, etc.?
Only a new transcendental Gnosis or Philosophy that amalgamates the innate religious concept of all humans to be immortal multidimensional soul beings in the form of a new enlightened spiritualism with a completely new science that correctly describes energy can lead humanity out of the current mental and emotional maze and guarantee further evolution. What we now observe is a rapid devolution of humankind.
This revolution in human thinking is driven by a process of cosmic proportions, which includes the ascension of Gaia and part of humanity to higher dimensions (4th and 5th) and the appearance of the ascended masters (as alluded by the flawed Christian concept of the Second Coming of Christ at the End Time). They will perform miracles and will establish a new spiritual order on the new ascended 4D earths. Parallel to that the demise of the ruling dark cabal and their descent to lower timelines will take place in what I define as an interdimensional shift. (I have presented the multidimensional concept of the ascension in many articles on my website).
That is why we need the collapse of the old matrix in the current End Time, which you have chosen as the key topic of your articles and rightly so.
The process of individual ascension is summarized in the concept of the Light Body Process (LBP) which I explain in detail. There are few highly evolved souls that are incarnated on this planet and have already successfully accomplished this process and have ascended, but have decided to stay on this planet in a physical body till the final Interdimensional shift. This will happen most likely by the end of this year.
The New Age of humanity in the higher dimensions will be based on a new truthful understanding of the concept of energy which is all and everything – there is nothing else in All-That-Is. The new theory of the Universal Law is the foundation of this new weltanschauung.
I know that this is a lot to digest, but you have no time if you don’t want to be overwhelmed by the events and it will be a pity indeed if this happens. Hence you must make a huge leap in faith now.
Finally, let me tell you this – I am in constant telepathic and verbal contact with the higher realms (some call it “Source” or “God”, but labels do not matter here) that coordinate and shape the current ascension of Gaia and part of humanity, simply because I have assumed the role of the captain of the planetary ascension team (PAT). There are more than 2500 articles and 15 books on my website that document and explain this process. It is a seamless chronicle of the ascension of Gaia and mankind in the End Time.
This ascension is a done deal and can happen any moment from now on, but it is impossible to predict exactly the point in time (as some stupid Christian fanatics try all the time on pure speculative assumptions and in full ignorance of the real ascension process about which you have written in the past) as linear time is an illusion (another finding of the new theory of the Universal Law). I can only say that we are on the cusp of it but it is up to humanity to decide collectively when. However, first the collapse of the Orion matrix must come and here you are spot on.
With love and light

And here is what Michael Snyder wrote immediately after the receipt of my letter:
Why Are The IMF, The UN, The BIS And Citibank All Warning That An Economic Crisis Could Be Imminent?

By Michael Snyder, on October 8th, 2015
Question Sign Red - Public Domain
The warnings are getting louder.  Is anybody listening?  For months, I have been documenting on my website how the global financial system is absolutely primed for a crisis, and now some of the most important financial institutions in the entire world are warning about the exact same thing.  For example, this week I was stunned to see that the Telegraph had published an article with the following ominous headline: “$3 trillion corporate credit crunch looms as debtors face day of reckoning, says IMF“.  And actually what we are heading for would more accurately be described as a “credit freeze” or a “credit panic”, but a “credit crunch” will definitely work for now.  The IMF is warning that the “dangerous over-leveraging” that we have been witnessing “threatens to unleash a wave of defaults” all across the globe…

Governments and central banks risk tipping the world into a fresh financial crisis, the International Monetary Fund has warned, as it called time on a corporate debt binge in the developing world.
Emerging market companies have “over-borrowed” by $3 trillion in the last decade, reflecting a quadrupling of private sector debt between 2004 and 2014, found the IMF’s Global Financial Stability Report.
This dangerous over-leveraging now threatens to unleash a wave of defaults that will imperil an already weak global economy, said stark findings from the IMF’s twice yearly report.

The IMF is actually telling the truth in this instance.  We are in the midst of the greatest debt bubble the world has ever seen, and it is a monumental threat to the global financial system.
But even though we know about this threat, that doesn’t mean that we can do anything about it at this point or stop what is about to happen.
The Bank of England, the UN and the Bank for International Settlements have all issued similar ominous warnings.  The following is an excerpt from a recent article in the Guardian

The IMF’s warning echoes a chorus of others. The Bank of England’s chief economist, Andy Haldane, has argued that the world is entering the latest episode of a “three-part crisis trilogy”. Unctad, the UN’s trade and development arm, would like to see advanced economies boost public spending to offset the downturn in emerging economies. The Bank for International Settlements believes interest rates have been too low for too long, encouraging too much risk-taking in financial markets. All of them fear that the global financial system is primed for a crisis.

I particularly like Andy Haldane’s likening our current situation to a “three-part crisis trilogy”.  I think that is perfect.  And if you are familiar with movie trilogies, then you know that the last episode is usually the biggest and the baddest.
Citigroup economist Willem Buiter also believes that big trouble is on the horizon.  In fact, he is publicly warning of a “global recession” in 2016

Citigroup economist Willem Buiter looks at the world landscape and sees an economy performing substantially below potential output, which he uses as the general benchmark for the idea of a global recession. With that in mind, he said the chances of a global recession in 2016 are growing.
“We think that the evidence suggests that the global output gap is negative and that the global economy is currently growing at a rate below global potential growth. The (negative) output gap is therefore widening,” Buiter said in a note to clients. He added, “from an output gap that was probably quite close to zero fairly recently, continued sub-par global growth is likely to put the global economy back into recession, if indeed the world ever fully emerged of the recession caused by the global financial crisis.”
Usually when we are plunged into a new crisis there is some sort of “trigger event” that creates widespread panic.  Yesterday, I wrote about the ongoing problems at commodity giants such as Glencore, Trafigura and The Noble Group.  The collapse of any of them could potentially be a new “Lehman Brothers moment”.

But something else happened just yesterday that is also extremely concerning.  Just a couple of weeks ago, I warned that the biggest bank in Germany, Deutsche Bank,was on the verge of massive trouble.  Well, on Wednesday the bank announced a loss of more than 6 billion dollars for the third quarter of 2015

Deutsche Bank’s new boss John Cryan set about cleaning up Germany’s biggest bank on Thursday, revealing a record pre-tax loss of 6 billion euros ($6.7 billion) in the third quarter and warning investors of a possible dividend cut.
Write downs, impairments and litigation costs all contributed to the loss, the bank said.
Cryan became chief executive in July with a promise to cut costs. The Briton is accelerating plans to shed assets and exit countries to shrink the bank and is preparing to ax about 23,000 jobs, or a quarter of the bank’s staff, sources told Reuters last month.

Keep an eye on Germany – the problems there are just beginning.
Something else that I am closely watching is the fact that major exporting nations such as China that used to buy up lots of U.S. government debt are now dumping that debt at an unprecedented pace.  The following comes from Wolf Richter

Five large purchasers of US Treasuries – China, Russia, Norway, Brazil, and Taiwan – have changed their minds. They’re dumping Treasuries, each for their own reasons that are now coinciding. And at the fastest rate on record.
For the 12-month period ended July, sales of Treasuries by central banks around the world reached a net of $123 billion, “the biggest decline since data started to be collected in 1978,” the Wall Street Journal reported.
China, the largest foreign owner of Treasuries – its hoard peaking at $1.317 trillion in November 2013 – has been unloading with particular passion. By July, the latest data available from the US Treasury Department, China’s pile was down to $1.241 trillion.

Yes, I know, the stock market went up once again on Thursday, and all of the irrational optimists are once again telling us that everything is going to be just fine.
The truth, of course, is that everything is not going to be just fine.  Ever since I started the Economic Collapse Blog, I have never wavered in my belief that the greatest economic crisis that the United States has ever seen is coming, and I have written well over 1000 articles setting forth the case for the coming collapse in excruciating detail.  Nobody is going to be able to say that I didn’t try to warn them.
Those that have blind faith in Barack Obama, Wall Street, the Federal Reserve and the other major central banks around the planet will continue to mock the idea that a major collapse is coming for as long as they can.
But when the day of reckoning does arrive and crisis coming knocking at their doors, what will they do then?

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Clinton Made Student Loans Non-Discharable | Armstrong Economics

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The Most Probable End Time Scenario – an Intuitive Prediction

by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 18, 2015

Georgi Stankov, October 18, 2015


This earth has always been a very toxic place.

But what we observe in the last days is utterly abominable.

As the stench spreads everywhere, nobody seems to be immune to it, not even the most critical alternative journalists and outlets.

The reason for this is that most critical experts and commentators have no idea of the energetic dynamics behind the ascension process of Gaia and humanity that also determines the collective behaviour of the people and their rogue politicians.

Precisely what we now experience is evolution and expansion of awareness of a small fraction of humanity that is currently, at least optically, overwhelmed by a much bigger wave of devolution of the large number of incarnated human beings that will descend to lower catastrophic timelines where they will continue with their dreadful incarnation cycle of separation from the source. This antagonistic, but also highly dialectical nature of the ascension energies from the source creates the superficial impression that the whole world is going under. While this point of view is essentially true for the entire Orion matrix and for everybody who identifies with it, it does not apply to us. Quite on the contrary – the worse it gets, the better for us as we will be able to leave this toxic reality for ever.

From this perspective it does not make any sense to delve into bigger and bigger crimes of the ruling dark cabal and to expose them again and again as we all know their heinous nature.

Besides there is practically nothing else – more positive aspects – to rejoice our hearts in these last days.

The New Age movement is in shambles and for these light workers the same colorful Russian metaphor applies as Putin used the other day for the politicians in the USA and Europe – they carry “oatmeal heads (mash-heads) on their shoulders” in a linguistic effort to explain the total confusion that has gripped the western cabal.

And this mental mash is entirely energetically driven. All dark entities are now so overwhelmed by the incoming source energies that they have ceased to function as normal human beings. While we are now transforming to angels, these dark entities are mutating to monsters.

In between the rest of humanity is caught in an unprecedented karmic drama of releasing past dross. Life has never been so tense and difficult on this planet as in these last days.

This is very important to understand as to properly assess the incoming events in which none of us will directly participate as we have finished with this drama. But these events will determine the exact point of our departure. We are only here as light bearers and enlightened observers to give testimony to All-That-Is about the most spectacular and dramatic ascension process in the whole multiverse.

As we are the few individuals who do not carry mash-heads on our shoulders but enjoy a rare clarity of mind, we should use this unique virtue to clear the pathways on which humanity shall progress in the coming days before the final ID shift will bring about the final separation of the wheat from chaff.

The question is not WW3 versus peace as this toxic humanity has lost its ethical values long time ago and the concept of peace no longer exists in the vocabulary of even the most critical commentators as the Saker, Paul Craig Roberts, you name them.

They are happy to believe that they have made their right choice on the side of the good guys – the Russians in these days – and are unable to rise above this dualistic battle that rages on this planet of polarities for eons of time and to transcend this reality with bold futuristic concepts.

I have given you many examples how all self-proclaimed reformers of the current Orion monetary system present in a remarkable blindness stubbornly new proposals of new forms of money that invariably carry most of the deficiencies of the old money as they are epigonic copies of the current fiat currencies.

All these self-proclaimed reformers are too lazy to first analyse in-depth the nature of money as a mirror image of energy as this affords a very high level of intellectual abstraction before they begin to resolve the eternal pecuniary problem of humanity in a meaningful manner.

As you see, we come again to the “mash-head” syndrome of humanity in these last days.

And the real problem is that when you make these critical experts aware of this profound deficiency it is as if “talking to a dead tree log”, to quote a Bulgarian saying.

I know what I am talking about as I try again and again to engage such alternative thinkers in a meaningful dialogue from which they may learn something more and expand their awareness. Pustekuchen (German) = in vain!

Hence let me proceed on my lonely path of creative contemplation on the current energetic situation on this uppermost mother planet and make some reasonable forecasts how the incoming global drama will unfold and will lead directly to our ascension. I will save you all the details as I know how fed up you are with them.

Essentially, since the opening of the most powerful ascension portal in September 27/28 we now witness a complete collapse of the postwar structure of the hegemonic foreign policy of the Empire of Evil.

This happened in the Middle East suddenly as Russia made a swift move and entered the conflict in Syria in a very decisive manner.

This part of the world has been ravaged by the western powers for centuries when the first Crusades took place.

Since then the political structure of local rivaling powers has been fossilized to such an extent by antagonistic groups of the Islam and greedy western colonizers that it seemed impossible to resolve even the simplest conflict in this region with peaceful means. Each war, and there were numerous in the past decades since the end of WW2, only increased the level of animosities and the danger of a new more dreadful war. I am not going to give you any facts here, go to the appropriate sources on the history of the Middle East and read about all the wars and conflicts there in the last century.

Now for the first time in the history of this part of the world we witness a rapid dissolution of this darkest and most rigid political structure that has given birth to three antagonistic world religions and infinite wars and has become the epitome of cruelty and savage inhumanity as we observe on a daily basis in Syria with ISIL and with their supporters in Saudi Arabia who chop heads of innocent people with impunity, while the western dark cabal fraternize with these blood-thirsty Saudi Arabian monster kings.

Even Assad makes here no exception and I hope that the Russians who now help him stay on power to fight his worse enemies are aware of this stark fact.

As long as you engage in such a dirty conflict, you cannot stay clean and morally impeccable.

I hope Putin knows that.

What are the actual political ramifications of the Syrian conflict where the Russians have turned the tide in their favour? The whole post-war plan of the dark Anglo-American cabal to use this part of the world as a springboard to gain dominance on the natural oil and gas resources in Asia has gone awry.

The petro-dollar system, with the help of which the dollar became a world currency, has already collapsed.

The Empire of Evil is on the brink of total disaster. It is entirely based on debt while another critical point in time is looming on the horizon – November 3rd.

If the Senate does not agree to increase the debt ceiling one more time after it increased it with $1.5 trillion a year ago and spent this debt money in less than a year, the USA will officially default.

“By November 3, the United States will exhaust our borrowing capacity and… it would put the United States at real risk, for the very first time in our history, of not being able to pay our bills,” White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said in a briefing on Thursday.

And then mash-head Bombama topped this ominous statement of his press secretary with his impeccable mash-head logics on Friday:

“Raising the debt ceiling…is the way for the United States to maintain its good credit rating (Really!).

If it gets messed with, it would have profound implications for the global economy and could put our financial system in the kind of tailspin we saw back in 2007 and 2008.”

And here is where the Empire of Evil stands today, October the 18th, two weeks away from its default. The financial markets are in a disarray.

All parameters point to an imminent crash as extensively discussed by myself and Brad in the past. Just go to Bloomberg or any other specialized outlet on financial affairs and you will immediately feel the utter gloom and doom of the disillusioned banksters. Here is a selected sample of some End Time financial articles in the MSM in the last two days:

Corporate America’s Epic Debt Binge Leaves $119 Billion Hangover (Bloomberg)

The Economic Doomsday Clock Is Ticking Closer To Midnight (Artemis)

Rich Nations Lose Emerging-Markets Motor (WSJ)

Be Very Afraid: “The 3 Emerging Markets Debacles” Loom, HSBC Warns (Zero Hedge)

Goldman Sachs Blames Global Market Fears For Earnings Fall (Guardian)

Debt Slump Leaves Traders Exposed as European Banks Eye Job Cuts (Bloomberg)

Markets Expect Eurozone Deposit Rate To Go Deeper Into Negative Territory (BBG)

VW Forced By Germany To Recall 8.5 Million Diesels in Europe (Bloomberg)

Oil Is Killing the Drillers, and the Banks Want Their Cash Back Now (Bloomberg)

Billions Are Laundered Through British Banks, Treasury Admits (Times)

UK Banks May Need $5.1 Billion of Capital for Ring-Fencing (Bloomberg)

Last 30 Years Of Global Economic History Are About To Go Out The Window (Quartz)

Nowhere in US Can A Single Adult Live On Less Than $14/Hr In 40-Hour Week (DK)

US Manufacturing Falls for a Second Month (Bloomberg)

US Export Industries Are Losing 50,000 Jobs A Month (Bloomberg)

Wrath of Financial Engineering: It’s Now Eating into Earnings (WolfStreet)

Megamergers Will Depend on Huge Amounts of Debt (Barron’s)

China’s Exporters Downcast As Orders Slow, Costs Rise (Reuters)

PBOC Data Suggest Capital Outflows Stayed Strong in September (Bloomberg)

Good News Is Bad News for China (Bloomberg)

Party Time Is Over For Norway’s Oil Capital – And The Country (Reuters)

Africa’s Poor Grow By 100 Million Since 1990: World Bank (Reuters)


If this is not the most reliable indicator for the coming collapse, what else?

And here I come to a major topic that might have been misunderstood in our previous discussions.

We all know that the financial collapse and the shutdown of the banks in the west is inevitable due to the unwinding of the gargantuan debt that leads to credit and cash crunch. This crash will, however, not happen suddenly and unpredictably for the ruling cabal and their banksters, but will be orchestrated by themselves when they realize that it is midnight.

And this point in time is very close now due to the swift and very effective intervention of the Russians in Syria that fully derailed the plan of the Empire of Evil to install the NWO through the Middle East. Now that they have lost this strategical part of the world and also lost their dominance in the South sea to China, the Beast is cornered by the two emerging powers and is in a deadly gridlock. If it will not respond decisively in the next few weeks, it will collapse with a 100% certainty.

Hence it must respond. However the USA is not in the position to start a new war against Russia in Syria after it already lost its war in Ukraine and it is also very doubtful if the American fleet will be bold enough to attack next week the Chinese fleet in the Spratly islands in South sea, which China has declared to its own territory, although the stakes are very high.

If the USA loses this war-mongering conflict and retreats, its Asian pivot is gone, just as their Middle East pivot is in shambles and the Empire of Evil has no hegemonic foreign policy anymore. It is mouse-dead. And this is happening now incredibly quickly, just as quickly as the Fall of the Iron curtain and the dissolution of the Soviet Empire in Eastern Europe happened in 1989, which I gave you as a template of what will occur in the current End Time.

The reason why the USA cannot start two new major wars against the superpowers Russia and China is the same as to why the Soviet Union gave up all its Easteuropean communist colonies in 1989.

It is bankrupt.

On top of it, it has no army as nobody wants to serve in the US army after the two devastating wars in Afghanistan and Iraq when the numerous veterans were treated like shit by their own government and the real death toll was concealed.

And there is a third reason: The American population do not want to wage another costly and devastating war anymore as it is impoverished and morally and physically depleted by the ongoing Greatest Depression of all times since 2008.

That is why there is only one option left for the US deep, dark, criminal government to respond to these huge challenges of the End Time, which we created on this uppermost mother planet as powerful conduits of source energies of truth and revelations:

It must first declare a military dictatorship in its own country, most probably after a coup d’etat that will eliminate Obama as a very weak and corrupt president.

This was the plan all along when this perverted bastard and foreigner was illegally heaved to power from nowhere by the hidden ruling US cabal.

Once ousted from power, facts will emerge that he was a usurper of power and has always lied about his American citizenship. How easy is that?

In order to perform a successful coup d’etat on the president and the senate, the hidden dark cabal need however a complete shutdown of the banks and the entire financial system to immobilize the masses. Otherwise they know that they will be met with huge resistance. That is why I anticipate that we shall observe first a sudden financial collapse that may as well happen this month or early November and simultaneously with it a coup d’etat on Obama.

After the US cabal has established a military dictatorship in the USA, it will immediately introduce an obligatory military service and will begin with a war against Russia and China.

All this is a purely hypothetical plan that highlights the lines along which the dark US cabal must go now in their insanity in order to save their skin. There is no doubt to my mind that they will bitterly fail and this will trigger their demise from power. Even if they succeed with the shutdown of the entire financial system in the USA, this will automatically lead to the collapse of the financial systems in Europe, but not in Russia and China as well as in all other BRICS countries, which have already decoupled from the western Ponzi scheme of finance.

Europe is not in the position to establish a similar NWO on the territory of the EU as its system has already crumbled under the invasion of the refugees. Rather, the EU will collapse and the euro currency will disappear overnight.

The Germans are ready to introduce the German mark and the other European countries will follow suit as they have learnt their lesson from the Greek debt crisis.

Besides, many Easteuropean countries such as Bulgaria and Poland are not euro-countries and this will save them from the coming financial crash, while freeing them from the current American oppression.

If only the USA introduces the NWO on its territory as a last resort, it will not serve the ultimate plan of the AAA-cabal for a worldwide hegemony, but will only weaken their position towards their major rivals Russia and China. In particular, when Europe turns toward Russia in this catastrophic scenario, which it has already begun in anticipation of the American fiasco.

Servants are never loyal to their bad master and only serve him as long as he is powerful.

The moment he loses his power, they are the first ones to stab a knife in his back.

The Germans, for instance, have always been an unreliable “Untertan” (underling, “A Man of Straw”, a famous novel by Heinrich Mann)

The bottom line is that the US cabal waited too long to begin with the installment of the NWO due to our presence as light bearers who increased the light quotient on this uppermost mother planet so high that this negative scenario was prevented. However, the NWO was introduced on many lower timelines that were constantly severed by ID shifts and were destroyed by MPR.

In other words, we squeezed the dark cabal in their plans as one squeezes his adversary in bridge and I used to be quite good in this card game when I was young.

Anyway, based on these considerations I expect a sudden shutdown of the banks and other financial institutions in the USA and most probably also in Canada, which is a vassal country of Washington and then a military putsch or an attempt of such in Washington.

My guess is that this attempt will fail and that the opposition of the American people will be big enough to oust the ruling cabal from power and create a dangerous revolutionary situation because the masses are still not awaken and do not know who is their true enemy. Hence there is a great chance for them to be mired by pied pipers in this critical situation.

Therefore we are not out of the woods. In this murky situation some crazy generals Strangeloves and Breedloves may decide in their despair to launch some intercontinental missiles against Russia and China as to trigger WW3.

Before this happens, we shall ascend and leave this timeline.

The same holds true for that portion of humanity which will ascend to the new 4D worlds and will continue with their incarnation cycle under new much more favourable energetic conditions.

My educated guess is that this all may happen within the next four weeks and therefore we must stay very attentive and alert as to detect and disclose all signs and events that will lead to this ascension scenario. This whole planet is a tinderbox because the source energies have made it to that and it can and will explode very soon.

We are almost there and the latest sweeping changes in the Middle East, together with the expansion of the Greatest Depression of all times and the financial and economic crisis, point to this imminent outcome.

By the way I assume that you have noticed that Google Adsense has reversed its decision and has activated the ads on my website again contrary to my expectations.

This is the most convincing proof at the micro-level that the tide has turned in our favour.

Make the best use of this new trend in the coming days to support the idea of ascension.

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Significance or Insignifance of Current Alternative Reforms of the Orion Monetary System

by Georgi Stankov Posted on October 13, 2015

by Georgi Stankov and Tristan Roberts, October 13, 2015


Hi Georgi,

I’ve been reading your site for a bit over a year, much more so after I met Skyler Newman. We had worked together to create a space near DC that would shine brightly, but eventually we split ways and now I’m travelling as a nomad after having mostly removed myself from the matrix after securing a lay off. I have to admit, your website didn’t really make much sense when I first started reading it, but eventually the ideas sank in.

The unemployment insurance has been allowing me to spend my time living with a “basic income” of sorts. I’ve been using my time to pay it forward, fighting for a “universal basic income”.

Some people think that we can subvert the curse that has been placed on the $ through establishing basic incomes wherever we can.

Others think that we should just abandon that system entirely, and then use new bitcoin like technologies to propel new forms of transparent, open, distributed governance and currency. ‘Ethereum’ is a new protocol that allows distributed computation on a blockchain. A specific implementation could incorporate a redistribution of wealth on every transaction.

People could opt into micro-states according to their desires and location rather than being forced into borders and murderous social organisms based on their birthplace.

I want you to know that I felt you on that last ascension test around the 7th. Thank you for bearing so much of the weight of the planet’s transformation.



Dear Tristan,

thank you for contacting me for the first time and sharing your views on the reformation of the current Orion monetary system. I heard about this project from Skyler some time ago but since then he has not written to me so that I do not the current state of affairs. Is he still working on his project? You tell me that you have left it and are travelling now.

The new forms of money and wealth distribution you have mentioned in your email are very similar to the ones that were developed and implemented on a micro-scale in Germany since more than three decades. At the end none of them really worked. Why? Because as long the current monetary system is still functioning it determines the rules of the game. Therefore the system must collapse first and then it is much better to start anew and not mend the current money system by still imitating it while partially eliminating some of its worst vices.

It will not work and I have explained why in many publications. Because as long as the people do not understand the nature of money, they will continue to perpetuate the failures of the current fiat money system by projecting their old expectations.

Once it is understood that money is an artifact that mimics the nature of energy though in a very imperfect manner, then the people will very easily recognize that they do not need money to organize their social and economic life. Hence a true money reform is entirely dependent on the level of awakening and intelligence of the masses. And this is where the problem now lies. First must come education and then reforms.

All reforms in the history of mankind that were done in good intentions have failed and in most cases have created more havoc than before. If it were not so, humanity would not march towards its final annihilation in the current End Time but would have progressed in the opposite direction. You are too young to know this, but I can assure you that 20 -30 years ago life was much more civilized and normal than it is now, which proves that we now experience a rapid devolution of humanity. All suggestions you make with respect to reforming the money system are integral part of this devolution which is a manifestation of the total confusion of most people these last days on this earth.

I am sorry but this is my final negative verdict on any efforts to reform the money system within the system, which is doomed to die very soon, together with all such inapplicable reforms.

With love and light



Hi Georgi,

Thanks for the response. Skyler and I were working to create an artificial currency featuring Basic Income, but we have been seeing many more people do the same and have instead been focusing on supporting their efforts.

I understand your perspective about the current system collapsing being necessary for meaningful change.

What are you thoughts on the possibility of micronations, that people can opt into a multitude of voluntarily? Cascadia could finally become a ‘thing’ for instance. Or BitNation might take off, with millions of people using their basic-income based cryptocurrency outside of the influence of the $.

The more energy spent with voluntary systems, the less energy the slave system has to sustain itself. Right?

I do not doubt the very real possibility for the slave system to collapse any moment. But what happens then? Is there anything we can do to minimize the ‘growing pains’ of transitioning from scarcity to post-scarcity? Or will karma just work all that out anyways?

Or perhaps our difference in perspective is that you’re experiencing the singular 5d realm while I am planning on helping one of the 4D Earths develop past this ‘checkpoint’?

Thank you for your energy,



Dear Tristan,

my last remarks were of general nature and reflected the global financial situation. Apart from that every attempt now to substitute the current money system with a more just and better functional alternative system of payments is a nail on the coffin of the Orion matrix and should be supported.

From a higher vantage point of view, I see though that the whole financial problem will be resolved very elegantly in the new 4D worlds after the incoming ID shift, which may as well happen next month and with a great probability this year. Hence we do not have much linear time. I can assure you that in the new 4D worlds, which will be still material though more fluid, there will be no money as we, the PAT, have eliminated it when we created their template last year. In the 5D we shall create immediately and money is obsolete there.

Here I want to mention a historical fact that may not be known to you. During the Great Depression and the Hyperinflation that destroyed the German Reichsmark and the Austrian shilling many villages in Austria and Bavaria introduced local currencies as to stimulate the local economies, which we paralyzed after the collapse of the bank system in these countries. These happened after 1931 when the Austrian Credit-Anstalt bank collapsed and after it could not be saved by the state and Austria declared state default and exited the gold standard. This created a vacuum for the establishment of alternative local currencies.

These alternative currencies were so effective that they triggered a real economic boom and helped the establishment of local municipality banks. When the central Orion government in Vienna realized the potential danger of such local municipal currencies that also created their own tax system outside the state government, they forbid them with a law and integrated these local banks into the so-called Raiffeisenbank which still exists. Then in 1939 came the “Anschluss’ (Unification) of Austria with Nazi Germany and the Reichsmark was introduced in Austria.

This historical example shows that the central Orion government, with its legislative and executive power, would always suppress such monetary experiments as they are a menace to its monopoly and exempt the people from the state control of the elite and their financial arm – the banksters.

After all, the enslavement of humanity in the second half of the 20th century, and exponentially so at the beginning of the 3rd millennium, was accomplished almost entirely through the rigged Orion monetary system. There has never been more dependence of the people on money, which is for the most part credit and debt money, as nowadays and if the banks have not abolished cash yet as they try desperately in the last years and days, it is only because they are afraid that they may not be able to control the situation and the people may start using local currencies. Insofar such attempts help prevent the insidious plans of the dark ruling cabal and the banksters to enslave humanity through total financial dependence – e.g. with the help of special chips for credit inserted in the body which is the famous “mark of the beast” prophesied by John (Apollonius of Tyana) in his Revelations for the End Times.

I hope that this elaboration gives you the proper historical perspective of all attempts in the past to reform the current monetary system that has been felt to be unjust by many people in previous epochs, just as this is the prevailing sentiment among the masses nowadays. But as I said in my previous letter, this disappointment is not enough – the people must use their brains to understand the true nature of money before they repudiate it and eliminate it.

With love and light


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