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Origen: Sharing.:::. – How Immediate Creation Occurs – Rapid Ascension – Ten Differences in Gurus and Captains | samkaska



Sharing.:::. – How Immediate Creation Occurs – Rapid Ascension – Ten Differences in Gurus and Captains

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Rapid Ascension

by Georgi Stankov Posted on June 10, 2015

Brian, the dragon, June 10, 2015

This is the dragon.

Many, not all, higher-vibration groups have had – at their own choice – the experience of being like you are on this world. We have had it, what you could call a long time ago in another galaxy in the early universe.

We have exhausted that experience for ourselves and don’t seek it any longer.

In a galaxy, it is a rare event for a race of beings to ascend from a reality like yours. In the now, judging by your star positions since linear time doesn’t extend well past your Earth bubble, there are only a few races at or nearing ascension in your present galaxy including yourselves. That may sound like a lot, but there are more than a trillion stars in your galaxy.

However, the universe is a pretty big place, and once you step outside of the concept of linear time, it gets even bigger.

Across the universe, outside of linear time, there have been billions of ascension events, along with groups of beings evolving from what you would call animal form – some not making it very far and others making it farther. Sometimes on different timelines of the same worlds. So there are plenty of examples to look at as a yardstick for measuring your own progress.

For the following part, we have to be careful to explain that each group of beings evolves differently.

Especially when talking about technology.

It depends on many factors.

Suffice it to say that we are going to be approximating different levels of evolution.

Some develop civilizations, and some run the gamut without.

But there are energy levels of the attainment of wisdom that can be quantified. For an entire group or civilization to evolve, it can actually be quantified how ready they are.

Additionally, we have to translate things to linear time, since you are familiar with that. Also, the experience of linear time is subjective. There are different worlds that would experience it differently in an absolute sense, there are different orbital periods and rotational speeds, sometimes multiple suns, sometimes life on moons or what you’d call asteroids or around brown dwarfs. Physics is also different in different parts of the universe (your scientists haven’t realized that yet). So we are translating linear time of one group of beings to another. This is actually not as hard as you’d think.

So, armed with these measures, we ask: Throughout the universe, how long does it typically take a species to go from the beginning of stone age tool usage to the equivalent of your “classical civilizations” (Greek, Mayan, etc)?

The universal akash responds very clearly that a species typically doesn’t do this, making you unique.

Instead, usually over the equivalent of tens to hundreds of millions of years, the species evolves through multiple species until its physical body is in lock-step with their mind’s evolution. It usually takes evolving to a new species to reach each subsequent stage of advancement.

Whereas your species evolved and stayed in the stone age for a while – approximately one hundred thousand years – then suddenly, with seeming no evolution, took off within the last one hundred thousand years linear time. That’s very unique.

What’s even more interesting is that you made it from being what you’d call stone age humans arising from the animal kingdom to what you are now in about five million years. That is significantly less than the lower end of the average range for how long this takes. Even accounting for the less than perfect translation of linear years translated as we mentioned before, this is still significant.

Next question:

Throughout the universe, how long does it take a species to go from the equivalent of a classic civilization to space-faring?

You are CLOSE to being space-faring based on your present progress. To take the same step, most groups out there stagnated then required at least one species change events and hundreds of thousands to millions of years. Of course, your first classical civilizations arose around 50,000 to 100,000 years ago then arose and fell multiple times until recent times but there were natural disasters that makes it, so it didn’t really take that long.

Earth is not as hospitable to life in comparison to other worlds as you think.

Therefore, to make it through that stage so fast is almost unheard of.

Final question:

How long does the ascension take from your point of awareness?

This stage typically takes another million years or so. In your case, the amount of time will be negligible in comparison. It’s almost like it happened instantly for you, from an outside perspective, even if to you it may seem like a long time.

So, is it clear why there is so much attention on you, not just from your seed races, but from the nearby universe?

It’s because you have broken the mold.

You have done so, not because of superior physical prowess. Pretty much every animal on Earth can kill you. You have done so not because of a superior mind. Most species at your stage have evolved past your intellectual power. You are pretty run of the mill physically, in a common form template that has been around since the early universe.

However, you probably know intuitively that the physical aspects of your body form are not super-important in determining how quickly you make it through this. Sure, it helps, however especially when you get to your present phase, other factors become much more important.

From very early on, you have been seeding life on Earth to be very supportive of your ascension, both in your present timeline and the few alternate ones that succeed on your “World”. Yes, there are others, if you slightly stretch your definition of Earth. Then, you have guided the evolution of human-like species. Then, you brought into these beings souls from multiple ascended groups of both humanoid and non-humanoid form since you come from them and the souls are your own.

Furthermore, to make things even more stocked in your favor, you have been through “failed” ascensions in your present time multiple times. Perhaps you can still feel the burn of that “failure”. We can tell you that this time around it isn’t a failure. You knew the other ones would be a failure before you even started.

You know this one won’t be. Of course, they are all part of the same ascension if you really think about it. You could call them practice and will rectify the hurt it caused and that you still feel.

So you are guided by non-Earth ascensions and ascension attempts on Earth.

You could call this an experiment in how much you can tip the scales towards ascension while still making it seem like it happened by chance. You have been very successful. You have still struggled, giving you the feeling of “going it alone” while at the same time you have been extremely supported to the point that you almost can’t fail to achieve it.

If we were to assign a number to the likelihood you succeed this time around without destroying yourselves, it would be greater than ninety five percent. That is very good odds. This is the first time you have attempted with greater than fifty percent odds. What’s different this time around is a lot more wisdom brought in. So when things seem like they may be becoming the darkness, wisdom steps in and takes over and you make things right – even if it takes a while of repeating the same mistakes.

So, we want you to understand you do not have to rely on chance, that you can feel comfort in knowing you have been set up for success and not fear failure so much.

You WILL succeed.

In the meantime, you have some work to do.

With Love,

The Dragon

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Ten Differences in Gurus and Captains

by Georgi Stankov Posted on June 10, 2015


by Jerry R James, June 10, 2015

1. Gurus wear white sackcloth. Captains wear goofy costumes as Picard in Startrek and the Captain with Tennille.

2. Captains share the fate of their crew by going up or down with the ship while gurus never get on the ship.

3. Gurus are fed small bowls of rice by their followers while Captains are left to starve with their crew.

4. Captains ask for posts and verification from the crew while gurus channel their own post, no verification needed.

5. Gurus crush small flowers between their fingers to sustain their energy, while captains pass out in an unconscious state.

6. Captain grimace with pain as the energy waves hit, while gurus maintain a smiling repose (in the absence of any waves, note George).

7. Gurus have all knowledge, captains continue to seek knowledge.

8. Captains are burned and scorched by the heat of the sun while gurus fan in the shade of the banyan tree.

9. Gurus are service to self while captains are service to others.

10. All true PAT are captains, but there can only be one guru.

To this I would like to add one more difference as to get the magic number 11 of ascension (George):

11. A captain cannot be a charitable nurse as many people expect from a guru. His duty is to bring the crew safe back home, notwithstanding all the pain his crew has to endure during the journey.

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How Immediate Creation Occurs

by Georgi Stankov Posted on June 12, 2015

Georgi Stankov, June 12, 2015

Today I published my energy report where I reported about my dream yesterday when I was beaming a gifted young investigative journalist Paul Joseph Watson with Source energies. I wrote as follows:

“The pouring of source energies continued throughout the whole night and was accompanied with severe gastric and gallbladder pain. During this time I contemplated on the meaning of this dream and came to the conclusion that we now beam the whole journalist community with these purest source energies to intensify their efforts and promote a real success in revealing the dark agenda of the cabal. Paul Joseph Watson embodies this new type of a journalist. Hence I expect some spectacular revelations to unfold in the coming days; they may as well come from us when we ascend later in the summer.”

Honestly when I wrote this I did not expect such rapid results. However in order to reinforce my conclusion I did a powerful invocation with the seven sacred flames early in the afternoon – and I urge all PAT members to follow my example – to contain the Bilderberger meeting and prevent them use the energies of our city of Light Raetia for their heinous agenda. In fact I wrapped them all in gold Christed light and sent them to the Tao for soul-recycling. The invocation was so powerful that I immediately felt telepathically that it has already achieved its success in the Now.

And only this evening (June 11th) I saw the interview of my friend journalist from my dream Paul Joseph Watson with another journalist from the Guardian who had terrible experience with the nazi-like harassment of the Austrian police, which they apply to all journalists that have come to Tirol to report on the Bilderberger conference. Here is the interview:

Video: Guardian Journalist Gets Midnight Raid By Bilderberg Police

And it gets even better. As you know, the Guardian is the mouthpiece of the dark AAA-cabal in the UK disguised as a liberal, independent newspaper. Its warmongering propaganda against Russia and Putin is only surpassed by the Economist and both outlets have fully dedicated themselves to blatant lies and deceptions and have eliminated the word “truth” from their vocabulary.

Hence I was curious to check how the Guardian will respond to this affront of the ruling cabal against their journalist doing his duty and reporting on the Bilderberger conference, given the fact that my dream friend and journalist Paul Joseph Watson had already interviewed this Guardian journalist on the police’s nightly raid in the hotel and published it on the Internet. Any omission on the part of the Guardian would have immediately been interpreted as a proof that this newspaper is in cahoots with the dark cabal and sweeps such scandalous events that discredit the Bilderberger meeting with a huge broom under the rug of silence. This was also a test for me whether my nightly energetic action and my invocation today have been successful and have wielded first modest results. And I was not disappointed, quite on the contrary.

The Guardian, this mouthpiece of the dark British cabal, has published for the first time an article on the harassment of their journalist by the idiotic Austrian police that has become the most compelling indictment of the dark criminal Bilderberger cabal, which a MSM outlet has ever dared to publish so far. Please read and check for yourself as this will give you an inkling as to how powerful we are and how quickly our invocations and decisions are now manifesting in this reality.

We are the Stewards of this timeline and not the petty, scared to death dark cabal in the Austrian Alps, protected by thousands of idiotic Alpine Police-“Trottel” (Morons) to commit their crimes on humanity in secrecy. We do not need to meet physically to determine the destiny of this planet and humanity. We do it with the power of our thoughts, intent and determination from the fulcrum of our higher selves at each place on this planet which is on the way to its ascension.


Bilderberg 2015: Where Criminals Mingle with Ministers

Charlie Skelton, Thursday 11 June 2015 20.19 BST

The Guardian

Even a lecture on the convicted criminals due to arrive or a chat about ‘shameless’ HSBC didn’t deter Austria’s officers from yet another ID check

A sign in front of a police checkpoint on a road leading to the Interalpen-Hotel Tirol, venue of the Bilderberg conference. Photograph: Christian Bruna/AFP/Getty Images

I had three Austrian policemen in my hotel room last night. They stood there all grim faced with their fluorescent bibs, torches and sidearms. It was like the worst ever fancy dress party. I offered them a pilsner. They declined. They were too busy checking my ID that had been carefully checked 10 minutes prior at a police checkpoint. And carefully checked two minutes prior to that, at another police checkpoint.

This third check took so long, it was so late, and my patience was so thin, that eventually I took my shirt and trousers off in front of the officers. “I’m having a shower,” I explained, and went and had one. When I’d finished, I came out in my towel, thinking they might be gone. They weren’t. “Put your clothes on please and come to your car.” This party wasn’t getting any better.

Out at my car I couldn’t be bothered to get into the whole ‘probable cause’ thing so I flung open the doors and with as much good cheer as I could muster, said: “Help yourself”. They did. While one set of police searched my car with their torches, another lot clustered round me and asked me questions: “Where do you live? What are you doing here?” I’m a journalist and I live in a police state. What about you?

In my trouser pocket I found a “Medienhandbuch” from the G7, which I was given in my goodie bag when I was accredited there. By the light of a police searchlight, which was trained on me like I was trying to escape Stalag 17, I read out passages to my guards to pass the time. “Experienced staff from the Federal Government will be happy to help you with your work …” An officer interrupted. “Your address please.” It was on my driving licence in his hand. This was getting silly.

A little while later, bored and a bit cold, I decided to point out to the officers that while they were treating a journalist like a criminal, there were actual criminals about to arrive at the hotel they were guarding. Convicted criminals. Such as disgraced former CIA boss, David Petraeus, who’s just been handed a $100,000 (£64,000) fine and two years’ probation for leaking classified information.

While they were treating a journalist like a criminal, there were actual criminals about to arrive at the hotel. Petraeus now works for the vulturous private equity firm KKR, run by Henry Kravis, who does arguably Bilderberg’s best impression of Gordon Gecko out of Wall Street. Which he cleverly combines with a pretty good impression of an actual gecko.

“What is a gecko?” asked one of my captors. “I’ll tell you what a gecko is if you tell me where the press accreditation centre is. What, there isn’t one? That’s a shame, because it would be really useful. You wouldn’t have to harass me in the middle of the night like this. I could just show you my press pass.” The policeman scribbled on his notebook. “Great, are you getting this down?” No. He was writing down the number on my driving licence. Again.

“Can I go now?” Another no. So I continued my list of criminals. I moved on to someone closer to home: René Benko, the Austrian real estate baron, who had a conviction for bribery upheld recently by the supreme court. Which didn’t stop him making the cut for this year’s conference. “You know Benko?” The cop nodded. It wasn’t easy to see in the glare of the searchlight, but he looked a little ashamed.

I reassured him that Benko’s crimes were in the very best traditions of Bilderberg. Don’t forget, the first chairman of the group, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands, was the biggest fraudster of the lot; he was caught back in the 70s organising bribes from Lockheed and Northrop for the same arms contract. It was such a scandal that in 1976, Bilderberg had to skip a year out of sheer embarrassment.

Maybe they should think about giving this year a miss as well. I wouldn’t mind. I’m not having any fun here. “Do you mind turning off that searchlight? I won’t run away, I promise.” A stern head shook. The policemen were careful to keep officers on all sides of me. Like they’ve been trained to when faced with a slightly damp journalist wielding a G7 media handbook.

I decided to reward their vigilance with a chat about HSBC. The chairman of the troubled banking giant, Douglas Flint, is a regular attendee at Bilderberg, and he’s heading here again this year, along with a member of the bank’s board of directors, Rona Fairhead. Perhaps most tellingly, Flint is finding room in his Mercedes for the bank’s busiest employee: its chief legal officer, Stuart Levey.

A Guardian editorial this week branded HSBC “a bank beyond shame” after it announced plans to cut 8,000 jobs in the UK, while at the same time threatening to shift its headquarters to Hong Kong. And having just been forced to pay £28m in fines to Swiss regulators investigating money-laundering claims. The big question, of course, is how will the chancellor of the exchequer, George Osborne, respond to all this? Easy – he’ll go along to a luxury Austrian hotel and hole up with three senior members of HSBC in private. For three days.

High up on this year’s conference agenda is “current economic issues”, and without a doubt, one of the biggest economic issues for Osborne at the moment is the future and finances of Europe’s largest bank. Luckily, the chancellor will have plenty of time at Bilderberg to chat all this through through with Flint, Levey and Fairhead. And the senior Swiss financial affairs official, Pierre Maudet, a member of the Geneva state council in charge of the department of security and the economy. It’s all so incredibly convenient.

Yet it doesn’t sit easily with Osborne’s intention, which he trumpeted five years ago, shortly after taking office, “to implement the most radical transparency agenda the country has ever seen”. What he’s doing this week in Bavaria is about as transparent as an alp.

I’d got about as far as the 8,000 job cuts when I was finally allowed to go free. An utterly ridiculous 35-minute ID check. I would have been more furious but I was starting to get into the swing of my lecture. The searchlight was lowered and they waved me off into the night. “But wait, I haven’t even got as far as Henry Kissinger being questioned for war crimes …”

“Goodnight, sir.”

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