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The Rise of Modern Pop Music Amidst Dark Spells

by Tony Colton, April 30, 2015
Georgi Stankov

Dear Tony,

I have just read your three emails on dark music and have to navigate myself through the facts. Although I am familiar with most musicians you mention and have heard their music as I was a fan myself of pop music in the 60s as a teenager, I do not know most of the background you report about. I will insert the whole information you have given me and will add some links for further information as I did last time.
My working title will be: “The Rise of Modern Pop Music Amidst Dark Spells“. I hope you agree with it as what you describe contains light and darkness at the same time and modern pop was very stimulating in awakening humanity after the postwar dark age, notwithstanding all the dark spells that had to come to suppress this for the cabal very dangerous massive movement of the light.
I can confirm on my part that these dark spells and attacks could be very powerful and block any success of the light in the past. Now they have lost all their power. Only recently I eliminated very easily one very dark entity in my vicinity which was a pitiful remnant of this dark past and has done a lot of harm to other people. Such dark entities did use dark spells and magic rituals deliberately to destroy other people’s lives, for pleasure or avarice, most of the time driven by both ulterior motifs.
When I discovered the Universal Law and wrote my first book on it, I had a huge success at the beginning. But then the dark archons realized what a danger I am to their empire on this earth and after that they started attacking me on a daily basis and blocked any conceivable success whatsoever, no matter what I tried.
And I tried hard at the beginning before my soul approached me directly – through a channeling – and told me to transcend this battle onto a higher level and stop promoting the new theory of the Universal Law. I retreated from the scene and dedicated to my family, while writing one book after the other on Human Gnosis and the role of the Universal Law, where I delivered much heavier blows on the dark side than just attacking them at the human level, which as we all know is very weak and not the level where creation occurs.
Only recently a psychic who did not know me personally confirmed to Carla that I was blocked very effectively in the late 90s to promote the new Theory of the Universal Law and that due to the darkness and density at that time, the HR could not help me and left me on my own, so to say, as a single fighter behind the enemy lines without any guarantee of survival. Mission Impossible.
It is still a miracle how I survived these years, given the fact that up to the very last moment, before I came to Canada to join Carla, I was an object of dark attacks and spells that almost ruined my health. I could also tell a lot of stories on this topic and they will relate to yours, but since we have got rid of all archons and other dark entities now, we are well advised to forget this nightmare once and for all and to look forward in optimism.
I know this may sound as an empty slogan to you in your current situation, but believe me, we have never been so much supported and able to gestalt our destiny as now.
With love and light
Hi George,
Back in the early sixties, if you were any kind of guitar player at all you found your way to Lew Davis’s guitar shop on the Charring Cross Rd in the heart of London’s West End.
Ray Smith was the manager there at the time and he and I had just started writing songs together, and I would go into town and use the shop as HQ as I went about pitching songs and getting Gigs for my band.
Eric Clapton, Mick Taylor, Kieth Richard, John McGlaughlin, Paul Kossof, Steve Howe, David Bowie were frequent visitors and towards the end of the day Jeff Beck would come in from the building site trailing brick dust and pull a guitar off the wall.
Dick James’ Music was just upstairs in the offices and The Beatles were in and out all the time.
Jimmy Page was a regular and the first time I met him he had an Alesteir Crowley book under his arm.
Wherever two or more guitar players were gathered it wasn’t long before Albert Lee‘s name came up, as great as they all were in their own particular styles, Albert was in a league of his own, and they knew it.
One quiet afternoon Page came in and gave Ray Smith a blank cassette tape, he knew Ray was a good friend, and a big fan of Albert and he asked him to tape Albert’s guitar solo’s at the Flamingo Allnighter that weekend. Albert at the time was playing in Chris Farlowe‘s band, “The Thunderbirds“: “I’m not interested in Farlowe, or the songs, just get me the solo’s” were Page’s instructions to Ray. He wanted to study and learn them to incorporate them into his technique. Ray recorded Albert, that weekend (without his knowledge) and gave the tape to Page.
A few years later, when Led Zeppelin were already world stars, and I was on my way up in my own band, “Heads, Hands and Feet” (Albert was the guitar player in the band), I was doing a BBC radio show on which I related the story of Ray Smith taping Albert’s solos for Page, who was apparently listening at that time to the show.
It must be said that Page swore Ray Smith to secrecy over this taping of Albert’s solos because his ego was too big to admit he was doing this, even though it was common practice for aspiring artistes in order to learn, but Albert was in many ways a great rival for Page and he was a little too close to home.
Fast forward a few years and I’m standing in the wreckage of my beautiful dream, knocking back five star brandy from the neck of the bottle, my band had hit the wall in full flight. On the brink of world stardom, it all came apart in no time at all it seems. The dream of my life was dead and I fell off the wagon and went underneath the wheels. Life stayed that way for a while and the only time I worked was in desperation when the money ran out.
Chris Farlowe called one day, he had had a number one hit with Mick Jagger‘s  “Out Of Time” a few years before. He wanted to record one of my Head Hands and Feet songs, and he wanted me to produce it for him. He also wanted me to get Page to play on it.
Page had recently bought Richard Harris‘s gothic “Tower House” in Kensington and I still had the telephone numbers for the house, having been working with Richard not long before on the title song for his movie, “Ballad Of A Man Called Horse”, which I had co-written and produced.
Richard and I had become good friends and I had spent much time at the house which was haunted by a ghost that would lock the Tower room upstairs from the inside. I’m sure this appealed greatly to Page.
I called the number and a Swedish sounding girl answered the phone, I asked if Jimmy was there and I heard Page ask who it was.
“Jimmy wants to know what you want?”, she said. It had become a three way conversation with Page prompting her from the wings.
I told her.
“Tell him I’ll play on the record when he’s made the fucking movie”, was his reply, which is a polite way of saying “Fuck Off.” “And tell him I’ve put a spell on him that will last for seven years“.
The phone went dead.
I never thought about it then, it never occurred to me until much later after I had demolished my reputation, and lost all hope, that I could trace those seven years exactly from the time of the radio broadcast to the day I walked into AA. It never occurred to me until way after that, that he had also brought about the death of my band.
He had apparently done the same thing to David Bowie at some point. It is also well documented, and well known that Jimmy Page had used Dark Witchcraft to power Led Zeppelins rise to stardom.
Page’s fascination with the Alistair Crowley material is well documented, he had bought Boleskine House, on the banks of Loch Ness in Scotland that had at one time belonged to Crowley. It had apparently once been a church where an entire congregation had burned to death in a fire and was incredibly haunted.
While Page owned it, a young boy was found dead inside a Pentagram described into the floor. No charges were ever filed.
It was exactly the place that Crowley had been looking for in which to perform “The Sacred Magic Of Abramelin The Mage” that was a spell designed to invoke the presence of Satan himself. He never brought it off.
By the time Crowley sold the house, it was a denizen of dramatic and horrifying apparitions, and one of them, a headless ghost, scared Page so much that he contacted one of Crowley’s most ardent students, Kenneth Anger, who was now the most powerful Witch in England, and possibly the world, at the time, and asked him to exorcise it.
Anger agreed, and in exchange asked Page to write the score for his new movie, “Lucifer Rising“. His previous work had been “Hollywood Babylon“.
Anger exorcised the ghost and Page wrote the score, which Anger immediately rejected, much to the indignation of Page who considered himself by now above criticism and reproach. Page never re-wrote it and Anger then turned his dark powers on Page himself.
Down the road Page lost his band and spiraled into heavy Heroin addiction. Well, I never did Jimmy boy, what goes around comes around.
Rock and Roll George!!!!

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The Perennial Cat and Mouse Game Comes to an End – Another Ascension Dream




by Helga Heinemann, April 30, 2015

translated in English by Georgi Stankov
Hello Georgi,

here is another dream of mine as a straggler. I had it about 2 weeks ago and wanted to write it to you. But I had so much to do that it was forgotten. Now the dreams of PAT reminded me again about it.

Dream: I have received an invitation to an appointment. They have to tell me something very important. My partner wants to accompany me at any price. That I do not like. He understands nothing of the Ascension, sure he will make some inappropriate or ironical remarks. But I feel also subliminally his fear of losing control and losing me. He can not be dissuaded not to go with me.
We are welcomed on a ship and asked to enter a big white-painted room. A huge table stands in the middle of the room, behind it sits a very pretty woman dressed in white, in a kind of a princess dress with a crown on her hair. She stands up and looks at me with her beautiful huge eyes. With her facial expression and telepathically she lets me know that she understands I would have rather preferred to come alone. She has fully understood my dilemma and signals me that I have nothing to worry about. At the same moment two men enter the room, they involve my partner in a conversation that seems to be very interested to him (most likely soccer).
The three men leave the room. I took a seat at the table opposite to the woman. Again, she looks straight in my eyes and sends me telepathically: “You will ascend” Then she stands up and leans with her both hands on the table as to impart more emphasis to the whole affair. I am very excited and my hair is standing on end. Then the second telepathic sentence follows: 

“When the pointer goes up.” 


Then she points to a large white sheet of paper that is between us on the table.
And now it is getting very funny. The Earth is painted on it, but not with the usual contours of continents, countries and seas. Every country is instead symbolized by a sticker, which represents cartoon characters of Walt Disney. For Germany the stickers are “Tom and Jerry”.
The perennial “cat and mouse game” seems to come to an end. The two are about to flee very fast, as it is known of them, the planet Earth in an easterly direction. Dream end.
This put me for a few days in high spirits. Despite strong neck pain and headaches. In addition I got a lot of pain in the left jaw joint, so that I had to go to a dentist who adjusted a dental rail.

A lot of light and love for you and Carla from

Das ewige Katz und Mausspiel kommt zu Ende – Ein weiterer Aufstiegstraum
von Helga Heinemann, 30. April 2015

Hallo Georgi,

hier ist ein Traum-Nachzügler von mir. Ich hatte ihn vor ca. 2 Wochen und wollte ihn an dich schreiben. Doch hatte ich so viel zu tun, dass er wieder in Vergessenheit geriet. Nun haben die Träume des PAT mich wieder daran erinnert.
Traum: Ich habe eine Einladung zu einem Termin bekommen. Man hat mir etwas Wichtiges mitzuteilen. Mein Lebenspartner möchte mich unbedingt begleiten. Das mag ich gar nicht. Er versteht nichts vom Aufstieg, sicher wird er unpassende oder ironische Bemerkungen machen. Doch ich spüre auch unterschwellig seine Angst vor Kontrollverlust und mich zu verlieren. Er lässt sich nicht davon abbringen, mit mir zu gehen.
Wir werden auf einem Schiff empfangen und in einen großen weiß gestrichenen Raum gebeten. Ein riesiger Tisch steht mitten im Raum, dahinter sitzt eine in weiß gekleidete sehr hübsche Frau in einer Art Prinzessinnen-Kleid mit Krone im Haar. Sie erhebt sich und schaut mich mit ihren wunderschönen sehr großen Augen an. Mit ihrer Mimik und telepathisch gibt sie mir zu verstehen, dass sie weiß, ich wäre lieber allein gekommen. Mein Dilemma hat sie voll erfasst und signalisiert mir, ich müsse mir keine Sorgen machen. Im selben Moment betreten zwei Männer den Raum, die meinen Lebenspartner in ein Gespräch verwickeln, dass ihn sehr zu interessieren scheint (wahrscheinlich
Die drei verlassen das Zimmer. Ich nehme am Tisch gegenüber der Frau Platz. Wieder schaut sie mir tief in die Augen und übermittelt mir telepathisch: “Du wirst aufsteigen.” Dabei erhebt sie sich und stützt sich mit ihren Händen auf dem Tisch ab, wie um dem Ganzen mehr Nachdruck zu verleihen. Ich bin sehr aufgeregt und die Haare stehen mir zu Berge. Dann folgt der zweite telepathische Satz: “Wenn der Zeiger nach oben geht.” (???) Dann deutet Sie auf ein großes weißes Blatt Papier, das zwischen uns auf dem Tisch liegt.
Und jetzt wird’s lustig. Die Erde ist darauf abgebildet, doch nicht mit den üblichen Konturen für Kontinente, Länder und Meere. Hier wird jedes Land symbolisiert durch einen Sticker, der Comic-Figuren von Walt Disney abbildet. Auf Deutschland klebt der Sticker Tom und Jerry.
Das ewige Katz und Mausspiel scheint ein Ende zu haben. Die beiden sind im Begriff rasend schnell, wie man es von ihnen kennt, den Planeten Erde in östliche Richtung zu verlassen. Traumende.
Das hat mich ein paar Tage in Hochstimmung versetzt. Trotz starker Nacken- und Kopfschmerzen. Dazu bekam ich noch starke Schmerzen im linken Kiefergelenk, so dass ich einen Zahnarzt aufsuchen musste, der mir eine Zahnschiene angepasst hat.
Ganz viel Licht und Liebe für dich und Carla von

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The Fate of the World Rests in Your Hands



by Taryn Crimi, April 30, 2015


Georgi Stankov

I have decided to publish this message as it succinctly confirms the validity of our multidimensional approach towards the ascension process and the experiences we make these days while rapidly moving between the timelines and parallel worlds.

 This is how ascension is happening in each moment in the Now.

At present we only move between parallel timelines with similar realities, so that the illusion of continuity can be preserved. At the same time many aspects of our HS exist on much higher timelines which may appear to us as future realities from our current narrow perspective. 

Very soon though we shall transition in a significant ID shift to these higher timelines, which are in fact the new 4D worlds in the new Golden Galaxy, while retrieving for ever our soul fragments and bodies – our manifestations –  from the present lower timelines.

This spectrum of timelines belonging to this uppermost mother planet will be wrapped up and will descent to lower 3D and 4D worlds, where the current incarnation experiment will continue under much more severe conditions.

 In order to preserve the continuity in these timelines a major catastrophe must occur in each one of them that will explain to those souls who will follow this descent to lower levels why their situation has deteriorated so dramatically and why there has been a huge reversal in human progress and the good old times are irreversibly gone.

Simultaneously with this downfall, we shall permanently ascend our soul manifestations from these timelines to 5D and higher dimensions and will merge them with our HS as we do this each night in the dream state. This phase transition, which is now in the making, as many of you can feel, is also confirmed by this source: “All possible outcomes exist, it’s up to you to determine which one you will consciously experience. We will tell you, there are many of you who will now experience a very different world going forward.”

This is indeed the way how we create now our reality with our thoughts, ideas, longings, dreams and emotions. All humans who live with the idea of ascension day and night have already ascended and will move permanently to higher timelines when the final ID shift will take place. This is beyond any doubt.


Today we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of probable outcomes.

 In a sense we would like to discuss your role as a creator being and the power that you hold in determining what kind of world you wish to create.

 We are aware that many humans seek change at this time; both change in their personal lives as well as on a global scale but are often left feeling helpless. We are here to assure you that you are not helpless, and in fact, the fate of your world rests in your decisions. This is what we wish to further explain.

As we have shared in some of our previous messages, you are surrounded by an infinite number of parallel realities which contain every conceivable outcome and scenario you could possibly imagine.

 However you will not experience each and every one of those realities consciously, your choices that you make in this now moment will govern what you do and do not experience in a conscious manner.

Let us briefly touch upon the topic of parallel realities before we begin to explain the crucial role that you play in determining the outcome of your world. Firstly, know that there are an infinite number of parallel realities being played out concurrently alongside your own reality. Because you live in a world that is based on a preconceived belief of linear action, you also were taught to believe that you are on just one solid timeline your whole lives. Event A is followed by Event B and so on; however this is not so. You are constantly jumping from one timeline to the next many times throughout the day. The vibration at which you choose to resonate with determines which reality you will experience. But know that every decision that you possibly could make always plays out in infinite ways. Each “you” believes that it is the “real” you and all of the others are simply just possibilities. This really makes no difference as your soul is always aware of the infinite versions of reality which you are concurrently experiencing.

There are some realities where you choose a different career, a different location, a different spouse and so on. These are the realities which look very different from the one which you are conscious of. Other parallel realities only have subtle differences. There are an infinite number of versions of Earth. There are some in which World War 3, 4, 5, and 6 occur, while there are others which you have chosen to already ascend as a collective, as well as an infinite number of other diverse variations. Many other versions have a very different “past” or history, while others are similar to your version. Know that you always have the ability to shift your attention to anyone of these versions. You do it all day, everyday; however you usually are not shifting to realities which are vastly different from your own. It’s not that you cannot make drastic changes to your reality, certainly many of you already have. However it is not done in an instant, at least from your perspective. Imagine how confusing it would be if you instantly switched to a very different version of Earth, one where you did not choose the same spouse or live in the same home or work at the same location. It would be too dramatic and it would pull you out of the “illusion” that you are choosing to focus your attention on. After all that is all this reality really is; a very elaborate illusion to allow you to play a very intricate game where you are able to forget who you truly are, where you have come from and all of your gifts and abilities, in order for you to gain a tremendous amount of soul growth from this very unique experience. Because this is the only reality that you are consciously aware of, many tend to lose sight of just how unique and different this experience is. There really is nothing like this in the higher realms; that’s what makes this illusion so interesting.
Many of you have asked us to reflect upon the chaos you are witnessing within your reality; the riots, the violence, the volcanic eruptions, the earthquakes, the possibility of mandatory vaccinations, and the overall chaotic events which are taking place on your world. As we have said many times before, things are not always what they seem to be. Just as each of you are releasing and letting go of what no longer serves you, so too is the Earth as well as the human collective. Remember, you cannot change what you do not know.

Now, what do parallel realities have to do with you and the fate of your world, you ask. We will gladly tell you. You see, many have asked us, what will come of all this? Will the world continue to get “worse”? What will happen to the world’s economy? And to this we reply, you tell us. You see, each of you hold the power to determine which collective response you wish to experience consciously. Surely there are an infinite number of probable outcomes, which one do you prefer to experience? Each of you are witnessing the reality that you are most in resonance with. You each hold the power to determine which reality you prefer to experience. Rather than pushing back against what you do not want, we ask that you direct your focus on what it is you do prefer. What kind of world do you wish to experience. Your decisions do not have the ability to control another’s actions, however and this is the key, you always have the ability to choose another collective which is more in alignment with what you wish to experience. You do this by focusing on what you wish to experience. Watching in outrage and feelings of despair cannot attract to you an alternate reality, no, it can only bring to you more of the same because that is the reality you are focused upon. So we ask you, what world do you wish to resonate with? What collective do you wish to align with? This is how you change the world that you experience. The power is entirely in your hands. All possible outcomes exist, it’s up to you to determine which one you will consciously experience. We will tell you, there are many of you who will now experience a very different world going forward.

We hope that we have served you in some way and we remind you to focus your attention on what you desire not what you fear.

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides

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