Sharing3 – End Time Is the Time for Humanity to Wash Dirty Laundry – Heightened Sensations and Visions Amidst the Apocalypse of the Magnetic Pole Reversal | samkaska

Origen: Sharing3 – End Time Is the Time for Humanity to Wash Dirty Laundry – Heightened Sensations and Visions Amidst the Apocalypse of the Magnetic Pole Reversal | samkaska



Sharing3 – End Time Is the Time for Humanity to Wash Dirty Laundry – Heightened Sensations and Visions Amidst the Apocalypse of the Magnetic Pole Reversal

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End Time Is the Time for Humanity to Wash Dirty Laundry

by Georgi Stankov Posted on


Georgi Stankov, July 10, 2015
www.stankovuniversallaw.comThe current End Time has only one real objective – to show to the humans how debased, primitive and cruel their civilisation truly is. To realize this cogent fact one needs to be confronted with all major atrocities and crimes that are now ravaging this humanity on a global scale. Unfortunately most humans are not able to display even a modicum of critical awareness, moral indignation and personal fortitude to comprehend a fraction of this darkness that still reigns on this uppermost mother planet and now surges on the surface like shit in the water. Washing dirty laundry has never been a human virtue. The propensity of humans to deal with their own darkness is highly limited by their fear-based emotional and mental structure that is essentially driven by primitive survival instincts.
There are very few individuals worldwide who are capable of confronting the bitter truth about humanity and not resorting to a flight into total blindness and utter rejection. These are the old souls and among them only the light warriors of the first and the last hour are really capable of fully facing this bitter reality as many old souls allowed to be mired in the current illusion and lost their inner compass for truth and uncompromised sincerity.
On the other hand I know how fed up we all are being confronted daily with this ongoing despicability in collective and individual human behaviour, in the full knowledge that for most incarnated human beings this is not the end of sinking into greater darkness and veritable hell but only the beginning.
After all if life is still much better for most incarnated unripe souls on this uppermost mother planet than they deserve based on their egoistic and ruthless thinking and behaviour, this is possible entirely due to our light achievement as Logos Gods in human gestalt. With our presence to the very last minute we are able to raise dramatically the light quotient of this planet and counter-balance the dark forces thus hindering them to establish the inferno of the NWO as they did on numerous lower timelines.
The irony of our life is that, while we are the guarantor for a better life for billions of human beings on this uppermost mother planet, we, ourselves have a very difficult life, full of deprivations and hardships. This is so because we now experience in advance what the majority of the soul fragments will experience in their future incarnations.

 We are now also processing all human dross on behalf of all those half-awakened souls that have, due to our guidance, a fair chance to liberate themselves from the shackles of this Orion matrix and ascend with our help to the new 4D worlds, where they will be able to progress under much more favourable energetic conditions.

 The vast majority of soul fragments will however go under in the deluge of the MPR.

Even though I have always rejected the idea of martyrdom as an insidious Orion-Christian insinuation to neutralize all souls coming from the source on this planet to help humanity awaken, I cannot neglect the conclusion that the light warrior of the first and the last hour is, in its archetypal soul structure, the epitome of human sacrifice on behalf of other people. To this ongoing masochism contributes our constant exposition to all facts and information that deal with the most gruesome and horrible atrocities of the ruling cabal and hidden dark devils that pull the strings behind the curtain.

This kind of revelations are not for our well-being as we all know too well what is the dire truth on this planet but for the sake of all those people who now begin to slow awaken but still are only capable of a very selective perception of such events that are comfortable to them and do not scare them to death.

 And they should be scared to death, otherwise they will only perpetuate the infinite crimes that are committed now every moment and cause the death of millions of people.

Emotions are the driving force of any ethical and moral indignation and emotional response to human injustice is the language of the soul leading to human probation. This is the actual energetic quality of the current End Times and this summer the temperature is peaking in every sense.

In the next days we shall experience another avalanche of dreadful revelations, which will be accompanied by massive collapses of the Orion matrix that will reinforce the moral outcry of the masses being now enslaved by Orion banksters and criminal politicians as we observe in Greece and throughout Europe these days.

 There is not a single national or international institution that functions anymore as the energy is taken away from the old grid and this 3D holographic model and those that still resonate with the dark human patterns of the ruling cabal will go under with them. The others will be uplifted to the new 4D worlds and we shall ascend to New Lemuria.

 This is the only possible scenario this year and all the other interpretations on the current End Time that one can read on the Internet are made from a position of utter spiritual ignorance.

Below I will publish a very good overview of all the crimes and atrocities that the Empire of Evil has committed on humanity in the last years presented from a conventional point of view. And this list is just a fraction of the crimes it is daily committing. Most of these crimes have been reported and discussed on this website in real time. This reckless hegemonic policy of the Empire of Evil now affects the whole planet.

For instance, billions of people are treated daily with cell-inhibiting drugs (90% of all registered drugs on the market) that significantly increase morbidity and mortality in the patients and cause a massive genocide on humanity.

 These drugs were deliberately registered and propagated by the FDA which is the most criminal organisation on this planet because it pretends to exist in order to promote human health and instead leads to the decimation of tens of millions of people every year.

 You will never hear anything about this ongoing genocide from anybody else apart from myself, but this is the biggest crime that now happens on this planet.

You are invited now to add your spiritual dimension and moral indignation as Logos Gods to this dreadful topic. If there is any American citizen who is still proud of his country after reading this article, he is an incurable idiot and one whom cannot be helped. And with his silence, indifference or rejection he is also an accomplice to this genocide.

The new enlightened human has no nationality and no affiliation to any form of social Orion structure.

 He is an immortal, multidimensional being that is only guided by benevolent thoughts and engaged in positive creations that serve all the people as they are based on stable conditions of constructive interference. The sum of all these energetic efforts may be experienced and described as “love”, “harmony” or “heavenly bliss”, but these are mere human words for the incredible precision with which heavenly Creation always operates.

American Empire Exposed

Joachim Hagopian, July 7, 2015

The Globalists Are Racing to World War III Before the American Sheeple Wake Up 
If you think the globalists are pushing pedal to the metal now, you’re absolutely right!

 Rapid acceleration toward their one world government has humanity on a fateful collision course to Armageddon.

 Just look at the unfolding events in 2015 so far with barely half the year over.

 The Charlie Hebdo attack in January came right after France moved to recognize a sovereign Palestinian state

Clearly Hebdo was a false flag payback that only escalated movement toward more Orwellian tyranny and draconian police state oppression, not only in France but around the world.

Hebdo’s aftermath in Paris with world leaders gathered arm-in-arm flanked by a duped million plus strong waving their false freedom flags reeked of foul stench – a hideous pretense of staged mockery defiance. The pathetic irony is the very same terrorist acts they were protesting against are regularly and deceitfully perpetrated by those very same international crime cabal leaders who diabolically profit from their state-sponsored terrorism

Afterwards their ratings in popularity only surge (in the wake of the recent South Carolina mass killing, Obama recorded his highest approval ratings of over 50% since 2013) while their corrupt power only tightens the NWO noose of absolute control around the necks of the global masses as their treasonous leaders celebrate arm-in-arm liberty’s death march.

Meanwhile also by design, the West’s created Frankenstein monster on steroids ISIS spreads its reach of lustful destruction not only throughout the Middle East but into Africa, Europe and Eurasia as well. It’s now partnering up with Boko Harem and al-Shabaab terrorist groups in Africa and beyond. Despite this fact, flanked by his generals Obama just lied [again] claiming that “ISIS is losing ground.” The Islamic State on display staging their Christian beheadings provide weekly shock and awe theater for an aghast world audience. All the while a coalition of the willing that’s always been ISIS’ life support system – the US-NATO-Israeli-Saudi-Turkish governments – secretly finance, arm, protect, train and maintain the Islamic State’s expanding supply line.
The allied air campaign consisting of 15,245 air strikes from last August to May 2015 that is supposed to have wiped out the jihadist terrorists has likely killed as many innocent civilians and soldiers fighting against ISIS as killed ISIS terrorists. If nothing else, the extensive US bombing and drone attacks only create new enemies from victims’ families. Of course Obama and the Pentagon are fully aware of this fact. But then it fits right into their true agenda. A US Navy F-18 pilot anonymously went on record reporting that, “There were times I had groups of ISIS fighters in my sights, but couldn’t get clearance to engage.”

 This telling admission goes far in explaining both why the secret US agenda is to actually protect ISIS as the mercenary ally it created as well as why the US air campaign has “failed.” It’s all a demonic charade failing to hide US Empire’s true agenda to keep their fake war on terror a forever war of terror against all of humanity.

Have you ever seen the Islamic State enemy actually attacking and killing any Israelis

The savage brutality of ISIS doesn’t stop globalist front men like Netanyahu from putting on his best caring bedside manner bringing good genocidal cheer to his injured jihadist mercenaries laid up in his Golan Heights hospital. Or perennial warmonger McCain back slapping smiles hamming it up before the cameras with his ISIS buddies during a photo-op break from plotting yet more secret global war strategy. It’s all too obvious the West’s hired gun in the Middle East is soon coming to a Jade Helm neighborhood this summer near you.

 After all, they’ve been busy training with the Mexican drug cartel all year long just eight miles from the open US border

That our treasonous NWO government crime syndicate and their new and improved brand of terrorist bad guys are no so strange bedfellows can’t come as a surprise to anyone who doesn’t have their head up their ass.

Just when the feeble façade that al Qaeda/ISIS are America’s enemy is uncovered as just another sinister propaganda lie, enter the latest demons from hell – Russia’s Putin joined by those cyber-hacking Chinese who just stole the emperors’ private clothes (four million gov.corps workers) in another worn out cold war episode fast boiling over into a likely full scale nuclear World War III. The Ukraine debacle has been a thinly veiled attempt to create yet another stale installment of the globalists’ created cold war.

Yet decades ago the US created Osama to defeat and help take down the mighty Soviet Empire in the “empire graveyard” Afghanistan throughout the 1980’s while trafficking in Bush-Clinton-CIA run cocaine in exchange for arming Reagan’s freedom-fighting death squad commandos butchering over 200,000 Central Americans. Supplying inner city ghettos of America with their war on drugs was a war against black Americans with which they quickly filled their privatized prisons (over half of the 2.3 million in US prisons are black mostly serving sentences for drug crimes), it also conveniently killed two birds with one crystal crack pipe stone, effectively creating a dependent US welfare state and the rise of a flourishing gangland culture all at the expense of people of color. The war on terror and war on drugs have served the globalist agenda extremely well, and though critics say America has lost both those wars, in reality from the evil psychopathic perspective, the globalists have won their New World Order with total victories on both “warfronts.”
So the US-created Osama and his al Qaeda terrorists once again came in handy throughout the 1990’s helping the Empire “balkanize” Yugoslavia into thirteen ineffectual failed states while using al Qaeda to make billions in profit from the international opium-heroin trade and installing US military bases for more warring in both the nearby Middle East and Eastern Europe. Then of course Osama’s stooges had their biggest mercenary moment in history playing convenient Oswald-like patsies in the neocons’ “Pearl Harbor-like event” called 9/11, the inside job costing 3000 American lives so that the Bush-Cheney war criminals could check off one more notch on their seven nation regime change gun. Of course the Iraq War was based on infamously orchestrated lies used to take out Saddam’s nonexistent WMD’s and his nonexistent link to terrorism.

 His real crime like Gaddafi’s was rejecting the US petrodollar.

 Destroy a nation a second time around by a second Bush despot in order to launch their long planned war of terror using their national security card also allowed for the complete dismantling of the US Constitution as America’s two plus century old rule of law.

It all unfolded so well that their Manchurian candidate president  dancing in blackface step to the globalist tune criminally facilitated power-grabbing dictatorial control with dozens of executive orders, just in time for the Jade Helm operation to go live in response to an upcoming planned false flag that delivers his excuse to declare martial law. This scripted formula’s been the plain-to-see writing on the US wall for some time. But this year the globalists are racing to pull it off before a pissed off American population finally wakes up and starts fighting back.

 With their backs up against the feds’ firing squad wall, in self-defense awakened US citizens are desperately trying to take back their long lost republic and once guaranteed civil liberties.

Despite controlling all six mega-media corporations that control over 90% of the news information outflow, the globalists and their DC puppets have realized no one is hardly paying attention to their propaganda disinformation lies as a growing segment of the US population increasingly seeks truth from alternative independent news media delivered by way of the internet. Enter the Trans-Pacific Partnership that in one fast-tracked swoop will take down the United States as a sovereign independent nation, take down the internet as a free and open source accessible to the worldwide masses, flood the US with more illegal aliens and outsourced jobs, and at long last cement into place the globalists’ New World Order’s one world government.

In 2015 the feds and their globalist puppet masters have stepped up their brutal assault on humanity with a series of major false flag events and developments intentionally designed to foment civil unrest, unleashing bigger federal guns and armies against the American people, as is so often the case using blacks as their victimized targets to trigger riots and enough civil unrest to then have the convenient excuse to call out the national guard and US military always at-the-ready to go live from ongoing training exercises in a larger effort to trigger an all-out race war. It’s very evident by events in St. Louis last year when billionaire George Soros paid agitators to escalate violence and again in Baltimore this year when more coordinated evidence of the city, state and federal government authorities willfully instigated the unrest needed to bring in bigger guns and troops.
It happened again in Charleston, South Carolina last month with what appears to be yet another staged event in another too obvious effort to start a race war when nine African Americans were allegedly gunned down by an allegedly racist white stooge high on Big Pharma drugs with a .45 caliber handgun. The suspect’s instantly known history, his fake photo with the superimposed South African apartheid patch, his black friends on Facebook, the 29 million dollars in immediate Obama payout to alleged family victims, the lack of emotion and grief from seemingly scripted media interviews right afterwards, the church sermon at the scene of the crime little more than three days later, the Hillary-in-town connection to the allegedly slain South Carolina state senator, the ongoing police rioting exercise that of course went live (just like in 9/11, Boston Marathon bombing, and likely upcoming Jade Helm 15). It’s getting that every major news story in America is yet another staged false flag, each production installment (i.e., Oklahoma City bombing, 9/11, Sandy Hook, Boston Marathon bombing) becoming predictably shabbier, complete with repeatedly used hired crisis actors and dozens of holes that never quite fit together into any believable official narrative.
In the same way the feds use al Qaeda/ISIS to regularly propagate their international state-sponsored terror wars, the feds have built up a militarized police state army to wage their counterinsurgency wars here at home against the American people. Their targeted enemies are people of color, all military veterans but especially those fresh off blowing people up abroad, gun owners, activists, constitutionalists, Tea Party members, Christians, preppers, antiabortionists, home-schoolers, and anyone even remotely critical of the criminals in Washington. In other words, like Bush II said, “you’re either with us or against us,” us being the treasonous feds, their Gestapo Nazis in Homeland Security, law enforcement and the military as the designated globalist henchmen ordered to murder and/or lock up fellow American citizens on a growing Big Brother list of more than 8 million “potential threats.” That figure is now more than seven years old, so with the highly invasive NSA surveillance monitoring of our every move, no doubt that list of potential threats has grown exponentially.
The end of the 1878 Posse Comitatus law prohibiting the US military from involvement in civil affairs arrived with the 2012 NDAA. Indefinite detainment of law-abiding US citizens is next. Any American not part of the elitist security state apparatus is simply lumped together as the declared enemy, “useless eaters” taking up valuable space and squandering valuable energy resources inhabiting an overpopulated planet that according to Bill Gates and his oligarch cronies needs to be thinned down by about 6.5 billion. This is what life on planet earth and in the anything-but-free America has degenerated into on its way to becoming the Orwellian nightmare of a one world government that’s sadly and tragically already now well in place.
And now with the world stage meticulously set into place over the last century by determined globalists and their puppets, the “big bang” theory is ready to explode and become all too real. The race to Armageddon continues to manifest with unprecedented, ongoing war preparations at a never before seen scale involving a virtual majority of the earth’s nations. In addition to America’s Jade Helm 15 operating now in 10 states through mid-September and Canada’s Operation Maple Resolve joined by both UK and US militaries recently completed, now comes the July 4th through July 19th Operation Talisman Saber 15. It involves a massive joint military exercise in the Pacific Ocean with the US and Australia consisting of 33,000 troops. 21 naval ships, over 200 aircraft, an aircraft carrier and three submarines are all participating in this biennial drill that extends to Pearl Harbor, San Diego, Virginia and Guam.
With China’s enormous military arms expansion and powerful emerging presence throughout the Pacific region along with increasing tensions clashing over US Empire hegemony, in response to Talisman Saber, China gave explicit warnings not to tread near its military outposts, even specifying coordinates of its no trespass zones. China’s major military operation called Crossing 2015 just ended a week ago in western China’s Gobi Desert in its final phase of war readiness planning. Meanwhile, an ongoing prewar faceoff has been taking place in the ice-free, oil-rich Arctic Sea by both US-NATO forces as well as the Russian military. Also the NATO exercises on Russia’s doorstep, the US providing large weaponry to Ukraine and deployment of US military personnel to that war torn nation ominously threaten war in Europe. No corner of the earth including outer space seems safe from the impending world war.
While the global power shift is moving rapidly from West to East, the Western economy is a house of cards teetering on complete collapse, the planet is bracing for crashing comets and meteors and ensuing global climate chaos, worldwide military forces from the East and West are busily, frantically lining up in live training exercises as last minute prepositioning for impending unfoldment of a World War III endgame scenario. The perfect storm on the geopolitics chessboard appears to be brewing.
In the meantime, the DC capital has made operational provisions to be headquartered in Denver as part of its “Continuity of Government” plan, and for decades the global elite have long prepared for this upcoming day of reckoning, having built lavish underground bunkers, cities and an elaborate transportation system. Like Bush II’s arrogance displayed onboard that aircraft carrier at his premature Iraq War victory celebration, the globalist madmen, their government stooges and hordes of overzealous Christians awaiting the second coming all seem to be chanting, “Bring it on!” as they insanely dance to the tune of Barry Maguire’s “Eve of Destruction” just as the doomsday clock strikes one minute to midnight.
Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field for more than a quarter century. He now concentrates on his writing and has a blog site at http://empireexposed. blogspot. com/He is also a regular contributor to Global Research


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Heightened Sensations and Visions Amidst the Apocalypse of the Magnetic Pole Reversal
by Georgi Stankov Posted on July 8, 2015

Travis Brown and Georgi Stankov, July 8, 2015

DREAM 7/7-8

Dear George,

Yet another MPR dream:

I am taking a test in a building. Not sure if I’m supposed to take the test or just proctor it for others.

It’s one of those state tests that will be easy to pass but I am concerned about time and my duties. I am working back-to-front, harder-to-easier.

One of the answers is “guilt”, but then I get to earlier and with new info realize “guilt” was not right, and change the answer to another reason.

We switched the entrance and used backdoor as front to secure the room – we made A into B and B into A. I worry if we should switch labels or if that will confuse. There’s also a third door involved.

A newer guy was helping me earlier to set up test, became a fast friend. Now he is shouting at me through locked door to “hurry!” Something happening outside. I drop a pen and climb down to get it.

The other end of the building gets hit first. Everything rushes on so fast but I am not scared. Mostly shocked. I do not feel cold of water, but know it’s Pacific.

Only at the very end is it clear to all of us the test will never get finished or graded, although it had my attention until last minute, even with the guy in a panic yelling “hurry!” to open door. It seemed important until the earth started to fold in half. Gaia in tumult.

Screams everywhere, things falling all around. Even as disaster ensues, the mind is slow to adapt to the cataclysmic changes happening right then in the moment. Crunching, sliding, screaming, buildings, cars, water, death.

Someone told me to watch a lady, but it was right before the earth folded above me and she fell and was impaled. We are all in a disorienting mess of debris and water.

I am serenely calm – going through motions of staying alive. I break a window with my elbow to climb out and keep from drowning. A young girl I don’t know slides to me – says it took her 3 days to get to me. We are both wearing rubber gloves. I hold her hands then go to the guy’s back drifting away in wreckage. I say “don’t leave me” and we hug tight.

Then I hear from my higher self (or similar) as an interrupting thought that awakens me immediately from the dream, “you still don’t get it, do you?!”

When awake, a poignant feeling in the heart, and an unusually steady lub-dub rhythm.

Yesterday was very heart-difficult, for my grandfather who has arrhythmia too. Another MPR?

…..And no, I still don’t “get it”. Get what?

…Your energy updates are very reassuring. I am passing along the info to light bearers I know who do not read site but go through simultaneous experience.

Last Tuesday 6/30, my lightbearer friend who works as bank teller was struck by lightning through ceiling! Surrounded by white light, heart a jitter. He has had a big increase of ascension dreams and of getting beamed into spacecraft as months go on. I find it hilarious and evidence of sentience all around. He was not injured by bolt, only electrified!

On 7/2-3 I had quite the meditation: the room was hyper-responsive to my energy field, popping and cracking like it used to in 2010. I received Akashic insight, what seemed like being observed, monitored, and communicating with unseen entities; what seemed like a bilocation to a tribal group in Mali with a strong heart-Gaia connection, past/future displacements, remote viewing, telepathy in the ‘future’ with a family member who was crossing into spirit; it basically ran the gamut of phenomena. The supporting beings were responding to my thoughts, adding audible sounds all over the room to confirm. In one moment I interjected a doubt-thought like devil’s advocate and it immediately sounded like a hammer struck the dresser. This did not scare me but made me giggle and proceed.

The point of my sharing was that there were 2 huge peaks where it seemed something extraordinary was happening with gravity and perception, with time-space and a thorough reorientation of my energy fields and consciousness, incorporating a high plateau deep into cells.

I could move and reposition myself, and still felt both in and out of body, and like the physical body was just an orienting vehicle for the strange hallucination of physical reality, while I was everywhere and nowhere. It was a very specific sensation that has developed over years but this felt like the crowning integration. (Like “Oh! This is what it is to ascend and still maintain human form!”) Clearly in that state, a ‘singular’ human consciousness can be a powerful conduit of Source energy and intention.

Acute energy in the brain, much contradicting motion of bodies and parts of my field (only contradictory to 3D linear mind) and a feeling like my body was vertically twisting and spinning in a vortex, while I appeared still. All this was enormously blissful and familiar. There was no yearning excitement like “get me out of here!” that was common for me in 2012. It was depth of Presence instead.

Happy to share that specific peak night with you, although I want to emphasize there’s constantly strangeness in the twilight zone, and I usually have synchronistic experience with you or get it a day later. And we who are inaugurating this process are linked to each other even in my seemingly isolated experience.

Meanwhile I perceive that those who aren’t waking up are getting more nuts by the day.

Also, I forgot to include that while my friend was struck by lightning on 6/30, I was held under in a deep nap from which I couldn’t awake. (We often have matched timing for events.) I dreamed:

6 things needed from employees at meeting. You can volunteer yourself but boss picks people for each category. Everybody gets 2. Some are concrete categories but boss chooses me first for SLEEP and MAGIC. Boss says, “We all know you can bring the MAGIC but I need you to SLEEP!”

Lots of magic all around!

George, you are doing an excellent job as captain! I appreciate and prize you for your efforts. I feel it takes a specific array of traits and abilities for each of the PAT (in broad definition of who is included) to be in their specific lives and circumstances. We work as a team and individually as frequency alchemists geared around our strengths. Your position is not one I could have taken on. How much information and b.s. you must sift through!

It is overwhelming for me to delve into geopolitical events (although I still read and discern daily). It is hugely alarming that I see what others do not, and I worry about these bio-robots swarming like psychopathic ants and delaying or thwarting our ascension. I hope we PAT didn’t buy into a bum-scheme for humanity.

My only inspired creation lately is the light-body.

With love and light,


Dear Travis,

thank you very much for sharing your dreams and visions, which is now our reality, while this holographic model is in a process of total dissolution. I can confirm your heightened energetic sensations in the middle of the impending Apocalypse of the magnetic pole reversal. There is no doubt that now the events are culminating and the next two months will be very hot.

On this occasion I would like to send you this short message below, allegedly from Adama, but most probably this lady has channelled her own HS as Adama has moved to the 7D and no longer channels. Nonetheless, it very well presents our augmented abilities to create all the time in the Now and to be able to follow our creations and improve and adjust them to the constantly changing reality. This is the result of our growing ability of accelerated bilocation to new more advantageous timelines where our creations manifest almost simultaneously.

I am experimenting with this ability since several months and it wields excellent results. Essentially I imagine a desirable situation or manifestation in the Now and then envision how I move to this timeline where my desire is already manifested and then attach this timeline to the timeline of my Now moment. This affords some level of concentration and abstraction in thinking but when exercised, it works fabulously.

With love and light



“Greetings, Beloved Ones,

We are most joyous to connect with you here today, and we send you our utmost love from the heart of Telos!

You have entered a new level on your spiritual evolution.

At this level, you will become more stable in your energy field and your reality. This stabilization is important, as the coming weeks will be very action oriented, and you will have many opportunities to follow your heart’s call.

You have graduated from the previous level and you have reached a big mile stone. You have established a powerful momentum of light,which is infinitely reverberating into the entire existence of humanity.

Your graduation from the previous level allows you now to move between different realities, many times throughout the day.

So, what does this all mean for you?

It means that now the time lag between your thought, emotion and manifestation has become very short.

However, even though the manifestation is coming faster into your awareness, it is not coming in to its full extent. This allows you to make adjustments in your thoughts and emotional patterns, if the manifestation is not what you have not meant to create.

After you’ve adjusted your alignment and clarified your desired manifestation further, you are then stepping into the new reality to the full extent.

In a way, you are getting a “taste” of your desired manifestation and if you haven’t quite lined up with it, you can still make adjustments, before you have the full experience of it.

This is what we mean by “moving between realities.”

This process is deepening your ability to create your reality on a more conscious level. It is a training ground, if you will.

As you move throughout your day and you are feeling things going into the wrong direction, it helps to slow down for a moment, adjust your feeling world, by taking slow and deep breaths, “hyper-focusing” on this Now Moment and to pay close attention to what is in your direct vicinity.

Once you feel more centered, you can speed things up again in your day to day life. This is a very simple technique to move between the different realities.

Beloved Ones, we are walking with you on this journey and you are loved beyond measure.

I am your brother Adama of Telos.”

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Powerful Decrees of the PAT to Accelerate Ascension

by Georgi Stankov Posted on July 11, 2015

by Denise Godber, July 11, 2015

Denise has collected some very powerful invocations that work with the seven sacred flames. They are dedicated to major aspects of the ascension scenario, the manifestation of which is in the core of the impending paradigm shift. I urge all PAT members and Logos Gods to focus one more time your incredible creative energies and to speed up the ascension process by actively using these invocations in the course of this month, when the foundations for the breakthrough of the new theory of the Universal Law are laid. This event will be possible only after our ascension, so that the two events are intimately linked and interdependent. There is a great chance that this will happen next month. This is what I wrote to Denise yesterday:

“Dear Denise,

this is an excellent idea (to collect these invocations) indeed and so timely. I will publish this collection of invocations tomorrow and will urge all the PAT to say them again as we now really need this push from the HR to end this Orion matrix that has already begun to dissolve and will collapse in the course of this summer and fall.

We have received personally very encouraging messages in the last few days that we must now prepare very quickly for our ascension as end of August the breakthrough of the new theory of the Universal Law will take place… After July 24th we are ready to lift off, so that we can appear end of August in front of humanity, most probably in Geneva together with the PAT ascended in Christed light and in the Unity field. This is what we are getting now and your invocations come just on time to reinforce and speed up this process.”



Dear Georgi,

I have put together some decrees during these last months. They are mainly extracts from the topics already discussed on your web site. It has helped me with making decrees and l fondly called it my Decree of Decrees. It was my way of summarizing a vast array of situations and a guide line to help in covering as much as l could, as simply as l could. I would like to share it if you consider it to be of help in any way.

With love and light



Decree of the PAT for the implementation of the new Theory of The Universal Law of All-That-Is, and to accelerate the current collapse of the Orion Matrix and unearth hidden secrets, and restore the people’s natural remembrance of who they really are and restore their natural, sovereign, empirical nature.


All “terrorist attacks” in this Orion matrix are false flag attacks organized by the dark ruling cabal, and have only one goal – to perpetuate the state of eternal war and division of humanity and to keep the people in a state of constant fear and separation from the Source. Now is the time to end this heinous policy.

All dark entities, scum, like Cobras and false Isis and all Internet trolls, be removed from our reality and uppermost mother planet and their dark fragments be sent to the lower timelines now!

Herewith, I decree this in the name of Source and flood this reality with the gold-violet flame, the green flame, the blue flame, the pink flame and the gold-white Christed light of adamantine particles of God’s essence.

Let the truth become common knowledge to all people so that they awaken exponentially to the truth about the bully’s trick of false flags, and the tyranny and oppression used on the people.

I decree in the name of the Source that all truth is revealed Now and this heinous policy ends.

And so be it, and so be it, and so be it.

“Herewith I invoke the gold-violet flame to flood my multi-dimensional fields and realities and help me create the optimal energetic conditions for the full implementation of the new Theory of the Universal Law, which is also the theory of ascension and infinite prosperity of mankind, on all upper 4D worlds of Gaia. I ask all forces of light and the Source to support this vision, so that it can be immediately manifested in the Now by our collective desire as the new human Guardians of the New Golden Galaxy and the new Logos Gods of all 4D worlds of Gaia within this galaxy – the true PAT members, the light warriors of the first and the last hours.

And so be it, and so be it, and so be it!“

I decree that favorable energetic conditions be introduced on this uppermost mother planet to improve the minds of the masses to be able to accept the new Theory of The Universal Law, at a collective level and therefore accomplish the necessary paradigm change.

Herewith, I (full name), Light Warrior of the first and the last hour, Ascended Master, Logos God of Gaia, and Guardian of the new Golden Galaxy, decree that the Orion Matrix and its major pillar, the Orion Monetary System, will collapse Now on this uppermost mother planet. This includes all stock and commodity exchanges worldwide, the shutdown of all banks and governments in the West, and the preclusion of a new world war.

And so be it, and so be it, and so be it.

I decree that the Orion System of World Health-Welfare and all that regards the health-welfare sector, will collapse/implode Now on this uppermost mother planet. This includes all of its pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, centers of experimentation on human beings and animals, research centers and laboratories for the creation of lethal viruses for the genocide of humanity, control centers of both the physical and mental, and organizations such as the ‘WHO, UNICEF, the FDA that erroneously give themselves the right to control the health and welfare of mankind. And that all further contagious world pandemics be prevented on this uppermost mother planet.

And so be it, and so be it, and so be it.

Let that which is hidden be released, and for all to see the truth of each and every situation. I mandate that these hidden depths and secrets of the 3D and lower worlds be released and surface for all to know.

And so be it, and so be it, and so be it.

Let it be integrated that in All-That-Is. all systems and levels of it, which we may, or may not observe with our senses, are products of energy gradients.

And so be it, and so be it, and so be it.

I mandate the destruction and cleansing of the fields, minds and psyches of the humans, from all dark patterns, of all the Orion educational programming and conditioning (mathematic, scientific, physics and biology, etc,) on all timelines, that restrict the senses, and create dumbed down, collective ignorance and cognitive imbecility, by distorting and restricting the natural senses of understanding the natural use of energy gradients of All-That-Is, thereby causing negative, limiting beliefs and blocked emotions.

And so be it, and so be it, and so be it.

l invoke the constructive energies of the sacred flames to encompass all of humankind, and all her timelines, to raise, cleanse, and stimulate the minds and hearts of all people, in preparation of the energetic foundation for creating infinite new 4D worlds for future incarnations of trillions of new souls. Let the pristine expanded perception for humankind, be integrated as a natural remembrance of who we are, and let our empirical nature be restored.

And so be it, and so be it, and so be it.

I decree to restore Gaia and all her multidimensional levels, to her pristine beauty and purity, and to free her, and cleanse her of the huge swaths of dark energies that have accumulated in her energetic structure since eons of time, and separate her from all the lower timelines that are destroyed by MPR’s. I decree that all is done so that Gaia ascends and is firmly anchored in the new Golden Galaxy.

And so be it, and so be it, and so be it.

I mandate, invoke and decree as a light warrior of the first and last hour, in utmost sincerity and truth, to use my human emotions and feelings, in a free, unrestricted and sovereign manner to charge my creations, be it love for humanity, or wrath for their dark side.
I accept my creational potential and I use my divine and pristine ability to create a better more enjoyable reality for myself and the rest of humanity. I charge all my invocations with the powerful, energetic flames from Source.

And so be it, and so be it, and so be it.

To this end, I ask for the help from the Elemental Spirit Beings of higher order, whom l thank with Unconditional Love and Respect, and I invoke from the fulcrum of my I AM PRESENCE

– the violet-gold flame of Ascension, Transmutation and Healing,
– the green flame of Healing, Truth and Knowledge of God’s Natural Science,
– the blue flame of God’s Divine Will,
– the pink flame of Cosmic Love, and
– the gold-white Christed light of unconditional love and peace, in form of adamantine particles of God’s Essence.

to flood my multi-dimensional body that encompasses Gaia and all her timelines, to trigger the immediate collapse/implosion of the Orion matrix and its financial system and the Orion System of World Health-Welfare, the legal system, political, military, industrial, energetic, agricultural, educational, scientific, sport, cultural, journalism and entertainment of all types, and all else, and to initiate the global awakening of humanity to the divine Truth of All Existence and to the responsibilities of their own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, to the recovery of their sovereignty and to the knowledge of the universal laws that govern the existence of all living things on this uppermost mother planet.

And so be it, so be it, so be it !!!

I AM that I AM, (full name), Light Warrior of the first and the last hour, Ascended Master, Logos God of Gaia and Guardian of the new Golden Galaxy, and herewith I make this decree in the name of the Source (repeat this statement also three times).

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