Sharing.:::. ▶ How to Create Title Screens for Video in Photoshop – Arcturian Energetic Weather Report #2 and Check out our upcoming classes. | photos

Origen: Sharing.:::. ▶ How to Create Title Screens for Video in Photoshop – Arcturian Energetic Weather Report #2 and Check out our upcoming classes. | photos



Sharing.:::. ▶ How to Create Title Screens for Video in Photoshop – Arcturian Energetic Weather Report #2 and Check out our upcoming classes.

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Arcturian Energetic Weather Report #2 and Check out our upcoming classes.


Constant Conscious Connection

Dear Arcturians,
I am ready to receive your message.

Yes, Suzille, thank you. In fact we wish to thank YOU and all your many readers who have followed us through out the many years since the early 1990’s. We know that all of you have had to wait, and wait, and wait, for us, the Galactics, to come directly into your reality. We understand how many of you have become frustrated and confused that we have not, yet, landed.

However, Gaia is a free will planet. Therefore, there must be a “majority consensus” before we can begin our landings. Also, we have to know that it will be safe for the humans and for Gaia. As you may know, there are still many beings wearing humanoid form that have conspired against our landing.

These impostures have been selfishly controlling your world at great expense to the physical body of Gaia, as well as to the physical body of anyone who would rise against them. Then, many of humans who was fully brainwashed by the dark ones, and refuse to believe that there are civilizations beyond Earth.

Many of these humans are so very overwhelmed by daily survival, that the thought of re-structuring their entire world is terrifying. The dark one created businesses, jobs and global events that kept these people on “survival mode,” so that anything outside of working hard, and having+ some fun, was the only life they could imagine. There are also many brave ones who were killed by the dark ones for daring to tell the truth to the people of Earth.

Of course, the brainwashing programs, as well as the poor educational systems that were deliberately started by the dark ones, have kept man humans within the “survival mode” of just barely making it through each day. You see, our dear friends and family on Earth, you have been fighting a hidden war for your right to know the truth of the real conditions on Earth.

Fortunately, there are the many brave and awakened humans who search for information and meditate on a regular basis to commune with us. These awakened humans continually try to spread the truth in whatever manner best suits their awareness and personality.

We are very please to inform you that this later group of awake and aware ones wearing an earth vessel is greatly expanding. We say, “wearing an earth vessel,” because YOU, the members of this group, have become, and are increasingly becoming, aware of your higher dimensional expressions of SELF that are also serving on our Starships and in the higher dimensions.

Because of this increasing awareness, you realize that your earth vessel is merely the lowest dimensional expression of your multidimensions SELF. Therefore, you are “wearing” your body rather than “being” your body.

You, our beloved emissaries of light, have remembered that you have uncountable expressions of your own lifestream in many octaves of reality. Therefore, “you” cannot die. However, you may choose to temporarily or permanently “check out” of your lowest, densest, expression of being—you human earth vessel.

Sadly, there are also many of you serving the cause of TRUTH who have had to unwillingly release their earth vessels because they were discovered by the dark ones. These brave warriors have not “died.” They have merely surrendered their earth vessels and return Home for some much needed R and R.

We remind you all of this fact today because we want you to know that you are NEVER alone. We, your galactic family, are ALWAYS with you, even if you not consciously aware of that fact. We also remind you that we are focusing our attention on escalating the educational process of our ground crew, as inner knowledge is inner power.

All of the dangers of which we have just spoken are small compared to the most common danger, which is forgetting your SELF. When you forget your alternate, parallel, multidimensional SELF who serves on our Starships, fifth-dimension Earth, Venus and myriad other locations, you become trapped in the myriad illusions of the 3D Matrix.

Fortunately, that lowest frequency of Gaia’s “inhabitant matrix” is dissolving. We use the word dissolving, which means: disappearing, breaking up, formally closing, ending of legal relationships and/or simultaneously fading out and in. We instructed Suzille to look those “dissolving” up in your dictionary so we could define the process in human terms.

We will now address the last definition, which is “simultaneously fading out and in.” This term in your dictionary is exactly how you, our dear ones wearing earth vessels, are experiencing your process of transmutation back into your true SELF.

Your initial “return to SELF” is with you consciousness. Therefore, the frequency of your consciousness simultaneously fades OUT of 3D limitation and IN to 5D freedom. As you are aware, when you are meditating, being creative, enjoying your friends and family and loving life, your fade IN to your remembrance of your higher dimensional expressions of self.

When this occurs, you realize that you are in constant contact with us. At first this awareness may only fade in briefly, than quickly fade out because you are still thinking with your 3D brain. Your 3D brain is unable to understand seemingly opposite actions, such as in or out, occurring simultaneously.

Life on the physical plane is so very challenging that “one thing at a time” is often overwhelming. The key is the word “time.” When you think third dimensionally, you are bound to the concept of TIME. On the other hand, as you consciousness expands into the fifth dimension, which we perceive that more and more of you are experiencing, you are able to be aware of simultaneous actions occurring within the same NOW.

You are able to take this leap of thinking because you are increasingly thinking from your fifth dimensional consciousness. When you consciously think from your fifth dimensional state of consciousness, your entire perception of reality alters. First, and foremost, you KNOW that you are actually communicating with your higher-dimensional galactic and celestial family.

Once you have established a CONSCIOUS communication with us, your life will totally change. We wish to remind you that EVERY one of our ground crew is already in constant communication with us via your fifth dimensional states of consciousness. In fact, you are able to check in with us as easily as you can call a friend on your phone. Actually, it is easier because our line is never busy, and we will always answer your call.

Once you are conscious of this constant connection with your higher dimensional family, you will become aware of your true “Lightbody SELF” that exists within the core of your earth vessel. Simultaneously, you will be fully aware of your galactic and celestial family with who you are in constant contact.

It is this “constant contact” that is simultaneously fading in and out. This contact with your SELF is fading into and out of your awareness because you are simultaneously fading into and out of your higher states of consciousness. From your fifth dimensional state of consciousness you are infinitely in constant contact with your SELF. However, from the simultaneous perceptions of your third dimensional consciousness, you are fading into and out that connection.

You never stop being fifth dimensional, but a difficult situation in your 3D matrix can distract you from that constant awareness because it frightens you. Any form of fear lowers your consciousness into third dimensional thinking. Fear tells you, “I must address this issue because it can cause me harm.”

Even though your third dimensional consciousness may not be aware of your fear, your earth vessel is aware of it and makes adjustments on to “protect your self.” Therefore, your 3D consciousness focuses on the cause, or the feeling, of the fear while your 5D consciousnesssimultaneously focuses on your higher perception of the message that has frightened your 3D consciousness.

Within the situation you have a conscious, or unconscious, decision to choose which frequency of perception you wish to perceive. Both versions of reality simultaneously exist in the same NOW. Furthermore, when you are consciously aware of your own multidimensional perception, you have many choices that are NOT available to your 3D consciousness.

Your third dimensional consciousness only has one choice:
Stop whatever you are doing or thinking and focus on the fear.
Check out the fear to see if it will cause you or your loved ones harm.
Engage in the fear to investigate its source so that you can directly interact with and/or combat it.

Your human earth vessel demands this investigation because, from that third dimensional perspective, you are alone, vulnerable and constantly striving to survive in a difficult environment. Do you see why the dark ones constantly fill your news with fearful events, violence, wars and mass murders?

As long as your earth vessel is in a “state of alert,” you are easily brainwashed that this particular product, person and/or situation will save you from the great danger that they just created to keep you in the constant state of alert which lowers your state of consciousness. Do you see that vicious cycle?

However, because YOU are awakened to your SELF, you simultaneously have the option to expand your consciousness beyond the lower frequencies that are easily manipulated.
From third dimensional consciousness, you only perceive the physical plane.
From your fourth dimensional consciousness you can perceive the astral plane.
From your fifth dimensional consciousness you perceive the ONE of the NOW.
Which reality do you choose to perceive?

Also, form your higher frequencies consciousness you can also perceive the lower frequency realities. Thus, from your higher frequency consciousness you can perceive all the realities of that frequency, as well as the lower frequencies of that realty. In because of this fact, that we can easily perceive your reality, but it is still difficult for you to consciously perceive our higher dimensional reality.

Furthermore, when you shift out of “third gear” of your earth vessel that is “driving around town doing your 3D errands” INTO the “fifth gear” of your Lightbody who is zooming beyond limitation, ALL your perceptions shift into higher gear.

Imagine the difference between watching a riot or a war on your television AND physically experiencing being in that riot or in that war. That is difference between being IN the third dimension and being IN the fifth dimension observing the third dimension.

But remember that ALL of you are simultaneously in the third dimension AND the fourth AND the fifth dimension. You are ALL multidimensional beings who are simultaneously experiencing reality from myriad dimensions within the same NOW. The problem is that the while you are wearing a third dimension form, your perceptions are innately calibrated to third dimensional perceptions.

It is your primary calibration to the third dimension reality that is beginning to alter. Because you, our dear away-team, are honing IN on your 5D perceptions, you are simultaneously logging-out of the 3D Matrix. The primary rule of inter-dimensional travel is that “where your attention is, the YOU are also.”

Please remember that YOU are the ESSENCE within your earth vessel. As you remember that YOU chose to inter-dimensionally travel into your earth vessel, you will simultaneously remember the primary rules of inter-dimensional travel. These primary rules are:

· YOU are a multidimensional being. 

· YOU chose to enter your experience by attaching your attention on your current earth vessel.
· YOU then accompanied the “thoughts” of our attention with the “emotion” of unconditional love to enter your current reality.
· YOU then merged with that frequency of reality by entering the earth vessel that YOU chose.

This vision of reality is the core of the Mission that YOU chose before you entered your earth vessel. However, some of you underestimated the power of illusion on Gaia within your NOW and became lost in that illusion. Fortunately, you awoke from your illusion and are NOW ready to fulfill the Mission that YOU chose before taking your present earth vessel.

Now we will tell you the best part of this adventure. YOU also remained Home in your beloved starship, planet and/or dimension. Everything in your 3D reality is being tracked, observed, facilitated and guided by your Multidimensional SELF.

We are so sorry that many of our brave volunteers had to prematurely log-out of their earth vessel and return Home. We are aware that to the 3D perceptions of those who cared for them, they died. We tell you ALL now that death is an illusion of the third dimension.

What is perceived as death on the third dimension is simultaneously perceived as a welcomed return Home to the higher dimensions. Also, once you return Home, you are NOT judged as being “good” or “bad.” We understand how very difficult it is for all of our inter-dimensional travelers to ascending Gaia.

If you fell into the darkness, or chose to incarnate into the forces of darkness and became lost, we do not judge you. We love you unconditionally and assist you to heal from that experience. Once healed, those that have fallen into the darkness are wonderful sources of information about how to assist others who have been tempted, and/or brainwashed, by the darkness.

Therefore dear ground crew, as you continue with your path of ascension, which is simultaneously completed within our NOW, remember that YOU are not alone. You have chosen to place your great multidimensional consciousness into a very small and dense earth vessel to assist Gaia.

Your Multidimensional SELF already inhabits many ascended, higher dimensional bodies. We know that you, our volunteers to Earth must attend to your 3D life, as well as your Mission to assist Gaia. We want you to know that we “have your back.” Simultaneous to your current earth life, you are living myriad expressions of your Multidimensional Life.

If you were to “lose your earth vessel,” it may interrupt your mission to Earth, but simultaneously you would be returning HOME to your true Multidimensional SELF. We tell you this information ONLY because humanities great fear is death. The beings of the darkness, the lost ones, control you with that fear.

They constantly talk about horrible diseases, which they are simultaneously creating. They try to frighten you with yet another war, which they are simultaneously creating, and they broadcast news of yet another “crazy person or group,” which they have simultaneously created.

We tell you this information NOW because those of the darkness are loosing. You have refused to participate in their lies and threats, and the only weapon they have left is your own FEAR. When you remember to “be the Master over your own fear,” your consciousness expands so that you can perceive the fifth-dimensional Earth, which is NOW awaiting new inhabitants.

We conclude this message by reminding you that you can choose to remain on 3D Earth with Gaia while you simultaneously inter-dimensionally travel to fifth dimensional New Earth, your Starship and/or other higher dimensional expressions of your Multidimensional SELF. From our perception, you are doing so right NOW!

Blessings on your many journeys,

The Arcturians

Through Suzanne Lie, PhD

Posted 13th April by Shanti Zohar

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Jun 12

Mercury in Gemini, the squares to Neptune and the 2nd retrograde of 2015

If Mercury rules our mind then we will use it to think and to communicate our thoughts. When Mercury is in its domicile of Gemini, we will endeavour to do this with a cool, breezy versatility, and though our mind would flit and flutter over many a varied topic with an agile swing of ease and adaptability, the objective would always be to stick to the honest, rational facts.
Though perhaps not always so consistently, the nimble process of bridging thoughts together takes on an a mental acrobatic quality when Mercury is in its home sign, and there is a natural expectation for an intellectual easiness to grasp maths and languages, as well as to exercise that shrewd business acumen. In fact, any form of data processing of info is set to be considerably impressive during this entire period. An excellent time then, one would think, to clear and tidy things up, and to get busy with the process of putting all worldly things into some logical order.
Well, think again!

Mercury went into Gemini on May 1, and almost immediately came to encounter Saturn by opposition (May 3), filling that breezy mind with woes about the real responsibilities that we may have neglected, and lots of worries about the ones that lay ahead. After this very grim beginning to the month of May, an edict to “proceed with caution” became the order of the day. Yet it became increasingly difficult as Mercury approached its
square to Neptune in Pisces to keep that mind upon a linear track. 

 Poseidon, by Reka Nyari
The tendency with Neptune, ruler of alternative dimensions, is to inflate our thoughts into the cosmic levels. Easily prone to influences from others, erratic moods and spacy concepts leave the mind wide open to such a heightened idealism, that in the wake of the recent encounter to that sombre Saturn energy, we need to guard our thoughts from taking form into a darker, more pessimistic turn and even veer away from any morbid notion that everything which we once accepted to be the facts is now quite likely to confound us with a sense of feeling disillusioned, cheated or deceived. It’s not at all unlikely that one might feel like they are either entering a surreal landscape or awakening from a very strange dream into a consciousness filled with and disarray.
Last time we had such a sustained Mercury square Neptune period was in April-June 2009, when Neptune was still in Aquarius (Mercury was in Taurus). Of course, back then we would see the smartphone, with all its obligatory ‘useful’ appsflood the consumer market, as well as a growing saturation of users on social media networks like facebook, really start to permanently alter our (up till then) standard reality of physical communication means.
Neptune’s square effect upon Mercury therefore leaves the mind open to alternative forms and sources of communication, affected largely by opening up our sensitivity to social moods and susceptibility to random, trending new influences, and in the wake of this transit we may very well be left with either the awful hangover of a spiritual confusion, like we have sunken into a league completely out of our depth, filled with confusion, lies and surreptitious conspiracies, or come to realise we are finally in our element of feeling connected to a higher-dimensional plane, one filled with joys of wonderment, inspiration and a delightful sense of ‘love and light’, yet not quite able to make much sense to the ordinary folks that seem to slowly become more and more distant all around us.
Since Mercury retrogrades on May 18, going direct on June 11, we will see it square Neptune three times:
Saturday May 9
Friday May 29 – in Retrograde, conjunct Sun, Mars and semi-square Venus *special article on this here
Tuesday June 23
Whilst this planet stays within 5° orb of this aspect to Neptune for the entire months of May and June, it is also hovering around in its retrograde zone, thus playing immense havoc with our continuum of ordinary perception and our attempts to follow some constancy of facts due to disturbances which mostly have their origins in the strange and wonderful worlds of our subconscious. As if a creeping sensation of self-deceptiveness surrounds us, a mental fog descends upon our mundane every day activities and we become rather to suspect that what we think sounds like the truth is not the truth all. 

By the time we come to finally work it out (and we suspect it may be several weeks after Mercury flees its Rx zone (June 27) and clears away from Neptune (start of July), we will be certainly be introduced to one thing – the notion that we are either blessed or haunted by an interference of messages from parallel dimensions, and this either fills our otherwise tediously repetitive lives with wonderfully dreamy influences, designed especially to either undermine our trust and expectation to specific three-dimensional (practically routine) outcomes, or rather to wash over our minds with a wonderfully inspiring awakening that we are privy to a much higher, indeed more spiritual mental awareness that is fast fading in its preoccupied interest to some of the mundane horseshit that is being flung in our direction by the myriad of sources in our all-pervasive and ubiquitous daily media streams. This period, as confusing as it may seem to many, will really see humankind’s induction into a completely heightened level of mental communication, our big inauguration into a global telepathic empathy yet unprecedented in human evolutionary terms.

Eyes wide open?
Erm.. no. Rather, eyes wide shut, take deep breath, and “om shanti shanti shanti”…

© All rights reserved, Ang Stoic 2015

Posted 3 days ago by Shanti Zohar

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