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Origen: Sharing.:::. The Portrait of the Light Warrior as a Young Man – I_II – Portrait of a Light Warrior as an Old Man | samkaska



Sharing.:::. The Portrait of the Light Warrior as a Young Man – I_II – Portrait of a Light Warrior as an Old Man

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The Portrait of the Light Warrior as a Young Man – I 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on April 10, 2015

Travis Brown, April 10, 2015

Dear Georgi,

I agree with your latest energy report. I just looked through dream and journal entries on those days, and sure enough the 5th and 6th were hell, and on the 7th I was pulled under in a sudden deep nap, in which I seemed to be bilocating – lucid in the dream, and lucid as a paralyzed 3D body in bed. In the dream body I was in ecstasy and love. When I anchored back into physical I felt on fire, and of course the vibration was intense and otherworldly. I tried to go back ‘asleep’, and made it halfway, with the sensation of going out of body but still present, the typical clicking in my skull and with the frequency augmenting, but had to surrender to my physical return. These trips and the ascension process are exhaustive to my heart and CNS. I feel fried alive, like it’s a success to breathe and not die when the heartbeat is especially erratic and there is the sense of all functional identity stripped to only a detached awareness.

I feel the masses’ eruptions with a sense of personal devastation and hopelessness. It is quite strange that in my daily living I entertain both a future timeline of nothing good happening for me and intensified hardship in this hell, and also the sudden Shift and being absolved from slave-hell once and for all. Seems like with our track record of delays, I ought to live like a psychotic person: betraying my deeper truth (which, in a way, would be to sit here til the money runs out) but in order to plan prudently for indefinite detention in this physical realm. Because, given that at a higher level, there is nothing substantial supporting the matrix, it still perpetuates on the delusions of the masses, which seem ingrained ad infinitum.

One simple example is the collective belief in the dollar. How long has this illusion among all others been a charade, and how long have the mirrors reflected the smoke in this programmed, brainwashed dystopia? My PAT friend (who finds keeping up with the site all too disheartening since we’ve been on the edge for years) describes society like Wile E. Coyote, having run out over the cliff, but not seen down yet, so still impossibly suspended. So when will the collective see the fall below and hold up the sign exclaiming “Yikes!” ? (Someone may have used this analogy recently on the site as well.)

I don’t want to harp on cynicism, but we the PAT really don’t know what effort will be required. Do we think it really matters in the grand scheme of things if all the PAT has to die by LBP overload in order to ascend this planet? Looking back on messages over the years, we have always been told what will get us through to the next hurdle. Otherwise there might have been a subversion of mass suicide among us not by the PTW but by our own weary souls, overwhelmed by the Achilles heel of human psychological frailty.

I cannot look at the state of my process or that of the world, with any hope, except for The Sudden Miracle. Obviously, I know the PAT is together on that sentiment; but the continual question is how to survive for who-knows-how-long as we slide on a massive scale like a continental shelf into the abyss. It is preposterous and profoundly absurd that only a small few of us see the dead-end. The majority is absolutely fucking crazy. Can we blame them? Tough path to wake up and still be embodied in this world! (Like the phrase you used, I wrote in my journal upon awakening recently: “Cul-de-sac. Dead end every time. How will I ever leave this planet?”)

At the end of my rope, I quit my slave job in March, with some savings for a transitional break. I know everything will be OK for me, in the greater sense, and I even trust in the lesser sense as well, come what may.

I affirm that I know I am here for this transition, so “come hell or high water” it must complete. Or maybe I die in the process, which really is also okay, and at this point seems like a blessing of relief.

I apologize for lots of melodrama. I understand this is due in part to my temperament, my exhaustion, my disoriented delirium, and also relieving the exhumed energy of the collective subconscious death-wish. If I must experience it all in this way for the highest good, then so be it. But I most wish for grace and the living light to penetrate our beingness completely so all limitation-consciousness is dissolved with the brilliance and harmony of the higher realms. That we may transfigure at once!

So, come on April ’15! We are rooting for you!

In love, for peace,

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The Portrait of the Light Warrior as a Young Man – II →

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The Portrait of the Light Warrior as a Young Man – II 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on April 10, 2015

Daniël Akkerman, April 10, 2015

Dear George,

I very much agree with all the latest updates.

I feel like I have reached a turning point. The total rejection of these terrible human conditions have now reached a peak. In the past, it always felt like there was some kind of coping mechanism, which somehow made the reality bearable, although of course not bearable… we complained about it (and rightfully so), but meanwhile the time flew by.

Yet today I look at my life and how it has been for a while. Some small exceptions set aside, it is always the same. Me, alone in my room, fixing all kinds of shit that I was not responsible for in the first place. And I have done my job well.

And no matter how much I have tried to create a better life for myself under these conditions, it is still kind of the same thing. What I ask of All-That-Is is definitely not unreasonable, and could be done easily. Even all those times the ascension had to be delayed. I see no arguments for the contrary. I feel as if I have created a better reality constantly, and the effects would be way more tangible if only there wasn’t some artificial limitation slowing it down.

Loneliness is the biggest part I think… this is a feeling that persists no matter how many people are around me. Many only make it worse.

Inner balance, yes I have that. But there is something else still, I feel like a huge force that shines as thousand suns. It needs counterpoint, some kind of balance. Continually I grow to include this counterpoint that I need… but such a growth changes me, so what I need then also changes. A frustrating process which feels endless. The famous carrot on a stick used by our souls.

It is a commonly thought that these conditions are somehow good, serve some kind of educational / growth related purpose. But if this was ever true, then it is now most definitely not so anymore. All that has been exhausted, and any perpetuation just seems like a stagnant repetition of negative patterns overcome a long time ago. The same applies to anything that can be read in the news these days, even more so than in the past.

Life is more dichotomous than ever. On one hand one’s consciousness is dissolved into the unity of All-That-Is on a constant basis, on the other a part of life is a lonely and dreadful affair that just doesn’t want to phase out, although it should have a long time ago. In a way one can only believe that it is truly over once it fully is, but in another way this mail seems like something I am already looking back at as an eyewitness account of the last days.

Due to a combination of events I am leaving in a couple of days to go camping. Feels like a trip I have to make for some reason. Although traveling with the LBP is of course not a lot of fun, it feels freeing to get out of this place. I might not even have access to the internet much or at all for a few weeks. It doesn’t seem an unlikely scenario: I leave the city behind and the changes sweep in.

Love & Light,

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Portrait of a Light Warrior as an Old Man 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on April 11, 2015

Jerry R James, April 11, 2015

…Thank you Daniel and Travis for your posts. It gave me new hope in the ascension process that two young men have awakened enough to be consciously a part of this process.

How does an old man experience this process differently? 

I think the main difference is I had so many more experiences that needed stripping. I had attained the worldly success in the form of higher education, financial success, business and personal friendships, love and family life experiences. But now all of this is gone for me, where maybe it never existed for these two young men. 

But we are now in the same place with the rest of PAT rejected, alone, broke and experiencing the punishing physical and mental LBP. And the great question of how do we survive until? Until we don’t know when? 

Years ago I was so convinced that we would shortly ascend that I made personal decisions based on this belief. I would not need medical care, even teeth cleaning or money much longer. But the years have passed and this has proven a treacherous path to follow.

 What I do advocate however is to simplify life as much as possible where a minimum amount is needed to survive.

While I may have at best 25 more years to live in the absence of the change we are awaiting these young men may have 60, so the decisions they make have more far reaching consequences. I applaud them and wish I could assure them that we become more confident, more skilled or more adaptable as we are older, but this is not the case for me. 

One of the issues Travis mentioned was that we may not physically survive the LBP. This is definitely a possibility. But I am convinced this would not be a bad thing. In fact the problem of why Anita and others passed is not the issue. 

The problem is why are the rest of us still here?
 Something does not feel right about suicide and I do not advocate that way out. I suffered and am suffering the heightened physical effects of these latest energetic downloads. I never got the high feel good energy days some have mentioned.
 Worse than the physical aspects this time was the mental anguish. At one point I was convinced that no one loved me and never had and if Anita still existed she had abandoned and forgotten me. 

That night I had a lucid dream where Anita and I were children in school again (about 13). I realized that I was back and after finding her I started telling her about what had happened before I was transported back. She turned to me and said “I remember everything” 

So the universe had recognized my anguish this time and gave me an answer that it rarely does. 

I know some use the flames of St. Michael and contact others for relief, but it does not feel comfortable for me. I am not sure who these archangels really are. Are they part of the grid, maybe the archons themselves.

 I know my own power and will not give it away to anyone, and I will continue for however long it takes or I succumb to physical death. 

I am convinced that all that will break this spell is to raise our vibration and we are doing that and it hurts. This hurt however will eventually take us home. My advice to everyone is to let go of all expectations concerning this life or the timing of ascension itself and allow.

 Trust is the only thing we really have left. 

Camping does sound like a great idea Daniel.
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sharing.:::..Acceleration of the Individual and Collective Ascension Process – Multidimensional Aspects of Immediate Creation | samkaska

Origen: sharing.:::..Acceleration of the Individual and Collective Ascension Process – Multidimensional Aspects of Immediate Creation | samkaska



sharing.:::..Acceleration of the Individual and Collective Ascension Process – Multidimensional Aspects of Immediate Creation

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Acceleration of the Individual and Collective Ascension Process 

by Georgi Stankov Posted on April 7, 2015

Anita Kuttner-Kroll, April 7, 2015

translated by Georgi Stankov

Dear Georgi,

Thank you for your very interesting comments about multidimensionality and creation. I just read it the third time and I am already working hard on trying. Together with all the other tools we are constantly gifted, now everyone, who wants to participate, has really very many comprehensive possibilities at hand to consciously work on the Great happening. The beauty is that the actual impact of all the energetic work becomes more and more noticeable and visible, the more one is getting into it. I also think it is very beautiful to perceive and to know that everything, e.g. I am doing for my well-being and that of my children, I also do for the whole world. And in this way a personal healing becomes a local or global one, and vice versa. It does not matter where you start, everything affects everything that makes any energetic work now so very effective. It was probably also like that in the past, but now I feel it more obvious. I had to force myself to believe in this much more in the past, now this is happening much easier.

On Thursday, I visited along with my husband my father-in-law, who lives in Saalfelden (30 minutes drive away from Lofer). Throughout the Holy Week we had a very unsettled weather, gale-force storms, sleet, snow, rain, even a tempest and sunshine, everything was really there. In Saalfelden it was deepest winter, with 15 cm of fresh snow. My father-in-law insisted that we should stay overnight and even said: “You will see, it will become terrible after Lover.”

We nonetheless drove back home in the evening despite heavy snowfall. Shortly before Lofer then something really interesting happened. I had just told my husband something about the City of Light Raetia, he had not heard of yet, although he also reads your website quite often. We had driven all the time through thick snow flurries and then just before we reached Lofer the sky cleared completely, an almost circular part of the sky was completely cloudless and blue with no precipitation over Lofer. It was really striking, shortly after Lofer it was again totally cloudy and snow began again and was getting stronger. When we took the road towards Inzell, we saw a big tank truck driving backwards. The road conditions were disastrous, mirror ice, and then the whole line of cars came uphill to a halt, we got stuck. I sent light spikes into the ground and my husband tried to continue driving, but it did not work. Finally, he could turn around and we drove down the mountain again and took the other road in direction Bad Reichenhall. Here again it was clear of snow like in another world, and when we reached Reichenhall the snow had completely stopped. Indeed this was a very unsettled drive.

And just as this drive and the currently still very unpredictable weather conditions, I feel the constant switching between the realities that I now realize more and more.

I want to draw your attention to the very interesting and excellent photos on a very nice website by Magda Wimmer, she is making very comprehensive earth healings in many countries and is currently in Vancouver again. The pictures she made on the blood moon in Vancouver are also great.

Best Regards

Dear Anita,

I agree with you wholeheartedly that we really have all the means at hand to consciously create our new reality, and by doing so, also to advance the entire ascension process.

Lofer is a good weather place indeed. I have repeatedly observed this fact. While the whole sky can be cloudy all around, there is always a hole of blue sky over the place. This is related to the fact that the surrounding mountains are crystalline and form a vortex which dissipates the clouds. The road through Bad Reichenhall is indeed better protected through the valley compared to the road to Inzell.

Thank you for sending me this link. This German lady has managed to take beautiful pictures on the Vancouver Island and in Vancouver, the killer whales, sea otters and the eagles. We have seen them as well and here, where we go for a walk on the beach regularly, we also have many eagles. The blood moon, she has taken pictures of, is exactly as we saw it on the night of April 4.

I thank you for this short message that confirms the well-known fact, namely, that there can be only individual experiences with these energies and thus the LKP is unique for each person. However, there are some common experiences, when a certain advanced stage is reached. And yet it is impossible to convey this to people who are not even in the LKP and do not have these experiences. I have seen this with Jahn again. Accordingly the ascension experiences will also be shaped in a very different manner for each one. I will publish this message as soon as I have somehow survived the current massive cleansing wave (April 6th).

Best Regards


Message from my HS

Dearest sister, what you feel are increased energies, that help your body being regenerated in an accelerated fashion.

You now need a lot of space and time for yourself to integrate all the energies that now flow through you.

I say quite deliberately not “you in plural, but you in singular” (German has two words for “you”, note George)”, because the intensity of the incoming energy is now controlled in a very individual manner. That is, all of you, who you are at this level, can equally receive the energies, but it is very individual, how much you absorb, integrate and radiate. This is very different and depends on your state of consciousness.

The more conscious you are, the higher intensity energies can you absorb and transmit and the more rapidly is your awareness advancing. In this way your ability accelerates every day, every hour and every minute in an exponential curve. The more energy you absorb, the faster and more comprehensive is the transformation and the more energy can you receive and transmit. This is one reason why your joint development can proceed at a rapid pace that is increasing now every day. Once you have exceeded a certain threshold, individually and collectively, it will really “go blow by blow” (“very quickly”, a German saying. I expect that this threshold will be reached later this month, at least this is my objective which depends, however, on the awakening of all the people; note. George.). You can as individuals and collectively incorporate more and more of the incoming source energies and share them and this ability increases every day, every hour and every minute. And the concept of “time” will eventually become obsolete, because it completely loses its meaning.

You are precisely in this process now, each one of you and all together. Therefore, your world can now rapidly and increasingly change and transform. The more consciously you observe this development and shape it, the better you get along with the rapid energy increases, and the more you are actively involved in the global affairs because you are then one of the beings who forge this process most.

(This statement refers to the light warriors of the first and the last hour who are now the incumbent Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy. It also addresses the much-discussed suffering of the light warriors of the first and the last hour that have ascended long time ago and now act only as a transmitter and a sender of the powerful source energies, under which our bodies as always severely suffer. According to the motto, the more you can do, the more you are loaded by All-That-Is. Note, George).

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Canada Under Nazi Censorship →

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Functioning as “Creator Gods” and the Universal Laws of Creating Realities 

This is a good, succinct message that complements our ongoing discussion on Creation and the Laws of Creation we need to observe as to become effective Creator Gods. A must read.



This is the dragon. Everyone is all-that-is experiencing the illusion of what it is to not be all-that-is. That means, in other words, you are God and just limit yourself. So you are also all co-creators of everything you experience, and even everything that affects you that you are not even aware of. So you have the creator inside you.

So, there are the stories of “creator gods” – of grand beings that have made the stars, the planets, etc. Who have sometimes visited Earth in some form or another and done amazing things here. Your souls and higher selves are also creator gods, you just may not realize it. Some do realize it, most don’t.

Even if you do realize it, what good does it do you in life, right? It doesn’t really help you.

Well, a lot of that is about to change over the half century, and for some much, much sooner. You are evolving and part of that evolution isn’t becoming more, but realizing what more you already are. It is pulling those abilities you have into your reality and empowering yourselves and others. It is realizing your “creator god” self and using it wisely and having some fun with it at that. Do no harm, but enjoy it.

You’ve probably heard enough channelings like that and are thinking, “So, yeah, whatever, when does it happen?”

So, we’re going to give a little bit of a different message. We’re going to try to make this message a little bit practical.

Uplifting stuff is great, but there is also the need for practical information. The problem with psychic things is that it is so so dependent on the mind that you can’t give a set of instructions like a book. These things are unlocked differently in every person. so we can’t even say what to expect.

So, getting there is a bit personal. However, we can give some common advice for when you actually get there…

There are some pretty universal laws when it comes to being a creator, and we’ll name these even though these names are just for human classification purposes…

By laws, we aren’t talking about if you break this law, you get punished. These are higher dimensional physical laws or theories that are “just how things work”, just like the laws of conservation of energy in a closed system and the no-cloning theorem in quantum mechanics. However, we did not discover them, since higher vibrational beings just tend to intuitively know these things.

However, when you are going from experiencing a reality like your own to becoming your creator god self, there is sometimes a period where you don’t know what you don’t know until it all comes back. A little insight can help smooth that transition.

Finally, we don’t want to give the idea these laws are immutable. Just as your laws of statics that define things like how billiard balls behave have limited application and have been already shown to fail in cases like high speeds, or very small particles, these laws do have loopholes, however they are much more universal than any physical laws known to science. For instance, where special relativity and general relativity break down, and where your standard models and string theory break down, these laws will still hold. In fact, these laws hold where there is no matter, no energy, and only consciousness.

There are also some laws you probably already know of, like reciprocity of energy, and effects of fear vs love. We’re going to try to present new concepts, even if some of these laws in some cases can be partially reduced to other laws you already know of.

Law One – The First Law of Control

* That which you control, will control you. The more control you have or exert over something, the more control it will exert over you.

Law One, part 2 – The Modified Law of Control – Power/dominance and responsibility

* The more power you have over something, the more responsibility you have.

Law One, part 3 – The Modified Law of Control – Freedom

* The more control you exert over something, the less freedom you have and the more you give away your power.

Law Two – The Special Law of Control – Interference

* As a creator, the more you attempt to define the energies of a reality – that is, the more you interfere – the more drawn into that reality you will become, the more that reality will define that part of your consciousness, and the more PHYSICAL you become.

Law Two, part 2 – The Special Law of Control: veils

* As a creator, the more you attempt to define energies of a reality, the more veiled that part of your consciousness becomes

Law Two, part 3 – The Special Law of Control: Separation

* As a creator, the more you attempt to define energies of a reality, the more that part of your consciousness experiences separation consciousness.

Law Three – The Law of Free Will

* The higher vibrations a consciousness experiences, the less free will it has because the more universal that consciousness becomes. Increasing free will requires lowering vibration and increasing vibration requires letting go of some free will.

Law Four – Ascension

* Increasing vibration, that is – ascending – requires letting go of some control and giving up some free will.

Law Five – Vibration and density

* Vibration and density are inversely proportional but independent phenomena. This one is difficult to grasp. All other things being equal, the more dense some expression of consciousness is, the more its vibration will be limited. However, there are usually other factors involved so from an absolute standpoint, you can’t say something will be low vibration simply because it’s dense.

So, after reading the laws above, you may be thinking, “Well great, we can become Creator Gods but the more we create, the more we are controlled by it, lose our power and freedom. So we can’t really create anything, can we?” Maybe the story of Loki comes to mind.

It’s important to understand these laws in a practical sense first. So let’s talk about creating a reality like Earth. To experience that reality as a creator god, you can just define the rules and let it spin up and as long as you “keep your nose out of things” then you can observe Earth without getting too drawn in. But if you start tinkering with Earth and interfering with it, then you get drawn in and start to lose some of your power. However, if you are simply observing and interacting very loosely, you have less free will related to the expression of Earth, and your role is simply to support the free will choices of the beings on the planet.

So, that brings us to the magical loophole of how you can create without becoming mired in your creations: Guiding.

Guiding is a practical way of dealing with the laws. Guiding means that you loosely interact to nudge things in the right directions. For instance, many entities that interact with mankind as channeled beings or helping the energies of Earth are guiding. One way to guide is to visualize the outcome, to communicate – whatever that means in specific case – your dreams and wishes, but take limited action to bring that result about, to trust in all-that-is. In a reality like your current experience of Earth, that takes a good deal of patience and wisdom. In more typical physical experiences that are looser, you can guide things much more easily and with much more rapid results.

What’s important to remember is going back to the original topic – that your experience of Earth is changing. Right now, the way people make things happen is to do and control. However, as your reality becomes less restrictive, and your collective vibration raises you will experience more freedom (and less rigid definition) of the structures that make up your reality. So, the ability to guide will increase and doing and controlling will not be effective. At that time, you will find yourself becoming more of the creator god that you really are.

With Love,
The Dragon

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Canada Under Nazi Censorship

Canadian orchestra drops Ukraine-born pianist Valentina Lisitsa over anti-Kiev posts
RT, April 7, 2015

Image from

Image from
A Ukrainian-born pianist was barred from playing at Canada’s Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO) for expressing views on the situation in Ukraine via Twitter, according to the soloist herself. The move led to a social media storm tagged #LetValentinaPlay.

READ MORE: Ukraine’s neo-Nazi leader becomes top military adviser, legalizes fighters
The orchestra has officially announced its decision to drop pianist Valentina Lisitsa from its Rachmaninoff Concerto #2 program earlier this week. TSO President and CEO Jeff Melanson cited“ongoing accusations of deeply offensive language by Ukrainian media outlets,” adding that Lisitsa’s“provocative comments” had allegedly “overshadowed past performances.”
In the statement, Melanson seems to be referring to Lisitsa’s Twitter posts, in which she expresses her views on the situation in Ukraine.
Lisitsa turned to Facebook on Monday with a plea, asking her fans for support to “tell Toronto Symphony that music can’t be silenced.”

“Someone in the orchestra top management, likely after the pressure from a small but aggressive lobby claiming to represent Ukrainian community, has made a decision that I should not be allowed to play,”she wrote, referring to her TSO performances on Wednesday and Thursday.

 “I don’t even know who my accusers are, I am kept in the dark about it.”


Lisitsa said she took to Twitter to shed some light on the other side of the story, “the one you never see in the mainstream media – the plight of my people, the good and bad things that were happening in Ukraine.”

READ MORE: ‘Rather be in prison than work for fascists’ – Crimean Prosecutor Poklonskaya

Some of her work included translating Ukrainian-language websites and eyewitness accounts.
“I became really good in unmasking fakes published by Western media,” Lisitsa said.

Embedded image permalink

Her statement also gives a brief summary on her actual views: “The worst thing that can happen to any country is fratricide war, people seeing each other, their neighbors as enemies to be eliminated …[a] Year later, we have the same rich people remaining in power, misery and poverty everywhere, dozens of thousands killed, over a million of refugees.”
After expressing her views, Lisitsa claimed to have received numerous death threats.
The last straw was the decision to drop her performance: “My haters didn’t stop there. Trying, in their own words, to teach me a lesson, they have now attempted to silence me as a musician.”
Lisitsa revealed that TSO offered to cover her entire fee for the canceled program, if she chose to stay silent about the reason behind the decision.
“They even threatened me against saying anything about the cause of the cancellation … If they do it once, they will do it again and again, until the musicians, artists are intimidated into voluntary censorship,” she wrote.
Read alsoUkraine cops get ‘shoot-to-kill orders’ amid unrest over army hit & run killing of 8yo
The reaction on Twitter was massive, with the hashtag #LetValentinaPlay surging in popularity and thousands of supporters speaking out.
International concert violinist and recording artist Hannah Woolmer tweeted: “To me, this IS a VITAL campaign pls can all my followers retweet if they agree that @TorontoSymphony should #letvalentinaplay.”
Seventy-two-year old Hana Ustohal wrote on Facebook: “What kind of monsters are in power of this country to make such an insane and sadistic decision to not allow you to play. I’ve cancelled my ticket for Wednesday concert.”
Twitter user Ike Hike warned that the TSO’s decision “looks bad,” adding: “Would you seek fame as silencing art for partisan politics and smear Canada? You should #letvalentinaplay.”
Lisitsa maintained on her Twitter account that she does not mix music with politics, and does not“preach” during performances. Her opponents, however, accused her of being a “Kremlin mouthpiece”and a “hate monger.”
Maria Kolos wrote on Facebook, supporting the TSO’s decision: “Thank you TSO for not tolerating this offensive Kremlin mouthpiece.” Mat Babyak also said: “Thank you for not giving a platform to a racist hate monger! Keep her out of Canada!”
Another user, Iryna Cimorelli, pointed towards a large number of Ukrainian immigrants when expressing her support for the TSO. “Toronto is full of Ukrainian immigrants who are true patriots of their county and they would never ever allow this woman to play on that stage after her propaganda speeches. Never!!! Good for them for kicking her out, she can play in [the] Kremlin now!!!”
Lisitsa has a substantial following on YouTube and Twitter. One of her most popular videos – Beethoven’s ‘Moonlight Sonata’ – has over 9 million views. Due to her successful online career, she is sometimes referred to as “the web’s favorite pianist.”
Lisitsa was born in Kiev into a Russian-Polish family. Her family came to the capital from Odessa, Ukraine. She immigrated to the US in the 1990s.
Her career was successfully launched through a YouTube channel, which now has received around 43 million visitors. Lisitsa now travels around the world performing classical pieces.
Separately, Lisitsa has been running a Twitter account under the nickname NedoUkraïnka (“sub-Ukrainian”), which she came up with after the Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatsenyuk published a statement calling the supporters of eastern Ukrainian militia forces “subhumans.”

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Sharing.:::. ▶ 132 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube | samkaska

Origen: Sharing.:::. ▶ 132 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube | samkaska



Sharing.:::. ▶ 132 – ANSWERS OF AN ALIEN FROM ANDROMEDA – YouTube

*    *    *


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Video 132

Answers of an alien from Andromeda – video hundred and thirty two – April 06, 2015. Mythi, if we are mandated to take vaccinations by law or if vaccinations are, unwillingly, introduced into us, how do we avoid detection if we avoid such vaccinations? They will check us by microwaves… – You have to unite against these abuses. If the vast majority refuse to take the vaccine said forcefully, they cannot do anything, companies will not have all the staff left because of “vaccination campaign”, you guys have to understand that the government is there to serve the people and not to enforce solutions forced by “corrupt business leaders.” When you become aware that the people united is who really rules, your elites will be defeated by the roots. Only the people can claim a more just society for himself, making the most of the claims are always attended by who’s there only and “solely” to meet those needs and longings. A society reaches its maturity when their leaders are there only in order to balance the resources and ensure the welfare of all his people. What is not so is not a government but is an organized gang.
Mythi, some wondered about that. it seems the entire universe is already charted/explored and all stored in huge databases. Is there actually still anything to discover? Are there even any systems left that are not claimed yet by anyone? – Of course it is, our universe is new, and four fifths of the known universe it is still unexplored. Much still exists to be known and seeded in this vast universe of which we are part. Many non-humanoid races can be dominant in many systems, and this may pose difficulties in humanoid settlements in these regions. Our network of galactic community’s covers only one-eighth of the universe already explored therefore means that there is still much to be done so, welcome to our task force. Mythi, a NASA spacecraft orbiting the Red Planet has detected a mysterious aurora that reaches deep into the Martian atmosphere, could you talk about it? – The northern lights are the result of refraction of solar particle emissions on your atmosphere at the point of concentration of closing lines of force of the magnetic field, well, Mars is gaining an atmospheric layer increasingly thick and this will cause the same phenomenon there as well from now on. Mythi, CG could only intervene if nuclear weapons were used? But how is starving Africans and Asians not a form of genocide? I thought they could intervene if genocide was implemented no matter the weapon. – See, the intervention policy exists for all members of the CGs, but society has officially become part as level 1. This is to happen to the Earth but you guys have to be strong to survive with your governments until the order to intervene is given. You will have to prove your viability as a race, and all who not abide in the planet are being awaited in their appropriate places to continue development. Sometimes it’s hard for you guys to digest the idea that all functions to suit the stage of development to appropriate locations, and this has to happen naturally namely through reincarnations system. Mythi, why is there no real pictures of Earth? I can only find composites of Earth no real pictures. Is it flat? – You see, the photos taken by the missions that were to your moon are in the archives of your NASA and were taken well beyond the Van Allen belt with little resolution. Other more modern rigs have some higher resolution photos also taken after the belt but for some reason are not released for y’all. You have no pictures of Earth because they cannot be at a sufficient distance to take pictures of her whole, would have to take the cameras to the Van Allen belt to have angle and it is impossible at this time. As the Earth is flat, sometimes confuses me with your middle age and the current time. How in good conscience can anyone imagine the flat earth? In the universe are all round, because they are bodies formed by rotational movement while still at high temperatures. The gravity operates in all directions output from the center point of the rotating bodies and this way naturally spheres. Examine one drop of water falling, a bubble floating, try to make them flat, if you guys get the prowess, we can go back to talk about this quaint theory. Mythi, the Ark of the Covenant – According to the New Testament Letter to the Hebrews, the Ark also contained Aaron’s rod, a jar of manna, and the first Torah scroll as written by Moses; is it true? – Well, the concept of an Ark of the Covenant is purely symbolic, many “different things” happened in your antiquity and these things have become legends. Some social groups received help of the gods, as machines to remove air humidity generating water, machines that produced a protein feed for survival in some situations, and conduct guidelines to be followed if they wanted to survive those times. These gifts were always very well kept and were the subject of disputes and over time were destroyed. Literary novels adopted by your religions created the image of the ark to be inculcated in the minds of followers as a relic of God, a divine and powerful object. One thing I can say to you all, it’s just a concept and a story.
Mythi, according to pictures in infrared, where they appear small orbs of various diameters circling the environment that has been detected in several places by various people, what could you tell us about them? – I think some are ready to learn more. In fact, these plasma orbs are everywhere, they multiply according to the need of the humanoids that are going through this process of transition. They are like the red blood cells from your blood leading oxygen to the organs. For orbs they are programmed to counter the physical discrepancies / chemical of humanoid bodies of third dimension, focusing more on those who have more problems to be solved. Some may see them and others cannot, with current technology, depending on the lighting, they can be captured with cameras as they respond to the frequency in the infrared range. People who received implants when small, raised by their mothers races attract a larger amount and attendance of these plasmids orbs that even transmit information about the particular body to the database of your mothers’ race. Some very sensitive people feel the corrective power of injections that may be getting in the form of small shocks. When you meditate or sleep is when they manifest with greater intensity, so when the monks say they are in a state “Zen” is when they are surrounded by orbs plasmids receiving the energy of the universal forces. The more you know the more you learn. In the atmosphere there are no gas, vapor and dust only, there are other elements in humanoid colonies you will know in time. – The most sensitive can see these orbs in some situations may even concentrate and send information to their tutors through them. Often your medicine has no explanation for cases of survival in accidents that theoretically should be dead, but they are not aware of these other means that can be grouped to protect certain people keeping the vital points in a temporary suspension and protected from succumbing ahead of schedule for them. Some who are dedicated to develop your techniques of meditation and concentration, can help others less fortunate to receive more assistance these plasmids orbs and verify the significant improvement of these people, such as Reiki among dozens of other techniques that ultimately lead to the same state concentration of energy. When you put your hand on the head of a patient and focus on your willingness to help that person would be amazed at the amount of plasmids orbs that can rally around that person. It is only for this reason that in places where many people come together and focus on trying to cure a person may happen that your religions call mistakenly “miracles”, because faith and good intentions of that group of people can move thousands of plasmids orbs and direct to the one in focus, which will be helped even without his aura enough lighting to gather orbs needed for his recovery. Mythi, lots of questions about who is God and how did he look, or God is pure space blue energy? – See, the concept of an omnipotent God is a very vague concept. God exists in various stages of universal development, as a hierarchy of “gods” that creates and guides in each of these steps. God that matters to the level of development of a race is one that cares about their offspring in that stage of development and uses of his senior disciples to assist in the mission to “Increase and multiply you.” Some philosophical points about it are difficult for me to exemplify you guys for your concepts are still very heterogenic. You see, you have to focus on the divine that is in the right distance to listen you guys, at the time of development that you guys are going through. Evolution is like an inverted family tree, you can only advise with your grandparents and parents, passing this knowledge on to your children and grandchildren who will form the societies that will make room for you guys later on. The more you develop more will be on track to the summit of divine pyramid that formed it all, so do not worry about God, all that we are experiencing is part of it. The knowledge, this yes, it is like a family tree; each new information that you or a society assimilates generates new branches that will develop the new knowledge acquired. It never stops, on the contrary, increases exponentially. – Be forewarned about the changes, both socially and changes imposed by the nature of the planet. The more prepared may face situations with more awareness and assist other groups to organize more appropriately.
Everyone stay well! – Captain Bill – April, 2015 – Atlanticobr Channel

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Dreaming Ascension

by Georgi Stankov Posted on April 11, 2015

by Shirley Garmon and Georgi Stankov, April 11, 2015

Hello Dr. Stankov and Carla:

I hope you are not suffering, too much, health-wise, in view of these extremely, powerful, energies, which are being generated. I want to share some dreams with you, which may be significant, or, maybe not…. (See below)

Dear Shirley,

thank you very much for sharing your wonderful dreams with me. I highly appreciate this as your dreams are very precise as to what is coming or happening in the Now. I will comment below in the text each dream, but let me confirm here that I, and also Carla, are recently dreaming repeatedly of parties, celebrations and graduation from university.

I dreamed a couple of days ago that I had to pass one more time my final medical examination after so many years and was a little bit worried if I still remembered the stuff. I was also wondering which examination I was actually supposed to repeat as I vaguely remembered in my dream that I had already graduated in the past. These dreams relate to our final preparations as ascended masters when we must re-member all our pristine abilities as creator gods.

My comments follow below in the text.

With love and light

1) March 9, 2015 Dream of Celebration: I’m at my grandmother’s house, and it is full of people who are all laughing and talking and enjoying themselves. My grandmother is outside the house typing vines so they will protrude upwards and remain that way. They are similar to Bougainvillea vines (Odd).

The symbolic vision of the farmer in God’s vineyard is very popular in Christian religion and I remember that even the previous Pope Ratzinger -Benedikt loved to present himself as a “humble worker in God’s vineyard”. I do not want to compare your dream to Christian religious symbolic, but only to point out that such symbols are very powerful as they are shared by a large portion of humanity and are always associated with global changes,

2) March 21, 2015, Dream: I’m at my office and two women walk in and introduce themselves; they proceed to offer me $10,800,000 for my business (ha, that would be nice) but anyway, I go over to greet them, and I am wearing a deep, dark purple dress. I look at this woman, pondering, whether I want to sell my business, and then, the dress I’m wearing (purple) suddenly becomes a beautiful white dress with white beautiful lace with white sequins on it. I wake up from dream.

Deep purple is the colour of resurrection and the white Christed light represents ascension. This explains everything.

3) March 25, 2015 Dream: I am in a school room and the teacher is a guy who use to be my work supervisor back, around 1984. Anyway, he is saying good-bye, and that I have gone as far as I can. He tells me it is time for me to leave, as, indicative, of a graduation.

Graduation is a common motif now in many dreams which the PAT dreams in preparation for ascension.

4) April 1, 2015 Dream: I dreamt that three young men are graduating, and I’m out shopping for them the appropriate attire tuxedos, suits, etc.

This dream may relate to the younger generation of crystalline children who we, the indigo light warriors of the first and the last hour, supported to ascend now, earlier than initially planned, just as these crystalline children helped us in our mission to ascend Gaia and humanity when many other light workers failed.

5) April 3, 2015 Dream: I dreamt that I am at a large shopping center looking for a graduation dress for myself, as I am now the person graduating. I am going from store to store to find the right dress.

Graduation as a recurrent motif in the dream state announces and confirms our imminent transfiguration.

6) April 7, 2015 Dream, I close my eyes to sleep, and instantly I start to see words forming in front of my eyes: The words are: I’m coming; will be there shortly; I’m on the way. I open my eyes, and the writing stops.

I have such visions of sentences also very often when I have a short nap and wake up after a few minutes. They may mean something but I have not figured out yet what and most of the time they were not correlated to this reality.

7) April 9, 2015 Vision: Prime Creator is speaking with me. It is giving me algebraic equations as to how the universe was set up. All of these equations are flashing before my eyes and disappearing. After this Creator energy finishes with all the equations, it ends by saying that the universe’s rotational axis or spin was created with an imbalance and/or a wobble effect. The creator had to use a +4 variant to eliminate the wobble. (Not sure, at all, what this means, as I do not have a strong science acumen, but this was the dream). This was the only portion of the equation that I could remember. It was as if I was made to forget the other mathematical equations in regard to how the universe was created. The Creator said also that “it is coming back to this earth to set all things right.” Prior to this dream, I prayed and asked the Creator to come back to earth because it seems the world is losing its mind with violence, murder, war-mongering, abusing poor little animals constantly, and it never stops. Enough is enough! So, those words forming inside my eyes would appear to have been the Creator’s answer. Although, I asked, specifically, when the Creator would make its presence known, I was given an answer, and made to forget.

This dream is self-explanatory and reflects what is happening Now.

Satan Negative Energy Visit: (I deliberately chose not to write this down in my journal, so as not to give life to it).

About two weeks ago, while semi-conscious, not totally asleep, I felt someone or something in back of me. I asked who is it, and it identifies itself as “Satan.” This negative energy (Satan) has come and wants to make a deal with me. I refuse to deal with this negative energy in any capacity, and asks it to leave. It stays for a while longer, and I manage to bring myself out of this trance like state because, it was, definitely, not a dream. Why does this negative energy want to make a deal? Could it be they are losing this battle to the Creator and the Creator’s light-workers? Maybe, otherwise, why bother trying to make a deal with me? Are these dark entities worried because their days are numbered, and, they are, most certainly, on the way out?

It could be that you were in touch with negative energies as around this time we had also quite a few intrusions of negative dark energies in our apartment and started to cleanse our fields and surroundings twice a day. But I would not pay too much attention to this experience – the dark ones are now indeed in their last throes and very desperate as they are completely contained, immobilized by the incoming source energies.

Anyway, I wanted to share all of these dreams as I always journal my important dreams, as more, often, than not, they are important. Steadily dreaming of graduations and family celebrations is definitely indicative of something magnificent and/or wonderful is going to happen; something great and spiritual! Graduation(s): transitioning to a higher level, which would make perfect sense, in event, of what is going on with the Ascension, and these extreme energies, which we’re all enduring, presently.

Thanks for all you and Carla do to help keep us updated on what is going on in regard to the Ascension. May Prime Creator always bless you!

With love & Light


p.s. These were the colors from the March 21st dream?

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Compartir.:::.▶ SIENDO EL CUERPO DE LUZ.:::.Dia y noche trabajamos para salvar este planeta- Maestro Aliestro – YouTube | El Ser UNO – A

Origen: Compartir.:::.▶ SIENDO EL CUERPO DE LUZ.:::.Dia y noche trabajamos para salvar este planeta- Maestro Aliestro – YouTube | El Ser UNO – A


Compartir.:::.▶ SIENDO EL CUERPO DE LUZ.:::.Dia y noche trabajamos para salvar este planeta- Maestro Aliestro – YouTube

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▶ Billy Meier – Concentration Exercises – YouTube


▶ El Ser Uno – los 3 días de Oscuridad y el 21-12-2012. – YouTube

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Nosotros los Arcturianos no disminuímos más nuestra resonancia debajo de la quinta dimensión.

Realmente, lo encontramos muy poco confortable. Por lo tanto, tenemos gran compasión por los que aún visten formas físicas densas en su realidad tridimensional.

También sentimos gran compasión y amor incondicional por toda nuestra Familia Arcturiana que se ofreció voluntariamente a tomar un envase de Gaia en este tiempo para asistirla en Su Ascensión.

Les pedimos que se tomen un momento para sacudirse los hábitos de sus fronteras densas y esperen sentir su brillo emanando de su Cuerpo de Luz.

Miren sus pies, que ustedes experimentan como una superposición y señálenlos para que sean un timón para su envase de luz. Experimenten el flujo de sus piernas de luz, a medida que se mueven como la cola de un delfín navegando a través del Flujo pentadimensional. Miren en su Cuerpo de Luz lo que una vez fue su ombligo, para encontrar el punto de mayor flexibilidad. Tomen un momento para mover sus piernas desde esa área.

Muévanse en lo que una vez fue su plexo solar, su tercer chakra, para experimentar su vórtice interno de luz.

Mientras miran su chakra del corazón ven que se ha mezclado completamente con su Corazón Superior. Sintonicen con su Corazón Superior para sentir la bella esencia de cada Ser ( algunos no son humanos) con los cuales han tomado este viaje.

Sientan su amor radiando desde su corazón y sigan el viaje de este amor a medida que se mueve hacia arriba en su forma, a través de sus brazos y hacia fuera por sus manos.

Cuando se miran las manos, sólo ven enormes explosiones de luz, emanando en su entorno.

Muevan sus manos de luz a lo que una vez fue su chakra de la garganta para activar y oir el tono de la frecuencia de signatura de su Cuerpo de Luz. Esta firma es su “nombre”, el que es experimentado como una danza de luz y sonido.

Al enfocarse en su Tercer Ojo pueden ver esa danza, así como el ondear de los Cuerpos de Luz de aquellos con los cuales comparten este viaje.

Miren ahora para ver la radiantez de la luz y el amor multidimensional que los conecta a cada uno con el UNO vía su Corona.

Tomen un momento para experimentar su SER…

Sientan como flotan , fluyen y se entremezclan con cada uno…

Compartan su frecuencia de signatura de luz y sonido…

Acepten y abracen este compartir con aquellos alrededor de ustedes…

Como la distancia entre luz y luz es cero, hay cero distancia entre ustedes. De hecho, el concepto de “tú” ha pasado a ser el concepto de “nosotros”. Si no hay distancia entre medio, no hay separación, y no hay “tú”. Sólo “nosotros”.

Como ahora somos Cuerpo de Luz, liberaremos el pronombre de “tú”, y lo remplazaremos por el de “nosotros”de la quinta dimensión y más allá.

Por consiguiente, “nosotros” percibimos el brillo de la quinta dimensión alrededor “nuestro”.

Al fluir a través del grupo, vemos el brillo de innumerables Cuerpos de Luz entremezclándose y superponiéndose.

Sentimos el brillo de sus corazones individuales dentro de nuestro Corazón Superior y vemos el corazón con el Tercer Ojo.

Tomando un momento de nuestro AHORA, nos sumergimos con el Corazón de muchos Cuerpos de Luz dentro de nuestro círculo.

Recuerdos de miríadas de vidas pasadas con nuestros amigos y compañeros en realidades alternativas y viajes interdimensionales nos llenan de amor incondicional y luz expandida.

Disfrutamos profundamente la unidad y el reconocimiento de cada único SER dentro de la Unidad de nuestro UNO.

Los Arcturianos.

De “Journey through the Arcturian Corridor iii”

Traducción al español para este blog – Shanti

Publicado 11th March 2012 por Juan Pablo

Etiquetas: activación del cuerpo de Luz

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Cómo Cambiar de Velocidad y Deslizarse hacia el Próximo Nivel de Energía.

Si alguna vez han conducido un automóvil con palanca de cambio, saben que requiere de una combinación equilibrada de acción y cronometraje. Yo aprendí a conducir un auto con transmisión manual y no fue un proceso elegante. Al principio, el progreso se medía en pulgadas mientras aprendía cómo coordinar los pedales del embrague y del acelerador y cambiar de velocidad, mientras el auto se detenía a cada segundo. Ahora lo puedo hacer sin esfuerzo y aunque he conducido un auto automático durante años, domino con rapidez la conducción manual después de unos minutos de práctica. Antes de profundizar en este tópico quiero sugerir que la lucha que ahora tenemos con los cambios se parece mucho a este proceso y necesitamos recordar lo que ya sabemos para ayudar a que este proceso prosiga más fácilmente. Si miramos el proceso como una recapitulación en lugar de ‘comienzo desde el principio’ es menos frustrante y tendremos una perspectiva diferente sobre la falta de movimiento, así como de las frenadas y los arranques.

Cuando aprenden a manejar un auto con transmisión manual, aprenden rápidamente que cada marcha tiene un límite máximo de velocidad. El auto no avanzará mucho en primera, independientemente de cuanto presionen el acelerador. Si tratan de ir más rápido de lo que permite el engrane, el auto solamente hará mucho ruido. El incremento de velocidad los obliga a cambiar de marcha oprimiendo el pedal del embrague, liberando el acelerador y moviendo la palanca al próximo cambio de velocidad. Si tratan de mover la palanca sin presionar el embrague, el auto hará mucho ruido y pueden provocarle un gran daño. De igual forma, si mantienen el pie en el acelerador mientras tratan de cambiar de velocidad el auto también hará mucho ruido.

Y tienen que ir de primera a segunda a tercera, etc., porque si tratan de violentar las velocidades (a menos que vayan muy rápido) el auto de hecho se detendrá, toserá, escupirá y se detendrá y parecerá que ustedes no saben conducir (sin mencionar quedarse detenidos en medio de la carretera). El proceso de aprender a conducir con palanca de cambios es doloroso (lo se muy bien) y es cuestión de coordinación y de cronometraje, muy similar al viaje de experiencia en el que ahora estamos. Y mientras aprenden, el auto hace mucho ruido. De hecho, así es cómo saben que están haciendo algo mal, el auto se queja, tose, suena y escupe mucho.

Lo extraño de este proceso es que mientras el pedal del embrague está presionado, el auto está en punto muerto, y el motor está separado del eje de transmisión. En ese punto, no importa cuanto presionemos el acelerador, el auto no irá más rápido. Nosotros también estamos en punto muerto mientras cambiamos de velocidad energéticamente y parece que nada ocurre. En realidad todavía estamos en movimiento y avanzando pero verdaderamente estamos deslizándonos hasta que cambiamos a una velocidad mayor y entonces podemos ir más rápido. Y si tratamos de ir más rápido sin darnos un tiempo en punto muerto al prepararnos para cambiar de velocidad, podremos escuchar mucho ruido y aunque no hagamos daño alguno, nos sentimos muy estancados.

Y no he mencionado aun lo que sucede cuando tienen que detenerse en una loma y en cuanto presionan el embrague el auto comienza a retroceder. Y entonces solamente esperan que el auto detrás de ustedes no esté muy cerca para no chocar con este mientras tratan de coordinar el acelerador y el embrague para avanzar.

Este proceso es muy similar a lo que estamos experimentando cada vez que nuestra energía está lista para cambiar, que es lo que sucede cada vez que miramos nuestras vidas y nos preguntamos si habrá algo más para nosotros. Nuestra insatisfacción actual es el portal a nuevos potenciales, si podemos darnos tiempo para cambiar de velocidad atravesando la fase de punto muerto utilizando nuestro ‘tiempo de deslizamiento’ para evaluar hacia donde queremos ir a continuación. Querer avanzar siempre, ir rápidamente de una cosa a la otra, empeñarse en ir adelante, es parte de ser humano. Pero nuestra conexión con nuestra Voluntad divina radica en las pausas, es en esos momentos en los que estamos desconectados de nuestro movimiento hacia delante y estamos deslizándonos, en los que podemos separarnos y evaluar nuestros próximos pasos. Es en esos momentos en los que podemos hacer preguntas importantes como:

– ¿adonde queremos ir a continuación?

– ¿cuál es nuestro próximo mejor paso (cuál es el que mejor nos sirve, el más empoderador y empoderado, y el más alineado con nuestra intención)?

– ¿cuán poderosos nos permitimos ser?

– ¿qué estamos dispuestos a liberar y dejar atrás al cambiar de velocidad?

Si utilizamos este tiempo para hacer mucho ruido, como quejarnos de que no estamos avanzando con suficiente rapidez, nos sentimos atascados o estamos frustrados con la falta de progreso, no estamos utilizando efectivamente la pausa tratando de avanzar sin haber cambiado de velocidad. Pronto llegaremos al máximo de la velocidad (nivel de energía) en el que estamos y tenemos que prepararnos para cambiar de velocidad de nuevo. Eventualmente podemos aprender a utilizar las pausas de forma poderosa para prepararnos para el próximo cambio, para que podamos fluir hacia este con gracia y facilidad, en lugar de con mucho ruido. ¿Están listos para su próximo cambio de velocidad? ¿Es un proceso ruidoso o parece estarse moviendo muy lentamente? Traten de hacer las preguntas importantes y utilicen el poder de la pausa para empoderar su potencial para que puedan fluir hacia su próximo nivel energético con gracia y facilidad.

Jennifer Hoffman

Traducción: Fara González

Difusión: El Manantial del Caduceo

Pag. Anterior: Varios/Otros – Avanzando al ascender.

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Compartir.:::.▶ ¿Quién soy? Y así, ¿Por qué existo? – YouTube.:::. desde el rincon de Mark _Walk-In y semilla estelar _2012-2015 – DESPERTAR de semillas estelares | El Ser UNO – A

Origen: Compartir.:::.▶ ¿Quién soy? Y así, ¿Por qué existo? – YouTube.:::. desde el rincon de Mark _Walk-In y semilla estelar _2012-2015 – DESPERTAR de semillas estelares | El Ser UNO – A



Compartir.:::.▶ ¿Quién soy? Y así, ¿Por qué existo? – YouTube.:::. desde el rincon de Mark _Walk-In y semilla estelar _2012-2015 – DESPERTAR de semillas estelares

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▶ ¿Quién soy? Y así, ¿Por qué existo? – YouTube

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Lunes, 22 de diciembre 2014

30 de octubre desde el rincon de Mark _Walk-In y semilla estelar _2012-2015 – DESPERTAR de semillas estelares.

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▶ Billy Meier – Ejercicios de Concentración – YouTube


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DEsde el rincon de Mark

13/09/12 Presentación

La siguiente presentación fue realizada por Mark Kimmel en el Walk-In y Starseed CUMBRE el 13 de septiembre de 2012 en Pagosa Springs, Colorado

STARSEED DESPERTAR: Mi despertar como una semilla estelar tuvo lugar en 1987. En 1996, estoy bastante de mi participación en el mundo de los negocios para dedicarse a tiempo completo a la comprensión, escribir y hablar sobre la realidad general. Ha sido un proceso gradual de aprendizaje quién soy y por qué estoy aquí en este momento y lugar. Hay capas adicionales de entendimiento que se desarrollan diariamente.

MISIÓN: Desde mi despertar he aprendido mucho acerca de la imagen más grande. Para mí un diamante representa la imagen más grande; su persona facetas las formas en que la imagen más grande se me presenta y las muchas maneras en que otros ven la imagen más grande. Media, el gobierno, el sistema monetario, los combustibles fósiles, el sistema médico, el tiempo, la religión, las grandes corporaciones, la legal sistema, el sistema educativo, y la psicología son todos los medios de hacer valer el control sobre nosotros. Me dicen que todos ellos van a desaparecer “pronto” mientras hacemos la transición a una conciencia superior. En este momento no sé cómo ni cuándo vamos a pasar a la Nueva Tierra de la quinta dimensión, pero sé que lo haremos estar allí a finales de los próximos tres años. 2012 es el principio; 2014 es la realización de la Nueva Tierra. En el proceso de lograr una nueva tierra que veremos cambios de la tierra, el colapso del sistema monetario, las nuevas tecnologías para sustituir la quema de combustibles fósiles, los gobiernos que respondan a las necesidades de todos renovado , el colapso de las religiones en favor de una verdadera espiritualidad, y la sustitución de todas las instituciones creadas por la humanidad desde una 3rdDimension temen base. Como la transformación de la Tierra proviene de nuestra energía de la luz afecta a las civilizaciones en otros planetas de nuestro sistema solar: Venus, Marte, y otros. Esto a su vez afecta a otros planetas de la Vía Láctea. Esto a su vez afecta planetas de otras galaxias. Todos los planetas de forma física son afecta por nuestra transición a la luz. Además, todo en la no-física también se ve afectada. Uno de los hechos más sorprendentes que he encontrado es que menos del uno por ciento (1%) de todos los seres en el cosmos sabe acerca de los seres sintientes en la forma física. Piense en esto y recordar lo especial que eres y lo especial para estar en la Tierra en este tiempo y lugar. El ingrediente principal en nuestra transformación a la quinta dimensión es aprender a pensar de nuestros corazones. Las dimensiones superiores no se puede acceder a través de nuestras mentes racionales. Funcionamiento del corazón se puede observar fácilmente en el juego de los niños pequeños o el amor de un perro. me dicen que la transformación de la Tierra y sus habitantes humanos es el evento más importante desde la creación original. Imagine el impacto que está teniendo con cada pensamiento. Imagine el impacto que está teniendo como cambiar sus creencias. . Recordemos esto como usted examina la forma en que vive Volviendo ahora a una discusión de Dios, las palabras que he llegado a utilizar son: “Primer Creador”, “Todo lo que es”, “Fuente”, y La Divinidad es “Dios.” ni una entidad individual ni colectiva, es mucho más vasta, eterno, poderoso y amoroso que se pueda imaginar. En el principio, Dios creó el Dioses Creadores cuya tarea era crear el cosmos, físicos y no físicos . Esto se hizo de acuerdo con la “Plantilla Original” establecido por la Divinidad. Estos muchos Dioses Creadores crearon galaxias, universos y otras dimensiones . Los dioses originales Creador creó dioses adicionales Creadores. Todo estaba de acuerdo con la luz de la Divinidad. La forma física de nuestra tierra fue creada de acuerdo con la plantilla original. Poseía un ambiente prístino de tal manera que muchos seres de todo el universo llegó a simplemente estar aquí. Los seres humanos originales fueron trasladados aquí desde otros sistemas estelares y galaxias . Las cuatro razas de color son el resultado de esta siembra. A principios de esta siembra, los seres humanos sabían de dónde venían, eran telepática, y tenía poderes de las dimensiones superiores. En el principio todo estaba en perfecta armonía con el ambiente prístino y los demás habitantes del planeta. Algunos dioses creadores que habían sido creados por los dioses originales del creador comenzaron a experimentar con creaciones fuera de la de la plantilla original, más allá de la luz de la Divinidad . Les gustaba estas nuevas creaciones mucho, y se negó a volver a la luz de la Divinidad cuando se le preguntó a hacerlo. Hubo una degradación progresiva de determinados sectores del universo . Esto se conoce como la caída de la conciencia y sus consecuencias están hoy con nosotros para estas energías oscuras afectan a nuestro planeta, entre otros, de maneras adversas. Por medio de manipulaciones energéticas por parte de los Dioses Creadores sin luz, la separación de la original Plantilla provocó distorsiones en el ego de todos los seres humanos de la Tierra. Además de los cambios físicos, nuestros chakras se convirtieron disfuncional. Nuestros cuerpos físicos, emocionales, mentales y espirituales se dividieron y su funcionalidad se redujo drásticamente. El juicio y la competencia entraron comportamiento humano. La llamada tercera dimensión cayó sobre los seres humanos del planeta Tierra. Rigidez es el sello de la tercera dimensión, con sus numerosas normas y reglamentos. El miedo está en el corazón de todos los aspectos de la tercera dimensión . Cuando me refiero a la tercera dimensión, me refiero a la forma en que nos relacionamos con los demás, a nuestro medio ambiente y para las dimensiones superiores. Dando un paso atrás para el comienzo, grandes almas fueron creadas por la Divinidad. Estos eran, y son, expresiones individualizadas de la Deidad. Son grandes, eternos y poderosos seres, que funcionan en la luz como un colectivo. Me imagino cada uno como mucho más grande que un planeta individual. Estas grandes almas individualizan almas de sí mismos para ocupar formas físicas humanos individuales en los planetas en galaxias innumerables. A través de este proceso, no del todo desconectan también de las muchas almas individuales en las muchas formas físicas humanos y otros que habitan en un momento dado. En cuanto a nosotros mismos desde la perspectiva de una Gran Alma nos lleva inmediatamente para ver lo que realmente somos. Podemos llegar a entender que somos magníficos creadores de nuestro propio derecho. Lo más importante es que podemos llegar a entender que hay Somos la encarnación física de un gran ser “nada de malo en nosotros.”; estamos jugando un papel en esta vida. He llegado a comprender que las diferentes dimensiones de los que hablamos son configuraciones energéticas . Se numeran para nuestra conveniencia, pero desde una perspectiva más alta vibración que no son secuenciales . La tercera dimensión se refiere a la forma rígida de la que todos somos muy conscientes. Es importante distinguir entre la tercera dimensión y la forma física . Forma física es el papel en el que puedo imprimir esta información y el equipo que utilizo para hacerlo. Forma física es el paisaje fuera de mi ventana y el cielo. La forma rígida de la tercera dimensión es el código basado en el miedo de conducta dentro de la cual la gente tercera Dimensión viven. Las configuraciones energéticas de quinto, sexto, séptimo, octavo, noveno y Dimensiones son la nada tan rígido como 3rdDimension. En quinta dimensión no hay miedo. En quinta Dimensión todo es transparente; no hay manipulación. En quinta Dimensión podemos darnos cuenta de nuestro verdadero potencial como creadores poderosos. En 5thdimension somos parte de un colectivo de gran alcance con otros que funcionan de la luz. Un gran cambio está sobre nosotros . Todos los que decidan hacerlo pasarán a vibraciones superiores, inicialmente el 4thdimension y luego a la quinta. Más allá del cambio es la armonía y la unidad. Más allá del cambio nos encontraremos nuevas formas de experimentar la familia, la comunidad, el liderazgo y las organizaciones. Más allá del cambio que podemos encontrarnos en un verdadero paraíso – si así lo decidimos ir allí. Si no elegimos, nos quedamos en la tercera dimensión, pero en otros lugares . me dicen que somos parte de un gran experimento, nunca antes intentado. Nosotros debemos ser los primeros en fusionar la conciencia Dimensión quinto en forma física. Esta es la meta de todos los que permanecen en este planeta. Otra forma de decir esto es, de hecho, estamos entrando en una nueva realidad “La vida en la forma física de una elevada conciencia.”. Para lograr esta transformación que estamos recibiendo la ayuda de una serie de direcciones: la Tierra está siendo bombardeado con la transformación de las energías electromagnéticas (Beyond los medidos por los científicos) . Una serie de arcángeles y maestros ascendidos están ayudando. Nuestros hermanos y hermanas de las estrellas están presentes tanto caminar el planeta y que orbita en starcraft gigante como Athabantian . Numerosos pacientes sin cita y semillas estelares han llegado al planeta para actuar como trabajadores de la luz. Y tenemos un grupo de información canalizada registrado en los libros, y en los hombres, DVD y sitios web CD. Por vibra en nuestras propias frecuencias más altas, estamos desplazando el miedo en la conciencia colectiva de la Tierra. Usted y yo estamos haciendo un cambio por ser quienes realmente somos y que irradia esa conciencia. A su vez nos afectan a todas en el universo. Abraza el impacto de sus pensamientos y acciones tienen sobre toda la creación. Separe su conocimiento interior completamente de los reinos externos. Entender que lo que estamos haciendo en este planeta es el evento más importante ya que el original la creación. Somos muy afortunados de ser parte de ella. Acepte lo que realmente eres. Acepte que no hay nada “malo” con usted. Levante su vibración. Mantenga usted mismo en una vibración superior Haga algo, como dar de sí mismo a los demás. A NUEVO está emergiendo MUNDO. En ella estarán nuevas relaciones. En este nuevo mundo va a ser telepático. Se requerirán nuevas organizaciones, organizaciones basadas en la comprensión mutua y el mayor beneficio de todos. En este nuevo mundo no habrá contaminación y los efectos adversos de la tercera dimensión se limpiará. Una nueva raza de seres humanos está emergiendo: Los cuidadores. Ellos: Operar en cuerpos físicos de una conciencia Dimensión quinto. Tienen cuerpos juveniles, y vivir sin la enfermedad. NO experimentar la muerte, tal como lo conocemos; van a elegir el momento de dejar sus cuerpos. Tener una conciencia muy elevada. Sepan que ellos son ciudadanos del universo. Sé creadores de una nueva civilización en el planeta Tierra. ayudar a la Tierra a florecer en la Tierra de la estrella, un planeta auto-luminosa de la luz.

ABIQUOR, “Centro de la Luz”, se está creando en el suroeste de Colorado. Es una instalación autosuficiente con espacios de enseñanza, residenciales y de acondicionamiento. Estará rodeado de jardines y granjas para proporcionar alimentos a sus muchos residentes. Todo funcionará en armonía y unidad. Abiquor ya existe en el 5thdimension, y se materializará en la Tierra después de nuestro cambio hacia la conciencia superior. Según lo previsto en la actualidad, será un centro de enseñanza para los cuidadores. Utilizando el conocimiento y la experiencia de los seres de otros sistemas estelares, se instruirá a los cuidadores sobre las nuevas formas de organización, sobre las formas de noticias de liderazgo, y sobre las formas de interactuar con los seres de fuera del planeta. También dará instrucciones a los vigilantes para enseñar a otros de todo el planeta. Aspectos adicionales de Abiquor incluyen la limpieza del medio ambiente de la Tierra y la aplicación de nuevas energías para reemplazar los combustibles fósiles. Me dicen que su impacto se sentirá mucho más allá de la Tierra.

Stand Tall – separar su conocimiento interno de la tercera dimensión
Valor tu cuerpo humano – la transformación de la Tierra requiere humanos participación
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