sharing.:::. Blue Eyes Linked To Higher Risk Of Alcohol Dependence In New Study – Anna Merkaba ~ Supreme Atom – Creativity – Atomic DNA Upgrade – 2015 – Metatron | psycho

Origen: sharing.:::. Blue Eyes Linked To Higher Risk Of Alcohol Dependence In New Study – Anna Merkaba ~ Supreme Atom – Creativity – Atomic DNA Upgrade – 2015 – Metatron | psycho


sharing.:::. Blue Eyes Linked To Higher Risk Of Alcohol Dependence In New Study – Anna Merkaba ~ Supreme Atom – Creativity – Atomic DNA Upgrade – 2015 – Metatron

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Anna Merkaba ~ Supreme Atom – Creativity – Atomic DNA Upgrade – 2015 – MetatronSOURCE:


Greetings everyone!

Before I begin this channeling I would like to add a personal note. First of all I would like to take a moment and wish all of you a very Happy New Year! As many of you have been feeling rather disconnected last few weeks especially the last week of December, you will understand my excitement and anticipation of the changes to come. Whereas December has been all about purging, January will be all about re-aligning ourselves with our higher self with the assistance of the new benevolent energies that are coming onto our planet right now, finally!
Many of you shall begin to experience your CREATIVE juices flowing, you will be prompted to look for new ways of getting things done, and just as in previous uplifting times you will have tremendous connectedness to your higher selves, however this time around what we are being told is we will literally be pulled as if by magnet to each other. Many of you will experience sudden meetings that you have been longing for, for so long. And I am not just referring to the romantic relationships, no this particular channeling is all about your mission here on earth. Everything will begin falling into place, however, when you seek to connect to the divine, you will right away be pointed to go deep within yourself first, listen to your heart and solar plexus and tune into the atom of your soul which resides within your bodies.

What I am being told is that there is a special atom which each person has which is their own, and within that atom is a spark which when ignited completely connects you to your higher self, allowing you to remember everything you need to in order to carry out your mission here on earth. What will be happening to us now is we will be taught by the ascended masters and angels the HOW of connecting to this particular atom and bringing forth its energies and powers.
All of this information should become very evident to us, as it truly has always been there, and once we realize the HOW and have our “AHA” moment, we will then be able to put everything into complete action, balancing out everything within us and truly shining our light onto the world.
Once again this year will be of Collective consciousness, collaboration with others and TEAM WORK.
Now having said this here is the channeling I have received from Metatron & The Alliance of the Cosmic Brotherhood of Light (Arch Angels, Angles and Ascended Masters)

This is a MUST HAVE tool for everyone at this time. Especially those of you who are healers.
Dearly beloved children of light,
The commencement of the year shall bring the aforementioned rewards to those who have diligently walked the path of creation, the path of self realization and the path of self discovery in dignified alliance with their higher selves of their chosen momentum. Of their higher selves of their chosen momentum of being. For the chosen momentum of being, is the momentum of that which you shall discover exists therein and is recognized as the atomic principle of the DNA structure of your vehicles.

The DNA structure of your vehicles has indeed taken a new route, weaved a new direction if you will in your daily activities. For the DNA structure of your vehicles has once again been reconstructed and restructured and realigned to the new frequencies of the coming of times. For indeed the alignment of the planetary ascension principles of BEing have ignited the atomic principles within the very core of your vechile, allowing you to expand your consciousness yet again, and allowing you to connect to a new grid system of which all of you are very much aware of.
Therefore the changes that lay ahead shall find you a bit confused, for as you look up to the ethers for answers, you shall be directed within your very own being. For as you look upon the ethers you shall be asked to go deep within, for the atomic principles of that which you are, has indeed been activated within the core structure of your hearts and your solar plexus. For through these two chakras, and through these two grid systems you shall discover your I AM presence once more.
For the nature of your connectedness to the ethers shall change, for through the cooperation of those that you hold dear, you shall be able to connect to the ethers collectively. For the individualistic approach to your everyday existence shall begin changing rapidly for you now, and you shall all seek out various alliances in order to continue expanding the consciousness of this planet. In order to continue on your journeys here on earth. In order to bring forth the prearranged meetings with those whom are to collaborate with you on various projects which you have come here to uphold.
And so, through the atomic principles of your very own selves, through the connectedness to another you shall be able to transpire, you shall be able to transverse time and space and connect to others and to the groups of those whom you have come to this planet with. You shall be able to connect to your respective star alliances, through the all collective energies of those whom you shall meet on the path.

For no longer the individual approach to the understanding of life on earth shall prevail. For you shall be pulled to groups of those who are here to assist you just as you are here to assist them. And together in unison you shall bring through various energies to collectively shift into a new consciousness for all of humanity. For through your collaborations and through your endeavors you shall collectively merge with the new energies entering GAIA as we speak.
Be mindful of the meetings that lay ahead for all of you in the coming of times. Be mindful of those who appear suddenly on your path, for through these alliances you shall be able to finally put into action that which you have carried in your hearts years into the past. You shall finally be able to realize your highest aspirations and ideals.
Know that you shall be visited yet again by your benevolent selves, by your benevolent faculties and your benevolent guides and masters of the etheric. Know that you shall experience waves upon waves of uplifting energies, but know that the energies you shall sail through, shall be like the ocean and shall come in waves. Understand that your earthly year ahead has many opportunities in store for you, and much turbulence along the way. Know that the turbulence shall be offset by the benevolent creations of that which you shall bring forth through your mind’s eye and through your desire and perseverance. Know that your alignments and alliances shall influence you to the core and shall truly push you into the right direction for you path here on earth.
Understand that you are being supported and guided , know that you have been prepared well for the coming of times. And remember that you are to connect to your very own selves, for within the depths of your atomic structure lays an atom that has indeed been activated for many of you, an atom that shall connect you to those who shall align you with the opportunities that indeed you are looking to uphold. Remember that You are all ONE and ONE you shall remain to be.

Know that we are walking with you hand in hand and foot in foot. Know that you can call upon us whenever you need us. Know that it is so, for it is.
That is all that we have for you now. We love you. We are with you. Goodbye for now.
Metatron & The Alliance of the Cosmic Brotherhood of Light (Arch Angels, Angles and Ascended Masters)

P.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit :

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL
Posted 5th January by LUZ ZOHAR

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Добро пожаловать обратно в преддверии шестой мерной выражение нашей Арктурианский Коридор. Именно с этой частоты / выражение нашей коридора, что вы можете повторно войти в шестое измерение переписать голографическую проекцию для вашего текущего трехмерной реальности. Вы слышали «теорию», что ваша трехмерная мир на самом деле голографическая проекция.

Правда намного больше, чем это, но “голографическая проекция”, действительно, хорошая метафора для третьего / вперед трехмерной жизни. С нашей точки зрения в восьмом через десятые размеров, которые протекают и смешиваются, как один, мы воспринимаем четвертое измерение как «ауру» вашей трехмерной реальности. Таким образом, когда мы говорим о третьем измерении, мы включаем четвертом, как эфирных эманации физического мира. Этот четвертый мерное эфирное реальность связывает вас с высшими мирами пятого измерения и за ее пределами.

ОТКРЫТИЕ шишковидной железы STARGATE

Процесс повышения Кундалини и открытия третьего глаза активизирует шишковидную железу, которая является гипер-мерного звездные врата, встроенный в телефон физиологии человека. Кундалини активации результат балансировки все ваши чакры и повышения женскую силу Леди Шакти с вашего корневую чакру в Божественного Единства с мужской силы Шивы в коронной чакры. Это смешение и балансировка ваших женских и мужских энергий, известных как мистический брак, открывает свой ​​третий глаз и полностью активирует ваши “шишковидной звездные врата». С открытием вашей шишковидной звездные врата, вы можете принять многомерные, торсионные волны непосредственно в вашей повседневной сознание и земной сосуд. Кроме того, отличается ДНК включается или выключается различными частотами света.

Третий мерный спектр света включается в 2% до 3% от вашего человеческого генома ДНК, которая проходит свой трехмерной операционной системы. Эта операционная система основана на иллюзиях разделения и ограничения, которые возникают из сильно поляризованным реальности. Эта система может только принять, интегрировать и использовать свет, который ограничивается небольшим спектром физической реальности.

После падения Атлантиды, и особенно в течение последних двух тысяч лет Эры Рыб, тем выше габаритный свет утрачена для большей части человечества.

Тем не менее, сейчас, вы вводите Золотой Век Водолея и Гайя переехал в поток торсионных волн, исходящих из центра Галактики. Эти торсионные волны многомерного света Выключите 3% геномной ДНК человека и включите 97% “мусорная” ДНК, как они вступят через небольшие квантовых вихрей нежелательной ДНК.

После того, как многомерный свет принят и интегрирован в вашего земного сосуда, оказывается на новом Многомерная Операционная Система, которая хранится в вашем нежелательной ДНК.

Затем многомерный свет медленно берет верх над физической спектра света и трехмерного Операционная Система вашей 3% ДНК начинает поворачиваться ВЫКЛ. Вот почему столь многие из вас есть интерес everdecreasing в трехмерной реальности и глубоко долго многомерности пятого измерения и за ее пределами. К счастью, во время вашего перехода, обе операционные системы будет введена в эксплуатацию, что позволяет одновременно жить в двух реальностях.

Мистический брак

Перед мистический брак ваших внутренних женских и мужских энергий и открытия третьего глаза, ваш земной сосуд может только воспринимать, интегрировать и использовать ограниченное спектр света третьего измерения. Ваш Во-первых, корневой чакры принимает и отражает спектр красного света, который соединяет и территорию, вы на Землю. По мере роста вашей Кундалини, это красный свет сливается с оранжевым светом Второго, пупочной чакре, интегрируя частоты красного и оранжевого света. Тогда, как ваша Кундалини поднимается в ваш В-третьих, чакра солнечного сплетения объединить красный и оранжевый с желтым частоты света, вы объединяете и интегрировать свои “нижние чакры”.

Комбинированный частота свете ваших нижних чакр затем входит в вашу В-четвертых, сердечную чакру смешиваться с зеленым частоты света. Через вашу сердечную чакру, при подключении нижних чакр со своими “высших чакр.” Свет из первых четырех чакр затем движется в ваш Пятой, горловой чакры смешиваться с синим частоты третьего измерения светового спектра. Ваш Кундалини затем движется в ваш шестой, бровей Чакра объединить красный через голубых выражений света с индиго частоты этой чакры. Седьмой, Коронная Чакра резонирует с фиолетовым светом, который является высокая частота в трехмерной светового спектра. Это фиолетовый свет служит мостом для подключения белый свет, единство всех цветов света, в вашего земного сосуда. С Леди Шакти ожидании жениха в шестом, бровей чакры, Господа Шивы в седьмом, Коронная Чакра вызывает открытие шишковидной железы Stargate принять многомерный свет выше через квантовых частот реальности. Многомерный свет входит в вашу Корону сколько жених (мужской, Господь Шива) заходит в часовне ждать свою невесту (женский, леди Шакти).

Невеста затем идет по проходу (через шишковидной железы бровей Чакра), чтобы присоединиться к ее жениха на свадьбе Alter (третьего желудочка головного мозга), чтобы войти в их мистический брак. С помощью этого брака, семь октав физического спектра света (Горничные Шакти невесты) объединиться с многомерной свете ONE присоединиться Дух ONE в Материи вашего земного сосуда, а также земной судна Гайи.

Это Мистический Брак ваших внутренних мужских и женских энергий открывает свой третий глаз и Высшее Сердце, которые были скрытой в вашего земного сосуда с момента вашего рождения. Это открытие затем позволяет начать постепенное открытие иллюзий вашей трехмерной реальности. С открытием третьего глаза и Высшее Сердце, новые мозговые волны приходят в Интернете в вашей компьютерной / мозга, которые могут получить доступ и использовать свой многомерных операционной системы.

Кроме того, из-за вашего мистический брак, теперь вы можете принимать и интегрировать многомерный свет, который начнет включив Отбросим ДНК, в которой ваша новая операционная система тихо сохранена.

Из Путешествие в Арктурианский коридора II

Добавлено 5 декабря 2011 по Juan Pablo

Ярлыки: божественных энергий голограмм духовное пробуждение

Опубликовано Элифасом Леви в Доминго, Абриль 06, 2014

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Freedom Portal Has opened!

By annamerkaba on April 4, 2015

Greetings Everyone! The FREEDOM portal has opened her doors to all of us!

And it is now time to utilize these energies in order to fully purge everything from your system finally once and for all! Use this loving, supportive, uplifting energy to carry you forward to new heights!

If you have not done so already find a quiet moment today and write down everything that YOU WANT to see manifest in your reality in the next 3 months. Be as specific as you can be. Once you are done, make another list of everything that you wish to LET GO of, and be done with. Throw away or burn the paper with all that you no longer wish to see in your life.

And keep the other list with you at all times. Carry it with you. Look at it frequently to remind yourself what it is that you want to see manifest in your reality. And pay attention every single moment of every single day to all the little intricate synchronicities that will begin to surround you. USE the clues that you will receive from your guides and ACT on various opportunities magically presenting themselves to you.

PAY ATTENTION to your feelings, and should you find yourself slipping back into old thinking patterns, pull out the paper and read it again! STAY POSITIVE. THINK POSITIVE. And you shall manifest the reality of your dreams!

REMEMBER NOW is a VERY auspicious time and let no one tell you so otherwise! LISTEN to your intuition, to your heart to your own higher self and your own guides. POSITIVE VIBES WILL CREATE POSITIVE LIVES!

Stay in JOY, LOVE, LIGHT AAAAANNND FREEDOM! 🙂 I love you all very much and am sending you beautiful vibrant energies to uplift you and surround you in peace and harmony, stabilizing your stride as you continue on your beautiful journey here on earth!

P.S. To help you on your journey I have written and published a book. It is now available for all of you in both hard copy and digital form. It is called “Mission To Earth – A Light workers guide to self mastery”. In it I explore topics such as: Why you are here and what you are doing on earth. How Starseeds get to earth to begin with. Why you feel the way you do. How to communicate with your guides. How to discover your life purpose. How to release everything and let it go. How to reprogram yourself in order to fully connect with your true essence. How to release old thinking patterns and institute a new reality into your life. How to change your life and make it what you want it to be, and most importantly how to find a link back HOME! There’s a lot more that I discuss in this book. I invite you to join me on this journey of self discovery as we explore together the “HOW”, the “WHY” and the “WHEN”. For more information please visit :

~Anna Merkaba – Distant Energy Healer- Channeler – Lightworker. To book a Healing Session with Anna and for more channeled messages to help you on your journey to self discovery visit : Sacred Ascension – Key of Life – DISCOVER YOUR TRUE SELF THROUGH THE VIBRATIONAL MESSAGES FROM BEHIND THE VEIL

Please note: The author of this website and its assigns are not responsible in any way shape or form for any actions taken by individuals reading these posts. The information provided herein is for information purposes only and does not constitute as any medical advice, whatsoever. Therefore the author and publisher of this site assume NO responsibility for any individuals’ interpretation or use of the information provided herein.

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January 2015 Message

From the Akashic Records: An Excerpt from the Message of January 2015

Members: To access the full monthly message including all of the information the Keepers have to share about this month, please login above. If you’re not a member, consider joining Akashic Transformations, and compare thebenefits of membership to public access before joining!

What energy and experiences can we expect in January 2015?

Are there particular activities that would benefit us and help us best use the energy this month?

What energy and experiences can we expect in January 2015?

The energy this month is like a strong current moving forward. There is a feeling that every intention is amplified. You will find the consequences of your thoughts, your words, and your actions will all come more quickly and more strongly than usual.

This is an important time to take profound accountability for your intentions. Strive to be mindful of your words and actions. No one is perfect, so no one will be able to make perfect intentions all the time. This month, it will be very important for you to be forgiving and flexible, and be very quick to apologize and not easy to offend. When unintended consequences arise, make sure that you are very forgiving of others, and of yourself, so that you can quickly apologize and move on. Change the intention, shift the energy with an apology, and then reset your intention.

If you hold onto embarrassment, guilt, shame or trying to blame others, then you will find yourself holding the mistaken intention for so long that you will have large and long-standing negative repercussions. On the other hand, if you will quickly apologize and move on, or if you will quickly forgive and move on, then you can reset the intention and begin the process of having your positive intentions come to light.

It will be very important for you to be fluid and keep your eyes wide open this month. Move with the flow, keep changing, and do not hold onto old feelings and goals this month.

Are there particular activities that would benefit us and help us best use the energy this month?
It will be useful to be communicative. Be willing to talk, be willing to ask questions, and be willing to listen carefully and readily to what is happening around you. This is not a time to keep your thoughts to yourself, nor to hold still and hope that someone else will fix the problem. This is a time to speak up and say what is on your mind.

This is time to be gracious and yet active. Stay active in your communities and in your relationships. This is a very active time, and it is an exciting time. Words — what you say and how you say it – will matter greatly. The important actions this month will be in how you interrelate with others.

In order to stay on top of this energy and really benefit from it, you need to be moving with it. Do not delay events or decisions. The Divine Masculine has a strong energy this month. It is time to be outward and engaged. This is not a time for quiet reflection or holding still.

Posted 28th December 2014 by LUZ ZOHAR

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sharing.:::.Urantia Book – Paper 112 – Introduction -The Blue Avians and The Arcturians | URANTHEA2094

Origen: sharing.:::.Urantia Book – Paper 112 – Introduction -The Blue Avians and The Arcturians | URANTHEA2094


sharing.:::.Urantia Book – Paper 112 – Introduction -The Blue Avians and The Arcturians

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Monday, April 6, 2015
A Message From New Friends—Blue Avians and Arcturians


A Message from New Friends

The Blue Avians and The Arcturians

Dear Blue Avians,
I am first writing my message by hand, as I find it is the best way to meet new Galactic Beings. Since my first incarnation (if numbers such as, first, mean anything within the NOW) was as a member of the early Lemurian Bird Tribe. If possible, I would like to establish an on-going communication with you.

I feel as though you, the Blue Avians, you and the Arcturians are very intermingled with your joint service to Gaia and awakening humans. Please respond to let me know if I could have the honor of communicating with you.

Our Dear Suzille,
We, known in your language as the “Blue Avians,” which is actually a description of our appearance rather than a title for our flock, will happily address you. You are correct that we are united in service with the Arcturians, with whom we often join as a planet moves into the final stages of contact with the masses of Galactics who have silently been assisting them for much of their “time.”

As you realize, we have different kinds of information to share, from a different perspective and often with different people. Of course, the information and people only appear different to your 3D perspective. We see you all as ONE Personal/Planetary Being. Just as you see the parts of your body to be different, but they are all parts of YOU, we see different members of humanity to all be YOU.

As you, humanity, expand your consciousness/perceptions into the higher frequencies of the fifth dimension and beyond, your inner experiences and how your interpret them will greatly change. We ask that you now close your physical eyes and perceive us with your Third Eye…

Do you perceive all the 3D clutter inside your brain? Before we begin, we ask you to collect all that clutter into your heart and love it free. You are NOW in the process of remembering how to BE the master of your mind. Mastery of your mind is the forerunner for your process of ascension.

ALL ascended beings had to become the master of their 3D minds prior to their ascension into their higher dimensional expression. Once the mind is mastered, it can be connected infinitely with your Multidimensional Mind. The constant unconditional love flowing through your connection with your Multidimensional Mind will greatly assist you to become the Master of your emotions.

The key to becoming the master of your emotions is to release your 3D habit of reacting to life. Via your higher dimensional thoughts and emotions you can release your old habit of reacting to stimuli. Instead, you will be able to observe stimuli as you “read” it via your higher states of consciousness.

From the perspective of your higher consciousness, your thoughts and emotions do not need to “react” to life because you KNOW that it is YOU this is choosing/creating your life. In the higher dimensions, “choosing” and “creating” are the same terms. You choose to create your reality by choosing to attach your consciousness to that which you have chosen to attend.

“Where your attention is, there you are also!” is one of the most important aspects of ascension process. Another important aspect is, “There are no mistakes or accidents during ascension,” as YOU are the creator of your reality. As you monitor and take full responsibility for the frequency of your thoughts and emotions, you will increasingly flow into an ongoing awareness of the higher frequency thoughts and emotions that are infinitely within you.

We send you this preamble to our message because we want you to know that as your consciousness expands, you will begin to perceive the myriad higher dimensional friends circling your planet. Remember, you may NOT see these friends via your 3D perceptions, but via your fifth dimensional and beyond perceptions.

To summarize, your third-dimensional, outward focused perceptions may not reveal our presence. It is true that we can, and do, briefly lower our frequency into the third dimension to remind you all that we are here. However, just as you could not stay at the bottom of the ocean for too long without making special adjustments, we cannot stay in the third dimension for too long without making major adjustments.

For one thing, we are timeless beings who flow within the NOW. You know that time is different in different states of consciousness via your dreams. You could have a dream that seemed to last for a lifetime and awake to see that your clock has only added a few minutes of your “time.”

We will explain to you how we perceive you, our dear friends wearing physical vessels. For one thing, to look into your reality, we must look through the 3D Matrix. The 3D Matrix contains the frequency plate that you perceive as your physical world. To see you in this manner, we must re-calibrate our perceptions into lower frequencies.

This re-calibration is much like the calibration that you use with binoculars where you “turn the wheels at the base of the binoculars” to adjust your perspective. In this same manner, we adjust our perspective down in frequency from our innate perception to see reality in the manner that you perceive it while wearing your earth vessel.

We will explain this re-calibration process with visualization, as only your imagination could understand what we are saying. You might say that we have a “bird’s eye” vision of your dimension, as we look down (in frequency—not space) to perceive the beautiful 3D vision of Gaia’s blue orb.

You have all seen this vision via your space stations. However, these pictures only reveal the third dimensional qualities of your planet. Furthermore, the pictures that your “known” space programs (as there are MANY unknown space programs) share with you are greatly altered to hide their many nefarious ventures of which most of you are completely unaware.

Form our fifth dimensional perspective we see what humanity has called “New Earth.” Remember that time ONLY exists in your 3D/4D reality. Also, creation begins within the core in the higher dimensions and moves out into the lower worlds to be revealed in lower and lower dimensions by imprinting itself on Gaia’s third/fourth dimensional matrix.

From our “higher perspective,” we see the “blue glow” of fifth-dimensional Earth with clear blue skies and oceans. Gaia is, indeed, a blue jewel in space. We also see an armada of starships from everywhere in your local universe who have come to observe and assist.

We are, as you can imagine, serving a multidimensional service. We have merged our consciousness with fifth dimensional Earth so that we can enter into the lower frequencies of her multidimensional matrix. The purpose of this multidimensional matrix is to read the consciousness of the inhabitants of Gaia to instantly provide all that is necessary for the life forms of that frequency.

We wish you to know that as you return to your own higher dimensional perceptions, you will have the same perceptions as ourselves. However, we perceive from our position on our Starship, whereas you may perceive it via the Lightbody you are wearing on fifth dimensional Earth.

We now lower our perceptual focus into the fourth dimension of Earth. From this perspective we see uncountable changes occurring all over fourth-dimensional Earth. These changes are occurring in different timelines, alternate realities and parallel realities, as well as within different sub-frequencies of the fourth dimension.

As we enter the Spiritual Sub-plane of Gaia’s fourth dimensional Earth, we see the “I AM Presence” of humanity and all life. We also observe with loving support as we more and more members of third/fourth dimensional Earth is crossing into the fifth dimensional version of New Earth.

Many of these changes and ascension that we can perceive within the NOW of the fifth dimension, are not yet within your 3D timeline. It is for this reason that your planet still carries a resonance in the third dimension. However, Gaia increasingly tires of the nefarious deeds of the lower consciousness members of Her multidimensional matrix and is ready to release the third dimensional expression of her matrix.

She is aware that there are still many beings that would not be able to attach their consciousness to even the higher sub-planes of the fourth dimensional lattice of her multidimensional matrix. Therefore, Gaia waits.

As we lower our perceptions to perceive this causal Subplane of fourth dimensional Earth, we see that many of you, the ascending ones, have completed your Earth lesson of “cause and effect.” You NOW remember that whatever you send into the 3D Matrix of Gaia will return to you.

By learning that lesson, your consciousness has expanded into the Causal, and for some the Spiritual sub-planes of the 4D component of Gaia’s multidimensional matrix. Those of you who have expanded your consciousness to this frequency and beyond are busily creating more and more sections of light on this matrix.

These areas of light serve as portals through we, the higher dimensional beings, and can attach our awareness to integrate our consciousness with your fourth dimensional reality. Through these portals of light we can also send forth thoughtforms of our starships, as well as actual smaller crafts that we have lowered in frequency enough to be perceptible to your dream state and meditative mind.

What many of you do not realize is that in order to enter your holographic third dimensional reality, we must do so as a holographic projection. Many members of the holographic reality that is attached to your the third/fourth dimensional rungs of Gaia’s multidimensional matrix, do not perceive us as a hologram, as you are also a hologram.

Since your third/fourth dimensional consciousness has labeled this holographic world as “real,” you also perceive us as real. We remind you that all third/fourth dimensional realities are holographic projections from your higher expressions of SELF.

ALL of you, even those who are playing the roles of the “dark side,” all exist as ONE unified consciousness of Earth in Gaia’s fifth dimensional expression. We understand that this information may be very difficult for you to accept. You intensely feel your pain, your happiness, your sorrow, your birth and your death.

Because you have seen yourselves as victims to your reality for so long, you have deeply embedded your consciousness into the lower frequencies where “victims” and “creator” are different terms. Many of you have forgotten that you chose to play out situations in which you perceived your SELF as a victim, so that you could remember that YOU are the creator of your reality with your own thoughts and emotions.

From you pre-birth frequency in the higher realms, you forgot how deeply the illusions of the third/fourth dimensions merged with your sense of SELF. Therefore, we and many other members of your Galactic Family are lowering our resonance to assist you to remember that YOU are US.

When you cannot consciously remember your own higher frequencies of SELF, you believe that you are trapped in the lower worlds and can only leave it via what you have titled as “death.” To us, your “death” is perceived as “logging out” of your holographic reality and returning Home to your REAL self. We want you to remember that important fact.

Now, as we continue our journey through one of the wonderful light portals that you, the members of Earth have opened, we begin to perceive your third dimensional world through our multidimensional perspective. Therefore, we perceive all of the versions of your SELF.

We can easily perceive what you may call a “string of light” that connects all the myriad incarnations that you have taken with in your NOW of some timeline, alternate and/or parallel embodiment on Earth. Because of the great importance of releasing the veils of illusion between dimensions, many of you have taken multiple incarnations in the hopes that at least one of you will fully awaken to your higher dimensional expressions.

Our perception of your third dimensional “rung” of Gaia’s multidimensional matrix is that it is a reality in the process of great change. We can feel this change within our bodies, just as you can feel the great change within your bodies. Your bodies, your earth vessels, represent your direct connection to the planet.

Since your small, individual earth vessel is constructed of the same earth, air, fire and water as the planet, YOU are a miniature version of Gaia’s Earth. One of the things that we perceive, and many of you are beginning to remember, is that your fourth dimensional auras are becoming multidimensional.

We also perceive that many of you have consciously or unconsciously activated your multidimensional Lightbody and on the verge of being able to burst into Lightbody when the situation calls on you to do so. Since, your Lightbody is multidimensional, while in that frequency of your SELF, you will be able to replicate our journey, but into the higher frequencies.

In fact, many of you return to your Ships increasingly often. By returning to your higher SELF while maintaining a connection to your earth vessel, you are able to remain attached to the 3D matrix via your earth vessel, while your also connect with your fourth dimensional dreamtime.

Once you have taken those rehearsals of returning to your SELF, you are often ready to make your “maiden voyage” to your visit your Starship on which your Lightbody SELF is serving to assist Gaia. In this manner, you are able to remain “in active duty” on 3D Earth while your ALSO continue your active duty on physical Earth.

We invite you to ask to be taken Home to your Ship before you sleep. Or, you may chose to use the power of your imagination to move up (in frequency) through the fourth dimension to visit your Ship in the fifth dimension. Many of you do so on a regular basis. All you need do NOW is to REMEMBER!

Call on us and we will assist you,
The Blue Avians and Arcturians

Lemurian Bird Tribe

Question for my wonderful readers,
Have any of you made any new Galactic Friends?
I just want you to know that I have talked to many who are meeting and connecting with their higher dimensional Galactic SELF.
It is the NOW!

The Pleiadian Perceptions of Ascension Books
Your Galactic Family is speaking with you

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Saturday, April 4, 2015
Q&A With Higher SELF–Happy Easter from Sue and the Arcturians


Q&A With My Higher SELF

Happy Easter and Happy Ascension

SUE: Dear Arcturians,
So many of us are so very tired, and we want to know what is happening. As usual, I am asking you—my Higher SELF.

What is occurring with you, our earth ONE is that you are ascending. You are ascending slowly but surely, so that your earth vessel can gradually accept each alteration and integrate these changes into the entire system of your third and fourth dimensional form.

Many of you, our grounded ones, have worked constantly and are beyond fatigue. We ask you NOW to release that fatigue. However you must FEEL it before you can release it. You see you must consciously experience each element of your present incarnation that needs to be released so that you can consciously release it.

Those of you who have “worked hard and long” for the process of ascension are likely the teachers, healers and leaders who have chosen to help and heal Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants. You beloved ones are NOW consciously aware of every component of your experience, so that you can share it with others.

You, have two choices. You can “worry” about your great fatigue or you can unconditionally love and transmute it. Have you forgotten that you are the creator of your reality? Yes, we think that many of you have forgotten. Please remember, there is a choice.

You can be the conscious creator of your reality OR you can be the victim to the myriad shifts and changes that are now, and will increasingly, fill your reality. When was the last time you sent yourself unconditional love and/or transmuted your transforming form with the Violet Fire?

S: Dear Arcturians,
I can only speak for myself, but I but admit that it has been far to long. Likely it was when I was telling others to send themselves unconditional love and violet light. But, I became lost in my service and allowed fatigue, it it’s best friend worry, to come into my consciousness. I see now that there is a martyr inside of me that I must love free. I work too hard, rest too little, and then wonder why I am exhausted beyond words.

A: Yes, we are happy that you are realizing that. We realize that many of you are neglecting your self for a good purpose, but we have been training you all of these years so that you can give decades of service to your mission. If you become ill, or exhausted beyond the ability to continue, you will burn your self out.

While wearing an earth vessel, if you burn your self out you will likely get sick or injured. This is your body’s way of saying, “I have reached my limit, and I need time to restore myself.” Do you hear your body telling you that now?

S: Yes, I hear my body screaming that now. And, in spite of what I have said to others, what you/we have said to others, I have become so obsessed with my service that I have not listened enough to my body. Therefore, right now I am going to say,

“Dear Suzille/Sue,
I love you unconditionally!

I forgive you unconditionally for falling into the martyr role of working yourself to total exhaustion.

I accept—finally—that the earth vessel I am wearing can no longer “work” in the manner that I have pushed it for decades.

I NOW Blaze, Blaze, Blaze the Violet Fire into every cell and atom of my physical earth vessel.

I choose to perceive the Violet Flame as it moves into every cell and atom of my earth vessel.

As I do this, I realize that there is another “ME” inside of my vessel. It is not actually “another” me. It is a “higher” me. That ME is YOU, the Arcturians, as well as ALL the expressions of my multidimensional SELF who have come into this vessel to assist me to assist Gaia. How did I miss this?

A: It is simple, Suzille, you did not look. You were focused on the outside of you because you were addicted to the world being outside of you. Therefore, you used your outside earth vessel to deal with the challenges of your outside reality. Do you now see your inside reality?

S: Yes, I can feel it and vaguely see it. I think if I write about it, I will see it better. It seems that that which I cannot perceive with my eyes, my body can perceive and tell me through my writing.

A: Write what your body perceives now.

S: My body perceives, feels, knows and recognized that there is quite a crowd inside of me. My ego wants to remind me that everyone has this inner crowd.

A: Not every one has this “crowd” of their higher expressions waiting inside, but there are more and more people who are realizing this every day. Please continue.

S: The way my body/I perceive the “crowd” inside is almost as if there are many vaguely shaped humanoid figures inside me. Some of them are filled with light. Oh, I do see Tarmain who is a whale being in there too, as well as my Lemurian bird being.

Some members of the crowd appear to be in the process of transmuting into their lightbodies, and some, oh, I can feel these ones. These beings all turn to face me and are sending me the amazing calm and unconditional love.

I feel them congratulating me. They are happy for me and understand that everything that I am experiencing as great fatigue is actually my remaining fear. I see them now as all the inner teachers who have lovingly guided me my entire life.

These guides have deep understanding of me and are recognizing exactly how I have been feeling. I am realizing how very tired I am, yet I cannot or will not stop until…I don’t know. I think the “cannot stop” may actually be my inner martyr.

Yes, they are smiling. They are reminding me that “time” is an illusion, as is “work.” Work is just the resistance inside of me. This resistance seems to be coming from figures that are darker, like my shadow self.

These shadow ones have not yet fully recognized that there is NO time. They have not yet remembered that because there is NO time, there is NO urgency, NO hurry and NO work. The light ones inside are trying to tell them that we are not actually DOING the process of ascension. We are actually BEING of the process of ascension.

Dear Arcturians, how can I BE the BEING of my process?

A: Suzille, when you are the BEING of your process there is NO resistance in either your inner or outer life. In the fifth dimension and beyond there is NO word for WORK. Work is a third dimensional term defined as “resistance over time.”

Inside of your “shadow ones” are trying to ascend via the 3D formula of “working hard.” The already ascended ones inside you, the beings of lightbody, are reminding you that in the NOW there is NO work because there is NO resistance and NO time.

We ask you to observe the shadow ones as they surrender their concept of resistance into the flow of the NOW. Do you see how they instantly become lighter?

S: Yes, I see that some of them instantly become lightbodies, but others are taking longer and others are struggling to even begin the process of letting go. I see that these ones believe their hard work is what makes them a “good person.”

A: Please send unconditional love and Violet Fire to those who are struggling. Tell them that when they release those old, 3D concepts, they will no longer need to work at all.

S: Yes, I am telling them, but some are very addicted to working hard. They are the ones that believe that working hard makes them a good person. What do I do about them?

A: You continue to love them unconditionally. Therefore, you love them even though they are trapped in the concepts of time and work. Love them even though they are resisting your process of ascension by holding on to old behaviors.

Even though they are still addicted to the third dimensional indoctrination that working hard makes them a good person, love them unconditionally. Forgive them and accept them unconditionally. Do you think that you can do that?

S: I don’t know. I will try… Yes, I see that some of these shadow ones are able to accept my love, but others are not.

A: We are happy that you have identified the “leaders” of your own inner darkness. Please focus on loving the ones who the leaders of your own inner resistance. Do you see how these ones are actually components of your inner self that you have always judged. Do you think that you can release that judgment?

S: YES, I will. I deeply understand now that I overwork myself because I was taught to believe that a ‘good person’ works really ‘hard.’ But I am concerned that I will forget and return to my old habits.

A: That is when you will call on us again. You are, of course, aware that you must first forgive your self before you can truly, deeply forgive others.

S: Yes, I do know that. I also know that you, my Higher SELF, will always answer my call. But, I may have to call you many times.

A: Yes, we will always answer. Remember, we are infinitely sending you unconditional love and Violet Fire. Therefore, if you cannot send it to your self, then tune into us and feel that we are sending it to you.

May you have a relaxing day free of work and filled with ascension?

The Pleiadian Perceptions of Ascension Books

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Dec 5


Welcome back to the threshold of the sixth dimensional expression of our Arcturian Corridor. It is from this frequency/expression of our Corridor that you can re-enter the sixth dimension to rewrite the holographic projection for your current third dimensional reality. You have heard the “theory” that your third dimensional world is actually a holographic projection.

The Truth is much greater than that, but a “holographic projection” is, indeed, a good metaphor for third/forth dimensional life. From our perspective in the eighth through tenth dimensions, which flow and intermingle as ONE, we perceive the fourth dimension as the “aura” of your third dimensional reality. Hence, when we speak of the third dimension, we include the fourth as the etheric emanations of the physical world. This fourth dimensional etheric reality connects you to the higher worlds of the fifth dimension and beyond.


The process of raising your Kundalini and opening your Third Eye activates your pineal gland, which is the hyper-dimensional stargate built into your human physiology. Kundalini activation is the result of balancing all of your chakras and raising the feminine force of Lady Shakti from your Root Chakra into Divine Unity with the masculine force of Lord Shiva in the Crown Chakra. This blending and balancing of your feminine and masculine energies, known as the Mystical Marriage, opens your Third Eye and fully activates your “pineal stargate.”

With the opening of your pineal stargate, you can accept the multidimensional, torsion waves directly into your daily consciousness and earth vessel.
Furthermore, different DNA is turned ON or OFF by different frequencies of light.

The third dimensional spectrum of light turns ON the 2% to 3% of your human genome DNA, which runs your Third-dimensional Operating System. This Operating System is based on the illusions of separation and limitation that arise from a strongly polarized reality. This system can only accept, integrate and utilize light that is limited to the small spectrum of the physical reality.

Since the fall of Atlantis, and especially during the last two thousand years of the Piscean Age, the higher dimensional light has been lost to most of humanity.

However, now, you are entering the Golden Age of Aquarius and Gaia has moved into the flow of torsion waves emanating from the Galactic Center. These torsion waves of multidimensional light turn OFF your 3% of human genome DNA and turn ON your 97% of “Junk DNA” as they enter through the small quantum vortexes of the Junk DNA.

Once the multidimensional light is accepted and integrated into your earth vessel, it turns ON your new Multidimensional Operating System, which is stored in your Junk DNA.

Then, the multidimensional light slowly takes precedence over the physical spectrum of light and the Third-dimensional Operating System of your 3% DNA begins to turn OFF. This is why so many of you have an everdecreasing interest in the third dimensional reality and deeply long for the multidimensionality of the fifth dimension and beyond. Fortunately, during your transition, both Operating Systems will be operational, allowing you to simultaneously live in both realities.


Before the Mystical Marriage of your inner feminine and masculine energies and the opening of your Third Eye, your earth vessel can only perceive, integrate and utilize the limited light spectrum of the third dimension. Your First, Root Chakra accepts and reflects the spectrum of red light, which connects and grounds you to Earth. As your Kundalini rises, this red light merges into the orange light of the Second, Navel Chakra, integrating the frequencies of red and orange light. Then, as your Kundalini rises into your Third, Solar Plexus Chakra to merge the red and orange with the yellow frequency of light, you combine and integrate your “Lower Chakras.”

The combined frequency of light of your Lower Chakras then enters your Fourth, Heart Chakra to intermingle with the green frequency of light. Via your Heart Chakra, you connect your Lower Chakras with your “Higher Chakras.” The light of the first four chakras then moves into your Fifth, Throat Chakra to intermingle with the blue frequency of the third dimensional light spectrum. Your Kundalini then moves into your Sixth, Brow Chakra to unite the red through blue expressions of light with the indigo frequency of this chakra.

The Seventh, Crown Chakra resonates to violet light, which is the highest frequency in the third dimensional light spectrum. This violet light serves as a bridge to connect the white light, the unity of all colors of light, into your earth vessel. With Lady Shakti awaiting her groom in the Sixth, Brow Chakra, Lord Shiva in the Seventh, Crown Chakra calls forth the opening of the Pineal Gland Stargate to accept the multidimensional light of the higher through quantum frequencies of reality. The multidimensional light enters your Crown much as the groom (masculine, Lord Shiva) walks into the Chapel to await his bride (feminine, Lady Shakti).

The bride then walks down the aisle (through the pineal gland of the Brow Chakra) to join her groom at the Marriage Alter (third ventricle of the brain) to enter into in their Mystical Marriage. With this Marriage, the seven octaves of the physical spectrum of light (Shakti’s Bride’s Maids) unite with the multidimensional light of the ONE to join the Spirit of the ONE into the Matter of your earth vessel, as well as the earth vessel of Gaia.

This Mystical Marriage of your inner masculine and feminine energies opens your Third Eye and High Heart, which have been latent within your earth vessel since your birth. This opening then allows you to begin the gradual unveiling of the illusions of your third dimensional reality. With the opening of your Third Eye and High Heart, new brainwaves come online in your computer/brain that can access and utilize your Multidimensional Operating System.

Furthermore, because of your Mystical Marriage, you can now accept and integrate multidimensional light, which commences turning ON the Junk DNA in which your new Operating System has silently been stored.

From Journey through the Arcturian Corridor II

Posted 5th December 2011 by Juan Pablo

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Origen: Compartir.:::. ▶ Efecto de dibujo en Photoshop – LOS PODEROSOS ÁNGELES DE LA PRESENTE TEMPESTAD SOLAR CLASE- X | photos


Compartir.:::. ▶ Efecto de dibujo en Photoshop – LOS PODEROSOS ÁNGELES DE LA PRESENTE TEMPESTAD SOLAR CLASE- X

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Imagen por Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Transmisión de los Poderosos Ángeles , Tocando la Tierra:




Somos parte de un proceso más grande. La información que estamos ahora entregando, junto con su aspecto innato de poderosa energía, es sobre el claro e innegable proceso de implementación y magnificación de la nueva era a ser establecida en su mundo. Lo que experimentan ahora con nuestro arribo no sólo es único para la Tierra, ustedes están participando en un proceso más grandioso que incluye su universo entero.

El anuncio de su nueva era es en primer lugar el cambio de su nivel vibracional y el incremento fundamental de la luz en la Tierra. Lo que en última instancia puede sobrevivir y continuar viviendo y existiendo en su planeta debe vibrar naturalmente al mismo nivel de las entrantes nuevas vibraciones, tan pronto como ellas se establezcan.

Esta es aún una fase de ajustes y cambio, y estas vibraciones y fuerzas de luz son nuevas y no han sido establecidas por completo en su reino. Es por eso que los cambios mayores que ustedes esperan aún no han sucedido. Para que esto ocurra ellos deben estar vibracionalmente completamente integrados en la Tierra como un campo coherente.

Tan pronto como esto tenga lugar, lo cual requiere aún fuerzas más poderosas entrando en su espacio de vida, el tiempo para los cambios radicales y tangibles habrá llegado.

Hasta entonces estén listos para tolerar y aceptar un tiempo de inestabilidad y cambios menores, y les recomendamos que cultiven la paciencia y estén de acuerdo con las presentes circunstancias. De este modo, es importante que siempre tengan en el corazón y en la mente la imagen mayor, la cual trasciende su presente experiencia y abraza ya el nuevo mundo galáctico por llegar con leyes divinas, para cambiar su mundo en belleza, felicidad , abundancia , como una expresión de amor.

Por lo tanto no vean en el constante tambaleo y los detalles insatisfactorios de su mundo presente , estabilidad o siquiera valores fijos! Elévense por encima del peso y la densidad de su viejo mundo y permitan que su corazón fluya libremente ya en el nuevo mundo. No pierdan la oportunidad de tomar ventaja de las presentes fuerzas de luz entrantes y permítanles informarles con la visión de su nuevo mundo. Creen espacios de belleza para invitar a las nuevas energías y permítanles establecerse. De esta forma están creando ya puntos de anclaje para este nuevo mundo.

Únanse para crear ahora semillas de grupos para futuras formas de los nuevos humanos en sociedad mientras practican el amor y el perdón.

Siéntanse juntos como Un Corazón con nuestra Altísima Presencia de Luz que desea entrar en sus corazones y cuerpos. Sientan cuán preciosa es la Luz, cuán completa y poderosa y al mismo tiempo cuán gentil y dulce. Y son ustedes quienes permiten a este poder expresarse a sí mismo como amor. Es la Sanación de su pasado que arriba ahora, y les permite hacer paz en su corazón con todo lo que alguna vez sufrieron!

Es esta paz la que es el factor de establecimiento de su nuevo mundo. Déjenla que se disperse a través de las células de sus cuerpos y allí alineé todos sus cuerpos, los que construyen juntos el cuerpo de la Humanidad.

Venimos con alegría indescriptible a traerles este mensaje!

Mensaje transmitido por Ute
Copyright©. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel, 2012
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without any changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.

Traducción al español – Shanti
Respete estos créditos y mantenga la imagen original. Muchas gracias!
Publicado 13th July 2012 por Juan Pablo
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El Grupo Arcturiano – LA ETAPA ACTUAL

Canalizado por Marilyn Rafaelle
El 14 de julio de 2012

Queridos, venimos nuevamente para desearles un tiempo muy feliz en su jornada hacia la nueva conciencia de Luz más elevada , que ahora se está volviendo tan profundamente aparente.

Nosotros vemos muchos cambios ocurriendo en la luz de cada persona. Hasta aquellos que hasta este punto se negaron a considerar cualquier verdad más allá de las que fueron enseñadas cuando eran niños están comenzando a cuestionar los caminos del mundo y a ver la ironía de la guerra continua.

Ustedes están comenzando a ver como el dinero del pueblo ha sido y es usado para financiar las actividades de aquellos que tenían el dinero y el poder para sí mismos y no para el bien de la humanidad a pesar de las declaraciones dadas a ustedes de que todo lo que ven es necesario para su seguridad. Este es un gran paso , queridos, el de creer en todo lo que les es dicho hacia el cuestionamiento y la elección por sí mismos.

Esto es la vuelta a la toma de su poder innato y es una etapa vital en su jornada de iluminación.

Todo está procediendo de acuerpo con el plano, nunca duden que, realmente, muchos cambios están sucediendo todos los días, a pesar de que ustedes continúan preguntándose: “ Dónde está esto o aquello que estaba esperando en este época?”. Todo está prosiguiendo de acuerdo con el plan. Nunca se olviden de que son ustedes, el pueblo, quien está creando la luz de la transformación y no aquellos de nosotros que asistimos y ofrecemos asistencia donde es necesario. Porque ustedes son seres con libre albedrío, todo individuo dispuesto a evolucionar debe elegir personalmente entrar más profundamente en la conciencia y la iluminación, más sepan que esta elección no siempre es hecha en un nivel consciente.

Muchas cosas nosotros les diríamos, pero no es posible en este momento porque éste debe ser su viaje, sus elecciones y sus acciones, en caso contrario su tiempo en la Tierra sería desperdiciado. Todos están en la Tierra por opción para evolucionar y nosotros estaríamos perjudicándolos a ustedes y a nosotros, que jamás interferiríamos con su libre albedrío.

La humanidad en la ignorancia de su propia identidad como un ser espiritual, a través de las eras ha buscado un salvador: alguien que la salvaría de las privaciones, tribulaciones de la vida en la energía tridimensional. El ser iluminado Jesús vino para decir al mundo que el “reino de Dios está dentro de ustedes”, pero no fue oído y hasta hoy continúan alabándolo como mensajero en vez de alabar el mensaje. En la iluminación ustedes vinieron para entender qué, “ustedes son” responsables por sí y el poder que buscan. Entonces pueden comenzar a recuperar aquello que ustedes, en la ignorancia, le dieron a los muchos que los convencieron que ellos tenían todas las respuestas e informaciones ciertas respecto de todo.

Hay una nueva onda de luz llegando a la Tierra, una luz de información y entendimiento en la que ustedes comenzarán a comprender la unidad de toda la vida dentro de UNA vida. Con esta nueva iluminación vendrá el entendimiento de que todo lo que ustedes ven, oyen, saborean , tocan y huelen es un concepto material de la realidad espiritual. Es por eso quenada real puede ser perdido. Hay muchos que sienten que el cambio y la iluminación individual les tomará todo lo que aman y esto les trae gran tristeza. Sepan que nada real puede ser perdido, pues todo lo que es real es gobernado y mantenido en el lugar por la Ley Divina. Estas cosas simplemente se manifestarán de formas superiores y mejores – salud, relacionamientos, diversiones, placer,etc.

La mente es la sustancia de la materia. Pregúntense lo que entra dentro de su mente. Es por eso que decimos que tengan cuidado con sus palabras y pensamientos porque ellas contienen energía creativa. Porque ustedes no tenían conciencia de quienes eran, ustedes no tenían conciencia de dónde estaban creando con todos los pensamientos y palabras. Todo es energía y la energía que ustedes colocan en sus palabras representa su estado de conciencia. Su estado de conciencia, interpretado por su mente, entonces se manifiesta como su experiencia.

Esta conciencia es un paso en el retorno de su poder. En la ignorancia y durante muchas vidas, ustedes permitieron que las actuales creencias populares se volviesen su verdad. Ahora ustedes están física, emocional y mentalmente liberando esas creencias anteriormente aceptadas en esas vidas de muchos sistemas diferentes de creencias. La Humanidad, por permitir ciegamente que su estado de conciencia representase solamente los conceptos y enseñanzas de otros, se olvidó de su propia capacidad de oir, entender y saber lo que es real. Siempre examinen todo mensaje, libro, sermón o canalización en su corazón para saber si resuenan o no como verdad para ustedes y no tengan miedo de despreciar aquello que no corresponde más con su verdad.

La evolución es un proceso que se modifica conforma ustedes crecen y se desarrollan más profundamente. La información que es verdadera para ustedes es una etapa se torna obsoleta conforma ustedes consiguen captar los niveles más profundos de esas verdades. Ustedes deben estar dispuestos a graduarse en algún punto, independientemente de la alegría de los juegos que ustedes conocían y adoraban en las viejas escuelas.

Conforme ustedes se desarrollen más en la conciencia espiritual, su Yo Superior continuará dándole más, de acuerdo con su prontitud. Confíen en su intuición, sabiendo que ustedes son orientados a cada momento de cada día de esta jornada sagrada de iluminación , para que ustedes no puedan hacer nada más. Hasta aquellos que en esta época niegan la verdad, en algún punto de alguna otra vida despertarán, porque es esto lo que todos son, siempre fueron y siempre serán y nadie jamás podrá estar separado de esto, no importa cuánto pueda intentar.

Nosotros somos el grupo Arcturiano
Traducción – Shanti

Publicado 15th July 2012 por Shanti
Etiquetas: despertarel grupo Arcturianoetapa actual en la ascensión

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Kryon ~ Basilea, Suiza. Parte I y II

Mini Canalización

Parte 1

Canalización de Kryon por Lee Carroll,

Sábado 6 de Septiembre de 2014, en Basilea, Suiza



Saludos, queridos, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

Siempre hay personas que se preguntan quién está, de verdad, hablando. ¿A quién suena? ¿Y si yo no dijera nada? – ¡Nada! – ¿Podrían sentirlo? (pausa)

Mi socio se hace a un lado. Podría decirse que estoy usando su intelecto, su inteligencia, su voz. Él ha practicado esto durante 25 años. No interferir. Tal vez algunos de ustedes estén observando este proceso por primera vez. Han venido, tridimensionalmente, se han sentado en su silla y escuchan a un hombre que canaliza información. Tridimensionalmente, cuando viene, es como un aula, ¿verdad? Nada más. Se sientan, absorben información. Pero no es eso lo que está sucediendo. Queridos, se extiende una invitación para que ustedes, ahora mismo, reciban todo lo que se están transmitiendo.

¿Quiénes son ustedes? ¡Yo lo sé! ¡Ustedes no lo saben! El acertijo es para ustedes. ¿Podrá ser que sean mucho más que lo que creen? ¿Podrá ser que haya magnificencia en todos ustedes? ¡Yo los conozco! ¡A todos! ¿Tal vez han venido con cosas que les queman por dentro? Yo los conozco. No hay misterios para Dios. Los seres humanos están empezando a abrirse de una manera espectacular, por sí mismos. Empiezan a recordar quiénes son.

¿Quién eres? Eres un alma antigua; eso te coloca hoy en la silla. ¿A quién encontrarás aquí? ¿Qué otra cosa te atrae como un imán a este lugar? Aquí hay familia. Mucho se está transmitiendo, ahora mismo, y quiero que te relajes y lo sientas. ¡Tantos de ustedes están dentro de una burbuja! “¡Oh, Espíritu! Sentiré lo que se me dé la gana. Absorberé lo que desee.” ¿Y qué pasa si hay cosas que deseamos darte y de las que no conoces nada? No puedes desearlas. ¿Qué pasa si hay cosas de un nivel esencial básico que deseamos enviar hacia ti? No van a atravesar la burbuja, ¿verdad? Puede que seas un alma antigua y trabajador de luz, pero no sabes lo que no sabes. ¿Qué pasa si hoy deseamos enviarte energía que te ayude a recalibrar y a sanarte? ¿Te das cuenta de que esta es una situación de ida y vuelta? El Espíritu puede transmitir todo el día, pero si no estás en actitud de recibir, no sucederá nada.

De modo que esta es la pregunta del día. ¿Qué estás dispuesto a recibir?

¿Estás dispuesto a abrirte a cosas que no conoces? ¿Es eso lo que se requiere para dar el próximo paso? Estás haciendo preguntas; ¡las oigo! Una de ellas es: “¿Podrá ser real esto?” No hay pruebas, ¿verdad? excepto en el corazón. Oh, sí, sí las hay. Hay pruebas para todo ser humano si se abre a recibir estas cosas. Más que energías: postulados para el futuro, el comienzo del cambio de paradigma. La tolerancia para algunas cosas que ni esperas. Y en ese proceso, la sanación que viniste a buscar. En este momento hay aquí tres personas que necesitan una sanación de su corazón; me refiero a lo emocional. Yo te conozco, ¡te conozco! ¿Crees que estás solo? Qué pintoresco. Cuando los ángeles se paran a tu alrededor y te abrazan, no puedes estar solo.

Quiero que salgan de aquí diferentes. Esos tres. ¿Qué enigmas llevan consigo? ¿Qué más hay, que se pueda despejar hoy? De modo que aquí no sólo hay información, ¿verdad? No les voy a dar una conferencia desde esta silla. Les doy invitaciones para cambiar, para ir más allá de la 3ª D, para empezar a ver la propia magnificencia interior.

Esto es todo por ahora. Más tarde habrá más. No se retiren de este lugar sin cambiar. ¡Hay tanto preparado para ustedes!

Y así es.


J-O-P-B [1]
Parte 2
Canalización de Kryon por Lee Carroll, en Basilea, Suiza,
sábado 6 de septiembre de 2014

Saludos, queridos, Yo Soy Kryon del Servicio Magnético.

Mi socio ha hecho esto muchas veces, pero en ocasiones le inquieta saltear algo. El proceso es interesante, sin embargo es tan común. Canalizar. En este salón, ahora mismo, hay personas que saben todo al respecto. Yo sé quién está aquí. Cuando el sanador se acerca al paciente, se establece una comunicación. El sanador lo sabe bien. A veces el sanador se hace a un lado y la información que el sanador necesita se presenta, a menudo verificada por el innato del paciente frente a él, y los dos empiezan la prueba de equilibrio.

Ahora bien, un sanadores y un canalizador como el presente tienen algo en común. Los sanadores no sanan, equilibran. Ningún ser humano puede forzar una sanación sobre otro. A menudo el otro está pidiendo equilibrio para poder sanarse a sí mismo. El sanador hace un buen trabajo para eso. Puede equilibrar al ser humano, para que éste pueda comenzar a avanzar en la sanación de sí mismo. La verdadera sanación requiere este proceso. Lo que están oyendo aquí es similar. Porque hay energía presente; realmente hay un mensaje, entregado con energía, que no es el que se entrega a través de mi voz.

Pero lo que pasa después es crítico. Es lo que ustedes hacen con eso. Algunos escuchan, y luego se van. Asisten a otro mensaje, escuchan, se van. Coleccionan mensajes y no sucede nada más. Estos mensajes contienen energía, queridos, y como sucede con el sanador, hay un equilibrio que ayuda a despejar el camino en su proceso de pensamiento, para que puedas tener la decisión para avanzar por ti mismo. Muchas veces es una exposición a la energía. Eso es, entonces, lo que queremos hacer esta noche. No será una canalización larga, pero sí profundamente diferente, porque queremos abrir un tema del que no hablamos frecuentemente. El alma del ser humano.

Hemos pasado tantos meses hablándoles sobre este cambio, mucho antes de 2012, durante 2013, y a lo largo del 2014, dándoles los atributos del cambio. Hicimos sugerencias sobre lo que se avecina para ustedes; les hablamos sobre las energías que los rodean y sobre qué esperar. Les avisamos que no desesperen por las cosas que van a ver; les contamos que esto es como una batalla final entre la luz y la oscuridad. Les dijimos que las cosas que tienen baja consciencia saltarían a primer plano: se mostrarían en toda su oscuridad y su fealdad. ¿Qué sucede cuando mueves las piedras de tu jardín que nunca antes habías removido? Lo que vive en esos lugares oscuros sale corriendo y ni siquiera sabías que estaba allí. Les dijimos que esas cosas estarían con ustedes: las ven en las noticias. Les rogamos que no se desesperen, porque es lo que ya les habíamos dicho, eran instrucciones para ustedes. Con la ayuda del Yo Superior, con la comunicación a través de la pineal, les dimos instrucciones sobre cómo estar en paz- Les dimos instrucciones sobre la tolerancia y la conducta – pero nunca hablamos sobre el alma. No como ahora.

¿Cuál es la diferencia? ¿En qué difieren el Yo Superior y el alma? Ahora, socio mío, vamos despacio porque estas cosas son importantes. El Yo Superior es una parte única de cada uno; aunque es parte de lo que llamamos “la sopa de Dios,” lleva tu nombre, contiene tu akash. Eres tú; la parte de Dios que tú eres. Cada vez que reencarnas, es el mismo Yo Superior. ¿Te habías dado cuenta de qué amigo tienes, que ha estado contigo a través de todas tus vidas? Cuando te conectas con tu Yo Superior, te conectas con la familia. Algo que conoces y con quien has estado. El registro de todo lo que aprendiste está en tu Yo Superior.

Ahora hablaré sobre el alma. Oh, es diferente. Aclaremos algo: en la energía del pasado, no todos los humanos se podían conectar con su parte-alma. Estaba tan por encima de su consciencia, que sólo era un concepto. Ahora empieza una nueva energía, y deseamos que empieces a aprender cómo conectarte con el Creador.

¿Qué es el alma? ¿Por qué es diferente del Yo Superior? Abordamos conceptos muy difíciles de explicar, en cualquier idioma. El alma es la chispa de Dios; es para siempre; no contiene tu akash. Tiene la impronta del Creador. Es todo lo que existe. Algunos de ustedes pueden sentirla, cuando ingresan en su esencia, empieza a presentarse durante la meditación. ¿Pueden sentirla? Y saben que no es el Yo Superior. No es eso que se comunica con ustedes; es ESO que SON ustedes. No está del otro lado del velo; se esconde en cada parte de tu cuerpo. Es tu belleza. Es la magnificencia de todas las cosas.

Necesitan oír algunos de sus atributos. Quiero que empiecen a practicar comunicarse con el alma. Cada momento que pasen en este tipo de comunicación, almas antiguas, les enseña. Algunos podrán hacer esto, algunos no podrán; a algunos de ustedes ni siquiera les importa. Pero a aquellos que lo desean, quiero llevarlos allí. Sin van a entender estas cosas, van a tener que hacer un pequeño viaje conmigo.

Quiero que ingreses a un lugar dentro de ti que es eterno, que es seguro; sólo tú puedes ir. Un lugar de la meditación más profunda que hayas tenido. Toma mi mano: vamos juntos.

¿Qué es lo primero que experimentarás? Si hay alguna jerarquía en la experiencia, lo primero es la ALEGRIA. Alegría. Alegría. ¡Alegría pacífica, sin importar qué esté sucediendo en tu vida! ¡La esencia de Dios y del amor es la alegría! ¡Desbordante! Por eso muchos van a llorar. ¡De alegría! ¡Eso es tu esencia! Puedes conectarte con eso en cualquier momento que lo desees. ¡Te pertenece! El Creador Universal tiene un rostro sonriente, todo el tiempo. ¿Cuántos humanos necesitan oír eso? ¡Tantos! No en este salón, pero los seres humanos creen que deben sufrir para obtener la atención de Dios Todopoderoso. Me gustaría decirles un secreto. La alegría les da más atención. El sufrimiento es un concepto humano tridimensional que nunca ha pertenecido a Dios. ¡Nunca ha sido un prerrequisito para Dios! ¡Es enteramente y completamente humano! No apliquen cosas humanas al Todopoderoso, la Gran Fuente Creadora; el amor puro que irradia desde la energía de tu alma crea alegría. ¿Pueden sentir eso, aquí sentados, sin importar qué esté sucediendo en su vida? Todo está bien. ¿Sabes cuán viejo eres? Esta parte de ti no tuvo comienzo y no tendrá fin. Es un círculo de amor tan perfecto que la mente humana no logra concebirlo. El alma es parte de la Fuente Creadora. Te diferencia de los otros animales, querido.

Quiero que empieces a ingresar a tu esencia más a menudo, para experimentar estas cosas de las que no hemos hablado antes de este modo.

Aquí va otro atributo del alma. No es tanto un atributo del Yo Superior como lo es del alma. La única palabra que tenemos para nombrarlo: unidad. Unidad. Los antiguos decían a menudo: vuélvete uno con todas las cosas. Toda la creación tiene a Dios como origen, y tú tienes la capacidad de volverte uno con todo. ¡Unidad! ¿Puedes sentirla? ¿Puedes ver que las rejillas del planeta fueron creadas para ayudarte a sentirla? Sentir las energías de los animales, del aire, de las rocas, de los árboles! Pero especialmente las de otros como tú: los otros seres humanos del planeta.

La unidad es lo contrario de la separación, y la vieja energía impulsa a los humanos a decidir quiénes son y a separarse unos de otros. ¿Es esto un atributo que proviene de Dios? ¿Será así el Espíritu? ¿El Creador del Universo habrá decidido ponerlos separados a unos de otros? Tú eres una creación perfecta. También lo es el que está a tu lado, y el que sigue, y el que sigue. Esto va más allá del concepto de “ama a tu prójimo,” si estás hecho de la misma sustancia que el prójimo. ¡Unidad! ¡Muchos no son capaces de sentirla! Un concepto que es simplemente demasiado elevado para que lo experimenten.

Escuchen: lo que en el pasado era exclusivo de los chamanes, ahora es de ustedes. Quiero que sientan la unidad de toda la humanidad. No de lo que hacen o de quiénes son. El hecho es que están todos juntos contigo. ¿Sabías que cuando sientes esto, cuando lo imaginas, afecta a todo lo que te rodea? La consciencia elevada es como un pegamento (se ríe). Es pegajosa; afecta a los que te rodean y les ayuda a verte a medida que despiertas, y lo que ven les gusta. No se puede esconder a una persona que es una con todo, porque brilla con una luz tan brillante, y sonríe con alegría.

Número tres: paz total. No una paz parcial. No una paz sólo para ti, para ahora. Una paz que sobrepasa todo entendimiento, sin importar qué esté sucediendo en tu vida o a tu alrededor. Cuando ingresas a la esencia de tu alma, todo es perfecto para siempre. No tiene nada que ver con tu vida; tiene que ver con la historia de la creación y más allá. Te lleva al lugar donde se crean los universos, cosas que están más allá de cualquier cosa que puedas oír o imaginar. Verás: tú eres parte de eso. Estabas allí cuando se creó tu universo, en paz completa. Imagina un lugar al que puedas entrar, donde no existe el drama ni los problemas.

Y ahora el último; nunca hemos hablado de esto. Finalmente, lo llamaré “pertenecer.” Hemos dicho esto antes: no estás solo. Oh, pero va más allá de esto. ¿Cómo es “pertenecer a Dios”? ¿Cómo es? ¡No estás solo! La alegría, la unidad, la paz, todo en un círculo alrededor de eso que es tu alma. No es tu Yo Superior. No es tu pineal. No es tu akash. ¡Es todo lo que es! ¡Intemporal! ¡Para siempre! ¡Tú- perteneces -a la- Fuente-Central! ¡Tú perteneces a Dios! ¿Hay algo que pueda alguna vez afectar eso? ¡No!

Alegría, Unidad, Paz, Pertenencia. Alegría, Unidad, Paz, Pertenencia. Alegría, Unidad, Paz, Pertenencia. Acabo de darles los secretos del chamán. A veces se sientan durante horas y pasan por todo eso, tratando de separarlos de su parte humana corpórea. En una vieja energía, era la única manera de poder sentirlo. Ahora, lo que empieza a cambiar es esto: el ADN humano comienza a hacerse más funcional. En el proceso, se va a requerir una energía más. Vas a poder sostener los atributos de esta alma hermosa, de una manera corporal. ¿Viste lo que hicieron los Maestros? ¡Sí! Todas esas cosas son parte de lo que puedes ser, pero hoy por primera vez empezamos a hablarte de ellas. Alegría, Unidad, Paz, Pertenencia. Entonces ahora te repito la pregunta: ¿Quién eres? Con estas herramientas: ¿QUIÉN ERES? Te diré quién eres. Levanta tu mano y declara: ¡Yo soy parte de la Fuente Creadora! Soy tan antiguo como lo antiguo; soy tan joven como lo joven. Soy eterno, mi sabiduría es para siempre. Puedo co crear milagros, aunque soy humano, porque mi alma despierta en mí, y la belleza de la Maestría está aquí. Incluso un poquito alcanza para mucho, queridos. Sus células están preparadas para despertar a esta verdad. Quiero que se sienten e ingresen en su esencia. Alegría, unidad, paz, pertenencia.

Y así es.


Desgrabación y traducción: M. Cristina Cáffaro
Lee Carroll
[1] (iniciales de Joy – Oneness – Peace – Belonging : Alegría, Unidad, Paz, Pertenecer)

Pag. Anterior: Kryon – No desesperen (parte 1 y parte 2).

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