sharing.:::.▶ Brutal Bodyweight HIIT 3 | 500 Calorie Burn No Equipment Workout – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan ~ 8-8-8 MAGDALENE STARGATE | Equipoise

Origen: sharing.:::.▶ Brutal Bodyweight HIIT 3 | 500 Calorie Burn No Equipment Workout – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan ~ 8-8-8 MAGDALENE STARGATE | Equipoise



sharing.:::.▶ Brutal Bodyweight HIIT 3 | 500 Calorie Burn No Equipment Workout – Gillian MacBeth-Louthan ~ 8-8-8 MAGDALENE STARGATE

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Gillian MacBeth-Louthan ~ 8-8-8 MAGDALENE STARGATE

The Magdalene Portal opened on 4-4-2015 and continues full speed ahead until 8-8-2015,
When it is finally cemented in time.

On August 8, 2015 pure light from the center of the Milky Way galaxy will move with great momentum into the atmosphere of the earth, birthing another full level of illumination so bright that even the blind will see. So powerful is this solar vibration we will have but one choice as it enters our energy field, to allow it to pass through us as we look at it eye to I. Allow it to encircle you without while holding our field of camouflage. You cannot make this energy obey. It has traveled for eons of time to enter the field of earth at this time. Electromagnetic fields coming out of deep space and galactic center are changing the world biology. Our genes reinvent themselves in this constant changing electro-magnetic and photonic bombardment. All the stars and stellar vibrations that come from deep space are here to assist us in embracing a vibration that has never existed on Earth.

8:8 is a celebration beyond time that escorts us home to the Stars. The very ends of our DNA open to embrace a new connection with the star nations. August 8, (8-8) is composed of the marriage of matter and antimatter. It is a place were the polarities meet and heaven and earth sip from each other’s glass. It is a celebration beyond time that escorts us home. The fearlessness needed in the next step of our journey is nonnegotiable and not refundable

Everything has lent itself to the Now – every incarnation, every word, every love, every hate. Time known and unknown conjuncts itself, as the time chains of the universe kinks. Come Journey back and forth between time. Everything on Earth comes from the Stars. We literally are made of Stardust. As we move past the limitations of this contained universe, we come closer to galactic center and remembering our star heritage. You are a living vortex, a living light, an emissary of what is good about humanity

August 8, is a Natural doorway. Nothing forced, nothing prodded. A natural remembering as the timing chain of the universe pauses to recalibrate itself. The 8:8:8 is symbolic of the human DNA plus one. What comes to be, has not yet unwrapped its protective coatings. These time-veiled records are held within in a crystalline code, which exists within each strand of DNA of the entire Universe.

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan presents ‘The Goddess School series’
Goddesses Only, sorry boys…

Saturday August 8, 2015 (8-8-8)
Conference 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

Goddess Party 7-9 pm
Glitter, glam, fun, dance,
A little cheese, a little whine, a little disco ball…
Bring your Goddess garb I will have Glitter

$65 covers it all
8-8-8 Conference and Goddess Party and goodies

601 N. Weisgarber Rd
Knoxville, TN 37919
(off of Papermill rd and I-40 , up High behind Holiday Inn Express)

Come spend the day and night with Ladies of Like and Light Mind.
Get a room at this brand new Hampton Hotel, sits up high away from the confusion
Share with a friend, have a pajama party!
Go for a healing swim in the heated pool after DANCING THE NIGHT AWAY…
Just think, you don’t have to make your bed in the morning.. J
A full hot breakfast awaits you, no dishes….
You can really have a girl’s night out with no worries
No Long Drive home after a fun night


Click on the link below to book your room at the Hampton it is set up for this group.
If you are going to spend the night and not drive home like most of us
Then sign up here
888 Hampton Inn hotel book a room
On this sacred energy portal day, allow Gillian MacBeth-Louthan to escort you into higher octaves of Light, helping you to move effortlessly in a fluid manner through upcoming personal & planetary shifts. Anoint with this knowledge as a new level of luminosity bursts forth from your atoms. Gillian is a Visionary, a Seer, born with the gift of Knowing. She has been an empath and psychic, since age five. Gillian is a Teacher, Messenger, world known Channel and creator of the Gathering of She Events and the Quantum Awakening newsletter.

Please pre-register
Seating is limited to 38 Goddesses

Send payments to
Gillian MacBeth-Louthan
PO box 217
Dandridge, TN 37725
Posted 20th July by Juan Pablo

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