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Sharing3.:::.The Birthing of New Lemuria in July and August – Angela Merkel: Under Her Tired Eyes Breaks the EU

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The Birthing of New Lemuria in July and August





Georgi Stankov, July 7, 2015

The AA Michael message, which I have published below, is important as it confirms what I am getting as an information from my HS with respect to our itinerary of ascension this summer. July will be a very important month, full of changes at all energetic levels that will prepare our ascension, which will happen most probably in the end of August, with the usual caveat that linear time is an illusion. I will not discuss all the major portal dates in July, where we may witness some dramatic events, as they are well presented in the message below.
Here, I would like to draw your attention to the following information from AA Michael, which fully coalesces with my experience as presented to you yesterday:

Dear Family of Light, it is true that we have spoken of Economic changes, and that you have waited patiently for these.

 But we are happy to say that now is the time that you will begin to see real economic changes on the Earth.

 There are several activation points on the Earth where deep changes are occurring.

 The most important of these in Greece, in the vicinity of the Andromeda Star Gate that is situated in the Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey.”

I wrote yesterday independently, and not knowing this message, that I am now most of the time doing massive light work in Europe.

 I mentioned the Infinity portal in the city of Raetia in Central Europe, which I built since 2000 and finished in 2013 with the help of Carla. But I have also informed you that we built another Infinity portal in Istanbul, Turkey (former Constantinople, Byzantine) in the summer of 2013, which is actually the prolongation and continuation of the original Infinity portal, which I created in Bulgaria and on the Balkan peninsula already in the 90s when I actively propagated the new theory of the Universal Law in my native country.
This infinity portal also covers the whole Aegean Sea and Greece towards Turkey. In fact, yesterday I was in both Infinity portals – in Raetia and in the Balkans – at the same time doing huge transformational light work in preparation for the incoming economic revelations and big changes, as AA Michael below also confirms. That is why the Greek economic drama, as embodied perfectly by the Greek finance minister and thinker Yanis Varoufakis, plays such an important role in the current End Time scenario of Ascension.
I have known this from the very beginning as I have been working actively on this ascension scenario for the last somewhat 20 years – from the fulcrum of my HS and also physically by educating my countrymen in Bulgaria in the 90s on the new theory of the Universal Law, where also the first groups of enlightened scientists were established on the old Continent.
I have also written a lot in my five books on Gnosis about the cultural and gnostic heritage of ancient Greece and how this knowledge will be revived in the End Time. In particular, I have dedicated a whole book to Neoplatonism, which is a further development of the classical Greek philosophical school as presented by Plato, Socrates and Aristoteles. It suffice to mention that the Renaissance in Italy that also gave birth to Modern Times and the “enlightened” humanity in the West after a millennium of Dark Ages started when the works of Plotin, the founder of Neoplatonism, the most elaborated gnostic study in human history before I discovered the Universal Law and established the new General Theory of Science, were re-discovered. Hence the name “Re-Naissance”, which means “re-birth” of the ancient Greek philosophical tradition.
There are no coincidences in all events that we observe nowadays. They are all predetermined by history and  the more so by cultural and spiritual traditions that one should know very well in order to understand what is happening now. For instance, Bulgaria and Greece belong to the same cultural region and much of what is considered to be Hellenistic culture stems actually from neighbouring Thrace, which is now Bulgaria and which is older than Hellas in the Antique.
The involvement of Germany in the Greek drama represents all the conflicts and historical progression of humanity on the old Continent and goes back to the last big wars in Atlantis. I have elaborated on this historical background in previous articles, so that I will not delve into this huge topic one more time. But this historical past explains why we had to build our two Infinity portals and the city of light Raetia in these geographical parts of Europe.
There were two big political entities that emerged from the Roman Empire, which itself was the cultural and political heir of Ancient Greece and came into being only after conquering the latter – the Holy Roman Empire (Sacrum Romanum Imperium), which is also known as Deutsch-Roemisches Reich (German-Roman Empire), as it existed more or less on the territory of present-day Germany and Byzantine,  (East Roman Empire), from which Greece, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia and Russia emerged in the Middle Ages. The Holy Roman Empire that also evolved in the 9th century ended in 1871 when the German Empire (Deutsches Reich) was established with the unification of Germany and lasted till the abdication of Kaiser Wilhelm II in November 1918, when Germany lost WW1 and became a federal republic.
Hence the economic battle that now rages between Greece, the heir of Ancient Greece and Byzantine, and the EU, which is the latest version of the Holy Roman Empire with Germany at its core, symbolizes the antagonism of these two historical entities and the unification of Europe through resolution of these opposites. The catalyst for this unification will again be the philosophical tradition of ancient Greece as the cradle of Western civilisation.
This tradition is now carried forward by the new General Theory of Science of the Universal Law.
Therefore, it is not a coincidence that the author of this theory is of Macedonian origin and has the mission to unite Europe in the same manner, in one fell-swoop, as his predecessor Alexander, the Great united the ancient world to become the Hellenistic world, from which the Roman Empire emerged much later by fully incorporating the Ancient Greek culture and tradition of philosophical thinking. Also Christianity started first in Macedonia, Thrace on the Old Continent.
I am giving you this historical and cultural background as to understand that there are no coincidences and that we now create our ascension scenario not in a cultural vacuum, in which most of the modern world and in particular all the people in North America live, but in a very dense energetic, historical tradition that has predetermined the unfolding of the events in the End Time.
It is cogent that the current Greek drama that has already developed to a full-fledged EU drama and will very soon encompass also the Empire of Evil and its northern stooge, where I now dwell, needs an additional boost. The current drama around Yanis Varoufakis is just a petting to the epic orgasm that this humanity will experience this summer when we shall ascend and introduce the new theory of the Universal Law, most probably in Geneva. The selection of this site is also based on important historical considerations, on which I shall not elaborate for now. It suffice to say that Switzerland is also part of the city of light Raetia.
That is why we had to build our two Infinity portals in these two geographical regions in order to enable this unification as a prerequisite for the ascension of humanity to the new 4D worlds and to New Lemuria. By the way, there is another city of light over Bulgaria and part of Greece and Turkey, former Thrace, which is also the birthplace of the legendary Orpheus who introduced the first most influential mystical teaching on the Old Continent – Orphism, the predecessor of the new Gnosis of the Universal Law, which is in the first place a teaching of ascension based on immaculate philosophical knowledge.
This should be enough to show you the intricate bondage between all events you now witness on the political and economic stage and which may make no sense to you, in case you do not know well human history and are unable to interpret these historical facts in the dynamic context of what the Elohim defined as the “Reclamation of not only old Lemuria“, but also of the ancient history of modern Western civilisation that has evolved from the Antiquity and has reached the current deplorable state of social debasement, in particular in the USA, but also in the EU.
This fact also explains why I had to move to Vancouver, at the border to the USA as to bring to this continent the true understanding of the origins of this western civilisation in the context of the ascension process. But also to create the third Infinity Portal in this part of the globe, in White Rock and over to Washington state, that is intricately linked to the Infinity portal in Raetia and the third one in Greece, Thrace and Turkey, being the cradle of modern Western civilisation. There is a persistent continuity of all events until the discontinuity, the singularity of ascension will occur and this reality will be obliterated for ever.
Birthing the New Earth Soul : Changes and New Beginnings in July 2015

Archangel Michael through Celia Fenn, July 6, 2015

Starchild global

Beloved Family of Light, July promises to be a month filled with changes, transitions and new beginnings.

 You will feel these changes and transitions deep in your own being, but you will also see many changes occurring on the outer or social levels.

 The New Earth Soul is birthing into manifestation on the Planet with the assistance of the Diamond Crystal children, and so a new society and a new way of being is also being birthed that will meet your deep desire to live at a higher level of consciousness and being.

To assist this process, the waves of Time-Space energy in July will facilitate changes.

 There will be two Full Moons in July, the second one will be a “Blue Moon”, which as you know is a powerful force for bringing up deep issues that are submerged in the subconscious, both of the individual and the society.

 The Blue Moon itself will be on the 31st of July. 

The first Moon will be in Capricorn/Cancer, and with Pluto in Capricorn there are already powerful tides of transformation and change in activation.

 The second Moon will be in Aquarius/Leo, and will facilitate the New Earth energy into manifestation as you move towards the Lion’s Gate and the 8/8/8 on the 8th of August.

The month of July also brings you to the Planetary New Year on the 26th of July, and the “Day Out of Time”, on the 25th of July the day before. This is the moment that the Ancients understood that powerful Cosmic and Galactic cycles were completed and initiated in relation to the Earth.

 The Day Out of Time is that moment before the new cycles start, and you are encouraged to spend the day in playful creativity, allowing the old to end and the new to begin. Decide for yourself what you need to release and what you need to begin as a new cycle, as you enter into this new cycle of powerful New Beginnings. The 26th itself is a good time to really focus your intention and attention on what you would like to create, manifest and achieve in the new cycle of 2015/6.

Manifesting the New Earth Soul on Earth
Beloved Ones, this will be a wonderful moment to fully birth the New Earth Soul on Earth and within you! 

The tight grip of Economic control and hardship on the Earth is loosening, and people will begin to feel that they can breathe and move again. They will be able to focus energy on becoming what they would like to be and experiencing the absolute joy of life on a higher level of conscious awareness.

 This is life on the 4th, 5th and 6th Dimensions of Physical Existence, and not just in the trap of 3D Duality and struggle.

What does this mean for you, Beloved Ones?

 It means that you can transcend the economic prison of Time in 3D and begin to create and manifest your own timelines and Time-Space projects. This is what it means to master the 4th Dimension. In this space you can use the flows of Time to your advantage rather than being trapped within them as most people are. You will learn to claim your own timelines rather than simply giving your time and space to the timelines of those in “control”.

Then, in the 5th Dimension, you will learn how to flow with the energy of Unity Consciousness and “Oneness”. This means that you will lose your fear of the “Collective” energies and you will learn to “surf” or ride the waves of consciousness that wash over the Planet as the Deep Consciousness of Gaia and all who live on her responds to the incoming Light Codes from the Cosmic Heart. Releasing these fears will assist you to move beyond “ascension symptoms” into a more grounded and peaceful place when the Earth is in the process of integrating these powerful incoming Light Codes.

The, as you learn how to master the 6th Dimension, you will fully activate all aspects of your creativity, and you will learn how to manifest through art, dance, song, poems, ceremonies, sacred space and many other forms of Soul Expression. Your Soul wants to sing and dance and create on the Earth, and the New Earth Soul will release this powerful creative energy that is activated by the Diamond Light Codes and will create a magnificent New Reality!

The Diamond New Earth Soul is a powerful being, whose inner light shines with Clarity, Integrity, Love, Joy and Compassion. In these waves of Change and Transition, you can work with the Diamond Light Codes to raise your frequency and reach into your deep Soul energies and birth a new Earth Being that expresses the wholeness, the Joy and the Vitality of who you really are on a deep level.
The Diamond Crystal Children are birthing in increasing numbers onto the Earth, to assist you to hold, manifest and create with these new levels of Earth Beings and Existence.
Beloved Ones, we ask you to FEEL this new energy stirring and moving within your Heart and Soul. It is not something that is outside of you, but is rather a deep longing to birth something new that arises in your Heart and is expressed by your Soul in the world. Follow your instincts, your inner voice, and your creativity! Follow the whispers and the promptings of your Soul as you birth a new way of being in the world that flows from your trust in the guidance of your Higher Self and the flow of Divine Wisdom in your life and on the Earth.
Yes, there may be pressures and tension all around you, but remember that the Diamond is formed through Time and Pressure within the Earth. So it is too that your Diamond Soul is forming and emerging from this pressure and being birthed into a new human form that is YOU! 

What a wonderful and joyous gift this is, and something that you can celebrate at this time!

The Global Economic Changes
Dear Family of Light, it is true that we have spoken of Economic changes, and that you have waited patiently for these.

 But we are happy to say that now is the time that you will begin to see real economic changes on the Earth.

 There are several activation points on the Earth where deep changes are occurring.

 The most important of these in Greece, in the vicinity of the Andromeda Star Gate that is situated in the Aegean Sea between Greece and Turkey.
Much work has been done in these areas to allow for the flow of new energies and new ideas that are seeded from a higher level of Consciousness. In addition to the Diamond Light Codes that are transmitted through the Grid from the Great Central Sun, there are also Light Codes received from the Andromeda Galaxy that initiate or seed more creative and more harmonious ways of living, for this is the “gift” of the Andromeda Galaxy to Earth.

So, what you will see in this area is the beginning of the expression of the desires and will of the people, rather than a simple acceptance of what those in authority desire to impose.

 It is time for the voice and the creative will of all people to be considered in decisions.

 It is time for the Higher Consciousness and Will of Ascended Humanity to be expressed as a request for Abundance and Harmony for all living beings on Earth.

Beloved Ones, it is time for you to embrace the changes.

 Do not hold onto old ways of beings and habits of the third dimension. It is time to think beyond these ways and enter into a courageous expression of your New Earth Soul.

Embrace your inner wisdom, your power, your compassion and your creativity and Dream and Imagine that New Earth that is waiting to be created. Do not allow what others say to pull you into fear and anxiety. Do not let the Collective waves of distress become yours, but allow yourself to be a beacon of Light and Hope, and a role model for new ways of living. 

Trust what is and what is unseen, and know that you will be provided for in this great change and transition. Know that you are loved and supported at all times, and that you came to the Earth for this very reason, to be a part of these great changes!

Celebrate the opportunities that are given to you at this time, to full master the New Earth energies and to step forward as an empowered and creative Being of Light!



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Opinion: Merkel Must End Devil’s Pact with America

by Georgi Stankov Posted on July 8, 2015

By Markus Feldenkirchen, July 7, 2015

Spiegel online international

Following the latest revelations about surveillance by the United States on the German government and media, it is high time for Chancellor Angela Merkel to take action against the systematic spying.

The German-American friendship no longer exists. It may still remain between citizens of both countries, but not between their governments. Perhaps it has always been an illusion, perhaps the United States pulled away over the course of time. But what binds these two nations today cannot be considered friendship. Openness and fairness are part of the essence of friendship, which is about mutual respect and trust. A quarter century after the United States helped the German people restore their national unity, little remains of this friendship.

As new documents from WikiLeaks and reporting by SPIEGEL show, the NSA has been systematically spying on much of the German government. America’s spies not only listened in on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s private conversations about sensitive political issues. The NSA also bugged ministries, ministerial offices and other government agencies. Not even journalism is sacred to the Americans — at least not in Germany. American spies monitored at least one SPIEGEL colleague in Berlin — spies who represent a country that considers itself a guarantor of freedom of the press, one of the cornerstones of a liberal democracy.

Today we know: The friendly smile worn by Angela Merkel’s hosts in Washington all these years has been insincere at best.

Sept. 11 is not a good enough excuse for what has transpired. The terrorist attacks were horrendous, and a turning point for America and the world. It was understandable that the administration in Washington believed that they needed to protect their country against future attacks. Just as friends and family need support after going through a sudden, traumatic experience, the Allies were prepared to show their support for their friend.

But what has come to light has nothing to do with the attacks of Sept. 11 and the fight against terrorism. The US began systematically spying on the German government at least since 1999 (perhaps even earlier); in other words, two years before the attacks on New York and Washington. It is questionable that the German Agricultural Ministry’s fisheries department, which the NSA also spied on, had anything to do with Osama bin Laden or al-Qaida.


It wasn’t security of the Western world that concerned the Americans. Instead they pursued their own interests, unscrupulously vying for slight political advantages in diplomatic dealings and in the struggle for economic prosperity. The reference to the terrorist threat has long become a fig leaf for habitual and brazen espionage.

In the US, the complaints, such as the ones formulated in this editorial, are taken as naive and twee. They are considered laughable. However, if naivety means that one has not yet given up the belief in fairness as the basis for the partnership, then one should be naive. It is also better than the pathetic act that Merkel’s administration has put on for years with regards to the NSA: feigned public outrage over America’s tactics.

The German government has engaged in a devil’s pact with the US and its Orwellian spying machine. This may have been done out of fear — fear of not receiving the potentially imperative information about a planned attack. But through her silence, Merkel has made the German government complicit. She allowed the law to be broken. She also permitted the principles that characterize open, democratic societies to be compromised.

The German government had the wrong priorities. There is no guarantee of security. Fear of an attack is no reason to sacrifice legal principles.

The chancellor must show Washington a clear sign of resistance. Germany must free itself from this pact with the NSA. In the future, it must write the rules for its cooperation with intelligence agencies itself — which may mean that certain information will no longer be shared.

It would not be the end of cooperation between the two countries, particularly not on the issues of trade and foreign policy. Germany and America will have shared interests in certain matters. But currently, there’s little room in the relationship for more than that.

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Angela Merkel: Under Her Tired Eyes Breaks the EU

by Georgi Stankov Posted on July 8, 2015

Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten (German Economic News) July 7, 2015

translated from German by Georgi Stankov

The EU is on the verge of splitting. The summit (of the EU heads of state on Tuesday, July 7, 2015) laid the fault lines brutally frank: the southern Europeans want something else than the North or the East. Greece is the catalyst for a centrifugal dynamics. Amidst all this Angela Merkel: Tired, exhausted, overwhelmed. She can only watch how it is falling apart, what was supposed to be forced into a union with the temptation of money.

Angela Merkel after the ultimate Euro-Summit: Technocratically failed. (Foto: dpa)

The summit in Brussels has shown, as no other meeting of the Euro-rescuers, that the EU is not working. Greece is no longer the problem. The next candidates are Italy and France, probably Spain. The errors are systemic and can not be fixed by compromises. The reasons are easy to analyze, but too complex to be resolved. During the crisis, everything flies apart that cannot be chained together by a credit orgy.

The Problems:

The EU institutions no longer function in the crisis: The EU consists of far too many imperfect bodies. It was telling that Angela Merkel herself had lost track of them at the press conference. She seemed momentarily not to know which session had actually taken place. She spoke about the summit as the “Council”, however, had to be corrected later: The leaders of the euro zone had met. The EU Commission is floating somewhere in Nirvana. Jean-Claude Juncker is like from another planet. He implored the unity, but one could deduce from his spongy records that he no longer believes in the unity. The Council is represented by Donald Tusk. Tusk has no clue what to do. He does not understand the Brussels’ World. The Parliament lives its own life and complains that it does not have enough weight. The ECB is considered by many as the savior in dire need. It has power, but accepts no responsibility – a typical constellation in investment banking. The ESM (European Stability Mechanism) should now solve the problem. It is so complicated that no one knows how it can ever be used.

The Member States’ interests are opposite: Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi told most clearly what the Southern Europeans think: one needs a different Europe. He considers the principle problem of the EU to be more serious than the Greek problem. He does not want a Europe of austerity, but of growth. Francois Hollande said, he wanted Greece to absolutely stay in the Euro zone. He knows that when it comes to a humanitarian catastrophe in Greece, Marine Le Pen would no longer need loans from Russian President Vladimir Putin. An EU in dissolution is a free election campaign machine for the National Front. Germany can not give up, because Merkel and Schäuble have promised the Germans that Greece is on the right track. The billions of tax money that disappeared in the Greek cliques were presented as a good investment. Sigmar Gabriel and the hardliners are instigating bad feelings against Greece. The East Europeans have, obediently and emphatically, fallen into the austerity trap. They do not want to share the other pots of money with the Greeks. The small states have growing euro-skeptic parties. In this complex situation, a unifying political will is impossible.

The solidarity in the EU only works as long as it serves the national selfishness: Renzi has rightly complained that dealing with the refugees is a first-class scandal. Italy is left alone with the problem. When the wave of refugees from Greece starts, the already minimal helpfulness of the other states will quickly erode. The use of military against refugee boats discredits a community that is supposedly defined by values. Even if it the technocrats do not want to admit it: a political union always shatters by a serious humanitarian Fall from Grace.

The EU has made itself a hostage to the troika: the ECB, the IMF and the EU Commission have totally failed in the Greek crisis. They have committed themselves to a pure austerity policy: Taxes up, social spending down, privatization. That may look good on an Excel sheet. In practice it does not. The complex system is unable to correct errors. The development in Greece speaks volumes. With the onset of the credit orgy coupled with austerity the economy has nose-dived, as the graph of Standard & Poor’s is an impressive example.

Angela Merkel has passed the zenith of her career: The Chancellor is tired, overwhelmed, exhausted. Due to lack of political willpower she gets tangled up in technocratic and pseudo-legal wrangling. To a parallel currency in Greece, the only thing that she can mumble is that it should be discussed by the finance ministers. She insists on agreements that none of her colleagues knows anymore. No one has ever observed these agreements: The red-green federal government was the first that broke the Maastricht Treaty, so as not to interfere with the NRW election. Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann said on the issue that an euro exit was not legally possible: “The lawyers would still be arguing on it in 20 years. Now facts must be created”. Anarchy from the top – this is also the way how political systems generally shatter.

Maybe there will be a compromise with Greece at the last minute: Now a two-year ESM program is in discussion. There will not be a haircut because Merkel still believes that it is better to die as a self-opinionated person than to minimize the damage. She says, a haircut would be a prohibited state funding. But when a Grexit occurs, 340 billion euros are gone – which would also be a prohibited state funding, but only in retrospect. Perhaps they can now agree on technical solutions, such as the extension of maturities or the suspension of interest payments. In six months, the dilemma will be for re-submission, because the troika “reforms” only cause destruction and the real structural measures, such as the abolition of corrupt national cliques, are not monitored from the outside.

The Brussels summit has put an end to all tactics. Now the facts are stronger than ideologies. No political system can survive 50 percent youth unemployment. Eroding pension systems, homemade madness such as the Russia-sanctions or external factors such as the looming crash in China will finish the EU.

The future generations need to reinvent Europe. But they will not deal with a rich heritage. Their irresponsible ancestors have imposed on them an oppressive debt package. They will need a lot of courage, motivation and creativity to reach first the zero line. The Greek tragedy is a European drama of epic proportions.

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The State of War between Russia and the Empire of Evil Has Reached a New Ominous Level

by Georgi Stankov Posted on July 8, 2015

by Georgi Stankov, July 8, 2015

On June 25th, Putin made a surprise call to Obama after many months of animosities and for the first time since very long time on the initiative of Kremlin. It is not known exactly what was the topic of this unexpected call, but there is every reason to believe that it was urgent and had to do with the escalation in the NATO preparation for a global war against Russia as reported on many occasions in the past. On July 4th Putin had a second urgent phone call with Obama and nothing has been officially announced about this conversation.

My HS tells me that both phone calls were most ominous and subsequent events seem to highlight this conclusion. For instance, only today the Russian deputy foreign minister announced that there are about 2,200 Russian-born fighters among the ranks of the terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq, stressing that “the figures start getting really alarming.”

“At the time being, around 2,200 people from Russia are engaged in the fighting in Syria and Iraq,” Oleg Syromolotov, Deputy Foreign Minister for anti-terrorism, told TASS news agency on Tuesday.

“Among them, about 500 came from Europe, where they had earlier obtained citizenship, residence permit or refugee status,” he stressed.

The need to suppress “any moves” of Islamic State and other militant groups towards Russian territory, citizens and institutions presents a challenge for the government, according to the deputy minister.

“We are thoroughly analyzing belligerent statements of IS leaders on transition of the “jihad” to Northern Caucasus and in Central Asia,” said Syromolotov.

The threat comes from foreign terrorists who travel to Middle Eastern regions that are occupied by militant groups, and return to their homeland after training and indoctrination, according to the diplomat.”

There is reliable information that many of these jihadists are now coming to Caucasus in Russia to start a new war against Russia. The Institute for Study of Wars ISW assessed in June 2015 that:

“one of ISIS’s most likely courses of action during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan would be to declare a governorate in Russia’s North Caucasus. ISIS indeed announced the creation of a new governorate, called Wilayat Qawqaz (Caucasus) in the region on June 23, 2015, after several senior militants in the area pledged allegiance to ISIS. The announcement pits ISIS against the Islamic Emirate of the Caucasus, an official al-Qaeda affiliate that has operated in the mountainous region of southwestern Russia since 2007. ISIS has been setting conditions to establish this governorate in support of its regional expansion campaign since at least January 2015. ISIS’s statements and actions over the next few weeks will indicate whether the organization intends to launch operations through its new Caucasus affiliate, or whether it simply intends to use the pledge as an opportunity to assert its global vitality and reach.”

There is further reliable information that these terrorist groups receive all of their funding from the CIA through a number of secret Swiss bank accounts.

This all is known to the Russians who are very carefully watching all the aggressive acts of the Empire of Evil against the Russian Federation and are prepared to respond immediately when the latter crosses the red lines set by Kremlin for the integrity of Russia and the security of its people.

In the following, I am publishing a very good overview that discusses the political background of the recent urgent phone call between Putin and Obama on June 25th and what they might have discussed beyond what has been officially announced. After that I have published a second article that illuminates the military background of the second call on July 4th in the light of the recent ominous escalation in bellicose animosities of the Empire of Evil against Russia.

All these events are flowing into the big stream of the ascension process and the demise of the dark ruling cabal in the West, who are now leading a futile battle on many fronts, and in particular in a state of constant strangulation by major financial crises, rapid credit and cash crunch and crashing equity markets worldwide. Also amidst rapidly growing civil unrest in the EU and the USA.


Putin’s phone call to Obama and its significance

Ennio Addams,, July 03, 2015

You may have heard that President Putin placed a call to President Obama on Thursday, June 25th. As many in the media have noted, this call came after several months since they last spoke directly, and many more months of ‘estrangement’ and strained relations between the two.

According to the Kremlin’s website, Putin and Obama discussed the crises in Ukraine, the ongoing war in Syria, the Iran nuclear deal and the growing menace of terrorism in the form of ‘IS’. Out of this discussion, says the website, an agreement was made between the two presidents that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry would hold a meeting to discuss this last issue. It was also agreed that US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Grigory Karasin would be in contact to discuss implementation of the Minsk agreements.

But as anyone who has been following the developments of all of these flash points might rightly predict, the meetings and the discussions to come will probably amount to absolutely nothing; the U.S. is relentless in its crazed drive for world dominance at any cost. And we know from Putin’s and the Russian government’s many protective countermeasures – militarily, economically and diplomatically – that they are acutely aware of this.

So why make the call?

Leaving this question aside for a moment, and the ability of Putin to engage in realpolitik when he needs to, a sampling of the Western take on the conversation will prove useful.

Absurdities and atrocities

From the New York Times we get this:

[…] But American officials said that Mr. Obama focused on the continuing separatist war in Ukraine fomented by support from Moscow and pushed Mr. Putin to abide by a shaky diplomatic agreement known as the Minsk accord. Violence has flared in recent weeks even as Russia failed to drive a wedge among the members of the European Union who agreed to renew economic sanctions on Russia for another six months.

“President Obama reiterated the need for Russia to fulfill its commitments under the Minsk agreements, including the removal of all Russian troops and equipment from Ukrainian territory,” the White House said.

Where are the U.S. representatives to help broker the Minsk agreements?

Of course what the NY Times article fails to mention is that both the Minsk I and Minsk IItalks were initiated by Russia and it has beenRussia that has continuously called on Poroshenko and Kiev to follow the agreementsmade in those accords. The Novorussian forces have pulled back its armaments according to OSCE observers – but it’s the Kiev forces that are not only amassing heavier artillery on the borders of East Ukraine, but have also continued shelling civilian homes,infrastructure and killing innocents there. Only the puppet masters in the U.S. have the power to stop this, but instead, they are supplying arms and personnel to train the Kiev military and effectively giving the green light for more violence.

The Times also conflates the erroneous suggestion that Russia failed to stop the conflict in Ukraine with Russia trying to “drive a wedge among members of the European Union” regarding its response toanti-Russia sanctions. But the simple truth is that these sanctions are not only not working, but are negatively impacting the EU countries that have imposed them, the same countries that have fallen into lock step with the U.S. and its insane drive to ‘contain Russia’ and preserve US hegemony and warmongering capacity.

And all of this because Russia supported Crimea – an area that identifies itself with Russian culture – in its truly democratic pursuit of self-determination and desire to not live under a U.S. coup-installed government that considers them “subhuman”. But the way that the White House describes the meeting for its mouthpiece the New York Times, someone could actually think that the U.S actually had some kind of hand in helping broker the Minsk accords when, in fact, it didn’t.

Oh, and there are no Russian troops and equipment to remove from the Ukrainian territory.

The article continues:

Mr. Putin’s decision to call Mr. Obama and focus on Syria and Iran may reflect a desire to assert his continuing importance on the world stage despite Russia’s isolation and failure to break the Western consensus on sanctions.

This last part is just precious. Far from desiring to assert his ongoing importance (you can read that as politically ambitious) with the West, as the article is suggesting, Putin is trying to do something quite different by calling Obama, which we’ll get to momentarily. But the main point here is that anyone who has followed Russia’s development of BRICS, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, its new gas deals with Turkey, among other things, knows that Russia does not need the West, strictly speaking.Putin just wants the U.S. to stop behaving like the megalomaniacal bully that it is. And, as all of President Putin’s new economic and political alliances indicate, he, and Russia, are the farthest thing from “isolated” – try as the NY Times would like us to think.

The Times piece concludes with:

The United States and Russia have been at odds over Syria. Moscow supports the government of President Bashar al-Assad, and Mr. Obama has called for his resignation. American officials hope Mr. Putin may see the rise of the Islamic State as enough of a threat to now be willing to apply pressure on Mr. Assad, but they also suspected his renewed interest in the issue may be a way of distracting from Ukraine.

Oy! Where to begin? How about the fact that President Bashar al-Assad was and is the democratically elected President of Syria and the U.S. has no right whatsoever to meddle into the affairs of other countries. Or, that the last time the U.S. and NATO called for the resignation of a leader in the Middle East was in Libya: in the name of democracy and humanitarianism these killers literally destroyed a whole thriving country. Then there’s the little known fact that the Saudis and Israel (the U.S.’s geopolitical partners in crime) would like to see the new gas pipeline run through Syria without Assad’s say in who profits from it. And note the subtle insinuation that Assad is somehow responsible for IS!

Young Syrian childrens’ lives lost. For what?

It is remarkable to make note of all the many big lies this short Times article builds upon. To wit: Islamic State is the U.S.’s invention: a proxy force that helps create the pretext forcontinued war and, in recent months, the U.S. bombing and destruction of Syria’s infrastructure and deaths of innocents in order that it may “fight IS”. Never mind the unusual number of times that U.S.-air-dropped military aid “accidentally” gets into the hands of the jihadis. Further, there is no “renewed” Russian interest in the subject of Syria, because Russia has been – and never stopped being – engaged with resolving the conflict there, and supporting its democratically elected leader.

Russia not only diffused the threat of Obama’s ridiculous ‘red line’, basically preventing the U.S. military from bombing Syria to kingdom come, ‘shock and awe’ style, but it also helped the world see that Syria was quite open and willing to dispose of its chemical weapons. This near disaster was based on the lie perpetrated by the West that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people. But we now know that this false flag was brought to Syria courtesy of Saudi Arabia’s intelligence services.

Lastly, what for heaven’s sake does the following statement even mean? “American officials hope Mr. Putin may see the rise of the Islamic State as enough of a threat to now be willing to apply pressure on Mr. Assad.” As though Assad isn’t serious enough about fighting ISIL? As though Putin is somehow unaware of how dangerous IS is? Like so much of the thinking and writing that passes for sound foreign policy and legitimate journalistic coverage in the United States, that last statement from our friends in the mainstream media is unequivocally and absolutely absurd. When Voltaire wrote: ”Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities,” he was talking about just this kind of pure and unadulterated toxic disinformation that is daily spewed by the New York friggin’ Times.

So what’s happening now?

As if the geopolitical turmoil of Ukraine and Syria weren’t enough, at present, there are brand spanking new flash points and pretexts for U.S./NATO forces to involve themselves militarily that are, by design,attempts to draw Russia into overt conflict with it and the West’s vassal states.

For one: ‘The new war of Transnistria’:

So Porky Poroshenko probably got his directive from his CIA handlers to block the Russian peace-keeping force from Transnistria, leaving it ripe for annexation by Romania, a NATO member. Therefore any action taken on the part of Russia to improve on the security of this now tenuously autonomous region may be labeled – you guessed it – ‘Russian aggression’. Add to this Poroshenko’s appointment of Mikheil Saakashvili Sackofshitshvili to the position of Governor of Ukraine’s Odessa Oblast. This is the same Saakashvili who, as the former President of Georgia (that’s right, he’s not even Ukrainian)ordered the attack of South Ossetia until the Russian military drove them out. Needless to say, Saakashvili is pro-Maidan, pro-NATO, and pro-western. He is also wanted by the government of his own country for criminal charges.

Another conflict in the making is in Kaliningrad. From F. William Engdahl we learn this:

It seems that the Pentagon is considering far more mad moves than merely returning mid-range nuclear missiles to Europe. According to hackers who managed to enter the system of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, that tiny Baltic country is getting ready to militarily annex Russia’s Kaliningrad region. It reads like a fantastic rewrite of the 1950’s Peter Sellers satire film, The Mouse that Roared, with Lithuania cast in the role of the Duchy of Grand Fenwick, declaring war this time, not on the United States, but on the Russian Federation.

Kaliningrad is a Russian Oblast today of some 960,000 ethnic Russian inhabitants. It became part of the Soviet Union in 1945, at the Potsdam Conference, when the US and British Governments agreed to the transfer to the Soviet Union of the city of Koenigsberg, renamed Kaliningrad, and the area adjacent to it.

Because of Washington’s eastward expansion of NATO after the collapse of the Warsaw Pact, Kaliningrad is situated now between NATO members Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea. Because it is the only Russian Baltic Sea port “ice-free” all year round, it plays a vital strategic role in harboring the Russian Baltic Naval Fleet and three Russian air force bases.

When the Bush Administration announced it was stationing US missiles in Poland in 2007 as part of its upgraded Ballistic Missile Defense deployment, tensions between Moscow and Washington reached a break point, as Russia threatened to station nuclear weapons in Kaliningrad, a threat dropped in 2009 as a response to Obama’s feint, called “reset.” For NATO, using tiny Lithuania today as her proxy, to seize Kaliningrad, would amount to a declaration of nuclear war against Russia.

According to Lithuanian news portal Delfi, the hacked documents of the Lithuanian Defense Ministry reveal that ongoing NATO maneuvers in the region would provide the cover for the surprise attack. Right now some 2,100 soldiers from nine NATO member states part of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) are taking part in military exercises in northwestern Poland. Later this summer, NATO’s “Allied Shield” will be also held in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, involving 15,000 troops from 19 NATO member states and three partner nations, including Sweden, later this month.

Lastly, a new front against Russia and Eurasian stability is being fomented by the U.S. This time in Armenia:

Like all Color Revolutions, the backers of ‘Electric Yerevan’ are motivated by concrete geopolitical interests. They want to install an anti-Russian government that would withdraw Armenia from the Eurasian Economic Union and break the historical friendship between both states, following the model spearheaded by EuroMaidan’s post-coup authorities. Pashinyan is highly critical of all aspects of Armenia’s special relationship with Russia and has experience with anti-government organizing, hence his present designation as de-facto leader of the Color Revolution.The US also wants to drag Russia into a renewed military conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh, using post-coup newly installed nationalists like Pashinyan to aggravate the situation with Azerbaijan to the point of open warfare, which Russia, with its Collective Security Treaty Organization obligations to Armenia and its 102nd military base in Gyumri, would inevitably be sucked into. The US failed to coax a disastrous Afghan-esque military intervention out of Russia in Ukraine after the EuroMaidan events, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t try to do the same thing in the Caucasus after a potentially successful ‘Electric Yerevan’.

So U.S. aggression aimed at Russia is only being escalated…

Ok, so why bother calling Obama?

Needless to say, what little information we are getting from the media – including the Kremlin’s site – cannot be the full story of what was actually said between the two leaders. What may be even more important to consider is what has been left unstated but implied by the call: what the underlying intent was behind the call that was placed by President Putin to President Obama. Can it be correctly interpreted as a gesture of any significance?

Underneath the discussion of the different issues mentioned, I believe is a set of questions that Putin was putting forward to Obama: “Are you and your government for real? Are you, your military, NATO, and your manipulated allies in Europe actually going to continue on this path that we both know is rapidly leading us all to the brink? Is there anything whatsoever that can be said or done aside from capitulating to your hegemonic demands that can avert the utter disaster to which all of your actions are leading? Probably not I realize, but I do feel obliged to ask because, well, your actions – and the responses I will have to make in order to protect my country – may bring on the suffering and deaths of many. Yes, my public statements about your policies have been sharp and unequivocal, but we’ve been analyzing the situation for several years now and we’re calling it like we see it. Can you honestly tell me I’m wrong?”

President Putin might also have been “saying”: “Look, I’m calling you and STILL trying to work with you and your government even when I know that you are lying about the missile treaty, your purpose for the expansion of NATO, your coup in Ukraine, the false allegations behind MH17, your guys killing Boris Nemtsov to make it look like we kill our political opponents here, your instituting economic sanctions and undercutting our oil business to destroy our economy, accusing us of aggression even though it was WE who initiated the Minsk protocols and it’s your guys in Kiev that are breaking them, cutting me out of the G8, and so on. So we are close to the point of no return here (if we haven’t reached that point already) and it seems like you guys are going even further – now with Transistria, Kaliningrad and Armenia. What is it that you expect me to do?? You have to know by now that we don’t want conflict but are preparing ourselves if it should come to that. Talk to me. I’m right here.”

Because, even if Putin knows from past and present experience that the U.S. is a completely unreliable partner in seeking constructive solutions to the crises discussed in his call to Obama (and that the U.S. is actually at the root cause of most of them), the fact is that any leader who feels a true sense of responsibility towards his people – and to humanity in general – would do absolutely everything in his power to avoid these conflicts, and the catastrophic carnage that looms as a result of them. Pretty simple, eh? And yet, at the heart of the matter there exists a fundamentally different psychological disposition distinguishing the two leaders that speak to the very essence of who they are, the countries they represent, and the largely incomparable degree of sanity that divides them.

Ennio Addams

Born and raised in New York City, Ennio has led discussion groups about ‘High Strangeness’, taught the best stress relief techniques available to man, and annoyed just about everyone he’s ever known about the virtues of eating copious amounts of butter, and smoking. He also enjoys seeing and sharing what’s true on SOTT and has been an editor here since May, 2014.


Obama Flees To Pentagon After Receiving Putin “War Order”

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers, July 7, 2015

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is reporting today that this mornings “emergency activation” to immediate combat readiness status of the 102nd Military Base near Gyumri, Armenia (Caucasus region), is directly related to the 4 July “war order” issued by President Putin authorizing the sinking of the US Navy’s guided missile destroyer USS Porter (DDG-78) that just entered into the Black Sea on 5 July.

According to this report, on 4 July, President Putin “communicated directly” with President Barack Obama outlining the “exact parameters” of his “war order” and further expressed the Federations “grave concerns” regarding the United States massive global war games that are currently underway, or due to start this month, that include, in part, Talisman Sabre 2015, Jade Helm 15 and Breeze 15.

Of the greatest concern to the Federation regarding these massive US war moves, this report continues, is Breeze 15 that includes 30 ships and around 1,700 personnel from Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey as well as the US belonging to the Standing NATO Maritime Group 1 (SNMG1) and the Standing NATO Mine Countermeasures Group 2 (SNMCMG2) that began operations in the Black Sea on 3 July.

And heightening these “grave concerns” even more, this report explains, was Greek Prime MinsterAlexis Tsipras stating to President Putin last week that the Greek Navy contingent of NATO’s Breeze 15 war game had been refused permission by his government to participate in it due to that nation’s severe financial crisis, thus leading to fears the Obama regime was planning to use this “exercise” in a coup against that country and its democratically elected leaders.

To the fears that the Obama regime is, in fact, planning a coup against the Greek government, this report notes, were first raised this past March when Obama sent to that nation Victoria Nuland, Assistant US Secretary of State for European and Eurasian affairs, who in 2014 headed the coup against the democratically government of Ukraine, as well as the “secret” coup d’etat in Georgia too.

As the Guardian News Service states on Nuland’s 17 March mission to Greece on behalf of the bankster-led, and controlled, Obama regime they say she “flew into the capital amid mounting US concerns that the great euro debt crisis has begun to pose a geopolitical threat. Allowed to veer out of control, Greece could end up in the ambit of Russia, financially bereft and without the EU links that keep it bounded to the west. Nato’s south-eastern flank would be immeasurably weakened at a time of mounting global security worries over Islamic fundamentalists in the Middle East.”

Also to be noted, this report warns, Nuland has also “actively subverted” the Greek military structure causing the unprecedented interference seen by that nations former military leaders ahead of this past Sunday’s election wherein US-EU backed banksters were crushed by the citizens of that nation when,to the shock of the EU-US, they voted overwhelmingly against the further destruction of their lives and nation thus angering these Western criminals who want nothing more than to put more billions into their private banking accounts while these people starve.

The WSWS News Service further reported on this unprecedented interference in this election by stating:

“Hours before anti-austerity demonstrators flooded the streets of central Athens on Friday, a number of retired Greek military officers publicly called for a “yes” vote in Sunday’s referendum on the European Union’s demands, defying Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s call for a “no” vote.

The contrast between masses of workers denouncing EU austerity and the pronouncements of prominent military figures could not have been starker. Retired General Fragkoulis Fragkos, a former defense minister and one-time head of the Greek army general staff, called for a “loud yes on Sunday.” In 2011, Fragkos was cashiered by then-Prime Minister George Papandreou amid rumors of a coup.

Clearly referring to Tsipras, Fragkos said that “the moral values and principles that have always defined us Greeks are not under negotiation with any clueless and historically ignorant [politician] who is advancing his own party interest.”

A group of 65 retired high-ranking officers issued a statement citing their “oath to the Fatherland and the Flag” and warning, “By choosing isolation, we place the Fatherland and its future in danger.”

The statement continued: “The strength of our country is the most important thing we have, and this is being put in jeopardy. Our exit from Europe will make our country weaker. We will lose allies that have stood by our side. We will lose the strength we gain from associations and groupings to which we belong historically and culturally.”

These declarations constitute an enormous act of political intimidation.”

But to the greatest “fear/concern” causing President Putin to issue this “war order”, and then directly relay it to President Obama on 4 July, this report explains, is related to the Obama regimes proxy-war being fermented in the Federation’s Caucasus region by CIA-backed Islamic State fighters.

MoD strategic analysts in this report further note that last month when ISIS declared a new governorate called Wilayat Qawqaz in this Federation region it was an “act of war” against the Federation perpetrated by the Obama regime as it has already been proven in fact that this terrorist group receives all of its funding from the CIA through a number of secret Swiss bank accounts.

To the “red lines” outlined in President Putin’s “war order” given to President Obama, this report continues, one of the first “points” dictates that any assault (terrorist attack) upon the Federation by any CIA-directed ISIS fighters will be considered as an attack upon Russia itself ordered by theUnited States.

And to this “war order” authorizing the sinking of USS Porter in the Black Sea, this report says, President Putin has directed in it that “any and all” American military assests operating within 1,000 kilometers (621 miles) of any ISIS attack upon the Caucasus region is to be considered a legitimate target…and which this ship would be within while it operates in the Black Sea.

As to how the Obama regime has responded to this Federation “war order”, this report concludes, it is not fully known…other than to note that within 48 hours of receiving it from President Putin, President Obama “fled to the Pentagon” in a rare visit to meet with his top military leaders about their nations ISIS strategy…or to plot the Greek coup…or just start World War III.

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