Sharing3- 135 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – your past- Evidence That the MPR Is Impending on This Uppermost Mother Planet- The Arcturians: The Ascension is Now | samkaska

Origen: Sharing3- 135 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – your past- Evidence That the MPR Is Impending on This Uppermost Mother Planet- The Arcturians: The Ascension is Now | samkaska



Sharing3- 135 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – your past- Evidence That the MPR Is Impending on This Uppermost Mother Planet- The Arcturians: The Ascension is Now

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Video 135 

Answers of an alien from Andromeda
– video hundred and thirty five

– July 16, 2015.

Mythi, we were waiting for the light of your base on Pluto, what happened? 

– The lights of our base are lit, we use light in the frequency range equivalent to your wavelength (nm) range of 6000K to 7500K and it seems that your NASA are filtering this frequency in the photos brought to you.

 This reddish color of the photos shows the result of this filtering because that planet does not have this color; it looks like the surface of your moon, but with the ground much more rugged.


– Dear friends, how many of you have questions and doubts about how to absorb cosmic energy, concentration and meditation.

 As CB asks me, I will give a short explanation about it, which could serve as a short guide.

 Here are some helpful tips and practices to achieve a quantum concentration of cosmic energy to increase your ability to transcend to levels that could over time provide greater ease of communication via brain waves.

 First, let’s examine how the magnetic field of your planet works. The magnetic flux also interacts in both directions; there is no “flow direction” for the magnetic lines between the poles. Through these lines the magnetic field aligns the incidence of cosmic energy that is channeled from one pole to the other, entering by one and leaving the other to continue their journey through space.

 These tips in this short guide is to show how you can take advantage of this flow to increase the current power load by your brain to activate certain dormant sectors that require a higher level of quantum energy to function. The quantum energy is like your vitamin “D” who needs the solar energy absorbed by the skin to metabolize; well, the quantum energy needs of cosmic energy to metabolize in the brain.

How to make your concentration.

 As very few have a pyramid to get into it, therefore you can use a neodymium magnet to easily simulate the alignment.

 The neodymium magnet when placed upright on a flat surface aligns with the resulting direction of local magnetic lines, and this will give you aligned north / south to be used by you.

 The side of the magnet that faces the south is the north pole of it, and it is the side that will be facing you.

 With this alignment, the front part of your brain is aligned with the north / south axis of the geomagnetic field in the direction where you are going on the cosmic energy flow.

 As you friends can see, the geomagnetic field of your planet does not behave the same way in all locations; your compasses are compensated regionally to make these corrections.

 But it is not the axis “north / south” geographical that matters but rather the direction of the magnetic lines in your region, and neodymium will align with these lines.

 After finding the position of that axis in your room, always use this sense to sit for meditation.

 Place your neodymium magnet in a range of fabric and place it on your forehead with the pole marked “north” in your skin, this is not necessary but the magnet will help to focus a little more energy, like a lens does with the sunlight.

 Electric charges of your neurons will to align with this flow as you relax, vacating the brain to release the workloads of these neurons and leaving them in receptive state.

 With practice, you will be able to reach a state in which cease to feel your body, do not feel your feet, hands, heat or cold, and will be in a contemplative mood where your physical plane to commune with your astral plane.

 At this stage, your brain will take the opportunity of “excess energy” to free sectors that were prevented from being released under normal conditions.

 The more sectors are released the greater your ability to concentrate and understanding, since it will see things on an external angle that will allow a much broader view of everything that affects you or you’re about at the moment of your existence.

 From that point on, the telepathic reception possibilities will be much easier to achieve, which may facilitate communication with earlier brothers in a future interplanetary relationship.

 Mythi, they are found drawings and Egyptian sculptures showing humanoid-faced cats, birds, and reptiles.

 This represent beings who actually were present here at that time ? 

– There are many billions of years ago, many development experiments were done in the universe involving mostly mammals and reptiles.

 With respect to insect descendants, few races have become civilizations as most of them became extinct.

 Mammals and reptiles were more hybridized with respect to the genome and DNA, and this led to a considerable range of species that have managed to make societies through billions of years of development.

 Yes there are humanoid mammals hybridized with DNA from cats and dogs and various types of herbivores, beyond that better adapted, which were hybridized with primates.

 Most of the humanoid was hybridized from primates, of which we share 92% of DNA, the other 8% are the result of manipulation of the genome, which defines the differences between the humanoid species as well as the different species of primates themselves.

 The Atouns, Arcturians, Pleiadeans, like most fleets including mine, remained mixed crews with various elements of various races working as a team each in its specific function, therefore you will find drawings and sculptures praising the different types of “gods “who came from heaven to teach knowledge of the stars.

 In the case of reptiles, there are some amphibious races working in crews of Arcturians for millennia, very competent and reliable by the way, so never judge aliens by appearance, first check who they really are.

 The reptiles birds hybrids were never really developed.

 The birds are reptiles with different structure and the fact that they have not really functional hands would not have a great future development as other species.

 Frescoes and statues of such hybrids with birds are only artistic manifestation; do not represent any real hybrid.

Mythi, there is a theory that the time is an illusion: past, present and future all exist together. What can you tell us about this matter? 

– A well preposterous theory … time does not accumulate in layers that it could be related or consulted in a universe context.

 Past events vanish after passing … 

it’s not like frames of a video.

 This is also shared by all who live in the third dimension, and the past is passed to all equally. It’s like a ladder in one direction, when you move up to the next rung the previous not coming back to you, but others will be climbing that step where you have been and what was passed to you will be the present for them.

 So in a generic concept, the level that you lived in an earlier time will still be there for others who will go through it in a conceptual form, but for you as an individual it will have ceased to exist and may be only a recorded memory in your mental records.

 – As a side note, not all walk up the steps to universal time and space at the same speed, many may have started together but the most aware rise naturally faster, reaching future levels while others remain in their present in your past.

 I hope you can understand the context of these clarifications.

 Mythi, what type of validity do the messages and practices on the Emerald tablets of Thoth of Atlantis serve our current state of consciousness?

 – These old mentors gifts, some were made with materials from outside the planet, more advanced crystals and metals, and this has caused much lasted until the present day but the messages, messages has its shelf life, which had a meaning in a given time cannot be taken as an absolute guide in another epoch.

 The conscientization not need books or guides, a native of your forests can be more aware than most of your “civilized” people.

 Those looking for awareness will have to find it from within, regardless of knowing how to read old tablets or old books.

 Those who pray with the priest during a Mass in the churches is only repeating words in the literary sense, as if conscientized internally would see those sayings of very different from literary way, and know that being there is not more than if you were in your own room or in the middle of a forest.

 Do not seek to rely on old knowledge, you friends live in an epoch that provides infinite times more information for you friends form your own base of awareness.

 View and analyze the old information as relics of yesteryear, trough from which your civilization managed to get here.

 – I ask you who seek to hear what is said here, be always prepared for any new moment in the life of the planet, and many brothers who watch you friends, hope to help put everything on track as soon as this is possible.

 – Quite spacecraft movement will be detected by you in these next few months, many of which can be viewed without invisibility field since the CG does not seem to be too worried about it lately.

 Stay all well and health.

 *An explanation of the neodymium: Attach the magnet suspended by a thin line and he will find the north / south axis of your location, select the north pole of the magnet that is pointing to the magnetic south of the planet.

 That side of the magnet is that can be placed on your forehead while you’re meditating facing north on the planet.

*  *  * 

* * 

The Arcturians: The Ascension is Now

by Georgi Stankov Posted on August 20, 2015

Suzanne Lie, August 20, 2015

This is a timely message that summarizes one more time the basic aspects of the ascension process as known and experienced by the PAT. It reaffirms the fundamental truth that the ascension is happening in the Now and that linear time is an illusion.



Dear Readers,

This morning, the Arcturians shared a message with me (Wed., Aug., 19, 2015), and it follows:

“We need you NOW. What you have waited for is here NOW. We, your galactic and planetary family, ask you to REMEMBER who you truly are and open up the connection as you travel up to higher dimensions and down into the core of GAIA.”

~ Sue, August, 19, 2015

Welcome, we the Arcturians are here for section two of Accepting the Higher Light. As you accept the higher Light, it goes into your consciousness, your aura, your body and your cells to discover any remaining darkness, so that it can be healed.

This “darkness” is comprised of “blocks” within you that are afraid to change, afraid to transmute. Once you are aware of these blockages that have not yet been released, you can participate in your own clearing. Once you remember how to clear yourself, you can assist others with their clearing. The higher light arrives from the dimensions beyond time. Hence, it moves into your present, past, and alternate realities.

Once you remember how to allow the light to enter your earth vessel in this manner, you can assist others to do the same. You will also remember how you can assist Gaia by grounding this multidimensional light into the core of Her Being. In this way, you will merge your personal form with Gaia’s planetary form.

Then, your personal, and Gaia’s planetary elementals of Earth, Air, Fire and Water will share the higher frequency light with all life. Because this higher frequency light is continually finding, and clearing blockages, you can more easily transmute your self and your reality. With the blockages discovered and released, your daily consciousness expands into higher brainwaves.

With these higher brainwaves, states of consciousness, your perceptions of reality begin to include higher frequencies of reality. As you adapt to the transmutations of your vessel, you learn/remember how to find that which is wounded, distorted or out of sync. With this expanded perception, you will be able to identify, unconditionally love and transmute your reality with the Violet Fire.

Whatever you have transmuted within your physical or planetary body is then set free into Gaia’s reality to assist in raising Gaia’s resonate frequency. Gradually, there is more and more higher frequency light and less and less third dimensional light.

Do you understand now how important you, our human representatives, are? We remind you to be sure to release whatever you have transmuted. In this manner, that which has been transmuted is free to contribute their experience of transmutation with all life.

Remember in the fifth dimensional reality that you are assisting to create, every person, place, situation, and thing will come into its own awareness of where and to what they wish to resonate. Eventually, all these expanded resonances of SELF will join in unity consciousness with all life within the fifth dimensional resonance of Gaia.

You see dear ones, you are moving from the resonance of the third/fourth dimension into the fourth/fifth dimensional resonance, in order to merge with the NOW of the fifth dimension, and beyond, resonance of life. As soon as you become aware that you completed that shift into that next dimensional zone of Gaia, you will naturally flow into unity with all life within that dimensional zone.

As you begin, and continue, your process of “return to SELF,” the higher Light precedes you to direct your ever-expanding consciousness/perception. As you continue your journey, everything that you need to know flows to the surface of your consciousness.

What was once a boundary between your inner self and the outer world becomes a magnet that attaches you to the frequency of light that is dominant within your consciousness, your thoughts, your emotions, and your intentions.

As you preview all that you have created with your higher resonance, your first intention is to unite with other people, life-forms, places and situations that are calling to you for assistance. Via your own inner higher light, you are connected to myriad persons, places, and dimensions.

Therefore, you are well informed. Thus, when you send your inner, higher light into the lower frequencies of reality you share all of your experiences of transmuting reality via unconditional Love and the Violet Fire. In this manner, you set into motion a situation in which you become the teacher of what you have learned/remembered.

We say “learned/remembered” because you have learned to remember your own higher dimensional expressions of SELF. You have also remembered how to bring the higher Light into your consciousness and run it through your physical form.

You also have remembered to share this light with all third dimensional life. Hence, as you breathe out into your transmuting world, your multidimensional breath is shared and can enter other third-dimensional expressions of reality to assist them to transmute as well.

The more and more you allow this higher light to enter into your body, the deeper, and deeper it can travel. The deeper the light can move into your form, the more old karmic pathways of parallel and alternate incarnations on Earth can be transmuted. In this manner, you are shifting myriad versions of your third dimensional self within the NOW.

In this way, the injuries that you have taken on throughout your myriad embodiments in a third-dimensional vessel can be healed from within. Fortunately, the antidote to the lies you have been told, the mistakes that you have made and the hardships you have endured is that you KNOW that you can refuse to participate in any version of reality by letting GO of that which you have determined to be a completed experience.

As you begin to take control of your own reality in this manner, you realize that you have the ability to transmute and release any experiences that YOU deem as complete. You also remember that the antidote to any fear and/or pain that re-emerges is to send Unconditional Love and Violet Fire to yourself.

This gift of unconditional love for yourself allows you to peacefully move through the overall experience of flowing through the time zone in which you are presently incarnated. The Unconditional Love and Violet Fire, which has become a constant component of your consciousness, will guide you to align yourself with the higher frequency energy fields that are increasingly flowing through your present reality.

You are NOW moving through, traveling around, touching, caressing, floating above the lower frequencies of light/reality, which has been all that you have known until this NOW. Therefore, you are being called upon to adapt to a novel experience of 3D reality.

As you move through your increasingly, expanding reality you will learn to discern between the different frequencies of Light. With your new multidimensional discernment, you will be able to slowly, or quickly, adapt your consciousness to choose the higher dimensional perceptions.

Bit-by-bit and moment-to-moment, your perceptions will align with the frequency of reality to which your higher consciousness has adapted. You are similar to deep-sea divers who must slowly return to the surface so that their body can adapt to their return to the surface in which the “light meets the water.”

NOW, just as you might go into the water and feel the flow of colder water and flows of warmer water, you will learn to recognize the denser flow of lower dimensional realities and the lighter flow of higher dimensional realities.

As you move through this ever-changing version of dear Gaia’s planet, you will hone your ability to recognize and fall-into the higher dimensional flows of ascending Earth. You are able to do so because YOU are adapting to your expanded perceptions.

The more you adapt to your higher frequency choices of perception, the more your consciousness will align with that which you are now adapting to. As your consciousness aligns with the higher frequency waves of light/reality, you higher frequency perceptions come online in your daily life.

Gradually, the worries and woes of the third dimensional resonance, which you are now moving beyond, become distant memories of a life you once lived. You are increasingly adapting to the “feel” of a higher resonance of reality. Hence, you can more easily discern the difference between third, fourth and fifth-dimensional energy fields.

As you enhance this discernment, you will increasingly choose to flow INTO that which is filled with unconditional love. You will also remember to transmute the denser versions of reality that you are releasing. You will also discover that you can no longer tolerate the energy fields, which resonate to frequency of confusion, separation, or fear.

Even though the higher frequency energy fields might be disconcerting at first, you will swiftly learn that if you remain in that resonance you will soon adapt. As you choose to remain in the energy field of unconditional love, your consciousness will increasingly expand to the resonance in which you will begin to remember.

Gradually, you will lovingly remember the reality of your Higher SELF in which the fifth dimensional state of consciousness is normal. As you float in to and out of these higher dimensional energy fields, your consciousness will gradually adapt to the higher dimensions of reality.

With this adaptation, you will progressively release your link to the lower dimensions of reality. Eventually, you will be able to stay longer and longer in the fifth-dimensional energy field. As you adapt to the fifth dimensional energy field, you will begin to clearly to perceive the myriad third-dimensional illusions.

With the release of these illusions, you will know that you are the creator of your personal reality and that you chose to enter into the resonance of third dimensional illusion. You will realize that it is the NOW for you to take full responsibility for the life that YOU have created with your every thought and your every emotion.

When you take that responsibility for your choices, it so expands your consciousness that you begin to think in a planetary manner. As you move into Planetary Consciousness, you increasingly realize that with your every inhale, you breathe in your fifth dimensional consciousness; and with every exhale you share your fifth dimensional consciousness with Gaia.

This form of inter-dimensional breathing so expands your perceptions that you can clearly recognize when you are being called up to transmute Gaia with your gift of Unconditional Love and Violet Fire.

As you answer this call, your perceptions expand even further to perceive how your ongoing transmutation expands into:

– the atmosphere,

– the ground,

– the water,

– and into all of the elementals.

You can also perceive the elementals joyfully transporting your gift to persons, animals, plants, locations and/or situations.

Even though you once feel you were alone, you are NOW intermingling and intertwining with ALL life. You are increasingly releasing old 3D human beliefs of good – bad, better – worse and yours – mine and moving into the 5D planetary belief of:

“We humans are members of this beautiful being known as Gaia.”

Now that we have explained how you are the creator of your reality, we want you to remind you that YOUR Multidimensional SELF flows all the way from Source, down through the Oversoul, and into the myriad versions of your sixth, fifth, fourth and third dimensional expressions to align the energy field of your SELF with the version the YOU who has fully awakened.

Through this “string of pearls” you are able to expand your perceptions up into higher and higher frequencies of yourself, while you simultaneously plant that string of pearls into the core of Gaia. In this manner, YOU become the very nature of your planetary SELF-Gaia.

As you expand your consciousness from being a person into being a planet, you realize that you are not just creating or changing, you are returning. You KNOW that you are returning because you can remember who YOU really are.

You can remember that you have had myriad incarnations on Gaia, and you are now ready to gather them all into the NOW and return ALL your expressions to the fifth dimension and beyond. We wish to remind all of you that we the Arcturians are with you throughout this entire process.

You may not recognize us because we are formless energy fields that encircle, move through, and resonate to myriad frequencies of reality. Therefore, you will recognize us in the same manner as you recognize your own Multidimensional SELF in your own multi-dimensional realities and worlds.

In other words, as you know more of yourself, you will know more of us. And, as you know more of us you, will know more of yourself. Remember that we, all of us, live as ONE within the NOW.

We see that in your NOW, many of you are getting ready to release and let go of all your third-dimensional belief systems. These third dimensional believe systems are remedial like your first grade “learning to read” books. These 3D belief systems are based on polarity, gender, separation, sequence, time, competition, and death.

Just as all of the third-dimensional experiences of your reality are being recalibrated, every dimension of your great, multi-dimensional life force is being downloaded into your third-dimensional clay vessel.

With this major download of your Multidimensional SELF, the members of you who were once primitive, individualized and disillusioned and efficiently merge with the members of YOU who are infinitely collective, united and enlightened.

You all chose to enter into this great adventure of planetary ascension because you knew that this huge challenge would be very beneficial for the expansion of your entire SELF. When you ask:

“When will these event occur?”

We say, “NOW! NOW is real and time is a third dimensional illusion.”

Please remember that a question about “when” is bound by third dimensional “time.” We ask NOW that you release that third dimensional construct and move into fifth dimensional truth.

YOU are already ascended.

You are already a fifth dimensional being.

However, your third dimensional thinking told you that you are one individual who must work very hard to be good enough to ascend.

In fact, ascension is a third dimensional construct in which YOU are separated from the YOU in the higher dimensions of reality.

As you let go of time and third-dimensional thoughts of limitation, you will flow into the Now of the fifth-dimension YOU in which you know that:

YOU are the creator of your life, and YOU are All as ONE collective being WHO is creating Gaia’s Ascension.

Please remember that each and every one of YOU is equally important.

Blessings BE. WE are the Arcturians.

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Magnetic Field Weakening Ten Times Faster than Thought – YouTube

Evidence That the MPR Is Impending on This Uppermost Mother Planet

by Georgi Stankov Posted on August 20, 2015

by Anthony O. and Georgi Stankov, August 20, 2015

Humanity is now being prepared in the dream state for the imminent MPR on this uppermost mother planet.

Carla dreamt a few days ago of a water world and everybody was living under water or drowned.

She then flew out of the water and ascended.

Her son also had a dream during the same night of a MPR that had destroyed Vancouver Downtown and he was walking along the streets that were empty.

Tomasz from Poland just wrote to me:

“About one week ago I had a dream in which I saw water everywhere. The whole world was flooded with water and I swam in this water. Wherever I sailed was just water everywhere. Because there was no living man I decide to leave this world. I asked HR to take me out of here. Suddenly before me there were stairs and I started leaving the water. Stairs led directly to heaven. Just before the final departure I stopped and asked “What is this water?”. Response was: “Water is a symbol of the human ego which flooded the whole world and all people drowned in the water (their own ego). There is no one who could be saved.” – Then I left and I disappeared in the clouds.

The same night (8.8.8) I dreamed of my ascension with the aid of one of the archangels.”

There are more PAT members that have similar dreams of the impending MPR and our ascension. These dreams prepare us for the event psychologically and also give us a clue that our ascension is imminent. I have just published an article on the clandestine war of the USA against China and Russia. All these facts point to an imminent countdown.

The exact date of the MPR and our ascension cannot be predicted as it depends on the behaviour of the ruling cabal and the collective response of the masses. And of course in the first place on our ability to canalize these processes energetically into the most beautiful ascension this omniverse has seen so far. That much mighty are we now.

Some PAT members now report about dreadful experiences on lower timelines which coalesce very well with the incredible cleansing work we do for Gaia as huge antennas and turnstile mechanisms for absorbing human dross stored in Gaia’s texture at a global level. This is what I wrote to Barbara from Canada yesterday on this issue:

“We are indeed doing a lot of cleansing on Gaia that must be fully renewed before it can finally ascend. Carla who is closely linked to Gaia had the most excruciating lumbago (sciatica) pain since more than 10 days and was all the time in agony. Today is the first day with an improvement. It has to do with us seeding the new golden Christed template in the Gaia’s structure which we created on July 31st as reported on the website. But in order to anchor this template in Gaia’s structure we need to cleanse her first and all this dross comes through our fields and lower chakras. I also had a gastric pain most of the time and also headache, even now when I write (August 18th, which was another massive descent of source energy leading to an ID leap to 5D).

The intensity of the cleansing is enormous and constantly growing and I am afraid it will stay so till the very last moment.”

All these experiences are closely related and they intercept in the final event that is of dualistic nature – a blissful ascension for us and a massive destruction and death for all the others who will continue with their incarnation cycle. This is unavoidable for the purification of their ego-minds, as Tomasz explains in his email above.

I will publish today 3D data that confirms that the MPR is also imminent here on this uppermost mother planet.

This information was sent to me by Anthony O. who established for the first time contact with me. In order to properly evaluate this information I will publish our correspondence in advance and show the video with all the links to scientific references at the end, so that you put all these facts in the proper context with regard to what I have discussed above:


Dear Georgi, Carla, and Readers,

Thank you for all the work that you do.

I have been following the matter MPRs since 1996. Just recently I came across THE most impressive video (that I have seen to date) which has graphic snapshots of an astounding array of mainstream and scientific articles about the ongoing Magnetic Polar Reversal.

This video is only 7 minutes long, the narrative is superb, and the articles referenced are most impressive. Recommendation:

– watch through once, with a focus upon listening
– then, watch through again… to pause and read the text of each graphic (each graphic is a snapshot of a major article or scientific study regarding the magnetic field that is hyperlinked below the video)
– then, open the “Show More” below the video.That action will provide hyperlinks to all of the media articles and scientific articles referenced and presented in the video, which can then be read in full.

Be sure to freeze the graphics, and visit the links below the video by opening “Show More”!

Here it is:

Magnetic Field Weakening Ten Times Faster than Thought (see full video below)



Dear Anthony,

thank you for sending me this video to the MPR.

The pages are edited so quickly that one has to stop the video every second to read them. Since most of the information is given in a written form, would it not have been better if the author had prepared a written dossier with all these articles and eventually links, so that one can read them carefully as a file and not in such a cumbersome manner as a video?

By the way, I could not find so far any comment that such MPRs have happened numerous times on lower timelines and that the concept of multidimensionality is discussed. Without it the whole approach is too much 3D and very fearful as it presupposes that death looms everywhere, just as most agnostic people believe that they have only one life to live and hence it is so precious, which is the greatest blunder of all.

Most of the PAT members that read my website have personally experienced at least one MPR on lower timelines and they know exactly how it feels. I personally do not believe that they need to be convinced by conventional 3D data. They know that it is not a singular event, but something that happens almost everyday since we experienced the first MPR in June 8th, 2013 on the first of the seven 4D earths we created end of May as reported on this website. Since then we have collectively experienced numerous MPR and the heftier have been widely discussed in our Energy Reports.

It is also very important to stress that none of the PAT will experience the MPR on this uppermost mother planet as we shall ascend before that – move to 5D, just as we seamlessly move to higher timelines each time when a MPR takes place on a lower timeline.

Based on this considerations I honestly do not see any great value in this video for the PAT.

With love and light



Dear George,

Thank you for reviewing the video. I see your point as to this possibly causing fear. But then, I am assuming that fellow readers of the website, are much more aware of the role of MPRs as a part of multidimensional shifting than the common public.

What impressed me was the wide range of scientific articles that the MSMedia deliberately negate from the news.

Most especially in the context of weather anomalies.

Just how perverse are the dark cabal? They are sooooooooo sick, they sell the citizenry on the need to tax pensioners for “using carbon”, when in fact, the weakening of the field is the elephant in the room in regards to “climate change”!

Anything to make a buck before their last gasp. Their behavior is so degraded, sometimes I just have to laugh at their delusions.

Thanks for writing me back.

Here are the links to the articles that were so quickly flashed upon the screen.




Dear Anthony,

thank you very much for the huge work you have done to collect and list all the links to the articles discussed in this video. In this case, I will publish our discussion as it is, with the video and the links, as we will have in this way a balanced approach to the impending MPR that offsets the more fearful aspects of this video and presents this event from a higher perspective. I will do this tomorrow as it is too late this evening and I am now writing another very important article for tomorrow.

With love and light



Links to the Magnetic Pole Reversal Video:………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… (Asteroid Animation)

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