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sharing.:::. ▶ How to Create a Cinemagraph in Photoshop – PACHAMAMA: THE ANCIENT SACRED HEART

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By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012

I AM PachaMama! 

I Am the Mother of the World, and I bring ancient wisdom back into the Heart of Mankind. 

Many of you have forgotten the ways of the Ancient and do not know how to be respectful in the understanding that this Ancient Wisdom is your own Sacred Root without which you cannot return to your true humaness, and therefore needs to be re-integrated.

From the brain you think that you have free choice about what will happen in the future and how the transition to the New Earth will occur. The brain thinks but the Sacred Heart* Knows. This is the secret! The dice have been cast and there is a firm pathway lead out in the Sacred Heart of humanity. Enter It and you will know.

I AM PachaMama, I Am the Conscious Energy and the Energy Process of the New Creation that will soon reveal your new World. It is not just limited to your New Earth but also relates to your surrounding Universe. I Am that Power, that moving Force that is bringing about the New Creations, already dreamed in the Hearts of those who direct the destiny of mankind.

They are the Ancient Wise Ones, the Loving Ones who care about you and who have your very best at Heart. They are the hidden benevolent leaders and benefactors of humanity’s evolution.

Please accept the truth that you, who’s consciousness is seated in the brain, cannot create the True new world, whose foundation must be Singleness. But also know that there are only very few and rare Beings, who’s consciousness dwells truly in the Heart. They show you the way. It is the Goddess Way, and the male must now release its dominance and allow the Goddess power to rule the future destiny of humankind.

Also you will return to the ancient way of the Sacred Heart and resume your rightful place as Divine Co-Creators in the universe. But until then you do not possess the true Creator-Power that once was yours.

But be assured that all is well! You are so much loved, and even if your old world changes, you will not be affected, because you will be gracefully shifted to New Earth, before this happens.

You cannot “think” your Sacred Heart. You must Become It! You all now must find your way back to Its Holy Domain. Much information will be poured into your consciousness, much remembrance of Who You Are, which helps you to step down from the separate pride of your brain and enter the humble Most Sacred Space, the Hidden Cave of the Heart, where you truly recognize your Oneness with all Beings and Worlds and Things.

In your New World, supremacy over others will not work anymore, it will just not be any longer part of your consciousness. It will be forgotten and replaced by true knowledge and the Reality of Expanded Consciousness, through the Portal of the Sacred Heart. This state will allow you to love all differences while being in the Realm of Oneness. Even more, you will recognize yourself in All you see, in All-That-Is.

This will bring you true Happiness, as separation exists no longer, and you experience that there is Only One Being. You Are That.

I AM PachaMama and ask you to take My word serious and to understand the true nature of this Great Shift. You need the foundation of your Heart to go with it! You need to give up your false identity and return to your Original Nature in the Sacred Heart.

Meanwhile while you were wandering around in separation and judgmental difference, the ancient ones continued over many Thousands of years to preserve the Sacred Knowledge of your true Origin through all the generations. And they are here now to offer you their gift of Sacred Knowing, so that humanity can go on and find again their true destiny.

Let go what makes you only a limited and poor copy of That What You Are and enter your Sacred Heart to regain What You once lost.

My Blessings are with you, Feel the Presence of My Ancient Wisdom and let it enter your bewildered heart.

Release all disturbing memories that prevent you to enjoy the Peace and Stillness of your Own True and Ancient Heart, to open into your New Reality with all the Wonders of your New World.

I AM PachaMama!

Message conveyed by Ute

*The Sacred Space of the Heart is not the Heart Chacra in the middle of the chest, and also not the new “HighHeart” between chest and throat. It is the “Zero-Point” in the heart, where the physical, the ethereal, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual coincide perfectly. You can find it with your feeling-intuition.

Copyright© 2012. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 18th December 2012 by Juan Pablo
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PACHA MAMA ABOUT 12.12.12 AND 21.12.12

By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2012

PACHA MAMA about the Ascension Process:

She began to talk to me while I was contacting my guides to receive directions for the coming and most awaited December events. I know that she is already a long time with me, but never came forward and I felt she had the knowledge of a Mayan Elder. So she said she is Pacha Mama, and that she is in deed one of my guides.

She appeared to me as an old wise woman in the traditional dress of the Maya, full of Grace and Serenity, with a lot of wrinkles in Her face, all from massive smiling.

I had past lifetimes in the Maya and Inca cultures, remember in particular the Andes, and I feel in this life time especially connected to the Maya, since I received 2 years ago during two nights a huge download of ascension codes from them. I could literally see their shape and color and the beautiful ancient tribe who did the transmission. This download connected me in a new way directly to the Gaia Consciousness and it was also the time where I started with my digital art. Art creations were not new to me, but doing it digitally absolutely was.

Pacha Mama said, that 12.12 12 was the period when those who are prepared for it, because they have chosen this service long time ago and before birth, experience the actual download of the codes which are necessary for the formation and creation of the new crystalline body.

There are also those who received this download earlier, because their unity consciousness was already to the one or other degree developed. They needed their bodies to keep pace with this process and so the activation process has been done for them already subsequently.

In general it can be said, that for them the 12.12.12 brings an enormous deepening of Unity Consciousness and Energy, which would lead them into the depth of mindlessness, the origin of creation.

21.12.12 then is the day when the downloaded codes from 12.12 will be activated by the Sun Who is being reborn on that day. From that day the Sun is permittet to transmit directly the unity consciousness of the Galactic Center to our world.

So there are two main processes: the quantum leap in consciousness and the quantum leap of the transformation of the body. In earlier ascension processes there was only transformation of consciousness, but this time the body transforms too, because we ascend with it, and it must therefore be able to fully hold the new Consciousness.

Both processes are initiated on December 12 and 21, whereby the emphasis on the body is in general on the 12th and the emphasis on consciousness in general on the 21th.

Compared with the more than 7 Billion human beings, the number of those who receive the download for the transformation of the body, is relatively small, and so is the number of those who receive the initiation into unity consciousness.

However, there are those, as mentioned before, who have already received the download of the body codes earlier. And this initiatory process functions as an important accelerator for everybody else.

Also people who are ready to ascend already now via the new energy vortexes, are accelerating the process for others greatly. However this is a very small number. They fully disappear from our sight, because we can see them no longer when they go to the next dimension which vibrates on a higher rate than our dimension. So they do not really disappear but you are just not able to see them.

There are also people who would be capable to ascend by crossing over into higher dimensions, but they have agreed to stay for the sake of the evolutionary process of the rest of humanity. So they stay to provide service.

People new in this process must know that the body process is not always easy and can be at times quite painful because of the profound changes of the energetic and biochemical process. General education about expected experiences will be necessary so that people do not worry what’s going on with their bodies. This is a brand new adventure and there do not exist any previous experiences from anywhere else, that could have been made the transformation process easier.

But as always, because there are already a number of forerunners, it will be always less difficult for those who follow.

This is really an experiment, where both processes, that of consciousness and that of the body, must be well matched to each other, as much as possible. But this is not always achievable, and it always remains an individual process, depending on the body karmas of each person.

While the overall process is relatively slow in the beginning, it will rapidly speed up, as soon as a certain percentage of humanity is actively involved in this evolutionary process. This is due to the morphic field, so that at the end of approximately 3-4 years (which is only a presumption, remember, this is an never before done experiment) humanity as a whole has reached a new level of unity consciousness in a new body, able to express this unity consciousness fully.

However, please understand, that this description is made from a 3dimensional point of view, so that people in general have an idea about the process. But with the dimensional shift where time becomes an illusion, questions that exist now will no longer exist, because if you live in timeless unity consciousness, the issues regarding the transformation of the body will appear in a completely new light!

Insofar the whole process can neither be really described nor yet understood!
Prepare for a shift in your perception that might be for most unimaginable right now.

I asked her about my visit to Nova Terra and if She or one of the other Creations of New Earth would be the Place where humanity would be going.

Pacha Mama said, we should not forget, that with the coming of the Unity Consciousness through the birth of the New Sun, all timelines would be collapsing into one, and so all these creations would become One Single New Earth. However we cannot imagine how this works with our 3dimensional, logical mind. Once in Unity Consciousness the solutions would occur in a surprisingly simple and obvious way. So we should not worry and accept, that we can only truly understand these things from the point of view of our developing multi-dimensionality.

This is what Pacha Mama explained to me.

With much love,


Copyright© 2012. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 10th December 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright 2013


My dear Ones!

I have a message for My children. I AM your Mother in many ways. Certainly, without Me, the experience of your precious human body would not be possible.
I AM also One with your Heart and the electromagnetic field around you, that is not only your heart-torus.

Any kind of stillness you experience in the Center of your Heart, is directly connected to Me and My Heart, planetary and spiritually, as I AM Gaia, the Soul of Earth.

What I AM telling you now, is for the sake of your well-being, My children, whom I all love so dearly and about whom I deeply care.

Let Me tell you this! Now is the time to be strong. There is much light pouring in, but it also stirs up turmoil in the still dense and stagnant layers of my ethereal field, as they resist the light. It is important for you to understand this, because not all imbalances that you experience are your own.

Be prepared for the times now and to come! My planetary body experiences more often a disturbance of its electro-magnetic field. The reasons are manyfold, and require your special caution.

I ask you to see to it that you maintain extra balance of your emotional, mental and physical body. Avoid stress and exaggeration of any kind in any area of your life, if possible. BREATHE! Breathe profoundly! Keep everything simple, be moderate in all you do and preserve energy and balance.

Only do, what is necessary, wholesome and supportive for you.

This is required, because my electro-magnetic field is also shifting. Still in a relatively slow pace though, but it has understandably an impact on your own energy field.

Important is, that you manage your thoughts, which may become at times accelerated, by practicing heart-feeling. Seek more to rest in your heart in the place of stillness. Thereby you not only manage your thought-field, but you also balance your auric field. This has also a calming effect on your brothers and sisters who may not know and understand what is going on with them.

It is necessary in these times to build conduits for energetic stability in an environment that becomes increasingly unstable.

You enter the stillness of your heart by first grounding yourself deeply into the crystal core of My planetary body.

Do this daily, in the morning, after getting up, repeat during the day, and more often, if you feel, it is necessary, and in the evening. Build a strong energetic connection with the Center of My Body, which nurtures and balances you.

Centeredness and Stillness is now becoming the most important condition for you human beings! Because this is the means to stabilize your own energy field and the one that surrounds you.

Each one of you, who is hearing this message and is feeling the call, please understand your responsibility in this regard, not only for yourself, but for your human family that has lost their greater perspective. That is why you are here and what you have agreed to.

Now the time is here, to transcend the busy mind and to live from the Center of your Heart, not only for the sake of your own spiritual development, but for your service to this planet.

The Stillness of your Hearts generates fields of balance and equilibrium, so that in the midst of necessary shifts and unavoidable turmoils, it is guaranteed that life can go on for everybody in an acceptable manner.

Do not worry about a possible impact of planetary electro-magnetic and other imbalances on your own energy body. And do not observe it with your thought-field, but stay centered in the Stillness of your Heart. This will balance everything out.

How can you find that place of stillness?
Practice gratitude, love and compassion. Create joy in your life! See the beauty in all things.These are all attitudes that magnify that place in your heart. Feel the Stillness that dwells at the core of Gratitude, Love and Compassion and Joy.

All these qualities are Divine and show you the way.

Humanity now must learn to cooperate with Me and their planet. Live by example and others will follow you.

Thank you, My Beloveds!

I AM GAIA, your loving Earth Mother!

Message conveyed by Ute

Copyright© 2013. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without changes, including the title. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 15th January 2013 by LUZ ZOHAR
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By Ute Posegga-Rudel

Image by Ute Posegga-Rudel, Copyright ©2012

Beloved Friends!

We can do all kinds of spiritual practices. We can work with our body-mind to develop qualities, such as gratefulness, forgiveness, equanimity, kindness, and so on. We can mindfully construct shields around our body-mind or open willfully our chacras, inside and below and above our body, we can use Sacred Geometry and construct the Merkabah. We can just be very busy, stressing the mind and our visions. Or we can worship Gods, Angels, Higher Dimensional Beings, we can work with Breath and the energies of Planetary Beings.

But when we are using the quality of Love it seems that it is a Teacher we need ultimately to surrender to. We cannot construct Love with our mind, although we can ignite a spark in our heart, that is waiting in every human heart to be awakened to become a flame.

This flame can burn when suddenly shared or united with another being, it does not need to be a human being, it can be an animal or a tree, a flower, anything that exists, even a stone, because EVERYTHING is alive, the whole creation is alive, everything that exists is alive, walls and buildings, elements, landscapes, mountains. It all is living and breathing consciousness.

When we share this special feeling of love with all creation, it is like two separate water drops, which, when they touch one another, become one.

This quality of love, contained in creation, can fill our heart so that it sometimes seems to burst, because it can almost not contain it – so big the feeling of love can be.

Love as response to the in creation inherent love always swells our heart if we truly allow to feel the Divinity in all existence, in All That Is. It is our intimate connection to it that indicates our Oneness with All.

But when we want to touch with our heart’s love Source Itself, That Consciousness in Which all creation arises, that Love-Bliss, then Love becomes truly Sacred.

How do we find the Ultimate Beauty of that Source with our heart’s love?
First we must love ourselves. There is no way around it.
We must find that spot, that spark in our own heart first, where we know that we are Divine Beings. We must allow and cherish the Joy of It, the Integrity of It, the Beauty of It.

This is still a self-contained, but important state, but then we feel we need to embrace that which is beyond ourselves.

And we start to share this beautiful flame with creation, but as described above, it will always still be contained in creation itself.

If we want to share this Love with the Divine Radiant Source-Consciousness, we must ask. Because everything we want to share with Source draws us fully beyond ourselves, beyond our boundaries of what we perceive as “I”, even the “I” that transcends the body.

Asking is a gesture of surrender to the understanding that the body-mind is finite and always subject to change. And while we acknowledge this, our heart starts to surrender to That One Reality That Never Changes.

If we turn with our heart’s love to That One Reality, It is Grace that suddenly opens our heart to the Vast Heart that is Infinite. And then there is only Radiance, no body-mind, no heart that seems to burst, but Only Radiant Existence Itself, felt as Most Holy and Sacred Love-Treasure of Unspeakable Preciousness, really beyond words and description. …

In this Radiance there is no more Sacred Geometry, no more effort to develop qualities, such as equanimity, kindness and many more, or even any other effort at all! Effortless That Which Contains us, That Which is Greater Than us, Opens the thin skin that separates us from Infinity and our little drop of water becomes One With the Ocean.

It is a great paradox, because we can be aware of this Blissful Oneness with the Ocean, and at the same time be a distinct body-mind!

But this Oneness seems to create another Entity, One that Experiences this Bliss, this Light, this Most Sacred Love, while our body-mind is attached to It like an appendix only, because this Sacred Love can never be contained IN a body-mind. With It a New Reality is dawning That Is of Spherical Shape and that is appearing in front of our human heart.

This is the image of our own Truth dawning, from Which body-minds, which we call “I” and “think” we are, are emanating to have a separate experience in the dimensional realms.

Therefore these limited body-minds can never fully express our Divine Root-Existence Itself, and only a tiny reflection of It dwells in the human heart, that is to be Ignited to ultimately recognize Its Own Source through Love to be Absorbed into Infinity As Love.

Be In Bliss!
Much Love,


Copyright© 2012. All rights reserved: Ute Posegga-Rudel,
Sharing of this message is only allowed together with this information and without changes. If you have questions, please contact me via Thank you.
Posted 24th November 2012 by LUZ ZOHAR
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November 23, 2014

Greetings dear ones, we are here to assist in moving the energy of the world from the old (dense/heavy) and into the new (Light). It may seem as if the world is falling to pieces but no, you only see the storm before the calm. Hold your peace dear ones, while not getting too involved in appearances. Try to remember and live out from truth at all times and in all circumstances. This is how you practice.

The world teaches that living is easy when everything is “perfect” according to three dimensional concepts of perfect, and many still strive to attain the human sense of a “perfect” life. Even those who have attained what the world deems success, continue to seek “something” to fill an inner emptiness that can never be satisfied from without. However, in the beginning stages of spiritual awakening, failure and disappointment are vital for they result in a seeking and digging deeper for answers, which in turn brings soul growth. This is the story of the Holy Grail–they sought it unsuccessfully the world over and found it back home hanging in a tree.

Every soul longs to know and experience ITSELF, but when an individual is ignorant of this, he seeks in the outer world of things, people, power, money, and sex. It is not meant that lives have no joy, for the energy of joy is closest to the Divine. Embrace those things you enjoy, have fun and spend time doing what you love, but do not look to these things for that sense of completion that can only come through attaining a state of consciousness that knows it is already whole and complete.

Spiritual evolution involves knowledge and then practice, translating every appearance into the spiritual reality behind it until it becomes one’s attained state of consciousness. This means realizing that everything you see, hear, taste, touch, or smell is a mind interpretation of a spiritual reality translated according to your attained state of consciousness and it demands walking the walk instead of just talking the talk.

Gaia is making many changes in order to clear and shift her energy and you are going with her if you choose. Much is going to change after the clearing of the earth is complete. However, it is very important not to live in the future while ignoring the present, for simply waiting for change will cause you to bypass many opportunities for spiritual growth. Just live each moment as it comes along doing the best you can, fully aware that you are having a third dimensional experience whether it is good or bad.

We speak today of gratitude for this is the time in which many will celebrate a special day for giving thanks. Gratitude in akin to love, for it is a facet of love.

There are some who reject the idea of gratitude choosing instead to stand firm in the belief that they are entitled to every good as well as the goods of others also. Actually as Divine beings, everyone is entitled to completeness and wholeness, but the ego sense of this truth (the belief that one must scheme and demand for ones good) reflects the low self-esteem and self-loathing that flows from believing in separation.

Gratitude in it’s truest sense, is the joyous recognition of wholeness in oneness, but in the human scene is limited to the state of consciousness of the individual which often dictates who or what deserves gratitude. (belief in separation) Living from a state of gratitude in each moment leads to the deeper awareness and acknowledgement that life and everything in it is already complete and whole. I have because I am.

A mind filled with strong beliefs of duality and separation can only manifest duality and separation. Some days will be good, and some days bad. Because of individual past life experiences, every individual finds themselves more receptive to one or more of the particular world beliefs. This is why there are those who may experience more than the average of health related problems. Another may have continuous relationship issues and there are those who live with unexplained and irrational fears.

Specific struggles are the result of past live experiences that have programmed and then been held in an individual’s energy field throughout lifetimes. These issues are now re-surfacing for many in order that they once and for all be cleared and released. As evolving beings of Light, you no longer need to drag these obsolete energies with you in the belief that they are personally yours–they are impersonal, comprised only of belief in them.

If you believe you have nothing to give gratitude for, then you will manifest exactly that–nothing. Each time you express gratitude either silently or vocally you are acknowledging I HAVE. As you let flow love and gratitude, you receive love and gratitude in infinite forms and variety, for there is only ONE and that which you flow is flowing to you.

What do I have? Look about you, see what you have, and start pouring. On a physical level, clean out your closets, garages, and shelves–get the flow going. There is someone who could use that item sitting unused. Hoarding is the consciousness of “I don’t have, and never will have, and so I must hold on to whatever I can.” This state of consciousness will serve to perfectly block any energy flow. Again, there is only ONE and you give to yourself when you realize that everything flows from one Infinite omnipresent Source and not from a limited personal pocket.

On the emotional level, flow support, love, and practical assistance, but always from a level of compassion and not sympathy. On the mental level flow forth truth and assist those ready and who ask to see what you see.

Expressing gratitude in every moment will develop within you a consciousness of “I have” which will then evolve into; “I have because I am”. Practice by giving gratitude for every facet of daily living– for a clean bathroom, a warm coat, a shoveled path or the ability to shovel that path. It is the small things, the song of a bird, the purr of a cat, the wag of a tail–signs of love and oneness welcomed, but often not given gratitude for.

Everything can be a source of gratitude, even the difficult experiences helping you to grow and evolve for without them you would not be where you are now. Look back and see how you have grown from some of your most difficult times. Everything is for spiritual growth even if some experiences do not fit a world concept of how things should be. Nothing experienced is ever forced, each is fulfilling their pre-birth contract set up to include whatever experiences are necessary for shifting to the next level.

It is time to stop complaining that this or that is not the way you think it should be and therefore there is nothing to be grateful for. All are on earth to grow and learn spiritually, realizing unconditional Love while experiencing duality and separation. No one is on earth to live a fat, happy, indulgent life of accumulation while doing nothing but desiring more.

An un-awakened society presents idols for you to emulate, idols of physical beauty, wealth, talent, and power. If you are to spiritually grow, you must cease buying into this nonsense, and realize that no one person, saint or sinner, has more God qualities than another. All embody the fullness of the Godhead but are only able to experience and express it after it becomes a living, breathing state of consciousness. The outer scene is always a reflection of personal and universal consciousness. As long as there is a belief in duality and separation, there will be those who have more, and those who have less.

Gratitude expressed silently, secretly, and verbally in every moment of each day is an activity of love reflecting the recognition of one’s wholeness. Even if you are not experiencing what you consider to be wholeness at this time, realize that you are moving toward it and give gratitude for this realization. Recognize the outer for what it is and know that regardless of any outer circumstances you may be dealing with, nothing can ever separate you from your SELF.

We are love and one with you.

ONE Divine consciousness infinitely manifesting itself AS…

We are the Arcturian Group. 11/23/14


Posted 23rd November 2014 by LUZ ZOHAR

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