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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

sharing3.:Archive ::.PAT’s Journey to Heaven – The Day Of “One-ment”

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GCNYNF-W 9-24-2015

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Below 2015.75
Posted on June 16, 2015 by Martin Armstrong

Since 1985, I have warned that the Big Bang was coming 2015.75. Here is the slide from our 1998 World Economic Conference (WEC). This target is the culmination of 51.6 years from the first break in the Bretton Woods Monetary system – 1964.15.

So what was 1964.15? That was the end of silver coinage. The following year began the copper-nickel coinage. We should see important turning points in 2017 and 2020. We will be going over these targets at the upcoming WEC in November.

There is a crisis unfolding in the bond markets right now. There is no bid for bonds and liquidity is vanishing rapidly. When the crack materializes, this is going to be so bad it is scary. This is BIG BANG in spades. This entry was posted in Future Forecasts, World Economic Conference and tagged 1964.15, 2015.75, Big Bang, Bretton Woods, WEC by Martin Armstrong. Bookmark the permalink.

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“This Is Only the Beginning”





by Vajra P., September 22, 2015

Lieber Georg,
ich habe versucht, das in Deutsch zu schreiben, but it comes to me in English and Deutsch.

 So I go on in English and Deutsch. And I am a bit late with that, but I wanted it to be perfect.

Dear George,
“This is only the beginning” was on my mind, when I awoke up on the 18.09.2015. I was inspired by the Channeling of Sananda “You Are Now Ready To Cross The Finish Line” on your website, where he says:

 “This is the end of the beginning or the beginning of the end.” 

And I say “This is only the beginning” because much, much more is going to come. That I can sense.
This makes me remember the year 1969, when this new band Chicago Transit Authority, as they called themselves then, released their first album under their band name Chicago Transit Authority. Later they called their band just Chicago. On this album was a song called “Beginnings“. In 2002 they released a compilation “The Very Best of: Only the Beginning”. The last line of the song goes like this: “Only the beginning. Only just the start. Only the beginning. Only just the start. Only the beginning. Only just the start.”
And this was how I felt in 1969. 1969 was a special year. In the summer of 1969 the Woodstock Festival happened. Three days of peace and music… and rain and mud. But still a beginning.
I was a student at the University of Bonn. And in love with some girl. At that time I was always in love with some girl. I was reading Karl Marx and Wilhelm Reich and others of that kind. Ideas of free love and a liberation of humanity as a whole and Ex Nazi Germany in particular were in the air. We truly had a feeling of a new beginning, a new “Era of Enlightenment”. Wir Studenten scandierten: “Unter den Talaren der Muff von tausend Jahren.” (We, the students shouted: “under the talars (cassocks) the dross of thousand years”).
A part of us deep inside knew, that something was definitely wrong with science, all sciences. But at that time we could not name it and point out, what was wrong. We only knew, that we could not trust the authorities and all that came from them. (It needed you, George, to take onto yourself nearly 30 years later the work of a true Hercules to point out piece by piece, point by point and word by word what really was wrong with all those so-called sciences, including religion and the “new religion” economy.)
In consequence many of us turned away from science, to later become the light workers of that kind, that you have criticised on your website. And after 1969 the PTW (powers that were) did their best to suppress these energies of a new beginning and a new era of enlightenment. And they succeeded … for a while. And many of us went back to sleep, doing their jobs in the matrix.
In 1977, I was 33 years old when my wife left me. That was a shock which woke me up … and a relief for me. She was a young soul with many fears and for her I was always going too far, which was a great restriction for me. I remember being with her in Greece on the Peloponnese after having been in Delphi before. That must have been in 1975 or 1976. After having pitched up the tent near the sea in the dawning night, I lay on my back looking at the stars. My soul was lifted out of my body and I flowed upwards to the stars. Falling into the sky.
Then my wife with fear in her voice called my name and I fell out of the sky back into my body. In that moment I hated her and I knew I had to get rid of her if I wanted to go further into the unknown that was calling me. No, I did not murder her. But the Universe helped me. A short time later she fell in love with a colleague in school and left me. Now I was free and could go further than I ever had… and what happened?
I fell into a deep depression and a long row of fears haunted me which I never knew I had them. After having read the books of Ronald D. Laing, I knew that I was in a process of development which would make me stronger if I would go through it. And I knew that psychiatry could not help me. So I avoided psychiatry, and went through my inner hell alone, all the while doing my job as a teacher.
Now looking back I realise that that was the beginning of my LBP. But I did not know that and I knew nobody, who knew and could help me. But going through that all alone except for my soul really made me stronger than ever before.
In 1979 Pink Floyd released their album “The Wall”. At that time I was a teacher in a school for emotionally disturbed children. But my feeling was, that I was more emotionally disturbed at that time then my pupils were. I felt like balancing on a tight rope. I was definitely borderline at that time. But I went through it. And came out free of fear. In the morning I was a teacher in the afternoon at home I was listening to Pink Floyd:
“We don’t need no education We don’t need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the classroom Teachers leave them kids alone Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone! All in all it’s just another brick in the wall. All in all you’re just another brick in the wall.”
At that time my pupils in school were my teachers in that respect, because they were authentic, which I was not, but with their help I learned to be authentic again more and more. Looking back, I hope that I was not just another brick in the wall for my pupils. Anyway, I’ve done my best to not be that.
Why I write all of this to you now that you have decided to ascend? This is my way to say “Thank You” to you. You have helped me a lot to understand who I am and what I am going through. And I know that my time to ascend will come later. I still have a mission to fulfill here on earth with mankind and with mother earth Gaia, Terra. I am holding the light on earth as long as this my mission goes on.
Ah, there is something else, I have to tell you: I guess you know this place from the time when you have been studying in Bonn (From my letter to Vajra: “I did not study in Bonn, but in Muenster and Heidelberg. However when I first came to Germany I lived for a few months in Bad Godesberg, and I could see Petersberg on the other side of the Rhein very well during my hikings through the woods. At that time, 1975, it was in a rather poor state and only later on was it taken over by the government and transformed into official residence.”. Note, George)
View of the former government guest house on the Petersberg near Königsberg. Until 1952 it was the seat of the Allied High Commission. www.steigenberg...
After having come back from a retreat in May, I was so full of energy and love, that my soul lead me to open up the old energy vortex of the pagan power place on the Petersberg near Königswinter, which had been sealed by the dark roman catholic church, by building a chapel on it. When I first told Michael Naumann about it, he checked and found out, that it was still blocked in the underground. So I worked on it again and asked him to check it some time later. Shortly later he confirmed in an Email to me: “Ja, alles offen. (Yes, everything open.)
And I have a goody for you: A so-called aerial from Lofer:
But I guess Lofer is much more beautiful on 5D. And here are two more aerials created by Max Seigal. He is really an artist in aerials. Dalmatian Coast (Dubrovnik) on board the Sea Cloud.
When I look at them, I remember the time when I was a very young child and could fly in my dreams. When I grew older I lost this ability and was literally sucked down into 3D. But I will fly again.
So, I wish you and all of the PAT to have a glorious ascension, while we of the second wave hold the light down here. I will see you on 5D.
Truth, Love and Light

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PAT’s Journey to Heaven – Part I



Oh Lawd, I’m On My Way, September 21, 2015


Let me first put the things straight: As long I have not ascended and you are still here, I will continue editing this website, though not as intensively as in the past. And I will read your emails as carefully as in the past, even though I will not respond for the most part. And this will stay so till our ascension, which may as well happen end of this week, if we are lucky and linear time, this illusionary bitch, does not cheat us one more time. But apart from this we all know that we are “on our way to heaven” and that nothing can stop us anymore. This is the overwhelming tenor of all your emails which I will continue to publish as the events unfold.
With love and light
Hello Dr. Stankov & Carla:
Just wanted to take a moment and say good-bye to you and Carl and to thank you for all of the hard work done to keep the PAT thriving, in good, and bad times, during Ascension.
I strongly felt the need (internal longings) within myself to remain silent and focus only on me and my ultimate Ascension. While I appreciated all of the updates about what was presently, going on, to some degree, it was distracting, and kept me tied to this 3D Paradigm reading about the economic collapses going on worldwide; I really wanted no more to do with it, and needed, to simply, disconnect, totally, which I did. I am very happy that you have decided to sever all ties, in re, constantly, providing updates to the PAT website, etc., and to focus only on Dr. GeorgiStankov, as you, have done, much more, than your share. There comes a times when one must think of oneself, as I came to that conclusion and simply disconnected myself from it and the website, although, sometime, I would periodically check it out. Much of the time, it was focusing on these current, 3D, negative, world events, and I simply could not deal with it energetically, as the frequencies had become much to low for me, and caused me great emotional pain. As enlightening as your website was, by the same token, toward the end, with the steady focus on current negative, world events, was, in some way, still perpetuating the 3D negative paradigm. No offense meant, only heart-felt sincerity that you’ve made the decision to disconnect from it all, as well.
As I will not bother you with personal details of my on-going Ascension of permanently detaching from this 3D reality, I will simply say, that I know we are all on the right course, and truly believe that we will permanently detach 100% from this paradigm very, very, shortly. A few weeks back, I was taken to Heaven and surrounded by a heavenly council of 24, which, I believe, were Elders, and with the presence of Christ. I was encircled by all of them. I was not allowed to remember the conversation of the Elders, but to look upon their faces was to look upon pure golden fire as was the same with Christ when he came through a very large, door and walked within the circle, hugged and kissed me on either side of my face, and then,  escorted me outside the circle and back out the door. So, I know, I’m on the right course, and it will not be long before I am totally out of this reality, and not half in 3D and half in 5D or higher.
Anyway, again, God bless you and Carla; and thank you so very much for everything you have done to help out the members of the PAT, and humanity, in general. Your reward is in heaven with the Creator.
God bless.
Much love and light always,

Dear Georgi,
From the moment that you first ‘boxed me in the ears,’ way back in 2011 to my final note of a week ago, I must apologize for taking you for granted so many times over the past years.  You were meant for all of us, in remarkable ways; and I know that you appreciate it. For many of us, your meeting with Carla and moving to Canada was a tremendous shock and it has taken up till now to sort it all out. We became emotionally attached to Georgi, not realizing the psychic and spiritual attachments that went along with it. You are exactly where you have wanted to be, and we are exactly where we have wanted to be! The negative vibrations have gone back to 3D hell, where they belong.  The new way of thinking and acting are here now. Best regards to you and Carla.
With Love & Light,

Hi Georgi,
Thank you for your tenacity, your knowledge, and your willingness to share with us all. As you know, I’ve been following your website since shortly after you started it in 2011. I admire you tremendously and hold the greatest of respect for your undeviating and relentless work during this most arduous ascension process. I wish you and the PAT nothing but highest Love in New Lemuria and will look forward (an oxymoron in the Now!) to visiting you all there. As for me, well, this Arcturian Starseed will be catching the next Lightship home. Thank you again. Sincerely and with all honour to you and Carla, I salute you.
Barbara, Canada

Hi George and Carla,
I am not surprised and am totally supportive of your decision, it doesn’t make sense to try to make sense of this nonsense any longer, does it?  (I’ve been in a Dr. Seuss frame of mind lately.)  I have been feeling great inner joy last few days and a certainty that my days in this illusion are coming to a close.  My dreams are fantastic and my new kitty is the embodiment of joy.  Many miracles have been bestowed on me lately and I just know we’re on our way!  I can’t thank you enough for your guidance and love and being a home for the sanity club!  Happy journey my friends and see you soon!
With all my heart,

Thanks for all your work and effort. I personally want to thank you because you showed up at the right time (September 2011) when I thought I was going crazy with all these unexplained symptoms, Always your readings gave us a light that guided us strength to continue and above all confidence always know that our captain struggled to show the truth and keep us safe and gradually closer together, as a team. “Captain” as we name you affectionately but you’re really much more than that. I wish that your path is full of light and we soon meet again, all together in a great celebration.
With all my love and admiration


Dear Georgi and Carla,
Merci du fond du coeur , du fond de l’âme. Au-Revoir et A-Dieu.
Sophie, Belgium

Dear Georgi,
I can’t be happier of your decision to now dedicate the few time we have left to your ultimate ascension. I have been so certain and in peace with what is coming for us, just smiling to myself all day without any necessity to share it with my family, whom wouldn’t understand anyway. This week I will be dedicate to purifying my physical body one last time and connecting with Gaia so that to receive all the source energy during the next blood full moon.
All my Love and Light to you captain and Carla too.
Betty Gaubicher, Chile

Dearest Georgi,
Your announcement deeply resonated with me. For more than 6 years I have been maintaining a Spiritual Facebookgroup as well and I now know what I need to do. The time has come for me to utilize all that time and energy on my personal ascension. And on this day of the Equinox I make this conscious decision to remove my energies from anything that will keep me from maintaining a high vibration.
From the bottom of my heart I thank you and Carla and the PAT for the contributions and sharing. I fondly remember those early days, almost 5 years ago when we miraculously found each other, connected the dots, and grew into the Logos Gods we are today.
We have been through so much. Yes, we had many disappointments but there were so many more victories. Thank you for never giving up. Bless you for all the hard work and effort.
I love you PAT!
Let’s do this!
Mara Burger


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PAT’s Journey to Heaven – Part II


The PAT in the Upper Room, September 21, 2015

Dear Georgi & Carla,
just a few days ago I had a feeling that some type of message regarding communication would be coming from you. I then had an image of you & Carla toasting each other with a glass of wine. Now I know why. Although I was one of the quiet PAT members, I have read your posts since day one. I love you dearly and respect and honor you for your endless commitment to the Source. Please accept my donation and make my image of the two of you come to fruition. Find a little cafe’ and toast one another for love. See you in New Lemuria.
Much Love & Light,
Janice Pelletier

Dearest Georgi,
I support your decision 1000% to withdraw and carry yourself to ascension and lead the way. You are the truth and the light and the way that has lightened our tunnel of darkness into the light.
I’m sorry I’ve not written in many months but I’m heart soul and body ( of light) with you. I love you Georgi. you’ve transformed my life and Leo’s and so many others of us.
I’m now (physically) in Budapest and have been here since this migrant crisis exploded between our two countries a few days ago and the borders are now lined with barbed wire to Croatia and Serbia and Schengen seems dead. So perhaps it now even the most appropriate time to say farewell to this morass of humanity and black madness. just tonight we attended a performance of Budapest ballet (modern) about “madness” and the last theme being a piece set to the music of Ravel ’s Bolero and Arvo Part which was entitled “Madness”. the theme was based on Socrates statement that our biggest blessings (and greatest wisdom) come to us by way of insanity and madness.
Let us now allow this state of madness and insanity of the 3D and powers-that-be-created-darkness to fuel our ascension to the light.
I love you dearly Georgi. words can never explain.
heart and soul with you and Carla and that PAT
and whole-being gratitude and blessings and all bows and accolades and complete gratitude to the very core of your being, Georgi–
Sarah Smucker

I also followed you when you wrote about your detachment and took it as a good sign! I got one last fear + attack today.. Just to remind me how strong and fearless I am today and also nicely reminder that we are on our way! And the rubber band just let go!! So exciting! And I also want to send my deepest gratitude for every time you have been there for me and everyone, i would’ve lost hope a long time ago and would have no believe in our ascension of Gaia and humanity.
Thanks again Captain! Lets get this ship sailin’ 🙂 Oh it’s sailing already! Woohoo!
Love from Kim Kaukonen, Sweden

it’s been a long while since I emailed you about the full moon eclipse but other than that, ever since you posted your article about the upcoming ascension event for the September 28th, things happen so quickly all of the sudden and not only that you posted a video that has a rainbow colored cloud that represent a Mothership as a sign that we are finished and ready to go to a New world that we are hoping for.  still, I can’t helped it but think that is this really “THE FINAL FINAL STAGE” despite all the delays that have been given for over 4 years? I can only do is to wait and see on how everything is unfolding that will lead us toward ascension or just nothing happen again as usual.  if it doesn’t happen tomorrow or the 28th or later, then it doesn’t surprise me as we are already been this before so I’ll just ask this again.  can we guaranteed that we will ASCEND Now as the HR said as in we will moving away from 3D world to 5D new Lemuria? that is the only question that we, as a PAT, are going had to wait and see.
Love and Light
have a nice life,
Henry Tu, PAT from America

Dear George,
Thanks for your relentless positive effort and all the Love you put in to the PAT and humanity.
See you soon in the most conscious way imaginable.

With Love and Light,
Holger Braun, Holland

Dear Georgi,
Even though I appreciated to read your insights on  economy, politics, world events, which helped me to understand better their”games”, I always found strange that you bothered about the 3D world.
What could be better than following you, “looking” at how you do it, even if we do not have any “physical” news. You draw the path and we follow. You and Carla have given so much. By going on your personal ascension will pull us in your wake.
Thank you and Carla SO much for all your work, love, attention.
With so much love and gratitude,
Olga Proniewski

Hello George
My last letter to you.  I had made a copy before I deleted it from the computer. When you did not respond back to me. Something was up. The next day there was still no response. My intuition told me you were stopping the web-site.
When you announced the closing of your web-site, I pulled out the letter and read it again for about the third time.  As I was writing that letter, I remember writing the first part about the experiences of my daughter. The rest of the letter, all I can say is my Higher Self wrote the rest and she kept me blinded to it until you made your announcement of stopping writing. I read the letter again. Then I saw what I had wrote. Those last seven words to you. (The time is at hand to go.)
This got me to thinking that somehow I was responsible of the decision that it is time to go. Reading your announcement very carefully, I picked up that there were others besides me that were giving you the go ahead to stop. The Elohim confirmed it.
Reading the letters from the PAT today helped me with knowing that I was not alone with the decision to finally let go, of this 3D madness. To let you go too ! I have no idea what comes next. Something tells me we will all come together again. I hope so. The joy of hearing every ones voices, truly has been a pleasure. George you were the glue that held us all together all these years. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to you. My gratitude goes out to All of the PAT. We are a great TEAM!! I will say it again.
The time is at hand to go……
Love from the Hills of Arkansas

Lieber Georgi,
deinen wunderbaren, einmaligen  Blog verfolge ich seit ungefähr 2 Jahren, habe aber nie Kontakt mit dir aufgenommen, weil ich nicht einschätzen kann, ob ich “so weit bin” zum PAT zu gehören.
Ich fühle mich jedoch mit dir und Carla von Herzen sehr verbunden, so dass ich mich nun ohne vieler Worte mit Liebe und dem euch gebührenden Respekt zum Abschied verneige. Und wir werden uns erkennen, wenn ich mich zur Begrüßung verneige.
In  undendlicher Liebe
Birgit Hoppe

Lieber Georg,
vielen herzlichsten Dank für Deine Bemühungen der letzten Jahre (Jahrzente!). Du hast es auf den Punkt gebracht: Es ist wohl die Zeit gekommen für uns, diese 3D-Matrix zu verlassen. Mutter Erde hat allem Anschein nach auch die Nase voll, die kosmischen Energien die runterkommen sind jeden Tag eine neue Herausforderung. Seit letztem Wochenende hat sich die Atmosphäre/Energie grundlegend gewandelt, in mir macht sich eine wunderbare Stille und Frieden breit.
Egal wie “lange” es noch dauert bis zum Aufstieg, wir haben bereits gewonnen. Wir sehen uns dann auf der anderen Seite!
Liebe Grüße
Joon-Yong Choi

Escribiré en español por primera vez porque quiero expresarme lo mejor posible, tu sabrás sí publicas este mensaje, Maestro Georgi.
Aunque no te escribo desde hace un tiempo, sabes que estamos conectados para siempre, no escribo, porque no hay necesidad, tu ya lo has dicho todo, siempre explicando la situación de la forma más adecuada, y además no he querido ocupar tu tiempo, más de lo que ya lo he ocupado.
Luego de pasar estos casi 5 años, aprendiendo acerca de lo que está ocurriendo con nosotros, con nuestro cuerpo, cómo las dudas se han ido solucionando, tantos problemas que se han presentado, creer que había empezado a enloquecer, y que gracias a tus escritos, comprendí, que no era el caso. Hemos superado obstáculos que ni siquiera sabía que existían, y que además estaban afectando a toda la raza humana de manera que no permitían el avance del ser, de tus sabios consejos aprendí tanto, que no sabría como remunerarlo.
Conocí la biografía de Apolonio y su Nychtemerion, un escrito que marcó mucho para mi, podría decir que divide mi vida en antes y después de esta lectura, obviamente inspirado en tus libros y tus recomendaciones.
Entonces aprendí que somos guerreros, guerreros del arco iris, cuantas veces se presento este ícono en mis aventuras, desde que los guerreros indígenas me señalaron el camino por el que debía transitar, ese puente de colores fulgurantes que señalaba el camino de la ascensión. Varias veces me ocurrió, una vez se me presento un arco iris en plena oscuridad, es decir, sin la presencia del sol.
Después llegaron las luchas contra aquellas entidades totalmente obscuras, enfermos, que dirigían la religión católica, y que luego cambiamos por el mago del bastón azul, de quien fui testigo y pude ver gracias a mi tercer ojo. Y luego tuve muchas experiencias de índole astral, mensajes, canalizaciones, etc… Una época bastante complicada, porque yo no había sido educado bajo este tipo de conocimiento, era una persona totalmente escéptica, apegada al conocimiento científico, o eso creía.
Luego empecé a recibir el conocimiento verdadero, mis chakras activados todos en un solo momento, el frio y calor combinados, el yin y yang, o como quieran decirle, y después de un tiempo… REAL REGENTIS.
Allí se detuvieron mis experiencias, que hoy día entiendo, fueron causadas posiblemente por mi HS, o por entidades superiores. Entonces comencé mi camino personal para tratar de comprender a fondo que significaba toda esta “locura”, tu sabes que nunca se ha detenido el sonido metálico de mis oídos, es más, luego aprendí, y me sirvió mucho para decidir sobre sitios desconectados con la fuente, que como ya sabes, generaron una serie de eventos y de reacciones en cadena para terminar destruyendo esos nidos de oscuridad, que se enquistaron en este planeta, quién sabe hace cuantos años.
Un millón de aventuras te podría relatar, pero en tu sitio web, están explicadas; le agradezco a Michael por su meditación Pulser, y a muchos otros compañeros del PAT, por su guía, sabes, siempre estuve relacionado con la obscuridad más obscura, pero pude superarla, me sentí mal la primera vez que te escribí, porque una dama muy poderosa pudo sentirme a plenitud, ella comentó aquella vez, “Aquí llegaron los obscuros”…
Hoy en día me siento como un agente infiltrado que ya ha cumplido con su deber, la energía fluye por mi cuerpo como un mar de placer, ya no siento dolor de ninguna índole, eso debido, creo, a que ya no me alimento de ningún tipo de carne animal.
Podría seguir escribiendo todo lo que me ha ocurrido en estos últimos 5 años pero, no quiero alargar este mensaje, solo confirmar por última vez, que a partir del 3 de septiembre de 2015, cuando sentí que el tiempo se aceleró como en una máquina de VHS, y se detuvo nuevamente, sabía claramente que algo ya no era igual que antes, obviamente tu lo explicaste de manera magistral, como siempre.
No siendo más, me despido, no sin antes enviarte una canción, de Silvio Rodriguez, cantautor cubano.
Al final de este viaje en la vida
(Silvio Rodríguez)

Al final de este viaje en la vida quedarán
nuestros cuerpos hinchados de ir
a la muerte, al odio, al borde del mar.
Al final de este viaje en la vida quedará
nuestro rastro invitando a vivir.
Por lo menos por eso es que estoy aquí.

Somos prehistoria que tendrá el futuro,
somos los anales remotos del hombre.
Estos años son el pasado del cielo;
estos años son cierta agilidad
con que el sol te dibuja en el porvenir,
son la verdad o el fin, son Dios.
Quedamos los que puedan sonreír
en medio de la muerte, en plena luz.

Al final de este viaje en la vida quedará
una cura de tiempo y amor,
una gasa que envuelva un viejo dolor.
Al final de este viaje en la vida quedarán
nuestros cuerpos tendidos al sol
como sábanas blancas después del amor.

Al final del viaje está el horizonte,
al final del viaje partiremos de nuevo,
al final del viaje comienza un camino,
otro buen camino que seguir
descalzos contando la arena.
Al final del viaje estamos tú y yo intactos.
Quedamos los que puedan sonreír
en medio de la muerte, en plena luz.

De tu amigo, y alumno, guerrero de luz, PAT.
José Arenilla, Columbia

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September 23, 2015 – The Day Of “One-ment” Through Collapsing Linear Time. Strong Confirmation
by Georgi Stankov Posted on September 25, 2015

Georgi Stankov, September 25, 2015


This is the first time I have come across this source and channeller (see below) and I cannot tell you anything about him. But it is remarkable that this unknown to me source independently confirms the delivery of the 9/11 ascension codes of the Source through the PAT on September 23rd that are leading to the collapse of linear time and the creation of Oneness. By the way, the transmission of these codes continued yesterday, September 24th with full force and this was associated with a huge shift.

I also confirm the rapid awakening of many people from their zombie-like slumber and the shock with which they encounter this reality for the first time with eyes wide open is tremendous.

This gives me an inkling as to how humanity will very soon react when some major revelations will happen.

Yesterday Mike from Florida made me aware of this announcement:

September 24, 2015
MEDIA ADVISORY M15-145 NASA to Announce Mars Mystery Solved

Mars true-color globe showing Terra Meridiani.

Credits: NASA/Greg Shirah

(Nature Geoscience has Embargoed Details until 11 a.m. EDT Sept. 28)

NASA will detail a major science finding from the agency’s ongoing exploration of Mars during a news briefing at 11:30 a.m. EDT on Monday, Sept. 28 at the James Webb Auditorium at NASA Headquarters in Washington. The event will be broadcast live on NASA Television and the agency’s website.

News conference participants will be:

· Jim Green, director of planetary science at NASA Headquarters

· Michael Meyer, lead scientist for the Mars Exploration Program at NASA Headquarters

· Lujendra Ojha of the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta

· Mary Beth Wilhelm of NASA’s Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California and the Georgia Institute of Technology

· Alfred McEwen, principal investigator for the High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) at the University of Arizona in Tucson

A brief question-and-answer session will take place during the event with reporters on site and by phone. Members of the public also can ask questions during the briefing using #AskNASA.

To participate in the briefing by phone, reporters must email their name, media affiliation and telephone number to Steve Cole at stephen.e.cole@nasa.gov by 9 a.m. EDT on Monday.

For NASA TV downlink information, schedules and to view the news briefing, visit:


For more information about NASA’s journey to Mars:



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I forwarded this message to Carla and asked her what she gets from her HS about this coming event as I myself had no resonance with it whatsoever.

She wrote to me back “I feel a portal.

And its a portal holding great love.

It probably doesn’t make any sense but this is what I feel.”

Hence the long-awaited date of the last blue moon and moon eclipse on Sept 27 and then the next day may indeed bring some great surprises to humanity exactly as we have expected them for a long time.

Message from the One and Only

Gerald O’Donnell, September 24, 2015


This crucial message from the One and Only was received today, September 23rd, 2015 by Gerald O’Donnell, a day when the portals to the Most High were kept opened and unencumbered as the day of at-One-ment unfolded

Today is an important day in the unfolding of the Creative processes which the One and Only operates.

Today, all the gates which perceptually separate man from his Maker have been kept open, on purpose, so that a flow is restored between the original Source of all thoughts and creative endeavors, and their manifold expressions at all levels of Creation.

This is a unique and important moment, a point of singularity, that allows the One to enter at will the many that are expressing It on all levels.

Creation is at a crossroads between eternal Peace and Life, and final chaos.

In this very difficult period and challenge, the two real final opposite poles of perceptive realms — The One and the many — have to turn around and at long last embrace themselves, face to face, in a final act of Love and Unification, where the One perceives the many as Himself and thence cares for them as Himself, and the many Creatures, at all levels, perceive the One as themselves and thence care for Its expression and manifestation across and throughout their realms of operations.

This final embrace has been long in the making.

Many entities have spoken at length about this era which pertains not only to this Creation but to all Creations at once.

It is the beginning a new era — the Real Creation, the Real Beginning, where man listens to God, and God listens to the desires and hopes of man, and manifest them as they are in tune with His tendencies and hopes for them, as Himself.

A great deal of dislocation, imbalance, and suffering has already occurred in this and many other realms.

Battling forces that have lost all contact with their origins are fighting to impose their will or mode of operations upon others.

Many have faltered and lost their ways and this is becoming acutely manifested across most levels of Creation.

The cry of the innocent and the meek is seldom heard.

The Earth has been pillaged intensively and deeply damaged for her resources, and great instability shall soon ensue if humankind does not correct its ways and balance itself in a loving embrace, face to face, with its environment that nurtures it and gives it sustenance and Life force.

Great and Holy souls have been deeply injured in a final attempt to rescue a lost humanity from a disastrous fate. Many have ceased to speak. Many have departed, discouraged and deeply wounded.

Mankind knows only of few of those, and instead of listening to their common messages, they have rather created stories or legends around their lives and focused far, far more on the stories of these short lives than on the messages that they were trying to convey. And those messages were always asking humanity to unite and love each other, and never ever to engage in unjust combat, battles, and competition against each other.

And the Holy Source of these messages became lost and forgotten as mankind started to focus mostly on the messengers and not on the message. So the messages became distorted in order to fit the tendencies that many powerful men wanted them to reflect.

Many ask if God is now actively causing all the strong convulsions which are ripping humanity throughout this planet. And the answer is: It does not have to do so, since chaos is brought about by mankind and imbalanced energies that have infiltrated this realm and abode in order to keep man separated from its Maker.

The One is only about Oneness, peace, unity, hope, and great Love spreading across all and every creatures.

Barriers are unknown to Its Mind; so are colors, races, religions, or systems of economical and political dreams, for to the One all is but One, and the One sees all as Himself, as One.

The perception of separation is foreign to It. That perception is only given to Its lower elements and creatures, through ingenious systems that allow for such perceptions to exist and operate between facets, groupings and all the points of Light that they encompass.

Were the One to remove these perceptions fully, all the facets, all the points of His Consciousness, would merge into One and fully disappear within Its One Eternal and Infinite Mind.

That is why the reconciliation of the One with the many needs to be achieved in a slow, painstaking but glorious manner, and soon so.

You are running out of perceived time. Although time is but an illusion, steps are not. And within the effects that you are causing, a moment shall soon come, a point, where the full fragile balance of your common biological parent which is the Holy Kingdom of Nature shall start to collapse, rapidly so, and engulf all of humanity without any exception into a very painful horrific period which could culminate in the end of this experience if you, as mankind, do not take immediate steps to let go of your perceived differences and lack of understanding of each other and of your role here and engage fully in all your endeavors and your energies into full cooperation and a great desire to save yourselves from your selves.

You will need to let go of old programs that have shown not to serve you well. You will need to unwind patterns that you keep repeating blindly that have hurt so many so often and that have no reasons to exist ever more again.

You will need to unite across all boundaries, all separations, all cultures, all religions, and break these barriers once and for all in the name of the true Loving Unity that you were born in and come from and should go back to.

You can still do it and when and if you so decide to achieve this Holy goal, the One will manifest healing of your Being, both individually and collectively, and of the magnificent planet of operation upon which you were placed and created from.

And miraculous moments shall arrive where you will feel finally that you are all one family and have this feeling in the depth of your soul as a constant reminder of who you are, where you come from, and where you shall all go to again.

Lay down your weapons, be they on physical planes, or mental ones.

Create only technologies that advance the totality of the human condition in full harmony with its planetary body.

Do not create technologies in order to profit from them only. This is the pitfall of man, to put his desire for profits above the good of all his brothers and sisters.

Return to your roots. Respect the sacredness of the incredible miracle which life is as it was gifted to all of you by the Eternal. Do not soil it. Do not deprave it. It is in the creation of Life that you are co-creating with the Creator.

Focus only on that, on your nurturing this Holy gift and propagating it. Do not cease it from propagating! Do not shorten its span of experiences! Focus on your children. Cherish them more than you cherish your selves and the Eternal will see you for the pillars of strength and love which you are manifesting as mother and father. Do not stop this magnificent experiment!

Believe, in the depth of yourself, that you, together with your Creator, can bring about a higher, far better expression of your creative selves across this universe. And soon, as you engage in that across all the universes, they will sing in unison the symphony of Love of the Holy One manifested across all of His world forever and ever, as your life becomes but the Life of the Eternal and the Eternal becomes but fully imbued with His manifold Lives. And Eternal Life shall then be you fate.

This will be all.

The One and Only

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