Sharing.:::.▶ Ultra Relaxing Neck, Scalp & Head Massage Techniques, ASMR Soft Spoken with Music – Excerpts from Mastering Alchemy | Equipoise

Origen: Sharing.:::.▶ Ultra Relaxing Neck, Scalp & Head Massage Techniques, ASMR Soft Spoken with Music – Excerpts from MasteringAlchemy | Equipoise



Sharing.:::.▶ Ultra Relaxing Neck, Scalp & Head Massage Techniques, ASMR Soft Spoken with Music – Excerpts from MasteringAlchemy



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▶ Ultra Relaxing Neck, Scalp & Head Massage Techniques, ASMR Soft Spoken with Music – YouTube

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переводити/Traduire/ переводить 
 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する/თარგმნა
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“ Energetically a number of vibrational magnetic frequencies have been removed from how we do things. 


When you have a strong magnet holding things together and then it begins to weaken or goes away , that which was held together no longer has the same stability… so with regard to the planetary update these transitions are now beginning to be experienced externally and internally. 


So as these magnetic fields are being removed, the external world is in a transition shift.

But so is your internal world, many have been saying that they’ve been experiencing anxiety, off-balance , irrational fears, and worries . This affects everybody physically mentally and emotionally in different ways, … when you are affected in these off-balance shifting times, your relationships start to change, your experience begins to have different implication.

The magnetics that have supported the agreement called “third dimensional reality” – that we have all played:

– how the world operate has very much been in states of imbalance. For the last 50 years as we make decisions to go forward without looking at implications are long-term decisions…. We’ve created a tremendous imbalance in the world – we talking about how the systems of the world are really not working in the best interest for the world.

The education systems are broken – social services – the distributional wealth worldwide – poverty – employment wages – healthcare – the respect given to the earth… These systems in which we operate are out of balance, but the systems are all about agreements … We are all in agreement, you’re in agreement whether you agree with the direction or you disagree as long as you hold attention on this situation or the topic of discussion you are in agreement.

The magnetic fields that are shifting, that are being removed, have held any of these agreements.

The magnetic fields shift is removing part the agreements… you don’t have to agree with what’s going on as long as you are holding an awareness of it or participating: “ I don’t agree with this world but i go to work every day in this structure.”

What generally happens when I’m not in agreement but I’m participating in it; I start to begin to be uncomfortable, something doesn’t feel right, I’m off balance, there is an anxiety, an irritation, a resentment, a resistance to.

Over the last number of years, as this change has been denied, that resistance is getting more tense, so many things are in the process of changing the way of life as we have be in agreement, much it is going to be for the good, but in the transition much is challenging.
This is a agreement whether we’re conscious of it or unconscious of it, by participating in the third dimensional reality we’ve all grown up in, we have participated in agreement.

Again, that we like the agreement or don’t like the agreement the world financial system has continued on it’s the way but this system is now in significant transition.
Right now in the world financial markets there is race to the bottom. All the shifting world structures are in a transition period… this transition unlike that the industrial age or the electrical handheld devices ages it’s going to produce significantly wonderful new tools for generations that follow but the transition is much more of a transition of consciousness.

it is a transition about you and me about each of us how do we choose to be in a agreement
how do your agreements operate in a manner that supports well being.

How do you choose is going to be much more the question – is a glass half full or half empty- that anxiety that many are feeling when viewed from a different point of reference, becomes excitement …much of the anxiety, the worry is from holding on to things, to thoughts, to beliefs, that are suspended in agreements but haven’t been examined for a long long time .

We hold on to things, for our beliefs, we protect them, we own them, we hold them because they are things that we have valued, but when was the last time you opened the box in the storage closet, that you put there years ago you don’t even know what’s in the box.

This period of time that we’re in right now, we’re beginning to look at baggage… what do we believe! that is no longer true, what are the thoughts about others that simply have no respect or value, they just run through my mind and most of those thoughts are not my thoughts anyway…

How do you begin to get ride of the boxes in the storage, how do you begin to lighten up this life that we have.

This transition is where we now are. The shift is occurred, the wonderful days of the future are still out in the future
but as you draw them into the present moment, there is no distinction between those wonderful days of the future and wonderful days of the present; depending on the agreement that we hold –
this transition is how do you choose now.”

~ Excerpts from MasteringAlchemy,
Jim Self
Posted 9th May by Shanti Zohar

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