sharing.:::. Mental word practice [ NORTH POINT – ASTROLOGY JOURNAL | psycho

Origen: sharing.:::. Mental word practice [ NORTH POINT – ASTROLOGY JOURNAL | psycho



sharing.:::. Mental word practice [ NORTH POINT – ASTROLOGY JOURNAL

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Your Guide to Planetary Energies for
June 8 to 14, 2015
By Pam Younghans

Photo: Mammatus clouds over Peaio, Italy on June 6, 2015 (credit: Marcella Giulia Pace, posted on 

THE PLANETS are very active this week, providing a variety of themes for us to work with — so hopefully our juggling skills are up to the task!

Here’s a run-down of just a few of the different threads that will weave through the tapestry of the next seven days (and beyond):

NEPTUNE’S INFLUENCE prevails this week and next. The mystical planet is moving very slowly now, and will come to a standstill on Friday. This is the beginning of Neptune’s five-month retrograde (backward-motion) phase.

Neptune rules the spiritual and creative facets of our personalities. Whenever Neptune is strong, life can take on a dream-like quality, as the planet draws us inward in an effort to reconnect us with the reality of the unseen. Due to that effect, we may find our meditations and creative activities enhanced this week, and we are advised to keep dream journals at hand.

Our individual experience of Neptune will depend on where it is transiting our natal charts. Neptune has the effect of slowly dissolving our attachment to certain worldly manifestations — again, with the purpose of helping us trust more fully in the nonphysical realities that support our well-being and our very existence.

MERCURY ADDS to the somewhat surreal quality of the coming week as the Messenger planet comes to a standstill on Thursday. Mercury has been retrograde in Gemini since May 18, and over the past three weeks has required that we unravel the threads of old thought patterns so that we can learn to use our minds in new, more productive ways.

During this time, we may have been dealing with old anxieties and worries. We may also have been having communication difficulties, as a way to slow us down so that we become more conscious and more deliberate about how we handle this area of our live.

As Mercury starts moving forward again, we will likewise be supported in coming to new conclusions and new solutions, based on the insights we received and shifts we made while Mercury was retrograde. We should also see more concrete results for our efforts after June 27, when Mercury again reaches its original retrograde degree.

NEXT SUNDAY is an important day due to a couple of astrological events — we have our annual Sun-Mars alignment, and retrograde Saturn returns to Scorpio.

It’s fortunate that Mercury goes direct before we have the Sun-Mars conjunction in Gemini. Any time the Sun and Mars align, there is an urgency to take action, and we find are more likely to take risks. Any actions we take under this influence will be more supported with Mercury moving forward, especially if we take advantage of everything we’ve learned over the past three weeks.

SATURN’S RETURN TO SCORPIO is our opportunity to review some of the lessons we learned during Saturn’s full transit of the sign, which took place from October 5, 2012 to December 23, 2014.

Saturn always brings forward the need for discipline, maturity, and responsibility. While transiting Scorpio, the ringed planet required us to look more deeply at our own motivations and desires, and to see more clearly the unconscious needs and fears that have been creating drama and trauma in our lives.

As Saturn revisits Scorpio, from June 14 to September 17, we’ll be asked to take another look at what changes we need to make internally; our ultimate goal is to be as clear of debris as possible, so that our future progress is not inhibited by unprocessed fears and needs.

Please feel free to share
this NorthPoint Journal with others who may enjoy it. When doing so, please forward it in its entirety, including all contact and copyright information.

Copyright NorthPoint Astrology 2015.
All Rights Reserved.

Posted 1 week ago by Juan Pablo

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sharing.:::.KPT- ▶ Urantia and the arrival of the Paradise Son. – Arcturian Energetic Weather Report #1 | URANTHEA2094

Origen: sharing.:::.KPT- ▶ Urantia and the arrival of the Paradise Son. – Arcturian Energetic Weather Report #1 | URANTHEA2094



sharing.:::.KPT- ▶ Urantia and the arrival of the Paradise Son. – Arcturian Energetic Weather Report #1

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Beloved ones, we are the Arcturians.

We are here to begin our process of sharing with you the energetic weather reports. As you know the energy fields on Gaia have been extremely intense, and the frequencies seem to be rising every day. However, simultaneously, there are other places, situations and people where the frequencies seem to be getting lower. This is because as the frequency gets higher, there are people who are dropping out.

This doesn’t mean that these people will not be able to continue their Ascension process, but it means instead that sometimes our beloved Galactics and Celestials wearing human forms need some time to rest. Some of you need to just stop and be still, take a vacation, do only do what you want to do, be with friends, travel, be in nature, write, sing, dance – whatever brings joy in your life.

This is so important because, even when you are sitting still, it is working very hard. Your body has to adapt to higher and higher frequencies of Light. As this higher Light is moving into your pineal gland, it is going into your endocrine system and moving through all of your Chakras. As the higher frequency light moves into the endocrine system of all of your chakras, you begin to have a different bio-chemical mix, so to speak.

Another thing that is occurring is that time is becoming increasingly confusing. This confusion is because as you are moving into your fifth-dimensional consciousness you are beginning to remember how it is to live in the NOW. Hence, you get so involved in the NOW of what you are doing, thinking or being, that you lose all track of time.

Then you look back and say, “Oh look, I’ve wasted all of this time.” We want you to know that there is no wasting of time. We want you to know that it is vital that you allow yourself to surrender into your true SELF, surrender into your fifth-dimensional SELF that resonates to the One of the NOW.

Speaking of resonance we see that many of you have begun to feel the kundalini merging its way up your spine and undulating up and down. Within that kundalini your Lightbody is getting ready to flash forward. Now we will not give you a time for this because time is an illusion of the third-dimension.

You already have a Lightbody in your fifth-dimensional self. When you are serving on the Starships, you are primarily serving in your Lightbody. However, the Lightbody that you are wearing while in your fifth-dimensional state of consciousness does not look the same as a Lightbody you may perceive while you are in a third-dimensional state of consciousness.

If you perceive a Lightbody, in other worlds, but you are in third or fourth dimensional consciousness, it will be something that is almost beyond your perceptions. So therefore it will look like a flash of Light. It will be a bit blurry, and you may not see details like fingers, toes, noses or eyes. You might just see a large being of Light.

However, if you are also wearing a fifth-dimensional body of Light, you will perceive that body in much greater detail. In fact, you can see all of the details of that being. You can see their face, their arms, their body, and you can feel that they resonate to this fifth-dimensional Light just like you do.

It is very difficult to accurately perceive a reality that is beyond your state of consciousness. You might be able to perceive it with your imagination, which is really your fifth-dimensional thought, for a bit of your time. But you will quickly become tired as your third-dimensional brain is not programmed for that type of perception.

Now, more and more of you, our beloved ones wearing Earth vessels, are beginning to awaken to your higher perceptions. You are beginning to see with your clairvoyance, hear with your clairaudience, and feel with your clairsentience.

Therefore you are able to see beings of Light that you have not been able to see before. However, until you have become accustomed to perceiving that frequency, you may still have difficulties perceiving, acknowledging and recognizing the details of these perceptions.

It is much like using an old, crystal radio to try to receive a high-speed transmission from outer space. That radio would not be able to receive it and if it did it at all, it would not be very clear. That is what is occurring with you now. Just be patient and allow yourself to perceive the higher realities in whichever manner they come to you.

Remember that belief and perception are best friends. If you can believe, “I am perceiving a Starship,” then you have given yourself permission to imagine that you are actually seeing a Starship. In fact, you can’t see that Starship unless you use your fifth-dimensional imagination, or your clairvoyance, or you might hear it with your clairaudience. You may just know that the Starship there with your clairsentience.

Sometimes you will look up into the sky and see a star and say, “No that is more than just a star. I know inside me that it’s more than a star. I can feel it. I can feel it in my heart. I can see it in my Third Eye. I can even imagine myself on that ship. Oh, NOW I can remember that dream I had not too long ago.

I don’t remember many details of that dream. I just remember talking to someone who was definitely not human. Even if they were Pleiadian, they were clearly not human. They looked like human but they did not feel like human. They did not talk like human. In fact, they didn’t talk at well. We just spoke with our minds.

Then I tried so hard to bring that back to my physical self as I was awakening. I could hold it for just a few minutes, and then it was gone. All I could remember was that, “I think I might have had an experience last night, but I can’t remember any of it.”

Don’t worry, practice makes perfect. More and more, you will be able to acknowledge that you visit us on a regular basis. You will also be able to acknowledge that we visit you. Now we don’t visit you in that we would lower our high frequency bodies down to the density of your world except for short periods of time.

When we do visit your frequency, very often we wear special suits that help us to maintain our own inner frequency. If you were to go to the bottom of the ocean, you would wear a special suit because you would need that assistance to live in such a different environment.

In the same manner, we also often need assistance to be able to spend much of your time in your low frequency of reality. Also we know how to project, what they used to call it in the third and fourth dimensions, of the glimmer of magic.

Actually, we know how to create a thoughtform around us. Therefore, you see that thought form that we have created. We are not trying to fool you at all, but we don’t want to frighten you. We do want you to know that we are among you, and we walk with you much more than you can imagine.

Now again, we are going to touch down and walk with you a while, then go back up to our ships and into our innate higher frequency. But it is good for us to lower ourselves even though we have to make special preparations because then we can really understand what you, our dear grounded ones, have to go through every day. We also want you to know that we are here and we will be more and more visible.

So just relax and believe that we are real. Remember, what you can believe you can perceive and what you can perceive you can believe.

Know that we perceive every one of you, and we send you all Light. We are also sending Light to all of humanity, especially to those who are lost. Fortunately, there are many who are awakening from the members of the lost ones. We are very happy to share that information with you.

Well, see you on our Ship. We will return soon (within your illusion of time) to transmit another Energetic Weather Report.

Have a wonderful day, and we send blessings to you all,

The Arcturians

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 13th April by Shanti Zohar

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sharing.:::. ▶ How to Create a HEADLESS MAN in Photoshop – Climbing the Stairway and Free Meditation – The Arcturians | photos

Origen: sharing.:::. ▶ How to Create a HEADLESS MAN in Photoshop – Climbing the Stairway and Free Meditation – The Arcturians | photos



sharing.:::. ▶ How to Create a HEADLESS MAN in Photoshop – Climbing the Stairway and Free Meditation – The Arcturians

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Awakening with Suzanne Lie

Wednesday, June 10, 2015
Climbing the Stairway and Free Meditation – The Arcturians

We Temporarily Interrupt this Blog-A-Thon for a
Message from the Arcturians and a

FREE Meditation Download

Climbing the Stairway


The Arcturians and Our Galactic Family

Beloved Ones, 

You are ALL creating your New Home on New Earth. Your new home may be on new Earth, your new starship assignment, and/or your new Lightbody. In fact, you are all building your NEW LIFE thought-by-thought and emotion-by-emotion.

Within this NOW, your consciousness is continuing to expand into higher and higher frequencies and dimensions. Hence, your expanded powers of multidimensional manifestation are coming online. Therefore, as you continue to download and integrate the return to your fifth dimensional SELF, you must especially be aware of your every thought and emotion.

When you were resonating to a lower frequency of light, it took a long “time” for your conscious and un-conscious self to manifest the thought-forms that you consciously, or unconsciously, created. It took more “time” for your thought-forms to manifest because they were created within time.

Now, your super-conscious thoughts and multi-dimensional emotions are seeping into your 3D brain. Therefore, your thought-forms are immediately returning to you in various stages of manifestation. The term, “what you think about, you bring about,” will exponentially expand.

This expansion will progress as your consciousness expands into higher and higher frequencies. Once you create your thought-forms while in a fifth dimensional state of consciousness, you leave time to function within the NOW.

Within that NOW, you will create, perceive, and/or receive information that resonates from the NOW of the ONE. This information is free of ALL polarity, and beyond the 3D judgments of good or bad, beyond all illusions of separation and individual thoughts and/or emotions.

The term “individual” will slip from your vocabulary once you have fully logged-out of the 3D Matrix. When you create your reality in this manner, you create a lattice, a “Jacob’s Ladder,” into the higher dimensions of reality.

This “Jacob’s Ladder” is the unity of all the dimensions of your Multidimensional SELF held together by the outsides of the ladder, which reminds you of the polarized reality you are releasing.

This ladder is an “internal ladder,” which will infinitely expand into higher and higher dimensions, as you calibrate your consciousness to the higher frequencies of reality.

You will expand your consciousness by continually clearing the lower frequency illusions of separation from your earth vessel, neighborhood, city, state, country, hemisphere, and the entire planet.

You, beloved ONES, are our “clean up crew” who has enough freedom from ego that you can clean up the mess that someone else made. You are free of ego, so you have no need to judge the ones who made the mess.

In other words, you are becoming Masters. As Masters you are free of judgment of your self. Hence, you no longer need to judge others. Because you remember your myriad incarnations in lower consciousness, you can acknowledge the messes you left in other incarnations.

You also understand that being a Master means you clear the Path for others. The fact that you are now clearing what others have left behind, reminds you of your own progression toward returning Home. Because you no longer judge yourself, you can recognize this shift by the lack of your own ego concerns, fears and cautions.

You KNOW that you are infinitely over-lit, guided, and protected. You feel this confidence because you BELIEVE in your SELF and KNOW that your higher dimensional experiences are “real.”

As you begin to realize your TRUE reality in the higher dimensions, you begin to see-through the myriad lies and dis-information that is being released by your 3D media. You can FEEL the Truth of the higher frequencies and KNOW the lies of the 3D matrix.

When you come to that state of awareness, you begin to “build your new home,” which is your Lightbody. Of course, you do NOT build it because it already exists in your fifth dimensional, and beyond, SELF.

What you are building is your own inner guidance of how YOU can stay connected to your Multidimensional SELF while you also move through the challenges of 3D life. This higher perspective of your life requires that you meditate often to ground higher and higher states of consciousness into your physical form.

Eventually, you begin to have conscious experiences of your Lightbody while still wearing your earth vessel. These experiences of Lightbody offer you a feeling of total euphoria that can NOT be ignored.

Your Lightbodies are beginning to flash out form your core when you are in your higher states of consciousness. You may also experience your Lightbody when you receive a message from the higher dimensions. This “Light Language” has found an open portal into your 3D brain.

Remember, these messages are also stored in your Multidimensional Mind to be recovered when you can remember to expand your consciousness into the fifth dimension. Within your fifth dimensional consciousness, you can access all these higher-dimensional messages.

Since messages form the fifth-dimension and beyond are free of time, they do no expire if you cannot get to them for a span of your “time”. Sometimes these message wait in your Multidimensional Mind for years before you can maintain the state of consciousness in which you can “retrieve and read” them.

Remember that TIME is an illusion of the 3D Matrix. Once your consciousness is free of that matrix, you are free of the limitations of time. In fact, more and more of our volunteers to Gaia are remembering how to wear their 3D vessel in the physical reality while they remain in constant contact with their higher expressions of SELF.

The more deeply you ground your physical form into the core of Gaia, the higher your consciousness can expand into your Multidimensional SELF. However, if one tries to connect with the higher dimensions for the purpose of personal gain, they will be limited to the third/fourth dimension in which goals are based on individuality.

Once your consciousness expands into the fifth dimension, you realize/remember that any selfish goal from even the smallest fragment of your SELF must be released. From your higher perspective, you KNOW that you came for Gaia.

Once you can embrace this manner of perceiving your physical self and 3D reality, you take a quantum leap within your consciousness. Furthermore, when you become aware that the purpose of the 3D Matrix is to attach the 3D holographic projection of reality onto Earth, everything in your life changes.

One of the first changes will be that you will recognize the components of your ego-self that do NOT want to change. During the many incarnations in which you played the 3D Holographic Game, you faced many hardships. These hardships made you feel weak and in adequate.

But NOW you are realizing that it was your own thought forms and fearful intentions that created many of these physical difficulties. As you get more and more glimpses of fifth-dimensional consciousness, you begin to “catch yourself in the act” of being third dimensional.

Then you will have the challenge of releasing ALL judgment of your thoughts, words, and/or behaviors. The best way to release self-judgment is to say, “Dear physical expression of my SELF, I love you unconditionally. I forgive you unconditionally, and I accept you unconditionally.”

Remember that you were trained to get angry with your self and be remorseful for your behavior. That training was actually third-dimensional indoctrination. Because you are increasingly regaining your fifth dimensional perspective on life, the concept of self –judgment, or feeling remorse for past actions, to falling away.

You slowly, or quickly, forget to think or feel in such a third dimensional manner. Just as you easily released records, to be replaced by tape recordings, to be replaced by streaming music onto your electronic device, you will adapt to many of the changes in your reality.

There will be other changes that you will find yourself resisting and pushing away. When you realize that you are displaying that kind of behavior, do not judge your self. Instead, YOU take the role of your higher dimensional SELF and council your physical self as a loving parent would council their child.

In many ways, you are the child of your Multidimensional SELF. You are that child because you are an “offshoot” of your SELF. You are the child in that you need your Higher SELF to guide you through the myriad changes of “returning to your higher dimensional SELF, as well as to your higher dimensional HOME.”

You will also need your Higher SELF to unconditionally love you when you cannot love your 3D self. Your Higher SELF will also unconditionally forgive you, as well as unconditionally accept whatever “mistakes” or “inner darkness” that you discover as you pull the greater light into your aura.

This greater light will move into your inner core within your spine, which houses your Kundalini force. Simultaneously, you will feel the higher light entering your fourth dimensional aura. Then, from the furthest expanse of your aura to your most inner core, the outer and inner lights seek the bliss of UNITY.

The stronger the light is within your core, the more you seek, and find, that higher light in your daily life. Simultaneously, the ever-expanding light of your daily life is communing with the light within your aura.

Slowly, but surely, the inner and outer lights move into the “in-between” to merge. You will have “rehearsals” of this merging when in deep meditation, while lovingly assisting others, and whenever you experience a deep connection with your SELF.

Your ego cannot choose these moments of connection. The merging of the inner and outer light occurs when you are in the NOW of the fifth-dimension and beyond. Within that NOW, you are resonating to the frequency of the ONE. Therefore, you do NOT desire anything for your personal self.

Within the resonance of the ONE you REMEMBER:
You remember your SELF in the fifth dimension and beyond.
You remember your SELF in myriad incarnations and/or parallel and alternate realities.
Perhaps, and very important, you may remember why YOU came to Earth in this NOW.

At first this multidimensional memory may seem scattered and out of sequence. This experience is because you are unconsciously slipping into perceiving a moment of the NOW with your third dimensional thinking.

In this case, you will feel euphoric, invigorated, and you may even cry from joy and love. However, as soon as you try to pull this moment into your “time and sequence,” your consciousness drops back to the third dimension, and you fall out of the experience.

“Why, why, did it leave me?” you may cry in anger and impatience. Then you might judge yourself by thinking, “Once again I could not grab that golden ring.”

We remind you, dear ones, to hold on to the “sides of your ladder,” as you make your journey. Would you climb a high ladder without holding onto it with your hands? NO, you would surely fall if you did.

Therefore, Dear Ones, hold on tightly to that which connects each rung of your Return to SELF. Please understand that it is your own third dimensional experiences and fourth dimensional dreams and inspirations that connect each rung of the ladder back HOME to your SELF. Your OWN experiences, dreams, and aspirations unite, contain, and organize your “Stairway to Heaven.”

At the top of this “ladder,” you will find the Heaven that you have created on Earth.

Blessings our wonderful, brave warriors for maintaining your unconditional love, inner peace and blissful joy while your climb this “ladder” Home to your SELF. We, your Galactic Family, applaud each and every ONE of you.

In closing, we remind you to plant your ladder deep into Gaia’s soil and attach it to INFINITY, for you will be:


(Note from Sue:
The Led Zeppelin version of this song was, and still is, my all time favorite rock song. I was a “hippie” then, who was married, had two small children, and owned a house. We had amazing parties 2 to 3 times a week. I cooked everything from scratch, made our clothes, curtains, bedspreads etc. It was a wonderful time of hope and freedom, which of course ended. But the memory has always given me hope for the future.

Back then, in the 70’s, I was so involved with the music that I never really listened to the lyrics. I have attached them here as they represent one of those synchronicities that we run into when we live in the NOW.)


There’s a lady who’s sure all that glitters is gold
And she’s buying a stairway to heaven.
When she gets there she knows, if the stores are all closed
With a word she can get what she came for.
Ooh, ooh, and she’s buying a stairway to heaven.

There’s a sign on the wall but she wants to be sure
‘Cause you know sometimes words have two meanings.
In a tree by the brook, there’s a songbird who sings,
Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgiven.

Ooh, it makes me wonder,
Ooh, it makes me wonder.

There’s a feeling I get when I look to the west,
And my spirit is crying for leaving.
In my thoughts I have seen rings of smoke through the trees,
And the voices of those who stand looking.

Ooh, it makes me wonder,
Ooh, it really makes me wonder.

And it’s whispered that soon, if we all call the tune,
Then the piper will lead us to reason.
And a new day will dawn for those who stand long,
And the forests will echo with laughter.

If there’s a bustle in your hedgerow, don’t be alarmed now,
It’s just a spring clean for the May queen.
Yes, there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run
There’s still time to change the road you’re on.
And it makes me wonder.

Your head is humming and it won’t go, in case you don’t know,
The piper’s calling you to join him,
Dear lady, can you hear the wind blow, and did you know
Your stairway lies on the whispering wind?

And as we wind on down the road
Our shadows taller than our soul.
There walks a lady we all know
Who shines white light and wants to show
How everything still turns to gold.
And if you listen very hard
The tune will come to you at last.
When all are one and one is all
To be a rock and not to roll.

And she’s buying a stairway to heaven.

See you on the stairway
(where I found the lyrics—you can hear the song there too)

Posted by Suzanne Lie at 9:53 AM

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Sharing.:::.INTO A NEW WAVELENGHT.:::. ▶ Anatomy of Movement Of The Hip – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – YouTube | Equipoise

Origen: Sharing.:::.INTO A NEW WAVELENGHT.:::. ▶ Anatomy of Movement Of The Hip – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – YouTube | Equipoise



Sharing.:::.INTO A NEW WAVELENGHT.:::. ▶ Anatomy of Movement Of The Hip – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim – YouTube

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 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する/თარგმნა
*   *   *         *   *   *

Ley-lines and time markers are off line, sacred geometries are reset.

 An actual cog in time has been felt as the worlds walk into a new wavelength of Light.

We still biologically walk to the beat of the old drum when the band plays on in a different octave of time and light.
 Our perceptions are enhanced and we see in and out of time but are still not sure where to place each thought.
 Seeing between the worlds is not a place for those weak of purpose.
 One must hold tightly to the tight wire as time doors are opened and possibilities present themselves in a new array of colors.
 The unexpected is to be expected on a daily basis.

Dimensional black holes to other places of parallel time loops can create a dizzying effect in most unexpected places.. Time doors open and close faster than the bat of an eye.
 Truth and time are adjustable in nature.

Your vessel of perpetual self is being purified for the expanded energies and truths of the upcoming shifts. 

You are an instrument of light that is being fine-tuned to play a new song. Relax into the Shifts; look at them eye to I, seeing with the wisdom of a thousand years! See beyond what you deem humanly possible. Each situation has a million outcomes. It is up to the individual to pick the reaction which then opens the door to a matching experience. 

~Excerpts from Gillian MacBeth-Louthan –
Posted 11th April by Shanti Zohar 

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compartir.:::.Cambiando la mirada sobre tu enfermedad..:::.Hilarión ~ Cuando se sientan en el cruce de caminos….:::.El que se eleva será humillado. | AGHARTAN

Origen: compartir.:::.Cambiando la mirada sobre tu enfermedad..:::.Hilarión ~ Cuando se sientan en el cruce de caminos….:::.El que se eleva será humillado. | AGHARTAN



compartir.:::.Cambiando la mirada sobre tu enfermedad..:::.Hilarión ~ Cuando se sientan en el cruce de caminos….:::.El que se eleva será humillado.

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переводити/Traduire/ переводить ♪ → → → → → → ►
 ترجم / לתרגם   翻訳する/თარგმნა
* * * * * *
* * * 
El que se eleva será humillado.

– En aquella hora se llegaron los discípulos a Jesús, diciendo: ¿Quién piensas que es mayor en el reino de los cielos? -Y llamando Jesús a un niño, lo puso en medio de ellos. –Y dijo: En verdad os digo, que si no os volviéseis e hiciérais como niños, no entraréis en el reino de los cielos. – “Cualquiera, pues, que se humillare como este niño, éste es el mayor en el reino de los cielos”. – Y el que recibiere a un niño tal en mi nombre a mí recibe. (San Mateo, cap. XVIII, v. 1 a 5).

– Entonces se acercó a él la madre de los hijos de Cebedeo con sus hijos, adorándole y pidiéndole alguna cosa. – El le dijo: ¿Qué quieres? Ella le dijo: Dí que estos mis dos hijos se sienten en tu reino, el uno a tu derecha y el otro a la izquierda. – Y respondiendo Jesús, dijo: No sabéis lo que pedís: ¿Podéis beber el cáliz que yo he de beber? Dícenle: podemos. -Díjoles: en verdad beberéis mi cáliz; mas el estar sentado a mí derecha o a mi izquierda, no me pertenece a mí darlo a vosotros, si no a los que está preparado por mi Padre. – Cuando los diez oyeron esto, se indignaron contra los dos hermanos. – Mas Jesús los llamó a sí, y dijo: ¿Sabéis que los príncipes de las gentes avasallan a sus pueblos, y que los que son mayores ejercen potestad sobre ellos? – No será así entre vosotros: mas entre vosotros, todo el que quiera ser mayor, será vuestro criado. – Y el que entre vosotros quiera ser primero, será vuestro siervo; – así como el Hijo del hombre no vino para ser servido, sino para servir, y para dar su vida en redención por muchos. (San Mateo, cap. XX, v. de 20 a 28).

– Y aconteció: que entrando Jesús un sábado en casa de uno de los principales fariseos a comer pan, ellos le estaban acechando. – Y observando también cómo los convidados escogían los primeros asientos en la mesa, les propuso una parábola, y dijo: – Cuando fueres convidado a bodas no te sientes en el primer lugar, no sea que haya allí otro convidado más honrado que tú. – Y que venga aquél que te convidó a tí y a él y te diga: Da el lugar a éste, y que entonces tengas que tomar el último lugar con vergüenza. – Mas cuando fueres llamado, ve y siéntate en el último puesto: para que cuando venga el que te convidó te diga: Amigo, sube más arriba. Entonces serás honrado delante de los que estuvieron contigo a la mesa -“Porque todo aquél que se ensalza, humillado será, y el que se humilla será ensalzado”. (San Lucas, cap. XIV, v. 1 y de 7 a 11).

– Estas máximas son consecuencia del principio de humildad que Jesús no cesa de sentar como condición esencial de la felicidad prometida para los elegidos del Señor, y que ha formulado con estas palabras: “Bienaventurados los pobres de espíritu, porque de ellos es el reino de los cielos”. Tomó un niño como tipo de la sencillez de corazón, y dijo: “Cualquiera, pues, que se humillare como este niño”, éste es el mayor en el reino de los cielos, es decir, el que no tendrá ninguna pretensión a la superioridad o a la infalibilidad.

El mismo pensamiento fundamental se encuentra en esta otra máxima: “Todo el que quiera ser mayor será vuestro criado”, y en esta otra: “Porque aquél que se ensalza, humillado será, y el que se humilla, será ensalzado”.

El Espiritismo viene a sancionar la teoría con el ejemplo, enseñándonos grandes en el mundo de los espíritus a aquellos que eran pequeños en la tierra, y a menudo, muy pequeños a aquellos que estaban en ella como grandes poderosos. Consiste en que los primeros se llevaron, al morir, sólo aquello que hace la verdadera grandeza en el Cielo, y no se pierde: las virtudes; mientras que los otros, tuvieron que dejar lo que constituía su grandeza en la tierra y no puede llevarse: la fortuna, los títulos, la gloria, el nacimiento; no teniendo otra cosa, llegan al otro mundo desprovistos de todo, como los náufragos que lo perdieron todo, hasta sus vestidos; sólo conservaron su orgullo, que hace su nueva posición más humillante porque ven superiores a ellos y resplandecientes de gloria, a los que pisotearon en la tierra.

El Espiritismo nos enseña otra aplicación de este principio en las encarnaciones sucesivas en las que aquellos que estuvieron más elevados en una existencia, han bajado a la última clase en una existencia siguiente, si han sido dominados por el orgullo y la ambición. No busquéis, pues, el primer puesto en la tierra, ni procuréis poneros más altos que los otros, si no queréis veros obligados a bajar; buscad, por el contrario, el más humilde, y el más modesto, porque Dios sabrá daros uno más elevado en el Cielo, si lo merecéis.


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Hilarión ~ Cuando se sientan en el cruce de caminos…


Cuando se sientan en el cruce de caminos preguntándose qué vía seguirá la humanidad, sepan que no son unos desvalidos – tienen la capacidad para hacer cambios en los campos morfo-genéticos (campos que influyen en el patrón o forma de las cosas) que rodean a todas las situaciones. Estos son los campos de patrones recurrentes que enlazan a todas las personas, campos que influyen y son influidos por las costumbres de todos los seres, ya sean de conocimiento, percepción o comportamiento. Es un campo que existe y en donde cada individuo hereda una memoria colectiva de los miembros anteriores de la especie, y que también contribuye a la memoria colectiva que afectará a otros miembros de la especie en el futuro (ver enlaces al final del mensaje sobre este tema*). Por eso les decimos que son más poderosos de lo que creen, y la razón por la que la atención plena, en sus pensamientos, palabras y obras, es tan importante. Es a través de su intención enfocada, su amor, su claridad intuitiva y su luz que se producen cambios en los patrones actuales en estos campos. ¡Ustedes son los que los afectan!

Todo es una cuestión de perspectiva a medida que trabajan a través de estos campos. Evaluar cada situación encontrada, aprendiendo todo lo que puedan al respecto y mirando todas las ventajas y desventajas para decidir qué camino tomar, de los que se abren ante ustedes, les permite elegir la mejor opción para cada uno. Confíen en sí mismos, tomen esa decisión y crean en que están eligiendo la mejor opción para el momento actual en el tiempo. Tal vez el paso del tiempo les mostrará que no era el mejor camino a seguir; si ese es el caso, estén preparados para enfrentar las consecuencias y hacer los ajustes necesarios y aprender de la experiencia. La vida es todo acerca de vivirla en lugar de mantenerse como un espectador o un observador pasivo de la propia vida. Demasiadas personas han sido condicionadas a esperar a que otra persona haga lo que hay que hacer. Este acondicionamiento ahora debe ser cambiado. Requiere de su determinación y conciencia para que esto ocurra. Ustedes pueden hacerlo.

A medida que las energías sobre el planeta aumentan, hay más fluidez en todas las cosas y, por ende, su capacidad para afectar el campo morfo-genético se amplifica enormemente. Deben tener precaución con sus pensamientos y actividades diarias. Comiencen su día alineándose con su esencia divina y permanezcan fieles a esta alineación en todas las actividades durante todo el día. Repitan afirmaciones poderosas que refuercen su visión más alta y el resultado más elevado, no sólo para sí mismos y sus seres queridos, sino para todo el mundo en su planeta. ¡Véanse a sí mismos como los seres poderosos y sabios que realmente son y cálcense esos zapatos! Conviértase en esos seres poderosos que ejercen su poder para manifestar el bien en su mundo. Han llegado hasta aquí debido a su fuerte voluntad y determinación de estar aquí en estos tiempos y no es el momento para que todo ese duro trabajo y esfuerzo quede a un lado del camino.

Continúen en sus esfuerzos y en permitirse liberar y limpiar las energías que todavía están emergiendo a la superficie y recuerde que no son siempre debido a lo que han sufrido y experimentado y por lo que son responsables personalmente. Muchas veces, está claro que se está produciendo para todo el campo morfo-genético colectivo que influye en gran medida y afecta a toda la vida. Ustedes están jugando una parte que acordaron que jugarían antes de su encarnación actual. Es un tiempo de gran liberación para todos y para todo lo que ha estado previamente acondicionado y afectado por los viejos sistemas de paradigma y, en la medida que hagan este trabajo, manténganse tan energéticamente claros como sea posible. Ustedes son unos de los muchos trabajadores de luz importantes para su planeta y todo lo que se está experimentando actualmente es para el mayor bien de todos, a pesar de que no se pueda sentir así en el momento.

Ustedes tienen una gran capacidad de transmutar las energías más densas que están manteniendo a la humanidad alejada de una mayor conciencia de la verdadera naturaleza de sus vidas en este planeta. Permitan que su luz brille como un sol abrasador e irradien esta luz de su chacra del corazón a todo el mundo y todo lo que les rodea. Como embajadores de la luz y el amor por el Creador, sus presencias reales hacen y seguirán haciendo una diferencia. Están ayudando a traer el conocimiento y la sabiduría antigua al mundo moderno de una manera que sea apropiada para que la civilización actual la absorba y reflexione sobre y aprender de ellas, uniendo el pasado con el futuro. Ustedes son los anclajes y los conductores, los hermosos puentes de arco iris de amor y luz de espectro completo, esa luz diamantina, realmente haciendo sentir su presencia en su planeta.

YO SOY Hilarión.

2015 Marlene Swetlishoff
22 de febrero al 01 de marzo, 2015 – a través Marlene Swetlishoff – Traducido por Esther Abreu.
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Cambiando la mirada sobre tu enfermedad.

Tu enfermedad tiene mucha información importante para ti. Si te dispones a desclasificar esa información, aprenderás algo muy importante para ti y de paso sanaras. La enfermedad se convierte entonces en una oportunidad para acercarte más a tu perfección y acercarte más a la dicha de vivir.

Cuando una enfermedad nos alcanza, comúnmente nos sentimos muy vulnerables frente a ella, especialmente cuando esa enfermedad es de una evolución rápida y con peligro de empeorar sin tener el tiempo suficiente para revestirla. Sin embargo, cualquier tipo de enfermedad puede ser revertida si se atiende el mensaje que trae consigo.

Una enfermedad se manifiesta cuando tenemos un conflicto, que no hemos sido capaces de resolver, con el nivel de conciencia que tenemos en ese momento. O sea, cuando no nos creemos capaces de sobrepasar cierta situación que nos complica la vida. Por ejemplo, cuando no nos sentimos seguros, generamos un estrés que puede crear enojo como medida de defensa, lo que finalmente puede crear una enfermedad al hígado.

Si el nivel de conciencia se elevara, se podría encontrar la solución a ese conflicto y la enfermedad se retiraría. Pero ¿cómo podemos elevar ese nivel de conciencia? Comprendiendo que somos seres perfectos y magníficos y que todo inconveniente solo es una oportunidad para crecer y ser cada día mejor, recuperando el empotramiento y sintiéndonos mas alineados al amor.

Un conflicto se crea por una falta de entendimiento de la situación que se presenta y al no poder encontrar la verdad sobre ella, el cuerpo físico manifiesta la consecuencia de ese estrés que advertimos por medio de los síntomas de la enfermedad. Este proceso se crea en forma inconsciente. Si nos diéramos cuenta, solo tendríamos el problema y no la enfermedad. La enfermedad es una solución biológica que tiene por finalidad sacar a la luz un conflicto que se encuentra invisible a nuestros ojos. Si fuera visible, solo estaría el problema.

Aun esta muy arraigada la necesidad de buscar la solución a la enfermedad en los médicos y en los medicamentos. Estos pueden ayudar, pero la verdadera sanación llega cuando enfocamos la enfermedad en forma correcta preguntando que podemos aprender por medio de ella.

En la sociedad es poco usual mirar la enfermedad como una oportunidad para ser más feliz. Es necesario un cambio profundo de lo que significa una enfermedad y darse cuenta de que es lo que debe mejorar en nosotros para acercarnos más a nuestra perfección. Cuando comprendemos que siempre estamos seguros, vivimos en forma libre y confiada y no enfermamos.

El cuerpo solamente es afectado cuando los otros cuerpos se encuentran en desequilibrio, las emociones, las creencias y las ideas. La enfermedad se produce cuando algo no está siendo observado con los ojos del entendimiento espiritual, cuando hay un alejamiento en las ideas, en las creencias y en las emociones respecto a lo que somos.

Un ser con inteligencia espiritual madura, no requiere enfermar, no tiene conflictos inconscientes, porque se encuentra claro y en la certeza de que todo está bien siempre. Pase lo que pase, sabe que todo está bien y que se encuentra a salvo.

La enfermedad se convierte en un medio que nos puede guiar para llegar a esta madurez espiritual y su mensaje es muy claro. Siempre afecta a los órganos que están involucrados con nuestro desequilibrio interior.

El ser humano tiene la capacidad para escuchar el mensaje de su enfermedad y disponerse a trabajar en el. Para todo aquel que se encuentra en este camino una enfermedad es una valiosa guía que le ayuda a comprender en que parte del camino se encuentra. No le teme.

No temer a la enfermedad es un buen síntoma. El solo hecho de temerla es un gran impedimento para avanzar debido a que todas las energías se vuelcan al rechazo de ella y se desprecian en vez de ser utilizadas para su entendimiento.

Cambiar la mirada sobre tu enfermedad es la puerta que te puede llevar a un nivel donde ya no necesitaras volver a enfermar para seguir tu evolución. En niveles de conciencia más elevados no necesitamos enfermar para crecer, podemos hacerlo en forma consciente y sin la necesidad de sufrimiento, ni dolor físico.

Tu cuerpo ofrece una solución biológica a tu conflicto interno cuando ni siquiera alcanzas a darte cuenta de que tienes un conflicto que resolver. Cuando la enfermedad se presenta, ya no te queda ninguna duda, se te ha presentado la evidencia perfecta que te demuestra que hay algo por trabajar en tu interior.

A veces la vida te presenta situaciones difíciles de superar para ti, en las áreas de salud, económica y/o relaciones. Sabes que estas situaciones las creas tú, pero hasta la fecha no has podido comprender, como es que las estas creando, no encuentras una salida y te gustaría que alguien pudiera explicarte como salir de allí.


Pag. Anterior: Varios/Otros – La enfermedad como camino.

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Las emociones y los trastornos dentales

Correo del Ram

El término holístico, significa “global”. Además de curar los dientes de manera independiente, se atiende su relación con la boca, el resto del cuerpo, las emociones, la manera de ser y cómo te puede afectar en el comportamiento diario.

Para los expertos de la medicina psicosomática, los dientes son los portadores de nuestra vitalidad, además de reflejar cómo vivimos las tensiones diarias. Con los dientes masticamos todos los alimentos y realizamos el primer proceso de la digestión en el que se mide nuestra capacidad de morder, triturar y desmenuzar los nutrientes con los que mantendremos en forma nuestro cuerpo. Podríamos decir que los dientes reflejan nuestro modo de acometer nuestros conflictos.

Desde hace miles de años, los orientales, en  especial los chinos, encontraron una relación directa y emocional entre las diferentes partes del cuerpo. Encontraron canales de energía y les llamaron meridianos. Cada meridiano pasa por uno…

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