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sharing.:::. Mental word practice [ NORTH POINT – ASTROLOGY JOURNAL

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Your Guide to Planetary Energies for
June 8 to 14, 2015
By Pam Younghans

Photo: Mammatus clouds over Peaio, Italy on June 6, 2015 (credit: Marcella Giulia Pace, posted on 

THE PLANETS are very active this week, providing a variety of themes for us to work with — so hopefully our juggling skills are up to the task!

Here’s a run-down of just a few of the different threads that will weave through the tapestry of the next seven days (and beyond):

NEPTUNE’S INFLUENCE prevails this week and next. The mystical planet is moving very slowly now, and will come to a standstill on Friday. This is the beginning of Neptune’s five-month retrograde (backward-motion) phase.

Neptune rules the spiritual and creative facets of our personalities. Whenever Neptune is strong, life can take on a dream-like quality, as the planet draws us inward in an effort to reconnect us with the reality of the unseen. Due to that effect, we may find our meditations and creative activities enhanced this week, and we are advised to keep dream journals at hand.

Our individual experience of Neptune will depend on where it is transiting our natal charts. Neptune has the effect of slowly dissolving our attachment to certain worldly manifestations — again, with the purpose of helping us trust more fully in the nonphysical realities that support our well-being and our very existence.

MERCURY ADDS to the somewhat surreal quality of the coming week as the Messenger planet comes to a standstill on Thursday. Mercury has been retrograde in Gemini since May 18, and over the past three weeks has required that we unravel the threads of old thought patterns so that we can learn to use our minds in new, more productive ways.

During this time, we may have been dealing with old anxieties and worries. We may also have been having communication difficulties, as a way to slow us down so that we become more conscious and more deliberate about how we handle this area of our live.

As Mercury starts moving forward again, we will likewise be supported in coming to new conclusions and new solutions, based on the insights we received and shifts we made while Mercury was retrograde. We should also see more concrete results for our efforts after June 27, when Mercury again reaches its original retrograde degree.

NEXT SUNDAY is an important day due to a couple of astrological events — we have our annual Sun-Mars alignment, and retrograde Saturn returns to Scorpio.

It’s fortunate that Mercury goes direct before we have the Sun-Mars conjunction in Gemini. Any time the Sun and Mars align, there is an urgency to take action, and we find are more likely to take risks. Any actions we take under this influence will be more supported with Mercury moving forward, especially if we take advantage of everything we’ve learned over the past three weeks.

SATURN’S RETURN TO SCORPIO is our opportunity to review some of the lessons we learned during Saturn’s full transit of the sign, which took place from October 5, 2012 to December 23, 2014.

Saturn always brings forward the need for discipline, maturity, and responsibility. While transiting Scorpio, the ringed planet required us to look more deeply at our own motivations and desires, and to see more clearly the unconscious needs and fears that have been creating drama and trauma in our lives.

As Saturn revisits Scorpio, from June 14 to September 17, we’ll be asked to take another look at what changes we need to make internally; our ultimate goal is to be as clear of debris as possible, so that our future progress is not inhibited by unprocessed fears and needs.

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All Rights Reserved.

Posted 1 week ago by Juan Pablo

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