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Sharing3- The Joke of the End Time: “One Does Not Eavesdrop on Friends”, Merkel

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The Joke of the End Time: “One Does Not Eavesdrop on Friends”, Merkel





Georgi Stankov, July 3, 2015

Let me state it clearly from the very beginning: there is no such thing as friends among the ranks of the dark ruling cabal.

 Everybody is considered an enemy.

 Suspicion is the order of the day among these psychopaths.

 We have to deal with a big Mafia clan that behaves according to the law of the jungle.

 That is why they are the most despicable scum of society.

 Next come their stooges such as the MSM presstitutes and the Internet trolls. “Wie der Herr so das G’scherr” (As the lord so the slave) as the Germans say. That is why this scum must be wiped out from the surface of this uppermost mother planet by virtue of MPR and ID shift.

The latest WikiLeaks revelations on the NSA spy scandal in Germany and France has now triggered even more grotesque reactions compared to the bold & bogus statement of Merkel to disclose all cases of eavesdropping by NSA in Germany. Soon thereafter she was brutally silenced by the US deep government and succumbed to her trifle destiny as Orion stooge by accepting the same spying practices for herself as for all the other German citizens she does not care about although they should be protected by the German constitution from such criminal acts.

But the morass of massive eavesdropping of NSA on alleged European allies cannot be dried so easily and each day new revelations come on the surface. This time Wikileaks is at the front and Assange is now enemy Number One to the West. 

The inofficial proposal France should give Assange asylum has caused a veritable shock reaction by the French president who responded only 45 minutes later in horror that France cannot do this – otherwise Hollande cannot be sure for his life.

 Just as Merkel can be eliminated any time by the dark killer services of the Empire of Evil if she does not follow suit.

 And there are proofs that these petty European stooges are now testing the revolt against their evil masters on Potomac, thanks again to Wikileaks revelations.
Here are the latest news on the eavesdropping inner front among the desolate ruling cabal: Only days after it was revealed that the NSA conducted massive economic espionage against France, new WikiLeaks documents reveal that the US and British governments bugged German Chancellor Angela Merkel and other officials during discussions of the Greek financial crisis.

Today’s publication further demonstrates that the United States’ economic espionage campaign extends to Germany and to key European institutions and issues such as the EU Central Bank and the crisis in Greece,” reads a statement from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

The new documents highlight dozens of German officials who the National Security Agency considered “high priority targets.” Listing the officials by target identifiers associated with phone numbers, the individuals are categorized as being involved in either “political affairs” or “international finance developments.”

The documents also reveals the extent of the NSA and GCHQ’s cooperation in spying on other ally nations.

Our publication today also shows how the UK is assisting the US to spy on issues central to Europe,” Assange’s statement reads. “Would France and Germany have proceeded with the BRICS bailout plan for Greece if this intelligence was not collected and passed to the United States – who must have been horrified at the geopolitical implications?

Among the leaks are intercepted communications between Chancellor Merkel and her personal assistant, which reveal the German leader’s conflicting deliberations on how to confront the Greek crisis.
“…German Chancellor Angela Merkel professed to be at a loss as to which option – another haircut or a transfer union – would be best for addressing the situation,” one document reads. “Haircut” refers to losses which would be absorbed by private investors.

Merkel’s fear was that Athens would be unable to overcome its problems even with an additional haircut, since it would not be able to handle the remaining debt,” the cable continues.

Furthermore, she doubted that sending financial experts to Greece would be of much help in bringing the financial system there under control.”

Ultimately, Merkel’s preferred solution was “to enact a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT),” hopefully as soon as next year.

Another document indicates Germany’s support for IMF bailout plan funded by the BRICS nations.

First, the German government wanted solutions that work within the context of current European legislation,” it reads. “On the other hands, the Germans would support a special IMF fund into which the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) nations would pool funds for the purpose of bolstering Eurozone bailout activities.”

On Monday, WikiLeaks released documents that proved US spying against France went even deeper than was previously believed, eavesdropping on a number of government officials, as well as very major French companies.

The United States has been conducting economic espionage against France for more than a decade,” Assange said in a statement. “Not only has it spied on the French Finance Minister, it has ordered the interception of every French company contract or negotiation valued at more than $200 million.”

However, if you think that the French are innocent victims of American espionage you are very naive. We have to deal with the same bunch of criminal rascals in all Western capitals.
In 2008, the then French President Nicolas Sarkozy met with the Prime Minister, Francois Fillon, and the boss of a project for the General Directorate for External Security (DGCE). Sitting in the office of the Head of State at the Elysee in Paris, the agenda before them: the future of the French special services.

According to an exclusive report in French weekly magazine L’Obs, the Sarkozy administration spent $775 million (700 million euros) in the process hiring 600 staff to intercept submarine cables between continents. The author of this report, the French journalist Par Vincent Jauvert details a meeting that took place in 2008 between the then French President Nicolas Sarkozy, French Prime Minister, Francois Fillon, and the boss of the General Directorate for External Security (DGCE), Pierre Brochand at the Elysee Palace in Paris. A senior official told the journalist:

Unlike the NSA, we do not listen to German Chancellor Angela Merkel. But if the President of the Prime Minister ordered to do – we could, despite the principles of interception agreed by the CNCIS”.

According to information obtained by L’Obs, the CNCIS authorized the interception of cable traffic from 40 countries including Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Iraq, Syria, Sub-Saharan Africa and Russia, China, India and the United States.
France's President Nicolas Sarkozy, right, and Prime Minister Francois Fillon

And to top the whole scandal the German leading magazine “Der Spiegel” that was founded by the CIA after WW2  has just added itself to the list of US intelligence spy targets. It reported evidence on Friday that US intelligence agencies spied on its journalists in summer 2011, when US agents informed the German intelligence service of its suspicions that Spiegel journalists had contacts within the German government.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel speaks with U.S. President Barack Obama outside the Elmau castle in Kruen near Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, June 8, 2015.
 Merkel to Obama: “In order to be a “good” Orion politician you need very long arms to stretch big lies like Turkish loukoumi”. And Bombama nods in agreement.
Spiegel assumes that it was spied on by the US intelligence services,announced the magazine in its Friday issue, stating that it filed a complaint about the spying activities on Friday with the Federal Prosecutor’ Office in Karlsruhe, alleging espionage activities and the violation of the privacy of its telecommunications.

Spiegel reported that after spying on its journalists, the CIA informed the German government’s intelligence services coordinator, Gunter Heiss, of its suspicions of contact between Spiegel journalists and officials in the government, specifically Hans Josef Vorbeck, one of Heiss’ deputies in the service. Vorbeck was subsequently transferred to a different position.
Read here: “Spiegel editors were spied on by the CIA — and the federal government did nothing.”
On Thursday Heiss testified before a German parliamentary committee of inquiry into the NSA spying affair, which seeks to clarify the extent of US intelligence operations in Germany.
The revelation that the magazine had been spied upon extends the known reach of the NSA’s espionage activities in Germany from the German government to the media; in October 2013 Spiegel itself reported that officers from the NSA used the US Embassy in Berlin as a base to monitor cellphone communication in the German government.
Der Spiegel complains that the NSA espionages extends to such an extent that now even the press is not spared by it and is in the same pool as all other companies such as Siemens etc. who were regularly eavesdropped by the Big Brother:
The time of the Diadochus battles between the mad ruling cabal have peaked now since the collapse of the Orion system is more than evident and they have lost any control on the events. And these particularly fearful, anakastic dark entities fear lack of control most. That is why they want to install the NWO in the first place and that is why they have already failed. You cannot create a new reality based on angst – not in the current End Time of Illumination and Ascension.



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Ron Paul Confirms PAT’s Unanimous Conclusion That a Global Financial Crash Is Imminent and Inevitable

by Georgi Stankov Posted on July 3, 2015

Georgi Stankov, July 2, 2015

The experienced politician and old Capitol swashbuckler Ron Paul confirms our unanimous prediction that a global financial crash in the West is unavoidable and imminent. One only needs to use primary school mathematics and count two and two to know that no western country is able to pay back its national debt when the average debt to GDP in all western countries has reached the astronomic amount of 300% and these countries are in the deepest depression and austerity since 2008 that is only comparable to the Great Depression.

In the following interview of today Ron Paul makes his final verdict on the Orion economic order that is entirely based on gargantuan debt and exorbitant inflation by printing money out of thin air and is sucking in all savings of the people into the huge financial black hole of the current banksters’ Ponzi scheme upon which the whole rigged neoliberal economy thrives. De facto Ran Paul confirms as an independent and agnostic expert our imminent ascension which is coupled to the financial crash of the Orion monetary system.

Today, I received a very strong confirmation that this will happen in the course of this summer and that this time there will be no delays.

Ron Paul’s Dire Warning: The System Is Coming Apart

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The Black Hole of the NWO of the Dark Cabal Is the White Hole of Our Ascension

by Georgi Stankov Posted on July 2, 2015

by Georgi Stankov, July 2, 2015

In my article “The New Age of Political Sobriety” I discussed why it took more than a year for the dark cabal to realize that their plans to install the NWO have totally failed at the resistance of the Russians.

By the way this article was re-published yesterday in Before Its News and has already been read by more than 3600 visitors, which shows that the people are interested in this kind of critical analysis of the actual political situation.

Yesterday Dmitri Orlov has published his latest essay on this same topic, though from a new, cosmological angle.

He discovered that the whole Orion order is based on a huge financial black hole and that everything is sucked by this hole until it sucks all the people.

We are almost there.

While the irony and sarcasm of Orlov’s comments are hilarious, he fails to elaborate on the energetic nature of black holes, namely that every black hole turns within one quarter of a quadrillionth of a second into a white hole that does not suck energy at its Hawking’s horizon but emits the same amount of energy which has been sucked by the dark hole.

Otherwise the first law of thermodynamics of energy conservation would be grossly violated.

And this is what I describe as the “dialectics of ascension“.

It is very important to understand this dynamic property of energy which I assess for the first time in physics and science with the third axiom of the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law that deals with the reciprocal behaviour of two adjacent gradients in a system:

“When the gradient in a system begins to decline, an equivalent but opposite in direction gradient is automatically built.

When the first gradient reaches zero, the opposite gradient reaches its maximal value.”

Translated into the process of our ascension: The wider the black hole of the already crumbling and dissipating Orion order becomes, the less energy there is for it to suck. When the sucked energy reaches the zero point, then the black hole turns automatically into a white hole and radiates the sucked energy by the black hole into the supernova explosion of our ascension. Here you have all the vocabulary of the Ascension process we have used in the past, this time presented in a more stringent way in terms of the new Physical and Mathematical Theory of the Universal Law.

The financial black hole, which the dark cabal are building for humanity since long time in order to establish the NWO can no longer be controlled by themselves.

Once set in motion, it devours the very foundation on which humanity exists.

When the energy of the Orion order will be entirely sucked by the current financial black hole of trillions and quadrillions of worthless derivatives and gargantuan national debt of the western countries, as this is illustrated with Greece now, then this black hole will turn in the blink of an eye into the white hole of our ascension supernova.

The demise of the dark cabal and the dissolution of their matrix will render the fuel for our ascension. These bastards should have studied the new Physics of the Universal Law to know where they are heading to in their utter blindness. Everything is energy, and those who do not know the nature of energy, infringe upon the Universal Law and are doomed to experience the dissipation of their illusion, as such deficient creations are entirely based on destructive interference.

This should be enough elaboration for now on the physical wisdom of the Universal Law and how it explains the dynamics of our ascension. Enjoy in the following Dmitri Orlov’s essay on the dark cabal’s financial black hole:


The Care and Feeding of a Financial Black Hole

Dmitri Orlov, ClubOrlov, June 30, 2015

A while ago I had the pleasure of hearing Sergey Glazyev—economist, politician, member of the Academy of Sciences, adviser to Pres.

Putin—say something that very much confirmed my own thinking. He said that anyone who knows mathematics can see that the United States is on the verge of collapse because its debt has gone exponential. These aren’t words that an American or a European politician can utter in public, and perhaps not even whisper to their significant other while lying in bed, because the American eavesdroppers might overhear them, and then the politician in question would get the Dominique Strauss-Kahn treatment (whose illustrious career ended when on a visit to the US he was falsely accused of rape and arrested). And so no European (never mind American) politician can state the obvious, no matter how obvious it is.

The Russians have that pretty well figured out by now.

Yes, maintaining a dialogue and cordial directions with the Europeans is important. But it is well understood that the Europeans are just a bunch of American puppets with no will or decision-making authority of their own, so why not talk to the Americans directly? Alas, the Americans too are puppets. The American officials and politicians are definitely puppets, controlled by corporate lobbyists and shady oligarchs. But here’s a shocker: these are also puppets—controlled by the simple imperatives of profitability and wealth preservation, respectively. In fact, it’s puppets all the way down. And what’s at the bottom is a giant, ever-expanding, financial black hole.

Do you like your black hole? If you aren’t sure you like it, then let me ask you some other questions: Do you like the fact that your credit cards still work, or that you can still keep money in the bank and even get cash out of an ATM, or that you are either receiving or hope to eventually receive a pension?

Do you like the fact that you can get useful things—food, gas, airline tickets—for mere pieces of paper with pictures of dead white men on them?

Do you like the fact that you have internet access, that the lights are on, and that there is water on tap? Well, if you like these things, then you must also like the financial black hole, because that’s what’s making all of these things possible in spite of your country being bankrupt.

Perhaps it’s a love-hate relationship: you love being able to pretend that everything is still OK even though you know it isn’t, and you wish to enjoy a bit more of the business-as-usual before it all goes to hell, be it for a few more days or another year or two; but you hate the fact that eventually the black hole will suck you in, after which point things will definitely… suck.

In the United States, so far the black hole has been sucking in individual families (although it does sometimes suck in entire cities, like Detroit, Michigan, or Bakersfield, California, or Camden, New Jersey).

With the help of the fraudulent mortgage racket, it sucks in houses, and spits them out again encumbered with bad debt. With the help of the medical industry, it sucks in sick people and spits them out again, bankrupt. With the help of the higher education racket, it sucks in hopeful young people, and spits them out as graduates, with worthless degrees and saddled with mountainous student debt. With the help of the military-industrial complex, it sucks in just about anything and spits out corpses, invalids, environmental damage, terrorists and global instability.

And so on.

But the black hole can also suck in entire countries.

Right now it’s busy trying to suck in Greece, but it’s having a hard time with it, because Greece is, of all things, a democracy.

This has the black hole’s puppets in quite a state at the moment, and starting to clamor for “regime change” in Greece, so that Greece can be made to capitulate before the black hole gets hungry.

The way the black hole sucks in entire countries is as follows. If the black hole doesn’t have enough to suck in for a period of time, it gets hungry and makes the financial markets go into free-fall. The financial instruments of countries that happen to be farther away from the black hole—out on the periphery—fall faster. In search of a “safe haven,” money floods out of these countries and into the “core” countries that are clustered tightly around the black hole—the US, Germany, Japan and a few others. The black hole gobbles up this money, but is then hungry for more. But since the periphery countries are now financially too weak to resist, they can easily be turned into black hole fodder. This is done by saddling the country with a foreign debt it can never repay, then forcing it to keep making payments against this debt by making it a condition for maintaining a financial lifeline—keeping the banks open, the ATMs stocked, the lights on and so on. To be able to make the payments, the country is forced to dismantle its society and economy through the imposition of austerity, to privatize everything in sight turning it into collateral for more loans, and to surrender its sovereignty to some transnational organizations, such as the IMF and the ECB, which are directly involved in the care and feeding of the black hole.

Who is in charge of all this?

you might ask.

If all there is is the black hole, the puppets charged with its care and feeding, and its hapless victims, then who is making the decisions? Well, it turns out that the black hole is sentient. But it is also very, very stupid. And the way is enforces its will is by destroying the minds of its puppets—by making them unable to understand certain things. However, stupidity is a double-edged sword, and in enforcing its will in this manner the black hole also thwarts its own purpose.

For example, some time ago the black hole happened upon a rather large item it wanted to suck in, but couldn’t. The item is called Russian Federation.

It controls a huge territory that is full of all sorts of natural resources the black hole would love to turn into loan collateral and suck in. The problem is that it is full of Russians, who are a difficult people for the black hole’s puppets to deal with. They keep telling the puppets to please keep their toes on the other side of that red line over there, and if they don’t then click goes the safety on their guns, precluding further discussion.

This situation calls for negotiation, but the black hole, which, as I mentioned, is very, very stupid, has just one negotiating tactic. It makes its demands, and then waits for the other side to capitulate. If that doesn’t work, it applies pressure: imposes sanctions, attacks the currency, complicates financial transactions, arrests the country’s foreign assets and so on—and waits for the other side to capitulate. And if that doesn’t work either, then the country gets bombed to rubble by NATO or, if NATO doesn’t want to come along, by the US alone. That generally works, but in the case of Russia it doesn’t. But the black hole, if you recall, is very, very stupid, so it keeps trying anyway. As it does, the minds of its puppets get really warped, to a point where they don’t understand what’s going on at all.

For example, everybody knows by now that pressuring Russia doesn’t work: according to Newton’s Third Law, every action produces an equal and opposite reaction, and Russia is big enough that pushing it doesn’t cause it to move at all—it just causes whoever is pushing it to hurt themselves. It’s like trying to shift the Earth’s orbit by jumping off a chair while keeping your knees locked—which is a good ploy if you are clamoring for medical attention. In fact, the Russians are rather grateful for the sanctions, because now they have a reason to finally get serious about investing in domestic economic development and self-sufficiency. But the puppets, having had their minds warped by the black hole, cannot see that, so they just keep pushing, wrecking their own economies in the process.

Since the sanctions don’t work, it is time to exercise the military option.

Doing so requires concocting a casus belli—a reason to go to war. The black hole does this by hallucinating: Russia invaded Crimea!—sure, a few hundred years ago, and has been there ever since, most recently based on an international agreement, but never mind! (Oh, and legally Crimea was never actually made part of the Ukraine because Nikita Khrushchev botched the paperwork when handing it over.) OK, never mind that, but then Russia invades the Ukraine!—on every day that has the letter “D” in it, but it’s very sneaky and withdraws its troops before anybody can snap a single picture of them there. OK, never mind that either, but then Russia is poised to invade Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, and maybe Poland too. Invade how? You mean like take a bus to the music festival in Jūrmala? Consider it done, but the festival is already over and the invading music fans are back home. OK, never mind that either. But the puppets keep saying “Russian aggression!” over and over again. It’s the brain damage caused by proximity to the black hole. Look at this poor guy, for instance. He keeps flapping his lower jaw, going “Russian aggression! Russian aggression!” while trying to self-soothe by fondling the rump of his imaginary pet cow. God help him.

Back to the real world: the poor puppets are unable to understand that there is no military option when it comes to Russia: it’s a nuclear power with an excellent strategic deterrent, a well-defended territory, and no aggressive intentions against anyone. But the puppets, with their warped minds, cannot see that, and so they pile various kinds of obsolete military junk along Russia’s borders, and are even threatening to bring into Europe the entirely obsolete Pershing medium-range nuclear missiles. They are obsolete because the Russians now have the S-300 system with which to shoot them all down. The military option just isn’t going to work, but don’t tell that to the puppets—they cannot absorb such information without sustaining further neurological damage.

Back to Greece:

tiny Greece certainly isn’t mighty Russia, but it nevertheless refused to capitulate to the demands of the black hole. It was asked to completely wreck its society and its economy as a condition for maintaining its financial lifelines from the IMF and the ECB. Most inconveniently for the black hole and its puppets, Greece is not some obscure “third world” country peopled by dark-skinned people you wouldn’t want your daughter to marry, but a European nation that is the cradle of European civilization and democracy. Greece managed to elect a government that tried to negotiate in good faith, but the puppets don’t negotiate—they demand, threaten and cause damage until they get their way—or until their heads explode.

This one will be interesting to watch.

If the black hole does succeed in sucking in Greece, then which country is next? Will it be Italy, Spain or Portugal? And, as that process continues, at what point will enough people say that enough is enough? Because when they do, the black hole will shrivel up. It’s not a real black hole that’s made up of incredibly dense matter—so dense that its gravitational field traps even light. It’s a fake black hole, made up of everyone’s combined greed. It has greed at its core, and fear all around it, and it sustains itself by feeding on fear. If it can continue sucking in people, families and entire countries, it can keep the greed at its core alive, but if it can’t, then the greed will also turn to fear, and it will shrivel up and die. And I hope that when it dies all of its brain-damaged puppets will snap out of it, realize how deluded they have been, and go find something useful to do—farm sheep, grow vegetables, dig for clams…

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