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Origen: Sharing – ▶ Advanced Wall Stretches -Becoming ONE- Divine Changemakers Navigate the Subtle Path | Equipoise

Sharing – ▶ Advanced Wall Stretches -Becoming ONE- Divine Changemakers Navigate the Subtle Path

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Sunday, June 7, 2015
Becoming ONE-First Chakra Information Sue & Shawnna


Welcome to our Becoming ONE-People and Planet “Blog-a-thon”

Today, we will present the information about our First Chakra,
and tomorrow we will hear from Gaia and Her First Chakra.

First Chakra


LOCATION: The first chakra is located at the base of the spine.


 This chakra rules the lowest vibration of our body and has the slowest wavelength.
 There are four spokes, or petals.

 Four is the number of the square and foundations. The square is related to being honest, or giving a “square deal, the four energies of earth–earth, air, fire, and water, and the four directions. Four walls, four legs, or four wheels represent a strong foundation.


 The note for this chakra is C and the mantra is “lam” or “e” as in red.

 Chanting these mantras in the key of D while focusing our attention on this area of our body can enable us to more consciously access the first chakra.


 The color for this chakra is red, which is the lowest frequency of human’s visible light spectrum. Red is the color of anger and/or vitality.


 The first chakra rules our PHYSICAL energies. Also known as the root chakra, it governs our vigor, heredity, survival, security, passion, money, job, and home. This chakra aids us in our everyday survival.


 The sense of smell is related to this chakra. Our sense of smell is our most primitive sense, and is the first sense that awakens upon our physical birth. The receptors for smell are located at the base of our brain and feeds directly into our limbic system, which is the area of memory and emotion. Therefore, aromas can immediately access emotional memories stored in our unconscious.


 The astrological sign associated with the root chakra is Taurus. The symbol for Taurus is the bull. Like our root chakra, the bull is a symbol of masculine power and fertility. The bull roots in the earth with his front hooves and lowers his nostrils toward the ground to warn any who would threaten his “herd”. There are many cows in the herd, but only the strongest bull will be able to preserve the genetic integrity of the group.

The first chakra is actually the basis of both our masculine and feminine energy. It represents our masculine will and male sexual organs as well as the feminine energy of the Goddess Kundalini. Therefore, a man can learn to integrate his feminine power and a woman can learn to integrate her masculine power through the clearing and opening of this chakra.


 Earth is the element associated with the first chakra and the mineral kingdom is the top of that hierarchy. Crystals have been prized by humankind for eons and have also been used in esoteric healing. Since it rules our first dimensional self that is unable to reflect upon itself, perceptions from our root chakra are usually unconscious. This first dimensional portion of us can only be aware of a “hive or species consciousness”.

Even though, the first chakra has many masculine qualities it is also the “seat of the Goddess Kundalini” and is therefore often associated with our relationship with our mothers and with Mother Earth. Our relationships with our mother set up our attitude toward home, security, and money. If we are cut off from our roots, we feel cut off from the earth as well.


 The first chakra rules our survival consciousness and represents our deepest unconscious and most primitive self. This chakra represents the reptilian portion of our brain, which is our brainstem, our center for life support. The brainstem and the area immediately above it are called the reptilian brain because it is possessed by all creatures from reptiles to humans. For reptiles, this area is their entire brain, but for humans it is the base, or stem, of their brain. In fact, part of this area is known as the brainstem.


 The first chakra represents birth to two years of age. This is the time before we have completed our process of individuation and still perceive ourselves as a part of our parents. This chakra represents our struggle to come to terms with our physical life and physical body. Our Multidimensional Spirits are new to the limitations and separation of our new 3D reality, and we struggling to learn how to control our physical earth vessel. Fortunately, we naturally travel into the higher dimensions at this age and can return Home whenever we are desperately in need of comfort and understanding.

SOCIAL TIMELINE: Anthropologically, the first chakra represents the time when humankind was cave dwellers. At that time in our “civilization”, we lived from day to day. To assist in our struggle for survival, we worshiped animals and other aspects of our physical environment.

ENDOCRINE GLAND: Each chakra feeds prana into a different endocrine gland. Just as there are seven chakras, there are seven endocrine glands. Both the chakras and the endocrine glands are located along the spinal cord. The endocrine glands manufacture hormones and supply them to the bloodstream. These glands are called “ductless” because there is not a duct to any specific part of the body. Instead, hormones are released into the bloodstream where they are carried by the blood to every organ and tissue to exert their influence on all functions of the physical body.

Each gland is internally related to the other glands and also works closely with the nervous and circulatory system. In order for the organs of the body to work efficiently, the blood must contain certain chemicals. Many of these chemicals are secreted by the endocrine glands, and this secretion is vital for the health of the entire system. Our bodies can become diseased if there are too many or too few hormones.

The endocrine gland for the first chakra is the adrenal glands. There are actually two adrenal glands located with one on top of each of the two kidneys. The adrenal glands are the body’s call to battle. When adrenaline is released into the system our perceptions become clearer, we have added vigor and feel more courageous.

The release of adrenaline activates the fight/flight syndrome, which prepares us for “fight or flight.” Release of adrenaline and activation of fight/flight is brought on by real or imagined danger. Therefore, our emotions can activate a release of adrenaline when we feel extreme fear or even chronic anxiety. The first chakra is the “survival chakra,” and the fight/flight syndrome is vital for the survival of every species.

NERVE PLEXUS: The first chakra is located near the sacral plexus. The sacral plexus is the nerve center, which rules the skeleton, legs, feet, eliminatory system, male reproductive organs, and the prostate. If there is a problem with the leg or foot on the right, masculine, side of the body it can indicate issues of trust in one’s will. If there is a problem with the leg or foot on the left, feminine, side then it can indicate issues with trust of one’s emotional life.

CLEAR: When the first chakra is clear we feel secure, grounded, and stable. We can use good “common sense” to balance our finances as well as our everyday responsibilities and still initiate new activities and interest. Our eliminatory system functions well, neural activity in our legs and feet is healthy, and our ability to initiate sexual encounters is comfortable and natural. Our root chakra is the home of the Sleeping Serpent, our Kundalini. When this chakra is clear and balanced the Goddess Kundalini Shakti can awaken and begin her gradual rise towards reunion with Lord Shiva.

UNCLEAR: When the first chakra is unclear we feel insecure and fearful. We can also become absent-minded because we are ungrounded. We may also have a difficult time with our finances and day to day necessities. Whatever security we derive from material things can become threatened. There can also be problems with our home, which is our base of operations in physical life. We can become self-indulgent and self-centered and suffer from depression and grief. We may suffer from hemorrhoids, constipation, sciatica, or prostate problems.

All of the above emotional, behavioral, and physical health issues have to do with the ability to let go. We cannot let go of our sadness, let go of material sources of comfort when finances require, or even let go of the waste material of our bodies. If we cannot release what is holding us back, we cannot move forward. Difficulties with our sciatic nerve and problems with our legs and feet display this dynamic. Prostate problems can arise from frustrated sexual or creative drives.

EARTH’S CHAKRAS: Just as the first chakra represents our physical body, the Earth’s first chakra represents Her physical body. The planetary first chakra is located at Mt. Sinai in the Middle East. Lady Gaia is allowing Her Kundalini to rise to meet her Divine Mate. It is TIME now that we hear Her call. Hence, this area of the planet is the center of great unrest.

DIMENSIONS: The first chakra rules our first and second dimensional selves. Our first dimensional self represents the genetic coding, cells, and minerals of our bodies. It also represents our most primitive “animal self”, which is represented by the fight/flight response that serves to assure the survival of the species.

The root chakra also rules the male sex glands and the testosterone that they secrete. This testosterone drives the males in our society, and the male polarity of our psyche, to perpetuate and protect humanity.

SUMMARY: The body of Mother Earth and Her consciousness, Lady Gaia, is the third dimensional planet that supports our physical body. Just as our physical body communicates with our consciousness by its state of health, disease, comfort, and discomfort, Lady Gaia communicates with us via the health of Her planet.

Our Western society has traveled so far into our third dimensional individuality that we have lost sight of the fact that we are members of a greater whole. We have forgotten that we are members of a planet that we must all share. This forgetfulness has allowed us to overlook the fact that our individual destinies are intrinsically tied to the destiny of Mother Earth who houses and feeds our physical self.

Our physical bodies and the body of Earth send messages to us via the first and second dimension. If there are disruptions and diseases on a genetic and cellular level, if the elements of earth that are around and within our bodies are disrupted, if plants and animals are becoming extinct on a daily rate, there is a message that is being sent. We can say that we have heard these messages, but if our behavior has not been altered, then we have not LISTENED.

We can deny or ignore our bodies and the body of Earth upon which we live, but it is difficult to deny or ignore our behavior. Our actions interact with our environment and with others to create a mirror that forces us to look at ourselves. We can hold on to a victim mentality, which allows us to stay in denial and lie to ourselves, but our actions do not lie.

In today’s world, a lot of our needs for survival are “getting what we want”. We must learn to recognize that our actions dictate to us what we truly want, for that is what we find time to “do”. Only when we can recognize the messages from our unconscious as they are displayed in our behavior, can we take full responsibility for our actions.

However, how much time do we have to learn to listen to the needs of our planet and Her future generations? Has our individuality, which we so dearly prize in the West, cost us our ability to see the bigger picture?

When our first chakra is closed, it is difficult for prana to infuse our physical body. We are then out of touch with our own power to listen to and respond to the needs of our body and the home of our body, Earth.

Our actions then become reactions, and our ability to take responsibility for our personal power is diluted into a dismal struggle for survival. However, when the first chakra is awakened, spirit lives in matter and all of our behavior is directed by spirit, the spirit within our physical bodies and the spirit within our Earth.

Dear Readers, In this NOW, how do you experience you experience your first chakra:
Physically… Mentally… Emotionally…Spiritually…

I will talk about my experience to give you all an example:
Physically: My first chakra is feeling pretty grounded, which is a challenge for me, I fee connected to Gaia because I am sharing this exercise with al of you.

Mentally: Right NOW, I know where I am going, and it is Sunday, so it is calm. Knees are happy, which is not always the case.

Emotionally: Again, it is a day off, so I do not need to scurry off to any place. Hence, my First Chakra is calm.

Spiritually: My first chakra thinks of being in my backyard, walking on the beach as a Spiritual Experience

If you do not wish to document your experience on the blog, I invite you to write it in your journal.

Dear Readers, Shawnna and I would love to hear from you in the comments section.
Blessings for a happy First Chakra

Tomorrow–Gaia Speaks about Her First Chakra

Posted by Sue at 9:27 AM


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Divine Changemakers Navigate the Subtle Path

by Selacia

With all the powerful energies swirling around recently, it’s normal to have experienced some disorientation and time warp. There’s a feeling of acceleration in the air right now, too, as you incorporate new insights stirred by the April 4 eclipse. As a divine changemaker, your role now is to master how you respond to these cycles and become increasingly skilled navigating the subtle path.

To progress spiritually over the coming years, it is vital to understand and master these things. Mastery will involve an experiential knowing of the subtle path and its mysteries.

A Unique Lifetime

If you were born to have an ordinary life focused mainly on everyday things, the subtle would have little or no meaning for you. Your interests would be conventional and mundane, prioritizing your time to succeed with things that are material and easy to quantify. Examples: bank account, job, house, and relationship status.

A divine changemaker of course will have material goals to thrive in this physical world. However, there is obviously more to existence than these things. In this unique lifetime, you have been born to discover the larger picture of why you are here and find yourself in the process.

The “yourself” referenced here is not your ego self, the personality you learned to identify with – it is your true nature. That natural and eternal part of you cannot be analyzed or charted in a linear way. There is no rigid timetable for what happens when.

The Subtle Path

You travel a subtle path that has few obvious markers. The road ahead seems mysterious, in part because things are not obvious and meanings can be interpreted in countless ways. More often than not, the magic opens up in the moment when you are still and pay attention in a deeper way.

Did you choose this path? Yes and no. The subtle path is the natural way of living for anyone on the path of awakening. On some level, you chose to awaken in this life and that choice began catalyzing your attention and interest in the subtle realms of existence. On the other hand, if you were raised in a conventional way, you probably didn’t even learn about the subtle path until you were older.

However you look at it, since the subtle is part of the totality of being that is you, this means you would eventually gravitate towards the subtle path. That would be your conscious choice. Meanwhile, of course, the subtle would still exist in the background and would be experienced in the dream time. That happens regardless of whether one is conscious of it.

Loved Ones Stuck in the Mundane

Keep this in mind when you worry about loved ones, concerned that they are stuck in mundane concerns. They have dreams at night just like you do. Subtle energies impact them, too, stirring unconscious issues and planting seeds of awakening that will manifest at some time.

Help your loved ones by being as kind as possible, serving as a role model of how to live an awakened life. Be patient with them. Each person has his or her own timetable of awakening and progress on the path. Do not insist that they be where you are or do as you do. Keep your focus eternal and big picture: your loved one has had countless lifetimes just like you have. This means he or she will have their unique shadow issues to process and past life issues to clear.

The Joy of Discovery

The subtle path indeed is one of discovery. By very definition, then, it runs counter to conventional world thinking involved with formulas and methods and timelines. Joy can bubble up within you for no apparent definable reason as you make discoveries on the subtle path.

There really is no beginning and there is no end. In the background, during all of your incarnations, your soul has nudged you along the subtle path – helping you through even everyday life experiences to hone key enlightenment qualities like patience.

You are now awake to being on the subtle path. There is no turning back, pretending it is not there.

Knowing this, strive to master spiritual qualities needed for progress on your path. These include regular letting go, being present to yourself and circumstance, curiosity, regular inner inquiry, openness, and loving kindness. If that list of qualities seems daunting, remember that this is not your first lifetime developing these skills.

You don’t do this alone. You have spirit, as well as the support and feedback of other people on a similar path. You know some of them already. Don’t be surprised, though, if someone you wouldn’t suspect also is awakening and interested in the subtle path. Keeping this in mind will give you courage to move ahead when things get rocky. And when you are having one of your good days – feeling confident and in balance – your positive energy sent out into the world will help countless others.

Copyright 2015 by Selacia – author of Earth’s Pivotal Years, healer, and teacher * All Rights Reserved * * Feel free to share these articles with your friends and post to your blog or website as long as you include this copyright line and the full article text.
Posted 9th April by Shanti Zohar 


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Message from The Water: I Am The Mirror of Humanity


Posted on Jun 4, 2015
by cosmicgaia
in Ute Posegga-Rudel, Water
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Channeled by Ute Posegga-Rudel

Monday, June 1, 2015

Dear Friends, 


I was walking on the shore of the Atlantic, blessing and embracing the waters with the love of my expanded heart. The forceful waves seemed to pause for a moment and suddenly, while some becoming very shallow, small and translucent, they caressed my feet with great softness.

I stood and asked the waters:

Who Are you?
Who ARE you!
What is your true identity!
What is your mission and your function!
What is your work on this planet!

And the water spoke:

I am the messenger of peace, from the Origin that I am, the peace of Being, the peace of Divine Existence Itself.

I am representing the ocean of consciousness. I am giving you an image of your own Divine Nature, because, first of all, I do not only appear to you in this seeming element. But I also appear as moving waves to your awareness. I am representing both, substance and moving form.

So when you look at me, you see exactly yourself and how you function. I am your great mirror and I am what you are: energy. In truth I am energy, and not an element. I am energy, made visible in this form in your 3dimensional realm. This might not be new to you, but you tend to forget. And as much as you neglect my waters of your planet, as much you do not love yourself, neglect yourself.

I am the mirror of humanity. And in fact your whole planet is imprinting me with information. My waters speak with the orchestra of the increasing and decreasing sound of existence. Listen to them. Listen to the waves, that YOU are creating. They are your thoughts, your feelings and emotions. They are also responding to the fabrications of your artificially created, illusionary world.

So in order to recognize me as your own being, you need to look deeper, you need to look at my substance. You need to connect with my deeper substance to find yourself reflected in me.

When there is much turmoil, I reflect humanity´s emotions and also violence. I am nothing, my waves are just humanity, who creates their own mirror in me, when you see me violent, when you see me killing life. And when you see no life anymore in my waters, – how many of you exist without life inside, who consider themselves to be pure, free of reactions to life, without feeling, but who have become in fact lifeless, automated beings. I reflect that at the shores where you see no longer life. That´s me, when life in me is gone.

I store humanity´s consciousness, I absorb it and reflect it to you back.

Still I am Love, as much as you are, and I open for you your space of heart to find yourself in the immensity and the apparent infinity of my Being and Substance.

There is only one Divine Consciousness, and it manifests itself in many layers in your creation. One of the most important layers are the waters. They are found in many domains of your universes, even though the density might be different to what you experience here on your earth. But the principle of water, the reflective nature of its light and energy and infinite Divine Consciousness exists everywhere in the universe.

On this basis of infinity and substance, my universal waters communicate with each other, being able to carry information over long distances.

I am without judgement, I just AM. I am reflecting the vast Divine Consciousness, and what is arising in It, back to you, so that you can learn about yourself, to turn to yourself with my help and example.

Do spend time at my ocean shores, at the shores of my rivers and lakes. Even a little drop of morning dew on a leaf is revealing you the Divine Nature of the Universal Waters.

But even the most polluted water maintains still its Divine Substance. The loveless information it carries, does not touch It. What you can see with your eyes, does not touch It. What you see is just a reflection of your perceptual senses. You notice a form and information, that is destructive, which is your own thought form.

To regain balance, seek my shores of clean, pure water, full of life, to recover, to rediscover knowledge about your own true nature. But even if you are not able to find easily these shores of purity and full of life, with your pure heart, you can find my true nature everywhere, that is also yours.

I Am in love with everything, that´s why I accept everything, that´s why I do not dissociate from anything. Learn from Me to not to be attached, although you might appear to be burdened on your surface with the image of unlove. Cut through all the surface illusion to find the Truth, the Essence of Being altogether.

You are that, I am that. Divinity is without limitation!

Message conveyed by Ute

*       *       *
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