Sharing.:::.▶ Urantia Book – Paper 113 – Section 2 (The Destiny Guardians) – NASA Discovery of Portal–A Peak at New Earth | URANTHEA2094

Origen: Sharing.:::.▶ Urantia Book – Paper 113 – Section 2 (The Destiny Guardians) – NASA Discovery of Portal–A Peak at New Earth | URANTHEA2094



Sharing.:::.▶ Urantia Book – Paper 113 – Section 2 (The Destiny Guardians) – NASA Discovery of Portal–A Peak at New Earth

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sunday, September 27, 2015
NASA Discovery of Portal–A Peak at New Earth


NASA Discovers Hidden Portals In Earth’s Magnetic Field 


A Peak at:


A Message from Bob on New Earth, 
Hello again. Bob here. 
Sorry I had to log-off. We have an agreement here that whenever a new being appears, we stop what we are doing to offer assistance. I say “being” rather than “person” because non-human life forms are also entering this higher frequency of Earth.

In fact, many of the animals and plants that have become “extinct” on Matrix Earth are alive and well on New Earth. Since all life here is conscious and able to communicate with other life forms, we are able to assist plants, animals and elementals, as well as humans.

It is a wonderful experience for us to be able to communicate with animals, plants and the Sylphs (air elementals), Undines (water elementals), Gnomes (earth elementals) and Salamanders (fire elementals).
 These wonderful beings do not speak English, as I am doing now, but neither do we.

On New Earth all life speaks a language that is free of time and space.
 It is the language that humans, plants, animals, and elementals have always spoken. Hence, we are quite amazed and pleased that we can communicate with them.

It is also an experience for us, especially the new humans who have always felt separate from Mother Nature, to commune with all the plants, animals, and elementals.

On the other hand, learning this manner of communication, which we call Light Language, is one of the biggest challenges for the New Ones. They try to move their tongues and express separate words in a linear fashion.

This manner of communication is appropriate for a reality based on the separation and linear thinking that comes from time. However, that means of communication does not work in a reality which resonates to the HERE and NOW.

Communication on New Earth is a form of communing with each other by merging our consciousness. In this manner, pictures, emotions, and thought-forms are automatically transferred to each other, as well as into the group consciousness.

In fact, whenever there is a new arrival to New Earth, their entire history of incarnations in duality is instantly copied to the crystalline field that contains our world. This information also goes into the Quantum Biological Computers that we can all access.

When we first come here, we usually access the QBC via an interface within our living quarters. However, as we adapt to our new life, we realize that we can simply direct our thoughts into the Group Consciousness of the crystalline field and all answers will be instantly available.

Since New Earth serves as an interface between the third/fourth dimension and the mid-fifth dimension, there are many communication “devices” or “machines” for the “new arrivals” to use until they become comfortable with the myriad multidimensional powers that we all have within our group consciousness.

Learning our forms of communication is actually the second challenge that our new arrivals have when they enter our world. Their first challenge is to totally master their every thought and emotion so that they can stay here. Do you remember that I said that I often assisted the new arrivals from Matrix Earth when I first arrived?

My assignment was to assist those who could not master their thoughts and emotions. I was given this task because when I first arrived I was frightened, and released fearful thoughts and emotions from my aura. These fearful thoughts and emotions instantly lowered my resonance and I “fell out” of from this reality.

It is a very emotional experience to enter an entirely different frequency of realty.
 Therefore, even after I released my fear, I would “fall out,” as we call it, because my excitement quickly fell into agitation. This agitation also made me “fall out.”

Eventually, I learned to hold a calm and loving acceptance, which was almost like no thoughts and no emotions. This centered state of consciousness allowed me to release my 3D concepts of space, time, possible, and impossible.

With this release, I could “fall into” the here and now of my experience. Because I have found a way to master my fear-based thoughts and emotions, I was assigned to assist the new arrivals with that challenge.

Since the new arrivals come here with the habit of separation, so many different forms of life often frighten them. Furthermore, many are new to the concept of thought transference and believed that they could not communicate with different forms of beings.

Fortunately, I crossed over with a group of people. Then, as soon as I saw them, we hugged, exchanged stories, and listened to each other’s experiences of mastering their fearful thoughts and emotions. With the support of my friends, I was able to maintain my self-mastery and was able to stay here on New Earth.

Another challenge for the new arrivals is the discovery that ALL their thoughts and emotions are shared with the unity consciousness of our world. This realization often frightens the new ones, which lowers their consciousness back to the third/fourth dimension and they fall out.

Because of this situation, many of us are using whatever means we can imagine to teach possible new ones while they are still in the third dimension. It is for this reason that I am writing directly into your computer. We know that education and love are the best ways to heal fear.

Therefore, we have many individual and group meditations that we send to those who are preparing themselves to log-out of the 3D matrix. An “individual meditation” is when the 3D one’s body is alone, but they are still able to tune into our fifth-dimensional group mind.

A “group meditation” is when a group of people in the third dimension merge into a unified group to receive a message from our fifth-dimensional group mind. You see, our Group Mind serves as an open window or portal into the lower octaves of the fifth dimension.

Often awakening ones can only perceive the “half-way” mark where they can still maintain many concepts, traditions, and habits from their many sojourns into the third/fourth dimension. In this manner, their adaptation to a totally different concept of life can be gradual.

Many of us greatly enjoy the first, transitional stage of New Earth. In this lowest sub-plane of the fifth dimension, all that we have wished for in our third dimensional reality is instantly experienced. There can be great healing and contentment within this transmutation energy field.

When the new arrivals are ready to move on to next sub-plane of New Earth they will no longer have the experiences of separation or limitation that still occurs within the transitional stage of the first sub-plane. From here on we never perceive a line, or threshold, which divides New Earth from 3D Matrix Earth.

From our fifth-dimensional point of view, we are in the process of a gradual, or swift, alteration in our thoughts, feelings, states of consciousness, perceptions, and creative force. Our adjustment to this reality is an ongoing adventure filled with unconditional love, unity consciousness, and inter-dimensional adventures.

Dear Beverly, we welcome you to join our adventure. Just “let go” and surrender to the love and light that is filling your world. We can see you, and, soon, you will see us.

Dear readers, The Journal is completed and off to the publisher in a few weeks. Thanks for all you support.

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sharing.:::>Photoshop: Puppet Warp & Content-Aware Fill – Ronna Herman ~ AA Michael ~ “DEMYSTIFYING DEATH” | photos

Origen: sharing.:::>Photoshop: Puppet Warp & Content-Aware Fill – Ronna Herman ~ AA Michael ~ “DEMYSTIFYING DEATH” | photos



sharing.:::>Photoshop: Puppet Warp & Content-Aware Fill – Ronna Herman ~ AA Michael ~ “DEMYSTIFYING DEATH”

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Ronna Herman ~ AA Michael ~ “DEMYSTIFYING DEATH”

Transmitted Through Ronna, LM-08-2015

Beloved masters, on the earthly plane, humans rejoice at the birth of a child, for it is indeed a miracle of creation, and they mourn the death of a loved one, for they feel a personal loss of that person from their midst. However, death is also a miracle and, from a spiritual point of view, it is a time of rejoicing, for it is a time of returning to a truer STATE OF BEING.
We have often spoken of diminished consciousness, and most of you are now aware that the ascension process entails expanding your awareness to integrate all the Facets of conscious expression. As you have often heard, you are not just a human being with a Soul; you are a wondrous Being who has experienced a tremendous variety of physicalexpressions of consciousness.

In ancient times, when you experienced the material realms in semi-solid or in solid form to varying degrees (while in the Higher-Fourth and Lower-Fifth Dimensions, either on Earth or other planets in your solar system or galaxy), you kept the same form for a much longer time than you do now. In fact, you kept the same physical vessel for thousands of years by your timekeeping. The transition process and the relinquishing of a physical vessel at the end of a lifetime were as natural as discarding a suit of old clothes. Death as you now know it did not exist until humanity sank into the density of the Lower Fourth and Third Dimensions, and you forgot that your sojourn on Earth was only a very small interlude amongst a vast array of experiences while on your wondrous journey throughout the cosmos.
After a special farewell ceremony, the departing Soul stepped into a special Fountain of Transition where the Violet Flame of Transformation blazed brightly (the Violet Flame is not hot as you may imagine, but cool and soothing). Then he/she was immediately transported to the appropriate Higher Dimensional environment.
Those who were left behind in the physical realm could communicate telepathically with their departed loved ones, and they knew that they would meet again sometime in the future. They also knew that they could interact while in their Etheric Body with their loved ones during their nightly sojourns, for their nightly travels were as real and memorable as their daytime experiences.
Some time in the future, humanity will cease to fear death and will understand that it is a natural part of the amazing, ever-evolving creative process. There is a natural flow of birth, death/transition, rest and assimilation, and rebirth in order to experience the wondrous variety of shapes, sizes, forms and realities available to you as a cocreator. In the meantime, you must release many of your old fixed ideas and taboos about death and the hereafter, and know that the life you are now experiencing is only a moment in universal time.
One of the most important things for you to understand is that everything you experience begins within. You are a microcosm or a miniature Universe within the macrocosm, which contains the totality of the Omniversal experience. You have been described as a cell within the Heart/Mind of the Supreme/Creator, and this is a valid description. Everything in Creation contains Essence, the Love/Light Energy of Creation, or a Spark of the Divine. Again, we stress, nothing can exist without this life-giving Essence. This magnificent Spectrum of Light was sent forth from the Supreme Creator in a variety of diminished levels of Luminance to our Father/Mother God and then out into our Universe via the RAY-diance of the great Archangels. None of the manifested Universes could exist without it and neither could you.
You have often read/heard of someone who has had a near-death experience, and how they felt the sensation of being drawn toward the Light. Most often, the experience is the same with only a few variations. Usually gravely ill or in a traumatic situation, the person is drawn into the Light, and they are infused with a sense of bliss and incredible, overwhelming love. Quite often, they will see a well-known Being of Light or, sometimes, a loved one who has passed on. They usually have a feeling that they can only go so far toward the Light, and they are then drawn back into their physical body once more. At times, the Light Being speaks with them, but not always. Sometimes, they are given a choice to return to their physical existence or to continue toward the Light, and other times, they are told they must return, for their mission is not complete.
Just as we explained that the Veil is not out there, but within your own brain structure, it is the same with the near-death experience. It all takes place within your own Higher-Dimensional Sacred Mind, orchestrated by your Higher Self. A near-death experience is usually a crossroad in life, a decision time and an opportunity to step onto the path of illumination. And, quite often, but not always, a Soul-Merge occurs whereby a Higher Frequency part of your Soul-Self, which resides in your Soul Star Chakra (approximately six to eight inches above your head), moves into your Sacred Heart center, and begins the process of becoming the director of your life’s experiences instead of the ego-desire personality.
During the near-death experience, there is a chemical reaction that takes place, which facilitates the admittance to a portion of the brain called the Sacred Mind. This allows access to specific areas which contain some of the Light Packets of Wisdom stored therein. These Light Packets are composed of higher frequencies of Light, and they contain information that the person cannot ordinarily access. This not only feels and looks different to the person’s conscious mind, but often gives them access to a portion of their history, and sometimes to their lineage and other important information.
Remember this, everything you have ever experienced and all that you are, from the first time you came into your individualized consciousness as a Spark of the Divine, and became conscious of the fact that “I AM That, I AM – I AM a Facet of the Creator,” is stored within the Light Packets of Wisdom stored in the Higher-Dimensional levels of the brain. Stored within your Sacred Mind, your DNA and your Chakra system are all the virtues, attributes, qualities and aspects of the Supreme Creator. They are waiting for you to claim thekeys to the kingdom by integrating the higher frequencies of Light, which will give you access to all the magnificence of your Divine Heritage.
You have an Etheric Body which contains a complete, authentic replica of your physical, mental and emotional bodies. When you die or completely leave your body, the Silver Cord (as it is called), is severed and you totally vacate the physical vessel, which immediately begins to disintegrate. Your Soul has slowly been merging with your Etheric Body, and you then move outward into the realms of the Higher Dimensions.
Many of you have a false conception of what it is like in the Higher Dimensions. The higher realms are not a nebulous, unsubstantial environment, and they will seem no different to you than your earthly physical surroundings. However, as you will observe over time, there are many differences. When you pass over, you will have form and substance. Yes, your form will be more refined and not as solid as it is in the Third- / Fourth-Dimensional environment, but you will feel solid and everything around you will have form and order as well. The level you are attuned to or compatible with will determine how consciously aware you are, and the abilities you will have, as well as how your surrounding environment will look. Again, the frequencies you project or resonate to will determine which Dimension or Sub-Plane Dimensional level you will go to, and also what level of cosmic information you will be able to access. Your Auric Field is like a cloak that surrounds your Etheric or Astral bodies, and it is either a cloak of Light or a shroud of negative, inharmonious energy you have accumulated over your many past lifetime experiences.
We have explained this in the past, however, it is important that you have a clear understanding of the transition process, and so we will again give you a brief recap of what occurs after a Soul leaves the physical body. Those who are “en-Lighten-ed” and Self-aware are immediately taken before their Guardian Council to review their past life, not a judgment, just a review to see what challenges and opportunities were met in a positive manner, with love and compassion, and which tasks were not completed, and therefore, will have to be experienced again. You cannot hide anything from anyone in the higher realms, for your Aura tells your complete story, and everyone can see the radiance and Lightness of your Spirit-Self, or the lack thereof. Your form will be beautiful and perfect, and you may appear to be any age or in any form you desire.
You have many choices to make after you complete the review process. You can go to the universities of learning in various star systems, you can serve in a multitude of capacities, you can enjoy the beauty of Creation and practice your cocreation skills, or any variety of other experiences too vast to outline here. Soul advancement is not as rapid in the higher realms as it is in the physical body, for you are aware of the Universal Laws, and there are immediate results from your thoughts and actions. That is why everyone is so anxious to incarnate on the earthly plane, even though it is fraught with challenges, limitation, and often pain and suffering.
Even though it may be difficult to believe, it is a wonderful opportunity and a great privilege to be embodied on planet Earth at this time of great transformation. There are many beautiful Souls standing in the wingshoping to have an opportunity to return to Earth and be a part of this wondrous evolutionary process.
Along with your willingness to come to Earth and to share your Light in order to assist humanity and your planet, you were given an opportunity to embody as much of your Divine Self as you could contain and use; that is the Golden Promise that was made to you before you returned to Earth for this life’s experience. It was/is an unprecedented opportunity to integrate the maximum amount of your God Consciousness, and to return to your true estate as a Being of Light.
It is a different story for those who die a violent death—those who have lived a life of hate, fear and aggression toward others or have a great accumulation of negative karmic debt to overcome. Those Souls are taken to what could be termed an “intensive care unit” where they are lovingly cared for by a host of Angels of Mercy. These Souls are encased in a prison of their own making (their distorted Auric/Astral Field), and they will live in a dream state that consists of their beliefs, negative actions, and unrealistic concepts. It is the closest thing to what could be termed “hell” or “purgatory,” for they are living in a world of lower frequency thought forms they have created on Earth during their many lifetime experiences.
The Angels of Mercy constantly radiate the Love/Light of the Creator to them, and slowly, over time, and depending how dense the negative field is, the elixir of love gradually penetrates and dissolves the shell around the etheric boy and the soul. There is always an opportunity to make restitution even though it may take eons to do so, depending on the severity and the magnitude of negativity involved.
Allow us to clear up another fallacy: it is not “sinful” to commit suicide or for a person to abdicate his/her life before his/her mission is complete. There are many reasons people decide to terminate their life or sacrifice their life for another. At times it is initiated by an overwhelming burden of shame, guilt or fear, sometimes for misplaced altruistic reasons (usually resulting from a martyr complex), or when a person has a terminal illness and the pain has become overbearing. These Souls will be shown how to rectify the situations which caused their suffering, pain or illness, and will be given another opportunity to get it right.
If a person decides to end his/her life because of the painful situations they have created for themselves, they will not be able to avoid those same circumstances in a future lifetime, and so it just postpones the challenges and opportunities to learn their life lessons. Remember, you are always your own judge, and you decide with the assistance of your Guardian Council what your next life’s experience will be, with many choices and opportunities available. When in the environment of the Higher Dimensions, a Soul is always eager to rectify past mistakes so the auric field may be cleared of any inharmonious vibrational patterns, and the journey toward en-Lighten-ment may continue.
It is also important for you to understand that the rules have changed as the process of evolution spirals to the next level. Each generation of Souls for the past hundred years or so has incarnated with more of their cosmic memory available to them. In other words, the veil of forgetfulness is thinning and is slowly being eliminated altogether. The membranes of Light around the multiple strands of DNA are also becoming thinner, and the young ones now being born will have access to abilities and talents that were not available to their parents and grandparents. Call them what you wish: Indigo Children, Crystal Children, or the Golden Ones, they are wise OLD SOULS who agreed to incarnate on Earth to take the reins from you; their elders, and lead humanity into the Light of the New Age.
It matters not if people deny the truth in what we are conveying to you; it is the Living truth and the Universal Law nevertheless, and every Soul is affected and ruled by the tenets of the Divine Plane, whether they believe it or not. Here again, the inner veil applies, and you must break through the limitations of the negative Third-/Fourth-Dimensional environment to gain access to this wondrous connection to SOURCE. You always have been, and always will be connected, to the ALL THAT IS. The sense of disconnection is all within your mind, and the way to unlock the door to the River of Life is within the SACRED HEART.
My beloved bearers of Light, we ask you to view each test and challenge as an opportunity to release outmoded thoughts and vibrational patterns which no longer serve your greatest good. We implore you to view your life experiences through the filters of your Sacred Heart/Mind as you draw forth Creator Particles of Life/Light and infuse them with your love before radiating them out into the world and humanity. We are all in this cosmic dance of the evolution, and together, we shall prevail.

I AM Archangel Michael.

Transmitted through Ronna *STAR*QUEST* 775-856-3654 * * * Email:

Personal Note from Ronna:
My dearest friends, the last month has been another challenging “Rite of Passage” for my family. Over the last five weeks, my oldest son, Rick, 68 years old, has been in and out of Veterans Hospital intensive care unit five times. The first time was so serious we almost lost him. His sodium levels kept dropping to dangerous levels, which could result in convulsions and even death. After an Endoscope, they found a “small cell cancerous growth” about the size of a silver dollar on his right lung. It is an aggressive, fast-growing type of cancer. We were told that he has three to six months to live, if he does nothing. If he chooses to have chemo once a week and radiation treatments five days a week, he has an 80% chance of living for three to five years. However, there is a strong change that the cancer will return during that time.
Rick’s son, John, and his wife and two daughters live in Kalispell, MT (which was Rick’s home for many years). Rick has decided to have the treatment, for his greatest desire is to return to Montana to be with his children and grand children. So, several family members drove down from Kalispell last week, and moved Rick, along with his Fifth Wheel Trailer (which he lives in) back to Montana. The VA hospital in Kalispell is excellent, and he will receive the treatment he needs there.
I was very sad to see him leave; however, I know it is for the best. He has an extended family there that are all ready and willing to do whatever is necessary to help him get through this. We all have some grieving to do; however, we realize this is part of life, and we must make the best of it, for all concerned. Again, my fervent prayer is that he will have a few more good years to enjoy his precious family, and that when it is time to transcend, he may do so gently and peacefully. We thank all of you for your loving prayers and compassionate thoughts. Forever love and Angel blessings. Ronna

Below is something I wrote the day after my precious family left for Kalispell. It calms my mind and soothes my heart when I can go into my Sacred Space and write what I feel. I hope it brings comfort and courage to those of you who are also going through a painful “Rite of Passage.”

I am stunned into silence and my mind is numb. Comprehension
Of what I have just learned is too overwhelming
To absorb. So I must divide it into small fragments
Of thought so that I can piece them together slowly—a
Tapestry of possibilities—I think. I must arrange the pieces
So that the energy will not be so chaotic.
I must blend hope with facts, and facts with a variety
Of favorable outcomes, or I will not be able to keep these
Pulsating, negative thought forms at bay. I must not
Allow them to survive in their present form. I will sprinkle them
With angel dust and with the power of love. I will infuse them
With hope, and with a myriad of positive resolutions.
When my heart begins to bleed tears, I will comfort it with
Memories of the smiling faces of my loved ones who
Are healthy and whole. When the shadows of doubt try
To cloud my day, I will reflect on all of my wondrous blessings,
And I will feel and express overwhelming gratitude.
I will give each day the gift of my attention and my best effort, for
I cannot deny that each day is a precious gift from our Mother/Father God.
Beloved, forever friends of mine, this journey into the Light of tomorrow
Has a price. That price is that we must treasure each and every moment.
We must use our skills and wisdom to help create a better world
For everyone. We are no longer just an individual person with a Soul.
We are integrating more and more of our Divine Self, and
Our power and potential are far beyond our current
Comprehension. My tapestry of life must blend with yours—
It cannot become a patchwork quilt. It must flow and swirl
In radiant, breathtaking colors and designs so that it will
Touch the deepest places within our Soul’s memory. When
Complete, its unique pattern will give us a glimpse of the
Majesty and glory of our future world. Then we will know
That it was all worth the effort, for untold generations to
Come will benefit from the legacy we have left for them.
Forever love and angel blessings, Ronna

REFERENCE & REVELATION * GLOSSARY & ILLUSTRATIONS * 8 ½ X 11 SPIRAL-BOUND BOOK * $20. Plus S&H ** STUDY MANUAL * This booklet contains in-depth descriptions of the most important words and terms that Lord Michael has used in his messages over the past twenty-two years. It contains excerpts of the latest and most essential concepts, techniques, meditations and affirmations from Archangel Michael’s wisdom teachings, plus eighteen pages of illustrations (some in color). It is a valuable tool for those who are seeking en-Lighten-ment, and also for those who have a desire to share and teach the tools of ascension and the secrets of Self-mastery.

Expanded consciousness and mental telepathy are aspects of your Divine heritage. However, this ability must be reactivated and practiced if you wish to become a proficient and clear channel. An important component of Self-mastery is developing the ability to connect and interact with your Guardian Angels, your Spiritual Guides and Celestial Teachers. Each of you is needed as a SENTINEL OF LIGHT and a WORLD SERVER * 8 X 11 * SPIRAL-BOUND BOOK *** $20 PLUS S&H

8 ½ X 11 SPIRAL-BOUND STUDY MANUAL * ARCHANGEL MICHAEL’ SIXTH BOOK OF MESSAGES: $25 PLUS S&H. ** In every era and major cycle, Cosmic Wisdom and Divine Truth are made available to those with open minds and loving hearts. It is a time for an understanding of where humankind stands on the ladder of evolution. Each person must gain the knowledge of, and have a desire to, fulfill his/her personal destiny.



OR: Call Cindy: 775-856-3654 * MON. * WED. * FRI. * 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to connect with your SACRED TRIAD, which resided within the first sub-level of the FIFTH DIMENSION. This will be our new home base as we evolve into Spiritual/Humans within the FIFTH KINGDOM of GOD-CONSCIOUSNESS.

Posted 29th July by Juan Pablo

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Sharing.:::>▶ Full Body Workout at Home with Casada PowerBoard – Arcturian Group Message | Equipoise

Origen: Sharing.:::>▶ Full Body Workout at Home with Casada PowerBoard – Arcturian Group Message | Equipoise



Sharing.:::>▶ Full Body Workout at Home with Casada PowerBoard – Arcturian Group Message

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Greetings dear ones, we are happy to meet once again. The channel needed a break as she too is evolving and growing into the new energies all are experiencing at this time.

Much continues to happen on all levels as more and more awaken out of the dream. Many of those awakening do not yet understand what is happening but instead see inner change simply as changing their minds or having a new opinion about some issue. In actuality it is an expansion of consciousness allowing them to move beyond many old fear based beliefs.

Rejoice my friends, for you are emerging out of the dense cocoon of ignorance and becoming butterflies of awareness even if you do not think you are.

There are many serious spiritual seekers who continue to hold concepts about what spirituality and ascension must look like. Most of these ideas come from books with stories and information about the experiences of others–experiences that were often not fully understood and were thus interpreted and presented to others though the eyes of third dimensional consciousness and religious beliefs.

No one person’s evolutionary experience will be exactly like another’s. Everyone of you has lived many lifetimes of differing experiences and are here now with lessons to be learned that are personal to you. Each person’s experiences will be different depending upon what is needed for in order to move beyond the old energy and into the real. Often those looked upon as failures according to world thinking are actually accomplishing tremendous spiritual growth through their chosen experience.

We observe you all moving into a deeper understanding and awareness of what love really is, and how to live it. False concepts of love within human consciousness have throughout the ages resulted in a great deal of suffering and limitation for many. This continues as children who are free of concepts limiting their expression of love are taught not to love certain people or in certain ways.

Love has been believed to be an emotion causing many to believe they were incapable of loving unconditionally because they didn’t feel an emotion. You are evolving, and love is beginning to be understood as the realization and activity that flows from a consciousness of Oneness–a recognition of the innate Divinity of every soul and every living thing–regardless of outer appearances.

This attained state of consciousness recognizes that ALL living things are to be respected and honored for there is not nor can there ever be anything outside of ONE–One omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient Divine Consciousness. Man is not superior to other living things as so many falsely believe. When this is understood and embraced by the majority, the world will think nothing of having conversation with trees, plants, nature spirits, and animals as many of you are already doing.

Hold the energy of love regardless of what takes place throughout your day. This is the practice. Do not engage on the level of lower resonating energies but instead as best you can, meet every situation from a place of Light. It often happens that the act of being quiet and doing nothing in the face of some adversity is not the spiritual solution it is believed to be, but is instead an escape reflecting an acceptance of the lower dimensional energy as a power. When in question, ask yourselves; “What am I believing that is causing me to act or think this way?”

Face your “bullies” (which may simply be someone spouting his or her nonsense at you) from a place of Light. You may be guided to simply be silent but this silence will be different. “Am I hiding from and thus giving power to something?” or “Am I resting the light of truth and seeing through appearances?” You may be guided simply to give a smile, or a “Thank you for your opinion.” or even to respond firmly with words the person will understand according to their state of consciousness.

Lower resonating energies cannot enter into the higher. Keep your energy field filled with Light and truth as you go about your day, allowing others the freedom to live according to their attained state of consciousness. This does NOT mean you are to stay in an abusive relationship of any kind.

We wish to speak of love as an energy which is why it is so important for individuals to love themselves as well as others. Love in its purest form resonates on a very high level–it is pure Light. When a person does not love or honor themselves, they block the flow and integration of this energy. You cannot leave yourselves out of the picture if you are to learn and experience Love which is the foundation of all that exists. Remember, there is only ONE expressing Itself in infinite form and variety and therefore you could never be left out.

Many have been falsely taught that it is spiritual to denigrate the self. It is not, this belief is an insult to the Divine–your true nature.

Love, the energy of ONE is infinitely present and flowing within ITSELF. Everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell is ITSELF but interpreted according to the state of consciousness of the individual. Nothing or no one can ever be separate from ITSELF.

The high resonance of love appears to heal, change, and lift those receptive but what really happens is that illusory appearances dissolve, revealing the real. This is how the master known as Jesus healed. His consciousness which knew and recognized only Divine perfection served to lift the consciousness of those receptive into it. The world called it healing, but it was a revealing. Jesus was a way shower, trying to teach the world that these gifts were not his alone as many still believe, but are natural once this state of consciousness has been attained (not just intellectually understood).

As an individual practices knowing truth with every situation, it gradually becomes his state of consciousness and begins to manifest in every day living. Many make the mistake of believing that once they have the intellectual awareness of a truth, it will function in their life. Example; throwing away needed medicine while shouting; ” Since I am Divine, I no longer need this.”, and then collapsing. Spiritual evolution is the gradual attaining of a consciousness of Truth leading to a point at which the medicine indeed can be thrown away. This can not be accomplished in one lifetime.

You are nearing the end of your three dimensional lessons and are ready to move into a new and higher energy. You did the work, struggled, and are graduating. Know this regardless of any outer appearances. You would not be reading or resonating with these messages if this were not true.

The high resonating energy of true and real Love flowing from the consciousness of so many at this time is lifting the world into ascension. Each person who attains a consciousness of unconditional love, adds more light to universal world consciousness. Nothing is holding pictures of duality and separation in place but the energy of belief in them. Much will begin to disappear or evolve into higher forms as more and more people awaken.

War, violence, and struggle will never lift the world into peace. These activities can only manifest more of the same because of the energy being poured into them. You are creators, do not forget that. You have the power to change anything you want, but the higher forms of anything can only manifest as there is the consciousness (substance of form) necessary to manifest those higher forms.

At this important time the world and all who are receptive are receiving powerful help from evolved beings of light, angels, archangels, and evolved planetary beings. Many new and higher energies are flowing to assist with the ascension. Try not to fear the future or try and figure out exactly how everything needs to unfold for there is a bigger picture here than what the human mind can comprehend.

Simply live each moment of each day without expectation of how it “should” unfold in order to be “right”. More often than not, when things do not go as you expect, there is an important lesson being learned. You are not where you are by accident, you chose to be here and are on your path whether it seems that way or not.

It is time to move into trust. Trust that in reality, you are a Divine Being having three dimensional experiences to learn and grow. Trust that there are Guides and Beings of Light guiding you. Trust your intuition at all times even with the most mundane experiences of every day living . Trust that every experience you have is helping you awaken to whatever false concepts and beliefs you may still hold.

You knew that it would be difficult living in lower energies when you chose to incarnate at this time, yet you did it anyway knowing these times would offer opportunities like no other. There were and are many still hoping to be on earth at this time. Give gratitude that you are here regardless of whatever difficulties you may be experiencing, for it is a blessed privilege.

Trust, relax, and most importantly, LOVE.

We are the Arcturian Group 9/6/15

©2015 | 

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Kryon ~ Ante la hermandad femenina lemuriana. 6, 7 y 8.


Kryon por Lee Carroll

Sacramento, 21 de febrero de 2015

Saludos, queridas damas, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

Durante los primeros 4 minutos del audio se oye la voz de Yawee (Dr. Todd Ovokaytis) cantando tonos pineales.

Saludos, queridas damas, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético. Antes de decir algo, diré lo que siempre: no hay géneros en mi lado del velo, y para este momento yo soy una hermana; ignoren la voz, el timbre, y vean la consciencia de este mensaje.

Hay mucho para decir sobre lo que acaban de oír (los tonos cantados por Yawee), pero tenemos que decir algo aunque llevaría volúmenes. Los tonos de Yawee finalmente han llegado a la Hermandad Femenina, y lo significativo es que Yawee nunca estuvo en una Hermandad Femenina. Por lo tanto esto es una integración; una metáfora de la integración de lo masculino y la femenino, incluso desde el comienzo. Es una metáfora de lo que les contamos que era una predicción para el planeta, que todos los indígenas conocían.

La transmisión que acaban de oír es la primera de su clase, entregada desde lo que él describe como su madre pleyadiana hacia la Hermandad, cosa que nunca sucedió antes. Todos los tonos que fueron entregados, en tiempos de Lemuria eran estructurados, altamente estructurados. Mucho más que cualquier cosa que ustedes conozcan hasta ahora de estructuras en los comienzos de una civilización.

Todavía no les hemos contado mucho sobre la Hermandad Femenina; se va revelando de a poco. Hay mucho que les puedo contar sobre lo que ustedes consideran azar; por ejemplo, en este momento, ¿quiénes están sentadas ante mí? ¿Cuáles son las probabilidades, ahora mismo, de que también hayas participado como mujer en Lemuria? Y te diré: las probabilidades están extraordinariamente en contra; por eso esto es tan especial (se ríe).

La sincronicidad no tiene nada que ver con esto, excepto que te trajo hasta aquí hoy. Fuiste planeada; cuando pasaste el marcador y la precesión de los equinoccios y se completó el ciclo de 26.000 años, ciertamente se planeó que serías mujer en ese momento, para honrar lo que conlleva un descubrimiento: que vendrías a una reunión y recordarías. No recuerdas la ceremonia, y no se trata de eso, ni siquiera de la camaradería; quiero que recuerdes la capacidad, quiero que recuerdes la participación que tuviste.

Lemuria fue muy distinta de lo que tal vez imaginarías. En primer lugar: era un continente pequeño, empujado fuera del agua por la burbuja del magma desde abajo, casi todo lo que es la montaña de Hawaii y todas las islas con ella, eran una gran masa de tierra. Existió de esta manera durante cientos de años; surgió y se hundió.

Mientras estuvo emergida, tú fuiste parte de ella; llegaron los Lemurianos, hablo de los pleyadianos como lemurianos, y es difícil distinguir porque muchos de ellos serían lo que ustedes llamarían híbridos. Eso sería Yawee, que tuvo una madre pleyadiana y fue una de las primeras almas humanas en el planeta en tener una madre y un padre que eran muy diferentes.

Queridas, olvidamos contarles algo. Ahora bien: nosotros no lo olvidamos; lo olvidó mi socio. La semana pasada describimos un círculo de hermanas lemurianas que se reunían a celebrar el nacimiento y la muerte. Olvidamos contarles – no yo, mi socio (se ríe) – y la razón por la que lo olvidó es que no lo reconoció como significativo. Mi socio no tiene la consciencia de ustedes y por eso informa lo que ve; pasa por sus filtros. Él las vio alrededor de un estanque de nacimiento, y no notó el significado de un parto en el agua.

Así es como se hacía. En esa época, como ahora en los trópicos del planeta, el agua era cálida. Un nacimiento en el agua simboliza muchas cosas, pero también es muy saludable para el bebé. El agua salada es sanadora, está a la temperatura correcta, nacer en ella es sencillamente ser parte del fluido en el que ya estaba antes. El nacimiento es cómodo para el niño. Está suspendido en el agua hasta que es momento de cortar el cordón. Luego se lo levanta y se oye su primer llanto. Es una experiencia más amable y ustedes eran parte de ella. Él olvidó contárselo (se ríe) porque no lo reconoció como lo que era.

Tal vez resulte interesante para ustedes saber que no todas las mujeres de Lemuria eran parte de la Hermandad Femenina. Correcto o equivocado, la civilización y la sociedad estaban estructuradas como una consciencia inicial. Se las elegía entre las diversas familias para representarlas en la Hermandad. Entonces, la Hermandad tenía a aquellas que luego serían las mayores y se entrenaban para eso; un grupo especial. Tal vez ustedes pensaban que eran simplemente partícipes con todas las mujeres; no era así.

Lemuria fue más grande que lo que ustedes creen. La población creció, sin embargo la Hermandad no. Verán, era un grupo de elite, un grupo selecto, un grupo elegido. Y la elección la hacían aquellas que eran más representativas de las mujeres pleyadianas (se ríe). Las madres estaban allí; ustedes reverenciaban su cualidad angelical, su compasión, su benevolencia hacia ustedes; un origen femenino perdurable.

Que no se les escape que Yawee, alto sacerdote de Lemuria, recibió todo lo que necesitaba de una mujer: todo. Nunca jamás hemos mencionado a su padre. Su padre estaba afuera haciendo otras cosas como ser humano, pero nunca participó en la entrega de sabiduría, ni de ciencia, ni de compasión. Todo provino de su madre.

Esto sienta las bases aún para hoy; tal vez hablo en forma críptica, ustedes comprenderán que la metáfora está completa, porque ella regresa a ustedes en algo que él nunca hizo en Lemuria: combinar lo masculino y lo femenino solo para un momento de compasión, de canto, de celebración de quiénes son ustedes.

Estamos juntos con Melli-ha y con Yawee; nunca pasó antes.

Que comience la reunión.

Y así es.



Kryon por Lee Carroll

Salem, 16 de mayo de 2015

Saludos, queridas damas, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

Sé dónde estoy, y también sé quién está aquí. Obviamente, esto ha sido grabado antes de su reunión, pero yo sé quién está aquí. Siento la calidez de sus personalidades, de sus expectativas, de los hermosos pensamientos que tienen. Conozco el talante de la dulzura que está aquí.

Tantas veces como hago esto, las llevo a una época específica en esas regiones que llaman Lemuria, y les recuerdo que Lemuria permaneció durante cierto tiempo, sin embargo nos concentramos en una época amable en Lemuria. Un tiempo antes que comenzara a sumergirse; tiempo de estabilidad, de madurez, un tiempo en que estaba activa la Hermandad.

La Hermandad Femenina no se llamaba hermandad; eventualmente les daré el nombre, pero no todavía, porque no quiero que cavilen sobre alguna clase de nombre que sería diferente de lo que imaginan; en cambio quiero que tengan la unión y sientan la camaradería estando todas juntas, porque ese es el propósito del momento.

¿Es posible que ustedes, como grupo de mujeres, hayan sido parte de esta clase de cosa hace tanto tiempo? Nuevamente: sé quién está aquí. A lo largo de todos los eones, de los miles de años, ¿será posible que ustedes hayan estado juntas antes, tal vez con otros rostros, incluso con lo que ustedes llamarían “otras almas”? La respuesta es sí; las trae aquí; la sincronicidad es completa, y otra vez sienten lo que es la hermandad de estar juntas. Esto no es una organización; es honrar a la familia.

Y el tema del que deseo hablar en estos pocos momentos, esta noche, se refiere a Melli-ha. Ella ha sabido el significado de su nombre, tan ajustado como se puede, en el lenguaje de Hawaii hoy en día, porque hay similitudes en el lenguaje de entonces y el de ahora, basado en algunas de las palabras originales que siguen usándose hoy.

Básicamente, su nombre significa la celebración de la vida; se celebra el aliento mismo de la vida, y ese es su nombre. Ella tiene que saber que su nombre no es único; no hemos dicho esto antes; porque había ciertas sacerdotisas, es decir, líderes de la Hermandad, que como los reyes y las reinas recibían el mismo nombre. De modo que Melli-ha no solo significaba cierta cosa, sino que le daba un estatus. Y ese estatus que ella tenía era el de líder de la Hermandad.

La Hermandad no era una reunión social; era una reunión espiritual, porque las hermanas se reunían en razón de la espiritualidad del continente de Lemuria. De modo que había muchas hermandades, y ella tenía una. Había muchas sacerdotisas que tenían todas el mismo tipo de nombre, y entonces se la llamaba la Hermandad de Melli-ha, y era exacto. Se la conocía de esa manera, aun en esa época.

Después de la vida que tuvo, que abarcó una extensión de varias vidas normales lemurianas, su nombre fue pasado a su familia, y según la tradición ella seleccionaba quién la reemplazaría. Ahora bien, quiero contarles que hoy es su cumpleaños en esta vida; esto es bien conocido por ustedes, de modo que quiero repasar con ustedes lo que sucedía a una mujer lemuriana en el día de su cumpleaños.

No debiera sorprenderlas. Si yo les pregunto, basándose en canalizaciones anteriores, cómo creen que sería un cumpleaños para una mujer lemuriana y especialmente una de la Hermandad, ¿cómo piensan que sería?

La última vez que hablé antes ustedes, conté como eran los nacimientos en Lemuria. Hablamos sobre la reunión, y el canto de las mujeres durante el proceso del nacimiento para aliviar el dolor, mientras se tomaban de las manos, y el nacimiento se hacía bajo el agua. Hablamos de la belleza de esto, de la dulzura y la paz para el niño. ¿Pueden imaginarlo?

El primer sonido para el bebé cuando emergía del agua y se cortaba el cordón era el canto de las mujeres. Incluso para los guerreros, los hombres, su primer sonido había sido el canto de las mujeres. Y esto era tranquilizador para ellos. Así era y todavía es apropiado que la Hermandad regresara al océano y el cumpleaños fuera una celebración del día del nacimiento. Y era una ceremonia en el agua; hermosa. Simulaban esa salida del agua con los cantos. Esto era esperado, y había canciones específicas que cantaban para ti. Les garantizo, señoras, que si oyeran las canciones llorarían y su akash recordaría.

Así es el cumpleaños. Para los hombres era lo mismo, pero levemente diferente, ya que también tenían una ceremonia emergiendo del agua, aunque no necesariamente con las mujeres cantando. Había una separación. Pero ciertamente todos los cumpleaños en Lemuria se consideraban eventos en el agua, y el regreso al océano era parte de la celebración del día.

Muchas veces no se conocían las fechas, entonces estaba bien buscar una aproximación basándose en lo que se conocía por las estrellas y el sol. No era importante.

Ahora bien; Melli-ha, debes saber esto: todas las Melli-has y las sacerdotisas involucradas en las Hermandades Femeninas, alrededor de ese lugar magnífico, tenían una segunda ceremonia. Cuando habían terminado con las mujeres, y habían cantado las canciones y terminado con el proceso, hacían un viaje de tres días a la cumbre de la montaña, porque allí es donde se llevaba a cabo el proceso de rejuvenecimiento de las sacerdotisas y de algunos de la realeza cuyas vidas se extendían; hemos hablado de esto antes, respecto a que el Templo de Rejuvenecimiento estaba en un lugar muy frío. De modo que era tan importante como el cumpleaños, porque una extensión de la vida era como otro día de nacimiento.

Y aquí está lo que debes saber. No hablaré sobre cuántas veces se hacía el proceso en el Templo, pero siempre se hacía en tu cumpleaños. De manera que podrías decir que nacías de nuevo, o sea que tu rejuvenecimiento para la próxima vida y para la vida siguiente se llevaba a cabo en tu cumpleaños.

Tu cumpleaños en esta vida tiene un equivalente numerológico de un 1, y eso es nuevos comienzos. Que este día sea para ti un nuevo comienzo, Melli-ha. Que también lo sea para aquellas que quieran unirse en la recordación de cómo era para cada una. Tal vez debieran considerar volver a desarrollar una ceremonia exclusiva para los cumpleaños, a través de la memoria de Melli-ha. Tal vez, solo tal vez. La canción también volverá a ustedes.

Y así es.



Kryon por Lee Carroll

Calgary, Canadá, 23 de Mayo de 2015

Saludos, queridas damas, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

Yo sé dónde estoy, sé quién está escuchando, sé para qué están ustedes aquí. Este es un tiempo, y todo lo que es, un tiempo corto, que es un tiempo de homenaje; no solamente homenaje femenino. Se trata de un tiempo específico que tiene que ver con lo que ahora vuelve a ocurrir en el planeta.

La razón para que estén aquí sentadas – y ya hemos dicho esto antes – es que empiezan a reflejar algo de la sabiduría que había en el lugar que llamamos Lemuria. Para que yo pueda hacer esto de la forma que lo hacemos, les recuerdo otra vez que no tengo género; les recuerdo que les hablo ahora con una voz de varón porque eso es todo lo que tiene mi socio (se ríe). Yo no tengo género.

Mi socio se hace a un lado completamente para que yo pueda hablarles de los recuerdos, de los homenajes, y todo en esta canalización y en esta noche se trata de una invitación a recordar. Esto es confuso, especialmente para algunas de ustedes, y especialmente por lo que les voy a contar ahora. Es confuso que las probabilidades dicen que ustedes estaban en Lemuria durante la época de la que les hablamos y que eran mujeres entonces y también ahora. Les diré que esto no tiene nada de azar ni probabilidades. Alma antigua, estás aquí como mujer para volver a despertar algunas energías que llevabas entonces. Para que yo pueda hablarte de ellas y honrar este momento, te doy entonces información sobre la vida cotidiana, sobre las cosas que tal vez estaban allí. Tal vez al hacerlo tenga que calificarme yo mismo, y lo haré ahora.

¿De qué tiempos estoy hablando, y por qué son importantes las cosas de las que hablo? Lemuria tiene una historia muy rica, y tal vez distinta de las otras cápsulas de tiempo que estaban en el planeta donde comenzó la civilización y la siembra de un ser humano despierto. Esto es, un ser humano con el conocimiento de la luz y la oscuridad. De eso estamos hablando: de un lugar que originó esto. Por lo tanto, hablamos de decenas de miles de años.

Mi socio habla de algo que no ha sido probado geológicamente; les diré que eventualmente encontrarán evidencias de que el lugar caliente bajo Hawaii empujó hacia arriba esa montaña, de modo que quedó muy alta por sobre la superficie de la Tierra, y también expandió la masa de terreno a lo que para un geólogo sería un mini-continente. Con esto quiero decir que cumple los criterios para considerarse un mini-continente; por encima de la Tierra, es decir, que se produjo una montaña muy alta. Ahora bien, eso es algo que ya les dije.

Lo que no les había dicho es que en términos geológicos, llevó un largo tiempo para elevarse, y luego un largo tiempo para hundirse. No se hundió completamente, sólo hasta las puntas de las montañas que hoy son las islas de Hawaii. De modo que el tiempo de Lemuria que llamaría los años de hundimiento, se extendió por muchas vidas. Para muchos, estas eran vidas de miedo, porque la isla seguía hundiéndose. Sin embargo, para muchos otros era obvio que tenían tiempo. No es que se hundió rápidamente, pero igual les impedía hacer ciertas cosas, y eso recaía sobre las mujeres.

Ahora quiero darles alguna información continuando con la canalización de esta noche: la reencarnación. En el comienzo, la reencarnación fue en Lemuria una plataforma de lanzamiento del akash. Lo que quiero decir con esto es que tenían una sola vida en Lemuria. Comprenden por qué el Templo del Rejuvenecimiento era tan importante; ustedes entendían la reencarnación.

Queridas, esto es intuitivo para la humanidad. En este planeta, los primeros sistemas espirituales organizados creían en la reencarnación porque lo sabían; eran absolutamente partícipes. Recién en los días de la espiritualidad moderna se les ha convencido de lo contrario. Entonces, es un tipo de primeros pensamientos intuitivos; también era así en Lemuria. Los maestros pleyadianos también les contaron, literalmente, acerca del sistema de lanzamiento del akash. Un sistema en el cual ustedes solo tenían una vida en Lemuria, y las siguientes se pasaban a otras partes del planeta.

Esto sucedía porque Lemuria era como una olla a presión de sabiduría; nadie podía irse, nadie podía entrar, no conocían a nadie de otros lados, las tradiciones sobrevivían por muy largo tiempo. Durante miles y miles de años una cultura construye sabiduría y ustedes eran parte de eso. De modo que el marco de tiempo que estamos mirando son los años en que Lemuria se hundía; las vidas que vivieron allí. Ustedes no estaban todas allí al mismo tiempo, pero participaron en los mismos tipos de rituales y homenajes y ceremonias de nacimiento, porque eso nunca cambiaba.

Ahora no quiero hablarles de la familia, de la camaradería, de donde estaban todas juntas en un mismo lugar; les hablo del hecho de que todas participaban de la misma clase de cosa en esa vida que vivían allí. Ustedes sabían acerca de esta reencarnación: que vendría una vida, un alma se lanzaría desde Lemuria, no tendría ningún akasha en absoluto hasta que llegara a otro lugar y se reencarnara en Europa. Y luego llevaban el akash de una isla hundiéndose (se ríe). Bienvenidas al síndrome de la isla que se hunde. Atlántida. Por eso es que muchos ubican a Atlántida en el Pacífico, cuando en realidad estuvo en el Atlántico ese lugar que realmente se llamó Atlántida – hubo tres de ellas – en lugares diferentes, reflejando el akasha de la isla que se hunde, de los lemurianos.

De modo que esto de Atlántida es complejo, porque responde a muchas energías akáshicas que ustedes combinan en un solo sentimiento; sin embargo comenzó en Lemuria.

Les hablamos sobre ustedes en esos años, porque se trataba de una Lemuria avanzada. Como los aborígenes, ustedes habían llegado a la conclusión de qué funcionaba y qué no funcionaba, y estaban construyendo sobre esa sabiduría. De modo que estamos en esos años y hablamos sobre las tradiciones: quiénes son ustedes y qué hacían. Quería que supieran eso, tal vez no lo comprendían porque, queridas damas, cuando ustedes comprenden que eran la plataforma de lanzamiento akáshico en la Tierra, en esos años todo tenía que ver con la reproducción. Una vida; cada niño que ustedes tenían no viviría otra vida en Lemuria, y tampoco ustedes. Eso cambiaba las cosas.

Quiero contarles algunas cosas que nunca abordé antes, y mi socio no tiene ni idea de ellas. Quiero hablar sobre la importancia de su reproducción. Quiero hablar sobre el homenaje a eso, y brevemente, apenas un par de atributos que tal vez ustedes no esperarían.

En razón de cómo se honraba el nacimiento, y de lo que los pleyadianos les habían dado y las tradiciones relacionadas, ustedes lo controlaban. El nacimiento en Lemuria era estacional; la reproducción no era como aquí, a toda hora (se ríe); era estacional, tal vez siguiendo lo que ocurría en el reino animal, que ustedes ni siquiera podían ver, porque no había muchos animales allí.

Se hacía en forma estacional; tenía que ver con el alimento pero no exactamente, porque el alimento básico era el pescado; era intuitivo. También conservaba un control de la población, y tenía sentido. Imagínenlo: reproducción sabia.

Los hombres cooperaban plenamente con esto, porque entendían las mismas cosas que ustedes. Pero les diré algo que no saben: quiero hablar de algo que mi socio no tiene idea (se ríe), él se ha apartado. Quiero hablar de la menstruación.

Ustedes han oído de lugares donde las sociedades no permiten a una mujer en cierta condición entrar a ciertos lugares a causa de esto. Las actitudes al respecto son arcaicas, comparado con cómo era en Lemuria. Verán: parte del privilegio de la mujer era la menstruación, y si estaban en esa condición eran elevadas por encima de las diosas; se sentaban en las primeras filas en todas las ceremonias; todos lo sabían; ustedes vestían de cierto color, que no era rojo (se ríe) para indicar su estatus y el momento. ¡La reproducción era importante! La plataforma de lanzamiento del akasha para la humanidad era suya, y ustedes eran cuidadosas.

Tan honrado fue esto, Melli-ha, que fue una de las razones principales para el Templo de Rejuvenecimiento, para que siempre se conservaran jóvenes y tuvieran menstruaciones (se ríe). Ahora es un poco diferente, ¿no? Quiero que piensen en esto: honrar a lo femenino – y más allá.

Y así es.


Lee Carroll

Lee Carroll

Lee Carroll

Traducción: M. Cristina Cáffaro

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