Sharing.:::. Breaking News: The Hyperboreans Confirm – The PAT Created the New 5D Platform for Individual Ascension in the Night of June 4th- Putin”s Interview to the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera | samkaska

Origen: Sharing.:::. Breaking News: The Hyperboreans Confirm – The PAT Created the New 5D Platform for Individual Ascension in the Night of June 4th- Putin”s Interview to the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera | samkaska



Sharing.:::. Breaking News: The Hyperboreans Confirm – The PAT Created the New 5D Platform for Individual Ascension in the Night of June 4th- Putin”s Interview to the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera

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Breaking News: The Hyperboreans Confirm – The PAT Created the New 5D Platform for Individual Ascension in the Night of June 4th

by Georgi Stankov Posted on June 5, 2015

by Georgi Stankov, June 5, 2015

Last night, June the 4th, one month after we began with our conscious bilocations through the “completion of the energetic re-structuring that facilitates the coupling of the human body to the new upper dimensions within the new worlds, the foundational requirement for this new ability known as bi-location” , as the Elohim told us and as demonstrated by our young crystalline PAT member Jennifer, we achieved another epic victory on our way to final ascension:

With combined efforts we created a new 5D platform, which is a complete new timeline of Gaia 5 and is settled in the first level of the 5th dimension. The latter consists of 12 such levels. Hence we can call this new timeline 5D1. As this timeline already contains the New Lemuria, which we cleansed and reclaimed from its past timeline of destruction a week ago I will call this new ascension platform:

5D1 New Lemuria

Let me now continue in a chronological manner and explain to you what happened and how it unfolded.

The whole night of June the 4th, I dreamed that I am doing a very important energetic work in a very abstract manner. I saw myself pushing huge amounts of energy upwards and Carla was trying to keep the balance and to stabilize my efforts which were highly dynamic. The whole energetic situation was supported by the PAT and the higher realms.

And now comes the most important part of my vision as I have never experienced a similar thing before. During this effort, which I repeated infinite times throughout the whole night, I experienced a deep sense that we have achieved a great breakthrough – the biggest and most decisive in our lives. My HS told me that this is the final success for which I have been working throughout all my life and even throughout all my previous incarnations and that I have been very near to it in the past but something was always amiss to accomplish what I have done this night. Now we all have achieved this penultimate goal prior to our final ascension and this is our graduation with excellency.

At the same time I experienced an immensely deep sense of satisfaction, gratification, joy and relief. This emotional sensation was not part of my dream as I was awake for the most part of the night. I was rather immersed into the most blissful, high vibrating harmonious energies I have experienced so far, as if my body was bathing in a wellness bath and this bliss was physically palpable and was felt by my body and not through my psyche or mental body.

This experience was so delightful that I could not leave the bed and continued basking in these energies and pleasant feelings. At the same time I was very eager to tell Carla what I have experienced in the night and whether she had felt something similar, but I could not leave this energetic state of bliss and of course I did not want to awake Carla. Even after I went to the washroom and came back to the bed, this energetic state continued enveloping me and heaved me to these higher dimensions. I experienced this last monumental effort again and again, while hearing all the time the inner voice of joy and endless satisfaction. It was a feeling of profound liberation I only once experienced when I succeeded to flee over the Iron Curtain in 1975 and was on my way on the ferry to Stockholm in the Baltic sea leaving Finland behind. The energies in which I basked the whole night were definitely pure 5D and even higher and I felt as if we have blown the doors wide open to the higher realms in an ultimate and irrevocable manner. This blissful sensation accompanied me the whole night.

As soon as Carla woke up, I told her about my experience and my conviction that we have achieved a major success this night. She remembered also that we did a huge energetic work in the night and that she was holding a big grey energetic structure and trying to balance it. We talked about this in the morning and also after lunch when we sat on the balcony to enjoy the warm sun.

I told Carla: “I hope strongly that the Elohim or the Agarthans would come and tell us more about what happened this night as it was huge.” Just at that moment Carla established contact to an unknown, very high vibrating source. It was not the Elohim, who are very loving, and not the Agarthans, who are very diplomatic and appear in a very human-like manner. This was a highly intellectual source, who connected Carla telepathically and conveyed the information in a very sophisticated scientific language, as a matter of fact. I had all of a sudden the inkling that these are the Hyperboreans, a highly evolved humanoid civilisation which now dwells between the 7th and the 9th dimensions, also described by myself as the “causal worlds”, and are the original creators of the Inner Earth of Agartha. They had approached us once in the past.

Carla immediately got the confirmation that we are talking to the Hyperboreans and then a vivid discussion unfolded. I will summarize below what we discussed and will publish later on the message which Carla received from them when our discussion finished.

What the Hyperboreans essentially told us is that we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, have created a new 5D platform in the night of June the 4th, from where we shall ascend very soon individually. This platform is placed at the first level of the 5th dimension, which consists of 12 levels as we have already discussed in the past. They confirmed one more time that there is a huge energetic leap between the upper 4D and the 5D that is not easy to overcome. The whole energetic structure of all our bodies must be profoundly changed and accustomed to the highly refined energies of the 5th dimension. The transition from 5D to higher dimensions is much more easier once we have arrived at 5D.

For this purpose we have created this new intermediary timeline. This was done by the PAT from this uppermost 4D mother planet and by the Hyperboreans from the 7th and higher dimensions, so that these new creations could be interlaced into one functional timeline. This was made possible after we cleansed and reclaimed Lemuria on May 24th. In fact, the new 5D1 timeline will be the New Lemuria. But as the Hyperboreans told us, we should not expect the same structures as they have been given to a few enlightened human beings in the past, including Carla during her transfiguration on August 13th 2013, when she visited Telos and saw the temples there. In fact this 5D1 New Lemuria is very much a clean slate and we can create whatever we want and imagine there. But it also contains the pristine nature of Lemuria as it was supposed to be in an ideal form and is already the most beautiful and delightful place to visit.

After we created the energetic structures of bilocation and ID travels at the beginning of May and then three weeks later reclaimed Lemuria, we could finally create this ascension platform. This is an astounding achievement in a very short period of time when regarded retrospectively. The Hyperboreans told us that all ascending humanity will have to move first through 5D1 New Lemuria before ascending to higher dimensions. And it may take a lot of time as ascension to this timeline will be entirely individual. However they said:

“The light warriors of the first and last hour will be the FIRST to go to New Lemuria. We only need a few more days till this timeline is energetically fully stabilized before the ascension can begin.”

This ascension will be gradual for each one of us. According to the Hyperboreans, our higher light bodies will be first anchored in 5D1, one at a time. We have 18 bodies or fields, which include among others the causal body which has the highest vibrations, the ethereal body around the physical body, then the mental body, emotional body and finally the physical body. They will ascend in this order, one at a time, and the physical body which has the lowest vibration will be the last one to move to 5D1 New Lemuria and turn into crystalline light body. From what we gathered telepathically, we have already began anchoring our higher light bodies on this timeline as this was part of its creation.

From 5D1 New Lemuria, we can very easily visit all lower old and new 4D earths and become the new Leaders and Guardians of humanity as Ascended masters. And of course we can visit Agartha and many other higher dimensional timelines and worlds through bilocation.

To this I would like to mention that early last month Carla had sessions with two very gifted psychics and they unanimously told her that very soon we shall move to a new place. We were insecure as to whether we shall make a physical move or ascend and decided to keep both options open in our minds. Last week after we came back from Victoria, we visited a potential place where we could eventually move. On our way to this place, we saw all of a sudden a rainbow, although there was no rain and the weather was not conducive to the occurrence of such a rainbow. It was placed exactly in the direction where the house was we wanted to visit.

Before that we discussed this issue and came to the conclusion that if the HR wanted us to move one more time at the end of our incarnation, which as everybody knows is a tedious affair, they would give us a sign. And here we saw this beautuful rainbow in front of us when we drove on the street. When we reached the house, we felt the beauty and the bliss of the 5D and knew that we are within a Lemurian portal, which we had brought back from the Vancouver island. The next day, on Wednesday May 27th, the Elohim came to Carla and gave her the following short message:

“Your new residence is a Lemurian connection – a portal to Lemuria! You will feel strengthened and refreshed in this sacred place. You felt the energies the other day. This is what you can expect. This portal shall facilitate bilocation and consciousness expansion.“

From this and some further miraculous events that recently happened to us, we came to the conclusion that this move will, most probably, not be a physical one but an ID move to higher dimensions. This happened before the creation of 5D1 New Lemuria on June 4th.

Now the pieces of the ascension puzzle fit together all of a sudden. One must observe that we had a logical chain of pivotal events which are complementing the whole picture and are meticulously preparing our ascension in the coming days and weeks. Considering the speed with which these preparations have taken place in the past 2 – 3 months and in particular since May 2nd when Jennifer bilocated, it is prudent to expect some very dramatic events this summer, beginning in July. As you can surmise, there is much more to this prediction but I would like to keep this information for myself for the moment being until I gain more confidence in its correctness.

Finally, I believe that every PAT member and true light warrior of the first and the last hour should be really proud of oneself and I congratulate you all for this magnificent achievement last night – the creation of our new paradise, the 5D1 New Lemuria.

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Agartha Has Ascended to 6D. Next Comes Our Ascension

by Georgi Stankov Posted on June 2, 2015

by Heidi Stadler and Georgi Stankov, June 2, 2015

Lieber Georgi,

ich habe mich sehr gefreut, dass unsere Familie aus Telos in die 6D “übergesiedelt” ist. Am Sonntag, den 31.05. machte ich ein Channeling mit einer Freundin, wo mir von Adama mitgeteilt worden ist, dass sie nun in der 6D sind. Ich sah den großen Kristall von Telos wie von oben, der sich mehr und mehr verflüssigte und nicht mehr die harte Konsistenz eines Kristalls hatte. Er sagte auch, dass wir nun fast alles geschafft haben, bis auf ein paar Kleinigkeiten, die noch erledigt werden müssen, bevor der Aufstieg kommt.

Nach diesem Channeling war ich in einer sehr großen Hitzewelle und ich dachte, dass mein Körper verzehrt würde. Ansonsten war das letzte Wochenende sehr schwierig mit Schwindel, verschwommenes Sehen, starker Müdigkeit und Gelenkschmerzen, wie so oft.

Ich danke Euch ganz herzlich für diese Mitteilung, die mein Channeling bestätigte.

Ich wünsche Euch alles Gute,
herzliche Grüße,
Heidi, Südfrankreich

Dear Georgi,

I was very happy that our family of Telos has “moved” to the 6D. On Sunday, 31.05. I made a channeling with a friend, where I have been informed by Adama that they are now in 6D. I saw the big crystal of Telos as from above, and how it more and more liquefied and no longer had the hard consistency of a crystal. He also said that we have done almost everything, except for a few small things that need to be accomplished before the ascension comes.

After this channeling, I was in a very intense heat wave and I thought that my body would be consumed. Otherwise, the last weekend was very difficult with dizziness, blurred vision, extreme fatigue and joint pain, as it often happens.

Thank you very much for this message, which confirmed my channeling.

I wish you all the best,
Best Wishes,
Heidi, South France


Liebe Heidi,

ich freue mich wieder von dir zu hören und ich danke dir herzlichst für diese enorm wichtige Mitteilung und Bestätigung von Adama, nämlich dass die Agarther nun auf 6D aufgestiegen sind und uns dort erwarten. Wenn ich von uns spreche, meine ich alle Logos Götter, die hier auf der Erdoberfläche die letzten Aufstiegsanstrengungen unternehmen, um Gaia fest in ihren neuen Platz in der neuen Goldenen Galaxie zu hieven und zu verankern.

Wir haben auch hier, unabhängig von uns, von dritter Stelle die Bestätigung erhalten, dass Agartha nicht mehr in der Inneren Erde, z.B. unter Mt. Shasta zu finden ist, wobei diese Person von unserer Wahrnehmung nichts wusste und somit diese Feststellung unabhängig von uns machte.

Carla hatte großes Heimweh nach Telos in den letzten Tagen und konnte sich dieses Gefühl nicht erklären, bzw. interpretierte es als eine Aufforderung, Mt. Shasta zu besuchen. Dann aber wussten wir, dass dieses intuitive Gefühl uns den Aufstieg von Agartha in die 6D mitteilte und somit auch die letzte Phase unseres Aufstiegs ankündigt.

Die Agarther brauchen nun nicht mehr hier auf der Oberflache zu erscheinen, wie ursprünglich Teil des Planes war, da wir diese Erde sehr erfolgreich alleine in die 5D aufsteigen werden und dies bereits tun. Dies wurde möglich, nachdem wir erfolgreich Lemuria gereinigt haben und sie in Gaia 5 voll integriert haben.

Dazu muss ich folgende Begebenheit schildern. Nachdem wir aus Victoria zurück kamen, sagte ich zur Carla, dass mir mein HS mitteilte, dass die Agarther keine nennenswerte Rolle im Aufstiegsszenario mehr spielen werden, da sie nicht mehr gebraucht werden. Ich sagte dann etwas salopp, das die Vorstellung, dass sich die Agarther Menschen hier auf der Erdoberfläche zeigen werden, ist “tot”. Ich bezog mich auf die Erwartung von bestimmten Personen, die in Mt. Shasta leben und uns diesbezüglich geschrieben hatten.

Carla war zunächst etwas bestürzt über diese Aussage, weil sie mich so verstand, als wären die Agarther tot, was natürlich nicht möglich ist, da sie unsterbliche Wesenheiten sind. Sie war eigentlich traurig, weil sie keinen Kontakt zu den Agarther aufnehmen konnte und große Sehnsucht nach Telos hatte.

Dann am selben Tag erschien eine Gruppe von Agarther in unserer Wohnung und sie gaben Carla eine kurze Botschaft, die im Wesentlichen bestätigte, dass, obwohl sie bereits auf 6D aufgestiegen sind, sie nach wie vor in Kontakt mit uns stehen. Vorausgegangen war die Bemerkung der Elohim, dass die neue Gaia 5 eine eigenständige Kreation ist und somit unabhängig von Agartha, auch wenn beide Zeitlinien Teile von Lemuria beinhalten.

Ich habe bisher diese Information für mich behalten, weil ich noch eine weitere Überprüfung benötigte und nun glaube ich, dass ich sie veröffentlichen kann.

Die Botschaft der Agarther lautet wie folgt:

“The Reclamation of ancient Lemuria continues to the highest timeline of your current expression – the uppermost 4D. There is no exclusion in this process. We are not excluded from the ascension. We are indeed paving the way to the new Lemuria, the expression to be re-born, that is part and parcel of the newly ascended Gaia.

Telos is not being excluded. Telos ascends now as well and re-unites with the ancient Lemuria that has been reclaimed. It is not lost.”

Then Carla fell asleep and after awakening she received one more time the confirmation, this time from the Elohim, that Gaia 5 and Agartha are parallel expressions of humanity, but closely interlinked, just as in the current timeline we have deserts in Africa and tropical forests in South America and they co-exist on the same timeline, although they have completely different climates.

Das wäre es von meiner Seite.

Liebe Grüße


Dear Heidi,

I am pleased to hear from you again, and I thank you sincerely for this tremendously important message and confirmation of Adama, namely that the Agarthans have now ascended to 6D and expect us there. When I say us, I mean all Logos Gods on the earth’s surface, who undertake the final ascension efforts here in order to heave Gaia to her new place in the new Golden Galaxy and to anchor it there.

We also have, independent of us, received confirmation from a third source, that Agartha is no longer in the Inner Earth, for example, can no longer be found under Mt. Shasta, whereby this person knew nothing of our perception and therefore made this conclusion independently of us.

Carla was very homesick for Telos in the last few days and could not explain this feeling, respectively interpreted it as an invitation to visit Mt. Shasta. But then we knew that this intuitive sensation told us about the ascension of Agartha to 6D and this also heralds the last phase of our Ascension.

The Agarthans now need no longer appear here on the surface, as this was originally part of the plan, because we are now very successful in ascending this earth alone to the 5D. This became possible after we had successfully cleansed Lemuria and have fully integrated it in Gaia 5.

To that I must describe the following incident. After we came back from Victoria, I said to Carla that I was told by my HS that the Agarthans will no longer play any significant role in the ascension scenario because they are no longer needed. I then said somewhat casually that the idea that the Agarthans will show up to other human beings here on the earth’s surface is “dead”. I was referring to the expectation of certain persons who live in Mt. Shasta and had written to us in this regard.

Carla was initially somewhat shocked by this statement because she understood it as if the Agarthans would be dead, which is not possible, of course, since they are immortal beings. She was actually very sad because she could not contact the Agarthans and had great longing for Telos.

Then on the same day a group of Agarthans appeared in our apartment and gave Carla a short message which essentially confirmed that, although they have already ascended to 6D, they are still in contact with us. This was preceded by the remark of the Elohim that the new Gaia 5 is an independent creation and is thus independent of Agartha, even though both timelines include parts of Lemuria.

I have been keeping this information for me because I still needed a further proof and now I believe that I can publish it.

The message of the Agarthans is as follows:

“The Reclamation of ancient Lemuria continues to the highest timeline of your current expression – the uppermost 4D. There is no exclusion in this process. We are not excluded from the ascension. We are indeed paving the way to the new Lemuria, the expression to be re-born, that is part and parcel of the newly ascended Gaia.

Telos is not being excluded. Telos ascends now as well and re-unites with the ancient Lemuria that has been reclaimed. It is not lost.”

Then Carla fell asleep and after awakening she received one more time the confirmation, this time from the Elohim, that Gaia 5 and Agartha are parallel expressions of humanity, but closely interlinked, just as in the current timeline we have deserts in Africa and tropical forests in South America and they co-exist on the same timeline, although they have completely different climates.

That’s it on my part.

Best Regards

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*     *     *Putin”s Interview to the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera

by Georgi Stankov Posted on June 6, 2015


Georgi Stankov, June 6, 2015

Ahead of his visit to Italy, Milano, Vladimir Putin gave an interview to the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera. This month the EU and the USA will decide about the prolongation of the unjust sanctions against Russia, which have harmed the European economies in the first place and only to a lesser extent the Russian economy. The latter is enjoying a surprising revival this year and is on the way to diversify and fully detach from the crumbling Western financial and neo-liberal system of real economic havoc as witnessed in the USA, Canada and GB in the first place (the Anglo-American-Asshole-Axis, AAA), but also in the periphery of the Western Empire of Evil as in Spain, Greece and France, and not to forget whole Eastern Europe.

Except for GB, France and Germany, all other EU countries desire the end of the sanctions against Russia and a quick improvement of the political and economic ties with this powerful country. The dark Western cabal committed any conceivable crime and lie in the last several years to isolate Putin and demonize him as the Pariah. In vain!

Now many Western politicians are lining up to meet with Putin and of course he enjoys a great popularity among the Third World that encompasses 2/3rd of the world population. Putin’s visit to Italy demonstrates his enormous popularity and growing influence in world politics at a time when the Empire of Evil is escalating its war-mongering preparations to the point of no return – with their recent decision to exits the ABM treaty and install middle-range missiles against Russia in Eastern Europe.

The western criminals in power such as Bombama, the laughable dwarf-clone Harper (I declare Russia will not be invited to G7 as long as Putin is in power), the Reptilian Cameron (an offspring of the Queen’s family monsters) and the Satan’s daughter Merkel (Hitler’s genetic daughter) have already made up their sick minds to start a global war against Russia at any price and have no intention to go down the road of diplomacy and conflict solving.

Putin’s interview below clearly addresses this issue and puts unequivocally the blame for this dangerous situation on to the West.

For us this is a clear sign that the final resolution is in sight. We have two strands of events that converge in the ID shift and our final ascension. Whereas ascension to the 5D1 New Lemuria will begin individually and the appearance of the first ascended masters as the “Second Coming of Christ” will trigger the paradigm shift before the dark ones will start a devastating nuclear war on this uppermost mother planet. This is a done deal and Nature will play a major role in this End Time scenario with some focal, but very powerful and precise catastrophes that will paralyse the western economies. A global financial crash is also an option.

This interview with Putin, at a time when the G7 rats have gathered at the former Nazi castle of Elmau, Bavaria (which I know personally very well), amidst massive protests, to celebrate the new world war they intend to instigate. This schism in world politics merely illustrates how divided and weak in reality the Western cabal are and how total the victory of the forces of light, where Russia only plays an insignificant role in the context of this crumbling 3D matrix and ultimate transition to 5D1 New Lemuria.


Putin’s Interview, June 6, 2015, 09:00

With journalists Paolo Valentino (left) and Luciano Fontana.

President of Russia Vladimir Putin: Good evening.

Luciano Fontana: Good evening, Mr President. First of all, we would like to thank you for giving us this important opportunity to interview you today.

Vladimir Putin: It is my pleasure.

Luciano Fontana: My name is Luciano Fontana. I am the new head of Il Corriere della Sera, and here with me is my colleague, Paolo Valentino, who worked for a long time in Russia and even married a Russian woman.

Vladimir Putin: You are the new head of the newspaper?

Luciano Fontana: Yes, it has only been a month.

Vladimir Putin: Congratulations you on the appointment.

Luciano Fontana: Thank you very much, Mr Putin.

I would like to start with a question concerning Russian-Italian relations. This relationship has always been close and privileged, both in the economic and political spheres. However, it has been somewhat marred by the crisis in Ukraine and the sanctions.

Could the recent visit by Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to Russia and your upcoming visit to Milan somehow change this trend, and if so, what is needed for that?

Vladimir Putin: First, I firmly believe that Russia was not responsible for the deterioration in relations between our country and the EU states. This was not our choice; it was dictated to us by our partners. It was not we who introduced restrictions on trade and economic activities. Rather, we were the target and we had to respond with retaliatory, protective measures.

But the relationship between Russia and Italy has, indeed, always been privileged, both in politics and the economy. For instance, in recent years, that is, in the last couple of years, trade between our countries increased elevenfold, from what I believe was $4.2 billion – we make calculations in US dollars – to over $48 billion, nearly $49 billion.

There are 400 Italian companies operating in Russia. We are cooperating actively in the energy sector, in an array of fields. Italy is the third largest consumer of our energy resources. We also have many joint high technology projects: in the space and aircraft industries, and in many other sectors. Russian regions are working very closely with Italy. Last year, almost a million Russian tourists, about 900,000, visited Italy. And while there, they spent over a billion euro.

We have always enjoyed trust-based relations in the political sphere as well. The establishment of the Russia-NATO Council was Italy’s initiative – Silvio Berlusconi was Prime Minister at the time. This advisory working body no doubt became an important factor of security in Europe. In this regard, Italy has always contributed greatly to the development of the dialogue between Russia and Europe, and NATO as a whole. Not to mention our special cultural and humanitarian cooperation.

All this, of course, lays the foundation for a special relationship between our countries. And the incumbent Prime Minister’s visit to Russia sent a very important message showing that Italy is willing to develop these relations. It is only natural that this does not go unnoticed either by the Government of the Russian Federation or by the public.

We are, of course, ready to reciprocate and go further in expanding our cooperation as long as our Italian partners are willing to do the same. I hope that my upcoming visit to Milan will help in this respect.

Interview to the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera.

Luciano Fontana: I would like to satisfy my curiosity and ask you one more question about Italy.

You have known several chairmen of the Italian Council of Ministers – Romano Prodi, Silvio Berlusconi, Massimo D’Alema and Matteo Renzi. With whom did you find that you understood each other best? And how much, in your opinion, does the existence of a personal relationship – like the one you had with Silvio Berlusconi – contribute to good relations between countries?

Vladimir Putin: No matter what posts we occupy or what our jobs are, we are still human, and personal trust is certainly a very important factor in our work, in building relations on the interstate level. One of the people you have just mentioned once told me, “You must be the only person (meaning I was the only person) – who has a friendly relationship with both Berlusconi and Prodi.” I can tell you that it was not difficult for me, I still don’t find it difficult, and I can tell you why. My Italian partners have always put the interests of Italy, of the Italian people, first and believed that in order to serve the interests of their country, including economic and political interests, they must maintain friendly relations with Russia. We have always understood and felt that.

This has been the key element underlying our good relations. I have always sensed a truly sincere interest in building interstate relations irrespective of the domestic political situation. I would like to say in this regard that the attitude people in Russia have developed towards Italy does not depend on which political party is in power.

Paolo Valentino: Mr President, you are coming to Milan for the celebration of the Russia Day at the Universal Exhibition EXPO 2015. The core theme of this year’s exhibition is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.” What is Russia’s contribution to this cause? What does this effort mean for relations between states?

Vladimir Putin: This is one of the major challenges that humanity is facing today. So I can and must acknowledge that the Italian organisers chose one of the key themes for the exhibition.

The world’s population is growing. According to experts, it will reach 9 billion people by 2050. But even today, according to the same sources, to the UN, 850 million people all over the planet are under‑nourished or starving, and 100 million of them are children. So, there is no doubt that this is one of the key issues of our time. Many other issues, seemingly unrelated, will depend on how we deal with it. I am talking about instability among other things, that is political instability of entire regions, terrorism, and so on. All these problems are interrelated. The surge of illegal migration that has hit Italy and Europe today is among these resulting problems. I would like to repeat that, in my view, the organisers did the right thing pointing out the need to address this issue.

As for Russia’s contribution, we channel over $200 million into this through UN programmes. Many countries around the world receive necessary support and assistance under these programmes using Russian resources.

We pay significant attention to the development of agriculture in our country. Notwithstanding all the difficulties that the development of Russian economy faces today, our agricultural sector, the sector of agricultural production, has been growing steadily – last year the growth was around 3.4‑3.5 percent. In the first quarter of the current year, the growth stayed at the same level, exceeding 3 percent, at 3.4 percent. Russia is now the third largest grain exporter in the world. Last year, we had a record harvest of grain crops, one of the largest in recent years – 105.3 million tonnes. Finally, Russia has an enormous potential in this sphere. I think that we have the largest area of arable land in the world and the biggest fresh water reserves, since Russia is the biggest country in the world in terms of territory.

Paolo Valentino: Thank you, Mr Putin.

When we were talking about the shadow cast on our relations, you said that it was not your choice, and there is an opinion that Russia feels betrayed, abandoned by Europe, like a lover abandoned by his mistress. What are the problems in our relations today? Do you think that Europe has been too dependent on the United States in the Ukrainian crisis? What do you expect from Europe in relation to the sanctions? I may have asked too many questions at once.

Vladimir Putin: You have certainly asked a lot of questions, with an Italian flair. (Laughs)

First, about the mistress. In this kind of a relationship with a woman, that is, if you assume no obligations, you have no right to claim any obligations from your partner.

We have never viewed Europe as a mistress. I am quite serious now. We have always proposed a serious relationship. But now I have the impression that Europe has actually been trying to establish material‑based relations with us, and solely for its own gain. There is the notorious Third Energy Package and the denial of access for our nuclear energy products to the European market despite all the existing agreements. There is reluctance to acknowledge the legitimacy of our actions and reluctance to cooperate with integration associations in the territory of the former Soviet Union. I am referring to the Customs Union, which we created and which has now grown into the Eurasian Economic Union.

Because it is all right when integration takes place in Europe, but if we do the same in the territory of the former Soviet Union, they try to explain it by Russia’s desire to restore an empire. I don’t understand the reasons for such an approach.

You see, all of us, including me, have been talking for a long time about the need to establish a common economic space stretching from Lisbon to Vladivostok. In fact, French President Charles de Gaulle said something similar a lot earlier than me. Today nobody objects to it, everybody says: yes, we should aspire to this.

But what is happening in practice? For example, the Baltic States have joined the European Union. Good, no problem. But today we are being told that these countries, which are part of the energy system of the former Soviet Union and Russia, they must join the European Union’s energy system. We ask: Are there any problems with energy supply or with something else? Why is it necessary? – No, there are no problems, but we have decided that it will be better this way.

What does this mean for us in practical terms? It means that we will be forced to build additional generating capacities in some western regions in Russia. Since electricity transmission lines went through the Baltic States to some Russian regions and vice versa, all of them will now be switched over to Europe, and we will have to build new transmission lines in our country to ensure electricity supply. This will cost us about 2‑2.5 billion euro.

Now let’s look at the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement. It does not require that Ukraine becomes part of the European energy system, but it is considered possible. If this happens, we will have to spend not 2‑2.5 billion but, probably, about 8‑10 billion euro for the same purpose. The question is: why is this necessary if we believe in building a common economic space from Lisbon to Vladivostok? What is the objective of the European Union’s Eastern Partnership? Is it to integrate the whole former Soviet Union into a single space with Europe, I repeat for the third time, from Lisbon to Vladivostok, or to cut something off and establish a new border between modern Russia and the western territories including, say, Ukraine and Moldova?

Let me tell you something else now, and you can decide for yourselves what to publish and what to leave out.

What are the roots of the Ukrainian crisis? Its cause seems to be completely disproportionate to what has become an utter tragedy today claiming many lives in southeast Ukraine. What sparked the crisis? Former President Viktor Yanukovych said that he needed to think about signing Ukraine’s Association Agreement with the EU, possibly make some changes and hold consultations with Russia, its major trade and economic partner. In this connection or under this pretext riots broke out in Kiev. They were actively supported both by our European and American partners. Then a coup d’état followed – a totally anti-constitutional act. The new authorities announced that they were going to sign the Association Agreement but would delay its implementation until January 1, 2016. The question is: what was the coup d’état for? Why did they need to escalate the situation to a civil war? The result is exactly the same.

What is more, at the end of 2013 we were ready to give Ukraine $15 billion as a state loan supported by a further $5 billion via commercial banks; plus we already gave it $3 billion during the year and promised to cut gas prices by half if they paid regularly. We were not at all against Ukraine signing an Association Agreement with the European Union. But, of course, we wanted to participate in the final decisions, meaning that Ukraine was then and is still now, today, a member of the CIS free trade area, and we have mutual obligations as its members.

How is it possible to completely ignore this, to treat it with utter disrespect? I simply cannot understand that. The result that we have – a coup d’état, a civil war, hundreds of lives lost, devastated economy and social sphere, a four-year $17.5 billion loan promised to Ukraine by the IMF and complete disintegration of economic ties with Russia. But Russian and Ukrainian economies are very deeply interconnected.

The European Union unilaterally removed its customs duties for Ukraine. However, the volume of Ukraine’s sales to the European market did not grow. Why not? Because there is nothing to sell. There is no demand in the European market for Ukrainian products, either in terms of quality or price, in addition to the products that were already sold before.

We have a market for Ukraine, but many ties have been severed unilaterally by the Ukrainian side. For example, all engines for our combat helicopters came from Ukraine. Now deliveries have stopped. We have already built one plant in St Petersburg and another plant will be completed this year, but the production of these engines in Ukraine will be shut down because Italy, France or Germany don’t need and will never need such engines. It is impossible for Ukraine to divert its production in any way; it will need billions in investment to do this.

I don’t understand why this was done. I have asked many of my colleagues, including in Europe and America, about it.

During interview to Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera.

Paolo Valentino: And what do they answer?

Vladimir Putin: The situation got out of control.

You know, I would like to tell you and your readers one thing. Last year, on February 21, President Yanukovych and the Ukrainian opposition signed an agreement on how to proceed, how to organise political life in the country, and on the need to hold early elections. They should have worked to implement this agreement, especially since three European foreign ministers signed this agreement as guarantors of its implementation.

If those colleagues were used for the sake of appearances and they were not in control of the situation on the ground, which was in fact in the hands of the US ambassador or a CIA resident, they should have said: “You know, we did not agree to a coups d’etat, so we will not support you; you should go and hold elections instead.”

The same could be said about our American partners. Let’s assume that they also lost control of the situation. But if America and Europe had said to those who had taken these unconstitutional actions: ”If you come to power in such a way, we will not support you under any circumstances; you must hold elections and win them” – (by the way, they had a 100‑percent chance of a victory, everybody knows that), the situation would have developed in a completely different way.

So, I believe that this crisis was created deliberately and it is the result of our partner’s unprofessional actions. And the coverage of this process has been absolutely unacceptable. I would like to emphasise once more: this was not our choice, we did not seek it, we are simply forced to respond to what is happening.

In conclusion – forgive me for this protracted monologue – I would like to say that it is not that we feel deceived or treated unfairly. This is not the point. The point is that relationships should be built on a long‑term basis not in the atmosphere of confrontation, but in the spirit of cooperation.

Paolo Valentino: You say the situation got out of control. But is it not the right moment for Russia to seize the initiative, to find a way to engage its American and European partners in the search of solution to the situation, to show that it is ready to address this problem?

Vladimir Putin: That is exactly what we are doing. I think that today the document we agreed upon in Minsk, called Minsk‑II, is the best agreement and perhaps the only unequivocal solution to this problem. We would never have agreed upon it if we had not considered it to be right, just and feasible.

On our part, we take every effort, and will continue to do so, in order to influence the authorities of the unrecognised self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk republics. But not everything depends on us. Our European and US partners should exert influence on the current Kiev administration. We do not have the power, as Europe and the United States do, to convince Kiev to carry out everything that was agreed on in Minsk.

I can tell you what needs to be done; maybe I will anticipate your next question. The key aspect of the political settlement was to create conditions for this joint work, but it was essential to stop the hostilities, to pull back heavy weaponry. On the whole, this has been done. Unfortunately, there is still shooting occasionally and there are casualties, but there are no large‑scale hostilities, the sides have been separated. It is time to begin implementing the Minsk Agreements.

Specifically, there needs to be a constitutional reform to ensure the autonomous rights of the unrecognised republics. The Kiev authorities do not want to call it autonomy, they prefer different terms, such as decentralisation. Our European partners, those very partners who wrote the corresponding clause in the Minsk Agreements, explained what should be understood as decentralisation. It gives them the right to speak their language, to have their own cultural identity and engage in cross‑border trade – nothing special, nothing beyond the civilised understanding of ethnic minorities’ rights in any European country.

A law should be adopted on municipal elections in these territories and a law on amnesty. All this should be done, as the Minsk Agreements read, in coordination with Donetsk People’s Republic and Lugansk People’s Republic, with these territories.

The problem is that the current Kiev authorities don’t even want to sit down to talks with them. And there is nothing we can do about it. Only our European and American partners can influence this situation. There is no need to threaten us with sanctions. We have nothing to do with this, this is not our position. We seek to ensure the implementation of the Minsk Agreements.

It is essential to launch economic and social rehabilitation of these territories. What has happened there, exactly? The current Kiev authorities have simply cut them off from the rest of the country. They discontinued all social payments – pensions, benefits; they cut off the banking system, made regular energy supply impossible, and so on. So you see, there is a humanitarian disaster in those regions. And everybody is pretending that nothing is wrong.

Our European colleagues have taken on certain obligations, in particular they promised to help restore the banking system in these territories. Finally, since we are talking about what can or must be done, and by whom, I believe that the European Union could surely provide greater financial assistance to Ukraine. These are the main points.

I would like to stress that Russia is interested in and will strive to ensure the full and unconditional implementation of the Minsk Agreements, and I don’t believe there is any other way to settle this conflict today.

Incidentally, the leaders of the self-proclaimed republics have publicly stated that under certain conditions – meaning the implementation of the Minsk Agreements – they are ready to consider themselves part of the Ukrainian state. This is a fundamental issue. I think this position should be viewed as a sound precondition for the start of substantial negotiations.

Paolo Valentino: So you are saying that it is out of the question for the Crimean scenario to be repeated in eastern Ukraine?

Vladimir Putin: You know, the Crimean scenario does not reflect Russia’s position; it reflects the position of the people who live in Crimea.

All our actions, including those with the use of force, were aimed not at tearing away this territory from Ukraine but at giving the people living there an opportunity to express their opinion on how they want to live their lives.

I would like to stress this once again, as I have said many times before: if Kosovo Albanians were allowed this, why is it prohibited to Russians, Ukrainians and Crimean Tatars living in Crimea? And by the way, the decision on Kosovo’s independence was made exclusively by the Kosovo Parliament, whereas Crimea held a region-wide referendum. I think that a conscientious observer could not but see that people voted almost unanimously for reunification with Russia.

I would like to ask those who do not want to recognise it: if our opponents call themselves democrats, I would like to ask what exactly democracy means. As far as I know, democracy is the rule of the people, or the rule based on the will of the people. So, the solution of the Crimean issue is based on the will of the people of the Crimea.

In Donetsk and Lugansk people voted for independence, and the situation there is different. But the main thing, something we must always bear in mind, is that we should always respect the feelings and the choice of the people. And if somebody wants these territories to remain part of Ukraine, they should prove to those people that their lives would be better, more comfortable and safer within a unified state; that they would be able to provide for themselves and ensure their children’s future within this state. But it is impossible to convince these people by means of weapons. These issues, issues of this kind can only be resolved by peaceful means.

Interview to the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera.

Paolo Valentino: Speaking of peace, the countries that used to be parties to the Warsaw Treaty and today are NATO countries, such as the Baltic states and Poland, feel threatened by Russia. NATO has decided to create special forces to address these concerns. My question is whether the West is right in its determination to restrain “the Russian bear”, and why does Russia continue to speak in such a contentious tone?

Vladimir Putin: Russia does not speak with anyone in a contentious tone, and in such matters, to quote a political figure from the past, Otto von Bismarck, it is not discussions but the potential that counts.

What does the actual potential show? US military spending is higher than that of all countries in the world taken together. The aggregate military spending of NATO countries is 10 times, note – 10 times higher than that of the Russian Federation. Russia has virtually no bases abroad. We have the remnants of our armed forces (since Soviet times) in Tajikistan, on the border with Afghanistan, which is an area where the terrorist threat is particularly high. The same role is played by our airbase in Kyrgyzstan; it is also aimed at addressing the terrorist threat and was set up at the request of the Kyrgyz authorities after a terrorist attack perpetrated by terrorists from Afghanistan on Kyrgyzstan.

We have kept since Soviet times a military unit at a base in Armenia. It plays a certain stabilising role in the region, but it is not targeted against anyone. We have dismantled our bases in various regions of the world, including Cuba, Vietnam, and so on. This means that our policy in this respect is not global, offensive or aggressive.

I invite you to publish the world map in your newspaper and to mark all the US military bases on it. You will see the difference.

Sometimes I am asked about our airplanes flying somewhere far, over the Atlantic Ocean. Patrolling by strategic airplanes in remote regions was carried out only by the Soviet Union and the United States during the Cold War. In the early 1990s, we, the new, modern Russia, stopped these flights, but our American friends continued to fly along our borders. Why? Some years ago, we resumed these flights. And you want to say that we have been aggressive?

American submarines are on permanent alert off the Norwegian coast; they are equipped with missiles that can reach Moscow in 17 minutes. But we dismantled all of our bases in Cuba a long time ago, even the non-strategic ones. And you would call us aggressive?

You yourself have mentioned NATO’s expansion to the east. As for us, we are not expanding anywhere; it is NATO infrastructure, including military infrastructure, that is moving towards our borders. Is this a manifestation of our aggression?

Finally, the United States unilaterally withdrew from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty, which was to a large extent the cornerstone of the entire international security system. Anti-missile systems, bases and radars are located in the European territory or in the sea, e.g. in the Mediterranean Sea, and in Alaska. We have said many times that this undermines international security. Do you think this is a display of our aggression as well?

Everything we do is just a response to the threats emerging against us. Besides, what we do is limited in scope and scale, which are, however, sufficient to ensure Russia’s security. Or did someone expect Russia to disarm unilaterally?

I have proposed to our American partners not to withdraw from the treaty unilaterally, but to create an ABM system together, the three of us: Russia, the United States and Europe. But this proposal was declined. We said at the time: ”Well, this is an expensive system, its efficiency is not proven, but to ensure the strategic balance we will develop our strategic offensive potential, we will develop systems of overpowering anti-ballistic defence. And I have to say that we have made significant strides in this area.

As for some countries’ concerns about Russia’s possible aggressive actions, I think that only an insane person and only in a dream can imagine that Russia would suddenly attack NATO. I think some countries are simply taking advantage of people’s fears with regard to Russia. They just want to play the role of front-line countries that should receive some supplementary military, economic, financial or some other aid. Therefore, it is pointless to support this idea; it is absolutely groundless. But some may be interested in fostering such fears. I can only make a conjecture.

For example, the Americans do not want Russia’s rapprochement with Europe. I am not asserting this, it is just a hypothesis. Let’s suppose that the United States would like to maintain its leadership in the Atlantic community. It needs an external threat, an external enemy to ensure this leadership. Iran is clearly not enough – this threat is not very scary or big enough. Who can be frightening? And then suddenly this crisis unfolds in Ukraine. Russia is forced to respond. Perhaps, it was engineered on purpose, I don’t know. But it was not our doing.

Let me tell you something – there is no need to fear Russia. The world has changed so drastically that people with some common sense cannot even imagine such a large-scale military conflict today. We have other things to think about, I assure you.

Paolo Valentino: But you cooperate with the United States on Iran, and John Kerry’s visit sent yet another message in this regard. Or am I wrong?

Vladimir Putin: You are right – it did. We are cooperating not only on the Iranian nuclear programme, but on other serious issues as well. Despite America’s withdrawal from the ABM Treaty, our arms control dialogue continues.

We are not just partners; I would say we are allies in addressing the issues related to non‑proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. We are undoubtedly allies in the fight against terrorism. There are some other areas of collaboration as well. The central theme of Expo Milano, which you mentioned earlier, is yet another example of our joint work. Indeed, there are plenty of issues that we continue to tackle jointly.

Paolo Valentino: Mr Putin, on May 9, Russia marked the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory, which liberated both your country and the entire Europe from Nazism. No other country paid as bloody a price for this victory as Russia. However, there were no Western leaders standing next to you on Red Square. Il Corriere della Sera published Silvio Berlusconi’s letter criticising those leaders for their absence. I have two related questions.

Do you think that by their absence they showed disrespect for the Russian people? What does the memory of the Great Patriotic War mean to the Russian identity today?

Vladimir Putin: It is not a matter of identity. Identity is built on culture, language and history. This war is a tragic page in our history. When we mark such days, festive but also sad given the number of lives lost in that war, we think about the generation that made our freedom and independence possible, about those who triumphed over Nazism. We also think about the fact that no one has the right to forget this tragedy, first of all, because we must think about how to avoid the repetition of anything like that in the future. These are not just words; it is not an unfounded fear.

Today, we hear some people say that there was no such thing as the holocaust, for instance. We are witnessing attempts to glorify the Nazis and their collaborators. This is part of our life today. Today’s terrorism in all its various manifestations is very much like Nazism; in fact, there is hardly any difference between the two.

As for the colleagues you have mentioned, it is their personal choice, of course, whether to come to Moscow to join in the celebrations or not. I think that they failed to see past the current complexity in international relations to something far more important that is linked not only to the past, but also to the need to fight for our common future.

They made their choice, but this day is, first and foremost, our holiday. You see, there were veterans from quite a number of countries in Moscow: from the United States, Great Britain, Poland and other European countries. In fact, it is these people who are the true heroes of this day, and this was very important to us. During those celebrations, we did not honour only those who fought Nazism in the Soviet Union; we also remembered the Resistance fighters in Germany itself, in France and in Italy. We remember all of them and pay tribute to all the people who did not spare themselves in the fight against Nazism.

Certainly, we understand only too well that it was the Soviet Union that made the decisive contribution into the Victory and suffered the most severe losses in the fight against Nazism. It is more than just a military victory to us, it is a moral victory. You see, virtually every family lost someone in the war. How can we forget this? It is impossible.

Paolo Valentino: There are a few more quick questions left.

Vladimir Putin: I hope they are quick indeed.

During interview to Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera.

Luciano Fontana: You are a very popular leader in Russia, but in other countries and even in your own country you are often called authoritarian. Why is it so difficult to be part of the opposition in Russia?

Vladimir Putin: What is so difficult about it? If the opposition proves that it can tackle the challenges faced by a district, a region or the whole country, then, I think, people will always notice it.

The number of parties in our country has multiplied, in recent years we liberalised the process of establishing a political party and taking it to a regional and national level. It is all about their competence and ability to work with the electorate, to work with people.

Paolo Valentino: Then why are members of the opposition so rarely interviewed by the main Russian TV channels?

Vladimir Putin: I think if they have something interesting to say, they will be interviewed more often.

As for political competition, we know that various means are used against political rivals. Just take a look at the most recent history of Italy.

Paolo Valentino: Mr President, Greece is facing huge difficulties in its relations with Europe. If Greece leaves the eurozone, will Russia be ready to offer it political and economical assistance?

Vladimir Putin: We are building our relations with Greece irrespective of whether it is an EU, eurozone or NATO member. We have very close historical and good partnership relations with Greece, which is why it is up to the Greek people to make a sovereign decision as to which union and zone to be part of. But we don’t know what will happen in the future, so it would be wrong or even harmful for both Greek and European economies if we, as the saying goes, try to read the tea leaves.

For an economy like Greece there are certain difficulties brought about by the common European rules. They cannot devalue the drachma because they don’t have it, they are strictly pegged to the euro currency. Their boundaries are fully open for European goods, which gives a distinct advantage to the export-oriented economies. Common decisions are made concerning such sectors as agriculture and fishery, where Greece could have certain competitive advantages but there are limits as well.

Another sector where it has an advantage is tourism, of course, but it applies to the Schengen area and there are also some limits. We have a visa-free arrangement with Turkey and 5 million Russian tourists visited this country last year, while less than one million tourists visited Greece, around 300,000, as far as I know. However, Greece receives concessional loans, financial support from the European treasury, and it has access to the European labour market. There are also other benefits of being part of the European family.

It is not up to us here in Russia to decide what is more beneficial and preferable for Greece. Once again, it is up to the Greek people to make a sovereign decision in dialogue with their main European partners.

Paolo Valentino: I would like to ask the last two small questions.

Vladimir Putin: Are we going to stay here until morning?

Paolo Valentino: We can see four Russian emperors here, in this room. Which historical figure inspires you the most?

Vladimir Putin: You know, people ask me this question a lot. I prefer to dodge it since the answer can give rise to various interpretations. (Laughs)

So I will put it like this: I try not to idolise anybody. I try, or rather, I am guided by the interests of the Russian people in my work, taking into account everything that has been previously accumulated and the conditions we are living in today, and I try to get a glimpse of the way we should build our life, economy and policy – first and foremost, our domestic policy – as well as our foreign policy in the medium and long-term strategic perspective.

There are many good examples in both Russian and European history, as well as in world history. But all those people lived and worked in certain conditions. The most important thing is to be honest with yourself and with the people who have entrusted you with this work.

Luciano Fontana: One last question. What is your biggest regret in life? What do you consider a mistake that you would never want to make again?

Vladimir Putin: I will be quite frank with you. I cannot recollect anything of the kind. By the grace of God, I have nothing to regret in my life.

Question: You are a happy person.

Vladimir Putin: I am, thank God.


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