Sharing – Light Painting 101 | explora – Windows 10 – ON NEW EARTH | photos

Origen: Sharing – Light Painting 101 | explora – Windows 10 – ON NEW EARTH | photos



Sharing – Light Painting 101 | explora – Windows 10 – ON NEW EARTH

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ON NEW EARTH, things are more awesome than (y)our human aspect could ever understand. That which your human sees as imagination, is you seeing the other dimensional realities you consider a dream. Here we’ve done it. Here we live the dream. Heaven on Earth. NEW Earth. We jumped, embraced and focused on our Light. We opened our hearts fully and released the “impurities” of the old illusions we held within our cells/physical body. We let go of judgement, limited perceptions, transcended all and came to embody that which was beyond our human mind’s comprehension.

Here there is purity, love, magic amazingness, honor, respect and contributions by all. Here we don’t allow for any less. Here the old ways are non-existent because we stopped participating and re-creating the old realities with our own limiting beliefs that we used to hold inside. Here we are one huge Galactic Family working as one for a common goal. Here we do what’s necessary to make it happen. Here we honor all as one UNIFIED BODY OF LIGHT. Here we are FULLY REMEMBERED…

Right now, many are working to clear old separation within, working through physical realities necessary in order to fully remember again. Right now, may are coming to understand honor, integrity, support as light and what co-existence means as all unify.

Experiences are so that WE can see and understand. We created/call them forth by what we held/hold within. Understanding how “programming” works is becoming a MASTER LIGHT BEING SELF again. Becoming a PROGRAMMER of the Hologram means total awareness, total observation, total inner connection with all as one and total dedication to the/as the Light from inside and with every fiber of our being.

Lack does not exist within our vocabulary anymore. We use the word to explain, as do we many human words to describe energy so that others can feel-see and understand too.

Here, we express, transmit and share. Here we support, come together and see all other dimensions as they transpire (materialize) in our physical reality now. Here we recognize all in frequencies and bandwidths and honor others needs to go do their reality for them. Here we do not all need to be up in the same space together, unless we operate at the same frequency and have synchronized as Angelic-Galactics to work/live/exist together for our missions/purposes here. Here we all contribute everything we have available to us. Here everything is important which supports heart-light being realities. Here, we all have something to contribute to the whole. Here we have our hearts and when that is where we come from, we have everything we need, together as one. Here, we leave the pettiness of human behind, we don’t dominate with “need”… We contribute then we receive. Our receiving is based upon what we share from our hearts, what we put into everything, energetically and it has nothing to do with what used to be important.

Here, NEW EARTH EXISTENCE is most important and what we DO with our energy is number one. If we need to deal with something, clear something, talk/communicate something, we do it. If we have something that will assist, we offer/contribute it, share it. We also take care in what we do allow, as WE ALL all must stand in our own power, responsibility and step up.

We have our days that we must pull away (many of them), so that we can honor ourselves to keep working at the pace required to do our missions/purposes here. Many have no idea how much we do. They see the small picture, just a tiny aspect of all that we accomplish, contribute and put in.

After we’ve done the sleeping to wake up and start to get into service with our own light, we can accomplish in one day what used to take months, while some days we can’t do a thing, because of the frequencies present, other times it takes us day to accomplish one task. We flow with it. It’s always perfect, as how we function here is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT when we allow our higher-self-heart-minds to be the driving force. All of our creations, totally from the heart. All of our sessions are too, so these are the easy part. It’s the technical stuff, the mundane details, the physical world things that slow us down and even drain us, so we have to work energetically with all. Here we don’t “think” or process the old ways. Here we sit in a space and allow the processes to occur and all comes through simultaneously and we just do/work in flow. It’s backwards here and in the beginning, we sat alot. We waited for inspiration to come, for the knowledge to come forth. Once it starts coming, it never stops. There’s CREATION AND KNOWLEDGE in EVERYTHING! It’s beyond magnificently brilliant for sure! ♥

Open your hearts and minds, for creativity, inspiration and your gifts for abundance to come through you. Let it stream, flow and get it out there! Share you/your heart & higher self knowledge/inner wisdom !!!! I love you! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼
Posted 17th December 2015 by ATMAN

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