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Sharing.:::>3 – My Vision on the Destruction of New York, the USA and Europe

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My Vision on the Destruction of New York, the USA and Europe


  by Georgi Stankov Posted on



by Shirley Garmon, July 6, 2015

Hello Dr. Stankov & Carla:
I wanted to share a vision that I had last night. After I turned in around 11:30 p.m., I closed my eyes, (and it is as if watching a movie on television) I began to see a city, very clearly, and it looked like New York, Manhattan.

 It was being destroyed by some unknown power. The city began to sink into the surrounding river(s) which New York is surrounded by. Not sure if it was the Hudson or the New York Harbor, but it was a huge river. I could see buildings that seemed to be imploding and pieces flying into the surrounding river before they totally sank. I saw the United States Flag, Red, White and Blue sink underneath the water. Then I witnessed the Statue of Liberty sinking until all I could see was the torch, in Liberty’s hand, going down, slowly. I saw something flying overhead and looked up to see Pegasus flying over all of this as if he was surveying the damage being done. He was out of my vision and then he flew by again, and I saw Pegasus a second time doing a “fly by” as if viewing the damage.
At this point, I start to question myself. Am I somehow creating this vision and making this happen? When my thoughts became focused on whether I was making this happen, the vision faded, and I quickly opened my eyes. Maybe by questioning its (vision) validity, the vision faded. Then I closed my eyes immediately again, and the vision resumes (as if watching a movie on television) and by this time, I’m flying through the air headed over sea and water very quickly, headed toward (what I believe to be) Europe. In this vision, I had the strong impression that Europe was next to fall. I was flying so fast that I could see many people in my view on land now, and at this point, this vision was so crystal clear, (I could feel the speed with which I’m flying) that it looked as though I was about to crash, directly into these people, (was kind of scary) until, I, again, shook myself, out of this vision and opened my eyes.
When I closed my eyes again, the vision did not resume anymore. I suppose that I had witnessed enough destruction! Anyway, I wrote about in my journal because I felt it was  worthy of being notated. Also, I wanted to share this vision with you. I’m not sure what this vision means, other than what was actually happening, and that was plain and utter destruction! This vision kind of coincides with the vision I had on June 18, 2015 (See below) that I mentioned, especially, in re, the United States Flag disintegrating. Also, if you remember I told you and Carla about a dream that I had June 26, 2015 about a bomb in the Chicago Metro tunnel and about me chasing after Pegasus (Read here).
Anyway, I wanted to share this vision and maybe you can shed some light on it. I’m not sure why this vision played out in front of me except, perhaps, the Creator, wants me to know what is, possibly coming for America and Europe!
Love & Light to you and Carla & PAT
Vision June 18, 2015:
I go to bed, and had barely closed my eyes, when immediately, a large United States Flag appear, the old Red, White and Blue, blowing in the Heavens, more like the Universe, for about 5 seconds. Then, it disintegrates/dissipates and one side of the Heavens, stars and all is Blue, while the other side of the Heavens, stars and all is Red. Both sides slowly merge together and become one Heaven again in mixed colors of purplish and pinkish or violet color. I open my eyes and the vision has ended. I know that pinkish, purplish colors and violet colors are very powerful, and according to the Dream Dictionary mean:  Purple is indicative of devotion, healing abilities, loving, kindness, and compassion. It is also the color of royalty, high rank, justice, wealth and dignity. The definition of “High Rank” may imply that we’ve gone as high as we can go on earth; now it is time to move on to the next level. Also, it seems that the other dreams that I’ve had over the last month or so, would coincide with, “High Rank” and moving to the next level.
Dream: 6-26-15 (read here)
Dear Shirley,
this is an incredibly powerful and precise vision of what will come very soon when the final ID shift and the separation of the timelines of this uppermost mother planet will take place. This destruction can be interpreted concretely and symbolically. As most visions we have, it is both. New York with Wall Street symbolizes the centre of financial power of the dark elite and now their power is coming to an end which was shown to you as the crumbling of the skyscrapers in the near-by river. At the same time it is quite probable that this city will be also physically destroyed when the MPR will happen, or another big natural catastrophe will be triggered to prevent the impending global nuclear war, which the dark US cabal in Washington is now hastily preparing.
The fact that the second part of your vision dealt with the destruction of Europe, in your case coming from the USA, of West Europe indicates that the West, represented by the NATO and the predatory neo-liberal capitalism that are based on the banksters’ Ponzi-scheme of a huge financial black hole, is about to crumble any moment.
What impresses me most is the intensity and the compelling force of your vision, as well as its crystal-clear message. Such visions always come from the Source, respectively from our monad and are meant to give us a unique and unequivocal message that we cannot fail to grasp. My feeling is that this vision-message was given to you in this clarity as to share it with the rest of the PAT and inform them about the inevitability of the coming financial crash and collapse of the Orion matrix. We have always expected that this will be flanked by some major, precise natural catastrophes that will destroy the infrastructure of the USA and other major western countries who are run by the dark Orion/Reptilian cabal and follow their goal to establish the NWO, come what may. Before they start with their war of devastation, they will be wiped out from this timeline by virtue of Mother Earth.
In this context your latest dream is in full coalescence with your previous dream when the US flag goes under, which is the most condense and powerful symbol for the downfall of the Empire of Evil.
What struck me most is that you visited in your vision also Europe, which is then destroyed after New York and the USA.
In my recent vision, the new theory of the Universal Law will first have its breakthrough in Europe and then will expand in North America, where many PAT members will help with its propagation, most probably after their ascension and appearance as ascended masters. But in order for this revolutionary theory to be accepted, first the rug must be pulled away from under the feet of the American people. Total despair is the best emotional means to open the people for transcendental knowledge and expand their awareness. There is no way to trigger a paradigm shift in the collective mindset, unless all old belief systems and prejudices, which keep the current illusion alive, are not fully crashed and no long serve the people.
Hence, we must first have a destruction and then the building of the new enlightened human society based on the new theory of the Universal Law. This is dialectics in its purest form as Mephisto explains in Goethe’s Faust: “Ich bin ein Teil von jener Kraft, die stets das Böse will und stets das Gute schafft” (I am a part of the force, that always wants the evil and always creates the good).
Humans are habitual animals in their life strategy. They will change and expand their world view only after the illusory reality on which they have founded their current lives is taken away and they see the dreadful abyss. Only then will they realize that their only support and life-line is their connection to the soul and the Source and that when this is comprehended, then all humans will realize that they are immortal beings and have nothing to fear. Before the fear can be overcome though, it must reach its peak in order to be molten into the blissful benevolence and abundance of the soul. We are now on the verge of this insight at the global level. It may take a couple of more weeks, but we have entered the final phase of ultimate revelations, and the Greek translation of the latter word is Apocalypses.
Thank you very much for sharing this prophetic vision with me and the PAT.
With love and light
PS: I forgot to comment on the colours of heaven you saw in your vision on June 18th. When you saw that the heaven parted and one side became blue and the other red and then they merged in purple colour, this is a very clear vision of the ID shift and merging of this uppermost mother planet with the higher dimensions. Blue is the flame of divine God’s will and it is also my flame and that of all ascended masters. Red is associated with the third chakra and is responsible for the vital energies that drive the incarnated personality and the whole humanity in this incarnation experiment. When they merge, they became purple and this is the flame of resurrection, which is the ascension of humanity from the current dense 3D reality.



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How To Create the New Paradigm Shift – A Brand New Evidence

by Georgi Stankov Posted on July 7, 2015

Georgi Stankov, July 6, 2015

The Greek crisis and the Greek lecture on true democracy for the EU technocrats and Orion-Reptilian clones in Brussels and the European capitals unleashed an avalanche of articles that unanimously support the main economic, and less so, gnostic ideas which have been advocated on this website for years. I have listed the most prominent examples from the MSM below as a clear evidence for our active creation of this reality in the current End Time of Ascension. None of this is coincidential and everything is the result of our light work. Please, never forget that.

For instance, today we have another massive descent of source energies with the obligatory cc-wave with severe headache that has caused another huge ID shift, the repercussions of which we shall observe in the coming days. I was retrieved at 10.30 am for almost two hours and was barely able to publish my first article. I simply dropped “dead”, while the stream of source energy almost paralysed my body. During this time I was in Europe and did a huge cleansing work associated with the Greek crisis.

The ruling dark cabal in the EU are now in a total disarray as they realized for the first time how vulnerable they are. I was very closely connected to their mental and emotional fields in a telepathic manner from the fulcrum of my HS. The Greek referendum opened the eyes of the dark cabal and they came to the acknowledgement that there is no time left for them to start with their final heinous moves to install the NWO. They are so desperate now as they begin to realize that they have lost their war against humanity. The Greek vote and the victory of democracy have triggered huge angst in the dark ones as they now know that they no longer control the events and the people. It also demonstrated to the European citizens that even 2 500 years later they still have not learnt the lessons of true Greek democracy, which already is a huge demonstration where the major deficits of this Orion society lie. This is indeed a huge leap in consciousness, the beginning of the long-awaited paradigm shift.

I felt the utter desperation of the cabal today, a kind of desperado madness to go forward with their old tactic of blackmailing humanity and push this criminal practice to an even higher level of atrocities as they are running out of alternatives in their dystopian view of the world. They have no desire or will for any rational arrangements with Greece and all the other indebted countries in the EU under the acronym of PIIGS.

I bilocated in Central Europe and in Germany, where I activated my turnstile mechanism, with which I am able to cleanse huge amounts of human dross. My multidimensional energetic field is like a huge sponge that sucks in all these low-frequency, sluggish energies from the whole Old Continent through my infinity portal in the city of light Raetia and sends them to the Source for recycling. This is also our fuel for the ascension.

Obviously, I am now able to do my work in Europe irrespectively of where I am physically located. This is in anticipation of our imminent ascension when we, the PAT, shall practically hold Gaia with its numerous timelines in our hands and will be responsible for the stability of the new 4D holographic models of human incarnation.

Each one of you must now fully appreciate how majestic we truly are, that is to say, how enormous and powerful our multidimensional fields are and what incredible creationary work of cosmic proportions we are now accomplishing, while still residing in human bodies and suffering under severe headaches, numerous joint pains and other symptoms. This just as a matter of fact, because this is the only fact that truly matters now.

And here are the latest articles that reinforce the new paradigm shift that now happens in front of our eyes. We all have to learn to ride on the crest of this huge cosmic wave of change because we are the change!

Our NO Is A Majestic, Big YES To A Democratic, Rational Europe! (Varoufakis)

Yanis Varoufakis: Why Bold, Brash Greek Finance Minister Had To Go (Guardian)

Discussing Syriza’s Stunning Victory On The BBC (Steve Keen)

Defiant Greeks Reject EU Demands As Syriza Readies IOU Currency (AEP)

Yanis Varoufakis: Greece’s ‘Erratic Marxist’ (AFP)

What Are the Geostrategic Implications of a Grexit? (Foreign Policy)

Greece Votes No — Now What? (Peter Spiegel)

Why The Yes Campaign Failed In Greece (Wolfgang Münchau)

UN Debt Expert Says Greece Can’t Take More Austerity (Reuters)

Europe Wins (Paul Krugman)

Ending Greece’s Bleeding (Paul Krugman)

Thomas Piketty: “Germany Has Never Repaid.” (Medium)

Angela’s Ashes: How Merkel Failed Greece and Europe

Legenden statt Lösungen. Rette sich, wer kann: Europa taumelt dem Abgrund entgegen

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The Biggest Orion-Reptilian Banks Have Just Cornered the Commodity and Precious Metal Markets

by Georgi Stankov Posted on July 5, 2015

What Does This Mean? –

An Engineered Global Crash of the Financial System!

Georgi Stankov, July 5, 2015

This is a question that I pose to my readers as I, myself, am uncertain as to how to interpret this fact exactly.

The primary source ZeroHedge is also incapable of giving us a proper answer, but it is obvious that something very fishy is in the making.

Without going into technical financial details that will overwhelm most of you, there is no doubt that we are now witnessing an exponential leap in the exposure of the two biggest US banks JPM and Citigroup to very dangerous and toxic derivatives.

ZeroHedge reported six days ago that

“JPMorgan Just Cornered The Commodity Derivative Market, And This Time There Is Proof” and only today it reports again that “Citigroup Just Cornered The “Precious Metals” Derivatives Market“.

In the case of JPM the exposure to toxic derivatives soared from “just” $226 billion in total commodity markets by 1,690% in one quarter to $4 trillion, or about 96% of total. In the case of Citigroup its derivative exposure to precious metals market (mostly silver), which was constant over the past 4 years, jumped suddenly by 1260% in the past quarter, from just $3.9 billion, to $53 billion!

This was defined by ZeroHedge as “cornering the commodity and precious metals markets” and they must know what they are talking about.

The definition of “cornering the market” is as follows:

“In finance, to corner the market is to get sufficient control of a particular stock, commodity, or other asset to allow the price to be manipulated.

Another definition:

“To have the greatest market share in a particular industry without having a monopoly.

Companies that have cornered their markets usually have greater leeway in their decisions; for example, they may charge higher prices for their products without fear of losing too much business.

Large companies, such as Wal-Mart or Microsoft, are considered to have cornered their markets.”[1] In either case, the cornerer hopes to gain control of enough of the supply of the commodity to be able to set the price for it.”

The best example was when the Hunt Brothers attempted to corner the world silver markets in the late 1970s and early 1980s, at one stage holding the rights to more than half of the world’s deliverable silver. During the Hunts’ accumulation of the precious metal, silver prices rose from $11 an ounce in September 1979 to nearly $50 an ounce in January 1980. Silver prices ultimately collapsed to below $11 an ounce two months later, much of the fall occurring on a single day now known as Silver Thursday, due to changes made to exchange rules regarding the purchase of commodities on margin.

Hence this cornering of the commodity and silver markets by JPM and Citigroup may indicate the sudden implementation of a new law that will change the rules of the game on the speculative markets worldwide.

In this respect I remind my readers of the insidious Omnibus bill, which was pushed through the congress recently under the influence of Citigroup that delivered the wording of this bill.

Essentially, this bill provides that the more than one quadrillion dollar toxic virtual derivatives that the biggest and “too big to fail” US banks currently hold will be paid by the US tax payers through haircuts and bail-ins in case of a financial crash. When this toxic bill was adopted, there was a sporadic outcry in the alternative media, but the American zombies did not realize what a ticking bomb their criminal, bribed representatives at the Capitol voted for at that time.

Another recent example of cornering the market, which I closely followed when I was eagerly expecting the Orion economy to crash, was when during the financial crisis of 2007-2010 Porsche cornered the market in shares of Volkswagen, which briefly saw Volkswagen become the world’s most valuable company. Porsche claimed that its actions were intended to gain control of Volkswagen rather than to manipulate the market: in this case, while cornering the market in Volkswagen shares, Porsche contracted with naked shorts—resulting in a short squeeze on them. It was ultimately unsuccessful, when the shares tumbled leading to the resignation of Porsche’s chief executive and financial director and to the merger of Porsche into Volkswagen. One of the wealthiest men in Germany’s industry, Adolf Merckle, owner of the pharmaceutical company Merckle, committed suicide by throwing himself under a train after shorting Volkswagen shares.

I have consistently singled out the existence of more than a quadrillion of worthless derivatives, known worldwide as the most dangerous financial WMD, to be the primary cause for the global financial collapse of the Orion monetary system in the End Time. This will happen when the derivative market with a total size of more than 50 times the world GDP will be wound up in the course of the bursting of the gargantuan debt bubble, beginning with a credit crunch in the West.

With the stipulation of the Greek crisis that defies any other reasonable resolution than default and debt jubilee, as even the IMF had to admit this week, it has become cogent even to the sparrows on the roofs that the whole Orion economy is heading towards a rapid and irreversible collapse this summer.

While the eyes of the people are now focused on the ongoing Greek tragedy, new catastrophic scenarios are simultaneously erupting in the financial sector that will dwarf the Greek crisis to a street farce (Gassen-Posse). The biggest and most dangerous aspect of the current fraudulent Ponzi-Orion monetary system based entirely on debt and printing money out of thin air is the massive unregulated derivative markets that are entirely in the hands of the ten biggest banks worldwide, such as JPM, Citigroup, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, etc. They are also the most exposed to these financial WMD and when the crash comes they will be the first to tumble.

The recent cornering of the commodity and precious metal markets by JPM and Citigroup is the most ominous sign that a new crash is in the making. This time it will surpass thousand times the crash in 2008 when in only one week in October the whole investment banking on Wall Street was wiped out.

Considering the synchronicity in the cornering of the two still functioning commodity markets by the two infamous banks of the Orion-Reptilian banksters of the AAA-faction, the only plausible conclusion that comes to mind is that the dark cabal is now preparing the final controlled demolition of their financial Ponzi-scheme in the hope to “corner humanity” and introduce the NWO.

However, all they will achieve will be the implosion of their rotten banking system and the immediate switch-over of all countries and peoples to the more stable world currencies, such as renminbi and ruble.

It may begin with Greece.

That is why the western criminal cabal tried to crash the Chinese equity markets this last week when several trillions $ wealth was destroyed. In response to this attack, China is now in a state of war with the USA and Russia follows suit. For more details read here.

At this moment it is very important for us to be able to connect the dots and understand the whole picture.

There will be many actions that will be merely smoke and mirrors, while the major plots are prepared in silence.

It is important to bear in mind that none of the futile attempts of the ruling cabal to break away from their current siege by the light will be successful, but will instead only lead to their demise. A clear understanding of this scenario, without being lost in too much facts and details, is at present indispensable for your creative modulation of the events on behalf of our optimal ascension scenario. Which is – our ascension must take place before the financial collapse occurs. Make the appropriate invocation for this outcome using the seven sacred flames

Hence stay alert as to discern the point in time when this will happen. God does not come as a “thief in the night”, at an unknown hour, as the dumbed down Christians preach, because all events are announced in advance but one must be able to read the warnings on the wall.

And there are plenty warnings now.

The next days will be full of dramatics.

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