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Origen: Sharing.:::. Reflections on the Current Ascension Scenario.:::.The Fifth Dimensional Perspective: Transcending Space and Time | samkaska


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The Fifth Dimensional Perspective: Transcending Space and Time




The Hathors, channelled by Tom Kenyon, May 12, 2015


Georgi Stankov

I have decided to publish this message from the Hathors as it very well presents the energetic aspects we are now experiencing, while transitioning from the upper 4D to the 5D. We are now overcoming this huge structural threshold between the upper 4D and the 5D and higher dimensions, where the perception of space and linear time and the influence of gravitation is being dissolved and one enters a complete different level of Being, which is very fluid and multidimensional. The musical meditation at the end is indeed very powerful and helps attune to the liberty and fluidity of 5D.
I can only confirm that we are now very intensively preparing ourselves for this transition. This night I had a repeated dream of bilocating myself again and again on a lower 4D timeline and Carla was holding the energetic balance of my fields from the 5th dimension, while being present with me at the same time. During these bilocation and manifestation tests, I was getting the information how difficult it is for us to manifest on lower 4D timelines, once we have ascended and that this capability must be carefully trained with combined efforts. As to confirm the validity of this dream experience, Carla told me this morning upon awakening and before I shared my dream with her that she had absolutely the same notion during her nightly meditation. Much of this experience is reflected in this very congruent message channelled by Tom Kenyon.
The Hathor’s Message
Entering into higher dimensions of consciousness requires a fundamental shift in perceived time and space.
This is a crucial shift in perception that we wish to address using a theoretical perspective and a practical technique, which includes the use of a sound meditation we have created for this purpose.
The Theory
There are many ways to view higher dimensions. What we wish to share is a basic schematic of how we view dimensions and the challenges you face as you transit into higher dimensional reality.
Your embodied biological reality (i.e., your physical body) is anchored in the third and fourth dimensions of consciousness as we view it.
You are quite familiar with the third dimensionality of your world. Your nervous system is keenly tuned to this reality. Your brain/mind/body complex is synchronized to the physical reality of your world. Your very biological survival depends upon your navigation of the space around you. Furthermore your body, mind and consciousness are anchored in your perception of time.
Your higher dimensional levels of consciousness, however, are not bound by these constraints. They are free of spatial and time-oriented restrictions. This is due to the fact that your higher dimensional bodies have no mass or physicality and are thus unaffected by gravitational fields.
Time is greatly affected by gravitational fields. Furthermore, your perception of time is affected by conditioning. The combination of gravitational fields and social conditioning has resulted in most human beings finding themselves marooned in the constraints of space and time.
Pragmatically speaking, your experience of “reality” is a result of the vibratory level you identify with. When you identify with higher dimensions of consciousness you are freed from the constraints of space and time, and you operate in a more fluid reality.
When you identify solely with your biological reality you are, for all intents and purposes, trapped in space and time.
In this message we will be presenting a method for you to shift your personal identity from the constraints of perceived time and space to the freedom of higher dimensions while also living your day-to-day life in a civilization and dimensional reality that is bound by these constraints (i.e., space and time).
But before imparting this method we need to delve into the theory a little bit further.
As we view it, time is the fourth dimension. For us space and time are intimately related. Your scientists have confirmed Einstein’s theory that large objects with mass generate gravitational fields, which alter both space and time.
For us the fifth dimension is the first dimension of consciousness outside the constraints of space and time (i.e., the third and fourth dimensions.) And beings in the fifth dimension have no mass and are therefore not subject to the effects of gravitational fields.
While the fifth dimension has no physicality per se, it does have form, or objects. But from your perspective, forms in the fifth dimension seem ephemeral—having no substance or reality.
When you enter the fifth dimension you will still experience yourself as having a form (i.e., a body). And things in the fifth dimension will appear to you as solid as the forms you experience in your current reality. But your experience of space will be much more fluid, and time as a reference point will not exist.
There are those who say that all of your problems will be magically and instantaneously solved when you enter into higher dimensions. This is not our experience. It is just that the challenges are different. The opportunities are also different, because you are not confined by the limitations of space and time as you experience them in your current embodied reality. This gives you greater opportunities for creativity and what we call “dimensional evolution.”
Dimensional evolution is the development of the ability to be aware of, and operate within, multiple dimensions simultaneously. The journey to this state of mastery can indeed be a long and convoluted one, because it involves living in a specific dimensional reality through direct experience. For instance, your current embodied life is—from the standpoint of dimensional evolution—an opportunity to master the third and fourth dimensions. It is also an opportunity to experience higher dimensions while simultaneously living an embodied existence. A life lived in this manner rapidly accelerates dimensional evolution, and this message is coded with multiple levels of information for those of you that have entered this radical way of being.
From our perspective, you possess a form that is human-like up through the ninth dimension. Each successive dimension of consciousness is subtler (less dense) than the one before it. For those who enter the tenth dimension, form, as you know it, disappears completely, and you become more geometric in nature.
When we enter the tenth dimension we become spheres. We are not the spheres that show up in photographs that some people refer to as orbs. True orbs, as opposed to photographic artifacts or hoaxes, are interdimensional beings that have spherical geometry. And if you look more closely these spheres will reveal complex labyrinths inside. The spherical nature of interdimensional beings is a commonality, and many different types of beings have this geometric form.
When we enter the tenth dimension some of us become what we call the Aethos, which we have discussed in other messages.
But let us turn our attention back to you. Collectively humanity is being rapidly drawn into the fifth dimension. This is an inevitable evolutionary shift, one fraught with both danger and opportunity, and we wish now to discuss a few of the challenges facing you as you make this transition.
For the purposes of this discussion we would like to divide these challenges into three broad categories: 1) naturally occurring challenges to transitions in consciousness, 2) manmade influences and 3) alien interference.
Naturally Occurring Challenges
Transitions into higher dimensions are problematic due to radical differences in perception between beings that are gravity bound and those that are not. In other words, at the threshold between your third and fourth dimensional reality and your fifth dimensional reality you are faced with a “wall” of perceptual differences.
Indeed some individuals who experience fifth dimensional reality think they are losing their minds. This is because perceived space and time are temporarily suspended. Perception is more fluid in the higher dimensions, and when you enter these dimensions you stand outside of your own life. It’s as if you are disconnected from the realities and demands of your earthly existence, which can create immense relief or immense distress depending upon your personal psychology.
When your consciousness shifts into the fifth dimension your personal identity changes. You simply cannot identify with your earthly existence in the ways you are used to. This challenge, from our perspective, is actually the most difficult when you first enter the fifth dimension. Transiting from the fifth into higher dimensions is inherently easier because you are already used to the disappearance of space and time as limitations.
Transiting into the fifth dimension (and higher) requires finesse on your part if you are to accomplish the task of living your day-to-day life while accommodating this expanded reality.
One of the future abilities of humanity, collectively speaking, will be the ability to live in third and fourth dimensions—meaning space and time as you currently know them—while simultaneously living in the fifth dimension where space and time are not experienced as constraints.
This dual reality will offer humanity immense creative insights and abilities, but as with most progressions this is a bell-curve. And most likely many of you reading this message are further ahead in this transition than the bulk of humanity. This may leave you feeling like a stranger living in a strange land.
Manmade Influences
Your transition from third and fourth dimensional reality into the fifth and higher is made all the more difficult by manmade or cultural influences.
From the standpoint of dimensional evolution the edifice of your entire civilization is founded upon an illusion. The illusion is that your world is solid and that space and time are unyielding realities that cannot be affected by your consciousness.
While you are biologically compelled to attend to the demands of the third and forth dimensions in your everyday life, paying attention to perceived space and time is different from believing that they are the only reality.
Your territorial-based philosophical, religious and political systems thrive upon and depend upon the perpetuation of this illusion. But in our opinion, the house of cards that you call human civilization will eventually collapse and radically evolve as more and more individuals free themselves from living confined lives that are solely oriented to lower dimensional realities.
Let us turn our attention now to other influences that can, and are, negatively impacting your transition into higher dimensional realities.
Your eco-system is in a downward spiral making it more and more challenging for biological organisms to survive. This is creating immense stress for all animal and plant life including humans. Some of the threats to your ecosystem are cosmic in nature such as solar activity as well as gamma and other forms of radiation from deep space. Some of the threats come from changes in the Earth itself, but much of the degradation of your ecosystem is manmade, including—but certainly not limited to—carbon emissions and the acidification of your oceans.
We will not take the time or space (a private joke) to discuss this further as it is very complex. But anyone who believes that everything is fine with the ecological reality of your planet is in denial.
This leads us to the power brokers, those who empower themselves by disempowering others. We are referring, in this instance, to corporate entities that disseminate misinformation about the ecosystem so that they can perpetuate their income at the expense of your planet’s life forms.
This is an intelligence test for humanity, and if you do not collectively wake up and see that you have been manipulated and taken advantage of by the power brokers—both seen and unseen—your ecosystem will continue to degrade, and you will be confronted with a future not worth living.
Alien Interference
Part of what we call alien interference is genetic in nature and has to do with early genetic tampering by the Annunaki. This alien civilization created what is essentially a slave race for the purpose of mining gold, which they desperately needed to reinforce the energetics of their dwindling atmosphere. A genetic experiment was undertaken in which early primates on earth were genetically altered by the Annunaki to serve as workers, as slaves, for the purpose of mining. Thus, built into the very genetic coding of your biology is a deeply engrained tendency to be subservient and to worship what you perceive to be “divine beings.”
Early humans perceived the Annunaki (and many other galactic and intergalactic travelers) as gods, but these beings were simply so technologically advanced their mere presence and actions seemed like magic to less evolved minds.
The transition point from the constraints of third and fourth dimensional existence into the greater freedom of the fifth dimension and beyond can create an emotional challenge. This is due to the fact that the immense freedom experienced in higher dimensional reality can be temporarily disorienting. This type of disorientation is caused by two factors 1) the disappearance of perceived space and time as reference points and 2) the Annunaki manipulation.
If you have not freed yourself from the Annunaki genetic template of subservience and worship, your experience of the higher dimensions can be contaminated.
This is due to the simple truth that there are a multitude of interdimensional beings, alien and otherwise, who will be happy to fill in the gap—who will feed on your subservience to their will and glory in your worship.
If this is your choice then this will be your reality. We have no judgment as to whether you choose this or not, but we do think that such a choice would be unfortunate.
The nexus of our message is one of personal empowerment and freedom, so we caution you as you enter into the fifth and higher dimensional realities to avoid alien implanted delusions that there are other beings you should bow down to. Honor them if they are honorable, yes. Bow down to anyone? Never!
Death and the Fifth Dimension
When you shift your identify into the fifth dimension your personal history in this life seems like a dream. This is because you have transcended the sensory anchors of your embodied life, and all of your history and all the histories of this universe are experienced as dream-like.
During certain states of profoundly expanded consciousness, this dream-like nature of life can be experienced directly. But for most human beings this experience only emerges through the passage you call death.
There are two types of death we wish to discuss. The first type of death is the psychological and spiritual metamorphosis that occurs when you shift into fifth dimensional reality. This can often feel like a type of death because your habitual orientation to the sensory-based realities of your life disappears. Who are you? What is the meaning of your life? These fundamental existential questions are profoundly affected by transitions into fifth and higher dimensional realities.
And so for those of you reading this who are transiting into the fifth dimension—or higher—we say to you, do not be dismayed by the feelings of your demise. Your feelings of your impending death may be arising within you as a result of your transition into higher dimensional reality and not a harbinger of your physical death.
The second type of death we wish to discuss is the death of your biological reality (i.e., your physical body). At the final completion of the death process you will no longer receive sensory input from your external world, and your experience of space and time (as you currently experience them) will be obliterated. This can be quite disorienting if you are not prepared. It can also be quite exhilarating if you understand the nature of what is happening.
If you fully and completely identify yourself solely as a biological organism the moment of your death can be frightening. If, however, you have already tasted the freedom of fifth dimensional reality or higher your transition through death will be easier.
At the completion of your biological death, from our experience and perspective, you will be confronted with three portals. The first is a tunnel of light. The second is a portal opened through the energetics of a guru or savior. And the third is a portal, or tunnel, that leads into darkness.
The tunnel of light is generated from the pranic tube that runs through the center of your body, which runs from your perineum to your crown, and it is a tunnel-like or tube-like channel. At the moment of death, your consciousness moves upward through this tunnel that opens into another dimension of consciousness through your crown chakra.
On the other side of this tunnel is a bright light, and you may find yourself sensing that you are on a bridge crossing over a stream or a river. On the other side of the bridge will be those persons of your previous life, the lifetime you have just ended. You may sense those who have died before you, including pets you have had, because the animal spirits also dwell in this realm. If there are incomplete relationships or issues still to be resolved with these persons or beings, you may feel a yearning to enter this light, and by doing so you re-enter the wheel of birth and death, and you will reincarnate—most likely on Earth.
The second portal is created by the personal will of a guru or savior. Entering this portal will lead you into the vibratory field of the guru or savior that you have a deep personal connection to. And for those of you on this path, entering this dimension of consciousness will be the completion of a profound desire to be with this being. Our caution here is that you will be entering a realm defined not only by the evolutionary attainment of your guru or savior but also by his or her limitations.
The third portal opens into darkness. And entering this portal leads you into the Void, the creatrix from which all things arise. If you choose this portal and have prepared yourself to deal with this level of freedom you will be freed to explore other dimensions of this cosmos and beyond, meaning states of being that transcend all physical phenomena. In this realm of existence you can become an explorer of other realities as you so choose.
Some individuals swoon when confronted with the vastness of the Void. They rush into choosing a new reality rather than taking their time to rest in the potential of all things. We have addressed this in a previous message called Transition States.
We have no judgment as to which portal you enter through the dimensional shift you call death. But we think it is beneficial for you to know what awaits you beforehand so that you can prepare yourself for the choices that you will be compelled to make on the other side of your earthly experience.
Death is not an ending. It is merely the completion of one journey through space and time. Death is a harbinger of new potential realities, and you will create these realities through the choices you made during your life as well as through the choices you make at the moment of your death.
We will now turn our attention to a simple method for training your consciousness to enter higher dimensions and to enter the freedom of your transcendent reality—unconstrained by the limitations of perceived space and time. This method is based on the use of a simple sound meditation to explore the freedom of consciousness that arises when you shift your self-identity to higher dimensions.
As you experiment with this threshold of consciousness, which we call the Fifth Perspective, we caution you to avoid the temptation of escapism. We are offering this method, not as a means to escape the realities of your embodied existence, rather we are offering it as a means to enhance and enrich your experience of life by giving you access to the fifth dimension and beyond.
Higher dimensional realities, unconfined by the constraints of perceived space and time, conjoined with the realities of your biological existence creates a potent catalyst for dimensional evolution, and in our opinion this is to be celebrated rather than avoided.
For those of you reading this who are, in fact, at the brink of your physical death this sound meditation can assist you to enter a more gracious passage.
The Fifth Dimensional Perspective
The Fifth Dimensional Perspective is quite simply the recognition that you are unconstrained by space or time. It is a foyer or an entrance into the fifth dimension and from there into higher dimensions as well.
It is a direct perception, not just a thought or an idea. It is a visceral experience generated through the activation of your right cerebral hemisphere’s ability for spatial mastery.
When you enter into an expanded sense of spaciousness through direct experience, a shift in consciousness occurs. You become a witness to the dream-like nature of your life, your history and all phenomena around you. This sense of freedom, this transcendence of perceived space and time, can allow you to deal with the realities of your embodied existence in more creative and resourceful ways, and this is why we are imparting this method.
As we cautioned you earlier, this is not meant to be a form of escapism. But there is indeed a temptation in the Fifth Perspective we need to address more clearly before proceeding.
When you enter the Fifth Perspective, which is the transcendence of perceived space and time, everything about your life and the world around you seems dream-like. You are detached from it all, and it may seem to you as if your day-to-day life is like a dance in which you have no interest.
If you remain in the Fifth Perspective without engaging the realities of your embodied life you will enter a bubble, but in terms of dimensional evolution you will not be benefitted by such an escape.
We can imagine that remaining in the bubble of the Fifth Perspective would be the best choice for some individuals in very rare instances. But for most persons the Fifth Perspective is best used as a springboard into deeper insight and creativity.
When you work with the sound meditation, you will be training your brain/mind to enter the Fifth Perspective. The spatial nature of the sound patterns will create a response in your brain/mind/body that opens a doorway into the Fifth Perspective, and eventually you will find yourself in an expanded state of awareness. The more you work with the sound meditation the stronger this ability becomes. Ultimately you graduate to a place where you can enter the Fifth Perspective in the midst of your daily activities—and this is the goal.
When you are confronted by a difficult situation in your life and are able to simultaneously reside in the Fifth Perspective, the pressure of the situation decreases. This is due to the fact that your consciousness is less bound by the circumstances. You have a little “wiggle room,” so to speak, and within that inner freedom new creative insights and problem solving abilities will spontaneously arise within you.
  The Meditation
We call this meditation A Bridge Between the Worlds. It stimulates a mental state that allows you to experience the freedom of the Fifth Perspective.
We suggest you listen to this sound meditation with earphones or ear buds so the acoustic information is routed more directly into your brain without the presence of other sounds in the environment.
As you begin listening you simply recall the feeling of being surrounded by an immense space. It is the feeling of being surrounded by space that activates your brain’s right hemispheric abilities. Thinking about being surrounded by a large space will not activate this potential. You must kinesthetically feel or sense yourself surrounded by a large space.
If you are an advanced explorer of consciousness you can deepen the experience by sensing that there is no barrier between the external space around you and the internal space of your body. In other words, the boundary of your body temporarily disappears, and there is nothing but space. You simply hold this state of mind as you listen to the sound meditation. When your mind wanders you bring it back to an awareness of space and the sounds you are hearing. When the meditation is complete we suggest you take a few moments to sense what is happening within you.
When you have mastered the ability to enter the Fifth Perspective using this sound meditation, you are ready to graduate and explore using this ability in the midst of your life circumstances. The union of the constraints of your embodied life with the freedom of higher dimensional realities creates a most interesting paradox, and through entering this paradox you will greatly accelerate your dimensional evolution.
Click here to listen to and/or download the sound meditation, A Bridge Between the Worlds.

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Reflections on the Current Ascension Scenario




by Boyd Kraigher and Georgi Stankov, May 11, 2015
Dear George,
Today (Sunday) is a very wired day indeed. It feels like a half of the people on this planet died or simply disappeared. It is quiet. Very few phone calls and most people I call do not answer. Even a guy at the post office complained how quiet it is today.
I feel heavy, dark skies covered with thick sticky chemtrails.
Over last 4 days I got huge stomach and liver pain which then spreads over the right side of my back. It always happens when we open a new portal and ascend this upper mother planet a notch higher. This kind of pain is almost unbearable and by far the worst of all LBP-related pains and discomforts I have experienced.
I have a strong feeling that the dark cabal wanted to perform some terrible actions in the time frame around the Victory Day celebration over Nazi Germany. We manage to stop them. Seems like it was a hard battle.
I feel that ascension scenario has taken a new direction again, with a new plot.
To me, it seems that the Russian Federation will directly intervene.  Not only in Ukraine, but also in the EU or parts of it. Replace puppets of darkness with representatives of light who will than implement major reforms. One of them will be to wipe off all the private and public debt.
New Russian-China investment bank may have something to do with a new payment system to replace current corrupted Orion currency. Actions of the polite green men will be swift and efficient. Like 2008 Georgia. Dark cabal will than run for their lives and hide in their DUMB rat holes.
What is your taking, while this new scenario may still be in the making.
With love and light,
Dear Boyd,
happy to hear from you again, after a long pause. Only a few days ago I was thinking what has happened to you.
I fully agree with you that now our 3rd chakra of bilocation and ID travels is under maximal stress and that this causes a lot of gastric pain, burning and giddiness that is very difficult to bear. Especially last evening, there was another gastric crisis with quick movements to different timelines.
Your observation that half of the human population has died or disappeared is very intriguing and it may be associated with the departure of a large number of soul fragments from this timeline. I, for my part, cannot confirm your observation. On Saturday we had a bike ride in Stanley park (Downtown Vancouver) and it was the first really warm and sunny day this year and the park was full of people, also the beaches were full. The air was light and the frequencies very high.
On Sunday, I had another cc-wave with excruciating headache and this is always associated with a huge ID shift to higher frequency levels. Probably this is what you have sensed. As I stayed at home, I cannot comment on what has happened to other people, but it felt very quiet indeed.
I do not believe that Russia will engage actively in any problem that the western cabal have created. Putin is clever enough to leave the mess to the perpetrators as he now does in Ukraine. The time is working for himself. As long as Russia can prevent a major war, its victory is beyond any doubt. This is also the chief strategy of China, but both countries have realized that they need to show force as this is the only way how the Empire of Evil can fear and respect them. That is why now Chinese ships are for the first time in the Black Sea and will have a military exercise with the Russian navy in the Mediterranean Sea. The two countries are now flexing their muscles as the Empire of Evil is doing in the South Sea on the coast of China.
The strength of both countries now lies in the wise use of their power without menacing or intervening and destroying other countries as the USA is constantly doing. Hegemony no longer pays out and Putin has learned this lesson from the Soviet time very well. China has never been a hegemon.
Hence I think that both countries are now establishing their own financial and economic infrastructure as to become independent of the west, knowing that the financial and economic problems based on gargantuan debt of their adversaries in the NATO are so huge that only a crash and jubilee can be a resolution. They also know that the democracy deficits of the Western countries will also contribute to their downfall.
Take GB, for instance, the conservatives have now the absolute majority with less than one third of the votes due to the election scam in this country. In a proportional election as in Germany they would have only about 200 seats. But the juicy part of this election is that Cameron has promised solemnly that he will hold a referendum for an exit from the EU and he must keep his promise. The people in GB will vote for an exit and this will destroy this crumbling former Empire of evil for ever. Why? Because the national Scottish party has the absolute majority of 56 out of 59 seats in Scotland and will immediately organize a referendum to leave GB as they want to stay in the EU for economic reasons. Now they will have all the political and economic rectification to leave England, and Westminster will have no power to rig the new referendum for independence of Scotland as it did last time.
The same holds true for Northern Ireland that does not want to be on the other side of the Shengen border with respect to Ireland. They will also stay in the EU and leave Britain. Wales may do the same and very soon there will be only a helpless bankrupt torso of former GB. This is how this former Empire of Evil will be deconstructed. Now the decay is happening along the cracks on the Orion facade.
In Germany, as I wrote today, the decision must me made very soon where they want to go – with the growing economies of Eurasia or stay with the crumbling Empire of Evil that only brings chaos and destruction and go under as docile vassals, while in union with Russia they will regain their sovereignty. The only obstacle now for the Germans to make a choice for the Orient and against the Occident is their angst to become an adult nation and begin to make their own choices in foreign policy. Until now they prospered under the umbrella of the USA and NATO and had no impetus to grow up to a responsible nation. With the fiasco in Ukraine, they can no longer rely to gain control over the resources of a weak Russia, as this conflict has made Russia much stronger and united than before.
At the same time Eastern Europe is subjected to huge centripetal forces and is gravitating away from Brussels and towards Russia after all their hopes for a quick prosperity were crashed by the irresponsible policy of the Orion empire on the Old Continent that destroys the periphery, in this case Eastern Europe, as to subjugate it to the centre (Brussels and the city of London) and establish the NWO.
Now it has become evident that the plan of the ruling western cabal to install the NWO has irrevocably failed and there is no longer any need for the Eastern countries to stay in a once elite club that gives them no advantages any more, but only perpetuates the oppression once these countries experienced from the Soviet Union and makes them to poppers. Besides, they are historically experienced enough to know that now it is the turn of the EU to also crumble as the COMECON crumbled 25 years ago and that they have to go their own way and arrange with Russia. Better now than later, after the crash.
This flee-tendency of Eastern Europe away from Brussels and the West automatically diminishes the projection power of Germany abroad. As long as the EU and NATO expanded eastwards, Germany could project its economic power under the disguise of the EU and this brought a lot of advantages to its economy. That is why they engaged in the imbecile adventure to support the Empire of Evil in destroying Ukraine and weakening Russia.
Now with the total failure of this Ukraine campaign, we observe the reverse situation. All of a sudden Germany experiences an implosion of projected power to the East and a democracy crunch from within as the people no longer follow Merkel and the paid Liar’s press in their war-mongering policy towards Russia and demand responsibility from their dark ruling elite. This is the first time since the 60s and this time it encompasses the whole population and not only the left.
The implosion of Germany stands for the implosion of the EU and the western cabal in Europe. When this happens, the USA is completely isolated. The US cabal will experience what they wanted to achieve with Russia.
Here in Canada, we have a sharp U-turn in the political sentiment due to the ongoing economic and financial crisis since 2008 with rapidly growing debt that cannot be repaid and stifles any growth and the conservatives will lose the coming elections in a landslide as it already happened in Alberta.
Recently there are some very critical articles in the local alternative, but very influential press, how the Harper regime was entangled with the Bush senior mafia and the Orion big business in the USA and the Canadians begin to awaken for the first time to the dire political reality in their country.
Nobody can afford to be poor and fully indebted and continue supporting a criminal and corrupt government. The time of unlimited gullibility of the masses is irrevocably gone. The same holds true for the USA where half of the population lives under the poverty line and one third of all households have no employed person to bring money home.
I have seen this kind of crisis in Eastern Europe in the 90s and what I see here in North America smells very much like the prolonged recession in Eastern Europe after the fall of the Iron curtain. Poverty smells terribly, it exudes such massive collective fear and this is now the new pungent stench of North America as a whole. There is no more the promised land, this continent has become the land of perdition and will most probably cease to exist in the new 4D worlds after the ID shift and the MPR .
Where do we stand in this turmoil with our ascension scenario, you would probably ask me. Well, the old matrix has already crumbled. If it is still not visible for 3D eyes, it is only because there are so many empty shells of human beings that still use such 3D eyes and have no brain. But the life-supporting energy behind this holographic model is gone and when it will visibly crumble, it will happen overnight.
The pacemaker of progress is no longer what is happening in the old economy, rigged finances and liar’s politics, but when that portion of humanity that is scheduled to move to the new 4D worlds is ready for the shift at the soul level. As I perceive it, we are very near to this threshold and it can happen any moment and definitely this summer. All big changes of humanity begin in the summer around August and then stipulate in the autumn. But this does not mean that we may not ascend much earlier – here I am only referring to the global changes that will affect humanity and they move with a different, much slower pace than we, the light warriors of the first and the last hours, do.
Finally, on Saturday both Carla and I had a very compelling vision that very soon we shall move to Europe to promote the new theory of the Universal Law, but this Europe will have a different geography than the current one. We will travel a lot and visit many centres of enlightenment, many of them in Eastern Europe from our global healing centre in Lofer and the city of light Raetia. There will be also a sense of notability in our presentations and in all our actions and the people will flock to our meetings to listen what we have to say. My feeling is that this vision of our life in the new 4D and lower 5D worlds is already a reality and we can move to these timelines any time, with the usual caveat that linear time is an illusion and no fixed dates can be given.
With love and light

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Embarrassment for Merkel: US Government Exposes the Helpless German Chancellor with Condescending Emails




Georgi Stankov, May 11, 2015

In my article from May 1, 2015
Merkel’s Corrupt Government May Topple Down Over the Old and New Spy Scandal
I predicted convincingly that the NSA spy scandal in Germany has the potential to topple down Merkel’s coalition government very soon. I made this prediction in the intimate knowledge of the convoluted and most of the time schizophrenic German internal politics which must remain a riddle for most external experts who have not lived in this country and do not know first hand the anankastic character of this nation (for further information check the term: obsessive–compulsive personality disorder (OCPD).
This weekend all the major German newspapers, such as SZ, FAZ, Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten and the state TV, NDR and WDR, have published and discussed embarrassing emails of the US government in response to submissive attempts of Merkel’s vassal regime pledging the Americans to stop spying in Germany. Obama’s rogue government did not even bother to answer seriously these German pleas and made Merkel aware in a very condescending manner who is the master in Germany, namely the Empire of Evil, and that this EU country has no sovereignty at all.
For a very long time this idea was only supported by a few alternative sources and was discarded by the German Luegenpresse (liar’s press) as conspiracy theories. The existence of “die Kanzlerakte” (the chancellor’s file), which is the most clear proof that the German government is betraying its people since the end of WW2 and only pretends to play democracy, has always been denied by all Teutonic politicians and the mainstream liar’s press.
Now this fact cannot be hidden anymore and even such a renowned newspaper as Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten must finally admit this stark fact – Germany is still an occupied country, fully controlled by the triple AAA (Anglo-American Asshole-Axis) and has no policy of its own:
“It’s amazing, because the question of whether the German Chancellor is committed to the German people or the American president, really should not be particularly difficult to answer (in the light of these embarrassing emails).”
This is what Russia, in particular Putin and Lavrov are saying repeatedly in the last several months, much to the dismay of the ami-obsequious Germans, who are now in pain to explain why they pay tribute to the Soviet Army that liberated Nazi Germany ( Merkel in Moscow today and Steinmeier in Volgograd two days ago) and at the same time sponsor the rogue Nazi regime in Kiev to carry a bloody war against their liberators – the Russian people in Eastern Ukraine. Never before has the Bulgarian saying “lies have short legs” been more true than nowadays. And this is the end of the ruling cabal, make no mistake about this.
The NSA spy scandal in Germany is an eye-opener even to the most blind Teutons and it is not surprising that Merkel’s approval ratings have rapidly dropped in the last few days. The situation may become so explosive very soon that the coalition partner SPD (socialists) will have to distance from Merkel and her conservative party CDU /CSU and demand new elections.
This will be the end of the Merkel-clone and its Bilderberger’s political entourage in Berlin and the beginning of a new era for this economical powerhouse and a political dwarf. The events may stipulate very soon, given the fact that the entire German MSM are now set up to demolish Merkel, with the CIA-paid Bild Zeitung tabloid as a spearhead in this “revelation” campaign.
As I predicted, there is a clear-cut pattern behind the dismantling of the current German Chancellor that is most probably coordinated by the powerful industrial German lobby. As Putin said today during his meeting with Merkel in Moscow, Germany is suffering under the US-imposed sanctions on Russia and its trade with the Federation has dropped more than 30% last year. More important than this decline is the fact that Germany is losing its primary source of energy and natural resources to China, while being a docile flunky of the bankrupt Empire of Evil, which has nothing to offer to Germany but chaos and destruction.
Hence there are strong tectonic shifts in the convoluted German political landscape that now test the revolt against the Empire of Evil by first deconstructing the “Mutti” of the Nation and then hoping that a more independent Chancellor will be elected. All this in the face of the imminent financial crash of the euro due to the inevitable Grexit and the likewise inevitable exit of GB from the EU in the coming months, which will render the final mortal blow to this short-lived political experiment on the Old Continent.
Germany’s elite now realize that with the dismantling of the EU its power and influence will rapidly dwindle, unless they jump on the Sino-Russian train in the very last moment. Until now Putin is holding the door open, but the big question is for how long. Very soon Russia may decide that it does not need Germany anymore to realize its Eurasian dream and that this geopolitically negligible country will have no other choice but to join the Russian-Chinese axis at the humiliating conditions of these two big nations.
With the Ukrainian fiasco, which was triggered to a large extent by derailed German hegemonic aspirations, the Germans have dreamed their last dream to become a world power at the expense of Russia and now will have to “bake small buns” (kleine Broetchen backen).
Never before has Germany been at such a fateful junction and the growing nervousness of the ruling elite in Berlin heralds chaotic times ahead of this country at a crossroad between Occident and Orient. This is all part of the final ascension scenario that is now gaining momentum and can explode any moment.
Read also this article from Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten in full text:
Blamage für Merkel: US-Regierung führt Kanzlerin mit peinlichen Emails vor
Die öffentliche Demontage von Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel nimmt Fahrt auf. Nun wurden E-Mails bekannt, die zeigen, wie die Amerikaner die Kanzlerin knallhart auflaufen ließen. Die Dokumente werfen ein bemerkenswertes Licht auf die offenbar ziemlich hilflose deutsche Außenpolitik. Die Deutschen wurden von der US-Regierung behandelt wie kleine Schuljungen – und reagierten nicht zornig, sondern mit überraschender Unterwürfigkeit.
Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel gerät in der Spionageaffäre weiter unter Druck. Am Wochenende veröffentlichten Medien E-Mails, aus denen man schließen kann, dass die Amerikaner Merkel in der Spionageaffäre weder decken wollen noch die Kanzlerin scheinbar überhaupt ernst nehmen. Die E-Mails wurden von der Süddeutschen, dem NDR und dem WDR bekannt gemacht. Die Bild-Zeitung, in früheren Jahren eine treue Verbündete der Bundeskanzlerin, bereitete die Dokumente genüsslich auf und stellt die Bundeskanzlerin und ihren wichtigsten außenpolitischen Berater, Christoph Heusgen, als unfähig dar, sich in Washington durchzusetzen. Die Kombination aus öffentlich-rechtlichen Sendern und Bild-Zeitung, die beide gemeinsam gegen die Bundeskanzler vorgehen, dürfte Merkel einigermaßen alarmieren.
Tatsächlich sind die Dinge, die durch den E-Mail Verkehr zutage gefördert wurden, alles andere als rühmlich für die Kanzlerin. Sie zeigen, dass die Bundesregierung in Washington nicht ernst genommen wird und wecken den Verdacht, dass Merkel in der Öffentlichkeit Dinge versprochen hat, deren Einhaltung sie in keiner Weise sicherstellen konnte.
Dazu gehörte in erster Linie die Verabschiedung eines No-Spy-Abkommens, also die Zusage, dass befreundete Staaten einander nicht ausspionieren werden. Ein solches Abkommen existiert zwischen den wichtigsten englischsprachigen Geheimdiensten, Deutschland ist hier ausdrücklich außen vor. Nach dem ersten NSA-Skandal hatte Angela Merkel versprochen, dass es ein solches Abkommen geben werde. Mehr noch: Am 12. August 2013 sagte Merkels damaliger Kanzleramtsminister Ronald Pofalla: „Die US-Seite hat uns den Abschluss eines No-Spy-Abkommens angeboten.“
Doch der nun aufgetauchte E-Mail-Wechsel zeigt, dass die Amerikaner niemals auch nur daran gedacht haben, die Spionage gegenüber Deutschland aufzugeben. So versuchte Merkel-Mann Christoph Heusgen mehrfach, von den Amerikanern die Zusicherung zu erlangen, dass Deutschland auch für die US Geheimdienste deutsches Recht gelte. Doch seine Ansprechpartnerin, Karen Donfried, eine Europa-Beraterin von Barack Obama, ließ Heusgen abblitzen. Sie behauptete auf die Anfrage, ob die Amerikaner gedenken, sich in Deutschland an deutsches Recht zu halten, dass die US Experten nicht ausreichend gerüstet sein, um die Einhaltung von deutschem Recht zu beurteilen.
Das Kanzleramt bot den Amerikanern Hilfe an und wollte Experten aus den deutschen Ministerien schicken, die den Amerikanern die deutsche Gesetzgebung erklären sollten. Die Amerikaner rührten sich nicht von der Stelle. Einziger Vorschlag, den Berlin zu hören bekam, war die Möglichkeit der Einrichtung einer Arbeitsgruppe. Aus dieser vagen Ankündigung der Verschleppung machte Profalla die Behauptung, die Amerikaner hätten ein Abkommen angeboten. Die Süddeutsche analysiert, dass die Bundesregierung diese Manipulation ganz bewusst vorgenommen habe, um im anstehenden Bundestagswahlkampf nicht unter Beschuss zu geraten.
Daraufhin bürsteten die Amerikaner die Abgesandten von Merkel regelrecht ab und teilten mit, dass es kein No-Spy-Abkommen geben werde. Danfried wurde sogar ungehalten und sagte den Merkel-Leuten, dass man dies schon oft genug betont habe.
Christoph Heusgen erklärt den Kampf laut Süddeutsche daraufhin für beendet und schreibt geradezu unterwürfig: „Ich verspreche, diesen Ausdruck künftig nicht mehr zu verwenden.“
Diese Haltung wird ein denkbar schlechtes Licht auf die Politik Angela Merkels im Verhältnis zu den USA. Die Kanzlerin gilt seit jeher als eine besonders treue Verbündete Washingtons, hat es aber bisher geschafft, diese Nähe zu keinem öffentlichen Thema werden zu lassen. Der Grund dafür dürfte darin liegen, dass Merkel die Tatsache ihrer großen Nähe zu US-Interessen innenpolitisch zum Verhängnis werden könnte.
Bereits seit einiger Zeit verliert die Kanzlerin deshalb deutlich an Zustimmung bei den Wählern. Auch innerhalb der EU die bisher unumstrittene CDU-Politikerin in die Kritik geraten, weil bekannt geworden ist, dass der BND im Auftrag der NSA die EU-Kommission und Frankreich ausspioniert hatte. Die Opposition und der eigene Koalitionspartner SPD toben. Merkel will nicht, dass das Parlament eine umfassende Aufklärung erhält. Stattdessen hat sie angekündigt, die Amerikaner um Erlaubnis fragen zu wollen, welche Dokumente den gewählten deutschen Mandataren vorgelegt werden.
Vor dem Hintergrund des nun bekannt gewordenen E-Mail-Verkehrs braucht man nicht besonders viel Fantasie, um sich vorzustellen dass die Amerikaner dieses Ansinnen äußerst restriktiv behandelt werden. Es ist sogar eher zu erwarten, dass sich die US-Regierung mit dem Ansuchen von Merkel überhaupt nicht beschäftigen wird. Dies dürfte in der Öffentlichkeit in den kommenden Wochen die Frage aufwerfen, welche Politik Angela Merkel eigentlich vertritt. Schon jetzt zweifeln nicht wenige in der Opposition und beim Koalitionspartner, dass Angela Merkel selbst durch die Affäre Schaden nehmen könnte. Dies ist überraschend, weil sie bisher alle Umfragen unangefochten gewonnen hatte.
Es ist erstaunlich, weil die Frage, ob die deutsche Bundeskanzlerin  dem deutschen Volk oder dem amerikanischen Präsidenten verpflichtet ist, eigentlich nicht besonders schwer zu beantworten sein sollte.
(It’s amazing, because the question of whether the German Chancellor is committed to the German people or the American president, really should not be particularly difficult to answer (in the light of these embarrassing emails.)


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