Sharing.:::. Tao de Ponz – Ponzi Poetry, Volume I- The Zombification of Western Politics Prior to Our Ascension to New Lemuria | samkaska

Origen: Sharing.:::. Tao de Ponz – Ponzi Poetry, Volume I- The Zombification of Western Politics Prior to Our Ascension to New Lemuria | samkaska


Sharing.:::. Tao de Ponz – Ponzi Poetry, Volume I- The Zombification of Western Politics Prior to Our Ascension to New Lemuria

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Tao de Ponz – Ponzi Poetry, Volume I

  by Georgi Stankov Posted on

Brad Barber, June 10, 2015

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for forwarding all of the wonderful responses.  I’ve retrieved Volume I of Ponzi Poetry entitled the Tao de Ponz written in early 2011.  It’s pretty fitting that the CEO’s of the derivatives bomb Deutsche Bank announced their resignation this morning as I type this.  Probably should have unleashed these earlier to speed this thing up, huh?
Without further delay, I present

 (Ponzi Poetry)

Verses not about the way you want life to be. May this help the dominoes to tumble a little faster.

With love and light,


On the front author’s page I wrote:

At best, a questionable spiritual journey through the light and dark of the world that is. As the Ponzi is truly understood, it will be known that the author didn’t come up with a single word of this book.
In Love and Service
Dedicated to the Patriots and an acceptance of Truth.”

Keep swallowing that pill
Maybe it works better if I take two
A lifetime of this could suck
It could be that
I’m more powerful than I realize
Keep swallowing that pill


That anxious feeling
Regrets of the past
Fears of a future
impossible to know
Start the day with some stimulants
Line around the building
at Starbucks
Let’s get ‘er going
Now it’s really going
The future I can’t know scares me
What’s going to happen?
Who’s going to care for me?
I can’t take it!
It’s going to implode!
I might lose it
Please make it go away
Will that be debit or credit?


JP Morgan
Corporate death
Food stamps
Cash for Gold
Dollar is used to steal
Warren Buffett is an asshole
Buy the media
Tell me more lies
JP Morgan
It’s all perfect
Every single act is perfect
I absolutely love Warren Buffett
The light on his dark
gives the clue
I have to love him
I love JP Morgan
Thank you
Thank you
You guys are such assholes
Thank you
I once was told
after the game
the pawn and the king
go back
in the same box
Thank you
for being the necessary


Missing the days of old
skill was rewarded
Cruel today
It’s put in a quarter
to be given a chance
to put in
yet another quarter
sounds like cocaine


Much more respect
for slave owners of the past
It was known
I am a slave
They clothed you
The fed you
Beautiful is the subtlety of now
They call you an employee
and let you fend for yourself
Modern slavery
for every race


Times must be good
Now that juice
Finally contains
Two percent
Real juice


See with your heart
Feel with your eyes
Know with your ears
The truth is there
for those
who want it to be known
Why is it then
so few
want it to be known?


Popcorn ceilings
Juniper bushes
Forty years
We’ll never get back


Today’s science fiction
Tomorrow’s reality
Yesterday’s reality
Tomorrow’s pain


To be an angel
on a human mission
A divine gift
Very few things
transcend the veil
A sense of home
The glorious gift of music
Still doesn’t explain
Kenny G


Mom’s worth $49.95
Dad maybe $25 even
Wife worth several hundred
Friend Jeff about $22.17
Are we sure
this is how
to celebrate the birth
of Jesus?


It’s all a Ponzi
Linear thought in linear time
leads to desire
Desire leads
to the reward structure
you have created
Is it for you or the greater
good of mankind?
Thought so
Look in the mirror
Is it champagne wishes and caviar dreams?
Divine thought means
instant manifestation
In between is the racket
Make sure the debt
keeps getting paid
Comfort at all cost until my death
Feed the finite
Drown the infinite
It’s all good
since I have the dough
My bonds ensure there are no bonds
I have the cash
I make the rules
Don’t you dare listen
But it keeps calling
Hang on
It will be over soon
I’m glad I could avoid myself
for another lifetime
Should have known
Until the trials become blessings
It’s all a ponzi


Infinite paper
Human desire
That was easy


Has been said
The two greatest days
of your life
The day you are born
The day you find out why
you are born
Must elude the majority
Impossible to find
an answer
when searched for in others
a question
that can only be answered
by oneself


Just because
bullets aren’t flying
doesn’t mean
The greatest war
isn’t being fought


Puppy cute
Kitten cute
Baby cute
Dollar weapon


1.1 quadrillion dollars
of artificial
financial products
in the Matrix
of fiat disaster
You would think
with all that paper
Some of us
would have some


The game is on
Ultimate spectacle of the year
Everyone take sides
Vent your anger
Drink to the victory
Drink to quell the loss
Those other guys are assholes
Next year
I promise
Bigger TV
Softer couch
More chips
It’s the same thing every year
you know
Except next year
the bank will own a bigger piece
of your soul


The cause of such
amazing change


Taught to hate
Should be proud to be an American
Profit by selling false pride
Backstabbing pricks
Let them keep guns
Easier to rob them blind
Let them keep their guns
Gold standard
Any standard would be an improvement
Proud to be from anywhere?
That’s how it’s done
False pride
We are all one
We are all humanity
They can kiss my ass


What’s the easy way?
Heaven should have a drive thru lane
Earning all this dough leaves
no time
Maintenance the cash
Try to stay in the now
All these phone calls produce such worry
Alleviate all these fears
Just get more cash
Maintenance it
Watch it grow
Why isn’t it growing?
Please wake up
Don’t you know it’s Mother calling?
Before looking up
You may want to look down
She wants to know you’re for real
Weep from love in gratitude
It’s magnificent
The water bill is how much?


Buried under so much theft
Creating real jobs impossible
Too big to fail
Too small to succeed
High unemployment
No bueno
Print cash and put ’em in school
Reeducate them properly
on taxpayer dime
Teach the ponzi
Stimulate the left brain
Don’t think please
Memorize what is told
Don’t you dare think
The educational system is not
meant to educate
Harvard business never met
an Austrian it liked
Teach the theft of production
Paper games
Start ’em young
Monopoly was just a lie
Should have known


Has to be a setup


Did you know?
The Chosen People
Keepers of the Ponzi


Eternal energy
stuck in a temporary
organic life form
No visible
instruction manual
The Creator is funny
Ponzi Master


Row your boat
Way too much truth


Tried to stretch
the pineal gland
Wanted to experience
higher dimensions
Rays of light
True mastery of matter
Couldn’t get
it jumpstarted
Too much residue
from the tapwater


Tough to even imagine
What it must be like
To feel
To understand
That of celebrity
that of athlete
the moment of comprehension
I’ve been used
I’m a tool
My timeless beauty
the spectacle of defying nature
but a tool
Importance placed
where it doesn’t belong
Break them before they can be broken
That moment
That is pain


Received proper training
from the TV
How to live life
for someone else’s


Why would it be
any other way?
Create medicines
that suppress
the eternal spirit
inside of you
to keep you ill
to get you to pay
’til the clock stops
so you can deal
with the system
that is set up
to get you to pay
’til the clock stops


Mother Teresa once said
in everyone
I see
Jesus in disguise
Few finer words
have ever been spoken
sight such as this
creates a problem
then you also know
Employees of the system
Just stormtroopers
in disguise


Booze is legal
Psychadelics should be
You are an angel
stuck in a temporary vessel
You have superpowers
Booze is legal


Many more poems
Should be written
on the topic of relationships
I value my marriage
I’ll keep quiet


the revolution with cash
Music and words awaken
the power
the truth
throw cash at it
soften the words
of the prophet
make them rich
soften the words
bury the revolution
buy their silence
please hurry
to soften the words
(Dedicated to Arthur Cutten at Jesse’s Cafe)


All of this gold
just sitting around
too many years
of making
no money
If it exists
It needs to pay
Banker disease
it rarely moves
No one will want it
print and print
and print some more
Banker magic
one ounce of gold
turned into
Thousands of paper ounces
modern alchemy
now they’ve cooked with gas
coke and hookers
that’s how we do it
What’s the big deal?
No one will ever want
the real gold
they’ve been sold
Will they?
(Dedicated to Jim Sinclair)


When you watched Star Wars
did you ever wonder
how to get a job
as a stormtrooper?
Head to your local government
of banking office
Fill out an application
Benefits are great
Nevermind the rampant theft
That’s how the beni’s
get paid


So fortunate are we
interventions of the past
we always have someone
to deliver
the pizza


I sure hope
the next stimulus check
affords me
a bigger TV
I don’t seem to receive
the proper
brainwashing signal
from 42″ or less


Try to stay ahead of the game
New car
gas goes up
New windows and doors
Heat goes up
Less grass in the front yard
Water goes up
Less channels on TV
Cable never
never stops going up
So few people
in the stands
of smaller town basketball teams
but they still get paid
Need sports
to control the masses
they must get paid
see lines 3-11
The song remains the same


Department of Homeland Security=
private military force
built up your own country
to protect the banksters
who robbed you blind
and you paid for it
Math is fun


Please let me know
You know your freedoms are safe
Hollywood has let you know
while you are sleeping
that Batman
James Bond
will take care of it


Do you know
what takes place
as the Earth
shifts dimensions?
I hope these words
changed your day


Let’s go over that again
You mean to say
when currency is tied to gold
I can’t create
as much money as desired
to give away
to finance
my political will
without gold
I can give away
the future prosperity
of our economic system
to buy
short-term power
Then I must decree
for the good of mankind
the shiny shits got to go
You are welcome
For your future demise
(dedicated to James Dines)


Control of the grids
control of thought
The military
of course
has your best intentions
in mind
as they tinker
with powers so great
Makes the last scene
of Raiders of the Lost Ark
that much better


The Masters showed the way
Ego must die
It’s all so simple
I must die to live forever
Like the phoenix
greatness arises
from the ashes of my past
I may bask in greed
when done in true love
of all of humanity
Sounds easy
But it will have to wait
until next year
Football season’s about to begin


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The Portrait of the Light Warrior as a Guru

by Georgi Stankov Posted on June 9, 2015

Sherina Malgorzata, June 9, 2015

This disquisition was preceded by a correspondence between me and Sherina, in which I had asked how is the Guru doing, because I felt telepathically that the Guru had serious financial problems and associated with it many fears and I wanted to check my perception.

And before you start guessing the Guru’s personality, let me assure you that the Guru is at home everywhere – here in Vancouver in the Rose Radiant Academy and in Europe, for example, in Kakanien as “The Man Without Qualities” (Robert Musil), as Girolamo Savonarola in Florence or as Ignatius of Loyola in Spain.

Or as Sherina subsequently wrote to me when she gave her consent to this publication:

“The Guru has the gift to be a sacred court, judge and executioner in one person. This is still a class higher than the swots. They embody only the “sacred court”. No, the Guru can be more than that.

He is the Ultimate Judgment and you have no chance of defense. In a letter you get the indictment and the immediate enforcement without possibility to appeal and the initial decision is immediately enforced. And this happens not only with you, but your whole family, your husband, your children are equally indicted and convicted as you. Then the indictment is divinely endorsed and you can be sure that the way to Heaven is closed for you for ever.

The Court reminds me of Star Trek universe where a creature Q from the Q-continuum plays the judge of mankind. Q is a Q and appears omnipotent in front of humanoid species.

What can I say. With all my love and respect for the Guru, I can only say: What a pity.

Really, whole worlds separate us, whereby I happily explore the universe and collect my life experiences and “marks” and the Guru is trying to acquire the status Q, apparently for the benefit of all.

Whether you may publish my correspondence, you ask me? Yes, you should, it is perhaps the only way to inform the Guru, what it is all about, but also to tell him:

“I have not forgotten you and even though you have indicted me, because I could not follow your demands and requirements and you have cut all the bonds with me (with a very dangerous invocation), something binds us that you can not destroy and that is love. You could not crush or sever love. You are not endowed to do this. And in all your apparent Q-holiness you still enjoy my love, but no longer my protection. I have handed over this task to God.

You’re like a “divine swot” and I admire you for your stamina. Remember however, how wonderful life is and that for all and everyone is taken care of, even when you are sitting happily under a birch tree and chewing on a straw. “

In Unconditional Love for Life, Sherina __________________________________

For all the love to the Guru,

I think that everything is all right and if the Guru now gets into trouble, then only to rethink and to align with the new: new ideas, new creations, new concepts, new outlook on life, on friendship, on fellow human beings, on God!

So far, that has taken a form that does not allow anything new, but as you have already noticed, life forces us to evolve and every time we try to build something for us that feels really comfortable, there comes a storm and we have to create something new.

The Guru has, let’s say, created a “Temple”, and all the “dissidents” are thrown out of it. Following the motto: “If you think otherwise, then you are manifold possessed (by dark beings, note, George.) And one has to get rid of you” and so far it works very well, insofar as the Guru stays ‘clean’ and free of demons, by deserting “blindly” all his friends who think differently.

You can not allow yourself to think in a different way in the presence of the Guru, but only within certain boundaries, which are defined and specified by the Guru himself. But as soon as you jump out of this boundary , then the Guru is immediately uncompromising, a being, who does not tolerate contradiction, and then the friendship is terminated immediately and without any discussion. And it does not matter how faithful you are to the Guru, how much you have liked the Guru, how much you have loved him.

He puts every friendship to the test, any love to the test, any loyalty to the test. And this is something only a few can bear. That is why it does not surprise me at all, that slowly heaven has had enough of him. The Guru has forgotten how to be Human. The wings, which he has tailored for himself, are now too big and it turns out that he can not hover because the wings are too heavy for our dear Guru.

But he can see how others around him have already received their wings and fly, and everybody who flies past the Guru, must hear that this does not occur rightfully. No, nobody is allowed to fly as long as the Guru cannot fly, otherwise it is connected with demonic activity.

No, without the Guru nothing works. He is the chosen one to serve the people and only after the Guru can fly, are all others allowed to follow. But only then!

The possibility that there are people who fly before the Guru makes the Guru fearful. Not that he did not wish this for the other people, no, but because he works so hard for heaven that these celestial flights are reserved, in the first place, only for such a good performance and no one, who is not as disciplined as the Guru, can enjoy this according to him.

This can be seen clearly in the light reading. As long as the Guru writes and reads, the energy is okay, but in the moment when the Guru starts lecturing, then it becomes evident that the energy has not yet reached the quality that one would have wished for. And the Guru is aware of that. Initially, the Guru was always silent and everything sounded so heavenly. Only when the Guru started to give lectures, could you perceive immediately that there is a difference like night and day and that the Guru, without his messages, has very little to say and often repeats himself, or only relays half-knowledge, as was the case with the Indigo children, who he had apparently confused with the crystalline children.

Many people, including myself, have the same knowledge that the Guru has. What the others do not have, neither myself, is the gift to receive wonderful messages and therein is the Guru a master. Absolutely. But this makes the Guru no more holy than the others, and no more devoted to God than the others. On the contrary, it makes out of the Guru “a holy stick”. If you are loving, then it stands still, if you’re not fond of him, then you get immediately a holy thrashing and you can lie prostrated on your path, weeping and with self-doubts. And believe me, it requires all of your strength to get up and release the self-doubt, to align again and move on.

I do not know if the Guru is aware of that, but he has discouraged so many people to progress further. He has driven the people into self-doubt. Thank God, I made provisions that 290 souls were not affected by this behavior.

However, the Guru will probably never admit it. He just cannot understand that there are beings who are only able to fly through conscious divine laughter, through conscious divine dancing and thinking. The Guru may still stay disciplined for another 1000 years, with cold and a quarter of a smile, sitting in complete silence and he will experience nothing and he will not personally savour the state of divine love. He cannot enjoy Love.

What remains in the end? Nobody, only his family and the so-called blind believers who lie prostrated at the Guru’s feet and that is always welcome because it allows the Guru to say aloud that he does not need devotion. Then he can loudly emphasize that he is not a teacher, but only a simple man. Had the people not laid down at his feet, then he could not behave so. Then he would have to strive for the recognition of his work, but also in such a case the Guru would stress that he only does it because that is his duty.

Actually, the Guru is in a very difficult situation. I have also seen it with Michael Elrahim Amira of An Te kana. Michael asked me to translate his book and I said – no. That would have brought me a lot of money, but I can tell right away when one has gone astray.

This all had to be simply enunciated and everybody who has read the Guru’s website in the past few days, knows that he has encouraged all of us to say what others do not dare, and I have never had a problem with that.

With Love

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The Zombification of Western Politics Prior to Our Ascension to New Lemuria

by Georgi Stankov Posted on June 9, 2015

Georgi Stankov, June 9, 2015

Only yesterday I wrote to the Saker commending him on his latest article:

If you were Lavrov or Putin – whom would you chose to talk to in the West?

“Dear Saker,

Compliments – a good observation: The Zombification of Western politics. If you read my website, you will know the reason why. Most of the souls of these evil politicians have gone to lower timelines and Russia has to deal with soulless, empty shells. At the same time there is now a huge influx of walk-ins of old souls that raise the light quotient on this uppermost mother planet and prevent a global war.

You will never grasp the full logic and inner dynamics of what you observe as long you do not discard your linear thinking and adopt a multi-dimensional, more enlightened approach.

With love and light


Indeed the energies of truth now highlight all corners of darkness and the G7 criminal dwarfs must hide in the deepest recesses of dark post-nazi Bavaria as to pretend, at the expense of a trifle of 370 million Euro tax money, that they have anything to say to the world or control this new reality in the End Time. The actual directors are however not to be found in “Schloss Elmau” in the beautiful Alps, from where these Orion-Reptilian clones utter their incomprehensible political “yodeling“, which is merely the “Swan song” of the dying western cabal, but around this website.

Below is a very powerful article from Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey which elucidates the bankruptcy of these self-proclaimed leaders of the world. Boyd from Phuket Thailand made me aware of it as follows. This is just an example how the coordination of the PAT now works with the precision of a Swiss watch:

“Dear George,

I am back in Phuket from a short 3000 km tour de Thailand. I will prepare an interesting energy report tomorrow when I relax a bit.

In the meantime I like to point to an article (in case you didn’t read it yet), which is a shiny example of good journalism. Seems like its author has learned something from you after all. Writes straight to the point with no BS.

Enjoy, With Love and light,



G7 Meeting targets Russia

It’s the Greedy Seven, meeting in Germany June 7 and 8, fixing the world’s problems, acting as the global policeman, stretching the long arm of their law. But who are these G7 countries, what right have they to act outside the auspices of the United Nations Organization and how much use is the G7 (the past) now we have BRICS (the future)?
The Greedy Seven

The room is quiet, peaceful, a pleasant and calm atmosphere created by a Spring-scented breeze blowing some magnolia petals through an open window, filling the room with birdsong and the hopes of nesting couples. Something sinister lurks and looms outside the door, a dark cloud blots out the Sun, the birdsong goes quiet. An eerie and evil restlessness sweeps over the room, filling those inside with goose-pimples and a feeling of sickness in the pits of their stomachs as the odor of Sulphur seeps through the window frames and under the doors.

The door flies open with a crash and in walk the Greedy Seven, the Seven Sons of Satan, the Seven Shades of Sh*t.
The Pack of Cards and their Right to Rule

And what right do these Seven have to rule the world or indeed give an opinion on its issues? The Ace of Spades, United States of America, the only country to have committed an atomic terrorist strike, twice, the country which has invaded more sovereign states, committed more murders and assassination attempts, which has sided with Fascists, tested substances on human guinea pigs…

The United Kingdom, Queen of Clubs, partner-in-crime and willing bedboy to its ex-colonial bedmaster which smacked the living…daylights…out of it a couple hundred years ago, the United Kingdom, the country that invaded Iraq and launched the “Get Gaddafi” campaign destroying his Pan-African humanitarian projects, e-learning and telemedicine programs, the result in Libya being what we see today. And this is the country that claims to have the golden keys to the world’s problems?

The third prong in the fork of FUKUS (France-UK-US), the King of Hearts, the only King not man enough to grow a moustache, complete with its moped-riding President, a greasy, bald-headed little apology with a squeaky voice who cannot even keep his own family affairs in order, let alone those of the world. A wonderful trio to begin the game of Bridge, with their history of slavery, intrusion, massacres and meddling in the internal affairs of sovereign states. And who will be the fourth partner?

Why, any one of four. Canada, the Jack of Spades, doing the dirty work of its beefy boss to the south (when it isn’t slaughtering seal cubs, turning the ice red with blood and tears or building dodgy sports venues), present in all major imperialist escapades, a country with as much character and spine as an AIDS-ridden, terminal syphilitic whore with a thousand-buck-a day smack habit.

Italy, the Queen of Diamonds, a willing onlooker in the Libya travesty of international law, the country whose claim to fame is priding itself on being the home of pasta, when even that came from north Africa (in the form of al-Itteriya), Italy’s former Imperial stomping ground.

Closely followed by the two weevils in the woodpile, Japan (the Jack of Diamonds, or Laughing Boy), whose treatment of prisoners during the Second World War even today engenders seething hatred in the hearts and minds of millions, whose idiotic nuclear program, building reactors on fault lines and whose treatment of dolphins, massacring these animals when the rest of the world loves them, has provided us with what exactly? Fukushima?

Germany, the Ace of Clubs. Über Alles. Er…need we say more? Ask Greece…

So what right does this motley bunch of current and former war criminals, imperialist powers, masters of massacres the world over, have to judge, opine or act on any event outside their own sorry borders? These pariahs, led by the USA, where the city of Detroit is bankrupt and where thousands of people have been deprived of life’s basic necessity, water, and its Poodles in Europe. Oh… and Japan.
A Club for the Corporate elitists

It has become clear that the West had it in for Russia since the voluntary dissolution of the Soviet Union (as catered for in its own Constitution), or even before: Stalin expressed his concern that the so-called “Allies” were maintaining the combat capability of German soldiers in 1945, instead of fighting them and imprisoning them. Just like they do today, collaborating with terrorists. It is clear that while Russia had a President who played ball, giving access to the hated Non-Government “Organizations” to divide his country and allowing western corporations to syphon off its resources, the G7 (which had started meeting back in 1975) was not going to do anything. Yet.

The admission to the G8 was as meaningless as the much-heralded “expulsion” in 2014. But how can you be expelled from a club to which you do not belong? And to what extent does the psyche of modern Russia walk hand-in-hand with a bunch of war criminals, imperialists and the home-makers for Mafia-run corporations? Not at all.
BRICS – the future

The Greedy Seven spell a sorry tale of the greedy past of European imperialists, their filthy, stinking and putrid spawn and those whose own military escapades brought misery to millions not even a century ago. The future lies with the hearts and minds of humankind, and these are focused around a poem (BRICS – Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) and Not A Terrorist Organization (NATO) and its friends (The Greedy Seven).

BRICS stands for development, not deployment, BRICS stands for debate, discussion and dialogue, not arrogance, belligerence and chauvinism, bullying, blackmail and butchery. Russia’s heart and mind walks in tandem with the former and certainly not the latter.

The G7 Summit in Germany is no more and no less than just another get-together of a rotating corporate and criminal clique which belongs firmly to yesterday and as such, is doomed.

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